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‘Prayer event’ for men slated for Aug. 24


Are you ready to stand up, be courageous and say, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord?” That is what members of Courageous Men’s Ministry out of First Baptist Concord in Farragut said they are hoping enough fathers, sons, brothers and grandfathers would be willing to do during a very special call to prayer, worship and praise for the men of God in the Farragut area titled “RESTORATION: A Prayer Event for Men”

Saturday, Aug. 24, at ThompsonBoling Arena. David Sallas, executive director of Courageous Men’s Ministry, said, “The act of ‘restoration’ is the process or action taken to return an object back to its original condition or design function. For the man of God, we believe that the design of the relationships he has with his God, his wife, his children and his community are explained and detailed in God’s word. “As men of God, we are burdened by the present state of the church, the disintegration of the family and the moral collapse of

our country. We are convinced that the solution for the crisis that exists will not be solved by any political agent. The only option is for the men of God to turn back to Him and again perform the responsibility God has given them as the spiritual leader of the home and the ‘caretakers’ of the standard of a godly man for this generation and the next generation to follow.” The idea for the gathering had its genesis at First Baptist Concord. “It was born at church,” Sallas said, “Our pastor challenged us, ‘what are you going to do now,

what are you going to do?’ … One Saturday morning, sitting in my living room with my wife, we were talking and I said, ‘Why don’t we get men together to pray for our wives’ and all of a sudden, the next thing you know, we had talked it through, we had a plan, God just blessed it, I called a friend of mine and he got all fired up for it and the next thing I know I’m standing down at Thompson-Boling Arena signing a contract.” Sallas added that the first year about 5,000 attended and hoped to see that number increase to 10,000 this year.

“We’d like to sell them all,” he said noting Thompson-Boling Arena seats 18,000, “but that would be up to God.” This year’s keynote speaker is former Clemson University head football coach Tommy Bowden, and guest speaker is Kenny Luck, men’s pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 for adults and $5 for youth 18 and under by going to: www.knoxvillerestoration .com/event-registration/ Tickets also can be purchased the day of See PRAYER on Page 3A

Rural/Metro ‘business as usual’ despite corporate bankruptcy Computer system, new roof for Campbell Station location, more Farragut manpower among planned upgrades

File photo

Rural/Metro Ambulance service will not be adversely affected by the company recently filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, according to Rob Webb, Rural/Metro of Tennessee division manager.

Town hosts ‘International Residential Code’ session


An information session on 2012 International Residential Code will take place at 5 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 21, at Farragut Town Hall. Elliott Sievers, building inspector for the town of Farragut, will lead the session. The session will look at changes from the 2006 to 2012 International Residential Code,

he said. “It’s geared more for the contractors, but it is open to the public,” he said. “... They’re familiar with what the 2006 codes had, and they’ll learn [what] the code changes from 2006 to 2012 on selected items will be. You can’t obviously go over the entire code — it’s a twoand-a-half-inch thick book — but we’re hitting the highlights of some changes, some of the significant changes.”

He said the International Residential Code is “the building code that is basically geared toward one- and two-family dwellings, which the Town has adopted.” Among other things, the session will go over energy code changes, Sievers said. “They are requiring some testing,” he said. “One is called a duct blaster test, and that is See SESSION on Page 2A

Walking students factor in school zone placement


The frequency at which kindergarten-through-high school students must cross a road or highway near their school: one key toward warranting installation of school speed reduction zones and warning lights along any of the Town’s three schools off Kingston Pike. “Is it something we’d consider if it were just one or two students, probably not. If there

were quite a few we’d certainly have to take a serious look at it,” said Darryl Smith, Town engineer, about Kingston Pike adjacent schools Farragut High, Concord Christian and Primrose School of Farragut (toddler through kindergarten). “The reason we don’t have the flashers on Kingston Pike, really, it’s not warranted,” he added. “School flashers like that are usually only put in along the route that fronts the school, like at [Farragut] Primary School”

fronting Campbell Station Road. Federal Highway Administration guidelines allow such zones for FPS and for FHS’s western entrance/exit at Campbell Station. “If the entrance is directly on the route, that’s usually the only place the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices really looks at installing signals,” said Smith, who added he has the authority to decide whether or See ZONES on Page 3A


Rural/Metro Corporation has entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, yet it’s spending well more than $1 million beyond Knox County requirements to upgrade dispatch technology with “a state-of-the-art Cadillac” system. And there’s enough extra money, apparently, for R/M Fire Department’s Campbell Station hall in Farragut. “We’re planning on putting a new roof on this year,” which also would include “doing some cosmetic stuff to it. … And we have a goal of bringing more [manpower] into those Farragut stations.” This according to Rob Webb, Rural/Metro of Tennessee division manager, who emphasized “it’s business as usual at Rural/Metro. We had one of the best compliance response days that we’ve ever had [Monday, Aug. 5]. The ambulances are staffed, ready to go, out in the community. “Our fire trucks are staffed ready to go,” Webb added. “Everything is normal here.” “There’s not been any staff cutbacks at all,” Webb said, adding there had been “two new hires” of emergency personnel Tuesday, Aug. 6. While county requirements necessitate Rural/Metro install “over a $1 million” Computer Aided Dispatch system, “We’re actually putting in a $3 million CAD system,” Webb said. “We’re putting in the state-of-the-art Cadillac … for police, fire, rescue, ambulance, all emergency services.” However, “It will be many

months before it is finished,” Webb added. “This has been a three-year process in design alone.” CAD’s advantages include much quicker ambulance and fire response times because “there will actually be a screen pop up in front of the paramedics, and they’ll be able to look at where they’re at, then it will route them,” Webb said. “This routing will be close to 100 percent accurate.” CAD would “plot driveways; it will plot like a bridge that is too low for the ambulances to go under … it will route them around that,” Webb added. Also recently upgraded with R/M Ambulance despite bankruptcy is “Life Pack 15; what that is is a 12-lead EKG system similar to what your cardiologist would use in a doctor’s office,” Webb said. “We can actually transmit that from the scene to any hospital in the region.” As for seeking increased revenue through possible fire subscription rate increases, which are contracted on a per household basis, “We don’t have a rate increase scheduled at all,” Webb said. Meanwhile, since ambulance charges are set every three years contractually with the county, “That’s still two years away,” Webb said. “The ambulance subscription is $59 a year. … to or from a hospital.” Giving its state-of-the-art improvements yet maintaining current customer costs, Webb said R/M’s need to increase revenues could be improved by “a full-time marketing staff that See RURAL on Page 3A

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Rain hampers Watt, Old Stage roads project policereports


Due to rain delays plus challenges with utility relocation, Watt Road extension/Old Stage Road widening project may not be finished by the Nov. 15 contracted completion date. When completed, the 1,100foot Watt Road extension will be a welcomed connector to Interstate 40-75 according to public feedback. While two prominent businesses along the extension also welcome the extension, some concerns have been expressed. “Of course, we’re happy about it,” said Ellen Taylor Jones, treasurer of Dixie Lee Wines & Liquors, 13044 Kingston Pike.

Alan Sloan/farragutpress

Work on Watt Road extension goes on between periods of rain Friday afternoon, June 28.

Session From page 1A

where they pressurize the duct system to check for leaks in your joints, so that you’re not having heat loss that could be used to heat or cool your house. ... There’s another test. It’s called a blower door test, and they seal up what they can and put a big fan in place of your front door and do a negative pressure, and they look for leaks in what they’re calling your thermal envelope.” The thermal envelope “is the area of conditioned living space, that is the barrier where you’ve got your insulation protecting

“Bringing the traffic through this area is going to be good, I think, for all the businesses out here.” However, Jones added, “The only

concern we have about this, we have a situation similar to the

you from the outside environment,” he said. Those tests were not required in the past, but now they are, he said. The 2012 International Residential Code applies to new construction, he said. “So even if you did an addition on an existing home, that addition must meet the new standards,” he said. It would be important for builders to attend the session, he said. “It’d be important for a lot of the builders because it’s their livelihood, their business,” he said. “They need to know before we come out there what we’re

going to be looking at. And we have a very good working relationship with the builders in this town. So it’s an information thing, and we’re looking for feedback from them also. So it’s fairly important.”

See ROAD on Page 3A

Traditional Funerals • Cremations • Green Burials

restaurant in Lovell Heights by a named suspect who was hiding in the bushes. When the victim arrived at her job at that location, the suspect forced his way into her car using a handgun. The suspect drove the vehicle around finally arriving at the North Campbell Station Pilot and parked behind a nearby building. The suspect threatened the victim with the gun and bound the victim with duct tape while attempting to force the victim into the trunk of the car. The victim fought with the suspect and the suspect forced her to the ground and strangled her. During the fight the victim dropped her purse, which contained a handgun. The victim left her purse and gun and ran towards the Pilot attempting to flee the suspect and get help. The suspect was last seen standing beside the victim’s car. The victim was transported by Rural Metro ambulance to Turkey Creek Medical Center for evaluation. • Aug. 4: A Lake Drive woman reported to police an unknown suspect took her purse from her vehicle she left unlocked outside JCPenney off Parkside Drive as she ran in for a few minutes. Estimated loss is a bout $200. • Aug. 3: A Bayshore Drive woman reported to police unknown suspects egged her house. Complainant stated her house also was egged the night before. Damage is estimated to be about $200. • Aug. 3: A Grigsby Chapel Road man reported to police the windshield

See COPS on Page 3A

Providing care. Preserving dignity.

Choose a lifestyle that provides more security without

compromising your independence. Enjoy activities, friends, small-town charm and freedom from worries.

