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e Are Jersey Magazine is a subsidiary company birthed out of the parent business entitled Jersey Turn’t Up Entertainment. Having achieved rising FOLLOW. LIKE.SUBSCRIBE success within only two years of business, the owners wanted to create something that would expand their networking repertoire while promoting positive talent both locally and abroad. The idea of creating We Are Jersey Magazine began when co- CEOs, Daniel Banks & Bridget Papino, were featured in the July 2014 issue of another magazine company. After discussion with the owner of that magazine, as well as experiencing the positive responses that exposure generated towards their entertainment Publisher: Daniel Banks business, they decided to begin a magazine company of their own Bridget Papino that would target a new type of entertainment promoting style. Jersey Turn’t Up Entertainment We Are Jersey Magazine’s goal is designed to provide exposure, references and resources that will influence all those aspiring Editor: Shanna Banks to do something positive with the talents they possess. Through the lives of the individuals that are highlighted in the magazine, Photographers: LacQuan Scott it is the desire of We Are Jersey Magazine to encourage, uplift @mr_giovanni and inspire anyone to continue to soar to greater heights and rallo cross of deeper depths with their abilities. While We Are Jersey Magazine (run this way) primarily focuses on talent within the state of New Jersey, it is open to talent presented from abroad. The single focus is the Location: clifton, new jersey promotion of positive talent so others can read and possibly Models: experience for themselves the benefits that these talents offer. @WeAreJerseyDiamondz “We Are Jersey” is a positive platform with great opportunities. are highlighted in the magazine, it is the desire of We Are Jersey Features: Magazine to encourage, uplift and inspire anyone to continue to THEOLODGE soar to greater heights and deeper depths with their abilities. R.O. HUTCH While We Are Jersey Magazine primarily focuses on talent within PHILIPPE the state of New Jersey, it is open to talent presented from ERIC HALL abroad. The single focus is the promotion of positive talent so KUTTY CHRIS BANGA others can read and possibly experience for themselves the RUN THIS WAY benefits that these talents offer. “We Are Jersey” is a positive ASHLEY GILLETT platform with great opportunities. FAME GILLETTE







Upcoming female artist and creative Philippe gives us a deeper insight into how she started her career, and how her culture and individuality pours out in her music. Read More,,,


Established author of the acclaimed novel “Red Flags Run” is quickly making a name for herself as the novel has been in the hands of numberless celebrities. Learn more about why this book has everyone talking!


From Rick Ross to Madonna, Eric Hall has toured, produced and wrote songs with numerous greats and his journey is far from over. Read More...


Fame has been buzzing since his latest single “Chips” but how did he get started in the music industry? Read more...


Raleigh’s own Hutch love for music drove him to become the lyricist he is today. His story and production separates Hutch from the majority. Read more...


One of the best upcoming fashion show production companies in the tri-state ran by Toccara Scott is on the road to greatness. Learn more about how she began and overcame her challenges. Read more...


Italy-born Jester Society is striking a new era as their stytle crosses Indie Rock to Punk/Hip-Hop sounds. Read more...


Starting in elementary school performing, Theolodge knew music was for him. After his return from his overseas tour, he’s determined to be expand his fanbase as the next big thing. Read more...


Creative rap duo PeteyxKraze made some noise before, but 2019 they are kicking it up a notch while still giving you the best of both worlds. Read more...



Upcoming artist Ottohaze is on the rise giving us an A$AP Ferg vibe with a brand new twist. Read More,,,


From Queens to Jersey, Kutty Chris Banga is quickly making a name for himself across the state. From WeMc Wednesdays to new releases, he’s got a lot on the way. Read More.

70”Bitter Brainstorm” by Prophet Tommie L. Brown Jr. Tommie Lee shares with us a personal motivational piece.










