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Happy Holidays From your friends at We Are Greensboro

The First Friday Indie Market Corner of S.Elm & MLK



Stolen Christmas?


Ambleside Gallery

There is a simple answer to stopping the world wide web from taking your Christmas joy.

Located downtown, This months Artist Spotlight is a gallery that in itself is an art treasure



Events Calender Selected events in and around our fair ciity


The Golden Corner

Learn how to make holiday cards using your own pictures. What a wonderful gift idea!



Skin Deep IV - Henna

For over 5000 years both men and women have been adorning themselves with henna. Now you can too.


Love Greensboro Learn more about Greensboro’s newest friend.


Visitors Must Eat

Passion Live

Photo Album

You haven’t had chicken & waffles untill you’ve had Dame’s.

Introducing Greensboro’s newest art cooperative.

The Fisrt Friday Indie Market is the perfect place to mingle and shop for one of a kind treasures.

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Whats wrong with this picture?

Hint? The mall is packed

08>>> christmas

Has the Internet Stolen Christmas? T Bates


s much as we love our summers, the holiday season is regularly regarded as one of almost everyone’s favorite time of the year. For many of us, our hearts are filled with renewed faith. We decorate our homes and offices and just about anything else we can stick a bow, ribbon or reindeer antlers on. Children are anxious and bursting with anticipation almost like there’s an electrical charge in the air. And speaking of charges, we shop, we shop a lot. We shop so much in fact that in a time when a great many of us are still cautious about our finances, internet sales for this year’s Cyber Monday (the Monday following Thanksgiving) were up 30% over the same day last year, making it the biggest spending day ever. I’ve never fully agreed with the idea that we have lost the true meaning and the spirit of Christmas. If we are able to and choose to give gifts to our loved ones, it can’t be all bad, besides what could exemplify Christmas more than giving? But when we choose to remove ourselves from society, opting instead to huddle around our computers and purchase gifts we’ve never seen or touched ourselves, well that’s not Christmas at all. So then we have to ask ourselves, has the

meant to epitomize love, seems cold, almost tragic. There is a better way. Shopping OUTSIDE at Christmas time is part of the magic. Everyone is friendlier, more neighborly and open to interaction. The sights and sounds of the holidays give us a sense of renewal, a sense that there is still magic in the world, but we need to get out and about in order to feel it. What’s more, shopping at locally owned stores is always the best option year round, but never more so than during the holiday season. We’ve said this before, shopping at locally owned, independent stores returns on average 45% of every dollar spent back to the community, which means more benefits and service for you. Shopping online returns exactly ZERO (unless of course you’re shopping at a local store). By shopping locally you will not only find wonderful gifts, you will be helping support your local community in the process…win win. Plus, those gifts you find will be treasured because they hold a special meaning; they truly show how you feel. These are the items that you can see and touch and even smell for yourself. They offer a tactile interaction that adds untold value to your gifts…It adds love. It’s

internet stolen Christmas? Imagine if you will two scenarios; in one a father and daughter plan to spend the day together, outside in the real world, shopping at local stores. They begin early at a local restaurant, maybe a nice diner. Once they’ve eaten they begin their adventure, because that’s what this really is. They browse local boutiques, consignment shops and craft stores before settling on a one of a kind, handmade sweater with gentle earthy colors. A sweater that they know has a soft comfortable feel because they held it themselves. They choose a sweater that will keep grandma warm, one they know she will love; over lunch they the talk about what to get mom. Now imagine scenario number two. The same father and daughter get on their computer at home and Google “gift ideas for grandmothers”. Selecting a website, they spend a few moments surfing sweaters, make their choice, buy it and have it shipped off directly to grandma. A nice gesture to be sure and they’ve saved time and perhaps even a few dollars, but what have they lost? If anything has made us lose our way during the holiday season, it’s the internet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic tool and probably one of the greatest advancements in our history. However, even as we connect via social networking we are drifting apart in our other online usage, during which we are usually isolated. Detachment from society is unhealthy and choosing a gift for someone, especially a Christmas gift that is

