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c o ver c r ed i t s Cover Photography By: Ella Farrell Weddings Florals: W hitemoss & Twigs Cover Model: Lauren Gentile Second Cover Model: Jessica Anne Reed Full Cover Credits, page 9

Thank you featured contributors! A Wedding Boston Publication , 2018

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F or T h e B r i de by T h e B r i de Wedding Boston is so excited to launch its second issue of Wedding Boston Magazine! We are lover's of everything weddings and want to showcase real New England weddings with stories written by the bride for the bride. Stories by the bride that will inspire you while planning your own New England wedding. These real wedding stories will make you laugh, and some may make you cry - all from real brides, just like you. These stories also feature wedding professionals that have created and captured every particular moment and hope to assist with your wedding planning and wedding day as well. Wedding Boston magazine is published in the Spring and Fall - with special editions in between. We are always looking for real wedding inspiration, so please contact us about submitting your real New England Wedding.

J en n y Jenny Murray Founder , Wedding Boston & Wedding Boston Magazine


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O n T h e C o ver Wedding Boston never imagined that its first magazine would come to fruition, let alone receive all the fantastic submissions that we have. We knew Wedding Boston Magazine could be so much more than its first issue; a chance to bring a community together and even more, a chance to empower women. W hen we set out to find the cover model for this issue, we knew that it had to be a bride-to-be that had a captivating story to tell. We received some lovely cover submissions, and not only did we find one amazing cover model, we found two! Choosing the final cover was no easy task since we had two beautiful ladies to choose from, inside and out. So, we have dedicated our front and inside cover to Lauren and Jessica, who are engaged to be married to their finance's this year. We asked Lauren and Jessica not only to tell us their story and why they wanted to grace the pages of Wedding Boston Magazine, page 24. We hope that this magazine gives you inspiration from all the real weddings and the brides' stories, but also a sense of empowerment knowing that Wedding Boston wants all women to tell their stories - the good, the bad and the not always so pretty which in itself Photographer: Ella Farrell Weddings Hair & Makeup: Verde Weddings Florals: W hitemoss & Twigs Video: Alex Cole Photography Venue: Endicott Estate Dresses: Kelly Faetanini

Annalee & Kyle Danyel Stapleton Photography

To me, our love has always felt celestial. It's unreal, almost, the way this relationship started and blossomed the way it has. It really was and is out of this world. So, we wanted to reflect that by having, simply, a celestial wedding! Our color palette was glitter gold, blush pink, and navy blue. We didn't include any cultural or religious traditions, as neither of us has any certain and definite set of beliefs. However, we do believe in the universe and its ability to make beautiful things happen. - A n n a l ee

Q : How did you meet?Tel l us about the pr oposal ! We met on Tinder! We used to try to make up more exciting and seemingly more socially acceptable stories about how we met, but eventually, we gave up on that, and now we just tell the truth. We were both on the app as a sort-of joke, which was apparent by our early messages to each other. Upon closer look at his profile, I noticed he had an obscure lyric in his bio from a band that had been my favorite since I was a teenager that not many people listened to. I messaged him about it, and a few weeks later we were not only deeply in love, but sitting front row at the band's concert together and meeting the band, too! The universe did an amazing thing for the two of us. W hat w as the most anticipated or special moment of your w edding day? Oh, the W ally surprise for sure! Kyle and his entire family love baseball, but precisely, they're crazy about the Red Sox. I wanted to do something special for them, and especially for Kyle, so I wanted to surprise him with a baseball-themed groom's cake I made myself. I didn't quite feel as though that was good enough, so I also was in contact with the Red Sox events team to have W ally the Green Monster show up and surprise Kyle! I had to not only keep this huge surprise from him but schedule his arrival too! I was up late the night before the wedding making the cake and every time he came into the kitchen I had to shoo him out. The only person that knew what was going to happen was my mother-in-law, so everyone was incredibly surprised when W ally walked out following the groom's cake, especially Kyle! The pictures of him when he realized what was happening are so sweet, and everyone loved W ally's appearance. - A n n a l ee

Q : Do you have any w edding pl anning or mar r iage advice that you'd l ik e to shar e w ith other coupl es pl anning their day? Less is more. Keep it simple, and keep it you. Save your energy and money for the things that are most important, the things that you will remember forever. You'll forget about the quality of the veil you buy, the favors you choose to give out, or the criticism you received for leaving out certain traditions. However, you won't forget how you felt in your dress that day, why you chose the photographer you did, or the feeling you got when you heard your partner speak their vows. Keep in mind throughout the entire process what YOU want, what's important to YOU, and what will make YOU feel good that day!


c r ed i t s Danyel Stapleton Photography Venue: The Tirrell Room Makeup Artist: Glam Done W right Florals: Anglic Affairs Cotton Candy: Swirled Sugar Stationery: W ild Joy Studios DJ: Jason Mello

Rachel Buckley Photography




Casey & John Amy DonohuePhotography

We have been together since high school, so after year eleven, the question of when we were going to get married was getting a little bit louder! John and I went for a walk to check out the fall foliage on the anniversary of our first trip to Vermont together all those years ago. I always thought that I would know when it was coming since I know him so well, but John completely surprised me. W hen he got down on one knee on a footbridge on our walk, I couldn't believe it! He had been able to stay so relaxed because he was focused on finding the right opportunity and not forcing the moment. If it hadn't happened that weekend, he had a few other ideas in his back pocket. We had a couple of inspiration points for our wedding day. We knew we wanted to get married in Vermont since it meant so much to us both, and we found the perfect ceremony and reception venue in the Park McCullough House as it allowed us to work with the vendors of our choice in a beautiful, historic setting. - C a sey

I wasn't too specific on what type of dress I wanted when I first went shopping, and I had a range of shapes and styles lined up to try. I tried on several dresses at BHLDN before trying on the dress, and I knew as soon as I put it on that it was the one. It was loosely a mermaid-style dress, which I hadn't considered. The allover lace detailing was beautiful and varied across the dress. The buttoned-up back was also gorgeous, and I loved the French bustle. I wore simple jewelry: my mother's emerald and pearl stud earrings and a silver and gold cable bracelet. My Kate Spade rose-gold glitter shoes made me really happy! John went back and forth on whether to wear a tux or suit and after looking at dozens of styles, he found a Hackett suit that was exactly what he wanted: a sharkskin suit that felt Rat Pack-inspired; a bit dressy for the day but not loud or flashy. He completed the look with a green wool tie and his grandfather's pinky ring.

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Q : W hat w as the most anticipated or special moment of your w edding day? There were so many moments that it's hard to choose! We both kept checking in with each other, reminding ourselves how lucky we were to be celebrating with all of our loved ones. We made a point to pause and look around the room a few times, just taking in the love. Do you have any w edding pl anning or mar r iage advice that you'd l ik e to shar e w ith other coupl es pl anning their day? We had a long engagement (almost two years), and it helped us to enjoy the wedding planning process since we didn't feel pressured to work on something every weekend. We felt fortunate that by planning early, we were able to work with all the vendors that we did. We would also say not to be afraid to ask for help or assign tasks as everyone wants to be able to chip in somehow. It meant so much to us to be able to have our family and friends help us with planning, setup, and breakdown. - C a sey

c r ed i t s Photographer: Amy Donohue Photography Venue: Park McCullough House Cake: The Flour Girl Bakeshop Florals: Tuscan Sunflower Dress: BHLDN Hair Stylist: Jessica Lynne Hair and Makeup Makeup Artist: Finishing Touch/ Sarah Crowley Rentals: EZ W ay Rental Transportation: Dufour Tours Band: Business Time Stationery Design: John / Printed by: The Printery Caterer: Vermont Farms Catering

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W hen Wedding Boston set out to find a model for its editorial shoot for this Fall edition, what better than lovely bride-to-be who we could glam up for the day! Not only did we find our stunning cover bride Lauren, but we also found beautiful Jessica, both who have equal beauty inside and out. Dress: Kelly Faetanini Hair & Makeup: Verde Weddings Photography by: Ella Farrell Weddings Florals: W hitemoss & Twigs Venue: Endicott Estate Dedham, MA