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• Aug. 7: Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a possible burglary at Oka Nails in the 10000 block of Kingston Pike. Officers found that someone had broken the glass out of the front door and entered the business. Officers entered the business and found no one inside. The owner checked the business and found nothing had been taken. Loss is estimated to be about $500. • Aug. 7: Police were dispatched to Nails Art and Spa in the 11000 block of Kingston Pike on a burglary call. Officers observed the front door had been broken with a large rock. A representative of the business stated the rock also had damaged one of the work tables. Damage is estimated to be about $500. • Aug. 7: Police were dispatched to Angel Nails in the 11000 block of Kingston Pike in response to an alarm. Officers noted the front door had the glass broken out of it. Police cleared the building. However, a business owner was unable to be contacted. Estimated loss is about $500. • Aug. 6: Police let a 36-year-old woman with minor children off with only a citation after she attempted to steal about $250 in merchandise from Kohl’s department store in Farragut. The woman was advised not to return to any Kohl’s. • Aug. 5: Police responded to a kidnapping and domestic assault in progress at the Pilot food mart off North Campbell Station Road. Officers were told by the victim she was abducted from the Subway

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Prayer From page 1A

the event for $15 for adults and $10 for youth. Sallas said he was also “especially excited about a pre-conference for pastors, men’s ministry leaders and anyone interested in men’s ministry. This will be a great opportunity for face-toface training with Kenny Luck. This pre-conference will be held

Rural From page 1A

works every day trying to get people subscribed to our service.” Webb did not addressed what caused R/M’s financial woes. “You’re getting out of my area of expertise,” he said. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett stated that “safety is my first concern, obviously, and we’re monitoring that. And if

Zones From page 1A

not to recomment implementing such zones to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. “I try to follow the manual as closely as possible.” In addition, “We would confer with TDOT’s traffic folks and make sure that they felt it was a reasonable thing to do,” Smith said. “Other considerations are the fact that, you kind of look at pedestrian counts. Where would you expect to see pedestrians? “The schools up there on the hill [Farragut Intermediate, Middle and High schools] … there a pretty good ways away from Kingston Pike,” he added. “While there are high school students that park over at the old Kroger and walk across, we have pedestrian signals at each one of those. “We’ve gotten that request, I want to say a couple of times in the last several years. … I do recall getting a request from a parent at Concord Christian. … I vaguely recall we spoke with the director at Concord Christian to find out if there were any students that possibly walked from Village Green on the other side, north of Kingston Pike. And there really weren’t.” At Concord Christian School, “They don’t have the flashers simply because all students are dropped off there,” Smith said. “They really don’t have any pedestrians.” At Primrose School, “I know all of those kids are dropped off,” Smith said. Estimated cost to install school traffic zone lighting runs “in the neighborhood of $20,000” per school zone, according to Smith. Grigsby Chapel and St. John Court each have zones because of St. John Neumann’s sufficient number of pedestrian traffic crossing both on foot. “St. John Neumann has kids that walk to [and from] the neighboring subdivisions,” Smith said. “They’re

Cops From page 2A of his vehicle was shattered as he was driving down Smith Road by an unknown suspect who stood up through the sunroof of the vehicle in which he was riding and threw an object into his windshield. Estimated damage is listed at about $500. • Aug. 1: Police were advised by a representative of Best Buy off Parkside Drive in Farragut an unknown suspect driving an older model BMC Sonoma stole a Sony PlayStation 3. Complainant stated this was the second time this individual has stolen from this store. Loss is estimated to be about $300. • Aug. 1: Police were advised by a representative of D&S Builders of the theft of 17 37-inch screen TVs from the rooms of the under construction Fairfield Inn & Suites off Snyder Road in Farragut. In addition, two 32inch TVs were taken from the conference center and a 55-inch TV was taken from the lobby. Complainant discovered the theft and the back door to the lobby propped open when he arrived at the site that morning. Estimated loss is about $25,000. • Aug. 1: A Chapel Glen Lane woman reported to police an unknown suspect entered her unlocked vehicle and stole her diaper bag and its contents. The vehicle was parked in the driveway at the residence. Estimated loss was about $600.

from 9 to 11:30 a.m., the same day, Aug. 24, at Sevier Heights Baptist Church, 3232 Alcoa Highway.” Sallas added the pre-conference would be in four parts and will be led by Luck. “We’re going to be praying for men and their relationship with God, with their wives, with their relationship with their children, family and their community/country. We’ll have

four local guys leading those prayer areas including FBC senior pastor John Avant; Roger Wood, chaplain for The University of Tennessee football team; Jason Hayes, Shoreline Church lead pastor and Jason Zachary, FBC deacon.” Tickets are also available online for the Pastor and Leader Conference before the event. Advance tickets are $20. Registration at the door is $25.

there’s any irregularities in response times, then we will reevaluate the contract. And if we see any problems there, we’ll address it. ... “Worse case scenario we’d get another contractor.” Non-subscription rates per emergency call “is $755.25. There are no add-ons for supplies, medicines,” Webb said. “The only extra charge is for mileage, which is $8.73 cents per loaded mile. Non-emergency is

$326.20 with the same mileage.” Non-subscriber “critical care transport … is $936.64” with the same mileage, Webb added. Subscribers’ cost of ambulance transport not involving a hospital “is 50 percent off” the $326.20 and $8.73 per mile nonsubscriber costs, Webb said. “The fire [subscription] is based on [home or office] square footage.” Webb did not have those figures readily available.

actually walking on Grigsby Chapel to get over there.” “We have numerous people that live off of St. John Court, over in Berkeley Park and the other subdivisions there, who wanted to see something done to make it easier to pull out,” Smith added. “We finally reached a point where we felt like the school flasher right there, that will help during the school rush hour. So we went ahead and had that installed. ... “The ones on Campbell Station have been in for probably 20 years.”

Road From page 2A

situation at Weigel’s at Grisgby Chapel and Kingston Pike. “The traffic that is coming from Kingston Pike and Watt Road, if they don’t put up some kind of stop thing on the road that’s adjacent to us, it’s going to prevent customers from being able to turn left coming into our parking lot area.” Basil Skelton, owner of Cool Sports Home of the Icearium, said he was “glad that the city can get that extended up to Old Stage Hills. It’s a good avenue for folks back there to get out from there, and it relieves a little pressure on some of the other outlets. I’ve always been for extending Watt Road.” However, “The unfortunate thing for me is a very steep road, and it bottoms out right at my drive,” Skelton added about the extension. “I think it’s a positive thing for the community, but I’m a little apprehensive about what

it may do to my ingress and egress because of the steepness of the drive.” When completed, “There will be greatly improved access to Watt Road with Interstate 40 for the southwest quadrant of the Town,” Darryl Smith, town of Farragut engineer, said. With constructions bids let in December 2012, low bidder McKinnon Construction Company, LLC, of Loudon County — bidded at $2,446,887 with an 80/20 federal/Town funding split — began construction in February. Watt Road extension from Kingston Pike to Old Stage will include a center turn lane. A 2,447-linear-foot section of Old Stage will be widened to become two 12-foot lanes all to the way to Town limits/Loudon County line. With the northern-most section of Old Stage in Farragut, “That road goes down to about 14 feet wide [both lanes included]. Two cars really can’t pass without somebody getting a little bit into the grass,” Smith said.




Homeowner response I would like to respond to the individuals who called into presstalk about your article in the paper last week, resenting the fact that we have more than one home, and live in a nice neighborhood. I would like to point out a couple of things which are missing from this article. We have lived in our home for 23 years and have never made a late payment on our LCUB bill, or any other bill for that matter. We pay off our credit card bills every month. We have never bounced a check, have worked hard during our lives, have raised three children, and have done without things over the years so we could enjoy our lives as “seniors.” In 38 years of marriage we have owned one new car. My husband is 70 and is still working. We raised three children, paid for their college educations and never took out a loan other than for our mortgage. We have learned to sacrifice for those things we want in life. We have gone through being unemployed twice and we made it, because

unknown fact to most people, as it was to us, and a policy they need to change. None of this would have occurred if they had forwarded our bill or a notice of cutting off our electricity. I am happy to report that LCUB has been extremely coop-

we always saved for a rainy day. Even though my husband has an engineering degree and a business degree from Cornell University, it was never beneath him to fix toilets, paint trim on houses, etc. to make extra money during times of unemployment. How dare they refer to us as “dadgum people.” We have earned everything we have — neither of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouth, and we are proud of where we have gotten. We never bought anything we could not afford, and instant gratification was not our way of life. Can those who resent us claim the same standards in life? All that aside, my reason for contacting you originally was to let people know that LCUB does not forward your mail, as all other utilities do. I very much appreciate you bringing this policy to the attention of those who may in the future take an extended leave from their home. When you fill out a change of address with the post office, your electric bill will not be forwarded. This is an

presstalk • It was interesting to read the comments about the snowbirds. I too found the article interesting but not because of lengthy vacations or electrical outages. I was curious why anyone would advertise their name, what subdivision they lived in, a picture of their house and announce that they are gone most of the year. Hope you don’t have to read about them in the police reports next year. • I was witness to an accident on Saturday, [Aug. 10,] that involved three totaled vehicles with several very serious injuries. Once we made the call to 911 it took over 30 minutes for the [Tennessee Highway Patrol] to arrive. By the time the THP arrived, to help with traffic and also to investigate the incident, there were three ambulances, rescue squad and fire department giving assistance. Since there was no police presence people, apparently in such a rush to get somewhere and uncaring about the lives that were at risk, were trying to drive in between the wrecked cars and between

erative in working with us to recoup our loses. They have gone the extra mile in taking care of us, and it has been extremely appreciated. I hope they will be changing their policy in the future of forwarding bills and notices, but

Campbell Station Road when you are going south. To turn left, it seems we are always stuck behind LCUB, and that’s not even counting school traffic. This is during the summer it’s so bad. I’m just wondering if it’s time to evaluate possibly having two turn lanes like it used to be before the extension road for Campbell Station opened. • What an excellent decision for the town of Farragut to buy the historical Russell Home on the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike and also to set aside funds to renovate the property. The town of Farragut parks and greenways are amazing and so well taken care of. Thank you town of Farragut. • Regarding the snowbirds article, shame on this couple for not taking responsibility for prepaying of their own utilities while they were gone on a fivemonth vacation and placing blame on LCUB. If they are financially able to travel for months at a time, they certainly must have adequate funds and technology resources to solve


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this issue on their own. They appear to have money, but are choosing the entitlement mentality. • The town of Farragut should not have allowed [the condominiums] off Turkey Creek Road to be built. The water running off that property is overflowing drains on the street and running into the yards of homes. The [mayor] said he would only serve one term when he was elected and now we need to replace the other [aldermen] who do nothing for the south side of Farragut. It will be interesting to see who runs for [the mayor of Farragut.] • Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments: • Libelous comments will not be published. • Malicious comments will not be published. • Comments will remain anonymous.

