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Cover Photo:

Michigan’s Adventure is a 250-acre amusement park in Muskegon County, between Muskegon and Whitehall. It is the largest amusement park in the state, owned by Cedar Fair.

Up Close: From the Editor

How does one pick a favorite adventure theme park when there are so many? Yes, I admit I am partial to one or two and make plans for return visits each summer. It’s a known fact we all visit that one major theme park that is located closest to where we live. But let’s face it. There are so many more out there that we haven’t experienced yet. By far, this has been one of the most fun issues I’ve put together since the beginning issue more than 15 years ago! And I admit, my bucket list has now grown much larger! While the concept of amusement parks originated in Europe, the modern theme park was developed in the United States with iconic, world-famous places such as Coney Island, Disneyland and Universal Studios. Although Disneyland was revolutionary when it opened in 1955, theme parks have only gotten more mind-blowing, with bigger and better ones being built every year. Some of the new additions just this year can be found in Minnesotta’s Mall of America where Nickelonian Universe. See the article on page 46. Star Wars just made it’s debute at Disneyland and Disney World with promises of additions and more to come very soon. The Florida preview is on page 22. Sadly, we must say goodbye to a few favorites to make room for the new. (More on this later) This is the last year for The Flintstone’s Village of Bedrock, located in Arizona. Details may be found on page Page 16. And yet, we can say a hearty “hello” to so many of the new places to go, things to do and people to see at a fun theme park - water, attraction, or both - in every single state. So wherever your one last hoopla before school begins is located, check out the following suggestions in this issue first and make sure you include visiting at least one adventourous theme park the whole family can enjoy. Until next month, stay cool and check our updates on Facebook and posts on the website.

Kathy Barnett / Senior Editor

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Product Reviews - Summer Travel Crossbody Bag by ColorpaksTM This crossbody bag is perfect for travelers. The unisex Griffey bag was designed with security and function in mind. The compact bag lays flat against your body to avoid pickpockets and is large enough to hold your tablet phone, passport and wallet. The adjustable strap fits adults as well as kids and the bags come in a variety of colors from solid black to colorful pink. They’re a durable, functional alternative to bulky backpacks for day trips and make navigating airport security a breeze. The bag comes in a variety of colors. Price: $24.95

This is a unique and “must - have” travel accessory that could actually save your life! MUNIO helps people feel safer wherever they go. It helps give you peace of mind when you take it with you. MUNIO smartly integrates safety and style, transforming a fashionable and innocent looking keychain into an effective and versatile self-defense tool. Best of all, this key chain has no risk of personal injury like pepper spray or stun guns do (also making it safer around small children). Comes in 16 different colors and patterns. Price: $9.95

Lippy Clip

MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain

Designed to help save time and reduce frustration, the LippyClip perfectly holds standard-sized lip balms (such as Chapstick and Burt’s Bees). It easily clips to a key ring or carry-on hardware. Whether embarking on a long road trip, a backpacking adventure, or a flight in the friendly skies, lip protection is a universal need. The LippyClip is available in a variety of prints and materials to match everyone’s style. This is a Great back - to - school gift. Price $9.99 Also available from more than 300 retailers nationwide. All LippyClips are proudly made in the USA by women working from home.

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Column FeaturePlaces to Go:

For the Bargain Hunter

By Sheeree Oney Places to Go Editor

A WOW Sale!

Exclusive Early Booking Rates, Last-Minute Summer Deals and More FLORIDA / MIAMI – Club Med, the pioneer of the all-inclusive resort concept, announces the launch of its WOW Sale, open for bookings now through August 27, 2019, with travel dates through Feb. 15, 2020. Exclusive savings are available for early bookers and those seeking last-minute getaways. The WOW Sale offers up to 45 percent off and up to $300 instant savings with rates starting at $115 per night per adult. For more information visit www., call 1-800-Club-Med (1-800-258-2633) or contact a preferred travel professional.

Job Well Done!

OHIO - Parents who want to encourage good grades can offer their kids a vacation as an incentive for doing well in school. At all eight of the state park lodges scattered around the state, every A on a kids’ report card is worth $10 off the nightly rate, up to $50 per night. Kids just

need to show their report cards when they register. (Here’s the virtual fine print: Offer is subject to availability and valid on select dates. Only one report card per room may be applied for discount (for a maximum of $50 off rate). Student’s most recent report card must be presented at check-in. Upon check-in, present your child’s report card to our staff and they will correct your rate. Unique grade cards will be considered, please call ahead to verify.) ARIZONA - Women Traveling the World is offering a spa and rejuvenation weekend in Sedona Aug. 30 - Sept. 2. Enjoy the majestic Red Rock mountains, surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land with instant access to a variety of recreational activities. There are trails for hiking with the natural beauty of the red rock mountains all around. Regarded by Native Americans as sacred, Sedona continues to be recognized as a place of healing and spiritual renewal. Many come to experience the vortex energy centers of Sedona. Others want to shop and admire the 40-plus art galleries lining the streets, or to enjoy soothing Spa treatments. The Girls weekend offers you the best experiences Sedona has to offer. Cost: $1122.00 based on Double Occupancy.

Online Savings

Check any of the theme park websites for discount tickets that are featured in this issue. Many feature discounted tickets when purchased online versus at the gate! Take that one list visit before heading back to school.

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Column Feature-People to See

Editor Gets 1st book Published By Lisa Rhoden People to See Editor

I am very proud to announce our Things - to - Do editor has been busy doing more than just coming up with those yummy recipes for us to try. Kandy Derden is also a teacher. She currently serves as a paraprofessional at her local school. In the past, she has taught grade school classes in Hollywood, Florida and Sedalia, Missori. During high school, she entered a writing contest, won 2nd prize, and her story was published in the school paper. The writing bug had bitten! After pursuing the creative writing field and taking journalism, Kandy became one of the editors of the school paper. She continued writing during college days. With numerous stories in her head and scribbled on notepads, she eventually contributed numerous travel articles to the state-wide Weekender Magazines. When the Weekender Extended combined them, Kandy was named an assistant editor and later, Things to-Do-Editor. Upon sharing her first story with Kathy Barnett, the idea rose for a series of “Let’s Go” children’s books to coincide with the many places to go, things to do, and people to see suggested by The Weekender Extended Magazine. Kandy went back to work and rewrote some of Kandy her stories with that promotional theme. With her teaching background, however, there still needed to be a lesson. The result? “Let’s Go To The Circus!,” published by Gap Publishing and edited by Kathy Barnett, is the first of the series. The story does not lose it’s educational value as many words start with the letter “C” and teaches persevering through struggles. The next two books in the series have already been accepted and a fourth topic has been assigned.


Stay tuned for future releases. The books are illustrated by Dan Clevenger. When asked how he began drawing, he answered, “My first memory of drawing anything was a cartoon in the fourth grade. As near as I can recall, Derden I must have been bored with the subject matter in class that day.“ The two worked well together and reported understanding what the other one wanted when it came to the interpretation of illustrations. “There is this one part in the book where this cat is envisioning that it is walking across a tightrope and the way Dan drew the scene just tickled me to death,” said Kandy. “The whole idea of what he took wasn’t what I had in my head, it was better!” At $6.99, the book is available on Amazon by CLICKING HERE .

“The whole idea of what he took wasn’t what I had in my head, it was better!”

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Column Feature Things to Do:

By Kandy Derden, Things to Do Editor

Food Fun

I used to be a school teacher. At the time, it seemed like a good choice to provide a paycheck until I could establish a writing career that would actually produce some income. I learned a lot during those years. Now I know why the teachers never ate any cafeteria food covered in gravy: it was mystery meat at its finest. Within the classroom, until I was a bit more experienced, I also had to draw upon examples from my teachers for classroom learning activities and time-filler ideas. During my formative years, nothing could instill terror in the heart of a student quite like the dreaded first day of school activity: writing an essay about what I did over the summer. Many students struggled with self-expression for a variety of reasons: “I don’t know. I don’t remember. It’s none of your business. I don’t want to admit anything. I don’t know how to describe it. I didn’t do anything. What if the others laugh and I get embarrassed? I’m ashamed to admit I couldn’t afford to go on a trip like they did, or even attend camp.” And the list goes on. The flip side of that would be the natural storytellers would grab a pencil and start right in. They were probably lying. Is there anything more cruel than being forced to reveal your “disengaged, end of summer, non-thinking brain” writing skills? Oh, yes! Reading it out loud to the class comes to mind. Does this torture ever end? Nope.

There’s more? Yup. What could possibly be worse? Having the teacher announce a ‘select’ few to be read aloud and yours was (or wasn’t) picked. In comparison, students have it pretty good these days because now there are unlimited resources and ideas available for teachers to use in creative ways. And yet, this is still not the criteria used for evaluating a teacher’s success. I found the following explanation to be much more useful. A Mediocre teacher tells facts. A Good teacher explains. Great teachers demonstrate and use illustrations. But a Superior/Excellent teacher inspires! Once I adopted this as my goal, my teaching improved. At least, I like to think so. I still spend a portion of my time within a classroom but my favorite educational endeavor is teaching adults. Generally speaking, they are attending the conference and sitting in my class because they are interested in the topic and want to learn. Discipline is never a problem during these sessions, but on occasion, if I am scheduled to make my presentation during the morning, a few will become sleepy. I don’t take it personally; I just figure they must have skipped breakfast. If your family has a tendency to rush out the door without any nourishment, chances are they won’t get the most out of their learning activities either. Here’s a breakfast treat they won’t be able to resist.

CHOCOLATE GRAVY Sift together ¼ c. cocoa powder, ¾ c. white sugar, 3 Tbsp. all-purpose flour, and ¼ tsp. salt into a large skillet. Slowly whisk 2 c. warmed milk into the dry ingredients. Cook over medium heat while using a spatula to scrape the bottom and sides of the pan. Continue until thickened, about 8-10 min. Remove from heat and stir in 2 Tbsp. butter. Serve over warm biscuits. In certain parts of the country, this is a basic staple. But when I first heard of it, I was hesitant to try it. However, once you get past the word ‘gravy’ you will find it delicious for multiple uses. One of my favorite ways to enjoy it is on bread pudding. It can also be used as a dip for those chewy cranberry oatmeal breakfast cookies. Perhaps if you think of it as more of a sauce, your family will be more likely to try it. But if the teacher asks you if you had a good, healthy breakfast, be sure to call it gravy. August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -9-

Shiloh National M By Kathleen Walls Guest Publisher American Roads and Global Highways

What more fun place is there to learn about our history than a national park. Shiloh National Military Park is a great day’s getaway that combines fun and learning.


he Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center was built on the battlefield site of Battery Robinett, one of the Union’s primary defense positions. A good place to start is with the video in the center’s theater. It explains the reason Corinth was such an important point in the Civil War. Two railroads: the Memphis and Charleston Railroad running east and west and the Mobile and Ohio Railroad running north and south were the Confederacy’s supply line. For victory, they had to hole it at all costs. The Union needed to cut that line to win the war. After the video, step outside and view the fountain. The fountain tells the first hundred years of United States history from an artistic point of view. Dates run along the side of the pool. The stone rising out of the pool has parts of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution representing the beginning of a new nation. Thirteen waterfalls representing the 13 colonies flow into one stream which represents the new nation. Following the fountain down new

states represented by new stones are placed. As a state enters the union they have to decide whether they are slave or free. The slave states, mainly southern states, are depicted on one side of the stream and free states, mainly northern on the other. (Do not forget that all slave states did not join the Confederacy. Four slave states; Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, and Missouri; fought for the Union). The red square stones represent conflicts. At the point marked 1861, the start of Civil War, the water becomes congested and slopes downward and splits into two streams. About 50 battles and campaigns are represented in the water by different sized square stones. The sizes represent the battles with the largest casualties. At the end of the pool, the two sections come back together representing the end of the war. At the far end of the fountain there are blocks representing three new amendments; the 13th freeing all slaves, 14th granting citizenship to former slaves, and the 15th granting the right to vote to Black men. This is called Reunification Bridge. The plaque here reads “The Civil War was fought over issues of liberty. The cost was high and many of these issues remain to be resolved.” The Center’s museum’s exhibits detail the story of both the battle of Shiloh and Corinth. Ironically, Shiloh, one of the bloodiest battles of the war at this point was mainly to capture Corinth. The first actual battle was a siege lasting from April 29 to May 30, 1862 resulting in a Union victory at Corinth after the Union took Shiloh. On Octo-

-10- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

ber 3 and 4, 1862, the Confederates tried unsuccessfully to retake Corinth.

