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Discovery Is it enough to be an individual And walk alone Locking your feelings behind a paper ma sk So skillfully that no man may know Who you are?

If this the game we play Then what shall we say When someone asks, "Why do you play the role of a fool?" Is it because no man ha s found the key?


~~M ~l~l~~ll~~ ~~~ f~ ~~ll~

headmaster raymond a. patterson

B.S., M. S. University of Wisconsin

Say the word "Wayland" and Mr . Patterson answers "change" . Five years ago the word "tradition" would have been spoken, but today the school is involved in a commitment to the future. Education must be a continuous learning process with students reserving the right to know that someone cares enough to praise or punish them . A bulwark must be established so that young people may test its stability and find their own standards.


administration The Wayland administration believes that a student's learning process continues as he daily encounters ways in which he is given the opportunity to discover both his strong points and his weaknesses. Many times these discoveries occur when the student goes against school policy, but something good can result from this confrontation. The student begins to see that the authority is here to help, to guide rather than to hinder.

Fred E. Klaisner Dean of Students B.S.,M. Ed. Kent State University

Fred Schlicher Curriculum Coordinator, Chairman of Mathematics Department B. Ed. Wisconsin State College, Whitewater, M.S. State University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin Knox College, Drew University.

Richard N . Boya Director of Development B. A. Lawrence College, University of Wisconsin, University of Omaha University of Chicago .



Jean C. Mickey Dean of Girls, English A.B., Pomona College; Randolph-Macon College; Valparaiso University; M.A.University of Chicago.

Paul A. Schmidt Director of Admissions, History B.A. , M.A. Illinois State University

David W. Fierke Dean of Senior Boys Concordia Junior College; Concordia Seminary; B.A ., Valparaiso University; M.A. Northwestern University.

George Cobb Public Relations B.A. Alma College 10


To the Reverend Mr. Towner, the students are the life of Wayland, Their warmth, naturalness, and open minds set them apart from the pseudo-sophistication of both the West Coast and the eastern preparatory schools. He feels that Wayland graduates face the future with confidence and self-determination. They show a greater appreci ation .

The Reverend Mr . Robert W. Towner, Chaplain, B.A. Hamilton College; Colgate Rochester Divinity School; Union Theological Seminary .

english Mary Swan A.B. Carleton College; A.M. University of Chicago; University of Main.

William L. Clark B.A., M .S. Wisconsin State College, River Falls

Helen Fierke B.A. Valparaiso University; University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.


The student who cares may discover there are many things to a piece of literature besides just the story and there is a magic to find in words, words, words.

David G. Proctor Chairman A .B. Harvard University; M.Ed . Boston University; Breadloaf School of English-Middlebury College.

Vernon Sehloff Publications B.S. University of Wisconsin; M.A. University of Wisconsin.

languages To appreciate the cultures and ways of people in foreign lands, the student will find foreign lan guages a necessity.

Victor Sampon-French Chairman Language Department B.S.,M .A. Marquette University; Ecole Commerciale Yerviers; Universite de Liege, Belgium; University of Wisconsin; Universite Laval, Quebec.

Anne-Marie Sampon-French Ecole Commerciale, Yerviers; Marquette University; Universite Laval, Quebec.


Helene Bazin-French License d'Enseignement; Diploma d' Etudes Superieures d' Anglais.

Constance Koehne-Spanish B.A. DePaul University William Koehne-Spanish B.A. Yale University; M.A. University of Michigan; University of Chicago; M.A. Northern Illinois University.

Jackson Hobart Tucker-Latin B.A. Princeton University; Universities of Heidelberg; Grenoble; the Sorbonne; American Academy at Rome.


history Each student should have an understanding of the social, economic, human , and religious properties of the past and present in order to gain certain character values and an overall perspective of history and the trends that influence it.

John Heilman Chairman B.A . Coe College; University of Iowa.

Alton E. Wichman B.A.Carrol College; M.A . University of Wisconsin; University of Chicago.

Norman L. Nelson A.B. Olivet College; M.A. University of Virginia.


mathematics The students themselves should gear the teaching. The computer assisted mathematics instruction enables the students to discover the limitations of the computer.

Russell M. Coley Planning and Plant Development B.S.Carroll College.

Joseph H. Miller B.S. Wisconsin State University, Stevens Point; M.A. Colorado State College.

John G. Clay B.S. Lawrence University; University of California; University of Minnesota. 17


Martin Meyer B.S. ,M.S. University of Wisconsin -Madison ; University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee; University of Indiana; Ball State College; Lawrence University.

Richard Holstein B.S. Lebanon Valley College; University of Wisconsin; Princeton University; Kenyon College.

Mr. Hansgen feels it is not enough for the Wayland student to have only an understanding of the physical universe and its natural laws, but he must also be aware of the diversity of economic and racial back-grounds in our society. He feels his department has the whole, external world for the student to discover.

Richard Hansgen B.S. Ohio State University; Ohio Wesleyan; National Science Foundation, M.S.T. Cornell University.


ffiUSlC Every music student and choir member gains the pleasure of accomplishment by participating in choral-singing, music assemblies, and informal entertainment. He is teaching concentration and the skill of utilizing one's time in accomplishing a desired goal.

Franklin F. Stecker Chairman B.A. Northwestern University; M.A. Wartburg College.

Helen Kane B.M. University of Wisconsin.



La Vita Wichman-Librarian B.A. Carroll College Eli Seighman Director of Resource Materials B.A. University of West Virginia; M.A. Western Reserve University.

art Mrs. Dohmann would like her classes to be casual and "off the cuff." She wants to open the students' eyes so that they can express themselves as individuals.

Beverly Dohmann-Art B.F.A. Layton School of Art; Minneapolis School of Art.


physical education Judy S. Nelson B.A. University of Utah ; M.A . Smith Co llege.

Sol Wolfe A.B. Hillsdale College; University of Michigan .

Ronald A. Blomberg Athletic Director B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison ; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Hildegard Olson Nurse Maxine Schmidt Dormitory Assistant

Dennis Wilkins Director of Saga Food Service

Jennie Sampalis Dormitory Assistant


Frank Weber Bookstore Manager

Office Staff (I to r) Jean Birkholz, Joann Peters, Gloria Wheeler, Harriet


Our Beloved Gnomes



Tom Altholz Post Staff 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Soccer 2,3, 4; Baseball 2,4; Track 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; "W" Club 4; Public Relations 4.

Joan Benedict Y .W.C .A. 4; Pep Club 3,4; Field Hockey 4; Basketball 4; Water Ballet 3,4; Softball 4; Intramurals 3,4; Swim Team 3; Tennis 3,4; Public Relations 4; Ski Club 3,4.

Lynne Arthur Academy Singers 4; Y .W .C.A . 4 ; Public Relations 4.

Babs Bevis Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Water Ballet 2; Softball 2, 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; President 4; Swim Team 3; Warren Hall Council 3; Public Relations 4; Milwaukee Journal Art Award I.


Terri Ballesteros Girls' Chorus 3; Y.W.C.A .3,4; Pillars Staff 4; Intramurals 4; Volleyball 3,4; Public Relations 4; Honor Roll 4; High Honor Roll3; Ski Club 3,4.

Anne Brazeau Y .W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Cabinet I; Pillars Staff 4; Ski Club I, 2,3,4; Water Ballet 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 3,4 ; Honor Roll 2; Warren Hall Council 4; Vice-President 4; Homecoming Court 2; Prom Court I; Public Relations I, 2,4.


Rich Busse Post Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Public Relations 4; Dye Dorm Council4; Soccer 3,4; Swimming 3; Golf 3; Track 4; "W" Club 3,4.

Jean Cress Y.W.C .A. 3,4; Post Staff 4; Pillars Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Field Hockey 3,4; Basketball 4; Water Ballet 3; Softball 3,4; lntramurals 3, 4; Volleyball3 ,4; Public Relations4 ; Ski Club3,4.

Hal Courtice Football 3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Coach 4; Track 3; "W" Club 3,4.

Nancy Detweiler Class Vice-President 2; Class Secretary I; Choir 1,2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Cabinet 2, 3; President 4; Cheerleading I; Warren Hall Council 2; Home Coming Court I; Ice Carnival Court I; Honor Rolll,2,3,4; Water Ballet 1,2.


Bob Cowles Public Relations 4; Ski Club 3,4; Pep Club 3; Football 3; Soccer 4; Golf 3; Baseball 4; "W" Club 3,4.

Scott Dinkel Post Staff 4; Photography Club 4; Swimming Manager 2; Wrestling Manager I; Track Manager 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4.


Judy Exner Water Ballet 1,2,3,4; Volley Ball3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer 4; Y.W.C .A. 1,2,3,4; Post Staff 3,4; Drama Club 4; Pillars Staff 4; Debate I; Warren Hall Council 4; Student Council 4; Prom Committee 3; Student Relations 4.

Rick Fliehr Wayland Hall Council4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Choir 5; Most Valuable Football Award 3, 5; Wrestling Award 4; Basketball 2; Track 2,3,4,5; "W" Club 2,3,4,5; lntramurals 3,4, 5.

Karen Falk Choir 2; Girls' Chorus 2,3; String Ensemble 2; Academy Singers 4; Y.W.C.A. 2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Pep Club 2,3; Field Hockey 2, 3,4; Water Ballet 2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Volleyball 3,4; Tennis 2,4; Public Relations 4; Drama Club 4.

Evelyn Freeman Water Ballet 2,3; Volleyball I; String Ensemble I; Public Relations 4; Honor Roll 3; High Honor Roll I; National Merit 4.


Jane Farrell Choir 3,4; Y.W.C.A. 3,4; Pillars Staff4; Pep Club 3; Volleyball 3,4; Public Relations 4; Ski Club 3,4.

Sue Furry Choir 1,2; Girls' Chorus 3; Academy Singers 4; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Water Ballet I ,2; lntramurals I ,2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Prom Court 2; Public Relations 4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Post Staff4; Pillars 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Volleyball 4; Ski Club 1,2,3.


Missy Goetting Fieldhockey 2,3,4; Water Ballet 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Ski Club 2, 3,4; Y.W.C .A. 2,3,4; Cabinet 3; Vice-President 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Pillars Staff2 ; Pep Club 3. Nancy Hagan Choir 1,2; Girls' Chorus 1,2,3; Kapelle 4; Academy Singers 4; Y .W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3 ; Cheer leading 1,2,3,4; Varsity Captain 4; J .V. Captain 2; Water Ballet 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,3; Water Ballet President 2,4; Softball 1,2; I ntramurals 1,2,3,4; Warren Hall Council 4; Vice President 4; Prom Committee 3; Ice Carnival Court 3; Public Relations 3,4; Homecoming Court 4.

Jody Greenwood Choir 3,4; Kapelle 4; Folk Group 3,4; Leader 4; Y.W.C .A. 4; Water Ballet 3; Volleyball 3,4; Public Relations 3,4.

Lloyd Gurney Ski Club 4 ; Pe p Club 3; Record Club 4 ; Soccer 3,4; Tennis 3,4; "W" Club 3,4; Intramurals 3,4.

Tom Hancock Pillars Staff 4 ; Wayland Hall Council 3; Honor Roll 2,3; Football 2; Soccer 3,4; Basketball 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 4; "W" Club 3,4.

Keith Hartl Pillars Staff 4; Honor Roll 1,2; National Merit Honorable Mention 3; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 2; Track 1,2,3,4; Weightlifting I; Pep Club 1,2,3.



Karen Herbolzheimer Y.W.C.A. 3,4; Post Staff 4; Pillars Staff 4; Ski Club 3,4; Fencing 3; Intramurals 3,4; Public Relations 4; Honor Roll 3,4.

Charles H. Johannsen III Class President 4; Drama Club 3,4; Choir 4; Activities Committee 4; Student Council 4; Prom Committee 3; Public Relations 4; High Honor Roll 3; Honor Roll4; National Merit Honorable Mention 3; Soccer 3,4; Tri -Captain 4; Basketball 3; Tennis 3,4; "W"Ciub 3,4.

