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Introducing our additional 19-Bed all private room Skilled Nursing Facility and State-of-the-art Birthing Center at

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168 South Howell Street •




Escape? looking for aN

Escape up to 33 mpg hwy Fusion up to 40 mpg hwy

Stillwell Everything we do is driven by you


2013 models are here!

all new - 2013 ford fusion See The Professionals Jeff Hess, Eric Hoffman, Terry Helmick, Roger Karr, Chad Gibler, Jim Cole, Rob Sayles, Katryna Jenkins, Scott Hofheinz Christopher Finch II, Marco Gabriele & Jeremy Taylor

(517) 849-2121 M-99 (Between Hillsdale & Jonesville)




The Only Candidate with actual experience in all Probate Court issues with 25 years of law experience! Michelle has personally handled:

3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Adoptions of all types (step parent, agency, direct placement) Guardianship for adults, conservatorships for adults, name changes Juvenile Court Mental health commitment hearings Family Treatment Court issues Divorce, custody and parenting time Wills and trusts

Supported by: Farm



Right to Life of Michigan The Honorable Albert J. Neukom Retired Probate Judge

The honorable Michael R. Smith Circuit Court Judge.

“Michelle Bianchi has the intelligence, the experience and the judgment to handle the diverse problems that come before Probate Court. Please join me in voting for Michelle Bianchi for the position of Hillsdale County Probate Court.� Albert J. Neukom. Retired Probate Judge

04 04

Bianchi for Probate Judge

Paid for by the committee to elect Michelle Bianchi

Gold Stackable Bands in precious or semi-precious stones, starting at

DOBBS boston


Sterling Silver Jewelry starting at


Floating Diamond Pendants starting at

Custom Design


Gift Certificates Jewelry Club Lay-a-way Free Gift Wrapping

Where Elegance, Value & Personal Service Meet.

517-439-0100 | w w w.hillsdalejewele rs.com | 77 N. Howell Street • “ The Wedge” • H illsdale, MI 49242 05


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Chance to win one of over 40 prizes Start at Event Headquarters Goldstar Taxes 12 N. Howell



517-437-4160 06

Layaway available now. Your full service local jeweler jewelrY repair done on premises

RogeR Losey JeweLeRs 36 n Howell St., Hillsdale Mi (517) 437-4381


Christmas has come to the

Country CottaGe

Primitive Furniture • Vintage Linens • Dishes • Glassware Crocks • Costume Jewelry • Candles • Christmas Items

12711 Hudson Rd | Hudson | (517) 448-8513 | open FRiday & satuRday • novembeR 2-decembeR 24 10-5 oR by appointment



Maribeth’s Home Decor & more


Holiday Open House

Friday Nov. 16th and Sat. Nov.17th, 10:00 am to 5:30 pm Sunday, Nov. 18th Noon-4:00 pm Enjoy the sights, sounds, scents and tastes of the holiday season.

In celebration of our many blessings we want to offer you

20% off the entIre store. 10 North Howell Street • Hillsdale 517-437-3113


10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving.

From the


By Rob Shewman 1. Know your route and keep abreast of weather conditions. The Web can be great source of current weather information. Make a list of Department of Transportation road-condition hotlines and consult them every few hours while you’re on the road. 2. Drink plenty of water. When the weather is chilly, dehydration might seem unlikely, but according to a study by the Mayo Clinic, as little as a 1-2 percent loss of body weight can lead to fatigue and reduced alertness — both of which can be deadly when you are driving in icy conditions. 3. Eat enough food. Your body needs more nourishment in cold weather than it does on a balmy summer day. 4. Pack a winter travel safety kit. Include a cell phone, an ice scraper and brush, a tow rope, cat litter (for use as a traction aid), blankets, a good flashlight, a candle, matches, a good book, a portable weather radio and a can of lock de-icer. 5. Slow down. A good rule of thumb is to reduce speed by 50 percent in snowy conditions. Equally important: Don’t go too slow. Your car needs momentum to keep moving through snow on grades.

Marlanea McGraw Owner/Publisher

Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone to join us for our first Women’s Expo. We have partnered with American One Federal Credit Union to bring an event that promises to entertain, educate and enlighten. The expo will be held at the Dow Center in Hillsdale on December 1st. Be sure to check out all of the details in the special pull-out section beginning on page 45. There you will also find some great savings with more than 20 advertisers offering exclusive deals to Simply Hers patrons. Please thank them as you are tucking all your extra cash back into your purse! With the hustle and bustle of the season please remember to spend some time with the elderly in your life. All too often they are forgotten as we hurry through the holidays. A shared cup of Joe can make a world of difference in the day of a lonely senior. In closing I leave you with my warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.


6. Keep a light touch on the controls. Smooth operation is the key to keeping control in slippery situations. 7. Know how to recover from skids. When braking on a slippery road, it’s all too easy to “lock up” your wheels by stepping on the brakes a little too hard. 8. Keep your tires in good condition and properly inflated. Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so check and adjust frequently. 9. Make frequent rest stops. Winter travel is much more fatiguing than summer cruising, so stop every hour or so. It takes only five minutes to significantly improve your level of alertness.

‘Tis the season! I absolutely love the holidays, the sights, the smells and of course spending time with friends and family. I especially want to acknowledge my “Simply Hers” family. Can you believe we are celebrating our second anniversary with this edition. I’m overwhelmed when I stop to think about the wonderful support we’ve received from the community. Our advertisers make it possible, our readers make it rewarding! I am looking forward to what the next year will bring as we strive to get better with each issue, and reach out to more readers in an expanded territory. So, once again I say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart.

Peggie Bildner ............................................... EDITOR I would also like to thank the writers who provide such timely and interesting articles


Julie birchfield ....................................................................... Sales ZONYA Foco.......................................................................Health Article Dr. jon herbener ............................................. Ask the Doctor ANGELA BLAKE ..........................................................Fashion & Beauty Laura Loveberry ...................................................Life is the Berries JIM PRUITT ............................................................ Business Spotlight Willie Smith ...................................................................Over the Edge Jake neukom .......................................................... Simple Living nancy hastings ....................................................... Local Spotlight NANCY RYAN .................................................................. Turn The Page Constance blank............................................................Photographer

10. If you get stuck, stay in your vehicle. Stay warm and wait for assistance. Make sure that your exhaust pipe is clear of any obstructions, including snow and ice; if you don’t, carbon monoxide gas can build up inside the vehicle.

517-439-1323 146 Lewis St Hillsdale 10


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Life Can Hurt... We Can HELP!

The holidays

can really hurT!

To most of us the holiday season is all about tradition, fun, and family, but if we’re not careful, the holidays can be a pain in the neck— Typical holiday activities, such as shopping “till you drop,” lifting heavy boxes and presents, and countless hours of cooking and baking, can cause muscles to work harder than usual, many times resulting in neck, shoulder, and back pain. The added demands of the holidays stresses the body, which may increase the risk of injuries related to the extra activities. Here are some things to keep in mind this season... Lifting • Test an object’s weight before attempting to lift heavy packages or luggage. • Keep the load close to your body when lifting. • Ask for help to lift heavy objects. • Seek help if your back pain lasts more than a few days or gets worse. Shopping Without Dropping • Distribute the weight of shopping bags equally on both sides of your body. • Consider carrying a small backpack rather than a heavy purse. • Wear comfortable shoes; carrying packages while wearing high heels on hard surfaces can contribute to foot and ankle injuries. • Avoid prime shopping times to decrease wait times that can increase or exceed standing. object close to your body. If the holidays bring pain and suffering instead of comfort and joy, we will only be a phone call away. happy hoLiDayS!

WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! • Enhanced Range of Motion • Painless & Extremely Effective

Offering bOth cOmputerized and manual adjusting

MillER ChiROpRACTiC MiChAEl MillER D.C. 325 Reading Ave | Jonesville, MI | (517) 849-7911


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By Peggie Bildner Editor In Chief As I write this, we are at the peak of a beautiful fall. The sunshine on the changing leaves and crispness in the air makes this a favorite time of year for many. But as you read this, you are no doubt starting to notice that things are gearing up for the holidays that will soon be upon us. In this issue it is my privilege once again, to introduce you to some amazing local families. Leon (Lonnie) Booher shares his remarkable artistry and the Hambleton family shares their incredible adoption journey- both are unique love stories that should inspire us all. Since November is National Hospice/Palliative Care Month, we are also highlighting our local Hospice and its dedicated Executive Director. We are so fortunate to have access to this organization. As you learn about them, please consider getting involved with a donation of time or money. I hope that you will enjoy our regular offerings as well as the holiday ideas and inspiration we’ve put together. I think you find our ads to be great resources for all your shopping needs too! It’s so easy to get swept up in the busyness of all there is to do; but sometimes memories come from the simplest things in the quietest of moments. My wish is that you will find some of those during this season. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Simply Wonderful New Year!


James Campbell p e r s o n a l

t r a I n e r

I am passionately committed to helping you achieve a healthier and fit lifestyle so you look good and feel great. I pride myself in attention to detail and customer service so that you not only get a great workout but have a great experience as well. 12

call for your

Free consultation ( 51 7 ) 8 1 7 - 6 47 5


Winter Wonderland Fall is giving way to winter and it is a great time to connect with our creative side. Projects do not need to be expensive or complicated to leave a lasting impression. Whether you want to spruce things up for the holidays or just give your home a new look, inspiration is all around. We have collected some of our favorite inspirational ideas that we wanted to share. Try them out and let us know how it goes. We will post your results on Facebook to keep the inspirations going!


Download cute gift tag designs free! Tie onto your loved ones’ gifts. www.Jonesdesigncompany.com

Bring some color inside with sprigs of Mistletoe and Winterberry Holly. www.meandalice.blogspot.com

Painted Wallpaper Winter is about to drive us back inside where we will spend many hours looking at the walls. Here is an inexpensive way to brigten your outlook for next to nothing. Painted wallpaper is not a new concept but we have found some motivating inspiration as well as a free template at www.jonesdesigncompany.com. If you have some leftover paint simply add some white and you can do this project for FREE! And, if you don’t have time to do this all at once it can be broken down into small “work shifts” without any problems. Just be sure to finish before Mom comes for the holidays.

Candy Cane Play Dough

Who knew a wire hanger and a 3” strip of burlap could be so cute. www.ittlenannygoat.blogspot.com

Here comes Santa What a fun Christmas decoration that would hold great memories! www.ucreatewithkids.com


Looking for an interactive gift idea? This one checks all the boxes. It’s easy and fun to make, inexpensive, and once given, encourages creative play. Step by step directions and an easy to follow recipe can be found at www.artfulparent.typepad.com

Here is a yummy project that will make you seem like Betty Crocker is in your family tree. Almost too cute to eat. Take some Nutterbutters and dip the top and bottom into white chocolate. Sprinkle red sugar on top before the chocolate dries to make the hat. Add a dot of white chocolate for the tassle and to adhere the mini chocolate chips for eyes and the red-hot for the nose and Santa has arrived! To give credit where due we found this idea at penguinstamper.blogspot.com

Simple yet elegant use for those pesky pinecones that are scattered in the yard. www.emmas.blogg.se

© 2012 Vera Bradley Designs, Inc

Be Yourself. .Everyone else is taken.

Oscar Wilde

Tote-ally happy holiday offer! On November 23 only, receive this limited Holiday Tote in new Dogwood with your Vera Bradley purchase of $100 or more. Shown: Holiday Tote in Dogwood

Special Holiday Hours: Friday, November 23rd & Saturday, November 24th 7:00am - 4:00pm

Maggie Anne’s

(517) 439-1334 | 50 North Howell • Hillsdale w w w. m a g g i e a n n e s h o p p e. c o m




Little Black Dress


Save at Local Businesses

BEAUTY 28 62 S.O.S.

Fixing the Damage

Hassle Free Holidays

FOLLOWING SARA 30 63 ZONYA Hello from Afghanistan

Kick off the Weight


Christmas Blessing


One Love Story at a Time

ASK THE DOCTOR 36 70 HOME Home From School

Fix up for the Holidays


Sharing Creative Ideas

WOMEN’S EXPO 45 80 HOSPICE OF HILLSDALE Special Pull-out Section



What’s with men and their toys?

52 LOCAL SPOTLIGHT Taste of Life


82 16

LB D little



There are myriad ways to do the classic LBD—from cocktail-ready sparklers to office-apropos sheaths. A little black dress is an evening or cocktail dress, cut simply and often quite short. Fashion historians ascribe the origins of the little black dress to the 1920s designs of Coco Chanel, intended to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable, accessible to the widest market possible and in a neutral color. Its ubiquity is such that it is often simply referred to as the “LBD.” The “little black dress” is considered essential to a complete wardrobe by many women and fashion observers, who believe it a “rule of fashion” that

every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: for example, worn with a jacket and pumps for daytime business wear or with more ornate jewelry and accessories for evening. Because it is meant to be a staple of the wardrobe for a number of years, the style of the little black dress ideally should be as simple as possible: a short black dress that is too clearly part of a trend would not qualify because it would soon appear dated.

Looking for a LBD? There are plenty of local options to choose from Maribeth’s 10 North Howell Street Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 437-3113

8 North 8 N Howell St, Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517)439-9888

Maggie Anne Shoppe 50 North Howell Street Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517) 439-1334

Boutique De Joie 120 N Main St, Adrian, MI (517)673-8307

Kelsey’s 122 North Main Street , Brooklyn, MI (517) 592-5032

For our readers looking for a great deal may we suggest some of the fine resale shops listed in the Resale Trail on page 59


Trim off the shoulder sheath Dress

One shoulder Matte Jersey Dress A single blouson sleeve leads into the asymmetrical bodice on a fitted, Empire-waisted dress, gently ruched for a more flattering fit.

Exquisitely beaded mesh trim accentuates the alluring off-the-shoulder neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves of a lithe, ponte-knit sheath.

• Side zip with hook-and-eye closure.

• Hidden side-zip closure. • Fully lined.

• Bodice and sleeve are lined, with rubber gripper top bodice.

• Rayon/nylon/spandex; spot clean.

• Polyester/spandex; dry clean. • By Maggy London; imported.

• By Alexia Admor; made in the USA of imported fabric.

Ruffle Sleeve Lace Dress Elbow-length bell sleeves, satin trim and sheer, floral lace lend quiet elegance to a cropped shift dress. • Exposed back zip with snap closure. • Silk lining. • Cotton/nylon/rayon; dry clean. • By Adrianna Papell; imported. • Dresses and Petite Focus.

Off the Shoulder Elegance

ruched Matte Jersey Dress Inset Empire waist heightens the figure-flattering silhouette of a fluid matte jersey dress with a ruched V-neck bodice and pleated skirt. • Back zip with hook-and-eye closure. • Ruched cap sleeves. • V-back. • Bodice is lined. • Polyester/spandex; dry clean. • By Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique; made in the USA or imported.

Perfect for the casual office party 18

Exude Confidence in this little Number

Full figure Women Rejoice!

Strapless Taffeta sheath Dress

one shoulder Jersey mini Dress

Gleaming taffeta shapes the strapless bodice and pencil skirt of a classic sheath with allover princess seams for a polished silhouette.

A single exaggerated sleeve falls from the bloused bodice of a dance-ready minidress cut from soft stretch jersey.

• Hidden side-zip closure. • Strapless straight neckline.

• Slips on over head.

• Optional, adjustable straps.

• Fully lined.

• Slim pencil skirt.

• Polyester/spandex; dry clean.

• Fully lined, with rubber gripper, boning and light padding in bodice.

• Jessica Simpson; imported.

Drape V-neck Jersey Dress Soft draping anchors the V-neckline of a stretch-jersey dress gently shaped with curved seaming and reverse pleats on the skirt. • Slips on over head. • Three-quarter-length sleeves. • Fully lined. • Polyester/spandex; hand wash. • By Donna Ricco; imported.

Graceful Subdued Elegance

• Polyester taffeta; dry clean.

Flirty Fun for Everyone

Sexy Little Number An illusion back and short sleeves lend allure to a square-neck sheath dress fashioned with horizontal pleats throughout the body for a modern tiered effect. Side zip closure. Approx. length from shoulder to hem: regular 38”; petite 36”. Lined. Polyester/spandex; dry clean. By Maggy London; imported. Dresses and Petite Focus.

Form Fitting and Fabulous


Picture Perfect

from Head to Toe.

Boutique de Joie, clothier of fine apparel, accessories, jewelry, and gifts offers a wonderful selection for the shopper who is looking for something special and unique. What you wear reflects the window to your spirit..... look beautiful, feel beautiful, be beautiful!

