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Educating for Life: The SND Mission Continues in the 21st Century Sr. Janet Eisner, SND, Ph.D., President, Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College


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Sisters of Notre Dame - Founding Vision Making Known God’s Goodness . . . Educating for Life § 

The Goodness of God


Commitment to the poor


Education “Greatest work on earth”


Global/International Focus


Relationship with God – Contemplatives in Action

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur


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Noord Belgie Belgique-Sud


Italy Japan

Congo-Kinshasa Brasil

Nigeria Kenya

Peru Zimbabwe South Africa

What comes  to  mind  when  you  think  of  the  Emmanuel  mission?   Faculty  responses    

What comes  to  mind  when  you  think  of  the  Emmanuel  mission?   Trustee  responses    


Emmanuel College Proposed: Retreat/Living Learning Center

Maureen Desmond, ‘14

Jordan Coulumbe, ‘12