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January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -1-

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Table of Contents

P. 6 It’s a New Year - New Products

7 Food Fun 8 Alabama 9 Alaska 10 Arizona 11 Arkansas 12 California 14 Colorado 16 Connecticut 17 Delaware 18 Florida 19 Georgia 20 Hawaii 21 Idaho 22 Illinois 23 Indiana 24 Iowa 25 Kansas 28 Kentucky 29 Louisiana 30 Main 31 Maryland 32 Massachusetts 33 Michigan 34 Minnesota 35 Mississippi 36 Missouri

38 Montana 39 Nebraska 40 Nevada 41 New Hampshire 42 New Jersey 43 New Mexico 44 New York 45 Norh Carolina 57 North Dakota 47 Ohio 50 Oklahoma 51 Oregon 52 Pennsylvania 54 Rhode Island 55 South Carolina 57 South Dakota 56 Tennessee 58 Texas 59 Utah 60 Vermont 61 Virginia 62 Washington 63 West Virginia 64 Wisconsin 65 Wyoming

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47 PLACES TO GO: That Are New!


THINGS TO DO: Play in the Snow

67 PEOPLE TO SEE: Winter Wonderettes

The Weekender Extended Magazine is Published Monthly by BarnettPRO Publishing 71 Plymouth St., Plymouth, OH 44865. PHONE/FAX 419-687-0002 Email: info@barnettpro.com Publisher - Michael D. Arnold mike@barnettpro.com Sr. Managing Editor- Kathy Barnett kathy@barnettpro.com Technical Director - Norman Reed Managing Editor : Social Media Norm@weekenderextended.com Places to Go Editor: Sheeree Oney Things to Do Editor: Kandy Derden People to See Editor: Lisa Rhoden editor@weekenderextended.com Visit our Website for event coverage between regular issues at www.WeekenderExtended.com Online Subscriptions are FREE! Submit your name and email address & we’ll also enter it in our monthly drawing for a FREE weekend getaway! Copyright 2019 by BarnettPRO Publishing All rights reserved. Reproductions of any material from this issue is expressly forbidden without permission of the publisher. Advertisements in this publication do not necessarily carry the endorsement of the publishing company.

Cover Photo:

It’s time for some sleigh riding fun in the snow! Want to try something different? See 9 and 41 for information on dog sledding. Among other snow adventures throughout...

Up Close: From the Editor

It’s a new day - a new year - and a NEW issue! With some NEW additions and more to come. I’m not even going to think about making any new year’s resolutions. (I always make the same ones and give up the first week anyway - you know the ones... lose weight / excercise / be more organized and be on time. Forget it. I’m not going there. I’m thinking positive this year and have already begun to implement my “new goals.” I’m hoping this direction will be more effective AND successful. Since the focus of this publication has always been (and always will be) places to go, things to do, and people to see across the U.S. on an extended weekend getaway, we’ve learned many of our readers want something different to do closer to home. For this reason, a major goal we’ve added is book and movie reviews. They will be addressed on a regular basis, as well as our food recipe column by Kandy Derdin, “Food Fun.” Because the single most popular article of 2018 was an interview with a local musician who auditioned for a spot on the ever popular American Idol show, similiar interviews with artists of tomorrow will be addressed. Have you noticed the themed articles of the last few issues representing each state, listed in alphbetical order to make them easier to find? Also notice our table of contents. Now you can click on any listed state of interest and it will take you directly to that page. After reading the article, there are links to click for more information on our website about that state. Since our magazine is only a monthly issue, check back often for updates on the website by map. (home page) We welcome your input. Let us know what topics you would like to see covered. Simply CLICK HERE to submit your comments. Until next month,

Kathy Barnett

January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -5-

Editor’s Picks A New Year / New Products / New Reviews

Premier children and teen subscription styling service, Wee Blessing is pleased to announce the debut launch of its all-family offerings. The brand will expand from its signature children and teen styled boxes, to an assortment of professionally selected offerings for adult women and men. In addition to women and men’s styles, the line will broaden its selections to maternity and plus size options to fit every individual’s styling needs. Whether you are a busy parent, a career professional, or someone who is just excited about exploring new fashion trends, Wee Blessing has a blessing just for you. Prices vary depending on selected brands, exclusively sold online in the U.S. on weeblessing.com.

The Lunchbox is the last lunch box you’ll ever need. It also serves as a backpack perfect for travel or any lightweight outdoor adventures. The Lunchbox features concealed zippers and ballistic nylon making it effectively impossible to pickpocket. It contains an insulated hydration compartment and hidden pockets sized specifically for your phone and any personal belongings. Originally designed for festival goers, the Lunchbox has proven equally effective for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. For the athletes - whether you’re a biker, a runner, or a hiker...these extremely lightweight packs give you the space for everything you’ll need while you chase your final result. For more information, visit www. itsmylunchbox.com/

-6- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

Handmade with quality materials and an eye for style, Tenth Street Hats would be the perfect addition to any seasonal adventures no matter where the destination. It’s no surprise then that Brooklyn Hats, at Tenth Street, maintains a trendy edge, whether the hat style is a fedora, boater, round crown, safari hat, or baseball cap. Shown is the Lacy Brooklyn in black. Like New York, hats offer both a timeless reminder of an era where headwear was the norm while also offering a shimmering glimpse of style’s cutting edge. The Brooklyn Hat Company seems to draw inspiration from its surroundings. They have developed beautifully made hats that are a nod to a throwback era but simultaneously an indication of what is yet to come. https://tenthstreethats.com

Food Fun

By Kandy Derden, Places to Go Editor

The holidays are over and winter has set in. If you don’t already have snow, rest assured, it’s coming! That’s good news for those who like ice skating, skiing, riding snowmobiles, ice fishing, Frosty the snowman, polar bears and penguins. For the rest of us, we long for those famous words: school is cancelled. But what do you do on those really, really long days when you are cooped up inside the house – with the children? Oh, most will sleep in, watch some television and EAT! Looking for something different to serve? The following recipe is one often associated with British tea, but it is truly quite versatile. Even though it takes a while from start to finish due to the time required to let the dough rise, the process is not difficult. All in all, 099021it is something well suited to a snow day. CRUMPETS 1 Tbsp. (2 envelopes) dry yeast ¼ c. very warm water 1 c. milk, scalded 2 Tbsp. sugar 1 tsp. salt 3 Tbsp. butter 1 egg 3 c. flour

paniment to oatmeal or other hot cereal. If my morning gets away from me and I don’t have time to prepare a hot breakfast, I can pull one out of the freezer and toast it for a quick, warm meal. Even though the recipe says to top with butter and jam, I often use apple butter. If you are wanting some protein, add peanut butter. Yum! Sprinkle yeast into water. Set aside. Heat milk. Pour into large bowl and add the sugar, salt and butter. Stir until the butter melts. Add yeast water. Add egg and flour. Beat thoroughly. Cover and let rise for ½ hour. Beat again for 3-4 minutes and let rise ½ hour. Repeat a third time. Now grease a griddle, or use an electric skillet at 350 degrees. Place greased crumpet rings in skillet and fill ½ full with batter. If no rings are available, proceed as though making 4” flapjacks. Cook approximately 3 minutes per side until brown. The batter is very sticky and crumpets will be thick. Split and toast, top with butter and jam. Can be frozen for later use. Rather than wait until 4 PM for high tea, I enjoy them in the morning. They are a great accom-

These are a great comfort food when served with soup, stew or chili. The porous texture allows the melted butter to ooze into every crevice. As an added bonus, they create fewer crumbs than crackers. As a child, when we went out to play in the snow, there was always some sort of warm snack waiting for us when we finally succumbed to the cold and went back inside. It was never anything like scones or crumpets which were considered to be good choices for a ‘proper’ English tea, but we loved to discover what our surprise snack of the day would be. The more I think about it, the more I am looking forward to “All Things Snow” so I will have an excuse to make crumpets!

January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -7-

Let It Snow!

Things to Do: In Alabama

The Hardin Center for Cultural Arts in Gadsden is excited to celebrate the winter months with its “Let It Snow” attraction through January 31. This is the Hardin Center’s seventh year to host Let it Snow. The highlight of the children’s exhibit is an area filled with a material that resembles and feels like real snow. The snow is made of a non-toxic polymer material that feels cool to the touch but won’t get visitors wet. Children can play in the snow,

slide down a snow slide, play in the snow castle bounce house, and slide around in their socks on an ice rink. The snow slide is made from a slick material that competition skiers use during the off season and the ice rink is a polished plastic surface that hockey players use for practice. Let it Snow is primarily designed for younger children, ages toddler through the third grade. Regular all-day admission is $8 per person and includes Imagination Place Children’s Museum, a

-8- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

72′ model railroad of Gadsden in the 1940s, and the Hardin Center’s art exhibitions. Admission is free for Hardin Center members and age under 24 months. All exhibits are open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. Sat. and 1-5 p.m. Sunday. Field trip reservations are still available for schools and groups. For more information call (256) 543-2787, ext. 31 or visit online at www.culturalarts.org. For more articles about Alabama, > CLICK HERE

Things to Do: Dog Sledding

In Alaska

A powerful pack of huskies pulling a speeding dogsled and musher along a snow-packed trail: it’s the quintessential Alaska adventure and one that often fuels the daydreams of travelers. It doesn’t have to be winter to drive a dog sled in Alaska. Get a taste of the one of the north’s greatest adventures in summer too! Summer sun and winter fun unite for a doggone good time. A quick and scenery-packed drive and an equally beautiful helicopter ride gets you on a glacier, where dog teams and drivers await. You can stand on the sled runners and drive the dog team yourself, or sit in the sled’s “basket” and gain an appreciation for the strength of the dog team. Just don’t forget your sunglasses – the handlers will take care of everything else. Local mushers offer kennel tours and training rides year round. Hang with a kennel that has Iditarod bloodlines and mushers who know their trails and tails. Cuddle with puppies - the future Iditarod champs - and get behind a team on your own dogsled adventure. At Salmon Berry Tours, experience Alaska’s glaciers, encounter wildlife, ride a dog sled or play in the mountains. Their fully-guided small group tours include hotel pick up as well as water and

snacks in the touring vehicle. Simply bring your camera and escape into the Real Alaska. Want to drive your own sled? Mush your own Alaskan Husky sled dog team on this unforgettable winter experience! Each two guests will share a traditional sled and dog team of Alaskan Huskies for the 10 kilometer mini expedition! There will be a lead musher guiding and a tail musher following for quality, safety, and comfort during your ride through the private, birch tree lined trails! For the first half of your ride, guide your four-legged team through the snow capped boreal forest with the sounds of barking, paws pounding, and the sled’s runners gliding across the snow. Take a break for photo opportunities with your dog team as they bask in the sun and to alternate from standing to riding on the passenger bench. Experience replicas of several official Iditarod checkpoints and other highlights of “The Last Great Race on Earth” until you cross the burled arch Finish Line! For more information, visit www.salmonberrytours.com/tours/winter-dog-sledding

For More places to go, things to do, and people to see while in Alaska, > CLICK HERE.

January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -9-

Things To Do:


Skiing In Arizona

earching for skiing in Arizona? Look no further than Flagstaff and Arizona Snowbowl Winter Resort. Located less than half an hour from historic downtown Flagstaff, Arizona Snowbowl is the only resort that offers views of the Grand Canyon, which you can see from the top of the Agassiz Chairlift. The ski lifts run up Mt. Humphreys, with a summit elevation of 11,500 feet. Skiers and boarders of all levels can enjoy more than 50 trails, as well as bowl and tree skiing; and a special adaptive program (with optional 2- and 4-hour lessons) gives riders of varying abilities the chance to hit the slopes with confidence. There are also three terrain parks for freestyler who want to hone their skills.

Northern Arizona’s White Mountains can lay claim to Arizona’s other great ski mecca: Sunrise Park Resort. The snow trails are the main attractions here—the area’s 65 runs make it the largest Arizona ski resort. Experts flock to Lupe’s 1,400-foot vertical drop and the multiple black-diamond trails off Cyclone Circle, one of the resort’s three peaks. But Sunrise Park really shines for the intermediate and beginning skier and snowboarder, with long lazy rides like Crown Dancer and Spirit Trail providing plenty of space to work on turns and stops. The ski school offers both group and private lessons and caters to experienced adults as well as younger skiers and beginners. Arizona’s big resorts aren’t the only way to enjoy a winter thrill here. Mount Lemmon Ski Valley, a 22-trail snow park located near Tucson, is the southernmost ski area in the United States. This intimate ski area -10- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

includes a casual indoor restaurant, a fudge shop, and a general store with a gift shop in the small mountain town of Summerhaven. For snowshoeing, snow-bike riding and cross-country skiing adventures, Arizona Nordic Village in Flagstaff offers 25 miles of multi-use trails, as well as ski rentals and lessons if you’re new to the sport. (Note: The Nordic Village does not sell plastic sleds, toboggans or tubes.) You’ll find more backcountry relaxation at Hannagan Meadow Lodge near Alpine. The lodge itself boasts cozy accommodations, but the real attraction is out of doors. Cross-country skiers and snowshoers will love the free trails that start right at the lodge and flow out into the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. Ice fishing, sledding and frequent local events add to the wintertime smorgasbord.

