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2017 GRATITUDE REPORT Together, We‘re Creating Life-Changing Tomorrows


One in five American adults and adolescents face a mental-health issue. (NAMI) Nearly 60% of American adults and adolescents with mental illness did not receive mental health service in the previous year. (NAMI) By 2030, the number of adults 65 and older is predicted to almost double what it was in 2005. Seniors seek trained professionals to provide mental and behavioral health services. Service providers are scarce. (IOM)

THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT Our professional mental health therapists are available to help provide the social-emotional support and guidance any one of us may need in times of life crises— disruptions in family relationships, the loss of a loved one, the challenges of aging.

By working together to build strong life foundations for those around us, we help our neighbors reach their full life potential and we strengthen our communities.

COUNSELING Marina is a ten-year-old being raised by her grandparents. She has almost no relationship with her mother or her father. She struggled at school, and found it hard to focus. She did not do her school work, and blamed others for her challenges—her teacher wasn’t clear, her grandmother didn’t wake her up on time. She took no responsibility for her behavior. After a thorough diagnostic assessment including social history, our therapist suggested that Marina visit a doctor to see if something else was the problem. Marina was diagnosed with ADHD, and received the medication she needed. At school, her grades and behavior both improved. As her sessions with our therapist continued, her self-esteem and communication also improved. Marina now is able to identify and clearly express her feelings and needs. She controls her anger, and she is happier at home and in school.


COUNSELING Jack came to counseling depressed and confused. His marriage was falling apart. He felt paralyzed, and he was unable to make decisions. Though everything had seemed fine during his marriage of six years, Jack’s wife told him she wanted to end their marriage. Jack did not share this view. He struggled to maintain the status quo, especially because of his concern for how his two young children might be affected by divorce. But his efforts did not work. Though the decision was hard, Jack decided it was best to separate from his wife. Our therapist helped Jack go through the steps leading to his decision. Through therapy, Jack gained confidence that he had made the right decision. He also learned how to maintain a strong relationship with his young children.


COUNSELING Mary is a senior client who had no support system when she first visited our therapist. She had suffered multiple traumas from childhood through adulthood, including childhood sexual abuse, divorce, financial distress, and loss of family support. Although she had found charitable assistance for food and shelter, she needed help addressing her traumas. While in therapy, Mary processed the depth and breadth of her trauma experience, including feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, hopelessness, and anger. As she worked with our therapist, Mary developed insights that began to affect positive changes in her life. She learned how to work a family relationship, and healing began. She began to build a network of community people who offered significant and helpful support. Mary is changing the direction of her life through hard work in therapy that strengthens her foundation of well being.




Over 5,200 Latino immigrants live in Highland Park and Highwood. Moraine Township has the highest percentage of first-generation Latino immigrants, as opposed to U.S. born, in Lake County. First-generation families face significant challenges and barriers to wellbeing and achievement of their life’s potential—including poverty and lack of familiarity with our education systems. Over 50% of the families in our programs have a total family income of $20,000 a year or less, even with both parents and teens working. Education is the key to a better life for these families and their children

THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT Our professional staff provides tutoring and mentoring for students from elementary through high school. Wrap-around health-and-wellness and resource support helps families improve wellbeing and strengthen their ability to meet their unique life challenges.

