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Brand Guidelines SMILE Creative Consultants

Smile Creative Consultants is a boutique design consultancy based in Birmingham, UK. This document outlines the identity and how it should be applied.

These are our brand values: High Quality Playful Imaginative Approachable Cheeky Positive Traditional Eclectic Contemporary Craftsmanship Wit Innovation Reassurance Boutique Grid Structure Concise Elemental Independent

Helvetica Neue LT 75 Bold

Helvetica Neue LT 75 Bold is the typographic foundation of Smile Creative Consultants. This stems from our love of Swiss graphic design. When used for body copy, it is recommended that it is set at 16pt with a line height of 20pt.

Other foNts

As design consultants it would be ignorant for us to limit the studios typographic output. Other typefaces can be used where it is required.

This is Pantone Yellow, the colour underpins the entire identity of Smile Creative Consultants.

R 244 G 223 B0 HTML #FEDF00

Both SMILE and SMILE Creative Consultants can be used when referring to the company. Suggested use: When an informal tone of voice is used, you may refer to the company as SMILE. Where possible, this should be set in Helvetica Neue LT 75 Bold. Where formality is a necessity, you should refer to the company as SMILE Creative Consultants. The type setting of this name is important to withhold the strength of the identity. SMILE should be set in Helvetica Neue LT 75 Bold and Creative Consultants should be set in Helvetica Neue LT 55 Roman.


This logo can be used online, for icons/avatars or in print where informality is a priority.

Creative Consultants

This logo should be used whenever formality needs to be portrayed.

SMILE Brand Guidelines  

A document detailing the specific brand guidelines for SMILE Creative Consultants.