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Winter Wildlife

In Arkansas

ROGERS - Celebrate the Wonders of Winter Wildlife at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area! This special celebration on January 19 will include opportunities to see live birds up-close and learn more about the ways animals survive the winter. Cure your cabin fever with this spectacular winter event, and come say “WOWW!” Activities and crafts for the whole family are available throughout the day. Admission is Free. Hobbs is Arkansas’s largest state park, spanning a 12,054-acre tract of Ozark landscape along the southern shore of Beaver Lake. It’s an asset to the ecosystem and water with minimum human impact. For more information, call the park at 479-789-5000. For an extended weekend visit, discover the museums, art galleries, and fine dining amid architectural treasures and brick-lined streets in this historic downtown area. Explore the most intact Civil War battlefield in the United States at Pea Ridge National Military Park. Experience the inspiring architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright at Crystal Bridges Museum

of American Art. On this same date, take the kids to visit the Walton Arts Center, nearby in Fayetteville, for a special performance of Go, Dog, Go! in the Starr Theatre. From big dogs and little dogs to red, green and blue dogs, dogs going up and dogs going fast…who knew dogs were so busy? This story by P.D. Eastman has been a go-to favorite

for families for over fifty years, leaving audiences of all breeds wagging their tails with delight. Now, Walton Arts Center’s artistic affiliate Trike Theatre, brings the story to life on stage! Featuring a local cast of professional actors, Go, Dog. Go! is full of fun surprises, colorful costumes and bouts of laughter, sharing lessons about diversity, love and individuality. This show is suited best for kids ages four and up. Tickets are $9 for kids and $15 for adults. There are three shows: 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. For more information, visit http://visitrogersarkansas.com

For More About Arkansas... >CLICK HERE January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -11-

Things to Do:

Play in the Sand And Snow Surf in the morning, powder in the afternoon. In California, snow and sand are surprisingly interchangeable—perhaps because they both shine under that same Golden State glow. Call it the second coastline of California: Inviting mountains stretch south along the Sierra Nevada, from the peaks surrounding Lake Tahoe down to Big Bear and Snow Summit in the San Bernardino Mountains. And all of the California ski resorts are a surprisingly quick hop from the fish taco stands and surf shops sprinkled throughout Southern California. “We regularly have guests who surf in the morning before hopping the early flight from San Diego or L.A. to hit the slopes in the afternoon,” says Lauren Burke, the social media manager at Mammoth Mountain in the Eastern Sierras. No doubt, something about that beach culture also translates easily into the higher elevations—and so does that classic California sense of adventure. When Squaw Valley first opened with just one lift in 1949, the owners quickly started lobbying to host a Winter Olympics—and succeeded, getting the mountain ready for the 1960 Games and creating the first Olympic Village. By the ’80s, Squaw and the ski areas around Lake Tahoe became known as the birthplace of the freewheeling “hot-dogging” ski style. The original snowboards, meanwhile, were riffs on both surfboards and skateboards

(called SkiBoards or Snurfers), and the first snowboard halfpipe was carved in 1979 outside Tahoe City, by local boarders who wanted to duplicate the skatepark experience in the snow. At the Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area, the national park takes on a new dimension during the winter season, with 90 miles of marked cross-country skiing trails and 25 miles of groomed track, as well as moonlit snowshoeing tours and decadent winter dining events at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel. For more extreme sports, go fat-tire biking on the snow trails of Northstar, or snow-kiting—a kind of wind-surfing across snow—at Royal Gorge, by Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe area. And across the resorts, après-ski is almost a sport in itself, from the brewery tours around Mammoth Lakes to the High Camp Pool &

-12- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

Hot Tub at Squaw Valley, which offers a variety of dining along with stunning views of Lake Tahoe and beyond from its 8,200feet elevation perch. While there are plenty of world-class athletes on the slopes, California ski resorts tend to have a more laid-back, progressive attitude, and an atmosphere that promotes creativity and individual expression—both on and off the hill, according to Justin Kanton, from Big Bear Mountain Resorts. That kind of freedom is more than just emotionally liberating. “There is certainly something to be said,” says Mountain High spokesman John McColly, “about skiing in a T-shirt and putting on sunscreen instead of second layers.” For more articles on California, >Click Here

January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -13-

Places to Go:

COLORADO SPRINGS – From the world’s first holistic hospitality hotel to remodeled elementary schools and buses, the wonders of the Pikes Peak region are gearing up for a winter full of new experiences, delectable food, pristine mountain trails and even a resurrected Tyrannosaurus rex.


Great Outdoors Adventures – Find new adventures and lesser-known trails by taking an off-road tour with a professional guide. Choose from two- and four-seat side-by-side off-road vehicles to climb Rocky Mountain terrain. Feel like someone straight out of the future in a Polaris Slingshot or put the pedal to the metal on a Fat Bike bicycle. Those looking for a little more self-exploration can rent each vehicle on their own. www.goadventures. org. Pike Ride Bike Share – Colorado Springs’ first bike share program launched in June. Bike sharing is the fastest growing form of transportation in the world, now operating in more than 700 cities globally and more than 70 in the United States. Durable bikes are made publicly available for short-term use through a system of densely located downtown stations. Visitors can purchase 24-hour, weekly or monthly memberships. The bikes are easy to ride with comfortable seats, hand breaks and eight gears. Downtown Colorado Springs is bike

New Winter Wond

friendly, with a variety of designated bike lanes and the Emerald Loop, a trail that encircles the entire downtown area. www.pikeride.org Cheyenne Mountain State Park’s Dixon Trail – After nearly a decade of planning, Colorado Springs’ newest trail to the top of Cheyenne Mountain is open to the public. Mainly constructed by volunteers, the trek navigates 914 meters of elevation gain. The trail’s challenging upper section is only open to hikers due to the steep terrain. Those looking for an easier option can hike, bike or ride horses on a turnaround near the two-mile point. http:// cpw.state.co.us/placestogo/parks/ CheyenneMountain

The Tyrannosaurus rex lives again at the Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience. The original, larger-than-life replica of the toothy reptile was lost (but not rendered extinct) to an electrical fire in March. The prehistoric attraction has installed its new animatronic replica, and it’s ready to roar and delight visitors as they take on the challenge of the adventure ropes course. Learn about a variety of creatures in the museum or head to the walking path to get up close and personal

-14- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

with other animatronic dinosaurs. www.dinoxp.com


SCP Colorado Springs is centered around the concept of holistic hospitality, where guests stay consciously. The first property of its kind in the country provides a range of opportunities for guests to refresh their bodies and souls, to connect with community and to make better choices for the planet. www.scphotel.com Colorado Adventure Hostel is passionate about creating an impactful experience for guests and love to share all the adventure that Colorado Springs has to offer. Each room is themed after Colorado landmarks with colorful murals courtesy of local artists.

ders in Pikes Peak Region

Landscapes include places like The Broadmoor Seven Falls, the Great Sand Dunes and an all-female room with purple mountain backdrops. The site features 66 beds and a 420-friendly room. https://radhostel.com

Food and Drink

Stacked with colorful, fresh ingredients, Smørbrød brings a taste of Scandinavia to the Pikes Peak region. The restaurant is named for the traditional and hearty open-faced sandwich assembled on rugbrød rye bread, often featuring fresh cuts of fish and seafood. Complete this international escape with mead or a Lingonberry Mojito. https://smorbrod.com Lincoln Center - the hottest new kid on the block. This re-developed former elementary school,

built in 1948, houses several tasty tenants like Goat Patch Brewing, Nightingale Bread, Building 3 Coffee Roasters, Tailgate BBQ, Smørbrød and several food trucks throughout the week. Wander the halls without feeling guilty for skipping class. www.lincolncenter-cosprings.com Climb aboard the Local Motive Party Bus or book a Colorado Craft Tour to enjoy an array of local hot spots like distilleries, eateries and of course, microbreweries. Be whisked away on an entertaining afternoon full of new friends, libations and some great history from around the region. www.localmotiveevents.com https://coloradocrafttours.com/ Springs Beer Tours combines the great history of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs with stops at several local breweries. The standard two-hour walking tour can accommodate up to 12 or book a private tour for an extra memorable experience. Those who are more history buff than beer aficionado can book a prohibition tour with no adult beverages at a discounted rate. https:// springsbeertours.com/ The Bench – Head to this upscale sports bar to cheer on favorite sports teams and sip refreshing cocktails and on tap brews. The completely renovated

space offers delicious menu items from a Peanut Butter and Jelly hamburger to an over-the-top brunch with a cheese curd and a grilled cheese “Cheesus and Mary” beverage. www.facebook. com/thebenchcs Streetcar520 – One of downtown’s newest eateries strives to indulge the curious, welcome wanderers and inspire the conversationalist. With walls adorned with colorful goddess murals and a cascading bar chandelier, the globally-inspired menu impresses with everything from fries and curry sauce, to duck confit macaroni and cheese. Wash it down with a creative cocktail featuring absinthe or cachaca. www.streetcar520.com Denver Biscuit Company – Atomic Cowboy – Fat Sully’s – This trio’s newest location boasts one of the best downtown views around. In the a.m., tackle towering biscuit creations smothered in house-made gravy or whipped cream. In the p.m. into the early morning hours, guests can grab a slice of authentic New York City style pizza. Atomic Cowboy rounds out the menu with mimosas, draft beer and a variety of other cocktails. https://denbisco. com/colorado-springs/

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January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -15-

Things to Do:

Mohawk Mountain Skiing on Glow Night CORNWALL - In 1947, Skiing Hall of Fame member, Walt Schoenknecht, created Mohawk Mountain Ski Area amidst the rugged beauty of northwestern Connecticut. In 1948 Walt worked with several local engineers to develop the very first snowmaking system ever used at a resort, the basis for the technology used today, worldwide. Mohawk Mountain has remained a family business and a favorite destination for over 70 years. Join us for our first ever GLOW NIGHT on January 12 from 4 to 10 p.m. On this night, a special The Night Deal will come into place, which will include a night time lift/lesson/rental package for only $49. This ski resort has a summit elevation of 1,600 feet, 25 trails spread out over more than 107 acres of skiable terrain and a 650 foot vertical drop. Lessons begin at 5 and 6:30 p.m., based on instructor availability. Popular with skiers and snowboarders alike, it offers both day and night skiing, a full-service ski shop and on-site dining. We will be having BBQ starting at 4 p.m., free glow sticks and activities for the whole family! For more information, call 860-672-6100 or visit online at www.mohawkmtn.com

-16- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

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January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -17-

Things to Do:

Snow Ski Indoors ORLANDO - Indoor skiing and snowboarding is now available in central Florida all year round. The Winterclub Indoor Ski & Snowboard attraction is better known as the ski resort for those snowbird enthusiasts who prefer to spend their winter in the “warm” country. This state of the art Ski center features two indoor ski slopes plus an interactive panoramic ski simulator. The ski simulator is a breakthrough in modern Winter sports simulation technology. The cutting-edge technology reproduces the sensation of going down a snowwhite slope. The exact match of real physical forces and biomechanics of snow sports allows skiers and snowboarders to experience the same G-force effects that they would in well-carved turns on a real mountain. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this unique indoor ski facility provides you with the same disciplines as on-hill riding within a controlled and safe environment. On the Infinite Slopes, just compare learning effectivness for the Dry slope or snow dome: ten runs of 12 to 18 seconds per booked hour- total time: just 3 minutes WinterClub Indoor skislope:- three runs of ten minutes per booked hourtotal time: 30 minutes State-of-the-art surface encourages you to achieve perfect balance, edge precision, and control of rotation. Interactive Ski & snowboard price is $59 for ages 12 and up.

This is a program for ages 12 and up with all abilities and skill levels. 60 Minutes Session: Over the course of a 60 minute session, each participant will typically spend 30 minutes on the virtual slope. Due the intensity, we use the proven “10 & 10 x 3” method – 10 minutes spent on the virtual slope followed by ten min-

-18- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

utes rest and recovery - times three. Includes Instructor.. Includes boots, skies & snowboards. You may bring your own boots if you wish.

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Things to Do:

Watch a Movie These movies were filmed in Georgia. You can visit some of these locations and get a closer view of the storyline behind each movie. Georgia’s Hollywood of the South is full of must-see filming locations. For more information, visit https://www.choicehotels.com/ georgia/atlanta/movies-filmed-in-atlanta

HANDOUT”Blended,” (2014): The romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore was partly filmed at Lake Lanier, Buford, and Gainesville.

“The Homesman,” (2014): Some key scenes took place in Historic Westville, a living history museum in the tiny southwest Georgia town of Lumpkin.

“Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club,” (2014): The movie starring Nia Long and Amy Smart was shot in and around Atlanta.

“Need for Speed,” (2014): The action film starring Aaron Paul shot in Macon, Braselton, and the 13th Street Bridge in Columbus.

