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The Bastrop Fires and FEMA by Cameron Cutrone tances. The road to recovering from the human crisis was already being paved by people who cared. The need for putting out the fire, however, still remained. So unless FEMA’s stepping in to relieve beleaguered firefighters, their presence is ineffective. Basically, pick up a hose or leave. Unfortunately, FEMA’s problems go far beyond ineffectiveness.

The Bastrop Fires and FEMA by Cameron Cutrone On September 6th, wildfires burned. They burned for days on end. Within a couple days, over 700 families were displaced, with their homes and possessions destroyed. Many farms lost their livestock. Precious acreage was reduced to ashes, as Bastrop is also a lumber producing community. All around a disaster. What happened in the wake has been incredible in many ways. Firstly, communities across central Texas pulled together their resources using what they had at their fingertips to help out any way they could. Groups of concerned citizens had clothes drives. Businesses gave valuable inventory and earnings to help offset the damage. Every church became a donation center. Food banks became more reliable than... actual banks. People did what they do best when their neighbors nearby are in need and their conscience kicks in.

All of this was done without the behest of government. In fact, the citizens delivered the much needed immediate relief well before the government could, even if it wanted to. The governor is busy running for president. Strangely, one of the few powers he DOES have, he didn’t use. He could’ve made emergency disaster relief funds in state coffers immediately available to the affected Counties and Municipalities at the stroke of a pen or the click of a mouse from anywhere in the world. Instead the federal bureaucratic behemoth known as FEMA stepped in. Or should I say stomped in? A school that could’ve been used to teach children was temporarily appropriated by FEMA to become a shelter and support center on September 12th, 72 hours after people had been receiving critical support from voluntary institutions and individuals. This alone is a massive disruption of the community’s necessary functions. It hinders Bastrop’s return to normalcy rather than helps it. People had been opening up their homes to neighbors, friends, extended family, and even casual acquain-

Less than an hour to the north, a short trip on route 95 will take you to the town of Hutto. Within the area of Hutto is a permanent FEMA installation. Google Earth it. Look it up on youtube. What is revealed is a town within town. This is a massive facility with thousands of beds. Massive kitchens are there. A playground is even visible around the back. Every amenity a human could possibly need is there, and more. Am I suggesting that affected people in Bastrop should be bused there? Not exactly. However, it does have everything one might need, all within an hour of Bastrop. So it’s puzzling. What the hell is it even there for? Well, there’s good reason for FEMA not to use this facility if it’s trying to elude further scrutiny. In fact, the details that ARE known about this installation are chilling. Several investigative journalists, and even the former governor of Minnesota, have tried knocking on the front door. Their intentions were to ascertain exactly what the functions of the facility are. In every case, the receptionist unlocks the door, steps outside, locks the door behind them, and proceeds to give a lenghty, convoluted non-answer. The receptionist then retreats back inside, and a public relations official is then called to step in. The next round of questioning is met with smiles, platitudes, and more non-answers. After receiving no information whatsoever, the journalists are met with a beefy man with his arms folded who asks them to call the Dept. of Homeland Security for answers. The questions then go to a voicemail machine that is never checked. Our tax dollars at work. Why are the FEMA folks so uncomfortable with these questions? Well, the questions are not easy to answer. Why is the coiled barbed wire on the 30 ft. high fences facing inward to

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prevent people from leaving, as opposed to facing outward to prevent people from intruding? Is this a shelter for disaster relief or a detention center? Where are these illegal immigrants supposedly staying here from time to time while they await deportation? Why can’t we talk to them? Is immigration control even in the mandate of FEMA?

What would ICE and other immigration enforcement arms of the government have to say about this? Under what circumstances would an American citizen be “invited” or “held” there? As you can see, mystery surrounds this FEMA installation in Hutto. And the lack of answers only seem to invite more questions. In the name of all that is compassionate and American, give us some answers, FEMA. And while you’re at it, take down those barbed wire fences and maybe let the remaining people of Bastrop still in need of shelter stay awhile. As for you, citizens of central Texas, Hays County, and San Marcos, thank you. You are the backbone of this relief effort. You outreached, out-hustled, and out-cared the government that we deserve better from. We talk a lot about apathy these days. The uncaring masses and whatnot. I happen to believe that the masses DO give a shit when they are clued into what’s really going on, and when disas-

ter hits close to home. The uncaring, apathetic, and simply pathetic bunch are a tiny minority who unfortunately have disproportionate influence over us. They try to use this influence to convince us that not giving a shit is okay, and even en vogue. “Not to worry, we’ll be there to pick up the pieces,” that’s their messege. Sure, Katrina. Rita. And now Bastrop? We as a greater community are slowly awakening from our slumber and realizing that giving a shit is just fine. The false sense of security we’re provided with will not be up to the task when the shit we supposedly don’t care about really hits the fan. In fact, we in San Marcos have learned that the folks over at the Triple Crown and Tantra Coffeehouse are more reliable for disaster preparedness than any government entity. Their donation push alone helped hundreds of people. On a personal note, I’d like recognize another spearhead of our relief efforts locally for the Bastrop fire. He prefers to remain anonymous, but some refer to him as “Nasty.” I will simply refer to him as a man of conviction, a freedom fighter, and fellow Minister of Security. Drop into Sundance Records to thank him sometime. Who’d a thought? A bar, coffeeshop, and record store were the major hubs of humanitarian aid in town. My faith in humanity is strong. Just imagine what a government with the same priorities could do. Cameron Cutrone’s editorials are archived at freedome-files.

9/11: Fact, Physics, and Foreign Policy by Cameron Cutrone

S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal Investigation The Stillman House Museum

S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal Investigation - The Stillman House Museum Over the years the Stillman House Museum in Brownsville, TX has become a popular destination for paranormal investigators and anyone interested in the ghost tours they offer. There have been reports by visitors and employees of audible voices and footsteps, people getting touched, and an apparition of a woman on the nearby grounds. The most recent sighting was reported by a young boy visiting the museum

On the night of August 20th, 2011, S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigators travelled to Brownsville, TX. to perform a paranormal investigation at the the Stillman House Museum. We arrived at 7:18 PM and were greeted by the Education Curator of the museum, Rhiannon Cizon, a very friendly, vibrant and talkative young woman who was extremely welcoming and informative. During the initial walkthrough I took the time to take as many pictures as I could and let Kayleigh, our psychic, get a good feel for the energies and see what she could tune into. After the walkthrough, I set up my laptop on an original 19th Century table in the main hallway of the house and had Rhiannon and Kayleigh sit down

a lady wearing a very simple smock dress. Rhiannon gave us her input and said there were no reported deaths in the house. I kept the interviews short and to the point, because we were informed that although the house had lights, there was no electrical outlets. We were somewhat dissapointed because alot of our equipment only runs on an AC adapter, but swiftly deployed our battery operated devices, e.g., audio recorders, motion alarms, and EVP devices. We asked Rhiannon if she would like to participate in the sessions and laughingly said, “No, I have to work here and usually close at night.” She told us to take as much time as we needed, but we knew we had limited battery life and started the EVP sessions immediately. The following is a transcript of what we heard after our analysis of the EVP’s we captured that night. EVP #1

sion and ask her who she was.