The Contraband Camp

About 2 miles east of the interpretive center is a park dedicated to some of thepositive results of the Civil War, The Contraband Camp. With Corinth in Union hands, African American seeking freedom fled to the Corinth where the Union army protected them as “contraband of war.” Former slaves built their own town complete with cabins, a church, school, and hospital. They grew crops and for the first time shared the profits. Now they were paid for labor once preformed for free. The camp would have accommodated several thousand people and had over 400 acres of crops. No known photograph of the camp is in existence today. The name “Contraband” was the standard term used in reference to runaway slaves during the war. Since under the current U s constitution they were still considered property, they could not

Military Park

Shiloh Battlefield

yet be called Freedmen. The “Camp” today has no remnants of the original camp that once existed there but artist Larry Luger created six life-size bronze statues to represent life in the Camp along a quarter- mile walkway. The entranceway sculpture shows a woman leaning against a fence welcoming other contraband. Other statures along the walkway include a laundress ironing clothes, , a woman teaching a child to read, a Black farmer, a USCT soldier, a boy handing books to the camp chaplain. There are few records remaining about camp residents except for the 1,000 men who joined 1st Alabama Regiment of African Descent, later called the USCT (United States Colored Troops. One of those soldiers was a man named Jerry Suttor, who was an ancestor of former first lady Michelle Obama. In December 1863, the camp was abandoned and residents moved to Memphis.

Shiloh is about a half-hour drive from Corinth across the Tennessee line. The video there, Fiery Trial, recreates the battle and events leading up to it. The Visitors Center Museum in Shiloh is larger and more detailed than the one in Corinth. The battlefield is the most fascinating part of the park. The Visitors Center has a self-guided 12-mile auto-tour with marked stops at battle sites. You visit the Peach Orchard. The fighting occurred here in the early afternoon of April 6th. Each side created lines stretching almost three miles. The Union had been driven back into a defensive position. Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston was trying to force the Union troops away from the Tennessee River. The monuments and cannon exhibits at this site mark the Union line. It was near the Peach Orchard around 2:45 PM that Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnson was shot in his right knee. The bullet severed an artery and he bled to death. Johnson had ordered his personal physician to tent to both Union and Confederate dead earlier so no one noticed the wound. Johnson had no feeling in that leg due to an earlier wound. General Johnston’s death site is marked by a monument. Johnston was the highest ranking officer, on

either side, to die in the Civil War. General Pierre Beauregard became commander of the Southern Army after Johnston’s death. There are markers and stops marked on the map for these and other important spots, 20 in all. My favorite stop is the replica of the Shiloh Church from which the battle took its name. The church you see is a replica completed in 2001 and based on historical records. The original church only survived the battle for a few weeks until it fell apart due to damages sustained in the battle. In the interim it served as a hospital after the fighting. General Sherman’s headquarters was near the Shiloh Church. After the Union army had been forced into a retreat and many surrendered, General Beauregard, set up his headquarters near the church. Beauregard, believing the Union was defeated, sent a telegram to President Davis proclaiming a Confederate victory. The following morning when Union reinforcements turned the battle, Beauregard directed the retreat to Corinth from here. That telegram was one of the big reasons Lee became leader of the Confederate forces later and Beauregard was never again the top general.

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Go, Do, See

Alabama Splash Adventure

BESSEMER - In addition to the water slides, wave pool, lazy river, and other wet fun, there are also bumper boats, the Wacky Worm kiddie coaster, and its signature attraction, Rampage, a well-regarded wooden roller coaster. One price includes all attractions, and the park offers free parking, free sunscreen, and complimentary soft drinks. Once Alabama’s biggest amusement park, it has an interesting history. It opened in the late 1990s as a municipally owned

facility known as VisionLand. It ran into financial difficulties not long after it debuted and filed for bankruptcy in 2002. Private owners purchased the park and operated it starting in 2003. In 2006, it was re-branded as Alabama Adventure and later, Alabama Adventure Water and Theme Park. In 2012, the park changed ownership again. The new operators renamed it Splash Adventure, closed most of the amusement park rides, and focused on the water park.

-14- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

In 2014, new owners changed its name again, this time to Alabama Splash Adventure. In 2018, the park continued to expand its amusement park rides with five new attractions. It included the classic spinning rides, the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Scrambler, the Yo-Yo swing ride, and two rides for small children the Splash Express train and the Rockin’ Tug. For more articles about Alabama,


Go, Do, See:

A Tropical Island

in the Last Frontier

ANCHORAGE - The current weather is always 84 degrees and sunny with a zero percent chance of snow or rain at t he H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark. And t here is a 100% chance of FUN! So what are we waiting for? The state of Alaska’s only indoor waterpark is open year-round— even when it’s really cold outside. H2Oasis, which is 56,000 square feet, making it the fifth largest indoor waterpark in the country, features a Master Blaster uphill water coaster, a wave pool, and a lazy river. You can learn how to swim there or take water aerobics. Attractions include a 16-second curvy slide for the adventurous, a beachedboat slide for the youngsters, the lazy pool for relaxation, and the ever-popular Master Blaster. For it, grab a partner and climb up 50 steps to the top before launching off the 43 foot high Blast Off Station. Hang on tight as the jets shoot you up and down the 505 foot water-powered roller coaster.

Looking to melt away those Alaskan winter blues or stress and achy muscles? Come unwind in the oversized, aptly named Alaska Tub, which overlooks the Wave Pool. Park Admission gets you all-day access to H2Oasis Water Park, and all slides and attractions. Prices are $24.99 for ages 13 and older, $19.99 for ages 3-12. Right next door to the water park is a miniature golf course and gaming lounge call the Castle on the O’Malley. Take a wild ride from the port of Skagway to the peaks of Denali. Each hole of the course takes you on a journey through Alaska’s history, from gold mines, fisheries, logging towns and more. For more information, visit www.h2oasiswaterpark. com.

For More places to go, things to do, nd people to see while in Alaska, > CLICK HERE. August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -15-

Things to Do:

WILLIAMS— When news announced Bedrock City, the Flintstones-themed roadside attraction, had been sold and would close, thousands responded with dissappointment. The attraction had been in Arizona for more than 40 years., most known for its pastel-hued buildings seemingly built of carved blocks of stone. So the new owner announced tourists will have one last opportunity to walk around Bedrock City this summer. Troy Morris, who purchased Bedrock City with his business partner, Ron Brown, plan to recreate the property into Raptor Ranch, a birdof-prey attraction. While it is in the planning stages, Bedrock City and the campground will remain open throughout the summer. It is located an hour or so northwest of Flagstaff at the intersection of Arizona Highway 64 and U.S. Highway 180 or 20 miles south of Tusayan, the town just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park. Admission will remain $5 and the hours will be 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sunday - Thursday, and 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Tourists will be able to walk the grounds designed after the popular 1960s animated TV show. All of the buildings are still there, including Fred Flintstone’s house, plus the green dinosaur slide, Sabertooth cat, woolly mammoth, Pebbles, and BammBamm. The large Fred Flintstone sign with his famous catchphrase also remains. However, because the new owners do not have the licensing for Fred,

Say 1 last “Goodbye”

Wilma, Barney and Betty, those character statues have been removed. A major highlight in this theme park was sliding down the tail of a brontosaurus long before scientists declared there really was no such dinosaur. Those same scientists would argue Stone Age people didn’t live in slab houses or drive foot-powered cars, but the countless families who spend countless hours in Bedrock wouldn’t care. New owner Morris is well aware of people’s fondness for Bedrock City. That’s why visitors will still be able to slide down the brontosaurus. He also purchased the statues of the saber-tooth cat and woolly mammoth, planning to use them as centerpieces in a children’s playground. RAPTOR RANCH BEGINNING Since buying the property, buildings have been painted that face the roadway, new roofs were installed on some of the buildings, and plumbing issues have been repaired. Near the

-16- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

campground, they installed a new laundry facility, and added wireless internet. The birds-of-prey amusement will be built in three phases, which should take approximately three years to complete. The first phase of construction is expected to start in the fall with hopes of opening next spring. Raptor Ranch will be a wildlife education facility, bird of prey breeding project, and home of the Northern Arizona Raptor Foundation. Their mission is to provide the public with an understanding of raptors, falconry, and wildlife conservation through unique educational displays and demonstrations. For more information on the new theme park, visit

For more articles on Arizona

> Click Here!

Places to Go:

HOT SPRINGS - There are water attractions for families, kids and those looking for more exhilarating fun at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls.

safe, food and beverage service, and more. Create your own hub for your family and enhance your park experience with a cabana.

“As Arkansas’s only theme and water park, Magic Springs gives you two parks in one,” said Jack Bateman, the general park manager explained in a press release. “Come cool off and kick-start the summer vacation with your family at Magic Springs!”

The park features several shows at its Timberwood Amphitheater throughout the summer. On Saturday, Aug. 31, disco icons Village People will perform. All concerts are FREE with park admission.

Explore water slides like the Seven Falls Slide Tower and the High Sierra Slide Tower that will make your heart race. Interactive water play at Splash Island and the Bear Cub Bend offer kid-friendly fun. Hang out in the Crystal Cove Wave Pool or float the Kodiak Canyon Adventure River. There’s something for everyone at Magic Springs! On Sundays you can bring a cooler packed with all your favorite goodies into the park. There’s no limit on how much food or drink you can bring as long as you can pack it in your cooler. But please, no alcoholic beverages or glass allowed. While enjoying the water park, guests can rent a cabana for the ultimate VIP experience. Rentals include tables and chairs, two tube rentals, a pool

A Season Pass gate price is $74.99 plus tax. General admission Saturday ticket price is $59.99 plus tax. Junior (under 48” tall) and senior (ages 55+) Saturday ticket price is $39.99 plus tax. Sunday through Friday is $49.99 with jr. & sr. tickets $35.99. Call 501-318-5370 or visit buy-tickets.php for more information and discounted tickets. Save $10 on any ticket when you order from their website at

For More About Arkansas... >CLICK HERE August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -17-

Things to Do:

Try Out All New Rides When it comes to theme parks, California is going all out with new rides in every direction! Tidal Twister/Sea World San Diego The marine theme park’s newest ride is a “dueling roller coaster” that channels the power of the ocean. It features two trains starting at opposite ends of a figure-8 track then crossing in the center at a dynamic Zero-G roll. While the ride has high-speed turns and upside-down twists, it’s still tame enough that kids 48 inches and smaller can ride. New Duplo Playtown and LEGOLAND Express Train Ride LEGOLAND California, Carlsbad The San Diego County wonderland of LEGO bricks now boasts a new look on one side of the park. The Duplo section for little kids— featuring lots of playground-style structures, jumbo LEGO bricks, and a new LEGOLAND Express Train Ride—has been moved to the scenic little hill that is also home to the Kid Power Tower. (The pedal-powered Sky Cruiser is now gone.) Calico River Rapids Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park The raft ride formerly known as Big Foot Rapids received a big makeover, including new scenery, animatronics of indigenous wildlife, and dynamic water effects. Also, from June 7 to August 11 you can take part in Knott’s Summer Nights, the evening parties that offer live music, special food, and games along the park’s midway.

Batman: The Ride Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo Flip, twirl, and feel weightless on this “4D free-fly coaster” found at the Six Flags property located between San Francisco and Sacramento. Your car runs along the outside of a yellow-and-black, i-box track frame that stands 120 feet high and includes a 90-degree, elevator-style incline. You’ll experience six headover-heels inversions and plenty of unexpected free-fall drops. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland Resort, Anaheim The 14-acre zone, representing a corner of the planet Batuu, is the biggest themed land at any Disney park on the planet—and excitement is so high that reservations are required through June 23. If you’re visiting in June, make sure to head to Disney California Adventure Park and experience Soarin’ Over California, the simulated ride that returns for just the month of June.

-18- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

It lets you glide over Golden State sights within an immersive, 80-foot projection dome—including everything from San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge to the beaches of Malibu. Also at California Adventure, the Tale of the Lion King musical debuts on June 7, and keep an eye out for the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind attraction, which is also set to open this summer in the park’s Pixar Pier area. Jurassic World Universal Studios Hollywood This new ride is based on the latest installment in the dinosaur movie series. The raft ride features cutting-edge technology, lush vegetation, an 80-foot waterfall, and characters such as the Indominus rex, the aquatic Mosasaurus, Velociraptors, and a T-rex. Check out the nearby Raptor Encounter (home of Blue) and the educational Dino Play area, where kids can dig for giant fossils. The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle evening light show will run through August 11. For more articles on California


Places to Go:

Santa’s Workshop – Don’t’ let the name fool you. Of all the amusement parks in Colorado, this one is probably the best for families because it is extremely diverse. It offers the winter wonderland theme, but you will find out quickly that it will surprise you with the 25 rides split into categories: family, child only and no infants. They include boat rides, antique car rides, carousels, ferris wheels and of course, roller coasters. The rides are all different and have certain requirements for each ride. Don’t miss the Christmas Tree ride as it goes up and down and around. It is a family ride and if child is under 42”, an adult must accompany the child.

