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Happy Mother’s Day

Appeal successful

There are plenty of great ways to spoil your mum p.16-19

Samuel’s still smiling Trip to Nova radio station brightens the day of children with cancer CHRIS CONNOLLY

No apology required from Cr Phillips p.3

Rollin’ in p.24

Measles warning Infected person visited shopping malls p.15



adio hosts Fitzy and Wippa recently took time out of their busy schedules to meet with three children living with cancer, including five-year-old Samuel Skaros from Marrickville. Samuel was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia two years ago and since then has spent around eight months in hospital having courses of chemotherapy, radiation and blood transfusions. His mother Christina said it had been a very tough time but it was helped by organisations like Camp Quality, which organised the trip to the Nova radio station. “Fitzy and Wippa were great guys, very accommodating. Samuel absolutely loved it. He got to sit in their chairs and go into a booth and pretend to be a DJ and record himself,” Ms Skaros said. Fitzy, a long-time camp Quality supporter, said it was great to meet the kids and give them some fun time out after everything they’d been through. “I’m a big admirer of Camp Quality’s work to make laughter the best medicine for these kids and their families,” he said. Ms Skaros said she and Samuel first came into contact with Camp Quality when they brought a puppet show to the hospital. They have since helped Samuel on numerous occasions. “They took us all on a camp to Myuna Bay. That was our first camp as a family together. It was such a relief to see my children enjoying themselves yet knowing that there was a doctor and a nurse onsite in case Samuel got sick,” Ms Skaros said.

Samuel Skaros and his mother Christina meet Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa

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Respect is key when pedalling the case for road use reform


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An awful accident last week saw a cyclist run over by a truck at the intersection of May Street and the Princes Highway in St Peters. The 26-year-old cyclist was reportedly trapped under the truck for around an hour before being freed and taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Disturbingly, people took to the Internet to vent their frustrations with cyclists, either via social media or the comments section on media reports of the accident. Some of the anti-cyclist comments included: “Don’t ride pushies around on congested roads or you’re asking for it.” “This should be a warning to ALL cyclists. The road is NOT yours! Break the law, and break your legs.” “I have an intense dislike of cyclists because the majority think that road rules do not apply to them.” “Well don’t complain if you do get knocked over by a car.” “Other sports can’t use the roads, why cycling?” Of course, there was also some heat going the other way: “You car loving motorists are simply pig ignorant.” Similar language was obviously being used on talkback radio because the message soon got to Macquarie Street. Roads Minister Duncan Gay came out and said he was considering both banning cyclists from busy roads and introducing a licensing system for cyclists. This energised both sides of the debate, with cyclists arguing a licence system would be unworkable and do nothing by itself to stop accidents involving cyclists. They also argued that bans would keep moving the problem to the next busiest thoroughfares and exacerbate it by reinforcing the view that cyclists shouldn’t be on the roads. Now to be fair to Minister Gay, the idea about banning cyclists was not one he suggested. He was responding to a question and just said it was something they were looking at and he qualified his response saying he saw problems with blanket bans. However, the licensing idea was one he brought into the debate. “I am increasingly persuaded that we need to look at a licence for cyclists. It’s not going to worry the ones that are doing the right thing but

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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

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Mutual respect is key in this situation

Rosana Tyler

nd ity a Care l i b Disa nity are, ommu C d Nurse in as Age e and C m o little as 5 WEEKS H


CHRIS CONNOLLY @connolly2204

the bad ones that are running lights, crossing over, being aggressive, they’re a large part of the statistics,” he said. What is really needed in the circumstances is a sensible debate about the behaviour of both cyclists and motorists in traffic and underpinning that debate has to be a culture of respect from both sides. There are cities in Europe such as Amsterdam where the majority of road users are cyclists. It’s astonishing at first to see 50 cyclists and two cars waiting at the lights at every intersection. Then you realise that it works. The motorists are conscious of cyclists. The cyclists adhere to the rules. There doesn’t appear to be any animosity. I’m not naive enough to believe that Sydney is about to turn into Amsterdam but I do believe strongly that mutual respect is key in this situation. The Amy Gillett Foundation and the Centre for Road Safety launched a campaign earlier this year called, ‘It’s a two-way street’, featuring pocket guides with eight simple rules for drivers and cyclists. The rules for cyclists include: follow the road rules – always stop at red lights, use your lights to increase visibility, indicate your intentions clearly, be alert to what’s happening around you, and always wear a helmet. The rules for drivers include: always expect bike riders and give right of way to them as you would any other road user, allow a safe distance when passing cyclists, always look before opening your door, and, as with cyclists, concentrate on what’s happening around you and indicate your intentions early. The campaign is being supported by the NRMA, Transport for NSW, Bicycle NSW and the NSW Police. More information can be found at If we can take the heat out of the debate with a bit of mutual respect, then we can start looking seriously at suggestions that will make the roads safer for everyone. That may include more bike paths and more bike-free roads. It may include licensing or registration systems for cyclists. But you are never going to have a sensible debate that starts with name-calling and fingerpointing. And most importantly, no-one deserves to be injured in an accident.


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Vindicated: Cr Phillips cleared by Tribunal CHRIS CONNOLLY


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arrickville Councillor Max Phillips has won his appeal against a disciplinary finding that would have seen him suspended from Council for two months. In December 2012, a code of conduct complaint was lodged against Cr Phillips claiming he had made information about a proposed development at Lewisham public that had been submitted to Council in confidence by the developer Meriton. Cr Phillips claimed that the initial information provided by Meriton at a briefing in November 2012 was not identified as confidential and, as such, it couldn’t be retrospectively designated confidential. Following an investigation, Council resolved at its meeting in April 2013 to censure Cr Phillips for his actions. He was required to apologise unreservedly to Council and Meriton for his actions. Cr Phillips refused to apologise because he felt he had done nothing wrong or unethical and believed that making an insincere apology would put him in breach of the Local Government Act, which requires councillors to act honestly. The matter was then referred to the Department of Local Government, which also found against him and in January this

year determined he be suspended from civic office for two months. Cr Phillips appealed to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal and his suspension was deferred. Tribunal President Wayne Haylen decided this week to uphold the appeal, finding that, “it cannot be concluded that the Business paper concerning Meriton had been resolved by council or under delegation to be confidential”. Cr Phillips said he was elated at the decision and particularly pleased that the Tribunal has agreed that confidentiality was misused or misunderstood and that he was acting in the public interest and fulfilling his role as a councillor. “The claim of confidentiality is often misused to keep decisions away from public scrutiny and I encourage people to always question whether there is a valid justification for something being deemed confidential,” Cr Phillips said. “The current hearings at ICAC underline just how important it is that planning matters be conducted in public, particularly where large sums of money are on offer.” Cr Phillips criticised the review system of the Division of Local Government. “It was only at the Tribunal that I felt there was real consideration of the issues. There should be a review of DLG system of review,” he said.

Cr Phillips outside the Civil and Administrative Tribunal

News in Numbers The Reserve Bank of Australia failed to deliver any major surprises on Tuesday when it kept interest rates on hold at 2.50 per cent for the ninth straight month. It’s the longest period without an RBA change since November 2011 and it’s


per cent unlikely that there will be a change next month either. But Alex Parsons, CEO of RateCity., warned consumers against

Graduate Careers Australia Executive Director, Dr Noel Edge, said the findings reinforce the value of higher


per cent education. “Although our research has shown we are experiencing a temporary slowdown in the uptake of new graduates, it is clear that they are finding their places in the workforce,” he said.