W hy do I want to be on the cover?: Other than the fact that it?d be a fun, exciting, memorable and beautiful experience - adding to the already beautiful experience of marrying the love of my life -, being on the cover of Wedding Boston would be a dream because it further symbolizes (in print!) my love and devotion to my marriage and my amazing partner. I grew up with zero confidence, was always self-depreciating and a complete doormat for others to stomp over, and I never saw beauty from within (or externally) in regards to myself. I was always the academic tomboy who never felt like other girls liked me or saw value in me, and I always felt second-rate compared to my classmates. I wasn?t pretty, I didn?t understand makeup or dieting, and all I wanted to do was enjoy time outdoors and become the best in my activities. I grew up in South Florida where body image issues are almost encouraged, and finding happiness underneath the knife was sought, and it wasn?t until meeting my fiancĂŠ that I felt most beautiful, most okay with myself, and most worthy. That said, being on the cover symbolizes (to me) what love is really about: finding someone that bolsters you up, encourages your happiness and your mission for self-love and peace, and about being strong enough to see beauty in who and what you are, in the power and strength of a loving and encouraging environment. The cover symbolizes strength, happiness, empowerment, and enjoyment of life and self...because, after all, that?s pretty much what a happy life and marriage are all about! It means freedom, and it means enjoyment, and that?s what every bride should experience when they?re looking at the magazine and planning their very special day!

- L a u r en 28

B ea u t y L o o k s Ashley, Verde Weddings

This classic off the shoulder style dress is perfect for a side-swept shape. This gives the formality of having all the styled and secure while having plenty of hair straight on to look romantic and sweet.

W hen choosing a more simple or down hair style, having a focal point to add some interest is the perfect way to create something special. This Dutch braid nestled was the perfect "accessory" take this look from simple to extraordinary.

Our look for this blue lace dress was total feminine and ethereal. Soft waves and casual volume lends to feeling sexy and comfortable!

Sometimes a perfect mix of sweet and sultry is just what a bride needs. This smoky eye paired with the delicate blue gives just the right amount of glam.


As I drove up to the estate in Dedham, I was starting to feel really nervous and unsure about how this was all going to go. Although I am confident in myself, my body and my entire life has changed after having children, and I was unsure if I was able to be the confident, beautiful person that should be in a magazine. W hen I first met Lauren in the parking lot, I immediately doubted my decision to come. Lauren?s a tall, beautiful, exotic looking young lady who would intimidate anyone. Luckily, Lauren is also extremely humble, kind, and generous. Once we spoke, I instantly felt better. The makeup artist and the hairstylist were all so fun, energetic and encouraging. W hen it was my turn to see myself and put on the first dress, I took a look at myself in the mirror and felt beautiful. My hair and makeup was perfect, and although I am not a natural beauty like Lauren, I decided to accept who I am in that moment and try my best to be confident. The photo shoot started, and it was way more fun than I expected. Jenni was very helpful in teaching me how to be comfortable in front of the camera, and the photographer was so positive and informative. Lauren and I got to pose together in a few shots, and we laughed to each other about how silly it was that people would put our picture in a magazine. At the end of the day, I left feeling that although I am getting older, raising children, and don?t always get to take care of myself every day like I use to, I am still beautiful, happy, and confident. I suddenly couldn?t wait for my wedding day and to be marrying the man of my dreams, the father of my children. FINALLY!!!

- J essi c a

Highlighter is so in right now: and for a good reason! W hen you?re looking to have an impacting look, enhancing your natural features with highlighter is a must!

Sometimes, more is more. We always consider the dress first. A gown like this needs some drama. A deep smoky shadow and ultra contour/ highlight balance the impact of this stunning gown with all the glitz! Dress: Dany Mizrachi

W hen wearing a statement dress, the hair needs to have the right amount of balance. Keeping a style bold and away from the shoulders, doesn?t compete with the stunning gown, but doesn?t get lost either. Dress: Dany Mizrachi


F l or al s Millie Rochon W hitemoss & Twigs W hen selecting flowers for your wedding, there are five main factors to consider: color, shape, durability, season and cost. Most brides will be focused on the color, but it is important to work with your wedding florist and discuss the ranges of colors available. For the editorial shoot, we focused on white flowers, but of course, this included a range of whites from a cool crisp white, whites with green overtones and pink undertones to a softer creamy beige. The shape of the flowers is essential as well. Many brides only want a single focal flower like a rose or peony, but it is important to let your floral designer select from a variety of shapes to create a more pleasing arrangement. For the flower crown, we chose from a variety of focal, filler, and line flowers while also considering if the flower had a cup, radial, trumpet, or irregular shape. Durability is a key factor in the bouquet. Certain flowers like ranunculus and roses hold up well out of the water, while the hydrangea is always temperamental and prone to wilting unless it has been conditioned carefully. We used flowers in the crown and bouquets that can be out of water for an extended amount of time without wilting. The season is essential as well as that determines the availability and cost of flowers, which are a commodity and subject to price fluctuations. For example, a December bride who has her heart set on red peonies may be in for a surprise when she discovers they are only available at an incredibly high price per stem while the June bride will receive every color peony available at a reasonable price. The flower crown was made from flowers that are available year-round and at a reasonable price. For more information, speak with your wedding florist!

Tanja & Greg Jill HoyleLLC

We wanted to have a wedding that felt like a soulful celebration followed by the best dinner party. If we were inspired by anything thematically, it was authenticity. The background/ location was this lovely old inn and barn (The 1774 Inn) along the Kennebec River in Phippsburg, Maine -- so our "theme" was largely Maine in the Fall. We got married on a hill overlooking the river. Our friends at Campfire Studio and Florals made an "arch" with driftwood from Popham Beach and covered it with foraged greens from the surrounding woods. Our wedding from start to finish felt like a collaborative celebration, a gathering of people meaningful to us throughout our lives. All our vendors were our friends, so they knew us well which lent well to how they were able to make our day special. My best friend's husband (Jeff Keith) married us. He is an ordained minister and knew how to incorporate the sacred with the soulful. It was a very personal ceremony with our friends playing music and singing songs that we love. - T an j a


Q : W hat w er e the fl or al s l ik e in your w edding?Did you use fl ow er s in any of your design el ements l ik e the br idal bouquets, center pieces or cer emony back dr op? I would say 50%of our florals were foraged from the forest and beach. Most of the others were either white or very natural with the tiniest about of rusty orange. Our vessels were all hand-thrown pottery pieces by Kristin Camp. My bouquet was the same. Let's tal k fashion. How did you choose your w edding day l ook ?How did the gr oom? We didn't have a bridal party, so it was just what I wanted to wear and honestly... I went to the BHLDN site at the end of the season the year before and bought two dresses that I liked. I kept them both and thought -- "I'll wear this one if I lose 15 pounds, and this one if I don't." I did end up losing the weight, but I loved both of the dresses, so I decided to pull a Kardashian and wear one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. Both dresses were really simple. The ceremony dress was a long, deep V back heavy silk gown with just a tiny train. The reception dress was a 2-piece. The skirt was unbelievably stunning -- heavy silk with gold thread woven in a very modern, random way. The top was a simple gauze bustier that I found on Etsy. Wedding dress shops make me anxious, so thank God for BHLDN! Greg had a custom navy blue suit made at Indochino in Boston.