Martha Houston Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 3; Pillars Staff 2,3,4; Pep Club I ,2,3; Photography Club 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4 ; Field Hockey 2,3,4 ; Manager 4; Basketball 3; Water Ballet 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Warren Hall Council 3; Drama Club 4; Public Relations 3,4; Honor Roll 2,3,4. Karen Klaisner Class Secretary 4; Choir 2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. 2, 3,4; Pillars Staff 4; Pep Club 2,3; Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3, 4; Cheerleading 2,3,4; Varsity Captain 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Vice President Student Council 4; Prom Committee 3; Public Relations 4; Honor Roll 2, 3,4.


Doug Hyde Public Relations 4; Soccer 3,4; Wrestling 3; Baseball 3; Pep Club 3; Ski Club 3,4.

Terrill Knaack Honor Roll 2; Milwaukee Journal Art Award 3; Football 1,2,3,4; J.V. Captain 2; Varsity Captain 4; Wrestling 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; "W" Club 3,4; Weightlifting 3.



John Kreuz Honor Roll 3,4; Football 1,3; Soccer 2,4; Basketball 4; Swimming 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; lntramurals 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4.

Ric Larsen Public Relations 4; Soccer 2,3; Swimming 2; Wrestling 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; "W" Club 2,3, 4; President 4.

Anne Laing Field Hockey 3,4; Varsity Captain 4; Water Ballet 3; Softball 3; lntramurals 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Swim Tea m 3; Tennis 3,4; Y.W.C.A . 3,4; Pep Club 3; Homecoming Court 3; Public Relations 4; Choir 3,4; Homecoming Queen 4.

Sue Leith Choir 1,2,3,4; Kapelle 2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2, 3,4; Pillars Staff 3,4; Ski Club 2,3,4; Fencing 1,2,3; Captain 3; Field Hockey I ; Basketball I ; Public Relations 4; Honor Roll3,4; High Honor Roll 1,2; National Merit Honorable Mention 4; Junior Marshall 3; Girls' Chorus I.


Brian Lally Foot ball 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Baseball 3,4; "W" Club 3,4; Class Vice-President 3; Pep Club 3; Wayland Players 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Public Relations 4.

Greg Leydig Post Staff 4 ; Pep Club 3; Choir 4; Folk Group 4; Wayland Players 3,4; Football 3,4; Tennis 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; " W" Club 3,4.


Cathy Llewellyn Field Hockey 3; Water Ballet 2,3,4; Swim Team 3,4; Choir 2,3,4 ; Girls' Chorus 2; Y.W.C.A . 2,3,4; Honor Roll2.

AI McNeil Football 3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Honor Roll 4; High Honor Roll 3; Choir 3,4; Kapelle 3.

Ginny MacArthur Field Hockey 2,3,4; Varsity Captain 3; Basketball 2,4; Water Ballet 2,3; Softball2; Volleyball 3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Y . W .C.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Pillars Staff 2,3; Public Relations 4.

Foy McNaughton Class President 3; Wayland Hall Council 3; Student Council 3; Prom Co mmittee 3; Public Relations 3; Honor Roll 2,3; Junior Marshall 3; Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3; Golf2,4; Track 3; "W" Club 3,4.

Debbie Mead Water Ballet 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 3.4; Milwaukee Journal Art Award 2,3; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4 Post Staff 4; Pillars Staff 3,4; Warren Hall Council4; Public Relations 4.

Gretchen Merrill Fencing 1,2,3; Water Ballet 1,2; Honor Roll 4; High Honor Rolll,2,3; National Merit 4; Junior Marshall 3; Class Secretary 2; Pillars Staff 3,4; Co-Editor 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4.



Greg Meyer Post Staff 4; Town Club I ,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Footballl,2,3,4; Basketball!, 2,3,4; J. V. Captain 2; Baseball I ,2,3,4; Intramurals 2; "W" Club 1,2,3,4.

Dave Palmquist Pillars Staff 1,2,3,4; Co-Editor 4; Post Staff 3,4; Choir 3,4; Rouland I; Wayland Players 3,4; Class Treasurer 2; Activities Committee 2; Drama Club I ,2,3,4; Prom Committed 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Student Relations 1,2; Photography 1,2,3,4; Public Relations 4; Basketball I; Soccer 3,4; Cross Country 1,2路 Captain 2; Most-Valuable Cross Country Award 1,2; "W" Club 1,2,3,4.

Gordy Neese Post Staff 4; Pep Club 3,4; Public Relations 4; Band 3,4; Town Club 3,4; Honor Roll 3; Soccer 3,4; Tri-Captain 4; Track 3,4; "W" Club 3,4; Ice Hockey 3,4.

Bob Pedigo Soccer 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Baseball 4; Golf2; Track 3; "W" Club 2,3,4.


Ed Nichols Dye Dorm Council 4; Record Club 3,4; Soccer 3,4; Tri-Captain 4; Tennis 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; "W" Club 3,4.

Lynn Perrigo Basketball 2,3,4; Water Ballet 2,3,4; Cheerleading 2; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Y .W.C .A. 2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Pillars 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Warren Hall Council 4; Student Council 2; Choir 3,4; Girls' Chorus 2; Kapelle 4; Varsity Club Secretary- Treasurer 4.


Toni Petersen

Kathy Purdy Field Hockey 2; J.V. Captain 2; Basketball 2; Water Ballet 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 1,2,3, 4; Varsity Club 2,3,4 ; Class Treasurer I; Class Secretary 3; Y .W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Warren Hall Council 3,4; President 4; Prom Committee 3; Ice Carnival Court 2; Prom Court 3; Public Relations 4; Junior Girl Award 3; Music Achievement Award 3; Diving 4; Ski Club I ,2,3,4.

Carolyn Pierce Tennis 4; Honor Roll4; Y.W.C .A. 4; Academy Singers 4; Public Relations 4.

Jim Quirk Soccer 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Tennis I, 2,3,4; In tram urals I ,2,3,4 ; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Public Relations 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4.


David Proctor Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball Manager 3,4; Tennis Manager 2,3,4; "W" Club 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,4; High Honor Roll3 ; National Merit Honorable Mention 3; Harvard Book Award 3; Junior Marshall 3; Choir I, 2,3,4; Kapelle 3; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Wayland Players I ,2,3,4; Rouland I; Pillars Staff 4; Business Manager 4; Student Relations Committee 3; Music Achievement Award 2,3; Drama Key 3. Scott Radford Cross Country 2; Football!; Soccer 3,4; Swimming 1,2,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals I ,2; Pillars 3,4; Pep Club I ,2,3; Photography 4; Wayland Hall Council 3; Public Relations4.



Chris Reinoehl Soccer 3,4; Swimming 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Choir 3,4; Kapelle 3,4.

John Rottman Soccer 3,4; Swimming 3,4; Baseball 3,4; "W" Club 3,4; Secretary-Treasurer 4; Class Vice-President 4; Post Staff 4; Student Council4.

Mark Roberts Soccer I ,2,3,4; Wrestling I ,4; Tennis I ; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3; "W" Club 3,4; Post Staff 4; Pillars 4; Ski Club I ,2,3,4; Student Council 3; Prom Committee 3; Public Relations 2.

Marcy Rux Fencing 2,3; Field Hockey 3; Water Ballet 2,3; Softball I; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 3; Honor Roll 1,2,4; Y.W.C .A. 1,2,3,4; Pep Club I; Girls' Chorus 1,2; Music Club I; Drama Club 2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4.


Ann Rosebush Fencing I ,2; Field Hockey I ,3,4; Water Ballet 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Pillars Staff 4; Choir 2,3,4.

Annette Sampon Fencing I ; Second Year Art Award 3; Y.W.C .A . 1,2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 4; Pillars Staff 4; Honor Roll4.


Polly Schmidt Basketball 4; Volleyball 4; Swim Team 3; Y.W.C .A. 4; Pillars Staff 4; Warren Hall Council 4; Girls' Chorus 3; Academy Singers4.

Marcy Stevens Water Ballet 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Volleyball3,4; Honor Roll 3; Y.W.C .A. 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Pillars Staff 4; Ski Club 3,4; Choir 3,4.

Char Schultz Field Hockey 2,3,4; Co-Captain 4; Softball 2; lntramurals 3,4; Volleyball 3,4; Y.W.C.A. 1,2,3,4; Officer 2; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 2,4; Pillars Staff 4; Pep Club I, 2,3; Public Relations 4; Academy Singers 4.

Bill Stevens Football 2,3,4; Swimming 2,3,4; Track 2,3, 4; Intramurals 2,3; "W" Club 2,3,4; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 4; Pep Club 2,3.


Bob Shaw Soccer 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Tennis I, 2,3,4; Track 4; Drama Club 4; Post Staff 4; Pillars 4; Activities Committee 3; Ski Club 1,2; Chess Club 1,2.

Sarah Stiehl Basketball 3; Drama Club 4; Photography 3,4; Choir 3,4.


Tim Terrell Soccer 2,3,4; Wrestling 4; Golf 3,4; Track 2; "W" Club 2,3,4; Weight Lifting 2,3 .

BundyTrinz Water Ballet 2,3; Intramurals 2,3; Volleyball 2,4; Swim Team 3; Honor Roll 3,4; High Honor Roll 2; National Merit Honorable Mention 4; Y.W.C.A. 2,3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Pillars Staff 4; Public Relations 4.

Dick Upton Football 2; Swimming 2; Tennis 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Public Relations 3,4; Choir 4.

Mitch Uttech Football 1,2; Soccer 3,4; Swimming 3,4 ; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Public Relations 3.

Irene Van Ham Y. W .C .A . 3,4 ; Drama Club 3,4 ; Pillars Staff 4; Public Relations 3; Choir 3,4; Girls' Chorus 3; Kapelle 4.

Frank Velde Football 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 3, 4路 Golf 2路 "W" Club 2 3 4 路 Post Staff 4 路 ' Drama Cl~b 3,4; Choir 3:4.' '




KathyYinz Fencing 3; Honor Rolll,2,3; Y.W.C .A. 1,2, 4; Drama Club 3,4; Choir I; Girls' Chorus 2.

Carole Weber Intramurals 4; Y.W.C.A. 3,4; Post Staff 4; Drama Club 3,4; Pillars Staff 4; Pep Club 3; Choir 3,4; Girls' Chorus 3.

Bambi Watson Field Hockey 2,3,4; Water Ballet 2,3; Intramurals 2,3,4; Varsity Club 4; Y olley Ball 2, 3,4; Student Council 3; Warren Hall Council 4; Prom Committee 3; Public Relations 4; Class Treasurer 3; Choir 2,3,4; Folk Group4; Y.W.C.A. 2,3,4 .

Dan Weisse Wrestling 1,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3; "W" Club 3,4; Post Staff 4; Student Relations L 2; Public Relations 3,4.


Harold Webber Soccer 4; Honor Roll3,4; Choir 3,4; Ka pelle 4; Honor Award Physics 3; Independent Studies Physics 3, Chemistry 4, Mathematics 3.

Joyce Wiley Fencing 3; Intramurals 3,4; Y .W.C.A. 2,3,4; Pillars Staff 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Photography2.

Sandy Yuan Soccer 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Pep Club 3; Public Relations 4.



finally making it

breaking our fourth place losi ng

streak at Homecoming

new pnvs


term papers ... "studying" in the seminar room ... fill-

..... ,..... • • K






, ,.

ing out college applications and sweating replie s .. Ward's ... being hosts and hostesses ... rushing under-

- ' -T

classmen ... coldwar

waiting for spring and senior

s e

n •


privs ... class parties ... realizing that we have to think

... Six Week s to Words of Power .. . taking the last college test

trying to build class unity

ing ourselves.

class officers president: John Rottman secretary: Karen Klaisner treasurer: Judy Exner


di scover-


r s

. .