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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

Despite a flat labour market for new graduates, university still pays off according to a new report by Graduate Careers Australia. The Beyond Graduation 2013 report is based on a survey of graduates three years after they had completed a course at an Australian higher education institution. The report notes that among the graduates from 2009, the full-time employment rate had increased notably from 76.3 per cent just after completion to 90.2 per cent three years later. The status of the work new graduates were doing also increased notably, with the percentage in managerial or professional roles growing from 74.9 per cent to 84.2 per cent.

becoming complacent in a low-rate environment and to use this time to be smarter with money. “We’re at record low interest rates so over time they are only likely to go up so make sure you can afford to withstand some increases in interest rates,” he said. “The second thing is we’ve heard a lot from the government in the recent few weeks around the prudent budget and so that is going to hit people in the back pocket I would suspect.” Parsons added that there are a few strategies to keep personal finances in check. “You need to do one of two things; either increase income, which is really quite hard, or decrease expenses,” he said.






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New rail’s 24 hour hiccup Power supply issue at substation leaves passengers stranded CHRIS CONNOLLY


The light rail service pulling into Dulwich Hill Interchange

local news


he newly opened light rail extension between Lilyfield and Dulwich Hill was out of action for more than 24 hours last week. The problem first started to affect commuters in the morning peak hour on Thursday and services weren’t able to return to normal until the following day. According to Transdev, the company that operates the light rail, the problem was caused by a power supply issue at Lewisham West substation. Transdev’s Light Rail Implementation General Manager, Tony Ralph, said engineering and maintenance crews worked around the clock to resolve the problem. “A computer supply component was found to have been the cause of yesterday’s substation failure,” Mr Ralph said. “This component has been replaced and both the substation computer control system and network have undergone extensive testing and verification to ensure services can restart safely and reliably.” Opposition transport spokesperson Penny Sharpe said the incident was poorly handled with customers told they could use their tickets on buses and trains but

the tickets weren’t subsequently accepted at CBD train stations as staff hadn’t been informed about the issue. “The failures with the inner west light rail led to stranded commuters, delays in ticket recognition and very little public information,” Ms Sharpe said. “The Minister for Transport needs to explain why the private operator is not publicly releasing incident reports and what are the consequences for the private provider for breakdown in service?” A Transport for NSW spokesperson said replacement buses were arranged to replace Sydney Light Rail services and customers could also use their light rail tickets to catch buses and trains in the affected area. “Sydney Trains staff were told Sydney Light Rail tickets were valid for train services in the affected area as soon as this arrangement was put in place,” the spokesperson said. “Sydney Trains has received no feedback from customers reporting issues using light rail tickets on trains but apologises to any customers who may have encountered problems.” The light rail extension was opened just over a month ago on March 27. Since then it has proved very popular with local residents, with some services overcrowded.



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Five fresh faces join the ranks All have come from different backgrounds, all want to help the community

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onday was the first day of work at Marrickville Police Station for five new probationary constables. The five were part of a group of 182 officially sworn in at a ceremony at the Police Academy in Goulburn last Friday after eight months of training. They have a further 12 months of on-thejob training ahead of them, along with additional study by distance education with Charles Sturt University. They will then officially graduate with their Associate Degree in Policing Practice and be confirmed in the rank of constable. Each new recruit comes from a different background and has different motivations for joining the NSW Police. Ashlee Heard, 21, said joining the police is what she’d always wanted to do: “I’ve always looked up to them”. She hopes further into her career she might join the dog squad or plain clothes officers. Zheng Zhang, 28, was a nurse prior to applying for the police. He helped treat people with crime-related injuries and decided he would rather help prevent crime.

Marrickville LAC’s new recruits: Ashlee Heard, Zheng Zhang, Jason Inskip, Ashique Mizan and Brendan Jones


Police snapshot


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Jason Inskip, 20 said the nature of the job appealed to him. “It’s always changing. Every day is different,” he said. Ashique Mizan did work experience with the police when he was at school and said he really enjoyed it. After leaving school, he did animal studies and hoped to carry some of that experience with him in his new job, possibly as a mounted policeman. Brendan Jones, 28, said he joined up mostly for the excitement but was also attracted to the idea of being able to help others. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said at last week’s attestation ceremony in Goulburn that he could not be prouder of the men and women who are joining the ranks. “They are about to embark on a career that they will find to be as rewarding as it is challenging” he said. “Whether they’re serving communities in Sydney, or in regional areas, or out in the bush, I am confident they will display the same dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm they have shown throughout their time at the academy.” The five local recruits will continue to serve at Marrickville Local Area Command for an additional two years after completing their probationary year.

Police make arrest over bank robbery at Marrickville Metro

Police witness suspicious interaction, find cannabis

Police have charged a man following the armed robbery of a bank in Marrickville last week. About 2.50pm last Wednesday, April 30, police were called to the Marrickville Metro, following reports of a bank robbery. It’s alleged a 56-year-old man threatened a female teller with a knife, demanding cash. After the teller complied with the man’s demands, he was last seen running up escalators and towards the car park. No one was physically injured during the incident however the female teller suffered shock. Two days later, a 56-year-old man was arrested on King Street, Newtown. Officers then executed a search warrant at a home in Redfern where they seized items allegedly related to the robbery. The man was charged and will appear before the courts.

A 45-year-old man has been issued with a caution after he was found with a small amount of cannabis in Marrickville over the weekend. At 5.45pm on Saturday, May 3, police were conducting patrols of Crawford Place, Marrickville when they noticed a vehicle stopped in the middle of the lane way with a second vehicle stopped next to it. As they approached the second vehicle it drove away. Police stopped the first vehicle and immediately recognised the driver as he was well known to them. When questioned, the driver was unable to provide a reasonable excuse for the interaction. Police searched the driver and during the search a small, clear plastic bag containing green vegetable matter fell out and landed on the road. The driver was arrested and cautioned.

Intoxicated man can’t remember head injury

Exhaust fan con man charged with 16 counts of fraud

About 9pm last Friday, May 2, a 27-year-old man had been drinking at a licensed premises in Marrickville with friends. Due to his high level of intoxication he was asked to leave the premises. A short time later the man returned to Illawarra Road with a cut to the back of his head. Police were patrolling the area and spotted the man with his friend applying pressure to the injury. Ambulance officers were called and the man was conveyed to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for treatment where he received several stitches. The man had no recollection of how he sustained the injuries but Police believe that he may have fallen and hit his head due to his high level of intoxication.

Detectives have been investigating a string of fraud offences committed between April 2012 and March 2014 in suburbs including Surry Hills, Sydney City, Bondi Junction, Leichhardt, Erina and Hurstville. During each incident, a man attended businesses including shopping centres and hotels and produced a receipt requesting payment for the servicing of exhaust fans. Police will allege the work was never authorised or carried out, however, the man managed to trick some employees into paying him the amount of $440. This week, a 29-year-old Busby man was arrested in Surry Hills. He was charged with 16 counts of fraud and is expected to appear in court on May 26.


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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender




New cafe to reduce waste The art of repair has been lost, but one man is determined to change that

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he knowledge of how to repair things has disappeared, according to The Bower’s Guido Verbist. He is hoping to revive it with the opening of Australia’s first Repair Cafe. The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre in Addison Road already collects preloved household goods and, through its members, repairs them before reselling them to the local community, diverting ‘waste’ from the Sydney metropolitan waste stream. Mr Verbist, the Bower’s manager, now wants to extend that service by teaching people how to go about repairing things themselves. The Repair Cafe is based on an idea developed in the Netherlands five years ago which has now spread to more than 300 different sites in 13 countries. “The Repair Cafe provides a free meeting place where members of the community can learn the art of repair in a collaborative setting, fostering a culture of creativity, repair and re-use,” Mr Verbist said. “We throw away piles of stuff. Even things which practically have nothing wrong, and which could easily be used again after a simple repair.”