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671-TALK the ambulances. The last time I witnessed an accident in Farragut it took over two hours for the police to arrive. That accident was more minor, but a pregnant lady did have to go to the hospital. Traffic was blocked and had to be detoured by people kind enough to offer assistance for two hours. Farragut is not in an unpopulated area and at the Knox County line, so why is the response time so very slow? • Well, I just had another shopping afternoon ruined. I went to the mall for an afternoon of shopping and you don’t more than get shopping when you hear all these clap claps of flip flops. I heard there is a rumor that the mayor of New York, the next thing he is going to do is ban flip flops and I thought that would be a good idea for our County mayor, for the mayor of Farragut to ban flip flops. Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. • I am just wondering if anyone out there in the town of Farragut has noticed there is a little problem when you try to turn left onto Kingston Pike from

going through what we went through, I can assure you one way or the other, this will not happen to us again!!

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Summer program offers Ellsworth a broad range of experience ■ ROBBY O’DANIEL

Irina Ellsworth, of Farragut, participated in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates summer program in the Department of Chemistry at The University

of Tennessee. “It’s a 10-week program, and it started the last week of May,” she said. “...The way it works, they have multiple professors in the department, and each professor has his own group, and that group specializes on certain things, certain research areas.”

Ellsworth, 29, is a senior in chemistry at East Tennessee State University. Originally from Russia, she traveled to Tennessee in 2004. “I came in 2004,” she said. “I came on a work and travel program, and it was over in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and so next year, I

came back with the same program, and then I prolonged the program and I was working for a while in Pigeon Forge.” She decided to stay in Tennessee in 2005, even though she was close to getting a bachSee ELLSWORTH on Page 9A

Muldrew not slowing down ■


Similar to a talented Major League Baseball player in his early 40s who is relegated to pinch-hitting duties as he nears retirement, Edith Muldrew has been “pinch-hitting” on her riding lawnmower. Approaching age 90. “Up until this year she mowed her own grass on a riding lawnmower. And now, if the people don’t show up [to mow] and it dries off, she’ll go out and cut it still,” said Don Muldrew, Edith’s son, one of a few dozen family and close friends, including two of her five great-grandchildren, celebrating Edith’s 90th birthday Saturday, July 13. As opposed to being worried about her occasional mowing, “She mows faster than I do,” Don said. “I started to get her a NASCAR jacket to wear. She likes

it done, and she likes it done her way.” “I heard she’s planning to do it again. More power to her,” said Judy Muldrew Fish, Edith’s daughter. “If she can do it, I think that is great.” Celebrating a woman much younger looking that her 90 years who credits “staying active” for her vitality, this festive Saturday began with a family-friend lunch gathering at Calhoun’s Turkey Creek in early afternoon. A reception, cake ceremony and slide show came later that afternoon at the home of Edith’s grandson, Greg Muldrew, and his wife, Tara, off Grigsby Chapel Road. Originally from West Virginia, Edith and the late Bill Muldrew moved to Oak Ridge in 1952 after Bill was hired at K-25 to help facilitate “uranium enrichment’’ in 1951. They moved to Farragut, at See MULDREW on Page 9A

Alan Sloan/farragutpress

Edith Muldrew enjoys a seat alongside great-grandchildren Althea Cothran, 8, and Ben Cothran, 5, during her 90th birthday celebration in the home of Greg Muldrew, her grandson, and his wife, Tara, (standing, far left) Saturday afternoon, July 13. Other adults surrounding Edith, from left, are her son, Don Muldrew; son-in-law, Tony Fish; daughter-in-law, Elaine Muldrew; daughter, Judy Muldrew Fish; granddaughter-in-law, Casey Cothran, and her husband, Todd Cothran, Edith’s grandson.

Scobey shares Egyptian expertise with Rotary


Margaret Scobey, former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt and Syria and new resident of Farragut, witnessed the Egyptian government “collapse literally in front of my eyes.” Sharing her expertise about Egypt and the Middle East and personal experiences as ambassador, Scobey was featured speaker during The Rotary Club of Farragut’s weekly Wednesday meeting, June 12, in Fox Den Country Club. As Egyptian ambassador from 2008 to July 2011, including the final years of long-time Egyptian

leader Hosni Mubarak, Scobey witnessed the collapse in December 2010 “at the time that the entire edifice of the Egyptian political reality that had stood for over 40 year, was the basis of foreign policy in the Middle East.” A cue attempt in Tunisia at that time “sparked what we have seen in the rest of the region,” said Scobey, who recently retired after 32 years U.S. Foreign Ministry service, including Ambassador to Syria from late 2003 to early 2005. About Egypt, “Many people have asked, ‘Didn’t you see this coming? Didn’t you realize this place was going to explode?’” Scobey said. “All of the conditions that led to

these explosions were well known and documented,” she added. “In the case of Egypt, we knew about this youth bulge that was coming out. Young people graduating from college, no job opportunities. We knew that the government was corrupt. … We knew there was this crony capitalism going on.” Also, “People were very upset because of the whole issue of [having] a very corrupt Parliamentary election in November [2010],” Scobey said, adding that an aging “unengaged” Mubarak “was hinting that he was going to run for re-election for See SCOBEY on Page 9A

Alan Sloan/farragutpress

Margaret Scobey, former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt and Syria, speaks with Chris Thomas, Iraqi War veteran (former U.S. Army sergeant) and member of The Rotary Club of Farragut.


A magical night Our son gave us a gift certificate to Andina, a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. We used it last night. Because we’d never heard of the place, we had no expectations. Turns out it’s rated as the best restaurant in Portland! Since we didn’t m a k e reservations, we felt lucky to get a table for two even if Pam it was in Young the bar and Make it squished in Fun! between two other tables for two. The place was crowded and bursting with gaiety. The aroma of good food was pleasant torture as we salivated over dishes being brought to various tables around us and tried to figure out the big menu in Peruvian. There were descriptions of the dishes in English, but they didn’t really help that much. I chose: ATÚN CON TACU TACU Y AGUAYMANTO Seared yellow fin tuna sprinkled with black pepper and orange zest, (I was tracking so far) served with traditional lima bean tacu tacu, (I had to ask our waiter what tacu tacu was and he said it was smooshed lima beans; no wonder they decided to go with the tacu tacu verbage) orange wedges, endive spears and salsa criolla, (I figured the criolla part meant hot and spicy and I was delightfully

right about that) drizzled with a cape gooseberry-ají amarillo sauce (I was impressed that the gooseberries came from some cape maybe Cod or Canaveral, and I was pretty sure Amarillo was a liqueur I remember liking in my liqueur drinking days). The tuna was scrumptious and the mashed up lima beans were close to addictive. Terry had SECO A LA NORTEÑA an old family recipe—lamb shank slow-cooked in the Northern Peruvian style, in a rich cilantroblack beer sauce, served with a classic guiso de frijoles, garlic rice and salsa criolla. He ordered it because the woman next to him was eating it when we sat down and he asked her what it was. She told him and said it was delicious and she was so glad she’d ordered it after seeing it on the guy’s plate next to her when she sat down. The couple on one side of us was out on their first date since their baby was born. Joe and Beverly had left nine-month-old Ezekiel home with Grandma. They showed us photos of Ezekiel on Joe’s cell phone. He was adorable! I truly expected the young couple’s names to be something like Bye Nu and Vu Ling because Joe is Korean and Beverly is Chinese. I’ve got to quit profiling, I should know better by now. After the woman who inspired Terry’s entre choice left, a nice couple from Dallas took her place. The guy was Norwegian and he asked Terry what he was eating and was inspired to order the SECO A LA NORTEÑA. Turned out there were five SECO A LA NORTEÑAs served in a row in the time we were there. I think it’s because people are a little leery of fancy menus with words

deathnotices birthnotices

they don’t understand and seeing food on a plate that looks kind of familiar, helps. The Norwegian man’s name was Morten and his lovely wife was Debbie. Morten works for American Airlines and they had just flown to Portland for 24 hours on a whim. They told us they fell in love with the city and they asked us an inter-

esting question. “What’s the most extreme weather you have to endure in the Pacific Nort-hwest?” We had to think about that, because we don’t really experience extreme weather. We figured they were maybe thinking about Portland as a place to retire and we wanted to make sure they understood what they’d be in for.