By working together to build strong life foundations for all in our communities, we help our neighbors reach their full life potential and strengthen our communities.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Charlie was a first-grader at Nuestro Center’s Homework Club (HWC). He was shy, always keeping to himself. His older brother also attended and was the exact opposite—loud and always getting into trouble. HWC overwhelmed Charlie. He said he didn’t want to participate and didn’t belong there. Staff explained that he was part of the group and they loved having him come. Over the next two years, Charlie attended HWC and our summer camp. Engaged and supported by Nuestro staff, he truly blossomed. Family dynamics changed too. His brother aged out of HWC, so Charlie could be his own person. He began excitedly raising his hand to answer math questions, smiled more often, and always wanted to lend a hand. He loved writing in his journal and showing his work to staff. With help from Nuestro Center, Charlie improved at school, developed a generous heart, and gained self esteem and confidence.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Elizabeth, an 8th-grader in our middle school YESS program, started the year strong in homework completion and productivity. Although she participated more than many students, she was not reaching her full potential. She often muted her opinions and was hesitant to stand up to her friends. As our staff engaged Elizabeth in new ways, she became less hesitant to stand up for her own opinions and reached out to staff for help with several projects in her English class. In March, Elizabeth told staff that she had been recommended to apply to the Schuler Scholar Program at Highland Park High School. Staff helped Elizabeth understand how to complete the Schuler application and prepped her and her parents for the interviews. In May, Elizabeth was chosen to be a Schuler Scholar. We are very proud of Elizabeth’s accomplishments and wish her all the best in the years ahead.


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS Pablo came to our Latino Youth Initiative his junior year in high school. He wanted academic support and to be more involved in school. At first, he was failing most of his classes. Working with tutors and with daily checkins by our staff, Pablo was able to improve his grades from failing to Cs by the end of his junior year. He led an orientation during the summer to help incoming freshmen learn more about the Latino Youth Initiative. Before school started again, our staff helped Pablo create an academic plan, with goals for his upcoming school year, a list of colleges and programs to apply to, plus college-application deadlines. Pablo applied to five colleges. He actively sought scholarships and asked for help from staff when needed. He attended Homework Club regularly to improve his academics. In early spring, Pablo received four college acceptances. Pablo is now studying Media Communications in college, and is continuing to strengthen his potential for life success.


THE IMPACT OF YOUR SUPPORT IN 2017 You helped us fulfill our vision that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to their community.


Our holistic counseling and educational programs touched 5,306 lives with supports to help people weather the life storms that can affect all of us, regardless of age, economic status, or community of residence. Our mental health counseling and caregiver resources helped strengthen the lives of 1,840 youth, adults, families, seniors, and caregivers. Building on 20 years of success, our Nuestro Center moved to a handsome new facility at 501 Bank Lane in Highwood. The new location offers 40% more program space for the After-School Homework Club and other activities for all ages, and is more conveniently located for the families we serve. Our Latino and youth services boosted the educational achievement and health and wellness of 3,466 youth and families, helping them to advance and reach their full potential.

Since 1930, we have provided the necessary tools for individuals and families to strengthen their lives. Your support helps these neighbors reach their full life potential and strengthens our communities.

FY17SUPPORT SUPPORTAND AND REVENUE FY17 REVENUE $1,457,933 $1,457,993 Special Events 9% Individual Contributions 5% Donated Materials and Services 12% Program Client Revenue 10% United Way Grants 11%

Other Revenue 3%

Corporate, Organization, Foundation Grants 26%

FY17 EXPENSES $1,457,080 Program Core Mission Support 16%

Program Direct Expenses 84%

Local, State, Federal Government Grants 24%


SUPPORTERS OF OUR MISSION—Thank You for Your Generosity! Donations Received July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 $100,000 and Above Agency on Aging Northeastern Illinois Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park United Way of Metropolitan Chicago $50,000 - $99,999 LF-LB Senior Citizens Foundation $20,000 - $49,999 BCU Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County Highland Park Community Foundation The Lake County Community Foundation Moraine Township $10,000 - $19,999 Barrington Area United Way Crown Family Philanthropies First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest Gorter Family Foundation Grace A. Bersted Foundation North Shore Gas Trillium Foundation United Way of Lake County YEA! Highland Park $5,000 - $9,999 Buchanan Family Fund Church of the Holy Spirit First Bank of Highland Park