Clothier of Fine Apparel Accessories, Jewelry & Gifts Like us on facebook for special promotions 20

517-673-8307 120 N. Main • Adrian

Tu - Fr • 10 - 5:30 | Sat 10 - 3 or by Appt.


Perfect Fits.

Big or small, we love them all at Bras That Fit you’ll find beautiful bras for every size at gorgeous prices.

Bras ThaT FiT

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm • Sat 10am -3pm 4114 Page Ave • Michigan Center 800-796-0977 | www.brasthatfit.net



Step out in the season’s towering wedges, equestrian-inspired boots and fashion forward flats.

• • • 1



• • • • • 4



www.tiltonshoes.com | 517-423-2150 | 134 E. Chicago St., Tecumseh

1.Bussola Veracruz Boot, taupe- Classic Harness look with a belt buckle detail 6 2. eastland Butternut - Classic Buck Style in an Ankle Boot with Wool Detail. 3.eric Michael soho - Side-zip ankle boot cut from supple leather with lunar-shaped studs 7 4. trapani leather riding Boot- fashioned from soft burnished leather for a vintage look 5.eastland roll call - Women’s Casual Slipon with Dual Gore for Custom Fit.ssic Buck Style 8 6.naturalizer rusher - Leather upper in a casual slip-on style with a round, cap toe 7. ros hoMMerson doc - Elastic panel ensures all-day comfort, gathered upper adds chic appeal.

T i lT o n & S on S


Winter is Here

Fashionably Comfy

Winter Cure:

Boutique & Gifts 517-592-5032 |122 N. Main Street | Brooklyn

Large seLection of Men’s ,WoMan’s and chiLdrens carthartt

Burnips EquipmEnt

15838 Carleton Rd | Hudson | 517.448.2071 |www.burnips.com 23

When diet and exercise aren’t enough. Before


Laser-assisted lipolysis with ProLipo PLUS is a comfortable, minimally invasive, and controlled way to remove fat. • Energy from the laser melts the unwanted fat and tightens tissue resulting in a tighter, slimmer appearance. • Typically only one treatment is needed per body area • Ideal candidate is reasonably fit with localized pockets of fat that diet and exercise alone cannot fix • It can also be used in conjunction with traditional liposuction to diminish the loose skin associated with the procedure • Patients return home the same day • Can resume normal activities within a few days • Results are typically visible very soon after treatment • Results will continue to improve over several months Before

one week post surgery

g 24


Call us today for a FREE Consultation! www.drdesjarlais.com www.mdcosmeticdermatology.com

517.264.5603 • 2000 Curtis Road • Adrian

If you have an Injury or Illness that results In physIcal ImpaIrment or loss of functIon, a physIcal therapIst can help. Regardless of age, if you have impaired mobility, a physical therapy evaluation may be warranted to offer treatment and a strategy to improve function. Some common problems that physical therapists evaluate and treat include:

• Stroke • Fractures • Spinal cord injury • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Sports injuries • Amputations • Arthritis • Meniscal tear/ACL tear • Rotator Cuff Tear

Appointments available after work and after school Affiliated with Hillsdale College Athletic Training / Sports Medicine Speech Therapy Services Available

JAke NeukoM


38 E. CarlEton road, HillsdalE • 517 437-2222

or 517 437-7702



Annual Exams for Women menopause start by building a relationship with a doctor you can trust.

And Hormone Use Dr. Alfred Bediako


our ob-gyn will deal with some of the most important health issues in your life, including birth control, childbirth, and menopause. An ob-gyn can also screen for cancer, treat infections, and perform surgery for pelvic organ or urinary tract problems. Because ob-gyns deal with such personal and sensitive health issues, the thought of seeing one, especially for the first time, may be troubling to some women. You might be nervous or embarrassed at having a doctor see the most private parts of your body. Or you may be reluctant to discuss your most This is a very intimate issues with an ob-gyn. frequent Dr. Alfred Bediako To take the dread outpresentation of your annualin appointments, it is imperative that you find an every Gynecologist’s office. As women ob-gyn you feel comfortable with. You wouldn’t grow their menstrual cycles tosensitive want to trust just anyone with begin the most parts of your body. That’s why you need change. The menstruation, generally,to think carefully about your choice of an ob-gyn. Don’t become irregular with some women just randomly pull a doctor’s name off your health bleeding more frequently insurance list. Get a referraland fromothers a friend, family erratically. Their functions member, or your hormone primary care provider.

correspondingly decrease with many WhAT TO ExpEcT DurinG OB-GYn VisiTs symptom complex. This is the period technically described as perimenopause. When should you start seeing an ob-gyn? A The American congress Obstetricians if and Woman then enters intoofmenopause, for one year, she does Not see her menses. A large number of women attain menopause around age 51 years.

Gynecologists (AcOG) recommends that girls have their first ob-gyn visit when they’re 21 years old or they become sexually active, whichever comes first. The first visit for teens may just include a talk with the doctor and no exam. Your appointment will usually start with a general health check. The nurse will weigh you and take your blood pressure. You may have blood and urine tests done, too. Your ob-gyn will probably start by asking you some general questions about your personal and Some ofhealth the symptoms of menopause family history. A nurse or other health professional by might stay inare the very roomintense. with you and experienced women the ob-gyn for the pelvic exam.

Hot flushes; night sweats; poor sleep patterns; irritability; sexual of The doctor will firstdepression; examine the outside your vagina for abnormalities. The doctor will dysfunction Ect..

if you are sexually active, the doctor might also test you for sexually transmitted diseases (sTDs) like gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and hiV. To test for sTDs, the ob-gyn will take a swab of tissue during the pelvic exam and/or check blood tests. Your ob-gyn should also do a breast exam to check for any lumps or other abnormalities. TAlkinG TO YOur OB-GYn use your annual ob-gyn appointment as

When hormones used in various low an opportunity to are ask questions. Even if your questions seemthe intimate or embarrassing, you can dose amounts natural progress of some be sure that your doctor has heard them before. ofit’s these problems may be curtailed if not Ok to ask about your periods, sex, or whatever abolished. you want to know about your reproductive health.

ob-gynwoman should also you benefit a lot of It is Your not every whoaskmay questions. These questions might get very from the use a replacement personal, but of your doctor needs tohormone know the in changes in their bodies are those that menopause. In fact, some may remember even have answers to care for you properly. that your ob-gyn is your partnerthose in reproductive A pap is often to done duringwith the pelvic women aretest advised discuss theirexam. contraindications. Generally, who health. carry on that partnership by making and Your ob-gyn will remove a sample of cells from doctors for evaluation and management may benefit the most are those who start your cervix using a small brush. Those cells will be keeping your annual appointments. in between if possible. The in cervical hormones inand thevisits, hormone the age of 60 years. let yourbefore doctor know if you have any new sent to a lab anddecrease checked for cancer problems. other abnormalities. menopause affects many tissues In the body especially, the vagina, bladder, skin, You may see your doctor for further bones, blood vessels and even the central discussion. nervous system. then examine your reproductive organs from the inside. Your ob-gyn will also examine the walls of Medically, the vaginathe andunseen cervix. subtle physiologic

Obstectric Care You Can

st u r T

are your health center serving female health needs We We are your health center serving youryour female health needs pre-conception to birth beyond. mission fromfrom pre-conception to birth andand beyond. OurOur mission is tois to provide patients with a high level of obstetric and gynecologic provide patients with a high level of obstetric and gynecologic using proven, effective methods as well as innovative carecare using proven, effective methods as well as innovative advanced technologies in a skilled and caring manner. advanced technologies in a skilled and caring manner. 26 26

HILLSDALE hillsDAlE Dr. Alfred Bediako

Dr. AlfreD 517-437-5390• 1711 S Hillsdale Rd. • BeDiAko Hillsdale 517-437-5390• 1711 S Hillsdale Rd. • Hillsdale

Emmys Salon. Spa. Boutique

Merry Christmas Gift CardS available 17 beerS oN tap!

AndreA ThompSon Cosmetologist/owner 517-617-4455 285 division St., Coldwater www.facebook/emmysSalon


pub & grub

TAKEOUT AVAILABLE www.herestoyoupub.com www.facebook.com/pubandgrub

45 North St., Hillsdale

(517) 437-4002

Rehabilitative SeRviceS hillSdale’S only aquatic pool YouR local pRovideR woRking aRound YouR Schedule 451 Hidden Meadows, Suite 100 • Hillsdale • 517-437-5190

Hol i d ay

Op e n H o u s e November 16 9AM - 5PM November 17 9AM - 3PM

Pre-Christmas Sales Pam’s Pantry Dips Samples Bean Pod Soy Candles

43rd Annual

holiday bazaar Saturday, November 24th 9 AM to 3 PM admission $3 (12 and under free) Featuring: • Handcrafted Items · cookie walk · candy cane hunt · Visit with santa

at h i l l s da l e high school

Presented by the hillsdale county chamber oF commerce and sPonsored by rick roth century 21 action associates

Door Prizes Refreshments

411 Evans St. | Jonesville | 849-9262




Holiday Beauty Survival Tips Holidays can take their toll on skin and hair, but you can lift your looks in minutes with these strategies and techniques.

Puffy Face

Stained Lips

Flushed Face

Cause: Drinking and eating too much. Too many cocktails or salty hors d’oeuvres and you could wake up looking like a blowfish (and not in a good way).

Cause: Drinking red wine or wearing dark lipstick. Last night’s Cabernet was delicious, but you don’t want to carry its memory on your lips, which may already be dry and flaky from cold winter winds.

CAUSE: Standing too long over a hot stove. When we are confronted with too much heat blood rushes to the surface of the skin to cool you off.

Often holiday foods are salty, and salt acts like a magnet causing your body to retain water and making you feel “puffy”. Dilute the salt by drinking lots of water or other caffeine-free fluids like peppermint tea, which can also ease any digestion issues you may have after overdoing it. Hint: To help keep fluids from pooling in your face overnight, sleep propped up on two or three pillows.

The red color will cling to the dry pieces of skin on lips, but you can remove it by exfoliating the outer layer of skin. Wet an extra-soft toothbrush with warm water, then gently rub the lips with a circular motion. Next, rinse your lips, pat dry, and apply a moisturizing lip balm with petroleum. Another way to remove color from lips is by gently rubbing them with lemon juice. Afterward, rinse, dry, and apply lip balm.

Sore Hands

Acne Breakouts

Cause: Carrying shopping bags and writing cards. Your hands are one of your hardest-working body parts at any time of the year. During the run-up to the holidays, they’re pulling a double shift.

Cause: Stress. The too-much-to-do-in-toolittle-time holiday syndrome can leave your nerves frayed and your skin blemished.

To soothe hand muscles, try the following techniques. Stand over a table and place your palms flat on it; spread your fingers, then press against the table for 15 seconds. Turn your palms around so your fingertips are facing your legs and press again. Next, hold your right hand in front of you, palm down, and spread your fingers. Use your left thumb to firmly press each of the webs between the fingers, one by one, toward the wrist. Repeat with the opposite hand and thumb. This compressing and letting go increases circulation to the hands and relaxes them.

If you’re prone to breakouts and don’t have overly sensitive or dry skin, try preventing them with regular use of a face soap that contains benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If an important event is coming up and you tend to break out when you’re run-down, starting a week before, use a 5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream every night on the area where blemishes usually occur. When a pimple does appear, place an ice pack on it for 5 to 10 minutes to reduce swelling, then pat the area dry and apply benzoyl peroxide cream or gel with a clean cotton swab. You can top it with concealer that also contains benzoyl peroxide.

To keep your face from heating up like a skillet while you’re cooking or madly cleaning up, lower your internal thermostat by chewing on ice chips or draping a slightly damp, cold towel around your neck. Another way to cool down: Fill a bowl with whole milk and ice cubes, dip a cloth in the solution, and pat your face with it. The lactic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect. Too late to prevent redness? Brush on a yellow-based loose or pressed powder to neutralize and hide the red.

Red, Swollen, Tired Eyes

Cause: Staying up late. Celebrating into the wee hours, overindulging in food and drink, then haphazardly removing makeup (getting bits of it in your eyes), can leave your eyes with a hangover. Lie down and place cold cotton balls or a chilled gel eye mask over closed eyes for 10 minutes. This will drain accumulated fluids and reduce swelling. (To get ready for the morning after a big night, soak cotton balls in water, flatten them with your fingers, and keep them in the freezer on wax paper until needed.) Avoid drops that claim to take the red out because they work in the short term by contracting blood vessels but can backfire later on, making eyes redder than ever.


Submitted by Sara So Edited by Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

following sara Hello from Afghanistan Simply Hers has been following a local young woman, Sara (Amstrong) So, a Captain in the United States Army. She is currently deployed in Afghanistan and has agreed to share her experiences with our readers through email updates. In this email, Sara is thinking about the family time she’ll be missing over the holidays and shares some thoughts about a future career path that would keep them apart. October 15, 2012 Friends and family, I write to you once again from the universe that is Afghanistan. As I write to you the weather is cooling rapidly. In the mornings it can be quite chilly, although it still climbs into the upper 80’s during the day. The famous winds have begun to calm down, and in their absence ominous clouds have begun to form and move in the east. As ecstatic as we all would be to see the rain (it hasn’t rained a single time here since we arrived in early May), it casts a light over the landscape that is eerie. This place certainly makes the perfect Halloween wasteland. I think this year I’ll dress up as a Soldier for Halloween. I have the perfect props in mind and everything. As you read this I’m sure the holiday season will be forefront in your mind. I think the holidays will be a very different experience for us here. Of my small team most of my Soldiers are young and single, but that doesn’t make it any easier. I can say that this deployment has shown me how truly blessed I am in the family and friends department. One of my biggest fears before coming here was that my family and friends would forget about me. Not that I would blame them, it’s difficult to maintain a relationship when the person isn’t there with you to share in your life. Boy have they proven me wrong! If anything this deployment has shown me that there may be a point in my future, closer than I’d like to think about, where I may have to choose which path to invest in- my family and friends, or my Army career. Luckily it’s still a few years away before I even have the luxury of such a decision. So back to the holidays.... This will be the first ever holiday season I will have spent away from my family. I don’t think it’s really even hit us yet, too many things to focus on here. By the time you read this article it will be best to stop sending packages. The mail system becomes severely overloaded here during the holiday season, and the hope is that shortly after the new year we’ll be getting ready to leave, so any packages sent after the first couple weeks of November stand a very good chance of never making it to me. I will most likely be writing at least one or two more articles for Simply Hers, hopefully chronicling our travels home and our readjustment. For now the most prevalent feeling within myself and amongst my team is that of numbness. While thinking about missing home the other day I equated it to breaking a bone. When it first happens the pain is sharp and intense, something you know that you’ll never forget. As the wound begins to heal it may stop hurting but it begins to itch. No matter how long you have it, as long as it is still an injury it finds some way to remind you that it is there. Sometimes the itching is worse than the initial pain. That is how things have become here. Obviously


we’ve been here long enough that the terrible pain of saying goodbye has faded somewhat. But no matter how long you’re here you never forget that it isn’t where you belong. No matter how long I am in this place, without my friends and family, and especially without my husband, Jae, I know that I will never feel like a complete person. I can’t speak for everybody in this experience, I have come to realize over the past couple of years of my life that I conceptualize myself in terms of my relationships with my friends and especially with my family much more than many other people do. My family has always been my greatest blessing. It has certainly helped me come to terms with my future, as I have come to realize that I can never truly be happy away from them. I have nothing really new that I can tell you about our mission here. I know the drawdown in troops is making things difficult for those of us who remain. I continue to grow more and more jealous of those lucky enough to be stationed on bases during their deployment. Our small Combat Outpost has grown very crowded lately, it makes things difficult. Often there is no running water and you have to be careful as it becomes very easy to start picking up and passing disease. During August and September I contracted what appeared to be a staph infection on my face, recently another Soldier has begun to show the same symptoms even as mine clears up. It’s the dangers of having too many people in such a tiny space. The European forces stationed with us have begun to talk of pulling out completely. So we currently have to perform part of their mission on top of our own. I’m proud of what I’m doing and I know someday I’ll look back and think that all of this wasn’t that bad, but it’s tough not to get frustrated. To go 4 months without a single day off and not lose your temper with people back home and their (at least perceived) petty gripes. We even had a large portion of our unit sent back home last month. It can be tough to see them online excited to be home, having fun, or the worst part talking about missing Afghanistan! I’ve had words with a couple of Soldiers, only to be told back that it’s not that bad. Truthfully it isn’t that bad, we’re very lucky. But like anybody going through any tough experience, that’s the last thing you want to hear out of anybody’s mouth, especially if they’ve never walked a mile in your boots. So finally friends, from Afghanistan, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. If you know my family please give them a hug when you see them, I know they’ll be needing it. This month my challenge to you is when you raise your glasses for a toast this holiday season, remember those who have given so much. Toast to those who left their hearts at home but their bodies here, those who will be missing this Christmas, and all those after. The true heroes never have their voices heard, so we must speak for them. And have a drink on me! CPT Sara Elizabeth So Frontier SFAAT Executive Officer 210 Military Police Battalion In Loving Memory of 1LT Ryan Rawl, 1982-2012


