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The GIVING REPORT 2010–2011

Table of Contents President’s Society........................................................1 Notre Dame Society.....................................................2 Lapis Society................................................................3 Blue and Gold Society.................................................4 Alumni Giving.............................................................6 GOLD Alumni...........................................................15 Faculty, Staff, Parents and Friends............................16 Corporations, Foundations and Organizations........18 Named Scholarships..................................................18 The Heritage Society..................................................19


In Honor....................................................................19 In Memorial...............................................................20


2010–2011 Board of Trustees John F. Burke MaryEva Candon ’72 Jack Connors, Jr. Mary Lou Crane-Ryan ’74 Sister Anne Mary Donovan, SND ’62 Sister Janet Eisner, SND ’63 James L. Elcock Dr. Elaine El-Khawas Sister Mary M. Farren, SND ’69 Sister Kathleen Gallivan, SND ’69 Dr. Sheilah Shaw Horton ’81 Thomas J. Hynes, Jr. Dr. Nancy Kleniewski ’70 John H. MacKinnon Leslie F. McCafferty ’76 C. Allen Merritt Edmund F. Murphy III Monica D. Murphy ’73 Peter J. Muse Dr. Elizabeth Hayes Patterson ’67 Mark A. Quinn Donna Rapaccioli James Roosevelt, Jr. Eleanor Mulvaney Seamans ’71 Richard Syron Kathleen E. Walsh

President’s Society

Benefactor ($25,000+) The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Cape Cod Foundation Margot C. Connell Jack and Eileen Connors Joseph and Rose Corcoran The Council of Independent Colleges Maureen Cullinane ’67 C. Michael and Janet Daley Davis Educational Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Estate of Theresa McMasters Finney ’54 Thomas and Nicole Hynes Robert and Marianne Maguire Kerwin ’56 Carolyn and Peter Lynch Bill and Linda McQuillan Patricia M. McSweeney ’51 Mark and Elaine Quinn Estate of Margaret C. Salmon ’47 Richard and Eleanor Seamans ’71 Seamans Capital Management, LLC Bruce and Margaret Mary Soltis ’66 Wal-Mart Foundation, Inc. Frank Wilkens † Maureen Murphy Wilkens ’56 Yawkey Foundation II Patron ($10,000-$24,999) Anonymous The Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund The Boston Foundation Neil G. Buckley, Jr. and Neil G. Buckley III Mary Dwyer Carey ’57 Coca-Cola Refreshments Nancy Mahoney Cohen ’63 The Dow Chemical Company James and Kathleen Elcock Ernst & Young LLP ExxonMobil Corporation Fiduciary Trust Kathleen Fothergill ’71 Barbara Savage Giuggio ’51 John and Elin Harris ’64 Margaret Ann P. Hoban ’72 † Eileen Leonardi Elizabeth V. Mahoney ’45

Kevin and Leslie F. McCafferty ’76 Dr. Marie McCormick and Dr. Robert Blendon Estate of Winifred T. McDonough ’48 John and Dorothy McQuillan ’50 Anthony and Joanne DiGeronimo Migliaro ’88 Edmund and Jennifer Murphy Elisabeth M. O’Hearn ’47 Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation Allen and Hazel Potvin ’65 David W. Putnam Brian and Mary Jo Skayhan Rogers ’77 James and Ann Roosevelt T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Inc. M. Andrea Todesca Ryan ’66 Peter and Elizabeth Seaver ’63 Dick and Margaret Syron Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Corporation Walsh Brothers, Inc. Marie L. Welch ’49

Dr. Peter Merenda and Rose Cafasso Merenda ’44 Pfizer, Inc. Margaret Desarro Raidmets ’49 Carmelita Shea Ryan ’48 Gary D. Ryan † Frank and Mary Scully Edward H. Sonn Maybeth Fandel Sonn ’63 † Jill and Thomas Spellman Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies, Inc. Stephen and Genevieve Sweeney ’49 Suzanne E. Sylvester ’55 Grace LaFauci Taylor ’55 Andrew Yosinoff

Associate ($2,500-4,999) Ellen H. Baker ’66 The Bank of America Charitable Foundation Matching Gifts John and Augusta Baum ’40 Kathleen A. Borges Eleanor Mahler Boyle ’45 † William and Miriam Brennan ’50 John and Mary Burke Founder ($5,000-$9,999) MaryEva Candon ’72 M. Agatha Keohane Carroll ’42 Peter and Ellen Allen ’78 Paula E. Carroll ’72 and Dale Joan Hurley Black ’66 Eckerman, Jr. Virginia M. Cahill ’74 † Thomas and Susan Pelleriti Joan and Jack Caldwell Cleary ’79 Jeanne Connolly Clancy ’47 Rosemary F. Colson ’72 Marylou Devlin Conway ’52 Mary Lou Crane-Ryan ’74 and Bill and Joyce Cummings Robert Ryan John and Sally Dias ’62 Michael and Margaret Curry ’86 Mildred Corcoran Feloney ’55 Barry and Cecilia Danielian Daniel L. Fitzgerald Leo and Marion Dauwer ’47 Lucy Verza Fitzgerald ’37 † John and Ann DeLorey ’51 Beth Wilson Floor ’66 Ann Slyngstad Dickson ’63 Mary Lee Frisbie ’72 Noreen A. Dimond ’56 Karen Cuddyer Gelzinis ’73 † Margaret Bruce Doherty ’60 Peter P. Gelzinis IV Elizabeth J. Dolan ’58 General Electric Company Elaine El-Khawas Theresa M. Gillis ’71 Drew and Michelle Erickson Eleanor Spillane Gray ’39 Kendall and Alice Evans ’65 John and Maureen Harrington Nancy Kleniewski ’70 and Bill Davis Fidelity Investments Mary Fitzgerald Finneran ’42 † Marietta A. Marchitelli ’56 Margaret L. Gallagher ’51 Anna C. McCarthy ’41 Richard Gordet Charlotte Fleming McCarthy ’45 Austin and Julie Griffin ’50 Thomas McCarthy Elizabeth McCarty Grimes ’46 Ruth J. McNaughton ’49

Robert C. Hewitt Susan Grudzien Hewitt ’68 † Edward and Ellen Higgins ’50 Stan Horton and Sheilah Shaw Horton ’81 Ronald and Megan Hovsepian ’83 IBM Corporation Steven and Ellen Ingerman ’71 Richard and Ginna Kelly ’72 John and E. Patricia Leary ’50 William and Catherine Logue ’50 Charles and Margaret Lynch ’57 Rosemary and Jack MacKinnon Macy’s, Inc. Maguire Associates, Inc. Judith Cox Marley Frances Nixon McDonald ’53 Suzanne M. McGowan ’58 Cecilia Donahue McInerney ’43 Margaret L. McKenna ’83 and Michael Mangaudis Eleanor H. McKinnon ’48 Barbara J. McNeil ’62 Katherine Joyce McNeil ’32 † C. Allen and Beverly Merritt Robert and Mary Michielutti ’58 Monica D. Murphy ’73 Peter and Deborah Muse Richard and Anne Ockerbloom ’51 Kathleen Quill ’45 Donna and James Rapaccioli Richard and Mary Renehan ’57 George and Mercedes Riley Patricia Rissmeyer and James H. Wallace Sarah W. Rollins ’48 † Sarah W. Rollins Charitable Trust Lois T. Romano ’74 and Sven E. Holmes Maryanne Rooney-Hegan Jerome and Mary Fran Sweeney ’57 Mark and Mary Beth Tobin ’76 Joseph and Patricia Tower Katharine Corcoran Trask ’64 Mary F. Treacy ’65 Patricia Fergus Tuohy ’44 Estate of Mabel L. Waggett ’45 † Kathleen E. Walsh and Dr. Erik Garpestad Mary Kelly Walsh ’44 Peter and Sarah Welsh Kenna S. Wood


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

The President’s Society, Emmanuel College’s leadership giving society, includes individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations who supported Emmanuel College with gifts of $2,500 and above during the 2011 fiscal year (July 1, 2010-June 30, 2011). We are most grateful for the generous support of the following contributors:


Notre Dame Society Members of the Notre Dame Society supported Emmanuel College with gifts of $1,000-$2,499 during the 2011 fiscal year. Emmanuel College gratefully acknowledges the following contributors:

Notre Dame ($1,000-$2,499) Anonymous (2) Ann T. Agnew ’59 Sheryl Casinelli Amaral ’82 Helen M. Attridge ’35 † Ayco Charitable Foundation Gouri and Gora Banerjee Susanne C. Barilaro Sheila Barry-Oliver ’69 and Paul Oliver Beckman Coulter, Inc. Michael and Mary Frances Bellia ’61 Joan Gross Benzie ’63 Mary Hammond Bowler ’71 Ann Bailey Brennan Thomas ’63 and Lawrence Thomas Janice Dunn Brown ’58 John and Rosemarie Buckley ’53 Estate of M. Louise Butler ’44 Donald and Mary Butler ’60 John and Constance Cahill Patricia A. Cahill ’59 ’99 Mary J. Cahillane ’73 Robert and Carol Calder ’68 Cambridge Teachers Federal Credit Union Katherine McQuillan Canney ’54 Arthur and Ann Carriere ’59 Agnes Cox Carson ’39 Thomas and Marjorie Cass ’60 Kathleen M. Chane ’74 and David Saucier Paul and Margaret Chisholm ’71 Harry and Constance Churchill ’58 John and Jane Clark ’75 Kathleen F. Cleary ’44 Paula Connolly Kristen Melchin Conroy Joseph and Joan Coughlan ’51 Kathryn Flaherty Coughlan ’36 † Thomas F. Coughlan, Jr. Marion Quinn Cove ’51 Thomas and Margaret Crowley ’61 Robert and Sandra Crowley ’65 Crystal Transport Inc. John and Ellen Cunningham ’65 Datatel Catherine P. Dawson and Herbert Crowley Helen R. Dawson Josephine A. DeCristofaro ’56 Maria Depina Depina’s Unisex Salon Raymond Devettere


Robert and Denise DiCenso ’83 Nancy J. DiNardo ’71 Virginia M. Donahue ’49 Paul and Elizabeth Donovan ’52 John and Joan Donovan ’48 Matthew and Mary Doyle ’79 John and Catherine Duggan ’44 Robert and Jane Eberwein ’65 Emmanuel College Black Student Union Olayiwola O. Esan ’05 † Richard and Susan Evans ’68 Paul J. Farris Paulette St. Germain Farris ’60 † Lucy A. Flynn ’75 and George O’Toole, Jr. Patricia M. Flynn ’72 and Peter Doeringer William and Kathryn Fox ’72 Thomas and Cynthia Gately ’68 Howard and Ellen Geisler ’63 George and Ellen Goff ’74 Edward and Joan Goodwin ’49 Goody Clancy Kevin and Lisa Grealish ’86 Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Anne M. Hackett ’61 John and Mary Ellen Hagner ’63 Theresa M. Harrison ’92 James and Mary Harvey ’74 John and Anne Hedstrom ’67 Thomas and Mary Hennessey ’70 Harriet Shannon Hill ’56 † Harry G. Hill, Jr. William and Dorothea Hogan ’49 Mary L. Hogan ’56 Holland and Knight Charitable Foundation Molly Honan Eileen D. Hotte ’72 Janet Mitchell Hoyt ’68 Joan M. Hughes ’51 Roselmina Indrisano ’52 Robert and Jeanne Joy ’73 Hugh and Diane Kearney ’68 Suzanne White Kelly ’62 † Rosalie Reed Kiely ’49 Gabrielle R. King ’11 † Eileen and Chris Kourkoulis Belinda and Charlesworth Lee Richard and Gail Lee William C. Leonard Christopher D. Leonardi ’07

Richard and Ann Madigan ’51 Mary P. Markham-Sama ’82 and Robert Sama Lenore G. Martin Eleanor L. Matthews ’71 Eileen Smolak Mauck ’71 † Ronald and Maureen McCaffrey ’61 Sheila C. McCann ’61 Margaret Hinchey McCusker ’51 Thomas and Carol McDade ’68 Brian and Dorothy McManus ’67 Peter and Mary Louise Miller ’68 Neal and Rita Minahan ’69 Mohawk Hospital Equipment, Inc. Patricia Power Monahan ’46 † Thomas and Patricia Moore ’60 JP Morgan Chase & Co. Gerald and Eleanor Morisseau ’56 Mary A. Mullally ’63 Clara Firmani Musto ’81 Robert and Patricia Mytkowicz ’71 John and Patricia Nee ’61 Frances Ng ’70 NMTW Community Credit Union Frederick and Ellen O’Brien ’66 Thomas and Margaret O’Connell ’47 Anne M. O’Connor ’57 Lois B. O’Hara ’51 Mary E. O’Hare ’43 Joseph and Elaine O’Malley ’53 William and Margaret O’Neill ’43 Roland and Dulce Ouellette ’68 Renata Paratore Mary B. Parent ’61 Elizabeth Hayes Patterson ’67 Pearson Education Paula A. Pelletier ’66 Alfred and Margaret Petrofsky ’52 Pamela M. Pettinati ’65 Joseph and Mary Ann Pezzullo ’58 Dorothea K. Phair ’46 Ralph and Sheila Pickett ’55 Robert and Anne Powderly ’70 Marilyn McCarthy Power ’49 The Procter & Gamble Company F. L. Putnam Investment Management Company Claire Ramsbottom and Robert Rodecker Raytheon Company Kathleen Redmond Richard and Katherine Reilly ’61 Francis and M. Lois Ridge ’67 Sandra M. Robbins

Stephen and Mary Ryan ’63 Michael and Mary Gene Ryan ’75 Patricia H. Ryan ’63 George and Dorothea Scalise ’52 Gretel Schneider ’77 Schwab Charitable Fund Jack Shaughnessy Charlotte M. Smith ’54 Catherine Dolan Spahr ’86 The Spahr Foundation The Spencer Foundation Helen Coleman Stanton ’41 Patricia Steen ’68 and Thomas Dybdahl James and Eileen Stokes ’67 Elizabeth A. Strain ’50 Janet R. Studley ’72 Katherine McKiernan Sullivan ’52 Antoinette Theriault-Faucette ’70 and David Faucette Robert and Leslie Turner ’68 Robert and Mary Uek ’63 Susan von Daum Tholl Esta Gendreau Wall ’48 † Jane Connolly Lyness Wall ’53 Peter and Mary Ann Wall ’62 Karrie L. Weigand ’86 Randall and Mary Williams ’60 Jane A. Winchester ’59 Eleanor Kennedy Winn ’45 † Louis Yosinoff

Lapis Society

Lapis ($500-$999) Anonymous (2) Abbott Laboratories Fund Alberta Dillon Andrewartha ’43 † Denise Beauchamp Archambault ’64 Roseann Pasquale Aust ’80 Kalliope Foundas Badavas ’74 Andre A. Barbosa ’08 Kathleen Ambrose Barrett ’76 M. Louise Fugere Beattie ’53 Dorothy White Beck ’67 John P. Bellamente Mary Conley Bellamente ’38 † Margaret M. Benz ’79 Anne Coughlin Berkland ’50 Mary Connolly Berry ’73 Miriam Fellows Best ’41 Biogen Idec Margaret M. Blake ’47 Leslie Perry Blank ’71 Eileen Murphy Bockoff ’81 Saletta M. Boni ’71 Lucille M. Boulanger ’71 † Felicia and Egan Bovell Margaret Walsh Brauer ’60 Brenda Hegarty Breen ’61 Cheryl Bailly Brooks ’72 Margaret M. Burns ’72 Carol Doane Callahan ’52 Claire Gomez Callen ’66 Mary Liva Campanelli ’62 Carnegie Corporation of New York Kathleen Denneny Carroll ’43 † Margaret Fitzpatrick Cavanaugh ’53 Susan O’Connell Chandler ’75 Margo M. Chester Catherine M. Clancy ’73 Class of 1946 Marie Murphy ClausenCorcoran ’57 Ann Flynn Coakley ’56 Mary R. Conley ’61 Elaine Fowler Conners ’66 Joanne Duffy Conway ’67 Robert J. Corcoran Jane Manson Coskren ’61 Catherine E. Costello ’64 Jeanne Gaffney Costello ’48 Jean O’Flaherty Crossen ’52 Sheila Carroll Crowell ’57 Helen M. Cummings ’54 Anne Marie Cussen ’56 Mary Jane Maciejko Cuzzupe ’84 Catherine Colman Daley ’51

Joanne B. Davis ’75 Margaret Murphy Dawley ’47 † Mary M. Dawley ’86 Cornelia Spencer DeLuca ’60 Lenore Merullo DelVecchio ’84 Maryellen Hayes Denning ’65 Maura Giguere Deptula ’02 Andrea Der Boghosian ’76 Cathy and Frank Di Biase Cecilia M. DiBella ’67 Loraine J. DiPietro ’65 Dorothy Cronin Disario ’44 Karen A. Dittrich ’82 Sr. Anne M. Donovan, SND ’62 Germaine Durette Michelle E. Duschang ’89 Maureen E. Egan Sr. Janet Eisner, SND ’63 Emmanuel College Club of Cape Cod Claire DeLay Enright ’55 Carol Giarrusso Evans ’70 Rita M. Fabrizio-Ledonne ’81 Marlu P. Famorca Eleanore O’Neill Gately Farrell ’41 † Ann McCarthy Faulstich ’52 Helen Guiney Feleciano ’46 Sarah Keefe Femia ’74 Barbara Chesley Fleming ’70 † Rene J. Fortes ’92 Mary Katherine Mark Gavin ’72 Mary Breen Gergen-Gray ’63 Armand Giarrusso Marilyn Kane Gilboy ’69 Marilyn Menn Glynn ’70 Elizabeth Cox Gravelle ’64 Dorothy Sauer Greenler ’46 Nancy Leclerc Gregory ’75 H&R Block Maura E. Hagan ’75 and Jeffrey M. Forbes Kathleen Friel Hall ’61 Alberta Kenney Hansen ’63 Margaret Foley Harris ’68 Mary Kathryn Harrity ’71 Elizabeth Andrews Hart ’56 Patricia Mooney Harvey ’63 Marilyn Matthews Hausammann ’73 Mary H. Herlihy-Gearan ’78 Michele and Robert Hogan Wendy Scott Hopkins ’69 Jane G. Hopkins-Fisher ’74 Maureen McKenna Horn ’61

Frank and Dolores Infanger ’49 J. C. Kellogg Foundation Sarah Consentino Jackson ’01 Frederick Johnson Johnson & Johnson Cassandra Jure Carolyn Pytel Keleher ’66 † Marjorie Carr Kelley ’51 Samuel J. Kellogg ’07 Ann M. Kelly ’62 Helen Smirnoudis Kimeria ’97 Susan King Patricia M. Kinneen ’55 Denise Murray Kofron ’72 G. Barrie Landry Nancy Lafleur Lapierre ’63 ’89 Antoinette Murphy LaPorte ’88 Ann McCarthy Leaver ’74 Mary A. Litterst ’66 Rosemary Galgay Lowrie ’50 Eleanor M. Lynn ’56 Gail A. MacLean ’65 Doris Kenney Mahaney ’56 † Rosemary Hanrahan Maher ’71 Mary Frances Hoban Malone Karen Pybus Maloney ’68 Geraldine D’Amico Manganaro ’55 M. Rita Fougere Manocchio ’41 † Ellen Reed Marcus ’61 Elizabeth Bullman Mariani ’67 Mary Gouvea Martonosi ’50 Rita Lynch Mattie ’42 † Alice Kenneally May ’37 † Joan F. McAuliffe ’43 Kathryn Murphy McCabe ’44 Margaret Ellis McCarthy ’69 Elaine McCombs ’66 Anna Noone McDonald ’43 Diane Finn McGoldrick ’65 Mary Curtiss McGovern ’86 Dorothy Killian McIntire ’51 Berna Barnett McIntosh ’61 Eleanor A. Meskell ’51 Anne Dynan Metrick ’66 Maryann Celli Minutillo ’61 Clifford D. Mitchell Marie Connors Modic ’52 Moody’s Corporation Suzanne Bendickson Morris ’86 Claire M. Morrissey ’54 Lauren M. Murphy ’81 Nancy Ford Murphy ’49 Saranne P. Murray ’69 Phyllis Tirone Muto ’52