First Midwest Bank First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield/ Presbyterian Women Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lawrence/ Modestus Bauer Foundation Dr. Nelson L. Levy and Ms. Louisa S. Levy Dr. Frank Mohr Mr. David L. Reich/ Modestus Bauer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rosenthal United Conveyor Foundation Utts Family Foundation Willis Towers Watson $2,500 - $4,999 Alec K. and Viena P. Gianaras Foundation Anonymous Aon Foundation Dr. Halle Aten and Mr. Erik Anderson Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois BMO Harris Bank Highland Park Bank & Trust Mrs. Jeanne Mason The Mills Family Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mynhier Rotary Club of HP/HW Trustmark Foundation Wauconda Township Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheatley YWCA of Lake Forest

$1,000 - $2,499 Barrington Benefit Concert Donors Barrington Township Mr. Richard Basofin and Ms. Joan Zahnle The Baxter International Foundation Ms. Eileen Cherry-Clark Ms. Kathleen Crissie Cuba Township The Dick Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ethridge Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Franz Mr. Norman Goldring Mr. Eric Hernandez Highland Park Human Relations Commission Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Holway Dr. Sarah Horowitz/University of Chicago (NorthShore) Family Medical Residency Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kenmuir Kiwanis Club of Lake Bluff/Lake Forest Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Knobloch Marjorie E. Neidelman Trust Mr. Ronald Meissen Mr. and Mrs. Stanton Miller Mr. and Mrs. Bob Murphy Polen Family Foundation Sahara Enterprises Fund Mr. and Mrs. Rich Seidel The Union Church of Lake Bluff Vernon Township Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wisniewski

$500 - $999 Anonymous Renee and Sanford Bank Barrington United Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Robert Binkley The Bishop Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bregstone Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Burge Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Caroll Mrs. Dorothy E. Connolly Mr. and Mrs. John A. Corey Davies Family Foundation Ms. Lori Drumm Ted Edel and Stephanie Meis Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Frechette Ms. Diane Gorman Ms. Lisa Head-Morgensai Mr. and Mrs. Bill Inglese Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson Karen Mitchum and Deborah Miller Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John Peschier Mr. and Mrs. Theodor Repsholdt Mr. and Mrs. James Roselle Joan H. and Robert R. Rudolph Fund Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Schlifke Mr. and Mrs. James Styer Mr. and Mrs. Ron Tomanek Mr. and Mrs. Jai Vishnubhakat Mr. Frank J. Waldeck Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wallace Ms. Maryann C. Weir Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley

$500 - $999 (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Whittaker Mr. Robert Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Zelwin $250 - $499 Andrea and Richard Amend Anonymous Mr. B. Foundation Susan and Richard Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Greg Baumli Mr. Dennis B. Black Mr. and Mrs. David Blowers Mr. and Mrs. Paulo Bolgar Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boote Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brom Carrie and Steve Callas Christopher Quon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Craig Collister Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Crissie Linda and Bob Cutler/ Polk Family Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Dau Dr. Phillip Fijal Ms. Carol Fitzsimmons Friends For Health Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Goodkind Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gordon Mr. James W. Grossmann Drs. Joan Guitart and Gerta Janss Highland Park High School, Key Club Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Howard Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kelley Ms. Linda Kellough Ms. Irina Konstantinovsky Mr. and Mrs. Jon Levey Sara and Richard Mesirow Mr. Keith O'Connell Mr. Brian E. Pastroff Dr. and Mrs. James Pride

Mr. David Rosen and Ms. Amy Zisook Mr. and Mrs. David Ruder Mr. Stephen M. Sickle Ms. Natalie Stacker Mr. and Mrs. James P. Stauner Mr. James C. Stein and Mrs. Norma W. Jung-Stein Mrs. Marcela Sztainberg Mr. and Mrs. Steve Victor Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wander Mr. and Mrs. Philip O.C. White, Jr. $249 and below Mr. and Mrs. John Albanese Mr. and Mrs. James W. Allen Minelle Amezquita James and Patricia Anderson Schwab Charitable Fund Anonymous (3) Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Argüelles Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Argüelles Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aronson Mr. Frederick Auwerter Patricia Mink Balsamo Ms. Patricia Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Michael Basofin Ms. Janice K. Becker and Mr. David A. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Benesh Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Benjamin Dr. Janice L. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berge Paul and Lisa Blumberg Family Philanthropic Fund Mr. and Mrs. David Blumberg Mr. and Mrs. C. William Bockelman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown Mr. and Mrs. Barry Carr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carr Mr. and Mrs. Mike Carrozza Mrs. Ann S. Carton Mr. William Charis, Jr.