A R T I S T | C R E AT I V E


HILIPPE is a contemporary Hip-Hop recording artist from New Jersey with a vibrant personality and outspoken attitude. Previously going by J. PHILIPPE, she recently dropped the J and is simply going by her last name, PHILIPPE. Since that moniker is her real last name, it is a reminder to remain grounded and authentic to who she is. She blends activism into her musical brand, giving off a raw HipHop aura infused with sophistication and intelligence. She is an activist who is passionate about


women’s rights and discrimination that affect people of color. Philippe uses music as a tool to inspire, educate, and motivate listeners. As the daughter of two Haitian immigrants, her music is deeply rooted in her cultural upbringing. Seeing the blood, sweat, and tears it took her parents to build a life for themselves in a new country influenced Philippe’s passion for touching on real life topics in her music. Her parents showed her the value of discipline and hard work, which she continues to display throughout her music career. Since a young age, Philippe has

always been good with words. She groomed her musical talents during her childhood as an active member of her school’s speech club, poetry club, and acting club. She began songwriting her first year of college; effortlessly combining her love for music with her writing, public speaking, and acting skill sets. By the time she graduated college in 2009, she was honing her skills as a rap artist through freestyle battles and open mic shows in the Tristate area. Not only is she a music artist, she is a leader and an entrepreneur. Philippe has a unique


V I S I T E V E R Y T H I N G P H I L I P P E . CO M


marketing vision for her image, so she spearheads the art direction for all her branding such as music videos, photo shoots, graphic design, and much more. Philippe has shaped her portfolio with the release of three music projects and countless singles. Her catalogue of music is available throughout popular music distributions such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify. Her singles have received radio play on renowned NY radio stations Power 105.1FM and Hot97. Philippe’s music has gained online praise from credible Hip-Hop blogs such as and With a strong internet presence, she has gained the attention of elite internet followers on Twitter such as Interscope Records, Vibe Vixen Magazine,

and songwriters from Atlantic Records. Being a remarkable live performer has awarded Philippe the firstplace prize in multiply showcase contests in the Tristate area. Those first-place prizes, have led to opportunities to appear in front of live audiences at popular music festivals such as SXSW Music Festival where she opened for Smoke DZA (Austin, TX), A3C Hip-Hop Music Festival (ATL), and the legendary SOBs venue in NYC. Philippe will continue to flourish as a music artist and visionary. This year is an exciting one with the release of her 4th project “Just Philippe.” Lead singles like “Run” as well as “Young, Gifted, and Black”, will continue to solidify her as a female force in Hip-Hop music. She uses the power of her words to influence, enlighten, and empower.

The public will remain intrigued as Philippe flourishes with her artistic approach. As the world tunes into the musical journey of Philippe, they will have a better understanding of her individuality, as well as a new sense of confidence to embrace their own. “Bad Apple” New album “Just Philippe” debuted on August 10, 2018 on all streaming platforms. Lead singles from the new album include: Run, Y.G.B. (Young, Gifted, and Black), & Pray Up.





RED FLAGS RUN THE WARNING SIGNS IN RELATIONSHIPS Author Ashley W. Gillett’s latest novel, Red Flags Run, The Warning Signs in Relationships shares several experiences in which she believes she may have ignored the red flags during the relationship. The novel is driven to help other readers to learn from her experience as well as the signs of what to avoid. If you wish to find your true love in addition to learn tips to assist in a healthy living lifestyle, this book is the perfect guide.


“The biggest mistake we can make in any relationship is to ignore the warning signs that danger is approaching.�







Credits include Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Jaheim, Ray Chew, Juelz Santana, Method Man, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, and more.


orn in 1984, Eric was exposed to music at an early age. Blessed with a musical family, his Mother a singer and pianist, his father a trumpet player, and his older brother on the trombone, it was only right that he followed suit. Being exposed to artist such as Stevie Wonder, Take 6, Earth Wind and Fire, and Grover Washington Jr., Eric decided to pick up the Flute and Saxophone. His first professional gig was at the age of 12, where he played and was featured on an episode of “Sesame Street.” After seeing where his talents could take him a “love” was birthed. Eric attended Teaneck High School where he excelled in the music program. By his senior year he was offered substantial scholarships to prestigious Universities across the U.S. Upon graduating High School in 2002, he went to New Jersey City University for Classical Flute. After two years he transferred to William Paterson University, where he switched to Jazz Studies in Alto Sax. He stayed there for a year until an opportunity knocked. While still at William Paterson, Eric caught the attention of Mary J. Blige’s






