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Here to please you; i mean protect you! Opting out is one way to go. First of all, the number of people who would decide to not fly would be minimal and actually beneficial for TSA because there would be less of an evident problem. The scanners themselves are adding so much useless time to flying that throwing lengthy security rub-ntugs on top of that would cripple air travel and be far more effective.

Picture this, Dear Reader You are traveling through airport security for the holidays with your 5 year-old when all of a sudden you are told that your kid needs to go through the new TSA body-scanner which will subject him to allegedly “low doses” of radiation which will allow a complete stranger to view his or her naked body privately - or if you refuse will allow a complete stranger to do a full body pat-down including breasts and genitals? Which do you choose?

What thought is more disturbing? Some Job Corps airport chump watching the x-ray images, getting a weeping erection staring at the images of your naked youngster? The idea that over a course of time these screenings could make your child look like a bullfrog with his new neck cancer? Or simply settle for the out-right humiliation of watching him be molested right in front of you while the other TSA goons shove you in the chest and direct you where to stand? I can’t believe this shit is going on right in front of my eyes, every fucking week I’m on the road. I can’t believe that people sit there and take it. Personally, I don’t care if someone sees me naked - I’ve forced

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the image on more than should have had to see it. Nor do I give a fuck about radiation. I smoke enough that folks in Chernobyl would ask me to take it outside. I don’t even mind subjugating some dunce in a uniform to get down on his knees and pat at my asshole and sweating bag while pretending to control my libido. I care that so many people don’t care that it doesn’t matter if I care or not. But that shit is turning around, at least for the moment. Ever since TSA started the full-naked body scans with your choice of full body/genital pat-down, the public seems to show that it still has a nerve that can be struck. Some emptychested filth at the airport with rubber gloves grappling between your grandmother’s tits and colostomy bag made the idea of the lottery-odds of an underpants bomber seem insufficient to justify. The “Let’s roll” guy on 9/11 - fictional or not - would have a hard time choosing between watching his crying child look helplessly at him during a rough groping from some low-rung government flunkie or to just man-up and go down with the plane. There are a million organizations now calling for people to opt-out of the body scanner and force TSA to either do pat-downs or allow them to go thru regular metal detectors or to not fly at all.

But don’t just opt out for the holidays. Opt out every time you have the option. Opt out with a smile and a leer and groan when they slide over your sensitive parts. Your other option is to play the part of the willing maroon who is happy to go through the scanner but can’t get it right. This form of protest could be far more effective since it can prove the machinery itself to be too difficult to be useful. The body scanner requires far more nonsense to get through than normal metal detectors. Every single piece of metal has to be removed from rings to belts to random coins in your pocket. The thing will detect mercury in your stool from last night’s sushi. So all you need to do is dress the part of the turtle-necked first-time-flier with a dullard’s grin and happily get into the scanner with as much metal paraphernalia on your person as possible. They will scan you and then chastise you for still having metal. Apologize earnestly, go back, remove SOME of the metal and try again. Keep Aw-shucksing, apologizing and fucking it up so that in the meantime they will divert the rest of the people through the regular security.

If people start missing their flights because of a handful of idiots,pressure will come down like a hammer from airlines and passengers alike. Either way, remember - and remember this clearly - that to quietly accept the current TSA rules without protest is exactly the same as saying “It’s perfectly okay with me for the government to ogle or fondle my child’s sexual organs as well as rape my grandmother.”

Exactly the same. Now get to the airport early with a bleeding erection in thin white pants and show them how much you mean it when you scream “Freedom!” officialstanhope

The Stench of US Economic Decay: Russia & China Dump the US Dollar good on its debts and pay back the American banks, in steps the IMF with an austerity package that squeezes the country’s population with higher taxes and cuts in education, medical and income support programs until the bankers get their money back.

The Stench of US Economic Decay: Russia and China Dump the US Dollar Dr. Paul Craig Roberts November 29, 2010

On Thanksgiving eve the English language China Daily and People’s Daily Online reported that Russia and China have concluded an agreement to abandon the use of the US dollar in their bilateral trade and to use their own currencies in its place. The Russians and Chinese said that they had taken this step in order to insulate their economies from the risks that have undermined their confidence in the US dollar as a world reserve currency. This is big news, especially for the news dead Thanksgiving holiday period, but I did not see it reported on Bloomberg, CNN, New York Times or anywhere in the US print or TV media. The ostrich’s head remains in the sand. Previously, China concluded the same agreement with Brazil. As China has a large and growing supply of dollars from trade surpluses with which to conduct trade, China is signaling that she prefers Russian rubles and Brazilian reals to more US dollars.

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The American financial press finds solace in the episodes when sovereign debt scares in the EU send the dollar up against the euro and UK pound. But these currency movements are just measures of financial players shorting troubled EU-denominated debt. They are not a measure of dollar strength. The dollar’s role as world reserve currency is one of the main instruments of American financial hegemony.

We haven’t been told how much damage Wall Street fraud has inflicted on EU financial institutions, but the EU countries no longer need the US dollar for trade between themselves as they share a common currency. Once the OPEC countries cease to hold the dollars that they are paid for oil, dollar hegemony will have faded away. Another instrument of American financial hegemony is the IMF. Whenever a country cannot make

This is now happening to Ireland and is likely to spread to Portugal, Spain, and perhaps even to France. After the American-caused financial crisis, the IMF’s role as a tool of US imperialism is less and less acceptable. The point could come when governments can no longer sell out their people for the sake of the American banks. There are other signs that some countries are tiring of America’s irresponsible use of power. Turkey’s civilian governments have long been under the thumb of the American influenced Turkish military. However, recently the civilian government moved against two top generals and an admiral suspected of involvement in planning a coup. The civilian government further asserted itself when the prime minister announced on Thanksgiving day that Turkey is prepared to react to any Israeli offensive against Lebanon. Here is an

American NATO ally freeing itself from American suzerainty exercised through the Turkish military. Who knows, Germany could be next. Meanwhile in America the sheeple remain content with, or blind to, their role as sheep to be slaughtered to feed the rich. The Obama administration has managed to come up with a Deficit Commission whose members want to pay for the multi-trillion dollar wars that are enriching the military/security complex and the multi-trillion dollar bailouts of the financial system by reducing annual costof-living increases for Social Security, raising the retirement age to 69, ending the mortgage interest deduction, ending the tax deduction for employer-provided health insurance, imposing a 6.5% federal sales tax, while cutting the top tax rate for the rich. Even the Federal Reserve’s low interest rates are aimed at helping the banksters. The low interest rates deprive retirees and those living on their savings of interest income. The low interest rates have also deprived corporate pensions of funding. To fill the gap corporations are issuing billions of dollars in corpo-

rate bonds in order to fund their pensions. Corporate debt is increasing, but not plant and equipment that would produce earnings to service the debt. As the economy worsens, servicing the additional debt will be a problem. In addition, America’s elderly are finding that fewer and fewer doctors will accept them as patients as a 23% cut looms in the already low Medicare payments to doctors.

The American government only has resources for wars of aggression, police state intrusions, and bailouts of rich banksters. The American citizen has become a mere subject to be bled for the ruling oligarchies. The police state attitude of the TSA toward airline travelers is a clear indication that Americans are no longer citizens with rights but subjects without rights. Perhaps the day will come when oppressed Americans will take to the streets like the French, the Greeks, the Irish, and the British.

FRANKS RECORD SHOP! GREAT GIFTS FOR MUSIC LOVERS! Movie posters, Rock Posters, and some really cool rare gift ideas right?

FRS: I think its cool for people to come to one spot and not only pick up a Pink Floyd album, but also have the option to snag an original Pink Floyd poster as well.

I eagerly wait for her to finish listening to Roy Orbison’s “Crying”

W: Welcome to Weird Magazine, how are you? FRS: I’m good, thanks again, How are you

W: Tell us about Franks Record Shop and what people need to know about your Holiday Specials this month? FRS: Everything been going great, we’ve been established for about 3 years now, and its become a “Monster”, the words really getting out there and lots of good feedback as well thanks to my repeat customers and new customers that have just discovered us.

W: How did you guys get started? FRS: When the seed was planted, it was suppose to be a hobby and it gradually turned into a sure fire business.

W: How many albums do you have in here? FRS:Well, in October we purchased a collection of Ten thousand records and had about Fifteen thousand before that, so I could say about, 25,000, we have everything from Carmen Miranda on (78rpm) to Iron Maiden “ Piece of Mind”, and everything in between.

W: How about some Classic Beatles? Got any Floyd? FRS: Duh!!!!, Jk, we got Floyd, Zeppelin, Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Marley, Michael Jackson, those are my biggest sellers. As soon as they come in there gone.

W: Ok I have to ask, Beatles or Stones? FRS: Hands down, the Rolling Stones!, I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the Beatles and the doors they opened, but, my personal choice is a little edgy, raunchy and dark, so definitely, the Stones!

