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Graduate and Professional Programs International Student Requirements On campus programs: International students on an F-1 visa are not eligible to study in any of the on campus Graduate and Professional Programs (GPP) at Emmanuel College. These are part-time programs and continual full-time attendance, which is required to maintain lawful F-1 status, is not possible in GPP programs due to time conflicts and course sequencing issues. Therefore Emmanuel College cannot issue I-20s for F-1 visas for any of its GPP programs. Non-immigrants with a visa status other than F-1 are welcome to apply to Emmanuel's Graduate and Professional Programs, as long as their visa status allows them to enroll in a degree program on a part-time basis. Online programs: International students may study in fully online programs because there is no residency requirement and a visa is not required. Admissions Requirements 1. An application is available at 2. Completion of standard application requirements: application, transcripts, two letters of recommendation, an essay, a resume and a personal interview. 3. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores If English is not your native language or you did not complete your high school or an undergraduate degree at an English-speaking school, you must submit a TOEFL score with your application. There are many materials in your application that will be considered in addition to your score. Emmanuel’s TOEFL code is 9606. The following three test formats are acceptable versions of TOEFL exams: A. The Computer-based TOEFL (“CBT”) exam: Emmanuel College programs require a minimum score of 220 B. The Paper-based TOEFL (“PBT”) exam: Emmanuel College requires a minimum score of 560 C. Internet-based TOEFL (“iBT”) exam: The Internet-based TOEFL has four subsections, with a grading scale for each section from 1 to 30. Emmanuel College will consider the score for each section rather than the total score. The minimum scores for each section are: Writing: 22 Speaking: 23 Listening: 18 Reading: 21 4. Emmanuel College does not provide financial aid or scholarships to international students. 5. Agreement to keep Emmanuel College aware of his/her enrollment status and visa status. If the student plans to drop a course, take a session off, or take a leave of absence, Graduate and Professional Programs must be notified immediately. I certify that I understand and can meet all of the above requirements. Signature ____________________________________