really quite simple, what would make you feel more appreciated, more loved? A gift chosen online that the giver has never seen or something that they took the time to really “shop” for? I have visited some truly remarkable shops in Greensboro, stores that are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors. There are wonderful boutiques and restaurants, vintage and consignment stores, craft shops and art galleries from State Street to Elm Street, and everywhere in between. Whether you’re looking for bathmats or baby blankets, footware or footballs, everything you could possibly want for those special people (or pets) in your life can be found locally, right here in Greensboro. And, if you haven’t yet decide what you want to give, that’s great too, browsing these stores unfettered by preconceived ideas can only enhance the experience. There is public transportation if you are unable or unwilling to drive and plenty of parking just about everywhere if you do. First Friday, the tree lighting and the Festival of Lights are all on Friday, December 7th, but there are activities and events all season long. So unplug yourself. Get out and explore Greensboro, especially during the holidays and while you’re at it spread the joy and take a friend with you. Everything is right here, except the excuses. Don’t let the internet steal your Christmas.

“shopping at locally owned, independent stores returns on average 45% of every dollar spent back to the community”

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Artist Spotlight

10 >>> Ambleside Gallery 08 >>>


reensboro has a large and vibrant art community wherein artists and artisans of every conceivable genre can be found. Generally each month we focus our attention on at least one local artist as our way of supporting this essential part of our city. However, after entering Ambleside Gallery it became immediately evident that those rare instances do exist when the location and method of presenting the art is as integral a part of the experience as the works themselves. Located in the culturally rich area of Southside, just across the tracks on South Elm Street, Ambleside Gallery offers a level of elegance and sophistication reminiscent of galleries in such well known locales as Chelsea and Soho in New York or Pilsen, Oak Park and Evanston in Chicago. Not a huge gallery in terms of square footage, it is massive in terms of the art it makes available. The only gallery in America where original works by the world renowned Chinese watercolorist Guan Weixing can be found, Ambleside also represents over thirty international, national and regional artists, whose works run the gamut of artistic styles. Gallery owner Jackson Mayshark brings thirty-two years of experience managing artists and owning galleries from England to Michigan, spending the last nine of those years right here in Greensboro. His unique perspective with regards to art and the creative forces behind it enable him to find the rare pearls in a sea of potential pieces. I visited Jackson to gather some insight into that perspective and to find out what magical forces give Ambleside Gallery its distinctiveness. Immediately upon entering the gallery I am struck by the quiet calm of the space. Where too often galleries create a stark visage meant to accompany the more intricate art that will line their walls, the soft tones and comfortably elegant décor of Ambleside has the effect of placing the viewer at ease. As I study the various works of the multiple-artist exhibition that currently line the walls, I come face to face with a work by Guan Weixing. While a novice, I still consider myself as appreciative of art (in all forms) as the next average person, yet never has a piece of art spoken to me the way Weixing’s “Peasants Viewing Opera” did. From that point on I was hooked. Artist after artist, piece after piece from watercolors and oils to abstracts and impressionist paintings, the moments I spent in front of each work of art became a new experience. It turns out this is exactly the effect Jackson has set out to achieve. (cont. on page 21)

Ambleside Gallery Tony Bates Greensboro, North Carolina

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ith most body art or modifications (think tattoo, piercing, etc.) having some basis in cultural significance, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s safe to say that Mehndi, better known in the U.S. as henna is no exception. For over 5000 years the dried and crushed leaves of the henna plant have been used in adorning the hair and skin of both men and women across many cultures. A safe and temporary alternative to a permanent tattoo, henna has seen resurgence worldwide. What was old has become new again as people look for unique ways to enhance their looks and express their individuality. Cultivated primarily throughout the Middle East and Asia, the increased awareness of henna can be attributed to the movement of people from those regions where henna holds a special significance to areas where curious and artistic minds embrace the decorative implications. There are over sixty countries that have traditions of applying henna ceremoniously. Immigrants from those countries have helped spread henna wedding, birth and other applications throughout the world. Crediting migration, travel and access to information as well as a younger population with a yearning for all things cultural, henna has seen its use cross the boundary from primarily traditional uses to more artistic applications. 12 >>> skin deep

