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Student’s Union News R.A.G Week 2009! W

e have all heard the stories from other years, and they Sean Reid all point towards one thing: RAG Week is S.U President easily the biggest and busiest week for students in Griffith College. But in the middle of it all, many of us forget what exactly the week is actually about. RAG stands for 'Raise and Give' and is the biggest charity event of the college year. Unlike other events, all the money that is earned from ticket sales and various events doesn't go to the SU at all; every penny earned goes straight to charity. Even by attending the RAG Ball, students are contributing money towards our chosen charities without realising it. This is why we ask students to really go nuts during the week, as by attending each event they can help us raise more and more money.


Now don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say RAG week is all work and no play;, nothing could be further from the truth. There will be something happening that will appeal to every student on campus, and we promise that each student will have a brilliant time as a reward for helping us raise funds. Throughout the week, you will also notice many students trying to raise funds through sponsorship as they do many odd or challenging things to raise even more money. Please help these students by giving whatever you can, even a euro from every person adds up, and it's not something that you will miss. Plus you'll get to see your mates make a fool out of themselves, so it's all worth it! Throughout this month you will see a lot of advertising for the week, and will be asked to help out however you can. I cannot stress enough how important it is for each person to help out, so help in whatever way you can: Put money in a bucket, sponsor a student, or attend one of the many events. We promise you a fun filled and rewarding week in return!

Welcome Back to the Malawians!


ow it's March already only a few weeks to go and another year in Griffith is over! Hope you are all keeping well. Firstly I would like to thank all those people who helped with S.H.A.G week to make it the success that it was. I hope everyone enjoyed the week and learned a little too. I would like to welcome our students Paul Durning, Sara Renyolds, KT Archer, Darren Cleary, Graham Butler, Connor Ryan, Matilde Joubert and Donal O Meachair back from Malawi. I believe the Trip was a huge success and a return trip is planned for June! Well done guys! Dance classes have started once again with classes in Salsa. We have a new teacher from Just Dance. Classes are free, so put on your dancing shoes and join us every Wednesday from 6:30pm for an hour. Also this term we are starting a Free Yoga class under the supervision of Kay Sorach. They are starting Thursday the 5th of March. If you are interested pop into me in

Jacquie Ryan Welfare Officer the SU and I will let you know where the classes are taking place. Alternatively there will be posters around the college. The L.G.B.T society are also meeting every Wednesday evening in the S.U from 6:30pm until 7:30pm If you want to get in contact they have an email address set up: I also would like to inform you that we have the Jack and Jill bus in our office where you can put old bus tickets with refunds into them and help raise money for charity. We also have the box for old mobile phones located at the door beside the vending machine. See you around campus‌ don't forget to come up and say Hi! Jacquie

Disappointment for GCD Pool Team


Kieran Hickey Sports Officer

he GCD pool team took part in the annual Pool intervarsity in Birr, Co. Offaly over the past month. The team comprised of 5 students: Kieran Hickey, Paddy Daly, Max Eicke, Ian Donegan and Gary 'The Pocket' McClean in what was a highly competitive tournament. The tournament consisted of two competitions, the groups and the

individuals. Sports Officer The individual pairings was the opening act of the varsities, which saw the 5 GCD students pitted against some of the highest seeded competitors. You could tell why some of these players were so highly ranked as Kieran, Gary, Max and Ian exited in the preliminary round. But their was some good news for GCD as Paddy caused an upset defeating one of the University of Limerick players to qualify for the first round proper of the competition. Paddy then moved on the face a Dundalk I.T competitor. In a highly intensified match, Paddy again upset the odds winning 21 in frames. Paddy then moved into the last 64 where he met one of the highest ranked players in the competition from Queens University Belfast. In a long and tactical match the Queens player showed his class winning out 3-0 in the end. The groups then took centre stage. GCD were drawn alongside University of Ulster Coleraine, Carlow I.T, DCU and

University of Limerick. The college faced the reigning champions Coleraine in their first fixture, where they were narrowly defeated 6-4. GCD then faced a highly impressive DCU team losing 7-3. Despite these two defeats the college bounced back to earn a morale boosting draw with UL to give them some hope of getting out of the group stages but these hopes were dashed when Carlow IT defeated GCD in the final game of the group.


he month of February also saw the Griffith College Equestrian team take part in the annual intervarsity championship which was held in Ashbourne, Co.Meath. Led by captain Iona Ni Dhailaigh, the team was made up of fellow students, John Sheridan, Bernice Gaffney, Zara Marie King and Sinead Ni Chinneide. All five competitors took part in the show-jumping event for the equestrian championships. There was a high standard of jumping all weekend, the Griffith students being no exception, with all 5 students having clear rounds. As the overall results were tallied up, long time GCD show-jumper John Sheridan made it through to the latter stages of the event. Despite being in with a shout of the winning the competition, severe weather conditions led to the cancellation of the varsities. With this set-back all attention was then moved a ball organized to celebrate the '09 equestrian intervarsity championships. Since the varsities it being revealed that a member of the team, Bernice Gaffney has being picked for the Irish equestrian team for the European championships, which takes place in Brussels later this year, and the college wishes her all the best.


The Genuine Article With Star reporter Drew Peacock

Domestic student trip cancelled due to lack of numbers


his year's trip for Irish students was cancelled last week due to a lack of Irish students in the college. Despite the Griffith College Student's Union arranging a weekend in Las Vegas, the trip was based on the condition that a minimum of 14 students would be going away, in order to capitalise on a group discount with Virgin Atlantic. The trip was to be heavily subsidised by the Student's Union, and would have cost students who wished to attend €8 each. However 14 Irish students could not be found. Instead the S.U decided to arrange a trip to Kerry to see Fungi the Dolphin for the International students. "Yeah we had no problems getting numbers for the international students trip," said S.U manager John McSweeney, "but I figured a trip to Vegas would be wasted on those guys, so we brought them to Kerry. They lapped it up. Mad bastards." When probed further on the failed Vegas trip, McSweeney revealed: "Well, I spent two months putting this deal together, poured my heart and soul into it, so I'm disappointed. We were gonna fly with Virgin Atlantic, and stay two nights in the Bellagio Hotel. We booked out the entire top floor in fact, I think George Clooney does that when he's in town, or maybe I'm thinking of John Travolta, one of them anyway, so we wanted to do the same. Each student would have had $4000 each to blow on the tables, and we had tickets for Elton John for everyone too. That's what I'm most disappointed by actually; I love Elton John".


aul Mullally from the International office was delighted to pick up the pieces and arrange a trip for the international students instead. "John should of known better to be honest," said Mullally. "I think there are 14 Irish students in the college, A typical Irish student but the chances of them all being available to go on the trip were slim. Mary from Roscommon had a wedding to go to that weekend. Joe from Laois had an inter-county semi-final he absolutely had to play in, 'cos his team are short of right-half backs. I think Tommy from Tipperary wanted to go, but his mother wouldn't let him. I'd have gone myself to try and bulk up the numbers but I'm not actually Irish." When pressed as to what nationality he actually was, Mullally refused to answer, and abruptly ended the interview.

Battle To Survive As Hegarty Set To Wield Axe



An Axe


ough times lay ahead for all GCD staff according to Director Dermot Hegarty, as he seeks to cut costs by letting a number of college staff go in the near future. "It has to be done," said Hegarty, "but I can't decide who's gonna get the sack..I lie awake at night worrying about it to be honest". However The Genuine Article has managed to discover documents detailing plans of how he plans to decide who stays and who goes. When confronted with the evidence, Hegarty confessed all. "Basically, I'll be setting a series of tasks and competitions to separate the weak from the strong. All administrative

staff will participate in an egg and spoon race on the green; whoever comes last gets his P45. I've also hired an actor to pretend he's a recruitment agent from Independent Colleges to try and lure our Law lecturers away; whoever resists temptation will keep their gig. The female Design staff will, of course, compete in a wet t-shirt competition…in that case only the winner stays on, so that might get fairly desperate. I wanted to torture the Journalism lecturers until two of them break, but I decided instead to subject them to water-boarding. I thought torture would be a bit much." These events will be held the week after R.A.G Hegarty. "We might as well keep the craic going all month,” he said.