The peppermint slide is also a themed ride for the whole family. Santa’s Sleigh Ride is the NEWEST ride at the North Pole... Take a peek at the amazing views! You must ride with an adult and be over 42” tall to ride. Ride Santa’s train along the edge of the park and learn a little history as you go. There are shows to watch throughout the park including magic shows, Elmer the Elf, and Santa himself. Open until December 24, general admission is $25. Ages two and under or 60 and over are FREE. For more information, visit https://

For more on Colorado > Click Here August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -19-

Places to Go:

PORTLAND - The ultimate outdoor adventure sports park has rock climbing, wakeboarding, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, cliff jumping, scuba diving, and team building for your all-day enjoyment. There are 14 zip lines. On each Zip Line, you’ll get the thrill of sliding into the water at top speed! Many are located side by side for teams. There are dozens of water obstacles for all ages, a rope swing, and slide. The brave members of the family can even jump off a cliff into the water. Obstacle courses can encourage team building. Brownstone Park features three System 2.0 Wakeboard systems at the park. One is dedicated for more advanced riders and two are perfect for the beginner. The system is designed to help “pull you up” so beginners can

frequently ride the first time. You’ll end up going straight, but we’ll help you work on turns later! Wakeboarding is one of the top attractions at Brownstone Park, and they host multiple competitions each summer where prizes are available for every level of rider! Bring your own board, or use one of their boards for free! Brownstone is a single destination for all ages or groups of any size. Everyone will have the unique opportunity to explore the quarry’s 100-foot freshwater depths, traverse its 85-foot solid brownstone walls, navigate the waters smooth surface, or develop the ultimate team by taking on all the sports in the advanced challenge courses. Full concessions are available or bring your own picnic. There is free parking. Youth group &

-20- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

groups of 25 or more recieve discounts with reservations. AT the same location, Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort is excited to announce the addition of new mountain adventures to their Spring, Summer & Fall season. Tubing is available this summer on The Ridge. New and revamped mountain bike trails are also available. Powder Ridge Park is a full service year-round urban mountain sports park and resort, features skiing, snowboarding, tubing, mountain biking and synthetic snow adventures for all ages. Visit and

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Things to Do:

This amusement park featuring water rides, mini-golf, gokarts & kid-friendly concessions. Located in Fenwick Island, you can stay a few hours or play all day. Enjoy 18 holes of championship miniature golf course at Viking Golf in Fenwick Island. Vikings battle the Two-headed Dragon in Mythological Scandinavia. Read up on facts about Viking history as you stroll the grounds. See how many trolls you can spot hidden in the nooks and crannies of the surroundings. Thunder Lagoon Waterpark presents The 400 foot themed Lazy River ride, six slides, a 2800 square foot activity pool, and 800 square foot kiddie pool. The water park features our Black hole body slide, a Twister

doubles slide where the parents may ride with their child, and, of course, the one of a kind tipping Viking ship: Watch your child’s anticipation build as he or she waits for the next 250 gallons of water to come crashing to the ground. There is ample lounging space or relax while floating along the Lazy River with it’s tropical theming and interactive water gadgets. It’s time for speed at the Thunder Lane Go-Karts at Viking Amusements. Check out the exciting ALL NEW go-Kart slick track! Try the single or double go-karts. Brumbles the troll will let you know if you are tall enough to ride alone. If not, Mom or Dad can take you. Jump into “Dragon Slayer” and race against “Turbo”, ” Overdrive”, or

“The Black Widow.” At the Boardwalk stroll through to satisfy your Viking size appetite with a large selection of classic beach and boardwalk treats. Start out with fresh-baked pizza or a madeto-order hamburger on the grill, a hot dog, and handcut boardwalk fries. To cool off, the delicious fruit smoothies are a surefire winner. For Choose a donut, funnel cake or ice cream for dessert. Look for specials and more information online at www.fenwickfun. com.

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Go, Do, See!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

For the first time ever, come live your Star Wars™ adventure. The all-new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening August 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®!

For phase one, guests will be transported to the remote planet of Batuu, full of unique sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Guests can become part of the story as they sample galactic food and drinks, explore intriguing merchant shops and take the controls of the most famous ship in the galaxy aboard Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Discover Batuu with all-new Star Wars Attractions like Savi’s Workshop where you build your own custom lightsaber and become on of the Force. Take control of the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy on the thrilling attraction Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Ride in the famous cockpit of the Millennium Falcon on a daring flight—and whether you’re a pilot, engineer or gunner, every role is crucial. The engines rumble as the Millennium Falcon blasts off, pushing you and your crew back into your seats when you jump into hyperspace towards adventure. Along the way you’ll face danger at -22- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

every turn. Feast on galactic favorites and enjoy curious concoctions at exotic Batuu dining locations. Thirsty for a Taste of Adventure? Welcome to the local cantina, where bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders, and weary travelers of all ages come together to refuel, enjoy music, and conduct meetings. With an expansive menu of exotic concoctions for young ones and adults, the cantina is a welcome rest stop before next journey. Enhance your visit with interactive adventures when you download the Play Disney Parks app. Once guests step foot on Batuu, they will be part of the action as it unfolds around them, and their interactions with the Play Disney Parks mobile app* will deepen their engagement with the land. They may choose to aid a smuggler, join the Resistance or pledge their loyalty to the First Order. In this allnew environment, guests can make choices about their experience that could impact their adventures as they travel throughout the land by using the Play Disney Parks mobile app in a whole new way. This depth of storytelling is part of the total immersion that will distinguish the two, 14-acre lands – the largest and most technologically advanced single-themed land expansions ever in a Disney park – from any other themed land in history.

Places to Go :


Brand-New Event to Feature New Character Experiences, Themed Dance Parties and LEGO® Builds WINTER HAVEN - On August 3-4, guests visiting LEGOLAND® Florida Resort can revel in the ultimate The LEGO® Movie™ experience at the theme park’s newest event, THE LEGO® MOVIE™ DAYS. Included with theme park admission and select Annual Passes, fans of Emmet, Lucy, Unikitty and Benny can enjoy a complete theater to theme park experience walking the streets of Bricksburg in the park’s latest expansion, THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD. In addition to experiencing three new rides and numerous attractions, guests attending THE LEGO MOVIE DAYS will also have the exclusive opportunity

to meet and take pictures with a brand-new The LEGO Movie character, Rex Dangervest. The special summer event will also feature more than 15 exclusive interactive activities, specialty food options and creative LEGO builds. Special activities and experiences during THE LEGO MOVIE DAYS include: · Snap a photo with the ultra-cool, tough and confident hero Rex Dangervest, alter-ego of Emmet, star of The LEGO Movie films. · Boogie down at Glitter and Glow Dancy Party where kids – and adults – can show off their best dance moves in a high-energy, colorful party. · Brick by brick, build a giant LEGO mosaic created exclusively for THE LEGO MOVIE DAYS. · Find Emmet’s Friends and Search for Hearts and Stars during two interactive scavenger hunts inside THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD and MINILAND USA. · Indulge in a Disco Drop Doughnut, Choco Dip Banana “Slip,” Caramel Banana Dessert

Pizza or Cloud Cuckoo Land Ice Cream Swirl at select locations throughout the theme park. Guests looking to take their experience to an even ‘awesome-r’ level can book a night in The LEGO Movie themed hotel rooms inside the LEGOLAND Hotel. With Unikitty’s vibrant rainbow bathroom and hidden clues leading to an in-room scavenger hunt, no detail is left untouched in these uniquely-themed hotel rooms. Aug. 10-11 - Kids can learn about fire safety with a variety of special fun activities, including a character experience with LEGO Max, a fire safety-themed scavenger hunt and a unique LEGO mosaic build. New this year, guests can snap a photo with LEGO City’s tallest firefighter! For more information and to book a room today, visit www.

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Things to Do:


Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is Georgia’s most visited attraction. With more than 3,200 acres, the park is a unique destination where guests can experience an exciting variety of attractions, entertainment and recreation. Check out Sky Hike, the nation’s largest family adventure course in the treetops, or a 4D movie. The Lasershow Spectacular at Stone Mountain Park is the world’s longest running lasershow. Other attractions include Summit Skyride, Dinotorium, Historic Square, Farmyard, Camp Highland Outpost, Megabugs, Scenic Railroad, Great Locomotive Chase Adventure, Geyser Towers, golf and museums. The largest high relief sculpture in the world, the Confederate Memorial Carving on the mountain, depicts three Confederate heroes of the Civil War: President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson. At Memorial Hall, visitors can see the carving’s original designs, scale models and an 11-minute feature film. Purchase an All-Attractions Pass and challenge yourself on SkyHike®, the nation’s largest adventure course, cool off and play in the spray at Geyser Towers®, soar to the top of the mountain on the Summit Skyride and more... the adventures are end-24- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

less! Stick around each evening of their Labor Day Weekend Celebration for the fireworks display including a special tribute to all of our hard working heroes! The special fireworks will immediately follow the Lasershow every night, August 31 - Sept 2! Park Gates are open daily, 6 a.m. to Midnight. Attraction hours vary. Visit the Calendar page on the park website for attraction hours on the day of your visit. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2001, Stone Mountain Village has the look of a former time and place with the warmth and services of today. Enjoy over fifty specialty shops and restaurants. Stone Mountain Village is also home to 3 charming B & B’s. Located just outside of the West Gate of Stone Mountain Park, 15 miles east of Atlanta, Stone Mountain Village has something for everyone! Come, stay, and enjoy! For more information, visit online at

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Things to Do:

Play Hawaiian Style at Wet’n’Wild, Oahu Hawaii’s only major water park has a nice assortment of attractions, including a large wave pool, a family raft ride, a funnel ride, a bowl ride, a nicely-themed lazy river, and mat-racing slides. For little kids, there is an interactive water play center and a kids’ sprayground. Let’s Play…Hawaiian Style! Wet’n’Wild Hawaii is Oahu’s top 10 most visited family attraction on the island and voted Best of Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Family Attraction” is also the new home of Chief’s Luau - Hawaii’s highest rated luau. Located in Kapolei, Oahu’s “Second City”, the park features more than 25 exhilarating attractions. Nestled on 29-acres in lush tropical landscaping and natural cliffs, you will find a different adventure in each corner ideal for families and thrill seekers alike.

Produced By Chief Sielu Avea, The Original World Champion FireKnife Dancer And Widely Regarded As The Best And Funniest Polynesian Entertainer In Although Hawaii may be the The South Pacific. world’s surfing headquarters, you Come And Join could try your hand on Da FlowChief Sielu And His Ohana (Famrider, a simulated surfing ride that ily) For An Evening And Immerse challenges riders on boogie boards Yourself In The Rich Heritage Of to tackle its steady stream of artifi- The Islands. Sip A Mai Tai Cockcial waves. Wet’n’ Wild also offers tail And Sink Your Teeth Into A mini-golf and a cafe. After the sun Lavish Hawaiian Feast, A Sumpsets, the park features a luau. tuous Blend Of Traditional Luau Foods Blended With Hawaiian Join The Chief And His Ohana Regional Cuisine. And Finally, En(Family) For An Amazing Evening joy A Thrilling Polynesian Show. Of Polynesian Culture And Fun.

This luau is the highest rated luau in Hawaii, according to TripAdvisor an d yelp. For tickets or more informaton, visit online at and https://www.wetnwildhawaii. com/

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People to See:

Silverwood Theme Park

ATHOL - Silverwood is the Northwest’s Largest Theme Park, located in the beautiful panhandle of north Idaho. This year, Silverwood is celebrating its 30th anniversary. During the last 3 decades, Silverwood has spent countless hours making sure that families from all around have a beautiful and memorable place to come have fun! Every detail of the park, from how the bricks in the courtyard are laid out to the quality of meat in the hamburgers, has been important in creating the ultimate guest experience. It all started with a train, and now there are more than 70 rides, slides, shows and attractions! You can experience world-class coasters, hair-raising attractions, kiddie adventure, a 1915 steam engine train, live award-winning entertainment, restaurants and more! You can cool off at Boulder Beach Water Park with two massive wave pools, thrilling water slides, children’s water features, VIP cabanas, and an endless lazy river. It’s hard for most first-timers to fully grasp the magic of Silverwood. For some, initial thoughts of a theme park in a rural town in northern Idaho is that -26- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

it would be small and there wouldn’t be much to do. These initial thoughts couldn’t be farther from the truth! Silverwood theme park shines in every detail, from the bright landscaping to the towering tops of thundering coasters. Each cast and crew member takes pride in their work knowing that Silverwood is a family friendly park that strives for perfection in all aspects. The park sits on over 220 acres, with plenty of room for future expansion! There are two parks with one price! The entire park will be open daily at 11 a.m., with Boulder Beach closing at 7 p.m. each day. Silverwood will close at 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and 9 p.m. the rest of the week. Have your family or company outing at Silverwood and save big when you book your group of 15 or more thru September. Visit their website for

more information.

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Things to see and do : at the

Raging Waves Water Park- La

With Award-Winning Water Slides, a Huge Wave Pool and more, Raging Waves is Ready to Welcome Families in Celebration of Summer!

