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Intro Welcome to the second issue of Connect UK Finding the correct products for device connectivity in industrial environments has become increasingly complex and there are a whole host to choose from today, which in turn, makes it even more difficult to know which ones deliver the best solutions. At Weidmüller, we support the entire design-in process with deep-rooted application expertise and proven competency in finding the right solutions for you. In this issue, therefore, we focus on our wide, applications-based device connectivity product line which includes PCB terminals and PCB connectors, panel feed-through terminal blocks, and electronics housings for industrial applications. Keeping you updated on other product areas, our highlights section takes a look at FieldPower®, our all-round concept for distributing power throughout your industrial systems and installations. In addition, we examine our new RockStar® HighPower connectors for innovative and maintenance-free pluggable solutions for power transmission and we also review our Stripax® tools for cutting and stripping flexible and solid conductors, with new features for improved handling in industrial processes. Finally we share our most recent announcement on our new two pole voltage testers which meet the revised standards of DIN VDE 0682-401:2011 and DIN EN-61243-3:2010 that took effect on 1st October with a three-year transitional period and called for a variety of changes including protection class, voltage category, climatic conditions and EMC compliance. We always value your feedback. Simply email us at Let’s Connect! Lesley Young Editor



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Modular electronics housing system CH20M The new housing standard for electronic components CH20M is like a tailor-made suit straight off the rack – for customised applications.

marked or even sealed – to protect the adjustment and display elements of the individually configurable front panel.

CH20M – The compact name stands for more than “Component Housing IP20 Modular”. CH20M stands for efficiency and innovation in design, in production and in use. The system is available in all common standard widths, be it a 6mm narrow terminal housing or a modular plug-in housing from 12.5mm to 22.5mm or even 67mm.

100% INTUITIVE Simple and fast operation through integrated and colourcoded release clip with grip tab, including screwdriver pouch.

Scalability, customised design and cost efficiency – high flexibility is, in addition to innovative functionality, a fundamental criterion when selecting the housing design. Therefore, you can select maximum performance with minimum complexity. 100% CUSTOM The transparent, hinged cover can be removed, printed,

100% SAFE Extensive safety packet is a standard feature: • Finger safety provided on both sides • Leading pin contact • Integrated, captive encoding with unique “Autoset” function 100% REFLOWABLE Male connectors optimised for automatic assembly satisfy the high requirements of the reflow process and are, naturally, also suitable for all other soldering processes.

CH20M Efficiency and innovation in design, in production and in use This user-friendly infrastructure solution interconnects power, signals and data via rail in a quick and reliable manner. Supplying, connecting or distributing within modular applications, the DIN rail bus replaces time consuming manual wiring with a flexible and uninterruptable system solution reducing costs and manufacturing errors. The unique integrated bus solution covers seven system widths: from the narrow 6mm to the 67mm king-size housing and each single module can be mounted at any position of a TS-35 standard DIN rail in accordance with DIN EN 60715, whether 7.5mm or 15mm high. Designed for reflow soldering processes, the SMD-bus contact block which is available in machine-ready taped and reeled packaging can be automatically processed during the component assembly, requiring no manual post-processing. Five fullygalvanised and partially gold-plated twin-arched contacts provide a permanent and reliable contact with the rail bus. The unique THR solder flanges ensure a stable mechanical fixation with the PCB. For modification and maintenance it is easy to replace a module, even in existing groups without any impact on neighbouring modules. See more at and on our YouTube channel