In Brief Griffiti wins contract for Jade Goody's funeral photos- Exclusive next month Journalism faculty defends Griffiti's editor's journalistic right to make Jade Goody jokes Security hut raided by anti-smoking police. All arrested. College installs turnstile. We give it a month before they realise it was a retarded idea. Arthur's bar move couches around. Wow.

Headline Bar profits plunge as S.U sports officer quits drinking for lent Griffiti editor attributes fictitious quote to maintenance manager Marcus Reidy. Decides at last second not to print it. Journalism faculty defends Griffiti's editor's journalistic right print fictitious quotes

*The contents of this section are satirical and may offend. The views espressed here do not represent the views of GCD Student Union

Party People S.H.A.G Ball 2009/Recession Session/ LGBT Night/ International Student’s Trip


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First Ever GCD Cricket Tournament a Huge Success


riffith College hosted its inaugural mini cricket tournament last month which proved to be a huge success. Headed by student Asad Ali the tournament brought Cricket, very much minority sport in Ireland, to the attention of the entire college. The competition consisted of 8 teams of 7 players in a knock-out format. The 8 teams competing included the GCD Lions, GCD Commandos, GCD Celtic, GCD Rebels, GCD Tigers, GCD Heroes and the GCD Stars. After a challenging day of cricket, the final saw the GCD Commandos square up against the GCD Lions and in a tense finale the Commandos ran victorious to claim the first ever GCD G-league cricket cup. Following the tournament, chief organizer Ali described the day as a huge success. "I am delighted how the entire day worked out. We had good weather all day, matches ran off as planned and we also found very good cricketers. Most importantly I am happy to promote the game and that Cricket has become very popular within the college". Students' Union president Sean Reid was also delighted about how the day worked out. "Cricket I believe has become the most popular sport in the college and has being the most successful sporting event to date this year. A lot of credit must go to Ali for effort he has put into promoting cricket". Individual prizes were handed out to

players who stood out on the day. Man of the match for the final went to Jibran, whose performance was the key for the Commandos victory. The man of the series award was a difficult one to choose due to the high standard of cricket on the day. In the end the award was shared between Ali and Malik. VJ stood out for his bowling performances and claimed the title of best bowls man, while Wajhi was awarded for being the best batsman.


he college, are now due to play in the cricket intervarsity this June with a high hope of success expected given the amount of work and effort put into cricket this year. "I am really looking forward to competing against other college," said Ali. "We have some very good cricketers on the team and I'm very hopeful of success," he added. Also as part of R.A.G week, where the college is raising money for the Irish Cancer society and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, a cricket match between GCD Ireland and GCD International is planned in an effort to raise funds for the two charities. Photography by: Piaras Ă“ MĂ­dheach


R.A.G Week 2009 Guide Monday

R.A.G Week to Kick Off with a Bang


he Monday of R.A.G Week is set to be the biggest and loudest R.A.G Week in the history of Griffith College. The green is going to become party central as a wide range of activities take place. The Red Bull team will return to provide music and Xboxs for students to enjoy. Activities planned for the day include turning a section of the green into a Crazy Golf course, and various fun games including Beat the Goalie and The Balloon Smash. The main attraction, however, will the 1000 sq Foot, 25ft high Laser Tag-Dome. Students are welcome to go into the dome and shoot their friends, while helping raise money for charity. All the fun and games will be kicking off from around 11:00AM and finishing up at 4:00PM, giving everyone


David O'Doherty & Student Strip Show!


irst year law student Darragh O'Doherty has come up with an interesting way to raise funds for R.A.G Week. On Tuesday the 10th at 10:30pm in Arthurs, Darragh will be performing a strip show for all in attendance. The night will feature cheap tricks and the show will be followed by a night of the cheesiest music from the 80s and 90s. This will easily be the most unusual event of the week and one that will stay in people's minds until the rest of the year. Make sure you don't miss out! This years R.A.G Week shall host a very special guest as David O'Doherty returns to Griffith College. David, one of Ireland's


time to head out and enjoy themselves! After receiving great reviews from students, Miracle Bell have decided to return to Griffith College for R.A.G Week! The lads will be performing in Arthurs Bar on the Monday night from 10:30PM as part of 'Arthurs Clear Out' where a wide range of drinks will have 40% off their price tag and only cost €2.90. DJ will follow band. Entry is €4, with all proceeds going to charity.

finest comedians, has performed globally and featured on shows such as "The Russell Brand Show" and RTÉ's "The Modest Adventures of David O'Doherty" while also playing The Mighty Boosh Festival. He describes his style of comedy as "very low energy musical whimsy" and is well known for combining a stand-up show with musical numbers. David performed in the college in 2005 during R.A.G Week just before his career really took off. David will be performing at 12:30PM in Arhturs until 2:00PM, but we recommend getting down early as seats are going to fly for this.

Wednesday Students to Raise Funds with Body Wax Show


wo Griffith students will be helping to raise funds for R.A.G Week by putting on a traditional R.A.G Week body waxing show. Ian Donegan (Journalism) will be waxing his whole body while Will Flynn (Law) will be shaving his head. The brave students will be doing this at 12:30pm on Wednesday the 11th down in Arthurs Bar. Both men are carrying sponsorship cards on them until the event, so feel

free to stop them if you want to help them out. Ian will also be allowing students do pull a strip of wax off him during the show at €5 per strip. They hope to raise €400 together for this event. Later on that the biggest event of the week takes place- The R.A.G Ball. The ball this year will feature a foam party and exclusive drink promotions. Again tickets will sell fast for this event as it's one of the biggest nights out of the year!

Thursday Bring Your Own Beer House Party


n Thursday the 12th of March, acoustic artists Dan Harrigan and Ciaran Dwyer will be performing in Arthurs from 12:30pm. Dan Harrigan, from the trad-rock band La Poderosa, began his solo career early 2007 as has been receiving rave reviews since. This will be his first time to perform in Griffith, but not his first time to be on campus, as his band La Poderosa have been featured on Griff FM. Later that day The Students' Union is



keeping its doors open until 1am and hosting a house party! We are allowing students to come into the building with their own drinks from 9:00PM where they can chill and enjoy themselves. We will be providing music and ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves. It will be €3 to come into the house party and all the money will be going towards out chosen charities for the week. Please note that on this day the building will close at 8:30PM SHARP so that we can properly set up the building for 9.

Discount paintball trip!

f you thought the laser tag on Monday was just not enough, then the annual paintball trip is just perfect for you. The bus for paintball leaves the Students' Union at 9:30am on Friday the 13th, but don't worry, there is nothing unlucky about this trip. The paintball trip usually costs €30, but now the prices have been slashed to €20, with €5 of the fee going towards charity!

This includes your transport too and from the venue, all the paintball gear, your initial set of paintballs and lunch. You won't find a deal this good anywhere else, so finish up your R.A.G week by picking up a ticket for paintball! But hurry, places are very limited and could easily be gone half way through the week.


Why did we choose The Cystic Fibrosis Association?

Why did we choose The Irish Cancer Society?


ach year in Ireland there is over 20,000 new cases of cancer and over 7,500 cancer deaths, accounting for almost one quarter of the annual death toll. Cancer is a major cause of death and disease in this country as in all western communities. Cancer is a term used to describe a group of illnesses all having certain common characteristics. These characteristics include an over-growth of cells which forms a tumour. Tumours cause medical problems either directly by pressing on and damaging other nearby organs or indirectly by breaking off and invading other distant tissues and organs The Irish Cancer Society Cancer Information Service offers free, confidential advice, support and information on cancer and related issues to anyone worried about any aspect of cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment or follow-on care. Through the Cancer Information Service, people can also access patient support groups and counselling services.


ystic Fibrosis (CF) is Ireland's most common life threatening inherited disease. In CF, the mucus glands secrete abnormally thick mucus affecting the glands, damaging many organs including the lungs, the pancreas and the digestive tract. The result is people with CF are prone to constant chest infections and malnutrition. The daily management of CF includes physiotherapy to clear thick mucus from the lungs. There is no cure for CF as yet. The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland is a voluntary organisation supported by funding and voluntary contributions. It funds medical and scientific research aimed at understanding and treating CF; provides support services to families and advocates on their behalf and raises public awareness about the condition.