210 MP BN CPT Sara So Executive Officer Camp Stone APO AE 09382

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business spotlight

Loveberry Tree Farm gets into spirit of season by Nancy Hastings Simply Hers Magazine

Nothing inspires the Christmas spirit like a beautiful fragrant, fir tree trimmed with colorful decorations and sparkling lights. And a traditional fun way to start off the season is to take a magical trip to a Christmas tree farm where the whole family can choose the perfect tree, fresh from the field. “It’s sure to lift you right into the spirit of the holidays,” says Jon Loveberry, owner of Loveberry’s Tree Farm near Quincy. A trip to the farm at 165 S. Ray Quincy Road conjures up an old-fashioned Christmas, complete with a sleigh or wagon ride drawn by Percheron horses. Chestnuts roasting over the open fire and creamy cups of hot chocolate or spicy mulled cider bring memories of Christmases long ago. “It takes people back to a time when they had more time to enjoy simple pleasures,” Loveberry said. “These are things people don’t get to do an awful lot, so we want our guests to enjoy everything.” Visitors can stroll the grounds, sit by the fire or look inside the log cabin general store where Christmas decorations from wreaths to unique items can be discovered for making homes festive for the holidays. Artificial and live arrangements are among the offerings, while homemade Amish candies, popcorn balls and chocolate turtles are among the treats to be tasted. Loveberry’s Tree farm is in its seventh year of selling homegrown trees on 27 of their 114 acres. It started after Loveberry retired from Warner Oil in Coldwater in 2001. “I planted my first trees that spring,” Loveberry said. His wife, Virginia, a homemaker raising five children, said Christmas has always been special for the family. Three of their children make it a point to help out during the farm’s seasonal opening from the day after Thanksgiving to Dec. 23. The business is closed on Mondays to recharge after the busy weekends. With 12 varieties of trees to choose from, the Loveberrys concentrate on firs “because they hold their needles better and the needles are soft for decorating.” They offer six varieties of fir trees, two pines and four spruces standing by their pledge that nothing beats a real tree.


“The Concolor is a favorite because of the fruit fragrance it gives,” Loveberry said. “Apart from the nice fragrance, real

trees provide oxygen and they are good for the environment.” For every Christmas tree that is cut down on the Loveberry farm, two to three trees are planted in its place. Customers have the option of choosing and cutting their own tree, or they can buy a pre-cut tree. “If people pick what tree they want, we also have the option where they can tag it and we’ll go back into the field and cut it for them,” Jon Loveberry said. “After it’s cut, we’ll shake the tree to get rid of any loose needles or twigs and bale it for them to take home.” Along with choosing a tree, families can visit with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus during the first two weekends in December, making the trip a memorable experience and a tradition they can build on. The experience includes Quincy resident Regina Holroyd, who dresses in festive attire to sing Christmas carols and a local author, who reads from and signs her books. Wool blankets and scarves keep sleigh riders warm as driver Eric Langley takes families on the free rides through the fields, making the outing a family-affordable event. “We have people who come from as far as Detroit, Grand Rapids and Fort Wayne,” Virginia Loveberry said. Another tradition many look forward to is the annual drawing on the last day (Dec. 23) for an American Doll and a boy’s electric train for those 12 and under. The spirit of the season doesn’t stop there. Perched among the many ornaments and unique Christmas décor in the log cabin store are some special patriotic bears that show how the Loveberry’s share a love of their country. “A $5 donation is made to Trees for Troops with each purchase,” Virginia Loveberry said. “We donate trees to veterans and we’ll keep decorating our patriotic tree till the war is over.”

165 S. Ray Road • Quincy, MI 49082 517-639-8360 www.loveberrystreefarm.com

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e n O

y r o t S e m e i v T


by Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

a t A

Photo by Constance Blank Photography

NOVEMBER IS NATIONAL ADOPTION AWARENESS MONTH. IT IS ESTIMATED THAT THERE ARE 100,000 CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES FOSTER CARE SYSTEM, LEGALLY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. THE FOLLOWING IS A STORY ABOUT ONE AREA FAMILY THAT HAS BUILT THEIR FAMILY BY ADOPTION, ONE LOVE STORY AT A TIME ~ The Hambleton Family David and Cassie Hambleton married in October of 1992; he was an Electronics Technician in the Navy and she was a day-camp counselor at the YMCA. Like most newly married couples they had talked about their hopes and dreams for a family. David thought two children would be nice; Cassie was a little more ambitious with her desire to have twelve! But a few years later, they were trying to accept that infertility was going to change that plan. Stationed overseas in Italy at the time, they decided adoption was probably their only option and originally thought they would adopt from China. Discouraged by the high cost that didn’t align with their newlywed/Navy income and the strict requirements of the Chinese government at the time; they did a lot of praying for guidance and intervention. Their prayers were answered one day when David met a young female sailor on the ship, who was unexpectedly pregnant and very unhappy. She wanted to make an adoption plan for her child but didn’t know what to do being so far away from stateside resources. Together, they decided they would find a way to make the adoption work! The problem was, they were still in Italy and the Navy was sending her stateside to have the baby. So Cassie followed, without David, connecting with an adoption agency in Virginia to take care of the paperwork and legalities. It was a busy and wonderful time of shopping for baby necessities and then being able to be in the delivery room to see their beautiful daughter come into the world and take her first breath. But it would take almost a year


before everything was final. The adoption is “open” and they are still in contact with the birth mom and family. They never expected that she would be their only child. When their daughter was two and they were back living overseas again, they took a proactive approach to finding another adoption opportunity and had little cards made with their contact information and pictures on them. David and Cassie gave them to all of their friends, thinking it was a good way to make it known that they were wanting to adopt, should anybody happen to meet a young woman who might be thinking of making an adoption plan. Miraculously, some friends of theirs met another female sailor who was pregnant and didn’t feel ready to parent. Their friends gave her one of the Hambleton’s cards and talked to her about them. David and Cassie were even more convinced of Divine intervention, when they realized that David was already working with the birth father! As they got together, they were all comfortable with an open adoption and once again, Cassie was able to coach the birth mother through the delivery and be there when their second daughter was born. Feeling blessed with two infants but still wanting to add to their family, David and Cassie talked about considering an older child. They felt there were so many children “in the system” that needed homes so Cassie started the process by making phone calls to almost every state’s foster care office. She finally got connected to a social worker in the East who was also a military wife. She agreed to help and things were quickly fast-tracked to get them qualified for another adoption. They were soon matched to a beautiful baby boy. Cassie and her two daughters traveled back to the States, ahead of David, to finish up the paperwork. About a year later, the Hambletons took classes and became licensed to do foster care. While doing respite care for another family, they met a little girl with

whom their son became quite attached. Even though they only had her one weekend a month, he became very distraught when she would have to leave. During that time, she became legally free for adoption and her foster mom recommended that David and Cassie be allowed to adopt her. While contemplating this decision, they asked their son (who had been asking for a brother) what he thought about the adoption. He stated very matter-offactly that she was already his sister and they needed to go get her! A couple of years later, now living in Michigan, their son was still asking for a brother. The Hambletons felt ready to adopt again, thinking two more would be their limit. They got their home study and approval for the foster/adopt program and were matched with three brothers, ages 4, 6 and 9. During the adoption process, Cassie got in contact with some of their birth family. She learned that the birth mom had a fourth son who had just been taken into foster care. By this time they had moved back out east. They didn’t know if the baby would be available for adoption, but felt very strongly that the boys needed to stay together if at all possible. So, once again, Cassie and the children moved back to Michigan with the hope that they could get to know this baby. After a long year of visitations, falling in love and wondering about the fate of this little boy, he became legally free for adoption and the Hambletons welcomed him into their family. If you’ve lost count, that little boy was number eight! The children now range in age from three to fifteen. As the children were being adopted, David and Cassie received minimal background and medical information on most of them. As time went on, it became clear that six of the eight children have special needs; having had prenatal drug and alcohol exposure. The alcohol causes permanent brain damage. Some are more affected than others, but all will struggle with the effects of FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) their entire life. Daughter number four has an assistance dog, 85 pound “Bear.” He helps her to regulate her emotions and to stay safe. He tethers with her in stores so she doesn’t run away or wander off. Cassie home schools all eight children. Because of some of the children’s challenges, they have found that structure and routine work best. They try to keep the same order every day with minimal running around to different activities. They do enjoy an AWANA program and are just starting to get involved in Special Olympics. Even though they didn’t set out to adopt children with special challenges, Cassie says she has more than enough love for them, as it has seemed to grow as needed with each child. When asked what she would like the general public to understand about their family, she explains that people sometimes say insensitive things to her children. Knowing that all adopted children go through stages of loss and even grief, she is aware of the hurt when others point out that they are a different color, or ask about their biological parents. They actually forget their differences, because in their hearts they truly are a connected, committed family. At this time of year, the children are looking forward to celebrating Hanukkah. With eight children and eight nights of celebrations, each child is in charge of one night. They have a theme for each night like special dessert night with driedel playing, board game night, movie night, do a good deed night, craft night, adventure night, backwards dinner night and the last night is present night! Each child gets the opportunity to say the special prayer and light the candle for that night. As the family files out of their large home on the day we meet, the first thing you notice is what a wonderful assortment of sizes, coloring, hairstyles, and good-looking smiles make up this GROUP of ten. But within a few minutes, those things start to blur as you immediately pick up on the respect and love that makes up this FAMILY of ten. When asked if their family is complete, Cassie puts it this way, “At this time we are content with our family. We try not to say we are done out loud, because God has a sense of humor and if He blesses us with more…. of course we would accept them with arms and hearts open!” For more information on adoption, Cassie suggests these websites: Michigan-www.mare.org/ (click on photo listing in the upper left hand corner) Nationwide- www.adoptuskids.org *Editor’s Note: For reason of safety and privacy, the names of the children have purposely been omitted and the photo altered in this article.

35 35

ask the doctor

Long time pediatrician Dr. Jon Herbener gives advice.


by Dr. Jon Herbener Simply Hers Magazine

We frequently discuss with parents the reasons children should stay home from school when ill. We have developed the following set of guidelines to help make that decision. Nine ways to know if your child should stay home because of a medical problem: 1. An infection such as strep throat that requires treatment with an antibiotic. Children should stay home until they have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours.

Dr. Jon Herbener Board Certified Pediatrician Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrician Practicing in Hillsdale for 37 years Chief of Pediatricians at Hillsdale Community Health Center

If you have any topic ideas that you would like Dr. Herbener to discuss please email them to us at marlanea@simplyhers.net


2. Extremely contagious illness such as pink eye. Pink eye is usually caused by bacteria but is occasionally caused by a virus. It is very contagious to other children until the eyes appear normal during treatment. 3. If your child is unable to eat or drink anything due to an upset stomach. Children should stay home from school until 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea due to the “stomach flu” (gastroenteritis). 4. Poor rest the night before school because of illness. If illness kept your child up during the night so that they do not sleep well, they need to stay home and rest. If he or she cannot stay awake because of being up at night vomiting or coughing - stay home. 5. Body secretion problems. If your child has diarrhea or is vomiting, he or she should not be in school. For a kindergartener who has a runny nose, that may be enough of a reason to keep your child home to avoid spreading germs in the classroom. A middle school or high school student responsible enough to use a tissue may attend school.

6. A disruptive cough. An occasional cough in an otherwise healthy child is not necessarily a reason to stay home, but a barky, very loud or frequent cough that could be annoying or troublesome to a room full of children trying to learn is a good reason to stay home. 7. A fever. We recommend waiting 24 hours after a fever has resolved before you send a child back to school/ Usually a child runs a fever when a virus or bacteria is multiplying rapidly and thus they are extremely contagious to others during this time. Keep them at home. Remember, a fever is defined as a temperature greater than 100 degrees on a thermometer. It doesn’t matter how the temperature is taken - oral, rectal, armpit or ear. 8. The day after a child has had a significant head injury. If a child has had a head injury that is severe enough to be seen by a physician you should be provided adequate information regarding returning to school or sports. In any event, that youngster should stay home the following day so that he can be monitored by an adult. 9. Anyone old enough to legally hunt in the state of Michigan should not attend school on the opening day of deer season because of a common illness called “WHITE TAIL FEVER.” These are general guidelines and there are certainly other reasons for the children to remain at home if they seem to be ill or are being treated for a specific condition. I hope these are helpful and as always, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently when in contact with others.

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Holiday Stress is on the way. by Jake Newkom Simply Hers Magazine

As the holiday season is rapidly approaching, many Americans experience greater than normal levels of stress. Stress manifests itself in each person differently. Many people find themselves with increased neck and back pain due to a combination of stress and outside factors. Holiday stress can never be eliminated but the good news is that neck and back pain can be. Many people first notice the physical signs of stress in their neck. Neck pain is sometimes attributed to a forward head posture. An example of this is to try and hold your arm extended in front of your body for 30 minutes. After a while, the muscles in your back and shoulder become sore and fatigued. This also occurs when you lose the natural curve in your low back and neck after leaning forward. The muscles in your hips, back, shoulders and neck start to tighten up and become sore. During the holidays we spend a lot of time in these positions wrapping presents, cooking, cleaning, running errands and driving. In order to assist with reducing this forward head posture we can to do several things: 1. Strengthen our postural muscles. 2. Get out of forward positions with frequent rest periods 3. Stretch muscles that are sore. Exercises that we can do to help ourselves are quite simple and take very little time: 1. Posture- lift your chest and pull your shoulder blades backward. Do not extend your neck back, your body will naturally lift your head and neck into the right position. Try to work on this each day. 2. Slow sitting- pick a solid chair with armrests and slowly lower yourself into a seated position. We, as adults, tend to plop into chairs and loose strength


in our bottom muscles. Watch your children or grandchildren play, they can easily sit on their heels because of well-trained muscles. 3. Move out of forward or working positions every 15 min for at least a minute, extend and stretch. When we are in a stressful situation we tend to slump and round our shoulders and neck forward while excessively extending our neck to look upward. This increases tension on our back and neck muscles and produce stress or tension headaches. Improving your posture as mentioned earlier can reduce tension or stress headaches. This helps us to reduce the tension in the muscles in the back of the neck and head, thus, decreasing headache and neck pain. There are several things that we can do at the end of the day to reduce postural pain and improve postural awareness. Lie down on the floor with your legs elevated on a chair or couch and knees bent to 90 degrees, this can also be done lying on a bed with several pillow under the knees. This exercise will simulate traction on the low back and will reduce swelling in the legs. Lying on the bed or floor with a small towel roll across your shoulder blades can counteract a day of bending over cooking, cleaning and wrapping. Sleeping on your side in a fetal position with a pillow between your knees and your arm wrapped around another pillow help to support your body and provide a much needed good night of sleep. As your holiday stress increases, we encourage you to try a few of these techniques so that you may have a more enjoyable holiday season.

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Hidden Talent Meet Leon Booher ~

Leon (Lonnie) Booher does not seem very comfortable when talking about his wood carvings and bronze sculptures. In fact, most questions are answered with a wave of his hand towards his wife, Jan and “it’s all her!” Spanning three decades of personal works, his house is a virtual museum of detailed artistry that would rival some of the best galleries. To make this even more remarkable, Lonnie has completed many of his pieces while in an all-out fight with cancer! Lonnie Booher was born 72 years ago and grew up in the Osseo, Michigan area. He served in the military from 1959 until 1965. In 1962, he married his wife Jan. They have two sons and five grandchildren. Lonnie made his living as a diesel mechanic, working for Watkins Oil for 50 years. In 1982 Jan mentioned to him that she had never had many toys as a child and had always wanted a doll house. That was enough to start the creative process flowing; the result being a huge, very detailed, multi-level dollhouse, to eventually become one of three. With no previous training or instruction, Lonnie was accepted into an advanced wood carving class conducted by a German instructor in Frankenmuth, where he learned to make miniature furniture to fill them. His wood carvings are too numerous to count, each one obviously done with precise detail and taking approximately 300 hours to complete. Where most people would lose patience with this kind of finite work, Lonnie finds it relaxing.