Q : W hat w as the most anticipated or special moment of your w edding day? Our wedding was the greatest day. We loved everything about it and didn't want it to end. All of our favorite people were in one place, and the joy was so palpable. People were well-fed by Harvest Moon Catering -- just delicious, local wood-fired meats and veggies, homemade bread and pies. We ate and drank till our tummies couldn't handle anything else. The music was incredible because our friends played and sang -- Rachael Davis and Kevin Oates -- plus Greg got up and serenaded me with his favorite W ilco song. Other favorite moments were watching my parents dance to Elvis Presley's "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You." I loved just looking around the barn at any given moment, seeing so much joy and feeling so much love that all these people who had seen all of us through the hills and valleys of our lives, we're here in this one place celebrating our love. We really couldn't have asked for a better wedding weekend. - T an j a

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c r ed i t s Photographer: Jill Hoyle, LLC Venue: The 1774 Inn Florals: Camp Fire Studios Dress: BHLDN Hair Stylist: Cheryl Thompson Makeup Artist: Lyndsey Clair Rentals: W allace Events Harvest Moon Catering Sugar Fix Donuts Music: Kevin Oates, Rachael Davis & Kristi Salinga

Meghan & Ivan


I had the opportunity to travel to New York City for a little bit of fun and a little bit of work. My sweet friend, Meghan Brown of Two Bright Lights, lives in Manhattan with her super classy and stylish husband Ivan. Thankfully I didn't have to do too much work to convince Meghan and Ivan to get in front of my camera for an anniversary session in Manhattan! I met Meghan in 2016 after I wrote a blog post about how much I loved the platform Two Bright Lights. Meghan is the manager of Two Bright Lights at XO Group Inc., and after that fateful blog post I wrote, she reached out to me to begin a professional partnership. Little did we both know our photographer to TBL manager relationship would quickly morph into a deep and meaningful friendship. Meghan is sweet, sharp, and kind in everything she does. After knowing her for over a year and not yet meeting her husband, I was dying to finally meet the other half of her life that she told me so much about. We set up a time for their evening session on Friday night, the day before I flew home to South Carolina. We had a blast on a quick walk around Manhattan near their apartment building and in The Beekman Hotel for a few classy photographs of them together. One of my favorite things to do for someone is to provide them with beautiful images of the person they love or with the person they love. It's my favorite thing to do, and it's my favorite gift to be able to give to my friends.

- J essi c a Jessica Hunt Photography


Meghan was so excited when W edding Boston accepted her anniversary shoot and knew she needed to give the engaged couples reading this some perspective when it comes to wedding planning! Looking back at planning our wedding seven years ago, I have to admit that I'm still so happy with the day. We had friends and family that traveled in from all over the country, an amazing summer day and had a whole lot of fun. But now that I'm in the events industry, there are a few things that I wish I knew and would have planned differently. Take time to think about what is important to you. It's so easy to get caught up in all the big and little things you want to make your day absolutely amazing. The perfect venue, the flawless design, the photo backdrop that you'll forever remember. The list goes on and on. W hat helps is to make a list and figure out what is a deal-breaker and what's not, because chances are you're going to have to compromise. But as long as you go into planning knowing that and knowing what is most important and what's not, you won't second guess your decisions.

Photography is one of the few things that lasts forever. W hen planning I did not fully appreciate how many contrasting photography styles are out there. I focused more on my fit with the photographer than what their work looked like. Listen to me loud and clear: If you think all photographers are the same, they're not! There's a reason photographers have different styles and different price points. And if you think they're going to change either of those things just for you, you're probably wrong. Figure out what style you want your photography to be and figure out what your budget is. Then find someone in that style that fits your budget, or maybe even pinch a few pennies somewhere else to get the photographer you want. It's not worth the compromise here. Your wedding day will be fantastic, for that one day. Your photos will last a lifetime, and you want to enjoy looking at them on your 20th, 30th or 50th anniversary!

First looks are worth it! The one thing I sincerely regret about our wedding is we didn't have a first look, and I so wish we did. The first time we saw each other we were surrounded by all of our guests. W hile this was great and it works for some, I would have much preferred having that moment to ourselves. It's a very special moment that you can't recreate, no matter how hard you try. Take that time to be with your partner. You're about to take a really big, emotional, exciting step. And you will have all the feels. Plus, it probably means you get more time at the cocktail hour. So I call that a win-win! A venue coordinator is not the same as a planner/ coordinator. Been there, done that, and totally got it wrong. Do you want to be the couple that helps break down tables at the end of the night?Or the bride that is making sure all the vendors are arriving on time and trying to keep track of the bar tab during the wedding?Yeah, that was me. It wasn't fun, and frankly, it didn't work (I can prove it by the $1k+ worth of alcohol we left at the bar). My venue coordinator was lovely, and she did her job. The problem was that I didn't fully understand what her job was, so it ended up being my job. Hiring your own planner or coordinator will give you so much more freedom to enjoy the day because they are there to take care of you and to make sure it all runs without a hitch. W hen something goes wrong, because it will, take a breath and move on. I remember it so clearly. I was walking down the aisle, a time when I was supposed to be focusing on the man I was about to marry. Nope, I was thinking about that fact that there should have been rose petals on the grass where I was walking (don't judge me too hard... it was a while ago). Fortunately, I was able to snap myself out of it quickly and remember that it didn't matter. I was the only one who noticed and no one else cared. This will happen to you, whether it's rose petals or something else, embrace it, take a breath and move on. Believe me, it will be something you'll laugh about later.

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Remember why you're planning. Don't get so caught up in the planning and the details and forget what you're celebrating. You're there to pledge your love and commitment to your partner in life. Make sure you take a step back and really savor it. Enjoy the process, because you will be on to the next milestone more quickly than you can imagine. - M eg h a n

c r ed i t s Jessica Hunt Photography Venue: The Beekman Hotel Cardin Jewelers Springer's Jewelers Rolex Shoes: Paul Stuart Salavatore Ferragamo Attire: The Armoury New York Manuel Racim Club Monaco

Damion Edwards Photography


Kr istina & Kevin Zenobia Studiosby Jennifer Lamy

I have always dreamed of a nautical themed wedding that would bring about the feel of the seaside for my guests and me on the big day. I grew up in Connecticut and spent my summers on the beaches of Rhode Island: either walking around downtown Newport or laying on the shore of Narraganset drinking Dell's lemonade. I wanted my wedding to incorporate different hues of whites and blues, along with pops of pink, which would easily tie the nautical theme together. Items such as rope, sailboats, knots, and anchors were combined with navy stripes. My friend Emily Pilla designed all the nautical signs for the wedding. She is currently a graphic design student at Philadelphia University. My mother?s best friend Samantha Mancini from college calligraphy my beautiful seating chart. - K r i st i n a 56

Q : Let's tal k about fashion. How did you choose your w edding day l ook ?How did the gr oom?I am the oldest of five girls, and most of us grew up watching Say Yes to the Dress. W hen my mother and sisters surprised me with a dress fitting at Kleinfeld Bridal, I almost fainted. I met Randy too! I knew I wanted a ruffled horsetail trim bottom for my dress, but I was indecisive on the top. I saw a Hailey Paige dress while doing research online but only ever in a purple hue. Six dresses later at Kleinfeld, I was giving up and couldn?t find a dress that had the horsetail trim and a top I loved. I asked my dress attendant if they had the Dori dress by Hailey Paige, but I would only try it on if they had it in white. Twenty minutes later the lady came back with the Dori dress in white. As she was zipping me up, I started to cry ? this was the dress! I surprised myself with a very sparkling and dazzling dress! That same weekend the bridesmaids also picked a Hailey Paige dress. The dresses were navy with an open back similar to mine. The bridesmaids looked so elegant in their long beautiful navy dresses. The groom decided on a custom, fitted blue suit from Raj Fashions. He went with a similar white tailored shirt, brown belt and shoes. The groomsmen were in light gray custom suits from Indochino with white button downs and brown shoes.