The Bower’s Guido Verbist wants to revive the art of repair

Mr Verbist said the Repair Cafe will be open from 1pm to 5pm every Wednesday starting on May 14 with a range of experts available including: electricians, IT specialists, carpenters, general furniture repairers, and a bicycle mechanic to help make all possible repairs free of charge. Tools and materials will also be on hand and visitors are invited to bring along their broken items from home to have a crack at repairing them themselves. “Toasters, lamps, hair dryers, bikes, toys, crockery... anything that is broken is welcome and can more than likely be repaired,” Mr Verbist said. “The Repair Cafe just wants to show how much fun repairing things can be, and how easy it often is.” He is hoping the idea will spread now it has started in Australia and said Leichhardt Council has already shown an interest, booking two workshops for its residents. “I’d like to see more Councils organising Repair Cafes in their areas once or twice a year. Then you could have a team of tradespeople travelling from place to place spreading the word,” he said. The Bower also hosts a range of workshops on topics such as furniture restoration, recycled art, chair upholstery, shabby chic and book binding.


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Winged Victory takes flight Iconic statue to be hung from roof in War Memorial’s new display CHRIS CONNOLLY


The War Memorial’s Tim Sullivan with Mayor Jo Haylen at the Winged Victory briefing

local news


he Australian War Memorial has revealed its plans for Marrickville’s Winged Victory statue. Assistant Director Tim Sullivan briefed residents last week and said the statue will play a significant role in the redevelopment of the First World War galleries. He said the space will be reorganised so people can walk through the timeline of events more easily; from a snapshot of the nation in 1914 through Gallipoli, the Middle East campaigns and the Western Front before entering a reflections room where Winged Victory will be the centrepiece. “The reason we are attracted to Winged Victory is with the new layout providing a narrative, we needed a way to conclude the story,” Mr Sullivan said. “We wanted something that spoke not only of the loss of life but also of the victory. This sculpture features both with the raised sword for victory but the downcast eyes for the loss.” Only the top half of the sculpture will be on display. The original sculpture was created by Gilbert Doble in 1919 but, by 1962, it had deteriorated to the point where

it needed to be removed for repairs. The base had to be replaced completely by a new base made by Dr Alex Kolozsy. Mr Sullivan said the Memorial is able to separate the two parts and will suspend the top half from the ceiling and the display will include photographs and information about both the history of the statue and its importance to the Marrickville community. The base will be conserved in storage. “We are totally in love with her. We think an object like this can tell a powerful story,” Mr Sullivan said. Marrickville Mayor Jo Haylen said the decision to give the statue to the War Memorial was not an easy one but she believed it was the best one for the statue and seeing her in the Memorial would be a source of pride for Marrickville residents. She said tenders for a replacement are currently being assessed and a decision would be made soon. “I can’t reveal the details but we have quality submissions and the new Winged Victory will be as beautiful as the original,” Mayor Haylen said. She expects it to be unveiled early next year along with a redesign to the entrance of Marrickville Town Hall in time for the commemoration of the Centenary of Gallipoli.

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Secret remnants of native grasslands



t can be hard to imagine the pre-Colonial flora of the Inner West but there are places you can still find it. One such site is Camperdown Cemetery and Marrickville Council is organising a talk and guided tour next weekend of its rare, remnant native grasslands. Native to the area were trees, such as the Turpentine, the Sydney Blue Gum and Red Ironbark; shrubs such as the Parramatta Wattle, Sweet Pittosporum and Native Peach; and grasses such as Kangaroo Grass in the undercover. The Turpentine-Ironbark Forest is extremely rare and is listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995. While the original trees and most of the shrubs have disappeared from Camperdown Cemetery, the patch of native grasses and groundcovers dominated by the Kangaroo Grass remains. The only other known kangaroo grass in Marrickville is near Dulwich Hill Station. “It’s just amazing that, hidden in Camperdown Cemetery in Newtown, is a patch of kangaroo grass which is this rare remnant of the original TurpentineIronbark Forests that once covered most of

the Inner West,” said Marrickville Mayor Jo Haylen. In 2000, Marrickville Council formed a partnership with St Stephen’s Church, Marrickville Heritage Society, Camperdown Cemetery Trust, and Greening Australia for the conservation of the remnant kangaroo grassland. The volunteer group, Friends of Camperdown Cemetery, meet for a monthly working bee under the guidance of a Biodiversity Supervisor. They remove weeds, and clear and maintain the grave plantings within the protected area of the native grasses. With careful systematic weed removal the remnant grassland is able to naturally regenerate without additional planting. Marrickville Council has invited Doug Benson, Botanist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, to come and give a talk at the next working bee on Saturday, May 17 at 9.30am. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with the volunteers and caretakers over morning tea and find out how to become involved in the restoration work. The Cemetery can be accessed via St Stephens Church in Church Street, Newtown. RSVP to the Environment Officer Biodiversity on 9335 2193 or

Native bees on the kangaroos grass at Camperdown Cemetery

Must present coupon. Valid till 31/5/2014.


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

local news



local news

Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender




Heartworm poses real threat New guidelines developed to aid pet owners and vets

local news




eading canine health experts have joined forces to ensure that pet dogs in Australia are not left unprotected from the potentially deadly heartworm disease. Following concerns that some vets and dog owners are not discussing preventative care options, an expert panel has developed Australia’s first heartworm prevention guidelines to remind people of the real risk of the disease. Dr Robert Labuc, Veterinary Specialist, Canine Medicine and one of the experts behind the Australian Heartworm Prevention Guidelines, is reminding pet owners that it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to transmit the disease and that appropriate steps should be taken to protect their pets. “Prevention is always better than cure, and with 130 positive cases of heartworm infection reported throughout Australia since 2012, owners should be conscious about the risk of the disease, especially if their dog has not been protected,” Dr Labuc said. Heartworm is potentially fatal for dogs and is caused by parasitic worms living in major blood vessels of the heart and

lungs. It is passed from animal to animal by the bite of an infected mosquito where tiny larvae are injected into the skin and can eventually grow into adult worms in the heart and lungs of the dog. “Recent reports of positive infections serve as a reminder not to leave your fourlegged family members unprotected from what can be a deadly disease,” Dr Labuc said. “Heartworm can be a silent killer and is easily preventable if you make sure your dog is protected all year round. “This can be as easy as an annual trip to your local vet for year-long protection that can guarantee your dog’s happiness and health and that’s important to the whole family.” The new guidelines outline three key factors that enable heartworm to persist – infected hosts, mosquito populations and environmental conditions. They also aim to highlight why vets should always be diligent when it comes to heartworm conversations with their clients. While each case of heartworm should be assessed individually, current evidence shows that year-round heartworm protection is recommended for all domestic canines across Australia. “A yearly preventative administered by your veterinarian can help to overcome

Take your dog to the vet for heartworm protection issues of compliance and thereby avoid the possibility of your pet developing infection in case of missed or delayed doses,” Dr Labuc said.

The guidelines have been independently developed by the Australian Heartworm Advisory Panel (AHAP) to assist vets in having the discussion with pet owners.



weird, wacky and wondrous travel stories

Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

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There’s a museum in Merseyside in the UK that’s dedicated to those who get their kicks out of that backyard taskmaster, the lawnmower. This museum walks us through the history of lawnmowers from Victorian and Edwardian times; has collections of antique mowers and rare gardening tools to marvel over; and a museum shop with everything from spare parts for vintage mowers, to lawnmower postcards. And amongst more-prestigious items are mowers and gardening items once owned by the likes of Prince Charles, UK radio and TV presenters James May, Nicholas Parsons and Vanessa Feltz, British garden guru Alan Titchmarsh, and

even some of the tools the late Princess Diana pottered around with in her royal gardens. The British Lawnmower Museum says the lawnmower was invented in 1830 by Edwin Budding who worked in a textile mill in Gloucester, and had designed a machine to trim the knap off rolls of cloth. One day, when he took the machine outside to move it from one building to another, its fine blades partly trimmed the grass he pulled it across. So he took it home for further tests on his own lawn in the cover of night. To this day the cylinder cutting principal Mr Budding invented is still used for mowing the world’s best lawns.