Jim Ana than

Mary Bader

Leslie Bailey

Jim Bender

John Bill

Tom Brown

Rob Buntz

B. Gay Buttemiller

Anne Byfield

Barb Coley

Jim Cape


Tim Connor



Patty Conrad

Bill Cuellar

Dan Dreblow

Dave Couch

Marc Cram

Char Cum bier

George Davis

Tom Drummond

Mary Edwards


Kathy Cruttenden

Kate Davis

Steve Eggebrecht


Abby Ferry

Bud Flanders

Dana Giulian

Randi Goldstone

Bob Green

Steve Griggel

Bobbi France

Bridget Gokey



Bill Fulton

Debe Gordon

Paul Gustafson


Judy Harker

Heather Johnson

Dick Kimport

Jackie Hewitt

Chris Hepp

Dennis Kagan

Jeff Johnson

Lisa Lavicka

Mark Leichtle


Don Hutchinson

Bancha Kampanat

Rue Leitzke



Robin Levinson

Mary McPherson

Jay Morley

John Llewellyn

Sue Macinnes

Dave Mead

Sue Mullen


Greg Mayer

John Meilstrup

Kate Merrill

Jon Myers

Bill O'Neil



Kathy Parsons

Pat Patterson

Vic Peirce

Joel Peterson

Kip Peterson

Mike Platt

Bob Potts

Dan Prunuske

Tom Rinek

Mary Parent

Char Ruge 51

Tom Scheible



John Sirovy

Dave Small

John Stoehr

Zoe Stowers

Burnie Sullivan

Dave Terrell

Mike Thomas

Bob T orstenson

Joan Urbanek

Amy Van Pelt

Anita Vickery

Chris Vogelei



Mary Voigt

Doug Walter

Bob Y eornans

Pat Vrabec

Kay Wagenknecht

Dick Washburn

Jane Wingquist

Warren Youker

Paul Yuan 53

Tim Wagner

Pat Woller

Todd Zaseck



only one more year till the top .. . ten hours of homework a night instead of five

winning first


place in the effigies . .. being the biggest class . . .


College Boards . . . Tuesday afternoon History lee-



new furniture on second floor . . . first crack at

tures .. . the responsibility of prom

looking for

answers, and looking, and looking . . . a close class ... new privileges . . . realizing that you're almost


r s


class officers president: Kip Peterson vice president: Kathy Parsons secretary: Jane Wingquist treasurer: Bob Green

missing from preceding pages: Jenny Eager Jody Greenhaus Scott Lutzke





Debbie Adams

Toby Below

Barb Blomberg

Steve Blomberg

Mimi Brazeau

Jerry Burtt

Bob Conner

Jenny Cowles

Bonnie Dohmann

Terry Erickson

John Demling

Betsey Disher 58


Jim Exner

Debbie Fierke

Kim France

Dave Frank

Becky Grindheim

Sharon Hartzell

Happy Foreman

Kate Freeman

Sue Heacox


Chris Foth

Steve Gilbert

Kim Heide


Jean Janzen

Linda Lei benson

Steve McCreedy

Alan Jung


Tricia Leith

Greg Ludlow

Burt McNaughton

Kris Merrill


Kris Kampanat

Will Luedke

Jackie Nixon


Beth Pedigo

Steve Pfeifer

Cary Roslotr


Steve Shaw

John Sisk 61

Alan Proctor

Ted Ringer

Alan Schlicher

Bob Schmidt

Steve Smith

Steve Spencer


Mark Spengler

Rick Way

Dave Taheri

Judy Tingley

Jan Wells

Tobey White

John Unland

Paul Wild

Missing: Bruce Atterbury Bill Eldred Eric Hallin Mark Hannan Dave Rux Dan Schumann Peter Vrabec

Lucy Wilder

Harold Sogard

Bob Guilbert




s thank heaven there is someone younger ... not getting up Wednesday morning ... finding that teachers know about you as a person .. . knowing nothing about yourself ... ordering class rings . . . putting on sophomore

:--- 路-路

carnival . . . sleeping through bells ... growing up . . .


p h

only two more years ... increasing the class number ...

D'S '



discovering that you can live without soc.


m class officers president: Alan Proctor vice president: Kim Roberts secretary: Terry Erickson treasurer: Mimi Brazeau



e s



Ginger Banta

Holly Burdekin

Chris Chapman

Nancy Bradford

Alan Bender

Chris Busse

Debbie Carver

Scott Coley

Jeff Cox


Jill Breitzman

John Caselli

Stan Cram


Jim Duffey

Martha Erickson

Gary Giulian

Rusty Harding

Mary Jo Heacox

Jay Hoeschler

Boyd Huls

Jim Kirsh

Kathy Klaisner

Dave Larson

Sara Lavicka


Debby Leichtle


Marge Lindeke

Ted Meredith

Bob Nelson

Dan Nordell

Candy O'Brien

Tom Platt

Kim Roberts

Tyri Schiek

Lisa Spencer

Don Swanson

BarbSzweda 70

Mary Taves


Jim Tompsett

Beth Towner

Ann Wagenknecht

Lynn Wagenknecht

Pam Way

Barb Van Pelt

Charlie Wagner

Wendy Wilson

Tom Wiesman 71

Bob Vilker

Joe Wagner

Jane Ziegler


the first year away from home ... making it through the


first sit-down meal .. . self-consciousness ... being awkward in front of upperclassmen ... new experiences . _. living with people ... self-discipline for the new buildings

being here

r e

no pnvs . . wanting to be a

class . . the littlest of all ... only three more years trying hard to be so mebody .. . waiting for independence ... discovering you're proud to be a fre shman .

s h

m e

class officers president: Tyri Shiek vice president: K. Roberts secretary: S . Lavicka treasurer: D. Larson

missing from preceding pages: Hutchinson P. Prunuske L. Taheri




~~A P./F


public relations

TOP ROW, L toR: M. Thomas, H. Sogard, J. Stoehr, A. Proctor, J. Llewellyn, J. Quirk . SECOND ROW: J . Farrell, J. Greenwood, S. Furry, K. Falk , S. Radford , B. O ' Neil , J. Cape , B. Green. THIRD ROW: D. Mead, K. Herbolzheimer, L. Arthur, D. Hyde, T. Schiek, C. Johannsen, D. Upton, P. Patterson, L. Leibenson, A. Brazeau, M. Brazeau, T . Ballesteros. FO URTH ROW: R. Levinson, L. Bailey, K. Merrill, S. Lavicka, J. Exner, T. Altholz, D. Palmquist, J. Janzen, B. Towner. FIFTH ROW:

M. Voigt, A . Vickery, D. Gordon, C. Pierce, T . Petersen, B. Yeomans, B. Torstenson, B. Shaw, K. Merrill , J. Nixon, K. France. SIXTH ROW: A. Ferry, K. Klaisner, B. Van Pelt, M . Bader, A. Wagenknecht, H. Johnson, B. Buttemiller, J. Cress, C. Chapman, V. Peirce. SEVENTH ROW: G. Banta, L. Wagenknecht, C. Weber, J. Benedict, B. Watson, C . MacArthur, K. Klaisner, B. Bevis, S. Hartzel, T. Leith.

student council

L TOR : S. Lavicka, K. Parsons, K. Roberts, T. Erickson, S. Gilbert, T. Schiek, A . Proctor, K. Peterson, J . Rottman , B. Green, M. Brazeau, J. Wingquist, K. Klaisner, D. Larson, missing: J. Exner.


varsity and w clubs

ner, B. Kampanat, B. O'Neil, B. Bevis, M. Platt, G. Neese, T . White, T . Hancock, D. Busse. FIFTH ROW: D. Small, B. Sullivan, A . Laing, R . Fliehr, P. Patterson, G. MacArthur, D. Proctor, B. Cowles, C. Johannsen. SIXTH ROW: 1. Meyers, K. Falk, V. Peirce, J . Sirovy, L. Perrigo, R. Larson, B. Watson, S . Furry, G. Meyer, B. Blomberg, C . Cumbler.

TOP ROW, L toR: J . Cape, J. Stoehr, K. Purdy, T . Altholz, S. Griggel, K. Parsons, A. McNeil, D. Terrell, T . Terrell. SECOND ROW: T . Schiek, K. Wagenecht, S . Blomberg, J . Bill, J . Meilstrup, N . Hagan , B. Lally, K. Peterson, F . MeN aughton, J . Wingquist. THIRD ROW: D. Palmquist, H . Courtice, J . Rottman, B. Stevens, B. Pedigo, M. Roberts, L. Gurney, G. Levdig, M. Goetting. FOURTH ROW: G. Mayer, A. Proctor, K. Klai s-

Each year the boys who have won a letter in a varsity sport and have performed well throughout the season have the opportunity to become members of the W Club. Initiation includes working a specific number of hours and surviving "silence day." When he becomes an active member, he wears a letter jacket and strives to promote athletics. The W Club pays for all athletic awards given throughout the year. Future plans include a display in the fieldhouse which will contain a plaque of all-conference players and champions and a medallion of the club's seal. Girls also play an important part in promoting Wayland sports. Those who are athletically inclined

go out for sports, and if they make the team are eligible to become members of the Varsity Club. Judged by their sportsmanship, attendance at practice, points made throughout the year, and attitude during initiation, the girls are voted on by the old members. This year the Varsity Club decorated the gym for the Homecoming Dance and planned a Slave Day where the members work for the student body in order to raise funds. One of the highlights of the year was the club's trip to Chicago, where they saw not only the Blackhawk hockey team, but also the movie star Hugh O'Brien.


wayland choir

TOP ROW, L to R: A. Laing, A. Rosebush, C. Llewellyn, M . McPherson, S. Mullen . SECON D ROW: F. Velde, R. Fliehr, T. Knaack, A. McNeil, D. Proctor, G. Leydig, D. Washburn, D. Hutchinson, B. Huls, D. C ouch, C . Reinoehl, T. Rinek, J. Grob, T . Platt, K. Purdy, M. Rux , C . Weber, J. Greenwood, B. Disher. THIRD ROW: D. Palmquist, C . Johannsen, H. Webber, S . Lutzke, D. Upton, C . Rosloff, B. Green, T . Meredith, K. Rob-

erts . FOURTH ROW: A . Proctor, J. Anathan, B. Buntz, J. Quirk , L. Perrigo, K. Klaisner, S . Leith, I. Van Ham, J . Farrell, S . Stiehl, N . Detweiler, R. Levinson, S. Macinnes, K. Parsons, K. Klaisner. FIFTH ROW: L. Bailey, W. Wilson, T . Leith, M. Stevens, B. Watson, J . Nixon, A. Ferry, Z . Stowers, H. Johnson, B. Towner, M. Parent, K. Davis.

wayland singers

TOP ROW, L toR: S. Gilbert, J. Unland, H . Sogard, J. Morley, T. Ringer , J. Cox, B. Fulton, W. Youker, C. Hepp, D. Kimport, D. Kagan, M. Heacox, S . Furry, P. Schmidt, K. Falk . SECOND ROW: J. Bill, R. Larsen, R. Harding, C. Cha pman, S. La vicka, A. Byfield, D. Gordon, J. Breitzman, K. France, G. Banta, T.

Erickson, J. Urbanek . THIRD ROW: A. Van Pelt,S. Heacox, P. C onrad , B. Gokey, B. Blomberg, J . Wingquist, N . Hagan, J. Greenhaus, L. Leibenson, D. Adams. FOURTH ROW: M. Erickson , A . Wagenknecht, C. Pierce, T. Schiek, D. Fierke, L. Wagenknecht, B. Van Pelt.


TOP ROW, L toR: N . Hagan, J . Greenwood, K. Purdy, S. Leith, D. Proctor, C . Reinoehl , H . Webber. SECOND ROW: I. Van Ham, B. Buntz, L. Perrigo. THIRD ROW: B. Green, D. Hutchinson .

Between making a tape for B.D.'s radio station and falling off the pulpit, the members of Kapelle find time to sing together in beautiful harmony. Selecting from the best voices of the two choirs, Mr. Stecker has created a group which certainly lives up to its reputa tion .

folk group

STANDING, L toR: T . Platt, D. Washburn, G. Leydig, D. Hutchinson, J. Greenwood. SEATED: B. Towner, K. Parsons, B. Wat-

son, B. Fulton, T. Petersen, A. Ferry, W. Wilson, J. Grob, K. Peterson.

This is the second year that Wayland has had a folk group. A combination of the remaining members from last year and those who survived tryouts in September, the Folk Singers opened their season in October with a performance for Wayland parents in Lindsey Lounge. There are more solos this year than last. The student body's approval of this is shown by their standing ovations. The head of the group, Jody Greenwood, awes the audience with her delivery of "Jet Plane" and other songs. With the endless possibilities of new material, the group will go far .

