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Imaan M

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weekend | around town

Misalle Hira

Shades of Spring So Kamal launched their new lawn collection ‘Le dejeuner’ in Lahore.

Momina & Sundus

march 11, 2018 | 06

Mishal & Anush

Neha, Aamir & Rima

Erum Ahmad & Aleena Raza

Anusheh Shahid

Aamna Taseer

Shanzay Sheikh

Shehrbano Taseer

nwot dnuora | dnekeew

Amna Monnoo

Risham Saqib

Nazia Atif

Amber Liaqat

Anush Ammar

Sana Ashraf


Sadaf Fawad Khan

march 11, 2018 | 07

Nazish Sameer

Nurzia Iqbal

Maliha Salman

Zainab Salman

weekend | around town

Alishay Adnan


Hef Clothing exhibited their new clothes at their pop-up shop in Karachi.

Daniyal & Haya

march 11, 2018 | 10

Haris & Shahrina Hashwani

Erum & Zoya

Hassan & Ali

Mahira Khan

Fraz Si

Hassaan Khan

Farah Vayani

weekend | around town


Omyr Waqar

Rao Ali





Neha & Seemeen

Yasmeen Hashmi

march 11, 2018 | 11


weekend | around town

Shahida Saigol

Anniversary Dinner! Gaia Fusion celebrated their first anniversary with dinner prepared by Celebrity Chef, Damian Wawrzyniak. The PR was done by MINT.

Asim, Damian & Nadeem

Hassan & Alveena

Ijlal & Imtsal Zafar

march 11, 2018 | 14

Rizwan & Samia

Farhan & Fatima

Mehreen Arshad

Jalal Salahuddin


Nur Zehra

weekend | around town

Talat & Nadia

Warisha & Fawad

Salmaan & Sarah

Sana & Anwaar

Laveeza & Shazaib

march 11, 2018 | 15

Purniya Awan & Anam


Maliha Loen



weekend | around town


Lawn Mania!

Zainab Chottani unveiled their luxury lawn S/S2018 ‘Paison de Viajar’ at Ambrosia in Karachi.

Saad & Saher

march 11, 2018 | 22

Anusheh Shahid & Abdullah

Fehmina, Zainab Chottani & Sadaf

Amir Adnan & Huma Adnan

Ibriz Sheikh

Tooba Chottani

Saleema Feerasta

Sharmila Farooqi

weekend | around town

Fizza Furqan



Maira Pagganwala


Omyr Waqar

march 11, 2018 | 23

Noor e Sehar

Nida Shahbaz

Sadaf Kanwal

Aena Bawany

Maria Khan

weekend | around town

Let’s Brunch!

Zuria Dor hosted a Sunday brunch to celebrate 3 years of the brand at their studio in Lahore. The PR was done Amjad Bhatti.

Kinza Latif, Amna Niazi & Madiha Latif

Aymen Hikmat & Saira Tiwana

Maham Lashari & Alina Faizan

MARCH 11, 2018 | 26

Sehr Raheel & Anam Raheel

Tanzeela Khan, Amjad Bhatti & Abeer Irfan

Amber Liaqat

Mehek Rizvi

Mishalle Hira

Nur Zehra

nwot dnuora | dnekeew

Shehzil Malik & Rohama Malik

Abeer Irfan & Mahira Khan

Tanzeela Khan & Minal Khan

Salar Shamas & Azka Bokhari

Marya Javed & Mehek Saeed

march 11, 2018 | 27

Myda Malik & Faiq Hussain

Zahra Malik

Mahlia Lone

Insae Ali

Ramina Maripova

weekend | around town

Zara Safdar & Zara Hafeez

Mahrukh Malik

Noor Mahmood & Fahd

Lubna Alam, Sadaf Nasir & Zaineb Shah

march 11, 2018 | 28

Samina Latif & Mahira Khan

Preya Babar & Wajeeha Qasim

Nashia Raza, Fatima Ali & Ali

Samia Munir

Rishm Saifullah

weekend | around town

Gather Around! Hamza, Reza, Annam, Nuscie, Sualiha, Hira & Hammad


Maryam Mahmood

Huda Khawaja & Hira Asim

march 11, 2018 | 30

Rizwan Arshad

COTHM organized media meet and greet event at Nuscie Jamil’s house in Lahore. The PR was done Latitude.