S.P.I.R.I.T. - We’re here to communicate with you and get to know you a little bit more. EVP - Nice to meet finally.

EVP #4 Kayleigh - Who’s in the bedroom right now?

EVP #2

EVP - Ya me viste ( woman’s voice in Spanish ) You already saw me. ( English Translation )

S.P.I.R.I.T. - This is a device that allows you to communicate, come forward. EVP - Hey EVP - This is Lupe ( different voice ) EVP #3 S.P.I.R.I.T. - Can you find out a name of who’s been manifesting here?

that claims he saw the apparition of a little boy between 5-7 yrs. old, that covered his face when he turned to look at him, and shortly vanished. Based on the rich history of the home and the reported activity, we were very excited to be given the opportunity by the Brownsville Historical Association to investigate.

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so I could ask them some questions. I interviewed Kayleigh first to get her psychic input and then Rhiannon to get the reported paranormal activity on record. Kayleigh stated that she had picked up on a lady in her 40’s by the foyer area wearing a pink lilac lace dress, a little boy or girl around 6 yrs. old with big round blue eyes, round face and a small mouth with full lips, and

EVP - Lupe Shortly after we captured this EVP we heard one of the cassette tapes stop, so I had Kayleigh go and flip it over to side B. This particular recorder was close to the master bedroom, which still houses the original owners bed. After Kayleigh flipped the tape I noticed she glanced to her right where the bedroom was and stopped for a while as if she had seen something. When she got to the table where I was stationed at, she told me she had seen the same woman she had picked up on earlier, and felt she may have been one of the house workers or a maid, due to her features and attire. I told Kayleigh she needed to do the next EVP ses-

EVP #5 S.P.I.R.I.T. - For the little boy that was seen here that was covering his face. EVP - He’s retarded. Up to this point all of the above EVP’s we had captured were at the table in the main hallway where I had conducted the interviews, so we decided to move into the master bedroom where Kayleigh had seen the apparition. The following EVP wasn’t a direct response to a question, but came through while asking questions pertaining to who was present. EVP #6 EVP - In back of you. ( woman’s voice ) Here’s a couple more random EVP’s that came through in the master room. EVP #7 EVP - Toque tus patas or porque tu espantas ( Spanish ) Touched your feet or why do you

frighten? ( English Translation ) EVP #8 EVP - Cynthia EVP #9 S.P.I.R.I.T. - We come to get to know more about the other side and the people who are here. EVP - Thank you for coming out. EVP #10 S.P.I.R.I.T. - Thank you for the sessions we’re going to conclude this. EVP - Bye ( little kids voice ) After a couple hours we started running out of batteries and had to wrap up the EVP sessions. We decided to take pictures and focus on the hallway and master bedroom where Kayleigh had seen the apparition. The following apparitions were captured in the master bedroom and seem to fit the descrpition of a woman with indigenous features that may have served as a house worker and a little boy with round blue eyes about 5-7 yrs. old. Here’s the link to the investigation video with the EVP’s we captured that night, along with our analysis. watch?v=l9KrNZdNY6w Special thanks to the Brownsville Historical Association

Interview: The Organics By Russell Dowden W: Welcome to Weird Magazine guys! Introduce the band members The Organics:Robin Friend on Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals, Robert McCartney on Guitar, Josh Schaefer on Bass, Brian Carlisle on Drums, and Max Muckelroy on Trumpet

w: That was fun a few weeks back on the WEIRD SHOW.

The Organics : We had a great time! It was a cool studio! We appreciate the opportunity and hope to do it again in the future. Thanks to everyone who tuned in and all the people who called in.

Roadhouse Rags in Austin. It’s called Hallowsgiving (an unorthodox mix of Halloween and Thanksgiving). All the bands and fans bring food and everyone is in costumes. But in the meantime you can listen to us on Pandora radio and on our website at plus were always on I-tunes.

w: Your sound is quite unique, describe it in a genre.Alternative, yet HARD!

The Organics: We try to keep the books open to all sources of inspiration but we’ve heard Alternative, Progressive, Punk Rock, Metal, Indie, An Aggressive Jam Band, Swing Jazz, People have even refered to us as Lounge Core and Folk Maiden...and a dash of nutmeg.

We try to w:How is the music keep the going? Where can we books open hear or see you perto all sourcform in October? es of inspiration but The Organics:We are taking a break for some time off and to we’ve heard do some creating. That is of course until Weirdfest at Texas Alternative, Music Theater on October 29th. We play with Chasca, Progressive, Buzz and Bangs, and One Eyed Doll. Its going to be a hell of Punk Rock, a show. We have a show we Metal, Inthink Wierd magazine readers would dig on Nov 12th at die, An Ag-

The Organics: The song is a ally helps people and does a lot gressive Jam story about the first time an of good. We like the wheel...and aborigone tribe witnesses an A/C. Technology is neutral, its Band, Swing aircraft. Never having expethe way that PEOPLE use it that rienced technology the tribe makes it good or bad. We think Jazz, People precieves it as a sign from the we’re just overly dependent on have even Gods. Midway through the song it cause in the long run, those the plane crashes and the tribe who are self sufficient and one refered to goes to the firey scene. Seeing with the earth will be those who the wreckage, the tribe leader will survive when technology us as Lounge considers it a bad omen and falters. it marks the end of their Core and Folk claims time. w: Humanity has turned Maiden...and into a TECHNOCRACY if you a dash of nut- w: Describe the song will. writing process for the meg.


w: Machines in the Sky:

Is a groovy track, what is going on in this song?

The Organics: Robin generally comes up with some guitar riffs and some sweet melodies. Then we add harmonies with other instruments and vocals as a band. Lyrics come last and they usually tell a story or have a deep rooted meaning. Basically from there it manifests itself into a solid song with some practice.

w: BTW, why the name The Organics? The Organics:The name is a concept idea about reverting back to a more primitive way of life through a collective enlightenment. It’s about deviating from the preoccupation and symbiotic relationship between technology and the human race.

w: Are you against technology? The Organics:We’re not against technology in a sense that it re-

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The Organics: We’re either voting for Ron Paul or R2-D2.. whoever makes the ballot.

w:So, Weirdfest! What can we expect from you guys? The Organics: Costumes, Halloween jams, and don’t forget the $200 best costume contest! It should be all out bad ass.

w:Final thoughts to the Sheep? The Organics: Eat plenty of grains and grass. Fuck the boy who cried wolf...but seriously... watch out for thos wolve! By the way...saw Bo Peep...Yall need to check in.