Jody Greenwood


warren hall council

BACK ROW L 10 R : K. Parsons, K. Davis, P. Woller, J. Harker. FIRST ROW: J. Exne r, L. Perrigo, A. Brazeau, P. Schmidt, B. Watson. SECOND ROW: N. Hagan, D. Mead , K. Merrill, C. Foth, D. Adams. TH IRD ROW: N. Bradford, L. Wagenknecht, K. Purdy, L. Spencer.

wayland hall council



R: B. Green, B. Yeomans, V. Peirce, S. Gilbert, T . Brown.




The Pillars Staff.

The Pilla rs editors and staff would like to thank Mr . Sehloff for leavi ng us alone most of the time and helping us whenever he was asked. NOTE: All poetry in the Pillars was written by Po lly Schmidt, poet laureate o f our yearbook.

Mr. S. a nd friend .


Wow! Painting by numbers sure is fun.

art department Best thing you've done all year

.. . Ct.

Yipes, stripes!

national merit

L T O R : G r e tc hen M e rrill , Ke ith H artl , Ev Freema n, C ha rl es J o ha nn se n , S u sa n Le ith , Dav id Pr oc t o r, Bund y Trinz. Mi ssing: A la n McN eil.

the breakfast club

L TOR: Dav id Pa lmqui st, C ha rles J oha nn sen , Ka te Free ma n, T ed Ringer, S ue Mulle n. Bill Fulto n, Lucy Wilder, G re tche n Merr ill . Betsy Di sher. Les lie Ba iley. Ri ch Busse, J ohn Llewe llyn .



marshals L o R: B. O 'Neil, D. G iuli a n, M. Parent, K. Wagenknecht.

y.m.c.a. cabinet

F1 RST ROW L to R: K. Merrill, I. Van H am, J. H ewitt, L. Taheri. SECOND ROW: T. White, M . Ba der , K. Merrill, N. Detweiler.


drama Thi s year , und er the directi on of Mr. Willi am C la rk , se lected stud ents a t Way la nd pa rti cipa ted in two dra matic produ cti ons, Under M ilk wood by Dyla n Thomas a nd The S andbox by Edwa rd A lbee. T o ma ke th e pl ays m ore int e rest in g, M r . C lar k chose stud ents with va ryin g voice pitches, thu s avo idin g slee p inducin g di a log ues. Under M ilkwood was simila r to last yea r' s producti on of Spoon Ri ver; both pl ays dea lt mainl y with th e in ner thought s of a small communit y. If the audi ence th oug ht Un d er Mil k woo d was dee p, th ey we re swa mped trying to inter pret the S andbox. As Greg Leydi g fl exed hi s mu scles a nd Ja ne Farrell rockedout on the cla rinet, gra ndm other Ka th y Vinz succeeded in burying herse lf in the sa ndbox. Intellectu all y, the pl ay is enta ngled with the un de rtones of dea th a nd the bound ari es of hum a n ex iste nce. T he majority of stu de nts left the pl ay wond ering if it ever ex isted. Kape ll e, choir, a nd the folk group joined forces to prese nt th e sprin g mu sica l - a co ll ec t io n o f A me ri ca na. It was a fas t mov in g pe r fo rm a nce spi ced with folk da ncin g, pi e throw ing, a nd bawdy pos ters. As usual, Mr. Stecker, the choir, a nd a ll th ose who co ntributed did a wo nderfu I job.


BACK ROW: Coach Clay, B. Green , S. Blomberg, D. Prunuske, J . Bill, D . Walter , J. Meilstrup, S. Griggel, J. Exner, T. Scheible, T. Brown, B. Potts, Coach Coley. SECOND ROW: D. Dreblow , D . Washburn , S. Eggebrecht , P. Patterson, D. Terrell, J. Sirovy, T. Connor, D. Hutchinson , J. Morley, J. Lewellyn, J. Myers. THIRD ROW: H. Courtice, R. Larsen , B. Lally, R . Fliehr , T . Knaack , B. Stevens, F. Velde, G. Meyer , G. Leydig, A. McNeil, J. Cape.

Under the capable leadership of Coach John Clay, the Big Red team turned in a fine showing in the 1967 -68 season. Though sometimes having trouble finding paydirt, the gridders outrushed, outgained, outdefensed, and outgutsed every opponent they faced, while rolling to a 5-2 season. The thrills were abundant and the games exciting. The Homecoming game was probably the most stirring example of the team 's great pride and desire . Three times University School had the ball inside Wayland ' s eight ya rd line, but the Big Red stopped them cold and went on to win in the last minute and forty seconds, 14-7. This pride showed in all the Red ' s outings as time after time the men came through in the clutch. After a 13 -7 victory over St. Catherine's of Racine early in the season, six fumbles and four pass interceptions proved too much to overcome in Wayland ' s game with Ripon as the Redmen lost 13-6. Bouncing back , however, the Big Red polished off their first four conference opponents, Fox Valley (26-0), Northwestern Preps ( 13-1 0), Concordia (32 -6), and University School ( 14-7), and seemed certain of sharing the conference title with Milwaukee Lutheran. A muddy field and a backfiring onside kick attempt pr oved fatal to those hopes as Racine Lutheran beat Wayland 137 in the final game of th e season. The players selected Terrill Knaack a nd Frank Velde as co -captains of this year's team . Fra nk led the conference in tackles (53) and Terrill was one of the finest guards in the league. The conference coaches voted Bryan Lally and Rick Fliehr berths on the all conference team as defensive back and lin eman. Rick was also chosen most valuab le player: Jon Mye rs wa s vo ted the most improved player. With eight starters returning next fall, augmented by a fine J -V crop, the Big Red Promises to be a strong contender for the conference title next year.


1968 Football Record Wayland 13 6 26 13 32 14 7

St. Catherine's Ripon Fox Valley Luth. Northwest Preps Concord ia Univ. School Racine Lutheran

Opponent 7 13 0 10 6 7 13

junior varsity football

BACK ROW: Coach Blomberg, T . Below, G. Ludlow , P. Wild, E. Hallin , B. Torstenso n, S. McC reedy, B. Hulls, S. Coley, P. Prunu ske, A. Bend er. SECOND ROW: D. Norde ll, R. Way, T . Meredith, M. Brick ley, J . Unla nd , S. Pfeifer, S. Gilbert, B. Ay lward , J. Kirsh, B. Vilker, C. Rosloff, D. Swanson. THIRD ROW: D. Larso n, J. Hoeschler, S. Shaw, M. Hann an, B. Co nner, J. Burtt, J. Du ffy, J. Case lli , T.

Wi esman , B. Nelson, T . Schick.

Next weekend no "Roost"ing.

varsity soccer

STANDI NG L to R: B. O'Neil, D. Giulian, S. Lutzke, B. Yeom a ns, B. Flanders, D. Small, F . McN a ughton, L. G urney, T . Altholz, B. Cue ll ar , E . Nichols, Coach W olfe. KNEELING : M . Platt, B. Kam pa na t, J. Stoehr, T. Hancock, C. J oha nn se n, M. Roberts, G. Neese, D. Busse, T. Terre ll.

1967 W ay land (2) Way la nd (I) (I) Way la nd W ay la nd (0) W ay land (2) Way land (0) (2) Wayla nd W ay la nd (0) Wayla nd (2) W ay la nd ( I) O ve ra ll Record : Won 3


1968Yar sit ySoccer Record St. Bonave nture St. J osep h University Sc hoo l Ca th edra l St. Francis J orda n S t. Joseph U ni versit y Schoo l St. Francis J orda n U ni versity Lake Ca th edra l

L os / 6

Tied I

(2) (3) (2) (4) (0) (3) (I) (2) (0) (2)

(t ie) (overtim e)



junior varsity soccer

ROW: S. Spencer, B. Eldred, S. Smith, D. Rux, D. Taheri, A. Proctor, K. Kampanat, B. McNaughton, D. Jung, W. Luedke, J. Sisk, J. Demling.

BACK ROW, L toR: T . Platt, K. Roberts, H . Sogard, B. Guilbert, M. Gustafson, J . Harding, J. Cox, M. Cram, C. Wagner, T. Ringer, C. Spengler, A. Jung, D. Frank, Coach Cobb. FRONT

The Wayland Varsity soccer team compiled a record of three wins, six losses, and one tie, making thi s the most successful soccer season in Wayland's history. Coach Wolfe's Redmen, led by tricaptains Chuck Johannsen , Ed Nichols, and Tim Terrell, began the season by viewing several professional soccer films, and witnessing a demonstration on the techniques of soccer by Mr. Gene Edwards, Commissioner of Soccer for the State of Wisconsin. Every night after school the squad gathered for a two hour practice consisting of calisthentics, various soccer drills, and scrimmages. Improvement was noticeable as the season progressed, and the team never lost its enthusiasm or its desire to win, despite several heartbreaking losses. The last game was the highlight of the season, as our Redmen fought a fiercely-contested battle with the champion Cathedral team , only to lose in the last few minutes by our goal. No member of the team will forget those long laps around the field, the long awaited victory against Jordan, Foy's unlucky toe, or Nick's eighty yard boots. At the close of the season, Llosd Gurney was selected to the all-conference squad, and the team voted Ed Nichols the mo st valuable player.


field hockey

STANDING , L toR: R. Levinson, C. Schultz, K. Klaisner, G . MacArthur, M. Goetting, A. Rosebush, B. Bevis, J. Cress, K. Falk, J. Benedict, L. Lavicka, B. Watson. KNEELING: S. Fur-

STAN DING , L toR: M. Lindeke, J. Nixon, G. Banta, B. Van Pelt, M. Heacox, K. Klaisner, M. McPherson, B. Coley, A. Byfield, K. Parsons, D. Adams, P. Woller, J. Cowles, J .

ry, A. Laing, J. Wingquist, M. Houston, M. Edwards, K. Wagenknecht, T. White, M. Bader.

Urbanek, S. Lavicka, C. Cumbler. KNEELING: T. Leith, L. Wilder, P. Conrad, B. Disher, S. Heacox, B. Pedigo, L. Wagenknecht, K. Merrill, A. Wagenknecht.

field hockey The girls' athletic season begin s each fall with the wack, bump, and grind of field hockey. Cold feet, bruises, and grass-stained clothes are just a few highlights of this sport. 1967 was the first year that the Redgirls have scored any victories, but from the look of their determination, it won ' t be the last. They finished the season with 2 wins , 3 losses, and a tie .



B-Gay junior varsity cheerleaders, TOP TO BOTTOM: A. Wagenecht, L. Wagenecht, T. White, C. Cumbler, B. Blomberg, D. Adams.

Bake Captain



Karen Kay 99



- -..r


L. TOR .: B. La ll y, B. Conn or, S. G ri gge l, S. McC reedy, F. Ve lde, J . M ye rs, J. Jo hn so n, H. Soga rd , Mr. Blom berg. A. Proctor . T . Brow n. P. Pa tter so n, S. Lutzke, S. Blombe rg, G. Meye r , J. Cape. 1967-68 Seaso n Record

The Bi g F ive O pponent

Way la nd

I. F und a menta ls II. Ded icatio n II I. Sacr ifice IV. No C rutches V. Pride-Toge therness Coach Bl omberg ina ugera ted in the 1967-68 seaso n a new co nce pt of scie ntific bas ketba ll : the " Bi g F ive ." The fi rst of the "F ive," Fund a me nta ls, invo lve d n o t o nl y th e u s u a l dr a b dri li s, but a lso th e Cogita tor , a sprint a nd pi vot drill. The seco nd , Ded ica ti o n, was typifi ed by the unbegrudged loss o f th e socia l hour. Sacri fi ce, the third , was di spl ayed o n m a ny occasio ns, m ost m em ora ble of cour se was Ji m Ca pe's, " H ey, ref, m y co ntac t !" (gua ra ntees free tim e outs). W ay la nd 's m ost perfect exa mple o f the fourth , No C rutches, was Br ya n La ll y's per seve re nce on th e floo r in spite o f hi s six foul s in the semi fi na ls o f the tourn a m e nt. The fin a l of the " Bi g Five" was Prid e- toge therness . T he Bi g Red showed t hi s by the ir co ntinu ed effort s aga in st Bre nd a a nd th e H ai rboys ( Wi sco nsin Luthera n) . W ay la nd r eac hed a p ea k be fo r e th e C hri s t mas break whe n it bruta ll y trounced R acine L uth er a n. T he pos t-C hri stm as seaso n bega n slow ly but th e Bi g Red co ntinued to imp rove as the seaso n nea red its


Junea u



H oricon


92,9 1

N W Preps


Co ncordia

55.65 43


Rae. Luth.



