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The bar s ranch

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Small Talk Ahh Spring… As temperatures rise and the days become longer, we emerge from winter’s hibernation energized and ready to begin life anew. Still, even in the best of times and regardless of how much we enjoy our work or the daily routine we’ve come to embrace, life can sometimes leave us feeling a bit hum-drum. While we may love what we do on a regular basis and actually find it quite enjoyable, every now and again we could all use a break. Sadly, between our busy schedules and the lack of time they affords us or the cost of maintaining our normal lives and the budget constraints we find ourselves living under, taking said break is often easier said than done... Enter the Stay-cation, a way to leave it all behind, while staying close to home.(p.06) If a stay-cation is too big a first step (or even if it’s not), Jasmine Nehilla has some thoughts we should all try to adhere to. As a wife and mother, she understands all too well the need for that elusive “me-time”. Beginning on page 9, she offers her insights on the need for selflessness and how to get there. Did you know that there is a “clothes-free” resort in the Greensboro area? Okay, technically it’s Reidsville, but hey, that’s close enough. Whether you’ve ever experienced a nudist environment or not, there are some things about Bar-S Ranch (and maybe the nudist lifestyle in general) you may want to add to your knowledge base. Check out page 10 for a little insight. Picky eater that I am, imagine how elated I was at discovering how good Indian cuisine (I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to dive into Tikka Masala) could be. Read this issue’s take on where “Visitors Must Eat” (pg. 12), then discover Taaza Indian Bistro for yourself. Whether it’s in a comfortably familiar setting, one that’s new yet somewhat familiar or perhaps even completely unknown and outside our normal comfort zones, coming together with our neighbors could very well be one of the best ways to meet and learn about new people, exchange ideas and of course have fun. With more than enough destinations to keep even the most ardent voyager occupied, Greensboro has immeasurable opportunities for individual or group exploration; but perhaps even more importantly, our city has plenty to offer in the way of large social interactions as well. The temperate climate of the southeast with our short winters and extended springs and autumns provides the ideal backdrop for outdoor community get-togethers. From the Center City Cinema (movies in LeBauer Park), the ever increasing and always adventurous First Friday events and the Greensboro City Market every third Thursday, to the Summer Solstice and Fun Fourth, Greensboro offers fun ways to get out and meet our neighbors. As the weather breaks, it’s time to come out of our cocoons and see the wonders Greensboro has in store. Find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram for updates on local happenings you don’t want to miss. Whatever destination you choose, by all means, have fun, be safe and KEEP IT LOCAL! Finally, but certainly most importantly, we would like to thank you all for your continued support. If you haven’t done so already, please find us on your choice of social media, then like or follow us… We would love to hear from you.


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Small Talk


A Greensboro Stay-cation


A little commentary, a dash of editorializing and a bit of small talk about this issue. Everyone has a opinon, and so do we.

There are many reasons why it’s seems impossible to take that much needed vacation. Eliminate the need to travel, and “getting-away” gets a whole lot easier... Enter the Stay-cation.

Our favorite contributing writer (and yours too from what we’ve heard), tells us how we can go from selfless to selfish and why it’s so very important to do so.


Re-Introducing the Bar-S Ranch

They’ve been on local TV news AND in the local news papers, so why do so few people seem to know about the areas only clothes-free resort? Say hello (again) to the Bar-S Ranch.


4301 Lawndale Dr • (336) 288-3769 greensboroscience.org


Selfishness to Selflessness: A How-To


Visitors Must Eat - Taaza Indian Bistro

Where to Find Them

locally owned with an extensive and delectable menu, and a wonderful staff providing excellent service, Taaza Indian Bistro has everything it takes to make our list of places Visitors Must Eat.

Staycations are absolutely wonderful. Here’s where you can find a few places we heartily recommend on yours.


Pics: A Derby and A Market

We had a blast and made some great new friends at the Greensboro Roller Derby, then again at the Sixth Annual Hand to Hand Spring Market. Say Cheese!!

