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Intro There have been lots of new beginnings in the last few months for our UK team at Weidmüller, with the move to our new building in Leicester just off Junction 21 of the M1 motorway, a location which means that we are more central to service our customers. In addition we have new people brought in to add and complement our current sets of skills, the opening of our new demonstration centre and the continuing improvement and introduction of new products and services. Change has to be constant so that you can remain assured that we are able to offer you the best expertise along with the most innovative and competitive solutions in the market for your industrial connectivity needs. With this in mind, I am pleased to introduce you to the new and first edition of Connect UK! - aimed at bringing you the latest news from Weidmüller in the UK. In this issue, we highlight our Electronics offerings with a special focus on surge protection following the introduction of the new 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations which came into force in January. We have also included an update on how to contact our Customer Services department in addition to sharing our recent attendances at events and exhibitions. We always value your feedback – just email us at In the meantime, I hope that these news updates will to keep you abreast of our activities! Let’s Connect! Dave Baston Managing Director – Weidmüller UK





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Industrial Ethernet

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Visitors connect using interactive technologies! As a visitor to our new office in Leicester, you will find that you are immediately met with progressive technology as you arrive in our reception area. On offer is online information on the company, product news and updates and even the news, weather and travel information, not to mention instant messaging! And of course there is Laura our receptionist who will be only too happy to greet you and make sure you are looked after. Walking up the stairs to our demonstration room, you will then be greeted with a dynamic and amazing interactive experience. Weidm端ller products are arranged around the brightly decorated room into various product zones. Here you can take your time to progressively build your knowledge and understanding of the Weidm端ller world as you move around the room. Of course our sales and technical team are on hand to help you with any questions you may have, or to simply offer you a cup of coffee or tea!

By simply selecting a product of choice from the shelves and placing onto a podium will fire up the dynamic system which will then automatically deliver high-definition multimedia content about the chosen product to an in-built display screen for you to peruse at your leisure. In addition, three zones offer touchscreens that promote the features and benefits of our product ranges enabling you to interact and learn even more. These also include links to websites and technical pages. Come along and see our products in action at our offices, or perhaps you would like to hold a meeting at our premises - just call us on 0845 094 2006 or ask your local sales contact for more information.




We create powerful connections for industrial applications At Weidmüller we have over 25 years of experience developing electronic devices for industrial applications. Our electronics products are used for capturing and processing digital and analogue signals. These signals can be converted, normalised, protected and prepared for communication networks. To achieve this, analogue signal conditioners, relay and opto modules as well as input/output devices for FieldBus communications are offered. Products designed to protect against surges in power grids and control and instrumentation circuits are also available and the portfolio also features power supply solutions for electrical cabinets for use in industrial and process applications.

PUII Surge protection for low voltage consumer installations and electronics In January 2012, the IET Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition, BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment No.1, 2011 came into force, setting out the national standard to which all new electrical installations must comply as well as recommendations for existing installations. Jointly published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the British Standards Institution (BSI), the changes in the regulations are in part due to the complexity of modern installations and the resulting increase in client expectations regarding the reliability and safety of these installations. This means new considerations for those involved in protecting businesses against the potential effects of lightning and transient surges, along with the maintenance, installation and/or design of electrical installations or wiring in buildings. Surges will occur through natural causes such as lightning strikes, although any switching operation, fault initiation or interruption is followed by a transient phenomenon in which a surge can occur. Common causes can include air conditioning, refrigerators, pumps, compressors, motors, welding machines and even faulty wiring. These can all cause massive disruption, degradation, sparking or flashover, which in-turn, can destroy any unprotected electronic system,


resulting in systems failure, corrupted data, unnecessary downtime, health and safety issues, damaged reputations and can even be life-threatening. PUII Class II surge protection protects low voltage consumer devices and electronic appliances against overvoltage due to atmospheric discharge (lightning) or switching operations (transients). The PUII series meets the requirements of class II and III according to the IEC 61643-1:2008 standard, whereas type 2 and type 3 are according to EN 61643-111 class C and D as well as DIN VDE 0675, T.6, class C and D, T.6, A2 10/96. Key Features include: • Pluggable and codable protection elements: Easy and safe exchange due to coded modules and bases. • High leakage current: High energy absorption with l max.: 40 kA (8/20μm) and Uoc: 6 kV with short response time. • Visual function indicator: Visual status indicator for detecting faults. • Telecommunication contact: Remote connection to the control system to monitor the protective function status. • Comprehensive range: 1, 2, 3 or 4-pole arresters with and without telecommunication contact.


INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET Complete Industrial Ethernet portfolio for extended temperature ranges Active components for use under extreme temperature conditions Industrial Ethernet is fast evolving as the dominant standard for industrial networks, in markets such as Process manufacturing, Energy management, OEM, BMS, and Renewable energy. In recent years, Ethernet solutions have been expanded and enhanced to provide increasingly robust industrial solutions for automation systems. The common goal of both manufacturer and user is to make networking automation components less complicated and more effective. This means a single bus system from manufacturing to the IT enterprise is highly desirable and seamless. As manufacturing and operations become leaner, the requirement for live accurate data becomes more necessary. The implementation of Ethernet allows this to happen as data can be collated and analysed across the business with minimal restructuring. Along with this, the products are fit for their environment. The demands of the industrial network are far greater than that of commercial networks. Therefore all products are tested to highest industry standards for global implementation. Industrial environments often exhibit extreme temperature conditions. Devices suited for this environment must be

able to function perfectly at such extreme temperature limits. We now offers a wide line of industrial Ethernet components available for an extended temperature range from -40°C to +75°C. Products are suitable for worldwide use, due to comprehensive approvals including, cULus, ATEX Zone 2, Class 1, Div. 2, GL, DNV. Key Features include: • Unmanaged switches for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet with many different types of connections • High-performance, managed switches with extensive management capabilities and faster ring redundancy • Power-over-Ethernet switches for running power and data over the same Ethernet cable simultaneously • Serial-Ethernet converters for integrating serial-port devices into industrial Ethernet networks • Media converters for converting between fibre optic and copper lines • Industrial Ethernet WLAN modules for integrating Ethernet devices into network infrastructure without cables.



ACT20M The innovative, new dimension for converting and isolating analogue signals in a 6mm wide housing Signal conditioners are used in process automation as well as system and machine manufacture, whenever there is a requirement to measure or monitor parameters such as temperature, pressure, fill levels, flow rates, weight or speeds in a continuous production process.

ACT20M TermOpto (bottom right) Isolating solutions in terminal block format Optocoupler modules are designed to fulfil high efficiency requirements in different applications. Requiring very little space they reduce service time and increase plant availability. For instance in mechanical engineering to exchange information during the production process, machines couple potential-free ‘handshake’ signals to external devices. In this application scenario optocoupler modules efficiently and reliably protect the I/O signals of the PLC. This is especially crucial where machines are used continuously such as in Food and Beverage applications. In introducing our TermOptos – Terminal Sized Optos, we have broadened our assortment of products with a family of 60 optocouplers that features a compact design and a compelling price-performance ratio. To ensure universal application versatility they have ten different input signals (5…220 VDC, 24…230 VAC)and can be supplied with AC or DC output (5…48VDC / 0.1A; 5…48VDC / 0.5A; 24…230VAC / 0.1A). The TermOpto 4 A is an extension of the family to switch higher DC loads, it is a cost effective amplifier to boost and isolate a compact PLC I/O. You are free to choose the connection technology with a choice between screw (clamping yoke) or PUSH IN technologies. PUSH IN can reduce wiring times by up to 75%. The optocouplers are equipped with a green LED status indicator and accommodate standard WS12/6 MultiCard markers.

Process signals, which come from the field to the electrical cabinet, require galvanic isolation from electrical impulses to protect the control circuits, and some need to be converted so that they can be integrated into the control system. This includes the conversion of temperature signals, like RTD or TC, and standard DC signals, eg. 4-20 mA. In many applications, it is also required to split analogue signals so that the signal can be sent simultaneously to both a control and a display unit. Additionally, field devices that have no integral power supply may need to be supplied with sensor power using an analogue signal conditioner. This saves cost and ensures a higher process safety at the same time. All of these requirements are met by our comprehensive range of analogue signal conditioners, including its ACT 20M product family. The new ACT20M product line unites innovative technology with maximum functionality in an electronics housing that is only 6mm wide. Key Features include: • Space saving: Up to two channels per module help to save space in the electrical cabinet. • High galvanic isolation: 2.5 kV (300V rated voltage) and an accuracy of up to 0.05% • Simple configuration: via DIP switches or the FDT/ DTM software depending upon the model. • Quick installation: The ACT20M modules are supplied via direct wiring or a DIN rail bus. • Worldwide use: Due to comprehensive approvals including, cULus, ATEX Zone 2, FM Div. 2, GL, DNV.

