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Welcome to the first-ever We Are Women Owned Holiday Gift Guide! Over the next 110 pages, you’ll find a lovingly-curated selection of exquisite products and valuable services, all from amazing women-owned small businesses. The best part? Each and every item is shoppable! Just click on the product to be taken to the business’s website and complete your purchase. Most participants are offering exclusive savings just for you, too, so be sure to check each listing for a promo code. Whether you’re shopping for your partner, sibling, boss, dog walker, bestie, or even yourself, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect present for everyone on your list. ‘Tis the season to surprise the people you love with delight-inducing gifts from women makers, do-ers, and curators!





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Table of Contents ABO U T U S E D ITO RS ’ L ETTER with Lisa | 8


Sisterhood Membership Community WAWO Small Business Directory | 10

W HY S HO P SMALL Tips for Shopping | 13







Adarabella Designs | 49 Nashipai | 51 Saucey and Wubs Designs | 52 Sister Sister Jewelry | 53 TALI ESPI DESIGNS | 53 Holiday Greeting Cards | 55 with Francesca Phillips | 56

with Adobe | 16 with Gifty Wrap | 20

HERBAS® | 62 Pantuss | 64 Red Moon | 64 Eco Friendly | 65




by Erin Coles | 22


ANOVÉ | 26 NAPRIM Naturals | 28 De Mi Tierra Natural Bath & Body | 29 Lovesong Beauty | 29 Beary Sensitive Organic Skincare | 30 Stocking Stuffers | 30


with Taylor Made | 31


with The Wing | 34

HO M E & L IF ESTYLE kubo | 38 Gooseberrry Designs | 40 Jillian Elliot | 41 AWOO | 41 Driftless Style | 42 Dirt & Dog Hair | 42 Owl of It | 43 Cozy Candles | 44

with ALAB | 67


Divine Bath Intention | 70 Maison Soleil | 71 Pottery with a Purpose | 74 Travel Challenge Book | 74 Serenade Chocolatier | 75 Olivana Gifts | 75 Srimoyee Handmade | 76 Ruff House Print Shop | 76 Work from Home Gifts | 77

HOLIDAY RECIPES Hors d’Oeuvres with Gabriela Rodiles

Ivy Marie | 88 Istani | 91 Lekuna Intimate | 91 Gold Coast Dyes | 91 Gifts unders $100 | 93 Holiday Greeting Cards | 55 Desserts with Danille Sepsy hamam mama | 98 eddys brand | 98 Peanut and Posie | 99 Bizzi Growin | 99 Gits under $50 | 100


Zion’s Mission Animal Rescue | 101


Moxie Bookkeeping | 103 Paradigm Consulting | 103 CET Writing | 104 EIGHT THIRTY SEVEN | 104 Double Major | 105 Audree Kate Studios | 105 Legally Set | 105



Swelter Coffee Roasters | 82 Mouth Party Caramel | 83 Brittle & Beyond | 83 Gifts for Him | 84


Cocktails with Camille Carter


with Alyssa Kuchta | 46




We Are Women Owned: It’s a movement. It’s a statement. It’s a sisterhood. In the early days of starting her lifestyle blog and boutique, Lisa Nicole Rosado found herself craving sisterhood and community – a space where she felt comfortable asking questions and leaning on people who understood the unique set of entrepreneurial challenges. There was just one problem: Lisa couldn’t find the supportive, welcoming, and accessible community she was looking for… so she created it! That’s when We Are Women Owned (or WAWO for short) was born. Today, WAWO is dedicated to creating opportunities for women-owned businesses to gain visibility through the power of community and events. We’re home to the WAWO Small Business Directory, the WAWO Sisterhood, and a series of in-person and virtual pop-up events. We’re thrilled to be your go-to platform for discovering, shopping, and supporting women-owned small businesses.

Ready to get started?


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editor’s letter Hi there! Welcome! I’m so excited to be able to share the We Are Women Owned Holiday Gift Guide – our firstever fully-shoppable, magazine-style holiday gift guide-with you. Months ago, when my team and I started planning for the guide, I had no idea how much this project would truly teach me about the value and importance of sisterhood. In September, while we were in the midst of planning content and photo shoots, my mom unexpectedly passed away. Losing a parent – especially one you’re so close with was (and still is) indescribably difficult. But in the days that followed, as my sisters and I were faced with impossible decisions, I felt supported like never before. The WAWO community stepped up, stepped in, and took on extra responsibilities so I could focus on my family. I felt truly held – emotionally, yes, but also sometimes physically! As a person who usually prefers to be the helper, I had to learn to lean in and accept help from others. Maybe most powerfully, though, I learned that I, too, can be supported by the very people I’m supporting. Without the support of my incredible team and this amazing sisterhood, this guide would’ve likely had to have been pushed back to next year, and you would not be scrolling through these beautiful pages right now. This one goes out to each & every one of you who shared your awesome talents with us to bring this guide to life, our gorgeous community, and to my wonderful warrior mama who has been my biggest cheerleader through it all. Sisterhood is so powerful, and I’m so glad we get to be part of this one together. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you! Love, Lisa





Wawo offerings

Sisterhood membership community

wawo small business directory

A safe, uplifting community for emerging, purposedriven entrepreneurs. Think networking, strategizing, brainstorming, problem-solving, collaboration, and sharing resources — all while being surrounded by a warm, kind community that truly gets you.

The go-to destination to discover, shop, and support women-owned small businesses! You’ll find hundreds of amazing offerings from dozens of wonderful brands, all founded by women-identifying makers, do-ers, and curators.




LOVE IT? SHOP IT Everything in this gift guide is shoppable!

Just click on the image of any product throughout this issue to shop. You can also connect with the featured brand, expert or person by clicking on the highlighted text.

TRY it out now! - 11 -


why shop small

shopping small for the holiday season

You can make a difference, especially when it comes to seemingly-small decisions about where you make your purchases! Doing your holiday shopping with women-owned small businesses means that your dollars go toward growth and stability for women and their communities – not just to another big-box store that doesn’t know you exist. A few of our favorite reasons for shopping small this (and every) holiday season:


When women hold more economic power, society does better in nearly every area, including leadership, education, economic growth, narrowing the gender pay gap, and increased participation in decision making at all levels – from household to government.

Women make 80% of purchasing decisions and own 40% of small businesses. Still, when compared with men, they’re significantly less likely to receive financing or venture capital.



What’s the #1 reason most women give for starting a business? Necessity! When you buy from a woman-owned business, you’re truly helping a person care for her family, further her education, tend to her health, or chase her dreams.

Women-owned businesses are more likely to use their income to employ other women and intentionally buy from other women-owned brands.

Whether you buy online or in-person, there’s nothing quite like finding the perfect gift and knowing your money will be boosting a woman-owned small business and her entire community.



tips for shopping this holiday season

You might’ve heard that shipping delays are imminent for the 2021 holiday season. In fact, as recently reported by The New York Times, many product-based businesses are experiencing delays in every part of the supply chain. So, how can you shop small and still make sure your gifts arrive on time? Since WAWO can’t fix shipping delays or guarantee when your package will arrive (though we wish we could!), we highly, highly recommend getting your orders in as soon as possible – ideally before December 1, 2021. But, in the event your gift doesn’t arrive in time, don’t worry! You can still create a magical experience for the gift recipient. Here’s how.

- 13 -



tips for shopping this holiday season 1.

This is one of our favorite tips, print out a photo of the gift and give it the fancy gift wrap treatment. That way, your recipient will still have something to open! Once the gift has been opened, let your recipient know that the physical gift will arrive soon. Not only will they be able to enjoy the item you gifted, but they’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing this purchase intentionally helped small businesses survive and thrive in 2021.


Consider a gift card. Found the perfect gift, but chances are slim that it’ll arrive before Christmas morning? A gift card – whether it’s a physical gift card or an e-gift card –could be the perfect solution! That way, your gift will land in the recipient’s inbox right on schedule.


Send a festive e-card. If you live far away from your recipient and don’t think a wrapped photo of the gift will reach them in time, sending an e-card that includes a photo of the gift and a note about when they can expect the physical gift to arrive could be the perfect solution! Paperless Post even lets you design your very own e-card.

Remember: If you want to give your gifts the greatest chance of arriving on time, get your orders in – the earlier, the better!

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Special thanks to our sponsor, Adobe Acrobat!

​ Adobe Acrobat has the tools you need to get work done, wherever you work. Acrobat is the complete PDF and e-signature productivity solution where you can convert, edit, share, and sign PDFs across desktop, mobile, and web. These tools can help you work faster, smarter, and succeed in this ever-changing digital world to keep your business moving — from anywhere. The team at Adobe has a little treat for WAWO readers, too: the Acrobat Holiday PDF Kit! It’s full of fun, holiday-themed templates for you to fill out — think family recipes, holiday bingo, thank you notes, and more! Want a fun, festive way to let gift recipients know they’re about to open something amazing from a woman-owned small business? This year, We Are Women Owned has partnered with Adobe Acrobat to bring you these ho-ho-ho-so-cute gift tags! The process is simple: 01. Download the printable PDF 02. Print out your gift tags 03. Attach the tags to your gifts 04. Sit back and relax knowing that your giftees will love their presents and be thrilled to learn that you shopped with women-owned businesses!