If you ever come to Portland on a night like last night, you could be tricked into thinking that’s how it is all the time. Last night was a magical night, 72 degrees, light breeze, and lush green everywhere. But we North Westerners pay for that green and it’s called rain, which comes in See YOUNG on Page 9A

• No deaths were reported this week

Parkwest Medical Center announces:

Turkey Creek Medical Center announces:

• No births were reported this week

• No births were reported this week

With compassion and comfort, we have been proudly serving the families of this community since 1884. Broadway Chapel 1421 N. Broadway 523-2121

Mann Heritage Chapel 6200 Kingston Pike 588-8578

Orange Curl Salon


9335 Kingston Pike • Market Place Shopping Center

Robert Starkey, Kent Marcum, Frank Davis, Keith Richards, William Martin, A.H. Pickle


Education RESOURCE DIRECTORY TAKEOFF is a Parents' Day Out & Preschool Enrichment Program

FIRST FARRAGUT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 12733 Kingston Pike Road • Tuesday and Thursday • 9am-2pm.

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Guitarist Available For... e Weddings e Business Functions e Private Events

Immediate Openings are available for the 2013-14 school year Classes for 12 months thru Pre-K5, must be 12 months of age as of 8-30-13 Please visit for further information. Contact Sonya at 865-671-2636 or if interested.

At Sylvan, our highly personalized approach builds the skills, habits and attitudes your child needs to succeed in school and in life.

• • • •

Develops independent work habits Improves attitudes Motivates learning Provides feedback for parents and teachers

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Guy Lee

Call Kathy Hartman at 865.218.8882

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615-351-4668 (Knoxville)

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Fall Tutoring

ACT SAT PSAT Individual tutoring and group classes at reasonable prices.

• All Subjects • Pre-K to Adult • Reading • Writing • Math • SAT/ACT Prep • Homeschooling • Affordable Rates • Qualified Tutors • Flexible Schedules • No Long-Term Contracts

Sylvan Learning of Halls

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7517 Maynardville Pike, Unit A Knoxville, TN 37938

2010 W. Broadway Avenue Maryville, TN 37801

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Sylvan Learning of West Knoxville 9050 Executive Park Drive, Suite A 100 Knoxville, TN 37923

(865) 690-0671

Call Dr. Michael K. Smith at 865-694-4108 In Knoxville since 1983. Convenient location at 308 South Peters Rd.




community Now Medic Regional Blood Centers is currently in need of all blood types, especially the negative types. For more information, call 865-524-3074.

Now King University is offering college credits for prior learning, training and experience students have gained outside a traditional academic environment. King University’s PLA policy provides a nationally recognized method of allowing college credit for learning obtained through work, seminars, training programs, military education programs and/or certification programs. For more information, visit,

Now CAC is looking for volunteer drivers for the Volunteer Assisted Transportation program for Knox County seniors and persons with disabilities who require aid and assistance to travel. Volunteers will drive agency-owned, hybrid sedans and receive training to include First Aid and CPR certification, and AAA Membership discounts. For more information, call Nancy Welch, 865-524-2786.

Now-Nov. Marble Springs State Historic Site will host the third season of shopping at the Marble Springs Farmer’s Market for South Knoxville community. The market will be held from 3 to 6 p.m., Thursdays, now through November. For more information, e-mail

Now East Tennessee Technology Access Center now is accepting XP Windows computers or newer and iPads or tablets from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Must be in working condition and all donations are tax deductible. For more information, visit,

Now The University of Tennessee is recruiting 9-10 year old children and their parents for iCook 4-H Program to teach nutrition, exercise and healthy living. For more information, call 865-9742855.

Aug. 15 Knox County Head Start registration will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 15, at Kiwanis-East II Head Start. For more information, call 865-522-2193

Aug. 16-31 Knoxville Children’s Theatre will present The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at 7 p.m., Thursdays, and Fridays, Aug. 16, 22, 23, 29, 30, 1 and 5 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 17, 24, 31, and 3 p.m., Sunday Aug. 18, 25. Tickets are $12, and adult and child entering together, $10. For more information, call 865-599-5284.


Heart Cathedral School. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 6-12 with $30 maximum household. Pasta, desserts and a live and silent auction will take place. For more information, call 865-5842822 or

Aug. 17 Harvey Broome take-a-hike group will hike Slickrock Creek, Saturday, Aug. 17. For more information, call Mac Post, 865806-0980.

Aug. 18 Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association will hold auditions for dancers in Knox, Roane, and Anderson counties for “The Nutcracker,” beginning at 1 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 18, at Dance Centre of Oak Ridge. For more information, visit or e-mail,

Aug. 22

Sept. 9

Knoxville Choral Society will hold auditions for all voice parts from 6 to 8 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 22. For more information, call 865-579-6292.

Knoxville Region UT Chattanooga Alumni Chapter will host an Alumni Picnic from 3 to 11 p.m., Monday, Sept. 9, at The Cove at Concord Park. For more information, call Natalie Mohr, 865-470-3790.

Aug. 24 TN Ornithological Society is hosting the 3rd annual Wonder of Hummingbirds Festival from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 24, at Ijams Nature Center. Cost is $5 per person, children under 6 are free. For more information, call Billie Cantwell, 865567-4273.


Aug. 17-18

Aug. 24-25

Knox County Health Department reminds parents it is a state requirement to immunize their child entering seventh grade with T-dap vaccine and two doses of varicella vaccine. Parents must provide their school with an immunization certificate, providing their child has received the required vaccinations, before the first day of school. For more information, call Katharine Killen, 865-2155534.

Harvey Broome Group will backpack Shining Rocks Wilderness, Pisgah National Forest, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 17-18. For more information, call Will Skelton, 865-5232272.

Clarence Brown Theatre will hold auditions for fall productions Aug. 24-25. For more information, visit

Now Town of Farragut is seeking community volunteers to adopt one or more of the 16 garden beds along Montgomery Trail, which connects Rockwell Farm and Fort West subdivisions off Old Stage Road. For more information, call 865-966-7057.

Aug. 17 Family Promise will hold pasta "Cook-Off" and will be held from 5 to 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug 17, at Sacred

Bookwalter United Methodist Church will be holding a consignment sale from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday, Sept. 6, and 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday, Sept. 7. For more information, call 865-6893349. Connect Fellowship for Women will begin at 9:15 a.m., Friday, Sept. 6, on North Campus of Cokesbury United Methodist Church. For more information, call Mary Low Sokolow, 865-246-0438.

Ijams Social Series Summer Sangria for adults will begin at 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 16. Cost is $20. For more information, call 865-577-4717.

Fourth Annual Butterfly Fund 5K run/walk will begin at 9 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 17, on Cherokee Blvd. in Sequoyah Hills. Early registration is $25 for adults and $15 for children preschool-14. For more information, visit

Sept. 6-7

Sept. 6

The 6th annual Man Run will be held Saturday, Aug. 24, on UT Medical Center’s campus. The event will feature a 5k, 10k and one-mile fun run/walk. For more information, call Susan M. Wyatt, 865-305-6083.

Aug. 17

Mabry-Hazen House will host 6th annual Boomsday, Bluegrass and Barbeque celebration with tours beginning at 6 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 1. Cost is $60 per adult and children under 12 are free when accompanied by a ticket holder. Alcohol is BYOB. For more information, call 865522-8661.

Newcomers and New Friends Club lunch with Maestro Brian Salesky of Knoxville Opera will be at noon, Wednesday, Aug. 21, at Bearden Banquet Hall. For more information, call 865531-1935.

Aug. 16

Aug. 16

Sept. 1

Aug. 21

Town of Farragut now is offering online payments using PayPal, for the following items: Business Privilege License, Farragut Folklife Museum memberships, plant a tree program, re-inspection fees and special events permits (commercial, office and not-for-profit/nonprofit and schools, churches and other places of worship). A nominal convenience fee is assessed on these online payments and is clearly posted on each form. For more information, call 865-966-7057.

Parkwest Medical Center will host a blood drive for Medic Regional Blood Center from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday, Aug. 16, behind Boulevard Bistro. For more information, contact Audria Mincey,

auditions for “The Robber Bridegroom,” from 7 to 9 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 28-29, in Clayton Performing Arts Center. For more information, call 865-694-6400.

Aug. 24

Aug. 27 The University of Tennessee Institut4e of Agriculture and Cumberland County Master Gardeners will host the 5th annual fall gardeners; festival at UT’s Plateau AgResearch and Education Center from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 27, in Plateau Discovery Gardens. The event is free and open to the public. For more information, call Walt Hitch, 931-484-0034.

Aug. 28-29 Pellissippi State Community College-wide auditions will hold

Sept. 10 James H. Quilen VA Medical Center, William C. Tallent VA Outpatient Clinic and Knoxville Regional Veterans Mental Health Council have partnered with Trinity United Methodist Church to offer a four hour workshop from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 10. For more information, call Frank Vollmer, 865-933-6954.

Sept. 10-15 Art Market Gallery of Knoxville is currently accepting applications for a September 16 membership jury. Prospective members may deliver four pieces of work and completed application forms from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 10 through Saturday, Sept 14 or from 1 to 4:30 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 15. Cost is $30. For more information, visit

Sept. 10-Nov. 26 YMCA of East Tennessee received a grant to implement Move Well Today Diabetes Exercise and Education Program, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sept. 10 through Nov. 26, at the Cansler Y. Cost is $25 per person for the 12-week class. Anyone diagnosed pre-diabetic or Type-2 diabetic can join the program. For more information, call Vickey Beard, 865-4067328.

Sept. 19-22 Dogwood Arts have partnered up to create the Knoxville Film Festival, Thursday through Sunday, Sept 19-22, at Regal Downtown West Cinema 8. For more information, call Amanda Stravinsky, 865-532-7822.

Sept. 21 Forty-ninth Annual Country Market will be held from 10 a.m., to 4 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 21. Cost is $5 per adult; children under 12 are free with adult. For more information, call Judy LaRose, 865-546-0745.