Counterfeit Tickets Hit SU


he Students' Union was the victim of a counterfeiting scam as over 80 tickets for the S.H.A.G Ball were counterfeited by students. The counterfeit tickets which cost â‚Ź6 to buy from the SU resulted in a â‚Ź500 loss of revenue to the union. "It was blatantly obvious the next day when we got the statistics from the nightclub (Purty Kitchen) that the number of tickets that were handed in at the door far exceeded the amount we actually sold. Upon further investigation we realised that somewhere in the region of 80 S.H.A.G Ball tickets had been photocopied" said Students' Union Manager John McSweeney. After some investigation the SU is confident it knows the individuals who copied the tickets. As a result of the incident, all tickets for Students' Union events will carry a hologram and be perforated. Security on tickets for the Griffith Ball has also been beefed up by the


union. All tickets are now serialised and must be signed by a member of the SU and stamped with the union's stamp before it becomes valid. Individuals will also have their basic details taken when purchasing the tickets. "We're not taking any risks with the Griffith Ball; the tickets are just too expensive to have counterfeits going around. It really is unfortunate that someone would copy the tickets, we give money from a lot of the balls to charities, luckily the S.H.A.G Ball wasn't one of those balls, but if it was the individual would essentially be stealing money from charity" said Students' Union Officer Jacquie Ryan who is the main administrator of the Griffith Ball tickets.

Griffith College Societies you can join


id you know that the Students' Union does more than just organise nights out? Every week on and around campus many different activities occur that you can get involved in as a student of Griffith College. Here is just a few. Dance If you're interested in learning to dance, the SU hires a professional dance teacher to teach students a varity of different dance techniques from Salsa to Hip-hop. Classes are free to attend and take place every Wednesday at 6.30pm. The venue does have a habit of changing, so if you would like to join the party contact Jacquie Ryan in the SU or email Poker Every Thursday the Griffith Poker society hosts Texas Hold'em in E002 at 6.30pm. It costs â‚Ź5 to join the game and it's 'winnertakes-all'. There are no special requirements to join the game. All are welcome. Pool Are you a dab hand at pool? Every Monday at 6.15pm in the SU building the Griffith College Pool society holds a league. It's a knock-out competition and costs just â‚Ź2 to enter. You'd be surprised at the amount of


money you can make. Again, there are no special requirements to enter, all are welcome.

join in. This society really is a lot of fun! You can contact them by emailing

Basketball Interested in keeping fit? Every Thursday at 2pm the SU hires out a basketball court in St Catherine's Sports Complex close to the college on Cork Street. Students are free to come along and join the games. Recently numbers attending this club have soared, however there is plenty of room for more. For more information contact the Clubs and Societies Officer in the SU or email

Swimming After months of searching for a pool that will take us, it looks like the SU has found somewhere. Students who are interested in going swimming on a weekly basis are asked to please contact the Clubs and Societies Officer on

Yoga The SU is currently looking to set up a weekly yoga group and we need members! If you would be interested in joining free of charge and attending on a weekly basis please contact LGBT and Friends The Griffith College Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender society is up and running again this year. It is a small and fun group who meet weekly to chat about their own experiences with LGBT and also regularly organise nights out in town. Friends of LGBT students are encouraged to come along and


here are many other clubs and societies that you can get involved in with the SU. We also provide funding for new societies, so if you are interested pioneering a new society or club get in contact with the Clubs and Societies Officer in the SU or email

Fungi Makes a Splash on International Trip


n February 20th the Students' Union went on its second major international trip of the year. This time the destination was the kingdom of Kerry. Back in December, Galway was the port of call with some 45 students answering the travelling out west. This time however that number more than doubled to an astonishing 91 students. "I was very surprised by the uptake, I was expecting a few more than last time but nothing like what it was" said Students' Union Manager John McSweeney. The trip featured students from 14 different nationalities, including 23 Americans, 16 Chinese, 14 Norwegian, 12 French, 8 Germans, 5 Swiss a number of students from 7 other nationalities. The students left Griffith College on the Friday afternoon in two large coaches and arrived in Killarney later that evening. Once all the students were settled in their accommodation, they were brought to the Grand Hotel in Killarney town where they were given free entry to enjoy a traditional Irish music session followed by live music from a fantastic band from Meath called 'The Seducers' followed by a full-on nightclub in the back of the hotel. "It was absolutely brilliant! I've been in Ireland since last October and I can honestly say that was one of the most fun nights I've had since I've been in here" said one student. On Saturday the students travelled to Dingle to visit the famous wild Irish dolphin 'Fungi' who lives in the mouth of Dingle Bay. "We went out on chartered boats and the students were given some breath-taking views of the cliffs and landscape, but everyone was just looking to catch a glimpse of the dolphin. For a while it

looked like he wasn't going to come up, but then he did. The students seemed to love it, I've never seen so many cameras flashing at once, every time he peaked his head above the water he was blitzed by cameras" said a smiling Students' Union Welfare Officer Jacquie Ryan. The dolphin entertained each of the boats like a seasoned professional, splashing around and shooting up from the water like a bullet before plunging back beneath the waves. That night the students were treated to complimentary passes to the hottest nightclub in Killarney town 'McSorleys' where they partied the night away till the early hours. On Sunday the students checked out of their accommodation and were then brought to the famous Muckross house and Torc Waterfall where they spent a few hours wondering around enjoying the fantastic scenery before returning to Griffith College on Sunday evening. "All in all I was very happy with how the trip went. We did the whole thing for €55 for the entire weekend, I don't think anyone could argue with that price. I think it's probably the low costs of these trips that make them so popular. I think we will definitely have to find some way to top ourselves next year. The whole experience really is a lot of fun and I think the students do genuinely appreciate it" said SU Manager John McSweeney


GCD Restaurant Prices to Drop

Griffith Ball Tickets Selling Quick


tudents' Union President Sean Reid has said he is 'pleasantly surprised' at the rate at which tickets are selling for the 2009 Griffith Ball. Since going on sale on Tuesday February 24th, tickets have been leaving the Students' Union at a rate of about 10 a day. Usually over 90% of the tickets for the ball are bought in the three weeks leading up to the event, however this year the 'early bird' option of a €10 discount on ball tickets appears to be attracting the recession conscious patrons. Tickets for the Ball will remain at


€60 until 5.30pm on Friday March 6th after which the price will rise to €70. Last year the Griffith Ball attracted 318 guests; this number was down on previous years as the ball was held in Trim in Co. Meath resulting in a 45 minute commute both ways for students. Prior to last year the ball was always held in the Burlington Hotel in Ballsbridge and regularly attracted up to 400 guests. This year with the ball returning to the Burlington the Students' Union are said to be confident that they will hit this number once again.

n an economy where banks are folding, unemployment is soaring and Irish emigration statistics are taking on a suspiciously similar pattern to the days of Haughey, it is nice to finally hear some good news, if only on a local level. Speaking with Griffiti recently, Arthurs Restaurant Manager Chris Brownill told of how he was preparing to slash the costs of meals in the restaurant. "We're going to be putting on a 'value meal' from now on. So every day you'll have the usual choices, but there will also be a cheap option for a main course every weekday for €3.99" said Mr Brownill. Head Chef Declan Condon told Griffiti "During our previous promotions we found that students responded well to the cheap meals so we're going to run these deals continuously from now on. We're also going to look at changing the Wok station into a pasta bar that will serve a varity of different pasta dishes for between €4 and €4.50" Arthur's will also be bringing back the student favoured Chicken Baguette for €3.