Happy Holidays





Here’s how a few fellow influencers and entrepreneurs are using (and loving) Adobe’s business tools: “I definitely think all writers should keep the Acrobat Reader App handy. It’s great because you can go in, you can highlight, you can mark up, you can ask for feedback and comments, and I’ve used that with my editor. And so being able to have something where we can both have access to it, use it with ease, see things in front of us and make real-time changes — it’s a lifesaver!” - Alex Elle, Author “Oh my gosh, your email does not stop popping when you’re an entrepreneur. There is always something that you have to be doing! Thankfully, Adobe Acrobat helped me keep everything organized and all in one place when I was starting my business, Sama Tea. Whether it’s signing things or even creating our packaging, it’s great because there are so many ways to add notes and give feedback. Plus, I’m always on the go, so, I needed a way to make everything accessible, to make it efficient for me — and Adobe Acrobat was perfect.” - Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Plant-Based Conscious Chef & Ayurvedic Ambassador “I’m going to be an Adobe queen soon! I use Acrobat for contracts and combining PDFs and moving things around for certain brand documents that I make. But also, from the beginning of blogging, I had to teach myself Photoshop. Now, I love working in Photoshop and I edit all of my photos there. Recently I’ve also been teaching myself Illustrator, because when you’re an entrepreneur, you know, you have to be everybody. You have to be the graphic designer, the photographer, everybody.” - Marche Robinson, Attorney and Content Creator Download Acrobat’s Holiday PDF Kit and start ringing in the season today!


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Stationery that brings joy and reflects the diverse communities we all live in? Yes, please. GiftyWrap makes unique specialty wrapping paper with the goal of helping to ensure everyone feels seen, represented, and celebrated. The world always needs more art, so why not use it to spread joy — inclusively?

- 20 -



Mahogany Ellis-Crutchfield, who passionately loves celebrating family and friends, had the idea for GiftyWrap after struggling to find artful wrapping paper that was inclusive of her diverse community. So, with a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice, Mahogany created a company that specializes in all things joy and love. GiftyWrap works with small artists, many from their home state of Minnesota, to create unique prints designed to reflect your intentionality in making your recipient feel celebrated and seen. Plus, all GiftyWrap wrapping paper is 100% recyclable and made from FSC certified wood. We Are All Cool Girls, $14 The perfect representation of what GiftyWrap is all about! Illustrated by Stephanie Wolf, an artist from South Minneapolis, who believes that beauty is representation of all forms of self-expression. Abstract in Orange, $14 A warm, orange abstract print, also created by Stephanie Wolf. Leaves in Nature, $14 Designed by a collective of Zambian artists, this piece is an ode to nature as a bold-yet-beautiful part of our environment. Enjoy 10% with the code WAWO

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listen to the wawo holiday playlist now

My inspiration for this playlist was a mix of holiday music to get us all in the spirit, plus songs that are either all about women’s empowerment, or are by kick-butt female artists! You can’t go wrong with a mix of women’s empowerment and holiday cheer! - Erin Coles, WAWO Brand & Partnership Manager


— Arianna huffington

- 23 -



Our shoppable holiday gift guide features over 50 women-owned small businesses! Click the product images to shop directly!

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Innovative, ingredient-conscious skincare, haircare, and makeup gifts to help make sure your loved ones — and maybe even yourself! — feel extra beautiful inside and out this holiday season.



ANOVÉ® is a line of clean, effective, plant-based luxury skincare products. The company is focused on sourcing high-quality ingredients that are free from synthetic fragrance, parabens, and potentially irritating chemicals. Plus, each product is consciously crafted in sunny Los Angeles and designed to work for all skin tones and types.

- 26 -


AHA + Aloe Cleansing Gel – $45

The Perfecting Oil™ – $102

Immortal Rose Hydrating Toner – $48 The Cooling Mist – $28

Firming Eye Serum –$65

Founder Evonna S. Kuehner, a Stanford graduate with a degree in STS, has always had a strong determination to bring more diversity and inclusivity into the clean beauty skincare space, even as she built a successful-yet-unfulfilling career in process implementation & program development. Then, in 2012, Evonna created what would later become her hero product – The Perfecting Oil™ – while testing formulations to serve the needs of friends and family. At that point, she knew she loved formulating products. In fact, Evonna’s pure passion kept her doing research and taking classes, but it wasn’t something she thought she could turn into a business. Finally, in 2018, Kuehner decided she was done dragging her feet. She crafted a full line of products to complement The Perfecting Oil™, and in July 2019, ANOVÉ officially launched. Evonna’s academic and professional background, plus her years of research and unyielding passion, led to the completely self-funded creation of ANOVÉ. Today, ANOVÉ’s mission is twofold: to provide all customers with high-quality, luxury skincare created with ingredients found in nature, and to change the narrative within the clean beauty space by being a positive example of founders of color being seen as universal creators who make great products to be consumed by all races, ethnicities, and creeds. Evonna’s strong belief is that true diversity and inclusion must encompass not only who products are made for, but also who they are made by. Enjoy 20% off your order with code WAWO through January 3, 2022. (Offer applies to full-sized products only.)


NAPRIM Naturals

Cosmetologist-developed, all-natural powders that are safe and soothing for all skin types and made to blend into all skin tones without leaving unsightly, bacteria-grabbing residue behind. Dusting Powder, $17 Helps calm and soothe skin after a haircut or shave. Great for use in a salon, barbershop, or at home. Nourishing Powder and Bamboo Kabuki Set, $25 Calm irritated skin and clear breakouts and blemishes, naturally! Made with soothing natural ingredients to reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation. Nourishing Dry Shampoo, $20 Formulated to absorb excess oil, refresh and nourish your hair, and soothe scalp dryness and irritation. Made for all hair types. Available in Blonde and Brunette. Enjoy 20% with code WAWO20.

- 28 -


Morning Skincare Routine • Refresh Facial Mist • Radiance Face Serum • Awaken Eye Serum

De Mi Tierra Natural Bath and Body

De Mi Tierra means “From My Earth,” because this Latina-owned business believes that skincare products should be as nature intended them to be… natural, simple, and organic. Influenced by her Mexican culture and upbringing, Evelia Torres is taking skincare back to basics. That’s why De Mi Tierra uses only natural, earth-made ingredients – just like our abuelitas did. The full product range – including natural deodorants, skincare products, body scrubs, and body butters – is handmade in small batches in De Mi Tierra’s Chicago studio. Morning Skincare Routine Facial Set, $125 Hydrate, depuff, and refresh with this AM skincare bundle. Please enjoy 15% off your order with code WAWO15 through December 31st, 2021.

Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel, $30 Weightless Leave-In Conditioner, $30

lovesong beauty Lovesong Beaty believes in the best version of you – beauty as nature intended, with the results you crave. Their innovative botanical haircare formulations use simple treasures found in the wild, not in a lab, to help you feel beautiful and inside and out. Each product is cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, and free from sulfates, petroleum, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance. Plus, they’re created with wind energy! Lovesong Beauty donates a portion of proceeds to 1% For the Planet to preserve wild spaces for future generations. Enjoy 15% off with code WAWO15 now through December 31st at lovesongbeauty.com.

Center Sage Soothing & Refreshing Soap, $8

Beary Sensitive Beary Sensitive specializes in formulating skincare products that promote lasting hydration. Made with organic, natural ingredients especially for people with dry, sensitive skin conditions. Center Sage Soothing & Refreshing Organic Soap, $8 A richly hydrating soap that’s sure to be at the top of dry, flaky skin’s wish list. Sage, Spearmint, Lavandin, and Lemongrass team up to neutralize free radicals in the environment, soothe inflammation, and balance your skin’s natural moisture.

Beauty Stocking Stuffers Make this holiday season equal parts sparkle and self-care. Whether it’s lipstick inspired by the original rebel, a purrfectly cute neutral palette, an innovative hand moisturizer that also sanitizes (finally!), a new signature scent, or soothing post-party eye masks, these gifts are sure to delight the beauty lover on your list.


Winkylux - Coffee Kitten Eyeshadow Palette ($25)

Fempower Beauty Lilith Lipstick ($25)

By Rosie Jane - Leila Lou Eu de Parfum ($25-$65)

Wander Beauty - Baggage Claim Eye Masks ($25)

JOURN - ALSO Daily Moisturizer & Sanitizer ($22)

Taylor Made Polish Taylor Made Polish, based in Easton, PA, offers custom nail polish kits that inspire you to play with color and embrace your unique style. By putting you in the driver’s seat of creating your very own shade, you can craft something that truly feels like it’s made for you — because it is!


Q&A with Vanessa Ungvarsky, Founder of Taylor Made Polish Q: How did you get the idea to start Taylor Made Polish? A: I joined the Air Force after high school, then spent ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, needless to say, there wasn’t a whole lot of room for my girly side to shine through! So when I couldn’t find nail polish to meet my clean beauty standards, I knew there had to be a way to make clean nail polish just as good as — or even better than — the traditional stuff. Plus, I wanted to create an experience that went far beyond picking off a shelf, I wanted to enable others to design their own nail colors in a fun and social way. And that’s how Taylor Made Polish was born! Q: Where does the name Taylor Made come from? A: It comes from my grandparents, Carroll and Pearl Taylor! They were both positive and loving forces in my life, so naming the company after them felt right… especially since I wanted Taylor Made Polish to be a supportive, creative environment for every person who journeys through the door or visits the website. Q: I love the idea of a Make Your Own Polish Kit! How does that work? A: It starts with inspiration, so what inspires you? An event, an outfit, a feeling? Find your inspiration and choose your kit to match. Mix your polish to your perfect hue and give your new, iconic color a name! It’s that simple, and you can enjoy it proudly knowing every high-quality nail polish you create will be vegan, cruelty-free, parabenfree, 10-free, and responsibly sourced. Make Your Own Polish Kits, $40 Enjoy 20% of your purchase with code WAWO21.

