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MOVING FOR MASON Spring has got me moving! Happy Spring, everyone! Spring makes me happy for many reasons, but especially this year, because that means I can say good riddance to the treadmill and hello to road races and outdoor training.

By: Ashley Hackett Simply Hers Magazine

I am thrilled to report that I’ve been logging miles like crazy for Mason. However, running is not all I’ve been doing. Since being matched with Mason in January, I’m proud to say that I have not only run for him, but have also lifted, planked, cruised, flown, walked, swum, snorkeled, talked about, roller skated, zip-lined, hiked, rock climbed, parasailed and jumped FOR MASON! Mason has been busy himself. He celebrated his 5th birthday since the last time you’ve heard from me, and holy moly, is he off to BIG adventures already! Mason has a new PASS worker, which is an organization in Rhode Island that sets up children with workers who take them out, teach them social skills and work on developmental life skills. He seems to be hitting it off really well with her – in just a few weeks, they’ve already gone to the movies for his first time, followed by dinner where he tried a lemon, for the first time . . . he told me that he “thought it was fake!” They’ve also visited a children’s museum and a bounce house where he got to wear boxing gloves, larger than him! His most exciting visit, though, has been to the library, where he got his very own library card; the last time we FaceTimed, he read me a Berenstain Bears book, and was so proud of himself! I loved it!!! I am also super excited to share some I Run 4 news with you all! Towards the end of March, founder Tim Boyle announced a really awesome project that the organization is working on


fundraising and developing. The goal is to build wheelchair-accessible playgrounds across the U.S. for handicapped children so that they have the same opportunities as everyone else. I can not put into words how grateful and proud I am to be part of such a philanthropic, kind-hearted organization in which so many people from all over the world come together to make it a little bit easier for the families of these children, and, in some cases, adults. If you’re interested in finding out more information on this project, join the I Run for Michael Facebook page or visit the I Run 4 webpage where you can make a donation toward the project if you’d like. Tim has also recently posted that the organization is at a slight standstill in regards to runners and buddy applications. I urge you to check out the information available on the website if you’re the slightest bit interested or know of someone that would make a great buddy candidate. The support system of this organization is amazing! Speaking of support, if you’re interested in joining our Moving for Mason team for the Around the Park for Autism race in Jackson, there’s still time to enter via the runsignup.com website! I believe that you can also register the morning of the race—you just won’t receive a shirt. The race offers a 5K walk and run as well as a 1.5 mile walk option. If you’re not able to participate in it, we’d love to see you along the course cheering us on! The next time you hear from me, I will have 2 races under my belt and will have traveled to Rhode Island to race for and to meet Mason in person!!! I can’t wait to share my stories with you all. Until next time – keep MOVING FOR MASON!

Summertime in Blissfield let the fun begin!



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Hello sunshine Story by Tyler Dotson, Blissfield DDA

s the school year comes to an end and the sun shines a bit brighter, Blissfield once again springs to life. Experience Blissfield with a walk in the park, or a downtown stroll, or with a stop on the bridge to reflect by the river. Enjoy the fine cuisine at one of our great local restaurants or have a picnic in one of our beautiful parks. The options are only limited by your imagination and available time to explore our great town.

The Iott Insurance Car & Bike shows are a clear sign that blue skies and easier living is amongst us. What’s better than an evening stroll with classic cars, great doo-wop, and Motown hits! Check out the custom bikes and antique cars at one of our five car shows in historic downtown Blissfield on May 11, June 8, July 13 (River Raisin Festival), August 10, and September 14 from 5-8 p.m. We’ll have giveaways, a canned food collection and a 40

50/50 raffle sponsored by the Blissfield American Legion. Don’t miss out on these great shows! New this year, the Blissfield Downtown Development Authority (DDA) will be hosting Antiques on the Lane, a street market and sidewalk sale featuring antiques, re-purposed furniture, primitives, industrial items, downtown merchants, and more! This event will feature DIY classes by locals and promises to be a great time for both the young and old. This year Antiques

Best place for trivia Michigan on Devils Michigan Lake!Craft-Brews

• happenings •


Opening of Farmers Market May 27 – Sept 2 Festival of the Arts June 17 Irish Hills Lake & Home Tour June 24 Fourth of July Fireworks July 3 Men’s Club “Firecracker Run 7K & Fun Run” July 4 Rockin’ the Hills Beer Festival July 15 (Farmers Market at SiBurke’s Orchard) Nautical Flea Market Aug 6 Manitou Car Show Aug 19

on Tap Craft-Brews on Tap Michigan Craft Brews on Tap


live Trivia free p every wednesday

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1st place - $20 Gift card 2nd place - $10 Gift card $ 1 off beer, wine, & well liquor durinG trivia

Thursday 6 pm -10 pm Sat-10 8:30pm pm - 11:30 pm Thursday 6 pm Live Music Sat 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Sun-Thurs 11 am - 10 pm Fri 11 & Sat amSun-Thurs am11 - 10 pmMidnight Fri & Sat 11 am- Midnight

517-252-5475 | www.bootjacktavern.com 517-252-5475 | www.bootjacktavern.com 735 Manitou Rd. | Manitou Beach | South Side of Devils Lake 735 Manitou Rd. | Manitou Beach | South Side of Devils Lake Distinctive gifts for your home and your lifestyle.