Erin Farmer Noonan ’01 Northern Funds Northrop Grumman NSTAR Foundation Ellen T. O’Brien ’60 Joanne F. O’Brien ’93 Kay and Rob O’Dwyer Elizabeth Walsh O’Keefe ’58 Carol A. O’Neil ’67 Cathy and Michael Ockimey Kathleen MacVarish Ottina ’79 Adrienne Pepin Pallotta ’49 Joan Alves Pano ’56 Susan K. Peaslee Pitney Bowes Inc. Lorraine A. Plasse ’67 Rita Fiorillo Ponte ’48 † Jennifer and Sean Porter Manny A. Puguon Edith Kerrigan Ratcliffe ’52 Sandra Skovron Ray ’89 Floranne Rossetti Reagan ’69 Ann M. Reen ’63 Janet Healey Regan ’48 Sandra Jewell Reilly ’70 Claudette Renaudin Barbara M. Ridge ’68 Geraldine Riemer ’66 Virginia Good Riley ’57 Mary Bartholomay Ritchey ’70 Marie Foley Roche ’60 A. Claire Hart Russo ’48 Bertha M. Ryan ’50 Cynthia Homsey Ryan ’61 Catherine Murphy Sanford ’61 Daniel N. Saul Priscilla Neville Scalley ’63 Benjamin and Melissa Schools Ann Marie Pellegrini Seeley ’69 Mildred Hoar Serena ’49 Kathleen O’Keeffe Skelly ’65 Carol Cocozza Skotnicki ’74 Marjorie Kearns Smith ’73 Mary Logue Snyder ’49 State Street Corporation Susan Bugnacki Stewart ’90 Dorothy Dockett Stumpf ’59 Janice Bordieri Sullivan ’62 M. Catherine Fitzgerald Sullivan ’34 † Walter F. Sullivan Margaret Dennison Sweeney ’51 Claire Gastonguay Taber ’63 Cheryl Tano


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Members of the Lapis Society supported Emmanuel College with gifts of $500-$999 during the 2011 fiscal year. Emmanuel College gratefully acknowledges the following contributors:


Blue and Gold Society Lapis Society (continued) Susanne Reney Taylor ’79 Brenda L. Tehranian ’91 Patricia R. Tilden ’99 F. Patricia McKenna Tobin ’72 Elizabeth Molloy Twomey ’59 Unum Uphams Chiropractic, PC Evelyn L. Wall ’65 Miriam Malone Wallie ’52 Esther J. Walters ’63 Noreen Walsh Walton ’72 Lorraine Shannahan Wenger ’76 Suzanne M. Wenz ’94 Helen McAlevy Williams ’56 M. Kathryn Johnson Wolf ’72 Sharon Zywiak Wood ’72 Diana Gagnon Zeller ’90


Members of the Blue and Gold Society supported Emmanuel College with gifts of $250-$499 during the 2011 fiscal year. Emmanuel College gratefully acknowledges the following contributors: Blue and Gold ($250-$499) Anonymous Advanced Medical Management, Inc. Helen E. Ahearn Victoria Alexander Anagnos ’61 Mary Morris Anderson ’71 R. Patricia DeFlumeri Anderson ’58 Sally Manson Anderson ’62 Jennie Coscia Anzuoni ’76 † Maxi J. Arias Alana O’Brien Askey ’71 Jane Stoodt Attanucci ’73 Patricia Tracy Avis ’68 Avis and Northridge Barbara Cammarano Balsama ’57 Eileen Barry Banta ’62 Alice Kane Baranick ’49 Marie McClintock Barry ’58 Mary Lyons Bell ’71 Joan McPartlin Bennett ’70 Nijole Vaicaitis Benokraitis ’66 Joy A. Bergenthal ’73 Alice Lyons Bertini ’72 Catherine Mahoney Bielawa ’61 Marie McDevitt Biggs ’67 Helen Krolides Bischoff ’72 Helene Roche Blair ’61 Dorothea Redente Bobinski ’61 M. Regina Bolduc ’57 Jean Sweeney Booth ’49 Mary Lynn M. Bourque ’58 Julianne Bova ’71 Mary Mahoney Braney ’70 Linda Hanley Brennan ’61 Marcia Houde Briggs ’65 Gertrude Creedon Broderick ’48 Maureen Baxter Broderick ’62 Susan V. Brooks ’71 Dorothea A. Brown ’66 Jean Hughes Brown ’51 Madelyn Kenny Brown ’55 Anne M. Brutnell ’89 Rosemarie Malik Brutnell ’61 Margaret Buckley-Kuc ’63 Marion Doherty Buegler ’48 Karen A. Burke ’69 Mary Murphy Burke ’59 Nancy Hughes Busch ’60 Jill A. R. Cadigan-Christenson ’87 Mary Lou Maney Cahalane ’59 Mary E. Cahill ’76 Maureen and Dennis Callahan Frances P. Callanan ’76 Carolyn Nugent Campion ’67 Alicia Harkins Canniffe ’61

Marie F. Cannon ’79 Christine M. Carosella ’92 Catherine M. Carr ’71 Susan Kelley Carroll ’61 Beatrice FitzGerald Casey ’50 Ann Cahill Castagnetti ’87 Barbara Fiore Cataudella ’56 Carolyn Caveny Linda Chhouy Marie Sullivan Chiarenza ’55 Ellen Jones Christie ’68 Julia Miller Christo ’53 Margaret Fahey Clements ’84 Jane Kennedy Coan ’52 Anita D’Amato Cobb ’64 Jane Murphy Coburn ’51 Mary Delaney Cogan ’83 Robert D. Collman Rita J. Comtois ’73 Lorna A. Condon ’72 Diane M. Cormier ’81 Marilyn Walsh Corsini ’63 Ms. Elizabeth M. Costello ’71 Mari Côté ’64 Carol Kemmitt Courage ’68 Mary Buckley Coviello ’71 † Charlene Phillipe Creeden ’68 Margaret A. Critch ’84 Maureen Cronin ’60 Anne Fitzpatrick Cucchiaro ’77 Cheryl Holden Cuddy ’81 Walter and Sally Cuffe Margretta Buckley Curry ’70 Elaine Farris Cutting ’75 Pamela Corradino D’Amore ’76 Martha Ring Dailey ’71 Margaret McMahon Davin ’45 Jeannette DeJong ’73 Rose M. Dell’Elce ’45 Jacqueline Soeldner DeMeo ’59 Amy C. Dempsey ’84 Jonathan and Vicki DeSimone Christine Collins Desmond ’61 Patricia A. Dever ’86 Mary Brennan Devin ’61 Joan Lynch Devine ’61 Melissa Reinsant Devine ’96 Gina DeVivo Brassaw ’96 Paula L. Di Camillo ’81 Elizabeth Donnelly Dickson ’66 Elaine Ducci Dinto ’66 Winifred M. Doherty ’55 Elaine M. Donahue ’59 Anne F. Donovan ’64 Margaret Cody Donovan ’72

Margo A. Downey ’65 Colleen Doyle Donna and Francis Doyle Patricia and Joseph Doyle Margaret M. Drennan ’47 Jane E. Driscoll ’72 Elizabeth Hanley Dunn ’50 Mary Malloy Duplain ’34 Joyce Murray Ehrenzweig ’66 Catherine O’Neil Eisenmann ’51 Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation Frances Murphy Epstine ’41 Dorothy Gaspar Esposito ’55 Kathryn M. Fairbanks ’55 Claire Fallon ’67 The Fannie Mae Foundation Constance Lacroix Farley ’57 Kathleen Emery Farmer ’95 Clotilde Sheehan Farrell ’56 Anna Walter Faulstich ’42 Mary Donohue Feeney ’49 Michael E. Fiander, Sr. ’88 Pamela J. Finegan ’75 Ellen Connolly Flatley ’63 Sally Sheehan Flores ’60 The FM Global Foundation Carol A. Forest ’70 Kelly A. Fox ’86 Marie Campagna Franklin ’75 Antoinette Clemente Frassinelli ’51 M. Patricia Flynn Furey ’64 Kathleen O’Grady Gardner ’66 Margaret E. Gardner ’55 Suzanne Gaudette Guerra ’76 Constance Balsamo Germain ’51 Marilyn Sims German ’71 Ann O’Leary Gessner ’66 Karen Capuozzo Gil ’74 Gilbane Building Company Kathleen DeClemente Giorgi ’73 Claire Labuski Gorman ’51 Constance Murphy Gormley ’43 Catherine Daylor Granger ’56 Anne Norton Grason ’66 Emily M. Gregory ’54 Gertrude Keating Grondin ’46 Ann Verdesca Gullion ’51 Kathleen A. Haggerty ’72 Michael Hale ’05 Cathleen Brazel Hall ’73 Elizabeth Fox Hall ’66 Nancy Bouchard Hall ’71 Maureen E. Hallice ’83 Julie Kelly Halligan ’59 † Toula Jaravinos Halperin ’71

Margery Driscoll Magoon ’47 Una Corrigan Mahar ’64 Carol A. Makowski ’71 Mary Lou Twohig Maloney ’54 Jacqueline C. Malouf ’60 Catherine Manning ’84 Joyce Balsamo Manning ’57 † Barbara Mahoney Mannis ’55 Joanne DeNuccio Manville ’66 Jacquelyn M. Marston ’54 Estate of Lorraine S. Martel † Barbara Shea Martz ’63 Pamela Johnson Matocha ’86 Susan J. Maxwell ’65 Adorah T. Mbomi ’66 Christy Narkin McAnlis ’98 Patricia J. McBride ’78 Dorothy Donato McCaffrey ’60 Elizabeth Farrell McCarthy ’59 Justine Devlin McComiskey ’50 Claire Kearney McCorry ’69 Joan Gaffny McDonald ’51 Blanche S. McGowan ’65 Joan Glidden McGrath ’60 Elizabeth A. McIntyre ’72 Kathleen Hardiman McLaughlin ’60 Mary McNulty McMahon ’61 Elaine Vergnani McMichael ’66 Patricia Boyle McMorrow ’52 Mary Minton McMullen ’69 Patricia Carr McNamara ’49 Janice McCourt Melone ’46 Shakeema N. Mendes ’12 Gertrude Larkin Miller ’36 Josephine Quinn Moffatt ’70 Judith Minichiello Montes ’61 Deborah Wallace Moore ’87 Kathleen P. Moriarty ’65 Motorola Foundation Joanne Cannon Murphy ’58 Kathleen A. Murphy ’74 Julie M. Murray ’66 Halstead Graeme and Margaret H. Murray ’42 † Nancy Doyle Navin ’60 Ann L. Negrini ’72 New York Life Insurance Company Jeanne Delude Newton ’66 Elizabeth Sweet Noonan ’53 Diane Corcoran Norris ’65 Judith Kerrigan Norton ’61 Marcia Gingrow Noyes ’64 June Prendergast Nussbaumer ’56 Margaret Mulligan O’Brien ’71 Cynthia Morrell O’Callaghan ’88 Maria T. O’Connell-Unda ’87

Margaret O’Malley ’71 Deirdre I. O’Shea-Kerr ’96 Maureen O’Leary Oates ’62 Virginia Gray Oliver ’59 Marybeth Oskowski ’04 Louise Schuler Oviatt ’65 Joanne McDonald Owens ’71 Mary L. Pacione ’63 The Parish of Saint Clare Anne Power Parsons ’62 Filomena Natal Pasquarelli ’39 Christine Piekos Patterson ’71 Allyne Leary Pecevich ’57 Nelsy Holmes Peppler ’96 Carol Tratnyek Perry ’65 Rita Duffy Pervier ’42 Margaret Galvin Phillips ’59 Sean Philpott Susan Lough Pikor ’65 Claire L. Pollard ’72 Jane Brophy Porter ’72 Justin M. Prairie ’05 Suzanne DiPalma Preberowsky ’71 Catherine Price ’80 Ruth Henderson Provasoli ’37 † Lorraine E. Raleigh ’71 Kathleen Palano Ray ’64 Carol Jones Regan ’61 Kathleen Kenneally Reidy ’65 Rosemary Donohue Reiss ’55 Josephine Dolan Reney ’46 Suzanne E. Rocheleau ’66 Maureen E. Rogers ’71 Dawn M. Rose ’94 Ellen Noonan Russell ’52 Ann Butler Ryan ’54 Ann Kelley Ryan ’55 Martha L. Ryan ’80 Diana Steinbock Sabados ’95 Patricia Brown Santilli ’74 Mary Bradley Saratora ’66 Elizabeth Casey Saulnier ’53 Grace Torrisi Saulnier ’61 Roberta Warren Scallet ’72 Vickie Scheuer Catherine Gambeski Schneider ’73 Elaine Power Schneider ’65 Barbara Blaikie Schott ’66 Mary L. Scott ’60 Patricia Wright Seeberg ’72 Janet E. Semple-Hess ’77 Mary Elizabeth Sheehan ’42 Mildred McElroy Silk ’51 Katherine Dolan Sipala ’75 Evelyn Rocco Small ’59 Bette Aliski Smith ’66 Claire A. Smith ’58

Maureen E. Smith ’73 Kathleen A. Soles Ruth McGovern Soles ’46 Christine Splaine ’60 Christina Pitoniak Stark ’70 Jo Anne Dulak Steele ’74 Jeanne Cahill Steiner ’67 Joanne Roberge Sterling ’71 Steward Health Care Systems LLC Stowaway Sweets Teresa Gwiazdowski Strong ’68 Dorothy Pemberton Sullivan ’51 Eileen Murphy Sullivan ’74 Marguerite Barry Sullivan ’50 Mary Dolan Sullivan ’59 Mary Rose Sullivan ’52 Maryelaine Houseman Sullivan ’70 Summit Press, Inc. Theresa McCarthy Supple ’48 Ann Coughlin Sussenguth ’53 Rosemary Barry Swanson ’53 Mary Ann O’Malley Taylor ’75 Ellen Murray Thornton ’70 Ms. Donna M. Ticchi ’72 Julianne M. Toomey-Kautz ’86 Joan Dunphy Toussoun ’56 † Ellen Tracy ’75 Kathleen Desmond Trahanovsky ’60 Anne Klein Tupper ’71 Edie and Ayhan Turna Kathleen Raycraft Turnbull ’81 Mary Slafer Twiraga ’74 Nancy McGrath Tyler ’51 Eleanor M. Vander Haegen ’62 Carlos Varum ’09 Kathleen Breen Vaughan ’74 Lorraine F. Vekens ’68 Paula Henderson Von Euw ’71 Aileen Gardner Waite ’02 Barbara Mulshenock Walsh ’73 Patricia Flavin Walsh ’50 Martha Mooney Waltien ’70 Monica McCarthy Ali Warren ’63 Marie Gillespie Wartolec ’62 Carol Glowacki Wasilewski ’63 Anne Cummings Wass ’71 Janet Healy Weeks ’54 Judith Mongan Wenners ’65 Mary Willett ’84 Kathleen L. Williams ’84 Edith M. Wolfsberg ’54 Xerox Corporation Stephen and Kathleen Torsney Young ’67 Lily M. Young ’61


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Jean Nagle Hannon ’47 Eileen D. Hardy ’71 Dolores Urso Haronian ’57 Eleanor Mahoney Harrington ’56 Veronica Ecker Hatfield ’80 Claire Slattery Heffernan ’49 † Mary Louise Mahoney Hegarty ’57 John P. Heinstadt Martha Murawski Helkey ’82 Mary E. Hoar ’72 Jane F. Hogan ’66 Janet LaVallee Holden ’68 Kevin G. Honan Claire Hurley Hopkins ’49 Sr. Mary John Hoye, SND ’30 † Regina Sullivan Hunter ’52 Margaret Cullen Igo ’58 Ifeoma B. Ikenze ’74 ING Foundation Dorothy Sulesky Jayes ’50 Johnson Controls Foundation Jennifer Baker Jones ’98 Nancy McElaney Joyce ’65 Judith A. Kelley ’63 Mary Jane Clancey Kelly ’56 Patricia Donoghue Kelley ’57 Ann R. Kelly ’94 Joanne Donovan Kelly ’58 John D. Kelly Kelli Chapin Kennedy ’97 Helen J. Kenney ’44 Carolyn Clarke Kenny ’61 Mary Collins Kiley ’56 Karen Kivlan Kilmartin ’69 Jane Farley Kleha ’62 Denise Rondeau Klotzbucher ’70 Kathleen Bocash Knight ’68 Mary O’Donnell Konetzny ’42 Shaileen Sullivan Kopec ’68 Gloria L. Landahl ’73 Anne Marie Trepanier Landisi ’60 M. Patricia Kearney Leary ’49 Judith Chadwick LeBlanc ’64 Susan Phalen Leigher ’81 Brian and Sarina Littlefield Monica M. Llano Judith Molnar LoGerfo ’80 ’88 Doris Wirtz Louden-Vaillancourt ’57 Karen McGann Lucas ’71 Anastasia Kirby Lundquist ’35 Jennifer Dean Lundwall ’91 Marie T. Lutz ’76 Rose Irma Lynch ’52 Eleanor Coneeney Lyons ’56 Patricia A. MacNeil Marie Halpin Madden ’50 Martha Egan Mador ’58


Alumni Giving Emmanuel alumni continue to support the College in record numbers, and we are most appreciative of the generosity and commitment of the following individuals: Class of 1924

Josephine Gillis Mahan †

Class of 1926

Sr. Helen Madeleine M. Ingraham, SND †

Class of 1930

Sr. Mary John Hoye, SND †

Class of 1932

M. Adelaide O’Sullivan Coleman † Katherine Joyce McNeil †

Class of 1934

Mary Malloy Duplain M. Catherine Fitzgerald Sullivan †

Class of 1935

Helen M. Attridge † Anastasia Kirby Lundquist Sr. Magdalen Julie Wallace, SND †

Class of 1936 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $1,275 Class Participation: 50% Rita Finn Brassil † Kathryn Flaherty Coughlan † Gertrude Larkin Miller

Class of 1937

Lucy Verza Fitzgerald † Alice Kenneally May † Ruth Henderson Provasoli †

Class of 1938

Mary Conley Bellamente † Margaret M. Jenkins M. Katherine Buckley Sullivan

Class of 1939

Rita Sheridan Blute Agnes Cox Carson Eleanor Spillane Gray Jeanne Caulfield Hines † Margaret Reagan O’Donnell † Filomena Natal Pasquarelli

Class of 1940

Augusta Gallagher Baum Mary Byron Burke Elsie Valentine Dodge Mary O’Brien McDrury † Rita Sharry White

Class of 1941 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $9,470 Class Participation: 38% Miriam Fellows Best Evelyn White Caffrey Frances Murphy Epstine Eleanore O’Neill Gately Farrell † Sr. Therese Gerard Kleh, SND M. Rita Fougere Manocchio † Eleanor McManmon May 6

Anna C. McCarthy Helen Coleman Stanton Virginia R. Valeri

Class of 1942

Eleanor A. Driscoll Virginia Hall Essman Anna Walter Faulstich Mary Fitzgerald Finneran † Sr. Marguerite Grueter, OSF Catherine Nigro Guinee Mary O’Donnell Konetzny Eleanor Murphy Kuppens Mary Thorpe Lewis Rita Lynch Mattie † Margaret M. McCarthy Margaret Henry Murray † Marie Hines Murray † Marion McCarthy Noonan Rita Duffy Pervier Eleanor Casserly Purcell † Mary Elizabeth Sheehan Mary Reidy Sparks Marjorie Readdy Sullivan Catharine Healy Sweeney † Eileen McSweeney Tomlinson