Sept. 21 Atomic City of Oak Ridge will hold Neon Vibe 5K event Saturday, Sept 21, at AK Bissell Park. For more information, visit www.theneonvibe.

Sept 30 The Butterfly Fund will hold the 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament from 8 a.m., to 1:30 p.m., Monday, Sept. 30, at Fox Den Country Club. For more information, contact Christina Harrill, charrill@

Sept. 2013- Aug. 2014 Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Gallery is planning exhibitions for September 2013 through August 2014. For more information, visit

Nov. 1-3 East Tennessee Woodworker’s Guild and Arts and Culture Alliance announce a call for entries for the 17th Master Woodworkers Show. The three-day show will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 1, 2, and 3, in Emporium Center. Entry fee is $65. For more information, call Scott DeWaard, 865-6814798.

Nov. 23-24 Oak Ridge Performing Arts Center will perform “The Nutcracker,” Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 23-24. For more information, visit

worship Aug. 17-18 New Covenant Baptist Church is hosting a Women’s Conference and Missionary Union Program from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 17 and 3:30 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 18. Dr. Wanda TaylorSmith will be speaking. For more information, call 865-671-3370.

Aug. 18 North Acres Baptist Church Homecoming Sunday will begin at 10:15 a.m., Aug. 18. There will be no Sunday school service. For more information, call Derrell Frye, 865-938-8884.


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August 29 Great reference for people new to the area, as well as long-time residents!

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DANCE CENTER WEST It’s not just about dance, it’s about developing skills for life. The right dance school will build self-confidence, develop teamwork skills, and strengthen self discipline. Knoxville’s Premier Dance Studio, Dance Center West, has been teaching all ages for over 38 years.

Certification & Qualifications: • Dance Educators of America • Professional Dance Teachers Association • Dance Masters of America • National Registry of Who’s Who in Dance

• College Degrees in Dance, K-12 Education, Physical Education and Public Relations

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Awarded for Excellence in Preschool & Creative Dance Classes Begin August 9th Ballet - Lyrical - Tap - Preschool Jazz - HipHop - Dance Team Directors: Jeanne Sellars, Tracy Sellars

DANCE CENTER WEST, INC. 133 West End Center In front of Farragut Schools

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Young From page 6A

the form of drizzle, intermittent dripping showers that we slosh through, get soaked, sopped and drenched in for about six months out of the year. Oh, but do we ever appreciate a night like last night!

Scobey From page 5A

another five years. People were just depressed and desperate about the political possibilities. “I think it should be of enormous interest to Americans … we have very broad and very longstanding interests in this region,” she added. Looking back, “We had extremely cooperative relations with Hosni Mubarak,” Scobey said. “With regard to Iran, with regard to counter-terrorism, with regard

Muldrew From page 5A

Edith’s current residence off Sonya Drive, in 1955. “She is very young looking and she is as busy as can be, and I think that’s what’s kept her that way,” Fish said. “She just has lots of interests, she always has.” “I love to play bridge, I’m in three bridge clubs,” Edith said of a passion dating back to 1956. “And I still entertain them in my home. “Keeping busy is the key thing.

Ellsworth From page 5A

elor’s degree in metallurgical engineering in Russia. “I knew if I would get a degree here in the United States, I would have broader opportunities with my degree,” she said. She moved from Pigeon Forge to West Knoxville in 2010. Then she got married to her husband, Dan, in 2011, and that same year, they moved to Farragut. She likes chemistry as a field, she

For more from Pam Young go to www.makeitfunanditwillgetdone.c om. You’ll find many musings, videos of Pam in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, videos on how to get organized, ways to lose weight and get your finances in order, all from a reformed SLOB’s point of view. to Israel, to regional security. “I left Egypt almost two years ago in July 2011,” Scobey added. “You could tell this was not going to be over quickly.” Still more unrest has followed despite installation of Egypt’s first democratically elected leader. Mubarak’s successor, Mohammed Morsi, was overthrown by the Egyptian military, led by Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, July 3. Scobey said U.S.-Egyptian relations “are going to be challenged, strained, for some time to come. And we see that almost every day.”

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State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL

Keep exercising,” she added. “I eat what I want.” Just before a sciatic nerve problem slowed her down a bit, “I had a dog that I walked at least a mile every morning up until the last year,” Edith said. Edith “was a housewife, but she worked for Farragut Drugs and West Hills Drugs for a good number of years,” Don said. “I waited until my children were in college before I ever worked,” said Edith, who has six grandchildren.

New Member

said. “I think that I always liked chemistry, and I studied it in Russia, so coming here, I already had some credits from Russian university in chemistry,” she said. “And it’s such a broad field that, as far as looking for a job or just working in different areas, that’s a great chance to do that, so it’s not so narrow. ... I like the fact that chemistry is all around us and that our bodies are made of chemistry, and that’s what brought my interest into the field.” She heard about the REU program at ETSU.

A Green Thought... By putting a "blanket" of insulation around your hot water heater and furnace, you can reduce heat loss by 25-45% reducing your energy bill by 4-9% per month.

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Christian Church of Loudon County

(Corner of Grigsby Chapel)

Sunday: 8:45 AM....Traditional Service 10:00 AM....Bible Study 11:00 AM....Contemporary Service 6:00 PM....Youth Group

Wednesday: 7:00 PM...Home Bible Studies

Rick Keck, Minister Will Jacobs, Associate Minister Chad Lane, Youth Minister

12210 Martel Road • 986-7050

CHURCH SCHOOL 9:00 am WORSHIP 10:00 am Pastor: Dr. Jeff Sledge

988-8522 14025 Highway 70E (3/4 of a mile West of Dixie Lee Junction)

225 Jamestowne Blvd. Farragut 966-9626

Mark Allison, Pastor


9:30 am . . . . . .Refreshments & Fellowship 10:00 am . . . . . .Sunday School (all ages) 11:00 am . . . . . .Sunday Morning Worship 5:00 pm . . . . . .Children & Youth Programs 6:30 pm . . . . . .Sunday Evening Worship

725 Virtue Road • Farragut, TN 37934 966-1491 •

9 a.m. & 11:11 a.m.

Sunday Bible Class 9:30 AM Sunday Worship 10:30 AM Nursery & Children’s Worship Provided

Sunday School Sunday Worship

9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.

138 Admiral Road 966-5224

Weekday Preschool - Monday-Thursday

Christian Friends of Israel P.O. Box 1813 Jerusalem, 91015 Israel

136 Smith Rd. • 865-966-5025 •

Gen 12:3

Jason Warden, Senior Minister

Sunday Morning Services Traditional and Contemporary 8:45 & 11:00 a.m.

Worship Services Saturday 5:30 pm

11020 Roane Drive 966-6728

FARRAGUT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH A Stephen Ministry Church Sunday Morning Worship 8:30 and 11:00 Sunday School 9:45 Nursery Provided

Sunday Morning Prayer …… 8:30 am Sunday School* ……………9:30 am Sunday Worship* …………10:30 am Sunday Evening Worship* … 6:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study …… 7:00 pm Pastor Steve McCullar

*Nursery Available 12813 Kingston Pike • 966-2300

NEW COVENANT BAPTIST CHURCH Fredrick E. Brabson, Sr.- Senior Pastor Winning Souls and Changing Lives for Jesus Christ is a “Total Family Ministry” WEEKLY SERVICE Sunday

9:30 AM Family Bible Hour 11:00 AM Worship Service and Kid’s Praise Wednesday 6:45 PM Evening Bible Study

Nursery Care provided for all services

209 Jamestowne Blvd. Located behind Village Green Shopping Ctr.

Nursery Provided for All Services


Sunday 9:00 am & 10:40 am

Worship Times

Student Ministries

9:30 am

Middle School ‘The Mix’ High School ‘Fuel’ Wednesday 6:30 pm


Dixie Lee Junction 777-2121

Cornerstone Church of God

Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 PM

Farragut Christian Church

777-WUUC (9882)

12915 Kingston Pike Knoxville, TN 37934


10:50 am For more information go to

Korean Sarang Church of Knoxville Worship 1 PM •

TBN Ch. 40 Comcast Sundays at 10:00 AM CTN/WVLR Channel 48 Sundays at 4:30 PM Worship Complex 10319 Starkey Lane Knoxville, TN 37932

Mailing Address P.O. Box 22847 Knoxville, TN 37933

Phone: (865) 671-3370 Website: A church inviting you to make a life changing decision for Christ.


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Breakfast Series The Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce 2013 Breakfast Series’ Provision Center for Proton Therapy event took place Tuesday, July 23, at Fox Den Country Club.

