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PUBLIC NOTICE The Boston Redevelopment Authority (“BRA”), pursuant to Article 80, Section 80A-2 of the Boston Zoning Code (“Code”), hereby gives notice that an Institutional Master Plan Notification Form (“IMPNF”) was filed pursuant to Article 80 Section 80D of the Code by Emmanuel College (“Emmanuel”) on June 22, 2011 for the new ten (10) year Emmanuel College Institutional Master Plan. The IMPNF describes the new proposed 2011 Institutional Master Plan for Emmanuel College. In addition, Emmanuel is proposing two new institutional projects within the Academic Campus. Emmanuel is seeking the issuance of a Scoping Determination by the BRA for the Institutional Master Plan pursuant to Section 80D-5 of the Code. The IMPNF describes the Emmanuel Institutional Master Plan, which is based upon a strategic 10 year plan that will accommodate student growth, build enhanced academic and research space for its students. The IMPNF includes the proposed expansion of Cardinal Cushing Library to provide academic space in a new and renovated library facility of approximately 110,000 s.f., the construction of Julie Hall North, a new student resident hall for approximately 450 students with expanded student dining areas and space for student organizations, academic, student life and outreach activities. Approvals are requested of the BRA pursuant to Article 80D of the Code, as follows: (1) review of the IMPNF pursuant to the provisions of Section 80D-5; and (2) an Institutional Master Plan approval of the Institutional Master Plan to be submitted by Emmanuel College upon compliance with the scoping determination of the BRA. The IMPNF may be reviewed or obtained at the Office of the Secretary of the BRA, Room 910, Boston City Hall, Boston, MA 02201, between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday except legal holidays. Copies are also available at the office of Sarah Welsh, Vice President for Governmental and Community Relations, Emmanuel College, 400 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115. Public comments on the IMPNF, including the comments of public agencies, should be submitted in writing to Ms. Katelyn Sullivan, Project Manager, Boston Redevelopment Authority, One City Hall Square, Boston, MA 02201-1007 by July 25 2011 or by email to BOSTON REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY Brian P. Golden Executive Director / Secretary June 23, 2011



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