2400 16th St • 336. 373.3272 greensborosportsplex.com








stay-cation T Tony Bates

ime, do we ever really have enough of it to accomplish all we’d like? Not necessarily existentially with respect to lifelong goals, but more in terms of the immediate, as in this week or even today for example. As much as we may love our lives, quite often we run and race and juggle and jump through hoops to work it all out, and in the end we’re just… spent. Best utilizing what little time we truly have is a dilemma with which far too many people have to deal. Work, school, family errands and activities, in short, normal daily life, tends to take up almost every moment we have. Far too few of us get what we would consider sufficient time off to truly unwind, let alone take a break of any significance. Sure, many of us get the obligatory day or two off each week, but even then we find ourselves drawn into chores, projects and the agendas of others to the point where we feel as though we’ve had no time off at all. Under circumstances where more frequent, longer vacations are neither financially nor temporally feasible, it seems sensible to consider the problem in the same manner one considers a nap as compensating for a lack of sleep. Mini vacations or, in terms of “keeping it local”, staycations offer what may very well be the perfect solution. Staycations really are ideal in terms of conveniently and economically recharging the batteries our everyday lives tend to drain. By staying close to home (yet still getting away), we get the benefits of travel without the negatives longer trips can involve. In addition to that much needed break from the norm, staying local also affords us the opportunity to explore parts of Greensboro and its surrounding areas that we may not ordinarily find the time to visit.

Images: Above- Skywild at the Greensboro Science. Opposite-Top: The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel is the perfect home-base from which to explore Greensboro Opposite-Center:The pool at Pinehurst Resort is the perfect place to relax (image courtesy of Pinehurst’s website) Oppostie-Bottom; Crafted-The Art of the Taco is the perfect place to eat (image courtesy or Crafted - The Art of the Taco) 06

Right in our own backyards, and certainly within an hour or so of downtown Greensboro, we have worldclass resorts, intimate Bed & Breakfasts and spas in addition to exceptional dining, art galleries, museums, antique shops, boutiques and attractions that others routinely travel hours to visit. Booking even a short two night weekend in a local hotel, enjoying room service or meals at local restaurants, taking advantage of spa treatments and exploring the local shops will most assuredly have a rehabilitative effect guaranteed to lift even the heaviest spirit out of the doldrums of everyday life. Note: While we’ll discuss a few of our favorites, it is important to mention that part of the excitement of a staycation, much the same as any vacation, is exploring the places you and your companions (although solo works wonders as well) would enjoy the most. What we are offering here is but a small guide; Greensboro has much more to offer than we could ever list in these few paragraphs. Sometimes all it takes is a break from the norm. Travelling great distances is totally unnecessary when the true purpose is simple relaxation. Often doing what equates to nothing, in a completely different environ-

Sometimes all it takes is a break from the norm ment, provides all the necessities inherent in a stressreducing getaway. Imagine if you will, waking in an unfamiliar room, on a strange (yet amazingly comfortable) bed with nothing in particular planned except total relaxation. Breakfast on the veranda is followed by an exploratory stroll and a few hours reading by the pool, on the deck or an out of the way nook until lunch is served. Afternoon brings a spa treatment that leaves you more relaxed than you’ve been in years to where a nap is the only thing that will do until dinner. Freshly showered and dressed, it’s but a short walk to your choice of restaurant where a couple of drinks and a world class meal leave you sated, but comfortably so. The conversation is great while the music and atmosphere couldn’t be better. You retire to that same (yet still unfamiliar) room, where it’s time for… sleep, or whatever else you haven’t had enough time for recently. A pretty picture to be sure, but made even more attractive by the fact that you haven’t spent a grueling day travelling to get here

Less than an hour and a half from Greensboro, yet close enough to still be considered a staycation, an excellent example of “here” as described above is the inimitable Pinehurst Resort. Superbly appointed rooms and suites in your selection of three distinct hotels (plus luxury condos perfect for families), each rife with the comforts one would expect in deluxe accommodations are only the beginning here. (continued on pg. 15)


The Village at Golden Gate (Golden Gate and Cornwallis Drives)

2274 Golden Gate Dr. 336.545.3003 • linneasboutique.com

Carriage House

2274 Golden Gate Dr. 336. 545.3003 • linneasboutique.com

Antiques & Home Decor

2214 Golden Gate Dr. • 336.373.6200

2268 Golden Gate Dr. • 336.450.2102 airfunpark.com


2270 Golden Gate Dr. 336.617.4664 meltkitchenandbar.com

2256 Golden Gate Dr. 336.279.8118

Some parents and spouses lack altruism so much that they bruise, affect, and destroy generations. Let's not focus our energy on them—that's a whole different article. It's the mighty moms, inspiring dads, super-wives, unparalleled husbands, outstanding daughters, and big-hearted sons that go above and beyond for their loved ones. They work at pleasing those around them, tending to their families and oftentimes they forget about themselves. Simply put, because things for us givers are rarely simple, you've got to be kind to yourself. With all this nurturing, are you taking time to attend to yourself? "Sometimes you don't realize you're actually drowning when you're trying to be everyone else's anchor."