DEVICE CONNECTIVITY CH20M Product Selector A custom housing in just a few clicks Whatever design you are planning, our new CH20M housing system is the ideal platform for it. The new product assistant enables you to quickly and easily design a tailor-made housing to meet your particular requirements in just a few mouse clicks. It is based on a range of housing elements, connection systems and accessories. You start by choosing the required housing width, or the number of required connections. Then you define the exact position of the PCB in the housing which automatically shows the selection of possible male headers. Then the full configuration of the basic housing elements is done: the selection of the colour scheme, the bus connections, and the required cutouts. As a special service you can upload a file with your individual printing requirements. After completing the base element, the configuration of side panels, front and lid follows. In all the steps a graphical representation is provided allowing each configuration step to be visualised, even for the customisable side panels. The housing lid can be provided as a hinged cover and, if desired, transparent, black or with custom printing. An overview shows you which steps have been completed and what remains to be done. To save time in the future, the project can be saved locally so that it can be accessed and used again at any time. Another special feature of the configurator is that individual housing components and connectors can be separately ordered. All in all, users benefit from the large number of configuration options that are easily accessed. In no time at all, tailor-made housings are ready to order. See how it works at


Omnimate Signal 3.81 Plug-in connector system For the efficient wiring of complex electronic equipment and associated devices, it is crucial for device manufacturers to have connecting systems that offer flexibility, reliability, and high-performance. All of this and more is fulfilled by our PCB plug-in connector system Omnimate SIGNAL 3.81. • Ultimate design freedom - Provided by a wide-ranging application-based portfolio – products are available to give wire to board, board to board, wire to wire and board to wire connections • Outstanding performance - With 17.5A rating instead of 8A, the connectors feature more than twice the current-carrying capacity possible with previous standards. That means 100% more energy without de rating at ambient temperatures up to 65°C and with de rating up to a maximum of 120°C • Maximum processing efficiency - With reflow-compatible SMT pin headers and the PUSH IN connection system • Automated assembly compatible – Product available on reels for pick and place manufacturing processes • High component assembly density - made possible by double-tier pin headers – minimal space required when using the extremely flat socket blocks • Minimum height / maximum cross-section - 1.5mm² wires together with conductor sleeve and plastic shroud can be connected without any difficulties. • Tool free connection – simply plug in the prepared cable and it’s ready to go! • Secure locking – easy release. The patent-registered release bars are simple to use and give tactile feedback which is especially beneficial in non-visible areas. • Code in advance - Coding keys made of high-quality LCP are reflow compatible and can be mounted prior to soldering avoiding problems like deforming and / or loss of the coding keys • Efficient mounting - The LCP high-temperature material gives dimensional stability during all soldering processes and connectors do not need to be dried before processing. A two-sided SMD assembly is possible through the short pins. The solder flange fixes the header without an additional screw connection being necessary.

DEVICE CONNECTIVITY The Omnimate Power hybrid connector Provides designers and users with the perfect three-in-one solution Omnimate Power SV / BV 7.62HP Hybrid This hybrid motor connector simultaneously mates power, signals and pluggable EMC screen connection, saving space on the PCB, at the device housing, and in the electrical cabinet. Innovative Design - Integrating functions, optimising processes, and reducing complexity: The conventional 2 outer flanges have simply been replaced by 1 middle flange, 4 signal contacts and 1 pluggable EMC screen connection. This means that there is more space available on the PCB and on the housing wall because of true-to-pitch integration of the signal contacts – while maintaining the same width. Time Saving - The connector requires only one plug in operation instead of 3 and speeds up installation and maintenance procedures. Unique Interaction - The one-handed interlock mechanism makes it easy to handle and interlocks automatically – even in hard to reach ‘blind’ installation positions. Space Saving - The unique shielding shape with a slim 30° wire entry enables space saving of up to 10cm between the device rows within a cabinet. Unique Safety - EMC-compliant screen connection for any application situation and with no risk of insufficient shielding. Avoids EMC Issues - The motor feedback (temperature/ encoder signals) in hybrid, shield-within-shield motor cables is usually connected through over-sized power contacts or with separate I/O connectors. It also normally requires two additional shield fasteners. During installation and maintenance there is a risk that the shield clamp is incorrectly connected, disconnected or lost because it can be difficult to tighten the flange screws when the connection is located in an inaccessible position. As a result, malfunctions due to interferences can be caused by the coupling of electromagnetic fields to the sensitive electronics. The pluggable, hybrid shield support features a special EMC spring-contact strip which ensures that the shield connection to the housing is permanent, vibration-proof and covers a large surface area. It allows the shielding braid from the power and signal wires to be connected separately – and enables this to be done automatically in one step so that it is not dependent on the user’s accuracy in mating the connectors.


