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Guide to Accessing WBOP PHO Māori Cultural Competence Training Hosted on the Green Cross “Teach Me” website

Step One TeachMe User Registration Process Complete the attached registration template to set up your practice team with individual logins to access the Green Cross TeachMe website. This is a bulk registration so process so all the login’s required for your practice team can be set up once. An individual email address for each user is required. Email the completed registration template form to at Green Cross registrations. Within 5 days of Green Cross will advise the practice of each employee’s log-in and password details. Please ensure that new user’s activate their login & change their password with 2 weeks of receipt to avoid expiry through non activation. Note: WBOP PHO Green Cross practice employees will already have a log-in and password established. Please see your Manager if you are unaware of it.

Step Two 1.

Go to:


Enter log-in and password


Under “My Learning Plans” click on the Play icon above WBOPPHO. Recommendation: Plug headphones into your computer when watching videos.

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June 2018


Two different course options will be revealed. Click on the WBOP PHO Māori Cultural Competence option.

Note: The “Cultural Diversity” training does not form part of the WBOP PHO Māori Cultural Competence training. However, it does have very valuable information about engaging with not only the Māori ethnic group but Samoan, Chinese, Indian, NZ Pakeha, etc. 5.

After clicking on WBOP PHO Māori Cultural Competence option, a black video screen will appear on the left of your screen and three training video links and a “Learning Reflection” document will be listed to the right of the black of the video screen. Click and open and download the Learning Reflection file.

Note: To qualify for the WBOP PHO Māori Cultural Competence certificate, all three videos need to be watched and the Learning Reflection completed at the end of the process.

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June 2018


On the Learning Reflection document there are two questions to be answered at the end of the watching the videos. It is recommended you make yourself aware of these two questions before settling-in to watch the videos and make notes accordingly.


Each video has to be watched in the order they are listed. The black padlock will disappear when the previous training video has been watched in full. Click on the Cultural Intelligence video link. Note: You may need to wait a minute or two before the video to load and start.


After watching the Cultural Intelligence video, you will see the padlock has been removed from the next video link. You now click on Insight into Te Ao Māori and Te Tiriti o Waitangi Treaty of Waitangi video.


After watching the third and last video; “Building Relationships” the screen below will appear. Click on Download Your Certificate

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June 2018


A certificate like the one below will appear.


Print out a copy of this certificate and staple your completed Learning Reflection behind the certificate. Please give this to your practice manager who will file it with your training records.

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June 2018

Guide to Accessing WBOP PHO Maori Cultural Competence Training  
Guide to Accessing WBOP PHO Maori Cultural Competence Training