HANDOUT”Sabotage,” (2014): Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the head of a DEA Special Operations Team in this film that was shot in several spots around Georgia including Atlanta, Coweta County and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

For More information on GEORGIA,


January, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -19-

Places to Go:

World’s Best... Winter Vacation The island of Hawaii has been recognized as the number one destination in the world for “Best Winter Vacations” this year, according to travelers and editors of U.S. News & World Report. The youngest and largest of the Hawaiian Islands, the island of Hawaii tops the list of 20 global destinations. In addition, the island of Hawaii has been recognized on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Vacations” lists in multiple categories for “Golf,” “Beach Honeymoon Destination” and “Adventure Vacation.” “Despite an uncharacteristically challenging year of natural occurrences, especially considering Kilauea volcano’s latest lava flow this past summer, this award exemplifies what we’ve been sharing with travelers all along – it’s a great time to visit Hawaii Island,” said Ross Birch, executive director of the Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau. “We’re honored to be recognized, as our island offers diverse experiences for travelers year-round. Seasonally, humpback whale watching is a spectacular draw beginning November. The weather will continue to be warm and favorable throughout the winter months.” -20- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

The island of Hawaii’s diverse climates (we have all but four of the world’s climate zones) and unique landscapes set the backdrop for a multitude of outdoor activities, including hiking, snorkeling, sailing, biking, road-tripping, ziplining, horseback riding, aerial tours and stargazing. Travelers can learn about the destination’s history and culture at five national parks, sites and trails, including the recently re-opened Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With 266 miles of coastline and the most marine conservation districts of all the Hawaiian Islands, visitors can dive right into the warm Pacific Ocean and see marine life that thrive in the protected waters. The “Best Winter Vacations” are part of U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Vacations” rankings. More than 700 destinations worldwide are analyzed using a methodology that combines travelers’ opinions with editor analysis. Each destination is scored in 10 categories, from sights, culture and food to nightlife, adventure and romance, offering a comprehensive evaluation of each destination.

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Things to Do:


Idaho is home to over 7,200 miles of snowmobile trails and terrain, fresh with snow and ready for hours or even days of winter travel. Touted as “one of the best groomed snowmobile trail systems in the world,” Island Park is a snowmobiling destination like none other. With over 950 miles of groomed trails, Island Park offers a wide variety of snowmobiling styles, including boondocking, hill banging, and steep and deep. Follow the basic rules of snowmobiling: don’t ride alone, wear protective equipment, bring adequate supplies, and don’t drink alcohol. If you don’t own a snowmobile, rentals are available from IslandParkRentals.com. the advantage - you don’t have to hassle with pulling a trailer on your winter vacation! The snowmobiles are delivered and picked up. Don’t have all the gear needed? You can rent that too!

Women’s Rally 4 A Reason (Island Park, Idah)o • Held the Midldle weekend in January Check this webisite for spacific dades www.rally4reason.com • 209/558-7390. Highlight: The camaraderie among racers and spectators, and the ride through gorgeous forests. Any snowmobile race aficionado would associate a long-standing cross-country race with a bunch of tough men in a state like Minnesota. So it may be a surprise that there’s a 25-year-old cross-country race, specifically for women, in Idaho. The Old Ladies Race, an Idaho tradition, has a new name and different starting location — but the heart of the event is still the same: a women’s race to raise money for charity.

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What’s New For 2019 The Illinois Office of Tourism is excited to share a variety of amazing new events, attractions and openings around the state in 2019. “Illinois is constantly developing and adding more attractions which encourages visitors to continue coming back to see what’s new every year,” said Cory Jobe, director of the Illinois Office of Tourism. “From the world premiere of Hamilton: The Exhibition to the fastest launch roller coaster in North America, the new year will bring with it several new events, restaurants, places to stay, exhibits to experience and ways to travel throughout the state for both locals and visitors.” Hamilton: The Exhibition April 6: Building on the hugely successful musical “Hamilton,” a new attraction designed to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton is debuting in Chicago. “Hamilton: The Exhibition” is an interactive, oneof-a-kind exhibition that will provide a historical journey into the creation of our country through the lens of one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Chicago Blues Museum April 8: As the birthplace of the modern blues, Chicago will open the city’s new Chicago Blues Museum that will celebrate pioneering artists and generations of musicians that influenced the blues scene and continue to carry on its traditions. Located near Mil-

Alexander Hamilton

lennium Park, the new museum will contain numerous interactive displays, tributes to local legends and Chicago blues memorabilia, as well as a performance lounge and restaurant. Grafton Sky Tour Spring: See Grafton in a whole new way with the city’s unique aerial lift that will open at Aerie’s Resort & Winery along the Great River Road. The Grafton Sky Tour will offer incredible views overlooking the picturesque Mississippi River. The Hoxton Hotel Spring: Located in the Fulton Market District, the branch of London-based Hoxton hotels will open its doors under developer Shapack Partners. The new hotel will stand 11 stories tall, 175 rooms, two levels of office space, ground-floor retail and a luxurious rooftop terrace. In addition, Boka Restaurant

-22- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

Group will open both a restaurant and bar in the hotel. Hyatt House Hotel Summer: Hyatt House Hotel will operate as the first hotel in the Fulton Market district to cater to extended-stay corporate travelers. The 14-story, 167,000 square foot, 200-room development by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill will have an indoor pool, fitness center, bar/lounge and green roof. Maxx Force Roller Coaster Six Flags - Summer: Six Flags Great America in Gurnee will unveil the fastest launch roller coaster in North America, reaching speeds of 78 miles per hour in under two seconds. This incredible record-breaker features the fastest inversion and tallest double inversion of any other coaster in the world. Time Out Market Chicago (Opening in 2019): Time Out Group is set to open the Fulton Market District’s first food hall that will be three stories tall and consist of 16 food counters, three bars, a demo kitchen, event and retail space, and a rooftop deck.

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Paoli Peaks

It’s the 40th season for this southern Indiana winter haven! It’s a great location for veterans as well as first-timers. Activities include skiing, snowboarding and tubing, with equipment rental available onsite. It usually opens around the first of December, depending on when it’s cold enough to make the first snow. With 15 skiing and snowboarding trails for all ages and skill levels and a nine-lane, 700-foot tubing hill, there is something for everyone. Don’t worry about bringing equipment, Paoli Peaks has ski and snowboard rental as well as a ski and snowboard school. There’s also other great family fun in the area. Now that you’ve experienced the snow, it is time to warm up and get wet! Big Splash Adventure in French Lick is a 40,000 square foot indoor water park! Big Splash Adventure has something for everyone in the family. From the Buccaneer Bay splash structure and a plethora of waterslides to the Lost River and Splish Splash Pool, you’re sure to find something to fulfill the level of thrill you’re searching for After you’ve dried off and dined at one of 13

restaurants located at French Lick Resort, why not kick things up a notch at d French Lick-West Baden Indoor Karting. Enjoy the ultimate racing experience in a 65,000 square foot facility with a challenging quarter mile road course, full arcade and large observation area. Peak Resorts is a leader and innovator in the ski industry committed to building an enhanced resort experience. You will find our resorts near mountains, rivers, and lakes including some of the most unforgettable attractions throughout North America. What sets Peak Resorts apart is our passion, determination, and commitment. We pride ourselves on the integrity behind everything that we do and everything that we offer.

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Snow Shoe Races


l ack Hawk County Conservation will once again host the Frosty Buns winter racing series, located in and around Black Hawk County. This race series is comprised of 3 races - Iowa Games Championship Snowshoe Race, Winter Warrior Duathlon, and The Sticky Stride. With this series, we hope to promote outdoor activities and wild spaces right here in our own backyards. All races will take place on public land, taking advantage of both natural and enhanced features that make the Cedar Valley a great place to recreate even in the Winter! On Saturday, Jan. 12, the Championship Snowshoe Race registration begins at 7:45 a.m. at the Hartman Reserve Nature Center in Cedar Falls. The race begins at 9 a.m. A hot meal will be ready to be served to snowshoers after the race ends. On-site entries will be accepted for $32. Pre-registration is preferred at www.iowagames.org. The Winter Warrior Duathlon will be Feb. 2, starting at noon at the Eagle Lodge in Janesville. This race is a duathlon...a combination fat bike and snowshoe race. Race -24- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

individually or as a relay! This race will be held on the soft trails at Ingawanis Woodland. There will be snowshoes available for you to borrow (first come, first served), but they will not have any fat bikes to borrow at the race (Bike Tech and Europa Cycle and Ski does rent fat bikes). The Timing / distance will be a four mile Snowshoe run, followed by an eight mile fat bike course. Transition challenge will be available to shave off some time! Early bird relay cost (before Jan. 23) is $40 while individual is $25. The Sticky Stride race is to be March 2, starting at 8 a.m. It will be held in Cedar Falls at River Hills School. To find more information and to register for each race, please visit https://frostybunsraceseries. weebly.com/

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What’s New in


By Kelli Hilliard TravelKS.com Make plans for a packed itinerary of Kansas adventures in 2019, highlighted by a trek to the unearthly badlands of Little Jerusalem state park. Fan out across the state to the updated Eisenhower Presidential Museum in Abilene, Wichita’s new shipping-container mall, sesquicentennial shindigs, and other road-trip-worthy celebrations and attractions. Much-anticipated Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park near Oakley is expected to open to the public by mid-year. The milelong valley of 100-foot-tall spires and cliffs encompasses the state’s largest Niobrara Chalk formations, which previously had no public access. Trails cross the historic territory that once saw the likes of “Wild Bill” Hickok and “Buffalo Bill” Cody pass through, and today is home to wildlife and plants rarely found anywhere else in the world. Check www. nature.org/littlejerusalem for updates. One of Wichita’s many new additions, the shipping-container mall, Revolutsia, is home to trendy restaurants, salons and boutiques, centered around an outdoor gathering space and fire pit. Using an established building and now-in-vogue shipping containers converted to buildings, the open-air development recently opened in east Wichita.

This spring, paddle the waters of Wichita’s Arkansas River with canoe, kayak and paddleboat rentals from Boats & Bikes. The new boathouse and public dock on downtown’s west river bank also serve as home to the Wichita State University rowing program. Watch for downtown’s under-construction Hilton Garden Inn, featuring a glass-bottom rooftop pool that juts out overtop Douglas Avenue, to open this spring. A Wichita staple, the iconic Nifty Nut House, recently completed its newly-expanded 10,000-square-foot store. And on the city’s north side, the Guinness World Record-holding “largest mural painted by a single artist” is coming to life on the side of a huge grain elevator along I-135. Depicting mem-

-26- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

bers of the Hispanic and African-American neighborhoods reaching out to each other, the mural is an effort to unite races and neighborhoods divided by I-135. Currently under renovation, The Eisenhower Presidential Museum in Abilene will unveil its updated galleries and exhibits during the 75th anniversary D-Day Commemoration June 1-6 at the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum and Boyhood Home. The week-long activities include the Symphony at Sunset Annual D-Day Commemoration Concert by the Salina Symphony, symposiums, guest speakers, all-new exhibit opening and a remembrance ceremony. In Topeka, the $28-million, 106-bed boutique Cyrus Hotel opens in the core of the capital

city early this year. Work begins soon on Ottawa’s Legacy Square project, a downtown outdoor expanse with green space and a covered pavilion, located at the intersection of the Flint Hills Trail State Park and the Prairie Spirit Trail. The goal to complete is fall 2019. Ahead for car enthusiasts: the Midwest Dream Car Collection in Manhattan and Decades of Wheels in Baxter Springs. Manhattan’s 55,000-square-foot Dream Car museum, opening by spring, features an eclectic mix of early roadsters, muscle cars and exotics. Cruise on down to Route 66 in the state’s far southeast corner to Decades of Wheels. When completed in spring, the downtown Baxter Springs complex will include the Café on the Route restaurant (now open), a Route 66-themed arcade, dessert bar, bed and breakfast inn, and the main attraction, the Decades of Wheels museum of collectible cars and

motorcycles, from the early 1900s to the latest. Travelers on Kansas’ 12 scenic or historic byways will see new or upgraded interpretive signs and kiosks at 39 locations, thanks to the recently-completed, $1.4 million Kansas Byways project. The signs and kiosks give visitors a chance to pull off the roads and learn about the beauty and history that surround them. It’s a milestone year for Kansas towns turning 150 years old in 2019. Lindsborg celebrates all year long with Swedish Sesquicentennial fun, highlighted by the July 4-6 “Celebrating the Legacy” party in Swensson Park. Art installation dedications throughout the year include a 10-foot-tall Järnkors (iron cross) in Swensson Park, a series of bronze relief panels depicting Lindsborg’s history at city hall and the addition of a Sesquicentennial Wild Dala to the town-wide herd of uniquely-painted Swedish dala horses.

For its 150th, Coffeyville plans to “Party Like It’s 1869” at a downtown street party June 1, followed by the “150th Gala at the Mansion” in September at the historic Brown Mansion, among other events throughout the year. Abilene hails its roots with a throwback to its cattle-town heydays during Chisholm Trails Days on Labor Day weekend. Belleville packs its Sesquicentennial bash August 16-18 in city park with concerts, a street dance, cowboy church, parade, whole-hog barbecue and kids’ games. --Dodge City broke ground on a 12,000-squarefoot Boot Hill Museum exhibit hall, housing nine new exhibits, a gift shop, covered back patio and a temporary exhibit hall, with completion expected in spring 2020. --Wichita has razed its 84-yearold Lawrence-Dumont Stadium and will replace it with a $75 million stadium that will host a AAA minor league baseball team. Also included in the project: $6 million for riverfront renovations, including a new pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River. Proposed stadium completion date is March 2020. --Work begins soon on downtown Topeka’s Evergy Plaza. The 45,000-square-foot gathering space, scheduled to open in March 2020, will feature a performance stage, digital screen and water features.