- K r i st i n a

c r ed i t s Photographer: Zenobia Studios by Jennifer Lamy Venue: Castle Hill Inn & Resort Wedding Planner: Exquisite Events Flowers: Robin Hollow Farms Bride?s Dress: ?Dori?? Haley Paige Hair & Makeup: Lockstar Salon & Spa Cake: Scrumptions Invitations: Scotti Cline Designs Groom?s Suit: Raja Fashions Band: Fun Sauce Videographer: Artistic Wedding Films Rings: Constance Polamalu


Clarese Flavio & Andrew D Photography

Q : How did you meet?Tel l us about the pr oposal . Andrew and I had our first date at Dillon?s restaurant on Boylston Street in Boston ? we?ve gone back there every year since on our anniversary! August 2018 will be our sixth time celebrating at Dillon?s. Andrew knows how much I love Boston. On the day of my birthday party in April 2016, Andrew told me we were going to a ?craft fair?in the Boston Commons before brunch. As we were walking through the Commons, I continued asking Andrew where the ?craft fair?was. Eventually, Andrew used my love of animals to distract me, and he took me over to the pond. Once there, he asked if he could take a picture of me looking at the ducks and swans across from us. I remember thinking it was weird that he didn?t want to take a picture with me facing the camera, but as it turned out, he needed a reason for me to turn around! After he told me that he took the picture, I turned around to see Andrew on his knee with a box in his hands. Andrew opened the box and asked, ?W ill you marry me?? I could tell that he was nervous because before I could even respond Andrew jumped up to put the ring on my finger and kissed me. I was so overwhelmed with excitement that at first, I said, ?thank you!?and then ?YES!?

- C l a r ese Wedding Boston Magazine Fall 2018 | | 61

Q : Tel l us about your w edding! W hat w as the inspir ation behind your day? Vermont was the inspiration for our day. Andrew and I share the love of nature and the outdoors. W hat better place than Vermont to embrace this shared value?We wanted to embrace the natural beauty of the trees; while also capturing the season of fall. Andrew and I wanted to be sure that our guests, though we were inside for the dinner and reception, had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Vermont through the various flowers and centerpieces we chose.

Q : Let's tal k fashion. How did you choose your w edding day l ook ? I wanted to make sure everyone in our wedding party featured an aspect of the outdoors. For example, the ladies all wore baby's breath in their hair, and the flower girl wore a crown made from the flowers. In addition, the men also had baby?s breath and eucalyptus in their boutonnières. Overall, our color for the wedding was sage, and it captured the look and feel of the venue?s natural setting. I wanted my look to be elegant for the ceremony. I had a cathedral length veil with lace to match my lace dress. I also wanted to be simple and timeless with my look. My earrings were antique-like and simple. That was the only jewelry I wore. I then wore a simple flower crown for the reception to complement the rest of our dÊcor. The crown also added a bit of casual and fun for dancing!

The man in my bridal party was my bride?s man. His name is Eric and he is one of my closest friends from college. We have been friends for about ten years, and he was so happy to be part of the bridal party. We were so happy to include him, especially in a role typically meant for women.

c r ed i t s Flavio D Photography Dress: Christina's Bridal Hair & Makeup: B Lovely HairBeauty Studio Florals: Halladay's Venue: The Grafton Inn


Zev Fisher Photography


Lindsay & Ameer

Alicia Petitti Photography

Q : How did you meet?Tell us about the proposal. We met at Columbia University while Lindsay was studying Sustainability Management and Ameer was an alumnus of the same program. We were at a happy hour event for students and alumni but didn't end up speaking again for almost three months later. Aligning with their mutual passion for sustainability, Ameer took Lindsay on a first date to a farm to table and sustainable wine restaurant. They talked non stop for nearly 6 hours and knew right away this was it. Ameer proposed only nine months after that first date, and exactly a year before the wedding weekend at the W hitney Art Museum in NYC. They were walking through a special exhibit of paintings of Paris and discussing their plans to visit one day. It was a typical New York moment and the perfect setting to represent the city they first fell in love.


Q : Tell us about your wedding! W hat was the inspiration behind your day?Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette?Did you incorporate any cultural or religious traditions in any part of your day? Since we are a biracial couple coming from two completely different backgrounds, we wanted to incorporate our love for travel as well as a mix of western and Pakistani culture into the wedding. We did this by naming the tables cities that were important to us, scattering pictures of our travels together throughout, giving the guests Pakistani sweets and dessert and having our guest book be postcards. We had a simple color palette of blue, white, and green and wanted the flowers to be the primary focus of the decor. We wanted to keep the natural beauty of the Historic Highfield grounds and the inside of the house. The vibe was very romantic, but relaxed and laid back so that guests could feel comfortable to roam the beautiful gardens when they wanted. Guests enjoyed yard games and our favorite throwback 90s music during the cocktail hour. We put both bags on each seat during the ceremony, a Pakistani wedding tradition of bagged candies, dried fruit, and nuts that the grooms family gifts to the guests. Lastly, traditional eastern music, mixed with classic wedding dance songs and a few choreographed dances played during the dancing portion of the reception.

Q : Let's talk fashion. How did you choose your wedding day look?How did the groom? I ended up choosing the first dress I tried on at the first boutique I went to, which was BHLDN at Anthropology. To my surprise, I ended up picking a mermaid silhouette when I expected to select a looser fitting sheath to match the boho vibe I was going for. I wanted the dress to be simple since I knew I wanted a flower crown to complete the look. I typically go for high necklines in my personal fashion choices, so I knew the halter was the right cut for me. Ameer chose a custom-made suit from Suit Supply, picking out every detail down to the metal hardware on the vest, custom thread in the lapel, and initials stitched inside the pocket. He went for a checkered vest for a pop of style, a green tie and a light blue jacket and pants that would stand out beside the groomsmen in navy. During the reception, he took off his jacket and changed into a second fitted vest that was light blue with a blue pattern on the back. He wore Allan Edmonds brown shoes with a matching belt.

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c r ed i t s Photographer: Alicia Petitti Photography Second Shooter: LiAria Artistic Photography Venue: Highfield Hall & Gardens Flowers: Wedding Flowers by Nichole Bridal Attire: BHLDN Bridesmaid Dresses: The Dessy Group Makeup Artist: Ali Lomazzo Beauty Hair Stylist: Ali Lomazzo Beauty Cake: The Casual Gourmet Tuxes: Macy's DJ: 5 Star Events

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Q : Tell us about your wedding! W hat was the inspiration behind your day?Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette?Did you incorporate any cultural or religious traditions in any part of your day? The wedding day was perfect (I wish I could say the same for the rehearsal day/ dinner)! Everything and everyone was on time and the weather was gorgeous. We wanted the day to be a party for everyone. We incorporated elements of my husbands culture. He is Cape Verdean African so we had tradition foods from his country for dinner, music, and we had two first dances-one to John Legend "you and I" and the other was by a Cape Verdean artist Jamice "nha princesa".

Q : Let's talk fashion. How did you choose your wedding day look?How did the groom?Describe both looks in detail. My look was all about the dress. I found the perfect dress at Vows in W atertown. It was one of the few dresses you had to order and the first dress I ever tried on! It felt like a glove I tried a dozen more dresses and came back to the store a week later to order the Enzoani. It was Trumpet style, lace, and sweetheart neckline. I ordered a Vera W ang belt and had it sewn into the dress. No necklace and drop earrings, fascinator and a tennis bracket my father gave me before he died. My husband is the most fashionable man I know. He had a tux made and tailored for the big day!


Q : How did you meet?Tell us about the proposal. Evandro and I meet at Howard university School of Law in W ashington DC. He was a 3rd year law student and I was a first year. He was asking students to sign up for bar prep classes and I told him that if he could remember my name the next time we saw each other I would sign up with him. This was my way of flirting. A week later, he remembered my name and we have been together ever since. Evandro proposed after a night hanging out with friends in Boston. The group of friends ended up at Darrell's restaurant talking about relationships and love, and how you know it's real. Little did I know that Evandro had been walking around with the ring for 2 weeks. As the night was ending, and I thought we were getting up to leave, Evandro got down on a knee and asked me to marry him. I burst into tears and almost forgot to answer him. The restaurant seemed to stop, they brought us champagne and we danced to "A ribbon in the sky".

c r ed i t s: Photographer: Flavio D Photography Wedding Planner: Tenpenny Creative Venue: Plum Island Hall Cakes for Occasions Floral Designer: Boston Pollen DJ Mastermind

a sk t h e ex per t Mandy Connor Hummingbird Bridal & Events All The Little Stories Photography

How can a wedding designer help a couple? As a designer, my job is to get to the heart of a couple's overall style and to marry that with the vibe of their wedding day in a way that highlights their personal story. My goal is to tell a couple's story; who they are, where they have come from and where they are going in their new journey together, through all of the details of their wedding day. Design, as it relates to a wedding, is so much more than just pretty linens and flowers. Design should tell a cohesive and personal story. I love to work with couples to select each and every element with a focus on personalization. For one couple, this may mean working with them to design a guest book map with custom illustrations of their favorite places, and table numbers named for locations that have been important in their lives. It may mean shipping in wine bottles and barrels from the couple's favorite winery or creating centerpieces that encompass flowers that make the bride think of her childhood home. Design should entice all of the senses and should ultimately tell a deeply meaningful story.