Class of 1943

Alberta Dillon Andrewartha † Kathleen Denneny Carroll † Anna DiPirro DelTorto Mary Patricia Gill Constance Murphy Gormley Virginia Powers Kennedy † Mary McGinnis Mahoney Joan F. McAuliffe Anna Noone McDonald Cecilia Donahue McInerney Mary Gallagher Mullen † Mary Leonard Murray Marie Cadarette O’Brien Mary E. O’Hare Margaret Riley O’Neill Jean Buckley Peper † Elmire M. Petit Gertrude Cronan Tolland Eileen M. Tosney Rita Murphy Wischmeyer

Class of 1944

Eleanor Smith Boursy Estate of M. Louise Butler † Claire Dowd Canty Kathleen F. Cleary Patricia Beatty Delaney Julia O’Donnell DeMott † Dorothy Cronin Disario Lillian Lawrie Donovan Catherine McQueeney Duggan Madeline Berry Henderson Helen J. Kenney Kathryn Murphy McCabe Rose Cafasso Merenda Rita Murphy Rockett Alice McBurney Smith Patricia Fergus Tuohy Mary Kelly Walsh

Class of 1945

Eleanor Mahler Boyle † Margaret McMahon Davin Rose M. Dell’Elce Genevieve Logue Desmond Gertrude Scully Duffey Sheila Daley Falvey Mary Ziegler Fockler Katherine Kearney Jewell Gladys Menten Latshaw Patricia Raftus MacAskill † Elizabeth V. Mahoney Charlotte Fleming McCarthy Mary Carroll McCue Mary McEvilla McLaughlin Mary Miller Morse Mary McCabe O’Brien Virginia Moore O’Grady Ruth M. Power Kathleen Quill Barbara Doe Ritter Mary Cleary Ronan Kathleen Schlichte Sestak Eleanor Haynes Smith Estate of Mabel L. Waggett † Virginia Devlin Ward Eleanor Kennedy Winn †

Class of 1946 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $10,110 Class Participation: 54% Marie J. Bagley Mary Riley Bonner Class of 1946 Cathleen Garrity Collins Mary Canning Coulon Mary Cashman Cullin Margaret McGuire Curran Mary Kelley Dacey Sr. Barbara Dewey, SSND † Margaret M. Dineen Helen Guiney Feleciano Gloria A. Ferullo Dorothy Kelley Gaughan Eileen Fleming Gillis Dorothy Sauer Greenler Elizabeth McCarty Grimes Gertrude Keating Grondin Marilyn Carney Hagerty Florence Logue Healy Patricia Moore Johnson Bernadette Beatty Leber † Claire Billings Lynch Marietta R. Mahoney Mary Nash McGowan Mary Earley McHarg † Janice McCourt Melone Helen Fiola Monahan Patricia Power Monahan † Ellen J. Murray † Marguerite M. O’Grady Dorothea K. Phair Joan Lawless Phillips Josephine Dolan Reney Ann Morris Sanborn Marie Buckley Snyder Ruth McGovern Soles Dorothy Tobin Staffier Evelyn Dewire Sullivan

Anna Manzi Tulley Eleanor Connelly Wall Helene Riley White

Class of 1947

Grace Horrigan Anderson Isabel Kelleher Bergin Margaret M. Blake Gloria Biagiotti Bonaccorsi Mary Ricker Booth Dianne McLaughlin Brussard † Katherine Kinnier Carroll Margaret M. Cassidy Ruth Van Dyke Christoforo Jeanne Connolly Clancy Jean Murphy Conley Mary T. Connolly Jessie B. Costello Catherine Murphy Cullen Marion Burns Dauwer Margaret Murphy Dawley † Maureen A. Delaney Anna Fargnoli DeLellis Ellen Christo DeNatale Leda L. Dini Margaret M. Drennan Margaret Ford Fallon Frances Finnegan Fleming Dorothy DiCicco Freniere Priscilla Plummer Gaison Phyllis Ciamillo Galante Barbara Winchenbaugh Gardner Jean Nagle Hannon Phyllis Hanson Mary Donovan MacDonald Margery Driscoll Magoon Agnes Bagley Marchetti Adele Padvaiskas Martin Marie Leary McCarthy Mary Sullivan Murphy Margaret Delaney O’Connell Elisabeth M. O’Hearn Claire Reiss O’Toole Catherine Lillyman Owen Gloria Freni Reed Pauline Hayford Rogers Estate of Margaret C. Salmon Doris Tremblay Segadelli Jeanne Nelligan Sheehy Catherine Murphy Stahle Marion Gibson Walsh Rosamond O’Keefe Waters Eleanor Mulcahy Wessling Ruth O’Brien White Alicia Muir Winn Helen M. Woods

Class of 1948

Mary Cregan Bernard † Carolyn Davis Bresnahan Gertrude Creedon Broderick Clare Sylvester Buckley Marion Doherty Buegler Mildred Legner Bulman Martha Flynn Campbell Geraldine V. Carr Margaret Higgins Carr Margaret Carroll

Mary Barry Condon Jeanne Gaffney Costello Ursula Fitzgerald Davey A. Sophie Delekta Donovan Joan Quigley Donovan Angela Carroll Fay Dorothy O’Halloran Ford Mary Testa Gravallese Dorothy R. Hingston Mary Ormond Jensen Lucille T. Kelley Florence Hanlon Leaver Ann L. Lyons Assunta Baldassarre Masse Claire Magee McCoy Estate of Winifred T. McDonough Eleanor Hannigan McKinnon Helen McGourty Murphy Anna Maria Neal Murray Elinor Murray O’Brien Eileen Donovan O’Keeffe † Mary Wadden Olivier Rita Fiorillo Ponte † Jean Donovan Quinn Janet Healey Regan Sarah W. Rollins † A. Claire Hart Russo Carmelita Shea Ryan Ann Bresnahan Salzer Margaret McKenna Sanders Frances Wadden Schoch Amedia Cattani St. Andre Theresa McCarthy Supple Mary Tunney Thompson Esta Gendreau Wall † Lois Murdoch Wallace † Christine McManus Whalen

Class of 1949

Miriam Sheehan Balagtas Alice Kane Baranick Anne Reuter Birtwell Jean Sweeney Booth Kathleen O’Shea Boylan † Jeanne McCarthy Bryant Barbara Hughes Carmody Marie MacDonald Clark Ann Horrigan Coakley Dorothy Colameta Cocco Eunice Welch Connors Denise F. Dateo Mary Corey Dean Eileen Flynn Diverio Mary Ryan Donahue Virginia M. Donahue Marjorie Doherty Donohue Marguerite Corbo Fasino Mary Donohue Feeney Katherine Bolger Gander Patricia Whalen Glancy Joan Brennan Goodwin Barbara DeLue Haney Claire Slattery Heffernan † Dorothea Shea Hogan Claire Hurley Hopkins Mary O’Donnell Howard † Anne Shea Hughes Dolores Shea Infanger

Class of 1950

Anne Coughlin Berkland Cecilia O’Brien Best Claire Casey Birmingham Margaret Lane Brady Miriam Knight Brennan Anne Keefe Canty Janet Supple Canty Beatrice FitzGerald Casey Miriam L. Clasby Eleanor Casey Conley Hickey Mary O’Connell Croft Lorraine Muse Crosby Hildamarie Tracy Crowley Patricia Holleran Denn Margaret McAnulty Donaghue Eileen McGeoghegan Donovan Margaret Tierney Downes † Elizabeth Hanley Dunn Audrey Clancy Dyer Joann Dorey Forkin Julie Flynn Griffin Antoinette De Simone Guarnaccia Mary Murphy Hannigan Ellen McCann Higgins Jeanne Meskill Hofmann Dorothy Sulesky Jayes Patricia Beresford Kenna Mary O’Toole Kerrigan Mary Barnicle Lantagne E. Patricia O’Connell Leary Elizabeth Canty Leavitt Catherine McCabe Logue Rosemary Galgay Lowrie Barbara Harrington Lynch Marie Halpin Madden Maureen Moore Mangiaglia Mary Gouvea Martonosi

Carol Gorman McA’Nulty Catherine Toohig McCarthy Genevieve Kennedy McCarthy Justine Devlin McComiskey Jeanne Marc-Aurele McGinn Miriam Hingston McLindon Dorothy Lenihan McQuillan Virginia Connors Murphy Angelina DePinto Paison Elizabeth Shaughnessy Reidy Bertha M. Ryan Mary-Louise Luby Seaver Margaret Post Sharry Elizabeth A. Strain Barbara Langelier Sullivan Marguerite Barry Sullivan M. Patricia McQuillan Waite Patricia Flavin Walsh Lorraine Maher Weaver Joan Barnes Willenborg † Jean A. Wilson Lela Ming Wong M. Jeannette Holmes Ziegler

Class of 1951 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $134,336 Class Participation: 62% M. Lorraine Flynn Beauregard Barbara Dunn Bradford Jean Hughes Brown Jane Murphy Coburn Joan Cavanagh Coughlan Marion Quinn Cove Theresa F. Cussen Catherine Colman Daley Ann Abbott DeLorey Irene E. Dempsey Catherine O’Neil Eisenmann Mary Clougherty Fogarty Nancy Buckley Ford Antoinette Clemente Frassinelli Margaret L. Gallagher Rita Colantuono Gaudin Constance Balsamo Germain Barbara Savage Giuggio Mary O’Donnell Glasheen Claire Labuski Gorman Ann Verdesca Gullion Patricia Coughlin Gurevitch Helen Morrissey Haley Sr. Amy M. Hoey, RSM Joan M. Hughes Louise Saracino Ingala Patricia Haire Jenkins Jeane Ford Jolin Mary Ailinger Joyce Frances McCarthy Kane Marjorie Carr Kelley Jean Gillis Landron Mary Clement Lundgren Marjorie Monahan Lynch Ann Murray Madigan Margaret Hinchey McCusker Phyllis Guild McDevitt Joan Gaffny McDonald Dorothy Killian McIntire Ann Sweeney McKeon Patricia McDermott McLoud Patricia M. McSweeney Joan Byron Merrow Eleanor A. Meskell Valerie Jankauskas Miksis Patricia Boyden Morris † JoAnne Hayden Murphy † Sr. Pauline E. Neelon, SND †

Anne Torpey Ockerbloom Lois B. O’Hara Rita F. O’Hearn Ann Mullane O’Keefe Mary Fitzgerald O’Mara Kathleen Joyce Powers Helen Kelleher Rose Carmela Forgione Schipani Martha Stanton Sheridan Mildred McElroy Silk Clara T. Stapleton Jane Drohan Suleski † Dorothy Pemberton Sullivan Margaret Dennison Sweeney Joanne Maher Taylor Anne Poulos Trakas Patricia O’Brien Twitchell Nancy McGrath Tyler Ann Blute Vogt Laura Oskinis Williams

Class of 1952

Rita Fahy Blount Carol Doane Callahan Elizabeth Beaudette Cheever Marie Sally Cleary Jane Kennedy Coan Patricia A. Concannon Marylou Devlin Conway Jean O’Flaherty Crossen Constance Grenier Danti Louise Crowley Dodds Carolyn Fortin Doherty Jean Varnerin Donahue Nora M. Donoghue Eleanor Mullen Donohue Elizabeth Donehue Donovan Irene Shea Drummond Isabel Burns Dunn Ann McCarthy Faulstich Margarite Lahey Fogarty Doris Thibault Fraser Marguerite Buchanan Glynn Jane Butler Griffin Madeline Grady Hagerty Barbara Messer Hugo Regina Sullivan Hunter Roselmina Indrisano Mary Crosby Jackson Marie Grady Keegan Patricia M. Lynch Rose Irma Lynch Barbara Barry McCue Carol LaVigne McGill Joan Costello McGillicuddy Patricia Leary McKinnon Patricia Boyle McMorrow Mary Hickey Milan Marie Connors Modic Mary Louise Hehir Mulvey Phyllis Tirone Muto Mary Patricia O’Brien Geraldine Fitzgerald O’Connell Frances Murphy O’Donnell Margaret O’Connor Petrofsky Theresa Crowley Pierce Delia Thompson Quinlan Edith Kerrigan Ratcliffe Ellen Noonan Russell Dorothea McDonald Scalise Joan E. Scollins Marguerite Irwin Smith Norma E. Stapleton Katherine McKiernan Sullivan Mary Rose Sullivan

Johanna Butler Tenenbaum Barbara Cotter Travers Miriam Malone Wallie Elinor Reilly Wimmer

Class of 1953

Anonymous Arline Mullaney Angell Jane Berestecki Baatz Suzanne Chartrand Bagnall † M. Louise Fugere Beattie Eleanor Canavan Bober Rosemarie Busalacchi Buckley Margaret Fitzpatrick Cavanaugh Julia Miller Christo Ann Lally Costanza Aileen Bemis Crowley Kathleen V. Earley Margaret Covell Evans Winifred Crowley Fitzgerald † Joan Marie Sandrelli Freni Mary Finn Goggin Elizabeth Healy Goodhue Anita Ward Gorczyca Virginia Devlin Grammer Joan McNary Guertler Catherine Meskell Guthrie Marie McGrath Hoy Madeline McLaughlin Hurley Mary McEttrick Jung Louise Fogarty Kenneally Nancy Foster Kommers Patricia Colman MacLellan Helen Hayden Maiella Mary Delay McCarthy Dorothy Quigley McCurdy Frances Nixon McDonald Mary Mahoney McDonough Maribeth Dumphy McGowan Elaine Geddes Messias Helen Tremble Moroney Elizabeth Sweet Noonan Elaine Corcoran O’Malley Corinne Neves O’Neil Mary Blood Phelan Barbara Barry Pogue Elizabeth McA’Nulty Pohlman Margaret McCarthy Prior Mary M. Rowley Elizabeth Casey Saulnier Jeannette Allard Sauriol Joan F. St. Charles Ann Coughlin Sussenguth Rosemary Barry Swanson Rosemary Seibert Tierney Mary McMahon Tobin Ruth McGinn Tucker Lucia Ficco Valerio Jane Connolly Lyness Wall Fran Conway Welch

Class of 1954

Rita Cronin Aronson Nan Lynch Britt Marguerite McLaughlin Canavan Katherine McQuillan Canney M. Patricia Cochran Clark Alice Geishecker Cofsky Joan Carroll Conley Norine A. Cronin Helen M. Cummings Muriel O’Shea Delaney Estate of Theresa McMasters Finney

Barbara McGarry Frawley Christine Busalacchi Gaffney Emily M. Gregory Mary Corning Healy Eleanor Kilduff Howard Agatha Sicari Kraus Anne McGovern Lenox Sally Bunyon Lynch Helen Hart MacLean Mary Lou Twohig Maloney Jacquelyn M. Marston Kathleen Fennessy McGill Helen Murphy McLaughlin Claire M. Morrissey Victoria Moses Nord Virginia Foley Noyes Maureen Manning O’Brien Genevieve Waitt Pastorello Patricia Cradock Perry Jean Charron Poce Mary O’Connell Racine Barbara A. Raftery Jennie Lifrieri Ries Jane L. Ronan Ann Butler Ryan Mary K. Ryan Alice Donahue Sloan Charlotte M. Smith Jean M. Sullivan Priscilla Church Tibert Patricia Flynn Towle Maureen Malloy Walsh Joan Feeney Ward † Janet Healy Weeks Carole McInnis White Edith M. Wolfsberg

Class of 1955

Virginia Shea Acerra Irene Haire Alie Joan Malloy Baker Jane Lyons Bernard Marguerite Donlon Boucher Madelyn Kenny Brown Mary P. Burke Anne Sullivan Casey Marie Sullivan Chiarenza Elaine Morrison Corbett † M. Patricia Dwyer Dawson Marie Deignan Dempsey Winifred M. Doherty Claire DeLay Enright Dorothy Gaspar Esposito Geraldine Concannon Evans Joanne T. Fabiano Kathryn M. Fairbanks Alice M. Fellows Mildred Corcoran Feloney Jane Burke Furey Margaret E. Gardner Joan A.M. Gearin Dorothy Navarro Geary M. Loeman Hayden † Mary Gramer Hogarty Maryanne Connolly Kerrigan Patricia M. Kinneen Maureen Kennedy Leahy Nancy Sheehan Macmillan Cora Ciriello Maggioni Geraldine D’Amico Manganaro Barbara Mahoney Mannis Patricia O’Malley Markham Elizabeth A. Marley † Mary J. Matthews Mary Mitchell Maurice


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Mary Alice Murphy Kelley Sr. Clare Kelly, SND Rosalie Reed Kiely Mary Murphy Landergan M. Patricia Kearney Leary Barbara Breslow Locke Evelyn Farrell Maher Dorothy P. Martinelle Marie Hughes Mayne Patricia Murphy McDonough Therese Langelier McKillop Alice Fergus McNamara Patricia Carr McNamara Ruth J. McNaughton Nancy Ford Murphy Marie Lynch O’Connell Adrienne Pepin Pallotta Evelyn Donovan Phelps Marilyn McCarthy Power Madeline Garrity Powers Joan Haire Quinn Margaret Desarro Raidmets Eulalie Morris Regan Irene Callahan Saddler Mary Maguire Scolles Doris Coulombe Sennott Mildred Hoar Serena Alba Fraccastoro Sharkey Ann Levis Shedd Barbara M. Shugrue Elizabeth Ryan Simmington † Mary Logue Snyder Genevieve Barretta Sweeney Rosemary Larkin Tredeau Marie L. Welch


Mary Kelley McCoole Mary Magee O’Leary Rosemarie LaMonica Peduto Claire L. Pelletier Sheila Smith Pickett Nita Pigo-Cronin Agnes Prior Reilly Rosemary Donohue Reiss Ann Kelley Ryan Caroline Perry Salvatore Pauline Donovan Smith Suzanne E. Sylvester Grace LaFauci Taylor Jane Carolan Whittle Dorothy Hughes Wieber

Class of 1956 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $1,088,787 Class Participation: 80% Joan Houle Alix Mary Ann Barry Baird Ann Marie Johnson Beatty † Natalie De Leuchtenberg Bowers Maryann Pusateri Bracken Anne Crowley Calcaterra Marie P. Canfield Bernadette Canniff Barbara Fiore Cataudella Ann Flynn Coakley Teresa Divito Cogliano Mary Ann O’Brien Cotting Virginia Robinson Cronin Barbara Gilmore Cunningham Anne Marie Cussen Ruth O’Neil Darling Josephine A. DeCristofaro Frances Wells Denzel Noreen A. Dimond Doris T. DiTullio Margaret Kavanagh Donahue Barbara Derby Dugan Mary Hayes Ellis Clotilde Sheehan Farrell Rita Manzi Fauliso Vivian Grella Fay Nancy Di Salvo Galante Barbara Burke Gallagher Julia M. Gallagher Eleanora Finnegan Golden Catherine Daylor Granger Frances Visalli Guarino Catherine Noon Haley Rachel Addonizio Hanks Eleanor Mahoney Harrington Elizabeth Andrews Hart Harriet Shannon Hill † Mary L. Hogan Mary Biggins Houghton Elaine Avila Jamison Pauline Houlihan Jennings Mary Jane Clancy Kelly Marie Hingston Kelly † Patricia O’Reilly Kennedy Marianne Maguire Kerwin Mary Collins Kiley Paula Brennan Kohler Ann Marie Murphy Ladetto Jacqueline Rinkor Langlois Joan Kennedy Leonard Eleanor M. Lynn Eleanor Coneeney Lyons Doris Kenney Mahaney † Marietta A. Marchitelli Barbara Maguire Mastrola


Marlene Smiley McCauley Lorna Doonan McCracken Geraldine Lambert Molloy Eleanor Surprenant Morisseau Ellen Surette Morrow Ruth Hession Murphy Patricia Monahan Nedoroscik June Prendergast Nussbaumer Marianne Heidt Ockerbloom † Kathleen D. O’Connell Joan Mailloux Paille Joan Alves Pano Josephine Napolitano Parrella Emily Snow Peel Ann MacEachern Pfaff Louise Moriarty Quinn Mary E. Rice Grace Nuttall Rooney Maria Moscardini Sorrentino Marie DiBenedetto Spaulding Carol Ryan Supple Susan McNulty Tibbetts Joan Dunphy Toussoun † Irene Van Duyn Sheila N. Walsh Agnes Lynch Wiles † Maureen Murphy Wilkens Helen McAlevy Williams Margaret Nagle Young Fanny Love Ward Zambuto