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In Kentucky KICC - Louisville Paristown Pointe Louisville – Paristown Pointe, a neighborhood established in the 1800’s, is set to receive a $28 million renovation that will transform it into an arts and culture district. Ground was broken in Sept. 2017 and officials expect it to be completed in the summer of 2019. http://paristownpointe.com/ KICC Located at the center of Louisville’s bustling downtown, the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC) is showing off it’s $207 million renovation and expansion, making it a top tier convention center and a mustsee business hub. This means the potential of downtown businesses growing by an estimated 25%, and employing approximately 150 people. For the visitor experience, KICC means close proximity to more than 6,000 hotel rooms and dozens of fine dining and casual restaurants as well as walking distance to a vast array of museums, distilleries, gift shops and other attractions, KICC is truly at the center of it all! Bulleit Distilling Company Opened a Shelby County distillery in March 2017. It has the latest technologyin warehousing and distillation, including enhancements that help conserve and reuse resources, resulting in improved efficiency and less impact on the environment. The

next step is to begin construction on an environmentally-conscious 11,570 sq. ft. Visitor’s Center, which will include interactive educational experiences, tasting area and a gift shop anticipated to open in 2019. https://www.bulleit.com/

renovate and revitalize the historic former coal mining town of Stearns, also home of the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. The project will include construction of a restaurant and reconstruction of a theater. Historic Stearns Coal & Lumbe

Heaven Hill Distillery (Expansion), Bardstown – Plans have been announced for a renovation, expansion and rebrand of the current Bourbon Heritage Center, part of a multi-year $65 million investment plan to expand production capacity in Bardstown. In addition to the visitor center expansion, Heaven Hill will also be adding production capacity with new barrel warehousing, bottling line and equipment upgrades, and increased holdings of aging Bourbon Whiskey. https://www.heavenhill.com/home Stearns Revitalization – Grants totaling $1.1 million have been awarded to

Rupp Arena and the Lexington Center Lexington – A $241 million renovation of Rupp Arena and the Lexington Center is planned with work beginning in August 2018. It will include a new exterior and seating for Rupp Arena. The exhibit and ballroom space in the Lexington Center will increased. In addition, a $30 million, 10-acre park will be developed nearby. Work is anticipated to be completed in late 2021. http://www.lexingtoncenter. com/

-28- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

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Ready for Winter? Snow Reports Have Begun

AUGUSTA— With the official start of winter just arriving, Maine has already received historic snowfall in the mountains. Most ski resorts and centers are open and anticipate a great 2018/2019 season, as do the snowmobilers who will enjoy the 14,000 miles of interconnected, groomed trails throughout the state. The Maine Office of Tourism’s weekly snow reports, sent in collaboration with Ski Maine Association and the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA), will kick off January 2, 2019.

For those looking for more leisurely outdoor activities, ice fishing combines the sport of fishing with relaxation, allowing participants to sit back and take in the surrounding serenity and beauty. There are also a number of great ice-skating rinks dotting the state. Because Maine is known to embrace the winter months, there are a number of annual holiday, skiing and snowmobiling events, along with a list of can’t miss events from the U.S. Toboggan National Championships to Flavors of Freeport. And, for adults 21+, there are carved ice bars serving up beverages in different regions in the state throughout the season.

According to Director of Tourism, Steve Lyons, the reports will be distributed each Wednesday throughout the winter season. “The reports will include snow conditions for For those who want to avoid the chilly the ski resorts and centers and snowmobile weather and bundling up, they can seek out trails, as well as events and activities to encour- everything from indoor farmers’ markets to age visitors and residents to take advantage of cozying up by the fireplace at a B&B or inn. all winter has to offer,” says Lyons. The snow reports, released each Wednesday Maine’s annual average snowfall of more throughout the season, will be posted on Visitthan 200 inches also creates incredible opporMaine.com, where visitors can also find infortunity for other outdoor recreation, including mation on other winter activities and events. snowshoeing, and for the more adventurous, People enjoying the Maine winter are encourdog sledding. Oceanfront hiking trails remain aged to share their photos on social media warmer in the winter thanks to the circulating using #MaineWinter. waters of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving them perFor more information on Maine fect for wintry exploration.

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Let’s Eat!

Maryland Restaurants Planning an extended weekend getaway during Winter Restaurant Weeks and Food Festivals is a sure way to obtain that warm cozy feeling in Winter months. From picking crabs at a table to haute cuisine, Maryland has that and everything in between. Many communities and their local restaurants sponsor a week-long experience so that you can eat to your heart’s content - at a great price. In coordination with the Restaurant Association of Maryland, here are events for January:

Little Italy Meatball Festival - Features a buffet of pasta, meatballs (of course), salad and dessert. Each “competing meatball” can be sampled. This popular event is family friendly. Sun., Jan. 20, 2019 from 3-6pm. Baltimore County Restaurant Week - Baltimore County Restaurant Week is one of the County’s most anticipated biannual events. Jan.18 - Feb. 2, 2019. Baltimore City Restaurant Week - More than 55 restaurants offer twocourse brunch and lunch

menus ranging from $12-20 and three course dinner menus ranging from $20-$35 from Jan. 11-20, 2019. Howard County Restaurant Week - Enjoy participating restaurants throughout the County that participate in this bi-annual 15 day celebration of the local culinary scene from Jan. 21-Feb. 4, 2019. Harford County Restaurant Week - Restaurant week returns to the County. Delicious dining options at participating restaurants are offered at various prices. Jan. 18-27, 2019 Bethesda Restaurant Week - Bethesda’s restaurants create special offerings for their prix fixe menus. Every type of budget is accommodated. Your

food photos could win too. Bethesda Magazine will choose winning food photos from those entered with #BmagRW in the caption and tag @BethesdaMag in the photo. Jan. 11-20, 2019 Berlin Restaurant Week Berlin Main Street features a number of dining establishments and lots of great surprises during the annual restaurant week.

Jan. 7-11, 2019.

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Snow Skiing With a dozen ski areas to choose from, there are exciting downhill options for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Are you new to the sport? Bring a friend and take a lesson! Many ski areas also offer snow tubing, cross country, snowshoeing, and the ever popular après-ski experience. Grab your thermals, head for the slopes, and revel in the fun of winter. Here are our choices: BERKSHIRE EAST Originally called “Thunder Mountain”, Berkshire East is no joke. It has the steepest expert terrain and longest beginner trails south of Vermont. For more information, visit https://berkshireeast. com/ BLANDFORD Blandford proves that bigger isn’t always better by making the most of their small space. Skiiers and riders will enjoy two summit areas and plenty of trails, and beginners will get a kick out of Blandford’s unique bunny hill. Under new ownership. https:// skiblandford.com/

JIMINY PEAK A full-service resort, like the big guys up North. It’s the perfect place to spend a weekend. Fantastic condos, great snowmaking, and three terrain parks for skier and boarders make this one of the best ski resorts in Massachusetts. Beat the crowds and take advantage of some of the best night skiing in the East by getting a twilight pass that runs from 3 - 10pm. https://www. jiminypeak.com/

-32- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

WACHUSETT In Algonquin, Wachusett means “The Great Hill”, and many would agree. This is a legitimate mid-sized mountain, with 8 lifts, 100% snowmaking coverage, and the #1 NASTAR ski racing program in New England. You know what you won’t find at just any ski resort? Hot waffles! Ski right up to the Waffle Cabin and get yourself a freshly made treat. https://www.wachusett.com/

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More Skiing Ski all areas across Michigan with help from the Michigan Snowsports Industries Association Learn to downhill ski or snowboard for $35, cross-country ski for $20! The expiration date for this offer is: January 31, 2018 During the month of January, 24 ski areas across the state offer an affordable introduction to the sport of skiing and snowboarding. Discover Michigan Skiing includes a beginner lesson, ski or snowboard rental equipment and a beginner-area ski lift pass or cross-country trail pass. Now, there’s no excuse—it’s time to Discover Michigan Skiing! Learn to cross-country skiing for $20, downhill or snowboarding for just $35. Make a reservation at the ski area of your choice. For a list of participating ski resorts in Michigan, visit online at https:// www.goskimichigan.com/discover-michigan-skiing/ Everyone who completes the Discover Michigan Skiing program will receive a packet of ski information in the mail next fall, including a coupon valid for $20 off the purchase of $100 or more in ski-related merchandise at the participating MSIA retail ski shops also listed on the website.

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Fat Bike at Cuyuna The now-dormant iron ore mines at Cuyuna were once the region’s main economic engine, and in a roundabout way, they still are. Although the mines closed for good in 1984, something unexpected happened. The mines were reborn as mountain bike trails and, once again, they beckoned people to Cuyuna. Mountain biking, and the tourism dollars that come along with it, has transformed the entire Cuyuna Lakes area. According to a survey from the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew, around 25,000 people ride the trails every year, bringing about $2 million of economic activity with them. Pretty impressive for a town of around 300 people. The trails are busiest during summer, but according to Emily Smoak—another Minneapolis-based rider—winter is her favorite time of year to ride. “It’s funny how you might think the best weather is warmer weather, but it’s not,” she says, describing a recent trip to Cuyuna. “I think the perfect weather would be 24 degrees and crisp blue skies.” More than 25 miles of Cuyuna’s flowing, mixed-difficulty singletrack trails are “groomed” for winter fat biking. If it’s your first time riding a fat bike on groomed trails, check out the beginner-friendly Galloping Goose Trail before testing your skills elsewhere. Formerly known as “Easy Street,” this

6-mile loop around Huntington Mine Lake is the perfect introduction for riders still getting familiar with the sport. More advanced riders often prefer the higher-difficulty trails found in the Yawkey Trail Unit, including the fan favorite, Bobsled. One of the most popular and talked-about trails at Cuyuna, Bobsled starts with a short but steep climb up the ridge overlooking Yawkey Mine Lake. Stop to take in the view from the top, then follow the trail into the woods for a breakneck-paced, berm-filled, adrenaline-fueled rocket ride back down to the bottom. Ride this trail with a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and you won’t have any doubts about how Bobsled earned its name. White-knuckled trails like Bobsled are outliers, though, according

-34- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

to Crosby resident Patrick Stoffel. “I’d say about 80 percent of the trail system is pretty family friendly, and there isn’t really any way to accidentally ride a skill level you’re not ready for. It’s pretty clearly marked.” And Stoffel would know. Together with his wife Julie McGinnis, Stoffel co-owns the Red Raven Bike Shop & Cafe in downtown Crosby, which means helping new riders enjoy the trails is practically baked into his job description. Like many other businesses in Crosby, Red Raven opened within the last 5 years, during the winter of 2015. In most four-season towns, it ranks somewhere between unusual and impossible for a bike shop to open in the middle of January.

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In the Winter

From prime hunting experiences, to a chance to enjoy scrumptious in-season oysters on the Gulf Coast, you are sure to be satisfied with your Mississippi winter experience. Here are a few of our choices: Mid-South Ice House, Olive Branch Winter is the perfect time to grab a pair of skates and hit the ice at the Mid-South Ice House in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Book a birthday party or skate with Santa and the Ice House’s very own polar bear, “Crush.” Or skip the skates and sit by the cozy fireplace with a mug of hot cocoa and enjoy their free WiFi. Check for open public skate dates or make reservations! Desporte & Sons Seafood, Biloxi You can get fresh oysters year-round on the Gulf Coast but the Mississippi oyster season peaks in the cold winter months. Gulf oysters are known for being plump and rich with a mild, naturally salty flavor. Desporte & Sons Seafood is a Biloxi market prized by locals for their excellent selection. Whether you like your oysters raw, charbroiled, or fried, grab a sack and invite over some friends for a great meal.

Top of the Hops Beer Festival, Biloxi If you love craft beer, this fest is for you. This annual celebration of craft beer takes place in January at the Biloxi Coast Coliseum. Attendees get their own commemorative mug and can sample over 150 different beers while enjoying live music and seminars such as “Cooking With Beer and Food Pairings.” Tallahatchie Hunts, Tallahatchie County According to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, Mississippi has an estimated 1.75 million whitetail deer, making it a top stop for deer hunters. Whether you’ve never hunted before or you’re an old pro, consider a guided hunt such as the ones offered by Tallahatchie Hunts. They track and manage their deer herds across 8,000 acres of farmland, forest, and swamp in Tallahatchie County, and their guides offer more than 50 years of hunting experience to help you bag a buck you’ll be proud of.

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Polar Plunge Tubing

POLAR PLUNGE TUBING OFFERS THRILLS, EXCITEMENT AND WINTER FUN! Snow tubing is just like sledding, but better! No sleds required- we provide each rider with special tubes that are fast, safe and comfortable. No skills required and anyone can participate! Simply grab a snow tube and experience a thrilling day of fast-paced runs down our specialty designed tubing lanes. Polar Plunge has convenient and easy to use conveyors to take you and your tube back to the top so you can get the most out of your day! It is a great way to beat the winter blues and

experience the snow in a new way.

A FEW RULES: No age limits; however, all riders must be able to sit TUBING IS JUST $26 PER alone in their own tube. PERSON (ALL AGES) FOR One person per tube only A 3 HOUR SESSION! THIS – linking is allowed. INCLUDES EVERYTHING The tickets are for 3 hour YOU NEED - TUBE RENTsessions. AL, LIFT & LOADS OF FUN! Tickets are sold 15 minutes POLAR PLUNGE TUBbefore the session begins. ING OFFERS: Session times aren’t schedState-of-the-art SMI snow- uled - simply purchase your making fan guns to keep the ticket when you arrive and lanes in great conditions that’s your session start time! 2 walk-on conveyor lifts to take you and your tube to the top of the hill. For more places to Snack bar that offers go, things to do and a great selection of food, people to see in Misdrinks and snacks. souri Bonfires to warm up riders >Click here. on quick breaks.

