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Foreign Missions  Detail   The  West  End  Church  has  always  been  known  for  its  passion  for  foreign  missions.  Our  present  day  vision  is  no   different  as  we  want  to  spread  the  love  of  Jesus  in  our  neighborhood  and  also  throughout  the  world.  To  enable  us   to  do  this  a  special  contribution  is  taken  in  the  Fall  of  the  year  and  that  amount  is  designated  for  foreign  missions.   Once  the  money  is  collected  it  is  overseen  by  the  Mission  Committee  made  up  of  members  from  this  church.   Several  years  ago  our  mission  interest  was  redirected  from  the  Nigerian  Christian  Hospital  to  the  interests  of  our   local  members.  We  discovered  that  we  already  had  members  contributing  their  time  and  energies  to  certain   countries,  so  why  not  capitalize  upon  what  was  already  in  existence.    Hunter  and  Jillian  Kittrell  had  been  members  of  our  church  for  several  years  and  most  of  our  members  knew   them  prior  to  moving  to  Cap  Haitian,  Haiti.  This  would  be  a  great  beginning  for  us  as  they  were  initiating  a  new   work  in  caring  for  orphans  and  we  could  partner  with  them.     Chuck  Whittle  had  worked  in  Russia  over  many  years  and  had  firsthand  knowledge  of  its  needs  and  vision  and  we   began  a  monthly  support  of  this  ministry.  It  was  especially  interesting  to  our  church  as  it  was  taking  advantage  of   technology  to  cross  those  vast  miles  for  Jesus.     Harriette  Shivers  was  on  the  Board  of  Health  Talents  and  served  as  the  President  of  that  board,  so  why  not   become  engaged  with  her  in  Guatemala.  We  did  and  began  to  invite  our  own  members  to  accompany  her   once/year  on  a  one  week  medical  mission  trip.  Many  of  our  members  have  made  this  trip  and  continue  to  go.     An  ongoing  partnership  we  have  had  in  San  Vicente,  Mexico  (Baja)  in  partially  supporting  Antonio  and  Nelly   Gonzalez  was  reason  to  not  only  continue  that  support  but  enhance  it.  Now,  in  addition  to  the  financial  support   we  send,  Joe  Simpson  leads  an  annual  trip  for  West  End  members  to  spend  one  week  with  this  great  church   painting,  repairing,  feeding,  counseling  and  encouraging  those  members.  When  our  members  return  they  are   more  excited  about  foreign  missions  than  ever  before.     Dr.  Tom  Seals,  one  of  our  teaching  ministers  at  West  End  and  a  professor  in  Bible  at  Lipscomb  University,  helped   create  the  Interamerican  Bible  Institute  in  Lima,  Peru.  Even  though  this  began  in  2004,  our  church  has  recently   partnered  with  them  to  help  train  lay  ministers  in  Peru.     The  Caribbean  Lectureship  was  started  in  1971  and  one  of  our  own  ministers,  Dr.  Ken  Dye,  was  the  founder  of   this  event.  Even  though  it  is  not  supported  through  our  mission  special  it  receives  funding  from  the  annual  auction   sponsored  and  conducted  by  the  Keenagers.        

2015 Foreign Missions Special Contribution October 25 Goal - $55,000

Special Requests  -­‐ $5,000

Guatemala -­‐ $12,400

Travel for   WE   members  -­‐ $5,200

Russia -­‐ $12,400

Peru -­‐ $2,400

Haiti -­‐ $12,400 Baja  -­‐ $5,000

Emmaus House  Cap  Haitian,  Haiti   Hunter  and  Jillian  Kittrell   For  three  years  the  West  End  Church  supported  our  own  members,  Hunter  and  Jillian  Kittrell  as  directors  of  the   Cap  Haitian  Children’s  Home.  In  2013  the  Haitian  Government  passed  a  law  saying  all  residents  of  Haitian   orphan’s  home  who  were  18  years  or  older  would  be  required  to  move  out  of  the  orphanage.    Because  of  this   governmental  decision  Hunter  and  Jillian  founded  Emmaus  House.   The  goal  of  Emmaus  House  is  to  train  18-­‐24  year  olds  who  will  also  live  in  Emmaus  House.     Hunter  and  Jillian  are  the  American  Directors  with  a  Haitian  minister  and  his  wife  serving  at  the  onsite  Haitian   Directors.  By  supporting  this  effort  we  will  be  enabling  these  young  people  to  develop  job  skills  together  with  the   basic  life  skills  for  them  to  be  productive  Haitian  citizens  and  also  stronger  disciples  for  Jesus.  The  ultimate  vision   for  these  older  teens  is  to  move  from  life  in  an  orphanage  to  living  as  mature  adults  both  in  God’s  Kingdom  and  in   their  Nation  of  Haiti.       For  additional  information  please  contact:  Larry  and  Brenda  Griffith    (   Annual  Support  from  West  End-­‐$12,400  