Open Memorial Day thru Labor Day 7 Days a Week Mon. - Sat • 10 am-6 pm Sun 11 - 4 pm

New lines of clothing, purses, shoes , jewelry, home décor, furniture & Much More! Stop in Today!

517.252.5287 | 200 Devils Lake Hwy | Manitou Beach

Open Year Round! 131 Devils Lake Hwy. | Manitou Beach | 517-547-5592



Business Spotlight:

Silver and Rust By Melissa McCance

Where new and old make something special


enny Atkinson and her daughter Angie Hanawalt had talked a number of times about opening a store together. They had always been crafters and enjoyed creating special things; they’d even had some Etsy stores. Then Angie and her husband moved to Wyoming for a while where she joined a craft co-op and gained additional knowledge about running a retail operation. When Penny would go for a visit, she took furniture pieces she’d restored for Angie to sell at the co-op.

Eventually, Angie and her family returned to Michigan, and she and Penny decided it was time to make their dream store a reality. On January 5, 2017, Silver & Rust opened in downtown Hudson. Located at 307 W. Main St., the shop features a charming mix of new and old home décor. This mix was the inspiration for the store’s name, “silver” representing the new items and “rust” signifying the repurposed and vintage pieces. Angie’s degree in interior design is reflected in the tastefully-arranged displays in the shop, as well as the striking logo which she designed. “I need to be creating,” said Angie. “It’s part of who I am.” The shop’s varied inventory will appeal to many different tastes, covering a range from delicately lovely to rustic, sweetly sentimental to tongue-in-cheek funny, and practical to whimsical. Wall art, mugs, pillows, furniture, kitchen items and more fill the space, making it difficult for shoppers to choose just what will be going home with them. In addition, Silver & Rust stocks essential oils, candles and house-made scrubs. Besides the retail stock, Silver & Rust also offers sign classes on a drop-in basis. Customers can make a 12” x 12” sign for $35 and have a great decorative item to take home. Penny and Angie will open the store for after-hours parties, and if there are six or more guests, the hostess’s project is free. Refreshments are not provided, but anyone having a party may bring in food and beverages for the guests. 44

One special item is a set of wedding-themed signs that brides can rent for $100 plus a $100 deposit. The set includes six signs, each bearing a portion of the well-known Bible passage on love from 1 Corinthians 13. They are simple in design and would fit in with many different styles of wedding décor. Angie and Penny do custom signs, both residential and commercial. Just contactSlider them Tuesday! to discuss your ideas, and they will Come createin a for your choice one-of-a-kind piece for your home or busi- of sliders for $1 Add coleslaw or by or fries for $1 ness. You can reach them on Facebook calling 517-306-7992.

Pet Talk By Melissa McCance

All you need is love(birds)!

Colorful, affectionate and engaging, lovebirds can be charming pets, offering the entertaining personality of a parrot in a smaller bird that is easier to house and manage. Lovebirds range from 5” to 7” in length and are stocky in build, with large bills and rounded or square tails. There are a number of varieties commonly kept as pets, each with its own beautiful coloring. The colors are duller in younger birds, intensifying as the bird matures. Average lifespan for these little parrots is 10-12 years, although it is not uncommon for them to live longer. Lovebirds are quite hardy and not difficult to keep in captivity.


Perhaps because they are famous for being devoted to their mates, conventional wisdom maintains that you must keep lovebirds

in pairs. This, however, is not true, and keeping a single bird can have many rewards for its owner. However, they are very social birds. If your lovebird does not have a mate, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time providing socialization for your pet! Ignoring a lovebird can result in feather plucking or other behavioral issues. Their nature is to bond strongly with one companion, so understand that once your feathered friend has connected with you, it may show jealousy toward other birds or pets in the home if it sees you interacting affectionately with them. Lovebirds are very active, which means to be safe and comfortable they must have housing of adequate size. For one pair of birds, you should have a cage at least 32”x20”x20” with four perches plus food and water dishes (not plastic—lovebirds gnaw), and a bathing area. These birds are fond of having special places to rest, so nesting boxes, “lovie-tents” or huts can add comfort and security to the cage. If you use one of the fabric options (tents or huts), check it regularly and remove any loose threads so your bird won’t become entangled. As with any pet, cleanliness is critical to health, so be sure to clean cages, perches, food and water dishes and bathing areas as needed. Their activity level also indicates that toys are in order. Because lovebirds are chewers and shredders, the things you put in their cages must be inspected frequently to

Keeping it in Stitches Moving On: A Retiree’s Story New habits are hard to form. Going from a structured work day five days a week for many years to sleeping in, eating breakfast at 10, and doing whatever the heck I want, is a new habit.