Selflessness The How-To to Selfishness

Jasmine Nehilla Contributing Writer


e have selflessness pouring out of us. We will give our very last without hesitation. We keep others at the forefront of all considerations and plans. We wipe up an exposition of colors— green-gray-blue poop—seriously who knew poop came in so many colors? Chunky orange-hued vomit, crimson fluid gushing out of orifices or gashes, yellow and olive snot rockets, clear elephantine tears—we clean a rainbow of… honestly I don’t even know if there’s an encompassing word to describe what discharges from the human body. We provide tenderness when the day has been far from tender. We stand by disturbed, distressed, and dismayed at limb-flinging tantrums and misdirected emotions. And it’s all just a day’s work. Being a wife is hard. You thought I was talking about parenting there didn’t you? HA! I was—but let’s not act like some days the duties of being a parent extends to our significant others. In all seriousness, parents and spouses are naturally some of the most selfless people among us. Now, before you slay me with the "I disagree(s) and I can't relate(s)," of course not all parents and spouses apply.

Finding a balance between selflessness and selfishness keeps relationships healthy. Selfish is a word that stains; have you ever called someone selfish? I have. I didn’t deliver it with the intentions of malice; I was plainly being honest. “You’re so selfish.” It lingered in the silence that followed my proclamation—and I swallowed my “I’m sorry,” because apologizing would negate the gravity of the fact, she was indeed selfish. But I could tell it stung. Selfish is never something that we want to be—especially when someone else is pointing it out. When you visit the opposite end of the spectrum—selflessness—no one is going to convict you for being generous or thoughtful. They will continue to solicit your care and you’ll keep giving with no attention paid to your holistic well-being. If you want to continue to give light to others, you have to glow yourself or you'll burn out.

...to give light to others, you have to glow yourself or you'll burn out. What does self-care even look like? Honestly, the words "selfcare" have become a fad, sprawled across magazine headlines and Pinterest boards as a consumer buzzword. If you buy the limited edition Lush bath bomb or try the newest manicure gel polish that lasts until eternity, it's evidence that you practice self-care. It's been promoted as yet another thing for women to be good at—along with cooking, cleaning and "smiling more often." I’m not saying if a mani-pedi is your way to decompress, you're doing it wrong. I'm not saying to dismiss the "51 Ways to Practice Self Care" articles either, especially when they list taking a walk, get more sleep, fold into the (rare)stillness, or my favorite—soak in a bubble bath. I am saying the self-care you may require may be deeper than an occasional cloud watching session, a daily oil pull, or a trip to the nail salon. (cont. on pg. 15)

Article image (above) by Tatiana Camice. See more of Tatiana’s work at tatianacamice.com


A Break From the Norm

Bar S Ranch A Clothes-Free Resort Tony Bates

Isolated on 300 wooded acres, the Bar-S makes for a wonderful getaway for a day, weekend, week or even a month or more. With amenities that include a swimming pool (where volleyball is often the sport du jour), a 7 acre lake stocked with a variety of fish and home to an assortment of wildlife (pedal boats and canoes are available), and miles of wooded trails, they also offers areas for tent and RV campers (hookups are also available). Although seasonal visitors usually stay in cabins they have purchased or had built, there remain a few small cabins available for rent. While the amenities and available activities are certainly inviting, it is the people who frequent “The Ranch”, as it is fondly referred to, who are perhaps its greatest quality. I have enjoyed meeting wonderful folks from all over the world, yet even during the few short visits to The Ranch that I’ve managed so far, I found the diverse group of guests, as well as the management and employees here to be among the friendliest and 10