Class of 1957

Barbara Cammarano Balsama Joyce Russo Beaudet M. Regina Bolduc Mary Lou Hinchey Bowen Dorothy Eagan Brooks Ann McMorrow Bruno Jane Sullivan Cadarette Mary Dwyer Carey Irma Crocetti Carter Claire Kenny Churchill Katherine Bemis Clancy Marie Murphy ClausenCorcoran Lauretta Moore Cloherty Katherine Coleman Rosalie DeBaggis Crevo Sheila Carroll Crowell Olive Ellis Daley Carol Scotton DeYeso Catherine Mansfield Drummey Virginia Ferlisi Duffy Rita Hurley Fahey Margaret Breen Falcone Constance Lacroix Farley Alicia Cushing Flaherty Cathryn Lane Gartmann Dorothy Bernardi Getty Jane McCarthy Gillis Irene Dillen Griffin Dolores Urso Haronian Annette Reynolds Harrington Susan Kelley Hebert Mary Louise Mahoney Hegarty Patricia Harrington Jaworski Patricia Donoghue Kelley Theresa Dobrowolski Klim Eleanor Fitzpatrick Larson Joanne Keating LeDuc Doris Wirtz LoudenVaillancourt Anne Morris Lynch Margaret Kelley Lynch Joyce Balsamo Manning †

Mary McManus McCarthy Arlene Cull McCullagh Martha McGowan McDonough H. Patricia McWalters Eileen Burke Monahan Joan Mazzio Moore Janice M. Murphy Judith Kelso Nass Diane Pawley Nielsen Eleanor Heywood Norris Anne M. O’Connor Allyne Leary Pecevich Kathleen Gennazzi Powers Mary Tallent Powers Mary Brophy Renehan Virginia Good Riley Norine Forrest Robinson Carol Kelly Scully Mary Hession Sewall Jacqueline Taylor Smith Marilyn Camp Stumcke Mary Fran Sullivan Sweeney Merna A. Therieau Martha Leonard Trask M. Eleanor Manning Whitney Janice Pianka Wozniak

Suzanne M. McGowan Louise McDonald McLaughlin Carol Brugman Melley Mary Cannon Michielutti Joanne Cannon Murphy Ginny Newton Ann Thomas O’Brien Joan Keefe O’Donnell Elizabeth Walsh O’Keefe Alice M. O’Leary Joan Forrest Palmer Pauline Gallagher Payonzeck Theodora M. Petrelis Mary Ann O’Donnell Pezzullo Edna MacDonald Quint Marie Donahue Regan Donna L. Rosenbauer Joan M. Ryan Joan O’Donnell Schmelzer Sr. Loretta Sexton, SND Claire A. Smith Dena Cassiani Smith Sheila Donovan Standring Margaret Macmillan Tis Nancy Coughlin Tucker Florence Pigo Wendell Kathleen Cosgrove Wood

Class of 1958

Class of 1959

Mary Skaff Akoury R. Patricia DeFlumeri Anderson Marie McClintock Barry Joan Costello Bedford Eleanor Rogan Bent Carolyn Nash Blair Mary Lynn M. Bourque Sheila Deignan Brennan Janice Dunn Brown Janet Murray Bruno Mary Ryder Cavanaugh Bernadette C. Chiasson Constance Chisholm Churchill Jeanne Moriarty Ciolfi Claire Murphy Conlon Patricia A. Cremins † Anne Mooney Day Clementine A. De Angelis Suzanne Hart Deedy Elizabeth J. Dolan Joan Collins Drane Anne Cavanagh Ennis Anna J. Foley Suzanne Doherty Gelinas Felice Taylor Glennon Ann Lannon Haley Mary Leonard Halpin Mary King Hanna Caroline Harney Harrington M. Elise Ostrom Howatt Margaret Cullen Igo Mary Lou Walsh Jacobs Joyce-Ellen Tulis Kaseta Patricia Quinn Keeley Joanne Donovan Kelly Maureen Halpin Lalumiere Adrienne Fontaine Lamoureux Joan Murray LaTona Kathleen Whalen Leckband Maura Breen Leonard Wilma Cerruti Lucas Mary Sullivan Mack Martha Egan Mador Elaine Mazzaglia Mawhinney Nancy Kelly McCarthy

Ann T. Agnew Barbara Plociennik Agostinelli Concetta Filippone Alduino Joan Sullivan Bacon Elaine Brennan Bass Noreen Jackson Begin Petrina P. Biondo Lorraine Miniutti Bordonaro Carroll Sheridan Bottino Mary Murphy Burke Mary Lou Maney Cahalane Patricia A. Cahill Ann Giberti Carriere Barbara Dizoglio Catineau Kathleen Grady Cayer Laureen Murphy Clune Mary Downey Coyne Rosemary T. Cronin Sr. Mary R. Crowley, SND Carolyn Curry Dayton Dorothea George Delano Jacqueline Soeldner DeMeo Elaine M. Donahue Christine Quaglia Ellis Mary Sherry Fritz Jeanne Gallo Helen Quirk Garvey Anne Early Giangregorio Alice Lawler Gildea Julie Kelly Halligan † Marie Harzbecker HamiltonWorswick Patricia M. Hayden † Phyllis McManus Hayes Carole Minton Hess Carolyn Flynn Johansson Christine M. Judge Joan Petit Krzewick Ann Horgan Landers Margaret Devereux Lynn Ellen Hayward MacCall † Marie Morrissey Malloy Elizabeth Farrell McCarthy Joan M. McElaney Mary Arapoff McEwen Dorothy Flint McFadyen

Kathleen F. Meaney Joan Piccus Mello † Jacqueline Foster Morris Eleanor Breen Moynihan Clara Perdigao Nicolas Vera Pace Novick Suzanne Sweeney Oates Shirley Sampson O’Leary Maureen Dillon Olesen Virginia Gray Oliver Margaret Mueller Ottesen Margaret Galvin Phillips M. Bernadette Seales Poole-Tracy Carolyn Swan Purtell Frances Colantuono Raleigh Rosemary Skenderian Reynolds Patricia Sullivan Sargent Maria Lanza Silvaggi Sheila A. Sinclair Evelyn Rocco Small Michaela Sheehan Spillane Dorothy Dockett Stumpf Mary Dolan Sullivan Irene Maloney Supple Elizabeth Molloy Twomey Joanne Murphy Valeriani Jeannine Houle Vigerust Dorothy M. Wallace Jane A. Winchester Elizabeth Vena Zschau

Class of 1960

Maureen Frazer Alcott Marion Burke Bozzo Margaret Walsh Brauer Nancy Hughes Busch Grace Crockett Bush Mary Sheehan Butler Barbara Costello Caparso Eleanore Murphy Casey Katherine Piskadlo Casey Marjorie Perry Cass Ann Rego Ciriello Noreen Greely Colantuono Ruth Barry Cox Constance Curran Crean Maureen Cronin Joan McMorrow Crowley Madeline Hanlon Cunniff Priscilla Trombly Curtis Judith King De Campo Cornelia Spencer DeLuca Margaret Bruce Doherty Adrienne Conley Dowling Joan Mullen Enriquez Judith Klein Etheredge Elaine Hayden Farrand Paulette St. Germain Farris † Sally Sheehan Flores Nancy Cahill Fraser Sr. Mary E. Friel, SND Paula Wheelock Garrity Maureen Palmer Hanrahan Joyce Donlan Harmacinski Joan Cormier Hayes Dorothy Hicks Hines Carol A. Klein Anne Marie Trepanier Landisi Jeanne Hunter Linxweiler Carol Delaney Looney Roden Elena Ciano MacDonald Theodora T. Malhowski Jacqueline C. Malouf Dorothy Donato McCaffrey

Class of 1961 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $29,085 Class Participation: 68% Moira Mutty Amato Victoria Alexander Anagnos Mary Marley Andrews Patricia McKillop Ash M. Laura D’Aloisio Augart Carol Smith Beck Mary Frances LaRochelle Bellia Catherine Mahoney Bielawa Helene Roche Blair Dorothea Redente Bobinski Ellen Mahoney Bonhote Janet F. Bourque Brenda Hegarty Breen Helen Gallagher Breen Linda Hanley Brennan Johanne P. Brogna Rosemarie Malik Brutnell Maria Piraino Burnham Dorothy Sousa Burns Sr. Claire T. Burns, SND Alicia Harkins Canniffe Susan Kelley Carroll Mary R. Conley Ruth Marie Connolly Jane Manson Coskren Patricia Broderick Cronin Patricia Salmon Cronin Margaret Leavitt Crowley Elaine Oberlander Davidson Loretta J. Desesa Christine Collins Desmond Kathleen L. Dever Mary Brennan Devin Joan Lynch Devine

Aida di Loreto di Pasquale Pierrette Gagnon Di Venuti Claire Lincourt Doherty Cornelia McHugh Doherty Anne K. Donahue Ellen O’Shea Donahue Helen O’Neill Duffy Lorraine M. Fedele Maureen Sullivan Ferrari Maureen Daley Finnegan Carolyn Sullivan Fitzgerald Diane Sullivan Flynn Noreen Wynne Frizelle Norma Guglielmetti Gallagher Arlene Noonan Gilgan Hildegarde A. Gillis Louise Wadden Guilmette Anne M. Hackett Kathleen Friel Hall Eufrazia Pennacchio Hamadeh Gertrude Racicot Healy Kathleen McEnaney Heitman Martha Daughan Honan Maureen McKenna Horn Marian McDonnell Jorgensen Roberta Cronin Keefe Mary McCarthy Kelly † Carolyn Clarke Kenny Mary Harrington LaCroce Gloria Fuchs Landy Kathleen Butler Lyng Mary Murphy MacMillan Ann O’Donnell Mahon Kathleen Tierney Maloney † Carolyn Burns Maloon Ellen Reed Marcus Jane Martell Anita Giardullo Massie Maureen Keating McCaffrey Sheila C. McCann Berna Barnett McIntosh Elaine Stephens McLean Mary McNulty McMahon Helen Alexopoulos Mellos Maryann Celli Minutillo Judith Minichiello Montes Elinor Bowes Morency Hilda Iglesias Morrill Mary Moriarty Moynahan Ann Gibbons Mulcahy Patricia Bean Nee Judith Kerrigan Norton Mary B. Parent Diane Dondale Raymond Carol Jones Regan Katherine Eastman Reilly Anne R. Rourke Cynthia Homsey Ryan Catherine Murphy Sanford Grace Torrisi Saulnier Barbara Marshall Toomey Carol Cofsky Treciokas Rosemary Walker Patricia McLaughlin Williams Lily M. Young

Class of 1962

Sally Manson Anderson Susan Dewey Anderson Joyce Connell Bachman Dorothy Harris Bagley Barbara Moura Bamford Eileen Barry Banta Fay Robideau Basmajian Mary E. Boyle Christine Suchecki Brennan

Louise Shea Briggett Maureen Baxter Broderick Judith Mazza Brown Barbara A. Burns Mary Liva Campanelli Sheila Whalen Campbell Judith Hetherman Cianciolo Joyce M. Collins Judith A. Collins Margaret O’Keefe Coupal Judith Guilfoyle Coyle Phyllis Buckley Cullinane Joyce E. Cummings † Sandra C. Deluca Sally deCastro Dias Sr. Anne M. Donovan, SND Roberta Higgins Erickson Theresa Adario Ewald Carolyn Addesa Faria Ann DiBlasio Farie Marie D’Alessandro Fischer Mary Butler Fitzgerald Ann L. Flynn Priscilla Howe Flynn Lorraine Calise Going Anne Kennedy Gorman Judith Doherty Higley Jean DeYeso Hobin Mary Jane Bush Hurley Anne DeAngelis Jones Lydia Galego Kay Kathleen E. Kelley Ann M. Kelly Judith Beaulieu Kelly Suzanne White Kelly † Jane Farley Kleha Anne Cutler Knight Elizabeth Dolan Landers S. Frances Kelley Levin Emily Phelan Listro Mary Monahan Loveland Louise Murphy Maguire Clare M. Mahan Mary Ann Spinale Manzoli Maureen P. Martin Janet Lynch Mayo Mary Callahan McDonough Joan Winn McElheney Joan M. McGowan Barbara J. McNeil Mary Cox McSoley Sr. Elaine McTaggart, SND Barbara G. Miletta Janet Unis Moriarty Alicia Mendalka Newman Maureen O’Leary Oates Susan Hatch O’Leary Marianne McGuire O’Malley Mary Bonier Parry Anne Power Parsons Mary Sheehan Paull Mary Ellen O’Brien Powers Susan Cabot Putnam Ann Mullaney Skelly † Norma Razvad Snipas Jean M. Staropoli Mary L. Stebbins Elizabeth Doherty Storms Barbara DiBurro Strickland Janice Bordieri Sullivan Nancy Dearden Sullivan Naomi Rousseau Sullivan Rosemary Tipping Timoney Eleanor M. Vander Haegen Loretta Kontrim Walker Mary Ann Moran Wall

Marie Gillespie Wartolec Mary E. Welch Pauline A. Zywaski

Class of 1963

A. Gail McCauley Alcarez Mary Courtney Alfano Jeanine Riette Beaton Joan Gross Benzie Susan Lane Bishop Claudette Houle Boisjoly Roberta Downing Breen Ann Bailey Brennan Thomas Margaret Buckley-Kuc O. Eileen Walsh Buron Barbara Byrne Byron Mary Louise Powers Casavant Phyllis Capone Cavan Marilyn L. Cayer Nancy Mahoney Cohen Mary Ferraro Conley Ellen Bowes Contreras Marilyn Walsh Corsini Sarah Gallagher Cotter Diane Paquette DeRosa Ann Slyngstad Dickson Ann Moriarty Dinneen Nancy Sullivan Donnelly Joan Kectic Donovan Sr. Janet Eisner, SND Diane M. Ericksen Maria E. Fernandes Ellen Koehler Flaherty Ellen Connolly Flatley Mary N. Fleming Virginia Miethe Forsberg Rita B. Garant Ellen Powers Geisler Mary Breen Gergen-Gray Judith Dean Giere Anne Marie Hyland Giroux Joan Bulger Griffin Marie E. Gurry Ann Mulligan Hagl Mary Ellen Leith Yuhas Hagner Alberta Kenney Hansen Kathleen McNulty Hart Patricia Mooney Harvey Anne Cunnane Hughes Elizabeth Murphy Hunt Jane Kelley Judith A. Kelley Judith Barrett Kelley Marie C. Kelley Veronica R. Kelley Mary C. Kenney Cathleen Cronin Kral Anne Feeney Kraus Marguerite Lessard Lang Nancy Lafleur Lapierre Ellen Woods Laughton Margaret Burke Lee Mary McGauran Lenihan Jean Carty Lifford Marie McElaney Linz Mary R. Loughlin Cecelia Gallivan Loughman Ruth Hanson Lutts Veronica Callahan Marsh Barbara Shea Martz Patricia Bergin Matthews Cecilia A. McDonnell Carolyn Corrieri Mehigan Sr. Ann E. Morrison, SND Theresa Conroy Mortimer

Mary A. Mullally Margaret Hogan Mullen Mary J. Murphy Carol Canniff Newman Joan Papa Nicosia Dorothea Conway O’Connell Helen Sorensen O’Keefe Sr. Mary E. O’Keefe, SND Mary L. Pacione Ann C. Penta Rosemary Dunn Piper Mary Margaret Quinn-Devine Martha McGovern Reagan Joan Mullin Reed Ann M. Reen June Galvin Robinson Mary G. Ryan Ryan Patricia H. Ryan Priscilla Neville Scalley Mary Ellen Murray Schena Elizabeth Stout Seaver Joan Shea Shaughnessy Maybeth Fandel Sonn † Pauline Morris Stathis Claire Gastonguay Taber Carol A. Thomas Elizabeth Van Tassell Toomey Mary Breen Uek Esther J. Walters Monica McCarthy Ali Warren Carol Glowacki Wasilewski Marie Sullivan Whiddon Michele Hilden Willard

Class of 1964

Diane M. Allenberg Denise Beauchamp Archambault Cornelia Leadbetter Archey Constance Mele Baldman Anne M. Belson Teresa Bowes Bergeson Paula Resca Blake Rita Lockwood Boyle Camilla Robinson Broderick Beverly Bonder Burns Anna O’Connell Burwell Joanne M. Busalacchi Virginia Dunn Cahill Patricia O’Brien Carr Carol Barry Chiodi Anita D’Amato Cobb Catherine E. Costello Mari Côté Josephine Grasso Crowe Georgia Iavicoli Devine Anne F. Donovan Marion Sheehan Ehmann † Mary O’Driscoll Ferro Martha Wood Finnegan Mary Caputo Fiorentino Marie McLaughlin Flaherty Barbara Lebedzinski Fraterrigo M. Patricia Flynn Furey Mary Cribben Galvin Maureen Reardon Gervais Jean Frova Gran Elizabeth Cox Gravelle Maria Noble Guillemard Mary Burke Harmon Elin Sullivan Harris Gail-Ann O’Brien Houlahan Maureen B. Hynes Marianne E. Keohan Mary Mason Kolesar Mary LaFlamme Kwiatkowski


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Anne P. McGaugh Joan Glidden McGrath Kathleen Hardiman McLaughlin Marie Fournier McNamara Elizabeth A. Moloney Patricia Flaherty Moore Patricia Vozzella Morrison Sheila Ryan Morrison Maureen A. Murphy Nancy Doyle Navin Christine F. O’Brien Ellen T. O’Brien Louise Joyal O’Brien Dolores A. O’Hara Mary Pruyn O’Leary Barbara Bonier O’Neil Mary Ann Devita Palmieri Anne D. Pasquino † Martha Donahue Patton Frances Glynn Resca Eileen Fitzgerald Riordan Marie Foley Roche Mary L. Scott Joan-Marie Mahan Segota Constance Dickinson Smith Maureen M. Spillane Christine Splaine Mary Burke Starratt Ellen Donoghue Stern Paula Cundari Swirbalus Rita Quinn Tobin † Kathleen Desmond Trahanovsky Marie L. Trask Maryellen Meehan Valzania † Janet Dechayne Walsh Mary Walsh Williams Ann McClintock Woodson †


Pauline Beaulieu Lambert Barbara Quill Leary Judith Chadwick LeBlanc Marie Pazola Leen Mary Whalen Leonard Marjorie Holland Lothrop Cynthia Berry Luma Elizabeth Gowell Lupi Catherine Lenihan Madigan Una Corrigan Mahar Ann White Mahoney Anne L. Mahoney June Carroll Mawn Mary C. McGowan Mary Concannon Montali Susan King Morton Sr. Elizabeth Murtagh, SND Marcia Gingrow Noyes Nancy Farley O’Hara Elaine Felos Ostrander Kathleen Palano Ray Mary Ellen Waldron Rigano Karen Chapman Soares Joanne Wall Spillane Josephine D’Agostino Tramonte Katharine Corcoran Trask Karen I. Vigeant Patricia M. Ward Anna Saia Zimmerman

Class of 1965

Marie Sarno Alessi Bernadette Dateo Argenti Albertina Rossi Arrotti Janet DiGregorio Aucello Geraldine Driscoll Avery Catherine MacIsaac Barcas Mary McGivern Bell Cecile G. Betit Sandra Murphy Bolduc Sheila Burke Boyce Marcia Houde Briggs Linda Durgin Callahan Dorothy Meade Campbell Maria Pace Candito Lucille Farina Carberry Geraldine E. Carney Barbara Trabold Cirone Ann O’Donnell Connors Sandra Berwick Crowley Ellen Condon Cunningham Maryellen Hayes Denning Loraine J. DiPietro Mary Kiernan Doiron Kathleen McWilliams Dole Margo A. Downey Jane Donahue Eberwein Margaret Curran Elson Alice Hosman Evans Frances McGurn Fiorilla Mary Lemieux Fitzgerald Ellen Flatley Nancy Davidson Fleming Carol Masci Flores Virginia Conway Frisoli Carol Merrick Gehret Jean Fitzgerald Goetz Pauline Burzenski Gosselin Margaret Wyndham Guarnotta Sheila McDevitt Harvey Mary Brawley Hatch Carolyn Rodgers Henderson Sandra Stone Hines Kathleen Meehan Hinton Catherine Ronan Holmes