Measles warning issued Infected person visited popular local malls in late April CHRIS CONNOLLY


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ydney Local Health District has issued a measles alert for people who visited Ashfield Mall or Strathfield Plaza between April 23 and April 27. An infectious person visited these shopping centres on multiple occasions in this period and people who are unsure if they have been vaccinated should be aware of the symptoms, which include fever, sore eyes and a cough followed a few days later by a rash. The NSW Ministry of Health considers children or adults born since 1966 who do not have documented evidence of receiving two doses of MMR vaccine, or evidence of previous measles infection, to be highly susceptible to measles and recommends they be vaccinated. Sydney Local Health District Director of Public Health, Dr Leena Gupta, said there had been an increase in cases of measles in NSW in 2014 as a result of susceptible travellers becoming infected while overseas and returning home with symptoms. That means that adults and children who are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated are most at risk. “The measles virus is highly contagious

and is spread through the air by someone who is unwell with the disease,” Dr Gupta said. “People with measles symptoms should stay home from school or work and not go out in public.” Infection can have serious complications, particularly for young children. “We recommend medical treatment, but if you or your child do have these symptoms you should call the doctor’s surgery before you go in so they can make arrangements to see you without the risk of you spreading the virus to other people,” Dr Gupta said. “For young children, the MMR vaccine is recommended at 12 months and again at four years of age. Two doses of the vaccine are required for lifelong protection.” Children, teenagers, and adults who are not fully vaccinated against measles can receive the MMR vaccination from their doctor at no cost. It is safe to have the vaccine more than twice, so people who are unsure should be vaccinated. Measles is very common in some countries. People who travel overseas should discuss with their doctor whether they need the measles vaccination. For more information visit to download an information sheet.

Dr Leena Gupta says two doses of the vaccine are required for lifelong protection

Woman attacked Marrickville Police are investigating the brutal alleged robbery of a woman in Petersham earlier this week. About 1.30am on Wednesday, May 7, a 24-year-old woman was walking on Church Street, when she was approached by a man. The man punched her to the head several times and she fell to the ground. He grabbed her mobile phone before running further along Church Street and getting into a silver car. The woman went to a house nearby, the residents assisted her and called police.

Officers from Marrickville LAC attended and commenced an investigation. The woman received bruising to her face and head as a result of the incident but did not attend a hospital. The man was described to police as having tanned skin, 175cm tall, skinny build and he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. Police are urging anyone with information about this alleged robbery and attack to come forward. Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Information will be accepted in confidence.

The City of Sydney Council has endorsed our much-loved food truck program as a permanent part of our street culture, following a successful two-year trial. The City of Sydney is now looking for more food truck operators, with up to 50 truck permits available over the next two years.

For more information, contact the City’s food truck team on 02 9265 9333 or email


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

The new Local Approvals Policy for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles, and How to open a food truck or food van guide are available at


Dose of Dorin

Sydney’s food truck sensation is here to stay

Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

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Mother’s Day

Don’t forget to spoil mum on her special day ustralian mums are considered to be the best givers in the family, but this Mother’s Day she will be lucky to receive anything at all, according to, the online marketplace where people connect to buy and sell unique goods. Etsy is calling on Australians to pick up their game and give back to the most generous member of the family – she did give us the gift of life after all! Research conducted by the company revealed nearly half of us will not be purchasing a gift for mum. On average, Australians will spend under $400 on 10 gifts (excluding Christmas) this year. Despite this, it turns out the lion’s share of our annual gift-giving budget is going towards gifts for our best friend, rather than the person that invests in us most – mum. Commenting on the research, Etsy Communications Manager, Kirsteene Phelan said: “It is hard to know why this trend is occurring. It may be a case of not knowing what to give the perfect giftgiver, who always seems to get it right...


Don’t forget to buy your mum a Mother’s Day present this research acts as a small reminder to Australians that Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s probably time to show mum how much we care.”


According to the study, mums in Tasmania will be the most spoilt this Mother’s Day with three quarters of respondents stating that they would be purchasing

a gift, followed by those in Western Australia and the ACT. Mums in South Australia and New South Wales are likely to miss out with nearly half of respondents not factoring in a purchase at all. The “mumma’s boy” adage rang true when it came to the battle of the sexes, with men more likely to purchase a Mother’s Day gift than women. The study also revealed that the older you get, the less likely you are to purchase a gift for Mother’s Day and that the youngest members of the family (aged 18 to 24-years) are those who are best at buying gifts (80 per cent). Marital status also plays a role in how considerate we are when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. Those in a relationship (64 per cent), and those who are engaged or married are less likely to buy Mother’s Day presents (62 per cent), compared to singles (70 per cent) who lead the pack when it comes to thoughtfulness. “Whether it’s the thought that counts, or the practically of a gift which matters most to mum, Etsy is the perfect place to ensure mum is spoilt this Mother’s Day,” Ms Phelan said.


17 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Free gift wrapping Mention this ad to receive 10% discount on every purchase over $50 – Valid till 10/5/14 Meesh M shea ea Lif ifes esty tyle le is th the perfe fect ect d sttin de i at atio ioon fo forr Mo Moth ther er’s ’ss Day ay,, w th wi h a hug uge ra rang n e of of bea eaut utiffull utif gift gi ift ftss fo f r mu m m in incl c ud cl udin ing in g Sl Slip i ip Silk Si lk Pilllo lowc wcas ases as es,, Vo V lu lusp spa Cand Ca ndle dles, s, Iso soto tone to n r Fren ne French S ip Sl ippe pers pe rs,, Lo rs Love&L ve&Lus u tr us t e Ling ngeeriee, Pala Pa las la a Ch C arms armss and d more!

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Lots of ready wrapped gifts for the school Mother’s Day Stall – priced from $5.00 Situated just off Norton Street, adjacent to the Medical & Dental Centre


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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender


Authentic Portuguese & Continental Cuisine


COSTA DO S L R E S TA U R A N T Great food and service with a friendly atmosphere

Mother’s Day Special Lunch or Dinner Entrees- Calamari Rings -Portuguese Sausages 11/5/2014 Main- Roast Pork - Cod fish braz way - Beef Skewers + Dessert and Coffee All for Just Kids 3-13 – Choose from Booking $ Chicken Nugget or Small Steak + Dessert for just 20 Essential

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Trading Hours Tuesday to Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm Saturdays 10.00am to 4.00pm Closed Sundays and Mondays

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Pamper Time Prepare to be pampered

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4 doors & back window only Darkest Legal Tint 35%. 4x4 & Vans surcharges apply from $50-$100.

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A Forget waxing, try Permanence


There’s only one way to achieve perfectly smooth and healthy skin, and that’s through hair removal specialists Permanence

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t Permanence, the permanent hair removal specialists, they believe there is no reason why you cannot look as smooth and beautiful as the day you were born. The Permanence method involves a gentle insertion of very fine probes into the follicle of each of the hairs to be removed. A very slight measured amount of electrical DC current is applied through these probes, which creates a reaction, causing the permanent destruction of the follicle and ending further hair growth. A new set of probes is used each visit. As hair growth patterns are unique to each person, they make a complete assessment of your needs during your initial free consultation at the clinic and explain the correct treatment options. From day one you will know the cost and duration of the treatment needed to achieve your desired goals. The Permanence method is suitable for men and women and is effective on all areas of the body, skin types, skin colours and hair colours. Noreen Colonelli, founder of Permanence said they work on approximately 90-95 % success rate each treatment. “There is no other process that can match these results,” Ms Colonelli said. “In over 20 years, in which thousands of clients have had our treatment, and been offered 100% guarantee on results, to date, we have never been challenged on those results, by any client, that has done the treatment recommended.”