Key Features include: • Compact: Compact design reduces space requirements in the switching cabinet by >80% compared to conventional relay solutions. • Long Lifetime: Wear-free semiconductor switches and extensive protective circuits ensure long service life and reliable switching cycles. • Time saving: PUSH IN connection system and the pluggable cross-connection reduce wiring time by >50%.





Serial/Ethernet converters equipped with one or two ports for industrial automation. Simplifies integration of serial devices in industrial Ethernet networks The serial interfaces RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 bus standards are widely used in automated systems. Serial/Ethernet converters are deployed in order to integrate the corresponding terminal devices such as control systems, sensors, measuring devices, motors, drives, barcode scanners or operating status indicators in modern-day industrial Ethernet networks. Consequently, they protect previous investments in existing automation components. Our serial/Ethernet converters are equipped with one or two serial ports and make it simple to integrate practically all serial terminal devices in existing Ethernet structures. The user is able to configure function parameters via a web console, serial console, Telnet console or a Windows utility, which applies to both serial ports as well as the Ethernet network. The serial interface of our serial/Ethernet converters supports a wide range of operation modes – for example TCP server, TCP client, UDP, Real COM, RFC2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet modem a flexibility that guarantees network compatibility. A further advantage is that utilising the serial/Ethernet converter makes it possible to remotely configure and operate devices with fieldBus independent configuration via their Ethernet connection.

The relay output integrated in the converter serves as a warning function for administrators. A corresponding warning is sent to the service technician via email if there are any problems with the Ethernet connections or nonauthorised changes are made to the serial signals and power connections, which makes it possible to react quickly in emergency situations. An alarm function (integrated buzzer and real-time clock) as well as an automatic restart function (integrated watchdog timer) in the event a failure occurs also guarantee reliability. Extended surge voltage protection for the serial connections, the Ethernet ports and power supply ensure our serial/ Ethernet converters are ideally suited for deployment in harsh industrial environments. Robust screw-type terminal blocks ensure the power supply and serial connectors are reliably connected. Redundant DC power supply inputs (12-48 VDC) and low power consumption ensure safety and reliability. Our comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet products covers a broad spectrum of sophisticated and special requirements to enable seamless and efficient communication in industrial environments.

Users are also able to implement cascade cable connections comprising several serial/Ethernet converters to create an Ethernet network structure that enables uncomplicated access to components with a serial interface, for example via PCs. It is possible to use the two Ethernet ports integrated in the device as Ethernet switch ports. This design feature enables users to reduce cabling costs because it is not necessary to connect each device to a separate Ethernet switch.

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Prevent Surge Induced Power Failures Connect and Protect with Weidmüller In January 2012, the IET Wiring Regulations, 17th Edition, BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment No.1, 2011 came into force, setting out the national standard to which all new electrical installations must comply as well as recommendations for existing installations. This means new considerations for those involved in protecting businesses against the potential effects of lightning and transient surges, along with the maintenance, installation and/or design of electrical installations or wiring in buildings. Surges will occur through natural causes such as lightning strikes, although any switching operation, fault initiation or interruption is followed by a transient phenomenon in which a surge can occur. Common causes can include air conditioning, refrigerators, pumps, compressors, motors, welding machines and even faulty wiring. These can all cause massive disruption, degradation, sparking or flashover, which turn, can destroy any unprotected electronic system, resulting in systems failure, corrupted data, unnecessary downtime, health and safety issues, damaged reputations and can even be life-threatening. Devices for protection against overvoltages: this section is a collation of information contained in BS EN 7671:2008, BS EN 60664-1 Insulation Co-ordination, BS EN 623054 Protection of Electronic Systems within Structures & BS EN 61643 Parts 12 & 22: Power, Data, Telecoms and Signal Surge Protection. The standard has been designed to ensure that all competent parties adhere to, and implement, lightning and surge protection strategies, within electrical systems. It also lays out selection and erection guidelines for installations. Protection against overvoltages of atmospheric origin or due to switching: This section deals with the protection


of electrical installations against transient overvoltage of atmospheric origin, transmitted by the supply distribution system, and against overvoltages generated by the equipment within the installation. The existing regulations already ask questions about low voltage network cable location, whether underground or over ground, and the probability of thunderstorm activity. For installations with overhead lines, the need to install surge protection devices can be based on a risk assessment methodology which is based on the critical lengths of incoming lines and potential levels of consequence. Consequential Levels of Protection i – Consequences related to human life – safety services and medical equipment in hospitals, ii – Consequences related to public services – loss of public services, IT services, museums & iii – Consequences to commercial or industrial activity – hotels, banks, industries, commercial markets, farms. For levels i-iii of consequence, it states that ‘overvoltage protection shall be provided’ in all cases. BS EN 62305-4: Protection against lightning. Electrical and electronic systems within structures: If there is an external lightning system installed, in must be recommended to the plant owner that lightning and surge protection devices be installed to a minimum of Class I and Class II. Classes of Surge Protection Devices Class I – Use on buildings in applications where there is an external lightning protection system installed – usually installed at the service entrance or Main Distribution Board Class II – Suitable for all other applications or after class I devices at the sub distribution board, or machine control panels.