Ms. Christi Christian Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Clark Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Hank Deaver Ms. Maria Del Carmen Scott Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dessent Mr. Greg Diamond Mrs. Susan Dickman Ms. Barbara Dolinger Dr. and Mrs. Harold R. Dreebin Joan J. Dubin Darryl L. and Michael H. Ebner Eggering Enterprises LLC/ DBA Comfort Keepers Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eisendrath Sara Ellis and Alfred Joseph Martin Mr. and Mrs. Ron Emanuel Ms. Rosemary Espinosa Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fealey Ms. Sharon Fisch-Reichler Ms. Linda Folan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Foreman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Freed Ms. Ruth Freer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gallagher Bryna and Edward Gamson Ms. Susan Garfield Ms. Ellen Gilman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Golan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goldman Ms. Rachelle Gonzalez Ms. Sandra C. Gore Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Green Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Greenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Will Gregg Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Griem Mr. and Mrs. David Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Tom Groth Ms. Darlene Groth Ms. Joan Guilianelli Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gussin Ms. Judy Haley Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hallarman Ms. Mary Beth Hand Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Haraldson Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harper Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hayes Dr. Laura Hein Mr. and Mrs. Skip Heizer Dr. and Mrs. Steve Herczeg Mr. Clyde Herrmann Barbara and Jim Herst Ms. Lillian A. Herter Dr. Linda Hines Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hodges Dr. Louise B. Berner-Holmberg and Mr. Michael J. Holmberg Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Holway Mr. Byron Hopkins Mr. Aaron Hosmon Mr. Tyler Huddleston Illinois Tool Works Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Kabbes Mr. and Mrs. John Kalmar Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Karney Ms. Ruth Kauffmann Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kaufman Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Jay Keltner Kiwanis Club of HP/HW Mr. and Mrs. Donald Klein

$249 and below (continued) Mr. and Mrs. Randy Knapp Ms. Joyce Knauff Ms. Gillian B. Kohler Ms. Lisette Kohn-Gale Ms. Claire Kozak Ms. Marcia Kozak Mr. and Mrs. Loren Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lavin Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lawrence Mrs. Carol Leib Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Levin Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Levin Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lieblich Mr. and Mrs. William Lipsman Mrs. Patricia M. Livingston Mrs. Stephanie Loda Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Logan Mr. Robert Logan Cindy Madson/ Home Instead Senior Care Ms. Taylor Matthews and Mr. Karl Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Rich Mayer Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Minehart, Jr. Ms. Sarah Moore Mothers Trust Foundation Sarah E. Mynhier National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Mr. Jerry Neugarten Ms. Karen Noonan Ms. Barbara A. O'Connell Marcia O'Hara and Rick Ward Mrs. Joyce O'Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ori Mr. and Mrs. Connie Pagano Mr. and Mrs. George Pandaleon Ms. Patricia G. Pell Douglas Perkins and Lauren Oshman