Mogwai A

dodgy phone line and thick Scottish accent. Normally I

wouldn't bother, but this is Stuart Braithwaite, visionary guitarist and key-member of instrumental noise-mongers Mogwai. ''We're in France yeah, I was expecting your call' says the Glasgow man, quickly dispelling any confusion surrounding time zones. “The tour's going great. We're having a lot of fun. People have been turning up so can't complain.” Mogwai are touring to promote their cracking new longplayerThe Hawk is Howling, an album which further cements the Scots as the most influential post-rock band on the planet. Formed in the mid 90’s as the anti-thesis to Britpop's increasingly stale format, Mogwai's seminal debut Young Team was an all out assault on the senses; heaving with vitriolic guitars, terrifyingly beautiful soundscapes, Apollonian ambiance and rolling basslines. Of the ten breathtaking tracks, only one features vocals. In the past decade Mogwai have continued to perfect the art of noise, consistently transcending the line between tender sublimity and full-blown rock psychosis in such an intense manner it has proved inimitable. Employing his band's down-to-earth mantra, 33-year old Stuart is refreshingly straight-talking, laidback and modest. But then Mogwai have never been a band of egos - indicative itself in the fact that the band has retained its original line-up; a rarity in the demanding world of touring and intense recording sessions. “I don't think we get on each others nerves too badly or anything, we just kind of get on with it. We don't take things too seriously and try and have fun. Things could be a lot worse.” Things did seem worse in September when the band were forced to cancel their current tour almost as quickly as it had began after a band member was rushed to hospital during a show in New York. Stuart is quick to shrug off the shaky start as nothing more than a minor blip. “Martin our drummer had a problem onstage with his pacemaker but we weren't worried about it. If he couldn't play he couldn't play. To be honest the problem was fixed pretty quickly and we were back out playing 3 weeks later. We rescheduled those shows for April


Stuart Braithwaite of sonic-orchestrators Mogwai talks to Griffiti ahead of their return to Dublin this month and May this year, so all is well that ends well.” The Hawk is Howling tour always includes a 3 night residency in the Academy in March (20-22) - an especially surprising listing given the band's absence from our shores in recent years. “There's no real reason we haven't played Ireland in so long, it’s just the way the schedules worked out. We played there right at the start when the last record (Mr Beast) came out and I don't think we've played since. We're looking forward to it but yeah.. no reason for it in particular”, he explains. The Scot's weekend in Dublin has been billed as something of a mini-Mogwai fest, with acts from the band's esteemed label Rock Action also rumoured to be making an appearance. “Yeah I think we've got Desalvo on. There should be a few ears sore after that. Remember Remember are playing as well and I think we're going to be deejaying somewhere in the building too. There's going to be a dance-off as well, so they're is a few things happening”, the guitarist happily confirms. Stuart seems enthusiastic about airing the Hawk is Howling material to audiences in a live setting, speaking confidently of the new album. “I think it's probably closest to the danciest record we've come out with. A lot of it was done quite naturally, we didn't edit everything. Mr Beast was accomplished as a studio album and we worked on it a very studio way, but for The Hawk is Howling we just wrote songs up and tried to play them as they were. They're wasn't a lot of manipulation, there was no editing either so I think they're two very different records.”


hen the band opted to record the album in Glasgow, it was clear a back to basics approach was being put in effect. But Stuart is quick to dismiss the Merchant City as an important muse for the band's output. “Well I like being there, but it's more of a practical reason. I'm mean what's the point in going away to do something when we quite as easily do it in our own house! Just kind of makes more sense.” Whatever the effect the city may have, Mogwai are a quintessentially Scottish band in attitude if not in sound; brimming with a dark sense of humour that starkly contrasts with many of their po-faced contemporaries. When they're not making music, it seems the instrumentalists like nothing more than spinning a good yarn in an overtly earnest genre, usually by a series of cryptic allusions (see their song names for proof) or an all-out lambasting on their official website. I fall victim to the former when I ask Stuart if the Glasgow Celtic-supporting 'Gwai are providing a commentary to Rangers fans' football bigotry on new song, Scotland's Shame. “Well we certainly didn't mean it as a being serious but ...well this isn't going to sound good...its just something flippant really! We were at a Celtic-Rangers game and we saw a Scotland's Shame banner hanging off a stand pointing at Rangers fans and we thought it was quite funny! It's not a negatively fixed comment on anything deeper because we're not interested in that.” I'm also interested to know about Mogwai's threat to publish the names and addresses of Rangers players if their single Batcat didn't make the top ten - a story which made several red-top newspapers recently. “That name and addresses thing was a joke on the website that ended up in the paper for some reason. Must have been a slow news day or something!” Many may have first encountered the name Mogwai from their now infamous tirade against Damon Albarn and Co in the late 90s, which culminated with the band selling t-shirts with 'Blur are shite' emblazoned upon them. The one-sided feud was recently sparked again on Mogwai's official website,

following the news that Blur have reformed to play the festival circuit this summer. Stuart is diplomatic about the matter, speaking for himself rather than expressing the views of the band. “Yep, I'm cool with them. I don't have the energy to get annoyed over such small things anymore. I'm not embarrassed about all that stuff with them, I just see it as something in the past. I just don't have the energy to get angry about music I don't like anymore. I use that energy to concentrate on music I do like. We were quite propelled by a lot of negative things, especially because everything we were doing and we liked was becoming erased from culture at the time. I think a lot of that has changed. I think Radiohead being one of the biggest bands in the world with a pretty weird record...that wouldn't have happened when we started our band. So I think what we were angry about doesn't exist anymore. Being 18 or 19 at the time, we thought it would be good to print up these stupid Blur t-shirts and make them really fucking childish, but the world seems a lot different now than it was. Have Mogwai as people mellowed out? Yeah, I think so....' The band are no strangers to leveling criticism at themselves either. When 2006 album Mr Beast was released to glowing reviews, guitarist Barry Burns claimed to hate the album for the first two weeks, before eventually coming around to it. He has also labeled their 2001 album Rock Action 'shite' in an interview after its release. “Yeah we try not to second guess everything we put out. It's weird though because it's quite a long process making a record. It's negative listening to it a lot. There was some songs on Mr Beast I wasn't wholly convinced by but i grew to think were absolutely great, so i think that with that record more than others it maybe takes a bit of time. It's not an immediate record. Sometimes on songs you just have to go 'that's not good enough' and that has happened quite a lot writing. We do bin a lot of music. I don't think I've ever doubted what the band does though.” We don't either. The Glasgow guitar army's existence has graced us with some of the most visceral, emotive and compelling music ever written. As a live act, they're unmissable. Forget the ear plugs, bring the noise...

“I think Radiohead being one of the biggest bands in the world with a pretty weird record...that wouldn't have happened when we started our band”


No Man’s Land Jane Ward talks to RTE’s Israeli Correspondant Richard Crowley about life on the front line


onstant terrorist threats and the feeling of civil unease are a thing of the past in Ireland. Committed to the pages of our history books rather than our newspapers, there is a sense of relief that the situation has begun to find its resolve. Many journalists however, pursue a career based around conflict. While others try and avoid it wherever possible, for many news correspondents, their job leads them straight there.


he life of a war correspondent is far from ordinary, especially in Gaza, which has recently seen some of the nation's darkest days. Life there is difficult. There is limited access to many amenities and there is a constant underlying threat of an attack. While there is no doubt we are lucky to live in an age where we are privileged to receive as much information as we do, we must acknowledge the brave men and women who report from within warzones and their contribution

Richard Crowley, an Irish correspondent, spoke with Griff FM this year about some of his experiences living and working on the Gaza Strip and how he first made the leap from presenting radio show Morning Ireland to reporting from the streets of Israel. "I had gone over there in the 1980s to do a bit of work so that got me interested in the place" he said "I'd been in an out a few times briefly for 2 or 3 days, sometimes a week, and I realised I didn't have much of a grasp on it and I felt that the only way I'm going to have a grasp on it is to get out there and do it". Although Crowley's first love is radio presenting, he made the leap into television working for RTE as a correspondent "I was 6 years on Morning Ireland and I was stuck in a rut. I wanted to do something else, I felt I was sitting there in the studio asking other people what's going on in your part of the world but I wasn't actually dong any real reporting". Far away from the small team football matches and darts competitions he started out reporting on to make a name for himself, Crowley was present during some of the most turbulent times in Israel's recent history. As one of a small number of journalists allowed into Gaza after a Ceasefire was called he recounted images of "shellshocked" locals sifting through the dust and rubble that was once their homes, looking for bodies and hoping to salvage anything they could.


n his book No Man's Land, he has written about some of the more chilling stories of life in Jerusalem. This constant threat of violence is something that the people of Gaza face every day. Without the work of many news correspondents the reality of what is happening in Gaza may ever be realised by the world. "I remember going to restaurants" writes Crowley "you would go in and you would sit in the corner as far away from the door as you possibly could, and try to put a pillar between you and the door". "On one occasion coming in from the West Bank, we were walking because there was no road. You're filthy and immediately you're suspicious as somebody who has come from outside and there'd be bits of wired tape recorders and microphones hanging out and I gave people heart attacks on a few occasions". As difficult as it may be to imagine living in fear, it is something realized by the people of Gaza every day.