SURGE PROTECTION Class III – Installed after class II devices where a specific piece of electronic equipment or mission-critical application requires the highest levels of protection. Data, telecoms and signal protection have their own classifications owing to the reduced level of surges induced. With our expertise and industry solutions you can maintain your competitive edge and prevent compromising the safety of your critical electronics systems. We have added new high-performance products to our Surge Protection portfolio ensuring that installers have the choice of components needed to offer complete surge protection from incoming services to delicate end devices. All of our products have been designed to the latest IEC 61643 standards to ensure all installations comply with IEC 62305-4. Our new PUI LCF line of lightning and surge protectors for power should be installed before the meter. The arrester protects the low voltage consumer and electronic devices from any direct lightning effects and couplings. The PUI LCF 30 kA fully complies with the IEC 61643-1. It is also approved in accordance with the requirements of Class I and Class II, and Type 1/Type 2 according to EN 61643-11. Benefits include: • No leakage current: this is guaranteed because MOV and GDT’s are used in line. This allows the PUI LCF to be installed before the electrical meter. • You can choose between arresters with 3, 4, 1+1 or 3+1 poles, and with or without remote alert functionality. • The surge protection completely complies with Protective Class I according to IEC 62305, because of the high discharge current of Iimp = 30 kA (10/350 μs) • The green red status indicator allows you to quickly check the arrester‘s function. • The remote messaging contact can send status information about the protective function to the higher level controller. Innovative Choices Class I – PUI LCF Arrestor Class I + II arrester Class I + II plugin arresters for lightning & surge protection for installation before the meter, suitable for all lightning protection zones (I, II, III and IV): • Insulation coordination: is designed for 6 kV in a 230/400 V Net • High discharge current Iimp = 30kA (10/350μs) • Protection Level Up = ≤1.5kV • Tested in compliance with IEC61643-1 & -11

• Insulation coordination: is designed for 6 kV in a 230/400 V Net • Discharge current Iimp = 12.5kA (10/350μs) • Protection Level Up = ≤1.3kV • Tested in compliance with IEC61643-1 & -11 Class II – PUII Arrester Class II surge protection devices are used after class I units when they are installed. Otherwise they are used for all applications requiring surge protection. For installation in sub-distribution boards and electric cabinets: • Insulation coordination: is designed for 4 kV in a 230/400 V Net • Discharge current Iimp = 12.5kA (10/350μs) • Protection Level Up = ≤1.3kV • Tested in compliance with IEC61643-1 & -11 Class III – PUIII Arrester Class III surge protection devices for single phase applications which are used to provide protection for critical end devices. The PUIII is installed after the PUII arrestor and before the end device. • Insulation coordination: is designed for 2.5/1.5 kV in a 230/400 V Net • Rated discharge current = 3kA (8/20μs) • Protection Level Up = ≤1.3kV • Suitable for electrical circuits up to 16A Control and Instrumentation – Varitector pluggable and terminal sized DIN rail mounted variants for both analogue and digital control signals. All units offer extremely high levels of protection with compact dimensions. • Protection for analogue and binary signals • Both Industrial and Hazardous area versions available • Comply with the new product standards of IEC 61643 21:2008 • Direct or Indirect earth connection via DIN rail Ethernet - DME 100TX for Cat5 Ethernet Direct or DIN rail mounting variants data line protection for 10BaseT & 100BaseT networks, connection via RJ45 sockets: • Protection for all signal lines • Cat.5 or Cat.6 • Freestanding • Suitable for 10BaseTx and 100BaseTx • PE connection via M4 screw COAX data networks - BNC Connector / M-F COAX surge protection. In-line protection for coax cables such as those used in CCTV systems: • Metal Housings • Easy to use thanks to the adaptor plug • Minimal attenuation • BNC, N, F and UHF connectors

Class I – PUI Arrestor Class I + II plug-in arrester Class I plug-in arrestors using varistor technology for installation in sub-distribution boards and electrical cabinets. Lightning protection devices suitable for applications in lightning zones III / IV: For further information on protection devices, visit or email us at