Worldwide henna still remains a part of the societal rituals among many ethnic groups, especially with young women. In fact, the Night of Henna, a non-religious, pre-wedding ceremony during which the bride is adorned and honored, usually in her home, is celebrated worldwide by such diverse peoples as Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Coptic, Jain, Zoroastrian, Animist and Christians. However, even with such global appeal and understanding there remains an element in our society that refuses to understand that although henna has traditional implications (mainly in marriage ceremonies) it is used for aesthetic purposesâ&#x20AC;Ś THERE IS NOTHING SADISTIC OR EVIL ABOUT HENNA. Cultural significance aside, henna is beautiful, making it no surprise that young women across the globe, even those from cultures that do not use henna in the traditional sense, have embraced if for its aesthetic appeal. However, the beauty of henna is not random, it is an art form, and as with any other form of art the beauty is only as good as the skill of the artist. To learn more and to get a demonstration of how henna is applied I needed to find someone here in Greensboro who was knowledgeable and skilled enough to help me accomplish both of these tasks. What I found was Poonam Henna Art and what I got was so much more, I got to meet Poonam Solanki and I got to watch her work. Poonam Solanki is a true artist, a fact to which her work is a testament. She started learning her craft while still in 8th grade, securing her first order two years later. After 10 years and countless clients, she has never looked back. The whole process is so natural to her now that while mixing the henna paste (more on that later) and applying designs to both the back of my hand and the palm and fingers of my sisters, she was able to explain the entire process without missing a beat.

(continued on pg. 24) skin deep<<< 13


December ‘12


14 >>> events

Visit the Natural Science Center of Greensboro at for ongoing events all month long. AND don’t forget the international exhibit “Accidental Mummies of Guanajuato” will only be here through December 30th at which time it will be gone forever. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.


african american atelier “TRIAL BY FIRE” ARTISTIC IMAGERY OF ERIC MCRAY Two workshops will be presented by the artist during the exhibition. Call 336-333-6885 or visit the Africian American Atelier online at for details

10 Public Library Kathleen Clay Edwards Family Branch CHRISTMAS STORYLAND - The entire family can join us for classic Christmas stories, a Christmas tree craft, and a cookie treat. Visit for details.

17 CAROLINA THEATRE CAROLINA CLASSIC HOLIDAY MOVIE: HOLIDAY INN. At an inn which is only open on holidays, two men fight for the affections of a beautiful up-and-coming performer. Call 336-333-2605 or visit carolinatheatre. com for additional information



christmas eve Get out and buy those last minute gifts...And remember to “keep it local” greene street club Bring in the new year the right way at Greene Street Club. Visit for details.



Planning an event? List it for free at Visit us online for additional events


ArtQuest ArtQuest explores the processes and themes that many of the artists from Winter Show use to create their work. Visit the show then step into the NC Studio to experiment and make masterpieces of your own. Visit for info

11 triad stage A CHRISTMAS CAROL In Triad Stage fashion, this faithful adaptation of Dickens’ story dazzles and delights with bold acting, daring design and spine-tingling special effects. Call 336.272.0160 or Visit for info

18 Carolina Theatre CAROLINA CLASSIC HOLIDAY MOVIE: IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed. Visit for details

25 merry christmas

05 GREEN HILL CENTER Green Hill Center for NC Art Celebrates North Carolina Arts with its annual exhibition, Winter Show. From December 2nd through January 13th,


The Greensboro Ballet “The Nutcracker” at the Carolina Theatre. This year includes a Stars Night, MUTTcracker Night, our “Tea with Clara” events before our Saturday matinees and “Singing Sundays”! Visit them online at for showtimes and additional information.

19 Peculiar People Theatre MERRY CHRISTMAS & ALL THAT JAZZ It’s 1947 and the Angels of Jazz are slated to perform in Charleston, SC. As events unfold they are forced to spend Christmas Eve in the alley. Visit for additional information.