W: So you also offer T-Shirts, Classic

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W: What are your hours for the holiday season? How can folks email you or call you and learn more about Franks Record Shop? FRS: Hours are Tues-Sat, 10am- 6pm, and please feel free to email me at,, with any questions you may have. W: Thanks Shannon. Rock and Roll all through the Holiday Season! FRS: Thanks Weird Magazine and too Franco for this question & answer gig. Keep rockin and rollin.

COPZ LOUNGE ing a bartender?

Copz Lounge-


F: Not being able to drink W: Any Tattoos? F: Na, original packaging W: Favorite Drink this Holiday Season? F: Crown and coke W: Specialty Shot Drink.

F: “The Fragon”, good stuff, come and try it!

W: AGE? F: 25 W: Years Bartending?


F: 3 Years W: Your Favorite Night to work?


F: WED . Karoake with Lynn! W: Contents of pocket? F: phone, wallet, keys,..

“bREAKS OVER dawg!”

W: Best part about working at Copz Lounge?\ F: Meeting new people W: Are you single? F: NO!

“Im duckin frunk”

W: Favorite Local Band? F: Ghost Car, A.O.V, The Equations W: Harderst part about bePage 10 •

Current roommate:

The perfect roommate:

Late on rent Smells bad Noisy Lazy

Doesn’t smell Good looking Puts out regularly Pays its rent




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THE WEIRD Cross Word Puzzle!

Return The Weird Magazine Crossword Puzzle filled out to COPZ LOUNGE and recieve a swift kick of Justice in the Nutsack! Across 1. Dunk 5. Aircraft weapon (abbr.) 8. Puff of smoke 12. Green mineral for phosphate fertilizer 19. Tibetan Dalai ____ 20. Open meadow 21. and others 22. NHL goalie Evgeni ____ 23. Defeat 25. Actress Campbell 26. Used to make steel (2 wds) 27. Religious imperatives read from Mt. Sinai (2 wds) 30. Poisonous substance in venom 31. Hyundai’s sedans 32. Not here, but ___ 34. Sham-___! 37. Ringworm 38. Move quickly with a humming sound 40. Son of Zeus 45. Supports a wrongdoing 47. 2007 album title of British rock group Fairport Convention 50. Fallen angel of Persian mythology 51. Lima’s country 52. Skyway (2 wds) 53. “Me, Myself & ____” 55. Against 58. Affection 60. Mined rocks 61. South Pacific island known as friendly islands 62. Brittle candy with nuts 65. Office workplace 67. 180th meridian 74. Interlocking brick toy 75. Riot or uprising 76. Cakes like cornbread 77. “See Ya!” 81. A minor and major constellation 83. “It ___ To Discover” 84. Act of adding (2 wds) 85. Crimson Tide school 87. Jason, Todd, Cindy, e.g. 90. Garment worn by Hindu women 91. Roundheads, e.g. 96. Black tea of India 97. Close behind an aircraft 98. Change direction 99. Derogatory remark 101. Finish 102. Slow moving mollusk 104. Room for waiting 106. Lifeless 110. Royal Air Force’s junior aircrew 116. Floor show of dancing 118. Gloomy one 119. Loudest 120. Tendency to wear off 121. Ship used to find the Golden Fleece, in Greek mythology 122. Cashew, e.g. 123. Ice or food ___ 124. Spy; mole 125. A turnip 126. Donkey 127. Ache Down 1. One-armed bandit machine 2. Bathe

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3. End a prayer 4. Anthony and Jacobs 5. Graduates 6. Berlin residents 7. plant-eating aquatic mammal 8. Proceeds 9. on a list 10. Hold on to 11. more than enough 12. parsley-like plant 13. Golf term 14. Better than average (2 wds) 15. Quality of sound 16. Office solutions company 17. Actress Spelling 18. Same; tie 24. Blows the horn 28. Afghani flatbread 29. Past, poetically 33. Most improper 34. Elk

35. King of the fairies 36. “They ___ There” 38. Little; very small 39. Egyptian king of the 13th dynasty 41. Capital of Norway 42. Someone who isn’t truthful 43. Texas’ “star” 44. Singles 46. Slight degree of coloration 48. Faucet 49. Warnings or cautions 54. Husband of a countess 55. Rearrange letters from one word to another 56. Greek God of the south wind 57. Chinese God of happiness 59. Unusual person 63. Babylonian sky God 64. Mess with 66. Held on to 68. “The Mathematician” Bernard de___

69. Roman goddess also called Ops 70. Not tight 71. Opening where fluid enters a channel 72. impulse-conducting cell 73. Caught sight of 77. Spanish snack 78. Unfortunately 79. Sour taste 80. Having the power to do it 82. Earthworm or leech 86. Landing field with single runway 88. Had lunch 89. Third month (abbr) 92. Bad or sinful 93. Egyptian goddess with cow horns 94. Bunny ears, e.g. 95. Turbo boost to race cars 96. Male organ (plural) 100. Phone number (slang) 103. “They lived happily ever ___” 104. used for sharpening razors 105. horses walking or running man-

ners 106. Poker’s “pocket rockets” 107. Clay sediment used as fertilizer 108. Woodwind instrument 109. Dismantle 111. Bush’s opponent in 2000 112. Large 113. Roman emperor in 54 114. Russian ruler 115. Inflammation of the eyelid 117. Day before

Real Life Werewolves— They’re Not The Stuff Of Hollywood! DAWN OF THE NEW MILLENNIA

Real Life Werewolves— They’re Not The Stuff Of Hollywood! By Sean Casteel Sean Casteel is a journalist who has interviewed numerous luminaries in the field of UFO and paranormal research. He is a Contributing Editor to “UFO Magazine,” and contributes regularly to “The Conspiracy Journal.” He has written several books for Inner Light/Global Communications, including “UFOs, Prophecy and the End of Time” and “The Excluded Books of the Bible.” Casteel has also appeared on the popular radio programs “Coast To Coast” and “The Kevin Smith Show.” He has a website at LINDA GODFREY People come to the study of werewolves in many different ways. For Linda Godfrey, it all started when she was working as a reporter for a county newspaper called “The Week” based in Delavan, Wisconsin. “It just came to my attention,” Godfrey said, “that people around the town of Elkhorn, which is my hometown, were seeing some kind of wolf-like creature that just walked around on two legs around a stretch of county road called Bray Road, just outside of town. They were even phoning in reports to the County Animal Control Officer. When I checked with him, I found

out this was true, and that in fact he had a manila file folder marked ‘werewolf,’ because nobody knew what else to call this thing, and he didn’t either.” So Godfrey had an interesting story virtually dumped in her lap. She would eventually come to write three books dealing with these strange sightings and become a well known crypto-zoologist in her own right. But back again to the beginning.

She noticed it because it was kneeling by the side of the road in a way that an animal really can’t normally manage. It was using its paws to hold up what looked like a chunk of road kill that it was eating from. It scared her a lot. She went to the library to look up and see what it could be, and the only thing she found that looked like it were pictures of werewolves. She was one of the ones who reported it to the Animal Control Officer.”

“When I interviewed the witnesses,” she said, “I became very impressed that they didn’t seem like they were making it up or trying to pull a hoax or anything like that. They were a fairly diverse group. So we ran the first story and I dubbed it ‘the Beast of Bray Road’ because that was where the first reported sightings came up. It’s certainly by far not the only place where it’s been seen. But I liked the term ‘beast’ better than ‘werewolf’ because we really didn’t know what it was, and I still don’t know what it is. But ‘beast’ can refer to any kind of animal. That story ran December 1, 1991, and it’s never stopped since.”

Another young woman, named Dorothy Gipson, thought that she had hit something with her car.

EYE WITNESS ACCOUNTS The initial stories were fascinating, to say the least. “There was a witness,” Godfrey said, “who was a young, single mother named Lori Endrizzi, and she happened to see this creature at night.

“She felt a bump,” Godfrey explained, “stopped and got out of the car to see if she’d hit somebody’s pet dog or something like that. Then, as she described it, she said this ‘thing’ came running at her and she could hear its feet very heavily pounding the pavement—but only its hind feet. It was running upright at the car. At that point, she hopped back in and sped off, but it did lunge at her car and left some scratch marks, which I did see. There wasn’t any way to prove, really, what they were from, but she had a set of evenly spaced scratch marks on the rear end of her car.” Equally strange is the story of a group of schoolchildren who had been out sledding on Bowers Road, which runs parallel to Bray Road, not very far away. “They saw what they thought

was a dog kneeling by a little bit of open water,” Godfrey said. “They thought it was kneeling and trying to drink. When they went over to pet it, the so-called ‘dog’ stood up. That’s when they realized it was no dog and they took off running. It actually chased them, and this is what usually happens when people are chased: it broke off the chase and they were able to continue safely home. But they were really frightened out of their wits.” One of the children who was part of the incident was a classmate of one of Godfrey’s sons. “My son told me that he really didn’t think this kid was making it up,” Godfrey said, “or that any of them were.” THE WEREWOLF GOES NATIONWIDE The sightings on Bray Road continued apace for a little while after the period discussed above, and then dropped off for about the next ten years. But the sightings continued elsewhere, and Godfrey’s first reports for the county newspaper soon became a national news story.

changing into a wolf. So much of what we think of as the werewolf legend began in Hollywood. The full moon, the silver bullets, all that sort of thing. So it’s true that every indigenous people and culture around the world has its own traditions of men that can change into some other type of animal. But a lot of that is more related to shamanistic traditional tribal rites than it is to an actual physical being turning into a Lon Chaney style werewolf. There’s a difference. “The shamans are thought,” she continued, “to perhaps be able to create a psychic impression or a thought form that they can throw off from themselves. I don’t entirely discount that idea.”