Are You Embarrassed by Unsightly Facial Hair? You are not alone, and there is a permanent solution. Everywhere people are raving about the results of this amazing method! It is medically and scientifically proven safe to permanently remove your unwanted hair so that it NEVER grows back. This process is called Multi Probe Electrolysis and has 130 years of proven safe and effective Guaranteed results COMMENTS FROM SATISFIED CLIENTS

Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

Multi Probe Electrolysis is suitable for All areas of the body All skin types All skin colours All hair types All hair colours

OUR GUARANTEE Our treatment has transformed the appearance of thousands of people. We are so confident in our results we put our 100% money back Guarantee behind our work! If in the unlikely event that, on the completion of your treatment you are not truly satisfied with your end results, then we will insist on giving you back your money. So phone Sydney’s most sought after Hair Removal Specialists for Permanent results NOW. Say goodbye to your ugly unwanted hair forever and let us focus on achieving what you want, and this we do every day.

My skin feels so soft now; I am not embarrassed to be kissed anymore; I just feel so free; I thought I would have to live with this hair, now I know I don’t - thank you; I can talk to people and look at them again; 12 years and nothing has grown back-you changed my life; I have so much more confidence; I wish I knew about Permanence a long time ago!

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Did you hear that one about... The wacky or the serious, there are a million and one reasons to make sure you have travel insurance

uestion: What is there in common between a fellow losing his false teeth overboard while being seasick on an Atlantic cruise; a family unable to remember where they’d buried their video camera “for safety” on a beach in England while they went swimming; and a farmer who lost his mobile phone up the back end of one of his cows while using the phone’s light as he assisted her in calving? Or even more outrageously, a young lady in England who reckoned her mobile phone failed while she was using it in vibrator mode as an adult toy; a tourist in Athens who broke his nose walking into a bus shelter corner post while ogling young ladies in bikinis; and a bloke who suffered a heart attack in a brothel in West Africa – and complained he’d not got his money’s worth? Answer: They all claimed on their travel insurance – and remarkably all but the bloke in West Africa had their claims paid. These bizarre tales are but a miniscule example of the thousands of weird and


A UK farmer claimed on his insurance after losing his phone in his cow’s rear end while assisting it give birth. Photo: CowLocale

wacky claims that pour into insurance companies world-wide daily, alongside the more serious that remind us to never leave home without travel insurance. Grant Waldeck from major Australian insurance comparison website, says too many travellers fail to take out travel insurance suited to their individual needs; make the wrong choice by doing so on price alone; or worse, don’t take out travel insurance at all. And he quotes some worrying facts, including how 1.2-million Australians are victims of identity theft every year. Mr Waldeck also says that traffic accidents are the number one cause of death of international travellers. Also, be aware of the health dangers of swimming on polluted beaches… amazingly the UK has 50 such beaches currently threatened with closure, and in the US there’s at least one polluted beach in every coastal state. And there are places you actually need keep watch for pirates. “While the risk is low, areas in which to be wary include India, the Western Maldives and Madagascar. And petty theft is common in these regions on local boats,” he said. For useful guidance about insurance visit

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677 Canterbury Road, Belmore

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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

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Your unpredictable ways will be very predictable this week. Rebellious? Eccentric? Impulsive in love? Pushing everyone’s buttons for your own personal amusement? A big yes to all the above, as you channel your unique talents! For inspiration, look to avant-garde Aquarians role-models like Mozart, James Dean and Bob Marley.


With Thursday’s Full Moon activating your adventure and travel zone, it’s time to channel the intrepid explorer within as you plan a weekend escape, a heavenly holiday or an overseas getaway – somewhere you’ve never been before. Your imagination is firing on all cylinders on Friday but don’t get carried away with ridiculous ideas.


You’ll feel pulled in many opposing directions, as multiple responsibilities and people compete for your attention. Thursday’s Full Moon spells the end of spontaneous spending sprees, as you realise you have to make a little money go a very long way. Venus and Uranus hook up in your sign on Friday, which increases your spontaneous side and independent streak.


It’s not the ideal week to host a jolly family reunion or bring up sensitive old issues. The Full Moon falls in your home zone, so be on domestic drama alert and choose your words carefully, as loved ones will make mountains out of molehills. But it is a terrific time to broaden your mental horizons through nifty networking.

Star predictions for the week beginning May 11


Weekly posts at www.BohoAstro. JoMadelineMoore Copyright Joanne Madeline Moore 2014.

Villa Virgo is usually a place where efficiency reigns, routine is revered and surprises are unwelcome. This week (courtesy of the Full Moon and Mercury) you’ll find that life’s complicated, relationships are unpredictable, and the rules are constantly changing. So it’s the perfect time to move out of your comfort zone.


Have you been shopping up a storm when you should be saving or paying off debt? If the answer is ‘yes’, then there could be some dramas this week involving money and marriage or family finances. With Venus and Uranus linking up in your romance zone on Friday, some lucky Librans will throw caution and common sense to the wind and fall in love at first sight.


Taureans are fabulous flirters and this week, with the Full Moon stimulating your relationship zone (and Venus hooking up with Uranus). It’s time to give those charisma muscles a workout as you radiate your sensual charms far and wide. Want more love and success in your life? Jump right in Bulls and you shall receive.

Thursday’s Full Moon and Venus/Pluto square magnify your possessive steak and stubborn side, but try not to get into super intense mode. Turn off your motor and cool your heels, otherwise you risk Scorpio burn-out (not a pretty sight!). It’s time to lay down arms and build bridges with loved ones.



You’re never short of lightning flashes of inspiration but you can fall short in the execution department. This week, as action planet Mars trines Mercury (your ruler) it’s time to finish long-standing projects and tie up loose ends. Friday’s fabulous aspects also help you replace outdated aspirations with dazzling up-dated dreams.

This week’s complicated stars stir up your Sagittarian sense of humour. Just make sure your gags and one-liners don’t offend others, and that your jokes are ones that everyone can enjoy. Attached Archers – it’s time to patch up partnership problems. Singles – look for love with someone who is smart, sexy and spontaneous.



With Jupiter journeying through your sign until July 16 and Venus/Uranus shaking up your life direction, don’t play it too safe Crabs. It’s time to experiment, explore, enthuse and engage. Be inspired by birthday great Katharine Hepburn, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” But there’ll be tension between work and home.

You function best when others behave in predictable, sensible ways. Which is hardly ever and certainly not on a Full Moon! But the more you slip into control-freak mode, the more problems you’ll have. When it comes to a rickety relationship with a family member, don’t keep interacting in the same old way.




The smallest decisions can be the biggest too KATHERINE TWEED katherine.tweed@ innercityweekender.