App le ton Xavier



U ni v. Sch.



Wh . Fish Bay



Fox Va lley



W is. Luth.



Mil. Lut h.






S t. Johns



C ulver


c lose . Th e Bi g R e d fini s he d in third p lace in th e Mid wes t Pr e p C o nfe r e nce, but ca m e b ac k t o win seco nd in th e t o urn a m e nt , ir o ni ca ll y los in g th e cha m pio nship ga me by the sa me score as their victori o u s fi r s t ga m e . Out s t a ndin g indi vidu a ls o n th e W ay la nd tea m thi s yea r we r e Jim Ca p e, w h o no t onl y m ade a ll -co nfe re nce. but a lso was the top sco re r in the league; Br ya n La ll y, who was se lected by the p laye rs as tea m ca ptain ; a nd Pa t P a tterso n, w ho was chose n m ost va lu ab le pl aye r. 101



STANDING L toR : Coac h Wolfe, J. Bill, C. Reinoehl , B. Eldred, D. Hutchinson , J. Meilstrup, D. S chum a nn, T. Co nner, J. Sisk , J. T ompsett , C. Wagner. KNEELING: J . Grob, G. Mayer , Y . Peirce, R. Way, J. Ro ttm a n, J . Be nder , K. Peterso n, B. Sullivan, S. Pfeifer , D. Nordell, T. Wagner , J . Kirsh , B. Hutchinson , J. Quirk.

Thi s year Aquaman and the 33rd Stree t Y.M .C.A. Ma g ic Swimming Team swam away with not onl y a 17-0 undefeated seaso n, but also the Midwe st Prep Conference Championship, the Gator Re la y Championship, a nd the S tate Independent Schoo l Championship. The swimmers did not , however, win a ll thi s glory by dog-paddling Saturday ni ght in the bathtub . Memories of the year contain such ge ms as Sol's wh ip, Rottm a n' s pot, Ug ly Wagner , Bender-Love, wind sp rints, new divers, broken two- hundreds, bath water at Concordia , Nutriment cans, and fun bus trips. John Rottman was voted tea m captain and most va luable sw immer. School records were broken aga in thi s year with Vic Peirce clocking n~w time s in the 200 ya rd a nd 400 yard freestyle , John Rottman in the 100 ya rd butterfly, and John Meil s trup , Vic Peirce, Burnie Su lli van , a nd Greg Mayer in the 400 ya rd free style rela y.

Season Record Wayland Opponent Neenah-Menasha Y 35,34 60.6 1 62 , 77 St. John' s Mil. Acad. 33, 17 44 51 West Be nd H .S. 45 ,40 Campion 50, 55 25 70 Lake Forest Acad. 74, 70 Concordia 2 1,25 Mil. Luther a n 32,20 63, 75 Univ. Sc hool-Mil. 25 70 Marquette H . S . 38 57 Gator Rel ays: Way la nd 76, M a rqu ette 72 , St. John 's 44, Concordi a 26 W ay la nd In vit a tion a l Chapionship: Wayland 70, Ca mpi on 68 , Ma rquette 52, St. John 's 9 Co nfere nce Swim C hampion ship: Wayland 73 , Univ. Schoo lMil. 29. Co ncordia 22, Mil. Luthera n 18


Tell S aga to quit using the pool for their jello.

Yea, pu sh 'em in ! Pu sh 'em in ! 104


Shark!! Shark! '

Come on Moo n. 105



VARSITY WRESTLING L TOR : D. Weisse, D. Sma ll , D. Washburn, T. Zaseck , D. Terrell, B. O 'N iel , A. McNiel , Coach Clay, H. Courtice, T. Rinek , S. Shaw, T . Shiek, J. Sirovy, T. Pl a tt , R. H a rding.

Dual Seaso n Record Way land

Oppo nent

6, 6

Wi s. Luth.



Mil. Luth .


16, 12

NW Preps


2 1, 17

U niv. Sch.


wrestling S ince the Red me n's grue lling seaso n e nded with two win s, nine losses, a nd a fifth place in the tourn a me nt, the tea m decided th a t W ay la nd wrestler s shouldn ' t be j ud ged by the tea m record , but by indi vidu a l per fo rma nce . U nd er the directi o n o f Coac h C lay a nd Ca ptai n H a l Courti ce, thi s yea r 's twe nt y-three " minute me n" m as tered such bac k-brea king tec hniqu es as the fa med " Michiga n," the e nta ng ling "G ra pevine," a nd the as tounding " Purdu e" (which unfo rtun a te ly is illega l). There was never a dull m om e nt throug hout the seaso n with te mper s, noses, a nd shoulder s wre nched in a ll directi o ns. Then ca m e the rn a tches; a fter e nduring long hour s of "stre nu ous" pr ac tice, the boys poo led a ll the ir we ll-deve lo ped skill s to lose with di g nit y. A I M cNe il was vo ted the m ost va lu a ble a nd most improved. The tea m on the wh ole di scove red th a t wrestling is" 100 per cent desire." With te n out o f twe lve star tin g fi g hte rs returning nex t yea r , th e Red m en sho uld prove to be quite d yna mi c .


J UNIOR VA RSITY L TOR : D. Wei sse, J. Ex ner, B. Potts, B. Hul s, C. Ros loff, B. McN aughton, M. Pla tt, Coach C lay, M. U ttech, C. Kampa nat, T . Scheibe, M. Gustafson, J. Caselli , R. H arding.



Vo lleyba ll Durin g th e lo ng a ft ern oons o f Dece mb e r , th e g irl s' vo lleyba ll tea m s prac ti ced dilige ntl y a fter schoo l. A im ed (?) se r ves, p o we rful (? ) s pik es, and g r ace ful (?) r ecove ri es b o unded ove r a nd int o th e ne t. Th e g irl s' e nthu s ia s m was cert a inl y di s pl aye d in the ir sportsm a nship, m a king the victori ous seaso n o ne tha t a ll will re me mber .

VA RSITY VOLL EYBALL S TAN DING. L . TOR .: Ba rb Co ley, Jane Win gqui st, Mar y Edwa rd s, Karen Fa lk , Ma ry Pare nt, C oa ch Nel son. SEA T ED: Ann ie La ing, Ba mbi W a tso n, Kath y Pa rsons, Ka re n Kla isne r, a nd Ka thy C rutte nde n.

J . V. VOLL EYBALL TOP ROW. L. TOR .: J a ne Farre ll , J oa n Be nedi ct, Poll y Schmidt, a nd C ha r Ru ge. SECON D RO W: Debbi e Ad a m s, Ba rb Blomberg, S ue Furry, Ba bs Be vis, Pa t W o lle r, a nd Coach N e lson. SEA T ED: Jea n C ress, Je nn y Cowles, Bundy Trin z, Ka th y Kl a isne r, a nd M a ry J o H eacox .



FIRST ROW L toR: J. Credd, G. MacArthur , J. Benedict, K. Kl a isner , S . Furry, B. Watson. SECOND ROW: A. Laing, K. Falk. THIRD ROW: B. Blomberg, M . Brazeau , L. Wilder , J. Wingqui st, K. Pa rsons. FO U RTH ROW: Mrs. Nelson, M. H eacox, L. W agenknecht, C. Bu sse, T . White , J. Hewitt, B. Co le y.



BACK ROW: Coach Wolfe, Barb Blomberg, Jacque Nixon , Ginger Banta , Ma rcy Stevens, Debbie Adams, Kathy Llewell yn, Pat Vrabec, Kate Freeman, Jeani Janzen , Zoe Stowers, Lucy Wilder , Chris Vogelei, Pat W oller , Sue Mullen , Chris Chapman, Bridget Gokey, B. Gay Buttemiller, Wend y Wilson. FRO N T ROW: Pa m Way, Debbie Fierke, T yri Schiek, Ann Wage nknecht, Sharon H a rtze ll , Martha Erickson, J a n Wells, Char C um bier, Betsy Disher, Kay Wagenknecht.

Dedication is a word that should never be taken lightly, and whenever a Way land student speaks of the girls' swi mming team, he is speaking of !rue dedication . For three months the fragile , imm aculate darlings gave up all thought of groomed appearance and swam one to two hours daily to get in shape for their meet s. Wet stringy hair and bloodshot eyes became a common sight. Groans and complaints of wind sprints and flip turns were heard whenever the girls were asked for a progress report. But the hard work paid off when the girls made a brilliant comeback from last year with a season of four wins a nd one loss. Although swimming is mostly individual compe tition , the tea m was strong in spirit. They are looking forward to next year and the opportunity of improving their record .



L to R : T. Terrell, T . Zaseck, G. Mayer, T. Drummond, T. Rineck, D. Washburn.

Championship Relay Team.

This year's golf season was the best so far for Coach Towner. Greg Mayer shot the team's lowest score of 37 and junior Tom Drummond usually made a good showing. The team's overall record was 5 wins and 4 losses, while in the Conference they won 3 and lost 2. Wayland placed 5th in the golf tournament at St. John's this spring.




S T AN DI NG L to R: S. C ra m, B. T om psett , J . Duffy, B. Vilker, J . Exner , A. McNei l, J . Meilstrup, J . Rottm a n, Coach Blomberg. K N E ELING : D. Hutchin so n, S. Shaw, S. Blo mberg, S . Eggebrecht, S . Lu tz ke, B. La ll y, G . Meyer, P. Vra bec, F. Ve lde.

1968 Baseb all Record Wayla nd 3 4, 7 4,4 3, 12 I, I 5, 8


St. J ohn ' s Racine Lu th. Wi sconsin Luth. U ni v. Schoo l Northwest Pre ps M ilwaukee Luth.

O ppone nt 4 2, 1 10, 8 0,2 2,6 II , 10


S T AN DI NG L to R: J . Burtt, M . Platt, R . La rse n, D. U pton, J . Morley, G . Leydig, Coach Bo lle ti eri . K N EELI N G: L. G urney. E. chols, J . Hoeschler, J. U nl a nd , D. S ma ll. Mi ssin g: D. Proctor, B. C uell a r.

1968 Seaso n Record Wa yla nd 5, 5 5, 4 4 6 3, 3 0 41 / 2 6 4 1/ 2

Racine Luth . Milwa ukee Luth . Concordi a Sun Prai rie Edgewood Uni v. Schoo l Wi sco nsin Luth. Mo nona G rove S t. J ohn ' s

Oppone nt 0,0 0, 1 I 3 6,6 6 1/ 2 3 1/ 2


Thi s yea r' s te nni s tea m had o ne o f it s best seaso ns. S ix re turning le tterm e n a nd the ex pert coaching of N ick Bo lle ttieri he lped m a ke thi s seaso n a success. Bo ll e tti e ri , a te nni s pr o, w as im po rt e d fr o m Pu erto Rico. H e tried to in struct e veryo ne in a ll the as pects of the ga me . The seaso n was hi g hlig hted by the team ' s fini sh in the confere nce mee t a t U niversity Schoo l. Mike Pl a tt fini shed fourth in the sin g les; Pa t Pa tter so n a nd Greg Leydi g pl aced seco nd in the double s, Dick Upto n a nd Ed N icho ls third to g i ve W ay la nd se c o nd pl ace be hind U niv e r s it y Sc hoo l. A t the close o f the seaso n, the va rsity voted Lloyd Gurney capta in a nd Mik e Pla tt m os t va lu a ble pl aye r.



BACK ROW. L to R: Coach Wolfe , P. Prunuske, C. Rosloff, B. Eldred, S. McCreedy, T. Wiesman , S. Coley, W. Luedke, E. Hallin. SECOND ROW: Coach Meyer, Coach Coley, B. Aylward , H. Soga rd , J. Si sk , P. Gaudet, H. Courtice, J. Bill, W. Youker, A. Proctor, J. Cox. THIRD ROW路 T . Below, B. Yeomans, C. Hepp, J . Sirovy, D. Prunuske, J. Caselli , B. Conner, S. Gilbert, C. Spengler, S. Pfeifer. FOURTH ROW: D. Palmquist, T. Scheible, B. O"Neil, S. Griggel , R. Busse, R. Fliehr, B. Stevens, J. Stoe hr , J. Cape, T. H a ncock, M. Ro berts, G. Neese.

