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A Long Overdue Paradigm Shift by Cameron Cutrone

A (Long Overdue) Paradigm Shift? by Cameron Cutrone In recent weeks, we’ve seen the advent of a massive public uprising in as many as 250 cities across the U.S. and even some abroad. The focus of this movement seems to be the excessive influence of Wall Street over people’s lives, and it’s relative irresponsibility and recklessness. When 99% of America is subject to the whim of such a tiny group, it’s no wonder people are getting tired and frustrated with the status quo. But first, we have to clearly identify the status quo. The normal state of affairs, for quite some time now, has been that Wall Street can afford to be as reckless as it wants as long as the biggest financial institutions are deemed to be “too big to fail.” Central bankers, the federal government, Keynesian economists, and their apologists have created a savvy protection racket for each other. They use words like “systemic risk” to describe how the individual taxpayer should be on the hook for bailing out these gigantic financial firms, or else the sky would fall. Flashback to the waning days of the Bush Jr. presidency. The Congress was threatened and arm-twisted into the first of what would be several bailout measures. The total cost was estimated at 700 billion dollars, a figure unbearable to most people’s ears. As it turned out, Bloomberg News put the total cost of that bailout well into the trillions. Some say 8, others 12, some even at 14 trillion as the final price tag. So why did Congress go along with this if they knew it would be so unpopular? A few Congressmen have been candid with the words used to describe the situation if they voted “no.” Both Congressman Sherman (D-CA) and Congressman Burgess (R-TX) were told by the Fed and Treasury that their possible “no” votes would “result in Martial Law.” That’s pretty threatening. The anger directed towards these massive bailouts to insider corporations animated

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what was the precursor of the modern “Tea Party” movement. Other issues high on their list were the Patriot Act, an obvious abuse of people’s civil liberties, the Federal Reserve, with it’s secrecy about how much money they created out of thin air for Wall Street, and the endless wars that drain our nation’s precious blood and treasure. Believe it or not, these were the “Tea Party’s” hot-button issues before they were co-opted and funneled into mainstream Republican politics. Now the GOP simply use the platitudes of the Tea Party, throw in a little staged outrage, and keep the true grassroots efforts under the radar. So to our friends in the Occupy Wall St. movement, take notice. The effort, though well-intentioned, to keep the movement leaderless has given cannon fodder to the media eager to put the most inarticulate, angstridden causehead in front of a camera to make everyone else’s legitimate grievances trivial. And when it becomes apparent to would-be hijackers that the movement is leaderless, they see an easy target. It makes Occupiers vulnerable to sabotage, and infiltration by their establishment liberal gatekeepers who seek to either keep their dirty laundry in the hamper, or even worse, dilute it, co-opt it, and funnel it into the traditional party machine. So beware, today’s protest movement can be turned into tomorrow’s reelection campaign. Then what are we left with? The continued policy of corporate welfare, with the average American footing the bill? The continued policy of perpetual warfare around the globe? The continued policy of quantitative easing at the Fed, which allows the crimes of Wall Street AND the Military-Industrial Complex to never be halted, whilst making us poorer in the process? To add insult to injury, we have to hear pundits on establishment conservative talk radio railing against the irresponsibility and irrationality of the Occupy movement’s grievances. While they may have a shred of validity, it dwarfs in comparison to the irresponsibility and irrationality of our current financial system. For instance, a fellow Weird writer clued me in recently to a phenomenon known as the “53%ers.” These are people upset with the demands and tactics of the Occupiers who identify themselves

as the “99%.” Sure, in lifestyle and music taste, they may not accurately reflect 99% of the people. But, their grievances are valid on a plurality of issues that affect 99% of the population. So where do these “53%ers” get their sense of purpose and power? Ironically enough, they feel that as part of the 53% of the U.S. population who pay the federal income tax, they deserve more of a hand in how policy is formulated. Their thinking is misguided and even contradicts establishment conservative dogma regarding taxation in general. On the one hand, they speak of taxation as burdening at best, and evil at worst. On the other hand, they hold it above our heads as some sort of civic virtue when it suits their interests. Guess what 53%ers, we’re ALL taxpayers. Everyone who buys gas, pays a tax that maintains our roads. Anyone who pays sales tax provides abundant revenue to the coffers of it’s local jurisdiction. It makes our public library. It funds our new recreation center. In fact, people who pay taxes in this regard are actually the only constitutional taxpayers I know. The 16th amendment was never ratified by 2/3 of the states, not to mention, the income tax simply funds war and our supposed interest we owe the Federal Reserve. It doesn’t cover Medicare, Social Security, or any domestic safety net. In short, the income tax is destroying our country. So the 53%ers should occupy a copy of the Constitution before pontificating any further. In the lesser known nooks and crannies of the conservative movement is actually a group of people sympathetic to the cause of the Occupiers. They see Wall Street cronyism as abhorrent, but see it as a symptom of a cancer eating away at the financial security and freedom of the 99% of us. If Wall Street is the symptom, then the Federal Reserve Bank is the disease. Hence, if you look closely at many of these Occupy protests, you’ll see a smattering of people brandishing “Occupy the Fed” signs. When otherwise divergent political factions find common cause, the cozy, comfortable middle gets very nervous. A groundswell of political upheaval is afoot, and many of the traditional political mechanisms used to divide us are looking helplessly at the

potential dawn of a historical realignment. Or so it should go if justice has any meaning. This is making the streets ripe for an actual revolution. It is the opportunity to turn the tired two party paradigm on it’s head. Because if we understand the status quo, all of us can agree on one thing. Party politics plays us off on each other. Those on the Left who are always railing against corporations are correct to be upset. Those on the Right who are crying afoul about the government are also correct to be upset. This is the new status quo, for the interests of big corporations and the interests of government are married. This is the textbook definition of fascism. Our current state of affairs is long in the works. It happens incrementally, but once the bonds are formed, they are hard to break. The phenomenon of the “revolving door” is a huge contributing factor. Take for instance Timothy Geithner. He was the president of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. He was also on the board of directors at Goldman Sachs, a financial firm that is viewed by insiders as systemically invaluable to our economy. Outsiders would tell you that they are a monstrous leviathan gobbling up debts, bundling them as assets, and defrauding people with junk derivatives, all with the blessing and protection of the federal government. The man on the Board who orchestrated a lot of this is now our Treasury Secretary, the same Mr. Geithner. Hence the revolving door. Exactly who’s interests is he representing? He wears a nice businessman’s suit, but when you put a flag

lapel pin on him, he passes for a public servant. A glaring example of the revolving door from the last administration would be Dick Cheney. A bigwig at Halliburton, a massive defense contractor, suddenly becomes Vice President. The firm he formally worked with got billions of dollars in no-bid contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He made a lot of shareholders and board members extremely rich. Now that the seeds are sown, he can live a quite, comfortable life living on his stock, knowing it’s capital is firmly rooted in the War on Terror. Notice how Hillary Clinton on September 23rd reassured everyone that even though our troops would be “withdrawing” from Iraq, we would not be “leaving.” To clarify, she went on to say that there would be a “sustained presence of security contractors in Iraq.” Cheney is smiling in a bunker somewhere. So the status quo is shared, party to party, elite to elite, 0.5% to 0.5%. That leaves 99% of us to toil, and every election season be whipped into a frenzy about how supposedly different we all are. We are coming to realize, however, that the 1% want to have it’s way with us. The “stability” they are always speaking of is good for them, and bad for everyone else. Instead of worshipping their false idol of stability, maybe a healthy dose of upheaval is exactly what we need.

Cameron Cutrone’s articles are archived at freedome-files.

WOW WEES Cafe - From Brownsville to San Marcos!

Wow Wees

W:When are you opening up and where is the location at?