There are few purchases we make with just ourselves in mind

MENS AND WOMENS CLOTHING, PRICES FROM $5 Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender



One thing that I really love about the cooler weather is coming home and immediately throwing on a snugly pair of pyjamas for the evening. So naturally, I need couple of good pairs of winter pyjamas to get me through the season. I was in a local department store this week on my seasonal pyjama shop when I found myself staring at a wall of pyjamas. They were all the exact same style but different colour and pattern combinations. I had a pink pair in one hand, a blue pair with a really cool pattern under my arm and an awesome mint pair with spotty mint and white pants. I spent 10 or so minutes putting one pair down, picking another set up and putting that down before I finally settled on two different pairs – they were very cheap so two pairs weren’t going to break the bank. But I got to the counter checkout and decided that I didn’t need two pairs, so the decision making began again and I had to step aside to let the poor assistant serve some other customers while my brain debated with itself over and over again. I finally settled on the blue pair, made my purchase and I haven’t thought about the other colours since. Now I don’t know about you but my pyjamas are rarely seen by anyone who matters, in fact I don’t think I have ever worn them outside – not even to dash to the clothesline or to collect the morning paper. So, after I took my pyjamas home and realised that I had lost 20 minutes of my day because I was being indecisive about the colour of an outfit that no-one would ever see, I was pretty annoyed with my indecisive self. But despite my frustration, when I put them on that night I couldn’t help but crack a smile – I really love my new pyjamas. And that’s when it hit me, these pyjamas are the only clothes I own that I bought for myself and myself only. They may have cost a tiny $6 but they were the most selfish purchase I have made yet and this is why: I always take a second to consider how others will see me in outfits I am considering buying. Pyjamas are among the only things that no-one else sees so, even though I wasted 20 minutes on a small decision, it’s actually a big one as it’s all for me!


often paw at their mouths or become fussy eaters if they have dental diseases


Look after your pets’ pearly whites While not only painful, dental disease can cause life-threatening disease in other organ systems. There is a strong link between severe periodontal disease and endocarditis, an infection of the heart in dogs. Liver abscesses and pneumonia are other potential outcomes of untreated dental disease in companion animals. DR. SAM Signs of dental disease KOVAC A bad smell coming from the oral Southern Cross cavity is a giveaway for bad dental Veterinary Clinic disease. Cats often ‘paw’ at their 9516 0234 mouths, salivate, or become more 60 Princes Hwy, fussy with their food. St Peters www.southernDogs may show symptoms of lethargy, drooling or even chattering of teeth. Interestingly, sneezing and coughing is often a sign of dental disease, if it has progressed to involve the sinuses. Some breeds are predisposed to dental disease because of a genetic problem with the local immune system in the mouth. Maltese terriers are the most common breed presenting to the vet for periodontal disease. Preventing dental disease Providing chew toys and bones can only do so much for dental disease. The best prevention is brushing using a petfriendly toothpaste with a soft bristle brush once to twice a week. Alternatively, in-water treatments like Aquadent or Hexarinse can help to reduce plaque accumulation to teeth by making the surface of the teeth slippery. Six-monthly checkups at your veterinarian if your pet is at risk or has had dental disease in the past is the best way to get advice on how to reduce the chance of your pet suffering from dental disease and keep those ‘pearly whites’ looking fab. Happy brushing!


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So you don’t have time to exercise? DAVID STEIN Owner & Manager of Fitec david@

Don’t use your age as an excuse not to exercise as it is vitally important for your health

407 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville ph. 9558 1809


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

This is probably the most common reason people give for not exercising: they say they just don’t have the time. Well let me put it to you this way – exercise is every bit as important as eating, sleeping and breathing! It should not be viewed as an ancillary part of your day, but rather a necessity. You probably don’t go a week without eating, and you should not go a week without exercise either. In fact, you typically shouldn’t go more than a couple of days at most without it. The trick to making time for exercise is to view it as a nonnegotiable part of your day. Ideally, schedule it into your appointment book the way you would an important meeting or social event. Set the time for it and then make no excuses about keeping your exercise “appointment”. What you’ll find is that the more you exercise, the better you’ll feel and the more addictive it will become. Soon you won’t want to miss your exercise sessions because you’ll notice how much your energy and stamina drop if you don’t keep to your plan. Your ‘get up and go’ starts falling away and you will know why. You need to place a HIGH PRIORITY on getting some movement in and schedule your day around the exercise, not the other way around like most people do. This way it will get done and you will serve as a powerful example to those who you love to also do the same and commit to exercising regularly. When it comes to exercise, there’s no time like the present. Don’t wait another day to get your program started. And please don’t use your age as an excuse either, because no matter what your age, exercise can provide enormous benefits for your health. If you happen to be over 40, though, it’s especially important to either start or step up your exercise program. This is the time of life when your physical strength, stamina, balance and flexibility start to decline, and exercise can help to counteract that dramatically. It really is that powerful.





Event news & g uide

After tragedy struck, the Stones are Rolling back in


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender


n what is arguably the biggest thing to happen to Sydney musically in, well, forever, The Rolling Stones are heading our way, as part of the rescheduled Australian leg of their 2014 ‘On Fire’ tour. And promoter Michael Gudinski told the Weekender that the show would be unlike anything Sydney has seen before. There will also be a special performance in the Hunter Valley too. “It really is the biggest show we’ve done up that way and while I’m not going to go into specifics on how much a show like this costs, this is one band that definitely


don’t do things by halves,” he said. “This will be a full production show and will be absolutely enormous. We’re all very pleased and very excited to be able to get this extra show in the Hunters but I guarantee it will be one show only.” Originally slated for March, the band had barely touched down in Australia before the tragic death of frontman Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott prompted the band to return home. While the Mushroom Records founder said he had faith that rescheduled dates were always on the cards, the last month had been “torturous” for all involved. “I always had great faith that the tour would be rescheduled, but, when you’re dealing with such tragic circumstances,

it’s just a matter of patience,” Gudinski said. “There is definitely a sense of relief, but it really is a kind of ‘fat lady sings’ situation – I don’t really think it will be possible to fully relax until they walk offstage in Auckland [the last show of the tour].” Gudinski said that, when the opportunity arose for extra dates in the rescheduled tour, NSW was high on the list due largely to the success of tours such as Bruce Springsteen, earlier this year. “Those Hunter Springsteen shows were great – it’s such a good venue and with plenty of room for the Stones to set up their full production,” he said. “Also, when you’re getting acts of the calibre of the Stones – I mean just look at

their catalogue, it’s just hit after hit after hit – it’s only going to open the door for more huge acts to want to come and play in the Hunter.” While the logistics of bringing one of the largest bands on the planet are always going to be mind boggling, Gudinski remained philosophical. “It certainly has been a long road but, hey, it’s only rock and roll, but I like it.” The Rolling Stones play at Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley on Saturday, November 15. They are also playing at Sydney Allphones Arena on Wednesday, November 12. Tickets are on sale now. Head to or to the official Rolling Stones website for more information.



Suave sound has Leroy’s Layabouts Smokin’


CHRIS CONNOLLY @connolly2204

They developed a loyal following in the 70’s and 80’s, released several critically acclaimed records, supported many touring American blues stars, and scored a handful of television appearances. After a lengthy break, the band has reformed with a classic line-up including lead singer and guitarist Leroy Suave, guitarist Gary Dale, bass player Mick White, drummer Tony Brown, keyboardist T-Bone Flint and saxophonists Bruce Allen and Dave Wray, the latter better known these days as singer Frank Bennett. Known for most of their career as simply The Layabouts, the band has reverted to its original name Leroy’s Layabouts. Leroy Suave rattles off a string of

LEROY’S LAYABOUTS PETERSHAM BOWLO SAT, MAY 17 influences including Little Richard, Leadbelly, early Rolling Stones, Shel Silverstein, Chuck Berry, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Muddy Waters, Fats Waller, Fats Domino, Louis Jordan, Harry

Belafonte, Elvis, Albert King, the Fugs, Jimmy Witherspoon, Jimmy Liggins, Carl Perkins, Big Joe Turner, Wynonie Harris, Professor Longhair, Cab Calloway, Jimmy Rushing, Python

Lee Jackson, Max Merritt and Captain Matchbox. “The music is eclectic but centres on good-time sax-based rhythm and blues from the mid 1940’s to early 1960’s – spiced up with jazz/rock sensibilities and humour,” Leroy said. “Expect fun: clapping, cheering, goodnatured heckling, dancing, a few intent enthusiasts watching guitar players’ fingers, lots of gorgeous women. (Okay, the last-mentioned was wishful thinking, but not entirely untrue.)” He said the mid 1960’s “British Invasion” R&B groups spoke in interviews of their American idols so he went in search of their records, digging further until he found more blues artists of interest. “Like many young, white fans, I foolishly sort of wanted to be black. One of the hardest things for a white male (especially if non-American) is to sound natural singing the blues – most try too hard and it shows – but after a lifetime of absorbing the essence it just comes of its own accord without having to think,” he said. The album will be launched with a live show at Petersham Bowlo on Saturday, May 17 at 8pm. Tickets are available at the door for $20/$15.


eroy’s Layabouts are launching their new album ‘Smokin’ at the Petersham Bowling Club next Saturday night. The band emerged in the mid 1970’s and introduced Sydney to an exciting pre-rock’n’roll sax-based music known as “Jump Blues”.