“I was on ‘Inside Edition,’” she said, “and from then on, just about any time someone wanted to talk about werewolves, they would call me. Because there really aren’t any other large bodies of contemporary accounts of something that sounds and looks like a werewolf.”

Godfrey also considers the possibility—which she calls the “Indigenous Dog-Man Theory”—that perhaps some strain of canine has managed to adapt a more upright stance because it gave them advantages in running around in swamps, for instance, which might be easier on two legs than four.

After having a kind of cryptozoological greatness thrust upon her, Godfrey quickly became one of the few experts on the subject of werewolves, a term she disdains, by the way.

“And it’s more efficient to carry prey,” she said, “in your upper arms than to drag it away in your mouth. They may have adapted to this and become a little more intelligent as a result, too, and so have been able to remain very elusive. Also, it would not have changed their outward appearance very much. Many witnesses have reported seeing

“I like to call it a ‘man-wolf’ instead,” she said, “because it has less Hollywood baggage. ‘Werewolf’ implies it’s a human

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Real Life Werewolves— They’re Not The Stuff Of Hollywood! By Sean Casteel running both on hind feet and four legs, and it can go back and forth between the two. We’ve even had track evidence of this in some other states. But if you found a dead one, you probably would just think here’s a really large wolf or wolf-hybrid. So those are I think more likely explanations than the traditional Hollywood werewolf.” Godfrey said that the sightings reports pour in at the rate of one to two a week, and come to her from all over the country, including New Jersey, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma, with more recent sightings coming from Iowa. “They seem more confined to the Midwest and the East Coast,” she said. “So I don’t know if they’re stopped by the Great Plains there because there’s no cover for them to move around. They do seem to prefer to have some kind of cover, whether it’s a forest or a cornfield or something like that. They also seem to follow water and water sources. There’s almost always some source of water nearby a reported sighting.” PARANORMAL POSSIBILITIES Again, the idea of a paranormal origin for the werewolves is a thorny one to grapple with. In medieval times, for instance, people who were accused of being a werewolf were generally

believed to have achieved the transformation through magical means. “They would apply a special salve,” Godfrey said, “or they would have a belt made out of wolf hide that they could put on them. Then there were chants and rites to be performed that would transform them. But it didn’t necessarily mean that their body physically transformed. Often it was understood that their spirit or their astral body would take on the form of a wolf and go out from them while their actual physical body lay sleeping. And if the wolf form was wounded somehow, say somebody shot it in the leg, then a corresponding wound would be found on the person’s own leg, without the actual human body ever having changed or moved from the spot. That was the way that they would identify a werewolf. They’d say, ‘Well, I shot it in the leg and then they found somebody sleeping with a bullet hole in their leg in the same spot.’ “So that’s actually really very close to the idea of the shaman tradition that you have with Native Americans and other indigenous people where, through some sort of magical rite, either a thought form or a spirit double goes out from the body, or in some cases forms around the body, kind of like a supernatural costume, if you will, that the person can move around in. And underneath is his

physical body, but around him is this illusion of the form of an animal. In Tibet, they call these thought forms a tulpa, but it has parallels in many other cultures as well. “There are other people who believe that entities may be conjured up by means of other magical rites, and that these entities wouldn’t be based on human beings. They would be some other type of spirit that could take on the shape of a werewolf, and hopefully go out and do things for whoever had conjured it up. Some people believe that’s possible, and other people don’t.” DOWNRIGHT MEAN LOOKING Wherever the creatures come from, they consistently project an aura of evil and meanness, according to the many witnesses Godfrey has spoken to. “Something I really get very often from people,” she said, “way more often than not, is a sense of fear emanating from it. They just get really unnerved. They feel that it’s glaring at them, that it’s sort of sneering. That it’s somehow getting across to them that it has the upper hand and that it could follow them or do bad things to them if it wanted to. But in most cases, once they’re good and scared, what it does is makes its escape. Whether it’s been chasing them or just watching from the roadside, there’s almost al-


ways some kind of cover, and as soon as it can get to that cover, it just tries to get away.” Godfrey stopped counting after a hundred sightings and now estimates the total to be around two hundred. But in all those sightings, only one person has ever reported being injured by the werewolf. A man in Quebec told her he had had his hip grazed by the tooth of a werewolf, which left a jagged cut behind. The man sent Godfrey a photo of the wound, which of course remains inconclusive. “In all these other cases,” she said, “you would think that somebody would have been hurt by now, or reported that it ripped their arm or bit them on the leg or something like that. It just doesn’t happen. It has such a consistently clear behavior that I think that that really is another indication that people aren’t making this up. There’s something strange that’s really going on.” The werewolves, along with the aura of fear they project, also seem to make a kind of telepathic contact with some witnesses. “People will say to me,” Godfrey said, “and usually it’s at the end of the report, they’ll say, ‘There’s one other thing. I hope you don’t think I’m crazy but I felt that I was getting a mental message from it.’ And not in the King’s English, you know. It’s not like they’re hearing words in their head, but they feel that they’re getting a definite impression that they can understand.

They usually translate it as something like, ‘You shouldn’t be looking at me. If you tell anyone I’ll come and get you. I’m here, you’re there. You can’t get me,’ that kind of thing. Very challenging, and it kind of shakes them up.”


Godfrey allowed as how the Bigfoot is sometimes said to send a similar kind of telepathic message, but in the case of the Bigfoot, witnesses usually “hear” something much more benign than what is projected by the more aggressive manwolf. Meanwhile Godfrey bristles at those who say the man-wolf is just another version of the Bigfoot only with a longer snout. “You’ve really got definite primate characteristics on the one hand,” she said, “and really definite canine characteristics on the other hand. Not only does the werewolf have a long pointed snout—whereas even baboons can have snouts, but they’re not long and pointed—they also have ears on top of their heads, sharp pointed ears that look like a German shepherd or wolf ears, from most accounts. The bodies taper towards the hips and they’re much more slender than you would find on any kind of a primate. There are tails often seen, and most important, anyone who gets a clear look at it will report that the legs looked like they were bent backwards. That’s because a canine walks on its toe pads and its heel is up above the ground. Where we’re expecting to see a knee bending forward, we’re seeing what’s actually the heel, bending what looks to us like backwards but it’s actually just the normal heel joint, it’s just off the ground. “So it looks very different,” Godfrey continued. “We have had photos of the footprints of this thing, and they look like very large, somewhat elongated wolf or dog prints. When the track medium is the right kind, you can see claw marks, little points where the claws extend, and this would not be the case with a primate. They’re not Bigfoot tracks, let’s put it that way.” IS LUST IN THE PICTURE?

Godfrey was asked the inevitable question, is the werewolf or man-wolf perhaps a metaphor for human lust?

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Real Life Werewolves— They’re Not The Stuff Of Hollywood! By Sean Casteel of report of someone saying they saw the werewolf come out of a UFO or that a UFO was hovering directly overhead when they saw it or anything like that to directly link the two.” And what about the idea that a werewolf is some kind of demon?