A new eatery is opening in San Marcos this month and it’s going to be a GAS! That’s right, WOW-WEES Cafe is the home of the XL Burrito and will be filling our bellies with the great taste of south Texas!

WW: We’re shooting for Monday, November 28th, and we’ll be opening at 1505 Aquarena Springs, right down from the stadium.

Wow Wees hails from Brownsville where Weird Magazines are also distributed in the Rio Grande Valley, so when we spoke to owner - George Gavito we were glad to know some of the same people just north of the border. Like Weird Mag, Gavito has moved close to Austin to be near family and found that San Marcos was friendly and showed some promising opportunity for business in a community that loves Mexican food has a big appetite! So join Weird Magazine Nov. 28th for a Burrito eating contest that offers $200 to whomever can beat the record from George Gavito’s stores in Brownsville. The ALL TIME Record is held by 2008 winner Cirilo Tamayo Jr. who defeated Gavito’s XL Burrito in just 2:39 !

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine WOW-WEE’s. Glad to have you in central Texas!


Thank you. We are really excited about being here.

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W: Wow- Wee tacos has been around for a while in south Texas right?

WW: Yes, since about 1989. W:So I hear there is a contest

on Nov 28th! Beat the record time of eating a BEAN BURRITO you WIN $200.

WW: Not just any bean burrito -- a Wow-wee’s burrito weighs two pounds! We’ve had this contest for the past 15 years down in South Texas during the annual Charro Days Festival. The record to beat is two minutes and thirty-nine seconds. The first person to break the record gets $200. If no one can break the record, I’ll give $50 to the person who comes closest to the record. We’ll call that the “San Marcos record”. Second place will get $25, and third place will get $10. The contest will be limited to 12 contestants. W: Can I get a Big Carne

Guisada Burrito at Wow Wees?

WW: You bet. Carne guisada

is our specialty. The recipe was my grandmother’s recipe, and it’s our biggest seller in South Texas.

W: Cool so we can also Menudo, Burgers, barbacoa, and more.

WW: Absolutely. Plus, you have to remember that we have not only the extra-large tortilla, but also smaller tortillas, and we’ll have daily lunch specials. W: So what are your hours going to be? 6AM-3PM?



W: WWhat would you like folks to know about WOW WEES CAFE?

WW: That we have good food, and lots of homemade tortillas. We make our own salsas, all made from fresh ingredients. W: Thangs George! Good Luck in San Marcos, I’ll see you there on the 28th for that $200 prize!


Good luck!

________________________ See page 21 for more details.

S.P.I.R.I.T Paranormal Exclusive Interview with Mad Scientist/Inventor John K. Hutchison

Paranormal exclusive interview with mad scientist/inventor John K. Hutchison Intro - In 1979 John Hutchison discovered a number of unusual phenomena, while trying to replicate the works of Nikola Tesla. This phenomena have been named “The Hutchison Effect” and includes: 1. Levitation of heavy objects. 2. The spontaneous fracturing of metals. 3. Changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals. 4. Fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood. 5. The anomalous heating of metals without burning. 6. And the disappearance of metal samples.

S.P.I.R.I.T: Hello John!

That’s quite a host of phenomena you got going on there. JH:Oh, it was quite an interesting adventure with that stuff in the early days.

S.P.I.R.I.T:So out of all

these phenomena or anomalies, what would you say is the most intriguing, or the one that really blew your mind? JH: Actually, It didn’t blow my mind, it blew the minds of the scientists that started to look into it. To me it looked natural. I wasn’t too excited.

S.P.I.R.I.T: Have any of

the samples completely disappeared? JH: That’s a good question. Normally they disappear and reappear somewhere else, but maybe there are objects I’m not aware of that have vanished into another dimension I guess you could say.

S.P.I.R.I.T: What has been the heaviest object that has been levitated using your devices? JH: I would say the heaviest object would be roughly about 1,500 lbs.

S.P.I.R.I.T: And that’s as far your knowledge right, what you’ve witnessed yourself? JH: Yes, that’s what I’ve witnessed myself, but recently in late 2007 a research team video taped an object weighing about a ton in their lab.

S.P.I.R.I.T: They’ve been

trying to replicate your work for a number of years is that correct?

JH: Yes, they replicated a bit of it at York University. And Ken Shoulders replicated some of my work with the metal samples, but he’s not talking too much about it.

S.P.I.R.I.T: – I know some time ago you did a project on a TV show to replicate the Ark of the Covenant. Can you tell us a little bit about that project?

JH: Oh! That was a lot of fun. I was approached by Bluebook Films for the Discovery Channel and they asked if I could build an Ark of the Covenant, and I said yes absolutely lets go for it. I found a master wood crafter in New Westminster Canada and we went into production for about 6 months. We went ahead full steam and full bore and built it and when we fired it up it worked. It actually scared everybody including myself a little bit. We treated it as a giant electrostatic capacitor and it kept putting out energy and energy and then set itself on fire. It was pretty adventurous. So that was all caught on tape and the name of it is “The Ark of the Covenant Revealed.” And that aired on the Discovery Channel in 2008.

S.P.I.R.I.T: – I know a lot of scientists have looked at your work and theorized what may be causing the effects. Do you personally have a theory? JH:I would say it’s electromagnetic and high voltage in nature.

S.P.I.R.I.T:What are some of your recent projects? JH: We used the effects to help with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We were down in the Gulf for 6-8 months and got some scientific results showing that we were able to bring the oil content in the water to nearly zero in the areas we irridated. And now we’re using it against some of the radiation problems coming from Japan to see what kind of results we get.

S.P.I.R.I.T: – Can you give out your official youtube channel and website? JH: I sure will. There’s a lot of pirate websites out there, but the official ones are http:// and the other one is http:// I like using the social networks because you can keep adding things easily. I haven’t had time to put up a website.

These are some of the highlights from this fascinating exclusive S.P.I.R.I.T. radio interview. To listen to the full segment go to

S.P.I.R.I.T: I hear you also set out to replicate the Philadelphia Experiment on a small scale with a toy boat is that correct? JH:– Yeah, that was in the summer of 2006, while preparing for a 13 episode TV show with Fox. One of the projects was the Philadelphia Experiment and I thought, well lets see what I can do with that. I got a small boat and then applied all the fields to it and it did vanish and turn strange and went in and out of existence and electric sparks started coming out of it and the water started vibrating.

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Concern Over Public Anxiety Causes Feds To Shorten EAS Alert

Concern Over Public Anxiety Causes Feds To Shorten EAS Alert Emergency Alert System broadcast will last just 30 seconds in response to distrust over government’s motive Paul Joseph Watson Monday, November 7, 2011 Concern that Americans distrust the government so much that they might panic in response to the Emergency Alert System test this week prompted officials to shorten the alert to just 30 seconds, illustrating how sensitive citizens are at the moment to the actions of federal authorities. The original alert message was planned to last up to three and a half minutes, but concerns arising out of the fact that the TV broadcast of the alert may not include the message “this is a test,” have led to the interruption to be shortened to just 30 seconds. The test will take place at 1pm CST on Wednesday, breaking into all conventional television and radio broadcasts, who for the very first time have no control over whether to allow the government to override their broadcasting platforms. “When it announced the test earlier this year, FEMA originally said it could last as long as three-and-a-half minutes, but the agency acknowledged to news organizations that it had reduced the test’s duration, apparently over public concerns,” reports Government Security News, citing “public anxiety” over the alert caused by emails

and Internet stories being circulated that question, “the government’s motives behind the test.” “News reports cited one email distributed in a Washington D.C. school district that said there was “great concern” from local law enforcement and emergency management that the test would spark concern among residents,” states the report, blaming the fact that limitations of the EAS system will prevent the video message indicating the alert is only a test from scrolling across television screens in some areas. Concerns about the EAS alert were encapsulated by radio host Glenn Beck when he questioned why the government had chosen to conduct the test on a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of a work day, “when the whole world is in revolution.” Beck warned that the first of its kind test gave the government the pretext to take over all civilian communication outlets under the guise of a national emergency. “If the state wants to take control…they can just take it and there is nothing I can do about it,” Beck stated, adding that the process “seizes control of the broadcast frequency.” As Alex Jones documents ONLINE HERE: the EAS test is part of the federal government’s unfolding agenda to build an infrastructure that will allow all communications to be seized by authorities in a time of declared national emergency.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet. com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

EDITORS NOTE: 11/7/11 While this Issue printed late and on NOV 9th , Weird Magazine has speculated that the Government may be preparing us for some kind of economic emergency in the coming weeks, months, or even days. It begs the question, WHAT DOES THE GOV KNOW that we don’t know?