For crying out loud, stop playing beer pong B

eer pong can be the highlight of a college student’s Saturday night. Believe me, I’ve participated in my fair share. That is until I was blessed with a moment of clarity and realized how absolutely disgusting this game truly is. Now, before you blow up my inbox with explosive hate mail, just hear me out. Beer pong can be attributed to increased cases of mouth herpes. Think about it: You go to a friend’s party and immediately proclaim that you’re next in line to play the winner of the current match. Once it’s finally your turn, you begin tossing balls and drinking out of cups without questioning who may have been drinking out of them before you. For all you know, these cups may have been used for the past several weekends without being washed. After all, these are broke college students we’re talking about,

many of whom can not afford to buy fresh cups every time a game of beer pong is in order. Even if you scope out the scene and make sure nobody in the room has an oozing fever blister, you don’t know that Fester McColdSore wasn’t hanging out last weekend drinking out of the same cups being used in your game. Although being subject to life-long herpes outbreaks is probably the worst possible beer pong catastrophe I can think of, it doesn’t stop there. By drinking after others, you are opening yourself up to a plethora of viruses, such as the flu or mononucleosis, the “kissing disease.” By catching an illness like this, you will be sure to miss a ton of school and fall behind in your classes. Or you may opt to go ahead and tough it out and get your classmates sick in the process, which would

be very un-dude of you. When playing beer pong, the balls often get dropped on the floor and are then dipped in a cup of water for cleansing that a hundred other dirty balls have already been dipped in. You may be under the impression that giving the balls a bath in this germ-filled swamp is doing you a favor, but it’s probably a lot worse than if you had just allowed the ball to be dropped on the floor and continued playing like it never happened. So please, think twice before you play beer pong. And if you insist that you just can’t part with this treasured past time, at least bring your own cup to re-fill and drink out of when the game calls for you to chug. I am going to leave you with a fun alternative drinking game you can play with your friends instead of beer pong. Cheers!

Drinking game: Suicide // Drunk level: Hammered The dealer shuffles. Each card in the deck is worth a respective amount of “drinks” or swallows of beer. The 2 is worth two drinks, up to the 10 being worth 10 drinks. The jack is 11, queen is 12, king is 13 and ace is 14.

Step 1:

Supplies: • Deck of cards • Partiers • Beer

Step 2:

The player being dealt to then calls out suit. The dealer starts turning over cards until he flips one with the same suit as the player called.

Now doesn’t that sound like fun? Play continues until people are messing themselves or can no longer

Miss Tipsy’s Mailbox Dear Miss Tipsy: Ever since I started playing unicycle football, the ladies just mob me wherever I go. I don’t have a moment of peace. I can’t even go to the little H-E-B without being harassed and followed. I know it sounds like I’m being petty. After all, what guy would see this as a problem?

But it’s really gotten out of control lately. I don’t want to be rude, so what should I do? How can I stop being so irresistible? — CrowDeD on one wheel Dear Delusional: Perhaps it’s time for you to retire the unicycle. Everybody knows a man on a unicycle is impossible to resist. But if that’s not an option for you, try wearing a fake wedding ring.

Step 3:

The player then drinks the number of drinks represented by that card. Then play moves to the next idiot.

call a suit out to play. Courtesy of:


VAMPIRE’S KISS INGREDIENTS: • 2 oz. Vodka • 1/2 oz. Dry Gin • 1/2 oz. Dry Vermouth • 1 tbs. Tequila • 1 pinch Salt • 2 oz. Tomato Juice

PREPARATION: Shake ingredients with ice. Strain over ice in an old fashioned glass.

PUMPKIN PUNCH INGREDIENTS: • 1 Pumpkin • 1 part Apple Cider • 2 parts Ginger Ale • 1 part Rum

PREPARATION: Mix ingredients and serve in a hollowed out pumpkin with floating pumpkin chunks.





Maybe this will help repel the growing number of UFL groupies. If that doesn’t work, try eating loads of garlic and onions so that your breath will be so gross that no one will want to talk to you, not even your closest friends. Also, avoiding showers and deodorant may also be an effective option. Or you can just play beer pong until you get an

oozing cold sore that will surely scare even the most persistent stalker away (see above column). Maybe one of your chick friends will do you a solid and pretend to be your Facebook girlfriend so that the unwelcome girls trying to force themselves upon you will take a hint. If these things don’t work, I’d say you’re pretty much screwed. Good luck!

(red ∙ dez ∙ booze) When a group of people (friends, co-workers, acquaintances) get together to drink. Ex: I just bought a bottle of gin and have tonic at home, we should rendezbooze at your place. ** This word and definition are courtesy of If you would like to share a weird word, e-mail

Interview: CHASCA By Russell Dowden sometime.

W:Welcome to Weird Magazine CHASCA! CHASCA: Konnichiwa. Thanks for having us again!

w: Introduce the band members.

CHASCA : Sean Palmer plays the drums and sings, Sean Hannon plays guitar, J.T. Martin sings and plays flute and piano, and Junior Scott plays the bass and sings.

w: What is going on

with you guys? Been recording - writing? Hey It’s ROCKTOBER! You know what that means? It means it’s not SO Freakin HOT! CHASCA:It is soooooo hot. It’s devil hot. It’s always hot. Hot like death in Cairo. Castro District hot. And yes, we’ve been working like little hot dogs. We’re preparing to do some recording and have been, generally speaking, retooling our stuff.

w: Where are you guys performing this FALL? I know one date is the 29th at WEIRDFEST! You guys open right before ONE EYED DOLL! How about this Gig? CHASCA: Man, for us the WEIRDFEST show will be like “The Halloween Miracle.” We’re too excited about playing right before One Eyed Doll and super giddy to share the stage with them and The Organics and Buzz ‘N Bangs. Buzz N’ Bangs know the true meaning of Halloween, by the way. Ask them

w: So is there at least a

sample of “Rocky Horror” this year? CHASCA: Oh, it’s possible. Anything is possible. We’re not doing the whole Rocky Horror Revue because Junior got confused and thought we said “The music from Rocky II.” Yeah, and he learned those songs. He’s our own little Apollo Creed. He’s always going on about how in the warrior’s code there’s NO surrender? People should come out to WEIRDFEST and see the human drama that is this little bag of poison we call Chasca.


It is allot of work to keep that going I bet. CHASCA:It’s thankless, soul crushing work. And, we all got the crabs real bad from this fat kid we picked up. But he was a punk and we had to cut him loose. So yeah, it takes a lot of grease to get it on these days but we’ve learned that it takes more than a smart mouthed wart addled piggy-boy to break up our fun!

w: How is the new

material going?

CHASCA:The new material is terrible. We’ve lost our edge man. We desperately need help or drugs or lunch. We have put lots of energy into revising our existing songs. They sound AWESOME! Everyone needs to come hear for themselves at WEIRDFEST. In fact the songs are so good now that we can’t even play them. We’ve had to hire four new guys just to render our material-that’s how incredible it has become!

We’ve had to hire four new guys just to render our materialthat’s how

incredible it has become! w: Can we get JT to hang from some rope like a trapeze artists at Texas Music Theater? CHASCA:Let’s just hope he wears pants. He lusts in his heart all the time, the dolt. He’s all squirt and no juice. You know what I’m sayin’? He’s always getting stabbed by exlovers and dirty tricks. Lately we can’t get him away from the truck stops. He needs help, Russell.

w: Uhmm. OK. What motivates CHASCA? CHASCA:Very little. We’re temporary bell ringers in a soundproof universe where time is infinite.