Marilyn Kane Hosker Kathleen Stout Jenney Nancy McElaney Joyce Louise Colagiovanni Kazanjian Ellen Newell King Mary Connors Lagomarsino Monique L. LeBlanc Virginia McNeil Lord Gail A. MacLean Judi Reinhold Mancini Susan J. Maxwell Janet Nicosia McAllister Kathleen M. McCarthy Kathleen M. McCourt Elizabeth Roque McDonald Mary Taylor McDonnell Diane Finn McGoldrick Blanche S. McGowan Jessie Kurcewicz McNulty Kathleen Kunz McQueeney Kathleen P. Moriarty Diane Corcoran Norris Mary Bevilacqua O’Brien Louise Brodeur O’Connell Maryellen McEvoy O’Donnell Maryalice O’Hearn-Yafrate Louise Schuler Oviatt Carol Tratnyek Perry Pamela M. Pettinati Susan Lough Pikor Martha Flynn Pleshaw Mary Doherty Potamis Hazel Rotondo Potvin Lois E. Poule Mary F. Prendergast Kathleen Kenneally Reidy Maureen A. Rocks Claudette Bedard Russell Mary Alessi Russo Ruth E. Scanlan Elaine Power Schneider Mary Caserta Scholz Mary Duffy Scollins Maureen M. Shea Barbara Callahan Simpson Kathleen Dunphy Skala Kathleen O’Keeffe Skelly Mary Murray Sliney Catherine M. Smith Catherine Tucker Smith Mary Lou Chase Smith Roberta Colson Smith Jean Ann Ryder Sullivan Mary E. Sullivan Paula Cornilovich Sutherland Mary Jane Teta Elaine Murphy Tourtelotte Anne E. Toye Mary F. Treacy Susan Lynch Tudor Mary E. Vallely Rita Dillon Vargo Maureen Crook Vinson Evelyn L. Wall Judith Mongan Wenners Claire Cushing Williams Valerie LaCroix Wolf Eleanor Cahill Wood Diana Adams Woodruff Frances Jaworski Zaleski

Class of 1966 - Reunion Total Class Giving: $96,065 Class Participation: 45% Christina Swain Abbey Maria A. Anastasi

Collette LeBlanc Anderson Ellen H. Baker Jane Collins Bellico Joan Melanson Bellucci Nijole Vaicaitis Benokraitis Joan Hurley Black Dorothea A. Brown Patricia M. Callanan Claire Gomez Callen Paula White Cashman Jane McDonnell Coder Anne Cooke Conlon Elaine Fowler Conners Susan Langa Cosgrove Lee Clauss Cram Patricia Palermo Crew Kathleen MacAllister Delay Annemarie Dewey Elizabeth Donnelly Dickson Elaine Ducci Dinto Margaret Shea Dooley Julia Perrone Dutton Joyce Murray Ehrenzweig Jean Stanowicz Field Muffie McKenna Fitzpatrick Geraldine Murphy Flannagan Johanne Cahill Fleming Beth Wilson Floor Elizabeth Luddy Foisy Anne McCarthy Fox Barbara Accaputo Gallagher Kathleen O’Grady Gardner Ann O’Leary Gessner Jane Neary Gilligan Anne Norton Grason Susan Pescatore Grillo Elizabeth Fox Hall Lynn Theroux Hall Janet Buckley Hanley June Kulisich Hansell Evelyn Brawley Hardiman Florence Sano Henderson Mary E. Hines Jane F. Hogan Carol Lutz Holland Mary Davis Holmes Carolyn Chouinard Huckins Patricia Sullivan Jaroch Kathryn Fall Keane Carolyn Pytel Keleher † Elaine Lacroix Killian Barbara M. Kuzdzol Jane O’Donnell Lawless Judith Leahy MaryAnn Butler Lencki Carol Burke Lindsay Mary A. Litterst Jacqueline M. Lynch Mary Fitzgerald Mack Paula Manganelli Joanne DeNuccio Manville Adorah T. Mbomi Deborah Trombly McCabe Elaine M. McCombs Elaine Vergnani McMichael Pauline Turco Medeiros Mary DiPietro Menard Anne Dynan Metrick Judith Sherwin Morrissey Elizabeth Connor Morse Barbara Dlugos Muldoon Julie M. Murray Mary Hatten Murray Marilyn Kane Murren Jeanne Delude Newton Ellen Hetherington O’Brien

Mary F. O’Halloran † Paula A. Pelletier Deanne Abbadessa Pescatore Catherine Ward Pickett Geraldine Riemer Maureen Flanagan Robak Suzanne E. Rocheleau Maria Bernardo Rondeau M. Andrea Todesca Ryan Anne Duckworth Salipante Mary L. Sapienza † Mary Bradley Saratora Janet McGrath Sayles M. Lee Schulhof Schlesinger Barbara Blaikie Schott Judith Sevila Maureen O’Hara Shupe Bette Aliski Smith Margaret Mary Harkins Soltis Jane Lambert Sterling Dorothy DeStefano Taraburelli Rita Sayles Tate Ann Norcott Taylor M. Susan Turner-Mosley Ellen Lawler Ugi M. Jane Trayers Valin Janet M. Van Bobo Rosemary D’Ambrosio Verri Mary Corwin White Victoria Franceschini White Kathleen Cahill Willwerth Cynthia Place Wilson Ann Rotman Woodfork Suzanne Looney Yuskiw

Class of 1967

Cheryl Babineau Alexander Carol Boniface Anderson Janice Vaghini Aranoff Ora Mathurin Aselton Rita A. Babraitis Susan M. Baush Dorothy White Beck Elizabeth H. Bell Maureen Fitzgerald Bennani Joan Conde Bevers Marie McDevitt Biggs Julie Geoghegan Blanchard Rosemary McCrohan Brooks Katherine E. Burbank Lydia Stutts Burns Carolyn Nugent Campion Margaret Argento Catoline Rosemary Murphy Chacho Joan Connolly-Costello Joanne Duffy Conway Janet Cignetti Cormier Karen A. Corsano Julie Carroll Cosentino Eileen Connor Courtney Kathryn Quatrello Cullinan Maureen Cullinane Susan Poor Daily Janice C. Damico Regina Preziosi DeRise Cecilia M. DiBella Charlene Gough Dondis Virginia Hoelsch Elliott Claire Fallon Mary E. Fleming Ellen De Gennaro Freeman Louise Lee Freese Anne Marie Duggan Gean Rosemary J. Geary Diane Viera Giggey Sheila R. Goggin

Kathleen Krueger Goshgarian Geraldine Neville Gracey Joyce Bell Gregg Margaret Chasse Hallee Karen Flanagan Hannan Mary Jane Driscoll Harris Carolyn G. Hashey Anne Lawlor Hedstrom Eileen O’Neill Joyce Mary Quinn Kenney Sr. Barbara-Jean Kubik, SND Ann Hennessy LaBroad Bettina D. Laidley Patricia Mahoney Leach Jeanne M. LeDoux-Stewart Lucille G. LePage Barbara M. Loftus Lois Dwyer London Maryann O’Brien Lord Diana Sausaman Lytle Mary O’Connell Maggitti Ernestine Benedetti Magher Elizabeth Bullman Mariani M. Eileen McCabe Elizabeth Kelleher McCarthy Estelle Donahue McCarthy Joanne M. McCarthy Marie C. McCormick Joyce McDonnell McDonough Phyllis Riley McDonough Jane Leahey McKay Irene McLaughlin Ballantine Dorothy Walko McManus Dianne M. Monaco Noreen McDermott Moreschi Katherine Creen Morocco Mary O’Leary Moynihan Maureen F. Murphy Nancy Martin Murphy Ruth C. Murphy Janet Chamberlain Murray Phyllis A. Notini Martha McDonough O’Brien Carol A. O’Neil Melinda O’Donnell Ostiguy Elizabeth Hayes Patterson Lorraine A. Plasse Christina Lovett Porter Margaret O’Keefe Potvin Marcia Grandone Powers Donna Chartier Quinn Karen Hughes Quinn Monica Tracy Rankin Barbara Secor Renzi Rita McColgan Richardson Frances Bryniarski Richey M. Lois Happeny Ridge Janit P. Romayko Barbara Potkay Rommelfanger Karen J. Schroeder Barbara Martinedes Sheehan Cheryl Brunault Smith Jeanne Cahill Steiner Eileen Brosnan Stokes Lois E. Sullivan Maureen Melisi Szal June Kelleher Tomaiolo Judith Sekerak Tristine Kateri Bennett Walsh Marilyn Burnes Wilsey Karen A. Wischmeyer Kathleen Torsney Young

Class of 1968

Jean Demers Abdella Ellen Brennan Anderson

Kathleen Lemoine Steuernagel Eleanor M. Strang Teresa Gwiazdowski Strong Ann F. Sullivan Marie A. Sweeney Marguerite Brochu Turcotte Leslie Sullivan Turner Lorraine F. Vekens M. Christine Mixon Ward Carolyn Jean Dupuy Webb Martha Kiernan Wolfe

Class of 1969

Anonymous Angela Dello Russo Allen Jocelyn Marcoux Allen Sheila A. Anzuoni Barbara Wallace Barash Jane McGovern Barch Lorraine Pickett Barry Sheila Barry-Oliver Kamila Barzykowski Judith M. Batts Carol Chapski Bonner Juanita Boutin Margaret Boyd Barbara Gaquin Brandt Carol Mori Brook Karen A. Burke Kathleen Gilligan Burke Donna A. Butman Paula Garrand Christian Gayle Harper Clark Ellen Harris Connell Nancy Judge Connolly Jane Campbell Coviello Jeanne Cullen-Cronin Louise M. Cynkus Lois Bober Davis Lucinda M. De Patto Sr. Maria A. Delaney, SND Sheila Tuohy Delany Mary Jane Mullen DeSantis Mary-Anne Puleo Di Marco Rosemary A. Diliberto Lucie-Anne Dionne-Thomas Maureen McLinden Doyle Dorothy Krupa Dropick Paula C. Duggan Sr. Mary M. Farren, SND Judith A. Fitzpatrick Mary Kinney Fox Mary Lou Carter Gentz Anne Merenda Giardina Marilyn Kane Gilboy Kathleen Deary Glynn Barbara Quinn Grasso Joan Sullivan Gray Eleanor Stec Gualtieri Elaine Godin Hanson Susan O’Connell Hartwell Diane Riendeau Heefner Marjorie V. Hickey Laura Szyp Holland Margaret Chang Holmes Barbara Lonergan Holtan Wendy Scott Hopkins Ann Uryasz Hurley Christine Anderson Kamerik Patricia Claus Keating Antonia K. Keleher Karen Kivlan Kilmartin Kathleen O’Brien Kingston Judith Kirvan Patricia Bova LaPlante

Jane Welch Leard Susan Jordalen Leary Ann M. Lee Mary Connolly Leekley Anne Marie Lemelin Leofanti Eileen Bresnahan Leonard Alice Perry Lundgren Dorothy M. Lynch Marilyn Mishley Maglio Margaret Ellis McCarthy Claire Kearney McCorry Maryann McCourt Linda Kenny McMillen Mary Minton McMullen Elizabeth Kibble McTigue Joyce Dragon Metzger Rita Lombardi Minahan Elizabeth J. Morris Jane F. Mosher Ann McCarthy Murphy Cornelia J. Murphy Mary Marino Murray Saranne P. Murray Sarah G. O’Brien Mary Doyle O’Connor Carol Kowalczyk Oliver Elaine McLaughlin O’Malley Karen F. O’Meara-Pullen Mary Kelley O’Neill M. Timothea Corcoran Parent Kathleen Hunt Phair Lynne LaBossiere Powers Caronanne Jenkins Procaccini Diane Ratte Radwill Margaret Logan Randall Floranne Rossetti Reagan Joan Daly Ritterbusch Joan M. Rooney Susan Sakovitz Rutherford Claire Hosinski Sanford Nancy Walsh Scofield Ann Marie Pellegrini Seeley Mary Peckham Shalgian Frances Flanagan Shea Eileen Shaffery Shedd Kathleen Waters Smith Jane A. Southworth Mary E. Splaine Janice McCutcheon Stelljes Katherine Olberg Sternbach Rita M. Sullivan Irene Urbanowicz Surette Jean Doerr Sutton Diega Campagna Therrien Margaret Lucey Thorne Ann M. Turley Linda Sheehan Valeska-Gower M. Elizabeth White Cynthia Cataldo Wiffin Marianne Manzon Winsser Rosemary Risio Wissing Jean Cochrane Zolnowski

Class of 1970

Christine Price Antaya Mary Phaneuf Anton † Joan M. Babineau Clare Shaughnessy Balasco Beverly Coleman Banks Paula Carr Barry Mary Cournoyer Beddes Claudette E. Begin Beverly Jones Benedetto Joan McPartlin Bennett Pamela Keefe Bourke

Beverly Blackstone Boyle Mary Mahoney Braney Mary O’Toole Brown Linda Dolan Buckley Jacquelyn J. Butterfield Teresa B. Carrera-Hanley Barbara Potter Clement Kathleen Toomey Cole Phyllis A. Conlon Maria M. Connors E. Jane Contreas Rev. Thomas D. Conway † Cynthia Conwell Judith A. Corello Jane Candito Corr June R. Coutu Susan E. Craig Margretta Buckley Curry Mary-Lynda Sousa Daley Trina S. D’Angelo Jean Sullivan Donovan Denise Kelliher Drake Annemarie Berthiaume DuBois Denise Governo Dugas Elizabeth Lee Duncan Maureen Cummiskey Dwyer Carol Giarrusso Evans Alicia M. Fagan Rose Ann Cruz Ferullo Barbara Chesley Fleming † Carol Senopoulos Forbes Carol A. Forest Patricia Ferguson Franke Denise A. Gagnon Geraldine M. Geary Valerie Brennan Gedziun Marilyn Menn Glynn Susan Doherty Harrington Mary Delaney Hennessey Mary Phalen Hood Annette Theberge Jack Judith Brown Kamm Joan Chiara Kelley Linda Spadafora Kelley Nancy Kleniewski Denise Rondeau Klotzbucher Cynthia Quallen LaPierre Mary L. Lawler Ann Smith Levinson Katherine Etzel Lipman Dolores Wondolowski Lombardi Moira A. Lucey Pauline Durkin Malvey Marie E. Manganelli Margaret Falk Mar Maureen Kivlin Mar † Marilyn J. Martinyak Susan Hayes Masters Mary Stanford McCulley Sarah Secord McGrath Carol M. McNamaraD’Ambrosi Nancy Scipione McNelly Eleanor M. Miller Josephine Quinn Moffatt Frances Ng Patricia Severson Oakes Carol Kelley Pacheco Mary D. Peltier Laura McMahon Perra Victoria Thomas Poppe Anne Dawley Powderly Sandra Cafantaris Pozniak Sandra Jewell Reilly

Claire Mullen Riedl Mary Bartholomay Ritchey Sandra Meldonian Robichaud Patricia Collins Ruane Pauline Santagate Schafer Evelyn McLaughlin Scibelli Patricia Picard Short Christina Pitoniak Stark Mary Ann Waldron Staudter Ruth M. Strach Katherine Roy Suffredini Maryelaine Houseman Sullivan Kathleen Martin Swann Charlene Untiet Switz Antoinette Theriault-Faucette Ellen Murray Thornton Frances Kellogg Troutman Mary A. Turvey Nancy Vaughan Van Deusen Karen O’Connell Vergoni Martha Mooney Waltien Patricia Beach Watt Maura Dolan Wilson Cathryn A. Wimett Cynthia L. Yee Eileen Leary Zewski

Class of 1971 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $127,882 Class Participation: 40% Ellen Bergin Ahearn Janet Walsh Alfieri Mary Morris Anderson Marianne J. Anzuoni Margaret Malloy Armstrong Alana O’Brien Askey Mary Lyons Bell Leslie Perry Blank Adrienne A. Bonaccorsi Saletta M. Boni Lucille M. Boulanger † Julianne Bova Mary Hammond Bowler Margaret-Mary Dailey Bramley Susan V. Brooks Linda Benson Brown Margaret Kirwan Bryson Elizabeth McCauley Burridge Marie Abbas Callahan Judith Ansara Campbell Catherine M. Carr Virginia Dowling Caruso Joan McDermott Cassiani Michele Harrigan Chaffe Margaret Healey Chisholm Louise H. Coggeshall M. Julie Coleman-Burns Mary Lynne Perille Collins Palma L. Cortese Elizabeth M. Costello Barbara A. Coughlin Mary Buckley Coviello † Kathleen Murphy Curran Martha Ring Dailey Judith Bowker Degnan Nancy J. DiNardo Kathryn Ollis Donohue Cynthia C. Dube Sally J. Dunn Kathleen R. Eldridge Rosemary Murphy Eleuteri Deborah A. Eno Anne Brecevich Erwin Deborah Bohdan Feltovic Marie Linnell Ferraguto


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Margaret McCormack Anthony Patricia Tracy Avis Maureen Healey Burke Cameron Shea Burton Marie McLeavey Cacciola Carol Tolson Calder Barbara Redman Carroll Ellen Jones Christie Elizabeth Sullivan Cimini Jane D. Corcoran-Costa Carol Kemmitt Courage Charlene Phillipe Creeden Catherine Fillingim Creighton Janice Doyle Cronin Virginia Jones Davis Rosemary Cooney Dean Ellen Simpson DeMarinis Diane Fava D’Errico Kathleen Conlon Dunn Susan Lyons Evans Kathleen McCarthy Ferreira Donna Dedrick Gagliardi Cynthia Harte Gately Cecilia Caputo Gauthier Diane Flussi Gittinger Margaret Trum Golibersuch Elin Gunning Grady Betty Jane Wokanovicz Greaney Mary Alice Hayes Hantout Margaret Foley Harris Susan Grudzien Hewitt † Kathleen Finegan Holcombe Janet LaVallee Holden J. Karen Graham Holley Janet Mitchell Hoyt Noriko Oura Inagaki Sheila Barksdale Irvin Martha Talavera Jackson Elaine McNamara Jastrem Ann Fitzgerald Jepsen Diane Massa Kearney Kathleen Gulski Keith Nancy A. Kelliher Katherine A. Kirby Kathleen Bocash Knight Shaileen Sullivan Kopec Margaret Lanahan Kowalski Dianne Stackiewicz Kudrez Mary A. Lambert Catherine McDevitt Lent Virginia Duperre Maccaferri 68 Marguerite Fasy Mahoney Karen Pybus Maloney Pamela Quinlan Mateu Walsh Mary Mackno McCall Carol Schmith McDade Patricia Sheehan McDonald Kathleen Dolan McIntyre Patricia A. McPartlin Mary Krusiewski Meyer Mary Louise Woveris Miller Elaine Muldowney Susan Sexton Mulvey Karen Norton Dulce Manzanilla Ouellette Ellen O’Brien Perfetti Rose Giardini Rausch Carol Turner Rauseo Peggy Sue Pease Richards Barbara M. Ridge Mona McQuade Ridge Patricia Maher Sabbey Patricia Tinsley Steen