Three level male header - SLH-THR 5.08 For high-density installation of sensors and actuator wires of up to 2.5mm² Omnimate Signal – SLH-THR 5.08 By combining the taller SLH-THR 5.08 with the double height SLDV-THR 5.08 it is possible to create a compact 3-row connector in 5.08mm pitch. Because the three levels of the male headers are each offset by a half pitch, the terminal points of the screw connection can be easily accessed even while plugged in and thus provide space for the use of plug-in connectors with screw or PUSH IN connection technology. This cascading design allows the maximum possible number of connections for the amount of PCB real estate used. The extra high pin header SLH-THR 5.08 is compatible with Through-Hole-Reflow technology which together with the solder flange dispenses with the need to manually secure the connector to the PCB - the fastening to the PCB takes place automatically during the soldering process protecting the joints from mechanical stress. • • •

Polarisation - The headers can be coded manually or precoded at time of order High Power – Even with longer than standard pins it is still possible to reach a rated current of 15A because high performance metals are used Safe - Meets fire safety requirements according to the domestic appliance standard IEC 60335-1

For further information visit our Product Catalogue








FieldPower® An all-round concept for distributing power throughout your industrial systems and installations FieldPower® Drive - Power distributor and system cables for decentralised drive technology FieldPower® is the flexible, economic solution for decentralised power distribution in mechanical and plant engineering. It can be used at airports, in intra-logistics, automotive production, material recycling facilities or anywhere there is a need to distribute power over long distances. FieldPower® has emerged as the proven power distribution solution for decentralised motor management. It has supported well-known provider in automotive production, logistic halls and airports. There is a good reason for that: the variable FieldPower® contact module supports the pre-assembly of cable assemblies and also enables quick, precise installation at the site. This also allows for modular site expansion and flexible cell build. The installation work can be carried out by workers who are not fully qualified electricians. The modular design makes it easier to conduct functionality and performance tests. The operational status of the facility and FieldPower® module is read by the controller using M12 sensor cables. The motor control units can be controlled precisely through the AS interface on the data bus. Decentralised drives can be easily adapted using the FieldPower® line of cables. FieldPower® Control – A unit that can be used for conveyor applications at warehouses and logistics centres FieldPower® Control provides the optimum modularity for switching and protective functions in your application. The integrated FieldPower® connection system for AC/ DC voltages enables a fast and error-proof installation and reliable operation. A new module lid with switching and protective functions compliments this product line.


The position of the switch can be located via an M12 socket from the controller and can be used for further signal processing. The FieldPower® Control features a snap-in mounting rail, raised cover and lower shell with four built-in M20 cable glands. As such it is perfectly suited for installation with terminals, electronics housings and FieldPower® components. Mounting rails can be used in two heights and with a width up to 54mm. Thus, it is possible to install a wide variety of devices which mount on a TS35 rail. When required, cables can be routed under the mounting rails in order to save space. The higher cover allows electronics housings (such as our CH20M) to be installed within. Eight nose-shaped fasteners allow mounting plates to be used in the cover. Up to nine cables can be routed into the lower section and pre-assembled cables with plugs can also be used. These features enable FieldPower® Control to be used as the base for decentralised functional modules outside of the electrical cabinet. For materials-handling logistic centres or warehouses that have widely distributed power, FieldPower® Control can be used to create custom solutions such as motor control units. A circuit breaker can be accessed under the hinged lid which acts to protect against short circuits and overloads from branched-off motors. Control and alert functions can take place with an integrated communication module for data and signals or by direct wiring to an external I/O module. All cables can also be connected via M12 or HQ5 interfaces for a higher protection category. The special feature on this functional housing is its integrated FieldPower® power bus technology. This makes a quick and fault-free contact to the power line possible, thus creating more flexibility within the application.