Patricia Zingg, left, and Rachel Glazener

Angela Willis, left, and Amy Chandler

Suzanne McCarter, left, and Leslie Godfrey

➤ ➤

From left, Harvey White, Kim Ciukowski and Keely Ritchie

Susan Stinnett and Niek Schreuder

Julie Ann Predny, left, and Shara Cross

➤ Bonnie Hall, left, and Whitney Holliday

➤ ➤

Brenda Humphrey

Teresa Lucke, left, and Denise Asbury

John Dempsey, left, and Rick Disharoon

Photos by Robby O’Daniel/farragutpress

From left, Jerry G. Wood, Nancy Howard and Don Ball John Mills, left, and Ethan Hull





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bizbeat • A Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce Networking event will take place, starting at 5 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 15, at Abuelo’s, located at 11299 Parkside Drive. • "Potholes, Speed Bumps, & Detours: Lessons from the Entrepreneurial Journey" is a special entrepreneurial interview session that will take place, starting at 11:30 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 28, at Tech 20/20. The open meeting costs $15 per person to attend. • The University of Tennessee Gardens is hosting a symposium focused on helping children learn to garden from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 24. The cost is $30 per adult and $15 per child and includes lunch. Registration must be received by 5 p.m., Monday, Aug. 19. • The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture will host a Turf and Ornamental Field Day Thursday, Sept. 12, at its East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center — Plant Sciences Unit. Onsite registration begins at 7:30 a.m. Educational sessions will start at 8:30 a.m. For more information or to register online, visit the website: • Chuy’s 25th annual Green Chile Festival will begin Monday, Aug. 19, at Chuy’s Knoxville, located at 9235 Kingston Pike.

business briefs • Dr. M a r i a Theresa Liquete joins Peninsula, a division of Parkwest Med-ical Center, as a staff psychiatrist. Liquete Liquete will work with patients in the Peninsula Outpatient Clinics in Blount and Sevier counties. • Heather Jett, nurse manager of the cardiac unit at Parkwest Medical Center, has been selected to serve as director of patient services at PeninJett sula Hospital. In this role, she will direct day-to-day operations while reporting to Liz Clary, VP of Behavioral Medicine. She will work closely with the dedicated team members at Peninsula to provide care to clients and throughout the organization. • Dr. Robert Hamm has joined Peninsula, a division of Parkwest Medical Center, as a staff psychiatrist. Hamm will work with adult and adoHamm lescent patients at Peninsula Out-patient Clinics in Knoxville and Loudon and will occasionally see patients at Peninsula Hospital. • City of Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett held a ribboncutting ceremony Aug. 5 to celebrate the opening of Loves Creek Greenway. The approximately half-mile, crushed limestone trail begins at Knox County's Spring Place Park, 5201 Parker Drive. This is the first phase of a long-term plan to connect Spring Place Park to Knoxville Center Mall, and ultimately to New Harvest Park.


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Chipotle opening slated for fall ■


Construction has started on a new Chipotle Mexican Grill at 11380 Parkside Drive, with an anticipated opening set for the fall. “In opening new restaurants, we look for areas where we think we’re going to have a high volume of traffic,” said Danielle Winslow, spokeswoman for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Construction began July 22, she said. “This is actually a really cool year for us because we just celebrated our 20th anniversary, and Chipotle was really founded on the idea that fast food doesn’t have to be your typical fast food experience,” she said. “... Today our mission is to really change the way that people think about and eat fast food.” The restaurant has more than 1,500 locations, she said. “Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant, and we offer a focused menu of burritos, tacos, burrito bowls and salad,” she said. “It’s set up in a line where customers can come in and pick and choose exactly what goes into their meal.” Customers can choose between four different types of meat — carnitas, chicken, steak and barbacoa, she said.

Robby O’Daniel/farragutpress

Construction continues at Chipotle Mexican Grill at 11380 Parkside Drive.

“With all of the different ingredients, there are more than 60,000 different combinations, so there are a lot of ways that people can come in and customize their meal however they choose,” she said. They also can choose between varieties of rice and beans, she said. “Once you get your rice, beans and your meat, then you continue down the line, and you have a choice of the four different types

of salsas that are also handmade in our restaurant every day,” she said. “And then you can choose between, we then have sour cream and cheese, which is also hormone free ... and then lettuce and homemade guacamole.” What makes the restaurant stand out is the food, she said. “It all goes back to our food,” she said. “Again, we are using better, more sustainable sources for all the food that we serve, so our customers can feel really

great about what they’re eating and how it’s prepared, from the responsibly raised meat that we talked about to the hormone-free dairy. ... For the past several years, Chipotle has been committed to using locally grown produce. So this year, we plan to use hopefully more than 15 million pounds of locally grown produce that is grown within 350 miles of the restaurant where it will be served.”

Local KenJo market switches from BP to Exxon


The KenJo Markets, located at 709 Campbell Station Road, has changed its storefront look, with a recent move from BP to Exxon. “We’re a local company,” said Jimmy McBrayer, director of marketing with KenJo Markets. “... BP made some decisions that affected our business, so we had to make decisions, and the results of those decisions is the changing of our gasoline offerings from BP to what you see there on Campbell Station, which is an Exxon.” Previously all of the KenJo Markets, except for one, offered BP, he said, but not all the KenJo See KENJO on Page 2B

Robby O’Daniel/farragutpress

John Faillo purchases gas at KenJo Markets, located at 709 Campbell Station Road.

Lutheran wins Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy award


The Metal Powder Industries Federation honored Michael Lutheran, president of Royal Metal Powders, with the Distinguished Service to Powder Metallurgy award. Lutheran, of Farragut, said it was an honor. “Because you’re recognized and selected among your peers,” he said. “So there were 41 people that were up for the award. It’s given every two years, and there were only 12 people that received it.” Originally from Pittsburgh, Pa., Lutheran said his parents, Al and Shirley, had a positive impact on him growing up.

“Very positive, especially my father, with his business background, I think helped me in my future career,” he said. “... It was a good family environment and deeply involved in business, of course. We spent a lot of hours helping my dad.” His family owned Lutheran’s Beer Distributor. He got his bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering from Penn State University, he said. “After college, I went to work for U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh, and I became very involved in the metals industry,” he said. “And then in 1990, I was hired to start up a metal powder plant in Seymour, Ind., and so that’s how I got involved in powder metallurgy.” Startups have been a common theme of his career.

“My background has been in startups, startup companies and turnaround of companies, so my career has been pretty fastpaced, senior-level positions, quite challenging,” he said. Royal Metal Powders, located in Maryville, is three years old, he said. “It had been there for a number of years,” he said. “We bought it. The previous company closed it, and we restarted the business. We combined an operation in New Jersey with the operation down here, so we brought all the equipment from New Jersey down to Tennessee, and we restarted the business in July of 2010.” He said the company makes copper, brass and bronze powders.

“We produce the powder, and it’s used to make parts, various parts, automotive industry, lawn and garden, construction,” he said. Customers of the company make parts that are near net shape, he said. “When our customers produce a part for a car, for General Motors as an example, when they press the powder together, it’s in the shape of a part that they want,” he said. “... If you wanted a transmission gear, [customers] would put it in the mold, put the powder in there, press it and when it comes out of the press, it’s the perfect shape that you want. There’s very little secondary work that’s required.”


Angela Floyd Networking

Robby O’Daniel/farragutpress

A Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce Networking event took place Thursday, Aug. 8, at Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music, located at 10845 Kingston Pike. Brad Hobbs (left), of Estrada Strategies, speaks to Stephen Bannach of Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

Robby O’Daniel/farragutpress

Angela Floyd (left), director of Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music, smiles with Rena Amerson of the Amerson Group.

KenJo From page 1B

Markets are switching to the same gas offerings. “We have 35 different markets, and all of them are changing,” McBrayer said. “Some of them will be Exxon. Some of them will be Shell. Some of them will be Mobil. Some of them will be Marathon, and that all will be accomplished by the end of the year.” West Knoxville seems to have a number of the stations that are switching to Exxon, he said. “At the end of the day, they’re still KenJo,” McBrayer said. “We’re still the local company. We just changed our gas offerings. ... Look for the changes. Still the same smiling faces in the stores, just a different brand of gas.” He estimated that physical changes to different markets began in March. “ExxonMobil and Shell and Marathon, they are all nationally recognized leaders in the petroleum industry, and KenJo ... has

always associated itself with premium partners, if you will, and that fit us,” he said. John Lowe is director of operations for Downey Oil Company, which is a sister company to KenJo Markets, Lowe said. “Downey Oil Company is the actual fuel distributor, and KenJo Markets is the brand of the market itself,” Lowe said. “... KenJo Markets is the company that operates the actual convenience store.” Lowe called Exxon a strong brand. “At the end of the day, while the brand itself on the outside of the station has changed, the quality of the products has not,” he said. “You’re still getting a quality fuel product.” McBrayer described KenJo Markets. “We have 35 markets in the greater East Tennessee area,” he said. “We are locally owned. We are the home of the Mountain Dew slushies and the two-footlong Super Grandaddy Sandwich.”





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Galbraith, Sutch score national gold ■


Not content with a secondplace national finish in 55-59 Senior Olympic doubles badminton with partner Rod Sutch in 2009, Farragut’s Frank Galbraith made sure health concerns wouldn’t prevent national championship gold in 2013. “I’ve gotten a knee operation since then, a brand new knee, and I’ve been working very hard for the last four months … I’ve been going at it like crazy,” said Galbraith, a retired Farragut Middle School teacher of 30 years who reached his goal last month. He teamed with Sutch, his partner since 2003 from West Knoxville, to easily win 60-64 Senior Olympic doubles national championship in Cleveland, Ohio. “I took off nine months.” Upon arrival in Cleveland, “I was so wired, I was so excited about this I was ready to jump over barriers,” Galbraith said. “That last match was, like, at noon, and I was still wired that evening about six or seven o’clock. “I’ve been pointing toward this for four years. … I did not play well at Stanford University [2009],” Galbraith added. “It was relief and happiness.” Remember that Galbraith and Sutch were required to play in 60-64 because Sutch is age 60 — Galbraith is 72. However, Galbraith praised the talent of his teammate, who fin-

ished fourth nationally in 60-64 singles. “I’m telling you right now, he’s one of the top four badminton players in 60-to-64 in the United States,” Galbraith said of Sutch. Despite Galbraith having to “play younger” with Sutch’s group in all Senior Games competitions, the pair has won nine state championships. “Every time we have played, we have been able to take the state [championship],” Galbraith said. However, Cleveland’s effort last month “was the best we’ve played,” Galbraith said. Sutch labeled Galbraith “a wonderful person. And he’s playing down a couple of age groups to play with me, so it’s really remarkable how well he plays 10 years beyond the group that he’s playing with. “He’s very athletic, and he has been his whole life. … He can reach all sorts of things. Good reflexes,” added Sutch, who with wife, Lovella, finished fifth nationally in mixed doubles in Cleveland. “I used to win some [state] singles [championships] too,” Galbraith said. “My wife, Cheryl, and I even won mixed doubles [state] one year.” While winning four matches plus one forfeit to claim national gold with Sutch, “We kind of cruised through it there,” Galbraith said. They won all eight games played (best twoout-of-three per match, first one to 21 points ahead by at least two wins the game).