By Diane K Clow Sewist and Long Arm Quilter Eversew Quilted

Previously, I got up and dressed in a suit—yes, for the most part a suit. Keep in mind that a blazer or jacket covers a world of sins including muffin top, and you don’t have to hold in your stomach for hours at a time. Especially now that wearing pantyhose is OUT! Come on! Those things kept it all together, smooth and lump-free, evened skin tone . . . how did we give these up? But I digress. My work day began with letting myself into the office, greeting the early arrivals, taking the Wall Street Journal into the boss’s office (yes, I was the “Good Fairy” of the Wall Street Journal, making sure it was delivered to Mr. C daily), and heading into my office to check on the emails I hadn’t already reviewed at 11 p.m. the night before and again at 6 a.m., all thanks to the technology of smart phones and being connected 24/7! And then the day would begin. Now, there is no set schedule, no emails to respond to, no suits, no deadlines, no meetings, no Wall Street Journal to deliver. It’s been replaced with getting up when I wake up. Going where I want— grocery store, pharmacy, quilt shop—when I want. Eating when I’m hungry, binge watching shows on HGTV, and quilting for customers. Tough duty. They say it takes sixteen days to form a new habit. For me, that was about right. At about the sixteenth day of retirement, I was no longer “grieving” the loss of my 8-5, and I finally admitted to myself that I was enjoying my new retirement life . . . and that it was okay to be okay about it. And, to admit that it was actually kind of fun.


So, last night, as my still -husband and I were watching Sunday night TV, I said (with a smile), “Aww, tomorrow is Monday,” to which he responded, “You don’t even care if it’s day or night.” And he’s right.

Now to be fair, while there are certainly some time freedom benefits for me, there are also some time benefits for others. Being more available for my granddaughter, my family and friends is wonderful. I am also interested in volunteer work. But, taking some time to investigate where you want to volunteer your time and energy should be carefully thought through. I’m still a working woman with my quilting business, even though I can (to some degree) control how much work to take on, which is great! And, to be successful in maintaining this business, I need to commit a certain amount of time to do so. I also have a home to maintain and some quilting projects of my own. In addition, I want to be of service in some capacity to my community. I have some ideas I’d like to share about this in the future. Currently, I’m a 29-year and first female member of the Hillsdale Exchange Club, a local service organization that sponsors a golf outing in May, a Prayer Breakfast before Thanksgiving, the Flyin Breakfast at the Hillsdale Airport, and sets up the Veterans Flag Display along Broad Street, the Courthouse lawn and in front of the Jonesville Veterans monument in the Sunset View Cemetery. This amazing display is the brainchild of Jeff Francis and Mike Nye and complements the Kiwanis’ residential and business individual flag displays project that honors our country and those who have served. I am also a member of an area quilt guild, the Jackson Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild, along with a fellow membership of over 200 quilters. In addition to hearing the programs of nationally-renowned quilting speakers, attending technique workshops and enjoying fellowship with my quilting-sisters, we volunteer hours of time and materials to donate quilts to Hospice, the Linus Project, and cage comforters for the Humane Society. Keeping it together, balancing my new-found time for family, friends, my quilting customers, and community service – it’s moving on and Keeping it in Stitches!

Colors of Summer:

How do they fit in at your house? By Cindy Longstreet, Longstreet Living

Summer is coming, and it just seems to get me looking at the inside of my house and getting a little depressed with all those heavy, warm, and cozy looks that I needed during those long, cold months. I am now ready for the sunshine!! But, who wants to do a remodel job this time of the year? I’d much rather be outside enjoying the great weather with my family and friends. So, what’s a girl to do? I concentrate on four areas of my house.

The Bedroom: I always buy my comforter in a neutral color, and when the seasons change, I change up my pillows and throws. I start by layering the pillows in many colors and textures. Yes, it’s ok to mix those plaids with stripes and florals. Rule of thumb: pick a base color and work from there. Pillows and throws don’t have to be a big expense, but it sure does change the mood of a room. Don’t forget the nightstand. Keeping it sweet and simple, stack a few of your favorite reads on the nightstand, for some dimensional height. Adding a small bunch of flowers will give you the color you need.

