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Performing Arts Performing arts is an exciting discipline that combines creativity, technique, historical awareness and insights into the human condition. Emmanuel College’s Department of Performing Arts allows students to acquire skills and knowledge in the field, as well as to participate in performing activities. Studying performing arts can open doors to careers in music and theater, either as a performer or as someone who works “behind the scenes.” Emmanuel College’s Boston location also provides students access to some of the leading theaters, musical institutions and dance centers in the world – within walking distance of campus.

Departmental/Program Offerings • •

Individualized Majors in Performing Arts Minors: Music, Music-Theater, Theater Arts

Sample Courses: PERF1111 • PERF1302 • PERF1321 • PERF2111 • PERF2312 • PERF3121 •

Public Speaking: Voice and Diction Music-Theater Through the Ages The ABCs of Music Notation: Dots, Lines and Squiggles Acting: Basic Techniques Advanced Performance Techniques for the Singing Actor Theatrical Design and Production

Department Chair: Tom Schnauber, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Performing Arts (Music) Administration Building, Room A-462 617-264-7772 |

Where Can Studying Performing Arts Get You? Emmanuel College believes that the best preparation for success and meaningful careers is a strong liberal arts and sciences education. The performing arts department at the College reflects that conviction. The program provides students with opportunities – through courses in specialized fields within the discipline, as well as through internships – to develop the skills and knowledge required to move into the world of work. Emmanuel performing arts students have interned at locations such as The Huntington Theatre, The Boston Lyric Opera and The Boston Symphony Orchestra. The skills students learn enable them to be creators in the field – composers, writers of plays and choreographers. Graduates are also prepared for careers in fields such as music therapy, theater management and music education.