“I think that’s a legitimate question,” Godfrey responded. “But I believe, from everything I’ve read and studied, there would be more of a metaphor for human violence, the desire to shed blood that’s connected with eating flesh. I think that if you’re looking for the metaphor for lust, that kind of goes more with a vampire. Now, in Eastern Europe, the werewolf and the vampire are almost one and the same being. They’re very close to one another, like they’ve morphed into the same creature. “But I think there isn’t a real big sexual connotation with these things. It’s more all about power and violence and people being scared that they’re going to be eaten. Whereas the vampires are seductive, they come into people’s bedrooms. I can really see the lust argument much more readily with a vampire than a werewolf. I do think there is some merit to the argument that we do have these archetypes in our mind and that with all the violence that’s going on in the world—it’s a way of externalizing the violence that we fear. “And there is another theory,” she went on, “if you want to combine the two, that posits that perhaps they are a type of psychic vampire, feeding not on lust or blood but on fear, on the strong emotions caused by fear, and that that explains why they’re interested in coming across as fearsome, making this big attack, eliciting strong emotions from people. Then they would have what they want and make their exit. This would argue for them being other-dimensional beings, if that were true.” BRAY ROAD REVISITED After a long absence, the sightings have started up again in the Bray Road area around Elkhorn, which leads Godfrey to wonder if the man-wolf has some kind of cyclical migration route that has brought it around full-circle to the place where Godfrey first became aware of its existence. One more recent incident occurred in March, 2008. “A man was leaving a mobile home park,” Godfrey recounted, “that is maybe half a mile from one end of Bray Road, when he spotted a creature running away from that same park area. He was visiting someone there. He had heard that a lot of cats had been going missing from around the mobile home park. He saw this creature. Didn’t know what it was. It was large, running on two feet. Kind of suspecting where it was going, he trailed it and caught up with it again near Bray Road, just in time to see it disappearing into some brush. But he did report that it had the same characteristics that people

usually describe, which is six to seven feet tall, covered with dark gray or brown fur, and walking just as easily on two feet as four. And looking either like a very overgrown canine or a wolf.” After nearly twenty years of collecting werewolf sightings and conducting thorough research, the obvious question becomes “Just what does Godfrey herself think is really going on? “I don’t know,” she said. “I still really don’t know, because I haven’t been able to observe it in motion. I think perhaps if I did, that might help me make up my mind. I generally go between two theories—the indigenous dog-man that I described before or some sort of inter-dimensional being that is similar to what my Native American friends think it is, a creature that can be corporeal but perhaps can pop back into another dimension when it needs to. With modern physics now saying that there probably are at least eleven dimensions if not more, you know, it opens up that possibility. I think that science is leading us to a place that where we can accept that fact, that there may be worlds beyond our own five senses, beyond what we can see. “So I kind of go back and forth between those two. I can see a good case for either one of them. And until I can lay eyes on one myself, I’m probably not going to be able to say with any conclusiveness that I feel it’s one thing or the other. I just hope to keep researching.” WHAT ABOUT UFOs? DEMONS? BLACK MAGIC? There are even more alternate theories that also tantalize. Is there any direct connection to UFOs, for instance? “I’ve never run across a direct link between werewolves and UFOs,” Godfrey said. “It’s true that odd phenomena tend to occur within the same geographical area. I know in Hunting the American Werewolf, I talk about the Jefferson County Square of Weirdness. I’ve identified a 13-square mile area that includes all kinds of strangeness, from UFO sightings to weird large birds being seen, to Bigfoot sightings and man-wolf sightings. And all of this stuff is going on within the same confined area. “It’s very similar to what Fortean researcher John Keel referred to as a ‘window area,’” she continued. “His belief was that there are certain places where dimensions perhaps intersect and that things can go back and forth, if they know where to look. It’s like something crawling out the window from another dimension. So perhaps there is a relationship in that way. But I don’t have any kind

“Demon is another one of those very loaded words,” Godfrey answered. “I think maybe a better way to describe that would be the idea of some sort of preexisting entity or an entity that is somehow conjured up from somewhere else. Christians might call that a demon; people of other religions might call it an evil spirit. There are different terms for it. I think that’s another possibility. I can’t say for sure, but there are many people who believe that’s what it is.” As to the idea that some kind of “conjuring” is involved, wouldn’t that imply an awful lot of black magicians skulking around out there in the Wisconsin woods? “I don’t know if there are that many black magicians,” Godfrey replied, “who have done this over the ages, too. Because you’re talking about not only two thirds of the United States, and other countries—I mean, I get reports from France and Australia and other places—so if that were true, there would have to be a widespread cadre of people with this amount of esoteric knowledge and skill, adept at pulling this kind of thing off. And they would have to be doing it rather regularly and for their own reasons. I would suspect that a much smaller number of people, if this were possible, would be interested in pursuing such a thing.” Whether we’re dealing here with a recent form of more highly evolved Dog-Man type creature, or thought forms created by certain shamanistic adepts and then turned loose on an unsuspecting world, or Man-Wolves crossing over from other dimensions than our own, or even wolflike demons conjured by black magicians with a darkly malevolent intent, the mystery of the werewolf persists in haunting the imagination, but is keeping its secrets nonetheless. [More information can be found on Linda Godfrey’s website at beastofbrayroad. com You can also email Linda from the site and tell her about your own sightings of werewolf-type creatures. Her books include The Beast of Bray Road, Hunting the American Werewolf and most recently Werewolf.] NICK REDFERN When he was five years old, British researcher and author Nick Redfern went on a family vacation to Scotland and visited Loch Ness. He was told the story of the alleged monster that dwelt there by his father. That initial brush with the paranormal made a lasting impression on Redfern, and he has devoted his adult life to the pursuit of strange animals, UFOs, and other “out there” entities, including collecting sightings reports of werewolves on both sides of the Atlantic. Redfern has authored three books on crypto-zoology: Three Men Seeking Monsters, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter and Man Monkey, and he comes with admirable credentials for an interview about werewolves. THE HEXHAM HEADS Redfern started off with an interesting werewolf story from the early 1970s that took place in England.


werewolf.’ “There was a very, very strange werewolf case,” Redfern said, “in a town in the north of England called Hexham, and this involved something that came to be known as the Hexham Heads. Two young boys were playing in their backyard one day and dug up these two small stone heads from the garden. They were shown to various archeological experts who concluded that the heads were probably ancient Celtic in origin, so going back a very long time. Well, the heads were brought into the house and examined. One looked like an obviously male-type head; the other one looked female and almost witchlike, with a beaked nose as well, like a classic witch from folklore. “And after the heads were brought into the house,” he continued, “a lot of weird paranormal activity began to happen. Not just in that house but in the neighboring house as well. The family that found it experienced strange noises and doors slamming, things like that. But the people who lived next door actually were awakened in the middle of the night by—for want of a better term—this manifestation of a werewolf in the bedroom. Literally a manlike figure, hairy, but with a large, imposing, wolf-like head. This went on on several occasions, and again it was accompanied by poltergeist-type activity, with the creature just appearing and vanishing in the blink of an eye. So it had kind of an air of the paranormal or the occult to it rather than just a straightforward flesh and blood animal that science hasn’t identified.” Redfern said that the heads were next turned over to an expert in Celtic history and archeology named Dr. Anne Ross. She began to experience the same poltergeist manifestations in her own home, as well as the appearance of the identical hairy, manlike figure with the wolf’s head. The Hexham Heads went through several subsequent owners before they were lost completely to the pages of history. But not before they piqued the boundless curiosity of the young Redfern, who heard the story when it was first reported by the BBC, implanting a deep desire to know more about werewolves. He began to collect stories on the subject whenever and wherever he could. REPORTS FROM THE UNDERGROUND “Over time,” he said, “digging into the issue of mystery animals in general, people would say to me, ‘Oh, I saw a lake monster in this particular lake, or I saw a Bigfoot-type creature.’ But for every 20 or 30 cases like that, you get one where somebody said, ‘Well, I was driving home late one night and I saw this weird, wolf-like creature at the side of the road. As I got close to it, it seemed to rear up on its hind legs from a four-legged position, as if it could walk on four legs and two. It backed off into the trees and it looked like the closest thing you could imagine to a

“And these stories were all coming in from people,” he continued, “none of whom knew each other, just up and down the country. And then over time, I began to realize there was like a whole underground collection of reports, but nobody had made the connection that these things were being seen all over the place.” Having collected werewolf reports for many years, Redfern has come to prize most the stories that have paranormal overtones, as if the sheer strangeness makes them more believable. “One that I investigated,” he said, “involved a guy who said he’d seen this werewolf-type creature chasing and attacking a herd of sheep. This was in Dartmoor, a very windswept, spooky, foggy moorland. He’d seen this creature pursuing the sheep, but the weirdest thing of all—it was as if the bottom part of the creature’s legs, from the knees down, was missing or transparent, as if it was almost spectral rather than like a three-dimensional animal. But he said that it was as if the creature was obviously in our realm of existence because it was chasing the sheep. But it was as if it was blinking out as well and just flickering on and off almost like a faulty light bulb or something like that.” Another similar incident took place in the same county as the previous one, Devon. The rather frightening creature seen there has come to be called the Abbottsham Werewolf and was sighted in the early 1970s. People reported seeing this large wolflike creature,” Redfern said, “but in some of the cases there were stories of this creature again kind of striding purposefully on four legs and then, when it needed to get out of the area quickly, you know, if somebody had seen it with their car headlights late at night, it would rear up on to its hind legs and just fly off at high speed.” Rendlesham Forest is a location famous for the UFO sightings that took place there over the holidays in 1980-81, and which continue to be controversial in the present day, with various military witnesses still at odds with debunkers over what really happened there. “But Rendlesham Forest has been a hotbed of weirdness for years,” Redfern said. “Black cat reports, ghostly black dogs, and a weird creature that’s come to be known as the ‘Shug Monkey.’ And ‘shug’ is a mutation on an old English word that means ‘demon’ and goes back centuries. Most people describe the Shug Monkey as looking like a cross between a large ape and a huge dog, the body being like a dog but the head being like a silverbacked gorilla or something like that. “I interviewed one guy about seven years ago,” he continued, “who told me that he’d been walking through Rendlesham Forest in the mid-1970s and he’d seen this creature. The body was like a very,