to the spreading of information. Joe Grimm, recruiting and development editor of the Detroit Free Press compiled a list of advice for budding correspondents, saying rather bleakly, that job opportunities for journalists wishing to work as correspondents are fairly thin on the ground. Grimm writes that there is no ideal stage in your career to become a correspondent. Each stage of your life will offer you something valuable to bring to the role be it youthful energy or experience in your older years. There is no correct time. At any age the key skills needed remain the same‌

The Man Who Would Be King Suzanne Fitzpatrick on the lost talent of Pete Doherty


t’s a cold February afternoon. At least 300 devoted fans form a thick, obscure line outside Trinity’s G.M.B. building in the main courtyard, the biggest queue the society has had since Al Pacino’s visit. Pete Doherty is due for a Questions & Answers session at 5pm with an audience of students. I can’t help but wonder everyone’s individual reason for being here. Inside, everyone’s in high spirits although Pete was meant to be here two hours ago. These are proper fans of a proper icon. Another hundred or so, including photographers, linger outside even when admittance has closed in hopes of catching a glimpse of his arrival. Pete is, as usual, ‘fashionably late’, only reaching his hotel, The Westbury, an hour after he was due start the interview. I’m amazed at the amount of people anticipating this ‘controversial’ figure; how is it that a ‘drug-taking eccentric’, as he is often labelled, has so many fans waiting? From over-hearing members of the crowd, most are here to see if he can simply verbally construct a sentence never mind a full interview. It seems only half the students present are in awe of his musical and lyrical ability. Doherty is an incredible musician blurred behind a highly publicised façade. The press solely focus on is his drug use. Are we more fascinated by tracking someone’s demise than praising their talents? After The Libertines, Pete quickly became an icon. He’s an incredibly intricate lyricist, writing haunting melodies which compliment his unique voice. He began making regular tabloid appearances during his tumultuous relationship with Kate Moss, but for all the wrong reasons. Many blamed Pete for Kate’s cocaine use that temporarily shattered her career in 2007. During the Q&A, Pete seems uncomfortable. He moves around on the chair constantly, seeming on-edge. He takes a moment to respond to questions; thinking about his answer. At each of these pauses, a gurgle of giggling flows through the crowd. Does he mind this? I’m not convinced. Yes, Doherty is often funny when you listen to his words but laughing at him stuttering is quite cruel. Maybe these are side effects of drugs; constant shifting, pausing like he’s not listening. The students seem more entertained by this than what he’s actually saying. Doherty lived in Lisburn for a short time as a child when the troubles up the north had peaked. "I wasn’t really involved at that age, just "got up, had Rice Krispies, checked for car bombs…" It’s not long into the interview before his Libertines band mate Carl Barat is brought into discussion. Pete compares their

relationship to that of Morecambe & Wise; "It was quite a dream growing up with his songs. To me, to you!" "Every time I tried to go and see Dirty Pretty Things I got knicked. I saw them in Paris and Carl turned up with Anthony [Rossomando, Drummer of DPT] at my door and says ‘What about a hug from your old buddy?’, then he’d gone." Discussing the break-up of DPT, he points out how they had "4 or 5 ‘last gigs’. I think it’s a publicity stunt".


t random points in the session, Pete plays 4 songs much to the delight of those present. He starts off with a segment of The Who’s ‘Substitute’ when he’s asked how he met Roger Daltrey. He goes on to play Libertines hit ‘Don’t Look Back Into The Sun’ and his new song ‘Last of the English Roses’, followed by another new track. This interview is unique. Pete hasn’t been asked about drugs once. He won’t say much about his son, 8- year-old Astile Louis Doherty. He says he didn’t see him until last year but got his name tattooed on his neck to show that he loves him. The interviewer tells Pete he seems open to the press but he objects saying that’s his alter-ego; "this evil twin. The press is always distorted". Pete talks about his new material and is asked why his music has returned to being quite mellow; "Slower music is where I came from. When bands like The Strokes came out, our manager said we had to speed up to get signed." Pete recruited former Blur guitarist, Graham Coxon, to work on his new album. How did this come about? " We have the same birthday. I wanted someone who was on the same level. He’s calm, professional, modest, shy and a demon on guitar." Doherty seems like quite a happy-go-lucky guy. When asked what one change he would make to his life, a subtle nudge to drugs, Pete simply replies "I’d start brushing my teeth." He currently resides in a Marlborough, Wiltshire where he claims to have 12 cats. "I actually don’t like cats anymore", he says, smelling his jumper, "I’m trying to get to grips with the philosophy, the psychology of cats." After a final tune, the interview ends with uproarious applause. On leaving, my opinion of Doherty has changed. I went in knowing he’s a great musician and an true icon. I’m now angered at what details about him are brought to the public eye by the press. He’s a drug-user but that’s not all there is to him, not even half, but that’s all that’s pointed out to us.. Listening to his witty answers and romanticised lyrics, one can witness his true form; a bright, talented musician.


Bell X1 Interview By

FiOna Donnellan


Hey guys, so the album "Blue Lights on the Runway" is out now. Can we expect anything new from this one?

Q Do you prefer playing the likes of Vicar Street or bigger venues like Malahide Park?

Paul: Yeah, I think its hard to objective about it because were so close to it but for us we wanted to use different instruments for these tracks we wanted to use more noises from boxes, beats and synths, a direction we've never taken before. The song writing, although they're all still traditionally written but we took some of them on tangents when we were recording them, moments we captured in the studio and that we left on as additions to the songs has given us a couple of six or seven minute songs, wed never really done that before either. But these were moments we can never recreate, spur of the moment not thinking, they're the differences really

Paul: I think we do, we did a string of small acoustic gigs in October and they were great, in a venue with a capacity for 68, in Ballymahon's Bog Lane theatre, like you get that or The Point, three years ago or Malahide, you can do a run of really big gigs and crave the small gigs or a run of small gigs...

Q You probably had more opportunity to play around with your


sound because of the success of the last three albums? Dave: For some songs we definitely said this is an album track, lets embrace the freedom that gave us. A Better Band (track 6) I really love that track, its a song of three sections, songs like on Beatles albums, like Abbey Road, have three sections, not that I'm drawing comparisons between us and The Beatles. But its the idea of completely different songs that link in with each other, it just works, songs like Amelia (track 5) morph. Its more mature because it's less thought about, more intuitive. Rather then this is the song structure. We played three gigs in Vicar Street in November and it was great for us cause it gave us a taster of what well be doing for the life of the album.


You guys are playing Vicar Street again in March?

Dave: Yeah two extra dates have been added for the 8th and 9th April, but we play the 30th and 31st of March as well.


Dave: I think its something well always do go back to the small gigs. Its more intimate, I mean were fans of music and bands like going to see Radiohead in The Olympia, its amazing. You played with the Dublin band Halves in November....Do you think bands like this have helped change the music scene in Dublin, compared to when you first started out? Paul: Music has broadened, there is nothing Irish about Halves or The Villagers. For a long time the Irish band was almost a derogatory term, it almost meant pub rock in its most extreme but the last few years there great music coming out of Ireland like electronic, hiphop, its really broadened, that stereotype has really been blown out of the water.


The first single off the new album, The Great Defector, is riding high in the charts but what was the inspiration behind the track? Paul: All kinds of depressing things, don't want to get into that and wreak your buzz. Ah no I suppose last year was the most intense year of touring. We were in America four times and in Europe a lot, I suppose it was an attempt to describe the madness of crazy living and no sleep for a while. It’s kind of a celebration of that.


Rocky Took a Lover, from your last album, rumour has it there is a sequel to that track on this latest album, any truth to that? Paul: Ha, Rock Took a Lover, part two! There is a song called Ribs of a Broken Umbrella (track 1) which is also about an old man. I suppose that's where the similarity ends, although there was tragedy in his story too, I met a guy in a bar in New York who had emigrated from Poland in the 50's, when he emigrated he was 17/18 and a girl from his home town was also 17/18 who was to emigrate to that states. They had planned to meet up in New York and start a life together but he never met her, they lost contact and never reestablished contact. He had this photograph in this wallet, a black and white photo of this beautiful young girl hat he still held a candle for. He never married or had a family and he was in his 70's at this stage and the song is about him and his story.

