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Local Recommendation Feature in Google Maps: “For You” Tab With a whopping 67% user base, Google Maps is arguably the most popular navigation app and preferred by people that are about 6 times more compared to the second most popular app Waze (Source: The Manifest). And such popularity calls for continuous improvement that Google Maps rightly offers. For example, Google has recently launched a new Commute Tab in its Maps platform offering real-time visualization of the running status of your train or bus. To further enhance its service and popularity, Google is now piloting a new feature for Google Maps: “For You” tab. “For You” is a personalized section where local guides can provide recommendations to the users. These guides regularly update photos and reviews on Google Maps. The company CEO explains that if you are in a new place and looking for a guide to help you explore the city’s cuisine, landmarks, and culture - the ‘For You’ tab is just one click away. It will show personalized recommendation for eateries or any nearby place based on your location, and the people and businesses you follow. Local guides’ recommendations are available in the following cities:         

Delhi Bangkok London Mexico City Osaka New York San Francisco Tokyo Sao Paolo

Though initially, the ‘For You’ tab is accessible in limited geographies as mentioned above, its immense popularity has made the company consider its expansion across more than 130 new markets. If you find a particular guide to be helpful, you can follow that person just as you would do on the social media platforms. This will enable you to receive

any update that the guide posts on Google Maps.

Not only a local guide, but you can also follow a favourite retailer, coffee shop, or any restaurant through Google Maps. This feature makes the Maps pose as a social network, where businesses are able to post any update for the customers. Therefore, if you run a start-up or an enterprise, you should take advantage of this feature and contact a reputed digital marketing services provider that can assist you in this regard. Other new features introduced in Google Maps include a redesigned Explore tab based on trending reviews and Your Match - a score that can predict whether you will like a place or not. To take it one step ahead, ‘For You’ offers a personalized recommendation for the places or restaurants based on your preference and following list. # Why You Should Care: Google Maps and Google My Business are evolving together. They have brought a whole range of engaging features, including providing an ability to follow places and businesses. And they are becoming increasingly social and

offering customized results. This is an amazing opportunity for businesses to drive more leads through personalized recommendations. Hence, if you seek to take your business to the social media platforms, you may consult professionals providing social media services to enhance the user experience. Conclusion: The ‘For You’ tab is tailored to address your taste and preference. Once you follow a business, you will receive notifications about the opening of its new branch, a new menu item, or an upcoming event. Google Maps will also offer restaurant suggestions based on your preference. Since Google Maps per se plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization, you can engage any top SEO agency to meet your SEO objectives.


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Local Recommendation Feature in Google Maps: “For You” Tab  

On a vacation to a new place and not sure where to eat? Google Maps got you covered. With its “For You” feature, you can get a personalized...

Local Recommendation Feature in Google Maps: “For You” Tab  

On a vacation to a new place and not sure where to eat? Google Maps got you covered. With its “For You” feature, you can get a personalized...