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This chapter on Real Life Werewolves is excerpted from “The Big Book Of Werewolves,” edited by Timothy Green Beckley and William Kern and published by Global Communications. The book is available at Amazon. com or through Beckley at

very shiny silky black cat, but huge, ten to twelve feet long, a massive animal, but he said the head was clearly canine. It looked very much like a German shepherd, pointed ears, elongated jaw line, etc. He was just literally petrified, rooted to the spot, and didn’t know what to do. “He realized of course that it wasn’t a normal animal of the sort that probably anyone had seen before, certainly in the physical world, shall we say. He just watched it. He said it was about 20 or 30 feet in front of him and just came looming out of the bushes and kind of turned towards him and glared in his direction. He said the glare was kind of strange. It almost gave off a feeling of intelligence as if it was saying, ‘Well, come on then, if you think you can take me on.’ Almost like goading him and confronting him. Eventually it just went on its way, ignored him, and vanished into the trees.” The person who told the story to Redfern also said that he didn’t feel he had seen the Shug Monkey because the creature he did see definitely had a canine-type head as opposed to a primate one. Like Linda Godfrey said earlier in this chapter, we are dealing with something much different than a Bigfoot or any type of apelike creature. INVOKING THE WEREWOLF Many of the cases reported to Redfern occur in areas where there has been a whole range of other weird activity, as with Rendlesham Forest, which is also home to a certain amount of occult activity, like witchcraft and people holding ancient black rites and rituals in the woods, including the sacrifice of animals. “We’re not entirely sure,” he said, “what the nature of all these incidents are, but certainly there appears to be a high degree of invoking involved in some respects. That even applies to the Hexham Heads case, with these heads having been found buried in the backyard. Where you have invoking and you have black arts groups, doing rites and rituals in the woods, invariably, these are the same locations where these wolf-like entities appear. “And I think it would be stupid,” he added, “to ignore that fact and just try to follow the flesh and blood angle, or the mysterious animal that science hasn’t identified yet. I think it’s far stranger. Now, we could address all sorts of areas: are they literally demonic? Are they something from another realm of existence? It could be explained by quantum physics, for example, which is looking into the feasibility of things like parallel universes, parallel realms. Is it possible that ancient man knew something about this and was able to tap into these realms of existence? “Another theory that I find interesting is the Tulpa theory,” he said, “the idea that we’re literally able to conjure these things up, creating, in simplistic terms, mind

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monsters. There’s a long history of that. It’s particularly prevalent in Tibetan cultures, the idea that deep meditation and thoughts, where you focus on one particular image, and over weeks of preparation and ritual you can externalize something you’ve been heavily concentrating on and give it some sort of quasi-existence in the real world.” The problem then becomes that these mind monsters cling very tenaciously to life and can actually free themselves from their creator, like giving birth to an insane child. “So that’s another theory,” Redfern said, “the idea that we ourselves are creating them and then they’re getting out of hand.” REDFERN MEETS A WEREWOLF Redfern has a story of his own personal encounter with a werewolf-type creature. “Now people have said,” he began, “and maybe they’re right, that because I investigate these things and write about them—I was actually ironically writing about werewolves when this experience happened—people say, well, it was on your mind and it could have been your mind playing tricks, which it could have been. I always admit that before I tell people this story.” It was late 2002, and Redfern had been doing some investigations and was deeply into writing and researching. He had even been trying to conjure a werewolf himself, what he called “controversial attempts to raise these things.” “Me and my wife had gone to bed,” he recounted, “and it was about three in the morning. I had what I can only term a classic example of sleep paralysis. You’re in bed, you’re semi-awake, but you’re literally unable to move. And more often than not, these experiences are accompanied by a feeling of dread, a feeling that there’s an evil, menacing force in the room.” Redfern, in his semi-comatose state, began to see the image of a wolf-like creature walking on two legs down the corridor towards his bedroom. “The best way I can describe it,” he said, “was as if it was wearing a black cloak from the neck to the feet, buttoned up or pulled tight, with the collar turned up, with a hood, and poking out of the hood was this large, wolf-like face. The closer it got to the bedroom, the more I struggled to move, the more the feeling of dread built up and built up. I had this feeling of it getting closer to the door and coming in the room and making like a very weird and ominous—like a fast guttural growl. But if you can imagine, instead of just an animal growling, the growl would sound like language almost. I know that sounds strange, but if you imagine that a dog could talk when it growls and it actually had inflection in its voice. It was a growl but you could understand it was a fastspoken language as well. That’s when the intensity got to fever pitch point, at which point I managed to wake up and got this fleeting glimpse of this thing just vanishing backwards into the hallway.”

There was a very oppressive atmosphere in the Redferns’ apartment for the next two days, and the couple performed a cleansing ceremony using sage to sort of clear the air, which apparently worked for them. “That was a very weird situation to be in,” he said, “and that made me appreciate the enormity of what potentially you could do if you are able to manifest these things. If they’re not necessarily good and again tenacious of life and then they start stalking you or whatever. A lot of people roll their eyes when I tell them that story, but that’s honestly from the heart how it happened.” Redfern plans to continue trying to conjure these creatures himself, however. “Particularly with werewolves,” he said, “I think that because of the nature of the reports, I don’t think we can say we’re dealing with normal flesh and blood animals. So my next hope would be, by continuing to do these investigations, that if I can for the most part rule out the flesh and blood angle, the next step is to really try and invoke one myself. I actually do stuff like this quite a lot, and it disturbs some people when I tell them.” For instance, Redfern will go into the woods and get his mind focused, by chanting or just trying to achieve an altered state of thought, after which he envisions what he seeks to manifest in the hope that he can conjure something up.

“My hope would be that I would be able to get past the point of just doing that,” he explained, “and then try to understand where they’re actually coming from. Is it that the human mind has the ability to externalize something and give birth to a mind monster? Or is it that we’re opening a doorway to somewhere else? Even if we don’t understand how we’re doing it or why we’re doing it. I would hope that in time I might be able to understand what that is, where it is, and how it works. It’s a long shot, but I think unless we take the time to do it, we’ll never get the answers. All we’ll end up with is reports, and yes, reports are great. You can fill book after book with reports, but at the end of the day, all you’ve got is testimony. I would like to get past that point to where we can say that now we’ve got an idea of where they’re coming from.” THE LUST QUESTION When asked the obligatory question about werewolves as a metaphor for human lust, Redfern responded by saying, “The human mind is a complex thing. I think that culturally, at a kind of sociological level, there are certain archetypes that everybody’s brain locks onto. I don’t doubt the possibility that in some cases some of the reports could fall into that category. But I would have to say honestly that the ones I’ve looked into, I don’t think so. No one’s ever said to me that there’s been like a sexual aspect to it. It’s just been outright menace, more than anything else. To put it bluntly, I’ve never come across anyone who’s had like a psychic

experience and said, ‘I got f***ed by a werewolf.’ That’s not happened yet. “Now I will tell you,” he continued, “that I did interview someone who was a member of a Goth group of people who lived in Glasgow, in Scotland. They were into werewolves and would hold werewolf parties, and they’d make drinks that looked like blood out of tomato juice, that sort of thing.

Basically that was an excuse to have a good old time, orgies, swinging or whatever. They kind of did it on the full moon, and they would have these parties and watch old Hollywood movies and howl and everything else.

“But that is an example of where werewolves have been used in relation to sexuality. But I think the important thing is that these were just a bunch of twentysomething Goths wanting to have a good time on a Saturday night. These weren’t the werewolves themselves.” DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME, FOLKS! Redfern unequivocally says that, of all the many strange things he has investigated, werewolves are the strangest of all. “Purely and simply,” he said, “because they seem to possess attributes of physical animals—people see them walking, getting up on two legs or getting on four

legs—yet they also seem to possess paranormal aspects or attributes as well. And I think the fact that they seem to exude this air of menace is a pretty significant one, a unique one, and for that reason I tread carefully when I’m investigating these things, because, no pun intended, they come back and bite you on the ass. In the same way that you screw around with some of these weirder things and then it can start affecting you. “And so I treat these cases and reports carefully and I would urge anyone who’s had experiences with these things or is thinking about investigating them to tread equally carefully. Don’t go into it thinking, ‘Oh, all I need is a gun and a silver bullet and it’s all going to be like some jolly Hollywood film. It’s not like that. It gets very, very weird and deep and dark the more you get into it. So I’d just say tread carefully.” [Doing a Google search for Nick Redern will turn up a plethora of information on a great many paranormal subjects, but for starters, his home page is at www.] EDITORS NOTE: {To Watch an interview with Nick Redfern visit and click on The WEIRD SHOW. See Date 8/25/10 for an interesting interview with Neck Redfern on monsters, bigfoot and UFOs}

The Cheech Marin INTERVIEW largest cash crop and that there are some tax benefits from it. You know what would you rather have,medical marijuana or medical beer?