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- 33 -



The Wing offers beautiful workspace essentials, networking & support, and charging & refueling — all designed for optimal productivity, creativity, and inspiration. Here, The Wing’s Lauren Collins shares workfrom-home hacks plus a special opportunity to reserve your own complimentary day pass.

Browse our vast selection of books featured across The Wing SoHo shelves, and stay inspired working alongside impeccable city views


Remember the early days of remote work? Sleeping in, cozy sweats, and laughing at colleagues who couldn’t mute. It started slowly: video meetings crept onto our calendars as we sunk deeper into our couches. Goodbye, commuter stress and hello, living room! With the flip of a laptop, millions of us finally got to work on time. And: the pets! Tail-wagging reached an all-time high as soon as our furry friends realized their humans were never, ever leaving. (The equivalent to us winning the lottery, perhaps?) Nearly 21 months later, the honeymoon is most definitely over. Remote working has taken a serious toll on our minds, bodies and relationships, despite the obvious conveniences. We’re in desperate need of a reset - especially working women, who are often responsible for time-consuming household work while navigating their careers.

Enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D while answering emails on The Wing West Hollywood’s beautiful terrace.

Working mothers face additional challenges. “Mothers are three times as likely as fathers to be responsible for housework and child-care duties during the pandemic,” according to a 2020 report from Lean In and McKinsey and Company. At this rate, womens’ plates at home are literally piling up to the ceiling - is this the latest one we’re expected to break? (We’re too exhausted to even remember the metaphor - myself included.) So while the at-home workplace evolves, The Wing has you covered by sharing some tips to survive and thrive from home.

Tired of video calls and homemade coffee? Meet up with friends at The Wing Bryant Park to enjoy some face-to-face time and a round of lattes!

instead and run for the door. Fresh air and a neighborhood stroll can revive you in as little as fifteen minutes. Escape the four walls at least twice a day, and your productivity will spike.

Visit The Wing Flatiron for inspiring city views and the coziest couches for you and a friend! An ideal location with several productive workspaces.

1. Routine. Rinse. Repeat. Wake up at the exact same time, every day, for one week. Or: apply this to the nighttime routine with a consistent “lights out” deadline. Eat breakfast before you send an email. Insert “any healthy behavior you can think of” here for fourteen days straight - 15 minutes of yoga, a morning walk, or include a protein with every meal. Start small, but stay the course. You’ll save so much mental energy when basic tasks become habitual. Why do the world’s most successful people share this advice? Because it works. 2. Dare to decline meetings. Remember the old office days when a half-eaten sheet cake was left on the kitchen counter for hours? Or: a pile of plain bagels? An undeniably sad scene and you kept walking by. Some Zoom meetings are those sad cakes and bagels in disguise, and they deserve to be ditched. If there’s no clear purpose, agenda or leader who’ll capture actionable next steps, reserve your right to respectfully decline. If stale bagels have taught us anything, it’s that some meetings just aren’t worth it.

5. Establish at least one in-person meeting a week. Building upon #4 and noting this may be difficult for some (and an inherent reminder to always follow safe guidelines), apply this to any part of your life. Meet an old friend for coffee or chat with a neighbor. Humans have been through a range of experiences and emotions recently, and the benefits of face-to-face contact vs. a text thread are unparalleled. Many of us are also out of practice, so try to stretch those muscles on a regular basis. 6. Visit a coworking space that inspires creativity and productivity. Warning: promotional plug to follow. Do you live in or near New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco? Are you in need of a new workplace scene, even occasionally? Are you tired of squinting to view your coworkers’ Slack profile pictures? For these reasons and more, we encourage you to visit The Wing. Bring a friend, colleague, or both. You’ll like the high-speed WiFi, fullservice color printers, and variety of meeting spaces. Delicious morning lattes and midday wine offerings served to you while typing. Breathtaking city views, inspiring decor, and a welcoming atmosphere surrounded by others (from a safe distance) await you. We promise your pets will understand. See what’s possible when you work from The Wing with a complimentary visit. Reserve your date and click here to activate your complimentary day pass, using the code WINGFROMHOME.

3. Make a meal. It’s never been easier to eat cereal for lunch, or have fast food delivered to your doorstep. We often make bad choices when we’re stressed or short on time. Try preparing lunch for yourself the night before a busy work day. PB&Js are underrated. And: if you’re a parent stuck making your kid lunches, what’s one more for yourself? The prep pays off when you’re literally sandwiched between three meetings. 4. Escape the room. Literally. We race to charge phones as soon as the low-battery alert appears. Try powering down Planning a day in the city with colleagues? The Wing San Francisco has you covered with well-designed small and large meeting spaces.


HOME & LIFE STYLE Eye-catching, unique home goods for everyone on your list! From handmade baskets to etched cheeseboards and even accessories for your favorite pup, you’ll find everything you need to deliver joy and delight.

- 37 -



Founded by sisters Rumples Miranda and Kat Pesigan, both first-generation immigrants to the US from the Philippines, kubo is a home and lifestyle brand that features handcrafted goods made by Filipino artisans.

Enjoy 15% off your order with code WAWOKUBO through December 31, 2021.

kubo is rooted in 3 pillars: Made by Hand: working with family-run businesses that focus on traditional ways of making Made by Filipinos: partnering with artisan and indigenous groups in the Philippines as well as Filipino makers around the world Made with Purpose: a supply chain that’s anchored in environmental, ethical, economic, and philanthropic values Fleur Abaca Placemat - Set of 2, $35.00 This intricate, delicate, flower-inspired piece will make a subtle statement no matter how you decide to use it. Woven in Bicol, Philippines, using abaca – a strong fiber derived from a banana plant native to the Philippines. Pahiyas Woven Raffia Placemat - Set of 2, $35.00 Set apart by its colorful fringe detailing, the Pahiyas Woven Placemat is truly a statement piece. Crafted in Bicol, Philippines, using raffia – a natural fiber that is soft and lightweight. Marcelo Rattan Basket, $35.00 Whether you’re gathering, storing, preparing, or serving, the Marcelo is endlessly versatile. It’s crafted from rattan – a strong-but-lightweight tropical palm native to South East Asia – and carefully made by a weaving community from Bicol, Philippines.


Gooseberry Designs is a studio dedicated to good design and beautifully-made products. In addition to their line of Whimsically Stylish Home + Paper goods, they specialize in hand-drawn maps and illustrations for any occasion. Founded by Nina Kulick and based in charming downtown Los Gatos, California, Gooseberry Designs is a woman-owned micro-business that employs three generations of women. Nina, a neuroscientist, got the idea to start Gooseberry when her daughter was born 15 years ago. Since then, she’s run her business on the principles that make her a great scientist and artist: experimentation, imagination, trial and error, and gumption. And since style and the environment go hand-inhand, Gooseberry Designs sources only high-quality, eco-friendly materials. Laser Etched Map Design Cheese Boards, $70 Beautiful, sustainable, stylish, and fun! They make the perfect cheese board, cutting board, or even display piece. Laser-etched maps are available for a variety of locations! Illustrated Map Tea Towels, $22 So pretty you may not actually want to use them! 100% natural cotton vintage-style striped tea towel printed with eco-friendly inks.

Gooseberry Designs

Illustrated Map City Totes, $28 Made in the US of 100% organic natural cotton and featuring Gooseberry Designs’s signature handdrawn, full-color city map designs.

Enjoy 15% off your purchase with code GBD15 through December 20, 2021.

- 40 -



Jillian Elliot Blush Pose Print

Jillian Elliott is a queer artist exploring body perceptions, physicality, mortality, and societal pressures. She launched her art business after moving back to her childhood home from Brooklyn during the pandemic, taking to the countryside to find inspiration in nature. Her 2020 series Stuck With Myself focuses on embracing the beauty of the soft spots of femme bodies with abstract color blocking and single-line contours. Jillian spends most of her time at her studio in Michigan, but you can find her in person at popups in New York, Chicago, LA, and Indianapolis throughout the year. Original pieces are acrylic on stretched canvas or natural ink on watercolor paper. Prints are fine art giclée printed on Moab Entrada rag paper. Blush Pose Print, 8x10 $20 | 9x12 $30 | 11x14 $40 Enjoy free shipping and surprise gift for your order with code WAWO21 through December 31, 2021.


Felt Dog Toys Awoo! High-quality, ethically-produced pet essentials from designers who are crazy about dogs. Felt Toy Bone, $8 These non-toxic, beautifully dyed fibers are digestible (because, well, dogs) and help to keep your pup’s teeth clean. Handcrafted by a co-op of talented female artisans in Nepal. Felt Link Toy, $20 Chew, toss, and tug! The perfect combo of playful and pretty. Made from the same nontoxic fibers as the Felt Toy Bone.

- 41 -


Driftless Style Wolis Short Glass Modern bohemian style meets traditional artisan craft techniques. Each product in Driftless Style’s curated collection has a story, starting with empowerment and opportunity for the person who made it. Shop online or visit their store in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Wolis Short Glass - 9 oz, $16 Classic meets modern! These gorgeous glasses are individually handblown by artisans in Mexico.