W hat does the wedding design process look like?Do couples get to be a part of it? Absolutely! Having a couple be a part of the design process is essential! I love getting to know a couple - where they grew up, their favorite foods, colors, scents, their overall style and vibe, and the working to create elements that showcase all of their favorite things. There's nothing more rewarding than to see a couple and their guests overjoyed by all of the personal touches that jog fond memories. Aside from creating the design framework, wedding designers are also able to match couples with incredibly talented vendors and artists who can bring unique visions to life. I've worked with loads of couples who have been excited to brainstorm elements that don't readily exist but can be created by finding just the right artist who can bring that vision to life. It's such an exciting thing to be able to create wedding elements from scratch rather than relying on run-of-the-mill rental items.

W hat are your favorite tips or tricks for planning a perfect wedding day? I love finding new and emerging vendors and artists to bring in for weddings. Up and coming vendors are often willing to think outside of the box and to take the biggest design risks. It's very rewarding to be able to support emerging talent in the wedding industry. I keep a number of what I call "Hidden Gem Vendors" on speed dial for just the right couple and just the right design opportunity.

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W hat are some new trends we will be seeing? More and more I am hearing from my couples that they want to find new and unique or previously unused venues. I've worked with companies like Mayflower Venues to identify new and emerging venues (farms, private home, etc) where couples can really put their personal stamp on their day, rather than using a traditional ballroom or popular event space. This, coupled with the trend in hosting much smaller, more intimate weddings, sees couples spending more of their budget on areas of planning that mean the most to them rather than hosting large weddings and having less budget to spend on the details.

W here do you see couples spending in smart ways and what do you think is a waste of money in terms of planning for a wedding day? I think the biggest mistake a couple can make is to replicate something that they found on Pinterest that may look cool but holds no personal meaning for them. It's a missed opportunity to reflect a special element that reflects who they truly are and what they love most. I always remind couples as we plan together - set your priorities for the day and stick to them. If your priorities are good food and florals than don't get caught up in upgrading areas that aren't important to you. Splurge on whatever elements mean the most to you as a couple, be it food, music, a floral wreath for your dog, that gigantic donut wall you've been dreaming about - whatever makes you happiest is worth the splurge. - M an dy

c r ed i t s Design | Styling: Hummingbird Bridal & Events Photographer: All The Little Stories Florals: W hiled Flowers Attire: BHLDN Makeup: Bridal Beauty by Madalyn Paper: Fete Collection Cake: Oakleaf Cakes Rentals: Peak Event Services Hair Stylist: Leon and Co Video: EZV Productions

Elissa & Scott Deborah ZoePhotography


The most special moment for me was walking down the aisle and locking eyes with Scott. My mind went completely blank, and this overwhelming feeling of pure joy washed over me - it was unlike any feeling I'd ever had before, and I felt like Scott, and I were the only two people in the world at that moment. Happy tears were falling down my cheeks, and I had never felt more lucky or grateful in my entire life. - E l i ssa

Q : Let's talk about wedding decor. How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception?W as any part of the decor DIY? For the ceremony, I wanted to keep things simple and natural so that our gorgeous floral chuppah could be the star of the show against the dark green background of the trees. I also wanted the natural beauty of our venue to shine through. We also lined the aisle with peach-colored rose petals and hung small floral arrangements on the chairs at the end of the aisles for the perfect added pops of color. For the reception, we kept things simple yet elegant with a little bit of a rustic flair. The linens, plates, and chairs were white, and the centerpieces added the perfect pops of color and cheer - they were placed in mason jars and other more rustic-looking vessels to keep the vibe more casual. We also had small votive candles surrounding the arrangements. The floral decor for our sweetheart table was probably my favorite part - a heaping and gorgeous display of peonies, roses, delphinium and lush greenery. DIY aspects: - We designed our guest book which was filled with photos from our engagement shoot - Scott and I put together a photo display of baby photos which showed pictures of us side by side at the same age - We designed and framed our Welcome Sign - We created our escort cards and put together our wedding guest favors (with the help of friends!) - they were little mason jars filled with blue popcorn kernels (we love popcorn, and the blue matched our wedding colors) and tied the escort cards to the jars - We designed and framed signs for the bar describing our signature cocktails - We put together a Polaroid photo station and had the guests write a little message to us on each photo - We wrote our vows (I know this doesn't fall into the decor category, but they were such a unique, unique, and emotional part of our wedding day that I thought I'd include them anyway!)

Q : Let's tal k about fashion. How did you choose your w edding day l ook ?How did the gr oom? My wedding gown/ look was inspired by our venue and my love of springtime. I wanted something flowy, romantic, and soft. But most importantly, I wanted a dress I could twirl in. My dress met all of those requirements and made me feel so beautiful. I wanted my hair in a soft, romantic, tousled up-do and, of course, I had to have some fresh flowers in my hair as well! My shoes added the perfect touch of sparkle, as did my earrings. All of the pieces came together so flawlessly, and I couldn't have been happier with my overall look. We kept Scott's look casual yet sophisticated - I always loved a dark blue suit with matching tie, and it looked so perfect against all of the shades of green of our venue. I also loved how his boutonnière popped against the blue of his suit.

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c r ed i t s Photographer: Deborah Zoe Photography Getting Ready: The Merchant and Hawthorne Hotel Ceremony & Reception: The Estate at Moraine Farm Bridal Gown: Tara Keely from Flair Boston Florist: Karla Cassidy Designs Catering: Fireside Catering Hair & Makeup: Love Notes by June Band: The W ard Eights Videographer: McElroy Weddings Transportation: Black Tie Limousine Inc. Wedding Cake: Montilio's Baking Company

Mallor y & Ryan Lena Mirisola Photography

A lot of our inspiration came from our beautiful venue, W illowdale Estate. We fell in love immediately upon visiting it. The gorgeous indoor space in the mansion and the incredible outdoor space with the courtyard and tent helped guide everything we did in terms of our style. Our goal was to create a romantic, garden party vibe, and our colors were sage green and blush. - M al l or y


Q : W hat was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day? To be honest, it was the things that didn?t go 100%according to plan that made the day special. It rained all morning and early afternoon, but the sun popped out just before we did our first look. So that was pretty great. The rain then held off until about 5 minutes before the outdoor ceremony when it started coming down pretty hard, which was a bummer and we thought we were going to have to move everything inside. Miraculously, the rain then stopped all of a sudden just a couple of minutes before we were set to begin. We had our ceremony as planned in the beautiful W illowdale courtyard. Then, just after our family friend Larry W ilson pronounced us husband and wife, it started pouring! Much of the ceremony was about our relatives that have passed away, so it was almost like they were showing us they were there with us. The rain stopped a few minutes later and we had full use of all outdoor space for a nice August night. It was perfect in every way.