“Jesus and his children”

by Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

Realizing Lonnie’s natural talent, Jan (who is employed at Hillsdale College) asked Tony Frudakis, a well-known artist and sculptor at Hillsdale College, if he would consider allowing Lonnie to attend his class. That opened a whole new area to showcase his natural ability and eye for detail! To date, Lonnie has sculpted five pieces that have been bronzed, and is working on a sixth. Reluctant at first, the grandchildren have become his “models”. They take photos of them in certain poses and Lonnie uses the photos as reference for their features and other details. One of his most impressive pieces, and his first, is a statue of Jesus with two children. Lonnie explains that the Jesus figure is a combination of a college football player, his daughter-inlaw (for the hair), and a granddaughter (from a younger photo and then an older one), taken from photos as models. Each sculpture/bronze is not only a work of art with painstaking attention to detail, but the Boohers have the added pleasure of recognizing their grandchildren in each piece! The sculptures take Lonnie approximately a year to complete, and then they are sent to a foundry where a mold is made and the bronze pieces are poured. Lonnie is very involved in that process as well, being a stickler that the details are not compromised. They have several pieces made from each mold so family members can purchase some and they keep one of each. In June of 2006, as the Boohers were returning from a trip to Florida, Lonnie started having severe back pain. By the time he got home, he could hardly walk so they immediately went to a doctor to have it checked. At some point, they were sent to an oncologist for blood work, where it was discovered he had Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the blood that affects your bones. The rest of 2006 was spent dealing with broken bones, including a hip replacement and trying to prepare him for stem cell transplant. It was also discovered that his back was broken in three places. But even that took a backseat to dealing with the cancer, because at that point, the best prognosis gave him about 6 months to live. He had the stem cell procedure in 2007. After that, they still had to deal with his broken back and, although they found a surgeon who agreed to try to help him (it was a very difficult surgery that the doctor had never done before), Lonnie was still warned that he would very likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Obviously, they didn’t know Lonnie! With his trademark determination and without complaint, Lonnie not only never went into a wheelchair but walked and walked and walked, until he wore through BOXES of the tennis balls they put on the walker legs. To this day, even though his back “is full of cement and metal,” he walks, without any assistance, 40 minutes (2 miles) every single day. Jan is honest when she says there have been times when she had to think, “Can’t we catch a break?” as it seems like they are faced with one thing after another. Last summer he had severe skin cancer. Even now, Lonnie is facing oral surgery to remove his remaining teeth, a result of no calcium from the disease as well as the medications he has had to take. And of course, it has taken a toll on their finances and retirement plans. But she will also quickly tell you that “Lonnie has NEVER ONCE complained,” a fact as amazing as his talent! Both Lonnie and Jan have strong faith and give credit to the Lord for the many miracles they have experienced. Lonnie Booher is now about seven years past his six month prognosis. His beautiful carvings and sculptures that fill their home are testaments to those being very productive years. And although Lonnie is not comfortable taking compliments about his talent or work, he proudly shows me a photo of his beautiful granddaughter, posing in cowboy boots and hat, leaning on a fence. She is the model for his current work in progress. Even with all the stumbling blocks Lonnie has had to overcome and may still have ahead of him, it is clear to see that this quiet, humble artist has no intention of leaving that piece unfinished.

These are hand carved, wooden replicas of actual carousel pieces. The elephant features a wicker basket-seat painstakingly weaved out of tiny pieces of string!

This sculpture is called “9-1-1”

One of the 3 houses he has built & filled with handmade miniatures- This is a General Store with a Grange Hall upstairs. It opens up to display rooms full of detailed pieces.

This barber shop is one area of a full city block, modeled after the actual town of Mineral Spring, Wisconisin. Lonnie carved each barber chair and the barber station.

This bedroom features a hand carved replica, with all the details, of Mark Twain’s bed. It is only 5 1/2” high, and 7 1/4” long. Lonnie also carved the chaise lounge chair and mirror.

41 41







She’ll Be

On Your Every Word

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Hillsdale College Dow Center Saturday, December 1, 2012 10am-3pm 22 E. Galloway Dr.•Hillsdale

Simplymagazine Hers 43 45

2012 Women’s Expo

An Impact Felt ‘Round Hillsdale County Giving back in a community shows in many different ways and takes many hands. People giving freely of their time and donating to make a difference is such an important part of what makes a community thrive. It builds unity, helps provide support to those in need, shows caring and dedication, lifts people up, gives a sense of pride, builds teamwork and most of all, makes a community shine. When it comes to giving back, women make a huge impact. They are instinctively nurturing, want to give of themselves and do it without even thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong, men have a huge impact as well, but when it comes to women, what they don’t have in physical strength, they make up for in spiritual and emotional strengths that naturally guide them to help others. They do so much without the expectation of receiving something in return.


4 RJ’s Hair Care

6 Kimball Camp

5 Curves

7 Scentsy

8 Therapeutic Massage

9 Stella & Dot

10 Essential Bodywear

C Double 35 Allegiance Health

2 Miche

34 R

36 Country Junction

37 Nutrition Solutions

44 Attitudes Salon


33 Midwest Tailoring

32 Arbonne

38 Hillsdale Comm. Health

39 Hillsdale Surgical



Yummy Nuts


40 Sonora Bloom

1 Pure Romance

The Hillsdale Women’s Expo is American 1 Credit Union’s way of giving back to the women in the Hillsdale community. It’s our thank you for all you do in the community to make Hillsdale a better place to live. It’s a thank you to our membership for allowing American 1 to serve some of the wonderful women who live here. We’re proud to be a part of the Hillsdale County area. Its American 1’s passion to give back to the communities we serve. We’ve held Kids’ Fest in Hillsdale for over 14 years. It was time we brought something new to the community and when we were approached to bring our Women’s Expo, which we’ve held in Jackson for over 10 years, to Hillsdale, we welcomed the idea with open arms. We thank Simply Hers magazine for approaching us about doing this and for helping support the Women’s Expo.


45 Maggie Anne’s

46 Hillsdale Jewelers

60 Hillsdale Medical Assoc.

52 Mulberry Lane

51 Mary Kay

59 Nakee Natural

53 Trends Salon & Boutique

54 Girls on Glenview

61 Pink Eyed Sissies

42 Salvation Army

41 E/C

57 Made with Love Jewelry

47 48 Hillsdale Reading Co. Senior Emergency Center Unit

50 JCC Hillsdale


55 Jilly Beans Coffee

56 Dow Center


58 Hillsdale Dining Services

We hope all of you who are reading this will come and enjoy the day with us. You deserve a day for you! ~ Liz Niles Community Relations Manager, American 1 Credit Union

by Tonya Ellenwood

Why should

www.hillsdalemassage.com “ONe Size fitS All!” Gift CeRtifiCAteS AVAilAble 24/7

1342 S. Hillsdale Rd | Hillsdale 517-439-HAND (4263) 48 46

Ta S


ONLY kids get TOYs from saNTa?

Want to host a party? Contact your local consultant:

Tonya Ellenwood

517-610-3692 • www.tonyaellenwood.pureromance.com

• • • • • •

E C R D B S $ • T o • D

10 ential ywear


11 Hillsdale Co. Dept Human Services

29 Tastefully Simple


my ts


Exhibitors Map

24 Mr. Rooter

12 Royal Prestige

28 Premier Designs Jewelry

23 Grace Adele

13 Angie Boes

14 All Star Rental

27 Smith’s Flowers

22 Pampered Chef

15 Tupperware

26 BeautiControl

21 Pro Image Uniforms

get ready ladies, this is ‘gonna be fun! 16 Lia Sophia

25 Dove Chocolate


17-18 Sam’s Club


20 Perfectly Posh

19 Origami Owl

The Women’s Expo would like to Thank Hillsdale Jewelers for their E=Electric Booth C=Corner Booth wonderful donation. Their generosity is greatly appreciated. R=Regular Booth Double = Double booth and fee is doubled Booths are 8’X8’ Some booths have pillars in their booth, we will discount these booths $10 for each booth. • The small red dots along walls and on brick pillars are where electrical outlets are located • Dotted lines are curtains

• • • • • •

Hillsdale Jewelers

IT’S A WOMAN THING! Yes, that’s the one line description of Simply Hers Magazine, but it can also describe the Women’s Expo being held at the Hillsdale College Dow Center, on December 1st. After attending other gatherings in Adrian and Jackson, I was convinced that women in the Hillsdale area would enjoy (and deserved) an expo of our own! Teaming with American 1 Credit Union was a natural choice since they are very community oriented and have been doing this kind of thing for several years. What I didn’t quite expect was the enthusiastic response by the participants who quickly filled vendor spots, encouraging us to make this one of the best! At one amazing venue, you can experience tastings, shopping, fashion, pampering, health and fitness… and much more. So bring your friends, your moms and your daughters and prepare to have a fantastic, fun filled day. I hope you will mark your calendars to come share the day with us. It promises to be entertaining, informative, relaxing, and just plain fun! Not only will you have a great day, but it’s a good way to show support to the businesses who serve your community. Bring your friends and make it a Girls Day Out….. see you there!! ~ Marlanea McGraw Publisher, Simply Hers Magazine

77 N. Howell St. ~ “The Wedge”~ Hillsdale | 517-439-0100 | hillsdalejewelers.com

infusion center Providing short and long-term infusion theraPy to Patients in a comfortable and Private setting. 451 Hidden Meadows, Suite 270 • Hillsdale • 517-437-8388


PARTICIPANTS All Star Rental Allegiance Health American 1 Credit Union Angie Boes Arbonne International Attitudes Salon BeautiControl Close To My Heart Coldwell Banker Denny Groves & Associates Country Junction Curves Dove Chocolate Discoveries Dow Center Essential Bodywear, LLC Grace Adele Here’s To You Pub & Grub Hillsdale County Department of Human Services Hillsdale County Health Center Hillsdale County Senior Services Center, Inc. Hillsdale Dining Services Hillsdale Jewelers

It’s A


Hillsdale Medical Associates Hillsdale Surgical Group It Works! Global Jackson Community College - LeTarte Center Hillsdale Jilly Beans Coffee House Kimball Camp Kindred Kandles Lia Sophia Made with Love Jewelry Maggie Anne’s Mary Kay Miche Bag Midwest Tailoring and Design Miss Mitts Mr. Rooter Mulberry Lane Hillsdale Nakee’ Natural Nutrition Solutions Origami Owl Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists Perfectly Posh

Pink Eyed Sissies Premier Design Jewelry Pro Image Uniforms Pure Romance Reading Emergency Unit RJ’s Hair Care Royal Prestige Salvation Army Family Store Sam’s Club Scentsy Simply Hers Smiths Flowers Shop Sonoran Bloom Stella & Dot Independent Jewelry Stylist Tastefully Simple The Girls on Glenview Drive The Pampered Chef Therapeutic Massage, LLC Trends Hair Designs Tupperware Unforgettable Yummy Nuts Virigie’s Purses

! g n i Th n a Wom

Join Us At The

Women’s expo CAsh & CArry ITems AvAIlAble

Linda SiegeL - 17169736 arbonne independant ConSuLtant 7500 Waldron Rd., Pittsford, MI • (517)425-0934

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Plus - Unlimited Tanning Special - $25

Come see us at the Women’s Expo

Attitudes Cash & Carry Shellac applications Gift Card Giveaways Drawings Gel Polish & More

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Holiday Open


December 13 1 pm-8 pm food and refreshments door prizes raffles giveaways

Come and celebrate with us at our

New Location 106 N Broad St,



Flower Shop 50

(517) 437-4485 | www.smithsflowersmi.com

All Furniture

9-790-8180 -8180 g 918890-790 90 lin-8

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Christmas has come to Mulberry Lane

02 02 w, MI 486

0 edaancdhwhite 0 . 6 1 $ re ch $16.00eAvaaea in black, bleh ilac white and 0 red , ble in black 6.0 $1Availa dge signs ck, red and white utered e ew ro ered Our nedge sign d s& lacqu e Our new routered in ta s a ithge sig nsd edw&ed utered lacq. uere newarostain Ourwith h is n d fi re a st h.ained & lacque finis with finish.

Available in bla

5” 0 35.783-01 83-010

83-011 83-011

83-012 83-012

83-013 83-013


Country & Primitive Decor Lodge & Cabin Decor Handmade Soaps Lotions & Shea Timer Candles Large & Small Black Stars Loose Leaf Tea Fragrance Oils & Potpourri Valance Curtains Cotton Throws Jute Rugs 2, 3 & 4’ Alpine Trees Garland Gift Certificates



54 N. Howell • Hillsdale 517-437-0095 83-013



Simply Hers


Hillsdale Interior


Blank Photography

Hillsdale Women’s Expo

Mulberry Lane

Blossom Shop

International Diamond


Boutique de Joie

James Campbell - Trainer

Taste of Life

Bras That Fit

Key Opportunities

Tilton Shoes


Losey Jewelers

Vintage Consignment

Dog Gone Gorgeous






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shellac for hostess Groups of 4 or more Includes snack and beverage

Salon•Spa•Boutique 285 Division St. | Coldwater | 517-617-4455

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Constance Blank Photography

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James Campbell

Free consultation ( 51 7 ) 8 1 7 - 6 47 5

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517-265-9800 995 S.Main St., Suite A, Adrian

hair • nails • pedicures • spray tan • waxing • make-up • massage



45 minute session 1 location in Hillsdale 25 Images on CD(with copyrights shared)

Experience the Difference!

517-499-6689 • www.facebook.com/constanceblankphotography

Results speak fro themselves...

MANY OFbuilt OUR After 2 months I have lost 2”, I have muscles and my strengthITEMS and endurance ARE have increased greatly. My friends and family have noticed a positive change in both my mind and body. James inspires me to push myself, not only does MADE INhe THE know my limitations he also knows my untapped potential. ~ Anita Young




GUARANTEED TOP PRICES PAID! We buy all Gold, Platinum & Silver in any condition

Voted Best Jeweler in Lenawee in 2008, 2010, 2011 & 2012 Hours: Mon.-Wed. 10-6 • Thrus.-Fri. 10-8 • Sat. 10-4 • Sun. 11-4

INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND 995 S. Main St., Suite A • Adrian • 517-265-9800 www.internationaldiamondadrian.com

free bonus entry Name Shipping Address

any session

City Zip Phone #



Bring bonus entry to the expo to double your chance of winning a door prize!


Some restrictions apply. See store for details


$ Expires 12/31/12 Exp. 10/31/12


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Boutique de Joie Exp. 12/31/12

517-673-8307 120 N. Main • Adrian

Fall and Christmas home Design/Decorating Allow our team to assist you in all of your decorating needs Call for your Free Estimate and Home price quotes 20 N. Howell St. • Hillsdale • 517-437-4160 • www.hillsdaleblossomshop.com

Clothier of Fine Apparel Accessories, Jewelry & Gifts 517-673-8307 120 N. Main • Adrian

Tu - Fr • 10 - 5:30 | Sat 10 - 3 or by Appt.

www.boutiquedejoie.com Wash Vacuum Windows Wheels Tires Hand Dry Triple Wax

the Perfect Holiday


Oasis Car Wash

(517) 439-4181 | 3295 W Carleton Rd, | Hillsdale

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Primitive Decor • Lodge & Cabin Decor • Handmade Soaps • Lotions & Shea • Candle • Natural Jute Rugs & Mat Wash Vacuum Windows Wheels Tires Hand Dry Triple Wax

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Positioning Your Life With

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Graced with the classic charm of Art Deco and vintage 1930’s elegance, The Historic Dawn Theater is the ideal venue to add a touch of class to your perfect Wedding, Reception, Private Party or Holiday Event for up to 200 guests.


No Other Chair Offers More Positions & Options

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THE DAWN THEATER Discover vintage charm behind the curtain...


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FURNITURE STORE 92-94 N. Howell Street • DOWNTOWN HILLSDALE • 517-437-3321 HOURS: MON.-THURS. 9:00-6:00 • FRI. 9:00-8:00 • SAT. 9:00-6:00 • CLOSED SUNDAY

From recliners to kitchen gadgets ... Gelzer has what you need.

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Band or DJ Service in your choice of Genre Concessions, Kitchen and/or Catering Service

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Key opportunities Consignment & Vintage Center

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Unique Antique Furniture Electronics Collectibles Jewelry • Music Books • Movies Small Appliances

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Layaway available now.