Dirt & Dog Hair Never Going To Let You Cocoa

The goal: spoil dogs everywhere without having to sacrifice sustainability. That’s why all of Dirt & Dog Hair’s eco-friendly, vegan-friendly dog toys are designed and handmade in Brooklyn, New York. (Because your dog can never have too many presents, right?) Never Going To Let You Cocoa, $16 Giant blaster squeaker? Check. Durable cotton canvas + cozy cotton Sherpa? Check. Neither you nor your pup are ever gonna wanna let this toy cocoa.


owl of it “I talk to my therapist about you” hand-embroidered wall decor, $45 Owl of It is a queer-owned business founded by Moriah Conant, a psychologist-in-training who plans to specialize in working with the LGBTQIA+ community. Moriah’s designs incorporate mental health, therapy, and LGBTQIA+ pride, and she’s a passionate advocate for accessible mental healthcare, suicide prevention, and social justice. At Owl of It, you’ll find a variety of hand-embroidered items including hoops, towels, and hats, plus embroidery patterns, embroidery kits, accessories, and vinyl stickers. Enjoy 15% off of your order with code WAWO21 until December 31, 2021.

- 43 -




Strike a match and set the mood! We’ve gathered the perfect lineup of wintry scents for all of your candle-loving friend or relative’s favorite holiday festivities, like decorating with the fam, getting glam for cocktails, or snuggling in for an annual viewing of Home Alone.

Paige’s Candlea Co Earl Grey Taxonomy Candle $17.50 - $45

Orchid + Ash Cardamom + Wood, $21-$32

LQBTQIA OWNED Gleam Living Starting at $22

Bijou Candles - 70’s Icons Set $84, also sold individually

Urban Wanderlust Into the Night, $20 Don’t Sass Me Soy - OH, WHAT FUN Holiday Candle Box Set, $50-$90

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ou ra ge d oe s n’t always roar. Someti me s courage i s the l ittle voi ce at the end of the d ay that s ays I’l l try aga i n tomor row.” — Mary Anne Radmacher

Meet Alyssa Kuchta, founder of f.y.b jewelry and author of the upcoming book Follow Your Bliss.

With inspiring words of wisdom from 60 trailblazing women, Follow Your Bliss is meant to help you embrace clarity, bravery, and joy. It’s also the perfect gift for a friend, sister, recent grad, business owner, daughter, co-worker, niece, granddaughter, or mom!

Q: What is a piece of advice you encountered while writing this book you wish you could share with your younger self? A: My conversation with Taylor Schilling really stands out. She said, “You can’t make a wrong choice. Everything will inform. There are no wrongs. We’re capable of doing things that are really uncomfortable.” I think this is such a fresh perspective — the idea that you shouldn’t beat yourself up, worry about regrets, or let indecision prevent you from moving in any direction at all.

Q: What does it mean to “follow your bliss?” A: Following your bliss is trusting your intuition, living a life with passion and purpose, and not allowing yourself to settle for less. It’s self-love & self-acceptance, challenging yourself, pushing beyond your comfort zone, making yourself proud, and discovering who you are. It’s learning to embrace the journey and being grateful for every moment.

Q: What words of encouragement or inspiration do you want to share with our readers? A: My biggest wish for this book is that it will make others feel less alone, less overwhelmed, and encourage them to have more faith in themselves. You can pivot and change your journey at any moment in time, no matter what your situation is. You are never stuck. There is always a way to follow your bliss, but it first starts within you.

Q: How did the book come to be? What inspired you to write it? A: My mission with f.y.b. has always been to inspire others to find and follow their bliss in life, including through our meaningful collections and the positive community we’re creating. But I think one of the most profound ways you can inspire others is through real stories from people who have followed their bliss — those whose hardships and triumphs can show others what’s possible. Q: Who is this book for? A: It’s for anyone going through a new chapter in their life, dealing with a setback or rejection, seeking a spark of inspiration or courage to pivot, or feeling doubt about what they can accomplish. Follow Your Bliss launches on November 30, 2021 and is currently available for pre-order.



Who doesn’t love an extra little bit of sparkle!? Find unique and noteworthy gifts like jewelry for a cause, matching human + pet accessories, illustrated greeting cards.

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Adarabella Designs

Adarabella Designs is a line of functional and fashionable jewelry that serves as an on-the-go self-care aid. These wearables not only look great, but they’re designed with sensory grounding elements to help the wearer calm their mind and keep their hands busy. With their fidget and sensory jewelry, Adarabella Designs aims to provoke positive conversation around mental health, inform people about the relationship between the physical body and anxiety, encourage them to incorporate therapeutic practices, and remind them that they’re not alone in their journey.


Adarabella Designs

Tap Ring, $100 - $120 Ever wish you could have a sophisticated statement ring that would also allow you to tap the stone back and forth, fidget-style? Now you can! Available in Labradorite, Onyx, Amethyst, and Moonstone.

Self Defense Ring, $60 each or $150 for a trio Look good and feel strong with the Self Defense Ring. It’s an edgy knuckle ring that can also serve as a protective tool should the need ever arise. (Please be sure to check your local regulations!) Give your loved ones – or even yourself – a gift that supports self-care and grounding. Enjoy 20% off of your order with code WAWO.

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Nashipai partners with talented entrepreneurial Maasai women to create unique, colorful jewelry and accessories for fierce, trendy people and pets. Go bold and make a statement with Beaded Tear Drop Earrings in Yellow, $15.99, or Beaded Circle Stud Earrings, $14.99. Beaded Leather Dog Collar + Matching Bracelet in Blue, $36.99 For the fashionable 4-legged furkid who wants to stand out! Includes a matching bracelet for the equally-stylish pet parent, too. Handmade by Maasai women in Kenya.

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Sauc ey an d W ubs Desig ns Dainty choker necklace - from $27.00 Jenny Lieberman, Founder of Saucey and Wubs Designs, grew up in SOHO, NYC – that means art has always been part of her life. The dream of Saucey and Wubs is to combine art and beneficence by creating minimalistic, artistic jewelry pieces that give back. A portion of each sale is donated to an animal rescue. Each Saucey and Wubs piece is designed and fabricated by Jenny herself, and her focus is always on working with each customer to ensure the final product is exactly what they want. Jenny is happy to customize any of her bracelets, earrings, and necklaces – just ask! Get 20% off your order with code WAWOHOLIDAY20.

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SISTER SISTER JEWELRY The Hannah Infinite Heart Ring, $246 For all women who want to feel seen, connected, and cherished, Sister Sister is an intentional fine jewelry brand that designs everlasting pieces forged by the intrinsic bond between sisters – chosen or familial. Founder Lisa Maurer launched her initial designs on what should have been her sister’s 30th birthday. Since then, she’s created jewelry for those who want to treat themselves or their loved ones to a meaningful piece that will be treasured forever. The Hannah is a 14K solid gold stacking ring with infinite hearts. She is kind, gentle, spreads joy wherever she goes, and is the perfect reminder that you are never alone. When you look at her, you’ll find that love is actually all around.

TALI ESPI Remix Stax, starting at $180 Nostalgic yet chic, luxurious yet playful. Tali Espi Designs found a way to make incredible, affordable jewelry without compromising on quality. Remix Stax, from $180 Real 14k gold-filled beads available in 3.00mm, 5.00mm, and 7.00mm. Great for everyday wear.

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HOLIDAY GREETING CARDS Send your heartfelt — and/or humorous — holiday greetings to loved ones near and far. Even if you can’t be together this year, these artfully-designed greeting cards will help make sure those special people in your life feel remembered and cherished.

ACouplePuns Spice Girl Christmas - $5

Paula & Waffles Holiday Village Card $5-$13.50

Bymsjames All I Want For Christmas is You - $6

People I’ve Loved Holiday Snap - $5-$15

Kwohtations How to Dress for Winter Letterpress Card - $6

Twenty Some Merry Chrismukkah - $5


“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” – serena williams

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Francesca Phillips is the host of The Good Space Podcast, your place for weekly spiritual nourishment and actionable tools that help you live a peaceful and vibrant life. Download the podcast, check out Francesca’s blog, or follow her on Instagram for more conversations on navigating life with peace and joy. WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | PODCAST

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WE ARE WOMEN OWNED more ease. Use them as often as you need to and try to make them into a habit. Once habits are formed it becomes automatic and requires hardly any energy to do it. The sooner you practice these the better. So when the holidays kick into high gear you’ve already filled up your energy stores. Then if anything comes up you’re better able to handle it. Start clearing your energy If you’re an empath, someone who’s sensitive to the emotions of other people, or your environment, oftentimes you can feel like you’re taking in so much and either get overwhelmed, feel down, or constantly drained when you’re around people. The holidays can create many moments of overstimulation. Whether you’re stressed about errands or feel consumed by energy from a conversation there’s a way to reset your energy.