Musical Director Loren Dawson. Building a friendship with Loren also gained his trust and respect to invite Eric, his brother Danny, and longtime friend Adam Burton to tour with Mary. Hence, they formed a Horn Section called DEA Horns, an acronym for their names (Danny, Eric, Adam). From there they toured and have played with Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Jaheim, Ray Chew, Juelz Santana, Method Man, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Jeremih, Chrisette Michelle, Shaggy, Sean Kingston, Slim from 112,

Chico De Barge, Estelle, Melissa Ford, Fantasia, Regina Belle, Terrnece J, Ben E. King, Camron, Jim Jones, Dipset, BeBe Winanas, Cece Winans, Ne-Yo, Yolanda Adams, Keyshia Cole, Joan Jett, Kid Kudi, Kid Kapri, Trey Songz, Ron Isley, Demi Lovato, Rick Ross, New Kids On The Block and many more. Aside from touring and performing for artist, Eric also produces. In 2012 he produced a song for Madonna off her MDNA Album. Since

then Eric has produced for the R&B superstar group Bell Biv Devoe, New Kids on The Block and Hip-Hop artist Rick Ross. Eric just finished doing the film score for a brand-new series called “Black Lady Goddess”. He also started his own company called Natural High Productions. He most recently teamed up with legendary Hip Hop Producer KayGee of Naughty by Nature to form a new label called Illtown Sluggaz. They’re currently developing artist, with their first artist being Newark’s own Leah Jenea. Follow him on all social media platforms @mrerichall.







orn in midDecember of 1987, Mark "Fame" Gillette Jr. hails as a true Sagittarius. Bright, optimistic, full of energy and eagerness, Fame has nothing but potential when it comes to his passion! Going by the moniker "Fame Gillette", Fame produces both song and video, writes music, composes video treatments, and certainly has a keen eye and ear for capturing his of music. Music is truly from the heart”, says Fame. In the unpredictable world of music, Fame has conjured the ability to produce various genres such as Hip-Hop, Electric/House Music, and Reggae too. His vocal tone is both unique and refreshing to the listener.

The New Jersey Native has been heavily influenced and inspired by other New Jersey artists such as the Fugees and Naughty by Nature. Amongst the previously mentioned, Fame aspires to connect sound and message, just as those who are iconic to him and others; including Bob Marley,

overall vision. Like most others, Fame recalls his fondest memories of music stemming from the Church; he also voices how the passion of the Church Choir always, and still does, resonate in him to this very day. "The preciseness of the beat, the emphasis of the tune and melody, and the devotion to song to say the least, is nothing but love... the power of God and the appreciation

Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder to name a few. "It would be especially great to create music for the senses, music with feeling so to say, just like I feel Stevie did". Fame has recently released his solo project entitled, "As You Should" along with the singles “Hard to Stay Away”

W I N N E R S 28



Put Everything On God Hoodies available for purchase

“Certified” & the buzzing “Chips”. With high expectations Fame does not plan to let himself down. “All in all, I just want to make my mother happy”, says Fame.






orn in Raleigh, North Carolina, Joey Chrisp – soon to be known as ‘Raleigh’s Own [R.O.] Hutch will no longer be slept on by anyone in his area, because true talent prevails always. Born the son of a die-hard musician, who would almost sign a production contract with legendary group Sugar Hill and the Gang, before he was killed in a tragic car accident – prior to scheduling the signing date, would give reason to Hutch’s natural desire and passion for real music. After his father’s death, Hutch was left in a single parent home, with roots deeply embedded into the love


of music, and he would start his aim to carry on his father’s torch in creating. Being the middle child of an older sister and a younger brother, raised in the inner city of Raleigh, NC, would never break Hutch’s pursuit to be a star – even coming from poverty. It would only make him more determined, and at the early ages of his childhood, he would become a pianist, conquering the skill of playing music and memorizing notes and keys. Pursuing a music career would begin in Hutch’s high school years, being mentored by his first cousin and platinum selling

producer, Black Jeruz. After being discovered, Jeruz signed a contract with reigning rap label at the time, G-Unit, and would start to help Hutch develop himself as a businessman and musician. ‘In this period of my life, I learned

the importance of song formatting and good hooks,’ says Hutch (referencing his initial phase beginning in the music industry). His first appearance in the underground circuit of artistry would be in 2008, with the

dropping of his debut mixtape, ‘Southside Star’, where he would be recognized by listeners as a talented writer and emcee. Soon after getting his feet wet in the underground music industry of NC with his first release, a second EP