most affable of any I’ve had the pleasure to meet in all of my travels. Boasting regular members and visitors from a wide assortment of professions and interests and varying in age from younger families to seniors in their 90’s, all are made to feel welcome and secure. Included in this group are Richard and Anne; married for 28 years and both retired professionals from the public health arena; they have been members of The Ranch for nearly 17 years. Neither having prior clothes-free experience, they tried nudism for the first time together at a clothing “optional” resort in Palm Springs and were immediately drawn to the lifestyle. In fact, they enjoyed it so much that upon returning to NC, they visited and joined Bar-S that same summer, telling me that “The Ranch was the second club we visited


hether reserved for the enclosed backyard or something enjoyed on the occasional Caribbean or European vacation, if you’ve spent even a little time participating in a clothes-free environment, you already know what all the fuss is about. What you may not know is that for the past 27 years, there has been a clothes-free resort just minutes from Greensboro. in Reidsville NC. The Bar-S-Ranch is currently starting their 28th season with upgrades and renovations in anticipation of further increasing their steadily rising membership.

Taking in the view from the deck

Don’t let uninformed opinions cause you to miss this hidden gem upon returning home and the welcoming members and lovely grounds sold us immediately. We joined that same summer, purchased a small cabin at the end of that season, and had our current cabin built in 2004”. When asked what they enjoyed most about nudism there seemed to be too many aspects to easily pin down, but settled on enthusiastically describing how “being outdoors without clothes is a renewing experience. Your worries just go away and our cabin at The Ranch is a delight! Our nudist friends come from all walks of life, but we are all equal when nude!” they also especially “love riding their golf cart and walking on The Ranch’s extensive trail network, plus no tan lines!” (continued on pg. 19)


Visitors Must Eat

Taaza Indian Bistro Tony Bates


ull disclosure… I am not the most adventurous eater. Unlike many of my friends and family, I generally refrain from trying new foods and not just those that are questionable (i.e. frog’s legs, squid, snail, etc.). Spoiled as a child? Maybe. A terrible trait? Definitely. For no good reason at all, I’ve even been known to steer clear of even main-stream dishes, many that I’ve admittedly found to be delicious once tasted. So with my limited experience with Indian cuisine and even though they serve none of the dishes on my “questionable” list, when my friend (and amazing henna artist) Poonam Solanki suggested I try Taaza Indian Bistro, it was with a bit of trepidation, solely on my part, that my wife and I stopped by for dinner. I can honestly say that from that first bite and now several meals later, I consider Tazza to be one of the finest restaurants in Greensboro, an endorsement I do not give often. Located in the Wendover Place shopping center (just west of Walmart) off of Wendover Avenue, Tazza Indian Bistro is the second location for co-owners and managers Mohan Chinnathambi and Chellappa M Yasin (the first location being in Burlington). After a second visit to try the lunch buffet and finding the restaurant full with a pretty good sized (yet swiftly moving) line waiting to be seated; I met with Mohan to find out more about what was obviously one of Greensboro’s hidden gems. 12

Both partners already had a history with food, each having spent roughly ten years engaged in different areas of the hospitality industry from hotels and resorts to cruise liners and restaurants; when they decided to open their first venture together five years ago in Burlington, North Carolina. Armed not only with recipes they’d perfected, but a thorough understanding of quality service and insight into the wishes of their customers, the first Tazza Indian Bistro rapidly became a rousing success. Not wishing to expand too quickly, it was only after five years of honing their already proven formula, looking for the ideal location and the pleadings from their many Triad based customers that they opened their new location in Greensboro.

I cannot seem to stay away from the Chicken Masala and Vegetable Chetinad There is obviously more to their popularity than simply opening the doors, but Chellappa and Mohan make it look easy. Personally, everything I’ve tried is fantastic (I’ll get to my heavily contemplated favorites in a moment), but perhaps the variety they offer has something to do with it as well. As Mohan explains, “we are the only ‘South’ Indian restaurant in this area and there is a difference, yet we also serve established favorites”. Their customer service is also outstanding as Mohan

