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Social Media­ A Game Changer in the World of Logo Design Before the advent of the digital age, businesses used to design logos that went well with their business cards and letterheads. The logos allowed them to go for an easy branding exercise   without   being   overly   concerned   about   their   implementation   across   marketing channels.   However,  logo   design  or   rather,   the   objectives   of   logo   design   have   changed considerably   with   the   rise   of   the   social   media   platforms.   Furthermore,   the   growing penetration   of   smartphones   has   brought   about   a   significant   change   in   the   way   people communicate and consume content. As a result, logos that are created for the traditional space do not go well with the social media profiles.  Here’s how the approach to logo design has changed with the increased use of social media platforms.

The need for conforming to tiny sizes If you look at the present scenario, businesses increasingly leverage the social media for interacting  with  customers, for  these  provide arguably  the easiest  and   cheapest way to reach out to the latter. In other words, social media is now the key to brand engagement. Since smartphones are widely used to access the social media, a logo design company, while   creating   logos   for   its   clients,   should   ensure   the   sizes   of   the   logos   remain   small

(around eight   millimetres)   to   make   them   easily   recognizable   on   small   devices   like smartphones.

It is not that an established logo design company has never created logos for small sized devices before the advent of the social media. The point is that before such networking platforms   became   popular,   logos   were   mostly   seen   on   the   top   bars   of   websites,   email signatures, the exterior of shops, packaging, and so on. So, earlier, the need for a logo to be compatible with small devices was not that important for maintaining the brand identity. However,   now,   with   social   media   platforms   being   increasingly   used,   a   logo   must   look appealing at super tiny sizes as well, so that the identity of the brand can have an impact on the audience over social media. To cite an example, the logo design of the Premier League had a full lion with a crown and a football in its paw. The illustration looked cluttered when it was reduced to a smaller size to conform to the requirements of the social media platforms. Consequently, the design was later   revised   by   including   only   the   head   of   the   lion.   This   looked   amazing   when   users accessed it through their social media accounts on smartphones. Logos that can be modified and adjusted Social   media  is   now   being   increasingly   used   as   a   platform   for   raising   awareness   on different issues. This has become a new way for a brand to communicate and engage with its target audience. The way includes making instant changes in the logo design to raise awareness for different situations, topics and ideas. This, undoubtedly, has made the task of a logo design company more intricate, yet interesting.

Presently, a number of logos are being designed in the form of what is commonly called the ‘Logo Systems’. Here, the logos are developed as an alterable framework, which allows for their   modification  by  keeping  the  basic   components   identifiable.  To  keep  up  with   such demands, logo design services have also evolved accordingly. A great example of the ‘Logo Systems’ is the logo designed for the erstwhile US presidential candidate,   Hillary   Clinton.   The   logo   was   not   only   fit   for   the   small   sizes   of   the   social networking platforms but also had much power and influence. To explain further, only a simple   change   of   Hillary   Clinton’s   Twitter   icon   to   a   logo   variant   could   pull   the   target audience towards political issues, ideas and events. The logo thus helped in a greater brand engagement since it was easy for anyone to modify the Twitter icon as per the topics that mattered to them. Negative feedback After   the   launch   of   a logo   design,   huge  discussions  usually   follow  on  the  social  media where customers and other stakeholders often give their opinions. However, this can be a scary situation for the brands as a particular feedback (positive or negative) can circulate globally.  If a feedback is positive, then there is no pressure. On the other hand, a negative feedback can  exert   a   lot   of   pressure  on  the  logo   design  services.   In  fact,   as  a  result   of   possible discussions sparked over social media, designers might be compelled to create something fresh and exciting to draw attention, rather than aim at what is correct for the brand. A number of businesses have understood the popularity of social media platforms and have designed their logos accordingly. However, if your business has a logo that has been used for years, it is but natural that you will be hesitant to change it. In cases like these, you can

take the hybrid approach. You should consider updating the branding of your business by retaining all the elements that have reinforced brand recognition, and design the logo to make it social media friendly. It does not matter if you are designing a new logo or working on a logo that already exists. The only thing you have to remember is that the logo should be designed well to suit your business. If you want to design an attractive logo that helps in the branding and promotion of your business, Contact us today! 

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Social Media- A Game Changer in the World of Logo Design  

Logo design has been considerably influenced by the rise of the social media. Designers should keep the social media aspect in mind while cr...

Social Media- A Game Changer in the World of Logo Design  

Logo design has been considerably influenced by the rise of the social media. Designers should keep the social media aspect in mind while cr...