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Consignment & Vintage Center



Some restrictions may apply

Key opportunities

Roger Losey Jewelers 36 N Howell St.,, Hillsdale MI (517) 437-4381

Roger Losey Jewelers 36 N Howell St.,, Hillsdale MI (517) 437-4381

Wash Vacuum Windows Wheels Tires Hand Dry Triple Wax

the Perfect Holiday


Oasis Car Wash

(517) 439-4181 | 3295 W Carleton Rd, | Hillsdale

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This coupon is only redeemable on Friday, November 23rd. Special hours: 8:00 am-5:30 May not be combined with any other offer.

erry Christmas ®

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SMITH’S FLOWER SHOP (517) 437-4485

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NEW LOCATION 106 N Broad Street, Hillsdale


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Casual Family Dining

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3380 Beck Rd * Hillsdale 517-437-4454

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Salon & Spa

Mindy Shoemaker (517) 439-3900 • 390 Carleton Rd • Hilldale




To all of you savvy shoppers out there, if you're looking for local resale, second-hand, thrift, or consignment shops in your area, you've found the right place! Resale Shopping is one of the fastest growing retail categories today and we wanted to introduce you to some of our favorites! Be sure to check the listings in each issue for new updates and special offers exclusively for Simply Hers readers. Happy Trails!



Consignment Gallery

8 E Chicago St. (US-12) | Quincy, MI (517)414-8994 Hours: Wed,Thu, Fri, 10am-6pm; Sat 10am-2pm theconsignmentgalleryofquincy.com

FEATURED ITEMS: FABULOUS Full Figure-size clothing, jeans, capris, shorts and gorgeous dresses for all sizes! Curtains and bedding, kitchen items, small and large furniture items , and various household decor; from vintage to present-day.

In the Key - Consignment & Vintage Center

400 N. Hillsdale St | Hillsdale, MI 49242 (517)437-4490 Hours: M-F 10:00am-5:30pm SA 10:00am-2:00pm

FEATURED ITEMS: Furniture, home accessories, kitchen & household items, One of a kind collectibles, eclectic accents, gifts, books, movies and clothing. A Ten Thousand Villages Store

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation center 250 W. Carleton Rd. Hillsdale MI 49242 Located in the Kroger plaza 517-439-1202 Monday-Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm

Featured Items: New and gently used items including Clothing for Men, Women and Children, Housewares, kitchen wares, home decor, furniture, books, electronics, jewelry, collectibles and much more. Donations are tax deductible, always accepted and appreciated.

vintage Chic Consignments

86 N. Howell Steet | Hillsdale, Michigan 49242 | (517) 403-7292 VintageChicConsignments@yahoo.com Antique & Handmade Items

146 N Main St | Brooklyn MI (517) 592-8686 Hours: Monday thru Friday 10:30 till 5:00; Sat 10:00 till 4:00 pm Brooklyn’s Leading Fashionable Consignment Shop Closet Overload is a quality Consignment Boutique with high standards. We offer up-to-date new and used fashion and accessories. In order to do this we must be very selective. Closet Overload has 2000 square feet of space and has grown each and every year since opening in 1993. Check us out on the web at http:// www.closetoverload.net/ for downloadable coupons

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A Lenawee county non-profit organization 795 Division Street | Adrian, MI 49221 (517)266-7002 Hours: M-SA 10:00am-6:00pm

FEATURED ITEMS: Gently used and some new, quality furniture, appliances and other larger and small household items as well art, tools, antiques and clothing. Donations always accepted Free pick-up of your quality used furniture and large working appliances

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Your fashion journey begins here We carry the top name brands & fashion accessories at 1/2 of department store prices. Womens, Mens, Juniors & Childrens-If you dont like whats in your closet, come and check out whats in ours.

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FEATURED ITEMS: New & gently used, clean furniture and decor for your home or office; New Symbol Mattresses 20% off


erry erry christmas ®

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Creative Decor The items that you find at idk have been salvaged and revitalized to fit into today’s modern home. From Shabby Chic to Industrial Quirk, you never know what you’ll find on display- but we’re sure you won’t see it anywhere else!


Hours: Studio ShowS 1st & 3rd weekend of the Month Friday 12-8pm Saturday 10-6pm (Also by Appointment)

(517) 938-8147


146 1/2 N. Main St. Brooklyn, MI 49230



S.O.S. Sort, Organize, and Simplify Your Life!

By Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

As the song says, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” I can already hear those big sighs as you think, “More like the most hectic time of the year!” Within the next few weeks, the holiday frenzy will start. You have promised yourself that this year will be different; you want to enjoy the season rather than just be swept up in craziness! Here are some tips to help you Sort, Organize and Simplify your holiday plans and preparations ~ Keep the decorations simple! The things you use every day can feel special if you just add a touch of something seasonal. Take a couple of spools of ribbon for a walk around the house. Narrow ribbon can embellish a decanter or vase, while wide ribbon can be used as a tieback for a curtain or looped around a pillow with a festive bow on the front. Any clear glass vessel can display holiday garnishes. Fill pillar holders with greenery (holly, pine needles, pine cones.) Or use seasonal fruit, such as cranberries or kumquats, to add bright color to a decorative bowl. Simple brown bags are perfect for gifts from the kitchen. A little trimming and a sweet note make them extra special. Use decorative scissors to finish the opening, then tie them closed with a gingham pattern ribbon. Organize for productive shopping! Make a list of everybody for whom you want to purchase a gift. Include notes of ideas and sizes. As you make a purchase, write it down so you can remember what you’ve purchased for each person. Mark the name off when you are done. You might even note on the list how much you’ve spent if you are trying to keep within a budget or spend equally among the recipients. Clean it, and then forget it! Do a thorough dusting and sweeping before you put out your decorations. Don’t worry about doing it again until the holidays are over. Once you have everything out, it’s too difficult to clean around them and nobody will notice anyway! Get your holiday outfits ready for fun! Go through your closet (your spouse’s/children’s) to see if you have things to wear for upcoming parties and gatherings. Maybe you’ll find you have a nice pair of black pants but need to pick up a special top to go with them. Before you run out and spend money on new, take time to review what you have. Take things to the cleaners or launder them, if necessary. Have everybody try things on to make sure they still fit and are in good condition. A few minutes spent doing this will save panic the night before you need to be party-ready!


Less is more! Evaluate your decorations annually, and keep only what you are really going to use. If an item is damaged or has lost its color, give yourself permission to let some of that stuff go! Consider using natural accents, like nuts, pinecones, fresh greenery or flowers that you can toss after the New Year. Limit gift wrap to one or two kinds that can double as all-occasion. Make it seasonal with bows and trimmings. Plan, pack and track during post-holiday cleanup! After Santa has come and gone, and it’s time to untrim the tree, a few simple steps can streamline the process and put you in better shape for next year: *If you have an artificial tree but not the box it came in, stow it in an inexpensive, oversize duffel bag to keep it clean and uncrushed. *Old nylon hosiery can protect specialty candles from getting damaged. Slip knee highs over the pillars to keep them dust free. *Don’t wrap fragile ornaments in newspaper. The ink can smudge decorations. Opt for white tissue paper or plastic grocery bags. *Look around the house for ornament storage ideas, such as egg cartons for tiny trinkets, shoeboxes for larger ones, or paper towel tubes for garlands. *Store wreaths by slipping the hoop over the neck of a coat hanger, then cover with a plastic bag to prevent it from gathering dust over the next year. *Wind strings of lights around coffee cans. Cut an “X” in the plastic top & and stick the plug through. *Keep notes about your decorationswhat worked, what you need to replace. If you’ve finally perfected your decorating theme and don’t want to forget it, label each string of lights, garland, etc. with a marker and masking tape as you take it down. Start a decorating notebook with an inventory sheet so you can keep track of how many strands of lights and how many feet of garland you have. This will avoid overbuying and adding surplus items to your storage woes. A little planning and taking some time to get organized, will go a long way to reducing your stress during this time. But remember, after the last string of lights comes down, it’s the memories we have left. Make some special ones with your loved ones this year so you truly can say, “It’s been the most wonderful time of the year!”


January 13, 2013

KICK OFF thE WEIGht at the Tecumseh Civic Auditorium

at the

The Shirley Todd Herrick Theater

Sunday, January 13 1:00 pm g Featurin n ’s Nutritio a ic r e m A Leader

o Zonya Foc

Zonya is here to motivate and inspire!

 Tickets $10  Weight Loss Challenge members receive $5 discount.  Find out more about the Challenge at 517-423-5602

by phone 517.423.6617 online www.thetca.org in person 400 N. Maumee St. Tecumseh


s an author, TV host and national speaker, Zonya Foco is leading America in the fight against obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease through smart nutrition and fitness. She is the champion of the dietdowntrodden, a coach to the nutritionally challenged and a crusader with a common-sense approach to healthy eating. Leading with her mantra, “The Power of One Good Habit,” Zonya is teaching families across the country the hard facts of good nutrition, and showing them how to turn knowing into doing by mastering one core habit at a time until it becomes an invisible force that can turn the life they have into the life they want. Zonya is schedule to speak at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts as the theater joins forces with Tecumseh’s Parks and Recreation Department and a full slate of Tecumseh community fitness partners, to engage everyone in the annual Tecumseh Community Weight Loss Challenge. The twelve week challenge begins on Sunday, January 13, with Zonya leading the charge! Zonya will motivate and inspire all in attendance to kick off the New Year on the right foot by living healthy! Tickets to see Zonya Foco at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts are $10 or $5 if you have signed up for the Tecumseh Community Weight Loss Challenge. For additional information about the Tecumseh Community Weight Loss Challenge, contact Tecumseh’s Parks and Recreation Department at 517-423-5602. To purchase tickets for Zonya Foco’s appearance at the Tecumseh Center for the Arts, contact the box office at 517-423-6617 or purchase your tickets online at www.thetca.org.


welcome to humpty dumpty world!

~Where we might be scrambled, but refuse to crack!

By Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine

In the last Simply Hers issue, I introduced you to my husband Buzz, and shared some of my Facebook posts over a couple of months. Those posts came as a result of a shift in our lifestyle as he first hurt his lower back and then had surgery on his neck. With him needing help and not able to do hardly anything around the house, I started feeling like he was “falling apart.” Thus, the new nickname of Humpty Dumpty! I am pleased to report that he came through his surgery with flying colors and continues to recover with minimal complaint. But in all honesty, I have found it kind of fun to “vent” on Facebook and draw out others’ comments, so the posts have continued. Here’s a peek into Humpty Dumpty world lately, as shared on Facebook ~ Today in Humpty Dumpty World ~ I decide it’s time to bite the bullet & mow the weeds in our yard again. I am out there pulling & pulling the mower trying to start it, finally giving up & going to the door to ask Buzz if he can give me any advice. He says (ready for this?) “You’ve got your shirt on wrong side out!” Talk about not being able to multi-task anymore! I was on the phone & trying to give Buzz his insulin shot. After we were done, I realized I never dialed it to release the insulin....in other words, I shot him with nothing!! Bless his heart- only he would say, “That’s ok Toots, it was a good practice run!” (scrambled......) Buzz went to his post-op check with the neurosurgeon yesterday. He asked questions like, “Can I start using the treadmill, my exercise cycle, carry 12 packs of Coke?” I asked questions like, “Can he mow the lawn, empty the dehumidifier, carry trash out?” The surgeon took the easy way out & said, “Just don’t do anything crazy!” So now the debate begins....what constitutes “crazy??” (If we agreed on that, we probably wouldn’t be married!!) Being a man of written-in-stone-routine, Buzz eats Cheerios every single morning. So when I find a great buy on them (& have coupons to boot), I stock him up! I think I bought at least 9 BIG boxes of Cheerios. So this morning he says, “I guess I’ll switch to oatmeal.” Seriously!?! Today in HDW~ there is the sweet sound of a lawn mower, moving across our backyard! Even SWEETER, is the fact that BUZZ is pushing it & I am in the house writing about it on Facebook :)


Typical incident in HDW~ we constantly have “discussions” about Buzz becoming hard of hearing. Case in point, a conversation at lunch today: Me-”Is the Tiger game on this afternoon or tonight?” Him- “No, the soup

isn’t very hot.” Living with Buzz for over 32 years, I’ve gotten used to his random, off-the-wall comments (usually lines from movies or songs.) But last night he caught me off guard again, when he stopped by my office door & said, “I’m not trying to set the world on fire, I’m just trying to keep my nuts warm!” (Found out later it was from a sign he saw for a PEANUT VENDOR at a baseball game!) Buzz enjoys the membership to the ‘Silver Sneakers’ club (exercise program at Perennial Park) that’s part of his insurance plan. But I wish he would stop telling people he belongs to the ‘Silver STREAKER’S Club’!! (Oh, the vision that conjures up!) Riddle from HDW~ There’s a plant with purple flowers on the porch. There is a DEAD plant in front of the garage. As we drive in the driveway, I say, “That dead plant needs to be thrown away.” Guess which plant Humpty Dumpty pitched into the woods?? After a long, decision-filled day, I was driving home from Lansing very distracted. In the Jackson area, I made a wrong turn and then being flustered, a little later made yet another wrong turn - this time right into the hospital parking lot!!! To make light of my mistake, I said to Buzz, “Did you want to visit anybody while we’re here?” He responded, “If I keep riding with you, I’m going to be IN THERE MYSELF!” For those of you who think a husband can never be “too nice”, or “too laid back”... HD just said to me (very calmly), “Toots, did you mean to leave the water running in the sink? Because it’s about to run over.” A question being pondered in HDW today ~ If the basement (man cave) is the KING’S castle, as I am often reminded, then why is the QUEEN the only one who ever CLEANS the “THRONE?!” We’re sitting, talking over morning coffee, where we usually “review” our plans/appointments for the day. HD says, “I think I’ll get ambitious today and.... (for a split second I got all excited waiting for the big announcement- wait for it..... wait for it.....) make oatmeal for my breakfast.” Thanks for spending some time with me in Humpty Dumpty World! I’ll leave you with this deep philosophical thought that came to me the other day: LIFE IS LIKE A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER- THE CLOSER YOU GET TO THE END, THE FASTER IT COMES UNWOUND!

deckinG Halls

How Clean is Your Water?

t H e

beautiFully since 1918

SoftenerS Iron removerS reverSe oSmoSIS fIltratIon SyStemS

trees • wreaths • garland grave blankets and more


ORcHaRd & GReenHOuse Visit us on Facebook

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• Design Ideas • Retaining Walls • Brick Pavers • Flagstone/Wall Stone (from all over the country) • Grass seed/Fertilizer

• Statuary/Fountains • Telescoping Flag Poles / Flags • Tables, Chairs, Benches • Chimes (professionally tuned) • Arbors • Pet Memorials (engraving available)

materials (bulk & bagged)

• Wood Mulch (5 Types) • Decorative Stone Mulch (12 types) • Top Soil • Sand • Beach Sand

Building supplies

•Facia Stone (Natural & Manufactured) (for use on siding, fireplaces, etc.) • Facia Brick • Cement Block (textured & Smooth) • Mortars


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life is the berries

Christmas Blessing. Voice from Past ... Inspiration for Future Have you ever received a gift of words that totally inspired you? I received a remarkable gift of verbal encouragement last Christmas that I have cherished all year. My gift came from someone I least expected, but most appreciated.

By Laura Loveberry Inspirational Speaker and Author

On Christmas morning, after we thought all our presents were opened, we got a bonus priceless gift. Breaking over the subtle Christmas music in the background, we hear a clear distinct voice from the past filling the room. “I love you, too, when the rain drops fall one by one by one,” says my deceased Dad. No one moves. Our eyes meet as we try and figure out what just happened. We all heard it. This is Dad’s first Christmas in heaven, and we hear his audible voice fill the room. What on earth just took place? My daughter Madison starts to cry. My husband and I feel our eyes well up with tears. My mind slowly wraps around what just transpired. Eventually we figure out the sun floats down into the room through the skylight, and it shines on our special recorded Hallmark voice book Dad made for my daughter Madison on his hospice bed last year. (With gasping breath, just weeks before Dad passed away, he lovingly recorded his voice for his granddaughter to encourage her aching heart and remind her of all the ways he loves her.) Out of this closed book, we hear my departed Dad’s prerecorded voice saying clearly, “I love you too, when the rain drops fall one by one by one.” Yea, the book is solar activated when open, but this book was closed and on the shelf, and suddenly Christmas morning we hear Dad’s very voice. Evidently a ray of sunshine snuck down into the top of the pages of the book to activate this particular solar-powered page. We are speechless as we embrace and shed tears over our first Christmas without Dad. We are reminded how thankful we are to have Dad’s precious narration recorded.