FIELDPOWER® FieldPower® LED - Sturdy outdoor lighting solutions The FieldPower® LED provides a long-lasting, energy efficient lighting solution that can be installed quickly and accurately on the power bus. This lighting solution withstands the harshest environmental conditions, including the extreme shocks and temperatures such as in the rotor hub of wind power facilities. Another major advantage of FieldPower® LED is that it can be used worldwide due to its multi-voltage input from 110 to 265V AC.

lamps or power-saving light bulbs, the integrated Power LEDs offer a longer lifespan and improved energy efficiency. They provide the required light values of 10 and 50 Lux as specified in the EN 50308 Standard for wind power facilities. The module can also be used as an IP65 panel feed through for three plug cables. This combination reduces the functionality cost and saves much space. In the same manner, pre-assembled and pre-tested connectors are used for connecting the outlets and lighting. This quick installation process is practically fault-proof and can be undertaken regardless of the ambient temperature.

With the special FieldPower® base, pre assembled cables with IP65 protection can be inserted into the pitch box. The LED lid provides the interior lighting for the hub. The diverse module can be used for both “cold climate” and “hot climate” wind power facility types. The low current consumption of the LEDs causes only a low voltage drop on the cable, meaning that long distances with 2.5 to 6mm² are possible. In comparison to fluorescent

FieldPower® is a particularly affordable solution for wind power facilities as it enables the entire electrical installation to be prepared ahead of time at the factory. An electrical expert is no longer needed directly at the construction site. The installable modules for the individual tower segments are easily put together on site. Other applications for FieldPower® LED are tunnels and overhead and gantry cranes. This innovative FieldPower® solution includes PowerBox distribution boxes, maintenance switches, plug-in connectors (optionally with fuse function), prefabricated cable sets and a full range of accessories. The product line is designed to assure customers of competitive advantages and an increase in value in the field of electrical connectivity, transmission and conditioning of power, signals and data in industrial environments.




Stripax® plus 2.5 The tool incorporating three functions: cutting, stripping and crimping without swapping tools We have completely redeveloped the Stripax® plus 2.5 tool from scratch The Stripax® plus 2.5 combines three functions in a single tool: cutting, stripping insulation and crimping. The precision tool comes up trumps every time, no matter whether the user is tasked with carrying out manual wiring or needs to crimp ferrules to wires. The cutting, insulation stripping and crimping tool, Stripax® plus 2.5, is designed to process wire cross-sections from 0.5mm2 - 2.5mm (AWG 20-14). The ferrules for crimping are stored in the tool. They no longer need to be inserted individually by the user, because they are now supplied in strips of 50 and are fed in automatically. Stripax® plus 2.5 processes taped ferrules, but not loose ferrules or those coiled on a reel. The wires to be processed are inserted from the side. The Stripax® plus 2.5 makes it possible for the first time to prepare the ends of wires for connection using just one tool – without having to put down the tool once. A ratchet guarantees the quality of the crimp. The crimped ferrules comply with DIN 46228 P4 requirements. Optimised to incorporate cutting edge ergonomic principles, the tool does the job – without wearing out the user. We have made the handling even easier: for example, an adjusting wheel is used to set the crimping zone. Made from hardened steel, the crimping cylinder can be precisely positioned – to suit the wire cross-section or the size of the ferrule. The adjusting wheel clearly and audibly snaps into position. By precisely snapping into place, wrong positioning of the cylinder is prevented and the tool is protected against damage. The crimping cylinder itself is encased in a closed-in housing, which in turn increases the stability of the tool. As well as the crimping cylinder, the knuckle and toggle joints are also made of hardened steel. The technical enhancements include an improved locator, an upgraded blade clamping fixture and end position absorber. The sloping surface of the locator allows stripped insulation waste to fall easily out of the tool.