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Places to Go:

in Montana Montana is a perfect place to try a variety of winter sports. There is snowboarding, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing and more. From beginners to trained athletes, here are some of the best ways to feel like you’re going for a podium finish in Big Sky Country. WHITEFISH - Renowned globally as a top ski town, Whitefish offers the experience of living like a winter competitor. Beautiful, rustic-style lodges, cozy coffee houses, local breweries and distilleries, unique shops, and exceptional dining are just a few of the highlights that can be enjoyed against the backdrop of snow blanketed peaks. Start the day with breakfast at the local Swift Creek Café. Spend the day on the mountain, trail, ice, or just relaxing in town. After dinner, enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate from Montana Coffee Traders while strolling the festive streets with a view of Whitefish Mountain Resort’s slopes illuminated against the night sky.

bowl is the place. U.S.A. freestyle ski team member and Missoula native, Darian Stevens, credits Snowbowl with her first skiing experience and her most memorable powder moments. Located outside the university town of Missoula, Snowbowl is a winter enthusiasts dream. Those not daring enough to jump, enjoy the thrilling Snowbowl Cup Gelande Championship each February; where ski jumpers from across the country test their skills at jumps of up to 200-feet. To refuel after jumping, stop by The Last Run for Snowbowl’s renowned wood fired pizza.

a number of beginner slopes while seasoned snowboarders can test their skill on jumps, rails, and wall rides of the resort’s extreme course, Rodeo. This winter playground is the perfect spot to test and hone skills while feeling like you’re on your very own competing course.

ICE SKATING OR HOCKEY Practice your gold winning moves on the ice at the outdoor Woodland Ice Center in Kalispell. Skate the night away at this family-friendly spot, which is perfect for après nights. In addition to hosting a number of local hockey games, all are encouraged to SNOWBOARDING - Located on lace up their skates and shoot a few the Continental Divide in the small pucks of their own. Skaters can do community of Marysville, just 35 their best competitive impression as miles northwest of Helena, Great they glide across the ice under the Divide is the perfect place for snow- bright Montana stars. This is an oldboarders to try out their best tricks. style skate experience and winter fun Known as “Montana’s Terrain Park for the entire family. Place,” Great Divide offers six unique terrain parks ranging in difficulty and For more places to go, MONTANA SNOWBOWL - If style, from quick turns among wood- things to do, and people you’re a skier looking for adrenaline ed runs to large jumps and rails. Be- to see in Montana > CLICK HERE and radical jumps, Montana Snow- ginners can practice their skills on -38- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

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ake an exhilarating snowmobile ride to some of the best views of Lake Tahoe! Off the beaten path and far into the woods is where the best powder rests, and where ambitious travelers thrive. A number of snowmobiling tour operators will take you on the adventure of a lifetime in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area up in the Sierra Mountains. Cruise through open meadows and over spectacular peaks. Crisp fresh mountain air blowing in your face while rushing between the pine and aspen trees? Unforgettable. Snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe is a thrilling backcountry

adventure combined with a high-speed ride and snowy alpine scenery. There are a handful of tour options in the Lake Tahoe area. Sierra Adventures offer tours for whatever kind of thrill you’re looking for. Mountain Lake Adventures is another tour company with a variety of tour options suitable for any need or any level! Full-throttle sledding will take your Reno Tahoe experience to the next level. What are you waiting for? In addition to snowmobiling, there are many other snow activities in the Reno Tahoe area. For more information, visit www.visitrenotahoe.com

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The New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development (DTTD) is anticipating more than 2.5 million overnight travelers will visit New Hampshire this winter spending more than $1.1 billion. DTTD’s winter travel projections mark approximately 3-percent increases in both visitation and spending compared to last winter. DTTD unveiled its winter marketing plan, along with the forecast, during a winter kickoff event hosted by Ski New Hampshire at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester. “The Division’s advertising and promotional efforts shine a spotlight on what makes New Hampshire the region’s premier travel destination,” said Victoria Cimino, director of the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development. “In winter, the Granite State’s array

of outdoor recreation opportunities—highlighted by the state’s tremendous skiing—as well as an emerging dining scene and taxfree shopping, sets the state apart from the competition.” Ski New Hampshire, the organization that works to promote New Hampshire as the top ski destination in the region, hosted its first Ski 603 Winter Kickoff event to showcase the Granite State’s variety of options for skiing and snowboarding. More than 20 New Hampshire resorts participated in the event, which featured 14 New Hampshire breweries, distilleries and wineries. For the 2019 winter season, DTTD will continue to focus on markets in northeast Canada, New York and the New England region. DTTD’s creative features skiing, family fun and snowmobiling as core winter activities, as

well as après ski activities and offslope adventures such as snowshoeing, dining and shopping. Explore www.visitnh.gov for New Hampshire winter inspiration, including Dogsledding. Dogsledding isn’t just a thrill reserved for Iditarod mushers. The ride of your life awaits in New Hampshire behind a sure-footed team of sled dogs. These welltrained canines love to pull, and their joyful barks as they bound over the snow will remind you of how refreshing it feels to let go. Your everyday grind will fade from your mind as you watch the winter world fly by. If you’ve always wanted to try dogsledding, bundle up and head to New Hampshire this winter. Our dogsledding outfitters offer a variety of adventures, from introductory outings for adults and children as young as 3 to halfday clinics that include mushing instruction and the chance to take the reigns and drive a team. Really and truly despise the cold? Sled dogs need to stay fit all year long, so rolling dogsled rides are an option when the snow is gone. Contact these New Hampshire providers for pricing, details, and reservations. Bartlett Inn, Bartlett Barking Brook Sled Dog Adventures, Bridgewater Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel, Jefferson Valley Snow Dogz, Campton For more on New Hampshire


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New Jersey New Jersey offers a variety of outdoor activities to keep you busy this winter, so try one of these fun activities.

1. Enjoy the mountain lifestyle at a luxurious ski resort. New Jersey is home to the popular Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon. With over 167 acres of skiable terrain, Mountain Creek spans four peaks with vertical heights reaching 1,040 feet. Known for its massive terrain park, the venue offers something for everyone, including first rate dining, nightlife, spas, tubing, ski lessons for the kids and an alpine coaster. After a day on the slopes, unwind in a steaming hot tub overlooking the snow, and make a weekend out of it by staying onsite at The Appalachian, Black Creek Sanctuary or mountaintop cabins. 2. Get a thrill by tubing down the slopes. Campgaw Mountain, located in Mahwah, is New Jersey’s other great option for fast-paced tubing. Grab your inner tube, fly down the hill and then enjoy a leisurely ride back up the hill to enjoy the ride all over again. Stay nearby at Homewood Suites by Hilton Mahwah to enjoy a whole weekend of snow tubing, skiing and snowboarding for all levels. 3. Enjoy some solitude on cross-country skis. If cross-country skiing is more your style, check out the High Point Cross Country Ski Center in Sussex, which features acres of trails that scenically weave through alpine lakes, beautiful vistas and snow covered trees. Book a room at nearby High Point Country Inn in Wantage, located on 7 acres of beautiful countryside and conveniently located to High Point State Park and the Appalachian Trail. -42- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

4. Explore the trails on snowshoes. Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the great outdoors when the trail is covered in snow. With very little equipment needed, the snowshoes can be easily rented at any major outdoor store and outfitter. Some of the best snowshoeing trails throughout the state include the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland. Allamuchy Mountain State Park in Andover also offers beautiful scenery for snowshoeing. 5. Spend the day outdoors sledding. Sledding is a classic family favorite winter sport and can be enjoyed all over the state. Pick up a plastic disk or a classic sled and head to any of New Jersey’s park and recreation areas. Hopatcong State Park (Landing) is a favorite the whole family can enjoy, and when you stay at the nearby Courtyard Rockaway Mt. Arlington, you can warm up afterwards in the indoor pool and hot tub.

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Angel Fire Resort Angel Fire Resort began in 1966, as a small ski destination in Northern New Mexico. Today, this four-season resort offers a memorable Rocky Mountain experience for families, outdoor enthusiasts and groups. The resort is located 8,600-feet above sea level in the Southern Rockies and has views of Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico. Averaging 210 inches of snow annually, Angel Fire Resort is known as the most family-friendly resort in the southwest. The ideal learning environment is here for those new to skiing and snowboarding, as well as offering the best groomed black diamond slopes for the experts. Angel Fire Resort features 80 trails, 7 lifts, 3 terrain parks and a vertical drop of 2,077 feet. Liberation Park, one of Angel Fire’s most recently redesigned areas, creates New Mexico’s first terrain park with dedicated chairlift access. In winter, visitors can enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding, Night Skiing and Snowboarding, Tubing and Sledding, Nordic Skiing, Snow Blades, Après style Lodging and Dining. Free shuttle service is offered between the Lodge and the Nordic Center at the Country Club for added convenience. Lodging isn’t limited to hotels. Angel Fire Property Services provides home & condo rentals to accommodate families of all sizes SKI SCHOOL Whether this is your first time on snow or your first time at Angel Fire Resort, we’ve got a lesson for you! Packages for children & adults that include rentals, lift tickets, and a lesson. Angel Fire Snowbear Camp also provides daycare for children from 1-3 years old. DINING Angel Fire hosts restaurants for all appetites right here on property. If you’re craving some fresh Mexican food, check out El Jefe’s right next to the Chile Express. Legends Grill offers a variety of comfort food dinner options including Homemade Chicken Fried Steak, Fish & Chips and a variety of gourmet Burgers as well as a full bar. For morning coffee, check out The Lift Cafe which proudly brews Starbucks Coffee & light breakfast meals! If you’re looking for an easy breakfast or to get in a quick meal between laps, check out The Village Haus or The Summit Haus.

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Après-Ski in the Catskills

Whether you’re a certified ski bunny or just down to get cozy, New York State’s Catskill Mountains have what you need to après-ski. If you’re not familiar with the French term, it translates to “after ski” and describes all the fun social activities that take place after hitting the slopes. From refueling at a farm-to-table restaurant to celebrating the number of runs you crushed that day at a local pub to unwinding with a soothing massage, there’s no wrong way to après-ski.

For the Beer Lover: Taphouse Grille With daily specials like 50cent wings, $12 burger & brew, $2 pints, and a Bloody Mary bar, it’s no surprise that Taphouse Grille has become a hotspot amongst millennial shredders. New York-style ales, stouts, and seasonal brews are on tap, and there’s a full bar as well as gastropub-style food on offer. One of the Taphouse’s main attractions is something of a secret:, knock on the bookcase located in the bar and you’ll find yourself in a Gatsby-style speakeasy lounge. The leather sofas and relaxing atmosphere pair perfectly with that well-deserved nightcap. Dining in the Mountains Millrock Restaurant Millrock Restaurant, located on Main Street in Windham, NY has quickly become a go-to for the après-ski crowd. Hearty pastas, fresh seafood, savory meats, and locally sourced ingredients are on the menu. The brick-oven fire

and open-air kitchen allow you to witness the art of cooking, though you may be distracted by the striking mountain views just outside the window. Whether you’re having a romantic date night, a family celebration, or refueling with your ski pals, you can’t go wrong with Millrock.

fun right at the ski resorts you’re visiting. At its Adventure Park, Windham has six lanes of snowtubing (until 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and until 4 pm on Sundays), ice skating (until 8 pm), and a kids snowmobile experience where they can drive their own vehicle around an oval track.

For the Spa Seeker: Alpine Spa at Windham Mountain Go from slopes to massage table in no time. And speaking of time, you won’t have to miss out on many runs if you select an express spa treatment, such as a 30-minute massage or facial. There’s also a sauna, steam room and yoga classes.

Zipline Canopy Tours Hunter Mountain is home to the state’s largest snowtubing park (until 8 pm on Saturdays and until 5 pm on Sundays). On Friday and Saturday evenings at Hunter, you can schedule a tour to ride along on a Snowcat as you learn about grooming and snowmaking (ages 13+). For something a little less traditional in the winter, try the largest, fastest, and highest zipline in North America at New York Zipline Canopy Tours.

For Families Windham Mountain Adventure Park. Windham Mountain If your crew is finished skiing but wants to stay in the fresh mountain air, there are plenty of options to continue the winter

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Destinations RALEIGH — The partial federal government shutdown might force travelers to adjust their plans, but North Carolina offers a wealth of places for winter camping, experiencing nature and exploring history. Here are the federal sites impacted by the government shutdown and alternatives that remain open.

Campgrounds Find a campground at a North Carolina State Park at northcarolinastateparks.reserveamerica. com. From the reserveamerica. com homepage, you can launch a search by location to find private campgrounds as well. According to last update of the real-time conditions map, many sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway were closed because of weather conditions. Along sections that remain passable, federal visitor centers, comfort stations and other attractions staffed by the National Park Service are closed. State parks along the parkway — including Stone Mountain and Mount Mitchell — are not affected by the shutdown. Chimney Rock and Grandfather Mountain, signature off-the-Parkway attractions, are open as weather permits.

Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail Most sites on the hiking and driving trail are accessible unless conditions force closure.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Park facilities are closed, though scenic U.S. 441 is open to traffic. Outdoor experiences in the Smokies and nearby ranges can be found through travel bureaus. The seashore itself remains open, and all parking areas are accessible. Off-road vehicle ramps are open, though new ORV permits are not being issued. Island Express Ferry Service, the seashore’s official concessionaire, is unaffected by the shutdown. Transportation to Shackleford Banks, home of a herd of wild ponies, and the Cape Lookout Lighthouse area is available unless the weather dictates otherwise. Appalachian Trail All sections of the trail are accessible, though services provided by the National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service are unavailable. Find details at appalachiantrail. org.

National Forests Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests, Pisgah’s Cradle of Forestry and other facilities staffed by the U.S. Forest Service are closed, but roads through the vast mountain forestlands remain open. In the southern mountains, hikers and mountain bikers might opt for Gorges State Park or DuPont State Recreational Forest, and outfitters can help adventurers with Nantahala Gorge excursions. Uwharrie National Forest remains accessible, though facilities staffed by the U.S. Forest Service are closed at the 51,000acre expanse in central North Carolina. Morrow Mountain State Park affords land, lake and river recreation, and the North Carolina Zoo sits on the opposite side of the forest. At coastal Croatan National Forest, facilities staffed by the U.S Forest Service are closed, though roads remain open. As an alternative to this forest of longleaf pine, evergreen-shrub bogs and wetlands, Goose Creek State Park in Washington provides a similar backdrop and recreation options.

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Alternative Destinatons: Continued National historic sites Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in Flat Rock is closed. For a literary fix, Asheville is home to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, the rambling Victorian boarding house known as Dixieland in “Look Homeward, Angel.” Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is closed, though access is possible through the adjacent Greensboro Country Park. Moores Creek National Battlefield, whose entrance is gated, is closed. For a pre-Revolutionary War battlefield experience, the Alamance Battleground State Historic Site in Burlington interprets events from 1771. Fort Raleigh National Historic Site site is closed, though the lovely Elizabethan Gardens remains open. In the heart of Manteo, Roanoke Island Festival Park

examines the history of America’s first English settlers with a representative 16th-century sailing ship, an American Indian Town, a settlement site and a museum. Wright Brothers National Memorial is closed, but visitors can connect with the namesake aviators’ airborne adventure at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Hang gliding and kite flying are among the available activities, and Kitty Hawk Kites offers a soaring experience on a replica of the 1902 Wright Brothers glider. Wildlife refuges The 11 federal wildlife refuges in North Carolina are all closed. State parks and properties within the North Carolina Coastal Reserve provide another way to experience many of the species protected on the federal sites. Here’s a general geographic rundown:

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The Outer Banks (Alligator River, Currituck, Mackay Island and Pea Island wildlife refuges) is home to Currituck Banks Estuarine Research Reserve, Kitty Hawk Woods and Buxton Woods. The Central Coast (Cedar Island and Swan Quarter wildlife refuges) is home to the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve and Hammocks Beach State Park. Inner coast (Mattamuskeet, Pocosin Lakes, Roanoke River and Great Dismal Swamp wildlife refuges) is home to Dismal Swamp State Park and the Emily and Richard Preyer Buckridge Coastal Reserve. In the Piedmont, the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge is near Morrow Mountain State Park.

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Enter a New Dimension

SANDUSKY – Virtual reality is the hottest topic in the family entertainment industry today. Ghostly Manor’s new virtual reality attraction will be installed and available to guests very, very soon! Hologate VR brings advanced graphic technology and immersion with a small footprint that will fit just about anywhere. This 4-player mini attraction takes up less than 300-square-feet. The open-air layout allows spectators to see the players and take in the action on the monitors above the playing space. When players put on the VR headset, they are immediately transported to a new world; a new reality. Depending on the game selected, they either work together or compete head-to-head for the high score. The intense graphics on the 90fps headset make every motion feel real; no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness. “We’re very excited about this new venture!” said Laura Criscione, co-owner and wife of owner Billy Criscione, of their new level of immersive entertainment.

She added that the winter months are a great time to schedule birthday parties at Ghostly Manor since it is cold outside and families need a warm place to get their energy out. “We would like to include a special discount Weekender Extended readers,” offered Laura. Until May 1, Ghostly Manor is offering 25% OFF a FRIDAY BIRTHDAY PARTY this Winter or Spring. Guests don’t even need to mess with printing a coupon. “All they have to do is mention the Weekender Winter Birthday Discount,” Laura added. Family nights are also back. Every Wednesday from 4-8 p.m., bring the whole family in to enjoy the bounce houses, jungle gym and skating for only $5 per person. Your choice of roller skates, scooter or roller blade rental plus pizza and pop are included! For more information, visit www. ghostlymanor.com.

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Pl a c es to G o

O hi o Stat W

inter in Ohio is one of the most beautiful times to explore a state park during an organized winter hike. Each year the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) invites outdoor enthusiasts and hiking beginners alike to join in the fun on a winter hike. Embrace the season and plan your next trip in Ohio with this list of winter hikes. Mohican State Park, Loudonville - Take advantage of scheduled winter hikes on Jan. 13, Feb. 16, or explore the 25 miles of trails on your own. Warm up afterwards at the cozy lodge or stay in a cabin overnight! Click Here for more information. Hocking Hills State Park, Logan - Take advantage of two organized hikes this winter at Hocking Hills State Park on Jan. 19 and Feb. 9. Most years, hikers can enjoy amazing frozen ice formations covering the natural landscape. Click Here for more information. Shawnee State Park, Portsmouth - Near the banks of the Ohio River in the Appalachian foothills, Shawnee State Park becomes a picturesque winter landscape for hikers. Several events are scheduled throughout the year including a Girls Weekend, at the Shawnee Lodge. Click Here for more information. Punderson State Park, Newbury - Winter Hike scheduled for Jan. 5 at 10 a.m. Click here for more information.

Click here for more information.

Pymatuning State Park, Andover - Winter Hike scheduled for Jan. 12 at 10 a.m. Click here for more information.

Lake Loramie State Park, Minster - Winter Hike scheduled for Jan. 19 at 1 p.m. Come back in May for the Spring Campout. Activities will include a Fishing Derby, hikes and more! Click here for more information. Jefferson Lake State Park, Richmond - Winter Hike scheduled for Jan. 26 at 10 a.m. Click here for more information.

West Branch State Park, Ravenna - Winter Hike scheduled for Jan. 13 at 10 a.m.

Wingfoot Lake State Park, Mogadore - Winter Hike scheduled for Jan. 27 at 10 a.m. Click here for more information.

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te Park Hikes

Findley State Park, Wellington - Winter Hike scheduled for Feb. 2 at 10 a.m. Click here for more information. Beaver Creek State Park, East Liverpool - Winter Hike scheduled for Feb. 9 at 10 a.m. Click here for more information. Portage Lakes State Park, Akron - Winter Hike scheduled for Feb. 16 at 2 p.m. Click here for more information.

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Tulsa Zoo to See Snow Leopards

There is plenty to see at the Tulsa Zoo during the winter months. Watch over a dozen black-footed African penguins waddle their way around a state-of-the-art habitat while visiting the worldclass penguin exhibit. Afterwards, make your way through the zoo to gaze upon the adorable snow leopards and their cubs. Snow leopards are specially adapted for mountain life: Meet our snow leopard cubs, Kavi, Amir and Zahra. This birth was in conjunction with the snow leopard SSP ®, or the Species Survival Plan, which manages species in Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA)-accredited zoos across the nation. Ranging in mountainous areas of Central Asia from Afghanistan to Kazakstan and Russia to northern India and China, snow leopards are listed as endangered due to poaching and habitat loss. The trio is being raised by their mom, Sherab, who has taken wonderful care of her cubs. The cubs have received excellent care from Sherab, but they have remained

behind-the-scenes due to health issues. All three cubs were born with congenital abnormalities in their eyelids, which resulted in incomplete eyelid formation. These abnormalities left their eyes more vulnerable to trauma or other damage. To correct these abnormalities, the zoo enlisted the help of Dr. Jonathon Pucket, a veterinary ophthalmologist. Dr. Pucket performed corrective surgeries to give the cubs more functional eyelids. The surgeries were a success, so each cub now has properly functioning eyelids. To ensure their safety and wellbeing, Kavi, Amir and Zahra remained behind-the-scenes with mom, Sherab, for their first few months as they received constant care and monitoring. The cubs have continued to receive specialized care and they were able to explore the public outdoor portion of their habitat recently. Staff closely observed the cubs as they navigated this new space. The trio did great and staff determined that they could spend more time in this portion of their

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habitat, allowing guests to have a chance to see these important ambassadors. The cubs are still in the process of healing, so you may notice differences in their eyes. The appearance of their eyes may change over time, but this is all part of the healing process. Animal Health and Animal Care staffs will continue to closely monitor the cubs. Kavi, Amir and Zahra now live within The Lost Kingdom exhibit complex, at The Hardesty Snow Leopard habitat. Lost Kingdom is the new home for ambassadors of some of Asia’s rarest and most elusive species, including Malayan tigers, snow leopards, Chinese alligators, siamangs, binturongs and Komodo dragons. Thisexhibit provides the zoo’s snow leopards a state-of-the-art enclosure, while allowing guests to see the endangered animals up-close. Learn more at https://tulsazoo.org/

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Things to Do: Winter Getaway

Mt. Hood Territory


t. Hood is home to three incredible and diverse ski resorts. Timberline Lodge & Ski Area is the only ski-in, ski-out lodge in the state. Mt. Hood Meadows offers more than 2,150 acres of skiing and Mt. Hood Skibowl has the largest night skiing terrain in the United States. Conveniently located near Portland International Airport, you can ski, enjoy a beer at a craft brewery, spend the night in a mountain resort, follow snowshoe trails through old growth forests and experience what makes Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory a truly special place. Each ski season, resorts on Mt. Hood upgrade and improve their visitor experience. Here’s what’s new this winter: Mt. Hood Skibowl has been busy this offseason with a number of improvements. They expanded their night ski terrain with the addition of two new lit runs, bringing the total to 36. The new lights allow visitors to ski from the top of Upper Bowl all the way to the bottom of the hill. They also increased their snowmaking ability with a new system that allows making snow when temperatures are above freezing. They have also expanded snowmaking capacity farther up the mountain on Lower Bowl, helping the resort build a base of snow in two locations now. Skibowl purchased a new winch snow grooming machine, which will allow workers to groom even the steeps of Upper Bowl for the first time. And thanks to a parking lot enlargement, they increased capacity by 150 spots. To better manage crowds during peak ski season, Mt. Hood Meadows has implemented a new ticket pricing system similar to how airline ticket pricing works. During off-peak days, Meadows will drop ticket prices with the goal of enticing people to ski

during those times, helping alleviate congestion. .o make sure the runs are in perfect condition, Mt. Hood Meadows purchased a pair of new snow grooming machines. These are added to an already impressive fleet of grooming equipment and will be used for general grooming, as well as for designing and maintaining features in the terrain parks. As a National Historic Landmark, Timberline Lodge & Ski Area is still being used for its original intent – a magnificent ski lodge and mountain retreat for all to enjoy. The resort’s operator recently purchased the Summit Ski Area, the second-oldest continually operating ski area in the United States. Summit is located below Timberline in the town of Government Camp, and workers are remodeling Summit’s interior while holding on to the single-chairlift operation’s family-friendly, affordable vibe. Summit is an ideal location to get the basics of skiing or snowboarding down before heading up to more challenging runs at Timberline.