W: Ya I dont know i think the marijuana. Now I’m curious about medical beer though. CM: Yeah, well medical beer is already egal so now we just need to get marijuana legalized! (all laugh).

W: Sorry to hear Prop 19 did not pass out in California.

W: Welcome BACK to Weird Magazine Cheech.! CM: Nice to be here! I’m fine. How you guys doing?

W: Well i’m running late here today. I think i’m smoked too much AfganiGold or somthing?. CM: Maybe Your pregnant if your late.

W: That . . .wouldn’t be good. That would be a first for mankind. (all laugh). Getting it Legal Now ehh Cheech?

W: Will you be doing Mexican Americans? CM: Ohh yeah we will be doing that one in this show.

W: You teamed up with Marijuana Policy Project i hear? CM: :Yeah, we partnerd up with those guys , and i think Marijuana will be legal in the next three years across the nation so it’s just a matter of them finally admitting to the worlds

CM: Yeah, it was weird the arguments for and against it. It’s like it had got further down the line, the proponents of it realized that it couldn’t win the arguments on merits. So they started this arguement that “Owe it’s not really the right Bill”. And then basicly that influenced our side. So what you had was the growers or the suppliers didn’t want it legal. Next time.

W: Ya people will pay a tax for the good stuff. CM: Why wouldn’t you?

W: Do you still

smoke? Are you a one hitter now? CM: Yeah, I’m one hitter for the most part. I’m at the age where all I need is an igniter. (Laughs) You know just to wake up everything thats already in my body ya know. (Continues to laugh).

W: Well we look forward to you being in McAllen on Jan 7th. CM: We love it down there. We’re going to Rip Up McAllen.

W: You are such an icon in Pop Culture for Marijuana. Are you proud of what you and Tommy have done? CM: I’m just doing my part for my people. It’s like some people have greatness thrust upon them. (Laughs).

W: You had a “Higher Calling“ in Life. CM: Yeah thats it. (We all Laugh).

making it legal. CM: Well you know Russell It’s quasi-legal now as it is, but it’s like being quasi-pregnant. So the fact that Prop 19 didn’t pass matters very little, it only kept the cartels in power for a little longer.

W: What’s the best part about working with Tommy again? CM: Ooohh doing the music part of our shows, that’s alot of fun!

W: Any movie deals comeing up? CM:Yeah we have been talking about that. But they always move slow the movie deals. But hopfully soon.

W: Thanks Cheech we will see ya Jan 7th in McAllen? CM: Alright thank’s Russell see you soon. By Weirdo’s! You can View This Interview online at then look for The Weird Show 12-07-10

W: Over 26 states have made medicinal legal, I think we are getting closer to

CM: Yeah, we’re getting it legal now . It’s not legal allready? In Texas it should be legal shouldn’t it?

W: Tell us about Get It Legal Tour. CM: Well this is like an up close and personal look at Cheech & Chong, we come out and we do questions and answers with the audience, and so we kind of go through our history, we do a lot of music in this show. We’ve done bits that we’ve never done before on stage. DAVE. Theres Dancing and music, it’s kind of like Bollywood.

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W: Welcome BACK to Weird Magazine Tommy. Thanks for BEING HERE AGAIN! TC:Why am I on the WEIRDShow? Am I a Weirdo ? Is that what your trying to say? Thanks Russell. Yeah we are going be in McAllen in Jan.

W: We talked with you both about a year and a half ago

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for the Light UP AMERICA tour back in 2009. I see you are both back at for another run, Get It LEGAL Tour This Time out. Tell about this tour? TC: Get It Legal has kinda like three different meanings you know. we want people to support their local medical dispensary by getting it legal, and we want people to vote for all the propositions to get it legal, you know in the courts especially in

California we had Proposition 19, that barley made it, I mean it almost passed. But will get at it again, and finally the GET IT LEGAL also refers to the imigration problem that we’ve been having in the United States you know, the political football that everybody has been trying to kick around. So we want everybody accociated with Cheech & Chong to Get It Legal!

working with some ot the National Marijuna Organizitions too. TC: Yeah, we’re working with quite a few organizations like NORML and MPP several magazines actually, High Times, and a new on called NUGG and a new magainz called CLOUD. Yeah there are quite a few new pot magazines out there now.

W: Will Obama make it legal? TC: Ya with a Black Surfer from Hawaii in the office, I think it’s going to happen soon. I mean you know Dont ask dont tell is coming around , he got some recetn tax deals made, i mean Obama has taken alot of heat latley, but he is getting stuff done.

W: I’m supprised W: Well you guys are Prop 19 didn’t pass.

TC: I’m not supprised. These things take time and those kind of measures never pass the first time. It always takes a little tweaking here and there, there were a few things that were ambiguous with their plan. But it’s inevitable,you know because it is a racist law, they have no grounds to keep it illegal no more than they have with the “dont ask don’t tell” with the gays. They have to give them their rights. I mean the gays are obviously not going to go away.

If anything they are going to Multiply.

W: Ya several states recocgnize gay marriage now. TC: :Yeah, you live and let live, leave people alone man.


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Tommy Chong INTERVIEW cont . . . Presented By

W: Well it’s just after 6:20pm now here in Texas. So it’s a little after 4:20pm in California i guess. TC: Yeah, Had you’d called sooner I would have been indisposed , I would have been workin it. TC: Get out of peoples lives, and live up to the American values that we are supposed to be. You this is the land of the free, not for a few people, it’s for everybody!

W: Marijuana could be a huge benefit for taxation and balancing the BUDGET don’t you think? TC: Well how about stopping the Drug War? How about stopping all the violence especially down in the Valley where you guys are

W: Can we hear some of the old music and songs this tour ? TC :Yeah Yeah, we’re hitting em all this tour; Basketball Jones, Me and my old Lady, all the good ones, and we are doing Santa Clause and his old Lady. Some new bits we got Harry Ponds worlds masturbation champion, he came out of retirement for this tour.

W: Do you feel a sense of pride being such icons regarding the marijuana culture?

of us. So it’s very gratifying.

W: You two were allready talking about doing a movie before your short prison term right? TC:Yeah we were trying to do a movie and we had the deal all lined up. But everything worked out fine. You know Willy Nelson got busted in Texas not too long ago. I have a feeling that the FEDS might be going after him as well.

W: Yeah that was not too long ago. They lowered his charges. TC: Ohh, they did lower his charges? What they give him?

Just come out to the show and bring gifts to the icons at the show on Jan 7th because we pack light when we travel . You can watch my interview with Tommy Chong on The Weird Show online at www. 12-06-10

W: Yeah they fined him & lowered it to less than 4 oz so it was a ticket. No Jail. TC: Good that kinda worried me that he was going to be in some trouble there. Because when the Government want’s to, they will make you an example of you. But I’m glad to hear that.

W: Yeah I hear he smokes a vaporizer too ya know. at.Well sure you got Prohibition , and that legal trade you know where it’s wild wild west, and they can see that legalizations is coming and they want to grab all the money while they can still grab it. That’s why there is all these tons of pot coming into the US through these tunnels and all. It’s Amazing the Drug War.

W: Do you both still smoke or are you guys One Hitters now?

TC: Yeah we are sort of like the OG’s of the movement. Yeah you know the fact that we’re still around says alot for the substance ya know, (laughs) because you see all the cocain guys, they’re all gone. The Heroin guys, wel l they are all gone, and the Pot guys, we’re still here! So that tells you that there is something to it, and that there is a benefit to it. But, we work out and stuff and stay in shape.

TC: Well just for Medicinal purposes only.

W: What’s the best part about working with Cheech again?

W: Ohh of course.

TC: It’s twice the money for half the work! That’s what has worked out with Cheech and I, being icons, neither one of could get very far by ourselves. We got as far as we could and then we got back together again, and we have a whole new career each

TC: Well I got these Vaporizors now. And I’m a one hitter for sure now. That’s like hitting it right out of the park man. I don’t strike out it’s one hit and out of the park for me .

TC: Ohh, yeah! All the old rich guys you know we, know how to get high! (All of us Laugh).

W: Any Parting thoughts to Weird Magazine readers? TC: This is Tommy Chong and if you guys can read when you’re not too blurry eyed. Pick up a Weird Magazine because if your weird this is your magazine, you gotta read it. And if your not weird, then read it and you will get WEIRD!

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Marijuana - Good Business or just Bad Seeds for Big Government bud, or as low as $5-7 for Mexican grass. For comparison, the prevailing price on the quasilegal Dutch market is $6/gram. At $10/ gram, the total value of California’s domestic marijuana market comes to about $ 4.5 billion per year.