Q : Let's talk fashion. How did you choose your wedding day look?How did the groom?Describe both looks in detail. I went with my mom and two best friends to pick out my dress. It was great to have their insight and support throughout the process. I was so happy to find the Mikaella lace dress at Vows. For my hair and make-up I wanted a natural look and Traveler Beauty Company did a great job with not only me but also my entire bridal party, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. My bridesmaids all wore the same sage color long dress in different styles from Amsale through Bella Bridesmaids. I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable and was able to wear a style they would feel best in. Ryan and his groomsmen went with classic navy blue suits with blush ties, along with gold tie clips and cufflinks. Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you'd like to share with other couples planning their day? Definitely have some fun planning the music you want and don?t underestimate the power of a great DJ (shout out to DJ Dolo from C-Zone Entertainment). The same goes for photographers ? Lena Mirisola is a superstar and we constantly get compliments on our amazing photos. Eat your dinner if possible. Get on the dance floor as much as you can. Most importantly, enjoy the whole process and try to take it all in on the big day. It is truly the greatest feeling when you get to marry your best friend while surrounded by the most important people in your lives.

c r ed i t s Photography: Lena Mirisola Photography Venue: W illowdale Estate Makeup Artist: Traveler Beauty Company Hair Stylist: Traveler Beauty Company Florals: Petals, Inc. Cake: Topsfield Bakeshop Dress Designer: Mikaella Bridal Invitations: Jen Simpson Design Men's Attire: Joseph A Banks


Elianna & Zackar y

Jill HoylePhotography

Q : Tel l us about your w edding! W hat w as the inspir ation behind your day?Did you have a specific theme, styl e or col or pal ette?Did you incor por ate any cul tur al or r el igious tr aditions in any par t of your day? Our day was inspired by our love for all things Maine and all things us. We wanted to focus on the amazing seasonal products and local collaborators that call Maine home. Our color palette was focused on green and the late August vibes here in MidCoast, some dark reds, blushes, and again, deep and lovely greens. Our ceremony was totally ours. We took inspiration from Jewish tradition but mostly we focused on what had meaning for us. Our vows were sung, "I W anna Grow Old with You" from The Wedding Singer, an unforgettable moment in time. Let's tal k w edding decor . How did you decor ate your space for the cer emony and the r eception?W as any par t of the decor DIY? My family has owned and operated Medomak Camp for 25 years and we wanted camp to shine. We have a beautiful old barn and we mostly wanted to high light its beauty. Our florist, Alda Stitch did most of the heavy lifting with her gorgeous floral work, Stone Cove Catering brought us Sadie the Bar Car, a re-purposed Air Stream trailer now bar, that created a "vintage" atmosphere behind the barn for cocktail hour. Our centerpieces were vases made by another local artist, Elizabeth Radliff, that are made to look like a birch tree with a heart and our initials "carved" into the trunk. The ceremony was lakeside. My husband built our chuppah from birch found on our property and again, Alda came through with dangling hops to adorn his handiwork. The DIY aspects were our escort cards, made from shellaced oyster shells with hand written names and menus on old camp windowpanes.

- E l i an n a

Q : W hat w as the most anticipated or special moment of your w edding day? Singing our vows. We mulled over this part of our ceremony for a long time. In the car one day, I think I'm the one that suggested it, I said, "W hy don't we use the song from the Wedding Singer?". Zach has been a long time Adam Sandler fan, as have I, and it just seemed too perfect. The song said all the things we wanted to say to each other and it said them in a way that felt really honest and true. Our friend Jim played guitar for the ceremony and it was such a special moment. We both studied singing for a long time and it was such a perfect way to nod to our theatrical background without being disingenuous. Ill never forget that moment.

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Q : W hat w er e the fl or al s l ik e in your w edding?Did you use fl ow er s in any of your design el ements l ik e the br idal bouquets, center pieces or cer emony back dr op?Did they pl ay an impor tant par t in the over al l styl e of your w edding? We were lucky enough to find Alda Stich of Montville and she understood our vision from the jump. Seasonal, fresh, whatever she had picked that morning, is what we wanted. My bouquet was full of color and ferns and she used the same florals for the centerpieces. Again, she mentioned a few days before the wedding that she could bring hop vines for the chuppah and this was right up our alley. We both are big beer drinkers and especially love the Maine beer scene so this was extra special for us. I wore a crown of rosemary and borage and it was just perfect. Delicateyet strong, she truly made our day unique. - E l i an n a

c r ed i t s Photographer: Jill Hoyle LLC Venue: Medomak Family Camp Bridal Shop: BHLDN Event Planner: Landfall Designs Florals: Alda's Maine Wedding Flowers Caterer: Stone Cove Catering Bridesmaid Dresses: Banana Republic Cinema & Video: OTD Collective DJ: MRK Entertainment Grooms Attire: Banana Republic

H o w t o pi c k a ven u e W ritten by: Taryn Collins

In the New England area, we?re fortunate to have many wedding venues available to suit each and every taste. A simple web search or scroll through social media is bound to leave you with more options than you know what to do with, so how do you decide? Picking a venue will determine many things about your big day, from the decor to the menu and beyond, so it?s a big decision. Below we?ll break down some of the most important considerations when picking the perfect place to celebrate your special day.

Photos: Ella Farrell Weddings Table: W hitemoss & Twigs, Wedding Boston

Guest List + Budget Before you even start looking for a venue, you?ll need to determine two things: how many people you?d like to invite, and how much you?re willing (and able) to spend. Many venues have both a guest minimum and a guest capacity, so it?s important to have at least a ballpark idea of how many guests you?ll have. As for budget, you?ll want to be realistic about what your wedding day is worth to you, taking into consideration additional costs like catering and decor (we?ll touch more on this soon). Lake Pearl W rentham


Venue Incl usives Some venues are all-inclusive, while others have more of an a la carte style. For brides that are more hands-off, something like a hotel or resort is a great option because you can expect a package deal complete with food and beverage, tables and chairs, linens, decor, and more. For brides that are more hands-on, a venue that acts as a blank slate ? say an old barn or family estate ? will allow you to bring in your own vendors for an extra-personalized experience. W hatever your preference, make sure you know it ahead of time, and can ask those questions when you start visiting potential locales. Venue Accessibil ity If you have a lot of guests traveling in from out-of-town, consider whether your venue is easy to reach from nearby airports, train stations, etc. Ensuring that there is both adequate parking on-site, as well as adequate housing nearby, is also an important consideration, so you can keep your guests close for maximum time together. Vendor Restr ictions Some venues will have an in-house team that you?re required to use, or will simply have guidelines on what outside vendors you can and can?t bring with you. If you have your heart set on a certain caterer or photographer, make sure you understand the vendor guidelines at each of your potential venues.

The Dane Estate

Bella Bridesmaids Candice W u Couture Amanda McCarty Beauty Weddings by Kashmir at Viselli Salon

Ella Farrell Weddings Market Floral Studio

Consider ing the W eather If you?ve always dreamed of an outdoor wedding, then it?s likely you?ll only be considering getting hitched during the summer months. If you?d like to get married with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, then you?ll need to be focused on the winter months. W hen considering venues, it?s best to try to visit them during the season that you?re hoping to be married in, so you can see exactly what the setting looks like, and get a feel for what your day will be like. And if you do plan to have an outdoor wedding, make sure that any venue you?re considering has a contingency plan should there be inclement weather on your big day. Real W edding Exampl es Once you?ve created a working list of venue contenders, see if you can find photos from previous weddings held at each location. Photographs will give you the complete picture of what your wedding might look like at a given venue, from the photo opp locations to the lighting, layout, and flow.

Photos: All The Little Things Photography Dress: BHLDN

Schedul e a Visit And after you?ve done that, and found a few favorites ? go visit! There is nothing like getting to stand in the spot where you?ll exchange your vows, or seeing the views that you?ll enjoy as you toast to your new life together. Actually being in the venue will really help you to envision yourself in the space, and figure out if you like how that feels.

A few final tips?

The Norwood Space Center Bridal Beauty by Madeline Elizabeth

Picking a date can be a challenge, especially at venues that are super popular, so make sure to start your search early! Also, keep in mind that you may need to be flexible with the actual date you settle on. It?s best to aim for a particular season, but keep an open mind to the specific date or day of the week, in order to lock down your dream locale. If you?re considering using a wedding planner, it?s definitely worth meeting with them first, as they generally have extensive experience with local venues, and can give you some useful tips and insights that you might not find otherwise. To keep track of all of these details, a spreadsheet helps! A few key columns to include are venue name, location, capacity, cost, inclusions, restrictions, parking/ transportation, and any additional notes.

