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Philosophy Philosophy was originally defined by the Greeks as “love of wisdom.” Wisdom is knowledge that enables us to understand reality and live a good life. In this spirit, Emmanuel College’s Department of Philosophy strives to help students explore the meaning of humanity, God, freedom, knowledge, society, history, good and evil, and to construct a personal worldview. While the study of philosophy is valuable for its own sake and as preparation for living a fuller, richer life, it also has considerable practical value. Successful students can question assumptions, analyze ideas carefully, reason accurately and develop other critical-thinking skills that are in great demand in our rapidly changing world.

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Major: Philosophy Minor: Philosophy

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PHIL1103 PHIL1115 PHIL1205 PHIL2201 PHIL3115 PHIL3201

Philosophy of Religion Recent Moral Issues Health Care Ethics Existentialism and the Meaning of Life Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Race, Ethnicity and Ethics

Department Chair: Thomas F. Wall, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy Administration Building, Room 455 617-264-7618 |

Where Can Studying Philosophy Get You? Emmanuel College believes that the best preparation for success and meaningful careers is a strong liberal arts and sciences education. The philosophy department at the College reflects that conviction. The program provides students with opportunities – through courses in specialized fields within the discipline, as well as through internships – to develop the skills and knowledge required to move into the world of work. Philosophy students develop high levels of the type of skills required for success in many of today’s most interesting careers, such as teaching, law, medicine, business and a variety of leadership positions.