Dave: We were in New York for the inauguration day, we were doing a session and kind of stopped everything to watch the speech. People were just so happy about it. Bush had made such an international balls of it, the world was waiting with bated breath to see Bushes mistakes highlighted and the political situation in America brought to the world's attention. It was like a new hope, even Americans were like you guys are really interested in it, but it was such a historical time, so significant, a giant step forward voting in a black president.

Q So you will be spending Paddy's Day in the U.S, any plans on how you'll be spending it? Paul: Enjoying a nice cup of tea back in the hotel room! Nah were doing the David Letterman show in New York then flying to Boston, a feet of timing.


Q You’ve have been on David Letterman before, it must be pretty surreal, did you ever think you'd get to this point?

Paul: Were back there recording actually. Were back 12th of March in Washington, then Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Since we started making music we wanted to sell records there and tour there so it's finally happened. We got a record deal out there with our last album, Flock and wanted to embrace it, wanted to make it work. It's an expansive land but we've covered most of it in our four trips we made there. Its somewhere we enjoy traveling through especially last year, with election year. Very interesting, like down the south and outside cities, see what their vibe was.

Paul: Growing up, when we first got Sky, they showed Letterman every day and I remember watching. It's a lot smaller when you get there. The Ed Sullivan Theatre is tiny and he keeps it really cold, you can see your breath, to keep everyone on their toes. I swear he's got the suit on and like a thermal vest underneath. Once they start shooting, with the lights and all it gets warmer but during the day, it's freezing. A bit of media trivia there for you.....

You guys planning on heading back to the US to tour this album?


n February 1st, the DSPCA suffered a fire that destroyed a hay barn, a year’s supply of hay and animal feed along with the shelter’s tractor and all its maintenance equipment and tools. The damage is estimated to be over €500,000. Fortunately, none of the animals were harmed but the strain that the fire has put on the shelter’s resources means that it is now being pushed to the limit. The organisation runs mainly on donations and now a huge portion of the annual budget will have to be spent replacing the food and equipment lost. The especially harsh winter coupled with recent snow falls has made it difficult for many of the animals living in the shelter, and the loss in food stores has put many of them at risk.

The society needs donations now more than ever and is calling on the support of people who wish to become sponsors of the society or just make a once off donation. All of the money raised will go towards paying for animal feed, maintaining stables and kennels and the centre’s veterinary and ambulance service. DSPCA inspectors are constantly on the road responding to calls of cruelty and neglect and they are continuing to bring injured and neglected animals to the shelter for treatment. There are currently around 300 animals at the shelter in Rathfarnam including horses, dogs, pigs, cats, ducks, goats and injured wildlife. All donations, no matter how small, are much appreciated. For more information on the society or to make a donation go to


Griffiti on Graffiti By Oisin Collins As I walked down windmill lane last week I saw one of the most amazing art works I have ever seen. But to most people this street art is nothing more than vandalism. I wanted to get a view from the other side. Is it not fair to get an opinion from someone who sees graffiti as nothing more than purely art work?


fter a long list of calls and some heavy persuasion I got in contact with one of Dublin’s best known street artists who goes by the name of ‘Sqae’. I knew nothing about him. My first assumptions were that this Sqae character was nothing more than a young vandal who had no respect for anything; not public property, the Guards and especially not the government. I was wrong. Sqae was a slim man in his late teens/early twenties wearing a woolly hat with a few blonde strands protruding from both sides of his face. His jacket looked expensive as did his stone washed jeans and his up-market skate shoes. His voice sounded rather affluent with a hint of American. By no means was Sqae a poor thug who had nothing better to do with his time than vandalise the streets of Dublin. We decided to meet up in a skate park in Lucan, Co. Dublin so Sqae could show me some art work he admired. It was a snowy, frosty February day so no one was in the skate park. The regulars who would normally be skating here were more than likely out playing in the snow. We sat on the largest skate ramp with our legs dangling down. Sqae seemed comfortable here which suited me as I knew if he


didn’t I would not get the answers I was looking for. Before I could say anything Sqae turned around to me and said, "Look at that", pointing to some graffiti, "you might think its vandalism but to me that’s true art." Personally I could not tell what any of the graffiti said or meant but I still wanted to know more. I asked Sqae what type of graffiti he preferred, whether he enjoyed painting murals or simply spraying a tag. He told me, "Spraying murals or pieces as they are known gives you a sense of satisfaction. Tags help you get noticed in the graffiti community, but pieces are were the pride lies." I wondered if he ever got caught by the Guards or knew anyone that did and what consequences they had to face. "Spray painting is certainly sketchy and you have to have your wits about you. When you get caught the first time it’s generally a J.L.O. (if you are a junior) and from then on you would get fined up to €2,300, which could lead to a court order." Again, I wanted to know the maximum penalty that one could receive form spray painting and if he knew anyone who got a severe punishment. "Well I knew a lad who ended up getting a few weeks in jail for continually offending. You see the problem is you need to know what type of cars the Guards are driving. It’s all well-and-good seeing the squad cars because they have high visibility but it’s the undercover guards that catch you out. You need to be looking out for Fords."

Then Sqae told me something that I did not expect to hear; "but it’s not only Fords. You have to look out for taxis. They have radios that can directly call Garda cars in the immediate area. I’ve heard of a few people getting caught thanks to taxis ratting them out."


He replied "As long as there is paint there will be street art. You can take what you like off people but they will still do what they love."

“You have to look out for taxis. They have radios that can directly call Garda cars in the immediate area. I’ve heard of a few people getting caught thanks to taxis ratting them out.”

e stopped for a smoke while Sqae showed me the different pieces around the park. He stopped and pointed to a tag that was overlapping another tag. "Fuck sake" he said, "This really pisses me off. Kids take tagging out of hand. It’s disrespectful to tag over someone else’s tag. It’s not just vandalism. These people spend time spraying their tag only for it to be covered by some stupid kid. They wreck the place. The Graff community is full of dopes." I asked Sqae did he know that Green Party T.D John Gormley has in the past called for sweeping measures to stop the "serious problem" of graffiti. Namely: -The introduction of specific legislation to deal with the offence of graffiti/street art. -The establishment of a Special Garda Graffiti Unit to target artists. -Rewards to be offered for tip-offs on Taggers. -Community service orders. -A Graffiti Hotline. -Revoking the driving licences of graffiti artists. -Banning the sale of spray paint to minors as well as banning the possession of spray paint in public place.

While we wandered around the park, a Dublin bus passed by and I wondered if the graffiti we see on buses is a big thing in the graffiti community. "Yes its very big business. It’s so hard to get caught and your piece goes all around Dublin. You don’t have to travel to see a tag its just there with you."


s he was saying this, I thought to myself; does anyone know what he does? I don’t know his name, where he is from or anything about him for that matter. Sqae turned around; as if he was reading my mind, and told me it’s a very secretive community. Only those who are in it know who he is. With that he said he was getting on the next bus. I will probably never see him again but his insight into street art was amazing. He feared yet respected the Guards and also his peers. He did not spraypaint for the fun of it. Everything was planned. In his eyes, Graffiti was not vandalism. It was purely art work. And I never did find out his real name. Check out these sites for more images of street art: *Note Griffiti Magazine does not condone any acts of vandalism. All work and opinions in his feature are those of the writer. Vandalism is a crime. Don’t do it.


Girls on FILM

Skirt worn as dress Sabatage €72 Blazer A-wear €26 26

Dress A-wear €50, Broaches €12 each A-wear, Sunglasses €12 A-wear, Bracelet A-wear €12

12 -wear € A g in R , d €6 iverIslan R ie t k c , Ne ear €40 w a s s e Dr


Check Dress Sabatage €40 Corsage A-wear €5 Necklace A-wear €12 For more from this exclusive shoot go to:


Blue Skirt A-wear €39, Belt RiverIsland €6, Necklace A-wear €12, Necklace A-wear €3

Blue Dress Sabatage €50, Corsages A-wear €12 each White Dress Sabatage €79 Broaches on head band €12 each a-wear

Photography: Zoë McGovern Make-up: Claire Cara Cavanagh Assistant Photographer: Lydia O’ Connor Stylist: Julianne Lawlor Models: Jennifer & Claire Sabotage 14 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 15% Discount for Students


Put a Spring in your step with SS'09 Fashion he fashion industry has taken heed of the recession and the transition from Autumn Winter to Spring Summer is subtle and lucky for us not too costly. While the world around us emits an ambiance of gloom, the fashion for Spring Summer '09 will most definitely put a spring back in your step with the sorbet, candy colours and big, bright colours that are huge for this years Spring Summer collection and which are guaranteed to brighten up the gloomiest of days.