26 WINE TASTINGS W/JOHN JONES BIN 33 Join us every Wednesday at 7pm for our weekly wine tasting.Call 336-609-1833 or Visit Bun 33 online at for details








CHILDREN’S DANCE CLASSES The School of Greensboro Ballet offers their Children’s Dance Program for ages 3-6 throughout the school year. Contact for additional information


triad stage THE SANTALAND DIARIES by David Sedaris The UpStage Cabaret’s wildly successful production returns for a fifth smash season. Call 336.272.0160 or Visit for info

13 NATURAL SCIENCE CENTER “LASER HOLIDAYS” LIGHT AND MUSIC SHOW Get in the holiday spirit this year with your whole family at this Holiday inspired laser show! Shows daily through Dec. 30. 336-2883769 or visit them online at for additional information

20 Bin 33

LIVE JAZZ WITH THE UPPERLINEUP. Join us each Thursday from 7:30-10:30 for the best jazz around town.Call 336-6091833 or visit for details.

27 UniverSoul Circus Through December 2nd in the Greensboro Coliseum parking lot. Tickets are $15.00 to $28.50 visit greensborocoliseum or for additional information


DOWNTOWN CHRISTMAS This months First Fridy events include, in addition to extended hours and events at most stores, the Festival of Lights and the Greensboro Christmas tree lighting. Come early to enjoy all the fun! South Elm Street from center City Oart to Lee Street.

14 NATURAL SCIENCE CENTER “LIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS” 3D OMNISPHERE SHOW. The “Light Before Christmas” is a delightful tale about a Candleman who teaches two kids the meaning of Christmas. Shows daily through Dec. 30. Visit them online at for details.

21 Greensboro Coliseum MOSCOW BALLET’S GREAT RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER. This the first time The Moscow Ballet has visited Greensboro. Call 336-373-7400 or visit for details.

28 Improv at The Idiot Box Every Friday and Saturday night visit The Idiot Box’s for hilarious improv comedy. 348 S. Elm Street. idiotboxers. com or (336) 274-2699 for details


Natural Science Center Santa Safari - fun, family holiday event that includes a pancake breakfast, festive crafts, games, an animal program, face-painting, a 3D holiday OmniSphere show, special Santa photo ops and much, much more. Visit for details

15 Central Library Free computer classes at the library from 2:00-4:00 PM. Space is limited. Please register at 335-5430.

22 The Oriental Shriner’s Club Swing Dance sponsored on the fourth Saturday of each month in Greensboro by the Piedmont Swing Dance Society Check website for additional information: No partner necessary, ages range from teens to octogenarians.

29 NATURAL SCIENCE CENTER KATS: THE MEERKAT MUSICAL. Adorable meerkat performers take center stage in this much-anticipated featured event.This is an ongoing event. Visit for details.

Weatherspoon Museum The Weatherspoon Art Museum presents ART ON PAPER 2012: THE 42ND EXHIBITION through Jan. 13th. Call 336-334-5770 or visit for details


Ambleside Gallery Solo exhibition - Morgan Samuel Price through Jan.26. Call 336-2759844 or visit the Ambleside online at


Central Library AUTHOR VISIT: YOLANDA JOHNSON The author discusses her books Circumstances and Revelations. and her upcoming Tommie Lane Christian thriller series. Call (336) 373-3617 or visit for additional information

23 Point of View Gallery KATHLEEN GWINNETT EXHIBIT. Kathleen Gwinnett, well-known local painter and art instructor is exhibiting her current portfolio entitled “Visions of Italy”. Call 336-270-4998 or visit

30 Natural Science Center LAST DAY!!! ACCIDENTAL MUMMIES OF GUANAJUATO TRAVELING EXHIBIT. This is the last chance to see this fascinating exhibit featuring a collection of 30 accidental mummies. don’t miss it. Visit for details.