I walk over and pull the book off the shelf. We have not heard the book for months and in this special moment on Christmas day, we are reminded to open it up, turn the pages, and remember Dad who we miss daily. We now have a new holiday tradition started. You, too, can be inspired all year long by opening another book. This coming January is perfect timing. The Holy Father’s book, the Bible, can be a daily source of strength for you when the rain drops fall, when you need the sun to come peeping through, or when you desire guidance for every day life. I read my Bible daily and find great insight from God’s recorded words. The Bible reads, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness…” 2 Tim 3:16 NIV Bible. So if you are seeking a life-changing, awe-inspiring, Godbreathed book, grab The Good Book. May I suggest a read-through-the-Bible plan? Just 20 minutes a day gets you through in a year. You could visit www.intothyword.org and download a free Bible reading plan for this upcoming year or check out your Christian book store for resources. One Christmas, my sister-in-law gave family members a gift that keeps on giving, “The Daily Walk Bible.” This Bible is conveniently arranged and dated in 365 daily readings so it can be read through in the course of a year. How about it readers? Let’s resolve to read through the Bible together and hear from our loving Heavenly Father all year long.

Give the gift of SKINNY this year! Hot Selling workout DVDs combine weights and aerobics for quick results. Both 29-minute workouts filmed on beautiful Lake Michigan with wholehearted living coach, Laura Loveberry.

$14.99 each or sale special any 2 for $20

BurnipsWholehearted Living Workout is a full-body Advanced workout EquipmEnt Walk the Talk is an Easy breezy walking with weights workout 15838 Carleton Rd | Hudson | 517.448.2071 | www.burnips.com

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Fit for a Queen health and fitness book Add $4.95 S/H. Continental U.S. Send check and order form to: Loveberry Ministries, PO Box 234, Quincy, MI 49082

premium quality purpose-built total with

footwear Sh i ppi Ng


Burnips EquipmEnt

ShippiNg addreSS City

phoNe #


15838 Carleton Rd | Hudson | 517.448.2071 | www.burnips.com


Enjoy our free gift!

Thanksgiving thru Christmas Open ‘til 8pm Fridays & Saturdays!

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Christmas Open hOuse, sat. DeC. 1st entertainment, appetizers and

door prizes.

BuilD a Gift Basket WeekenD Dec. 8th & 9th

517-592-4663 15750 US 12 • Cement City • www.CherryCreekWine.com


Great Gift Ideas for EvEry TasTE - EvEry OccasiOn - EvEry BudgET • Gourmet • Fruit • Chocolate • Wine & Cheese • Cookies & Cakes • Corporate Gifts LoUise Worms - (517)437-3645

Don’t Wait ’til it’s too late!

Maintaining your vehicle can prevent days like this.


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You’ll have everythng all wrapped up before the season even starts at Kelly’s

Pre-Holiday Sale

STATIONARY LEATHER SOFAS & LOVE SEATS, RECLINING LEATHER SOFAS & LOVE SEATS, F amous makers. New Arrivals. Special Purchases. Holiday Savings. If your holiday gift list looks overwhelming or simply needs inspiration, you’ll find ideas that will LEATHER RECLINERS cheer you. From gifts to complete room settings, you’ll discover a selection that’s sure to make your


holidays merry and bright... even on a budget.

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For The

Holidays Before the holidays bring family celebrations and visiting friends to your home, give your home a new look and improve its comfort level. Check out our suggestions, make your project list, and buckle down to get the job done in time for the holidays. Put safety first. Before you begin your first project, make sure you have eye, ear and breathing protection available and then follow the manufacturer’s directions for all the tools and products you use. Have a firstaid kit and a phone handy, and enlist help for the heavy-duty work. 70

Kitchen & Dining Areas -- Apply stain or color to your kitchen cabinets and replace hinges and pulls or knobs to brighten your “home cafe.” If your cabinets have seen better days, install new ones -- either store-bought or ones you build. For a wood table and chairs, consider using a stain or topcoat to enhance the wood’s appearance or to match the color of your cabinets.

Entrance, Windows & Floors -- Give your entrance an easy update with a new door or add color and new hardware to your existing one. Install new windows that are attractive, reduce heating and cooling costs, and are easy to maintain. And consider installing a hardwood floor in at least one of your rooms -- possibly the entryway and/or the living/ family room.

Shelving & Lighting -- Adding shelving anywhere you have unused space (bedroom/bathroom closets) will help control clutter and provide display space for your favorite photos and collectibles in living room, family room, and kitchen. Enhance cabinets and furniture with new decorative LED lighting.

Living/Family Room -- Arranging furniture into “areas” will allow for varied activities simultaneously, such as conversation and watching events on television or playing games. Use plants, a bookcase or a divider to separate areas. Paint walls, hang pictures or stain wood furniture to add color.


the d n t Fi Fec r e o p ift f r e g YON r st eVeyour li on

From recliners to kitchen gadgets ... Gelzer has what you need.

The Holidays are are


at at Gelzers

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You never know what you’ll discover Joy to the Receiver

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Knowing you have spread joy and truly made a difference Sustainability to the Artisan Providing food, shelter and clothing for their families

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Over The

By Willie Smith Simply Hers Magazine



I was sitting in the living room the other day looking at the dust bunnies having a party under the couch. It was very distracting and I knew I had to do something so I moved to another room. I think the dust bunnies in the living room texted a warning to the bunnies in my sitting room because it was quiet enough in there to think. What could I do today that would not irritate my husband? Nothing, everything I do irritates my husband for some odd reason. One thing I love to do is move furniture around. Unfortunately, that is a major source of irritation for my husband and something that would definitely put him over the edge. I took a moment to think it over and decided it would only irritate him if he thought he’d have to help. If I could get the stuff moved before he got home all would be well. What’s that saying? It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Oh so true at my house. I mean really, think about it, once the deed is done it would be more work for him to undo it, don’t you think? Me too so I go get my handy, dandy “slide-me” furniture mover thingys. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You put ‘em under the furniture, push and voila! Your furniture is on the other side of the room. What an invention! I’ll bet some woman thought of it. The mother of invention is an irritated husband you know. She probably had a husband like mine who whines every time a piece of furniture begs to be moved and I ask him to help. I love to move furniture, he hates it. What can I say? There’s something not right with that man.


I get the sliders out, put ‘em under the chair then decide to move it completely out of the room so I have plenty of space to work with. I get to the door of the room and give the chair a push. It won’t go through the doorway so I give it a big shove. It still won’t move so I climb over the chair and try pulling it. It’s not moving. Maybe if I tip it just a little. Nope, that’s not gonna do

it either and now I can’t climb over it to get back into the room without killing myself. How would I explain that to my husband? I know I’d get “the lecture”… if only I had waited for him I wouldn’t be in this mess. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah okay, whatever. I decide to crawl under the chair so I can pull from inside the room and hopefully dislodge it. Uh oh, my butt’s too big and the chair moved when I tried to slide under it. Now I’m stuck in the doorway lying on my belly with a chair on my back. What in the world am I going to do!? My husband is due home any minute. I can’t let him find me like this. I’ll never hear the end of it. It’s not so much that he would be mad, but I’ve already heard “the lecture” in my mind, I can’t stand the thought of getting “the look” too. Yikes! I need help. Calm down I tell myself. Think clearly! How do I get out of this? Let’s see, all the kids are either out of town or at work. There’s no way any of them can help me. Oh man, I’ve got a real problem here!! I have three friends I can call in a situation like this, Carol and the two Marys. I know they would come running to help if I called them, but how could I call? The phone is across the room and all the struggling I’ve done has just made things worse. I’m no longer just stuck under this chair I’m now a permanent part of the doorway. I shoot up a quick prayer knowing it’ll be a few minutes before God quits laughing at me decides to help. Too late! I hear my husband coming through the door, asking where I am. Dang! Where does he think I am? I’m stuck under a chair in the middle of a doorway because he ran off to some meeting and left me here with too much time on my hands. Yeah! That’s right, it’s all his fault. He knows how I am; he should never have left me here with nothing to do. I am so mad at him right now. Wait ‘til he gets me out from under this chair! I’m gonna find a cliff and push that man over the edge.

10% Off All Laminate

517-523-4111 • 3391 Hudson Rd. • Hillsdale • w w w. hills daleinter io r s. co m 75


Welcome to our new craft/DIY project column. You suggested- we listened! In each issue, we will feature a local person who will share a step by step project. Our area is bursting with talent and creative ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you! Our creative contributor for this issue is Lynne May. Besides card making, she enjoys scrapbooking and genealogy. She also enjoys traveling and is currently working on a scrapbook of a trip on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica pier. Lynne says she “will try about any craft”, and has dabbled in crocheting, knitting and painting. Lynne lives in Hillsdale with her husband, Doug. She is the mother of two grown children and says her very favorite hobby of all is spending time with her grandson Braylen, and looking forward to the arrival of his baby sister in December!

Step- by-step Instructions Step 1: Using the graph paper, play around with the colors to get the combination that looks the best to you. Step 2: 1st Row- Using the graph paper roll a strip of tape runner across the bottom. Place your first square in lower left corner and go across the graph. Be sure to keep edges even on graph paper and tight together. 2nd Row- On the lower left side, start placing squares up the left side (will form ‘L’ shape) 3rd & 4th RowIs another ‘L’ above row 1 & 2. Continue to fill the quilt with your squares.

PROJECT: Handmade Card - try different color combos for different occasions, pink or blue for New baby; whites for weddings; school colors for graduations. SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate, depending on how detailed you get

Step 3: At this point you can use an embossing folder on the quilt. It gives the quilt some texture. Put quilt in folder and run it through a Big Shot or Cuddle Bug. If outside edges are a little uneven, trim them slightly to even them up.

TIME: 20-60 minutes, depending on experience and details (mostly for preparation) Tools needed: Tape runner, scissors, graph paper, large oval punch, large scallop oval punch, small word stamp with green ink pad, border punch your choice, 3/4 inch square punch or paper cutter, optional: an embossing folder with the Cuddle Bug or Big Shot.

Step 4: After trimming, punch out red scallop oval. Take word stamp, stamp onto a small piece of white paper, take large oval punch, turn punch upside down so you can center the stamped paper and punch. Place scalloped framed word in the middle of the quilt.

Paper Needed: 6” x 12” White for card 5-1/2” x 5-1/2” Green for mat 5-1/4” x 5-1/4” Red for mat and small red for scalloped oval 5” x 5” White for border punch 4” x 4” Green for mat 1 Graph paper- minimum size of 3-3/4” x 3-3/4” 5 Different pattern &/or plain sheets of paper/cardstock. Cut into 3/4” x 3/4” squares- 8 of each color. You will have extra squares left over.


Step 5: Glue quilt to 4 x 4 green paper Glue 4 x 4 to 5 x 5 white paper that has been punched with your choice of border punch. Glue 5 x 5 to 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 red mat Glue 5-1/4 x 5-1/4 to 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 green mat Glue green mat to 6 x 6 white card

Have fun making more quilted cards!



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December 30 - January 1 arrive at 1:00 pm Depart at 1:00 pm Cost: $69 (ages 6-14)

Join us as we bring in the New Year in style. we will climb Goliath, ride the Giant swing, and make your own pizza!

wiNter Fest 2011

February 15 - February 17 arrive at 6:00 pm Depart at 1:00 pm Cost: $69 (ages 6-14)

enjoy a fun filled weekend at Kimball Camp. we will go sledding, climb Goliath, ride the Giant swing, and play fun games.

• Ride the Giant Swing • Climb Goliath • Sledding • Create awesome crafts • Silly Skits • Games • Campfire Songs • Make Smores • Make snow sculptures • Snow carnivals • Make your own pizza • Ping Pong • Foosball • Snow Ball Games • Ice Hockey • Make Friends • Make Memories

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teaches the history of the Pilgrims

InteRnatIonal CHRIStMaS -

teaches the history of Christmas traditions.


Students play games from the “wild west”, make a craft and even go on a hay ride.

Contact for Reservations

517-283-2168 office@kimballcamp.com www.kimballcamp.com

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by Peggie Bildner Simply Hers Magazine




hen families in Hillsdale and surrounding areas find themselves needing care or help for a terminally ill loved one, they are fortunate to have a hospice care program right in the community. Hospice of Hillsdale County is somewhat of a “hidden” treasure, since often people don’t understand their mission or the scope of their participation in helping persons with terminal illness. They offer this description of their services and involvement - “Hospice is an alternative form of care for those persons living with terminal illness and their families. It is a concept which places an emphasis on palliative care- the relief of pain and other distressing symptoms related to the illness. When a cure is no longer attainable, Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death, but strives to validate a life, providing comfort and promoting emotional healing for patient and family.” With emphasis on letting the patient be the focal point and decision maker, they ask the patient how they feel and really pay attention to the answer. They are a community based in-home care program, using local people to provide the services. They can also provide hospice care in other settings such as long term care facilities or nursing homes. Since its formation in 1983, led by Dr. Larry and Jane Fowler, they have served over 2,250 patients. They are a non-profit, independent hospice and are not affiliated with any other organization. They serve all of Hillsdale County and the surrounding areas of Lenawee, Branch and Jackson Counties. The numbers from 2011 show 139 patients and families were served, with an average daily patient count of 21.8. Contrary to some perceptions, hospice care is not only for the elderly or cancer patients. In fact, in 2011 out of the 139 patients, 53 had a cancer diagnosis and 86 were non-cancer patients. Patients do not have to change physicians. They also do not have to have a primary caregiver. Services are available to all persons of any age. The care provided is truly a team effort, made up of representatives from medicine, nursing, social work, clergy, other trained professionals and specially trained volunteers under the direction of a physcian. Hospice of Hillsdale County is qualified to bill Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and private insurance for available reimbursement for hospice care. However, they provide their services regardless of the ability for reimbursement. No charges are ever billed to patients or their family. Because of their commitment to accept and treat all patients, they rely heavily on additional financial support. Through donations, memorials, property, stocks, bonds, bequests and deferred gifts, 100% of your donation benefits their patients. They generate additional revenue through fund raisers. Hospice offers a long list of services including, but not limited to, nursing care, home health aide services, physician services, pain management, medicine, supplies, pastoral care, nutritional guidance, support groups, inpatient care for pain control and 24 hour on-call availability for emergencies. Hospice sees the patient and family as a total unit of care and even provides bereavement care to the family for 14 months after death. They sum it up like this, “WHEN MEDICAL SCIENCE CAN NO LONGER ADD MORE DAYS TO LIFE, HOSPICE ADDS MORE LIFE TO EVERY DAY.”

With Christmas approaching, the staff of Hospice put together a few gift suggestions that might be appropriate and appreciated by the hospice patient: • Inspirational tapes/books • Diary/journal • Scrapbook (special pictures that would represent their life) • Flowers (consider an automatic weekly or monthly delivery) • Notes through the mail • Massage • Manicure/pedicure ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON HOSPICE OF HILLSDALE COUNTY: Located at 124 S. Howell Street Hillsdale, MI 49242 Phone (517) 437-5252 Website www.hospiceofhillsdalecounty.org Office Hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm M-F

MEET THE DIRECTOR Kitty Aemisegger, L.B.S.W- Executive Director

Kitty Aemisegger seemed destined to end up in a career connected to the medical field. Her father, Dr. Arthur Strom, was a physician in Hillsdale for 43 years. One of four children, all of her siblings also have careers connected to the medical community. Kitty obtained her degree in Social Work from Western Michigan University. Her first employer was the Hillsdale Community Health Center, where she functioned as a Social Worker and Discharge Planner for 17 years. Kitty credits that time as a great opportunity to learn about the medical side of things. In 1992, she decided it was time for a change and shortly after leaving the hospital, was hired as a social worker for Hospice. In 1994, during a particularly difficult financial time for the organization, she was asked to become the interim director for a few months. She remembers this feeling like “a huge step”, but as they say, the rest is history! The hospice work and other staff members have become her second family. She explains her commitment to her work by saying, “It’s not a job, it’s a calling.” Her husband, Steve Aemisegger, owns and operates Hillside Lanes. They have two grown children- son Christopher, an attorney in Columbus (married to Amanda, an emergency room physician) and daughter Amy, an athletic trainer (married to Dan Evans, an assistant basketball coach), both at Hillsdale College. Steve and Kitty grew up in Hillsdale and were happy to be able to return after college to raise their children. In fact, they even purchased Kitty’s family home that her parents had built in the late 1930’s. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, baking and entertaining. When they can get away, she and Steve love to take road trips on their Harley Davidson motorcycle. Since starting her career at Hospice 20 years ago, many things have changed in social work and the medical community. Even with more paperwork, insurance red tape, and government compliances, Kitty is able to keep her focus on the patients and families they help. The success and growth that the hospice program has realized with Kitty at the helm, is a reflection of that commitment. We are grateful that she came back to her hometown and took that “huge step” many years ago. Because of that, our community is a better place to live….. and to die.