Today I want to talk about how to de-stress while you’re prepping for the holidays and how to enjoy a little more. While this time of year can be the best of times it can also be the worst of times. Travel. Gifts. Navigating family dynamics. The first holiday since a divorce or death. Hosting at your home. Tying up loose ends in your business. It’s a lot. While the world typically zigs during holidays I want to encourage you to zag. Do the opposite. To make simplicity and slowness a priority. My approach to holiday zen requires we put on our proverbial scuba gear and dive deep. No list-making tips here. I’m a firm believer that when your inner world aligns and becomes a calm space then the outer stuff falls into place. After you read this post you’ll have a few simple tools and practices you can use to keep your inner world peaceful. These are tried and true ones I live by. Aside from the physical busyness of the holidays, there’s an energetic busyness. Some people get frantic buying gifts and prepping food. Some feel social anxiety catching up with family. Others find themselves navigating a change in family dynamics. Since we can’t control the energy of those around us or avoid these sometimes overwhelming experiences there is one thing we can control. Our own energy and how well we ebb and flow. Intentional living is a state of being and we take our being everywhere with us. So let’s focus on working from the inside out. Your intentional holiday game plan Here’s a list of tools that make up a peaceful holiday starter kit. They’re the bare minimum tools I’d recommend to someone wanting to navigate with

We’re naturally influenced by the energy around us (social contagion is a real thing) but it doesn’t mean we can’t choose the quality of our experiences. Like physical boundaries, we need to create energetic boundaries. Here are two exercises you can use when you feel overwhelmed. The Zipper of Light Exercise Energetic shielding is a way to mentally release energetic baggage that isn’t yours. Or feels too heavy. This practice inspired by Angie Fisher helps you clear your energy so you’re more open and receptive to releasing and receiving. You can either sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths, then close your eyes. Or do it secretly in your mind when you’re in public. Step 1: Imagine you have a solid ring of light being zipped tight around you with no holes in its boundary. That represents a shield around your energy field. Step 2: Say to yourself, “Release anything that may have latched on to me, that I’ve taken on, that’s not mine and that doesn’t serve me. Release it back to be recycled for the greater good.” Step 3: Then, say to yourself, “Please bring back to me anything that I may have lost today, or disconnected from. Bring it back to me and make me whole and complete” or whatever feels good to you. Step 4: Imagine yourself zipping up the solid ring of light again. The Emotion Filter Psychologist and de-cluttering queen, Peggy Fitzsimmons, shares eight questions in her book Release: Create a Clutter Free and Soul Driven Life to help us better filter what we’re feeling and release

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• Journal • Meditate • Take a walk • Sip tea or coffee • Sit in a quiet corner or part of the house • Talk with your partner • Read from a nourishing book • Eat a nourishing breakfast • Say a prayer • Yoga Then once you enjoy this heavenly slice of stillness ask yourself what three things are most important to get done today. What feels aligned? Then stick to those three things and nothing else. Simplify simplify simplify.

emotional suffering. When you feel overwhelmed by emotions run through as many of these questions as you need: • Does this emotion contribute to my soul intention? • Is it beautiful? • Is it useful? • Does it love me back? • Is it in present time? • Does it have a sacred place to live? • Does it help me to serve my love to the world? • Help me serve my love to the world? Doing this dismantles the tight grip emotions can have on us. It brings us back to the present. Create a holiday morning routine There’s something reassuring in having each day start and end the same way. When you practice a consistent morning routine it’s a way to show yourself and the world that you matter. Based on your personality you may want a more introverted routine or a more social one. Or one that’s the same every day or one that varies. Create a routine around whatever works best for your spirit. The best way to know if a routine works is when you feel peaceful energy after. If you make a morning routine non-negotiable these next few months you’ll feel more energy and enjoy moments better. It doesn’t have to be hours long either. Take however much time you can. Somedays you may spend an hour. Others you may only do 15 minutes. It’s ok to be flexible and listen to your body and soul’s needs. What matters is starting your day as slow and still as possible. Here are sample things you could do during your routine:

Decide what to drop Incomplete projects or looming tasks weigh heavy on many of our shoulders. As the year closes you can free up a lot of mental space by deciding what to drop and what to keep. What to release and what to receive. Here’s how: Step 1: Write down anything that doesn’t help you design the life you envision in 2022. Anything that doesn’t serve you and stops you from fully embracing and engaging in 2022. Think about projects you wanted to complete this year but haven’t yet. Shelve them. Put them on a ‘Future Projects’ list as something to revisit in the future. Step 2: Now that you know what you want to release let’s decide what you want to receive. This is when you’ll choose your word of the year. A word that helps you feel aligned and focused on making the deeper change you crave the most. Dr. Amanda Tobe does an in-depth exercise to help people find their words of the year. It’s worth checking out here. It’s more easeful and flexible than making new year’s resolutions. Step 3: Write down that word of the year where it’s visible daily. Draw it in pretty colors or paint it. Make it visually appealing. Then promptly stop or release everything that’s on your release list. Make fun most important What everything comes down to is creating boundaries. Habits and boundaries can feel restrictive to some creatives but in reality they allow the most freedom. Try out those three exercises and see how you feel over the next two months. When you have a system for resetting your energy and giving yourself still moments you’re better able to stay present and enjoy. May you have as many cozy sock days as you can. Or cheesy holiday movies which we know are never-ending. But most importantly may you enjoy meaningful moments and draw close to those you love.


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WELLNESS The perfect presents for the wellness enthusiasts in your life! Think aromatherapy slippers, a curated collection of CBD remedies, menstrual relief pads, eco-friendly gifts, and more!

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Your urban herbalist. Made with love and purpose in New York City. Born from Miriam Aristy-Farer’s vision of “herb as body care,” Herbas offers a curated collection of CBD remedies that care for your body from the inside out.

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Smudging Bundle $30 Herbas® handcrafted Agua de Florida Yerba Santa/Sage stick Palo Santo Sage Bundle Small Brass Bell ZMarble OM Keepsake Box Black Tourmaline Crystal

Limited Edition CBD Bundle $120 Full Size 1200mg CBD Oil Full Spectrum CBD All Over Salve Himalayan Salt Scrub with 200 mg Full-Spectrum CBD

H ER BAS Their products, including oil, lotion, salts, and nonCBD soap are pure, simple, and always plantbased. They source CBD exclusively from Head and Heal, a USDA-certified organic hemp farm in upstate New York, and their cruelty-free, nonGMO formulas are handcrafted in small batches at their headquarters in West Harlem. Not surprisingly, healing is at the heart of Herbas’s mission. As the daughter of a campesino cibaeña who immigrated to New York City, Herbas Founder Miriam Aristy-Farer finds inspiration in her ancestors’ time-honored traditions of curative plants. Her hope for her customers? That they’ll embrace aging with purpose and incorporate rituals to honor themselves. It’s time to breathe deeply, release pain, live with intention, and feel the energy that infuses your spirit when you make natural, plant-based remedies part of your daily ritual.

12 oz bottle Mamajuana mix $26.00

Pantuss Aromatherapy Slippers

Pantuss Aromatherapy Slippers Light Pink, $48 Have someone on your list who loves to take cozy to the next level? These Pantuss Aromatherapy Slippers feature a removable, seedand-lavender-filled insole that can be heated for 30 seconds in the microwave. Warmth and relaxation? Yes, please.

Red Moon CBD Ultra Thin Pads Isn’t it time to make period wellness a priority? Red Moon is committed to changing common attitudes and misconceptions about reproductive needs. You’re not just purchasing a product, you’re joining a supportive community that advocates for selfacceptance and self-care. CBD Ultra Thin Pads, $15 for a pack of 10 Designed for the first few days of your period when your flow is heavy and your cramps are most intense.


ECO-FRIENDLY + SUSTAINABLE GIFTS Stuck on what to get for your eco-curious aunt or the coworker who’s committed to sustainability? Each one of these distinguished basics, elevated accessories, and Earth-friendly home goods is created to deliver minimal environmental impact and maximum joy.

Ardent Goods - The Earth Friendly Kitchen Deluxe ($135)

Lisse - Rose Gold Safety Razor ($59)

Bobbey - The Crew ($28-$66)

OPUS MIND - Medium Backpack ($295-$425)

- 65 Package Free - Zero Waste Starter Kit ($65)

WASI CLOTHING - Grow Tee ($38)

Feast Jewelry - Burgos Pearl Collar ($88)

Sistain - Ceramic French Press ($120)

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Thousand Fell - Women’s Court White ($110)

“ What you d o makes a d ifferenc e, an d you have to d eci d e what kind o f di fferenc e you want to make.” — Jane G o odall


WAWO is thrilled to be able to partner with ALAB Group in order to bring you this year’s Holiday Gift Guide! ALAB Group, which stands for A Laboratory or Ashley’s Laboratory, is a communications laboratory focused on creating PR and Marketing opportunities for brands at the helm of innovation and enterprise. Founded by Ashley Orfus, a veteran in Marketing & PR in the luxury, entertainment, and retail spaces, ALAB is here to do so much more than just help their clients get good press — they’re primed to deliver a consistent communication strategy across the right mediums to reach the right audiences. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the innovative, women-led startups Ashley and the team at ALAB Group are currently representing: (Pssst: each one makes a great gift!)

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Ready for ALAB Group’s forward-thinking, cultural GIFTmulti-sensory GUIDE scientists to apply HOLIDAY their signature PR approach to your brand? Learn more here!

Beauty & The Broth - Bundles from $35 Beauty & the Broth’s mission is to deliver beauty and well-being through flavorful, collagen-rich bone broth that’s unlike anything else on the market. Their bone broths are convenient, customizable, shelf-stable, made with 100% USDA organically certified natural ingredients, and slow simmered for up to 24 hours to maintain the integrity of collagen peptides and nutrients.

Miami Sweet - Tickets from $29 Sugary. Tropical. Colorful. Designed as a love letter to Miami, visitors can take a sensory-driven trip through the city’s electric energy, year-round sunshine, and “good vibes only” lifestyle in this twelve-room, fully-interactive, colossal candy adventure. Experience joy by way of 20,000 square feet of candy for a limited time at the Aventura Mall.

Sir Cadian - Pieces from $24 As the direct-to-consumer men’s sleepwear brand that lies at the intersection of style and sleep, Sir Cadian’s collection incorporates a thoughtful and literal approach to sleepwear with easy-yet-tailored silhouettes that can work as sleepwear, loungewear, and daywear. Find boxer briefs, tees, joggers, sleep shorts, and more!