The Mantel: Put a little summer on the mantel! I like to look through my family photos of vacations and summers past. I will pick a favorite and have it enlarged onto a canvas. Enlarging pictures today is easy and pretty inexpensive. Then, add some colorful flowers. Try to select your flower color by bringing out a color that is in your picture. Summer has now arrived!


The Table: This is a fun area. I will admit I have a fetish for table dressings. Everytime I clean house, I change my table set-ups. I always create a base with the linens and dishes. Now, this will make it easy to change up your looks for the holidays and parties throughout the summer months.

The Living Room: Summer decorating should include some bold colors. One of the hottest colors for this summer is “LUSH,” which really is a nice, deep green hue, just like our yards will be soon. This color can be brought in with plants and pillows. Now, I always go with the artificial plants because I can’t keep from killing them. Many of my friends have that “ green thumb,” but not me. I admire those of you that have that gift. Add some bright pillows with multiple textures and designs to your sofa, giving it a fresh look.

Go ahead, get out of your box and try something new. It’s summer, and we need to start living!




123 W. Maumee St. • Adrian Mon-Fri 10-5 • Sat 10-3 517.920.4433 awesomefinds@comcast.net Home Décor, Unique Antiques, Primitives, Architectural Salvage, Decorative Collectibles


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146 1/2 N. Main St. (M-50) • Brooklyn Thurs. 10-6, Fri. 10-8, Sat. 10-6 517.938.8147 idkcreativedecor.com Vintage, Industrial, Antiques, Jewelry



41 E. Bacon St. • Hillsdale Mon-Sat 9-6 • Sun 8-5 517.917.6436 Home Decor, Antique & Handmade Items Like us on Facebook for great specials and sales going on all month long!



SIMPLY FOUND CREATIONS, LLC 9991 Stoddard Rd • Adrian Corner of Onsted Hwy. & Stoddard Rd Tue-Sat 10-6 517.467.5736 Renewing & Redesigning Rescued Décor for Home & Garden Antiques, Vintage, Tools, Re-Purposed, ReThunk Junk Furniture Paint


Hitching Post Antiques Mall

1322 E. Monroe (M-50 at M-52) Tecumseh • Open 7 Days 10-5:30 517.423.8277 hitchingpostantiques.com Over 8000 sq ft – Victorian, Military, Clocks, Glass, Estate Jewelry, Lighting & Lamp Parts

Antiques & Vintage On The Boulevard

138 E. Chicago Blvd. • Tecumseh Open 7 Days • M-Sat 10-6 • Sun 12-5 517.301.4747 antiqueboulevard@yahoo.com Primitives, Shabby Chic, Industrial, Home Décor, Painted & Finished Furniture, Architectural Salvage

r e m m u Ultimate S

Plan the

In Pure Michigan

With long days, comfortable temperatures, and the nation’s longest freshwater coastline, Michigan is America’s picture-perfect summer destination. The state’s more than 11,000 lakes set a scene of peaceful tranquility while also providing a breathtaking backdrop to an endless list of activities for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a lake-effect getaway, or some family fun at summer events around the state, it’s time to plan a visit to the summer playgrounds of Pure Michigan. State and National Parks In Michigan, you are never more than half an hour from a Michigan state park, state campground, or state trail system. With beautiful weather and scenery, summer in Michigan is the perfect time to get outdoors, whether it be for a family vacation or a day trip! Michigan


also has four national parks and lakeshores: Isle Royale National Park, River Raisin National Battlefield Park, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. At any of these outdoor destinations, you can step away from the ordinary and explore the extraordinary views of Michigan-exclusive wonders. Lake Effect Getaway With temperatures heating up, the boating and beaching season in Michigan will soon be in full swing. Whether you are hoping to relax and play in the sun or float on pristine waters, Michigan’s diverse lake areas offer the perfect setting to create lasting summer memories. Luckily, in Michigan you are never more than six miles away from a lake, river or stream, so, you don’t have to travel far to find your personal Lake Effect getaway.

Why the World Needs

Summer Camp: An Essay to Parents By Jeff Merhige

Jeff Merhige is the executive director of YMCA Camp Kern, a branch of the Greater Dayton YMCA. He has been professionally involved with camping for over twenty years. He and his wife, Amy, met at camp, and have two children, Sydney and Luke. Originally published in the 2011 November/December Camping Magazine.


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Local women's magazine serving Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties

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Local women's magazine serving Branch, Hillsdale and Lenawee counties