‘Tis the season for festive fun and holiday shopping.

Enjoy many holiday events across Michigan this season to get into the spirit! Find unique gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list by exploring downtown shopping, antique stores or diverse malls across the state. Relax with family and friends at holiday parties and festivals. Take the family to visit Santa throughout the season, indulge in holiday treats and brighten the holidays with displays of beautiful lights. For these celebrations and other winter activities, check out the following events and cities: Sundays in the City – Downtown Bay City will be celebrating the holidays every Sunday leading up to Christmas, starting on November 11. Look for gifts and decorations at unique shops, or unwind with a horse-drawn carriage ride or holiday movie at the historic State Theatre. The Festival of Wreaths and strolling carolers add to the holiday atmosphere. Girls Night Out in Downtown Marquette –Kick off the holiday season on Thursday, November 15, with a relaxing, fun night out in the beautiful, wintery Upper Peninsula! Ladies’ Night kicks off at 4 p.m. The night will be filled with delights, delicacies, entertainment, shopping and fun. Businesses will be open late offering sales, specials, door prizes, refreshments and more. Dutch Winterfest in Holland - Starting November 17, celebrate Dutch folk tradition, listen to carolers and revel in the holiday season while visiting one-of-a-kind shops and the open-air European Christmas Market. Welcome Santa during the Parade of Lights on November 27, and the traditional Dutch St. Nicholas on Dec. 7. Holland’s Dutch Winterfest is full of diverse activities to celebrate the holiday season. Downtown Petoskey Holiday Open House – Find something for everyone on your holiday list at the annual winter shipping event on Friday, Decem-


ber 7, 6-9 p.m. Visit more than 170 unique shops in the famous Gaslight Shopping District. Make it a girls’ night, or bring the whole family to visit Santa and see him light the tree in Pennsylvania Park. Tinsels and Treasures Holiday Market – The market, held in downtown Northville, not far from Ann Arbor, is an indoor, fine art and fine craft holiday market featuring more than 75 artists and craftspeople from around the country. This festive shopping experience is sure to put you in the holiday spirit as you hunt for unique gifts or decorations. Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland – No holiday shopping experience is complete without a stop at the world’s largest Christmas store, with more than 90,000 square feet of holiday cheer. Bigger than 1 ½ football fields, the store features more than 50,000 trims, gifts and collectibles. Fun for all ages with outdoor decorations illuminated nightly. Many destinations offer packages for lodging and other perks, perfect for a getaway during the holiday season. For these packages, places to stay, other holiday events to attend and more, visit michigan.org. Don’t forget to check out the merchandise at the Pure Michigan store on michigan.org to get great gift ideas for everyone on your list. For More Information: Sundays in the City - www.downtownbaycity.com/CalendarofEvents.htm Downtown Marquette - www.downtownmarquette.org Dutch Winterfest: www.holland.org Petoskey Holiday Open House - www.petoskey.com Tinsels and Treasures - www.hcshows.com Bronner’s – www.bronners.com



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onLy sMaLLer.

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If these walls could talk, they’d be saying...

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Celebrating 10 Years at Perennial Park

Catch the


Progress is defined as movement towards a goal. The Perennial Park vision, approved by the Center’s board in 1997, created a long range plan for the Center. This vision incorporated the hopes and dreams of those who genuinely cared about providing for Hillsdale County’s older population. The vision was broken into phases with the belief that, if you build it they will come. While many of the steps along the way have created unforeseen challenges, we continue to move towards completing the Perennial Park vision. From finding property, to building our first home, opening the kitchen (so we were better able to provide home delivered meals county wide), completing the lower level area, to planning the next phase in our expansion that will include additional space for 24 hour emergency respite care, it’s been a journey worth travelling. All the while our mission has remained the same; to keep people at home, independent and involved in the community. Progress is marked with milestones. In ten years at 320 West Bacon Street, Hillsdale we have grown in the number of services we provide and in the number of Hillsdale County’s elderly we’ve served. Thank you to all who have so generously helped the Center make the vision a reality.

Country Meadows AFC llc... Assisted Living at Its Best!

With well wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season from our entire staff. We appreciate your helping us to stay on track this year, thanks everyone!

Open to all 13 and older • No orientation fee 50+ years Discounts available • Payment plans available Mon – Thu, 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. • Friday, 6 a.m. – 5 p.m. • Saturday, 8 a.m. -Noon

Perennial Park Perennial Park Senior Center Fitness Center Janda Burger, Information & Referral Specialist

320 West Bacon Street, Hillsdale 320 West Bacon Street, Hillsdale| www.hillsdaleseniorcenter.org | www.hillsdaleseniorcenter.org 517.437.2422 | 800.479.3348

“May you find Peace and Joy during the Holiday Season!”

“Active, healthy, family living in a country setting”

everything you are looking For in adult assisted living • 24 hour care and supervision • Supervision of medications • Home cooked meals and snacks • Assistance with daily activities (Bathing, dressing, etc. as needed) • Private or Semi-private bedrooms • Complete laundry and housekeeping • Large deck with powered canopy • Activities & Exercise programs • Hospice & visiting physician • Back up generators • Exercise programs available • Specializing in Alzheimer’s care

Country Meadows aFC llC Centrally located only 25 minutes from Coldwater, MI, Hillsdale, MI and Angola, IN State licensed for AFC & Alzheimer’s care - John Moskal - Owner/Licensee cmassistedliving.com | 517-296-4369 | 912 Kelley Road | Montgomery, MI 49255

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ask a guy

What’s with men and their toys? by James E. Sheridan Simply Hers Magazine


Everything we do reflects who we are. The clothes we wear, the people we associate with, the actions we take are all expressions of our inner selves. Why do grown men love toys? Simple: Men’s toys are a manifestation of what’s going on inside. Authors Allen and Barbara Pease explain that men are nearly “addicted to anything that has buttons, a motor or moving parts, makes sounds, has flashing lights and runs on batteries.” This makes sense. Just as the female brain is wired to pick up on non-verbal cues from others, the male brain is wired to deal with things: Sizes, shapes, angles, speeds, distances and relative movements.

Men’s interest in things and their desire to fix things and solve problems can appear nearly obsessive. It can also be helpful: The Peases note that while most new business start-ups are now begun by women, “99% of all patents – of ‘boys’ toys’ that is – are still registered by men.” It’s little wonder that the Swiss Army Knife was invented by men for men. It’s the ultimate gizmo: A knife with multiple-sized blades that also has a screwdriver, scissor, bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew and toothpick! Life couldn’t be better! So how should women deal with their man’s passion for toys?

The male brain is remarkably adept at seeing a 3 dimensional object and picturing what it would look like from a different angle. Our orientation toward the spatial nature of things also helps explain why we’re drawn to operating mechanical devices and backing into parking spaces. This works well with our other passion: Fixing things and solving problems. Our collection of screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, flashlights, and gadgets help us fix things. Even our collection of fishing lures helps solve a problem: How to catch more fish. Boys are often fascinated with toy trucks and building blocks. As men they’re just as fascinated with cars and home improvement supplies. The Peases point out that “men go to home improvement stores, hardware shops and car yards where they can find things to make or build or watch work, and thereby satisfy their spatial urges.”

First, respect it. Understand that our “toy” passion is simply the masculine version of what women do. Women have 37 pairs of shoes and a collection of matching purses, necklaces and earrings, not to mention different color lipsticks to keep everything coordinated. They can hardly resist cute, little teddy bears, with big eyes and are drawn to Precious Moments Collectables. Women’s toys reflect the feminine nature; men’s toys reflect the masculine nature. Second, when you’re buying your man a gift, think of things that will reflect who he is. The Peases warn: “Always buy a man a spatially related toy as a present. Never get him flowers or a nice card; they won’t mean a thing to him.” Above all: make use of your differences, enjoy them, laugh at them and love each other for what you both bring to your relationship.

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turn the page Book and Author Reviews

By Nancy Ryan Simply Hers Magazine

With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to share my favorite Christmas present from last year. Since I am an avid reader, my husband Marty gave me an e-reader, a Kindle Touch. Well… you may have thought there is nothing new under the sun in the world of women’s novels. You might be surprised! It has been AN EXPERIENCE getting acquainted with this new technology, but it is amazing! For those of you (like me) who might be a bit intimidated by e-books, the method is pretty simple. Just touch the screen and “pow” all of your favorite authors are available in seconds. If you have an account online, your book is easily purchased. Couldn’t be easier. So what, you say? Well…you can also preview new authors free of charge by choosing their writings and selecting “read a sample”. This opens up two or three chapters of the selected book, which allows you to decide if that choice appeals to you and if you enjoy the author’s style of writing. (E-books are also available free through your local library. But that is another challenge ahead of me for another day!) There’s more! A perk of being a Kindle reader is what they call “Kindle Singles”. (This might be true of other e-book providers as well—I’m too new to know.) E-books have become so popular lately that certain authors will write short stories only for their fans in the electronic audience. I recently discovered a Kindle Single for $1.99 by author Nelson DeMille, one of my favorites. This guy makes you read every sentence of his writings (I tend to skim wordy paragraphs), as he slips in funny one-liners (asides) when you are not expecting them. DeMille has written several great stand-alone books like Up Country, Spencerville, Gold Coast, Charm School, Word of Honor and The General’s Daughter. The latter two have been made into pretty good movies. His more recent books revolve around NYPD Detective


John Corey, a quick-witted, cocky hero known for his brilliant investigative powers. In his first starring book, Plum Island, he is recently divorced. We follow him through subsequent novels, The Lion’s Game, Night Fall, Wild Fires and The Lion, until eventually he ends up marrying one of his heroines. The latest adventure for John Corey and his wife came out in October, and is entitled The Panther. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Incidentally, I just heard on a morning show that Nelson DeMille hand-writes all of his novels. Obviously, he is an old-timer, too! So… getting back to my Kindle Single by DeMille. It is entitled The Book Case, starring our dry-witted, smartaleck Detective John Corey. Our hero has been called to the scene in a bookstore to determine if there has been a murder, or if it is an accident. He is interviewing the deceased man’s wife, and here is a sample of the dialogue you will read as Corey talks to her: “But I always believe what he said to me.” Aside to the reader: “Making you the first wife in the history of the world to do that. Sorry, I digress…” “If only he would have listened to me.” Aside to the reader: “Right. If married men listened to their wives they would live longer and better lives. But married men I think have a death wish. That is why they die before their wives. They want to. Okay, I am getting off the subject again.” Try a Nelson DeMille book and read some great novels-- and catch the one-liners! See you at the library.

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Begin a Christmas Traditon

Meet Santa at the farM

and have your picture taken with him.

Take a horse drawn wagon To selecT your perfecT holiday Tree. Warm up at the bonfire or head inside to the cabin by the fireplace. Sip a cup of hot chocolate, mulled cider or coffee while enjoying the winter wonderland. Taste chestnuts roasted on an open fire.

The Berry Patch Gift Shop features: • wreaths • grave blankets • table centerpieces • outside arrangements • garland • antiques • ornaments

• candles • gift baskets • fudge • pure syrup • popcorn balls • amish candy • and much more!

165 S. Ray Road • Quincy, MI 49082 517-639-8360 • www.loveberrystreefarm.com 90

open the day after thanksgiving until december 23. 10am until dark. closed mondays

it’s time for



BPU’s Decorating contest sHow yoUr Christmas spirit! • Must be a BPU custumer • Must be entered to be judged • Judging will be held Wednesday, December 5th. • Prizes will be credited to the winners bill!

Board of

rESiDEntial PrizES 1st $150 2nd $100 3rd $50

CoMMErCial PrizES 1st $150 2nd $100 3rd $50

Enter yourself or enter your neighbor....

no cost to enter!

Public Utilities

45 MonroE St • HillSDalE • (517) 437-3387

Enter by calling the office at 437-3387 or email customerservice@hillsdalebpu.com


business spotlight

Patrons and staff each get a taste of life at a Hillsdale restaurant. by Jim Pruitt Simply Hers Magazine

Tastes of Life opened in June 2012 and offers family-style fare. But what makes this establishment different is most of staff is getting their first taste of life through working and learning some basic life skills. The restaurant is an extension of Life Challenge Ministries. The mission of Life Challenge is to take adult men and women and turn their lives around through prayer, faith and work. Many of the staff members at Tastes of Life are in the Life Challenge program. The restaurant gives them a chance to learn skills in food service and earn a paycheck so they can learn to prioritize how to spend their money and how to save it. The Life Challenge program works with people who have serious addictions and may have run afoul of the law. Using the Bible as its foundation, the ministry not only works on the soul and spirit, but the body as well. “We teach them hygiene, we show them how to make a bed, how to do laundry,” Director Jack Mosley said. Tastes of Life’s origins came out of discussions between building owner Glen Ziegler and Mosley on what do with the property after the previous tenants could not continue. Ziegler suggested an adult foster care, but Mosley thought there were too many of those businesses already. “I prayed about it,” he said. “I had a chef in the Life Challenge program that was about to graduate. This individual went to culinary school.” From there the idea took off. The program preaches consistency, a trait the participants need dearly, Mosley said. The restaurant offered another avenue where consistency is a must. “We needed something for the men and women,” Mosley said.


3380 Beck Road 517-437-4454.

At Tastes of Life, many Life Challenge graduates come to work. With so many of them being felons, getting a job can be a challenge, Mosely said. The restaurant provides opportunities to develop experience they can use in the future. “We teach them life skills,” Mosley said. “We teach them how to clean, cook and how to be a prep cook.”

The focus on living a disciplined life is part of Mosley’s mission. “Discipline determines destiny,” he said. The store is managed by Chris Keyser, 42. He is a New York native who moved to Hillsdale several years ago to help an uncle with some factories. His life took a bad direction until he entered the Life Challenge program. “I was just flopping around until I put God first,” Keyser said. “He helped me to start being productive.” Keyser met Lisa through the program and they have been married three months. The fare at the restaurant is family style. The kitchen makes everything fresh every day. The shop’s main dish is an eight-ounce signature burger with fresh-cut fries. “We cook everything from scratch,” Mosley said. “We make it fresh, not out of a can. Meals range from an average of $8-$10 up to $22 for a steak. The restaurant originally house the Carriage House and Mosley decided to go with the barn look for the interior. The entrance has a cozy feel and there are roosters (not real) scattered about the dining area. On the north side of the business is an ice cream shop called Sweets for Life. It moved from downtown Hillsdale when the restaurant opened. Prime rib and fish are available Friday and Saturdays. Breakfast is served any time. Tuesdays, tacos are $1 and kids’ meals are free for 10 and under with an adult dinner purchase. Fried chicken is served on Wednesday and Saturday. The restaurant is open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday. The store is closed on Mondays.

Tastes of Life manager Chris Keyser poses with his staff. Photo by Jim Pruitt


Stop by for a well deserved


How ‘bout a Bits & Kibbles — Appetizers burger ‘n a beer?