Ms. Linda Perri Mr. and Mrs. James Kirk Perrin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Porte Mr. & Mrs. William H. S. Preece, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Printz Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rice Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Richman Mrs. Cheryl Richter Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robbins Ms. Flora Rodriguez-Brown Mrs. Laura Rombalski Mrs. Babette Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Warner A. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Walter Roth Mrs. Susan B. Rubnitz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Rudisill Julie and Kevin Sampson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schindel Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schmidt Ms. Anita Schmidt Mr. Leo Schultz John and Cheryl Seder Mr. Warren Sedlacek Ms. Marie Shaykin Mr. Sam Shepard Ms. Paula Silver and Mr. Harold Silver Ms. Lois N. Silverstein Abigail Sivan and Milton Harris Mr. Ron Sklare Mr. Dennis Skolnik Mr. Matthew Skolnik Sue and Robert Slovick Mr. and Mrs. Marc Slutsky Ms. Carol Smith Ms. Carol Spielman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stein Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Stone Ms. Kimberly Stone Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tolpin

Mr. Henry Skip Tonigan Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tovian Ms. Lori Wallace Mrs. Hempstead Washburne Ms. Kathy Weaver and Mr. Nelson Armour Mr. and Mrs. Victor Weisskopf Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wieseneck Ms. Sallyan Windt Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Murray Wolbach Mr. and Mrs. Aaron S. Wolff Ms. Ann S. Wolff

Marjorie E. Neidelman Trust Ms. Karen Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Porte Mrs. Babette Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rosenthal Mrs. Susan B. Rubnitz Abigail Sivan and Milton Harris Ms. Carol Smith Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Tolpin Dr. and Mrs. Steven Tovian Mr. and Mrs. Murray Wolbach Ms. Ann S. Wolff

In Memory of Maggy Miller Andrea and Richard Amend Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berge Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brom Mr. William Charis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Emanuel Mr. and Mrs. Peter Foreman Ms. Ruth Freer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gallagher Ms. Ellen Gilman Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Goodkind Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Greenblatt Drs. Joan Guitart and Gerta Janss Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gussin Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris Dr. and Mrs. Steve Herczeg Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kelley Ms. Linda Kellough Ms. Joyce Knauff Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. William Lipsman Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Logan Mr. Robert Logan Peggy and Stanton Miller

Margaret Mink Endowment Patricia Mink Balsamo Paul Wisniewski Endowment Mr. and Mrs. John Albanese Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Benesh Mrs. Dorothy E. Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Daniels Mrs. Susan Dickman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fealey Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Haraldson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Minehart, Jr. Ms. Sarah Moore Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. James P. Stauner Ms. Maryann C. Weir Mr. and Mrs. Philip O.C. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wisniewski Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Wisniewski In-Kind Donations ABC/Disney Abt Electronics Bay Ridge Golf Course The BBQ Pit Belle Fleur

In-Kind Donations (continued) Bent Fork Bakery Blaze Pizza - Highland Park Big Bowl Blacksmith Inn on the Shore Blue Horse Beach CafĂŠ Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods Campus Colors Carol's Cookies Mrs. Randi Carr Catholic Charities Chicago Bears Chicago Botanic Garden Chicago Cubs Chicago White Sox Chicago Wolves Christ Church of Highland Park Citadel Theatre Company Citywoods Classic Kids - Highland Park ComedySportz Chicago Computer View The Confection Connection Cos Bar Country House Resort Country Kitchen Creative Artists Agency CROYA Deer Path Inn don fiore company, inc. Door County Coffee & Tea Egg Harbor Cafe Eli's Cheesecake Company Enaz First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield Floral's by Mary Celeste Ms. Lori Flores Weisskopf Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Forrest Francesca's Restaurant Group Genesee Theatre Gibbert & Associates, P.C.

Gorton Community Center Mr. David Griffin Heinen's Grocery Store Mr. Eric Hernandez Highland Park Fire Department Highland Park High School Mr. Douglas Hirsch Hub51 Immaculate Conception Parish Jayne Boutique Jewel - Highland Park The Joffrey Ballet John G. Shedd Aquarium Knauz Auto Group Mr. and Mrs. Barry Knobloch La Casa De Isaac & Moishe Mexican Restaurant Lake Forest Book Store Lake Forest Flowers Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Senior Center Landmark Theatres Lettuce Entertain You Little Ricky's Longitud315 Lou Malnati's Pizzeria Lupo Securities, LLC Lure Restaurant Mr. Joel Magad/Hundred Acre Mariachi Estrellas Marriott Theatre Mercat a la Planxa Microsoft Philanthropies Mrs. Peggy Miller Ms. Sue Monhait Moveo Integrated Branding Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mynhier Ms. Namrita Narula North Suburban Wellness Northern Illinois Food Bank Northwood Junior High School