We play at being nuclear titans, guided by our hopes and hardons, waiting to smash that one lucky atom and then-KABOOM! We fear death and curse life and play all the percentages in between. We are worms waiting for that final hook-and we’re grateful for our luck in the meantime.

w: Can we hear “THE BEAST” at Weirdfest? That song rocks! CHASCA: We’ll play “The Beast.” Only now it’s called “Brunch with Santos & other Christian Friends.” We’ve changed, man. Thanks for saying we rock.

w: It’s like Queen meats David Bowie on Roller-skates & Acid! YEAH! I’m I warm? CHASCA: Yeah! It’s like a bunch of suicidal hairdressers on a terminal binge. Can you dig it- four cherubic geeks seeking one last round of laudanum, poetry, and sodomy...With a little bit of Rush thrown in both for good measure and to keep those icky-icky girls away.


Who are some of the influences for CHASCA? CHASCA:Johnny Zhivago, The Heaven 17, Jack Butler, The Wonders, Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters, The Future Villain Band, The River Bottom Nightmare Band, The Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jug Band, and John Norman Howard.

w:Where are you performing in October? CHASCA: October 29th WEIRDFEST at The Texas Music Theater and October 31st at The Gray Horse Saloon. w:Thanks guys see at WEIRDFEST! CHASCA:Thanks Russell! For more ironic mugging please go to or google our Facebook page. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Cathedral of Junk A RANT by Vince Hannemann with Roger Lara Part 1

now I got the permit and am back up and running…

The Cathedral of Junk

is something I’ve built in my backyard starting in 1989. It’s a multistory building, built out of all kinds

And of course the million dollar question always is ‘why?’, and maybe that’s a little bit of what I want to talk about. That is the million dollar question, who can exactly say? I’m a bit of a rebel,

tecture for six months, and was like, ‘oh my god, screw this, I’m gonna be an artist’, and I was out of there. So everything I’ve done for money in the meantime has just been to pay the bills, but this is really what I want to do. And it falls outside the bounds of what the establishment would have you do. I got so much criticism for it because instillation work wasn’t very popular, or even known back in the day. It’s become more popular and known now, but even now I get ‘how do you sell this?’ or ‘how are you going to sell this?’ or ‘its ephemeral’, all these criticisms about it – well screw you! Have you ever seen anything like this? What the hell? Now instillation work is all the rage I guess, I don’t know, maybe not. I don’t keep up with the freaking art circles anyway. So, dealing with that kind of frustration with the way society is, I think is something that takes a while to figure out. I think everybody kind of has their own answer for it, maybe they just ignore it. I think everybody feels the frustration and the hypocrisy, but some people just consciously don’t look at it, they’ve got their blinders, they play games, whatever it is ‘oh I just don’t want to think about that’ – I’m obsessed with it, I think about it and think about it way too much probably, it’s like

holy shit, there’s

of found objects, you know, bicycles, shopping carts, the whole nine yards. All of it’s mostly been donated to me over the last 22 years. And it’s become somewhat of a tourist attraction you could say, I get over 10,000 people a year through here, and they have events here, the weddings, birthday parties, plays, so on, so fourth. Obviously last year, finally I got in trouble, The city came looking for me and made me get a building permit. Because of that I had to tear down over 40 tons of stuff, about half of it, out of the easement, the setback. That was the main thing, Then I got the engineer to sign off on it, and viola – they gave me my building permit, finally, three lawyers and seven months later. That was rather an ordeal, but

something the matter with the world, what are we waiting for? Why are we ignoring it? It doesn’t make any sense to me… and so what do you do about that exactly, I don’t know. Maybe ignoring is the only thing you can do, and I understand why a lot of people do that, because activism, where does that really take you? Like suppose you want to work within the system, be a politician or something like that, good luck changing anything that way. Ok, so maybe go to the other extreme and be the terrorist, do some act, maybe that’s the way extreme, but you do some sort of social activism, whatever… where’s the history that that’s ever worked? In this country? It keeps getting squashed; if it was going to work it would have worked in the 60’s and early 70’s. It sure as hell didn’t, they squash that in this country every time they get a chance – and that spirit has been beaten out of the American people. We had it, I don’t think it’s here anymore. Everybody’s the xbox generation or whatever the hell. That’s the only activism, level 359, Zorba the Greek, I don’t

know what the hell. To me that kind of rules that out too, it’s like what the hell, if you want to do something – what the hell can you do? I mean as far as changing people’s mindset, and I think that’s the thing that has to change. You can educate people all you want, and I hear that knowledge is power – infowars – Alex Jones – the whole just ‘inform the people, inform the people’, and I think that’s great, inform the people… still waiting for that to have some sort of effect exactly. I think you could shout facts all day long, and if people don’t want to listen to it they’re not going to, they’re going to hear the same facts in a totally different way. ‘What about building 7?’ you know? You just talk right by each other, if they don’t want to hear it they don’t want to hear it. Its like people who say there’s no evolution, or something like that. Ok, so we’ve ruled out activism, working within the system, working outside of the system, and informing people, I think are all kind of washes as far as the history of this country proves out. I’m waiting for something to catch on, you know, but it never really does. The information has been kind of drowned out in the whole flood of information and misinformation and pseudo information, whatever the hell you want to call it, the whole reader’s digestification of western media. USA today… you know…

so I don’t really want to go along with the program – and I’ve always recognized since my earliest days, what a crock of shit the official line established is, from adults to school to religion to the whole nine yards… The official line is mostly a pile of crap. I’ve been lied to, and we all have, for a very long time, and I just never bought it. When you don’t buy it you don’t go along with it, then you get kind of pushed to the side or labeled as angry or whatever. It’s like, ‘yeah I’m angry, this is a pile of crap’. Part of my response to that is to do what I’m doing here at the Cathedral, this is my creative outlet to it, but it’s also evolved out of realizing that the official art line is a pile of crap too. Art school didn’t appeal to me for half a second. I studied archi-

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Cathedral of Junk A RANT by Vince Hannemann with Roger Lara Part 1

Abridged form of everything, just dumbed down totally. Even the New Yorker they had to dumb down, oh my god, can you just leave one bastion of something – if it was even that, but you know, they dumbed that down too. So it kind of drowns out the information part of it quite a bit, kind of dilutes the effect of it. So what does that leave you exactly? I think, in order to change people’s attitudes, you have to change their emotional state, not their minds. That’s how they got all this Patriot Act crap by, is they scared people, see, emotional. Religious zealots, and shit like that – you know it doesn’t make any freaking sense, but they’re just so super gung ho. It’s like being on PCP or something, you change their emotional state, and probably it does, it like amps them up right? All of these chemicals flowing through their minds. Hitler knew that, a whole country you can get hypnotized with an emotional state.

Everybody’s in the same weird hypnotic state, they’re believing something. And it doesn’t really make sense, it’s just the sound of the voice, you know, the look of it, and all that kind of crap. You lose your identity in a crowd. You just flow along with it, and that’s the way you really get whole societies to do something right? Change their emotional state like that. It’s a scientific discipline right now… So, what it comes down to, one of the easiest ways to change people’s emotional states which we know, is music. So maybe, the most practical or realistic, the best avenue, if you wanted to do anything as far as change in society, is to be a musician and to write music that really gets to people, because they’re going to hear it in a song way better, totally. You know… Michael Jackson, right? Shit, that will be here, you can’t get that out of people’s minds, once they get an idea like that, a feeling like that, it gets so hard to root that out, you can

And art seems to do that so much better, getting in people’s heads.

yeah… people die at concerts… but, whatever, people die.