R. O . H U T C H 33

by Hutch, entitled ‘I Am Raleigh’ would follow – presenting Hutch’s new growth and versatility. utch’s latest release and extended play project, ‘Mind of Mine’ consists of nine original tracks. This project has landed features on sites like, UndergroundHipHop.



com, and more. Hutch was also a part of the first series of Carolina Greatness, directed by author/writer/visionary Chakara Conyers, along with the top artists in the capital area triangle. Standing out in any crowd, with unique lyricism and beast production,

separates Hutch from the majority. You’d want to stay tuned to what he has in store next. Follow Hutch on every social network or email his management at grandschemepromo93@

What/Who inspired your sound and style?

specifically that pursuing music was for you?

The desire to stand out. My style was and still is inspired by the need to stand out from the crowd, while still hitting home hard in terms of skill, flow and wordplay, all of which are what I consider to be the foundation of a great artist. Specifically rap artist.

It has to be the fact that it comes so easy to me, and yet says so much about who I am. I knew at an early age music is what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know what type or style of music. Rap and song writing happen throughout my life via relationships and environmental influences.

When or what made you know


What was one of the biggest lessons you have learned thus far being in the industry? One of the most important lesson’s I have learned thus far is “ nothing happens overnight” everyone you see or hear has a story behind their specific path.


What is your creative process for making music in the studio?  I honestly do not have a specific process sort of speak I go off energy. I can be anywhere doing anything and if I get that vibe or if certain energy is present rhymes, choruses and ideas just come to me. I generally

remember them and add to, or develop them later. Some make it into actual music you’ve heard, and some don’t. What can fans expect from you in 2019? More music, more visuals, bigger

and better presentation of both and creative and consistent marketing and promotion. Where can our readers find you? is always the central location for anything dealing with my brand. My specific social media links can also be found via my website.






Run This Way is a production company that produces fashion shows along with other fashion related events.


ounded in April 2012, the idea sparked from my late grandmother and dear friend. I studied Communications, so I wanted to be a writer but wasn’t sure what type of writer I wanted to be. I just knew I didn’t want to be the one who was risking their life for a story. It wasn’t until I got my first retail job that I realized I wanted to write about fashion. Some of my professors however, would tell me I used a lot of PR, and Marketing terms so maybe I needed to head in that direction. I stuck to writing for a while; I became one of the editors for the school paper and covered fashion shows. Then a


shift happened…. I started producing fashion shows for my job, Lord and Taylor at the time. The first show I did consisted of brands that were carried in the store. The more we did them, the bigger they got, and the better I got while enjoying what I was doing. In August 2010, I lost the first closest person to me, my maternal grandmother. In addition to counseling, I tried to cope through writing, but writing made me angry; each word that was put on paper was negative, so I stopped. One day I was on the phone with one of my best

friends telling him how much it hurt that she was gone. He ended up giving me some great advice with how to cope. Thanks to him and my grandmother, with my 10 years’ experience producing shows for Lord and Taylor and my Communications degree at Brookdale Community College, Run This Way came to life. I’ve decided that since my grandmother was such a loving, giving person and always lending a helping hand whether they asked for it or not, I was going to do the same in her honor.


sRun This Way is a company that not only is a platform for up in coming designers, but it’s also a starting point for models as well. It’s viewed as a tool for college students studying fashion/marketing to work behind the scenes to gain experience during their college career. The types of shows that I produce all have a story line behind it as each one is given a theme. ___________________________ The First Show ___________________________     When it came time to planning my first show, I was in no way shape or form prepared. I jumped instead of leaped. I knew that it was going to be a challenge because I was no longer using the many tools from my job. I had to figure out what I had and what I needed to make it go. I knew I had a great business relationship with Barbizon of Red Bank because I had a friend