El Musica Del

and the Riffs


El Jefe...? El Jefe and the Riffs are not your typical surf rock outfit, instead they infuse with Thrash metal and punk rock influences, and a dash of their own Texas flavor.

EJ : Frank- well i had already jammed with E.T. and Lucas some years back with Incursion, and we’ve been good friends for a long time.

Although the band has only been together for about 8 months, they are all seasoned musicians coming from different areas. drummer- Lucas and lead guitarist Frank both performed with the Droogs, a valley punk band from the mid 90’s. Guitarist E.T. performed with Incursion (along with Frank and Lucas) a death/thrash metal band in the early/mid 2000’s and bassist Aaron performed with Helleri a Heavy Nu-Metal band in the early/mid 2000’s. Now they’ve come full circle to create a very bitchin surf rock band. I give you El Jefe & the Riffs.

w: Who and what

By Franco Chavez

________________ W: How’s it going guys, so how did this all come together to form

E.T and Lucas started jamming out again, while myself (Frank) was jamming with a cover band which i eventually got tired of, so E.T and Lucas asked me to sit in with them and it worked out really well, now all we needed was a solid bass player and we found that in Aaron.

influences El Jefe... music and theme?

EJ : Dick Dale and Megadeth for sure, as well as Pulp Fiction and old Clint Eastwood movies. Chilli peppers

w: If yall could tour with

w: What can people

EJ :

EJ : Some rad jams for damn sure! a loud kick in the face, its time to hear some surf from the third coast.

any three bands, what bands would it be?

Well damn that’s a tough one!, uhh the Misfits, Dick Dale, and 90’s Red Hot

expect from an El Jefe.. show?


Where would you like to see yourselves in two years?

EJ :

Still making good music, hopefully still together, a lot can happen in a year.

w: What are your likes

and dislikes of the current South Texas scene?

EJ : Well dislikes are too many cover bands, not enough variety, proper support and just tired of people being content with a cover band, not enough real rockers, alot of this is due to Venues NOT having the confidence in LOCAL Original Talent here, Club Owners want to sell drinks, so they tend to book more cover bands than original acts here. I say if you want covers, keep a jukebox!

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Club Owners want to sell drinks, so they tend to book more cover bands than original acts here. I say if you want to hear more covers, keep play> ing a jukebox !

w: I do agree with

some of that, but i think Copz Lounge thursdays for the past year has broken up some of the monotony, at least in Harlingen. Your last show at Copz lounge in Harlingen, I thought your guys sound represented a sort of Texican/beach bum/redneck vibe that a lot of valley natives can relate to, do you guys agree?

EJ : Yeah we do, we think its a natural sort of thing that just comes out that way, and hopfully more venues will honor the artist in South Texas by letting us perform more!

w: Well guys it

was good talking to yall, best of luck, any shout outs or final words for are Weird Magazine readers? EJ :

Well, just keep listening, we are glad to be back in the scene, give a shot out to, A.O.V, miniMachos, and were looking foward to more shows visit us: jefe and the Riffs

WEIRD NEWS November 2011 Monster Hot-Spots Where Creatures Lurk By Nick Redfern

It is one thing to receive reports of a strange creature – whether Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Chupacabra – seen in one particular locale. But it’s quite another thing entirely to get multiple reports of several different unidentified beasts from one clearly delineated area! And, yet, within the field of Cryptozoology, that’s precisely what we see on numerous occasions. Take, for example, England’s Cannock Chase – a sprawling and dense mass of heath and woodland situated in the county of Staffordshire. For years, an absolute menagerie of unknown animals and out-of-place critters has been seen roaming the Chase. The list is as long as it is impressively weird, and includes Bigfoot-type entities, marauding werewolves, large and exotic cats of the puma variety, giant snakes, oversized birds and much more.

Al Bielek has Died From Timothy Green Beckley We have just received the sad news that our mutual friend Al Bielek has passed away. A controversial figure, I gave Al his first opportunity to speak before an audience at a UFO/ Conspiracy conference I organized in Phoenix approximately 20 years ago. I was introduced to Al by Brad Steiger who had heard his story and thought I could so something to get it before the public which I did in the form of two books and a series of seminars. Here is the news as delivered by author Peter Moon who also knew Bielek very well: Al Bielek, the man who participated in and made the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project famous, has now passed away at the age of 84 (or 94 if one accepts his story that he was Edward Cameron and born in 1916). Al passed away and was buried in Mexico, just south of Guadalajara, where he lived a

handicapped but very peaceful existence in his last year. Al had suffered severe strokes and could no longer talk easily but his mind was sharp. He had a computer at his disposal and watched sci-fi movies. He is reported to have been very appreciative and grateful in his last year. Al thought he had another twenty years in him and did not want to pass. Thanks to Dee, his “niece” and best advocate who spent much of the last fifteen years with him. She took excellent care of him way beyond the call of duty. Dee said that after spending so much time with him, there was no doubt in her mind that the life story he told was true. She has been able to document much of it. If you wish, send your thoughts and prayers to Al who is now on the other side. He was a most unique friend, and I am thankful for the prominent role he played in my life.

Then there’s Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk – near England’s east-coast. In December 1980, the forest was the site of what – today – is considered by many to be Britain’s most famous UFO encounter. Over the course of several nights in the latter part of the month, numerous military personnel reported seeing UFOs, strange lights, and even alien-type entities deep in the woods. A major cover-up was put into place to hide the startling truth of the affair, claim numerous UFO researchers.

Rendlesham Forest - consider the woods surrounding the loch to be their home too. Legend also tells of shape-shifting monsters known as Kelpies skulking around the area. There are even reports of large animals seen in the waters of the loch that sound nothing like the image of Nessie that most people have – namely, that of a long-necked, humped animal with flippers. Moving across the Atlantic Ocean, the huge Big Thicket woods in Texas are home to ape-men, wild men of the woods, and – yet again – bigcats. The Big Thicket is also home to something known as the Ghost-Light: a spooky, ethereal ball of bright floating light that - by night - surfs the old roads that run through and around the Big Thicket.

gested the idea – and, granted, an idea is all it can be perceived as right now – that certain parts of our planet act as portals or “doorways” to other realms of existence (extra-dimensions, in other words), through which all of these strange creatures come as the mood takes them. Sounds controversial? Yes! Many might say such a scenario sounds just too controversial. And maybe they’re right. On the other hand, if such portals do exist – and one day science proves their existence – this may well go some way towards explaining why certain parts of the Earth appear to be true magnets of the monstrous kind.

