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History The study of history enables you to understand change and continuity across time in the United States, Europe and the world. Emmanuel College students look at cultures and civilizations both nearby and remote as they study topics such as Boston’s neighborhoods, the British presence in India or the ideals of the ancient Greeks. Examining instances of beauty, progress and success on the world stage as well as episodes of carnage, cruelty and injustice familiarizes students with the range and commonality of human experience and gives them perspective on the present.

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Major: History Minor: History Teacher Licensure in History

Sample Courses: HIST1109 • HIST2105 • HIST2122 • HIST2128 • HIST3111 • HIST3504 •

Modern World History America Since 1960 History of Colonial Latin America Immigrants in the American Experience United States and Global Issues: 19th and 20th Centuries From Lenin to Putin: A History of the Soviet Union and its Collapse

Department Chair: Javier Marion, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History Administration Building, Room 333C 617-264-7638 |

Where Can Studying History Get You? Emmanuel College believes that the best preparation for success and meaningful careers is a strong liberal arts and sciences education. The history department at the College reflects that conviction. The program provides students with opportunities – through courses in specialized fields within the discipline, as well as through internships – to develop the skills and knowledge required to move into the world of work. Students studying history intern at locations such as Paul Revere’s House, Massachusetts Historical Society, the Boston Athenaeum and the Middle Eastern Studies Institute. Graduates are prepared for career opportunities in just about anything, including law, education, government and politics. Recent graduates earned acceptance into graduate programs at schools including the University of Chicago.