The tensioning clamp now boasts a closed lug that prevents the spring from becoming detached. In addition, the extended absorber travel stop results in a smoother insulation stripping process. We developed the Stripax® plus 2.5 in response to numerous customer requests for simplified work processes in electrical installation, switchgear cabinets and distribution board construction. Three functions in a single tool result in considerable savings in both time and costs, because the user is able to prepare the wire ends with just one tool. The tool is designed for a wide range of wire cross-sections from 0.5 - 2.5mm2 to guarantee an equally wide range of application uses. Working with Stripax® plus 2.5 is both efficient and as easy as can be imagined. And the tool remains in the hand – there is no need to put it down. Cutting: thanks to the integrated cable cutter, it is possible to cut wires exactly to length with the Stripax® plus 2.5. Stripping insulation: simply place the wire in the insulation stripping unit, squeeze the handles and remove the wire – stripped of insulation. Crimping: insert the wire stripped of insulation into the crimp die from the side. Automatically fed in, the ferrule is already in position. Squeeze the handles. Remove the crimped wire. Set the adjusting wheel when required: press the adjusting wheel and turn to the required wire cross-section range. The crimping cylinder engages perceptibly and audibly into position. Three ranges can be set using the adjusting wheel: 0.5 - 0.75mm²; 1.0 - 1.5mm2; 2.5mm². In spite of all the improvements to Stripax® plus 2.5 tool, the following remains true: no single tool can function reliably with every combination of wires and crimp materials. The number of components available on the market is just too great. Faulty crimp connections cannot be ruled out if the wrong combination of wires and ferrules are used.



RockStar® HighPower 250A One to four-pole high current connectors with crimp connection technology for 250A and up to 4000V We have extended our established family of RockStar® HighPower connectors” with the new high current connector RockStar® HighPower 250A. Equipped with crimp connection technology for 250A and up to 4000V, the new high current connectors are based on a modular design, just the same as the well-known RockStar® HighPower 550A version. The use of one-four-pole modules ensures users always obtain the right connector to fulfil their respective application requirements. The space-saving, 250A rated power contacts are easily assembled to create a variety of different vibration-proof versions: one connector with four power contacts or with three power contacts and a PE contact or with two power contacts, or as the most compact version, with a single power contact. The two-piece, size 8 die cast aluminium housing comprising hood, base and bulkhead designs is equipped with a large surface area PE connection; the same applies to the mating frame. The highly impact resistant and corrosion resistant

housings are easily assembled and are rated to degree of protection IP68 and IP69k. Assembly of the newly developed bulkhead housing is supported by a rapid assembly mating frame complete with pre-assembled fastening screws. We have redesigned the crimp contacts of the RockStar® HighPower 250A so that they can now be dismantled via the M25 cable entry bore. Multi-core, flexible and finely stranded copper conductors from 25mm2 to 95mm2 are easily terminated using standard crimping tools. No special tools are needed. Thanks to the interior EMC connection, which can be adapted to the respective cable diameter, the RockStar® HighPower 250A has excellent EMC characteristics. The wide temperature range of -50°C to +120°C and housing impact resistance up to 7 Joules ensures users are able to deploy the new high current connectors in extreme environments.




Our Customer Service team are on hand to help you with all your questions Opening Times: Monday – Thursday: 8.30 – 5.00 & Friday: 8.30 – 4.30 Overnight Shipments: Listening to comments from a number of our authorised distributors around the country, the old cut-off time for placing orders for overnight shipments was deemed ‘too early’. We have negotiated with the warehouse in Germany and are pleased to announce that the deadline has now been extended to 12:30 hours.

Round the Clock ‘E-Shop’ Knowing that some businesses need to function around the clock proves the importance of e-commerce and tools such as our internet portal ‘e-shop’. Needing only an internet connection, you can check pricing and availability, place purchase orders and even progress your open order book with us. If you would like to know more about this system, please discuss it with your local sales contact or with a member of our customer services team. Let us know how we are doing! We are a new team and we have some challenging yet exciting times ahead. Together, we are striving to meet every deadline, and towards delivering quality and efficient services that go far beyond the expectations of our customers. We want to hear about your experiences with Weidmüller – whether we performed well, or if we didn’t. And, if we can then identify an area where we can make an improvement in our business activities, we would like to take on that challenge. Just email us at 'Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change' - Tom Peters - writer on business management practices, best-known for ‘In Search of Excellence’.