Chicken Tikka Masala, Salmon Tikka Masala, Vegetable Chetinad, Basmati Rice and Garlic Naan Bread

often greets each customer personally before they are seated and regularly stops by the tables to ensure each customer’s needs are being met. This type of personal service combined with their alluring menu keeps diners coming back for more. Well known items like the various Tikka Masalas, Curries and Vindaloos’ become exceptional as added flavor and freshness set them apart, even as they share Taaza’s extensive menu with lesser-know yet equally delightful entrees such as Onion Rava or Mysore Masala Dosa and Chicken Chetinad. Dishes can be adjusted in terms of heat (they can go from mild to inferno) with a simple request of your wait staff. I’ve tried quite a few of Taaza’s offerings, yet I cannot seem to stay away from the Chicken Masala and Vegetable Chetinad I enjoyed that first night. Served with fresh and fragrant Basmati rice and warm, savory, seasoned Naan bread, it has become one of those meals I could eat almost every day. The atmosphere works equally well for family dinners or special occasions with soft comfortable lighting and attentive hostesses who take pleasure in explaining any unfamiliar dish. And while dinner is rapidly gaining in popularity, Taaza is becoming legendary for their buffet. A full spread consisting of fixed well-known dishes enhanced by a rotation of house specialties, the buffet offerings are plentiful, varied, fresh, tasty and really quite memorable. All this and they manage to get you seated, fed and back to work on time, without feeling rushed. Several of the customers I spoke with at dinner discovered Taaza through recommendations for the lunch buffet at work. I’ve even stopped by just for some of that delicious naan and hummus as an appetizer for dinner at home (although I have to admit that on more than one occasion it hasn’t made it that far). (continued on pg. 14)

The daily buffet is always fresh and delicious


(Taaza - continued from pg. 13)

Image above: Mohan Chinnathambi (standing left) and the staff of Taaza Indian Bistro

Taaza Indian Bistro

Wendover Place, 1216 Bridford Pkwy M, Greensboro, NC 27407 336.285.7878 • www.taazabistro.com 14

Like old dogs, stubborn, picky eaters like me can learn new tricks to love new food. I really have to thank Poonam once again for the introduction and thank Taaza for opening my eyes to a cuisine I was in danger of missing out on. Having earned a spot as an essential must-eat restaurant for visitors, Taaza Indian Bistro is also a go-to, anytime, no-reason-at-all restaurant that I am happy to recommend. If fresh food served by an enthusiastic staff in comfortably elegant surroundings sounds like a place you (and your visitors) would enjoy, you are absolutely right. If you work in the area and are looking for a great place for lunch, you’ve found it here. Whether you are familiar with Indian Cuisine or not, you owe it to yourself to give Taaza a try; you may just find a new favorite too.

(Selflessness - continued from pg. 09) My recipe for deep self-care—technically it’s not mine it’s a quote from the poet, activist and voice of Beyoncé, Warsan Shire but it’s applicable so “steal like an artist!”: “Document the moments you feel most in love with yourself— what you’re wearing, who you’re around, what you’re doing. Recreate and repeat.” Grab a notebook from TJ Maxx or Target and make a feel good journal. If you’re technology savvy, start a notebook on Evernote. Wherever you decide to collect your entries, the purpose is to jot down a positive thing that happened in your day. Commit to just a sentence or two. “I made an amazing salad today— arugula, walnuts, shaved Parmesan, dried cherries, lemon juice, olive oil, chili oil, and garlic.” Or “I walked 11,000 steps today.” On your down in the dumps days or days where you just need self-love, retreat to your journal—reminisce on your feel good moments and reproduce them. Sometimes your feel good moment is a conversation with a stranger that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Maybe it’s a group exercise like hot yoga, Zumba, or CrossFit that helps you relax and center your focus. Or perhaps it’s simply saying no to

someone who’s used to hearing yes. If you’re anything like me, you’ll make excuses. You’ll hem and haw about how you don’t have the time to grab coffee with a new friend—that your children need you to glaze their carrots or the bedroom window sill needs your attention. You’ll justify skipping out on taking care of yourself because you pride yourself in putting everyone first. STOP. There is a difference between hedonistic, self-absorbed behavior and self-care. Make time. You deserve to make time. When you neglect to care for yourself, you’re influencing those around you. Little eyes are always absorbing what you do. You’ll in turn seed feelings of guilt in those receiving your selflessness while they watch you fade to a sunken place. If you won’t do it for yourself, be an example to those around you that you deserve to love and love on yourself. How do you practice self-care? Email me! jasminenehilla@gmail.com.