who is a model and who also had resources to finding both designers and a photographer; she’s also a makeup artist. That worked out for me. I knew a professor who taught a fashion course where I could get a team to help with shows. I guess I felt I had enough to start with. Now I needed a venue along with other things. Once I had gathered all the needed necessities to begin plans for the show, Hurricane Sandy came. Seeing how the Jersey shore was terribly affected, I pushed the show back allowing for recovery time. Once I felt enough time had passed and people were stable enough to continue, I tried planning the show. Within the circle of friends, business associates etc., I realized I had enough to produce the show and off it went. The first show was entitled, “The Colors of Styles”. It was about featuring designs from all different walks of life. I made it happen and I was only in the early stages of using social

media. I did not have Facebook at the time and I had just been introduced to Instagram and used event sites to promote my first show along with the help of my team and others involved in the show and did well. That first show I felt definitely set the tone for what was to follow. ___________________________ Themed Shows ___________________________ The way I come up with the themes for these shows is with a creative mindset, life experiences and inspiration. My second show, “The Education of Style”, was inspired by D One Inspiration Apparel. The show was about featuring designs that have a positive message behind their brand. The third show, “Sexy and Sophisticated”, was a way of expression and being happy with yourself inside and out as well as how you presented yourself as a woman. This was the first show where I featured plus size models. I


ENTREPRENEUR also included male models to act as escorts in which they also modeled for a brand. The show “Man Crush Monday” I made into a contest where the audience had to vote for their favorite model. When my girlfriends heard I was doing this show, they all volunteered to work backstage (Go figure). The winner had their picture posted on Monday. “The Hip-Hop Fashion Show”, was a little outside the box for me. Music and fashion shared the stage. As an artist was performing, a designer was being featured. This was the first largest production that I had done. Most of my shows would have five or six brands featured with two or three artist performances. For this show, there were nine designers, nine artists with 4 additional artists that performed in between the features. My “5 Year Anniversary Fashion Show” was a great moment for me. I celebrated a milestone and I got the opportunity to produce it at the Cicely Tyson Performing Arts School located in Orange, NJ in collaboration with New Jersey Black Businesses 3rd Annual Business Expo. This show featured designers whom I’ve worked with over the years and I had the opportunity to work with some of the students as well, who were very enjoyable to work with. In addition to me celebrating my 5-year anniversary with a fashion show, I also went on a college tour and teamed up with Brookdale Community College and Monmouth University, helping them put together a fashion show. The “Woman Crush Wednesday Fashion Show” was a very powerful show. In this show, we celebrated women’s history month (March), women empowerment, and the year of the woman. I felt that with everything women have done and are trying to do, it was fitting to do a show like this. During that show, I celebrated every woman I had ever worked with. This show was also made into a contest where the winner not only received a prize but also had her picture posted on Wednesday. Additionally, there was a feature presentation with all the female models I’ve worked with and then all the females I’ve worked with. It goes to show how much women are truly taking over the world. The way designers are selected for the shows are, I would go look for them because they need to be able to fit the theme of the show. Sometimes I will cast if it becomes necessary and when doing that, there are requirements. When it comes to selecting models, I allow the designers to select their models because I feel they know who would look best in their clothing. The idea is to sell it, so it’s best they choose models based on their preferences.


________________________________________ Challanges ________________________________________ I feel that every show that I produce is a challenge to me because you spend months planning and all you can do is hope that you did your best. My grandmother would say, “If you have done the best that you could do, then you have done your best”. I would worry about not having enough designers or models, or something within the show not playing out as you had planned. I have pulled apart each of my shows and would find something I didn’t like or that went wrong. From a designer featuring its designs wrinkled, to a model not showing up, to pictures not coming out right, missing footage; no one sees the imperfections but you. With each show, you work with an entirely new set of people and you can only hope that you’ve put your best foot forward in developing a good relationship so that they will want to work with you again. As I’m in the planning process, people always ask, “Are you excited”? My answer would always be, ‘I’m nervously excited’. It’s always encouraging to hear people tell you that they’ve enjoyed working with you. Those two small words, Thank You go a very long way. One challenge I was faced with was regarding my health. I was planning my second show and two weeks before show time, I had just lost my job after 14 years and had resigned from my second job prior due to my health. I faced a challenge with being able to move or stand. Both my mental and physical body had taken a hit and I needed to find a way to mentally if not physically make this show still go. The team I had at the time was truly incredible. We had a meeting and I had explained to them my situation because at that point, I had no idea what was going to happen. Some days I could function, and others not. They all became my right hand and helped me see the show through, making it a success. After the show was over, I ended up having surgery two months later, and now four years later, I feel better than ever. Another challenging show was the hip-hop fashion show. The show started out as a collaboration, but as the planning process went on, things started to crumble. Yes, this was a big production, but that was the least of my problems because I knew I was capable of doing it. It was the fact that I was working with someone who was not on the same page as me nor were we in sync. Producing