I like that cause, you know, you’re not going to kill anybody with a guitar. I mean, unless you’re really… you could I guess, theoretically, ha ha. You could blow their eardrums out with some… you know,

So I would say basically, screw the whole information – not screw it, but you know, if you could combine all that into some music, then you’d have something decent, instead of your average just love song [parodies Elvis] or one of those feel good summer songs – beboping at the beach, you know… which is nice, it’s got a nice beat, [foreign voice]‘hey man, we’re all party at the beach!’ which is great, it gets you in a nice emotional state. I don’t think people really want to think too much is the thing about it. They probably really don’t want to think too much in a song either, but maybe you can get them motivated, I don’t know, to do something. I guess the easiest way really is still just fear, that’s why they keep using it. That’s

reason with them all you want, you can’t get that out… like these Christians, you know, or whatever like that.

the easiest way, scare the shit out of people, you don’t even have to do anything to them, you just scare them, ‘I’m going to do something to you’. How easy is that? You gotta make it believable though, that’s why you set an example, you see what I’m saying? A good example then… it’s the mafia tactics, mostly fear based. Or parenting of the 1950’s, you hit them once... yeah, really good, when their really young, when it really has the full effect, you know, you got to nip it in the bud early, I’m telling you. Yeah, they keep us afraid, so that’s the only way, so I don’t know – maybe some feel good songs are the way to counter all the damn fear, because that’s what they’re doing, they’re making us all afraid, so I don’t know, maybe that’s the best thing, a really good feel good song. Part 2 of Rant Next Month!

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Hell Hound on your Trail? By Sean Casteel


hounds, according to Davis, “these creatures do more harm with their voices than with their teeth. The sound of their baying carries for miles, and often the hounds themselves are never seen. Sometimes their baying works as a death omen, and sometimes it has a lesser effect, causing fear, rooting a person to the spot and so forth.”

As Halloween Approaches, Have You Got A Hell Hound On Your Trail? By Sean Casteel Perhaps the most frightening thing about Halloween is that it may function as a portal to the entry of demonic, unclean spirits. Many of us dress up as our favorite monsters from the movies and the motif of death is everywhere with the ubiquitous skeletons and mindlessly grinning jack o’ lanterns that seem at times to make a spooky eye contact with trick-or-treaters. It creates a kind of gothic, graveyard atmosphere and induces a kind of devil-maycare, frivolous taunting of the darkness. It is the exact kind of flaunting of the unholy that demons no doubt look forward to every October 31st. No discussion of the demonic presence in our world would be complete without a mention of the devil dog/hell hound phenomenon. Legends of encounters with evil canines go back into the mists of antiquity, and meeting such a fiend as you go

about your business is always a terrifying experience. Writer Graeme Davis, on a website called “Role Player,” offers a summary of some of the typical guises of the demon dog. There is, for example, a type of “wandering black dog” that can be encountered in any rural area, normally at night. “The dog is usually encountered by a lone traveler. It is heading in the opposite direction to the traveler and is content to ignore and be ignored. However, if anyone should speak to it, try to strike it or take any other action, the dog will use a supernatural power to strike the offender blind, dumb, mad or worse. It can do this simply by stopping and fixing the victim with its fiery eyes; the effect seems to be spell-like rather than a gaze weapon.” Davis writes that the dog’s power functions as a kind of mind control and can induce fear, foolishness, panic, terror, a mental stun, madness and mindlessness. In nearly all the stories of hell

The Wikipedia website also takes up the study of demonic dogs. In an entry called “Black Shuck,” one learns that, “For centuries, inhabitants of England have told tales of a large black dog with malevolent flaming eyes (or in some variants of the legend, a single eye) that are red or alternatively green. The beast varies in size and stature from that of simply a large dog to being the size of a horse. There are legends of Black Shuck roaming the Anglican countryside since before the Vikings. His name may derive from the Old English word ‘succa,’ meaning ‘demon,’ or possibly from the local dialect word ‘shucky,’ meaning ‘shaggy’ or ‘hairy.’ The legend may have been part of the inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes novel ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles.’ “Sometimes,” the entry continues, “Black Shuck has appeared headless, and at other times he floats on a carpet of mist. According to folklore, the specter often haunts graveyards, side roads, cross roads, near bodies of water and in dark forests.” On August 4, 1577, Black Shuck was said to have burst through the doors of a church in Blythburgh in Suffolk, England. The dog then ran up the nave, past a large congregation, killing a man and a boy and causing the church tower to collapse through the roof. As the dog exited the church, he left scorch marks on the north door which can be seen at the church to this day.

the people and in a visible form and shape, passed between two persons as they were kneeling upon their knees and occupied in prayer, wrung the necks of them both in one moment and they strangely died.” The scorch marks left on the door at the church in Blythburgh are called by the locals “the devil’s fingerprints,” and the event is remembered in this verse: “All down the church in midst of fire, the hellish monster flew, and, passing onward to the quire, he many people slew.”

            It would behoove one to avoid eye contact with the demonic fiend, wouldn’t it? THE END This article by Sean Casteel on the hellhound phenomenon is excerpted from “Round Trip To Hell In A Flying Saucer,” available at

On that exact same day, in the nearby town of Bungay in Suffolk, another devil dog made an appearance. As recorded by the Reverend Abraham Fleming, “This black dog, or the devil in such a likeness, running all along the body of the church with great swiftness and incredible haste, among

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A tribute to a Texas Underground Legend

Tommy Pineda

Axe of Vengeance (AOV) bass player

10/31/81 - 09/28/11

WEIRDFEST: with One EyEd Doll

CHASCA , the organics , buzz n bangs Hosted by infamous Drag Queen Ms. Chitah and streamed Live on the Internet from SMTX.TV this event will be a real GAS, so bring your 3D glasses and a can of RAID and prepare for Armageddon, cause this Costume Contest and Party is going to ROCK YO WORLD! Special Thanks to our Sponsors KTSW RADIO, DRUGDUDE. COM, SPIRIT HALLOWEEN, San Antonio NORML, and The Burn Lounge! Come on out to WEIRDFEST the 29th and Celebrate Weird Magazines 7th Birthday. Or visit online at and watch the Live HD Stream! Yes this night of Terror and Wild Zombie Children will scare you into a frozen custard of peanut butter pop cycles! And while the music will keep you rocking all night, the world will be watching live on the WEB!



Weird Magazine/ with the help of MEDIA DESIGN will offer a Live • 720p • H.264 • Dynamic Stream Delivered via the Latest Flash Media Player of this years WEIRDFEST! This live webcast

will reach as many as 80,000 Live and On-demand viewers! So join us for WEIRDFEST at Texas Music Theater on OCTOBER 29th for some great live music from Buzz n Bangs, The Organics, CHASCA, and ONE EYED DOLL!