Kathleen Babineau Flaherty Dorothy Walsh Fleming Kathleen Cummiskey Fothergill Mary Martin Fredericks Rosemarie Sapienza Gaffny Christine Lukach Garcia Rosemary MacKenzie Gately Christina M. Genest Marilyn Sims German Theresa M. Gillis Paula King Goldberg Maryanne Gryboski Priscilla E. Hagerman Nancy Bouchard Hall Toula Jaravinos Halperin Eileen D. Hardy Mary Kathryn Harrity Catherine Giammalvo Hawthorne Mary Ann Ianacone Hendricks Ellen Coughlin Higgins Carol Vosburg Horn Suzanne R. Huber Ellen Ross Ingerman Marilyn Martinedes Johnston Irene M. Kearns-Buttendorf Nancy Zollinger Kelly Marilyn Roulier Kirby Marianne J. Kopaczynski Maria Sarantos Kowal Denise Tremblay Lamoureux Donna Connolly LeBretton Margaret Fraher LeGendre Karen McGann Lucas Rita M. Lysik Jeanne Mulcahey MacEachern Jean Donnellan MacLeod Rosemary Hanrahan Maher Carol A. Makowski Rose A. Malfa Kathleen Kelly Maloof Patricia Ryan Maslen Eleanor L. Matthews Eileen Smolak Mauck † Dorothy E. McDonald † Martha Barry McKenna Mary Anne Miceli Shelley Tchorz Molnar Leslie R. Murauckas Janet Hufnagel Muri Patricia Wanders Mytkowicz Lorraine Lynch Nagy Susan Collins Nash Margaret Mulligan O’Brien Margaret O’Malley Mary Harney Osgood Joanne McDonald Owens Marian Rabuczewski Pasquale Christine Piekos Patterson Claire A. Peront Kathleen A. Philipp Janice Parker Pojasek Suzanne DiPalma Preberowsky Barbara Burke Price Lorraine E. Raleigh Mary Russell Riley Maureen E. Rogers Phyllis Meehan Sachar Eleanor Mulvaney Seamans Judith Gleason Shank Patricia Mojcher Sidlovsky Diane Smith Joanne Roberge Sterling Catherine M. Sullivan Anne Klein Tupper Eileen O’Neil Voegtlin


Paula Henderson Von Euw Marilyn McDonough Walsh Anne Cummings Wass Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel Elizabeth Murphy Wirth Patricia Canty Wyatt † Cynthia Arone Young

Class of 1972

Anonymous (2) Karen Kelly Al-Kinani Cathy Zimmermann Angellis Linda J. Bara Anne Johnston Barry Alice Lyons Bertini Nancy Simpson Bielski Helen Krolides Bischoff Kathleen Martineau Bonsall Kathleen Sernoffsky Bottaro Jean Murphy Boundy Gail Moran Breaugh Cheryl Bailly Brooks Nancy Roguski Brusil Margaret M. Burns Barbara Ward Caldamone MaryEva Candon Paula E. Carroll Rozalia Bobrowski Case Mary Barrett Chatel Joan Mercier Cicione Ann M. Clifford Cathleen A. Clinton Rosemary F. Colson Lorna A. Condon Cecily Walsh Connair Donna Napoli Connell Maureen Hackett Dastous Marguerite Debbie Linda M. Depelteau Patricia Roche Derba Linda A. Donahue Eleanor Sullivan Donato Margaret Cody Donovan Jane E. Driscoll Kathleen Whalen Dyer Maria E. Faria Alice Christiano Flynn Patricia M. Flynn Kathryn Matachinskas Fox Mary Lee Frisbie Phyllis Gauthier-Scott Mary Katherine Mark Gavin Susan Cimino Graceffa Kathleen A. Haggerty Geraldine Anzuoni Harrison Elizabeth A. Hart Margaret Campbell Hill Mary E. Hoar Margaret Ann P. Hoban † Eileen D. Hotte Deborah Tirrell Hurley Noreen M. Hurley-Storace Christine Peloquin Johnson Sharon Andrade Johnson Cynthia Ward Kavanaugh Ann Welch Kearney Delia Ware Keefe Ann Marie Keegan Ginna Boyle Kelly Jeanne Blum Kissane Denise Murray Kofron Mary E. Lance Kathe Wheeler Landergan Kathleen Goldrick Lolich Eileen Martin MacKenzie Ann M. Mahoney

Anita Sellew Mamoun Margaret E. Martin Judith St. Cyr Mason Elizabeth A. McIntyre Genevieve Coppa Meegan Catharine Sweeney Mikitka Ann Giammarco Moss Virginia Simmons Mullin Anne Pollard Murphy Diane Spencer Murphy Vicki J. Mutascio Ann L. Negrini Anne Marie Martowski Nolan Kathleen Scallion Northrop Patricia Coen Norton Elaine Workman O’Brien Bonnie Stinson Owen Kathleen Kelley Padis Mary Beth Phair Claire L. Pollard Jane Brophy Porter Monica Ross Pullano Ann Lisi Purr Jean Gallant Ramsey MaryAnn Stankus Raymond Judith Manera Refrigeri Mary Ellen T. Remmert-Loud Marianne E. Ricci Anne M. Riccio Marylou Robinson Jacqueline M. Rolnick Mary Ann Collins Ryan Roberta Warren Scallet Patricia Wright Seeberg Jean Callahan Singer Janet R. Studley Maria E. Tarullo Donna M. Ticchi F. Patricia McKenna Tobin Kim-Lan Tran-Thi Linda J. Tufo Mary Buell Volk Noreen Walsh Walton Mary E. Wargo Jayne Switzler Warman Jane E. Welch Linda Denese Wolf M. Kathryn Johnson Wolf Sharon Zywiak Wood Maureen O’Brien Yachimski

Class of 1973

Jane Stoodt Attanucci Patricia Morrissey Baldwin Mary McCusker Bates Joy A. Bergenthal Mary Connolly Berry Mary Wallace Blanchard Cathleen Malley Bolger Janet R. Bosworth Cynthia Nicholson Bravo M. Carol Brennan Carol Fay Brown Noreen Diamond Burdett Mary J. Cahillane Diane Stacey Celata Catherine M. Clancy Rita J. Comtois Margaret E. Connors Suzanne Colby Corey Mary Katherine Thornton Cronin Maureen F. Curley Sheila A. Cutler Jeannette DeJong Anne M. DeMatteis

Susan Serafini DiGiandomenico Jane Simpson Eggert Anne M. Eisner Evelyn Benson Fortier Mary Watson Gavin Karen Cuddyer Gelzinis † Pamela Andrade Gibbs Kathleen DeClemente Giorgi Dolores Martin Green Katherine Docwra Green Mary Stigliani Gunn Cathleen Brazel Hall Karen Kattar Hallbauer Jane F. Hammond Mayre McGrath Hammond Catherine Voyta Hatfield Jane Docktor Haugen Marilyn Matthews Hausammann Elizabeth Asci Hayes Kathleen Godin Hickey Carol A. Hinchey Donna J. Huron-Marosy Jeanne Hughes Joy Janice Belanger Joyce Martha Glavin Kempe Gloria L. Landahl Patricia O’Leary Lawton Anne C. Leary Bick Mee Lee Catherine Gorman LeFrank Ann Mullahy Leonard Kathleen Leonard Lorraine Meuse Lewis Anne Marie Skowron Mahoney Kathryn Danylk Martens Donna Marie Falcone Martone Janis Dell McDonough Dorcas C. McGurrin Susan Greeley Murati Ellen Conlon O’Donnell Virginia Hand Pittsley Sylvia Quintanilla-Mikan Anne Lauria Rand Deidre Connolly Robson Barbara Brown Rockwell Norma Coggeshall Roderiques Christine Ehrlich Rowan Ruth H. Roy Catherine Gambeski Schneider Marcia Haggerty Sharr Patricia Coss Sheldon Andrea Del’Olio Slish Marjorie Kearns Smith Maureen E. Smith Kathleen A. Soles Kathleen Kelly Strotman Maureen Kiely Vanderhoof Barbara Mulshenock Walsh

Class of 1974

Halina M. Andrzejak Kalliope Foundas Badavas Mary McManus Bagley Margaret Heanue Bald Anne Comis Bossolt Mary Aldridge Bradley Frances Donahue Burke Virginia M. Cahill † Mary Perraud Carlin Pamela Mallen Carlson Helen P. Caton Kathleen M. Chane Catherine L. Chung Virginia Martin Connearney

Joanne Connolly-Barthel Mary Lou Crane-Ryan Eileen Masci Cronin Mary Sullivan Davis Regina Shiels Davis Grace Siegel DeGregorio Susan Harvey Essig Sarah Keefe Femia Linda McKnight Flynn Helene G. Fortier Elaine Dorr Furlong Mary Quinn Gallagher Barbara Briggs Garrity Christine Jean Gibney Karen Capuozzo Gil Elizabeth T. Gilbert Ellen Crane Goff Gail Moleca Grivois Jean Tutelian Harr Mary Holland Harvey Mary Cummmings Hatcher Jane G. Hopkins-Fisher Claire Hallahan Hunt Ifeoma B. Ikenze Joline Fournier Kelley Kathleen M. Kerns Jane L. Kreinsen-King Ann McCarthy Leaver Anne Crowley Leete Carol Murdock Lilley Mary M. Lodge Mary F. Lukas Catherine Christian McGue Anne Johnson McMahon Claudia Lemay Michael Roseann Lo Bue Morrison Kathleen A. Murphy Maryann Murphy Patricia Wood O’Brien Carol O’Book Quinney Sheila McLoughlin Ramirez Stasia Kolodziej Richardson Donna Sims Rodack Lois T. Romano Patricia Brown Santilli Sandra Magnani Santinello Susan Barry Seseske Carol Cocozza Skotnicki Theresa S. Spinosa Barbara Cawley St. Pierre Jo Anne Dulak Steele Eileen Murphy Sullivan Ornella DiCenso Sweeney Paula Tatro Tangredi Mary Slafer Twiraga Kathleen Breen Vaughan Rosemary Lonardo Walsh Carol J. Wilcox

Class of 1975

Linda Ferrera Ausiello Karen Hume Baptiste Paulette Beaudoin Bouchard Miriam E. Brownewall Mary Ann Buchino Karen Cooney Burke Kathleen Stapleton Byrne Susan O’Connell Chandler Jane Boland Clark Kathleen M. Cooney Elaine Farris Cutting Cheryl Bumpus Daily Joanne B. Davis Michelle R. Demers Christine Prada Eissenstat Elise Moir Elbrecht

Class of 1976 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $19,065 Class Participation: 35% Jane Christiano Alix Donna M. Angelo Jennie Coscia Anzuoni † Kathleen Ambrose Barrett Cynthia Lemme Berry Daneille E. Berzinis Lucinda C. Boaen Mary E. Cahill Frances P. Callanan Patricia J. Chane Jean Cerbini Chiappetta Barbara Ascolese Cocca Mariastella Dominijanni Cocchiara Diane Colozzi Eromin Joanne Choquette Curley Josephine S. D’Alessandro Pamela Corradino D’Amore Deborah A. Deery Kathleen McInerney DeLoria Andrea Der Boghosian Rita Scaramuzzo DiCarlo Maureen Delaney Donnelly

Deborah A. Donovan-Perez Mary Keohan Ganz Suzanne Gaudette Guerra Barbara A. Gerardi Bernadette M. Gerardi Elaine Gibson Mary Kelleher Grady Mary Pasciucco Graziano Katherine Wagner Hansen Brenda Rusconi Hebert Janet Schroder Ingham Catherine H. Jeannette Mary E. Kercz Judy Morin Leahy Mary Kress Lemley Marie T. Lutz Anne Kenney Mahaney Theresa A. Malo-Sprawka Maureen P. Martin Pauline Provencher Martineau Leslie Ferrick McCafferty Carmella M. Morteo Marie-Claire Nicol Lois Lauria O’Leary Shirley A. Ormsby Kathleen Roake Raywood Jeanne Reed Mary Lou Leonard Regan Mary Harbberts Shiner Jane Heffron Sullivan Elizabeth J. Taparowsky Mary Beth Claus Tobin Andrea Quintiliani Wang Jeanne M. Wenger Lorraine Shannahan Wenger Maria Reeves Whelan

Class of 1977

Patricia Janowicz Abruzzi Barbara Forand Ahern Rosaly O. Aiello Mary Cosgrove Allard Theresa M. Annese Sharon DiGiore Arbit Leslie Panto Bulriss Elizabeth W. Connor-Hayes Anne Fitzpatrick Cucchiaro Nancy DeJean Leslie Lopes Foster Holly E. Hamlett Elizabeth Sheils Howard Susan Campbell Lachance Priscilla A. Maglio Susan Pion Martin Mary Ann McCarthy Josephine Molloy Morrell Jane M. Murphy Mary Resmini Pare Dorothea McCulloch Riley Mary Jo Skayhan Rogers Carolyn C. Royce Pauline D. Ruel Claudia J. Russell Clare D. Saulnier Gretel Schneider Janet E. Semple-Hess Elizabeth Mulligan Stafford Patricia M. Tollo Mary C. Whelan

Class of 1978

Margaret Platts A’Hearn Ellen Wolkovich Allen Armida Salvatore Bertino Virginia Brostrom Borghetti Dorothy M. Butler

Janice Marino Copeland Diane M. Derose Martha-Jane Ekstrand Anne Manning Finn Margaret Derby Fitzgerald Martha A. Foley Carol A. Ghiloni Anne Curran Graham Jean Maloney Hagerman Mary H. Herlihy-Gearan Aideen Guthrie Hunt Sheila R. Inniss Therese McKeon Logan Dorothy Daly Marshall Meredith A. Mason-Crowley Patricia J. McBride Lynn McCartin Mary Duggan Roy Ellen Woods Ryan Maryellen LeGrow Stone Anna Barinelli Tirone Nanette Tobin Mary-Lou Callahan Von Euw Jeanne M. Williams

Class of 1979

Mary A. Armistead Margaret M. Benz Jo Birdsey Lauren Bowerman Phyllis Kelso Bryer Marie F. Cannon Jeanne L. Chisholm Susan Pelleriti Cleary Patricia A. Compagnone-Post Carol L. Crittenden Sally Cloherty Dolan Mary Noon Doyle Susan Matthews Epstein Mary B. Evans Ann Toomey Farrell Roberta Gately Kathryn M. Gauthier Nancy M. Gibbons Jane O’Neil Gomes Sr. Mary Johnson, SND Helen R. Kaplan Jeanne M. Mahan Mary Ellen Wickstrom Michalak Anita Arayas O’Brien Marcia A. Olson Maryann Loiselle O’Regan Kathleen MacVarish Ottina Maryann Barrett Roy Paula Screnci-Vacaro Maryalice Paroby Smith Patricia Murray Smith Deborah Mourikis Tasoulas Susanne Reney Taylor Ellen Flaherty Ward Donna Feldman Wilson

Class of 1980

Norma Allen Roseann Pasquale Aust Grace Y. Burke Patricia M. Carroll Joanne Caruso Sally Chapdelaine Lou Anne Condon Collins Janis G. Crafts Camille J. Cristello Terese Sullivan Daly Carol J. Greene Genoveffa Palmieri Grieci

Janet E. Griffin Veronica Ecker Hatfield Judith Molnar LoGerfo Kathleen Guerin Mahoney Leisa Rogers Marks Mary Dehler McCusker Kerry A. McGill Joan Murphy Julie Edgar Murray Noreen McCarthy Nugent Deborah S. Palmer Catherine Price Beth Quill Martha L. Ryan Nancy M. Tribuna

Class of 1981 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $8,990 Class Participation: 25% Beverly J. Albanese Eileen Murphy Bockoff Anne Pepe Brady Virginia Brady-Mann Diane Bertolami Burke Ellen G. Canty-Ferrante Diane M. Cormier Cheryl Holden Cuddy Paula L. Di Camillo Ann Ferretti Doucette M. Catherine Schoenfeld Eckart Ruth Doherty Everett Rita M. Fabrizio-Ledonne Theresa Garnham Gauthier Eileen M. Hallisey Gertrude Trudy Harrington Sheilah Shaw Horton M. Annette Joseph Maureen A. Joyce Nancy M. Keaveney Michelle Kiehl Lavigne Susan Phalen Leigher Sandra L. Mack Ann Rexford McClaughry Margaret M. McKinnon Elizabeth Pastorello Morin Lauren M. Murphy Clara Firmani Musto Joanne Quinn Osborne Margaret A. Reilly Antoinette Sandonato Barbara Prater Stanley Kathleen Raycraft Turnbull Donna M. Watson-Dillon Patricia McKenna Wieczerzak Sara Wright

Class of 1982

Susan Alves Sheryl Casinelli Amaral Alda Costa Blackwood Sheila Faherty Blood Nancy Doherty Bradley Gail F. Brain Ann E. Canning Mary Hemenway Cassedy Sara Jane Lundberg Cormier Marie Sandonato Crandall Margaret Johnson Curran Karen A. Dittrich Margaret Powers Dutch Robin O’Brien Falzone Cheryl A. Fay-Lauria Karen F. Fosa-Salhaney Joyce George-Forbes Barbara Curtin Graceffa

Holly E. Hassett Martha Murawski Helkey Claudia R. Izzi Donna M. Johnson Marie O’Meara Knox Mary P. Markham-Sama Eileen Willis Messer Margaret Hogan Nellson Susan M. Peterson Mary K. Power-Burke Antonetta Sponpinato Robinson Susan A. Rose Catherine Ruley Condon Donna M. Sullivan Sheila Ferreira Sullivan Roseann White

Class of 1983

Francine D. Bell Jeanne M. Bolden Ellen J. Brown Mary Delaney Cogan Nancy M. Corriveau M. Elizabeth Cusack Kristine Czerwonka Denise Lally DiCenso Catherine Woods Goodwin Monica Flatley Gribaudo Maureen E. Hallice Charmaine R. Harkins Megan Shannahan Hovsepian Kelly Cronin Johnson Shelagh M. Kavanagh Beverly T. Mack Mary Alice Maloney Marybeth McCaffrey Mary Lou McGinn Margaret L. McKenna Janet C. Murphy Susan M. Pernice Marilyn Altieri Scimone Kathleen Finn Souza Maria Stater-Hannon Mary Ellen Reilly Zung

Class 1984

Catherine Cadogan Abbott Laurie Hayes Bogue Evelyn M. Callahan Margaret Fahey Clements Margaret A. Critch Mary Jane Maciejko Cuzzupe Lenore Merullo DelVecchio Amy C. Dempsey Theresa Bradley Diao Elizabeth A. Donovan Anastasia Barrett Edmonston Patricia B. Embree Marie Mattavi Ernst Janet P. Farrell Maria Guarino Hudson Susan Buteau Janik Kathleen L. Keough Rita Krasinskas Kuzdeba Joyce A. Lonergan Catherine Manning Marie Lawlor O’Leary Margaret A. O’Toole Patricia C. Packard Deborah Hayn Paine-Motyl Judith Farrell Perez-Rivas Ann Salk Rosenberg Cheri Drapeau Seaha Donna L. Sjogren Sarah Sprogell †


Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Donna Price Estes Maureen L. Farrell Pamela J. Finegan Lucy A. Flynn Patricia B. Flynn Debra Diffin Fox Marie Campagna Franklin Loretta Hambach Gailius Nancy Leclerc Gregory Krystelle Kosciak Griskiewicz Mary Jo Leary Grubbs Maura E. Hagan Anne E. Harhay Lorraine Hucksam Hooker Barbara A. Hurley Jennifer Cody Johanson Anmarie Manning Kelleher Cheryl Murray Kelly Karla Torkildsen Krogstad Denise Cynkus Leslie Donna Leuzzi Maureen McLellan Lovejoy Jeanne M. Lynch Denise J. Mallen Gail Griffin Malone Anne Marie L. Martineau Cynthia A. Morency Eileen Aherne Muller Dianne M. Olson Dianne Polizzi Susan W. Pomerleau Corkery Marcia Comeau Porter Ann Higgins Quinn Jean Andrewartha Ray Theresa Gulinello Raymond Melissa Campbell Riley Mary Gene Woods Ryan Barbara DiManna Scanlon Katherine Dolan Sipala Martha Holmes Smith Mary Ann O’Malley Taylor Gwyn Oesterle Thakur Ellen M. Tracy Lori A. Vaz Celeste P. Vezina Elizabeth Dolan Whitehead Dorothy Armelle Works Jeanne Bresnahan Yglesias Marie Petralia Zinna