By Sandra Morris

Fashion Files

Typically our Spring has gotten off to a rather snowy start and until the sun comes out again, brightly coloured accessories, knitwear and make-up will update your wardrobe without compromising on the weather.


Autumn's key trend of Red has diluted down to orange, pink and yellow. Likewise, Purple has evolved into cobalt blue and shocking pink. Colour blocking clashing or complimentary colours is a trend in itself this SS'09, and it is an instant way to update your wardrobe. Metallics are softer for SS'09 than they were for AW'08 but they work with every trend this SS.

Trend Alert Spring Summer'09: Sheer, Transparent and Fringing

nd der a

l Shou One rend , c i r t T me ss Asym n Godde a i c e Gr

symmetric shoulder-lines have made a huge return for 2009. Showing off oneshoulder is subtly sexy and eyecatching in a demure way and the possibilities for how to wear it are numerous, with all the single-shouldered dresses, tops and bikinis that are en route, if not already in stores. This trend also indulges the AW'8 trend of low back and intricate back detailing.


The Grecian Goddess trend is both a logical flow from the one-shoulder trend, and a natural progression from the flapper trend. As maxi-dresses or as short little numbers, the Grecian dress is one of the key looks that any woman can indulge in and look great in, so what are you waiting for, find you inner goddess.

This summer is sure to be a hot one with the remaining sheer and transparent fabrics still as ever present in our lives, but for SS'09 they have a soft, subtle and feminine feel. Flapper style pieces from fall have flowed their way into Spring Summers Fringing trend which is sure to find its way into everyone's wardrobe through the different interpretations of modern and sleek to silky and feminine or to showgirl burlesque and Pocahontas inspired accessories.

Reviews Watchmen Director: Zak Snyder Starring: Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Release : March 6th


atchmen's tagline is 'Who watches the Watchmen'? A very modern question indeed, what with the failures of various regulators in this and other countries, this film is in many ways a film about regulators. In this case there seems to be a lack of a superhero regulator, which is a problem seemingly, but if they're asking who watches the Watchmen then they are also burdened with the question of who watches the guy who's watching the Watchmen? And who watches the film reviewers who are in the cinema for an exclusive press preview of Watchmen? Well security guards of course. I was told in advance not to bring my phone as it would have to be left with the security people. I figured this was bullshit. I was wrong. They took the phone. I said: "This phone cost €90…it came with €100 credit….the free shit that came with the phone is worth more than the phone". They didn't care. There could be no exceptions. They should apply for jobs with the financial regulator. Anyway the film. Watchmen is, apparently, the most anticipated comic book adaptation ever. It's based on Alan Moore's groundbreaking graphic novel that tore up the rule book for superheroes at that time; sex, violence, tons of plot, an ever-shifting timeline and superheroes who aren't actually superheroes. Indeed these superheroes have, you can safely say, issues. Set in an alternate 1985 where Nixon is still president and the U.S are on the brink of nuclear war with the Russians, the Watchmen are the resident group of crime fighters protecting the good people of America. They were also kind enough to help the U.S win the Vietnam War, although the only superhero with genuine superpowers is the blue and completely naked Dr. Manhattan, who after a nuclear related accident of one kind or another can vaporise people just by touching them, a skill he's not shy in using on the good old Vietcong. America though, is a grim crime-ridden, unhappy place (the first sticking point for me; everyone knows if America was still run by Nixon in 1985 it would be a wonderful place to live. You'd have to be a hard worker though). After this world is established, the plot is set in motion by the

murder of an ex-Watchman by the name of The Comedian, who is thrown through a window by an unknown assassin. Another Watchman, Rorschach, investigates his murder. The plot is too long and complicated to explain here, but suffice to say, adventures ensue. I went into this film knowing absolutely nothing whatsoever about the whole Watchmen story, having not read the graphic novels (from which the film deviates a little in the finale), and not expecting much in particular. It is a very long-winded affair, with a massively complicated plotline that barely squeezes into the running time. It is also, for an action movie, very dialogueheavy. It reminded me far more of The Matrix than any other film, although not as good.


hich isn't to say the film is not enjoyable. It looks fantastic, and the performances all-round are superb, particularly Jeffrey Dean Morgan's The Comedian, who lights his cigars with a blow-torch. The action sequences are superbly shot, paced and executed. As a cinematic experience, only Zak Snyder's previous film 300 comes close. I suspect though, that the film may have followed the graphic novel too closely. Individual scenes are long, too long in fact for a normal action movie. If you've read the novels, you'll probably love the literary devotion. If you haven't, you'll be convinced for the first part of the movie that Rorschach, the Watchmen investigating The Comedian's murder, is the lead character. He is not. Indeed there is way more to come, involving multiple characters and timelines, and the single weirdest sex-scene I have ever seen. Indeed those who are not slavish fans of the original graphic novel may be wondering what all the fuss is about. In many ways it’s a big-budget art film, with tender characterisation working alongside stylish action set-pieces. If you're willing to go along with it though, Watchmen is a truly impressive film; epic in scope and ambition, true to its source and brave in its willingness to be different. It's not as good as The Dark Knight though.

Noel Burke

4/5 31

Marley and Me Director: David Frankel Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Kathleen Turner Release : March 13th


arley and Me is a story focusing on the life of a family and their mischievous pet dog, Marley. Adapted from the autobiographical book of the same name, author John Grogan details the period of his life spent with his loveable Labrador, as he em‘bark’s (groan) on the new experiences of married life and starting a family. We first meet John (Wilson) and his wife Jenny (Aniston) when they are optimistic newlyweds, making a move to sunny Florida. John is a journalist attempting to settle into his new job at the South Florida Sun. In order to temporarily satisfy his wife’s longing to start a family, John decides to get a puppy. The first half of the movie lacks much substance, bar a lot of chasing after a dog to jolly background music. Marley just wrecks everything in his path, which becomes less endearing by the minute. One starts to ponder why the family would even put up with him in the first place. The childish gags, such as leg humping and knocking people over, are just stale and overdone. The humour is juvenile at best, so unless you’re into that sort of thing, don’t go expecting a lot of laughs. Take a toilet break during the couple’s (rather unnecessary) trip to Ireland. The nauseatingly cliché American perspective of our Emerald Isle is accompanied by background music that you would only expect to hear at a céile full of leprechauns. Think country roads literally blocked with stray goats, bad Irish accents, and a ramshackle B&B with a mantelpiece full of religious memorabilia. The whole thing is


Soulfly The Academy 4/2/09 32

out of place, and reeks of a shot at cheap laughs at our expense. Wilson and Aniston’s genuine chemistry bodes well for them playing the couple, as they outgrow their honeymoon period and face the sacrifices attached to married life. Wilson thrives in his poignant scenes- a far cry from the comedic nonsense roles he is know for, such as the largely unacclaimed Drillbit Taylor. I was impressed at his ability to capture the ‘best friend’ relationship of man and dog very well. However, Aniston, yet again, fails to shake her ‘Rachel-from-friends’ persona, proving herself to be a bit of a one trick pony in the roles she chooses. John’s friend, and successful colleague, Sebastian (Dane) is great as the token antithesis, serving as a constant reminder of the freedoms associated with the bachelorhood that John left behind. Husky voiced Kathleen Turner also makes an appearance as an obedience coach, and provides possibly the only genuinely funny moment in the script. Although I thought that the movie gives a somewhat realistic portrayal of just how much love and joy a pet can bring to your life, I’m still not fighting an urge to race to the nearest animal shelter to adopt a litter of puppies. This movie doesn’t really know what it is. A comedy or a drama? For kids or adults? The humour is childish, but with the constant marital squabbling and profound issues such as postpartum depression and dealing with loss- it isn’t mere wholesome fun. Things get a bit heavy, but it’s no homeward bound. One for the dog lovers out there.