YORKVILLE – Illinois’ largest waterpark is dedicated to family fun for all ages during it’s 12th season. Only 45 minutes southwest of Chicago, Raging Waves invites locals and travelers alike to soak up the best moments of summer through September 2. The family-owned and operated destination first opened to the public in 2008. Sitting on 58 spacious acres, Raging Waves is the perfect place for a day trip, extended summer excursion, birthday parties, youth group outing, scout gatherings, family reunions, and more. Guests can expect exciting

events featuring reptiles, princesses and our favorite superheroes, plus waterslide adventures and endless opportunities to splash and play for hours.” Open to the public and free with admission for all ages, Raging Waging is hosting a myriad of summer events through the beginning of September. The waterpark’s summer programming is as follows. • Jim Nesci and His Cold-Blooded Creatures: Guests may get an up-close experience with snakes, lizards, alligators and tortoises. Attendees have the chance to learn about the importance of reptiles in the natural world, conservation and animal safety. For a full schedule of appearances, please reference the Raging Waves events calendar. • Jesse White Tumblers: Visitors can marvel at the twists and flips of the Jesse White Tumblers,

-28- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

an internationally recognized group of tumbling gymnasts with members ranging in age from 6 and up. The spectacular performances are sure to leave all Raging Waves guests jumping and somersaulting for joy. For a full schedule of performance dates throughout the summer, please see the full events calendar. • Princess Days: In celebration of all things royal, children are welcome to join their voices together in a fun sing-along on Aug. 9 from noon - 4.p.m. With appearances from princesses including Cinderella, Rapunzel and more, this enchanting adventure features the ultimate opportunity for memorable photos with everyone’s favorite princesses. Raging Waves features several family-friendly attractions, including 26 water slides, a huge wave

argest in the State

pool, three kiddie pool areas, relaxing lazy river, 37 private cabanas and more. Newest attractions are Wild Wallabies, perfect for guests looking to challenge each other to a race down the two sideby-side slides with several twists, turns and thrills, and Quokka-Nut Island, a new interactive kiddie area with four exciting new slides. There are also themed play features, and a zero-depth pool. Other top attractions include Brock’s Giant Sandbox, Wonambi, The Boomerang, and The Crocodile Mile, a 600 foot-long family raft ride. Other exciting features include Cyclone, Kangaroo Falls, an area full of interactive play features, Platypus Plunge, Tasmanian Twisters and PJ’s Plummet, Koala Kove, The Three Sisters, which is a double-tube ride with 1,080 feet of tunnels and thrills, and The Great Barrier Reef, Raging Waves’ huge,

25,000 square foot wave pool. Those looking to unwind will be extremely content in Kookaburra Kreek, a quarter-mile long lazy river with relaxing currents, or at the full-service cabanas.

General admission for Raging Waves is as follows: Adults and Children over 48 Inches, $32.99 and Children under 48 Inches, $19.99. Packages are available online for purchase including the Family Fun With 11 dining destinations Ultimate Value Package, Standthroughout the waterpark, Raging ard Season Pass, VIP Season Pass Waves guests may treat themselves and Resident Season Pass. All-day to a variety of full meal options in- small locker and large locker rentcluding Popcorn Chicken, Jumbo als are available for $10 and $15, All-Beef Hot Dogs, Chicken Ten- respectively. ders, Deep Dish Jet’s Pizza, Walking Tacos, Grilled Veggie Wraps, For more information, daily Freshly Made Sub Sandwiches operating hours, or to purchase and much more at the Shark Bite Raging Waves tickets, visit http:// Restaurant, Hungry Croc Restau- or call rant and Surside Subs. There are 630-882-6575. Follow Raging quick snack opportunities a-plenty Waves on Facebook, Twitter and including new choices like Straw- Instagram for updates. berry and Pineapple Dole Whip, Salted Caramel Stuffed Pretzels, For more on Illinois, Jet’s Cinnamon Stix, Bill’s Famous > Click Here Lemonade and Naked Juice. August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -29-

Places to Go: at Things to Do:

GREENSBURG - Are you interested in antique tractors? If so, the Greensburg Power of the Past event is the place to be on Aug. 15-18. Celebrating the 30th annual reunion, the show is scheduled to be at the Decatur County Fairgrounds. Come and enjoy the tractors and other equipment on display that are 40 years old or older. This year the featured brands are to be Ford, Bessemer gas engines, Orphans, and Oddballs. Besides just walking through the display, explore the educational, technical and historical aspects of what these pieces of equipment do and watch how they operate. Witness the saw milling with the steam engines. Listen to the noon whistles. Take part in tractor games throughout the weekend. Then a special feature not to miss is an antique tractor pull competition on Thursday and Friday nights at 6 p.m. This pull is a low gear percentage pull. Tractors must be created before 1959 to compete. Something new this year is to present more demonstrations, such as picking corn and shred-30- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

ding the cornstalks. “We’re geared up to present more demonstrations than ever before,” said Director Tom Cherry. “Our goal is to emphasize what these machines can do.” Besides the tractors and equipment, there will be flea market booths to purchase a variety of items including antiques, arts and crafts, or collectibles. A toy show will take place Saturday and Sunday. The annual consignment auction begins Sunday morning. The Greensburg Power of the Past has become one of Greensburg’s most recognized and well-attended events along with many tourist attractions in the area. Visitors have come from different parts of the United States and Canada. For more information, visit and ps://visitgreensburg. com about the area.

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Places to Go:

National Toy N Construction Show

This year’s 29th annual National Toy Truck N Construction Show focuses on toy trucks and construction pieces. The friendly and home-like atmosphere of this event is attracting more and more families every year. Scheduled Aug. 23-25 at the Wyndham Indianapolis West. There are already more than 40 vendors signed up to attend. Show hours are noon to 6 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. Don’t miss the Toy Truck Build Off scheduled Saturday with registration starting at 9:30 a.m. There are 12 different classes which may be entered and trophies will be presented to first and second place winners and third place will receive

gift certificates. A David Beasley Premier Builder award and People’s choice award will also be announced. A most popular and widely anticipated auction starts at 4 p.m. Saturday. If you have TOYS FOR THE AUCTION, please contact Kurt Aumann at (217) 563-2523 or e-mail: kurt@aumannauctions. com. Be sure to order your official 2019 models (shown on next page in ad) now to assure delivery. Admission for all three days is only $10. Ages 12 and under are free with a paying adult. For more information, visit or call 800-533-8293.

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-34- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -35-

Places to Go:

Adventureland ALTOONA - This park has many details that were inspired by Disneyland. The entrance has a train station with two tunnels leading into the Main Street area, just like at Disneyland or Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. In Outlaw Gulch, there are several tombstones that have virtually the same wording as tombstones outside of Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion attraction; the rocking pirate ship (Galleon) has played a soundtrack that included splashing water and an excerpt from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song, “Yo Ho”. While Adventureland is a theme area of its own at Disneyland, the different themed areas in Adventureland are: Main Street, which resembles a stereotypical turn-of-the20th-century town square, is the first area that visitors encounter upon entering the park. The principal attractions of this area are the A-Train (a small-scale locomotive which winds around one side of the park) and an antique-style carousel in the middle of the Town Square. Main Street also contains several gift shops, restaurants, an arcade and service-type establishments such as novelty photography. Adventure Bay - Is home to the Kokomo Kove water play area. Alpine Village/Bavaria is a German-themed area. Sky Ride is the major attraction along with the Rathskeller concession stand and Alpine Arcade.

Bernie’s Barnyard is a

children’s area opened just last summer. There is a playground structure, toddler play area, Kiddie Arcade Games, gift shop, a statue of the parks mascot Bernie Bernard, a food stand and rides. The Boulevard has several major rides; with the biggest being a Giant Sky Wheel. County Fair is a rural-themed area whose principal attraction is Tornado, a large wooden roller coaster, as well as many fair-themed games of skill. Dragon Island, near the rear of the park, has a Dragon roller coaster. Iowa Farm follows a similar theme. The big pig in the Iowa Farm section of the park is actually a small concession stand. Last Frontier is a western themed section. This section of

-36- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

the park is home to the Golden Nugget shooting gallery and Sheriff Sam’s Saloon. Outlaw Gulch has an Old West theme, complete with a “ghost town”. River City is built around the Raging River ride and was inspired by Mississippi River towns. There is usually jazz or zydeco music in the background. Space Shot Midway is built around the Space Shot ride. Another attraction is The Underground, a ride that incorporates elements of both a dark ride and a roller coaster. The Frantic Freeway bumper cars and numerous kids’ rides are also nearby. For more information, visit www.

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Things to Do:

Travel Back In Time : AT


ield Station: Dinosaurs is a unique family attraction. It combines the creative minds of great artists and teachers to create this historic experience that’s thrilling, educational and fun. Only a few minutes outside of Wichita, there are more than 40 life-sized, realistic dinosaurs (including the 90foot long Alamosaurus, among the largest animatronic dinosaurs ever made) that come to life thanks to the engineering of leading roboticists and the imagination of our artists. The park also includes a geodesic dome ropes course and miniature golf course, creating memorable and challenging activities for every member of the family. The story of the dinosaurs is vividly presented on 14 acres of tall grasses, shady trees, winding trails and an outdoor amphitheater. Scientists from the Bighorn Basin Paleonto-

logical Institute have worked to ensure that the exhibition encompasses the latest theories and discoveries in the fields of paleontology, geology and environmental studies. Workshops, games and activities connect the story of the dinosaurs to our world today, giving new relevance to their lives and power to the tale of their extinction. Dig for fossils, explore a challenging dome ropes course, or find your way through the Raptor Raze The park is open Tues. - Sun. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Aug. 11. Fall weekend hours extends visits on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of Oct. With expanded hours, there are even more opportunities to explore the Field Station and all it has to offer: the exciting Raptor Maze, the family friendly Paleo Playground, the all new exhibit, Buried Treasures: Kansas Underground, and more. And,

Jurassic Golf and the Kansas Climb are now included in the price of your Trail Pass, so bring the whole family out this fall for a roaring good time at Field Station: Dinosaurs. On Sept. 21, a special Jurassic Whirl is scheduled for adults only from 9 p.m. to midnight. Come on out to the Field Station for a ROARING good, adult only (18+) time with Jurassic Whirl! Dance under the stars with over 40 animatronic dinosaurs and our very own T-rex, T. Enjoy great food, fun music, a twilight tour of the trails, and maybe win a free, family membership. Food is included: cash bar available. Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. For more information, visit online at

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Places to Go:

Beech Bend

Cyclone Saucer Located on 379 acres, the beautiful rolling hills in Bowling Green, Kentucky are covered with beech trees and are bounded by the Barren River . . . therefore, the name “Beech Bend” comes into play. Beech Bend Amusement Park has been providing family entertainment since 1898. The park now has rides and attractions for all ages and all ranges of thrill seekers. From a mellow lazy river to a thunderous wooden coaster, there is also a raceway and campsite. If you’re tired of riding and sliding, sit down and watch one of the three entertaining shows in the park area or play a round of miniature golf at Gold Rush Golf. Splash Lagoon Water Park is included with park admission (in season). Splash Lagoon is the place to be on a hot summer day, where you can relax in the Lazy River, ride the waves on Surf ’s Up Wave Pool, and get splashed by the giant Tiki bucket at Tiki Island. Thrill to our newest, award winning water slide additions: Rip Tide, Tidal Wave, Cyclone Saucers and Polynesian Plunge. Kids of all ages will love the Ragin’ Rapids water slides – three unique slides offering three different ride experiences. Just want to relax? Cool off in our giant leisure pool or try your hand at the Lilly Pad Challenge. Beech Bend Park and Splash Lagoon’s “Cyclone Saucers” received high marks in the “Best New Water Park Ride” category recently. “Cyclone Saucers” tied for the No. 3 -38- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

spot for the new water slide, the first of its kind in North or South America. “Cyclone Saucers” is part of a new four slide complex opened in 2016. We’re happy to announce brand new cabanas for 2019 and the addition of canopies for smaller groups. Make your family day really special by adding a cabana or canopy rental. Enjoy privacy, shade, special furnishings and your place to call “home” for the day. Pictures will be added soon. Cabanas and canopies can be rented in advance by calling 270-781-7634 or at the ticket gate gift shop in the park. All cabanas are equipped with a dining table and four chairs, 2 chaise lounge chairs, a side table, a private locking box, complementary souvenir bottle ($10 value per bottle) for each member of your party (up to 6 bottles). You get $1 refills on your souvenir bottles all season long! Wristbands are required to occupy a cabana and each cabana comes with up to 8 wristbands. The campgrounds are actually open 365 days a year. with 400+ campsites. Reservations are not taken and rental is on a first-come, first serve basis. The Battle at the Beech Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series comes to the grounds August 23rd – 25th. For more information, visit

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Things to Do

hold an Alligator NATCHITOCHES - Come explore the unique, mysterious, and exciting world of the American Alligator at the Natchitoches Alligator Park. This eight-acre park is an authentic Cajun countryside, complete with Cajun music, genuine Cajun cuisine, and an abundance of world-famous Louisiana “Joie de Vivre” – and, of course, the gators! You will be entertained with hourly feeding shows, but you don’t have to just watch. You can feed them, touch them, even have your picture taken with them and if you dare, sample some in the “Gator Bites Snack Shop“. The Natchitoches Alligator Park is open weekends through October 13th. Open hours are 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Feeding shows are 11:30 a.m. through 3:30pm. From protected walkways and platforms, you’ll be able to see hundreds of alligators, from the young 4-footers to the huge 1000-pounders, all immersed in their natural environment. The whole family will enjoy watching as they swirl, splash, lunge, and leap for their dinner. Lets start our trek through “alligator island”, where you will be surrounded by huge alligators. Enjoy the “alligator island show,” a lively and informative demonstration of the alligator farming industry and the conservation program to save the american alligator. While on the island don’t miss the air-conditioned game room where you can play air hockey and try your luck with “the claw”.