(Staycation continued from pg. 07) The resort also boasts amenities that include, nine top-tier golf courses, 16 clay tennis courts complete with a full staff of USPTA certified professional instructors, two pools and a private 200-acre lake where guests can rent kayaks and pontoon boats for a day on the water. The quaint shops in the nearby village of Pinehurst offer a wonderful getaway and whether choosing a single treatment or a full day spa package, the Spa at the Pinehurst has become the focal point of many a guest. Dining at Pinehurst is an adventure unto itself. With eight different options from fine dining restaurants, to more casual taverns, enjoying a meal can be as elegant or relaxed as you feel. In fact, regardless of the activities you decide on, the level of relaxation you receive is limited only by your imagination and the amount of unwinding you choose. Between the accommodations, dining, golf and more, and less than a two hour drive from Greensboro, a weekend at Pinehurst will leave you ready to take on anything your everyday life can throw your way. If the “resort” experience is not quite what you have in mind OR if you prefer something “in town” to serve as the launchpad from which you explore, one of the area’s Bed & Breakfast options may be just what you need. The Double Oaks Bed & Breakfast, Greenwood Bed and Breakfast and the Haynes Bed and Breakfast all have room options with a more grounded, homey feel, yet are replete with more than enough comfort and amenities to provide that “vacation” feel. The calm, quiet atmosphere and lobbies (and in some instances balconies) that are conducive to comfortable conversation or catching up on that fascinating book you’ve been dying to read means that each is perfect for unwinding while their convenient locations afford easy access to all that downtown Greensboro has to offer.

Speaking of downtown, there are no lodgings more convenient to much of the world-class dining and shopping, as well as many of the museums, galleries, and various events that downtown Greensboro has to offer than the historic Biltmore Greensboro Hotel. As a launching pad for all things Greensboro, this independently owned boutique hotel is at the center of the action. An easy two block walk from both the Amtrak station and central bus terminal, the Greensboro Biltmore is also ideal for those out-of-town guests looking for a bit of independence to comfortably explore on their own without the need to drive. So convenient is the Greensboro Biltmore that a 15 minute walk will take you through Center City Park where you can relax to the sight and sounds of the fountains as they cycle through their hypnotic routine. Across the street from the park you will find the Greensboro Cultural Center where an entire day can be spent visiting galleries and museums like the Center for Visual arts and the African American Atelier, that call the center home. While downtown is burgeoning with activity, it is far from the only attraction Greensboro has to offer. Entire weekends can be spent antiquing throughout Greensboro and with destinations such as The Shoppes on Patterson, The Red Collection, The Antique Marketplace, Caroline Faison Antiques, Carriage House and The Farmer’s Wife and more, there is a surfeit of treasure to be found. Likewise, with locations like Ambleside Gallery, Tyler White O’Brien Art Gallery, the Center for Visual Artists, The Greensboro Historical Museum, International Civil Rights Center and Museum, Elsewhere and the galleries and museums of the Greensboro Cultural Center there are more than enough wonderful places of interest to keep even the most ardent patron of art and history thoroughly engaged for as long as they’d like. (continued on pg. 20) 15

When was the last time you visited State Street? No, not just a quick drive through, but a nice relaxing look. If it’s been a while (or if you’ve never been), then you have no idea what you’re really missing. The shopping, the dining, the spas, salons and yoga... things here are better than ever and keep evolving and growing. Here is where you find that wonderful spot right between the tried and familiar and the fresh and exciting. With new places opening all the time and the vibe here better than ever, isn’t it time you took...

a stroll down State


501 State Street • 336.274.4533 • YamamoriLtd.com

515 State Street • 336.574.0100 pinkribbonchic.com

Footwear, Apparel & Accessories 507 State Street • 336.275.7645 • lillobella.com

414 State Street • 336.609.4207 • vidapourtea.com

307 State St •279-1124 www.tylerwhitegallery.com

Eclectic by Nature experience the magic & escape the ordinary

414 State Street • 336. 373.0733 • eclecticbynature.com

500 State Street • 336-274-2003 • pinkribbonchic.com 309 State St. • 336.230.2266 • Find Us On Facebook



DOWNTOWN greensboro

Ambleside Gallery

Original Paintings • Sculpture • Custom Framing • Restoration

5 28 S. Elm St • 336.275.9844 amblesidearts.com

Mechelle’s Boutique

200 S Elm St, • 336.763.0944 • mykoshary.com

Everything a girl could want! 227 South Elm St • 336.574.4496

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115 W Lewis St. 336.273.6221 faintinggoatspirits.com 117 W Lewis St 336.763.7087 gibbshundred.com