Elizabeth L. Sullivan Mary Beth Thomas Kathleen Robinson Walsh Mary Willett Kathleen L. Williams

Class of 1985

Tina Aiello Linda L. Baker Anne McDonough Black Claire McCarthy Boland Louise Faro Boland Pamela Brown Patricia Babine Crane Janet M. Doran Janice Morales Grace Carol Deome Gurski Peggy S. Hanlon Susan M. Longobucco-Hynes Nancy L. McCone Margaret Sheehan Norton Mary Petricone Madeleine C. Provost Susan J. Reddington-Cohen Annette Ruotolo Rescigno Lynn Billingkoff Smith Barbara S. Thieme Tolliver

Class of 1986 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $9,248 Class Participation: 32% Marie A. Bonelli Rita Sozio Bouzane Anne McCurley Colorusso Mary F. Coneeney Margaret Kelly Curry Rosemary Howard Daggett Mary M. Dawley Patricia A. Dever Eileen Ellis Dumont Kelly A. Fox Lisa Guida Friend Carole F. Gagnon Lisa Boyle Grealish Elaine Harrington Heitkamp Margaret Goldrick Kudla Pamela Johnson Matocha Mary Curtiss McGovern Suzanne Bendickson Morris Michele Poirier Mozzone Constance Train Murphy Laurie Torigian Nelson Kathleen A. Pfeiffer Catherine Dolan Spahr Lois H. Swietnicki Linda J. Thompson Julianne M. Toomey-Kautz Mary Bernard Vallee Karrie L. Weigand Patricia Wessling Dane

Class of 1987

Anonymous Judith A. Boudwin Gloria Dubos Brewster Jill A. R. Cadigan-Christenson Ann Cahill Castagnetti Valerie Colantino Conley Karen Hamilton Curran Renee Loayza Damergi Joanna Schena DelMonaco Barbara J. Deveau Cynthia Hould Duley Melissa B. Godbout Marisol Gomez-Arroyo Immaculata Guarna-Armstrong


Tracy Sten Hacker Amy Horowitch Hale Jean L. Harvey Martha R. Horsefield Joanne Ryan Kraus Elaine M. Kunigonis Deborah Wallace Moore Maria T. O’Connell-Unda Helen M. Pickering Jacqueline Fisher Ryan Jerrolyn Lee Simpson Elizabeth E. Sughrue-Sneirson

Class of 1988

Mary E. Brady Lisa Picard Brandano Cathleen Daley Cartmell Barbara Richard Conlon Susan V. Conway-Fenn Patricia Gay Coyle Maureen Kilmartin Demers Francine C. Edwards Michael E. Fiander, Sr. Bette-Ann Kuhn Hickey Sheree McClain Holmes Marguerite Ferreira Juliano Bernadette Kennedy Elizabeth Sullivan Kupcinskas Antoinette Murphy LaPorte Karen P. MacDonald Tara Cronin Mickela Joanne DiGeronimo Migliaro Cynthia Morrell O’Callaghan Ellen C. Toomey-Mathews Phyllis Risman Winer

Class of 1989

Cindy Sealey Browne Anne M. Brutnell Carmela Caruso Coughlan Mary M. Dearborn Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio Michelle E. Duschang Dana Grogan Emerson Susan E. Gartland Carol Wilbur Gordon Rosemary K. Immig Cecilia K. Johnson Elizabeth McCarthy Johnson Christine Humphrey Keane Kristine Muller Liddell Paula McCallum Andrea Dzujna McKeen Esther Cunningham McMillan Linda Dingfelder Nielsen Patricia T. O’Connor Sandra Skovron Ray Angela Riva Seelig Lisa Surprenant Sequeira Sharon L. Sullivan-Puccini

Class of 1990

Anonymous Julie Nolet Berthiaume Sarah Katis Blum Cherilee Doucette Colonna Joan H. Hill Mary Kathryn E. Juskiewicz Lynn Ward Kenney Alice Cormier McGrail Dorothy McNatt Luiza Martins Olah Pauline Coutlis Papadopoulos Nausheen Huda Rabb Susan Bugnacki Stewart Dayna Woolley Stilphen

Carolyn L. Wortman Diana Gagnon Zeller

Class of 1991 - Reunion Total Class Giving: $585 Class Participation: 5% Elsa B. Boente Mary Lou Bonasia Maureen E. Cahill Michelle Morgan Beth Quagliaroli Gill Mary E. Levine Jennifer Dean Lundwall Catherine M. Player Elizabeth C. Preston Brenda L. Tehranian Michele Gill Tycz

Class of 1992

Kathryn Begley Blevens Ellen Loew Campana Christine M. Carosella Joan L. Connors Heather M. Driscoll Rene J. Fortes Stephanie George-Roy Lori J. Greene Theresa M. Harrison Jeanne Landrigan Murray Susan Bileau Pope Helen J. Torpey

Class of 1993

Reigan Borst Salvatore Caraviello Marie Y. D’Souza Roseanna Pappas Fluet Elizabeth A. Forsythe Nicole DeMaria Grace Lisa K. MacDonald-Devine Erin K. Maloney F. Stephen Meehan Joanne F. O’Brien Bette Jo Sparrow Pamela K. West

Class of 1994

Mary L. Bartley Sally Steele Brochu Kathleen Kelly Haffner Maura Connolly Kazorek Ann R. Kelly Diana Morrissey Kenneally Heather Cocotas Lacey Norma J. Mahoney Suzanne Borseti Mills Dawn M. Rose Eve C. Rutyna Natacha St. Louis-Johnson Suzanne M. Wenz

Class of 1995

Eileen Miller Crean Michelle Terrio Dickie Kathleen Emery Farmer Amy McDonough Guadalupe † Richard R. MacDonald Richardine F. O’Brien Diana Steinbock Sabados Christine J. Sartori Elaine G. Swain Carol F. Sweeney Anne Tortorici Walter R. Welton Mary H. Wood

Class of 1996 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $2,180 Class Participation: 15% Sandra L. Beattie Alaine Bettencourt-Portnoy Patricia A. Burns Andrea Sansone Cho Susan E. Coppola John P. Costello Kevin P. Coyne Melissa Reinsant Devine Gina DeVivo Brassaw Elizabeth Healy Harvey Cynthia A. Hebert-Callahan Saurikhane Konekeo Jamica N. Love Matthew J. McKinnon Stephanie LaRoche Musial Deirdre I. O’Shea-Kerr Nelsy Holmes Peppler Margaret Lowden Smith Kristen E. Tozza Amy Capoccia Whitney

Class of 1997

Arline Bernabei Broberg Kathleen Cormier H. Grace Cornish Nicole Anderson Cox Djidji Daniel Terrence M. Dymek Mary A. Faunce Roberta Henry Carmella Hutchings † Brian R. Jeannotte Kelli Chapin Kennedy Helen Smirnoudis Kimeria Marie Gibson Klebacher Lorna Mattus-Merrill Carol A. O’Connell Linda A. Parsloe Elizabeth Hardy Wade

Class of 1998

Deirdre F. Bradley-Turner Barbara J. Casarano Ping-Kam Chan Denise Lowney Hanlon Mary Hosten-Hall Rachel Breed Janssen Debra A. Johnson Jennifer Baker Jones Robin Brogna Keough Heather R. Martin Marie Daneault Martin Christy Narkin McAnlis Mary E. Quinn Marguerite Snow Melissa Bougopoulos Thompson Sandra Tzitzenikos Wilson Lisa BonFanti Wojtasinski

Class of 1999

William J. Cavanagh Thomas Cavanaugh Dana K. Edwards Eda Cellucci Flate Kathryn L. Hand-Savage Maureen O’Neil Hasz Edith Plante LeBlanc Patricia Robarge Lentz Elise Delaney McHugh Elisa Andres McNeil Arlene Trodden Moynihan Kathleen O’Brien Murray

Patricia R. Tilden Ursula R. Wilcox

Class of 2000

Donna Lagasse Andrews Linda Dignard Cadenelli Melinda C. Camara Jia L. Chen Kerri Dixon Marie Newman Harrison Megan A. Houpt Steven A. Iskra Norma M. Morse Melissa A. Sullivan Lu Sutherland

GOLD alumni GOLD Alumni, an acronym for Graduates of the Last Decade, participated in philanthropic support of the College during the 2011 fiscal year. Emmanuel College gratefully acknowledges the following contributors:

Total Class Giving: $1,060 Class Participation: 9% Dorothy Price BenfordHenderson Phyllis Brown Verna O. Denny Jennifer Mills Filitis Nancy Forney Sheryl Connelly Haley Nancy Henriquez Harrod Karen Quinn Holland Sarah Consentino Jackson Katherine M. McKenna Rhoda Desmarais Merriam Erin Farmer Noonan Tina Parsons-Lightner Danielle Radford Ray Patricia Ryce Ruggles Maria C. Spinale Elizabeth A. Ward Lauren S. Wheeler

Class of 2002

Marion Gaegler Bender Carrie M. Brown Katie Deloury Burt Paul C. DeFazio Maura Giguere Deptula Junipher Dorsey Jennifer Tobin Foss Elizabeth Glasgow Juliet Gresham-Moran Catherine M. Hennekens Mary E. Janda Emily C. Keily Christine J. Leighton Sean McCormack Kathleen Walsh McIsaac Monique N. Ocasio Nicole Grenon Samson Laura Grande Sanscartier Aileen Gardner Waite

Class of 2003

Colleen C. Ammerman Amanda G. Conroy Diane B. Croswell Danielle M. DiRosa Debra A. Faria Regina L. Hoell Ann Jaroncyk Kathleen Riley Kinneen Julie A. Maher Mary E. McCann John S. Pension Sarah LeBlanc Reynolds Kristen Chretien Tahani Stephanie Guarino Wanamaker Kathleen Davis Young

Class of 2004

Nicole L. Bugeau Kathleen A. Cook Paul F. Dawson Jessica Hughes Zainab Obanla Jolaosho Robert Kane Sarah L. LaRose Alexis Mastronardi Tamara J. Noel Marybeth Oskowski Cheryl A. Raistrick Karen M. Schneider Vicky Puiying Yan

Class of 2005

Nina L. Ata Amanda L. Bagarella Nora Byron Dolan Kelly M. Dunn Olayiwola O. Esan † Nova Fullard George Goss Michael Hale Paulette N. Johnson Jessica deSousa Kouyoumjian Rosemary Leone Eric J. Martin Nimit B. Nathwani Justin M. Prairie Joycelin Tremblay Raho Serghino René Gerard F. Sloan Stephanie N. Sweeney Jaimie Jandovitz Ward Rosanne White-Walcott

Class of 2006 - Reunion

Total Class Giving: $1,356 Class Participation: 11% Susan M. Aguiar Emily Clark Kelly A. Clark Stephanie Czyryca Kristy L. Ferreira Alaric D. Frazier John A. Greco Andrea D. Harrington Molly Honan Rhiana Huckins Vera Kehayova Mairead R. Kelly Danielle DiGiovanni Kempe David M. Kempe Shawn P. Kennedy Victoria E. Kichuk Sherilyn C. Levy Marlene A. Lewis Tatiana Marcussian Laura K. Mason Libny Gabin Mateo Alyssa M. McCoy Travis J. McKinney

Amy Goodrich Mills Paula Morris Christopher J. Mulvey Katelyn Baxter Rice Shannon Trask Sorensen Eric Tobin Ricky W. Wong

Class of 2007

Erin Dalianis Beauregard Denise T. Bousquet Jolie M. Condon Leah B. Conti Migdalia M. Gomez Samuel J. Kellogg Emily E. Kuhlman Christopher D. Leonardi Peter M. Rock Gerard J. Ruggiero Dorothy H. ShanahanRoberge Celeste R. Terwilliger Michael J. Valanzola Michael Zakarian

Class of 2008

Meghan N. Admirand Andre A. Barbosa Kristyn E. Collins Katelyn A. Cusack Ryanne M. Dennis Lauren M. Giroux Thomas J. Griffis Jamie L. Kenyon Mark S. Logan, Jr. Joanne McCabe Karla J. Murga Julianne G. Murphy Ashley L. O’Neill Kristen E. Rogato Jessica L. Sic Adam P. Smith Emily Willmer Sullivan Kimberly J. Vanick

Class of 2009

Robert F. Allen Teresa V. Callahan Harold Carey Margaret E. Collins Jean Cunningham Katherine Darcy Christopher M. DeLoria Molly C. Dever Elizabeth A. Donovan Michelle R. Dudley Kimberly A. Fletcher Rhonda L. Grealish Larry W. Johansen Stephanie Krzyzewski Carolyn R. Lembo Andrea S. Lopes Amanda J. Martel

Amber F. McAfee Mary Anne McGruder Erin Fogle Molnar Marni S. Orlove Cassandra L. Reis Caitlin M. Santacroce Nora M. Scanlan Kristina D. Sciarappa Carol H. Soen Carlos Varum Linda J. Weymouth Mary Wright

Class of 2010

Carlos E. Barrera John Basley Marie L. Bellevue Mathew T. Clerrico James Currul Patricia Donovan Christopher Flanagan Kelly J. Griffin Caron R. Gugssa Benjamin C. Hallas Lenore P. Jackson-Pope Rose Lepore-Correale Katelyn M. Martin Kurtis L. Milton Jonathan Mulhern Megan Mulloney Erasmo Nunez Esperancia Paul Jonathan R. Polep-Saffer Sarah L. Puleo Margaret E. Reagan Timothy Ronan Michael Semizoglou Anne E. Travierso Christine M. Wood Kateri M. Wright Nana E. Yankah

Angela B. Gendall Lisa Gendron Lisa J. Glasheen Shawn V. Hennessy Jennifer A. Hersey Charlene M. Hill John D. Howard, Jr. Caitlin M. Jones Michelle P. Keane Gabrielle R. King † Danielle M. LaFountain Brianna E. Lively Ariana Lombardi Mary P. Long Benjamin J. Lorenc Ashley Lutter Alison R. Lynch Thomas A. Maher Kristina Marik Gavin J. Molta Whitney Multari Alexandra G. Nigro Tyson A. Rietz Matthew C. Salvi Tristyn G. Sepersky Alexander M. Silva Elyse C. Whitehead Christina M. Wigglesworth Bethany C. Wolfe Allisyn M. Young

Class of 2011

Alexander B. Albritton Elaine E. Aufiero Julianne D. Biagioli Paul B. Caamano Jennifer M. Chan Megan E. Clary Class of 2011 Thomas C. Cleary Benjamin T. Cleveland Victoria L. Cole Catherine A. Corbo Joseph Cromosini Erin M. Daley Lauren Daniel Jacob J. Deluise Samantha J. Desenberg John P. DiFrancesco Amber L. DiNucci Ryan F. Dolen Chelsey L. Fenn

Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Class of 2001 - Reunion



Faculty, Staff, Parents and Friends Emmanuel proudly recognizes the generosity of the Emmanuel community and friends who supported the College with gifts during the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Faculty and Staff

Anonymous (2) Susan M. Aguiar ’06 Helen E. Ahearn Jacqueline Alfonso Robert F. Allen ’09 Gouri Banerjee Carlos E. Barrera ’10 Joyce Benenson Kyle Black Deirdre F. Bradley-Turner ’98 Richard Bruno, Jr. Neil G. Buckley, Jr. John Byrne Joan Caldwell Walter T. Carlson III Suzanne Lavoie Carty Dane Cash Carolyn Caveny Geraldine Chalykoff Linda Chhouy Patricia Clarke Paula Connolly Kristen Conroy Richard P. Costantino Mary Crawford Shauna Delano Andrea L. Dempsey Molly C. Dever ’09 Raymond J. Devettere Sally deCastro Dias ’62 Keith C. Dimalanta James P. Doherty Sr. Anne M. Donovan, SND ’62 Kelly M. Dunn ’05 Sr. Janet Eisner, SND ’63 Matthew Elliott Michelle Erickson Jennifer Mills Filitis ’01 Cynthia Fowler Aren Gerdon Migdalia M. Gomez ’07 Nancy Henriquez Harrod ’01 Albert N. Hayle ’05 John P. Heinstadt Molly Honan Stephan W. Jacobs Scott Jennings Sr. Mary Johnson, SND ’79 Dr. Laurie E. Johnston John D. Kelly Helen Smirnoudis Kimeria ’97 Joel Kowit William C. Leonard Christopher D. Leonardi ’07 Brian Nancy Lilly Mary A. Litterst ’66 Brian R. Littlefield Patricia A. MacNeil Crista M. Mahoney Paul March


Jason Marinko Judith C. Marley Lenore G. Martin Alexis Mastronardi ’04 Sharon McKechnie Christine McKenna Virginia Simmons Mullin ’72 Kathryn Mulvaney MaryAnne Murphy Melanie A. Murphy Helen Muterperl Megumi Naitoh Marie D. Natoli Erin Farmer Noonan ’01 Cynthia Morrell O’Callaghan ’88 Kay Moriarty O’Dwyer Rob O’Dwyer Elisabeth M. O’Hearn ’47 Joseph M. Onofrietti Marybeth Oskowski ’04 Sean Philpott Kathleen Redmond Gerard P. Regan Patricia Rissmeyer Sandra M. Robbins Pam Roecker Maryanne Rooney-Hegan Dawn M. Rose ’94 Erica J. Rosenfeld Thomas Schnauber Benjamin Schools Frank E. Scully, Jr. Kimberly Eretzian Smirles Katherine Smith Kathleen A. Soles Lisa M. Stepanski Stephanie N. Sweeney ’05 Jonathan Sydnor Cheryl Tano Sr. Susan Thornell, SND ’70 Carlos Varum ’09 Jaime Vidaurrazaga Susan von Daum Tholl Thomas Wall Sarah Welsh Kenna S. Wood Andrew Yosinoff Michael Zakarian Kristen Zapata

Parents and Friends

Anonymous Lorraine M. Adams Peter and Gwendolyn Airasian Mildred and Sean Allan Mark J. Altamirano Maxi J. Arias Aileen Athy John W. Bagnall Susanne C. Barilaro Timothy and Paula Barry ’70 Kerry L. Bauer Charlotte and Cameron Beers Robert and Noreen Begin ’59 John P. Bellamente Winifred and Nicholas Benvenuto Jerry Bernhard Alicia and Francis Berube Mary and Emanuel Bianculli Kathleen A. Borges Felicia and Egan Bovell Elizabeth A. Brazzale Jane Brevich Dorothy V. Brewster Judith A. Brown Mary and Robert Brown Joannah and Robert Brunelli Daniel R. Burke John and Mary Burke Patricia and William Burke III Elinor and Paul Butman John and Constance Cahill Joan and Jack Caldwell Maureen and Dennis Callahan Carol L. Carleton Raul and Jamie Carr Joanne and Joseph Caruso Thomas and Marjorie Cass ’60 Mary Jayne and Dianne Cassiani Mary E. Chane † Nancy E. Chane Patricia and Richard Chartrand Margo M. Chester Kathleen M. Christensen Michael Christian Eleanor and Samuel Church Maria Ciccaglione Jean and Thomas Cintolo Mary J. Coleman Kathleen and Robert Collman Margot C. Connell Jack and Eileen Connors Jennifer K. Coplon Joseph and Rose Corcoran Barbara and Carl Corey Joan and Richard Corey Thomas F. Coughlan, Jr. Carol Kemmitt Courage ’68 William F. Coyne, Jr. Kathleen and Neil Cronin Neil and Patricia Cronin ’61