CUSTOMER SERVICES Evaluating our Customer Services Delivery: As most of you will be aware, we have moved from West Malling in Kent, to Klippon House in Leicester. This has meant that the majority of people we now have in the Customer Services and Technical teams are brand new to Weidmüller. Whilst on the one side this meant a learning curve for the people we have taken on, this also gave us the ideal opportunity to listen to feedback from you, our customers, and to take a new look at the main processes and procedures involved in the daily duties of these departments. We are already starting to make changes to improve the levels of service received and will continue the ongoing exercise of evaluation of our service delivery and working on improvement implementation. ‘We know that our customers don’t expect us to be perfect, but they do expect us to fix things when they go wrong’ – Donald Porter – VP British Airways


Contact Details: One of the first challenges we faced following the move was managing the changes in our contact details. Our postal address, many of our telephone and fax numbers and almost all of our email addresses have changed. The telephone numbers for Customer Services (0845 094 2006) and Technical (0845 094 2007) have remained the same. We now have a dedicated Fax Order Line on 0116 282 1308 which allows your orders to arrive in the heart of the customer services team and be processed without delay. Just for orders! Whilst a significant volume of our daily calls are still being forwarded from our old numbers, we have advised our customers of the new numbers and are constantly reinforcing this information in all of our communications.


Hannover Fair

Detmold Production Facilities and Laboratory

‘Greentelligence’ has been selected as the key theme of the Hannover Fair 2012, putting the spotlight squarely on green technologies as a central growth driver for industry. Manufacturers the world over are facing an enormous challenge. To remain competitive in the long term, their products and processes have to be sustainable, environment friendly and efficient.

In 2008, Weidmüller embarked on a major expansion of its production facilities. The work encompassed the construction of a new engineering centre and expanded manufacturing operations. In total, 25,000 square metres of space consisting of new buildings and extensions were added at five sites in Detmold. The construction plan at the Detmold site focused on four initiatives:

Hannover Fair 2012 will help them rise to this challenge by providing them with a technology platform that offers an unparalleled overview of all the latest industrial innovations designed to facilitate sustainable business development. Ground-breaking solutions will be on show in all major display categories – from automation, energy technologies, industrial supply and subcontracting services through to research and development.

• Centralisation of the entire surfacing and metalworking processes, including machine tool construction at the Klingenbergstraße location. • Merging of the assembly line and standard products manufacturing, complete with plastics processing and assembly functions at the Niemeierstraße/Kreuzstraße site. A completely new 10,000 square-metre building complex was built there. • Consolidation of the entire product development process at an engineering centre situated at the Stoppelkamp site. This is the home of the Electrical Connectivity and Functional Electronics business units, as well as the Engineering, R&D, Laboratory and New Product Manufacturing divisions. The Stoppelkamp space was also expanded by more than 10,000 square meters. • Integration of the components warehouse into the existing logistics centre, to enable the existing technical infrastructure to be used for both operations.

Exhibitors in the Industrial Automation Hall (where Weidmüller has its stand) will, besides much else, be showcasing solutions for intelligent, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable process and production automation, with a strong focus on intelligent industrial information technology (IT). In addition, each year, the fair organiser, Deutsche Messe, partners with a country and this year it in China. As part of its partner country showcase, the Chinese government is planning to run displays on its major energy efficiency projects, focusing on electricity generation, intelligent energy networks and systems, and environment-friendly mobility solutions.

Reliability of the technical data is of the utmost importance. Our laboratory has DIN EN ISO/IEC accreditations from an external independent institution (the German Accreditation Body for Technology GmbH). This enables us to carry out certified tests for terminal blocks, connectors, and electronic equipment – including EMC and environmental impact tests.

Weidmüller at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition 2012 We showcased the latest innovations from our Omnimate device connectivity portfolio on Stand No K18 at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics held at FIVE, Farnborough on 5th/6th February. This application-oriented range included PCB terminals, PCB connectors, and electronics housings for industrial applications, with a focus on signal processing and power electronics. At the show, We exhibited our terminals, enclosures, functional and communications electronics.

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Weidm端ller is a leading international provider of solutions for electrical connectivity, transmission and conditioning of power, signal and data in industrial environments. The company with headquarters in Detmold/ Germany develops, produces and sells products in the field of electrical connectivity and electronics all over the world. Via a network of application specialists Weidm端ller offers engineering services and develops application specific solutions. The complete product and service portfolio consistently assures both Weidm端ller and its customers of competitive advantages and an increase in value.

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