Spinoff Industries with Total Impact of $12 - $18 Billion

DENVER LEGALIZES MARIJUANA 53% - 46%! On Tuesday, November 1 2005 Denver voters made adult possession of one ounce or less of marijuana legal. Denver became the first city in the nation to make the private use of marijuana legal for adults 21 and older as an alternative to alcohol, a far more harmful drug. By 10.45 p.m. Tuesday night, with 100% of the votes tallied, the Alcohol-Marijuana Equalization Initiative had passed 53.49% YES to 46.51% NO. The Alcohol-Marijuana Equalization Initiative is the first local measure in the nation to draw a comparison between the harms of alcohol and marijuana. The successful I-100 campaign focused on the vast number of health, safety and social problems associated with alcohol use, promoting marijuana use to avoid the prevalence of such problems. The campaign pointed to government reports and scholarly studies that show alcohol is a contributing factor in domestic violence, sexual assaults, and other violent crimes, as well as overdose deaths, whereas the use of marijuana has never been linked to such violent behavior and there has never been a marijuana overdose death in history. Let me reapeat that: THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A MARIJUANA OVERDOSE DEATH IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND! EVER!! Ok, now for several years the pot debate has heated up over the amount of weed you can have on your person before you can get arrested. Most city or state governments have allowed for 2 ounces of marijuna or less to be legal or a penalty of a fine.

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California has a medicinal law for the legal use of marijuana, and some counties in CA make big business off of the goods that go into growing mariajuana for said purposes. (Pause while I self - medicate. ) So should the government capitalize on the huge profits that our economy would wreap in tax increase revenues by legalizing mankinds favorite plant? California NORML estimates that a legally regulated market for marijuana could yield the state at least $1.2 billion in tax revenues and reduced enforcement costs. A basic $50/ounce excise tax (roughly $1/joint) would yield about $770 - 900 million per year plus another $240-360 million in sales taxes. In addition, the state would save over $200 million in enforcement costs for arrests, prosecutions and prison. Additional benefits would accrue from increased employment and spinoff industries. Total retail sales of marijuana could be on the order of $3-$5 billion, with total economic impact of $12-$18 billion including spinoff industries such as coffeehouses, tourism, plus industrial hemp. Not a Bad Ca$h crop. Let’s look more into this California research.

Revenue from Taxation of Legal Marijuana The total value of the domestic marijuana market can be estimated on the basis of its current retail price. Depending on quality, retail price of a single gram (one or two joints) ranges around $10 - $15 ($280 - $420/ounce) for domestic

A legal market would generate additional benefits in the form of tourism and spinoff industries, such as coffee shops, paraphernalia, and industrial hemp. A comparable example would be California’s wine industry, which generates $51.8 billion in economic activity according to the Wine Institute [4]. With $12.3 billion in retail sales, the wine industry generates 309,000 jobs, $10.1 billion in wages, and $2 billion in tourist expenditures.


Jail costs (est. 40% of prison population) $29.4 million Felony prosecution, court & probation (est. 8500 felony prosecutions (2008), SF DA’s office est. $9250 per case) $78.6 million Felony arrests 17,000 arrests (2008) @ $732/arrest* $12.4 million Misdemeanor court costs: $100 court time/case, 61,000 cases) $6.1 million Misdemeanor arrests ($300/ arrest,* offset by fines) ----- $0 California Marijuana Suppression Program (OCJP) $3.8 million

TOTAL: $203.8 million Not counted above are costs of non-helicopter surveillance and investigation by local sheriffs and police. Also not counted are the substantial costs of criminal penalties to prisoners and their families. * Arrest costs based on report by State Office of Narcotics and Drug Abuse to the Cal. legislature “A First Report of the Impact of California’s New Marijuana Law” (1977), adjusted for inflation. This is all just California , multiply this times all the revenue the other 49 states can generate and this trillion dollar devicit thing starts to become a little more managable. But does the government want to legalize m arijuana?

FORCEMENT IN CALIFORNIA IS OVER $200 MILLION PER YEAR The cost of marijuana enforcement in California currently can be estimated at over $200 million per year, as follows. State prison (1500 prisoners @ $49 K per year - 2009 est.) $73.5 million

Ok let’s face some of the facts here, we know that the government has been dealing drugs in the past. Cele Castillo, Michael C. Ruppert, Freeway Ricky Ross, Gary Webb are just a few names of people who discovered and exposed this corruption and many different levels. Not to mention that whole Iran Contra Deal. The point is this: Maybe there is more of a Conspiracy at keeping Drugs Illegal for the reasons of untracable dollars and black budget programs that the Drug War fiFInances in the long run. The prison contracts for the privitazation of prisons is big busi-

ness for some corperations, and as long as their lobbyist keep the drug laws enforced, more and more every day Stoner Joe’s will get locked up for carrying that dime bag in their car on the way to Taco Bell, or 7-11 for a re-fill on that Big Gulp! With all the talk about how weak the dollar has become and the state of the national economy; wouldn’t making Marijuana legal be a smart thing to do? Look at the taxation of cigerettes over recent years for example. People still buy fucking ciggs even though they are proven they kill you! Ciggerettes were $2 twenty years ago. Today they are $7. People will still pay for them when they are $20 a pack! Somthing to think about while you eat those Fruit Loops and little debbies while playing your XBox. Cause today it’s ok to drink beer and shots of booze till 2AM in Texas. But, if you light that joint up at the AC/DC concert, It’s off to the Gallows for you my friend! I don’t always smoke weed, but when I do, I prefer California Skunk! Stay open minded my friends! (Or thirsty). Russell Dowden

Sources: [1] M. Atha and S. Blanchard, “Self-reported drug consumption patterns and attitudes towards drugs among 1333 regular cannabis users,” Published by the Independent Drug Monitoring Unit 1997. Cited in Leslie Iversen, The Science of Marijuana, Oxford Press. 2000, pp. 217-9. [2] Caputo and Ostrom, “Potential Tax Revenue from a Regulated Marijuana Market”, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Oct 1994. [3] D. Gieringer, “Economics of Cannabis Legalization,” in Ed Rosenthal, ed. Hemp Today, Quick Publishing, Oakland 1994. [4] California Wine Institute, California Wine Industry Statistical Highlights, 2008. [5] Crossroads Magazine (Masstricht), NIS News, May 5, 2008.

Barry Cooper’s BarryCam Interview By Russell Dowden

expert witness in court. My record is now 6 wins and 0 losses with 3 cases pending. I love walking into court and tearing apart officer’s conduct to free a non-violent pot head. It’s very satisfying for me and it helps me to be forgiven for my past sin of being a drug kop. Candi and I recently returned from Florida where I lectured to over 500 lawyers at two separate conferences regarding police corruption.

W: Welcome back to Weird Magazine Barry. How have you and Candi been? BC:This past year has been bitter/sweet. The bitter part involved law enforcement targeting my family with a raid and three separate arrest along with us losing our son. Candi and I spent a few days in solitary confinement and have court appearances and hearings almost weekly. All the charges and raids were misdemeanors stemming from the two successful KopBuster stings which freed Yolanda Madden from prison and exposed a kop stealing drug money. We are currently in a battle to get our son back and we are very optimistic because we already won an appeal. It wasn’t the government who took our son but the government influenced my son’s absentee, biological father to file for emergency custody. Between the heavy handed tactics used to effect the arrests and losing our son, this year was very trying to say the least. The sweet part is it made our very close family even closer. It also gave us more determination and courage to continue the fight to free our non-violent drug prisoners and to end the Drug War. Candi and I have always stayed side-by-side with each other but even more now. She is my soul mate. I couldn’t have made it through this past year without her.She is SuperWoman to me and many others. I’ve also been retained on several marijuana cases (300 lbs, 55 lbs, and 1 pound) as an

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Another sweet part of this past year is the launching of my newest product, The BarryCam Protection Program.

W: We talked with you last April 20th in the 420 Issue of Weird Magazine. What is new with you? I hear is up and running. BC: Aside from of all the unnecessary and cruel kop drama, the BarryCam is a dream come true for us. We’re not just selling cameras, this is a protection program. There is no other system like it in the world. It gives citizens the confidence to know there is an expert they can send video to that is going to hand-walk them through their cases and help them. I explain how it works in a video advertisment for the BarryCam posted at “The BarryCam Protection Program is the next evolution in policeaccountability technology and offers protection from an ever growing number of corrupt cops. This hidden camera system captures your next law enforcement encounter for me to personally analyze for any police misconduct. Since I’m a former narcotics officer and currently one of America’s top expert witnesses regarding police misconduct owning this system is like having me as your personal witness everywhere you go.”