And the curious list goes on and on. All of this, of course, begs a very important question? Why do certain areas of our globe seem to act as full-blown “hot-spots” for weird beasts of wildly varying types? Some researchers suggest that the areas themselves are as significant as the creatures that lurk within them. A number of theorists have sug-

But, that’s not all: Rendlesham is also the reputed home of a Sasquatch-style creature known as the Shug Monkey. Big cats have been reported prowling the woods for years. As have ghostly, glowing-eyed, black dogs. And centuries ago in the waters off the very nearby town of Orford, a hair-covered, crazed creature – half man and half animal - was said to have been captured and tamed. And let’s take a trip to Loch Ness, Scotland. You thought Nessie was the strangest thing haunting those old dark waters? Nope! Big black cats – similar to those seen in the aforementioned Cannock Chase and

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the idea that Shakespeare the author may have been homosexual. This idea is explored by writer Bertram Fields in his book “Players: The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare.”

WAS SHAKESPEARE HOMOSEXUAL? By Sean Casteel In late October, a movie called “Anonymous” was released that deals with the famous “authorship controversy” surrounding the writings of William Shakespeare. The new film is the work of Roland Emmerich, whose previous efforts have grossed more than $3 billion worldwide. Emmerich has such blockbuster hits to his credit as “Stargate,” “Independence Day,” “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012.” Meanwhile “Anonymous” looks to be a similar kind of big budget affair but one that doesn’t rely on special effects to carry the movie. A few months ago, Global Communications published a short booklet of mine called “Shakespeare: To Be Or Not To Be . . . That Is The Question!” that summarizes the many arguments against William Shakespeare being the true

author of the plays and sonnets credited to his name. Like the movie, part of my booklet deals with the notion that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, might have been the actual genius involved, although other candidates like Christopher Marlowe and Francis Bacon are examined as well. Most of us grew up being taught that “Shakespeare” was the sole author of the greatest body of literature to have ever been created by a single person. What the available historical record actually tells us, however, is simply that an actor and grain merchant named William “Shakspere,” or some other variation of the spelling, lived and died in the English town of Stratford-on-Avon. There are no records of him having attended any local school, and some believers in the twists and turns of the authorship controversy even allege that he might have been a complete illiterate who only served as a front for someone else. Another argument sometimes made about the true identity controversy involves

“Homosexuality was certainly not uncommon,” Fields writes, “in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Bacon and Marlowe were homosexuals, as was James I, though he married and had children. But, at least in public, homosexuality was not considered acceptable. Indeed, a convicted ‘sodomite’ could be subject to the death penalty.” Oscar Wilde believed that Shakespeare, like himself, was homosexual, and others have reached that same conclusion. This is used to argue that, since the Stratford man was heterosexual, the two could not have been the same person. There are those who believe that Shakespeare’s use of heroines who dress as males in five separate plays – “As You Like It,” “Twelfth Night,” “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” “Cymbeline,” and “The Merchant of Venice” – suggests that the Bard found sexual ambiguity appealing. Or it may have been a simple, crowd-pleasing plot device. But it is the sonnets that are most often cited as evidence of his homosexuality. The sonnets differ from the plays in that they express more of the inner emotional workings of the poet, his loves and disappointments, as opposed to the more objective observations of human behavior Shakespeare employed in his plays. In the sonnets, he pours out his heart to “a fair youth” who is also the “mastermistress of my passion.” Fields explains that the same sonnet, number 20, goes on to tell the youth that nature “pricked thee out” with something of no use to the poet, which seems inconsistent with a homosexual relationship. This could be intended to throw readers off the track, while it is also possible that the “love” Shakespeare expresses is both homosexual and platonic at the same time. There is also the possibility that the relationship was physical and erotic, but that the youth played only a passive role that was not reversed. The youth to whom Shakespeare was referring is usu-

ally thought to be the Earl of Southampton, whose appearance is so effeminate that for many years his portrait was assumed to be that of a woman. The portrait is “that of a very girlish young man in his late teens, unbearded, with highly arched eyebrows; a sensuous, cupid’s bow mouth; and very long brown hair. He wears a large red-and-black earring, an extremely wide lace collar with matching cuffs, and a provocative expression. One hand seems to stroke his braided hair with long, tapering fingers.” Fields says that the elongated, heart-shaped face of the youth, while beardless and softer in its lines, seems the same as later portraits of the earl as an adult, even with the long brown hair and dandified clothing. “It is easy to see why,” Fields writes, “the subject of the portrait was thought to be a young woman. Studying the pale, effeminate image evokes Shakespeare’s lines from Sonnet 20: ‘A woman’s face, with nature’s own hand painted, Has thou, the mastermistress of my passion.’ It also makes it conceivable that the poet felt a longing for the young earl that went beyond metaphoric love. But it is just as conceivable that he never allowed the longing to go beyond poetic expression.” There is also the more familiar “dark lady” of the Sonnets, with whom it is obvious Shakespeare the poet had a sexual relationship and for whom he felt extreme erotic desire. This is especially evident in Sonnet 151. “It seems clear that, with lines like ‘rising at thy name doth point out thee,’ ‘To stand in thy affairs, fall by thy side’ and ‘for whose dear love I rise and fall,’ Shakespeare is making punning references to his being sexually aroused by the subject of the poem. If he’s talking to the dark lady, this certainly indicates that he’s heterosexual or at least bisexual.” There are those who argue that the dark lady sonnets were actually written for the fair youth, and Fields acknowledges that we cannot know for sure. “While it is difficult to be certain about the matter, the evidence seems to weigh against the conclusion that

Shakespeare was homosexual,” Fields writes. “More likely, in the sonnets, he was simply more than usually effusive in expressing his ‘love’ for the fair youth – probably in the belief that his expressions were private. In addition, he had the unique capacity to understand and sympathize with a character’s homosexual longings, whether or not he had experienced them himself. “Since it seems highly probable that the Stratford man was heterosexual, we can’t rule him out as Shakespeare based on his sexual orientation. Still, the threat of the public perceiving Shakespeare and Southampton as gay lovers may have played a critical part in a concerted effort to identify Shakespeare with the Stratford man after the latter’s death.” Director Roland Emmerich is himself openly gay, according to a Wikipedia entry about his life and career. Whether that figures in his choice to make an entire movie about the possibly gay Earl of Oxford and the authorship controversy in general is an open question at this point. But it’s an interesting historical problem in any case, and one not likely to be resolved by “Anonymous” or any other treatment of the subject for a long, long time. [Sean Casteel’s booklet “Shakespeare: To Be Or Not To Be . . . That Is The Question” is available at as a Kindle Book. To order it in hardcopy, email Tim Beckley at] THE END

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The Fed Gets Audited By Jay Abazi

“The Audit of the Feds” By Jay Abazi A new audit of the Federal Reserve was released recently that detailed widespread conflicts of interest involving directors of its regional banks. The report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) was required by the Sanders Amendment from last year’s Wall Street reform law and examined practices never before subjected to independent scrutiny, most of which came in the hands of Senator Bernie Sanders. The Independent Senator from Vermont wrote the Sanders Amendment and is the leading advocate against the practices of the Federal Reserve. The GAO report detailed instance after instance of top executives of corporations and financial institutions using their influence as Federal Reserve directors to financially benefit their firms, and ultimately themselves. Sanders said he will work with leading economists to develop legislation to restructure the Fed and bar the banking industry from picking Fed directors. Bernie Sanders was quoted as saying; “This is exactly the kind of outrageous behavior by the big banks and Wall Street that

is infuriating many Americans. This is the exact reason why we have protests in every major city in America and if nothing is done, it will only get worse for our country.” The 108-page report found at least 18 specific current and former Fed board members that were affiliated with banks and companies that received emergency loans from the Federal Reserve during the financial crisis. Some of the corporate affiliations of Fed directors from big banks and industry giants were General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, and Lehman Brothers to name a few. The report also noted that there are no restrictions that keep directors from communicating concerns about their respective banks to the staff of the Federal Reserve. It also said many directors own stock or work directly for banks that are supervised and regulated by the Feds. The Fed rules, which they keep secret, allow directors tied to banks participate in decisions involving how much interest to charge and how much credit to provide healthy banks that are in a bad situation. Even when situations arise that are beyond the rules of the Fed, waivers are granted. The GAO said whenever a conflict arose a waiver was granted to the bank to work around the rules that were already working in there favor. So, in actuality,

the Fed has no rules and whatever happens, happens.

under the emergency lending program.