Right around the corner is a “reptile habitat” where you will find plated lizards, skinks, water dragons, savannah monitors, iguanas, caiman crocodiles, “myrtle” a 50 year old alligator snapping turtle, baby alligators in an aquarium and much more. Next on the agenda is a walk through tiny town. It is built at half scale with a barber shop, sheriff’s office, mercantile store, and schoolhouse. Feed the little pigmy goats, miniature horses, peacocks and other little critters through the windows of the town. Next is showtime at Castaway Island where you will encounter two pilots that have crashed on an island surrounded by large hungry alligators. You will be able to see our feeding show from the comfort of our covered stadium seats while we attempt to feed from a cajun house boat surrounded by these big monsters. It is our newest and most exciting show ever! For the courageous, head across

the suspension bridge and over the waterfall toward “the jungle”. Hang on tight because this bridge swayes under your feet. As you enter the jungle, you are actually in air conditioned comfort to peer into rooms full of slithery snakes from around the world in their natural invironment including “bernadine” the 14′ albino python and all of her friends in a rainforest atmosphere. Deeper into the jungle is the “Rocky Raccoon Resort,” for raccoons. They have little houses on stilts with bridges connecting them and their very own waterfall. You may feed them too! Don’t miss the “turtle town,” a whole town with more houses, streets and bridges totally inhabited by box turtles. For more information, visit For more on Louisiana, >CLICK HERE!

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Places to Go:

Palace Playland

What started out as a roller skating rink and merry - go - round in 1902, is now a five-acre family amusement park featuring 28 rides and numerous arcade games. It is considered to be New England’s only beachfront amusement park. It has also been listed as “the best attraction you’ve never heard of” in Maine by Business Insider. It is located directly on the waterfrunt of Old Orchard Beach across from from the Downeaster passenger railroad station. Palace Playland opened another new roller coaster known as the “Sea Viper” in 2018. Users board a cart resembling a sea snake. Then, passengers whip around sharp turns and steep gradients at high speeds. The other new ride is Wipeout, a spinning coaster on a figure 8 track. Wipeout will have you laughing and smiling all the way. Perfect for kids and adults, Wipeout has random spinning action, high speed turns and dynamic spins! There are the usual kiddie rides plus family rides like Cascade Falls where you ride the -40- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

hollow log to splash down into the water. The largest drop is just before the end of the ride. Many of the rides are what you would find at a normal carnival, like the Dodgem go carts, TiltA-Whirl, Dropzone and suspend Wave Swings.

An all day pass for unlimited rides is $37.50 for adults, $31.50 for children under 48” tall. The park is open daily in August and on weekends in September. For details, visit There’s more to this town than its namesake beach, though truth be told the seven-mile stretch of sand is awesome in its own right, with its legendary amusement park and nightlife that includes live bands and great seafood. But Old Orchard Beach is also a prime base for kayakers who want to explore area rivers, fishermen or day-trippers who crave a cruise out on the Atlantic, and those of us who are content to contemplate beautiful lighthouses (like nearby Cape Elizabeth) and watch the tide roll in and out.

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Adventure Park USA

MONROVIA - Adventure Park USA, opened in 2005, is a Wild West-themed amusement park and is the largest family entertainment center in the state of Maryland. Located approximately 40 miles from Washington, D.C., this theme park features the Blazing Trails Go-Karts, Desert Oasis Miniature Golf, Crater Lake Bumper Boats, and kiddie rides. When the weather turns cold and rainy, Adventure Park USA is the place to go. The indoor attractions of the park are also open year round. With everything from West World laser tag to Rustler’s Ridge Rock Wall and Hang

‘em high ropes course, this unique western-themed facility is truly one of a kind. There are Spin Zone Bumper Cars, Gold Rush Playground, the Stampede Arcade, and a cafe. Other rides include the TiltA-Whirl, Teacups, Frog Hopper, Wild Express Roller Coaster, Wildcat Roller Coaster, and the Tumbleweed Coaster. Stroll over to the Stampede arcade for all of your favorite new and classic games. Thrill-seekers will have a blast on one of our many exhilarating outdoor attractions such as the Sky-Coaster, the Wild West Express or the Wild Cat roller coaster. The Wildcat is a

steel track that takes its riders through an interlocking figure eight design. And with our four passenger car, the whole family can discover the adventure together! Race around the track of the Blazing Trail Go-Karts, or enjoy a relaxing game of mini-golf. All day passes are $36.95 and the only limit is a maximum of four go-cart rides per pass. For more information, visit online at

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Go Backwards


rides are ever the same. Experience hills and dips throughout the rest of the ride, soaring outside the confines of the track. This coaster is no joke! Another super coaster different than any other is Goliath, which takes riders on a fast trio of inAGAWAM - Hang on to your versions before throwing you hat. This Massachusetts theme backwards on the same track. That park is perfect for a day out with means back through the 102-foot the family, whether you want a vertical loop and another douhigh-speed ride or a low-speed ble-headed cobra roll. You are family farm experience. Six Flags flying right back to where it all New England has more than 100 began. Click on the photo above to rides, shows, and attractions. It is see a video of this overwhelmingalso home to New England’s best ly-smooth ride. water park, Hurricane Harbor. The park’s newest ride, which The park launched its 13th roller just opened this summer is CYcoaster in 2017 called THE JOKERTM 4D Free Fly Coaster. On this BORGTM Hyper Drive. It features ride, guests are lifted up a 120-foot state-of-the-art special effects, an indoor Super Hero story line, hill, before flipping head-overand countless spins in the dark! heels four to eight times. No two -42- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

This high-tech, multi-axis thrill ride brags 360 degress of lifting, tilting, and spinning. This is pure heart-pounding high-speed adrenaline! On August 16, Six Flags New England is partnering with the United Way of Pioneer Valley to help “keep kids on track” this school year. Guests who bring in 6-19 school supply items, will receive an entry coupon for $20.19. Guests who donate 20 or more items, will receive FREE admission to the park valid August, 16 only. For more information, visit

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Go Up & Down


ome visit Michigan’s largest amusement park and water park. There so much for the whole family to enjoy all season long! Michigan’s Adventure is a 250-acre amusement park in Muskegon County, Michigan, about halfway between Muskegon and Whitehall. It is the largest amusement park in the state and has been owned and operated by Cedar Fair since 2001. As of 2018, Michigan’s Adventure has 53 rides, more than any other park in the state. If you are a fan of roller coasters and adrenaline rush activities, Michigan’s Adventure is the place to be! Michigan’s largest amusement and water park is home to seven rollercoasters including Shivering Timbers and Thunderhawk! Climbing to heights of 125 feet and then plunging through drops galore, Shivering Timbers holds over a mile of pure excitement. With speeds of up to 65 mph, this out-and-back wooden roller coaster will leave you breathless! If you are game for some upside-down fun, try soaring on the Thunderhawk. This suspended steel coaster will race you through heart pounding drops, barrel rolls, and a complete flip over,

all while your legs and feet swing to keep up. If feet on the floor are more your thing, make a dash for the Mad Mouse, with its hairpin turns, quick drops and fun that won’t stop. If it’s a really hot day, then spend it at a Beach Party with spray guns, water slides, water wheels, and a drenching bucket -- it’s splashtastic! What’s new this summer is a Wildwater Adventure expansion with an even bigger splash for the kids. The Half Pint Paradise has been completely revamped with seven new children’s slides. A new splash pad will also create a splashtacularly imaginative set of designs. The kids can imagine sailing their own ship or swimming with the creatures of the sea. Funnel of Fear, three wave pools, body slides, speed slides and more will thrill the whole family with big splashes and exciting water adventures. WildWater Adventure is included with your Michigan’s Adventure admission. Any-day admission is only $36 online at https:// Ad a drink wristband for Coca-cola fountain beverages for $41. August, 2019 ~ WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM | -43-

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Conquer the Kingdom

HOLLY - Take a time-travel adventure into the 16th century at the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival and join our Queen Elizabeth in a jubilee! This year’s theme is “Conquer the Kingdom.” Inside our turreted gates, visitors will enjoy the sights and sounds of a 17-acre village, complete with building reproductions of Renaissance shops, taverns and a magnificent castle. Continuous entertainment takes place on the streets and on 17 themed stages; featuring full-contact armored jousting, comedy and theater shows, music, games, people-powered rides and so much more! Fabulous food and more than 150 artisans displaying their gallery-quality works complete the experience! For years, the Michigan Renaissance Festival has provided Holly with a unique venue that regularly attracts more than 250,000 visitors. When the Festival first began in Clarkston, the Renaissance

Festival attracted 11,000 patrons during its five-weekend event. Years later the Festival found a more permanent home where it currently stands, just 12 miles south of Flint on Dixie Highway. The festival is open seven weekends, plus Labor Day Monday and Festival Friday. The pageantry of a 16th century village is evident in the wide variety of activities. Entertainment is not only featured on seventeen stages, but in the lanes and on an interactive level with the patrons. From peasants to royalty, the people of the village of Hollygrove visit entertain guests and provide a day to remember! Highlights include the thrilling full contact joust with armored knights and horses, the intensity of the Human Combat Chess Match and the hilarity of acts like the Washing Well Wenches and Ded Bob. Music fills the air with Crannog and other talented bands. The Realm is filled with amazing artisans who

offer their unique wares and often share their skills in craft demonstrations. Beautiful glassware, crafted leather, exotic jewelry and Renaissance clothing are just a few examples of the masterpieces that can be found in the marketplace. Visitors are advised to skip breakfast and save their appetite for the fresh baked goods, soup in a bread bowl, Scotch eggs, apple dumplings and of course, the famous turkey legs that are cooked over an open flame. The array of foods is overwhelming and sure to satisfy any cravings! It is truly fun for the whole family since the Renaissance Festival also offers games, human-powered rides, and a children’s realm that features a castle playscape as well as free activities for younger visitors.

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Nickelodeon Dora and Diego

BLOOMINGTON - Meet Your Favorite Nick™ Characters at the Nickelodeon Universe. It’s your chance to meet SpongeBob SquarePants & Patrick, dance along with Dora & Diego or share a belly-aching laugh with Blue & the Backyardigans. The large indoor theme park (one of the largest in the world) is part of the gargantuan Mall of America. Admission is free. Visitors can either purchase a pay-one-price wristband and ride to their heart’s content or buy points to go on rides a la carte. The park used to be known as Knott’s Camp Snoopy , but now Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants reign.

Attraction highlights inSpongeBob SquarePants clude the Fairly Odd Coaster Rock Bottom Plunge coaster spinning coaster, SpongeBob Orange Streak coaster SquarePants Rock Bottom El Circulo del Cielo- Dora Plunge coaster, the Orange the Explorer-themed Ferris Streak coaster, El Circulo del Wheel Cielo, which is a Dora the Admission Info and OperExplorer-themed Ferris wheel, ating Schedule the interactive dark ride, Admission to the park is Ghost Blasters, the themed free. Rides and attractions Log Chute log flume, and the require varying numbers of family drop ride, Splat-Opoints. Points are available Sphere. for purchase individually This is a full-fledged or in multi-point packages. amusement park with multiPay-one-price unlimited ride ple roller coasters, a giant Ferwristbands are also available. ris wheel, and a slew of other thrill and kiddie rides. Because it’s indoors, the The park features three park is open year-round coasters and an assortment whenever the mall is open, of Nickelodeon-themed rides which is pretty much all the and attractions including: time. Fairly Odd Coaster spinFor more articles on Minnesota, ning coaster

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Places to Go:

Geyser Falls Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is located in Choctaw, MS. It is a 23 acre family amusement center featuring 12 major waterslides, an enormous wavepool, a lazy river and activity areas for children and teens adorned by waterfalls and crystal clear swimming pools. Within the 23 acres is 8 acres of white sandy beaches, palm trees and glistening water. The features include cabanas for daily rental, the birthday hut for rental, a retail shop, food court, ice cream parlor, snack bar and an outdoor stage for entertainment. Adjacent to Geyser Falls Water Theme Park is the Beach Club Restaurant. It is a full service restaurant that offers a casual dining experience in an open air and outdoor beach environment.

Enjoy eight acres of white sand beaches and crystal clear pools in an amazing tropical environment. Surrounded by palm trees, guests catching some rays on the beach or taking a cool dip in the pools. Grab some lunch at My Tie Café. There are also poolside cabanas available for daily rental. Clearwater Key – It’s like visiting the Caribbean, but without the airfare. For those of you who prefer to take things a little slower, relax on a 1,200-foot long cruise of the Roundabout River. Grab a tube and the fun never ends in this continuous river as you float through the park on the gentle currents seeing all that Geyser Falls has to offer. Soak in the sun and the fun then slip under the waterfalls for a refreshing shower.