Crafted-TheArt of the Taco • 219-A S Elm St • .336.273.0030 Crafted-TheArt of Street Food • 600C Battleground Ave • 336.265.8859 www.eatatcrafted.com

Welcome to

South End


(Bar S Ranch - continued from pg. 10) Speaking to the uninitiated, it quickly becomes apparent that there are many misconceptions about nudism. For instance there is no such thing as body shaming of any type. And while people of different religions may believe there is something inherently evil in being nude, there are thousands of practicing nudists who are devout Christians and Jews as well as many other faiths throughout the world who strongly believe differently and have the experiences to stand by those beliefs. Much of the misapprehension about nudism is based solely on a lack of experience in the lifestyle. As Richard and Anne further explained, “For a true nudist the lifestyle is not about sex. Everyone is not staring at you. Physical appearance is not important to a true nudist – we haven’t seen a perfect body yet!”

Continuing that, “body image issues can melt away if you will allow them. Clubs take personal security very seriously, so it becomes a wholesome environment suitable for families and all ages. No one cares what you do for a living, and probably no one will ask. If you see someone you know and it concerns you – hey, they are nude as well!” Still, as the misnomers and misconceptions surrounding nudism become dispelled, more open-minded and perhaps more adventurous spirits are opting to at least try it before having it summarily dismissed. Speaking with coowner and Bar-S manager Erin, Richard and Anne’s experience at and opinion of The Ranch is pretty typical. While everyone has their favorite pastimes here, be it the pool, lake, trails, etc.; Erin points again to the people in reiterating that “members invariably endeavor to make everyone feel welcome. Each person seems to relish the new and lasting friendships the most”. The Ranch offers the ideal balance of group comradery and personal space to make each person’s visit as relaxing or engaging as they wish. So whether the mission is to simply get a little sun for the day or try a different type of resort for a week and regardless if you’re a first-timer or a life-long nudist, the Bar S Ranch makes a worthy staycation for anyone with the mindset to break from the norm. Nudism may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you think you may be interested yet find yourself remaining a bit tentative, do yourself a favor; perform a little research of your own, visit the Bar S Ranch online at bar-s-ranch.com, and then make an informed decision. Don’t let uninformed opinions cause you to miss this hidden gem and the experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Images: Top - Anne and Richard relax by the pool. Above-left: The clubhouse is perfect for diners, dances and inclement weather hanging out Above-right:The pool is perhaps the most popular spot at The Ranch (photo courtesy of Bar-s website)

Bar S Ranch • 313 Bar S Trail Reidsville, NC 27320 • 336.394.4722 • www.bar-s-ranch.com 19

Staycation (continued from pg. 15) Not to forget the younger among us, Greensboro is also the perfect place for a “kids” themed staycation full of special places where memories can be made and time can be enjoyed together. Whether it’s one child, an entire gaggle or a few older folks looking to reconnect with their youth, attractions like the Greensboro Science Center with its zoo, museum and sciquarium and Wet & Wild Emerald Pointe where water slides, a wave pool and lazy river help to cool down those warmer days are only the beginning. The Children’s museum is a wonderful place to learn and explore while Air Fun Trampoline Park helps expel some of that all too familiar excess energy and are but two more examples of the almost endless list of possibilities. New surroundings are all but certain to add palpable enrichment to the experience, yet in all honesty breaking from the norm need not involve any travel at all. Camping in the backyard or even the living room for that matter

Images below 02) State Street 03) Greensboro City Market


07 20

As much as we may love our homes, sometimes we all need a break. Hard work and monotony can sour the sweetest of the most vibrant spirits. You know you deserve it, but sometimes, contrary to the Rolling Stones song, time isn’t always on your side. It’s in these instances when the spirit is willing but the calendar and clock are weak, that a staycation will work wonders. Whether it’s a mini vacation, or a themed staycation with the kids (think child friendly activities all weekend long), a spark renewing, grown-up play-date weekend for two or a solo jaunt for a little alone time, everyone can benefit from an occasional “time-out” and Greensboro has as much (or as little) as you desire. No one will give you the time you need to unwind, so take it! Get reacquainted with Greensboro (and your sanity) and don’t the forget postcards… We’d love to hear from you.