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Co n e


o eG

Personalized Greeting Cards

Senior Projects


Carol Bates Morris Staff Writer


e rn

16 >>> the golden corner

Photos are the most treasured of all collectibles by far. They serve as documentation of a great event in one’s life. Treasured memories such as births, weddings, graduations, bar mitzvah’s, family gatherings and outings, holidays, and vacations just to name a few. So with that being said, why not share a memory for the upcoming holidays. What I am talking about here are personalized holiday cards you can make yourself. The picture of me and my cat is an example of a picture I would use for this project. Items you will need for this craft are as follows: • One picture either 3 x 5 or 4 x 6 horizontal or vertical • A glue stick • A package of 25 note cards and envelopes the size of the picture • A pen • And a sentiment you would like to share in the card Gather some of your favorite photos, decide on one. Then have 25 copies made at your local photo store. For an additional twist you can use different pictures for each card to add a little individuality to the gifts, the choice is yours Depending on the size of your photo purchase some plain notes cards of the size of the picture you are using, preferably holiday colors from your local stationary store. Now you are ready to start your project. 1)The first thing you will want to do is to glue the photo on to the front of the card either vertically or horizontally and let dry. 2)Then address your envelopes. 3)Write your sentiment in each card… can make this personal for each card or generic for all. As an example, you might want to say something simple such as” Happy Holidays” with your signature and year for a generic sentiment or a more personalized approach such as “ The Holidays are my favorite time of year. Enjoy them with family and friends. With your signature and year. By putting the year on it you are documenting the time it was sent. 4)Now you are ready to put your personalized card in the envelope and mail it. This will surely bring smiles to the faces of your friends and loved ones and some may even frame it as a special memento. Not only have you created something as a lasting memory, you have made something special from something you already have.

Happy Holidays from Carol and “Max the Cat!

Greensboro is home to eight different institutes of higher education. There is a building in Greensboro that was designed by Walter Gropius, who is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture. The Natural Science Center of Greensboro is home to a Bengal/Siberian hybrid tiger. Even the North Carolina Zoo doesn’t have a tiger. The Greensboro Children’s Museum is home to the only publicly accessible Edible Schoolyard program in the country. And while Greensboro may not be a bustling metropolis or a leading financial center, it has its share of interesting and cultural offerings. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t seem to know how great Greensboro is. That’s why a group of community members and business owners founded Love Greensboro. Love Greensboro was formed to give residents a unified way to share all the wonderful aspects of the city. It’s about getting people to appreciate what’s here. Their mission is twofold: First, they want to teach people to love where they’re from, to know what resources are available, and educate themselves about things to do. It’s about the importance of celebrating pride of place and building a strong, lasting sense of community. The second part of their vision is to market Greensboro. Their goal is to promote to the people who live here. Then as Greensboro grows, reach out on a regional and national level to advertise what the city has to offer, from the small independent businesses to the big corporations. Greensboro has come along way in the past few years, but the city has room to grow and Love Greensboro wants to be a part of it. This is a chance for all of us to contribute to promoting our city and seeing it grow together. It’s a total volunteer effort. They have established an endowment fund housed at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro for continued support and future activities. The group invites everyone to get involved. You can find them by searching LoveGreensboro on Facebook. Their website is Even displaying a sticker, which you can pick up for free, makes you part of the cause in supporting Greensboro.

If there was ever a time when a name said it all, this is it. Love Greensboro is on a mission to make you fall in love. Visit Love Greensboro online at

17 >>> love greensboro

14 >>>


visitors must eat T Bates

Greensboro, North Carolina

I’d heard of it before, but until visiting Dame’s I had never tried chicken AND waffles. Oh, I’ve had waffles and most certainly have eaten chicken, but the combination had never really piqued my interest before. Once at Dame’s I quickly realized that any preconceived notions I may have had about the combination were waaaay off the mark. A glance or two around the restaurant and a look over the menu and I knew this was going to be different. An atmosphere of comfortable class with a distinctive jazz vibe sets the stage for what’s to come. The adventure here starts with a menu boasting dishes with names such as Light Brown Leghorns, The Carolina Cockerel or what I finally settled on The Buff Brahmas. While the description reads “Four wings or 2 cutlets drizzled w/Whiskey Crème Sauce, a Classic waffle, Peach & Apricot Shmear” I was offered (and accepted) the option to have 2 wings and 1 cutlet while substituting my classic waffle for my servers favorite sweet potato waffle. As the meals come with two sides, I opted for the Mean Greens and the Triple Cheese & Macaroni. I’d like to say that the sweet potato waffle made the meal and quite possibly it did. Slightly crispy on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, the dish perfectly merged the sweetness of the potato with the flavor and consistency of a waffle, producing a dish that was so much more than the sum of its parts, while the Whiskey Crème Sauce and Peach & Apricot Shmear added unique flavors without being overpowering. Yes, I could say that the waffle made the meal, except for the chicken. My wings were golden brown and succulent, a testament to the perfect seasoning and cook time. Much the same can be said for the breast which was as juicy and flavorful a cutlet as