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club presents

Paddock to Plate by




Bookings Essential

Meet the Winemaker Daniel Sh Shaw Local Produce from The Orange District

For Bookings 9559 0000 Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club • T: 9559 0000 • 20-26 Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 • Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club promotes the responsible service of alcohol


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

Canapés on arrival Philip Shaw #19 Sauvignon Blanc Entree: Vine Smoked Duck Breast w Heirloom Carrots Cooked Three Ways Philip Shaw #11 Chardonnay 2013 Main: Pistachio Crusted Lamb Rack w Goat Cheese Mash, Mushroom & Red Wine Jus Philip Shaw The Idiot Shiraz 2012 Dessert: Home-made Ricotta Dumplings w Rhubarb and Apple, served with Ice Cream Philip Shaw The Edinburgh NV




HARRISON CRAIG Saturday, May 10 Revesby Workers’ Club After an excellent series of ‘The Voice 2013’, Harrison Craig will exhibit his angelic voice in a brand new concert series for Mother’s Day, singing both songs performed during his time on ‘The Voice’ as well as some new selections from his stellar album L.O.V.E. This is the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day and let mum know just how much you love her. Give her two tickets and you might just be lucky to be invited along! Tickets are available at

A DATE WITH EFFIE Thursday, May 8 – Sunday, May 11 The Factory Theatre Effie is one of Australia’s most beloved characters and now is your chance to see the Logie-Award winning star live in person. Since the birth of her baby, boofhead, she’s looking for a husband, preferably one that’s loaded. Now it’s up to you to help Effie find love, you never know, it may just be you! Get your tickets now at premier.ticketek.

SONGS OF SPLENDOUR Wednesday, May 21 St Mary’s Cathedral The joint forces of the choirs of St James’, King Street and St Mary’s Cathedral, together with Australian Baroque Brass, continue their exploration of Venetian music with a performance of Paul McCreesh’s sumptuous reconstruction of a 16th century coronation mass in St Mark’s Basilica. This is truly going to be a great evening of musical appreciation. Tickets are $50 for adults and $45 for concession cards.

‘LIVE SUNDAYS’ AT CRANE BAR Sundays until May 18 Crane Bar, Potts Point The Crane Bar is Sydney’s most vibrant Japanese bar and dining venue. ‘Live Sundays’ is on every week from 3pm to 7pm so bask in the Japanese inspired gardens and bring some friends along for some fantastic Japanese cuisine. This is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

TERRACE COMEDY Saturday, May 10 The World Bar From 6pm every Sunday you can head down to The World Bar in Kings Cross for a totally free comedy show and BBQ! DJs will play after the comedic show and there will be great drink specials all night long. This is the perfect way to end your weekend.

NICK PARNELL - VIBES VIRTUOSO Thursday, May 15 City Recital Hall, Martin Place Nick Parnell is one of the world’s greatest vibraphone players, bringing energy to the stage that will inspire audiences. His most recent album, Vibes Virtuoso features some of music’s greatest ‘hits’ in a reimagined way. This is perfect if you are after a new experience with music! Adult tickets cost $38, more info can be found at

AROUND THE WORLD IN 14 DAYS Begins Tuesday, May 20 Pine Street Creative Arts, Chippendale


The world is a large place that changes from continent to continent, even city to city. This photographic exhibition exemplifies that the landscape unites us all. Despite the distance and differences around the world we can all be one is the message from the exhibition. Photographers including Ann Vadanega, April Ward, Beatriz Vargas, Gavin Brown, Robyn Hills, Michael Knapstein and Pauline Neilson have been included. Entry is free and more info can be found at

Cambodian Children’s Trust is helping to end poverty in Cambodia, South East Asia’s poorest country. Special appearances include Jimmy Barnes, Mitchell Anderson, Mahalia Barnes and Prinnie Stevens. Tickets cost $92.50 and by attending this concert you will be helping to change the lives of children, families and communities.

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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

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Concerned with life and death, Thailand’s Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook brings you a collection of history, the self and regular everyday images in works that have never been seen out of Thailand. This is your chance to see contemporary Asian art in its finest form.



STORYTELLERS OF THE TOWN Saturday, May 10 Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Haymarket

10 Chapel Street, Marrickville Ph:

9557 1079 / 9557 1455


STRATA SKILLS 101 Tuesday, May 13 307 Pitt Street, Sydney


THE ROCKABILLY WOMEN Thursday, May 15 Django Bar at The Camelot Lounge A shared passion for Rockabilly and 1950′s Rock’n’roll has recently seen the birth of ‘The Rockabilly Women’ show. When Narelle Evans decided to put on a Rockabilly show, the daunting task of what songs to choose lay before her. It soon became clear most of the rockabilly/rock’n’roll tunes we love are performed by men. Scratching a little deeper, she found a trove of women who have been largely forgotten but were true pioneers. The show promises to be a spectacular exploration of these forgotten songs. Tickets are $20 on the night. For more info visit


Are you new to strata life? Have you lived in strata for years and don’t really understand what the sinking fund is actually for? Strata Skills 101 ‘The Sinking Fund’ interactive workshop will help. Here is your opportunity to learn and understand the financial future and value of a sinking fund. This interactive workshop will discuss the purpose of the sinking fund, benefits of a 10 year plan and more. To book contact the City of Sydney Council.

AFGHANISTAN Until June 15 NSW Art Gallery The artefacts in this exhibition had been feared lost for many years. But museum staff in Kabul ensured that these treasures were kept safe and now they are on display at NSW Art Gallery. These items come from important sites at Silk Road. Adult tickets are $10 and more info can be found at

AMAZING WHALES Until Sunday, July 20 Australian National Maritime Museum

THE STRICTLY BALLROOM STORY Until November 9 The Powerhouse Museum It has been 30 years since ‘Strictly Ballroom’ sent the world into ballroom frenzy. This exhibition brings to you the design drawings, cast and set photos, performance and rehearsal clips and 40 amazing costumes created by Catherine Martin. Check out www.powerhousemuseum. com for all the details of the exhibition.

THE IMPROV SOAP OPERA Saturday May 3, 10 & 17 The Factory Theatre The best student improvisers in NSW team together to perform a character based improvisation ‘Soap Opera’ in the style of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and ‘Neighbours’. However, the drama does not unfold on Ramsey Street but rather in the grounds of ‘Collage Grammar’, a leafy private academy where anything can happen. This is one Soap Opera you cannot miss. Tickets start at $15.

Juliana Engberg is the artistic director of this three month exhibition that is an exploration of the world. The art will be displayed in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia as well as Carriageworks and Cockatoo Island. It is the biggest art party of the year. Entry is free and more info can be found at www.biennaleofsydney.

• tailoring lessons according to each individual’s needs



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Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

Numberworks’nWords afterschool tuition brings out the best in Aussie students by:

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This exhibition has been designed to allow visitors to become immersed in the world of whales and begin to understand the importance of conserving these wonderful creatures. You will get to see the relationship between whales and humans in this interactive and exciting exhibition. Adults tickets cost $7 and children’s tickets cost $3.50.