Walter and Sally Cuffe Bill and Joyce Cummings Carol M. Cunningham Patricia and Paul Cusack Kevin and Susan Cusick Jeannette and Donald Daggett C. Michael and Janet Daley Barry and Cecilia Danielian James S. Davis Roderick Davis and Damita Gray Catherine P. Dawson and Herbert Crowley Helen R. Dawson Margherita P. Del Greco Eileen Delaney Joanne Delaney Mark and Kathleen DeLoria ’76 Albert G. DeMott Robert Depauw Maria Depina Alec DeSimone Alec J. DeSimone Jonathan and Vicki DeSimone Robert J. DeSimone Thomas and Mary DeSimone Patricia G. Devaney Cathy and Frank Di Biase Lawrence S. DiCara Michael and Ann Dicicco Lydia and Brian Doherty Alice M. Donahue Maryellen Donahue Jean Sullivan Donovan ’70 Colleen Doyle Donna and Francis Doyle Patricia and Joseph Doyle Germaine Durette Catherine and James Eastman Maureen E. Egan Virginia and Robert Egan James and Kathleen Elcock Elaine El-Khawas Drew and Michelle Erickson Marlu P. Famorca Kathryn Farrelly Paul J. Farris Daniel H. Ferguson Kathleen M. Field Linda Finneran Saveria Fiorillo Leslie Fallon and Ann Fitzgerald Daniel L. Fitzgerald Maurice J. Fitzgerald Mary and Ronan Fitzpatrick Stella M. Flores Patricia Foley Ann Gaseau David and Nancy Gaseau Peter P. Gelzinis IV Connie and Stephen Giancola Armand Giarrusso

Jacqueline and Richard Leach Belinda and Charlesworth Lee Richard and Gail Lee Eileen Leonardi Donald S. Levine Joyce and Leonard Levine Susan and Paul Lewis Vashti E. Lewis Marilyn S. Litman Monica M. Llano Estelle and W. Ross Locklear Nancy and Mark Logan Joanne P. Long Carolyn and Peter Lynch Sandra Macdonald Rosemary and Jack MacKinnon William Q. MacLean, Jr. Marcia E. Mahoney Elaine Maldonado Mary Frances Hoban Malone Rosemary K. Manning Gail M. Mansfield Kim Marshall Karen and Lorenzo Mathis Thomas Mullen and Susan Mavrinac Rita A. McCabe Alice L. McCarthy Margaret H. McCarthy Thomas McCarthy Joanne Dillon McDermott and Marilyn Dillon Jenkins Sandra and George McDonald The McGaugh Family Eleanor Hayes McGourty Sarah and Barry McHale Kevin J. McKeon Mary McNiff Bill and Linda McQuillan Virginia and Richard Meagher C. Allen and Beverly Merritt Jill and Eric Meyers Chareyce and Lamont Miller Kris Mineau Clifford D. Mitchell Diane and Frederick Morse Marie Mulvihill Edmund and Jennifer Murphy Elaine M. C. Murphy Erin Murray Michael J. Muse Peter and Deborah Muse Anne J. Neilson Maureen and Richard Noone Marilyn and Edward Novak Virginia and James O’Boy Ann and Gerald O’Brien Mary Frances and Edward O’Brien Lisbeth and Lawrence O’Brien Cathy and Michael Ockimey Barbara and Thomas C. O’Connor Marcia Olson ’79 and John Baglole Lena O’Neil and Family John and Linda O’Neill

Renata Paratore Linda and David Pearlstein Susan K. Peaslee Barbara and Joseph Pedulla Mary B. Peel Earl M. Phalen Elizabeth T. Pietrzak Helene Pilch Donald K. Poole Jennifer and Sean Porter Denise S. Powell Grace and John Powell John F. Power Patricia Drohan Pratt Carole Pray Margaret and Richard Pregno Mary and Robert Presti Manny A. Puguon Kathleen and Stephen Puleo Robert E. Purcell David W. Putnam Lynda and Gerald Quatrale Mark and Elaine Quinn Claire Ramsbottom and Robert Rodecker Donna and James Rapaccioli David P. Reed Anne and Richard Reed Eleanor A. Regan Claudette Renaudin Linda Riccio Lazette E. Ridgley George and Mercedes Riley Patricia Rissmeyer and James H. Wallace Allison Rock Sara Romer James and Ann Roosevelt Linda and James Ross Janice and Manfred Rudolf John and Claire Sanford ’69 Daniel N. Saul Jane G. Schaefer Vickie Scheuer Susan and Stephen Sciarappa Catherine M. Sclafani Frank and Mary Scully Ruth A. Scully Sheila and Richard Segal Jack Shaughnessy Jean E. Smallin Richard M. Snyder Michelle Sofi Edward H. Sonn Jill and Thomas Spellman June A. Spiller Elizabeth Brassil Spinella Jane M. Staunton Cecilia and John Stefanini Faith Steinbach Barbara M. Sturgis Eileen H. Sullivan Ellen Sullivan

Jane Sullivan Walter F. Sullivan Dick and Margaret Syron Ian and Christine Taylor Jeffrey Terry Margaret and Robert Tessier Cherie Thompson Ann M. Tierney Joanne F. Tower Joseph and Patricia Tower Thomas Turico Edie and Ayhan Turna Frances and Sharon Wall Ellen and Thomas Walsh Kathleen E. Walsh and Dr. Erik Garpestad William J. Walsh Alan M. Ward Linda A. Weremay Kellen West Richard A. West Barbara and George White Paul D. White Frank Wilkens † Kayla Willis Dorothy Wu Louis Yosinoff Deborah C. Zetterstrom

Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Mitzi Gilbert Philip and Anne Marie Giroux ’63 Lori Gold Ruth S. Goldstein Richard Gordet Thomas J. Gosnell Bryan and Brenda Gregor Paula and John Griffin Maura E. Hagan ’75 and Jeffrey M. Forbes Florence T. Hallahan Deborah and James Hallas Mary Hamilton and Jack White Shara C. Hammond Leonard F. Hanna Virginia C. Hannigan Mark D. Harbaugh William and Jean Harper John and Maureen Harrington Robert Harris Patricia and Michael Henry Robert C. Hewitt Harry G. Hill, Jr. Robert and Michele Hogan Brooks and Catherine Holmes ’65 Kevin G. Honan David C. Howse George E. Hurley, Jr. Lorraine and Bob Hurst Thomas and Nicole Hynes Frank and Dolores Infanger ’49 Nancy B. Isaacs Veronique and Gerald Jean Barbara E. Johnson Frederick Johnson H. G. Jones Mary W. Jordan Cassandra Jure Paul M. Keane Joan M. Kearney Sissy Kelley Francis J. Kelly Marcus and Martha Kempe ’73 Carol and Douglas Kennedy June A. Kennedy Paul B. Kennedy Kathleen M. Kerns ’74 and Joseph W. Sullivan Arthur Kiernan Dianne and Lawrence Kimball Ann King Mary E. King Susan King Mary Coleman Kochman Christine and Kenneth Kopicis Eileen and Chris Kourkoulis Celeste and Edward Krouse Ellen and David Lambert G. Barrie Landry Jean and Thomas Lane Virginia and Kenneth Langley Mary E. Laubenstein Voula Lavalle



Corporations, Foundations & Organizations

Named Scholarships

Support from corporations, foundations and other organizations provides important funding for the College’s academic programs and new initiatives. Emmanuel is proud to acknowledge philanthropy from the following organizations:

Scholarships provide an important funding source for Emmanuel students. We welcome gifts that establish new funds as well as contributions to existing endowments. Gifts were made to the following scholarship funds during the fiscal year:

Abbott Laboratories Fund Advanced Medical Management, Inc. Aetna Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Avis and Northridge Ayco Charitable Foundation The Bank of America Charitable Foundation Matching Gifts The Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Beckman Coulter, Inc. Biogen Idec The Boston Foundation Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association Cambridge Teachers Federal Credit Union The Cape Cod Foundation Carnegie Corporation of New York Catholic Daughters of the Americas Clopay Corporation Coca-Cola Refreshments Col. Bailey’s 2nd Massachusetts Regiment The Council of Independent Colleges Crystal Transport Inc. Datatel Davis Educational Foundation Del Monte Foods Depina’s Unisex Salon The Dow Chemical Company Eli Lilly and Co. Foundation Emmanuel College Black Student Union Emmanuel College Faculty Senate Ernst & Young LLP Essex County Rehabilitation Assoc., Inc ExxonMobil Corporation The Fannie Mae Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fidelity Investments Fiduciary Trust First Data Corporation Flaherty & Associates, Ltd. FleetBoston Financial Group The FM Global Foundation Garant and Associates General Electric Company Gilbane Building Company Goody Clancy Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Gycor International H&R Block Hewlett-Packard Company Holland and Knight Charitable Foundation Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company IBM Corporation ING Foundation J. C. Kellogg Foundation Johnson & Johnson Johnson Controls Foundation Kemper National Insurance Companies 18

Macy’s, Inc. Maguire Associates, Inc. MassDevelopment The McKesson Foundation, Inc. The Millipore Foundation Mohawk Hospital Equipment, Inc. Moody’s Corporation JP Morgan Chase & Co. Motorola Foundation Mutual of America New York Life Insurance Company NMTW Community Credit Union Northern Funds Northrop Grumman Notre Dame Training School NSTAR Foundation Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. Oracle Corporation The Parish of Saint Clare Pearson Education Pfizer, Inc. Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation Pitney Bowes Inc. The Procter & Gamble Company Professional Solutions F. L. Putnam Investment Management Company Raytheon Company Retailers Association of Massachusetts Roche Sarah W. Rollins Charitable Trust T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Seamans Capital Management, LLC Siemens Sisters of Notre Dame The Spahr Foundation The Spencer Foundation Sprint Foundation State Street Corporation Steward Health Care Systems LLC Stowaway Sweets Sullivan & McLaughlin Companies, Inc. Summit Press, Inc. TD Ameritrade Tiffany & Co. UBS Foundation United Way Unum Uphams Chiropractic, PC Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Corporation Wal-Mart Foundation, Inc. Walsh Brothers, Inc. The Washington Post Company Xerox Corporation Yawkey Foundation II

Virginia M. Cahill Scholarship M. Adelaide O’Sullivan Coleman Scholarship Fund Kathryn Flaherty Coughlan ’36 Scholarship Elizabeth A. Crowley Scholarship Kathleen Daley Scholarship Fund Jane Drohan Scholarship Sister Janet Eisner, SND Scholarship Femi Esan Memorial Scholarship Karen P. Gelzinis ’73 Memorial Scholarship General Endowed Scholarship Fund Gillis Scholarship Fund Gillis-Pollock Scholarship Margaret Ann Hoban ’72 Scholarship Fund John W. and Anne M. Hogan Memorial Scholarship Hoye-Wallace Scholarship Fund Ann Kathryn Kerwin Memorial Scholarship Fund Peggy Cogan Leahy Scholarship Fund Ellen Madden Award Katherine Joyce McNeil Scholarship Dorothy Lenihan McQuillan ’50 Scholarship for City of Boston Students Rose Cafasso Merenda Endowed Scholarship Fund Margaret Henry Murray ’42 and Halstead Graeme Murray Endowed Scholarship Judge Mary Beatty Muse Endowed Scholarship Anne and Richard Ockerbloom Scholarship Fund Elisabeth M. O’Hearn ’47 Endowed Scholarship Fund Salmon Family Endowed Scholarship Fund Jayne E. Stanton Scholarship William J. and Mary Leavitt Sullivan Scholarship Grace LaFauci Taylor ’55 and Sons Endowed Scholarship Sister Marie Carmel White, SND Scholarship Maureen Murphy Wilkens Endowed Scholarship Freda Yosinoff Memorial Scholarship

The Heritage Society

In Honor

The Heritage Society recognizes donors who have made life income or bequest commitments to the College. We are indebted to these individuals for their generosity:

Emmanuel College’s Honor Program recognizes important milestones and special occasions. The following individuals and groups were honored during the fiscal year:

Anna C. McCarthy ’41 Frances Nixon McDonald ’53 Suzanne M. McGowan ’58 Barbara J. McNeil ’62 Dorothy Lenihan McQuillan ’50 Rose Cafasso Merenda ’44 Joan Mazzio Moore ’57 Julie M. Murray ’66 Jeanne Delude Newton ’66 Elisabeth M. O’Hearn ’47 Elaine Corcoran O’Malley ’53 Jean Thivierge Oliva ’57 Mary B. Parent ’61 Anne D. Pasquino ’60 † Elmire M. Petit ’43 M. Lois Happeny Ridge ’67 Catherine Colosi Romano ’52 Ann Kelley Ryan ’55 Gretel M. Schneider ’77 M. Andrea Todesca Ryan ’66 Mary Gene Woods Ryan ’75 Karen J. Schroeder ’67 Elizabeth Stout Seaver ’63 Jack Shaughnessy Katherine McKiernan Sullivan ’52 Walter F. Sullivan Stephen J. and Genevieve Barretta Sweeney ’49 Barbara Scully Tracy ’48 Esta Gendreau Wall ’48 † Marie L. Welch ’49 M. Elizabeth White ’69 Rita Sharry White ’40 Kenna S. Wood Andrew Yosinoff

Ila Bhattasali Fr. Stephen Boyle Class of 2001 Sr. Anne M. Donovan, SND ’62 Carol Giarrusso Evans ’70 Cynthia Fowler Eleanor Murphy Kuppens Dorothy Lenihan McQuillan ’50 Mary Gallagher Mullen ’43 † A. Eleanor Murphy Bob and Mary Muse ’41 Ruth McGovern Soles ’46 Joanne Roberge Sterling ’71 Grace LaFauci Taylor ’55 Anne Cummings Wass ’71 Eleanor Mulcahy Wessling ’47

Giving Report | July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011

Alberta Dillon Andrewartha ’43 † Diane Ayache ’63 Jeannette A. Ayoub ’59 Joyce Connell Bachman ’62 Eileen Barry Banta ’62 Helen V. Barry ’41 Augusta Gallagher Baum ’40 Marguerite Kiley Benson ’52 Torvald Bertinuson Joan Hurley Black ’66 Mary Lynn M. Bourque ’58 Julianne Bova ’71 Jean Bresnahan Boyle ’55 Judith Getch Brodman John F. Buoncristiani Nancy Sprissler Burns ’40 M. Louise Butler ’44 † Margaret M. Cannon ’53 Thomas and Marjorie Cass ’60 M. Agatha Keohane Carroll ’42 Paula Carroll ’72 Jeanne Connolly Clancy ’47 Jane Kennedy Coan ’52 Nancy Mahoney Cohen ’63 Mary Canning Coulon ’46 Trudy Walsh Deane ’54 Irene E. Dempsey ’51 Margaret G. Deveney ’37 Mary E. Dorn ’40 Paula C. Duggan ’69 Mary Malloy Duplain ’34 Barbara Van Tassel Enagonio ’44 Kathryn M. Fairbanks ’55 Mildred Corcoran Feloney ’55 Kathleen Kiernan Feltz Gloria A. Ferullo ’46 Rita B. Garant ’63 Elaine Fogel Gilmore ’53 Constance Murphy Gormley ’43 Mary Leonard Halpin ’58 Leonard F. Hanna Dawn L. Hannafin ’74 Marjorie V. Hickey ’69 Mary L. Hogan ’56 Virginia M. Horrigan ’45 † Louise Keenan † Carol A. Laboissonniere ’72 Marguerite Lessard Lang ’63 Richard and Gail Lee Catherine McCabe Logue ’50 Rose Irma Lynch ’52 Clare M. Mahan ’62 Agnes R. Mahoney ’54 Elizabeth V. Mahoney ’45 Marietta A. Marchitelli ’56 Lorraine S. Martel † Marie E. McCabe ’43 †



In Memorial Many alumni, friends and members of the Emmanuel College community have chosen to memorialize loved ones by directing their philanthropy to the College. The following individuals were remembered during the fiscal year with gifts to Emmanuel: Alberta Dillon Andrewartha ’43 Mary Phaneuf Anton ’70 Jennie Coscia Anzuoni ’76 Helen M. Attridge ’35 Ann Marie Johnson Beatty ’56 Mary Conley Bellamente ’38 Mary Cregan Bernard ’48 Lucille M. Boulanger ’71 Kathleen O’Shea Boylan ’49 Eleanor Mahler Boyle ’45 Rita Finn Brassil ’36 Dianne McLaughlin Brussard ’47 M. Louise Butler ’44 Virginia M. Cahill ’74 Kathleen Denneny Carroll ’43 M. Adelaide O’Sullivan Coleman ’32 Rev. Thomas D. Conway ’70 Elaine Morrison Corbett ’55 Kathryn Flaherty Coughlan ’36 Mary Buckley Coviello ’71 Patricia A. Cremins ’58 Margaret Murphy Dawley ’47 Julia O’Donnell DeMott ’44 Sr. Barbara Dewey, SSND ’46 Margaret Tierney Downes ’50 Marion Sheehan Ehmann ’64 Olayiwola O. Esan ’05 Eleanore O’Neill Gately Farrell ’41 Paulette St. Germain Farris ’60 Mary Fitzgerald Finneran ’42 Lucy Verza Fitzgerald ’37 Winifred Crowley Fitzgerald ’53 Barbara Chesley Fleming ’70 Karen Cuddyer Gelzinis ’73 Bartholomew Glancy Amy McDonough Guadalupe ’95 Julie Kelly Halligan ’59 M. Loeman Hayden ’55 Patricia M. Hayden ’59 Susan Grudzien Hewitt ’68 Harriet Shannon Hill ’56 Jeanne Caulfield Hines ’39 Margaret Ann P. Hoban ’72 Mary O’Donnell Howard ’49 Sr. Mary John Hoye, SND ’30 Sr. Helen Madeleine M. Ingraham, SND ’26 Carolyn Pytel Keleher ’66 Marie Hingston Kelly ’56 Mary McCarthy Kelly ’61 Virginia Powers Kennedy ’43 Gabrielle R. King ’11 Bernadette Beatty Leber ’46 Patricia Raftus MacAskill ’45 Josephine Gillis Mahan ’24


Doris Kenney Mahaney ’56 Kathleen Tierney Maloney ’61 Joyce Balsamo Manning ’57 M. Rita Fougere Manocchio ’41 Joseph P. Mariani, Jr. Elizabeth A. Marley ’55 Rita Lynch Mattie ’42 Eileen Smolak Mauck ’71 Alice Kenneally May ’37 Dorothy E. McDonald ’71 Katherine Joyce McNeil ’32 Joan Piccus Mello ’59 Patricia Power Monahan ’46 Patricia Boyden Morris ’51 JoAnne Hayden Murphy ’51 Ellen J. Murray ’46 Halstead Graeme and Margaret Henry Murray ’42 Marie Hines Murray ’42 Sr. Pauline E. Neelon, SND ’51 Margaret Reagan O’Donnell ’39 Mary F. O’Halloran ’66 Anne D. Pasquino ’60 Jean Buckley Peper ’43 Rita Fiorillo Ponte ’48 Ruth Henderson Provasoli ’37 Eleanor Casserly Purcell ’42 Sarah W. Rollins ’48 Margaret C. Salmon ’47 Mary L. Sapienza ’66 Elizabeth Ryan Simmington ’49 Ann Mullaney Skelly ’62 Maybeth Fandel Sonn ’63 Jane Drohan Suleski ’51 M. Catherine Fitzgerald Sullivan ’34 Catharine Healy Sweeney ’42 Henry W. Thomas Rita Quinn Tobin ’60 Maryellen Meehan Valzania ’60 Florence and William Walker Esta Gendreau Wall ’48 Sr. Magdalen Julie Wallace, SND ’35 Joan Feeney Ward ’54 Brendan H. White Agnes Lynch Wiles ’56 Joan Barnes Willenborg ’50 Eleanor Kennedy Winn ’45 Ann McClintock Woodson ’60 Patricia Canty Wyatt ’71

STAYING CURRENT The 2011 Giving Report recognizes individuals, corporations and foundations who have contributed to Emmanuel College from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. Every effort has been made to ensure that each donor is accurately recognized. Please bring corrections or omissions to the attention of Kenna S. Wood, Associate Vice President of Development Services by calling 617-264-7645 or by emailing

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2010-2011 Emmanuel College Giving Report  
2010-2011 Emmanuel College Giving Report  

The Emmanuel College Giving Report | 2010-2011