ENTREPRENEUR this show almost broke me. I woke up one morning crying and called my best friend. I was ready to quit. I didn’t want to do it anymore. After crying my eyes out to my best friend, I realized how far I had come and that I was heading into 5 years of business at that time I wasn’t going to allow anyone to stop me and get in the way of my success. A decision was reached where I took control of the show because of what was going wrong and I needed to do what was best for not only my business but everyone else who had invested their time as well. It was important that I saw it through and that’s what I did. It’s really challenging to tell who is good to work with and who is not. It’s just like a job interview; they put on the fancy suit and tie, skirt, dress etc. and they say all of the right things to get you to hire them. You can only

hope that you’ve made the right decision. I’ve worked with some really great people and some not, so with that it becomes a lesson learned.

pleasure to work with 94 women throughout my years of being in business. #theyearofthewoman  


The Future of Run This Way __________________________

By The Numbers __________________________ Having been in business for 6 years, I’m happy to say that with the 7 shows that I’ve produced, I’ve had the pleasure of working with 29 designers and boutiques, 72 % of which are still active; 24 artists performances; 95% are currently still active; and 55% of the 71 models that I’ve worked with, are still active. Having celebrated Women’s History month with the show, “Woman Crush Wednesday”, I’m grateful to say that I’ve had the


I feel that there’s so much in store for Run This Way that I oftentimes surprise myself with what I come up with next. The fact that each show has a theme makes it more interesting with people anxious in seeing what the next one will be; then when I announce it, the excitement kicks in. I’m truly grateful for what I’ve done and am excited for what’s next.




UPCOMING BAND Automatically create beautiful Table of Contest for your Music Magazine. The template is created with use of paragraph and character styles to ensure easy customization.

JESTER SOC Upcoming group ‘Jester Society’ based out of Brescia, Italy.


ester Society was born by Alessandro’s (Voice and Guitar), Marco’ s (Voice/ Bass/Synth) and Davide’ s (Drums) idea in Brescia, Italy. T he y re c ord e d t he ir f irst s i ng le ent it l e d, “Jo sh Was A l ive”, i n Au g ust 2015. Af ter t he v id e o’s e x p osu re, t he y pl aye d g i gs in Nor t her n It a ly in litt le pub s and p ar t ie s . D ur ing t he su m me r of 2016 , w it h anot he r memb er at l e a d g u it ar, R ob er to, t he y re c ord e d at IndieB ox Mus ic Ha l l t he mini a lbu m t it l e d “Kingsmen” w h ich c ame out in Janu ar y 2 0 1 7 . T hat w as pre c e d e d by t h re e


s ing l e s e nt it l e d “Bitte r”, “Wh ite Frag i l it y ” and “King s me n”. R ob e r to and D av ide l ate r l e f t t he g roup for work pu r p o s e s , l e av ing an op e n ing for t he e nt r y of t wo ne w me mb e rs ( pre s e nt ly hidde n by mask s ) on t he dr ums / p a ds and ke y b o ards / s y nt he size r. Marco and A l e ss andro b e gan a ne w proj e c t w it h t he s ame name but move d into an Ind i e R o ck/Sy nt hPop ge n re. T he ne w s ing l e rel e as e d, “Fl o at ing in T he Blue” w as re corde d at Ha ck ne y R hy t hm stu d io s in L ondon, and