Stripe Street Studio Founded by Stacey Herman in 2020, Stripe Street Studio is the first-of-itskind design studio that specializes in interior design, home set-up, and organization for divorced dads. Stacey and her team are on a mission to set up seamless transitions that provide continuity of current routines and traditions for dads and kids alike.


Gifting Special finds and distinctive gifts like fair-trade accessories, carefullycurated gift boxes, an adventure-tracking journal, and even a makeyour-own pottery kit for everyone from family and friends to teachers and coworkers.

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Divine Bath Intention Zara Si lhouette Female To r so Candle Nude

Divine Bath Intention’s homemade products are mixed with an abundance of love and positive energy. Manifest and make magic in the tub. Zara Silhouette Nude Candle, $17.99 These hand-colored, handmade-to-order female torso candles make the optimal piece of divine decor, but they can be used for burning, too.

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Maison Soleil

Maison Soleil is a Washington, DC-based fashion boutique created with the purpose of bringing people together. Customers like you – people who value ethical and sustainable fashion and agree that fair trade principles are a way of life – are the backbone of the business.

Neri Woven Bowl - Tray, $85

Q&A with Lindsay Sims, Maison Soleil Founder Q: How did you get the idea for Maison Soleil? A: Maison Soleil was a spur-of-the-moment decision. When I started working with a direct sales company, I learned more and more about fair trade fashion and how it can be used to empower women. Then, I started wishing I could pick the products we sold. Finally, I decided, “Well, why not!?” and that’s when Maison Soleil was born. Q: How long has Maison Soleil been in business? A: Since 2017! We did our first pop-up 4 years ago, and the business has been going strong ever since. And, thanks to the help of our community, we’ve not only survived the pandemic, but we’re seeing record sales, too. Q: What’s something you wish more people knew? A: Small business is truly the backbone of this country. Plus, Fair Trade standards are helping to contribute to women’s economic empowerment, and when women make more money, it doesn’t just benefit them – it has a ripple effect throughout their entire community, too. Q: How can our readers shop with Maison Soleil this holiday season? A: Visit our online shop, stop by one of our pop-ups, or schedule a personal shopping appointment (we offer both in-person and virtual options!). Delivery is available for our local DC customers, too.

WE ARE WOMEN OWNED Frida Kahlo Keychains, $12

Panha Mini Backpack - Brown, $85

Gold Morse Code Bracelet - Empower, $22

Take 20% off your order of $50 or more with code WAWO20 through December 31, 2021.

5” x 7” Artemis Frame - Indigo, $36

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Pottery with a Purpose Deluxe Clay Kit

Need a tech-free pause button delivered directly to your doorstep? Pottery with a Purpose offers a thoughtfully curated line of eco-conscious, DIY pottery sculpting kits that invite creativity and mindfulness anytime, anywhere – all while donating 5% of profits to mental health initiatives. Get a sustainably packaged “do-it-yourself” kit with everything necessary for at-home clay play. With the help of focused instructions, you can design, create, and decorate a variety of pottery pieces to enjoy (or gift!). Team and corporate kits are available, too! Deluxe Ceramic Clay Kit, $76 Everything you need to design, sculpt, and decorate a hanging planter, footed pot, functional mug, or versatile decor piece. Enjoy 15% off your order with code WAWO15 through 12/31/21. Excludes subscriptions.

Travel Challenge Book: Europe

Travel Challenge Books is a small publishing company that was founded to publish a unique, personal travel bucket list book for all travel lovers. During her extensive travels, Founder Eva Smahelova always wanted a travel bucket list to keep an overview of all the places she’d been and still needed to visit. Unfortunately, nothing like this existed…yet. So, Eva made the first bucket list book herself. Now, she wants to share it with all fellow travelers who share the same dream – to travel the whole world. Travel Challenge Books are printed by a familyowned printer in Maryland. Travel Challenge Book: Europe, $39.90 Enjoy 10% off your order with code WAWO10 through December 31st, 2021.



Picture it: the rich aroma of chocolate. Pure butter. Sweet cream. Fresh roasted nuts and fruits. With Serenade Chocolatier, that’s exactly what you can expect! Their small team of artisans carefully selects the finest ingredients and shares a devotion to a craft passed down through generations of European candy makers. With vegan-friendly and gluten-free options available, chocolates from Serenade Chocolatier make excellent gifts for loved ones, colleagues, clients, or even yourself! Shop online or visit their Brookline, Massachusetts location. Happy Holidays Chocolate, from $10

Olivana Gifts

N ew M o m G i f t B ox Whether it’s a thoughtfully curated gift box or a custom gift from their concierge service, Olivana Gifts has you covered. Their selection includes unique, thoughtful gifts and affordable luxuries your recipients will actually want. You might even want to keep a gift (or two) for yourself! New Mom Gift Box, $75 When life is ALL about the new baby, this thoughtful gift box is full of comforting goodies to remind the new mama in your life that she is, in fact, a queen.

Srimoyee Handmade

Joyful art that makes a difference! Each sale of custom portraits, art prints, and more from Srimoyee Handmade supports non-profits that rescue and care for animals. Custom Woodblock Portrait, $125 Need a gift that’s both meaningful and unique? You can’t go wrong with this handpainted woodblock portrait based on a photo of your choice! Ships approximately two weeks from order date.

Ruff House Print Shop Plant Lady Keychain, $16.00 Could there BE a better stocking stuffer for all of the friends who picked up a new indoor jungle obsession hobby in 2020 and 2021? The answer is no. Designed and packaged by Ruff House Print Shop in Lawrence, Kansas.

Work from Home Gift Round-up

Where pretty meets practical! Everything your former cubicle mate (au revoir, office life) or business-owner bestie needs to protect her eyes during extra hours behind the laptop, plan her days, show up in her best light (literally!), maintain her caffeine levels, and even enjoy a pop of greenery.

Sugarboo & Co - Dolly XO Mug ($18)

Creator On-Screen Kit - Multi-charging SelfPowered Portable Ring Light Set ($130-$160)

Dahlia Press - Notebooks ($12)

Gleam Eyewear Gracie Black ($79)

The Sill Monstera Deliciousa ($33-$67)

Modern Woman Planner ($25)



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Holiday Hors d’Oeuvres

with Gabriela Rodiles Gourmet Gab GourmetGab.com INSTAGRAM | TIKTOK

Gabriela Rodiles has been writing the food blog Gourmet Gab for the last 10 years and now works as a social media manager at Food Network. She also teaches classes and develops recipes for the Food Network Kitchen app. Gabriela attended the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.


Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls These gooey pull-apart rolls are for the people like me who live for the center of a cinnamon roll. The doughy, super cinnamony center part of the rolls is the absolute best part – and every single bite of these tastes like that! This recipe is a breeze to make thanks to store-bought biscuits being the star of the show. Be sure you make enough to share because they won’t last long! For full ingredients and instructions, Click Here

Vegan Hearts of Palm “Ceviche” In traditional ceviche, raw fish is “cooked” with citrus juice. In this vegan version, hearts of palm take the place of the fish— and they don’t technically need to get cooked at all! Instead, their creamy, vegetal flavor soaks up the citrus marinade. While ceviche originates in Peru, this flavor profile is more like versions of ceviche you’ll find in Mexico. For full ingredients and instructions, Click Here

Chicken Marsala Hand Pies All the flavors of the Italian-American dish, chicken Marsala, get tucked into pie crust to make these golden brown hand pies. A rich mushroom and Marsala wine gravy gets mixed with shredded chicken (use rotisserie chicken to save time!) for a quick filling that tastes like the classic. For full ingredients and instructions, Click Here

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Food & Beverage Whether it’s small-batch coffee beans, caramels that make you say, “OMG,” or handcrafted candy brittle, here’s your stop for delightful sweets and treats to satisfy anyone — even those who are vegan and gluten-free.

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Swelter Coffee Roasters

Little Sips

After succumbing to curiosity and roasting coffee in her home oven, Swelter Coffee Roasters Founder Stephanie Welter-Krause quickly fell in love with the craft. Today, her mission at Swelter Coffee Roasters is to support women producers in coffee. Why? Because supporting women in agriculture is an accessible strategy to help affect climate change. All coffee is micro-roasted in small batches in order to minimize waste and highlight the flavor of each bean. Plus, all packaging is compostable, and shipping is carbon offset. There’s also a Zero Waste Coffee Club that’s currently in its pilot phase! Swelter Coffee’s Little Sips, $20 Sample 2 bags of Swelter Coffee’s offerings Enjoy 20% off your first order through the end of 2021. Use promo code WAWO20.

Mouth Party Caramel OMG! Caramel Gift Bags

Mouth Party Caramel’s original soft caramel blanketed in smooth milk chocolate and dusted with Fleur de Sel sea salt on top. OMG, indeed. OMG! Caramel Gift Bags, $9.50 - $15.50 Available in 6 oz and 10 oz.

Brittle & Beyond Top Sellers Bundle Cashew Pecan Pie Pistachio Rose Hazelnut Did someone say delicious candy brittle made from the best ingredients and handcrafted in small batches? Yes, please! Bonus: all of Brittle & Beyond’s recipes are certified vegan and contain no gluten. Top Seller Bundle, $25.00 Brittle & Beyond’s top sellers, including Cashew, Pecan Pie, Pistachio Rose, and Hazelnut! Enjoy free shipping on orders $30+ with code WAWO30


Do you have a man in your life who is a whiskey enthusiast? How about a food fanatic? Personal care proponent? Maybe even all three? From cocktails and snacks to awardwinning barbecue sauce (it’s even certified glutenfree!) to a face mask made to fit men with beards and a sophisticated, woodsy, luxury candle, we’ve gathered a quality assortment of gifts for him right here.