I’ve ever eaten. Maybe it was the chicken after all; except that macaroni and cheese was exactly what baked macaroni and cheese should be, with a little something extra, just to let you know not to try this at home. And the greens, those Mean Greens, tender and packed with flavor that come with a spicy kick; not too much, but just enough to make you pay attention. Greens, macaroni, waffles and chicken, the portions are huge. To my credit I managed to finish exactly half of my meal before my server noticed I was flailing a bit and saved me by offering a “to go” box, which I gladly accepted. Located on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. and Gorrell Street, Dame’s is one of Greensboro’s newest restaurant, but don’t be mistaken, their formula for success has been honed over the past two years at their Durham location (317 W. Main St) where they already have a well-deserved reputation for being one of the “must eat” restaurants in that area. They are open in Greensboro Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 9 pm and Sunday 10-3 with occasional special “late night” hours. It’s kind of ironic that their logo includes the phrase “almost famous’ because with ambiance, service and especially food like theirs they’ll be dropping the “almost” very soon. I was once like many of you believing that fried chicken was for lunch or dinner, where waffles on the other hand were strictly breakfast fare. To the uninitiated the pairing of these two may sound a bit…eccentric if you will, but then that’s only if you’ve never tried Dame’s. There are so many items on Dame’s menu that I “must” try, one in particular is the Shrimp & Grits which I have been assured are worthy of every bite, that I just hope I can hold out until visitors come to taste it too.

Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

301 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Greensboro, NC 27406 336.275.7333 -

The “Must Eat” List visit more information Oakcrest Family Restaurant

2435 Battleground Avenue Greensboro, NC 27408 336.288.7585 Family restaurant with a huge variety of menu options

Zali Mongolian Grill 4929 W. Market Street #2108

Greensboro, NC 27407 336.676.4425 Assorted fresh meat seafood and veggies, cook hibatchi style

Sarah’s Kabob Shop

5553 W. Market St., Greensboro, NC 27409 336.355.9260 Next to DMV Autherntic Mediterian Food

must eat<<< 19

“The common factor in all of the pieces is the exceptional quality” (cont. from page 11)


peaking of the need to balance his personal tastes with what years of experience have taught him his customers desire, Jackson explains that “no one gallery can supply the aesthetic needs of everyone. Naturally, to be a viable business, we must consider our customers tastes and needs, but ultimately galleries will and must reflect the taste and temperament of their owners. Just as artists must remain true to themselves in order for their art to be relevant, we, as their representatives, must believe in and enjoy their artistic creations in order to enthusiastically share them with everyone who walks through the door”. Jackson tells me that “the gallery features works from well-known and emerging artists alike. The common factor in all of the pieces is the exceptional quality”, making a selection from Ambleside the perfect choice for beginning and experienced collectors alike. That ability to bring value into the world of fine art is a testament to Jackson’s extensive knowledge of that world and the relationships he forms with the artists he

20>>> Ambleside gallery

represents. Diverse in their representations, Ambleside is not limited to any one medium of art. Inside, bronze sculptures as well as intricately carved dried gourds stand next to impasto paintings with vibrant colors and rich deep textures. Ambleside also offers numerous exhibitions and artists receptions year-round such as the currently running group show or the upcoming solo exhibition of Morgan Samuel Price. The Gallery has also been known to offer the occasional scholarly art history lecture for those yearning to increase their artistic scope as well as a wide variety of musical performances. Ambleside gallery has become a “must stop” location on First Friday’s, including this month on December 7th when they will open the Morgan Samuel Price exhibit with an artist’s reception and exhibition preview from 6 to 9pm. There will be Live Music by the Scott Adair Jazz Trio and Catering by THE WORX, so be sure to stop by. Jackson Mayshark is passionate about the artists he represents and the

work they produce. He’s always on the lookout for new and undiscovered talent as well as those gems from accomplished artistic veterans and he has the skill and patience to find them both. If you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of art, stop by Ambleside and speak with Jackson, there’s much to learn and he’s the man to help you navigate the waters. On the other hand, if you know art you’ll love Ambleside Gallery and all that it has to offer. Either way, come in meet Jackson and maybe the next Van Gogh. Ambleside Gallery is open Monday through Saturday 11am to 6pm, and by appointment. The gallery space is also available for rental for corporate, community and private gatherings.

