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Panasonic top class heatpumps are ready to deliver the power you need for allday comfort during the harsh Nordic winter and always with high-efficiency even at low outside temperature. With Panasonic Flagship heatpumps, you can make amazing energy savings even when you are heating for a long time. Flagship also has the summer house system, which keeps the summer house, the garage or the basement at +8 °C/+10 °C to prevent freezing. Furthermore, with the 10 year long life antiallergic alleru-buster filter, you can always enjoy pure and healthy air at home.


INVERTER PLUS SYSTEM. The Inverter+ range provides greater efficiency, more comfort and less noise than classic inverter units. This is Panasonic’s top-end, environmentally friendly range. It is the range of the future within your reach today.

SUPER QUIET MODE. The indoor unit emits an almost imperceptible 23 dB cooling mode.


COP:1 OOPP: P1 1kW

DOWN TO -20ºC IN THE HEAT PUMP. The heat pump works in heat pump mode with an outdoor temperature as low as -20ºC.


ELECTRICAL HEATERS MAX RELIABILITY. The first scroll compressor in the world used for air conditioning is the essence of Panasonic most advanced technology. Besides having a low vibration of approximately one tenth that of conventional models, this compressor is very powerful and yet power-saving. Always thinking about making air conditioning user-friendly, Panasonic has every confidence in this product.

5.52 kW


EFFICIENCY* (COP) PANASONIC’S HEAT PUMP HE9 OF MAX 6.5 kW has a COP coeffcient of 5.52

5.52 COP

SUPER ALLERU-BUSTER FILTER. The super alleru-buster filter eliminates the allergens it captures. It combines three functions in one (anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacteria) to keep room air clean and healthy. Anti-allergen protection: this inactivates more than 99% of filtercaptured allergens. Anti-virus protection: this inactivates more than 99% of filter-captured viruses. Anti-bacteria / anti-mould protection: the filter inactivates more than 99% of captured bacteria and mould spores.



Fuel-fired boiler

Gas boiler

Panasonic HE9 LKE

*Efficiency measured at an outside air temperature of +7°C Heat pumps : more efficient than the others heating systems Panasonic heat pumps have a COP of maximum 4,4 at -7°C 1) which makes them much more efficient than fuel-fired boilers, gas boilers and electrical heaters.

EXPENSES Panasonic’s heat pump provides a saving of up to 82% on heating expenses compared with electrical heaters. For example, the HE9 heat pump of 6.5 kW has a COP coefficient of 5.52: for every kW of electricity consumed, it returns 5.52 kW of energy, i.e. 4.52 kW more than a conventional electrical heating system, which is equivalent to an 82% saving*.

ECOIDEAS. Panasonic inverter heating systems provide exceptional energy-saving performance that ranks among the highest in the industry. This dramatically cuts electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, allowing environmentallyfriendly operation.

Due to the ongoing innovation of our products, the specifications of this catalogue are valid barring typographic errors, and may be subject to minor modifications by the manufacturer without prior warning in order to improve the product. The total or partial reproduction of this catalogue is prohibited without the express authorisation of Panasonic UK Ltd.

*Up to 82% of the heat produced by a heat pump is free, since it comes from the outside air. This percentage is compared with electrical heaters. This calculation is based on nominal specifications of manufactures at +7 ºC.

PANASONIC 1X4. COMFORT ALL YEAR ROUND With 30 years of experience on the Northern European market, Panasonic has developed specific technologies that respond to the different needs of this territory. Our heat pumps are the most efficient and comprehensive alternative to traditional heating and air conditioning systems. With a single installation, Panasonic offers the ideal climate in any season – heating, cooling or dehumidifying depending on the weather. Moreover, its solutions provide healthy and comfortable air with total reliability and energy savings even in the most extreme conditions.


warranty on compressor

DESIGNED FOR NORDIC LIFESTYLES. The Crankcase Heater prevents the compressor freezing. Sound-proof Material The compressor is thoroughly protected to prevent annoying noises. Freezing Resistance and Field Tests Field tests are conducted under actual conditions of use in the middle of winter. 5 YEARS. Warranty on the compressor.* * For further details, please contact your delaer.

WALL MOUNTED FLAGSHIP // INVERTER+ Max capacity (heat pump mode) Indoor Outdoor Heating capacity COP 1) Power input Heating Cooling capacity EER 1) Power input Cooling Annual Energy Consuption 2) Indoor unit Air Volume Sound pressure Level 3) Sound power Level Dimensions, indoor Air purifier filter Outdoor unit Sound pressure Level 3) Sound power Level Dimensions 4) Elevation difference (in/out) 5) Piping length Operating range GLOBAL REMARKS

Rating conditions Inside air temperature Outside air temperature

6.5 kW CS-HE9LKE CU-HE9LKE 3.20 (0.60-6.50) 5.52 (5.22-3.78) A 0.580 (0.115-1.72) 2.50 (0.60-3.00) 5.21 (5.00-4.29) A 0.480 (0.120-0.700) 240

7.7 kW CS-HE12LKE CU-HE12LKE 4.20 (0.60-7.70) 4.94 (5.22-3.38) A 0.850 (0.115-2.28) 3.50 (0.60-4.00) 3.98 (5.00-3.81) A 0.880 (0.120-1.050) 440

Nominal (Min - Max) Nominal (Min - Max) Nominal (Min - Max) Nominal (Min - Max) Nominal (Min - Max) Nominal (Min - Max)

kW Energy Saving Classification kW kW Energy Saving Classification kW kWh

Cooling / Heating Cooling (Hi / Lo / S-Lo) Heating (Hi / Lo / S-Lo) Cooling (Hi) / Heating (Hi) HxWxD

m³/h dB(A) dB(A) dB mm

630 / 750 39 / 26 / 23 42 / 27 / 24 55 / 58 298 x 870 x 199 Super alleru-buster filter

678 / 810 42 / 29 / 26 44 / 33 / 30 58 / 60 298 x 870 x 199 Super alleru-buster filter

Cooling (Hi) / Heating (Hi) Cooling (Hi) / Heating (Hi) HxWxD Max Min / Max Cooling Min / Max Heating Min / Max

dB(A) dB mm m m °C °C

46 / 47 61 / 62 540 x 780 x 289 5 3-15 +16 / +43 -20 / +24

48 / 50 63 / 65 540 x 780 x 289 5 3-15 +16 / +43 -20 / +24

Heating 20ºC DB 7ºC DB / 6ºC WB

DB: Dry Bulb; WB: Wet Bulb The average heating capacity goes down once the de-icing cycle starts at -10°C

Cooling 27ºC DB / 19ºC WB 35ºC DB / 24ºC WB

1) EER and COP classification is at 230V in accordance with EU directive 2002/31/EC. 2) The annual consumption is calculated by multiplying the input power at 230V by an avarage of 500 hours per year in cooling mode. 3) The Sound pressure level of the units shows the value measured of a position 1 meter in front of the main body and 0,8 meters below the unit. The sound pressure is measured in accordance with Eurovent 6/C/006-97 specification. 4) Add 70mm for piping port. 5) When installing the outdoor unit at a higher position than the indoor unit. Heat Pumps are suitable as secondary heating system.

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