New two-pole voltage testers exceed requirements demanded by revised standards Six new compliant versions now available featuring extensive range of functions We have introduced 6 new versions of two-pole voltage testers that more than fulfil the revised standard for these types of testers i.e DIN VDE 0682-401:2011 and DIN EN-61243-3:2010). All testers are TUV/GS certified. The revised standard for two-pole voltage testers came into force on 1st May 2010 – and took effect on 1st October 2010 with a three-year transitional period. A two-pole voltage tester is the only test instrument approved to determine safe isolation from the power supply that complies fully with occupational health and safety law. The standard covering two-pole voltage testers calls for a variety of changes – amongst others, these affect the protection class, the voltage category, climatic conditions as well as EMC compliance. Our new testers are not entering the market as required by the revised standards with a minimum degree of protection of IP54. They offer more in that they are rated to IP65, which means they are effectively sealed to offer protection against the ingress of dust and offer all-round protection against jets of water – a high degree of protection. The twopole voltage testers Digi-Check Pro, Digi-Check, MultiCheck, Combi-Check Pro and Combi-Check are CAT IV – 600V instruments while the Master-Check belongs to the category CAT IV – 400V. As a consequence, as well as being suitable for measuring circuits electrically connected with a low voltage system, they are also suitable for measurements in building installations. Moreover, the new voltage testers are all temperatureresistant from -15°C to +45°C. To protect human health and the environment the requisite tests to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility were updated in compliance with the standards. Both top of the range versions Digi-Check Pro and CombiCheck Pro set the bar with regard to their range of functions; the other four versions Digi-Check, Multi-Check, CombiCheck and Master-Check focus more on functional highlights to offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Amongst other features the digital voltage testers Digi-Check Pro, Digi-Check and Multi-Check are equipped with a large LC display with bargraph; the display of the Combi-Check Pro,

Combi-Check and Master-Check incorporate a row of LEDs. In addition, a light sensor in the testers with LC display activates the background lighting only in dark surroundings to increase the service life of the battery. There is also a measuring point illumination function: a white LED brightly illuminates the measuring point - in contrast to yellow LEDs, white LEDs enable colours to be recognised more easily – and they consume less power. Moreover, when measuring and testing points with a poor line of sight, the ‘Hold’ function makes it is possible to hold and read measurement values later. A two-pole phase sequence test function provides direct indication for both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation. Depending on the version the large measuring range covers 400, 500 or 690V – with direct and alternating currents recognised automatically. All the two-pole voltage testers automatically recognise the type of voltage (AC/DC) under test and indicate polarity. As well as phase-testing to earth, continuity and semi-conductor tests – possible using only one hand – also belong to the indispensable spectrum of tests. High input resistance ensures safe touch protection. Load connection and RCD tripping prove particularly easy when utilising the top of the range versions Digi-Check Pro and Combi-Check Pro: simply pressing dual pushbuttons connects a load that can trip a 30mA RCD or suppress an inductive reactive power. Actively connecting the load excludes the possibility of unintentionally tripping the RCD when testing. Last but not least, it is possible to fit snap-in markers to Weidmüller’s voltage testers to allow them to be personalised with an electrician’s name, an inventory number or similarly useful information. The two-pole voltage testers from Weidmüller offer the high quality of being ‘Made in Europe’: the housing shell is manufactured in Germany, the printed circuit boards of the electronics are soldered in Switzerland by means of surface mount technology (SMT) and the final product is assembled across Europe. The proven Weidmüller voltage testers LSP 3 - 400V, LSP 3 - 690V, CarCheck and Volt-Check 3.1 continue to successfully round off Weidmüller’s portfolio.

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Weidm端ller - Partner in Industrial Connectivity As experienced experts we support our customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. We are at home in their industries and markets and know the technological challenges of tomorrow. We are therefore continuously developing innovative, sustainable and useful solutions for their individual needs. Together we set standards in Industrial Connectivity.

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