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2 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

Welcome. Color, romance and nature combine in the pages of the Aqueous Lookbook. Water swirls around and ombre notes abound amidst classic designs that are whimsical yet chic enough for any celebration. Let the colors of your love inspire your design as you gaze through this updated beach celebration that is sure to have you captivated. Become inspired and discover your perfect wedding in the Aqueous Lookbook.




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(left) Classic Sand Ceremony Vase Set #9228 (right top) Message In A Bottle Guest Book #9446 (right bottom) Aqueous Stationery Collection #1193

6 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

(above) Burlap Aisle Runner #9423-P ©WEDDINGSTAR.COM


8 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

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(page) Aqueous Stationery Collection #1193



You are water I’m water

(left) The Crystal - Personality Purse #9434 (right) The Crystal - Personality Ring Pillow #9435

10 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous


/ 11

12 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

(left) Plain Handkerchief with Crocheted Edge #8132 (middle top) Aqueous Block Cake Topper #9377 (right top) Paper Fan Place Card #9384 (right bottom) Pretty Personalized Flip Flop


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14 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

(above) Venice Gold Toasting Flutes #8702

n different containers

(left top) Aqueous Stationery Collection #1193 (left) Personalized Large Tote Bag #9218 (middle ) Personalized Large Tote Bag #9219 (right) White Heart Shaped Purse Hook #8711


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(above) Vintage Inspired Multi Purpose Signs #9338

16 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

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(above) Aqueous Luminary Wrap #1193-56 ©WEDDINGSTAR.COM

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(left) Contemporary Double Walled Flutes #8643 (middle) Acrylic Garland with Drops #9271 (right) Acrylic Sign, Small #9375

18 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous


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(left) Dancing The Night Away Figurine #9356 (top right) Mini Martini Glasses #8239 (middle right) Personalized Standing Goodie Bags #93 (bottom right) Personalized Napkins #7212

20 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

evaporate together.

Yoko Ono



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22 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

(left) Personalized Aqueous Backdrop #9303 (rigth) Glass Dip Pen #9345


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24 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

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Be inspired by the wonders of watercolor as you explore our Aqueous collection. Classic and bespoke, be soothed by the sounds of the water lapping the shore as waves move in your minds eye.

Playing with different water effects to create the perfect wash of romance meets dream.

26 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

With 5 different colors to spark your imagination, let your romance be your guide as you get lost in the patterns and ombre art form that is Aqueous. We hope you've enjoyed your journey.

Large format prints of the watercolor backgrounds for our photo backdrops.


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Save the Date Format Aqueous Stationery Collection #1193 5 Color Variations

Laser Expressions Feather Tag #308

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Water Activated Diamond Light #6003

28 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

rsatile with color options -liz Ombre Paper Lanterns #9350 Variety of Colors


s 83-983

utest diydipped ther tutorial - tara Click here to view the tutorial

Die-Cut Sign Label, Aqueous Stationery Collection #1193 , 5 Color Variations

Boat Wheel Charm #9410

love these on mason jars - beth ŠWEDDINGSTAR.COM

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Publisher Weddingstar Inc.

Design Editors Stephanie Janke Tara Turnbull

Š2013 Weddingstar Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced online or in print without the expressed and written permission of the Publisher. Weddingstar does not guarantee or endorse the quality of services of our featured contributors. Designed In Canada.

30 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

contributors: product styling: hartman design studio,

photography: trudi lee photography,

men's clothing: brooks brothers,

bride's gown: beautiful bride,

flowers: blue hydrangea,

Hair and Makeup: la biosthetique,


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32 / Issue No 7 ~ aqueous

Weddingstar Aqueous Lookbook  
Weddingstar Aqueous Lookbook  

Color, romance and nature combine in the pages of the Aqueous Lookbook. Water swirls around and ombre notes abound amidst classic designs th...