The report didn’t get into detail about the people involved or how much money was involved, but it did summarize several individual cases involving Fed directors. One of the people listed in the report as creating the appearance of conflict of interest was Stephen Friedman. He was chairman of the New York Fed and at the same time sat on the board of directors for Goldman Sachs and owned Goldman stock, which is prohibited by the Fed rules. In 2008, the New York Fed approved an application from Goldman Sachs to become a bank holding company giving it access to cheap Fed loans. Later that year, he received a waiver and continued to purchase stock in Goldman Sachs. Something the Feds denies having any knowledge of, according to the GAO.

The other person named on the report was Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase. He served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the same time that his bank received emergency loans from the Fed totaling $390 billion, and was used by the Fed as a clearing bank for the Fed’s emergency lending programs. In 2008, the Fed gave JP Morgan Chase $29 billion to acquire Bear Stearns and then gave them an 18-month exemption from risk-based leverage and capital requirements. He also convinced the Fed to take the risky mortgage-related assets off of Bear Stearns’ balance sheet before JP Morgan Chase acquired the troubled investment bank.

Another individual named in the report was Jeffrey Immelt. He was on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was CEO of General Electric at the same time. While sitting on both boards, the Feds consulted with GE on the creation of the Commercial Paper Funding Facility. (The CPFF was a short-term funding market to improve liquidity during the financial crisis of 2008.) The Fed then approved $16 billion in financing for GE

So, what we have here are large banks in the United States doing what they want with the country’s money. These large banks control our Federal Reserve by having their board members be on the board of the Fed at the same time. The Federal Reserve prints our nation’s money. They control the value of our money and the interest rates. If the big banks control the Fed, then the big banks control our economy and our country. With this Occupy Wall Street movement going on in our country and around the world,

it’s hard to believe what you hear in the media. No matter what TV station you watch, they all say the same thing; “These young kids need to be more educated and learn how the government works. They need to stop protesting Wall Street and start protesting the White House.” If you listen to far right radio like Rush Dumbshit you’ll hear things like; “Those young liberal rich kids have nothing better to do” or “If you weren’t lazy and dumb you would have a job and you would know that the only person you should blame is yourself.” Whether you’re liberal or conservative, right or left, blue or red, rich or poor or whatever, you can not deny the truth. Wall Street and the big banks control our currency, therefore control our country. Our government has no control or say in anything unless it is approved by the big banks. The financial bailout of 2008 was the idea of the big banks and the Feds to help them get out of the mess they caused. They told Obama and the government, this is what you’re going to do and it’s your job to sell it to the American people, because after all they will be paying for it. This has been going on since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson. A bill that was written by bankers in order to take control of the country’s currency. Once you control a country’s currency, you control the country and everybody in it. Nobody said it better than banking lord Baron Rothschild when he was quoted as saying; “Give me control of a nations currency and I care not who makes its laws.”

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Alien Genetic Takeover: The End of Humanity By Aaron Dykes

In the real world, aggressive genetically-modified species are destroying naturally-occurring species while provably causing harm to those who consume GMO foods– including widespread infertility, organ failure, cancer and mutations, as demonstrated repeatedly in lab animal studies. In fact, the real dangers of GMOs, human-animal hybrids, vaccines (loaded with superviruses, dangerous chemical compounds and other special ingredients), fluoride and much more have only begun to unleash their long-term multigenerational harm. The frank reality is that what humanity faces is far worse than Alex could possibly convey in this short presentation. Complex and controversial emerging legal rulings over gene patents and intellectual property are clearly paving the way for the globalists’ ‘Thing‘ mechanism to dominate agriculture, monopolize medicine and profit on mass-death and the unraveling of our planet’s genetic inheritance. Those in power hope to retain a privately-controlled continuity through Alien Genetic Takeover: The End of Humanity Aaron Dykes October 26, 2011 COMMENT FROM ALEX JONES: Yes the headline says alien takeover, because it is alien to cross plant, animal, insect and microscopic species… and this witch’s brew is already having disastrous effects and is the single greatest thing not only to our species but to the planet as a whole.

Page 18 •

In this powerful video, Alex breaks down how the global takeover might as well be coming from a hostile alien species– as depicted in John Carpenter’s classic 1982 horror film ‘The Thing‘. In fact, such an invader would be hard pressed to wreak more destruction upon the earth’s biosphere.

In the film, and its other versions from 1951

and 2011, an uncovered species takes over its host’s DNA while outwardly imitating it, threatening to infect the entire planet in a short span.

their arctic seed vaults (a la Noah’s ark), but life is bigger than even they can grasp. Technological solutions will create a two-tier system aiming to enshrine the lives of the elite- with the available enhancements for health and longevity- while allowing further domination and dumbing-down of the masses (the nouveau riche, the middle class and poor alike). A wide-spectrum of ambient soft-kill enviroadditives poison us all, with the future hanging in the balance, at the very time an inner-coterie of science, tech and wealth has declared that the future doesn’t need us. If we don’t stop this ‘Thing‘ now, we may never have a second chance. It is vital we recognize this amorphous danger for what it is– the annihilation of our species and those with which we co-inhabit. We don’t have any more time to waste.

Mystic Mark Tattoo Mystic Marks Tattoo



W: Welcome to Weird

Magazine Mystic Mark Tattoo’s. How are things going over at the Tattoo Shop? MMT: Things are going great at Mystic Marks. We have a great crew of talented people. W: For 18 years now Mystic Mark Tattoo has been a staple in the San Marcos Community. What set’s MMT aside from other shops locally? MMT: I feel that what has helped us is the fact that we have always been open seven days a week. We open early - for a tattoo shop - and keep late hours. Our shop Our biggest advantage has been our location. We were fortunate in getting the location at 316 north LBJ Drive and we think it is true what they say about location, location, location. Our shop is a bit different from other tattoo shops because I opened for business without having ever been inside of a tattoo shop. I knew how to set up a business and I knew about aseptic procedure and I knew how to tattoo. No one told me I couldn’t do it or I shouldn’t do it - although several people told me it was a crazy thing for me to do - so I did it.




316 N. LBJ - San Marcos

Est. 1993 W: I hear that your piercing staff has over 25 years experience combined! What are common mistakes people make when getting pierced? MMT: Corey and Andrew are both perfectionists in their profession. I think that the biggest mistake someone can make in getting a piercing is letting a ‘friend’ who has no experience do the piercing for them. Several years ago we had a high school girl come in with a giant safety pin in her navel. She wanted to buy navel jewelry. She had been at a sleep over party the night before and the girls had decided to pierce one another. Real piercings are done with sterile hollow needles which core out the flesh to make room for the jewelry. Using a safety pin (not sterile) displaces the flesh and can cause an infection. She was advised by our piercer to remove the safety pin, treat the puncture as a wound and let it completely heal. When it was healed she came back and got it pierced the right way. There is a lot more to piercing than just sticking something through the skin.