There are rumors that there will be a Halloween Costume Contest and Prizes later in the evening although we can neither confirm nor deny these facts! It is still a mystery to us! The Organics say there will be one. So I think so! Costumes are encouraged the 29th is the SATURDAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN! And most parties will be on this night since it is a weekend! Come meet the San Antonio NORML Chapter and The Drug Dude, Smoke a Hookah from The Burn Lounge, and have your cards read by a real Psychic! There will be films during intermission and comedy from our Drag Queen Hostess. WTF? Is that right Host or Hostess? Ohh well you get the idea, Sooooo . . . . . How much for all this music and fun? $5 bucks that’s it! Thanks to KTSW and WEIRD MAGAZINE, THE BURN LOUNGE SPIRIT Halloween Store and again

Page 18 •! If your business would like a Booth at the WEIRDFEST Contact Russell Dowden at for more details or call Daniel Hughes from KTSW at 512297-0835. So come on out and have a laugh and a drink and enjoy the sounds of FOUR great bands for $1.25 each! Thanks for supporting local music and supporting Weird Magazine as

we celebrate our 7th year this Oct 27th ! Thanks Again! Russell Dowden

ELVIRA Interview W:Welcome to Weird Magazine and The Weird Show Elvira. How are things at the Castle? ELVIRA : Lots going on with Halloween coming up. I’ve just finished twenty episodes of my new television show, Movie Macabre, and the DVD’s are just rolling out right now of all of those episodes – plus six never before seen episodes. I have a new app that’s out there, and all kinds of stuff – a new Elvira makeup that’s coming out this month. Just today, Haunted Hill, the movie I made ten years ago is being re-released with all kinds of new bonus material, some really amazing stuff like an audio commentary track that’s really funny, and a bunch of outtakes and everything. Somebody stop me, before I keep going… Oh, and my wine’s coming out, I’m really happy about that.

w: What is Elvira doing this year for Halloween?

ELVIRA : On the 31st this year I’m going to be at probably one of the biggest horror conventions in the United States, Chiller Theater, in New Jersey – I’m going to be there meeting the fans. I kind of have gigs every single day of this month, I just got back from Kentucky yesterday, I’m headed to Mexico this week, and then Toronto, and then Halifax Nova Scotia,

and then Kansas, then back to Halifax, then to New York, then to New Jersey.

w: Congrats on the

Success of the Show in recent years. You’ve really grown into a lot of markets in Syndication recently haven’t you?

ELVIRA : Well unfortunately… this is kind of sad news.. excuse me, its choking me up its so sad, my last show just aired this week, of the twenty movies, so unfortunately that’s the end of movie macabre for now, although I’m out there looking for a new home for it, and it was in 85% of the country, so about 150 different local stations, and I’m really sad that it’s not continuing in syndication, it’s a tough market out there right now, but I will definitely be back on, whether its cable, or internet, or somewhere, that’s for sure.

w: Well I’m sure you’ll

it’s like non-stop. A lot of them are for the public and some of them are private party’s or corporate, but it’s a pretty dang busy month for me.


I see you’re going to be in Monterey coming up soon?

find a home for your show eventually; I think ELVIRA : I am, my next one is this ought to be the a really big horror convention in time of year it would be Monterey Mexico, which I’m really looking forward to because easy to get you on. Do I have actually never appeared before as Elvira in Mexico, so you have festivals and that will be a trip. I have a lot events in October you of fans in Mexico, so I’m really attend regularly? looking forward to it.


Oh yeah, all the different ones coming up. If you go to and check out my appearance schedule you’ll see


How do you pick the films you feature on your show? Jesse James meets Frankenstein’s Daughter? Bucket of Blood? Seriously?

ELVIRA : ’Well, I pretty much roam through alleys really late at night, and just kind of do a little dumpster diving, and see what I can find.


Do you write most of your material yourself for the show?

ELVIRA : I do, I have a writing partner, Ted, and who’s brilliant. We write the

shows together, he does a lot of the heavy lifting because I’m involved in the producing end of it, but we do it together and that’s one of the most fun parts of doing the show.

w: What’s the scariest thing Elvira’s ever seen? ELVIRA : God, scariest thing I’ve ever seen? My face tattooed on some girls ass, and her ass was about as wide as a door!


How does one become a goddess of the Dark?


w: Do you have a

favorite horror film?

ELVIRA : I do, my horror films are kind of nostalgic, I like the old ones from the 50’s and 60’s – that’s what I grew up with so to me they’re like comfort food. If I had to pick one… my favorite good one is House on Haunted Hill, the original with Vincent Price, and I think my favorite bad one is [Ed Wood’s] Plan 9 from Outer Space, It doesn’t get any better than that!


What is next for Elvira this year?

let’s see, lots of ELVIRA : Like I said, I’m out there looking for a home for black eyeliner my new shows, I got a couple other shows I’m working on, and lots of red and I’m working on my website lipstick and lots trying to get an all Elvira station going - and doing a lot of other of vodka! merchandise. I’m working on w: Is it true you briefly dated Elvis?

ELVIRA : I did, briefly is the key word there, it was like a one-nighter, but yeah, I did go out with the King, and he was very instrumental in me being Elvira. I really believe he was, because he told me I should get the heck out of Vegas where I was a show girl. At the time I was the youngest show girl in Vegas, and if it wasn’t for Elvis I would now be the oldest show girl in Vegas!

a really big social networking game, which I’m really excited about, so that should be coming along in a few months.

w: Thanks again Elvira , have a great Halloween! ELVIRA : Thank you

Russell, trick or treat my darlings!

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Including unreleased tracks remixed and remastered "For over ten years, Axe of Vengeance have blasted through trends with their own creative style of heavy progressive metal without compromise" - Jon K PIT MAGAZINE

Ron Paul Leads Hearing on First Ever Audit of FED by Steve Watson of

Ron Paul Leads Hearing On First Ever Audit Of Fed

“Would it be much of a problem if we were doing this every year?”

in attendance argued that the audit should pave the way for regular reviews of the Fed’s policies, as well as more complete disclosure of exactly who has received upwards of $27 trillion in bail out funds since 2008. “Would it be much of a problem if we were doing this every

tionable practices involving Fed officials. It was also revealed that the Fed made $16.1 trillion in secret loans to Wall Street firms at the height of the crisis. Congressman Ron Paul also appeared on Freedom Watch yesterday to discuss the economic situation, urging that politicians in Washington are “not offering a prescription”. “We have too much spending and too much debt, so they’re trying to solve the problem with more debt. There’s not a chance that we can get out of the recession this way.” Paul told host Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Steve Watson October 5, 2011 Texas Congressman and 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul held hearings Tuesday into a recent and rare one off audit of the Federal Reserve’s crisisresponse emergency lending programs of 2008. In his role as chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee, Paul relished the glimmer of transparency that was afforded as part of the Dodd-Frank Act, signed into law last year.

“More people now are starting to realize that the Fed isn’t independent of political independence because indirectly and some times more directly it is involved in political decisions or at least private decisions to serve some political interest.”

Paul told those gathered at the hearing. Along with Paul, Republicans

year?” Paul asked. Robert Auerbach, Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, backed Paul up by putting the case that regular and ongoing audits would not affect the Fed’s independence in any major way. “The Fed’s mythical flag of independence from politics, a favorite Fed mantra to avoid individual responsibility, is merely a shield intended to protect the institution from being forced to act in a more transparent fashion,” Auerbach testified.