Laur a & Ryan

Ava MariePhotography

Q : How did you meet?Tel l us about the pr oposal . We met while studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. We were both students at Suffolk University but did not know each other prior to studying abroad. We were part of a small group of nine students selected to go, and we became great friends during that time. We didn't start dating until much later when we had returned to Boston. We dated for more than six years when Ryan proposed on Easter 2017. We had just spent the day visiting with each of our families, and when we finally made it home, Ryan suggested we go for a ride to the beach since it was unseasonably warm. Along with our beloved dog who I have had for more than twelve years, we headed to the beach in Gloucester. Once there, Ryan placed the ring box in the sand, thinking I would notice it. I did, but since it was a porcelain painted box, it didn't register what it was. Ryan asked me to marry him; then I finally understood what I was looking at, inside the box was an engagement ring that had belonged to my grandmother. I was completely stunned. - L au r a

Q : Tel l us about your w edding! W hat w as the inspir ation behind your day?Did you have a specific theme, styl e or col or pal ette?Did you incor por ate any cul tur al or r el igious tr aditions in any par t of your day? We were getting married in a vineyard on the first day of autumn, so we really wanted to embrace the natural beauty of the setting. The color palette was meant to be rich and warm. Rather than focusing on a specific theme, we thought carefully about what we wanted the experience to feel like for us and our guests and tried to bring that to life. We had envisioned a simple, timeless wedding that included subtle but special details.

Q : Do you have any w edding pl anning or mar r iage advice that you'd l ik e to shar e w ith other coupl es pl anning their day? We planned our wedding as we do everything: together! We would recommend both partners participate in the wedding planning so that both people are happy with the outcome and have their style and personality represented throughout the day. We also found it very helpful to be prepared when visiting venues and hiring vendors. Our wedding date was just over five months from our engagement, so efficiency was key to planning the wedding of our dreams. We did a lot of research on vendors and came to meetings prepared with specific questions.

Q : W hat w as the most anticipated or special moment of your w edding day? We were both excited and nervous to read the vows we had written to each other. W riting our own vows had been one thing we agreed upon immediately since we really wanted to take that opportunity to express our love for each other. We were both excited to celebrate our love and share the day with our family and friends. For Ryan, the most anticipated moment was seeing me walk down the aisle. For me, it was special to have a chance to have my father walk me down the aisle and share a father-daughter dance. He had been battling cancer, and we recently lost him. I cherish those memories. One of the most special moments at our wedding was at the very end of our first dance as husband and wife, our wedding party had been standing along the edge of the dance floor, and as the song ended, they came onto the dance floor and encircled us in a giant hug. We were so surprised and felt so loved at that moment. -L a u r a

c r ed i t s Photographer: Ava Marie Photography Venue: Flag Hill W inery Florals: Cymbidium Floral Cake: Jacques Pastries DJ: Main Event Entertainment

Romantic Br idal Boudior VSPhotography by ValerieSarron

This styled bridal boudoir session came together through the local Boston chapter of The Rising Tide society. Our goal?To make something beautiful together. Our inspiration started with the word vintage, which ultimately led us to the theme of old world romance and classic love stories. This classic love story incorporated special touches like hand-lettered love notes read by the bride and weathered book pages for an element of charm. We carried these charming details through the shoot as the bride got ready in a vintage dressing gown before posing in front of a hand-crafted backdrop featuring a sprawling love poem. Old-world gilded pieces, from the furniture to the delicate jewelry pieces, also added to this session?s romantic feel. Overall, we hoped to capture that unique feeling that every bride knows to be true before her wedding day--that her love story is one for the ages.

c r ed i t s Photography: VS Photography by Valerie Sarron Styling: Kelly Golia Events Planning and Design Stationary and Calligraphy: Molly Grace Makes Hair and Makeup: Jocelyn Mariah Makeup Artistry Furniture Rentals: Kadeema Design Studio and Furniture Rentals Jewelry and Accessories Design: Ariem Treasures Garter and Accessories Design: Mamie+James by Loren James Model: Name: Jennie Ross

Br y & Nick

Amy Bennett Photography

Q : Let's tal k about fashion. How did you both choose your w edding day l ook ? Descr ibe the l ook s in detail . A: I had in mind that I wanted a strapless sweetheart cut gown. W hen I went to try on gowns, I tried on many of those, and they looked awesome. But when I tried on the Romona Keveza dress, my stylist said she wouldn't let me get any other dress because that one was the one. It wasn't what I had envisioned, but ultimately, it was better than anything I had ever seen or envisioned. Once I got that dress, I knew my bridesmaid dresses would have to be formal, and the wedding would need to be formal. My dress kind of set the tone for the formality of the wedding. I wanted my makeup to be classic, but stand out a little more than a natural look. Because my dress had sleeves, and because it could be very windy on the ocean, I wanted all my hair up. The boys were hard to figure out. We were scared it would be a 90 degree August day, and the boys would be miserable on the deck, in the beating sun, in black wool tuxes. Nick wanted the boys to be in dark grey suits, but we couldn't do that because our guests would be in tuxes. I saw these beautiful white dinner jackets and knew that was what they needed to wear. I convinced Nick by telling him it was very James Bond. We were concerned about all the white being hard to photograph, but that wasn't a problem. Two of the groomsmen have worn their jackets from their own weddings! - B ry

Q : Tel l us about your w edding! W hat w as the inspir ation behind your day?Did you have a specific theme, styl e or col or pal ette?Did you incor por ate any cul tur al or r el igious tr aditions in any par t of your day? The main ideas we kept in mind when planning our wedding were: "classy, elegant and timeless." I didn't want anything at my wedding that I would look back on 20 years from now and regret. We didn't have a theme. Our colors were different shades of blue, ivory and accents of gold. We didn't have a religious ceremony, but our ceremony was spiritual in nature as a minister officiated it. The ceremony was actually one of the things we were looking forward to most because our friend was the officiant-- he had been a dean of ours at the boarding school where we met, he was my advisor and my coach. We were so excited to have a personalized ceremony as you don't see that very often these days.

Q : W hat w er e the fl or al s l ik e at your w edding?Did you use fl ow er s in any of your design el ements l ik e the br idal bouquets, center pieces or cer emony back dr op?Did they pl ay an essential par t in the over al l styl e of your w edding? My bouquet was beautiful. It was green hydrangea, white lisianthus, white calla lilly, white roses, seeded eucalyptus and small leaf eucalyptus. My bridesmaids had basically a smaller version of my bouquet. We didn't add the arbor for our ceremony until two weeks before. We got married overlooking the ocean, and we thought we didn't want to disturb that view, but then we realized it didn't look unique enough without some sort of decoration. We couldn't have large raised planters of flowers because of the wind. We got a quote to rent an arbor and were shocked by the cost. So, we decided to look how much it would be to buy one, and it was 1/ 3 of the price we were quoted to rent. So, we purchased an arbor, and it was fun for the groomsmen to have a few drinks and put the arbor together. We are happy we had the arbor. All our guests used that as the backdrop for their own pictures they took.

c r ed i t s Photographer: Amy Bennett Photography Venue: Beauport Hotel Gloster Dress Designer: Romona Keveza Florals: Sage Floral Studio Makeup Artisit: Narcisso: a brow & beauty studio Hair Stylist: Capelli Chic Salon Bridesmaid Dresses: Ralph Lauren Shoes: Jimmy Choo Men's Attire: J. Crew Cake: Topsfield Bakeshop Invites: W illiam Arthur Kahootz Entertainment

Caitlyn & Tim

Hancer Photography

Tim and I love the city and initially were drawn to several venues in Boston. They wanted to prioritize convenience for their guests, and while initially looking at dates over the summer (I am a teacher and have summers off), we both to a liking to December 30th as a potential date. The weekend after our engagement in Nantucket, my parents happened to be staying at the Westin Copley. I started the planning process by booking a meeting with the Westins wedding coordinator that same weekend and instantly was hooked with the wedding package that they provided. For the ceremony, the immediate choice was The Old South Church. W hile the location was the initial draw as we wanted to make it convenient for our guests to have a short walk from the church to the reception, we were sold once walking inside and seeing the impressive Gothic Revival style that adorned the sanctuary. Once we booked the venue for the reception at the Westin Copley, we started to put together a vision that revolved around ?white?(my married name), silver and sparkle. After doing a lot of research on the knot, looking through a lot of Boston area magazines and Pinterest, she started building on this theme. - Cai t l y n