Nur Zehra

Ayra & Amber Liaqat

Zaheer Ahmad

Rubia Moghees

weekend | around town


Lawn Luncheon! Orient launched their Spring/ Summer lawn at Newbury CafĂŠ in Karachi.

Sana & Amjad

Sana & Fatima

Maria & Idris

march 11, 2018 | 32

Sumbul & Saleema

Aleena, Nadia & Sheharbano

Anusheh Shahid

Nikhar Riaz

Farah Vayani

Sehrish Rehan

weekend | around town

Maryam Rahmatullah


Maha Rizvi

Haya Qamar

Mehak Rizvi

Maira Pagganwala

march 11, 2018 | 33

Maliha Aziz

Anusha Bawany

Momina Teli

Samiya Ansari

Sehar Ahmed

Maliha Rao

weekend | around town

Kunwar & Yasmeen

Ideas for Men!

Gul Ahmed IdeasMan Mr.Blue Spring/ Summer 2018 collection was launched at Dolman Mall in Karachi.

Muneza & Usman

march 11, 2018 | 36


Ayaz Anis

Danish & Mitra

Ahsan Khan

Nadia Hussain

Ayesha Omar

Humaira Asghar

Junaid Khan

weekend | around town



Nazneen Tariq

Moiz Kazmi

Shehroz Sabzwari


Ali Gul Pir


march 11, 2018 | 37


Nooray Bhatti

Sarah Gillani

Ayesha Toor

weekend | around town

Mughees Shoaib

Happily Married! Talha Shoaib and Mehak Sami hosted a walima reception for family and friends in Lahore.

Mehak & Talha

Laiba & Hamna

Abaidullah Imran & Samina Imran

december 10, 2017 | 34

Mr & Mrs Imran

Mr & Mrs Shoaib Qadir

Mr & Mrs Afzaal

Rubina Imran

Imran Ahmed

Mr & Mrs Ejaz

weekend | around town

Muhammad Umar

Tajalla & Fahad

Laiba Imtiaz

Mr & Mrs Imtiaz Ahmed

Shafqat Noor

Ameena & Bushra

march 11, 2018 | 41

Zunaira Umar

Faisal Saeed

Mahrukh Faisal

Tayyab Imtiaz

Zahida Sami

weekend | around town

Gearing up for Summer! Rangrasiya launched its premium lawn collection 2018 at The Nishat Hotel in Lahore. The PR was managed by ARPR.

Maria, Cybil, Sidra & Farwa

march 11, 2018 | 44

Momal & Rubia

Adeel & Rabia Butt

Mariam Khokhar & Amna Moonoo


Zoya Nasir

Anusheh Asad

Tajwar Chaudhry

weekend | around town

Maham Amjad

Sheherzade & Maleeha

Anna Jawad

Aden Rehan & Rehan Baber



Mehreen Arshad

Zeest Asad

Anam Raheel

march 11, 2018 | 45

Zainab Khalid & Sophia

weekend | around town

Maleeha Akram

Chandni & Risham

Minal & Arham

Maleeha & Ramina

march 11, 2018 | 46

Amna & Mahrukh

Adeel, Asim & Sophia

Myda Malik


Sahar Noon


weekend | fashion

Maryam Hammad TH


natasha kamal TH



Amal Khan TH



Following the successful launch of CocaCola Food Festival earlier this year, the nation’s biggest food and music festival. Attendees will also witness chefs working their magic through cooking demonstrations and enjoy a stellar line up of live music with other fun-filled activities. The incredible selection of musicians from Coke Studio includes megastars such as Strings, Ali Sethi, Sahara UK, Asim Azhar, Quadrum, Nabeel Shaukat and Sahir Ali Bagga.


