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CUTTING-AND-PASTING TEXT When copying-and-pasting text into the Body Copy of the event, you should always follow these steps: 1. Copy the text you’d like to add to the page 2. Click your mouse anywhere in the Body Copy area 3. Right-click and choose paste from the menu, or press Ctrl and V, and the following window will pop up:

4. Click “Allow Access” and the following window will open:

5. The text you are copying and pasting will appear in the preview window. If you wish to edit it, you can do so here or after it is pasted. 6. Be sure to select Paste Text Only as this will ensure no strange formatting tags from Word go into the system. 7. Click Paste and your text will appear in your Body Copy, where you can indent and format as you wish. SPACING Each time you hit “Enter” the CMS will assume you’re starting a new paragraph and enter a double-spaced line. If you would like to start on a new line but not have the double space, hold down “Shift” as you press “Enter.”