Oak Terrace Elementary School Oceanique Park District of Highland Park Pascal Pour Elle Ms. Pamela Parsons The Pine Family Ms. Amanda Presutti Ragdale Ravinia Festival Rick's AutoCare & Collision Repair The Rosenbloom Family Rotary Club of LF/LB Shelle Jewelers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Brad Siegel Simply Animal Training LLC Mr. Howard Sipe Sister Bay Bowl The Spa at Sacred Grounds Sunset Foods Table Compliments Temple Solel The Wallman Family Warren Township Senior Center Ms. Carolynne Weisenthal Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheatley The Wine Cellar Group Mr. and Mrs. Hank Wisniewski Writers Theatre Please note: Family Service is thankful for every contribution received. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor lists, and we apologize to anyone whose name was inadvertently omitted or whose contribution has not been listed correctly.

Program Volunteers Each year, Family Service is grateful to the dedicated volunteers who work in our programs. Volunteers donate their time, talents, energy, and joy of sharing to help us fulfill our mission. This year, over 200 volunteers helped enrich our programs and the lives of thousands of children, adults, seniors, and families.


President Nancy Sawle-Knobloch Vice President Kevin Forrest Secretary Rich Basofin Treasurer John Abrams Past President James Utts DIRECTORS

Alejandro Argüelles Halle Aten, Ph.D. Marcella Bicoff, LCSW J. William Braithwaite Eileen Cherry Clark Tom Groth Eric Hernandez Karen Kabbes Jeanne Mason, Ph.D. Beth Mynhier Stacy Theodorakakis Jan Victor Henry Wisniewski

*As of June 30, 2017


Karen Kabbes, President Dyllis Braithwaite J. William Braithwaite Susan McConnell Sam Oliver Andrea Wirt Henry Wisniewski Lois Wollney CORPORATE ADVISORY BOARD

Cliff Bregstone Victor Carapella Richard Cortesi Nelson Levy Robert Worobow STAFF

Executive Director Carrie Callas Director of Development Gail T. Hodges Director of Finance and Information Systems Dennis Skolnik


Director of Counseling Debbie Hege, LCSW Senior and Caregiver Counseling & Advocates Coordinator Stephanie Loda, LCSW Individual, Family, Senior, and Bilingual Counseling & Advocates Nadine R. DiMare, LCSW Margie Fischer, MA Linda Folan, LCSW Janet Fryer, LCPC Diane Gorman, LCSW Lisette Kohn, MA Anita Schmidt, LCSW Joyce Wisniewski, LCSW



Program Director Lu Rocha

777 Central Avenue, Suite 17 Highland Park, Illinois 60035 847-432-4981

Nuestro Center Liz Chavez, Supervisor Jenni Gonzalez, Program Associate Latino Youth Initiative, YESS , Escuela en Casa and SELF Senior Program Associate Minelle Amezquita Program Associates Enrique Aguilar Maritza Chavez RESOURCE, REFERRAL, CLIENT SERVICES

Client Services Assistant Elba Garnica

Caregiver Resource Center Linda Magad, MSE

Development Associate Brittany Zelwin

NOTE: In consideration of client privacy, all names in client stories have been changed and photos are illustrative.



836 S Northwest Hwy #H Barrington, IL 60010 847-381-4981 OTHER SERVICE LOCATIONS

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2017 Gratitude Report: Family Service of Lake County  

Annual Report

2017 Gratitude Report: Family Service of Lake County  

Annual Report