When: 9th, 10th and 11th March 2018 Where: Beach Park, Clifton Karachi.

Hafsa Shayan TH



Tis the season of Lawn Élan lawn 2018 explores the inimitable spirit of the Élan woman- her adventurous, daring and bold side. Unique color pairings, tapestries that are quintessentially Élan, and modern motifs blend to manifest glamour, character and a certain je ne sais quoi that makes the Élan woman a true icon.

march 11, 2018 | 56

Lahore Biennale 01 2018 The Lahore Biennale Foundation’s inaugural edition is (LB01) to be held from 18th to 31st March 2018. Lahore Biennale 01 is a fourteen-day event that aims to celebrate creativity, foreground diversity, foster coexistence and participation, and encourage a multiplicity of representations. LB01 will be held at seven major venues that engage with the city’s Mughal, Colonial and Modern layers. Lahore Fort, Shahi Hamam, Mubarak Haveli & Tehsil Park, Lahore Museum, Alhamra Art Centre, Bagh-e-Jinnah and Canal.

Darzi Direct is who are for those ladies s with their ue iss g vin ha always all of us! It ly al tailors, so basic a simple, hassle provides you with way to get your nt ie free and conven delivered d just right and garments stitche ound ar st fe n w la in no time. With ghly hi is ct i Dire the corner Darz or Whatsapp: ll Ca recommended! 9 92 334 4011 88

weekend | fashion Borjan proudly announces its partnership once again with PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2018 to bring you the best of their footwear to the ramp this year. This PSFW 2018 is bound to be a spectacular extravaganza!

Deliciously rich chocolate chip cookie by heycookie

Women in Pakistan are usually not allowed to do jobs even after receiving higher education. As a result, most of them stay at home either by choice or by force. In order to boost the morale of females in our country a workshop is being conducted. It includes, competitive analysis, panel discussions with real female entrepreneurs and their success stories. When : 18 March 2018 Time: 2pm to 6pm Where : Conference Hall, R&D Youth Connect, Gate #1 Punjab Stadium near Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.

Releasing on 16th March

9-year-old Pakistani Selena Khawaja has become the youngest to climb the 5,765-metrehigh Quz Sar Peak in Shimshal Valley located in the north of Pakistan. Way to go Kiddo!

march 11, 2018 | 57

The wait is over as Paper Clip will be finally launching at Packages Mall! Get ready for some serious fun everyone! Time 4:30-6:30pm Date 15th March 2018 Venue 2nd Floor opposite Khaadi Exit Packages Mall

Vintage Vibes

Dress + sneaker = big win


I paired this striped shirt with red Valentinos and bright yellow earrings to add colour to the look.

D Magazine and is E E A S K E H E M tyle Editor at Grazia ng one killer

rti e S Mehek is th otted around town spo ng on her style p regularly s ext. We’ve been crushi ormal affair, n e or f h look to t it a casual ays 100/100! e b ; w o n e is alw for a whil style game this girl’s

FANNY PACKED I don’t care if the international fashion circuit is over belt bags. I’m still loving mine. It cinches the waist and is super convenient – what’s not to love?


I pai t with shir pants leathehris pair and t per cool of su ective refl es I shad tly recen from boughntgo. Ma

for me for ma om st r cu people wore e bunch of Hussain Reha ol wh a ow I kn I gravitate the LSA’s. carpet but d re e th on tic is so his designs e his aesthe us ca be er gn This has to to the desi onal style. rs , pe n ow my er – I mean reflective of e dresses ev it ur vo fa be one of my pockets!! it even has

weekend | lifestyle

X LOOKess THE LUde this dr

VAMPY WINTER Ethnic jewelry and dark lips = easy winter look


This is the id eal dress styl d length for emean . I love that it ha high neck and s a full

IF THE SHOE FITS I love these shoes. I bought them from Zara and I’ve worn them a lot and in many different ways!