Q : W hat w er e the fl or al s l ik e at your w edding?Did you use fl ow er s in any of your design el ements l ik e the br idal bouquets, center pieces or cer emony back dr op?Did they pl ay an essential par t in the over al l styl e of your w edding? W ith such elaborate detail that went into the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, we wanted to the florals to balance a modern, clean look. Caitlyn?s bouquet consisted of calla lilly's, and the bridesmaids were white roses. Tim adorned a calla Lilly, while his groomsmen and both fathers wore a white rose boutonniere. Madison Floral assembled these. We were fortunate that we didn?t need many florals at the ceremony itself. The table with the Unity candles were adorned with hydrangeas, carnations, baby's breath that were assembled by Caitlyns?sister, Cara, who runs her farming and floral business, FreeLiving Farm. Madison floral also provided the centerpieces for the tables in the Westin Copley Staffordshire Room. There were two different arrangements. A composite of white flowers and a modern display of three cylinders that were filled with roses, calla lilies, and carnations.

Q : Do you have any w edding pl anning or mar r iage advice that you'd l ik e to shar e w ith other coupl es pl anning their day? Hmmm? . W hile there were moments of feeling overwhelmed, I truly enjoyed the wedding planning process. If I were to provide any insight to other couples, it would be to start planning early and just chip away at a ?to-do?list. Staying organized was key to avoid missing some of the minor details. W ith Pinterest, I would keep labeled boards, such as ?bridesmaid dresses,??florals,? ?dessert bar.?Tim was very helpful in managing the guest list on a shared google spreadsheet. Different labels (addresses, invites, meal choice) helped to keep everything in check. Keeping a shared document with all the vendor information was also helpful! If you were to ask Tim, his answer would be ?stay out of the way and find a wife who is detail-oriented.?

c r ed i t s Photography: Hancer Photography Venue: Weston Copley Plaza Bridal Gown: Demitrios at New York Lace

Veil: Blanca Veil Bridal Shoes: Shoes to Dye For Men's Attire: The Black Tux Makeup Artist: Carolina Cotter Hair Stylist: Amanda Villa Florals: Madison Floral Cake: Icing on The Cake

Kelly & Drew Idena Beach Photography

Q : How did you meet?Tel l us about the pr oposal . We went to high school together and had mutual friends. After college, we all went on a ski vacation together in Vermont, where Drew fell in love with me. He was terrible at showing it so didn't know until six months later when we all went on another group vacation to Lake George NY where I fell in love with him. And from that moment on we were inseparable. Drew is a Go Big or Go Home kind of guy, so two years later he proposed to me on the ice rink at Rockefeller Center where he received his first and last standing ovation.

- K el l y

Q : W hat w er e the fl or al s l ik e at your w edding?Did you use fl ow er s in any of your design el ements l ik e the br idal bouquets, center pieces or cer emony back dr op?Did they pl ay an impor tant par t in the over al l styl e of your w edding? Meadows Edge Floral did an absolutely amazing job on my wedding bouquet; they completely blew me away. My bridesmaids wore red dresses, so my bouquet had an assortment of vibrant red flowers to match. Besides my bouquet, I used a lot of greenery for the wedding space to keep costs down. We went with pure baby's breath bundles for the bridesmaids.

Q : Let's tal k about fashion. How did you choose your w edding day l ook ?How did the gr oom?Descr ibe both l ook s in detail . I probably tried on 50-100 wedding dresses... I wanted to make sure I loved it and my husband so bringing both our styles together was very difficult. My husband saw something he loved on Pinterest, and that was it, I had to go out and find a tweed suit, and it was an arduous task. W hat w as the most anticipated or special moment of your w edding day? The most special moment was waking up with Drew on our wedding day (I know not very traditional) to a foot of snow on the ground and the largest snowflakes I have ever seen falling from the sky... I was so nervous it was going to be brown and ugly outside and there was no snow in the forecast. I just felt so blessed the entire day it was so surreal, someone was definitely watching down on us.

c r ed i t s Photographer: Idena Beach Photography Venue & Catering: Mountain Top Resort

Florals: Meadows Edge Floral Makeup Artist: The Doll Face Duo Hair Stylist: Dos and Dye by Julie Hair Extensions: Foxy Licks Dress Designer: Pronovias Ceremony Music: Mike Suddes Airbrush Tan: Norganic

F i r st L o o k Christine Gagnon of Eisley Images W hile planning a couple?s photography timeline, we are always lead back to the ?first look??or ?to not first look??question. After ten years of capturing weddings, I can confidently, and whole-heartedly say you should consider the first look! If you have been thinking of whether this might be the right option for you, I have outlined some reasons as to why you should consider. Let?s star t w ith the basics: w hat is a fir st l ook ? A first look is when the couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony takes place. This can be a private moment or you may invite your wedding party to witness the magic. A common hesitation we hear is ?It?s not traditional so I?m not sure if we should.? Let?s think of it like this: If this one miniature event in your grand wedding story enriches your wedding experience together, gives you a unique story to tell with gorgeous one of a kind photos to show twenty years down the road, then why does it matter that it?s not what your parents did 30 years ago? This is your day.

Her e ar e five benefits to the fir st l ook exper ience: Time spent alone with your partner ? We want you to be together. Yes! Together. W ithout a first look, the two of you will be standing at the altar in silence for up to an hour during your ceremony. Your partner can only gush to you in small, quick snippets about how beautiful you look. You aren?t able to embrace until after you walk back down the aisle, but even then you?re whisked away for a marathon photography session. I?d rather you two have the space to express how you?re feeling at that moment. Are you shouting your shock & awe from the rooftops?Quietly and happily sobbing?Flirty and giggly?All of the above?Let your love flag fly, friend!

Ner ves, be gone! Now you can truly start to enjoy and take in every moment with your fiancĂŠ. Standing at the end of the aisle will be met with joy, happy tears, and a full heart. Mor e, mor e, mor e ? You?ve just embraced the love of your life, cried, laughed and had a moment to take in the gorgeous sight in front of you. I couldn?t think of a better time to take some cozy and romantic couples portraits of you lovin?on your future spouse. Couples who have first looks get double the number of portraits to put in their albums and decorate their homes with. You?re investing in a professional, which means the photography aspect of your day means a lot to you. The first look experience lets you make the most out of your time with your photographer.

Cock tail Hour Appear ance! Are you ready for this wild idea?You could have time to join your guests during cocktail hour! You?d get to eat all those apps you carefully chose months ago while greeting your guests before the reception even starts. Once the introductions begin for your reception, it?s party time from here on out; this results in more quality time for your guests to make memories with the two of you. Sl ow your day dow n. Trying to squeeze in family formals, bridal party, and your couple?s portraits within the hour after your ceremony can tend to make you feel a little rushed, frazzled and taken out of the moment. A first look cushions your photography timeline to take it slow, relax and allows for more meaningful moments to be captured. Instead of 15-20 minutes of a posing frenzy, you could have at least a full hour to simply have fun hanging out with your best friend, explore the grounds of your venue all while dressed in your wedding best.

Here are some compromises for couples who still want to have the experience of a private moment beforehand, but want the first look to be cherished with the wedding guests they have chosen to be in attendance: - A first touch: You can be together while still not seeing each other. You may stand back to back or hold hands through a doorway, around a corner. Simply interlock your fingers and take in the moment. Consider exchanging gifts or reading letters out loud during this time. - Serenade: This is perfect for the musically inclined. This may be done back to back or in adjoining/ partitioned rooms. - A first look with someone else: Parents, grandparents, and bridal parties are the people closest to you that will share in the emotion and pure joy of this moment.


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