Institute  of  Theology  and  Christian  Ministry   St.  Petersburg,  Russia   Since  2005  the  Institute  has  provided  graduate  level  education  in  Theology  and  Christian  ministry  for  church   leaders.  The  instruction  is  in  Russian  for  Russians  so  that  the  students  may  lead  and  reach  Russians.  The   curriculum  is  given  via  distant  learning  technology  allowing  leaders  to  study  in  their  homes.  The  instruction  is   intensely  Bible-­‐based  and  presented  by  leading  professors  in  American  Christian  colleges  and  universities.  Skype   conferencing  technology  is  used  by  the  administration  to  encourage  interaction  of  students  with  each  other  on   the  texts.   The  Russian  government  continues  to  limit  not-­‐for-­‐profit  organizations  by  restrictive  laws.  Due  to  government   pressure  the  organization  has  changed  its  name  to  the  Christian  Resource  Center  Russia  (CRCR).  The  Center’s   ITCM  is  the  only  non-­‐correspondence  teaching  program  remaining  in  Russia,  enrolling  students  from  Belarus,   Ukraine  and  Russia.  The  Center  also  publishes  a  newsletter,  “In  Christ,”  providing  news  among  the  churches  in   Russia.  We  rejoice  that  CRCR’s  Russian  Bible  School,  a  Bible  correspondence  program,  led  to  at  least  fifty  baptisms   last  year.     For  additional  information  please  contact:  Chuck  Whittle  (   Annual  Support  from  West  End-­‐$12,400  

Health Talents  International   Guatemala   The  West  End  Church  Mission  Program  supports  the  salary  of  Dr.  Sylvia  Baltadano,  one  of  four  dentists  who   operate  the  Dental  Clinics  of  Health  Talents  International  in  Guatemala.  Dr.  Sylvia  is  the  senior  dentist  on  staff   and  she  operates  the  dental  clinic  adjoining  Clinica  Ezell,  a  surgical  hospital  also  operated  by  Health  Talents.   Sylvia  is  married  to  Carlos  Baltadano,  the  Director  of  Operations  in  the  Coastal  Region  for  HTI.  They  have  two   children.  It  is  not  unusual  for  the  Clinica  Ezell  Dental  Clinic  to  serve  more  than  500  patients  in  one  month.  In   addition  to  this,  Sylvia  also  conducts  parenting  classes  for  mothers  of  high-­‐risk  babies,  and  Bible  classes  to   encourage  her  patients.   Health  Talents  International  began  its  holistic  medical  evangelism  ministry  in  1973.  In  Guatemala  the  ministry   operates  primary  care  clinics  in  a  number  of  rural  villages  in  conjunction  with  area  churches  of  Christ.  Members  of   these  churches  assist  the  medical  staff  and  seek  to  provide  whatever  additional  help  is  needed.  The  surgical  clinics   are  staffed  by  short-­‐term  medical  teams  from  the  U.S.  This  is  where  West  End  Members  have  joined  to  help.  Each   year  a  group  of  our  members  travel  down  to  assist  these  medical  teams  helping  care  for  patients  prior  to  and   after  surgeries  with  assistance  given  to  the  practical  needs  of  the  surgery  center.  West  End  team  members  also   work  in  the  Dental  Clinic  alongside  Dr.  Sylvia.   For  additional  information  please  contact:  Harriette  Shivers  (   Annual  Support  from  West  End-­‐$12,000    

San Vicente  -­‐-­‐  Mexico  (Baja)   Antonio  and  Nelly  Gonzalez   For  several  years  the  West  End  family  has  supported  the  Gonzalez  family  to  work  in  full-­‐time  ministry  in  San   Vicente.  The  San  Vicente  church  was  meeting  under  an  olive  tree  when  Lipscomb  students  (14  years  ago)  began   dropping  change  in  a  bucket  outside  the  dining  hall.  When  there  was  $6,000  collected,  land  was  bought.  Quickly,  a   small  building  was  constructed.   For  twelve  years  our  church  has  had  a  personal  relationship  with  this  church  in  various  ways.  Joe  Simpson   sponsors  a  group  of  West  End  members  who  paint,  visit  members,  distribute  food,  teach  God’s  word  and  are   Jesus’  hands  and  feet  in  this  small  community.   Through  our  special  contribution  we  are  also  able  to  help  pay  the  salary  for  Antonio  and  Nelly  for  the  last  six   years.  They  work  tirelessly  in  spreading  the  good  news  of  Jesus  and  ministering  to  that  local  church  body.   For  additional  information  please  contact:  Joe  Simpson  (   Annual  Support  from  West  End-­‐$5,000  