When in doubt, wear black.

Black on blackn’t

ve if you haalready d notice ig on I’m b I wore blazers. hing this matcand r e z bla t and pant sui n red o d e swip levate e lips to erwise an oth look to business party.


When on olour, feeling nco point there’s ing it in do tedly. half-hear olour I love c with g blockin t items h g i r the b ardrobe! in my w

Burgandy brigade sted

Are you bored of my blazers yet?

High-waiare pants r anothe I e. favourit with e n i m e r wo ished l l e b m this e op that crop t waist hit the love band. I lour the co on on combinatuitfit. this o

weekend | lifestyle

By ammara mohal



Easy stepsto get the classic Smokey eye look

march 11, 2018 | 62

No makeup turns out flawless without properly prepping the skin. Laura Mercier is my go to water based primer. It evens out the skin and gives it a super smooth finish.

I love to set my under eye area with the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. It helps my concealer to stay put and stops it from creasing.

ssive under eye I love to conceal my ma spots that sky pe circles or any other with this cult on ati nd fou peek through the ler ncea . It does favourite shape tape co d hides any s an exactly what it promise unwanted blemish.

Gorgio Armani luminous Silk Foundation is the best medium to full coverage foundation, which gives you the perfect amount of coverage without looking too cakey. For someone, who is looking for heavier coverage, this foundation builds up beautifully too.

Kat Von D’s shade and light contour palette is the perfect palette to sculpt and chisel out your bone structure. It works for almost all skin tones too!

weekend | lifestyle This Mac blush in peach twist is the perfect color for that rosy glow across your cheeks. It immediately gives tired sallow-looking skin a healthy, radiant look.

Inglot gel liner in number 77 is the blackest black linner in the market. To achive that perfect gradiant to your eyelook, the eyes should be the darkest near the lashline. To achieve that look I use this liner very close to the lash line.

No look is complete without a set of full and fluffy set of flirtatious lashes. Too faced, better than sex mascara, is ideal for giving the lashes just the right amount of volume and density.

Last but certainly not the least, the perfect pout, that is an absolute necessity to complete the sultry smokey makeup look. This combo, Mac’s velvet teddy lipstick with Mac’s Soar lip liner is Ideal for achieving that gorgeous nude pout.

march 11, 2018 | 63

n a die have bee everly y ll a n o rs I pe ia B f Anastas hard fan o ades and the h Hills eyes uture Palette has il o C w o holy gra Shad de or diem r creating ri y m n e be e fo ow palett eye shad ks. All I use are o a lot of lo shades labeled 1, 1, e re th e s e labeled the cco, shad ade. The ro o M . 3 , sh 2 transition 2, used as a n, fudge labeled w t ro s b e r rk e e da dark ase and th in the cre labeled 3, on the ir shade, No g is also key to a in d n le . I only lid. B okey eye s with m S l fu ti u bea come rush that and place b e th e s u e to blend the palett . s the shade

Laura Gellers gilded honey illuminator is a delicious Gold shimmer. It has fantastic pigment perfect for a warm healthy Glow. Apply it to the tops of your cheeks, bridge of the nose and the cupids bow and get ready to shine like never before.

Anushay nabeel

Daneese Ali

Mishal Asad

Zaian Salman

Cross Stitch

gone s officiallgyht our a h r e v e F n u Law e ladies ca viral! Thersinging around town fancy sp aunch to the next! one lawn l