Ambleside Gallery 528 South Elm Street Greensboro, NC 27406

Telephone: (336)-275-9844 Fax: (336)-275-9843 Email:

Abov work Guan

Abov and c Amb

ve left: A sampling of the ks of Chinese watercolorist n Weixing

ve and right: The soft tones comfortably elegant dĂŠcor of bleside

Ambleside Gallery <<< 21

22>>> passion live



Henna has crossed the boundary from primarily traditional uses to more artistic applications


24 >>> skin deep

SKIN DEEP Continued from pg. 14

“True henna”, Poonam explains, “is 100% natural. There are other products on the market that advertise themselves as henna, like `black henna’ that are not natural, have chemical additives and can actually be very harmful when applied to the skin”. She continues explaining that the product she uses is “natural henna powder from India”. The only ingredients she adds to the henna powder is henna oil. Not that there aren’t other products available that are safe for making designs on skin, like airbrushed tattoos and “nail polish henna” (which Poonam also applies), but these products are not 100% natural and last nowhere near as long as true henna, which can be upwards of two full weeks with proper care. Still, it’s important to point out that all products applied to the skin, up to and including cosmetic makeup and body paint have the potential to elicit an allergic reaction. So ask questions or even do a test patch on a small area of the skin to be sure, and by all means seek a reputable artist for your application. Once the paste is prepared, set (usually about two hours) and ready for use, it is packed into a cone reminiscent of a small bakers icing bag which Poonam has crafted from a plastic bag. In truth the work looks painstaking and tedious, but

Poonam remains steady and surehanded, finishing the designs in no time, all the while continuing my lesson. Heat, it seems, is a friend to henna and helps it set on the skin, as Poonam explains while working. “Body heat helps the henna dry and once it dries completely and the excess flakes off, what’s left is a temporary dye of the upper layers of the skin”. This idea of a reaction with body heat explains why feet and the palms of hands are two of the most lasting places to have henna applied. She says the majority of excess henna will fall off within a day, but Poonam doesn’t recommend going swimming for at least 2-3 days after the application. In addition, Poonam will often apply a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to the dried henna on her more intricate bridal designs. This combination helps the henna design last to its fullest potential, but does nothing to affect the color of the design.. While the information was fascinating and the work fantastic, the most incredible part for me was watching Poonam work. Unless otherwise requested, every design that Poonam does is unique and one-of-a-kind. Each of her applications is done freelance, without being pre-drawn and without a stencil, meaning that while she is doing the physical application, she is planning the design

and mentally laying out the pattern. I was in awe and still am every time I think about it. Most of the clients at Poonam Henna Art are bridal parties getting traditional Mehndi for their Night of Henna, but her business is expanding rapidly so book her early. Not only does Poonam do henna tattoo designs at birthday parties, sleepovers, non-traditional special occasions and festivals, she applies her henna designs to objects such as candles, picture frames and boxes as well. Another area which Poonam says is really picking up throughout the Greensboro area is the application of the henna design directly onto the stomach of pregnant women. It’s generally applied during the 8th month for good luck and is really gaining in popularity. The work of Poonam Henna Art is beyond compare with prices that are much more reasonable than one might imagine. So if you’re looking for something fun, safe and just a little different to spice up your look, that special “surprise” treat for you daughters (or your) next birthday party or if you would simply like to express yourself without committing to a permanent tattoo, henna is the perfect 100% natural option and Poonam Henna Art is THE source in Greensboro.

All sessions are by appointment only, so call or email early 1131-L Knox Place Drive Greensboro North Carolina 27407 336-740-0488 - skin deep<<< 25

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