Interamerican Bible  Institute   Lima,  Peru     Instituto  Biblico  Interamericano  began  in  2004  through  a  partnership  between  Dr.  Tom  Seals  and  several   ministers  in  Lima,  Peru  who  desired  to  start  a  Christian  leadership  academy  to  help  train  lay  church  leaders.    Dr.   Seals  began  visiting  Lima,  Peru  by  leading  annual  medical  mission  trips  from  Lipscomb  University.    He  quickly   recognized  the  need  for  a  more  permanent  solution  to  help  sustain  churches  and  spread  the  hope  of  the  Gospel  in   the  city  and  beyond.    While  local  ministers  are  often  trained  at  traditional  preaching  schools,  there  is  a  dire  need   for  educated  disciples  to  lead  and  share  ministerial  responsibilities.  From  its  founding,  IBI’s  goal  is  to  strengthen   student’s  biblical  knowledge  and  practice  so  they  can  become  more  effective  Christian  leaders.   The  Inter-­‐American  Bible  Institute’s  mission  is  to  spread  the  Gospel  in  the  nation  of  Peru  through  developing  and   educating  Christian  leaders.    Our  focus  is  to  develop  disciples  by  providing  young  men  and  women  a  challenging   biblical  curriculum,  practical  experience  through  service  roles  in  local  churches,  and  developing  financial   sustainability  skills  via  technical  training  in  various  fields  for  students  to  use  to  support  themselves  after   graduation.   The  ultimate  goal:  teaching  leadership  and  discipleship  so  that  our  students  can  spread  the  Good  News  of  Christ   and  strengthen  churches  throughout  Peru.  IBI  is  supported  by  West  End  and  several  other  congregations  and   individuals  across  the  USA.  For  additional  information  see:  Tom  Seals  and/or:   For  additional  information  please  contact:  Tom  Seals  (   Annual  Support  from  West  End-­‐$2,400    

Caribbean Lectureship   1971-­‐present   The  Caribbean  Lectureship  was  founded  by  our  own  Ken  and  Jane  Dye  in  1971  in  Kingston,  Jamaica.  Their  dream   was  for  the  churches  in  the  islands  of  the  Caribbean  to  meet  annually  on  a  different  island  each  year  and  spend   several  days  together  in  worship,  study  and  fellowship.  Since  that  initial  effort  this  annual  event  has  been   sponsored  by  the  local  churches  throughout  the  Caribbean.   Members  come  from  the  many  islands  of  this  archipelago  together  with  others  from  Guyana,  Bermuda  and   America  to  collectively  gain  strength  from  God  and  each  other.  What  an  event  it  has  become  with  attendance   peaking  at  2400  when  the  lectureship  finds  it  way  to  Trinidad  and  about  400  in  the  smaller  islands.     Ken  and  Jane  attend  this  event  annually  together  with  various  members  from  the  West  End  Church.  It  has  become   something  we  are  very  proud  to  help  sponsor  and  encourage.   For  additional  information  please  contact:  Ken  Dye  (   Annual  Support  from  the  Keenagers  Auction-­‐$3,000  (not  part  of  the  October  25  special  contribution)  

MISSION AREA:   Mission  Travel  Support  for  West  End  Members   An  extremely  important  facet  of  our  outreach  is  the  encouraging  of  our  own  members  to  go  in  person  as  short   term  missionaries.  This  enables  our  members  to  use  their  gifts  to  not  only  experience  first-­‐hand  foreign  outreach   but  to  encourage  churches  in  existence  around  the  world.  Our  own  members  have  gone  to  Russia,  Mexico,  Haiti,   Guatemala,  Caribbean  and  many  other  countries.   In  order  to  encourage  our  own  to  make  these  mission  trips,  $350/person  is  given  to  help  with  the  expense.  Our   church  chooses  to  invest  an  amount  of  money  in  each  of  our  members  so  that  upon  their  return  their  enthusiasm   will  be  infectious  with  others,  encouraging  them  to  do  the  same.     For  additional  information  please  contact:  Chuck  Whittle  (   Annual  Support  from  West  End-­‐$5,200  

West End COC Foreign Mission Detail  
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