Shehrbano Taseer

Saira Sharoz

Cross Stitch

Amber Gohar


Shireen Rehman

Mahrukh Manan

Khaas Nazish Sameer Samah Mudassir and Mehak Elahi

Zainab Abbas Mareeha Safdar

Farah Vayani

Amal Qadri

Maliha Aziz

Orient Textiles Anusha Bawany

Maira Pagganwala

Anusha Bawany

maleeha akram Nikhar Riaz

Nimrah Khokhar

Rang Rasiya

sahar noon

tajwar chaudhry

amna monnoo and nur zehra

faria waqas

Rungrez Rubia Moghees Anna Jawad

Sumrina Khan

Zara Khan Myda

Selina Serene

Sehr Khosa

Nazish Sameer

Zainab Chottani

Ibriz Sheikh

Anushay Shahid

Sahar Paracha

Maira Pagganwala

Zainab Chottani Shazia Ammar

Zeest Asad

Zehra Saleem Amber Liaqat

Fizza Saleem

Hira Hashmi

Zehra Saleem

Mahnoor and Mehak

weekend | fashion

Bold & bedazzled Brand: Aura Art Jewellery Model: Imaan Madani Hair and Make up:

Bina Khan

A luster on her ear

Marach 11, 2018 | 70

Diamonds set in 22k gold.

Concept and Styling: Farah Vayani Top: Misha Lakhani

weekend | fashion

Red and Green Bloom

Marach 11, 2018 | 71

Green and red mystery cut stones and diamonds set in 22k gold.

weekend | fashion

The blue entwines

Marach 11, 2018 | 72

Diamonds and Kainite, set in 22k gold.

weekend | fashion

Ode to the emerald

Marach 11, 2018 | 74

Emeralds and diamond set in 22k gold.

Fashion Diaries FAS Design Studio @fasdesignstudio Muse:

Anna Leghari

weekend | FASHION MARCH 11, 2018 | 84

This trendy pearl gold number is embellished to perfection, With intricate gota work and meticulous cuts, paired with boot cut bottoms is a must have for your wardrobe.

This classic combo of black velvet merged with golden jamawar is the perfect fit for evening wear

weekend | FASHION MARCH 11, 2018 | 86

This pleated peplum with embellished bodies on front and back & heavy sleeves is the perfect look for a day time occasion. The lower pleated area is made of tilla embroidery on masori fabric and the trouser is made of indian tissue.

This classic blue and gold appliquĂŠ work outfit with red embellishments is a perfect outfit for daytime weddings



BTW Black Heels PKR 3250

PKR 6950

Bumble Bee Slides

PKR1600 @almas


Embroidered Handbag

rd & koko wide leg pants

PKR 1490

PKR 4500

Lov St Aviator Sunglasses PKR 1290

Shalwar kameez with chiffon dubatta PKR 11786

ReaDy to Wear Jacket PKR 6190

Printed cushion cover PKR 890

martaban PKR 1800

Pearl Ear Cuffs

PKR 10500

toe ring chappal PKR 2490

Unstitched suit

Editors’ picks

ve truck

side table

PKR 6500

PKR 42000

Lipstick Pack of 3 Golden Clutch

PKR 3165 @thezeenwoman

PKR 893

tassel earrings PKR 950



mobile COVER

PRICE ON REQUEST @thepakistanimarthastewart

women fragrance

PKR 2885

march 11, 2018 | 94



Are you one of those who love to go an extra mile when it comes to homecomfort& fashion? If your answer is yes then get ready to add something extraordinary to your home with Dolce Vita Home’s latest Interiors Collection 2018.


functional craftsmanship of the early 20th century with fresh & modern new forms, bringing style & comfort within the home. Explore classy dark tones, shades of browns & grays, sleek, polished pieces and eclectic decorative home accessories, while classic finishes and detailing retain an air of 1920’s Art Deco era which is enjoyed by every modern day urbanite.

march 11, 2018 | 95

The collection unveils gorgeous furniture & home decor pieces that can help you tocreate a bold lifestyle statement. The campaign features the very hot & happening celebrity couple, Urwa Hocane & Farhan Saeed. Undoubtedly, they have added magic to this collection. No wonder why the fans are literally going gaga over their lovely chemistry captured in the shoot. The Interiors 2018 Collection combines

Weekend magzine 11 march, 2018  

Horoscope, Fashion, Food, Travelling

Weekend magzine 11 march, 2018  

Horoscope, Fashion, Food, Travelling