Photo submitted

Rod Sutch, left, and Frank Galbraith prior to a 2009 competition.

Smoky Mountain Hotshots go undefeated to national title ■

KEN LAY Correspondent

An area women’s basketball team recently came home with a gold medal from the National Senior Games. The Smoky Mountain Hotshots completed an undefeated run for the championship. The Hotshots went 7-0 over a four-day span in late July and knocked off the Celadrin Tigerettes from Louisiana twice en route to winning the tournament in Cleveland, Ohio. The Tigerettes had won seven consecutive National Senior Games titles before being dethroned by the Hotshots in 2013. The Hot Shots opened pool play with two victories on July 26. Knoxville defeated the Texas Phoenix 48-21 and closed the first day with a 32-20 win over the Mississippi Magnolias. On the second day of pool play, the squad outlasted the Rocky Mountain High Tops 35-26 and routed Arizona Diamonds 65, 40-

24 to conclude a perfect run in pool play. The Hot Shots then swept through the medal round with a 45-41 win over the Lady Ball Hawgs. The team then claimed the title with consecutive victories over the mighty Tigerettes at Cleveland Public Hall. The Hot Shots edged Celadrin 31-30 July 28. The two teams tangled again July 28 with the Hot Shots beating the Tigerettes 39-23 to win the title. “Everybody was waiting to see somebody beat them,” said Hot Shots captain Susie Hargis, a Farragut resident, “People weren’t so much pulling for us to win as much as they were pulling for them to lose. “Next year, all the people who were rooting for us will be rooting against us.” The Tigerettes achieved national prominence with an appearance on NBC’s Today Show and a PBS documentary. The Louisiana-based team is one of few that carries a national cor-

porate sponsor. “They’ve been on the Today Show and PBS did a documentary on them,” Hargis said of the Tigerettes. “The documentary was a good film except for the basketball. “They had a camera follow them to the beauty shop and it was just ridiculous.” Hargis and her husband Rob (a coach for the Hotshots) appeared in the PBS show. Rob had suffered a recent shoulder injury and Susie admitted that both she and Rob (who later suffered a stroke) were a bit brash during filming. “Rob said some things that he probably shouldn’t have said and I said some things that I probably shouldn’t have said,” Susie recalled. Before taking up basketball and playing with teammates Jo Farmer, Neak Alexander, Anna Bright, Cherie Martin and Billie Dempsey, Susie Hargis was no stranger to senior athletics. She competed in tennis and track

Photo submitted

Smoky Mountain Hotshot Susie Hargis (second from right) and teammates Jo Farmer, Neak Alexander, Anna Bright, Cherie Martin and Billie Dempsey went 7-0 over a four-day span in late July and knocked off the Celadrin Tigerettes from Louisiana twice en route to winning the National Senior Games tournament in Cleveland, Ohio.

and field. She took up basketball at the behest of Sadie Stroud, a founding member of the Smoky Mountain Mamas. The two teams are intertwined today and basketball is now Susie’s passion. “Sadie begged me to play and I hadn’t played since high school,” Susie said. “Rob had played and

he encouraged me to do it.” Susie now practices daily. She plays at Piney Grove Baptist Church and at First Baptist Church in Maryville. “I do love the game,” Susie said. “I had competed in tennis and track and field and every year, I had to decide which sport I was going to compete in.


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Weichert, Realtors® - Advantage Plus welcomes Watts-Sanford to sales team WEICHERT, REALTORS® Advantage Plus has announced that Realtor Kim Watts-Sanford has joined the agency’s sales team. She is a member of the Knoxville Area Association of R E A LT O R S ® ( K A A R ) , Watts-Sanford Tennessee Association of REALTORS® (TAR) and National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). A native of the area, WattsSanford will assist homebuyers

and sellers in Knox and surrounding counties. She lives in West Knoxville. Having conducted her own court reporting business—Watts Boyd Reporting—Watts-Sanford serves The Tennessee Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association and is a member of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association (TCRA). WEICHERT, REALTORS® Advantage Plus is located at 114 Lovell Road, Suite 102, Knoxville, Telephone (865) 474-7100. The Web address is

Spectacular 5-Bedroom Lake Front Home on Watts Bar 278 Marble View Drive, Kingston, TN 37763 3 Acres with 400 ft Lake Frontage

Reduced by $70,000 - Now $595,000! Open House Aug 17 and 18 from 1 to 3 Visit us at We are the featured home in zip code 37763 Questions? Call Valerie and Bob Rule

865-388-5425 Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace, REALTORS® top agents for the month of July Bearden Listing Agent for July – Traci Greene Closing Agent for July – Vick Dyer North Vickie Bailey is the top agent for July for Listings and Closings. West Town Top Listing Agent for July: Mark Lane and Debbie Hamilton Top Closing Agent for July: Suzy Trotta

July Agents for Farragut Top Closing Agents: Debbie Yankey and Anne Williams Top Listing Agents: Mary Parsons, Vicki Duncan-Murdock, Kenya Stafford, Tammy Barding, Robin Aggers, and Anne Williams Blount office Top Listing: Nola Collins Top Closing Agent: Karla Gourley Top Closing Team: The Dave Bradley Team






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farragutpress September 26, 2013 before the opening of the 2013 Parade of Homes

Call Sherry Long at 218-8877 to reserve your space today! Equal Housing Opportunity Statement: All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Tennessee Human Rights Act, which make it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation, or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.”



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#1 Keller Williams Agent in Tennessee 2010, 2011, 2012 #1 Keller Williams Individual Agent in Southeast Region 2011, 2012 #1 Keller Williams Agent in Knoxville 2008-2012 Top 5 For Keller Williams Luxury Homes Division 2012

Judy Teasley

Office: 865-694-5904

Each office independently owned and operated

5616 Kingston Pike, Suite 201, Knoxville, TN

WEST ARDEN - 9718 Haversack Drive 5BR/4BA, Great “Hamilton” plan with 2 sty entry. 5 bedrooms plus bonus, 4 baths. Master bdrm plus 2nd bdrm on main. Ideal separate living quarters down with second kitchen full bedroom & bath, plus family room, sitting room, incredible storage & workshop. $374,900 (850933) 1 2 7 1 2 WAT E R G R O V E DRIVE 4BR/3.5BA, House beautiful, 2 sty entry. Many windows, level lot. Island w/granite, stainless steel. Warming tray. Fabulous landscaping. Whole house wired surround sound main level, cat5 every room, intercom. Seller added deck & patio. $50, 000 in upgrades. Huge bonus. Wrought iron balusters, hdwd steps. Security system. Oversized 3car garage. $454,900 (826395)




559 ARROWHEAD TRAIL, 5BR/6.5BA, Very special home W/great character listed for over $2.0M at one time - now a foreclosure. Original home from 1918 plus grand addition in 2008. Replica of Washington Rotunda, by architect David Hutchins. In heart of Sequoyah Hills. Seller will consider a trade. Special financing available to qualified Buyers. Fabulous entertaining areas. Nestled between Arrowhead Trail and Calumet - 2 entrances. $1,349,000 (820576)

10116 GRANDE SHORES WAY, 4BR/4.5BA, 2 acres of prime main channel year round water with 210' lakefrontage in gated community on Ft Loudon Lake. Very open with 7 porches to take advantage of the spectacular lake view. Large MBR on main. Sunrooms added to main and lower levels. $1,699,000 (849184)


130 SKYVIEW DR, 5BR/4.5BA, Just updated new fixtures, faucets, tub, showers, toilet, new oven. Incredible views of mountains, pond, farmland w/10+acres, golf course. Immaculate, neutral. privacy in backyard w/trees on bothe sides. on 14th hole. Dble trey ceiling in gracious master w/sitting area. $539,900 (842064)



10639 LAKECOVE WAY, 4BR/3BA/2Hbaths, Brick home, lakefront w/boat slip in a gated community. Ready to move into. Large main level master w/detailed molding & ceiling. 2 sty foyer. Plantation shutters, formal dining room. Kitchen w/island open to family room. $625,000 (838225)

2740 COULTER SHOALS CIR., 5BR/5.5BA,Fabulous updated lake home, just under 1 acre lot. entire side of house gutted in 2003, new copper wiring, kitchen, dining room, new windows, and extended great room with stunning lake views from the cove out to the main channel of Ft Loudon Lake. Multi level deck w/gazebo. 3-car garage. $799,900 (838212)



10321 MEADOW RIDGES LANE, 5BR/3.5BA, 2 sty entry. Kitchen island, desk, eat-in kitchen. Kitchen open to family room. Smooth ceilings. Original model home. Bay window in kitchen. tile backsplash. Hdwd on main. Huge dining room. $423,900 (844987)

10246 CANTON PLACE LANE, 4Br/2BA/2HBA, Wonderful family home. Covered porch, level backyard. All hdwd and tile on main level. Open plan w/island in kitchen, tile backsplash. Brick sunroom w/vaulted ceiling. Huge master & master bath. Whirlpool, separate shower, dual sinks. Central vacuum. $350,000 (842532)



LENNOX PLACE - 8728 Brucewood Lane, 3BR/3.5BA, Very special home made for outdoor entertaining. 2 story plus finished walk out basement. On the main level there is a huge covered deck. The lower level walk out area is covered and perfect for entertaining as well. $277,000 (853723)