“The people here don’t want to change because they have been conditioned by Keynesian economics. Where I’m encouraged is that people outside this place are getting the message. The answers are well known but how do you translate this new message that we have of free markets and the constitution, and get the people that are managing the affairs now out of office?” the Congressman stated. Paul added that as president he would implement some immediate measures that would cut the deficit and reduce spending in a meaningful way. “Immediately you could bring all our troops home and have

them spend money here at home, that would give us some reprieve. We could change our foreign policy and indicate to the world that we are going to get our budget under control.” Paul said. “We could remove taxation on all the money that is held overseas by our corporations and not double tax them. We could remove the interest paid by the Federal Reserve to the banks. The banks won’t invest their money because it’s too risky, but the Federal Reserve gives them their money, essentially, for free, and then they invest it back into Treasury bills, so they help monetize the debt too.”

“Those are a few things, but sending a signal will be most important, ‘we’re going to quit this spending’. Right now I’m working on a plan where in one year I want to cut a trillion dollars.” Paul

revealed. “The appetite for big government is the problem. The taxes and the Federal Reserve inflating, that is the symptom, and the budget problem is a symptom of the appetite for big government.” Paul continued. “Too often the leadership is only in the business of preserving power… It’s a shame that despite all this arguing and bickering going on between the two parties, there is no difference. Regardless of which party it is they still don’t change the definition of entitlements, they don’t change the foreign policy and they don’t go after the Fed.” The Congressman also reiterated comments he made earlier in the week regarding the unconstitutional killing in Yemen of the American born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.



Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Republican of Missouri, expressed concern that although the GAO’s audit authority is now expired, some banks and firms that “borrowed” from the Fed, and by extension the American taxpaying public, as part of the Bear Sterns and AIG relief packages, have yet to pay back the funds. Luetkemeyer also noted that the one time GAO audit was extremely limited in its scope.

Nevertheless, the GAO’s report found several instances of conflicts of interest and quesPage 22 •

The Go Green Machine by Jamie Balagia


By Jamie Balagia San Antonio’s chapter of the National Organization for the

Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and successful attorney Jamie Balagia aka have teamed up and purchased a SMART car that has been wrapped in marijuana logos and advertising. Jamie has also added his advertisement to combine a perfect concept of not only knowing the truth about marijuana but also knowing the law and encouraging anyone who may get in trouble because of their marijuana use to consult with him immediately. More than half -- 52 percent -of all drug arrests in the United States are now for marijuana, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s annual Uniform Crime Report. An estimated 46 percent of all drug arrests are for offenses related to marijuana possession. If we legalized and taxed marijuana, we could not only create new revenue in addition to the money we’d save from ending the cruel policy of arresting users, but we’d make society safer by bankrupting the cartels and groups who control the cur rently illegal marketplace. A separate Department of Justice report released last month showed that Mexican drug cartels are currently operating

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in more than a thousand cities in the United States, whereas two years ago there were in just 230 U.S. cities. NORML’s mission is to remove all criminal penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to promote a better understanding of the medicinal, legal, environmental, economic, and civil libertarian arguments for a more reasonable treatment of cannabis laws in Texas and the United States.

As the car describes, marijuana has never caused one single death in history, even aspirin causes 500 deaths per year and caffeine is responsible for 2,000 deaths per year in America. Tobacco tops the chart at over 400,000 deaths per year in the United States. Tobacco is responsible for killing 5.4 million people a year in the world.

Excessive alcohol consumption takes 100,000 lives per year, and an additional 100,000 lives are taken from alcohol related incidents. Legal drug overdoses (deliberated or accidental) from legal, prescribed, or patent medicines takes around 20,000 to 60,000 lives in America. Statistics for prescription deaths are on the rise more so than any other drug including illegal drugs which kill around 15,000 people a year. So before you swallow today’s cocktail of pills your doctor has prescribed you for big Pharma to profit from, why don’t you do some research on how medicinal marijuana can be much more beneficial to your body than the deadly prescription pills you may currently be on.

On the back of the GO GREEN MACHINE it boldly states Get Mota-vated and VOTE TO RELEGALIZE CANNABIS. 69% of qualified voters are registered to vote in Texas, but only 11% actually voted in our last Primary election. A huge goal of San Antonio NORML is to get more registered voters and to strongly encourage them to vote for elected officials who support our cause to reform out dated marijuana laws.

Dean Haglund Interview By Russell Dowden

and it’s a conspiracy of TIMING! sometimes I need more than a months notice to co-ordinate out of town gigs.

w: No but seriously, we

recently reflected on 10 years of 9/11, and not everyone knows this but, you were involved in a very interesting back story on your FOX Telivision pilot episode THE LONE GUNMAN; where a plot to crash airliners into the World Trade Centers was featured. This episode aired in March of 2001 a whole 6 months prior to Sept 11th. What is your take on the episode and the real events.

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine Dean. How have things been? Glad to have you back in Weird Magazine for October. Dean Haglund: Great to be back, it’s been TOO long.

w: Tell us about this recent film your apart of The Truth Is Out There. Is it in the theaters yet?

Dean Haglund: This is a documentary about a year of my life where a camera crew followed me around the world as I talked to many of the leading people in the fields of conspiracy, UFO research, noetic sciences, paranormal studies, etc. and ask how do they know they have found the truth when the next guy said he found the truth and everyone else is lying. I go to conventions and events around N. America and Europe and talk to people like, Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, Dr. Roger Leir,, Dr. William Tiller, Reg Pressley

(from the Troggs) etc. You can check out more info and see the trailer here

w: I’ve seen you on Tele-

vision several times on Hallowen Specials. What is cooking for you this October?

Dean Haglund: Luckily, I am NOT doing a 7 hour LIVE ghost hunt in some forsaken town in the middle of nowhere. But i will be the co-hosting the Actors Reporter with my podcast co-host Phil Leirness on the 31st which you can watch www. And that is film right in Hollywood so it is still forsaken just not as far to travel.

w: Sorry to hear the

dates didn’t work out to have you Host Weirdfest afterall. It must be a conspiracy. Dean Haglund: I am sorry too,

Dean Haglund: I was at an event in Portland, OR for the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and there they showed not only the documentary but the ALSO played that episode again on the big screen and it had been ten years since I seen that episode. I was taken aback but not only how the details of the episode line up to reality but that reason to start a “war on terror” was also mentioned in the show as a way to keep the war machine going and keep the economy alive in a post cold war world. That part was even more jaw dropping. In the documentary we talk to people from the truth movement and see the evidence for building 7, for example, and there is so much that is still unexplained. It seems that there is more to that than we have to space in this magazine.

w: Also, you wrote a cartoon book entitled: Why the Lone Gunman Got Cancelled that i’ve still never read, that discusses this show and what lead to it never airing again on FOX. Am I warm? Dean Haglund:You are RED HOT sir. It actually talks about all the weird circumstances about how we found out about the show and the filming and then the aftermath when it was finally cancelled. Written and DRAWN by me, I might add, which has kinda launched my art career

into a whole new direction. You can check out my work here

w: What have we learned since 9/11 Dean? Dean Haglund: That fear is a tool of oppression. Not much else.