Peachbox Co. - The New Old Fashioned ($120)

Gentleman Farmer Shaving Cream Duo $40

Sauce Goddess Rib Kit $32

Fusion Jerky - Lemon Pepper Chicken Jerky $6.99-$19.99

Cornelia Home Him Luxe Candle $40



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H LIDAY COCKTAILS with Camille Carter Charmed by Camille CharmedByCamille.com @charmedbycamille Camille is a bi-coastal blogger splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York City. Charmed by Camille is a place where she shares her favorite things from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and entertaining. Prior to starting her blog, she worked in the fashion and beauty industries doing ecommerce, digital marketing, and branding. She now also co-owns a creative agency, K+C Collective. Her blog series, Cocktails with Camille, started earlier this year after the purchase of a bar cart and a newfound interest in mixing up easy, nonintimidating drink recipes from home.

Raspberry Lemon Drop Need a refreshing, and aesthetically pleasing cocktail for your holiday party? This Raspberry Lemon Drop will be a crowd favorite! It’s filled with juicy berries, agave, vodka, and a healthy dose of fresh lemon juice. It’s really easy to make and comes together in just minutes.


4 tbsp agave ½ cup warm water 10-12 raspberries 4 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 oz vodka fresh thyme sprigs For the full recipe and more cocktails, visit CharmedByCamille.com



How do you thrill the fashionista who also happens to be a conscious consumer? You can’t go wrong with garments featuring the little-known art of woodblock printing, eco-lux intimate wear, a one-of-a-kind shibori-dyed robe, or sustainably produced luxury loungewear.

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Ivy Marie

Ivy Marie is passionate about creating luxurious, sustainable loungewear that’s good for you and good for the planet. The company was born out of founder Kelsey Hopkins’s desire to upgrade her wardrobe while adjusting to working from home in 2020. While she loved her trusty robe, she wanted more coverage from her loungewear. After searching online for something that fit her needs and was made responsibly, Kelsey realized that if she wanted a solution, she would have to make it herself. Unfortunately, the options for high-quality, eco-friendly loungewear were extremely limited. Months of prototypes, deep-dives into sustainable manufacturing practices, and talking to her community of hard-working women empowered Kelsey to bring the comfort and renewable power of her luxurious loungewear line into the world. Ivy Marie is committed to a sustainable business model and practicing ethical manufacturing. The company’s pieces are produced in a GOTS certified factory, and they’re made out of all renewable or recycled materials -- including 100% certified organic cotton. Ivy Marie even promotes textile recycling by using scraps left over from production to create their Waffle Scrunchies. And that’s not all! The company plants 5 trees for every order, pledges to donate 5% of revenue to environmental justice organizations, and currently has their B Corp certification pending. Waffle Jumpsuit Robe, $189 Waffle Romper Robe, $159 Waffle Scrunchie, $10.99 Enjoy 15% off your order with code FIRST15.

Waffle Scrunchie, $10.99

Waffle Romper Robe, $159

Waffle Jumpsuit Robe, $189


Printed shift dress Istani is an NYC-based lifestyle brand focused on weaving traditional textiles into contemporary clothing. Strongly influenced by South Asian culture and the creativity & diversity of NYC, they source fabrics from small-scale craftsmen in Pakistan and transform them into modern, ready-to-wear statement pieces. Istani is inspired by the Ajrak method of woodblock printing now found practiced in only a few rural workshops in Pakistan. Tehmina, the founder of Istani, is a Pakistani-born, NYC-cultivated citizen of the world. She believes in living life boldly and always with a sense of adventure. Printed Shift Dress, $140 Take 10% off any order with code WOMEN10. Valid until 12/31/21.

Lekuna Intimate Secret Garden Panties

Lekūna’s mission is simple: to provide comfort for beautiful bodies (which includes all bodies). After years of studies and work as a Doula, yoga teacher, and Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapist, Bree (also queer designer, artist, reproductive advocate, and environmental feminist!) made it her mission and passion to create an ecolux line of intimate wear. All Lekūna garments are created by small, women-led teams in Bali & Los Angeles using fibers like bamboo, organic cotton, and deadstock fabrics – all of which are safe options for you and safer for the planet. Secret Garden Panties, $72 Each pair comes with a heatable, insertable aromatic herbal pouch for maximum relief and body connection. Enjoy 15% off with code WAWO21 through December 31st, 2021.

Gold Coast Dyes

INDIGO 100% bamboo rayon robe Gold Coast Dyes is a textile design studio + clothing and home accessories brand for the conscious consumer. Founded by Christina Vázquez Mauricio, Gold Coast Dyes was born during the first wave of the pandemic as a passion project that quickly grew into a brand studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Christina personally designs and produces every piece. All premium garments are made from natural, sustainablysourced fabrics, dyed by hand with Earth-friendly mineral dyes, and washed with a minimal amount of water. Indigo Drop Bamboo Rayon Robe; $88 Dyed in a small batch of natural indigo in the Japanese shibori technique, each robe is completely handmade and oneof-a-kind! Enjoy 10% off and free shipping over $35 with code WAWO10 through December 31, 2021.


You know those people in your life with excellent taste — the ones who already seem to have everything? Regardless of whether they’re pursuing personal peace, have an eye for beauty, love anything adorably quirky, or are simply THE coolest, surprise ‘em with one of these equally fabulous gifts that has yet to be discovered by the masses.

Undone by Kate x Simply Audree Kate Wear Everywhere Tee ($75) PHOEBE - Custom Engraved Ring (from $75)

La Parea Wellness - Self-Care Gift Box ($59.99)

Sixth Sense Oils - Build Your Box of Essential Oils ($69.95)

Flex-n-Fly - Blue Rise (Travel Mat) ($65)

Global Goods Partners - Felt New York City Ornaments Set of 6 ($74)

–Oprah Winfrey

HOLIDAY DESSERTS with Danielle Sepsy The Hungry Gnome TheHungryGnomeNY.com GotRoomForMore.com @thehungrygnome

Chef Danielle Sepsy is the founder and creative genius behind The Hungry Gnome, the popular and innovative wholesale bakery and catering company based in NYC. She has been been crowned the “Scone Queen” by devoted fans who rave about “the BEST scones in the universe.” (Shop Here!) You can find her Hungry Gnome baked goods at many of New York’s most popular coffee shops, restaurants and markets including Joe Coffee and Birch Coffee.

Molasses Sandwich Cookies with Maple Pecan Cream Cookie Ingredients 2 Cups Plus 2 Tablespoons All Purpose Flour 1 and 1/2 teaspoons baking soda 2 teaspoons ground ginger 1 and 1/4 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup unsalted butter, softened to room temp 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup dark molasses (I like “Grandma’s” brand) 1 large egg, at room temperature 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract Extra White sugar for rolling the dough in For full ingredients and instructions, Click Here

Toffee Almond Brittle Ingredients 1 Cup Toasted Almonds, Chopped 1 Cup Salted Butter (2 Sticks), plus a little for buttering the pot 1 Cup White Granulated Sugar 1 Tablespoon Light Corn Syrup 3 Tablespoons of Water 3/4 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips Flake Sea Salt (Optional) For full ingredients and instructions, Click Here

Lemon Poppy Pound Cake Ingredients 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened 1/4 cup vegetable oil (or canola) 1 1/2 cups granulated white sugar 4 eggs at room temperature 2 cups cake flour, sifted (not self rising, I like Swan brand in the red box) 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup sour cream 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 teaspoons lemon extract Zest of 1 Lemon (use a microplane or a fine zester) Juice of one small/medium lemon 2 tablespoons poppy seeds For full ingredients and instructions, Click Here


Baby & Kids

Cute and cozy, meet functional and sustainable! Ultra-adorable, extra-soft, use-it-every-day surprises for mamas, babies, and toddlers.

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Hamam mama Ethical, functional, beautiful textiles made by moms, for moms.

The ‘loveloomed’ turkish towel cover - pink + denim, $75 Ideal for the new mom and babe. Soft enough to be baby’s lovey while offering a beautiful drape and airy feel that mama will actually enjoy wearing.

EDDYS BRAND Eddys outfit packs are made from secondhand sweaters, unraveled, and re-knit into essential sweater sets for kids! No new cotton. No new plastic. Produced in small batches right here in the USA. Eddys pack, $82 Featuring one of each of eddys classic knit styles: pullover, pant, and beanie. Soft + simple and perfect for summer nights, breezy days, or winter layers. Available in 4 colors and sizes from baby to toddler.

Peanut and Posie S avan na Box Virginia and Taylor are the mother and daughter duo behind Peanut & Posie, a unique online gift and apparel boutique that celebrates life, love, and the splendid wonder of babies. The name stems from Virginia’s admiration of elephants (Peanut), and her deeply rooted Spanish heritage (Posie -- short for mariposa, which is Spanish for butterfly). Founded in the fall of 2019, this Latina-Asian-owned business is your go-to source for beautifully packaged and meticulously curated themed baby boxes. Savanna Baby Gift Box, $130.00 The giraffe lover in your life won’t be able to get enough of this animal baby gift box that includes a unique giraffe-inspired romper with the cutest ruffle details. Enjoy 10% off your order with code WAWO10 through December 31st, 2021.

Bizzi Growin

Kooc h i c oo H ei r loo m bl an ket Where heritage meets luxury. Bizzi Growin’s blankets are made from the highest-quality materials and designed in Britain with a nod to ideals that powered the textile revolution — innovation, integrity, creativity, and old-fashioned hard work. Koochicoo Luxury Blankets, $49.99 Luxurious and cozy! The fluffy Koochicoo baby blanket is the perfect blanket for all occasions. Available in gray, pink, and blue.