Mon - Wed: 12 noon - 10pm Thurs - Sat: 12 noon - 12 mid. Sunday: 2pm - 10pm the tattoo business because of the art work. We hire people who are artistically talented in many media. Tattooing can be taught as a technical skill, but you can’t teach someone to have artistic talent - that has to come naturally. I feel that the ‘artist’ makes a better tattooist because they give that extra something to their work. We do a lot of original custom art work for our customers. All of the artists can create original drawings from descriptions given by their customers. All of the ads in Weird Magazine and the University Star are original art work done by our artists. W: What hours do you keep? MMT is the only shop that is open 7 days a week I hear. MMT: You heard that right. We are open Monday - Wednesday 12 noon - 10pm; Thursday-Saturday 12 noon - 12 midnight;

Sunday 2pm - 10pm. We if have to stay late to do your tattoo - no problem. We have two shifts of artists every day. W: What do you attribute to the success of your longevity here in town? MMT: Knowing that there are slow times and being prepared for them has been very important. Keeping a good cushion in the bank account to cover slow times. Not relying on the local university to carry the business, but advertising locally in a 150 mile radius for all these years and particularly advertising in Weird Magazine. W: Are there any specials MMT is offering for the Fall and Winter season?



coming Holidays we do have gift certificates for both piercing and tattoos. W: Thanks for your support! Can I get an Alien Tattooed on my Ass? MMT: Sorry, we do not tattoo poor dumb animals. Now if you would like to have an alien tattooed on your butt - we can manage that. W: Any final thoughts to Weird Magazine readers this fall? MMT: Think before you get that tattoo. Work with an artist and be original. Come to Mystic Marks Tattoo Co. and we will be happy to help you realize your dreams.

MMT: We don’t do coupons or special sales. For the up-

W: Your staff there are Artist first. What do you mean by that? MMT: I have been an artist all of my life and I got into

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What Do You Gain by Snitching? And What Do You Lose? by Jamie Balagia

What Do You Gain by Snitching? And What Do You Lose? - Jamie Balagia ( By Jamie Balagia Your pulse is blowing at a hundred miles an hour, sweat is dripping down your back, your head is about to explode and the handcuffs are so tight you want to scream. You just got busted and “the Man” offers you a way out. What do you do? The best advise i can give the readers is “don’t violate any criminal laws”. It is rare that the police set someone up and plant evidence that they do not already have a grudge against. I am not saying it hasn’t happened before, only that a totally innocent person is less likely to fall into that trap. If you never get arrested you will never encounter this situation. But if you are arrested and accused of violating Criminal Statutes, the punishment can include a period of incarceration in jail or prison. No one wants to go to jail and no one wants to go to prison. People are scared of both of those possibilities. When I was a police officer I was taught to scare people that I arrested with the threat of jail and/or prison. I was told that certain crimes allowed us

Page 24 •

to trade the arrest and the filing of charges against that person for information and cooperation from the suspect against others involved in criminal behavior. I was encouraged to get people to rat on their friends and family members. I am not proud to admit that I used that technique more than a few times as a patrol officers and repeatedly as an undercover narcotics officer. Usually, that meant we would agree to not arrest someone for drug possession or drug dealing in exchange for that person setting up other people they knew that were dealing drugs. But the police are willing to trade for anyone engaged in criminal behavior not just those in the drug trade. The information and cooperation sought was not limited to drugs alone. The police set a snare for weapons, persons with warrants, burglars and other hot topic criminal action. Additionally, there was an unofficial policy that above all other concerns “snitches” or informants would be protected. The police take many precautions not to expose the snitch to being identified. They also would leave clues that would point to innocent parties as the snitch to throw off any investigations by the “bad guys”. That practice is called “giving someone a snitch jacket”. The prosecutors would go so far as to dismiss charges against those caught up in the informant’s net to avoid revealing the identity of the “rat”. The police handlers are trained to protect their snitches at all costs because if word gets out that they are not protecting their snitches then their sources would dry up or would refuse to testify in court.

I wrote the above to give you a taste of how the snitch trade works. More importantly, what should someone do if faced with the above choices? I was trained to tell the person “if you contact an attorney or lawyer all deals are off!” They use that line because if a lawyer got involved the person would probably not snitch at all. Or if they did cooperate with the authorities the lawyer would make sure that the person was not being taken advantage of. As an attorney I am required to inform any client I represent whether or not the law enforcement has reached out and offered for my client to trade information in exchange for “a deal”. Once that offer is given to the client it is up to the client to make the call. I cannot judge someone who cooperates with the prosecution to avoid a potentially lengthy stay in prison. It must be a difficult decision to faced with the choice of snitching on your family or friends instead of going to prison for 10 or more years (sometimes even life in prison). But to make that decision a person must make sure they understand every aspect of the case against them. It is sad to see people snitch on others when the case against them would not have stood up in a courtroom. They basically gave away something of value for nothing or perhaps the trade off was not equal when fully considered.

Sometimes people get arrested for a misdemeanor crime and in a panic they spill their guts and get themselves placed in a dangerous situation because they didn’t even need to talk to the police in the first place. If they had only taken a deep breath and told the

cops that they wanted to talk to their lawyer first they could have acted with knowledge instead of ignorance. I have represented a number of people that wish they had never gotten involved with serious criminal behavior or never intended to get so deeply involved in the drug trade. They would give anything to turn back the hands of time and not be

faced with these choices but they are. I have also met a lot of people who wished that they had met with me to discuss their situation before making an uninformed decision. I do have great insight into this area due to my past undercover work and years of representing persons charged with drug crimes. Go to for information about the criminal justice system and about the penalties faced if you get charged with a crime in the San Antonio to Austin regions of Texas.

BIG TIM Interview By Russell Dowden

riches but to connect with a deeper audience especially those who’ve had similar experiences not only in the rgv but wherever my music will take me.

w: Tell us about this great new Album “ A Day Without Computers” I am really enjoying it.

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine Big Tim! Big Tim: Thanks for having me back brother

w: Give Weird Maga-

zine a little history about your Rap Career and Hip Hop talents as an Artist.

Big Tim: Been doin hip hop music since 99 and rapping writing since about 1990. I was part of the 1st independent hip hop label in the Rio Grande Valley we pioneered the market in the rgv and ended up selling 10,000 copies of our 1st release. I grew up on original hip hop in the 80s so it influenced me to be an original artist because when it all started it was a totally original artform , where the artist determined what the artform evolved into.

Big Tim: Well some might think im nuts but its the sequel to Surreal, and its based on what i believe is a message or vision from these beings in the crafts. I was shown and told they were going to return in mass fleets hundreds thousands all different kinds of crafts and reveal themselves to the masses, and they would disrupt and cause a mass blackout of all electric power on earth we would go into the night with them above us. When it was dark on earth the crafts then began to illuminate to the point that we were provided with light to see each other its very strange i woke up in a cold sweat and could not sleep all night the US military was taking people and throwing them into trucks. Well i said to myself a couple days later thats truly gonna be A Day Without Computers and it just stuck and i said thats gonna be the next chapter in this weird life of mine .

w: Yeah this samples

I interviewed you a few years back when SURREAL came out in 2008. You write about intelligent social topics in your lyrics and you Cover the UFO/ ET topic in the 2008 Album.

are great! I’m of course, really into this stuff, and it is very refreshing to hear HIP HOP that covers Paranormal Topics like the NWO or UFOs and the Illuminati. What inspires you to write these kinds of Lyrics?

Big Tim: Surreal was based on my real life encounter with a flying saucer in the summer of 89 in Port Isabel Tx my hometown its the only way i can sum up the experience in one word surreal. As i got older i couldn’t stop remebering the day we saw it and i wanted to know more about the ufos so i started to research the enigma an wow it opened up a whole parallel universe and i decided to put my experience and research into an album or my audio book. I really did this not for fame or

Big Tim: Mainly because of the craft i saw it opened my 3rd eye to see beyond the candy coated shit were brainwashed into nowadays. Its simple the government says these things dont exist but i know what i saw what am i supposed to believe now that i didnt see what i know i saw because the govenrment says they dont exist. Researching more into the ufo saucer i wanted to know and began to find out more and more what the government is lying about its really a big mess, I call it the


backwards world or the Satanic garden. People are starting to wake up alot dont know that they are brainwashed i didnt... it took a damn spacecraft to wake me up. Also theryre are people who dont wanna wake up they like to sleep but sleep is the cousin of death.

w: How has HIP HOP

changed in the last 10 years?

