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1 November 2017

Dear Doctor,


Ongoing General Practice Consultation charges for New Zealand Veterans

As of November 2017, Green Cross Health has been confirmed as the preferred billing centre for all invoices relating to General practice consultations for veterans throughout New Zealand. It is the intention of Veterans’ Affairs to ensure ongoing continuity of the provision of General Practice consultations for veterans. It is vital that veterans continue to access services at a Doctor of their choice within their local communities. There will be no change in the services that you provide to veterans and it will continue to be the veteran’s choice where they access this service. It is the intention that veterans who access consultations from their Doctor for their Veterans’ Affairs approved and funded condition(s) will not be required to pay copayments or other charges directly to you, as you will be able to claim these back from Green Cross Health, who will charge Veterans’ Affairs. All veterans have a card or letter which states the conditions for which they are entitled to receive consultations which Veterans’ Affairs will pay for. Any services provided to veterans for conditions which are not approved should continue to be charged and paid for by the veteran as per your current practice. The implementation of the above process will reduce barriers to veterans accessing care from their Doctor. 1|Page

All charges relating to the above services should be charged back to Green Cross Health as of 1 November 2017. Green Cross Health will then pay you directly. If you have any outstanding balances prior to 1 November these should be charged to Veterans Affairs directly The process for this is as follows: 1. Consultation charges for services related to conditions approved by Veterans’ Affairs should be charged to Green Cross Health. 2. Instead of billing Veterans’ Affairs, you should bill Green Cross Health by submitting an invoice together with itemised charges for the following: a) b) c) d)

Veteran’s name Veteran’s number Prescriber’s name and name of medical centre Charges

Green Cross Health will then consolidate all charges to Veterans’ Affairs. You will be paid 20th of the month following invoice, provided all of the charges are Veterans’ Affairs approved. Your bank account details should appear on your invoice together with your e mail address. Your invoices together with the required details should be sent to: Green Cross Health Veterans Affairs’ Payments Accounts Receivable Finance Department Private Bag 11-906 Ellerslie, Auckland 1542 You are able to e mail your invoices and required detail to We look forward to working closely with you through this process. Please do not hesitate to contact me at Green Cross Health should you require any further information or clarification. I can be contacted on: (09) 580 0758 or e mail


Thanking you in advance for your assistance with the process.

Yours Sincerely,

ALISON VAN WYK Executive – Professional Services Green Cross Health


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