Chicken Wings—BBQ (Sweet, Spicy, Mustard) / Buffalo / Plain / SD Hot Sauce / Good Food Garlic Parmesan / Wicked Bleu Cheese 6…4.99 9…6.99 12…8.99 15…10.99 Long IslBleuandCheese IcedDressing...50¢ Tea Celery...35¢ Good FriendsRanch Dressing...35¢


Sinful Stuffers Potato skins stuffed with pulled pork, SD Hot Sauce, jalapenos, topped with melted cheddar cheese ...5.99 Serving the area for 70 yearS! St. Louis Rib Sampler 7 finger-lickin’ Saucy Dog ribs tossed in our Sweet BBQ Sauce. …8.99

1942 - 2012

ouldBBQ youNachos go to their website -their home page schrolls andPotato theres one that says all you can eat ribs Bacon & Cheese Boats Shadow’s Famous Topped with bacon, green onion, melted cheddar cheese Crispy tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar cheese, Sweet BBQ Sauce, and walleye all day everydayand garlic herb sour cream. . . 5.99 jalapeño peppers and your choice of Hand-Pulled Chicken or Pork. . .7.49 Half order…4.00 could we use those picks in place of the rib pic that weMushrooms have and ad the all you can eat info?maybe Deep Fried Battered fresh whole mushrooms served with Create Yourtake Own offNachos join us on the patio ranch dressing. . .5.99 Crispy tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar cheese …6.99 Casual and put the all you can eat infoDining on topwith and the all day every day where you have slow smoked? Half order. . .4.00 Hand-dipped Onion Rings Choose any three toppings—bacon, green onion, sour cream, garlic herb Served with Texas ranch…5.49 sour cream, green olive, chili, diced tomato, lettuce or jalapeños 212 E. Chicago St. (US-12) | Jonesville Downtown Hillsdale Downtown Hillsdale Extra toppings …50¢ (517)849-2120 Mini Corn Dogs 517-849-BBQ2 (2272) Add Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork or Beef Brisket417 …2.49 mustard. . .5.79 (517) 437-7356 West Chicago St.• JonesvilleServed with honey (517) 437-7356

old world charm


Prime Rib Perfection

Chips & Salsa or Cheese Corn tortilla chips with smoked tomato salsa or melted cheddar cheese. . .3.99 Chili Cheese Fries Curly fries smothered in cheese sauce and chili. . .6.99

the huNt CLuB

The hunT Club

Fried Dill Pickles Served with ranch dressing. . .4.99 Chicken Tenders Deep fried chicken tenders. . .6.99

h Friday Tuesday Throug From 3—5 s 2 Off Appetizer ers) (Excludes 1/2 ord


day T reats

45¢ W ings Friday

ry Fish F


Olivia’s prime rib is slow cooked for 10 hours making it tender, juicy, and delicious.

Bike Night

6pm every thursday

live music, drink specials, food,

517-849-3663 | 205 East Chicago Street | Jonesville, MI 49250 http://www.facebook.com/oliviaschophouse

campfires, horseshoes and bikes!

artesiaN Wells Sports Tavern

U.S. 12 & U.S. 127 • Cement City • 517-547-8777 93

Christmas Concoctions Delightful drinks sure to add a touch of taste to any holiday Event.

Candy Cane Martini 1 1/2 oz Vodka 1/2 oz triple sec 2-3 oz white cranberry Shaken into a cocktail glass with red/white sugar rim and candy cane garnish


White Reindeer 1 1/2 oz. of vodka 1 1/2 oz Classic 3 oz Amarula 1/4 oz creme de cacao On the rocks in a rocks glass Add your vodka, Amarula and creme de cacao to a shaker filled with ice. Shake and pour into a tumbler. Servie with chocolate covered peppermint stick for added flavor.

Irish Creme Holiday Martini 59ml of Irish Cream liqueur 7ml of vodka 7ml of chocolate liqueur A few raspberry Add your Irish Cream, vodka and chocolate liqueur to a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with raspberrys (optional). Recipe from Rachel Ray.com

Gingerbread Man Martini 60ml of gingerbread flavoured liqueur 10ml of vodka 10ml of Kahlua 10ml of Irish Cream liqueur 2 gingerbread biscuits, crushed 1 gingerbread biscuit, to serve canned whipped cream (optional Dip a martini glass in water and then into the crushed gingerbread biscuits. Pour all the liqueurs into a shaker, and shake well. Pour into the martini glass and top with a squirt of whipped cream and the leftover gingerbread biscuit. (Adapted from Outback.com)


Michigan why should


have all the


CR MotoRs is known foR

taking CaRe of ouR CustoMeRs befoRe, duRing and afteR the sale.

foR youR hassle-fRee

buying expeRienCe visit CR MotoR sales...

EvEryonE ElsE is. Winter is coming ... TIME FOR A CAR CHECK


$ ✔ Engine check ✔ Coolant flush ✔ Oil change ✔ Battery check

✔ Exhaust system test ✔A/C system test ✔Brake inspection ✔Tire Rotation

oil changes • tune-ups fuel injection • belts & hoses engine checks • inspections fluid flushes • emissions shocks & struts • electrical transmissions • air conditioning radiators • tires • steering • brakes • exhaust • heating leak repair • brake service


Only $59.95

Quality Service & Fair Prices Always Guaranteed



Steering and Suspension Inspection

Flush transmission with 16 quarts of new fluid.

CR MOTOR SALES 5180 S. Meridian Rd. • Hudson


517-448-2741• 877-814-5337

Brakes • All Lights All Fluid Levels • Tire Tread & Condition • Road Test Vehicle

Holiday got you Hungry? Madigan’s

sports pub & grill


Fridays $ 99


ArtisAn PizzAs

• 12 oz. Sirloin • Potato • Salad • Roll

serves 2

Spinach & Feta • Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie • Chicken Carbonara

US-12 • Allen 517-869-2001



The Place To be This season!

Order at Dominos.com Delivery or Carry Out


212 W Carleton Rd, Hillsdale

Fresh Hand Craf ted Pizza


Sensationl Seasonal Specials


517-437-7538 • 1990 Ash Te Wette Dr. • Hillsdale




Fa m


ily R esta u ra n t

Gift Certificates...

The perfect gift for any budget

FINISH LINE FAMILY RESTAURANT 75 W. Carleton rd • Hillsdale •(517) 437-3470

517-439-1100 • 173 E South St • Hillsdale


feed your cravings! F L A V O R

F R I E N D S thursday • 5-8

live psychic readings !

Under new $29 - $189 OwnerShip

Gift & Custom Samplers

(517) 448-3100 521 S Meridian rd HudSon


Simple Star ter s Thai Spiced Shrimp with Coconut Dipping Sauce Marinade: 2 stalks lemongrass peeled, chopped 2 tablespoons chopped ginger root 3 cloves garlic 2 Thai red chiles, chopped 1/4 cup chopped cilantro 1 lime (juice and zest) 2 green onions, sliced 1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste 2 tablespoons fish sauce 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 tablespoons palm sugar (or brown sugar) 1 pound large shrimp, peeled, deveined

Place all marinade ingredients in food processor and process until smooth paste forms. Marinate the shrimp in the paste (refrigerated) for 20 minutes. Grill over medium high heat, 2 to 3 minutes per side. Serve at room temperature, or chilled, with Coconut Dipping Sauce (recipe follows). 6-8 appetizer servings Coconut Dipping Sauce 1 cup coconut milk Juice of 1 lime 2 tablespoons palm (or brown) sugar 1 tablespoon fish sauce 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper



Polenta Cups with Sweet Peppers, Manchego, and Almonds Polenta Cups: 4 cups water 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup yellow cornmeal 1/2 teaspoon minced fresh thyme 1/4 teaspoon pepper Filling: 2 teaspoons vegetable oil 1/2 cup whole blanched almonds 3 roasted red bell peppers, peeled, seeded, chopped 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons sherry vinegar 1 large clove garlic, minced 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped, drained capers 1/2 teaspoon finely chopped thyme leaves Salt and freshly ground pepper 10 small pitted green olives, chopped 1 tablespoon minced Italian parsley 1/4 pound Manchego cheese, grated

debishawcrossblog.com For polenta cups: In a large heavy saucepan, bring water and salt to a boil. Reduce heat to a gentle boil; slowly whisk in cornmeal. Cook and stir with a wooden spoon for 15-20 minutes or until polenta is thickened and pulls away cleanly from the sides of the pan. Remove from the heat; stir in thyme and pepper. Spoon heaping tablespoonfuls into miniature muffin cups coated with cooking spray. Using the back of a spoon, make an indentation in the center of each. Cover and chill until set.

Cucumbers with Herbed Chevre, Smoked Salmon and Caviar Combine the chevre, milk, herbs, juice and zest together, mixing well. Lay the cucumbers out, cut side up, and season lightly with salt and pepper. Cover the top of the cucumber rounds with a bit of the chevre mixture. Top each cucumber round with a thin slice of smokes salmon, then top with a bit of caviar. Serve very cold.

Brie, Sundried Tomato, and Basil Bruschetta 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 cup oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, drained, oil reserved 1 teaspoon grated lemon zest 1 garlic clove 1â „4 teaspoon salt 1â „4 teaspoon pepper 1 French baguette, sliced into 1/2-inch-thick slices 1 (8-ounce) wheel Brie cheese, rind removed, sliced into thin slices 1/2 cup pine nuts, toasted 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil leaves

Mix together the olive oil and reserved oil from the sun-dried tomatoes. In a food processor, process the sun-dried tomatoes, lemon zest, garlic, salt, and pepper until it forms a paste. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Lightly brush both sides of baguette slices with the oil and place on a baking sheet. Bake until just beginning to turn golden brown, about 10 minutes, flipping baguettes halfway through. Spread about 1 teaspoon of the sundried tomato paste on each toasted baguette, followed by a slice of Brie, and return to the baking sheet. Bake until Brie is just starting to melt. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts and fresh basil.

For topping: In a medium skillet, heat the vegetable oil. Add the almonds and cook over medium heat, stirring, until golden, about 5 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel to drain, then coarsely chop. In a medium bowl, combine all topping ingredients; add toasted almonds, and adjust seasoning. Assembly: Unmold polenta cups and place on a platter. Spoon 1 heaping tablespoon of topping mixture onto each polenta cup. Garnish with sprinkles of Manchego cheese.

Ingredients: 1 English cucumber, cut into 1/2 inch rounds 4 ounces garlic-herb chevre, softened 1 teaspoon skim milk + more if needed 1 1/2 tablespoons chopped herbs (parsley, dill, basil, thyme), chopped very fine Dash of salt and pepper 1 teaspoon lemon zest + 1 teaspoon lemon juice 3 ounces gravlox smoked salmon 1 ounce caviar, optional



Liquid images LLc

Tattoos & Piercings 517-283-1849 107 Main St., Reading Mon. - Sat. 1-8pm

expecting a full house for the holidays? call today for our great rates!

Days Inn of HIllsDale - (517) 439-3297

daysinn.com/mi 800-Days-Inn®

3241 Carleton Rd. (M-99)

Enjoy outdoor Living aLL yEar Long... Let us help you create the outdoor living space you have been dreaming about. Achieve the luxurious look and feel of granite or stone with a one-of-a-kind piece from Becker & Scrivens. Beautify your outdoor space with quality and craftsmanship you can count on for years of enjoyment.

Becker & ScrivenS concrete ProductS


3340 Beck Rd. Hillsdale MI 49242 www.beckerscrivens.com

from good morning to

grEat goal... we’re with you all the way!

randy SandErS owner/agent

dEniSE PottEr agent

brucE kEEling agent

motorcyclE | commErcial | farm | auto | homE | lifE | hEalth 100

517) 283-2614 235 N Main St • Reading

upcoming events at

the dawn theater discover what lies behind the curtain... doors open at 7:30 unless otherwise noted

Nov. 3rd ~ WaylaNd WITh SpecIal GueSTS KemmlerS FaTe (tIcketS $12.50 IN advaNce, $15.00 at tHe door)

Nov. 10Th ~ ed crouch & Full mooN (tIcketS $5.00 at tHe door)

Nov. 14Th ~ “WaTch SurvIvor WITh a SurvIvor”

curreNt SurvIvor PHIlIPPINeS coNteStaNt MIcHael SkuPIN wIll joIN uS to SPeak aBout HIS exPerIeNceS oN tHe SHow aNd SIgN autograPHS. t-SHIrtS aNd SurvIvor MeMoraBIlIa wIll Be avaIlaBle for PurcHaSe tHrougHout tHe eveNINg. tIcketS are $15.00 at tHe door. Note ~ doorS oPeN at 7:00PM

Nov. 17Th ~ SpecIal acouSTIc NIGhT WITh Jerry SpraGue aNd JuST added SPecIal gueSt Scotty ButterS (B.y.o coffee cuP for a free cuPPa joe) advaNce tIcketS are $3.00 ~ $5.00 at tHe door ~ Note ~ doorS oPeN at 6:30PM

Nov. 24Th ~ The daWN WelcomeS BacK KrIS hITchcocK & Small ToWN SoN!! tIcketS are $12.50 IN advaNce, $15.00 at tHe door

dec. 1ST ~ chrISTmaS FeSTIval aT The daWN SaNTa WIll Be here For pIcTureS aT 6:00 pm

free MovIe ~ MIracle oN 34tH Street (StartS at 7:00PM) free Hot coffee ~ coNceSSIoN PrIceS wIll reflect tHe tIMe PerIod of tHe MovIe.

dec. 7Th ~ The daWN TheaTer INvITeS you To our chrISTmaS arT ShoW & WINe aNd cheeSe TaSTING

featurINg workS of art froM local artISaNS aNd HIllSdale college StudeNtS. exquISIte SelectIoNS of fINe wINe BrougHt to you By davIdS dolce vIta. tIcketS are $12.00 IN advaNce, $15.00 at tHe door. doorS oPeN at 5:30 PM ~ wINe taStINg BegINS at 6:00PM

dec. 15Th ~ maTT Gelzer oF Bachelor FIlmS WIll premIere hIS NeW FIlm “Good NeWS”. tIcket INforMatIoN aNd SHow tIMeS coMINg SooN!

dec. 31ST ~ rING IN your NeW year aT The daWN TheaTer!

joIN tHe crowd aS we welcoMe 2013 ~ rock & roll Style!! detaIlS aNd tIcket INfo are coMINg SooN!

For Tickets & Show Information: 110 N. Broad St. Hillsdale, MI. 49242 www.dawntheater.com 517.439.0110


G EMS OF W ISDOM Have You Read Your Horoscope Today? SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you have enough drive and enthusiasm to get through a challenging time. There may be a few opportunities to go above and beyond in your business ventures.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21 Self-discipline is something you will need in excess, Sagittarius. Use this to your advantage when you work with others to plan recreational activities.

CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, you have enough enthusiasm to get things done, but getting things off the ground is more difficult. It’s time to buckle down and work through tasks.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, the time has come to reevaluate a certain situation, but you are up for the challenge. It may be hard to communicate your goals to others, but your persistence will pay off.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 You prefer to be in control of a situation, Aquarius. However, sometimes you have to relinquish control to someone else. Do so with grace and humility.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, things you say have a greater impact on others than you may realize. Therefore, think through what you say to make sure your words come across as intended.

PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Now is the time to make progress in something that has been on your mind for quite some time, Pisces. Take action before it’s too late.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, now is the time focus so that your dreams and plans can become a reality. Put all of your efforts into realizing your goals, and you won’t be sorry for having done so.

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, you will know how to smooth over an embarrassing situation. You come across assertive and dominant, and others naturally listen to you.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, pay particular attention to your financial records. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to reconcile all of your accounts at year’s end.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, your plan to modify a project will meet with great results. You may become interested in an organization that showcases your skills.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 This is the ideal time to move forward in your career, Libra. Be assertive and things will fall into place. Embrace a new opportunity and make the most of it.

Megan Readings by


Phone readinGs - (517)263-8488


Tuesday • 4:30 pm Hugo’s in Jackson Wednesday • 5:00 pm artisan Wells Thursday • 5:00 pm margariTas registration available 1/2 hour prior last sign up at 8:00pm

Gift certificates available

y p p Ha ! s y a d i l Ho


monday to saturday 8am - 6pm FREE 9 point inspection



gift certificates available!

other services: flushes -


Located Between AutoZone & O’Reily Auto Parts 3171 W. Carleton Rd (M99) • Hillsdale • 517-437-7050

cooling, 4x4, transmission, power steering

filters air, fuel, cabin

mantenance belts, wiper blades, bulbs PREMIUM FEATURED OILS: Valvoline • Mobil 1 • Pennzoil • Sunoco Royal Purple • Amsoil • Quaker State

* Up to 5 quarts of house virgin Sunoco oil.plus tax and $1.50 shop fee


Weight-loss surgery is not about what you have to lose.

Join us NOVember 7 Or DECEMber 11 For a Free Seminar

It’s about what you have to GAIN! Are you a candidate for weight-loss surgery?

Join us for a free informational seminar. Learn if you are a candidate, the benefits of weight loss surgery, your surgical options and more. Get the answers you need to begin your life changing journey today.


Surgical Group To schedule an appointment call 517-437-8373 451 Hidden Meadows Dr. • Suite 260 • Hillsdale

Daniel Baxter, D.O.

Dale McCririe, D.O.

Norris March IV, D.O.

Profile for Angela Blake

Simply Hers November/December 2012  

Local women's magazine for Hillsdale, Lenawee and Branch counties in Michigan

Simply Hers November/December 2012  

Local women's magazine for Hillsdale, Lenawee and Branch counties in Michigan