19TH BIENNALE OF SYDNEY: YOU IMAGINE WHAT YOU DESIRE Friday, May 2 – Monday, June 9 Various Locations



Something special from Lindeman’s


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender



ay back in the 1860’s Dr Henry Lindeman realised the advantages of blending samevariety wines from different regions with differing growing conditions, and thus creating that “something special” in varietal taste and enjoyment. And while the company has regularly blended single varieties from different regions since, it’s just released a new label it calls its Regional Series and which showcases classic single varieties from complementary regions. These blends, it says, capture the best characters from each region to deliver wines that are beautifully balanced and expressive of variety. With vineyards dating back to 1843 in the Hunter Valley and later in Watervale and the Clare Valley, the Adelaide Hills and Yarra Valley, Lindeman’s has excellent assets to draw on for unique, outstanding characteristics in these blends. Using fruit from two vineyards for each of its three Regional Series blends – a 2011 Pinot Noir Chardonnay Vintage Cuvee, 2013 Chardonnay and 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon – they’ve crafted wines of great value at just $23 each. The Regional Series Chardonnay is particularly rewarding, being made from fruit from the Hunter Valley and Adelaide Hills. It has rather creamy stonefruit, refined citrus and green apple flavours to the fore, and I would suggest that it is and ideal drop to partner with winter warming pork or veal dishes.



24: Live Another Day Channel 10 May 12

Late night stars continue to quit I must say I’ve enjoyed the first week of Channel Seven’s show ‘House Rules’, which returned last weekend. The show is actually really good, and that’s coming from someone who is not a fan of renovation shows. It seems audiences agree with me with ‘House Rules’ averaging a million viewers each night. I really like Ryan and Candy and hope they do well.

Just a few weeks after David Letterman called it quits on his ‘Late Show’ gig (that ultimately went to Stephen Colbert), Craig Ferguson, who airs after Letterman both here and in the US, has also decided to call it quits. Ferguson will step down from ‘The Late Late Show’ in December. Ferguson has hosted the show since 2005 but his contract expires at year’s end.

Channel Ten will screen the new series of ‘24: Live Another Day’ this Monday, May 12 at 8.45pm. The 12 episode reboot will begin with a two-hour premiere and will be screened six days after the US air it. Kiefer Sutherland will once again front the series.

Now here’s a game show that I’m definitely going to enjoy. The hit A&E series ‘Pawn Stars’ is getting its own spin-off half-hour game show known as ‘Pawnography’. The show will see contestants answer trivia questions that increase in difficulty to win money.

The next series of ‘The Block’, due to air later this year, will be very different from previous seasons. Filming is currently underway in Melbourne, and it’s expected to include a mix of retail fronts and townhouses. Will it be known as ‘The Office Block’, we’ll just have to wait and see!

I’ve seen many people criticise the ratings for the first episode of Chris Lilley’s new offering ‘Jonah From Tonga’ last Wednesday. The premiere episode rated 414,000 viewers, which is very good by ABC standards. I think a lot of fans already viewed it on ABC’s iView app.


Cnr Sunnyholt & Old Windsor Rds, Parklea




NOW OPEN Open 8.30am to 4.30pm

y a D s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; r e h t o M t a e r G s a e d Gift I Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender




crossword 1






ACROSS 1. Shoe part 4. Footwear carton (4,3) 8. Actress, ... Winslet 11. Unworldly 13. Small songbird 15. Breathes sharply 17. Non-verbal yes 18. Beneath 20. Second largest bird 21. Father Xmas 24. Approval (3-2) 27. Managed 28. (Has) started 30. Room within roof 31. Prints 33. Harass with questions 34. Craving for drink 35. I was, you ... 36. Gambling chances 39. Rose bush spikes 42. Telltale 44. Solar body 45. Neck end of mutton 46. Anti-attacker spray 48. Praise 49. Army chaplain 50. Tiny landmass 52. Bolivian capital (2,3) 54. Centres 55. Brave’s trophy 56. Musical composition 57. Foolish 60. Highway 62. Warning cries 65. Perform favour for 67. Vietnamese city 69. Corroborative story 70. Score, ... up 72. Hit high 73. Ascend 75. Set free (3,2) 77. Meadow 79. Metropolitan 81. Self-pride 82. Canonised person 84. Beginning (of illness) 85. Pup 86. Golf-green stroke 87. Takes reprisals for


sudoku 5









































Fill in all squares so each row, column and each of the nine 3 x 3 squares contain all digits from one to nine.










































Last week’s solutions 88. As soon as possible (1,1,1,1) DOWN 1. Immense 2. Follow on 3. Circuit 4. Embroidered 5. Elaborate 6. Student’s studio apartment 7. Bone photo (1-3) 8. Parents & siblings 9. Waltz virtuoso, ... Rieu

10. Receive (salary) 12. Debatable matter 14. Sea-lane markers 16. Saunter 19. Alleviated 22. TV presenter 23. Claws 25. Feeling pain 26. Brook 29. Slum areas 32. See next page (1,1,1) 35. Increased (gap) 37. Actions 38. Plucked (up courage)

40. Auditoriums 41. Fragment 42. Long tales 43. Beyond repair 44. Starchy (manner) 47. Floor show 51. Choux pastry 52. South American animals 53. Walking corpse 54. Detesting 58. Find repugnant 59. Treat (cow hide) 61. Pale-faced

63. Temporarily supplies 64. Garment arm 65. Rectangular 66. Gander’s partner 68. Monastery head 71. Paper fasteners 72. Swelling 74. Jot 76. Pulls along 78. Onto 80. Social insect 83. From the menu, ... carte (1,2)


1 5.00


Friday 9 May 2014 the inner city weekender

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Friday 9 May 2014

the inner city weekender //

Pipped at the post International rugby league figures watch on as Jets beaten 18-16

8.30am to 1pm CHRIS CONNOLLY

ď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ťď&#x201A;Ť SUNDAY

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he NRLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s weekend of representative football provided a window of opportunity for the NSW Cup teams to attract extra fans to the games and the Newtown Jets had a number of senior British rugby league figures in the grandstand at Henson Park on the weekend. Unfortunately they saw the Jets pipped at the post by Manly. England national coach Steve McNamara is also the Sydney Roostersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; assistant coach and he invited English Rugby League CEO and Chairman of the Rugby League International Federation Nigel Wood to the game along with Graeme Thompson from the Scottish Rugby League and Jon Roberts from the English Rugby League. They witnessed a rugged first half with high completion rates on both sides where the only points went to Manly after they charged down a Newtown kick. The Jets started the second half better with tries to debutante Josh Davis and half Arana Taumata taking them to a 10-6 lead in the 58th minute. However, their completion rate fell away as the half went on while the Sea Eagles main-

Jets centre Samisoni Langi struggles with two Manly-Warringah defenders. Photo: Gary Sutherland Photography tained their ball control and intensity, which saw them add two more converted tries, giving them an 18-10 lead as the clock wound down. Then Taumata scored a brilliant individual try in the 77th minute and the conversion narrowed the margin, but 18-16 was the final score.

Jets coach Greg Matterson was disappointed in his teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s last play options and the lack of vision displayed when there were opportunities to run the ball. The Jets play the North Sydney Bears in the first leg of the Frank Hyde Shield at Henson Park this Saturday, May 10. Kickoff is 3pm.

       1 , :


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%(7:((1670$< 7+-81( $1'*2,17+('5$:72


107 Princes Highway ARNCLIFFE

9335 9000

*Available to all customers who purchase a New or Demonstrator Hyundai vehicle from Suttons City Hyundai or Suttons Hyundai Arncliffe between 1st May and 30th June 2014. One entry per customer per vehicle unless registered online at www.suttonshyundai. Offer excludes Fleet and Govt buyers. Please see Dealership for full terms and conditions. LTPS/14/03339. DL033. 2985


Inner City Weekender May 9  
Inner City Weekender May 9  

May 9 edition of the ICW