Big Tim:Aww dont get me started the illuminati got their hands in it once they saw the power and influence Hip Hop had on the world. They didnt care about it when it was starting with sugar hill gang, Run DMC, Krs One & Public Enemy they figured it was a fad but as it got bigger an bigger and these artist were waking people up they stepped in quick and started watering down the artform see back in the beginning you had to be original different than the next man if not you were a biter a copycat. Nowadays they manufacture these puppet rappers a dime a dozen and all the rappers are just copying what they see on tv an radio so the sense of history respect and love for originality has been commericalized and wannabe rappers now have what I call the MTV syndrome they see an artist on MTV and they try to be them . Sad.

w: Has “it” (hip-Hop) evolved for the better or worse in your opinion? Big Tim: I tell you what its for the better and the worse, its the worse for corperate artist wannabee rappers that are willing to copy anything and anyone or sell theyre soul to be famous not rich because these artist literally get 15 mins and are a memory. On the other hand its better but harder for the last of a dying breed artist like myself and my partners and the revoltmotion family and many others like ourselves because it drives us to stay true to the original artform an continually evolve to making better music but not selling out. I always say i make my music for the industry the industy doesnt make music for me. So well stay underground an continually reach people who want change and want real music from real artist.

W: Why does REEL

DEEP Music cover social Issues in your

rhymes, instead of the money in your pocket and what kind of rims are on your truck?

1000yrs old wed be telepathic, wed communicate with beings and my favorite wed fly with our minds its possible. Shakinaw - and the bombing campaign was called “shock ‘n awe”)

Big Tim: I feel like that materialistic rap is overdone and really it dont mean anything to the listner does it make the listner richer cooler or what no it dont. I personally want to make whoever listens to my music smarter think deeper be entertained but open their 3rd eyes we all have em its the secrect that they keep hidden from you i feel everyone deserves to see with the 3rd eye. Dont get me wrong theyres nothing wrong with having riches but if you aint helping the hood or these poor kids looking up to you talking all this money talk then try sellin them youre album if youre that rich youre album should be free you dont need these kids money.

How can readers listen to the music online or order a CD from you Tim?

UFOs, Illuminati, 9/11, 2012, Time Travel, The New World Order are all themes in this new album “A Day Without Computers”. What is the message your are trying to HAMMER home to listeners with this great new CD.

w: Final thoughts to young artists trying to b out into the HIP HOP world as an artist or as a producer?


Big Tim:They’re comming I dont know when i dont know where this all fits into the bible or satan or maybe neither. My message is this weve forgotten we’re ancient humans we are aliens on a small planet in the middle of space floating imagine what our existence would be if we went from the backwards world to the foward world instead of destroying our home planet we only lived to enrich it and fortify earth instead of polluting we purified. I woke up therys not much time left you will have to choose a path i hope you choose right were all related. They showed me what human beings would be capable of if instead of war we lived to fortify the earth and its natural properties wed live to be a


Big Tim: You can go to, also Weve just set up a paypal link to get the newest album A Day without Computers as of right now its gonna be exclusively through here @ & and our label Get on their an hit us up and will get you a copy asap. Were working on digital downloads as well not only for ADWC but also the rest of our other releases, you can hit me up at for any questions or info.

Big Tim: Do some research into the artform your pursuing a career in artist or producer learn from the past to create a new future dont just copy whats out there because thats alot of labels forcing the artist to do what the label wants not what the artist wants. Look up rappers like Krs One, Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy learn where it all came from itll make you a better artist dont just watch Wayne and Drake an go shit i gotta do that to make it be an innovator not a duplicator. Most importantly stay humble youre not doin heart transplants or curing cancer you have no reason to think your better than anybody just cause you might gain a lil fame remember fans make you they will break you and you better learn the music buisness its a shady dirty game.


Thanks Big Tim. I love this CD. “A DAY W/O Computers”. Peace and see you in Roswell

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November CROSSWORD PUZZLE By Jay Abazi Across

1. Coral ridge 5. Faction 9. Bullets, e.g. 13. Before 15. Balm ingredient 16. Utah national park 17. Profit or loss, e.g. 19. Land measure 20. Compass point 21. Is no longer 22. Prowler 24. Carotene beginner 25. Trio 26. Biz VIP (abbr.) 28. Lady’s man 30. Baseball Hall Of Famer Willie 32. Cold and warm, in weather 34. Bubble source 36. Away’s partner 38. Garish 39. British ___ 41. Cat’s lives 42. Commercials 43. The Matrix hero 44. Shells out 46. Ancient colonnade 49. Extinct flightless bird 51. Possesses 52. Ouzo flavoring 54. Civil wrong 56. Gas clouds in space 58. Head cover 59. Health resort 62. God of love 63. Vocalizations 66. Chill 67. Advertising sign 68. Minimal 69. Little ones 70. Field of study 71. Venezuela copper center


1. Bumpkin 2. Baseball player Slaughter 3. Diminutive suffix 4. Hale 5. Chip condiments 6. Certain Ivy Leaguer 7. Interpret 8. Choppers, so to speak 9. Flowering shrub 10. Knockout drops 11. “Encore!” Page 27 •

12. Humdinger 14. Most inferior 18. “Welcome” site 23. Branch 24. Pull out of shape 26. Moves along 27. Stevedore 29. Ice house 31. ____ of time 32. Gator state (abbr.) 33. Sermon subject 35. Editor’s pile, for short 37. Before gestae or judicata 40. Academic term 41. Republican ____ Gingrich 45. Entrance

47. Burdens 48. Suffer 50. Acropolis figure 53. Hot spot 55. Propel, in a way 56. Orderly 57. Hence 59. Healed wound mark 60. Mexican money 61. Nick and Nora’s pooch 64. Foot part 65. School org. OCTOBER ANSWERS RIGHT>

420 FORUM 420 Forum Karli Duran To the cannabis culture 420 is a known time, date, and meaning. 4:20 generally is a time that marijuana users delegate to smoke marijuana, April 20th is a widespread celebrated date when the cannabis culture participates in marijuana related events, and 420 is just a term used to address marijuana â?” for example â?oAre you 420 friendly?â?� But where did 420 originate from? You maybe surprised to know that the term 420 started in 1971 in California on the grounds of the San Rafael High School by 5 teenagers who would meet at 4:20 after class to look for an abandoned cannabis crop . Their attempts to find the crop failed, but the time 420 was stamped for every â?opot headâ?� to enjoy for over 40 years. The term 420 traveled from the teenagers small circle of friends to the larger cannabis community and eventually throughout the world. It is now a widely celebrated â?ounofficialâ?� international holiday. A large celebration is held every year on the University of Colorado Boulder campus with attendance reaching over 25,000 people in 2011. This would make CU Boulders celebration one of the largest such celebrations in the United States. Thousands of people visit places such as New York’s Central Park, San Francisco’s Hippie Hill, Florida State University and Florida A&M in Tallahassee for 4/20 celebrations every year. Just about every small town to big city celebrates April 20th in some way or another. This includes other countries like Canada, London, New Zealand, and Amsterdam just to name a few. I remember my first big 420 party, on April 20th, 1996. I was 19 years old. Eighteen cars followed each other to some pastured land where people sat in circles smoking their weed, playing hackie sack , and throwing frisbees. Then we all came together to form one huge circle and

smoked a joint that weighed ½ an ounce. This particular 420 crowd has continued to throw larger events with more people participating every year. The best part about 420 is that is not just a celebrated date, it is also a celebrated time. Twice in a 24 hour period people are pulling out their bongs, loading their pipes, or rolling joints. There have been numerous rumors made up regarding where 420 originated from. Some have said it is a police code, some have said it is the number of active chemicals in marijuana, or teatime in Holland, but truth has it that it is still a tradition with almost the same purpose it served 40 years ago. Karli Duran 601-299-0928