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Submitted by Mindy Bianca Mindy Bianca Public Relations BRANSON– Today, the Ozark mountain town of Branson is famously known for its live music shows. However, what put this destination on the map more than a century ago was a book titled The Shepherd of the Hills. The site where the fictional action took place is today an award-winning, family-oriented entertainment complex. Inspired by the Ozark Mountains and the hospitable people of Branson, a pastor by the name of Harold Bell Wright wrote his second novel, which would eventually become the first to ever sell one million copies in the United States. After The Shepherd of the Hills was published in 1907, tourists flocked to Missouri to see the breathtaking Ozark Mountain views and meet the people who inspired Wright to pen his novel. Over the years, generations of various families have contributed to preserving and expanding The Shepherd of the Hills property. Current co-owner Jeff Johnson remembers watching his grandfather perform each season in the famous outdoor drama based on Wright’s bestselling book in the exact locale portrayed in the story. Today, The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama is a state-of-the-art production complete with 90 actors, 40 horses and a herd of sheep. Through his commitment and vision for a fam-

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ily-friendly day of fun, Johnson has expanded the attraction’s offerings to include Shepherd’s Adventure Park, which was recently voted America’s Best Aerial Adventure Park in USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards. Catering to both leisure seekers and adrenaline junkies, the Adventure Park includes a multi-level ropes course; a scenic canopy zipline tour; and the highest, longest and fastest zipride in Missouri. More than 100 years ago, visitors could never have imagined seeing the beautiful Ozark mountain vistas while flying through the air, but today’s guests can zip 230 feet above the ground to enjoy the views on the Vigilante Extreme ZipRider … if they can keep their eyes open! Guests can also enjoy the best views of the Ozark Mountains at the top of Inspiration Tour and hit the trails on an OffRoad ATV Adventure. For those who prefer to enjoy the views from the very location where Wright wrote his book, but with the thrill-factor taken down a few notches, the Inspiration Tower is the perfect place to savor the sunset and reflect. Visitors can also explore the property by hitting the trails on the Off-Road ATV Adventure course and participating in a Historic Homestead Tour, which is the original home of the main characters in Wright’s book. What was once a version of a traveling comedy show in the late 1960s -1970s, The Toby Show has been reintroduced as a dinner show. Still one of the funniest shows in Branson, it has been upgraded to meet today’s standards and the musical talent is second to none. The food is delicious, served with choice of sweet tea or lemonaide by the actors from the show. Shepherd of the Hills continues in the tradition of showcasing the Ozark Mountains by day and entertaining its guests at night … in 21st-century style! For more information, visit and

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Ride the Skyscraper Submitted by Sara Martin Mindy Bianca Public Relations BRANSON – The addition of a brand-new thrill ride has changed the landscape – and adrenaline level – of Branson, Missouri’s Entertainment District. Located in the heart of an Ozark Mountain town with countless theaters, attractions and restaurants along a five-mile corridor, The Track Family Fun Parks recently launched its newest attraction, Skyscraper. With an 80-foot-tall base tower that extends more than 170 feet, the ride’s propeller arms spin at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, producing a G-force effect similar to what a pilot feels flying a fighter jet. While riders of the 150-foot Branson Ferris Wheel, which was relocated from Chicago’s famous Navy Pier three years ago, enjoy a relaxing 15-minute scenic rotation offering beautiful views of the Ozark Mountains, riders of Skyscraper might catch a glimpse of those same views … if they can keep their eyes open! Skyscraper’s thrilling five-minute ride can accommodate four adrenaline-seekers at a time, two seated at the end of each of Skyscraper’s spinning propeller arms. At night, Skyscraper “lights up” with even more excitement, as riders and visitors to the Entertainment District enjoy LED lighting and choreography by Eric Lorsc-

heider and design genius Michael Haygood. Fondly known as the guy who “lights up the town,” Haygood’s mastery of special effects has taken Branson’s entertainment to a new level in recent years. Among his projects is the installation of more than 144,000 LEDs on the Branson Ferris Wheel and lighting up the 250-foot Bigfoot Tower, another attraction in the Entertainment District. Skyscraper is located at the “Wild Woody” location of The Track Family Fun Parks, at 2505 West 76 Country Boulevard. The cost for one flier is $29.95 plus tax; two fliers cost $49.95 plus tax. The Parks started entertaining local and visiting families in 1981. Today, the three Branson locations are located within two miles of each other and offer high-rise and classic go-kart tracks for all

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ages; the Branson Ferris Wheel, which the Parks saved and moved from Chicago to Branson in 2016; laser tag; bumper boats/cars; mini golf; batting cages; kids’ rides; arcades and more with no gate admission charge. Wherever you are in Branson, you’re never far from incredible entertainment, where generations of families love entertaining generations of visiting families! To start planning your visit to the area, visit www.explorebranson. com and

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Zipline Adventure Park Places to Go:

WEST YELLOWSTONE - Described as the most extraordinary, this park is the closest adventure to Yellowstone. Horseback riding, gemstone mining and yellowstone rafting packages are also available. The Adventure Pass is for an all-day experience. This adventure Course and Zipline Tour is $59 for adults and $55 for Kids, ages six to 12. This is by far our most popular option! You can stay and play as long as you like. Once you decide

to leave, your pass expires. This pass does not include come and go privileges...It’s the best deal going! Children, ages six to 12, need to be with an adult on the course. NEW OFFER! Unlimited Fun! Unlimited Ziplines for up to two hours. New! 2 hour pass only $49 pp... Reservations required. Available at select times throughout the summer. Call with questions about your adventure at 406646-5171 or visit online at

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Things to Do:

Go on an Alaskan Adventure


laskan Adventure is a splashgrounds with unique water features. It was also the next step of the Omaha Zoo’s Master Plan, following the African Grasslands, and will eventually include a new sea lion pool and a home for polar bears. The exhibit is Alaskan-themed, featuring dancing waters through sprays and spouts and over 75 bronze sculptures created by Nebraska’s own, Matthew Placzek. The spraying water is managed through computerized controls, systematically spraying a mix of water and air through nozzles arranged around the sculptures to simulate the water effects made by the animals as they breech, porpoise, splash, spray water from their blowholes and emerge from or dive into the ocean. The centerpiece of Alaskan Adventure is an 18-foot-high humpback whale which has water trailing from its extended fins. A whale’s tail is a separate sculpture and is 16 feet wide and eight feet tall with water flowing from the edge as it -52- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

appears to submerge for a deep dive. Additional bronze sculptures include: 30 jumping salmon, 25 puffins, 15 sea lions sunning on rocks, three porpoising orcas and three brown bears. Misting nozzles and native Alaskan landscape surround this new area to truly allow Zoo guests to feel like they are in Alaska. The Alaskan-themed splash ground is a way to incorporate animals and large species that the Zoo does not currently have, and gives kids the opportunity to learn about some of the animals that can be seen near the Alaska coastline. Alaskan Adventure will be located near Red Barn Park and Sue’s Carousel, making this area of the Zoo a hub for kids’ activities. A family changing area is also located near the new exhibit. This exhibit is free to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium members or with paid general Zoo admission.

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Places to Go:

The whole BIg City!

It could easily be argued that the Las Vegas Strip is one giant theme park built with adults in mind. There is no gate around the city of course. Nor is there one owner/ operator or admission gate fee. However, there are bright lights and whimsical architecture as well as wild shows and a festive atmosphere. There are Egyptian pyramids, the decadent Roman Empire, the circus, and the canal city of Venice. Amid all of the blinking slot machines and endless buffets, there are actual roller coasters and other rides to be found in Vegas. And despite its desert location, there are also water parks. The park-like attractions that remain are largely geared to adults. A five-acre park located inside Circus Circus is known as Adventuredome. Among its attractions are the coasters Canyon Blaster and El Loco, a 4-D theater, spinning thrill rides, laser tag, a carousel, and kiddie rides. There are also clown shows, midway games, and mini-golf. At 550 feet tall, the High Roller is one of the world’s biggest Ferris wheels. It is located at The Linq on the Strip. If you want to go ziplining, SlotZilla is an 11-story slot machine-inspired attraction and is one of the best things to do in Las Vegas. It is located on Fremont Street. Schedule your ride at night when you can get the full affect of traveling under the World’s largest video screen, Viva Vision screen.

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People to See:

Santa and his Elves

JEFFERSON - New Hampshire amusement parks and water parks welcome families with children to enjoy classic fun, indoors and outdoors, year-round. Santa’s Village in the White Mountains, for example, is among the many amusement parks where families return generation after generation. Find your “inner elf” at Santa’s Village open Memorial Day weekend to Christmas. Santa’s Village in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is the only New England park to earn recognition as one of the Top 25 Amusement Parks in the USA in the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards!

It’s a full day of rides and shows, cookies and elves, Santa and his reindeer – plus the fun of the Ho Ho H2O water park. At Elf University, play the Elfabet Game. It’s a complimentary park-wide scavenger hunt featuring Elves from A to Z. Santa’s Reindeer are always having fun in their barn called Reindeer Rendezvous. Be sure to stop by to feed them special treats. Owned and operated by three generations of its founding family for more than 60 years, an annual visit is a New England family tradition. For more information, visit

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Things to Do:

Play Make Believe

HOPE - Land of Make Believe’s founder designed & built with the dream of providing affordable, safe, and wholesome Family fun. No longer would parents be “passive spectators.” They would, in fact, “be kids again,” having as much, if not more fun than their children! It is a park for any age child and any age adult. Since 1954, this park has been exceeding expectations in a clean, safe, and wholesome environment. Once a dairy farm, the founder transformed a beautiful valley into a charming, magical location. Knowing the cost of raising children, he encouraged families to bring their own food and enjoy picnicking in our special picnic grove. There is also food for pur-

chase. Try great hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, chicken, pizza, milkshakes, lemonade, soda, and of course, the best ice cream. All have very reasonable prices. Guests report they have the best French fries and homemade fudge. Plan a fun day at the Land of Make Believe,featuring the Amusement Park, Waterpark, low prices, short lines, free parking and incredible family fun. The beloved family amusement park opened for its 65th season this summer while introducing their new Off-Road Safari adventure. Guests travel in a real 4X4 Safari vehicle over the hills and through the woods of what was America’s Western Frontier in the 1700s, to explore the natural, unspoiled beauty of this historic territory at

the foothills of the Jenny Jump Mountain. Guests can experience this new adventure which is included with general admission through Labor Day, September 2, plus the weekend of September 7-8. Land of Make Believe, celebrating its 65th Anniversary, keeps 450 acres in open space to preserve it for “our children and our children’s children.” For more information visit, find them on Facebook @LandofMakeBelieveHopeNJ or call 908-459-9000.

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Places to Go: SUNLAND PARK - The small amusement park features four roller coasters, including a small spinning model, a 20-foot tall steel Miner Coaster, and The Hurricane, a family steel coaster. Other rides include bumper cars, Yo-Yo flying swings, a Scrambler, a shoot-the-chutes splashdown ride, and a drop tower. For younger visitors, there is a carousel, a train, and a spinning airplane ride. Admission is priced with tickets for a la carte rides, or pay-oneprice option.

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Places to Go

Enchanted Forest OLD FORGE - Enchanted Forest Water Safari is New York’s largest water theme park with more than 50 rides and attractions, including 32 water rides. The park also features classic amusement rides for all ages, fun food, exciting games storybook characters, a family circus show and more. Take a stroll beneath the towering trees of Enchanted Forest where over 20 of your favorite storybook tales come to life. Kids of all ages will enjoy seeing their favorite characters, including Cinderella and the Three Bears, while listening to the stories that we all know by heart! The Water Park is part of Water Safari Resort, which includes Water’s Edge Inn, Old Forge Camping Resort and Calypso’s Cove Family Fun Park. Past visitors to the park have expressed their experience with reviews on TripAdvisor, “Another wonderful family adventure” “Best waterpark in the area” “Always a fun experience!” “Best day with grandkids” “A family tradition”.

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Places to go:

Tweetsie Railroad offers plenty of fun for the entire family. Whether it’s hopping aboard a train pulled by a historic steam locomotive for an exciting three-mile Wild West adventure, panning for gold, meeting cowboys and Can-Can girls, or strolling through an authentic Western town, the theme park has something for everyone. Families can explore amusement rides, gem mining and the Deer Park Zoo. Tweetsie Railroad also offers plenty of live entertainment including the Country Clogging Jamboree, Diamond Lil’s Can-Can Review, and Tweetsie Railroad’s own Hopper and Porter children’s show. The 2019 season will feature a variety of events that will provide many opportunities for exciting and memorable trips to Tweetsie Railroad: Riders In The Sky, America’s Favorite Cowboys, will perform their famous Western music and comedy blend at noon and 3:00 p.m. each day. The quartet has been together for more than 30 years and has received Grammy Awards for “Best Musical Album for Children” including the song “Woody’s Round Up” from the hit movie “Toy Story 2” and the companion album for “Monsters, Inc.” Railroad Heritage Weekend — Aug. 24 - 25 -58- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

Steam locomotives in the Blue Ridge Mountains have a history that goes back to the 1800s! Come celebrate Railroad Heritage Weekend at Tweetsie Railroad with special train rides, performances by the Cherokee dancers, crafts from the Tsa-La-Gi Touring Program and tours of the Steam Locomotive Repair Shop. Ghost Train® — Sept. 20-Oct. 26 Tweetsie Railroad will host a Halloween celebration the whole family can enjoy! Ghost Train includes a nighttime train ride, trick-or-treating, the Freaky Forest, Haunted House, amusement rides, and other themed activities. Ghost Train has been named one of the “Top 20 Events in the Southeast” by the Southeast Tourism Society. A limited number of tickets are available; buying tickets in advance is required in order to ensure admission.