fe ature s Ame r ic an MC Is aacB pro duce d by The Orb a l ist . T his s ing le marks t he b e g inn i ng of a ne w e ra for t he b and, as wel l as pre s e nts t hei r ne w l ine up. Immersive s y nt hs and ro ar ing guit ars , accomp ani e d by a t hick b ass - l ine, blend s mo ot h ly into an Indi e R o ck/Sy nt h Pop co ckt ai l w it h Pun k, Hip Hop and E l e c t ronic a inf luences. Ar t ist s l i ke Twe nt y-One Pi l ot s , FIDL A R , G or i l l a z, L in k in Park, A l k a li ne Tr io, R oy a l Bl o o d, bl in k- 1 8 2 , Br ing Me t he Hor izon, Ar t ic Mon ke ys and Mus e, among many


ot hers, i nspi re d t he b and i n t he s e arch for t he ir ne w st y l e. Cu r re nt ly, t he y are organi z i ng an It a l i an tour for t he promot ion of It a li an c it i es inclu d ing Mi l an, R ome, Flore nc e, Fer r ara , B ol og na , Mo dena and t he ir hometow n of Bre s c i a . do impression of. Preserved oh so difficult repulsive on in household. In what do miss time be. Valley as be appear cannot so by. Convinced resembled dependent

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ailing from Central Florida, Theo Jones, better known by his stage name “Theolodge”, is set to explode on the scene as the next big thing. Realizing that God blessed him with the ability to create beautiful music, Theolodge got started at an early age. He began performing in talent shows in elementary school and performing impromptu shows during lunch while in middle and high school. Theolodge has honed his musical skills over the years, creating a laid-back sound with his unique style and voice and developing into a talented songwriter and overall musical sensation. Influenced by

some of hip-hop’s elite artist, such as Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, TI, Outkast, Biggie and Tupac, Theolodge is ready to take his place as the Next Big Thing. His project, “Just Because”, features the singles: “Beautiful Thief ”, “Florida Love”, “Blue Faces” & “Drippin”. With a strong work ethic and his aggressive selfpromotion, Theolodge understands that the key to success is to make the best investment he can make and that is in himself. Theolodge began to expand his global supporter base in the fall of 2017 traveling to Mumbai India to perform as a headliner act for the “Totempole Music Fest. In the summer of 2018,

DGE he embarked on his first mini tour overseas spending 2 months in Europe. As one of the headliner acts for his first indie D.I.Y. Euro tour entitled “Its More Than An Algorithm Tour”, his tour stops included the following: Rotterdam, & Groningen NL, Luxembourg, Valencia, SP, Cannes, FR, & Helsingor, DK. Theolodge’s work ethic is like none other; once you hear his music you will understand why he has the name Theolodge.


What can we expect from your next album “Striving”? You can expect my best work thus far. As a indie artist you have to almost aim for perfection and with that said on this album “I’m striving for greatness” What are the main inspirations for the lyricsyou write? Every record i do the music must speak to me and i respond with the lyrics that help me in the moment. if the beat doesnt talk to me , honetly i can’t see myself writing to the music no matter how the beat sounds. What would be your dream


venue in which to perform? Toss up but would have to say between Coachella and im STRIVING to make both become a reality!

what im doing and why im doing it. Comes to the fact that you cant please everybody and some will love you and spme will hate you. I made it to touring the If you could mentor a world with the same energy younger version of “you” in people gave, so why care your community, what advice about addressing the lack would you give them? of support. In time ill be in To stay focus and not to let position to touch and change the outside noise dictate the more lives. path you take in life. Dream and Believe, I promise you Where can all of our readers can do it all find you? All major music outlets, What song do you connect Soical media and my website with the most that you have instagram: Itstheolodge ever made, and why? FB: Itstheolodge Just Because....It came to Twitter: TheolodgeFL a point i felt like why am i trying so hard to explain







e high energy, creative rap duo, mavericks of the youth, PeteyxKraze, from Jersey City, NJ are here to bare their souls, represent their city, and give you a bop at the same time. The duo consists of Petey, the emcee and producer, and Kraze, the emcee and grWaphic/visual artist. Together they make up PeteyxKraze, the one house shop for music, beats, graphics, and event curation. The multi-hyphenate duo has been building their core base stage by stage, assembling a strong community to all who feel connected to their high performance record entitled “Gang”. They are young, energetic, and honest. Their


honesty and openness are felt the most on the record titled the “Outro”, where their heart is left over minimal production and subtle lyrics . Having the ability to move the crowd through different tempos and moods have been beneficial to their career. They have fast food music, soul food, and hibachi music, creating balance and the best of both worlds. The Garden State continues to plant these seeds in their hip-hop garden, and PeteyxKraze is here to fully blossom. 