04) Ambleside Gallery 05) Haynes Bed and Breakfast (image courtesy of Hayes Bed and Breakfast) 06) Greensboro Science Center

01) Shoppes on Patterson


could go a long way in eliminating the ennui of the daily grind. A bottle of wine, a cozy tent and an air mattress could be all the trappings needed for a quite getaway for two.

07) Wet & Wild Emerald Point


Images - Right 08) Pig Pounder Brewery 09) National Folk Festival 10) Greensboro Cultural Center






Where to Find Them Yamamori Ltd. - 501 State Street 336.274.4533 • YamamoriLtd.com Lillo Bella Boutique - 507 State Street 336.275.7645 • lillobella.com Greensboro Distilling Co., Fainting Goat Spirits - 115 W Lewis St. 336.273.6221 - faintinggoatspirits.com Biltmore Greensboro Hotel - 111 W Washington St. 336.272.3474 - thebiltmoregreensboro.com


Pinehurst Resort - 80 Carolina Vista Dr, Pinehurst, NC 28374 844.330.1669 - pinehurst.com International Civil Rights Center and Museum - 134 S Elm St, 336.274.9199 - sitinmovement.org

Pig Pounder Brewery - 134 S Elm St. (336) 274-9199 - sitinmovement.org

Crafted - the Art of the Taco - 219-A S Elm St 336.273.0030 - eatatcrafted.com

Preyer Brewery - 6600 Battleground Ave. (336) 256-9450 - preyerbrewing.com

The Artist Bloc - 1020 W Gate City Blvd 336.676.5384 - theartistbloc.com

Joymongers Brewery - 576 N Eugene St 336.763.5255 - joymongers.com

Eclectic by Nature - 414 State St. 336.373.0733 - eclecticbynature.com

Haynes bed & Breakfast 320 Gorrell St 866.223.9445 - haynesbedandbreakfast.com

Linnea’s Boutique and Vera’s Threads - 2274 Golden Gate Dr. 336.545.3003 - linneasboutique.com

Wet & Wild Emerald Point - 3910 S Holden Rd 336.852.9721 - www.emeraldpointe.com

Air Fun Trampoline Park - 2268 Golden Gate Dr. 336.450.2102 - airfunpark.com

Greensboro Historical Museum - 130 Summit Ave 336.373.2043 - greensborohistory.org

Greensboro Science Center - 4301 Lawndale Dr 336.288.3769 - greensboroscience.org

Greensboro Cultural Center - 1200 N Davie St #101N 336.373.2447 - greensboro-nc.gov

Sarah’s Kabob Shop - 15553 W Market St 336.355.9260 - www.facebook.com/SarahsKabobShop1

Double Oaks Bed & Breakfast - 204 N Mendenhall St 336.763.9821 - double-oaks.com

Design Archives Imporium - 342 S Elm St, 336.272.1800 - shopdesignarchives.com

Greenwood Bed and Breakfast- 205 N Park Dr 336.763.1941 - greenwoodbandb.com

Tyler White O’Brien Art Gallery - 307 State St (336) 279-1124 - tylerwhitegallery.com

Crafted - The Art of Street Food - 600 C Battleground Ave 336.265.8859 - eatatcrafted.com

Greensboro Children’s Museum - 220 N Church St 336.574.2898- gcmuseum.com

Ambleside Gallery - 528 S Elm St, GSO 27406 (336) 275-9844 - amblesidearts.com

The Antique Marketplace, - 6428 Burnt Poplar Rd 336.662.0544- triadantiques.com

Shoppes On Patterson - 2804 Patterson St, GSO 27407 (336) 856-2171 - shoppesonpatterson.com

Gibbs Hundred Brewery - 117 W Lewis St 336.763.7087 - gibbshundred.com

Elements Gallery - 526A S Elm St, GSO 27406 (336) 790-8703 - elementsgallery.wordpress.com


6th Annual Hand to Hand Spring Market


Greensboro Roller Derby Girls n Guys Gone Wild 2017


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We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL

Spring 2017  

We Are Greensboro magazine is dedicated to serving our community by supporting our local businesses, arts & events. KEEP IT LOCAL