Track Record Wayland


Monona Grove 50 Wi se. Lutheran 87 Fox Valley University School 64 77 Prairie School 87 Horico n 78 St. Mary Springs Juneau 92 St. John 's 59 1/ 2 Mid -west Prep Conference Relays Fourth Place Mid-west Prep Conference Meet Second Place Captain - Bill Stevens Most Valu a ble - Jim Cape Most Improved - BiiiO'Niel , Bob Conner



78 68 31

54 27 31

40 26 3 1/ 2




BACK ROW L toR: G. Banta, M . Erickson, M. Lindeke, W. Wilson , J. Cowles, S. Lavicka, K. Merrill , M . Brazeau, L. W agenknecht, J. Park s, B. Buttemiller, J . Nixon . FRONT ROW: K. Falk, K. Klaisner , J. Cress, J . Benedict, A. Laing , P. Woller, B. Dish er , T. White .

The softball season was rather slow this year. The girls lost two close games to University Lake School and o ne to University School and won a sweeping victory over Beaver Dam High early in the season. Mrs. Nelson held regular practices; the girls worked hard and enjoyed the short sea son.


physical education

Du rin g the winter, Mr. Blombe rg condu cted a ph ysica l edu ca ti on cour se whi ch involved a ll th ose boys not out for bas ketba ll , swimming, or wres tling. Three tim es a wee k the me n of P E ga thered in the fi eldh ouse to te st th eir athleti c fin es~ . They opened each day with gru eling ca li sthentics, then di vided into team s a nd competed in the specific eve nt of the month. Over the cour se of the PE year , the athl etes ma stered man y of the techniques of bas ketball , vo lleyba ll , a nd wrestling, not to me nti on the strenu ous tr ack dr ill s a nd weightlifting. The we ightlifting prog ram, which in clud ed benchpresses, curl s, a nd va ri ous isometri c exe rcises, proved to be the mos t benefi cial for the a th letes by givin g them additi onal strength a nd eve n more co nfidence in th emse lves. The P E men a re now respec ted a t Way la nd a nd hope their new traditi on will be ca rried out in a tru e PE fas hion in the co ming yea rs a t the Academy.

A typical P E cl ass .


Homecoming Court Jane Ziegler Jody Greenhaus Ann Laing Kim Heide Nancy Hagan


y '





-~ • L;!'tl

, . . .;. ·. . .




. ..

~ CHU»~~ii~ ~;;~


~.... .






• .:::~., -

· ~:::::!



christmas dance



-~ -'~,--:~-




Court Freshman Rep . Sophomore Rep . Junior Rep . Seni or Rep .

Queen Karen Herbolzheimer and escort Doug Hyde.


Ann Wagenknecht Betsy Disher Kathy Merrill Judy Exner


No connecti ons No regrets or sorrows And yet ... the vibrant lingering memories Faces, voices Shared thoughts, problem s, joys Friendships: quick , brief . lasting, meani ngfu I People, the everlasting mysteries of life


A feeling , an emotion Strong and growing Spreading, churning, pushing Into eternity ... forever? A wondrous warmth Hot and glowing Laughing, singing, smiling At the world ... always? A tender peace Clean and perfect Soaring high, higher Through life ... heaven bound?

I 131

Go bble, Gobble, Gobble!

Your ha ir is lik e seaweed; Your eyes a re li ke stagna nt cesspoo ls; Y our teeth a re like the sta rs, They co me out a t ni ght. A nd yo ur lips, your lovel y lips, Are lik e a toilet plunger.

Whadd ya mea n I'm an ass'

Alright kiddies, it' s romper room time .


And to think I left St. John 's for thi s! Me Lars, you Towner.

H ow about com ing up to my nest some tim e?

Let ' s do some pushups.


It's strange how much one can love And still hate. It's strange how much one can run And still be lost. It's strange how peaceful one can be And still be confused. It's strange how warm one can feel And still be cold. It's strange how close one can be And still feel far away. It's strange how much one can laugh And still cry a thousand times more .




Take a closer look.


The good , the Bad, and the Ug ly.

Ju st wa it 'till ge t my hot little hand s unti ed !

Kaga n, have you been drinking aga in?


So this is what happens when you eat Saga .

Sta rting the tu nnel fo r next year.

Ma ybe Dad ma de up hi s mind .

I'll sta rt m y die t tomorrow , Bu sse .

Wha t's for dinner to nig ht, dea r?


You gotta be kidding; what's a running note, Mr. Stecker? Pretty funny the way my experiment blew up in your lab.

S o Hagan 's hurt, huh?


Karen makes a pass.

I Sure I look forward to the Saturday night steak dinners.

Faculty innocence. I'll get out of this dorm yet. 141

I know someone' s at my door.

William Tell

Well . . . I'll think about it. 142

Someday I'll teach Herby how.

Where' s Clyde? 143

Would you believe they call themselves men?

This is beautiful. 144

I knew I shouldn't have bent over.

Looks lik e Frank. 145

Wild thing .

I'm not too horny.

Duker, I thought you'd never get here. It sure doesn' t taste like tom a to juice!


class of 1968

T OP ROW L to R: G. Leydig, B. Steven s, F. Velde, R . Flie hr , H . We bber, J . Kreuz. S ECON D ROW: T . Terrell , D. U pton, F. McNa ughton, T . H a ncock, R . La rse n, D. Pa lmqui st. THIRD ROW: T . Balles teros, S. Leith , P. Schmidt, K. Kl aisner, A. McNei l, R. Bu sse, L. G urney. FOURT H RO W: J . Wiley, B. Wa tson, C. Joha nn se n, C. Rein oehl, K. H ar tl , T . A lth o lz, G. Meyer, L. Perri go. FI FTH ROW: A. Brazea u, C. Schul tz, B. Bevis, J . Fa rrell , K. Fa lk , S. Furry, E. N ichols, D. H yde. S I XTH ROW: 1. Rottma n, G . Neese, M. Roberts, B. S haw, S. Radford, J . C ress , G. MacA rt hur , D. Mead. SEVENTH RO W: D. Proctor, M . Goetting, M . Ru x, L. Arthur, S. Dinke l, D. Weisse, M. Uttech, S. Yua n. EI GH TH ROW: B. Cow les, B. La ll y, H . Courti ce, B. Pedigo, J . Quirk , M . Housto n, C. Llewe ll yn, A. Rosebush. N I NTH ROW: K. Purd y, K. He rbolzhei mer, J. G reenwood, J . Be nedi ct, A. La ing, E. Freema n, S . S ti ehl , I. Va n H a m . TENTH ROW: K. Vinz, N. H aga n, J. Ex ner, C. Pierce, N. Detweile r, B. Tr inz, C. Webe r, T . Peterse n, M . S teve ns, G. Merrill .


pillars editors

Naturally everything's in good hands.


patrons Mr. a nd Mrs. Armin F. Jung Dr . a nd Mrs. George B. Vogelei Mr. a nd Mrs. All a n P. Arthur Mr . a nd Mrs. Rich a rd L. Merrill Mr . a nd Mrs. C harles W. C ape Mr. a nd Mrs. Robert L. Cowles Jr . Mr. a nd Mrs. BenT. Sch iek Mr. a nd Mr s. Abbott Byfi eld Mr. a nd Mr s. W. L. Park s Mr. a nd Mrs. John W. Hewitt Mr . and Mrs. Ca rl Weber Mr. a nd Mrs. Robert S. C ouch Ma rtin 's S hoe Store Mr. a nd Mrs. Richa rd J. Fa rrell Mr. a nd Mrs. Donald Swa nso n Mr . a nd Mr s. Nelso n M. Haga n Mr . a nd Mr s. Jose ph Ros lofT Mr. a nd Mr s. C. Dav id Wil so n Mr. a nd Mrs. Ri cha rdS . Brazea u Mr . a nd Mr s. Dona ld H . McC reedy Dr. a nd Mrs. Ha rri s A. Weisse Mr . a nd Mrs. Henry W. Bailey Mr . a nd Mrs C ha rles J . Kjreuz Mr. a nd Mr s. Ra lph E. Heacox Mr. a nd Mr s. All a n C. Ma ye r Mr. a nd Mrs. Richa rd L. Terrell Mr . a nd Mrs. Howard R. Pa lmqui st Mr. a nd Mr s. Donald 0 . Below Mr. a nd Mr s. Robert H. McNeil Mr . John T. C umbler Mr. a nd Mrs. Jose ph H . Detweiler Mr. a nd Mr s. Ha le Wag ner Mr. a nd Mrs. Lowell N. Peterso n Dr. a nd Mr s. George Buttemill er Mr. a nd Mrs. E. Ri chard Fra nce Mr. a nd Mrs. Bruce Thoma s Mr. a nd Mrs. Fra nk M. Cowles Dr. a nd Mrs. Arthur C. Tomp sett Mr . a nd Mrs. Goodri ch M. Sulliva n Mr . a nd Mr s. Da ni el B. Gree nwood Mr . a nd Mr s. A ll a n F. H ouston Mr . a nd Mr s. Vi via n Zaseck Dr . a nd Mrs. Marshall E. Stowers Mr . a nd Mr s. Bern a rd C. Zi egl er Mr. a nd Mr s. Lawren ce R. Greenh aus Mr. a nd Mrs. Pa ul F. Schmidt, Sr . Mr. a nd Mr s. Albert B. Wiley Jr. Mr . a nd Mr s. George W. Mead II

Mr. and Mr s. C ha rle s W. Ca pe Mr. a nd Mrs. Bruce B. Purd y Mr. a nd Mrs. Jam es M. Unl a nd Mr . and Mr s. William H . Ema nuel Dr. a nd Mr s. Z . E. Ta heri Mr. a nd Mr s. Delbert Ha rtl Mr. a nd Mr s. H a rold H . Lutzke Mr. a nd Mrs. Joseph G. Gokey Mr . and Mr s. J ohn B. Di sher Mr . and Mr s. Donald F. La rse n Mr . and Mrs. Fred Herbolzheim er Jr . Mr. and Mrs. Rud y E. Sm all Mr . and Mrs. K. Ke vin Hepp Dr. a nd Mr s. Eu gene L. Vi ckery Mr . a nd Mrs. Robert G. Bu sse Mr . a nd Mrs. James B. Llewe ll yn Jr. Mr . Wa rren D. Grob Mr . a nd Mrs. C la rk E. Ni xo n Dr. a nd Mr s. Da ni el Ru ge Mr. a nd Mr s. Kenneth R. Kimport Mr . a nd Mr s. DonaldS . C hap ma n Mr. a nd Mrs. Ja mes W. Pl att Mr . a nd Mrs. John C. Ste ve ns Mr . a nd Mr s. Howard G. Bill Mr. a nd Mrs. Robert E. Pedi go Mr . and Mr s. Juliu s Y. Le vin so n Mr. a nd Mr s. Th omas Ha ncock Mr . a nd Mr s. Wald o A. Giuli a n Mr . a nd Mr s. Leon 0 . Sh aw Mr. a nd Mrs. Ru ssell E. Q. John so n Mr . and Mr s. Spencer S. Meil strup Mr. a nd Mr s. C ha rles H . Ludl ow Dr. a nd Mr s. Theodore W. Wage nknec ht Mr . a nd Mr s. C harles F. Hyde Mr. a nd Mrs. Gaile M. Pa rent Mr. a nd Mr s. Fred Stoe hr Dr. a nd Mr s. Rich ard L. Ha rtze ll Mr. a nd Mr s. Leo na rd S . Parso ns Mr . a nd Mr s. Willi a m J . Brown Mr. a nd Mr s. Richard N. Co urti ce Mr. and Mr s. C la ude W. Youker , Jr. Mr . and Mrs. Frederick J. Velde Mr. and Mr s. WilliamS. Perri go Mr. and Mr s. E. W. Aylw ard Mr. and Mrs. Ha rold H. Webber Mr . and Mr s. Willi a m D. Radford Dr . a nd Mr s. Henr y W. Co nr ad

We would lik e to th a nk these peo ple fo r mak ing the 1968 PILL A RS a rea lit y.