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What’s New? The first culinary incubators began in the late 20th century inspired by technical incubators. With the growing celebrity status of Food Channel stars, young chefs are eager to open their first restaurant. That’s not an easy road with the increasing competition. Equipment costs are through the roof and the odds of a bank making a loan to an untried chef rank about the same as winning Powerball. That’s the beauty of incubators. Two young navy veterans, Ben Mantica and Tyler Benson, saw an opportunity. They founded Galley Group and opened Pittsburgh’s first culinary incubator in December of 2015. Since it was located just off Smallman St. in the Strip District they named it Smallman Galley. It is a 6,000-square-foot space with a large seating area. To the rear there are four separate kitchens and a central bar area. The four kitchens are identical in design but each chef adds touches unique to him or her in their spaces. Each chef has a different theme and style for their food. The one point all agree on is sourcing local food. They choose communal seating. You go to the kitchen area and see what each chef offers when you


A Food L

place an order. They then text you when it is ready. Tyler and Ben modeled the area on visits to food halls during their navy days. These food markets, usually overseas but now starting up in the states, feature local food vendors and artisans. Tyler commented, “They might have 10 or 20 venders. Food is really high quality. Everybody is sitting together. They are really lively places.” Tyler explained the reasoning behind the Smallman Galley model, “We felt this was something that was needed in Pittsburgh. Our talented chefs didn’t come here to learn how to cook. They came to learn how to run a busi-

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ness.” When I first visited Pittsburgh, the first batch of chefs was working hard there. Each chef earned their spot through competition with a judged cook off. The winners, Stephen Eldridge, Jessica Lewis, Rafael Vencio, and Jacqueline Wardle, had their own rent free kitchen for 18 months. They did everything it would take to run a small restaurant with no worries about overhead. They also got business and management training so they know what to expect when they launch their own restaurants. In return, Smallman Galley got a 30% return on their sales and a 10% interest in possible future restaurants these chefs might launch. Ben gave us some of the building’s history. “It was once a tomato processing plant where the tomatoes came in there,” pointing out the wide doors, “They canned the tomatoes in the basement. Then before we took it over, it was Headquarters Night Club.” He continued with improve-


Lovers’ Newest Trend ments they made, “The roof was dropped to just above my head. We stripped it down and some of the ceiling looked great.” He pointed to a vintage tin stamped ceiling painted black. “The bar was the original one.” He pointed to the antique bar against an aged brick wall running the entire length of the building. “The walls were covered with black plywood.” The bar, owned by Smallman Galley partially funds Smallman Galley. We sampled one of their specials from each of the chefs. Chef Jacqueline Wardle, operating Josephine’s Toast, provided toast with cherry tomatoes and homemade ricotta for an appetizer. Much of her concept is based on her memories of her grandmother who loved serving special kinds of toast. Chef Stephen Eldridge, who operates Provision PGH, specializes in hamburger. His are not your mama’s burgers. They were served with heirloom tomatoes; tomato and pickled onion; cashew-tomato vinaigrette; green tomato jam. Chef Jessica Lewis leans towards vegetarian’s specials. Her Carota Café puts vegetables in the starring role. She doesn’t distain meat but it takes a minor part in her dishes such as the horseradish gnocchi served pierogie-style. Chef Rafael Vencio’s Aubergine Bistro draws on his travels. Classic French, American and his

own Philippine roots are behind his choices. He offered eggy pasta with Swiss chard and basil butter that was a crowd pleaser. Smallman Galley was such a success the two navy guys did a repeat performance. The new incubator is Federal Galley and like their original, Smallman Galley, Federal Galley opened December 2107 has four restaurant kitchens and a full bar. I visited and found some old faces in the new kitchens. Provision PGH that I first enjoyed at Smallman Galley is now here with Stephen Eldridge and wife, Susan Cope. Not only are they bringing their famous burger to Federal Galley. Plus they also occupy another of the kitchen with a new concept, El Lugar which serves Traditional Mexican foods fused to less traditional ingredients such as Bloody Mary ceviche, corned beef tongue tacos, and green chile enchiladas. “I grew uo in Phoenix and traveled Mexico. My wife traveled a lot n Mexico. It’s food that is knd of a passion of mine. We make our own tortillas every day.” Some new faces are aboard. Detroit natives Kristen Calverley and Nate Peck operate Michigan & Trumbull. They’re introducing Detroit-style deep-dish pizza to the Burgh. Nate told us “When I moved here in 2012, I started looking for pizza like I had in Detroit. I bought a lot of pans and started experimenting. I want-

ed it to be not so plain.” He also told us “I make everything from scratch.” Another newby is Supper run by Vincent Perri. Supper is offering New American Cuisine, including a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Vincent told us his aim is, “To have something for everyone. My personal choice was Michigan & Trumbull pizza. His dough is very light and the toppings are unusual, not just the regular pepperoni or sausage. My Packard Pepperoni Pizza was topped with not only an excellent pepperoni, but pickled peppers and hot honey. The chunky tomato sauce sat atop the generous mozzarella cheese instead of under. You would have to taste it to appreciate the blend of taste. I sampled some of the Duck Fries from Supper and a tasty salad from Provision PGH. Dessert was the Double olate Mousse Cake topped with apricot jam and pickled cherry with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. The bar here is the equal of the one in Smallman Galley if a more modern version. It’s no surprise that the dynamic duo of Ben Mantica and Tyler Benson have big plans. They will be branching out to open similar incubators in Cleveland and Detroit soon. For more articles on Pennsylvania,

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Places to Go:

Cross-Country Skiing

When the cold comes and the snow fills Rhode Island woods and meadows, cross-country skiers emerge to drink in nature’s frigid beauty in a variety of places across the state, slipping silently through blankets of shimmery white. Goddard Park, a sprawling state facility in Warwick and East Greenwich, draws thousands of visitors a year, mostly in summer but many in winter, with skiers traversing the park’s nearly 500 acres comprised of massive lawns, meadows and fields, where they can glide along paths and through woods amid dozens of deciduous and evergreen species of trees, can catch glimpses of Greenwich Cove and Greenwich Bay. Northern Rhode Island is the chilliest place in the state, and a great spot to ski the woods is Pulaski Park in Glocester, in the Rhode Island

State Park system and a beauty, boasting 10 miles of groomed ski trails. The park is located within the 4,000-acre George Washington Management Area and one of the state’s most popular places to cross-country ski. Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln is another very popular and pristine place to cross-country ski, with a myriad of wooded trails and wideopen meadows to traverse. At the park’s core is the 128-acre Olney Pond, itself a popular place for skiing and ice fishing; Lincoln Woods is one of three state park sites routinely tested for safe ice conditions. Urban skiing is also an option. In Providence, that includes the wide woody median of Blackstone Boulevard on the city’s East Side, a popular pedestrian ramble any time of the year. Also in the city is India Point Park by Route 195

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with gorgeous water and skyline views, and Roger Williams Park, a massive public spread with many places to ski, including by the park’s picturesque pond. One pretty place is the Cumberland Public Library located on the site of the Monastery of Our Lady of the Valley with a wide variety of beautiful trails criss-crossing the 480 acres. The trails can be confusing; download a map at the library’s site and ski knowingly and safely. At the southern end of the state is the Francis C. Carter Memorial Preserve, an 841-acre holding of The Nature Conservancy, with a variety of trails of varying length through beautiful landscapes, rocky woods and open meadows. The preserve is a key link in an 11-mile chain of protected open spaces and a lovely place no matter the season.

Another great option are the many bike paths scattered throughout the state, generally flat and taking very little snow to cover them and make them skiable. They include the Blackstone River Greenway, an 11.8mile trail from Woonsocket to the outskirts of Pawtucket; the East Bay Bike Path, 14 miles from Providence to Bristol; and the Ten Mile River Greenway, a short scenic trail from East Providence to Pawtucket. Golf courses seem a perfect place for cross-country skiing – and they are, but always call or stop in first to ask for permission. So with these options and so many more, you will find no shortage of places in Rhode Island to get the heart pounding and the blood flowing to keep warm even on the coldest days.sions.org.

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What’s New

In Summerville SUMMERVILLE, S.C., (Newswire.com) - Georgia-based Stars and Strikes recently announced the Grand Opening Party for their brand-new Summerville, South Carolina location. The Summerville location is Stars and Strikes’ thirteenth location and their first in the state of South Carolina. The company has invested over $7 million in the new facility, creating over 100 jobs. The 57,000 square foot facility located at 4570 Ladson Road houses 24 bowling lanes, 8 of which are VIP lanes in the signature Main St Lounge. In addition to bowling, Stars and Strikes features a 7,000+ square foot arcade that is home to over 100 popular video and redemption games. The expansive arcade includes a prize store where players can browse for prizes that can be purchased with game prize tickets. The facility also encompasses a two-story laser tag arena, bumper cars, the 7/10 Grille restaurant and a large full-service bar surrounded by big screen TVs for sports viewing. Stars and Strikes fills a need for premiere event space in Summerville, with private party rooms, and an upscale corporate event room that seats 200 with a full, private bar. The Main St Lounge features VIP bowling lanes in an upscale setting that is ideal for corporate and group events of all sizes. “Opening the first Stars and Strikes in South Carolina is a milestone for our company. Summerville’s large population of close-knit families makes the city an ideal location for us,” said Chris Albano, managing partner and co-founder of Stars and Strikes. “Stars and Strikes is known in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee as the ultimate destination for family fun. We will extend this reputation to the

greater Charleston area. There is truly something for everyone at Stars and Strikes.” Open business hours are 10 a.m. to midnight on Mon. - Thur, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Fri., 9 a.m. - 2 a.m. Sat., and 9 a.m. -midnight Sun. Different specials everyday make it easier than ever to have fun with your friends and family at an affordable price. For more information, visit https://www.starsandstrikes.com/locations/ summerville/

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What’s New

In Franklin Tennessee


n top of the legendary whiskey and history that Mic.com noted when it named Franklin one of the ‘27 Best Places to Travel in 2019,’ a number of new hotels and attractions will be opening across Franklin, as well as the return of some of the southeast’s largest and most popular festivals. Seven New Hotels Seven new hotels, totaling over 1,000 additional rooms, will open in Franklin in 2019 including The Harpeth, a Curio Collection by Hilton property along Franklin’s iconic Main Street. The Harpeth will be a four-diamond, 119-room luxury hotel with a gourmet chef-led restaurant, spa, whiskey-focused bar, and walkability to Main Street. Carter House Visitor Center The Carter House, one of three historic museums on the battlefield of the Civil War’s Battle of Franklin, will open a new visitor center in 2019. Similar to its sister property, Carnton, the Carter House visitor center will feature a museum and orientation center. Leiper’s Fork Winery Leiper’s Fork Winery comes from the minds of Eric and Samantha Coghlan, who began their winemaking in California at the Coghlan Vineyard in 2008 and now have brought their award-winning wines and minimalist farming approach to Leiper’s Fork. -56- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

231 Public Square & Ruby Sunshine Newly renovated 231 Public Square is a mixeduse development on the square along downtown Franklin’s iconic Main Street. 231 Public Square will feature the first location of the restaurant Ruby Sunshine - a new concept from New Orlean’s famed The Ruby Slipper Cafe, along with locally owned boutique shops and a rooftop restaurant and bar. Franklin’s Iconic Main Street Festivals America’s Favorite Main Street, which runs through the heart of downtown Franklin, is the site of three annual festivals each year. The springtime Main Street Festival returns April 27-28. Each has been going on for over 30 years and have grown to be some of the largest in the southeast, attracting over 150,000 patrons annually to experience their unique offerings of music, southern charm, and a breath of fresh air and community spirit. Studio Tenn Season Continues Franklin’s professional theatre company Studio Tenn continues its 18-19 season with performances of an original production Always… Patsy Cline, a legacy series performance The Sinatra Series: A Tribute to Ol’ Blue Eyes, and the season finale of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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Places To Go: Frostival

FARGO - Embrace winter Jan. 25-26 with outdoor events like snow golf, cross-country skiing, ice skating and family friendly events. North of Normal games in Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead, include snow golf, kickball tournament, “Ice Bowl” disc golf, Norseman and Norsewoman Challenge, cardboard sled race and volleyball tournament. Friday night’s opening kickoff offers a variety of free activities in downtown Fargo, including carriage rides, s’mores, cocoa cook-off and a live performance by Boomtown in a giant heated

tent. Saturday, Base Camp is our Frostival Fargo location, providing a homebase for Frostival-goers all day long. Activities here include a beer garden, live music by Two Way Crossing, Frosty Cup, Undie Run and more. West Fargo location is the Kids’ Winter Boot Camp. Kids will be able to participate in cookie decorating, crafts, science projects, inflatables and more. In Moorhead, Frozen Fortress provides activities for the whole family. Taking place at the Hjemkomst Center on First Avenue North, events include an

all-day chili feed, snow sculptures, snowga, dance attack and more. Hours are: Fri. 4 - 10 p.m. and Sat. 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. For more informa-

tion, visit http://frostival.com/

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groomed trails on the Black Hills Snowmobile Trail, which ranks in the top 10 places to ride in North America. Most of the 1.2-million-acre Black Hills National Forest permits snowmobiling, but the enhanced trail system gives the Black Hills a national prominence. At 6,000 feet, trails develop a five-foot snow pack each winter, carrying you through snowy pine forests and deep into canyons that lead to summit lookouts or untracked meadows and play areas with top-notch powder-floating. With warming shelters, gas stops, local service and expert guides, the snowmobiling support in South Dakota is hard to match. With more than 1,500 miles of trails, statewide, we’re one of the nation’s top snowmobiling destinations. There are 350 miles of marked, mapped and

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Places to Go:

ROSENBERG - Grab your sweater and gloves and join us for a day of winter fun! Have we got a day planned for you! LOTS of snow, our wellknown trains roaring by, and fantastic festival fun! This annual festival makes sure that their visitors have a chance to play in the snow each winter season. On January 20, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum transforms into a snowy oasis complete with games, prizes, hands-on crafts, and of course plenty of SNOW! Come enjoy a day of Museum tours, snow play areas, face painting, a bounce house, trackless train rides, model train exhibits and more. Food and drinks will be available for purchase at the event. General admission is $8 per person. All net proceeds from this fundraising event benefit museum operations. Tracy Hobdy, executive director of the museum said, “We couldn’t do all this without all of our wonderful volunteers and sponsors.” For more information, visit online at http://www. rosenbergrrmuseum.org/winter-fest/. -58- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

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Places to Go:

Ski City SALT LAKE CITY – What’s new in Ski City, a.k.a. Salt Lake, this winter? In a word, plenty, from a bevy of new restaurants and bars to the 50th birthday of the Natural History Museum of Utah to Broadway’s Wicked at the Eccles Theater. There’s a groundbreaking new hotel at Alta and concerts by Kelly Clarkson and P!nk. Four of North America’s true “bucket list” resorts—Alta, Brighton, Snowbird and Solitude—are just a forty minute drive from the bakeries, bars and brewpubs of downtown. Ski City is where you can have a different adventure every day. Here’s what’s on deck this winter. DINING: Post Office Place is owned by, and next door to, the wildly popular Takashi. Ostensibly a bar where diners can cradle cocktails and ease the inevitable wait for a table at Takashi, this minimalist lair also serves small tapas plates with Japanese and Peruvian flavored food from Chef Tommy Nguyen. 16 W Market Street. London Belle Supper Club is named after a fabled Salt Lake madame, and Chef Matthew Anderson serves an inventive menu that ranges from Crispy Tumeric Cauliflower to a Quinoa Chickpea Burger and Bison Short Ribs. 321 S. Main Street. The Daily offer soups, sandwiches and a full line of baked goods. This breakfast and lunch spot is the latest eatery from Chef