Nicola Byrne

hanks to the adverse weather conditions and a cancelled ferry, Soulfly’s show is delayed by two and a half hours. The crowd are let into the bar but are still becoming restless. They want Soulfly. Now. After many, many pints the time finally comes and Max Cavalera and Co. take to the stage and are greeted with a rapturous response. Opener "Blood Fire War Hate" incites a riot in the crowd; insanity is the only apt word to describe their reaction. It immediately sets the tone for tonight’s show. One of brutality. Whether it’s earlier material like "Bleed" and "Tribe" or new tracks like "Unleash" from new album "Conquer", Soulfly are firing on all cylinders regardless. The show is top to bottom energy from band and crowd alike. The floor is a battlefield with circle pits and walls of deaths in abundance, no doubt people will leave with a few bruises. Max Cavalera’s stage presence remains unrivalled as always. He has the fans eating out of his hand. They obey his every command. By the time the pummelling


"Prophecy" hits bodies flail uncontrollably and Max’s unmistakeable roar nearly tears the Academy down. Special mention must be made to guitarist Marc Rizzo, his energy and riffing is remarkable and doesn’t miss a note despite one of his strings breaking. Regardless, Max still beats out a few Sepultura tunes; "Refuse/Resist" is both crushing and anthemic. One can argue that it’s not the same but forget that it’s not really Sepultura. "Roots Bloody Roots" is so powerful as it’s all about Max’s vocals. Hearing it live is indescribable. For the closing song "Eye for an Eye", Max relinquishes the vocal duties to the crowd, the thunderous chorus bellowed back at the stage from all present is ridiculously deafening. Then the band exit the stage to the same response as when they entered and the fans leave with soar necks after experiencing one hell of a show.

Jonathan Keane


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The Killers The O2 20/2/09


t was a lot to take in. My first time in The Point Depot since it transformed itself into the fabulous new 02 Arena and I loved every minute of it. Most of the sound gremlins that plagued the old Point seemed to have been washed away by the revamping process and what we are left with is a venue prime for musical magic. From stepping through the doors right throughout the set my jaw was never too far from the ground. Support came from Louis XIV whose performance failed to live up to the 02's concrete and plastic marvel leaving me with plenty of time to inspect the new facilities from my position, perched high with the Gods in the 02's stalls, a perfect view. Since The Killers released their third instalment, 'Day and Age' they have come under considerable criticism from music lovers regarding some suspect lyrics. Their first single 'Human' comes to mind. But from the minute they hit the stage and opened with current single 'Spaceman', and 'Day and Age' opener 'Losing Touch' the audience never stopped dancing. If lead singer Brandon Flowers was ever in doubt that it was Dublin he was playing, the constant stream of Irish flags that were tossed towards the stage would have put his mind to rest. "Its good to be home", he declared before springing old favourites 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Smile Like You Mean It' on an audience that were lapping it up. The Killers are glitz and glamour. Born and reared in Los Vegas, they take a little piece of Nevada wherever they go. The stage props included a giant K and palm trees which seemed to dance in the flashing stage lights. While YouTube will display a selection

of mobile phone recordings of the night only the people who were there will truly appreciate how high a point in the night 'For Reasons Unknown' really was. As this is the 'Day and Age' tour it was to be expected that its content would be well exercised. And this was the case; numbers like 'This Is Your Life', 'I Can't Stay', 'Joy Ride' and 'Neon Tiger' never failed to get the crowd moving. They also gave the audience a pleasant surprise by performing their version of Joy Division's 'Shadowplay'. While crowd favourites like 'Read My Mind' and 'Mr Brightside' were greeted with the expected enthusiasm and preformed to near perfection, the high point of the night was arguably 'Human'. It would have been difficult to find someone who wasn't singing, clapping and jumping along. Although only about 1 in 3 people were actually singing "Are we human, or are we dancer". However many variations of this line there were is irrelevant. Everyone was having a great time, the atmosphere was electric. After the none stop bopping to 'All These Things That I've Done', The Killers gave us a break before closing the set with crowd pleasers 'Bones', 'Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine' and floor stomper 'When You Were Young' and the evening was complete. The Killers will go on to continue there world tour, the audience left the 02 ecstatic victims of a magical evening dreaming of their return to Oxygen in July.

Mark Corcoran

4/5 33

Loss of Focus B

eing a massive football fan, my attention regularly drifts to the recently crowned ‘World’s Greatest Player’; Cristiano Ronaldo. As most sentences that contains his surname also contain numerous superlatives, worldwide attention can never be too far away. It has been easy to see Ronaldo slide from the form that earned him all of his personal accolades.

And what Ronaldo ends up with is nothing but frustration all around him, affecting himself, management and the supporters who only recently have begun to start singing his name again. Sure you could think that the whole thing is trivial, but it took a slightly more serious twist when he almost killed himself and team-mate Manucho in his Ferrari in a Manchester tunnel.

After deciding to write on this topic, I went on my usual Google ‘fact-and-stat’ finding mission. After a short stroll through cyberspace, I stumbled on a paragraph that made me think; a paragraph that really sums up the Manchester United winger’s life since the euphoria of Moscow in May. This passage can be found on a website that claims to be Ronaldo’s number one fan site ( in the brief history of United section.

In the summer, Ronaldo met with Ferguson at the former’s house. The media painted this as a last stitch attempt to keep Ronaldo at United. It was far from it. Ferguson held all the aces. All Ronaldo had was persuasion. United had his signature on a recently signed contract. The old master triumphed once again as it was virtually impossible for Ronaldo to kick up too much of a fuss as he would be risking the favour of his sponsors.

"With United listed on the stockexchange, anyone could buy a piece of them. First Magnier and McManus bought up a 30% share to spite Fergie, then they sold out to American Malcolm Glazer - a man only keen to make money out of the club", read the piece. While constructing the website, these particular Ronaldo fans obviously opted for a quick Wikipedia copy and paste job for their history section. They caught Wikipedia on a bad day. From the outside looking in, it seems another outrageous act of petulance of which we have seen from the Portuguese since the resumption of English football in August. Acts such as kicking out at opponents Michael Dawson (Tottenham) and Andy Wilkinson (Stoke City) after very little provocation were not something usually associated with the winger before the summer. Yes, he was always vulnerable to criticism for bad sportsmanship but the new season has seen Ronaldo take things a step further. The strong argument is that it’s all a result of a new found lack of focus. Alex Ferguson has always told the boy from Madera that he was the best and no one could touch him, sprinkling the media with complaints that his boy was not getting enough protection from referees (whatever that means) and it seems Ronaldo has bought into this theory a little too much. Sometimes, while watching one of his runs towards the goal that comes to a dramatic conclusion that only he can conjure, you get the impression he believes he should be the only one on the field. His head was turned by Real Madrid in the summer. It was a saga. Would he go? Yes. No. Maybe so. It did no good for Madrid, United or the player. His opportunities to stay seemed endless. Each passed him by and his focus was lost.


By Mark Corcoran


on’t down play the importance of this meeting. It was a chat, yes, but a crucial one. They agreed he would stay. But Ferguson, as always, peppered Ronaldo with talk of how he was the best in the world and that Manchester was where he achieved this title. Perhaps this is the root of the winger’s petulance. Perhaps he lashed out at Michael Dawson and Andy Wilkinson out of a belief that they were not worthy of the same field as he. Perhaps he lashed out thinking how dare they tackle him. These are just theories. Another is that Ronaldo agreed to stay because Ferguson said you can go when I do. Time will tell. What is sure is that had he left last summer, he would have left a villain. Ferguson wanted him to leave a hero. Perhaps I’m over playing it a bit. Yes, he has scored less goals then this time last season and he hasn’t looked himself but since Berbatov arrived he has stayed wide more often. We must also remember he missed the start of the season through injury and played for Portugal all summer. Perhaps it’s burnout. One thing is for certain; Ronaldo is a lucky man. Real Madrid have had a turbulent season. Their title challenge is all but gone thanks to off-the-field trouble and Barcelona’s brilliance. Their manager during the summer, Bernd Schuster, is their manager no more and there is also talk of a dressing room split. Ramón Calderón, who was the Madrid president during the summer; the main instigator in the transfer talk, has left his job due to allegations of vote rigging. Petulance and arrogance seem to follow Ronaldo around. So this fan site represents him well. They were so arrogant as to not even check if they were attacking the men who keep diamond studs in their ears. There are whispers of a new contract offer being readied and with my luck he will have signed it before this goes to press, rendering the Madrid talk trivial. Well, at least he’s not boring.

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