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student directory Adam s, Deborah; 404 Woodside Avenue, Ripo n, Wisconsin 54971 Altholz, Thomas; 1865 Dale Avenue, Highland Park , Illinois 60035 A nathan. James; 3320 DeLah a ut Street, Green Bay, Wiscon sin 54301 Arthur , Lynne; 525 Parkwa y. Winneconne, Wiscon sin 54986 Atterbury, Bruce; 253 Oakwood Boulevard, Hu sti sford , Wiscon si n 53034 Aylward. Edmund; Route I. Highway A , Neenah , Wisconsin 54956

Bader, Mary; 505 South East Avenue, Waukesha, Wi sco nsin 53186 Bailey, Lesley; 402 Ea st North Street, Appleto n. Wisconsin 54911 Ballesteros, Terri ; 1331 South Benson Blvd .. Freeport, Illinoi s 61032 Banta, Virginia; 1520 Palisades Drive, Appleton. Wi sco nsin 54911 Below, Toby; 2776 Vinland Road , Oshkosh. Wi sco nsin 5490 I Bender, Alan; 1227 Hiawatha Drive, Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 53916 Bender, J a mes; 807 Scott Street, Beaver Dam . Wisconsin 53916 Benedict, Joan: 101 Saunders Roa d, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 Bevis, Barbara: 541 Woodvale Avenue, Deerfield, Illinois 60015 Bill . John ; 1604- lith Avenue, N.E. , Rochester , Minnesota 55901 Bl omberg, Barbara; 413 Hillcrest, Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 53916 Blomberg, Steven; 41 3 Hillcrest, Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 53916 Bra dford, Nancy; 1324 Main Street, Grinnell , Iowa 50112 Brazeau. Anne: 720 Third Street, South, Wisconsin Rapids, Wi sco nsin 54494 Brazea u, Mary: 720 Third Street, South, Wisco nsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494 Breitzman , Jill: Box 532, R.I.X. , Minocqu a, Wi sco nsin 54548 Brown , Thoma s; 3000 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, Illinois 60657 Buntz, Robert; 1102 South Main Street, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 Burdekin, Holly; 1032 Sherman Avenue, Madison, Wi sconsin 53703 Burtt, Jerome; Burlington Road, Muncie, Indiana 4 73 02 Bu sse, Chistine: 329 Smedem a Drive, Randolph. Wisco nsin 53956 Bu sse, Richard; 1015 South Fifth Street, Pekin, Illinois 61554 Buttemiller, Beverly Gay; 1230Thornbury Lane, Libertyville, Illinois 60048 Byfield, Anne: 1063 Congress Street, Neen a h, Wisconsin 54956

Eager , Je nnifer; 236 West Main Street, Eva nsville , Wisco nsin 53536 Ed~ards, Mary 421 Sheridan Road , Kenilworth, Illinoi s 60043 Eggebrecht, Steven: 20190 David son Road , Waukesha, Wi sco nsin 53186 Eldred. Bill; 850 Shorewood Drive, Ma nitowoc, Wisco nsin 54220 Emanuel, Jeff; 215 East Edgewater , Cambria, Wi sco nsin 53923 Erickson, Martha; 12 16 Lake Shore Drive, Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 53916 Erickson. Tere sa; 1216 Lake Shore Drive, Beaver Dam, Wi sconsin 53916 Exner. J a mes: 108 York Street, Beaver Dam , Wi sco nsin 53916 Exner, Judy; 108 York Street. Beaver Dam , Wi sconsin 53916

Falk , Karen ; 3060 Pennsylva nia A venue, Dubuque, Iowa 52002 Farrell, Jane; 1299 Hackberry Lane, Winnetka, Illinois 60093 Ferr y, Abby; Route 2, Box 130, Cambridge, Wi sconsin 53523 Fierke, Deborah ; Wayland Academy, Bea ver Dam , Wiscon sin 53916 Flanders, Ransom; 304 Beaver Street, Beaver Dam , Wiscon sin 53916 Fliehr, Richard; 4501 Belvidere Lane, Minneapo li s, Minnesota 55435 Fo reman, Harold; 750 Prairie Road, Glencoe, Illinois 60022 Foth , Chri stine; 915 South Quincy Street, Green Bay, Wisco nsin 54301 France, Kimberly; 27785 Wellington Roa d, Farmington, Michigan 48024 Fra nce, Roberta ; 9209 Potter Road , Apartment 2-H, Des Plaines 60016 Frank, David; 808 MacArthur Drive, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 Freeman , Evelyn; 711 West Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 Fulton , William; 156 Duane Street, Burlington, Wisconsin 53105 Furry, Susan; Route 5, Nutmeg Road, Plymouth, Indiana 46563

Cape, James; 13805 Juneau Boulevard; Elm Grove, Wiscon sin 53122 Carver, Deborah; Sunnyside, Green Lake , Wi sconsin 54941 Caselli, J ohn : 3232 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois 60091 Chapman, Christie; 9911 North Corey Lane, 2E, Mequon , Wiscon sin 53092 Coley, Ba rbara; 405 Hillcrest Drive, Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 53916 Coley, Scott: 405 Hillcrest Drive, Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 53916 Conner, Robert; 651 Farwell Dri ve, Orego n, Wi sco nsin 5357 5 Connor, Timothy: 1125 Lake Ridge Road , Danville, Illinoi s 61832 Conrad, Patricia; Four Clinic Drive, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025 Couch, David: 434 Country Club Drive, Ba ttle Creek, Michi ga n 49015 Courtice, Harold; 125 Fairway Lane , Wheaton, Illinois 60187 Cowles, Jennifer ; 3321roquois Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301 Cowles, Robert; 2424 Ducha rme Lane , Green Bay, Wi sconsin 54301 Cox, Jeffrey; P .O . Box 554, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901 Cram, Marc; 2270 Valley Road, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54701 Cram, Stanley; 2270 Valley Road , La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 Cress, Jean; 312 West Front Street, Buchanan, Michigan 49107 Cruttenden, Kathleen; 216 West Lake Street, Ba rrington, Illinois 60010 Cuellar, Guillermo; Edificio Galipan B-7-A, Avenida Miranda, Caracas, Venezuela , South America Cumbler. Charlotte; Rork Avenue, Route 19, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701

Davis, George; 1208 Lake Shore Drive, Beaver Dam, Wiscon sin 53916 Davis, Kathryn; 6730 South Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60649 Demling, John; 22 West 235th Petersen , Glen Ellyn , Illinois 60137 Detweiler, Nancy; 15 W 036-57th Street, Hin sdale , Wisconsin 60521 Dinkel, Scott; 219 Da vis Street, Fox Lake, Wi sco nsin 53933 Disher, Elizabeth; 1817 North Linwood, Appleton, Wi sconsin 54911 Dohmann , Bonnie; 105 Jefferson Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 Dreblow, Daniel; 720 Fulton Street, Princeton , Wisconsin 54968 Drummond , Thomas; 3252 Old Orchar~Lane, Oshkosh , Wi sconsin 54901 Duffey. Ja me s; 348 West Doty Street, Madison , Wisconsin 53703


Gilbert, Stephen; 1077 Cragmont Avenue, Berkeley, California 94708 Giulian , Da na ; 308 West Third Street, Beaver Dam , Wi sco nsin 53916 Giulian, Gary; 308 West Third Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 Goetting, Barbara; 519 Grove Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 G okey, Bridget; Green Acres, Woodside Drive, Freeport, Illinois 61032 Goldstone, Rande; 1035 West 35th Avenue, Gar y, Indiana 46408 Gordon , Deborah; 921 Farwell Drive, Madison, Wiscon sin 53704 Green, Robert; 732 Garfield Street, Gary, Indiana 46404 Greenhaus, Jody; 17 Linden Lane, Dune Acres, Chesterton, Indiana 46304 Greenwood, Jody ; 816 Brown Hills Court, Rockford, Illinoi s 61107 Griggel , Steven ; 259 Park Drive, Randolph , Wisconsin 53956 Grindheim , Becky; 3831 Apache , Hannibal, Missouri 63401 Grob, Jeffrey; 406 Apache Drive, Janesville, Wisconsin 53545 Guilbert, Robert ; Portage Park, Inc., Portage, Wisconsin 53901 Gurney, Lloyd; I 116 North Wheaton A ve nue, Wheaton, Illinois 60187 Gusta fson, Mark ; 128 Riverview Drive, Durango, Colorado 81301 Gusta fs o n, Paul; 128 Riverview Drive, Durango, Colorado 8130 I Hagan , Nancy; 3417 Circle Close, Shorewood Hills, Madison , Wisconsin 53705 H a llin , Eric; W278-S3203 Marlene Lane, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186 H a ncock, Thomas; 204 South 20th Street, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 Hannan, Mark ; 1775 Southla nd Avenue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901 H a rding, James: 9 Harding Place, Danville, Illinois 61832 Harings, Peter; 662 East Oak Street, Juneau , Wisconsin 53039 H a rker, Judith; 1701 Indian Road, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511 Hartl , Keith ; 922 Madison Street, Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916 Hartzell, Sharon; P.O . Box 364, Gra ntsburg, Wisconsin 54840 Heacox, Mary Jo; 219 North Main Street, Juneau , Wisconsin 53039 Heacox , Susan; 219 N orth Main Street. Juneau , Wisconsin 53039 Heide, Kimberly ; 647 Ravine Road, Dundee, Illinois 60118 Hepp, Christopher; 1700 Waukegan Road , Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 Herbolzheimer, Karen ; 1531 South Lehmann Lane, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911 Hewitt, Jacqueline; 537 South 1st Avenue, Winneconnae, Wisconsin 54986 Hoeschler , Jay; Ebner 's Coulee, Route 2, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 Houston, Martha; 337 Green, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301 Huls, Boyd; 420 Mississippi Street, Blue Grass, Iowa 52726 Hutchinson, Donald; 529 East Lincoln, Waupun, Wi sconsin 53963 Hutchinson , William ; 529 East Lincoln, Waupun, Wisconsin 53963 Hyde, Douglas; 1234 Washinton Avenue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

Janzen, Jean: 2 North Villa Grove, Springfield. Illinois 62707

Johannsen , C har les: 2 14 orth A ven ue . Watertown , Wi sco nsin 53094 J oh nso n, H eathe r: 2730 Broadway. Evans ton. Illino is 6020 1 J oh nso n. Jeffrey: 102 Mohawk C ircl e, Beaver Da m , Wi sco nsin 53916 .lung. A lan: 64 5 Sou th Main Street, Oconto Fa ll s, Wisconsin 54 154 Ju ng, David: 232 Pie rce Street. Randolph , Wi sco nsi n 53956

Kagan, Dennis: 6737 Hi ckory S treet. Gary. Indi a na 46403 Kampanatsan yakorn . Bancha: 1039 Lu acha Ph a loyod hin Road , Bangkok. Thailand Kampanatsa nyakorn . Kri sada: 1039 Lu acha Ph a ho lyod hin Road, Ba ngkok, Th ai land Kim port , Richard: 206 New Cas tle Road: M a di so n, Wi sco nsin 53704 Kir sh, J ames: 1220 Hi awatha Drive, Beaver Darn, Wi sco nsin 539 16 Klaisner , Karen, Kath y: Wa yla nd Academy, Beave r Dam . Wiscon sin 539 16 Knaak, Terrill: 504 North S treet, Beaver Dam , Wi sco nsin 539 16 Kr euz, J o hn: 1724 Tenth St reet, Menominee, Michi gan 4 9858