to Haze circulates the rap sphere by bringing us back to moments when hip hop was on the realm of its creativity. From time to time, he toggles your brain with a similar vocal arrangement as chain drenched A$AP Ferg and the legendary Michael Jackson, but on other occasions, he switches it up by adding his own distinctive voice in the mix. Haze focuses mainly on speaking about self-producing and writing all his tracks. Otto Haze hopes that his fans can FEEL what he’s saying and not just HEAR it.











UTTY “CHRIS” BANGA born and raised in Queens NY, always showed star qualities and potential from outshining his fellow classmates in his English classes, while realizing his knack for wordplay. During that time, he was unsure of what he wanted to be, yet knew he would be destined for greatness. Even though Chris was young, he accredits his influence


by some of hip hops greats like Hov, Biggie & Nas. He has gone from early recording in his high school studio, to becoming 1/3 of a hip hop group called (Vicious 1s) releasing their first project “The Beginning”, which sold a little over 500 copies. The group has since chosen to part way but that hasn’t stopped Kutty Chris from pursuit of his dreams. With his witty & raw


lyrics Kutty Chris BanGa expresses his life and drive to success while promoting to his fans that, “you can do whatever you put your mind to”. Kutty released his debut single, “Nathan” on Oct 16,2016, and is often compared to some of today’s elite entertainers such as Lupe Fiasco, J Cole, Drake due to the versatility he displays in his music. Kutty Chris Banga is not





your average artist, whether live or in studio; he gives nothing less than one hundred percent. While working with New Jersey’s top tier Producers such as Carlos (monstarrbeatz) Alvarez & Nate (bmcbeatz) Simon, Kutty Chris gives off an energetic vibe like no other, which enables him to leave fans in awe from his stage performances to his catchy

sounds. He has fans singing along word for word, “ I don’t let em tell me what it is, I know I’ll be just what it is “ (“NATHAN”) spreading his word as an artist on the rise leaving fans wanting even more. You can find music by Kutty Chris BanGa on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud etc.














“Bitter Brainstorm” by Prophet Tommie L. Brown Jr. She’s bitter; she’s extremely broken; the results from being vulnerable and the heart wide open. She wants love but constantly chooses the wrong kind of guys; her kids worry from hearing the late-night cries. If you look into her eyes, you’ll see nothing but beauty; it’s easy to cover up pain; but her insides are like a eulogy. Instead of putting her focus on self; she put her pain on the shelf; choose another pain inflictor til the heart has nothing left. Only to get the same outcome; common mistake by many; beautiful hearts are numb who blanket all men as dogs and scumb. That’s far from the Truth. If you all want a happy marriage; allow God to mold you into a Ruth. You will then learn the True meaning of being lost and found; you will then learn that being male doesn’t make him a King with the Crown. Likewise, for you all too; your thinking was cloudy; you all suffered from poor decision making too. Only a lost mind depends on a lost soul; God should be your number one priority; don’t wait until you get old. A lot of women Preach the Gospel; but are still in a bitter and broken state; they don’t lead by example; they still have a full plate. Don’t be like them; give your entire Heart and Souls to God; He will make you brand new; use your past as learning experiences; God is with you. Taking chances in life proves our Faith; stay in the race; if nothing changes; nothing changes; you’ll continue to be in the very same bitter place. #GloryBeToGod Follow Prophet Tommie L. Brown Jr.


Produced by Gene Da Ox available on all platforms 71


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Our January 2019 Platinum Edition of We Are Jersey Out Now featuring your favorite upcoming artists and creatives! For interviews: www.yo...

We Are Jersey Magazine January 2019 Platinum Edition  

Our January 2019 Platinum Edition of We Are Jersey Out Now featuring your favorite upcoming artists and creatives! For interviews: www.yo...