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Places to go:

Lucy’s Amusement Park

MINOT - Lucy’s Amusement Park is a terrific place to have hours of family fun. The park offers the most challenging 18-hole miniature golf course in the northwest, cosmic orbiter, a tower slide, various kiddie rides, disco scooter and moonwalk. Picnic areas are available for families and businesses with bon fire upon request. We also offer special birthday party rates. Ride fees set for individual rides. Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, call 701-839-2320 for more information.

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Places to Go

Planning your Cedar Point Visit? - Can’t Miss TheNew Features and Attractions

A visit to Cedar Point is a summer essential in Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Each year the park rolls out new features and attractions and this year is no exception. From new food to new adventures, Cedar Point delivers on the excitement front. And justin-time as well, as next year will be the 150th anniversary of the country’s second-oldest amusement park! New at the park this year is the Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island. Included with park admission, this interactive experience challenges you both mentally and physically to solve the mystery surrounding the Forbidden Frontier. It is said every experience has a different ending, determined by the player and the secrets unlocked. The attraction is geared towards adults, teens, and tweens. The wooden climbing structure filled with ropes challenges will keep the kiddos entertained. Two new dining options are available at Cedar Point this year as well, and they are not your typical amusement park fare. The park is truly becoming a foodie destination along with one for thrill-seekers! At the front of the park, Hugo’s Italian Kitchen replaced the Midway Market. Hugo’s features hand-

Cedar Point

made pastas, brick-oven pizzas, chicken parmesan and meatball sandwiches, and fresh salads. Towards the back of the park, the all-new BackBeatQue debuts where the Witches’ Wheel used to be. The Motown-inspired restaurant features barbecue favorites such as smoked brisket, rotisserie chicken, pork platters, and southern sides like fried okra and corn bread muffins. BackBeatQue also offers local favorites like fresh fried perch and a new take of fried shrimp using funnel-cake batter. Motown and rock & roll favorites are performed on an outdoor entertainment stage. Two popular rides are celebrating major anniversaries this year with cool, new features. Magnum XL-200 turns 30 this year and is throwing it back to 1989 with original special effects such as fog, lighting, and sounds. Cedar Creek Mine Ride commemorates its 50th anniversary with new sound effects and a new station soundtrack. Both rides got new signage for their birthdays.

-60- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

Boardwalk Cruiser Wine Tours are back. Started last year on Cedar Point’s world-famous beach, riders enjoy an hour-long, narrated pedicab tour along the beach’s boardwalk and to Lighthouse Point Pier along with a bottle of wine and snacks. Sunrise pedicab tours are also available without the wine. Speaking of the world-famous beach, Cedar Point Nights is back, July 12-August 18. When the sun goes down, experience the beach like never before with fire pits and lounge chairs in the Chill Zone. Or, party the night away with the Glow Zone or the Silent Disco Zone. Larger-than-life games are offered in the Family Fun Zone. This is truly the hottest way to enjoy a cool summer night. So what new attraction are you looking forward to checking out this year?

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Feed the Animals During the tour, guests see hundreds of animals living together. Feed Elk, Bison, Giraffe, Zebra, Deer, Alpaca, and Camel from the cup of food provided by the park. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture memories! Each spring there are “new arrivals.” Keep an eye out for hiding babies. The Walk-Thru area, there are many other animals on exhibit. See more than 400 Budgies in our Aviary Adventure, Kangaroos, Porcupines, Antelope, Warthog and

PORT CLING- Tired of fighting the crowds and standing in endless lines? Why not try a different theme park that covers more then 80 acres of land and includes animals from Asia, Africa, North and South America in a large roaming preserve? Here guests can travel through the preserve of roaming animals in the comfort and privacy of their own vehicle.

more! While in the Walk-Thru catch one of our educational animal shows and learn more about some of our animals. Don’t miss our daily Hog-Wild Educational Program or a Camel ride for the kids. While in the Walk-Thru Feed Budgies, Kangaroos and African Crested Porcupines in our Zoo-itAll Package! Programs and rides operate Memorial Day Weekend (May 24, 2019) thru Labor Day Weekend (September 2, 2019). So pack up the family and take a relaxing trip to the African Safari Wildlife Park. African Safari Wildlife Park is open thru December 1. The Full Park Schedule is online with rates and other information: www.africansafariwildlifepark. com. Photos by Norman Reed

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Frontier City is a western-themed amusement park owned by EPR Properties and operated by Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. The park originally opened in 1958. Originally a haunted farm, mine train, robberies and jails, admission was free and it costed a quarter to watch the gunfights Frontier City is one of three Six Flags parks that are not currently branded as a Six Flags park, with Great Escape in Queensbury, New York and La Ronde in Montreal, Quebec, Canada being the other two. In 2012 a new multi-million dollar water play structure was erected in a former parking lot. The area is called Wild West Water Works and features seven slides, a 1,000 gallon tipping water bucket and hundreds of water gadgets. In 2014, the park turned to Plainview, Texas-based Larson International for the new Winged Warrior ride and again in 2015 for the new Brain Drain, a seven-story looping thrill ride. Another new attraction was added in 2016 called The Gunslinger, a 60-foot-tall spinning thrill ride made by Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla. It was relocated from Magic Spring in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a park also owned -62- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

by CNL Lifestyle Properties, Inc. 2016 also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Wildcat. Much of the ride was retracked in 2016 to make for a smoother ride. In 2017, a new million dollar water ride was added to the Wild West Waterworks called the Gully Washer which consists of three high-thrill water slides that will start from a tower approximately 66 feet tall. An all-new kids’ area full of interactive attractions and adorable new characters debuts this summer. Four all new attractions plus some family favorites. Timber Town is the home of your newest family memories. The park hosts numerous concerts every summer at the Starlight Amphitheater. The concerts are included with the park admission. For King & Country takes the stage August 10th in their Summer Concert Series Presented by Subway. For tickets or more information, visit

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Places to Go:

This 20-acre outdoor theme park, nestled in a forested setting just off I-5 in Salem, is something of an Oregon icon. It has been family owned and operated since opening its doors in 1971. Today, there are kiddy rides, slides and storybook lane for the younger set, and a haunted house, Big Timber Log Ride (the biggest log ride in the Northwest) and a roller coaster for the slightly older bunch. The Enchanted Forest opened in 1971. The owner and developer, Roger Tofte, says 75 people visited the first day; 1,000 came the next Sunday. A couple of years later, Tofte quit his day job to focus full time on the park. These days, more than 100,000 people visit the Enchanted Forest each year, according to the Tofte family. It’s grown to include a roller coaster, a log ride and a comedy theater troupe. Three generations of the family now help keep the park thriving. For more information, visit https://www.

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Things to Do:

Ride the New

WEST MIFFLIN – America’s most anticipated roller coaster of 2019, The Steel Curtain at Kennywood Park, is now open! Pittsburgh residents and coaster enthusiasts the world over have eagerly awaited The Steel Curtain since it was announced in July 2018. The standout attraction of an unprecedented partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers, The Steel Curtain will send riders upside down through nine different inversions, the most of any roller coaster in North America, including the world’s tallest inversion at 197 feet high. In addition, The Steel Curtain is Pennsylvania’s tallest roller coaster at 220 feet, hits a top speed of 75 miles per hour and features a stunning 205-foot drop coming out of that record-setting inversion. “The Steel Curtain isn’t like any other roller coaster out there, and we can’t wait to start taking guests the world over for the ride of their lives,” says Kennywood General Manager Jerome Gibas. “This is the next great addition to Kennywood, America’s Finest Traditional Amusement Park.”

Designed by S&S Worldwide, The Steel Curtain zooms across 4,000 feet of track, crossing over midways and even through Kennywood’s Lagoon, a central gathering place at the National Historic Landmark amusement park since its opening in 1898.

remaining attractions of Steelers Country will open at a later date.

“The Steelers organization is very excited to see The Steel Curtain roller coaster come to life,” says Steelers Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Huzjak. “We’ve been following the construction process closely and we’re hopeful it will live up to its namesake. As we approach Training Camp and our season, we’re also excited to continue to work with Kennywood to open Steelers Country later this summer.” The Steel Curtain is the flagship attraction of the forthcoming Steelers Country at Kennywood themed land, including interactive games, retail and dining experiences designed to bring fans “onto the field” in a way never seen before. The

Kennywood is owned and operated by Palace Entertainment, one of the leading leisure park operators in the United States. For more information, please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

-64- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

The Pittsburgh-area park offers a unique mix of modern thrills and classic rides, including seven roller coasters, a 14-ride Kiddieland, and several attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. Kennywood, founded in 1898 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1987, continues to provide unforgettable fun for all ages.

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From our Go Karts to our Bumper Boats, Mini Golf to our Extreme Big Air Jumper, Adventureland is sure to have attractions and something to do for everyone. The idea of Adventureland Family Fun Park was born from Raymond Kells’ experience with the Water Wizz waterslide located in Westerly, RI. After many successful years in the water slide industry he aspired to bring even more family fun to the Southern Rhode Island area in a manner that was both appealing to the flavor of South County and the people who live there. The idea of a wet/dry fun park fit this niche. A brief partnership allowed him to further the idea into constructing Adventureland Family Fun Park in Narragansett.

The park initially included a driving range. Hurricane Bob, in 1991, ravaged the range, but out of those ruins came the birth of the Go-Kart track. The Carousel and Burdick’s Ice Cream was added in 2011. Kells vision of bringing family fun to South County area spurred further growth to greater New England. He went on to build Water Wizz of Cape Cod Water Park in Wareham Ma. Here are some of the more popular attractions: Beat the heat and cool off this summer!!! Get ready for the battle of the bumper boats as you squirt your friends and family. Go Karts Rev up your engine and get going on the figure 8 track. This is an Adventureland fan fa-

vorite!!! There are Double cars available for child/adult drivers. Drivers must be 16 years of age or older. Driver must be 56″ to drive alone. Bankshot™ Basketball is the newest game of skill and challenge at Adventureland. It is often described as a “Mini Golf, but with a basketball.” It’s a game for all players of all ages and abilities. This water park has grown to become a destination place for families and friends to spend countless summer days. For more information, visit

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Carowinds is a 407-acre amusement park, located adjacent to Interstate 77 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Although it has an official North Carolina address, the park is located on the state line of the Carolinas, with a portion of the park also located in Fort Mill, South Carolina. One of Carowinds’ 14 roller coasters reaches a major milestone this year! Afterburn, widely regarded by coaster enthusiasts as one of the best inverted coasters in existence, is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2019. When the inverted coaster originally opened in 1999, it had a different name. When Carowinds was owned by Paramount, the coaster took its theme from the 1986’s Top Gun and was given the moniker Top Gun: The Jet Coaster. Despite considering several other themes while conceptualizing and designing the new roller coaster, Top Gun fit the coaster perfectly, according to Steve Jackson, director of maintenance and construction for Carowinds. “When looking at it as a roller coaster, it had all of the aircraft moves in it, and it did them perfectly,” he said. “It’s got all of the forces naturally that you’d feel in an F-14. It made sense to do it that way. It drives the theming and overall experience of the attraction.” Up you go, cresting at 113 feet, then hesitating ominously as the train eases over… then leans right… then -66- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

DOWN, DOWN, DOWN toward the parking lot below before whipping out of that drop and on to six inversions. When you hit the vertical loop, you lose sight of all machinery and get your first sense of free flight. Then a diving loop called an Immelman gets your ears spinning in the other direction before a Zero-G Roll spins the train in a corkscrew in one smooth motion. Then you hit a Batwing, two loops angled at 45 degrees with a plunge underground in between. In the tunnel, you hit a blinding mist before sliding into a 360-degree Flat Spin and a final dizzying spiral. When Cedar Fair purchased the Paramount Parks, nearly all of the Paramount-themed attraction branding had to be changed. While many of the other Top Gunthemed coasters were renamed to Flight Deck, Carowinds’ version was renamed Afterburn in 2007. Afterburn is still a fan favorite at Carowinds, giving rides to more than 750,000 riders during 2018. For more information on other rides, admission rates, and schedule, visit

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Places to Go:

RAPID CITY - Storybook Island is a non-profit children’s park that is run by local Rotary clubs. It features fairytale and nursery rhyme characters, and offers a children’s theatre. Admission to the park and the theatre is free to the public, and the park itself is supported purely through donations. Special events include Christmas Nights of Light, Safe N’Sweet Trick N’Treat, and a Princess & Pirate Ball. Hours are daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Memorial Day to Labor Day. With seven acres of hands-on playsets and storybook characters that appeal to children of all ages - Storybook Island brings families together, sparks imagination and creates lifelong memories! There is also a carousel ride, a train ride, and Bippity Boppity Boo Bounce which do cost $2 each. On Aug. 16 -17th, Storybook Islands will celebrate its 60th Birthday. Cake will be served to guests to help in the celebration. For more information, visit

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Wildwood Grove in PIGEON FORGE — Dollywood solidified its place among the nation’s premier family destinations when Wildwood Grove opened this summer. It is the largest expansion in park history. Parton opened the fascinating new land to visitors ready to enjoy its 11 thrilling new experiences. During an early morning media event, Parton shared the inspiration and dreams that led to the creation of Wildwood Grove, calling the area “the new standard for Dollywood.” At $37 million, Wildwood Grove is Dollywood theme park’s largest capital investment ever and is the first new area added to Dollywood since Wilderness Pass in 2008. The biggest adventure in Dollywood’s history provides guests unique experiences to enjoy together as a family. “Wildwood Grove is so special to me because so many of the same daydreams and imaginations from my childhood have now found a perfect place at my Dollywood,’ said Dolly Parton. “I hope families will enjoy laughing, playing and exploring together in this great new place that

truly does feel like home for me.” After stepping into Wildwood Grove, imagination takes flight, delivering explorers on a journey of discovery in this breathtaking area. In the distance, the breathtaking Wildwood Tree catches the

eye as lively butterflies shimmer in the daylight. Families laugh and play, taking rides inside giant acorns at Treetop Tower and aboard a thrilling “leaf boat” on the Great Tree Swing. Even the bears are friendly in Wildwood Grove, as they let guests meander with them through their own natural habitat at the Black Bear Trail. If smaller guests need a quick break, Hidden Hollow contains a 4,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled area with climbing structures, slides and games where kids and

-68- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

their parents can enjoy play time full of exploration. Nearby, families scream with delight as they take a ride with Tennessee’s state symbol—the mockingbird— in an experience they control themselves at The Mad Mockingbird. Others dip and dart through geysers while suspended from dragonflies on the area’s signature ride attraction, Dragonflier. At the heart of it all is The Wildwood Tree. This focal point is a beacon for all, drawing families to watch the butterflies play in its leafy canopy, while encouraging others to splash and play in the winding creek that flows at its base. As the daylight fades, families can bask in a colorful kaleidoscope of summer fun as the area glows to life. Wildwood Grove also features new merchandise and dining options for park guests. Till & Harvest, which is expected to open around Memorial Day, provides the perfect blend of Smoky Mountain flavors and fresh Mexican cuisine. The menu features a variety of buildyour-own style entrees such as burritos, bowls, salads and

n Dollywood

nachos all filled with woodfired meats, fresh vegetables and flavorful sauces. Along with the Smoky Mountain Mexican flavors, Till & Harvest also provides a spacious open-air patio for families to enjoy the sights and sounds of Wildwood Grove while they enjoy their meal. Mountain Grove Merchants is the one-stop-shop for guests looking for the perfect gift or souvenir to celebrate their adventure in Wildwood Grove.

Each day of exploration in Wildwood Grove is an experience families don’t want to miss. These merry memory making moments are certain to become a treasured part of every family’s visit The Wildwood Tree comes to life each evening during a unique nighttime experience which begins June 15. Each season of the year features a spectacular new experience for guests. The Wildwood Tree features nearly 650 light-

ed butterflies (orange, blue, yellow, pink and multi-colored) and almost 9000 leaves. For more information about Wildwood Grove or Dollywood’s 2019 season, please visit or call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD. For more on Tennessee > CLICK HERE

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Mountain Adventure Park

PERU - Mountain Adventure Park is located at Bromley Mountain. Like Killington, it’s a ski resort in the winter, and in the warmer weather, Bromley offers a mini park with fun attractions. There are two water slides, one of which is inflatable and is designed exclusively for children. Shoot the rapids on the Big Splash, shoot some hoops, or shoot a hole-in-one. Tackle the Giant Swing, or throw a back flip on a Trampoline thing. Your adventure awaits! Mountain Adventure Park also offers dry rides such as a Giant Swing, a thrill ride that sends passengers 40 feet in the air at 40 miles per hour and delivers three Gs. Two of the park’s more unusual attractions are Space Bikes, in which riders pedal vehicles that flip them head over heels, and Twin Spin, a self-propelled spinning ride. Other activities include an Alpine slide, a zip line, bumper boats, chairlift rides, a climbing wall, and mini-golf. Ride the fast track on the triple-track Alpine Slide. The Grand Daddy of them all… Bromley is home to North America’s first triple-tracked Alpine Slide and still one of the longest slides in the world - a full 2/3 of a mile. Must be at least 3 years old and 38” tall to ride. Children 38”- 48” ride free, but must ride with an adult age 18+.

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Big Splash

At 456’ long, the Splash is Vermont’s coolest water slide ride.


Slip into the harness and take trampolining to new heights.

Climbing Wall

An uber-challenging 24’ multi-faced “real-rock” wall

Alpine Slide

North America’s first triple-tracked Alpine Slide and still one of the longest slides in the world

Places to Go:

Busch Gardens Williamsburg


usch Gardens Williamsburg is a 383-acre theme park located in James City County, Virginia, United States. Located about sixty miles northwest of Virginia Beach, the park was developed by Anheuser-Busch and is owned by SeaWorld Entertainment. Busch Gardens® Williamsburg was recently honored the “World’s Most Beautiful Park” by the National Amusement Park Historical Association (NAPHA) for the 29th consecutive year, extending a streak dating back to 1990. Whether you’re a kid, teen or adult, fun is always in season. With thrilling coasters, family-friendly shows, world-class dining and unique seasonal offerings, there’s something to do all year long. Come see incredible performances on stages throughout the park. Don’t miss Fighting Gravity, an spectacle of light and illusion, through Aug 4. A high-flying thrill ride debuted this summer at Busch

Gardens® with the grand opening of Finnegan’s Flyer™, an exhilarating Screamin’ Swing attraction located in the park’s Ireland village adjacent the park’s Loch Ness Monster roller coaster. Finnegan’s Flyer takes 32 riders to staggering heights of more than 80 feet, with speeds reaching 45 mph. Two pendulum-like arms fly progressively higher over the park with each swing, providing incredible aerial views of the park. The dueling arms swing back-and-forth, the ground plummeting into view with each swing. “Once again Busch Gardens has designed a ride that pushes the thrill ride envelope,” said Kevin Lembke, park president at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA. “We’re committed to providing new and unique experiences year after year. We design these rides for our fans and strive to make each one a unique experience you can only get at Busch Gardens.” For more information, visit

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Wild Waves Park WO PARKS - This is a Water and Amusement Park - ALL FOR ONE PRICE. It has been tagged as “the Best Place for Entertainment & Fun for children and adults” in the area. 70 acres loaded with rides, slides, and entertainment. Over 100 days of summer fun, Fright Fest and Holiday With Lights. During full season, plan on mid week. Lines are not nearly as long.

ing as soon as you leave the loading station. A ride on the Wild Thing is a must for all thrill seekers! Another wild coaster ride is the Ring of Fire. Prepare yourself for a wild ride on this crazy inversion coaster! This 60-foot, 360-degree looping roller coaster will propel you up, down, and upside down!

There are plenty of family rides as well. You will find favorites, such as the Ferris Wheel, Dodg’ ems Bmper Cares, the Antique Carousel, Hang Glider and more to entertain the whole family. The Wagon Train is a mustride, bringing old-fashThe park’s first roller coast- ioned days of the Wild er will get your heart pump- West. New this Year: Introducing the EZ-Band™, a wearable Season Pass that allows you to load money onto it from your mobile device, desktop or in the park! Being a Season Pass holder has never been so EZ!

-74- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

Now it’s time to cool off with the water park attractions. Slide and swirl to your hearts content. Ride the course together on the Zoom Falls in gigantic inner tubes built for four people. The Konga Slides offer the choice of sliding down any one of four entwined slides. Or float down the Konga Lazy River and relax. Single all day passes are $26.95 online and $45.99 at the front gate. For more information, visit online at

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With the Kids Camden Park is a GREAT theme park for kids especially those younger ones! This West Virginia theme park has some thrills, such as The Rattler where your feet hang as you take a HUGE spin! However, a lot of the rides are perfect for those little ones too, so let’s start exploring! Check out our exciting Main Rides, a blend of Camden Park Classics and favorites that have been around for generations, along with new rides, sure to thrill the whole family for generations to come. The thrills continue with the Big Dipper, and the Haunted House will always give you a little JUMP! Then, there are all those classic rides. The Kite Flyer lets kids feel like they are flying, and the carousel is always a family favorite (great for the parents to take a trip down memory lane too!) There are trains to be ridden, lil’ dippers to be enjoyed, and log flumes to really let you make a splash! There is event the super fun Skyliner that will take you right across the park. If you have little kiddies, then you will also want to check out Camden Park’s Kiddie Land! Here, there are 9 rides just for those under 48” - so they essentially get their own theme park! Kiddie Land has some really fun rides, including that iconic carousel, handcars, as well as fun Pony Carts, Dune Buggies, and even kiddie Rockets! If that wasn’t enough, Camden Park has those fun Swan Lake Paddleboats where 2 people can ride at once around the lake, and even adventure golf where the family can test their coordination and skills across the holes. Don’t forget about the arcade too! It’s a great stop in between rides when you want to have a go at some of those popular and classic arcade games. You might even go away with a few high scores! Family fun all around at this West Virginia experience - the little ones will love it! For tickets and more information visit

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The best Indoor Theme Park in the area just got even better! Introducing Tom Foolerys Adventure Park. An interactive world of fun and adventure with stateof-the-art thrill rides, games, and more! This whopping 100,000 sq ft adventure park features a challenging ropes course, climbing wall challenges, an indoor zip line, bowling, laser tag, mini golf and 250 of the very best in arcade games - when it’s time to dry off or you just want to up the thrill level, this adventurous park will have just what you need. The newest ride in this park is

MAXIMUM FOOLOCITY! This whirly ride goes 50 ft in the air up, down, and all around! Think you can handle that kind of spin? Also new is the Arizona Sunshine ride. Sunshine Step into the midst of a zombie apocalypse as if you were really there, freely move around and explore a post-apocalyptic world! The Big Game Room features hundreds of the newest, biggest arcade games, simulators and redemption games for the entire family. It’s more than big – it’s HUGE! Turn your game winnings into great prizes from our Prize

-76- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019

Store! Tom Foolerys Adventure Park is part of Kalahari Resort. Go wild with a huge array of activities at Tom Foolerys Adventure Park by adding a pass that’s good for your entire stay. For tickets and more information, visit

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People to See:

Star Plunge in Thermopolis

Star Plunge is known as a water park located in Hot Springs State Park. It has several pools and slides, but it’s mostly famous for it hot mineral tubs. It will warm your bones in the winter and cool you off in the summer with clean family fun. Featured attractions at the park include three water slides, an indoor and outdoor pool, sun decks, high jump, basketball hoop, hot tub, two Jacuzzis, steam cave, fitness room, baby pool and a new fountain waterfall.

all weather hydro-tube that curves around a 60 foot tower. The “Lil’ Dipper” is a 60 foot warm mineral slide just right for the little tots. It is open year-round on days that the temperature is above freezing.

lieved that the mineral water has special healing powers and there are very many therapeutic benefits. Many doctors in the area prescribe mineral water hydrotherapy. The weightless environment that the water gives allows a person to work muscles and joints without the weight of your body. The Vapor Cave The “Vapor Cave” is cut into a All of our mineral water is warmed by mountain and hot mineral water “Mother Earth” and is chemical-free. naturally heats the room. A founThe first Star Plunge was a cantain in the “Vapor Cave” is formed by natural mineral water which vas-topped hole in the formation. It overflows and creates the steam. was sometimes drained for boxing matches, speeches, and church servicThe Water Slides es. The park is open year round from 9 Pools The “Super Star 500” is one of Both the indoor and outdoor pools a.m. to 9 p.m. All day admission is only the world’s longest water slides, are heated by warm water from the 12.40 for adults, $6 for ages four and gushing over 2,400 gallons per Big Spring. The inside pool is 94- under, $10 for seniors or groups of 30. minute down a flume that measFor more information, vis98°F (34-37°C). The outdoor pool is ures over 500 feet. It is open Memo90-94°F (32-34°C). The hot pool is it online at rial Day through Labor Day. The 104°F (40°C), water jets and air jets “Blue Thunder Run” is a 330 foot For more in Wyoming give a soothing Massage. Indians be-78- | WEEKENDEREXTENDED.COM ~ August, 2019


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Weekender Extended - August  

Places to go, Things to do and People to see across the U.S. for the fun side of life. August issue featuring adventure theme parks.

Weekender Extended - August  

Places to go, Things to do and People to see across the U.S. for the fun side of life. August issue featuring adventure theme parks.