Gifting on a budget does not have to be boring! From conversation-piece earrings and hand-embroidered clutches to self-care subscription boxes and a few noteworthy landmarks of Schitt’s Creek, there’s a good chance these unique gifts will have your recipient gleefully asking, “OMG, where did you find that!?”

Big Heart Tea - Cozy Tea Gift Set ($36)

Madison Road Collection - ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Tea Towel ($19.99)

My Little Magic Shop Little Zen Box ($39 per box)

Xula Handmade - Geometric Embroidered Clutch ($36)

Océanne Form Earrings ($32) Jiggy Puzzle - Anathi, Mafalda Vasconcelos ($40)

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Zion’s Mission Animal Rescue

Meet Zion’s Mission Animal Rescue, an NYC-based 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue that specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, training, and finding loving homes for as many abused, abandoned, neglected, and unwanted animals as possible. Sloane Quealy-Miner was inspired to start the rescue after she met a dog, Zion, and her puppy, Nya, on a blisteringly cold day in January of 2012, outside of a squat house in a filthy yard in Far Rockaway. They, along with other members of Zion’s litter, were being neglected to the point of cruelty. Despite the deplorable conditions — and due to grossly insufficient animal welfare laws — the dogs could not be seized by authorities.

Eventually, the owner surrendered all but two of the dogs to rescue... But in a cruel twist of fate, Nya and Zion were not permitted to leave with the rest of the family. It would take five years for Sloane to complete their rescue. Zion and Nya had such a profound effect on Sloane and Matt that today, they rescue in Zion’s name. In addition to helping dozens — if not hundreds — of animals over the past 12 years, Zion’s Mission has also earned a very special place in WAWO’s heart. Earlier this fall, when WAWO founder Lisa Nicole Rosado’s mother, Carmen, unexpectedly passed away, Zion’s Mission cofounders Sloane and Matt stepped in to help make sure her beloved dogs, Zoey and Maxie, could remain together.

During what was obviously an incredibly stressful and agonizing time for Lisa and her sisters, Sloane and Matt found the perfect adoptive home for Zoey and Maxie — one on Long Island with a huge yard, two human parents, and two furry rescue siblings. Zoey and Maxie have adjusted beautifully, and their new parents are completely smitten with them. Lisa and her sisters are thrilled and relieved that Zoey and Maxie were able to stay together and be placed in such a loving home. They couldn’t think of a better way to express their gratitude than by shining a light on Zion’s Mission this holiday season. Zion’s Mission relies on a small group of extremely dedicated volunteers and lifesaving donations in order to complete a rescue from start to finish. Please consider making a donation to help save an animal’s life this holiday season. Every dollar counts!


Need a Bookkeeper, HR Consultant, Copywriter, Brand Designer, Social Media Ads Pro, Legal Template Library, or Creative Director to help you level up in your business as we head into 2022? Team WAWO hand-picked these service-based pros:

Moxie Bookkeeping - Bookkeeping Moxie understands that small businesses often lack clarity with their money stuff… and that uncertainty can create paralysis and impact your ability to reach your goals. If you don’t understand your finances, things can go VERY wrong. Using their proprietary system, Moxie gets you accurate books, actionable reports, and at-a-glance clarity — all without crazy spreadsheets. Go back to doing what you love in your business and kick back knowing you’ve handled the money stuff like the CEO that you are.

Paradigm Consulting - Human Resources Paradigm Consulting, a small HR and people operations consultancy founded by Kira La Forgia, is on a mission to empower women to lead teams while building authentic relationships (and staying compliant with all the nittygritty employment laws along the way). Kira believes female business owners have the power to impact not only the lives of their teams, but the landscape of work for all women — leading to a more equal playing field and earning more women a seat at the table once and for all. Mention WAWO for a 30 Minute Complimentary HR Audit!

CET Writes - Copywriting CET Writes offers personality-packed copywriting for conscientious business owners eager to serve their communities, sell more of their THING, and feel good about the way they’re showing up. Great copy isn’t just about selling things, though — it’s about selling the right things to the right people. Let Carly Eckerle-Turner help you craft the witty, delightful words that get your perfect-fit clients saying, “omg, I need that!” Mention WAWO and save $50 if you book by December 31, 2021.

Eight Thirty Seven - Graphic Design Eight Thirty Seven is a creative and collaborative studio for change makers looking to disrupt and create an impact. Through brand strategy, identity design, and creative consulting, they specialize in working with change-makers across a variety of industries. Jasmine, Eight Thirty Seven’s founder, believes collaboration and transparency are better than being “the best-kept secret.” She started Eight Thirty-Seven because she wanted to create meaningful and thoughtfully-crafted systems for people who were making a difference. As a disruptive introvert, Jasmine is often sought after for her boldness, impact initiatives, and strategydriven approach to creative thinking. Mention WAWO for free collateral design when booking strategy + identity design package through December 31, 2021. (Exceptions may apply. Design file only, printing not included.)

Double Major - Facebook & Instagram Ads Double Major is a collective of experts in creative strategy, digital marketing, and brand storytelling. Their range of services is specifically geared toward Direct-To-Consumer businesses in the wellness, beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle industries. Founding members Lauren Webster, Greer Temnick, and Nina Shapiro built Double Major from the idea that achieving great results doesn’t require a bloated agency model. That’s why, when you work with Double Major, you’ll find services modulated into curated teams of industry experts in order to best suit your needs.

Audree Kate Studios - Creative Services Audree Kate Studios is a creative agency specializing in art direction, styling, and content creation for clients. Founder Audree Kate Lopez, Creative Director for the WAWO Holiday Gift Guide, is a creative consultant, content creator, former magazine editor, and celebrity fashion stylist. Audree has worked with clients like Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, L’Oreal, Alice + Olivia, Sally Hansen, Rimmel London, Wendy’s, E.L.F Cosmetics, Covergirl, Peloton, Therabody, Wells Fargo, Pantene, and more! Audree Kate Studios offers a variety of services to help clients elevate their visuals and take their brand to the next level, including creative direction for photo shoots, visual consulting services for e-commerce and social media content, and project management for photo, video and digital projects. Enjoy 15% off your consultation when you mention WAWO through January 15th, 2022

Legally Set - Legal Legally Set offers ready-made contract templates catered to a variety of industries, including yours! Founded by Kunbi, an attorney and publisher with over 10 years of experience in the creative industry, Legally Set allows you to shop for lawyer-drafted contracts, policies, and guidelines to help you feel secure. Need a contract, liability waiver, terms & conditions, or even a rescheduling addendum? Check out Legally Set’s library of easy-to-read, attorney-vetted templates and say goodbye to legalese overwhelm.



Ready to discover, shop, support, and share even more women-owned brands this holiday season? Check out the We Are Women Owned Small Business Directory! It’s where you’ll find dozens more joy-inducing gift ideas, all from women-identifying makers, do-ers, and curators — including each brand listed here in the WAWO Holiday Gift Guide.


Adarabella Designs A D’Zine Bobbey Common Good Clay Emily’s f.y.b Jewelry Gleam Eyewear ILENE & CO. Lekuna Intimate Luni Nashipai NURILENS Opus Mind Pantuss PHOEBE The Pretty Eclectic Radiance & Romance Saucey and Wubs Designs Sister Sister SOLOLI TALI ESPI DESIGNS Thousand Fell Xula HandmadE


Consciously EJONA LABEL Gold Coast Dyes Istani Ivy Marie Maison Soleil Mosaic the Label Tinsley Allison Designs Undone by Kate


Bizzi Growin Coco Beans eddys Brand Hamam Mama Designs Honey Babe Clothing Peanut & Posie Wiwiurka

Want to know more about a particular small business? Just click the link and you’ll be taken to their brand profile within the Directory. Don’t forget to look for special discounts exclusive to the WAWO community!


ANOVÉ Beary Sensitive Organic Skincare De Mi Tierra Natural Bath and Body Fempower Beauty Gentleman Farmer JOURN Lovesong Beauty NAPRIM Naturals Taylor Made Polish Wander Beauty


Big Heart Tea Brittle & Beyond Cafe Veleziano Fusion Jerky Golden Sage Market Mouth Party Caramel Progeny Coffee Farmers Serenade Chocolatier Swelter Coffee Roasters


COVEDOZA Luxe & Bloom Olivana Gifts PEACHBOX CO. Pottery with a Purpose SippingTHIS Travel Challenge Book

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HO M E & L IF ESTYLE Designs by Loveleen Divine Bath Intention Don’t Sass Me Soy Driftless Style Gleam Living Gooseberry Designs The Green Queen B HVS Home Jillian Elliott kubo Orchid + Ash Owl of It Urban Wanderlust


Dirt & Dog Hair AWOO

CET Writes Creative Human DCC Accounting Delgado Creative Group Digital Obbligato Double Major Eight Thirty Seven Hanneke Antonelli Coaching Kristy Black Creative Lisa May & Co. Marketing Socially with JC Moxie Bookkeeping MyBizU Paradigm Consulting Wini Lao Photography




ACouplePuns Dahlia Press Gifty Wrap Kwohtations People I’ve Loved Ruff House Print Shop

The Metropolitan Players


Puebla York Wild Terrains


The Botanica Boutique Flex-N-Fly HERBAS® La Parea Wellness My Little Magic Shop Red Moon Sixth Scents

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We Are Women Owned would like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors of our first holiday gift guide!


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