Ryan Lowder and company, the folks responsible for Copper Onion, Copper Common and Copper Kitchen. 222 Main Street. Campos Roastery is an Australian coffee roaster located in the heart of downtown, with a full range of coffees and teas, as well as a breakfast and lunch menu. 228 Edison Street. Tsunami Restaurant and Sushi Bar features fresh fish from around the world flown in daily, focusing on serving fish that is seasonally available to ensure freshness and quality. The original Tsunami in Sugar House allows for a great day on the slopes followed by excellent, fresh sushi. 2223 S. Highland Drive. ACCOMODATIONS: Opening in January 2019, the new Snowpine Lodge at Alta Ski Area will offer 58 luxurious rooms and suites, many with balconies featuring views of the surrounding canyon. All guest rooms feature premium bedding, flatscreen TVs, complimentary WiFi, slippers and robes, mini-bar and safe. In a nod to Alta’s past, there will also be 19 traditional dorm-style bunk rooms. Swen’s Restaurant will feature regionally sourced American cuisine, with floor-to-ceiling windows, an open-display kitchen and a mix of private and communal tables. The Gulch Pub is a casual eatery in the new lodge aimed at the après ski crowd, with a full-service bar featuring a selection of comfort

food, crafted cocktails, beer and wines. The Nest is a game room to keep kids busy après ski. The Stillwell Spa will feature six treatment rooms, an indoor grotto, steam room, sauna, oxygen bar, women’s and men’s lockers and relaxation room. There is also a heated outdoor pool and two jetted spas, a 24-hour fitness center and a yoga studio. The resort will provide complimentary transfers between Alta and neighboring Snowbird. The first true luxury resort hotel in Alta, Snowpine Lodge will offer ski-in/ski-out access with the simultaneous opening of the adjacent Snowpine ski lift. Winter rates at The Snowpine Lodge will start at $329. ENTERTAINMENT The Natural History Museum of Utah is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, and this year’s blockbuster show is Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, through May 27, 2019. This winter at the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Theater , Ski City’s downtown cultural centerpiece, Wicked runs Jan. 30 March 3, Tengyue Zhang appears on February 22, Howard Jones Acoustic Trio Tour on March 21 and Buddy Guy on March 30. At Abravanel Hall, the Utah Symphony presents Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique Feb. 1- 2. On Feb. 15 - 16, it’s Lerner and Loewe’s My Fair Lady with the Utah Symphony. For more in Utah > CLICK HERE

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Things to Do:

Ice Fishing

On Saturday, January 26, 2019 is Vermont’s next free ice fishing day - a day when anyone, resident or nonresident, may go fishing in Vermont without a fishing license. Come to the FREE Ice Fishing Festival at Knight Point State Park in North Hero! Vermont Fish & Wildlife staff will be there to help everyone, young and old, learn how to enjoy this unique and popular type of fishing. This year from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Fish & Wildlife staff and Let’s Go Fishing volunteers will help new ice anglers learn the basics of winter ice fishing with stations including: • Ice Fishing Gear Explained • Hole Drilling Demos • Tip-up Techniques • Using a Rod and Jig • Ice Safety • Fish Identification and Regulations Explained • Knot-tying Know-how and tackle craft Plus enjoy a fish fry and cocoa (bring your own mug if you can)! Warming huts will be available to keep you comfortable. Bring your own ice fishing equipment or you can borrow ours.

Pre-register now to avoid long lines at registration and get in the “fast pass” lane for ice fishing at https://www.register-ed.com/events/view/132707. Fish & Wildlife Seminars are meant to expand upon the knowledge of hunters, trappers, anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who wants more information about pertinent topics in Fish & Wildlife. Seminars are open to the public, but be sure to read the detailed description for more information and if there are any requirements before registering. Check out these fishing clinics that are open to people of all ages and levels of experience, including those who are completely new to fishing. For Ice fishing, participants will learn about fishing regulations and techniques, fish identification, ice safety and more! Equipment will be provided, but participants should dress for the weather as the program will take place outside. Programs last 2.5 to 3 hours. Registration is required for all programs and can be completed by calling 802-265-2279 or email-

-60- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

ing letsgofishing@vermont. gov. Location details will be given upon registering. Introduction to Walleye Fishing 9 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 19 Chittenden Reservoir, Chittenden, VT Introduction to Ice Fishing 8:30 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 2 Dewey’s Pond, Quechee VT This clinic, sponsored by the Hartford Parks & Rec Department, will run in conjunction with their Youth Ice Fishing Derby. The clinic is open to people of all ages, making this a great way for families to learn how to fish together. Ice Fishing for Panfish 10 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 3 Shelburne Pond, Shelburne VT Introduction to Ice Fishing 2 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 5 Lake Bomoseen, Castleton VT

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People To See

HAMPTON - The Wonderettes are back! This seasonal celebration finds the girls entertaining at the annual Harper’s Hardware Holiday Party. When Santa turns up missing, they use their talent and creative ingenuity to save the holiday party! Featuring great 60s versions of holiday classics such as “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” “Run, Rudolph, Run,” and “Winter Wonderland,” the result is, of course, marvelous! Showcasing festive costumes, stellar voices, and fantastic vocal arrangements, Winter Wonderettes is a terrific way to continue

the yuletide celebration into the New Year! This energetic and glittering holiday package is guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. Event Dates at The American Theatre: Friday, Jan 11, 2019 • 8:00 pm Saturday, Jan 12, 2019• 8:00 pm Sunday, Jan 13, 2019• 2:00 pm Tickets are $35 per person and available at www.ticketmaster.com For more information visit www. hamptonarts.net/events For more information on Places to Go, Things to Do, and People to See in Virginia,


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For the 2019 Winter season, the Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park is open for night skiing every Wednesday through Saturday night, through March 2nd. MEAD - Night skiing begins at 3:30 p.m. and runs until 9:30 p.m. That’s a total of six hours of skiing & riding under the lights! What’s even better than that is the fact that you can slide for six hours, under the lights, for just $22 bucks! A full-service cafeteria is open late, as well as adult beverage service in the Lounge. Live bands play on most Saturday nights. -62- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ January, 2019

If you haven’t experienced night skiing yet, come check it out! It’s a one-of-a-kind skiing experience. Grab your friends and come on up for night skiing at Mt. Spokane! Want to bring a group up for night skiing? Sports teams, church groups, work colleagues, friends, and family are all welcome to come up and enjoy the snow under the lights. Set up a one night visit or a multi-week program. Call 509-238-2220 ext 0 or email brenda@mtspokane.com to find out more info about bringing a group up. For updates on weather, Call The Snow Line At: (509)-443-1397. For more articles on Washington, > CLICK HERE

Places to Go

Cannan Valley Resort

DAVIS – Canaan Valley Resort‘s ski area is open for the season. Skiers will be greeted by 10 downhill runs and trails ranging from beginner to advanced levels, including the 1¼-mile-long Timber Trail. “We can always count on our mountain staff to give its best effort, and our snowmaking capacity has been a priority for the past few years,” said Steve Drumheller, general manager of the resort in West Virginia’s Potomac Highlands. “When Mother Nature cooperates like it has recently, we are able to offer a terrific early-season skiing experience.” The Ski Area will be open daily through March 17. The resort’s tube park – one of the longest in the mid-Atlantic region – and ice skating rink is open as well.

Best in Snow

For the past two years the resort has swept the ski site Liftopia’s “Best in Snow” awards for the Southeast region of the U.S. The ski website named Canaan Valley Resort tops in the Beginner Friendly, Most Challenging, Family Friendly, Best Snow Quality, Least Crowded and Best Value categories. The ski area was also named one of the top five ski resorts in America by World Property Journal. Canaan Valley Resort Ski Area is in the highest mountain valley to the east of the Rocky Mountains and is known for breathtaking views of the mountainous region. The ski resort has a summit elevation of 4,280 feet above sea level, 91 skiable acres, four lifts – one quad, two triples and two magic carpets – a terrain park and ski school. With 47 trails and slopes,

the Critters Crawl beginner and ski school for private and group lessons – including adaptive skiing – Canaan Valley Resort Ski Area offers a memorable winter adventure for every skier and snowboarder. The resort also offers a tube park with as many as 12 tube lanes, ice skating rink and cross-country skiing. Canaan Valley Resort is approximately three hours from Pittsburgh, 2½ hours from Washington, D.C. and 2¾ hours from Charleston, W. Va. To reserve accommodations, visit www.canaanresort.com or call 1-800-622-4121. For more places to go, things to do, and people to see in West Virginia > CLICK HERE

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Things to Do:

In the Snow MADISON – There’s no time to be cold with events this hot. Wisconsin offers endless festivals, fairs, seasonal celebrations and activities when the temperature drops. Whether indoors or out, Wisconsin has something for everyone, so bundle up and join the fun. From the 75th Annual Holiday Folk Fair International, to the 2019 World Ice Snow Sailing Championship, and the annual Droppin’ of the Carp–yes, you heard it right— there’s enough to keep you occupied all season long. Be sure to plan your skiing or snowmobiling trip around the season’s snowfall using the Travel Wisconsin Snow Conditions Report.

St. Germain Arctic Warrior Race – St. Germain – Jan.

12. Tap into your inner warrior at this exciting outdoor obstacle course. Sign up for the 5K or 10K courses to tackle brand new heart-pumping obstacles like the tire shuffle and the snow hill climb. Enlist your friends and family in the Obstacle Course Team Challengeor enroll your little warriors in the kid-friendly Little Arctic Warrior snowshoe race. 715-477-2205; www.st-germain.com

AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby

– Eagle River – Jan. 18-20 Rev your engines for the world snowmobile championship, also

known as the “Indianapolis 500 of Snowmobile Racing.” Considered the largest and most prestigious snowmobile competition in the sport, it is sure to attract the best snowmobilers in the country. 715479-4424; www.derbytrack.com

Winter Free Fishing Weekend – Statewide – Jan. 19-20

There’s no hook—fishing is free in Wisconsin this weekend. Fish anywhere in the state without a license or trout stamp for one weekend only. Other fishing rules apply, such as limits on the number and size of fish you can keep. 608-266-2272; .dnr.wi.gov

Lake Superior Ice Festival – Superior – Jan. 25-27

Brrr-ing your family to one of the “coolest” festivals in Wisconsin. The Lake Superior Ice Festival

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is a family-friendly fest that brings the community together for threedays jam-packed with fun. Come for beautiful ice sculptures, a craft fair and live music. Stay for the highly competitive pond hockey tournament, and the wildly-popular snow slide. “Chill” with ice princesses in the funfilled Kids Zone and don’t miss the ice racing events and fireworks on Saturday. 800-942-5313; www.superioricefestival.com

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People to See

Wyoming Women


head of the new year, the Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) has announced 2019 as the “Year of Wyoming Women,” as the state prepares to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage. On December 10, 1869, Wyoming territory passed the first law in United States history granting women the right to vote and hold public office – more than 50 years prior to the U.S. ratification of the 19th amendment. With the milestone anniversary, Wyoming wants to encourage travelers to plan a visit to celebrate the history and the strong women of today. From Cheyenne to Rock Springs and Jackson to Sheridan, the state will mark the anniversary with activities, events, retreats and must-visit historic destinations that commemorate the spirit of Wyoming as the first frontier for women. “We are proud to declare 2019 the ’Year of Wyoming Women,’ as the home of many firsts for women in the country and the world,” Diane Shober, executive director of Wyoming Office of Tourism. “Determination, resiliency and the pioneering spirit is built into the DNA of the West, so it’s no surprise to me that the strong women of Wyoming helped to pave the way for women’s suffrage. With significant events, including our state Capitol building reopening this coming summer, Wyoming is truly a top destination for travelers next year.” To help travelers plan their next Wyoming getaway, Wyoming has compiled suggestions for and a list of official events celebrating Wyoming women and the anniversary throughout the year. Travelers are also encouraged use #ThatsWYWomen to share their experiences on social and get more inspiration for how others are marking the anniversary.

Wyoming Women’s History

While often referred to as the “Cowboy State,” Wyoming’s true nickname is the “Equality State” for its role in women’s suffrage and throughout history. Wyoming has been home to many firsts for women including: First woman to vote in a general election in the

U.S. (1870) – Louisa “Eliza” Swain First women to serve on a jury (1870) – Laramie, WY First female Justice of the Peace (1870) – Esther Hobart Morris First female court bailiff (1870) – Martha Atkinson First woman confirmed by U.S. Senate to serve in federal position (1895) – Estelle Reel First town governed entirely by women (1920) – Jackson, WY First female elected governor (1925) – Nellie Tayloe Ross Twenty years after the 1869 law passed, Wyoming sought statehood and it famously refused to enter the Union if women’s suffrage was not upheld. And in 1890, Wyoming officially entered the Union as the 44th state and the first state to allow women these rights. For more information about Wyoming’s 150th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage and the Wyoming Office of Tourism, visit the award-winning site, TravelWyoming.com. For more places to go, things to do and people to see in Wyoming


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