w: There are more stories out there about no plane ever hitting the Pentagon. (I didn’t see a plane). The Official 9/11 Story from the government seems to be a bigger conspiracy than even conspiracy thoerist are accused of thorizing. Would you agree? Dean Haglund : Yes, that is one where there is a shocking lack of footage to look at, when you think that not only must the pentagon have cameras surrounding it up the ying yang, but that if a plane was heading that low it would have shown up on all sorts of cameras even miles before. Here again, I have heard it two ways, that it is better to SAY it was plane rather than a missile, because that opens up even more questions about national security than just high

w: As the Charactor of

LANGLY in the X-Files: Three biggest conspiracies of all time? Dean Haglund: Oh boy Jordan Maxwell’s Jesus of Nasai cult which lead to the Nazi party which with operation paperclip led to NASA... (that is a book in itself) 2; The March 2003 Iraq invasion was because a 4th dimensional portal had opened ( as foretold in Sumerian Tablets) in Gates of Fire in Babylon and there was extended biblical battle of good and evil, so we stay on till the casualties could all be extracted and seem reasonable over a period of time. (there is a ton of odd bits of “proof” - my favorite, the female entity that guards the gate is Shakti or Shakinaw - and the bombing campaign was called “shock ‘n awe”)

w: Did you have an interest in these things related to paranormal or conspiracy as a result of being involved on TVs the X-Files or was there an interest before your days with Chris Carter? Dean Haglund: My brother was into this stuff, so he would give me the inside scoop when these came up in the scripts. But then as I started researching my role, and I started meeting all these very smart people with a lifetime of research behind them, I started learning more and more about all sorts of things.

w: What are your thoughts on 2012 and the doom and gloom theories out there? I say’s the glass is half full.

jackers flying around our airspace. I think that my favorite book on the 9-11 thing is by the ex-LAPD detective who looks at the whole thing like a crime (which it was) and goes through it with police procedures. It is called “Crossing the Rubicon” by Michael C. Ruppert.

Dean Haglund: Bob Dean, who I just saw last weekend, had a extended conversation about this very thing. He had talked with Mayan people and they said that the western culture has got it all wrong, that it is a shift but not the end. He also points out that humanity was around before Aug 11th 3114 BCE which is when the calendar started. So we will be here afterwards.

[Visit SMTX.TV at 9pm OCT 12 when Dean will be on THE WEIRD SHOW Live taking your calls]

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1. Quickly (abbr) 5. Mental pains 12. Recipe measurement 15. One who’s angry 17. Sisterly 18. Used as an exclamation to express surprise 19. Phantom of the ________ 20. Triple Crown horse of 1973 22. People who oppose by contrary proof 24. Western region of Russia 25. Period of time 26. Decay 27. Zero (2 wds) 30. High-ranking Muslim women, in India 32. Parboil or blanch 34. Eye infection 35. Not obligated 38. Exchange goods for money 41. Computer memory (abbr) 42. Acquire 47. Freudian psychology on satisfaction (2 wds) 52. Friends, in spanish 53. Currency of Albania 54. Dissolve 55. Off a ship, in the navy (2 wds) 60. Matted hair; wool 64. Resin used in adhesives 65. Caretaker 68. Until now 70. Friend 71. “___ Got a Feeling” 73. Extremely pale 74. Sporting events, e.g. 77. Photographs moving cars; radar gun 81. Cell bodies of neurons 82. Chemical element symbol “Sn” 83. Disagrees 84. Wash 85. Company promotions in magazines or newspapers 86. Southeastern Australian flower of the Telopea genus 87. France’s second largest metropolitan


1. Previous, in poetry 2. Excellent 3. One-celled freshwater protozoas 4. Lima’s country 5. Having value 6. Frequent attendee 7. Mythical monsters 8. Neither, in poetry 9. Wrath 10. Consume 11. Croats, Serbs, Bosnians, etc. 12. Bathroom flusher 13. Scooby’s pal 14. French soup made with cream 16. Driving short cut, slang 21. Small deer’s; multiple fish eggs 23. Grave 27. Female

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28. Not young 29. Ancient Greek music building 31. Soviet forced-labor camp 32. President Bush avoided one during a speech in Iraq 33. Hard to understand 36. Wrong 37. Peacock network 38. Mineral spring 39. Shade tree 40. Hawaiian necklace 43. Stopwatch 44. Primate, other than human 45. Sick 46. Fishing tool 48. Distress signal (abbr) 49. R&B icon and mentor of Justin Bieber 50. Depend on 51. President Eisenhower 56. Choose 57. Australian marsupial, for short

58. Being compulsive 59. Indecent; obscene 60. Tribe of Northern California 61. Covered with bristles 62. Greek capital 63. Indian butter 66. Making a profit from sacred things 67. Nevertheless (2wds) 69. Provide a source of income 70. Pool or puddle 72. Western city of Germany 74. Above the rest 75. ___ 51 76. Angle between a stem and the branch 78. State certified tax and financial service provider (abbr) 79. Fool’s mo. 80. Extinct flightless bird of New Zealand SEPTEMBER ANSWERS RIGHT>


The Weird CD Review By Ashlyn McPhillips

toast because they' re nice and soft and easy to spread. But a new Zombie still suffers rigamortis so can be too tough and stringy. W: Welcome back to Weird Magazine Junior and Kimberley! One Eyed Doll: K:Thanks! It’s warm in here and smells nice. J: Glad to be back!

w:Hear you guys are doing well after going out to LA. Is there a new EP album out yet?

One Eyed Doll: J: It depends how old the brains are. Really old Zombie Brains are great on

w:Hear you are on tour this October. Where to?

the Weird Show again this October.

on the road? Would you agree?

One Eyed Doll: K: Yayyyy!

One Eyed Doll : J: We’re planning some great shows around Halloween closer to home. San Marcos, San Antonio and New Orleans. We’ll be announcing another tour very soon after that as well so keep an eye on tour for updates.

w: I Love recipe 4 success from Hole Album! Any other appetizers coming up in the new EP?

One Eyed Doll:K: We’re in Colorado Springs right now on the Wayne Static tour. Just played a show! J: It’s basically a “West Side” tour. Cali, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

One Eyed Doll: K: Thank you! I love that song.. I love them all, though. I’d say every single song on this one is the BEST one! High five, Junior! J: SMACK!!!

w:Let’s get you guys on

catch you guys this Fall

w: Where can Dollheads


Do you guys have a favorite track you are particularly proud of, recently? One Eyed Doll: K: All of themmmmm! J: I really love the new Kim-

One Eyed Doll: K: The new, “Kimberly Freeman” album is out! We have been packaging and sending the pre-orders out from the road.. That one is called, “Into Outer Space”! The One-Eyed Doll album is awesome! Just need to work out the details and release it!

w: We booked you guys

for WEIRDFEST on October 29th here in San Marcos. Should be fun. What can we expect from you guys this Halloween Party!

One Eyed Doll: K: Junior is going to turn into a pumpkin! J: What?!?

w: Zombie Brains, or a Witch’s dirty socks. Which is better with toast?

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Unicycle Football League gears up for seventh season, works on expansion to Austin

October Issuu  

October Issue Weird Magazine # 93

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