Are you NORML? As the Executive Director for San Antonio NORML it still surprises me when people do not know what NORML is. NORML is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, a non-profit organization that started over 40 years ago and is now one of the largest pro-marijuana organizations in the world. NORML was founded by a determined man by the name of Keith Stroup. Keith graduated from Georgetown Law School in 1968 â?” a time when the government used anti-drug propaganda as scare tactics to keep people away from marijuana, even though most of what the government was telling the people was false and had no scientific evidence. Keith was a smart enough man and had experimented with marijuana enough to know that the laws regarding marijuana were unnecessary and needed to be changed. Keith received $5000 from Hugh Heifner in 1970 and was able to start the small operation known as NORML in Washington DC. Little did he know that 40 years later there would be hundreds of NORML chapters around the world advocating for NORML’s mission â?” to support the responsible use of cannabis by adults and the removal of

By Karli Duran

all criminal penalties for the private possession of cannabis. NORML promotes a better understanding of the medical, legal, environmental, economic, and civil libertarian arguments for more reasonable treatments of cannabis laws. Chapters of NORML are organized by local citizens or college students who are able to formulate a board consisting of an Executive Director, Deputy Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and an Event Coordinator. Other positions can be added as needed and as the chapter grows. Chapters are given bylaws from National NORML to follow, and each chapter varies in size, participation, and activities. Monthly board and public meetings are essential to keeping a chapter alive. A solid board is extremely important when starting a chapter. Another very important need that each chapter has is members. Fees vary to join local chapters. For example, it is only $15 to buy a membership with SA NORML if you are a student or low income and $35 for individual memberships which both include free merchandise. There are other more costly memberships such as the Family, Freedom Fighter, and Lifetime memberships. Members are important part of NORML’s organization. They not only help contribute to the organization, but they also help chapters when needed. The money for memberships and merchandise goes into each chapter’s bank account and that money is used to buy more merchandise, purchase promotional necessities, sponsor events, throw fundraisers, and build the chapter to become a strong community voice. The new SA NORML chapter started in March of 2011. We currently have over 1700 friends on facebook, our website is ranked 5 on google under the search term NORML. We were lucky enough to pair up with successful attorney Jamie Balagia aka who has sponsored a car for SA NORML wrapped with and 420Dude. com advertisement and marijuana logo’s. Currently, Texas NORML and D/FW NORML also have vehicles advertising NORML and marijuana reform logo’s. Texas currently

has 6 active chapters, one of which is a college chapter. So, next time you hear the word NORML, remember what it really stands for, be a part of the movement. Meet with SA NORML every 3rd Thursday of the Month at the Retox Bar at 8pm to learn more about this hard working organization, or if you are near the Austin area, meetings are held every 1st Wednesday of the month at the Flamingo Cantina at 8pm.

Karli Duran 601-299-0928

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DRUG DRUDE BLOG By Karli Duran & Jamie Balagia

By Karli Duran and Jamie Balagia

by a testing lab that does not meet federal standards, your chances of testing falsepositive range to over 50%. A false-positive result happens when a substance is mistaken for another compound. Does it make you feel comfortable to know that the range of error makes some drug testing as accurate as flipping a coin.

Have you ever had someone tell you that they were drug free but somehow failed a drug test? That statement makes most people raise their eyebrows while wondering about the truthfulness of the statement? Have you ever been told you just failed a drug test when you knew you were clean of any illegal drug use? Drug tests have been known to produce false-positive results in 5% to 10% of drug test results when the drug test is administered by a testing lab that meets federal standards. You might be shocked to learn that according to statistics about 85% of drug testing labs do not meet federal standards. If you are tested

The most important fact to remember is that if the test (or your test) is not “dead on perfect” then it is wrong. If the test result is not correct it must be excluded from consideration bu the courts and everyone else. Judges and prosecutors suggest that if the testing is not perfect the result might be lower but drug use is still evident. If I make an objection in court that is almost but not quite correct the judge will probably overrule that objection and he should unless case law allows otherwise. But if a test in not certified as absolutely accurate it should not be used to mislead a jury into convicting a fellow citizen.

What You Need To Know About Drug Testing-

There are currently over 250 (and counting) over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that can cause false-positives. Marijuana false positives can be the cause of taking Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Pamprin, Naproxen, and Aleve just to name a few. So when you are asked by the police, doctors, or employees if you take any over-the-counter medications… say “Yes”, and remember these medications. Amoxicillin, tonic water, kidney infection, kidney or liver disease, and diabetes can make you test false-positive for cocaine. There are over 20 medications that will make you test a false-positive for amphetamine, and it is no myth that poppy seeds can make you test false-positive for opiates. Over-the-counter anti-nausea medications that contain phenergan and promethegan can make you test false-positive for LSD, and over a dozen medications as well as kidney and liver disease or diabetes can make you test falsepositive for ecstasy. So if you are a marijuana or illicit drug user remember that before you admit to using a substance make sure you have reported the Advil or whatever medication you choose to say you’re on to the administrator of the test. And contact us at to discuss getting a second opinion confirmation test for your assurance. Drug tests did not become popular in the United States until 1981 after a plane crashed into the carrier deck of the U.S. Navy’s USS Nimitz killing and injuring dozens of personnel. Drug testing was administered immediately, and the results revealed drug use among several enlisted persons and officers. As a result, the Secretary of the Navy instituted an intensive drug testing program. After the Navy’s drug testing policies began, other branches of military services soon started implementing testing. It wasn’t until 1989 that President George Bush Sr. adopted the drug testing policy into the White House Drug Control Strategy. Some have argued that drug testing violates our Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitu-

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tion which is suppose to guard against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. Probable cause is defined as “a reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime.” Of course, it doesn’t take long to see how that has become distorted by the DWI Blood Search Warrant exception to the Constitution. (see for information important to the public) Question: What do cops consider reasonable? Is it reasonable for cops to have people give their blood without consent? According to the “no refusal” policy, a cop can have a warrant issued to have you forced to give your blood. That comes real close to bending the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to the breaking point. The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments are designed to protect individuals from abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. Forcing people to have a needle stuck in their arm without their consent is abuse, and as of October 24th, 2011 Bexar county and San Antonio adopted the “no refusal” policy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bexar County was given a $1.4 million grant from the Texas Department of Transportation for the “no refusal” policy to be an everyday constitutional trampling of people’s rights.

Depending on how much marijuana is consumed it can usually be detected

in blood tests within 6 hours of consumption. It generally disappears completely after 22 hours, however THC metabolities stay in the blood for 2-3 days to up to 6 weeks depending on the individual’s usage. Alcohol can be detected in a blood test 12-24 hours after consumption. Most other drugs can be detected 1-5 days in the blood after ingestion. Although there are over-thecounter drugs that can possibly get you out of failing a drug test, a blood test, if done according to tight protocols, can be very accurate. Forced blood draws can be expensive to the taxpayers and are invasive to human rights. The “no refusal” policy should be stopped immediately but nothing will be done as long as the voting, tax paying public remains silent. Remember that once a Right is taken away or suspended there are no promises that it will be returned in the near future.

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