12023 MALLARD BAY DRIVE, 5R/4.5BA, Picture perfect. Covered porch w/lake views & contryside. Transoms, hdwds, Surround sound, built-ins in GR. Mstr on main. Kitchen island, maple glazed cbnts, 5 burner cook top, dbl ovens, blt-in refrig, granite ctrtps, Asko DW. All bdrms full BA except one. 5 bdrms, 4.5 BA, bonus rm, study. Incredible media room - all equip and chairs convey. Huge screen porch. Corner lot. Grill, outdoor FP. New high eff HVAC, roof, gutters, paint. Over sized 3-car garage. One owner blt by John Kerr. Seller is licensed RE agent. Crawl space Thompson water proof life time warranty. Irrigation system. $695,000 (796148)


KENSINGTON - 1601 Bickerstaff Blvd, 4BR/3.5BA, Classic & stately brick home. Generous rooms & open plan. Welcoming foyer. Detailed crown mold. Kitchen w/island, granite ctr tp on island. All BRs have baths. Newly finished 3rd floor makes 2nd bonus room. Lots of hdwd, level corner lot. beautiful landscaping w/inground pool maintained by Prism Pools. $549,900

CUTTERS RUN - 1628 Cutters Run L a n e , 3BR/2.5BA, H o u s e Beautiful! “ Tu r n b e r r y Plan”. Very open and dramatic vaulted great room. Niche in GR. Huge kitchen, stainless appliances, island. Breakfast area in kitchen. Solid surface ctr tps in kitchen. Master bedroom on main. Master bath corner garden tub, sep shower, dbl sinks. Hdwd DR, Foyer, Hallway. $309,900 (852228)


423 WESTBRIDGE DRIVE, 4BR/3.5BA, Gorgeous home-9 ft. ceilings on main and upper level/9 ft.ceiling in great room"Southern Living Plan"-4 bedrooms plus bonus $450,000 (849067)



THE SUMMIT AT ROCKY HILL Three completed units priced at $579,900 with great views of the Smoky Mtns. Old World Elegance and charm in this gated community with 33 condominiums. Masters on main, lawn maintenance. Some lots with Smoky & Cumberland Mtn views. Construction starting on $329,000 unit, 4BR/3BA, granite counter tops, raised panel cabinetry, SS appliances, gas or electric in kitchen.

1523 DEER RIDGE LANE, 3BR/3BA, All brick, one owner, customized Frank Betz "Brickel" plan. Very open. Vaulted family room. Granite counter tops, Bosch dishwasher. Master bdrm main level, split bdrms. Whirlpool, dual sinks, sep tile shower in master bath. One level living except bonus up. Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, and garage freezer convey. Oversized 2-car garage. HOA covers Insurance, common areas, garbage pickup, lawn maintenance. New roof, gutters 2011. $299,900 (775782)

Cherrybrook Condos 10312 NORTH RIVER TRAIL, 5BR/5.5BA, Waterfront community - Stately home w/lake & mountain views. Incredible upgrades. EIFS warranty & Inspection. Upper MBR w/fabulous views. Guest suite on main level. Huge bonus. 4 bedrooms have own baths. Fabulous lower level, sauna, 3-head steam room shower. 2 deeded deep water docks included, 25' canopy & 6000 lb lift on one, other undeveloped. $749,000

“Cherrybrook Interior unit ($129,900 MLS 784665)”, and Powell schools Building time 5 months. Rounded corners, great upgrade options available. Buyers work with interior designer to choose colors, cabinet choices, etc. In Powell. Convenient to Clinton Hwy, shopping, restaurants, and schools yet nestled in a country setting. County taxes. Former Parade of Homes site. 210 Warranty.

9410 FROG POND LANE 4BR/3BA/2HBA, 4685 SF, 2-story plus basement. 4 bedrooms plus bonus. Fabulous masterJacuzzi. Elegant home. Lower level new doors. New tankless water heater. Less than 2 yr old HVAC on upper level. 1/4 of pond deeded to property. Floored unfinished attic up. Private backyard. Convenient to I140, Northshore Town Center, Publix, Target. Voluntary HOA. AL Lotts, West Valley Middle, Bearden High. $459,000 (823667)

Afriendly, new neighborhood where neighbors are visitors are welcome, and life is good --as it should be, at home in ....


12821 EDGEBROOK WAY, 3BR/2BA/2HBA, "Branford" model. Fabulous kitchen - granite island, Open to GR & FR w/built-ins around gas log FP. Master on main w/vaulted ceiling. Columns in formal DR. Wrought iron balusters. Over $24,000 in upgrades. Seller added Sunroom (11x11), used as Brkfst room. Screened porch (12x18.5). 3car garage. Roof & gutters '11. Sidewalks, community pool, clubhouse, exercise room, street lights. Farragut schools. Lawn maintenance in HOA fees. $409,900 (807121)


COPPERSTONE - 2 Lots, Plans & builder available to Buyers. Bank obtained by foreclosure. Conveyed by special warranty deed. Unbelievable opportunity to purchase lots in an upscale, architurally restricted subdivision at a reduced price with sidewalks, street lights, community pool & clubhouse w/exercise room. Minutes to new "Y", lake, parks, schools, interstate & Turkey Creek shopping. All plans & builders must be approved by Copperstone Group (Architectural Review Committee). Priced from $19,900 to $54,900


PHASE 2 VILLAS “Juneberry”. $200 initiation fee at time of closing-garden tub, double sinks, separate shower in master bath, vaulted great room, columns in dining room, neighborhood pool and clubhouse. Many options available. Upper level unfinished. Builder will consider a lease purchase on this unit. VA approved. $224,200 (635720)

Sidewalks Street Lamps Walking Trails Community Swim Pool Luxury Clubhouse w/ Exercise Room & Kitchen "BAGWELL" MODEL, to be built in Copperstone, Phase II villas. 2577 sq ft, 3BR/2.5BA, Approximate build time 4 - 6 months. Close to new “Y”, Turkey Creek, parks, lake. Farragut schools. $125/M HOA fee. $299,900 Dir: W Northshore Dr, R Harvey Rd, L into Copperstone, L Watergrove, L Turning Leaf.


In the Heart of Fountain City Priced — Starting in $228Ks • 4 Models Available • 3 are End Units • Homes Range from 1822sf to 2498sf

1181 OAK HAVEN ROAD 4BR/2.5BA, Eat-in kitchen open to family room with built-in bookcases and massive fireplace. Trey ceiling in dining room. Huge bonus room. 2 bay windows. Charming covered front porch. $262,000 (854457)

11519 FOXFORD DRIVE, 4BR/2.5BA, Wonderful family home in Farragut with mountain view. "Sold As-Is". Roof 2011. New oak cabinets, ctr tps, sinks, lighting 2007. $189,900 (846695)

Many new house plans available from which to choose. Homes starting at $159,900 Ranchers and 2-story plans available Brick and vinyl construction


From the six agents that opened the office on Campbell Station Road in 2011 to 38 agents today! We have your real estate needs covered.







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2013 Ford Fiesta

2013 Ford Focus

2013 Ford Fusion SE All Power, A/C Alloy Wheels

A/C,Power Locks Stk#FE1159H Was…$16,490 TR Discount…$1,952 Factory Rebate…$250


A/C, Power Windows, Power Locks

2013 Ford Escape SE

Stk#FS2798H Was…$18,490 TR Discount…$2,202 Factory…$2,000

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2013 Ford Edge SE

2013 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew® Cab All Power,Chrome Pkg

All Power, Alloy Wheels, SYNC

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Stk#EC2224 Was…$27,390 TR Discount…$2,390 Factory Rebate…$1,500 FMCC Rebate…$1,000

Stk#EG1476 Was…$31,290 TR Discount…$3,302 Factory Rebate…$2,500 FMCC Rebate…$500



Stk#FT3331 Was…$44,165 TR Discount…$2,750 Ford Discount…$6,750 Trade Assist…$2,000

$11,500 OFF



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9925 Parkside Auto Drive [865] 251-3673 •

8551 Kingston Pike at Walker Springs Road [865] 693-7611 •

Customer pays state tax, title & license. *Ford Credit Rebate must finance through Ford Motor Company Credit, with approved credit. All prices include $595 customer service fee. **Based on Knoxville 2012 Ford Dealer Ranking for Ford Division Southeast sales report on total new vehicle retail sales. ***0% APR financing for 60 months with approved credit. See dealer for details. Ad expires 8/31/13.

TED RUSSELL FORD 9925 Parkside Auto Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922 [865] 251-3673 •

8551 Kingston Pike at Walker Springs Road, Knoxville, TN 37919 [865] 693-7611 •


Luxurious by any standards. Certified by ours. AND NOW GET



Every Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln comes with: 5-year/100,000 mile Comprehensive Warranty coverage**

200-point inspection by factory-trained technicians

Vehicle History Report

24/7 Roadside Assistance



2012 LINCOLN MKS Navigation, Roof, Leather - Stk.#H6412

Starting at $36,920 Efficiency never looked so good. Smooth and dynamic ride... And the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is America’s most fuel efficient vehicle at 45 MPG.


New $45,375

Certified Pre-Owned Price $30,982

2012 LINCOLN MKZ Leather - Stk.#H6425

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2013 LINCOLN MKX Stk.# H6400

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Starting at $37,890 An abundance of luxury and technology and best in class fuel economy. Stk# MX1215H

Starting at $54,840

Not every used Lincoln can be a Certified Pre-Owned Lincoln. Better than new... Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned.


Stk# NA1134

*Not all buyers qualify for Lincoln AFS limited-term financing. Offer starts 5/1/13. Take delivery from dealer stock by 8/31/13. **See dealer for qualifications and details. See your dealer for limited warranty coverage details. Vehicles vary by dealership.

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