My favorite part of is the “ALERT BARRY” button that signals me you just had an encounter with the kops

and need my help. I quickly contact you while you upload the video to my site for my review. I hand walk my customers through their case and give them the direction they needto stay out of jail and sue the police. There is no other system like it in the world.

W: So this product is designed to tie in well with Kopbusters. com as you call police accountability technology? BC:It ties in with KopBusters beautifully. In fact, you could say KopBusters and BarryCam are married and if you access, it points to We are adding our customer’s police abuse videos captured with the BarryCams as well as adding a library of police abuse cases. We are also providing free training on our site to help citizens with their law enforcement encounters. KopBusters has now become a collective effort comprised of citizens from around the country who join together and bust kops using various inexpensive, highquality, covert cameras.

W:Give us some uses for this device Barry, this is cool! I can’t wait to get one of these from you! BC: I recommend taking the personal carry BarryCam everywhere you go. has videos of Candi sneaking the personal carry cam through courthouse security. Our first customer sent us a video of the camera making it through the new TSA screenings. Citizens should use this camera to record all court proceedings, TSA screenings, protests and general kop encounters. The Auto Protection Program (coming soon) records all traffic

stops. The Home Protection Program (coming soon) records all activity in your home including police search warrants and the deadly “Knock-and-Talks.”

W: What other features does it do? I hear it records audio as well.

BC: I insisted that all the BarryCams be equipped with hyper-sensitive microphones because clear audio is imperative when recording an incident that involved your freedom. Our cameras also take still photos along with super-

high quality video. It’s almost highdefinition and to see how clear it is, go watch the videos at Finally, our cameras are equipped with motion detection triggers that start the video once movement is detected.

Barry Cooper’s BarryCam W: You are a Crusader Barry for Civil Rights and the decriminalization of Marijuana laws. We really salute you for your hard work the last 3 or 4 years we’ve been working with you! How did you come up with the Idea for the BarryCam? BC: Thanks for the support. I think I was in one of your first issues. It seems Weird Magazine and NeverGetBusted launched around the same time. Weird Magazine has really grown so congratulations Russell and staff. The BarryCam idea was birthed after Candi and I spent the past 4 years helping citizens with criminal and family law cases. We are constantly reviewing cases and providing expert advice and direction. We still receive emails and phone calls almost every day from traumatized citizens who really need help. The BarryCam Protection Program streamlines this service while training and equipping citizens to protect their freedom.

W: So this is great to build your defense if you encounter a police state rogue officer.

BC: There is nothing more valuable than video and audio evidence of your next kop encounter. Cameras are not afraid to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I often say, “If you want kops to run toward you, point a gun at them. If you want the kops to run from you, point a camera at them.” The BarryCam Protection Program is a non-violent way to shoot the police.

W: What is next for the marketing of this product? BC:We are offering financing for the Protection Program because every citizen deserves protection. If you can pay $50 dollars down and pay the remaining $150 in two or three months, you can own this system that includes everything we offer. There a lots of upcoming media interviews. It seem the press has taken a great interest in our efforts and activism and we are thankful they continue following us.

W: Where do you see this going in the next year or so? BC:We are expanding our protection program services to a larger team of trained responders who will connect LIVE with customers and assist them during police encounters. When they get into trouble they push a button and many HD cameras stream in real time to our detectives; kind of like an OnStar system. If one of our

customers is pulled over and the copapproaches the car we’ll be able to announce, ‘Officer, thanks for being a public servant but be advised you are being monitored on live video and audio by BarryCam’”. At that point, Cooper’s detectives would research the police officer, local laws, or other relevant information and offer advice to the driver.


How can folks get in touch with you for more info on this product? C:Visit us and the other BarryCam owners at BarryCam. com.

W: Thanks Barry we look forward to hav-

ing you on The Weird Show on Dec 8th! BC: You are welcome and I look forward to joining your audience on the the 8th! Peace, Love and NeverGetBusted. __________________________ You can watch my interview with Barry Cooper on The Weird Show online at 12-08-10 show.

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Google Blacklists Prison clearly a legitimate and internationally recognized news outlet

You Tube is essentially sending a message that if you disagree with their decision, your claim won’t be considered, you will simply be punished to an even greater degree. This is by no means the first time that Google and You Tube have engaged in open blacklisting of Alex Jones’ material.

Google Blacklists Prison Paul Joseph Watson November 30, 2010 In a damning new lurch towards web censorship, Google’s news aggregator has blacklisted Prison Planet and Infowars despite the fact that both websites are internationally known and now attract more traffic than many mainstream media websites, while Google-owned You Tube has frozen the Alex Jones Channel based on a spurious complaint about showing Wikileaks footage that has been carried on hundreds of other You Tube channels for months. After carrying our content for years, Google News last week purged Prison Planet and Infowars from its aggregator system, ensuring that our stories no longer appear alongside the likes of CNN and Fox News in a frightening early salvo in the move towards a tiered Internet that favors large corporations while independent voices are strangled. Only smaller sites that re-post Prison Planet content have appeared in Google searches since early November, proving that the campaign is a deliberate effort on behalf of Google to restrict traffic to Alex Jones’ websites. Our stories have been linked almost every day on the Drudge Report for the past three weeks, as our readership figures soar past numerous corporate media websites that are carried by Google News. We are

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and yet Google has blacklisted us because it disagrees with our political viewpoints. In addition, Google-owned You Tube yesterday moved to freeze the popular Alex Jones Channel, which has well over 100,000 subscribers and has had over 75 million views. You Tube made a spurious claim that the channel had violated “community guidelines” by posting a segment from the infamous Wikileaks Apache footage, when the footage is in fact posted in greater length on hundreds of other You Tube channels, including Al Jazeera, Russia Today and CBS News. When we responded to You Tube by pointing out that the Wikileaks footage in question appeared in multiple places elsewhere on You Tube in far greater length and detail, and that it was not vulgar or offensive but a real incident that was of clear public concern which was posted under fair use (USC Title 17, Section 106A-117), You Tube reacted by freezing uploading privileges for the account while also threatening to terminate it entirely.

Over many years we have documented numerous instances of censorship and attempts to chill free speech, includingYou Tube’s removal of The Obama Deception and Google’s refusal to allow its shopping cart software to carry the film after the company labeled the documentary ‘hate speech’.

phones and telling them where to go and what to do.

With the Obama administration vowing to infiltrate and eviscerate so-called “conspiracy theories” by clamping down on free speech through the work of people like Cass Sunstein, Google and its subsidiary You Tube are now at the forefront of the agenda to turn the Internet into a sanitized and compliant forum in the same mould as cable television.

There is also no doubt that Google is one of the corporations at the forefront of the government’s drive to use cybersecurity as a pretext for killing the free Internet, having previously worked with the NSA and the CIA.

Once Google’s fiercest critics have been silenced for good the company can then set about implementing its CIA-backed total information awareness program, which will scour Twitter accounts, blogs and websites for all sorts of information left by individual users, aiming to use this data to “predict the future” and completely direct and control people’s lives and behavior. Google CEO Eric Schmidt has announced that Google, in conjunction with the CIA, is set to become the ultimate Big Brother entity that “will know so much about its users that the search engine will be able to help them plan their lives” by constantly tracking their location via smart

We have previously reported on Google’s intimate and long standing connections to government spy networks. The company was founded with the aid of CIA seed money.

While Google openly spies on people via their wi-fi connections and gets away with it, the company has dispensed entirely with its “don’t be evil motto,” helping the communist Chinese government suppress dissent while simply blacklisting free speech it dislikes in the United States altogether. There can be little doubt that this latest lurch in web censorship is part of the overall agenda to tighten the noose around independent news websites as they continue to outstrip the establishment media in terms of trustworthiness and reach. alone now gets more traffic than, a multi-billion dollar news operation funded by General Electric and the military-industrial complex. The fact that millions are shunning the mainstream media and flocking to independent media outlets undoubtedly has the system running scared, exemplified by the recent rebellion against the TSA which was led by the Drudge Report. The fact that the status quo is rapidly losing its power to influence the body politic and that

this is shifting over to independent media not controlled by giant corporations has the establishment petrified, which is why they are doing everything possible to tighten the screws on websites like Prison Planet, Infowars, and Alex Jones content in general. It is evident that the system revels in any chance to dampen the loud voice that Alex Jones, and its supporters have raised on the Internet, effectively challenging the status quo and mainstream media spin on major news and events. With the easy passage of the web censorship bill, it is clear that what is happening now to and Alex Jones will soon happen to anyone without a politicallycorrect message, particularly when that message is capable of resonating throughout large parts of the globe. With Homeland Security now openly seizing websites with no due course or opportunity for redress, the age of Internet censorship has now begun, with an iron curtain beginning to descend over free speech as the United States enacts policies more draconian than those of communist China. If independent news websites and their readers don’t stand together in unison to decry Google’s efforts to kill free speech on the Internet, the web as a last outpost for the tattered and torn First Amendment will be lost forever. com/contact/ com/t/contact_us

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