Parso ns. Katheri ne: Route 2. Box 394. Dundee. Ill inois 60118 Pa tterson, Raymond : Wa yla nd Academ y. Beaver Dam. Wi sco nsin 539 16 Pedigo. Beth, Robert: 11 2 Larabee St reet. H o ri con. Wi sco nsin 53032 Peirce, Victor: 106 West Hi ckory, Hin sdale, Illin ois 60521 Perrigo , Lynn: 1020 Gardner S treet. South Be loit. Illin ois 61080 Peter se n. T o nya: 124 Dana Drive. Beaver Dam. Wi sco nsin 539 16 Peterso n. Joel: 328 Fo rest Ave nue, Kewaskum . Wi scons in 53040 Peterson, Kevin : 15 11 North Vermilion Street. Danville.lllinoi s6 1832 Pfeifer. J oh n: 33 10 Mi chae l Court , G ree n Bay. Wi sco nsi n 5430 1 Pierce, Ca ro lyn: 422 Mill Va lley Road. Pa latine. Illin ois 60067 Pl a tt . Michael. Thoma s: 635 Tiverto n Road . Lake Forest, Ill inois 60045 Pott s. Robert: 140 Arbo r La ne, Gree n Bay. Wisco nsin 5430 I Proctor, A llen, David: 108 Prospect Avenue, Beaver Dam. Wisconsin 53 916 Prunuske. Daniel. Pete r: 109 Fo urth Street, Beaver Dam. Wi sco nsin 539 16 Purdy. Katherine: R oute 3. North Ba ll ard Road. Appleton. Wisconsin 549 11 Quirk. J ames: 907 C ha rles St reet , Watertown. Wi sco nsin 53094

Laing, Anne: 206 Green Street. Dowagiac, Michigan 49047 Lally. Br yan: 248 Bever ly Road, Barrington, Illino is 600 10 Larsen , Donald: 149 No rth Oakland Avenue, G reen Bay, Wi sconsin 54303 Lar so n. David: 11 7 Ridgewood Aven ue, Davenport, Iowa 5280 3 Lav icka , Li sa, Sarah: 1450 East 55t h Pl ace, C hi cago. Illin ois 606 15 Lei ben so n, Linda: 1433 H aze l Stree t. Oshkosh . Wi sco nsin 5490 1 Leichtle. Deborah , Mark: 324 Fro nt Street. Beave r Darn. Wiscon sin 539 16 Lei th, Pa tri cia. S usa n: 57 1 Hill Terrace. Winnetka, Illinois 60093 Leitzke. Rue: Husti sfo rd. Wi sco nsin 53034 Levinson. Robin: I 040 Lake Shore Drive, Ch icago, Illin ois 600 I I Leydig, G regory: 705 East Rockwell S treet, Arlington H e ights, Ill inois 60006 Lindeke. Marjo rie: Box 416. Besse me r C it y, North Ca ro lina 280 16 Llewe ll yn, Cathy: 2 12 East Winter Avenue, Danville, Illinois 6 1832 Llewell y n. John: 33 So uth Bl ackhawk . Janesville. Wi sco nsin 53545 Ludl ow. G regory: 22 10 C rane Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan 4900 I Lu edk e, William: 429 Dawn Aven ue , Da nville, Illin ois 6 1832 Lutzke. David: 1336 Kenton Road , Deerfie ld , Illi nois 600 15 MacArthur , Virginia; 2430 Lakeview Avenue , Chicago. Illin ois 60614 Mac ! nnes. Susan: P.O . Box 252, Freeport, G rand Ba ha m a, The Ba ha m as M aye r. Gregor y: 1009 Woodward Dri ve, M ad iso n, Wi sco nsin 53704 McCreed y, Stephen: 402 East Freistadt Road , Thien sv ille, Wi scons in 53092 McNaug hton, Foy, Richard (Burt): Pek in Daily Time s. Pekin. Illi nois 6 1554 McNeil. Alan: 78 11 6th Aven ue. Kenosha. Wi sco nsi n 53 140 McPher son, Mary: 1003 Tenth St reet, Mosinee . Wi sco nsi n 54455 Me ad, Dav id , Deborah: The Is land. Wi sco nsin Rap id s. Wiscon sin 54494 Meil strup. Jo hn : 10 12 North Ri ve rside Drive. St. C la ir , Michigan 48079 Meredith , Edgar: 1222 Washington Avenue. Oshkosh. Wi sco nsin 5490 I Mer ril l. Gretche n. Ka therine, Kristine: Poynette , Wi sco nsin 53955 Meyer . G regory: 141 Dana Dri ve . Beaver Dam . Wi sco nsi n 539 16 Mor ley. Ja y: 1026 Forest Avenue, Evansto n. Illi noi s 60202 Mullen . Susan: 1003 Bl ack Road. Jo li et. Illin ois 6043 5 Mye rs , Jonathan: 6 11 East Madison Aven ue . Milt on Junction. Wi sco nsin 53564 Neese, Gordon: Route I. C linto n, Wisconsin 53525 Ne Iso n. Ro bert: I I 12 South A Idine A venue, Par k Rid ge, Ill inois 60068 N ichols, Edwin: 1068 Plummer Lane, Rochester. Minneso ta 5590 1 Nixon. Jacqueline: 225 North 26th Pl ace, LaCrosse, Wisconsin 54601 Norde ll , Daniel: 414 West North S tree t, Junea u, Wisconsin 53039 O'Brien, Ca nd ace: 5062 North Diversey Boul eva rd , Whitefi sh Bay. Wisconsin 53217 O ' Neil. William: 880 Mandalay Avenue. C lea rwater Beac h. Florid a 33515 Pa lmquist, David: 3555 Co te Des Neiges Road, Apartment P 7. Montreal 25, Quebec. Ca nada Pa re nt , Mary: 822 Lake S hore Drive, Beave r Da m . Wi sco nsin 539 16 Parks, Janet: Southern Pe ru Copper Corpo ra ti o n. Casi ll a 303. Tacha . Peru . South Ame rica

Radford , Scot t: 3750 Pa uk o Tuk Lane, O shkos h. Wi sco nsin 54901 Reinoehl. Christopher: 833 West 58 th Terrace. Kan sas City. Misso uri 64 11 3 Rinck. Thoma s: 123 1 So uth Main St reet. Wheato n. Illin ois 60187 Rin ge r. Edwi n: 156 11 McGinty Road. Wa yza ta. Minnesota 5539 1 Roberts. Kim, Mark: 1300 Wiscon sin River Drive, Port Edwa rds. Wiscon sin 54469 Rosebush. Ann: 1531 West Reid Drive , App leton, Wi sco nsin 549 11 Ros lofT. Cary: 7660 H aro ld St reet. Ga ry. Indi ana 46403 Rottman. John : 173 So uth Park Avenue, Fond d u Lac. Wi sco nsin 54935 Ruge. Cha rl ot te: 70 Eas t Ceda r Street, C hi cago. Illin ois 606 11 Rux. David . Marcy: 5 16 We st Pleasan t St reet, Portage , Wi scons in 5390 1 Sampo n. A nnette: 229 Eas t Maple Ave nu e, Beaver Dam. Wi sco nsin 539 16 Sche ible, Thomas: 806 West Street. Beaver Dam. Wiscon sin 539 16 Schick. Torn. Tyrell: 1341 Park view Drive , Macomb. Illin ois 6 1455 Sch li cher, A llen: 507 Ke nyon Lane, Beaver Dam. Wiscon sin 539 16 Schmidt, Pa uline : 1500 Bay View Drive. Saraso ta. Flor ida 33579 Sc hmidt . Robert: 228 Ea st Seve nth S tree t, Hi nsda le . Illin ois 60521 Sc hultz, Cha rl otte: 105 Rooseve lt Drive, Beave r Dam. Wi sco nsin 539 16 Schuma nn , Dan: 124 West Wate r Street, Beaver Dam . Wiscon sin 539 16 Shaw, R ober t: 109 13 McCon ne ll Road . Wood stock . Illinois 60098 Shaw. Stephe n: 135 North H a nchett S treet, Co ld water, Mi chi ga n 49036 Sirovy, John: 220 Bl ack haw k Terrace, Be nse nville, Illin ois 60106 Sisk, Jo nathan: 2 18 Den va le Drive, Danville. Illin ois 6 1832 S m a ll. David: 425 Arrowhead Dri ve, Green Bay. Wi sco nsi n 54301 Sm ith, Steven: Box 211. Ro ute I. Menasha, Wi sco nsin 54952 Soga rd . H aro ld: 8717 Sa nd hurst Drive. Knox vi lie. Tennessee 3 79 19 Spe ncer. Eli za beth, S tep he n: 2 12 East A rrowhead Roa d. Duluth. Minne sota 55803 Speng ler.C ra ig: 358 1 Merid ian Road, Rockford. Illin ois 61103 Stern. Ann: P.O. Box 243, Fo rt Meade, So uth Dakota Stevens, Martha; 608 West Second St ree t. Mu scat ine, Iowa 5276 1 S tevens, William: 11 78 Loga n Avenue. Elgin. Illin ois 60 120 Stie hl , Sa ra h An n: 1962 Nort h Prospect Ave nu e. Milwaukee. Wi sco nsin 53202 Stoe hr, J ohn : 126 W a te r St reet , Sheboygan Fa ll s, Wisconsin 53085 Stowers. Zoe Ann: 4662 Fairview Beach Road, O shkos h, Wisconsin 5490 1 Su lli va n, Burnett: Oak leig h, M a ht omedi . Minneso ta 55 11 5 Swa nso n, Donald: 1013 North C herry Valley Road, McHenry . Illin ois 60050 Szwed a. Barba ra: 1300 North Center Street, Beaver Dam . Wi sco nsin 539 16 Taheri, Da vid; 345 1 Hi g hl a nd W oods Dri ve, Bay Ci ty. Michigan48796 Taheri, Linda; 3451 Hi ghl a nd W ood s Dri ve, Ba y C it y, Michi ga n 48790 Taves, Mary: R oute 3, Beave r Dam . Wi sco nsi n 539 16 Terre ll , David: 4555 Southern Bo ulevard. Kettering. Ohio 45429 Terrell. Timoth y: 455 5 Southern Bo uleva rd , Kettering, Ohio 45429 Thomas. Michael: 4 158 Manitou Way. Madison. Wi sco nsin 537 11 Ting ley. Judith : Ro ute 3, H owe, Indi a na 46746 Tompsett, James: 2305 North Third Street, S heboyga n, Wi sco nsin 5380 1 Torstenson. Robert : 905 C hippew a Lane, Wilm ette, Illinois 60091 Towne r, Be th ; Wayland Academy, Beave r Darn , Wisconsin 53916 Trinz, Bund y: 2400 Lakeview Avenue, C hi cago, Illin ois 60614


U nland . J o hn: 622 W as hingto n Street. Pe kin. Illino is 6 1554 Up to n. Richa rd: 709 Co llege Stree t. Be lo it. Wi sco nsin 535 11 U rb a ne k. J oa n: 50 2 Lak e S hore Dri ve . Beave r Da m . Wi sco nsin 539 16 U ttech. Mitche ll: 240 M a ple Ave n ue. Jun ea u. Wi sco nsin 530 39 Va n Ham . Irene: 4 14 Lin co ln Street. S ay broo k . Illin o is 6 1770 Va n Pe lt. A m y: Ro ute 4. Box 28 B. Win a m ac.lndi a na 4 6996 Va n Pe lt. Ba r ba ra : Ro ute 4. Box 28 B. Win a m ac. Indi a na 4 6996 Ve lde . Fr a nk: I 003 S outh Fi fth Street. Pe kin . Illino is 6 1554 Vi cker v. Anita : 602 O a k Stree t. Le na . Illino is 6 1048 Vilk e r: Robe rt : 41 8 H eal y Ave nue. Beaver Da m . Wi sco nsin 53 91 6 Vin z. Kat hleen: Ro ute 2. M a rk esa n. Wi sco nsin 53946 Voge lei. C hri stine: 144 8 W es t Dem es te r Dr ive. F reepo rt. Illin o is 61 032 Voi gt. M a ry: 322 5 Mi chi ga n Bo uleva rd . Racin e . Wi sco nsin 53402 Vr abec. Pa tri cia : 1204 La ke Sh ore Dri ve. Beave r Da m . Wi sco nsin 53 91 6 Vra bec. P ete r: 1204 La ke Sho re Dr ive. Beave r Da m . Wi sco nsin 539 16 W age nknec ht. Ann : 308 Eas t Ke nt Stree t. St re a tor. Illino is 6 1364 W age nknecht. Kay : 30 8 Ea st Kent Street. Stre a to r. Illinoi s 6 1364 W age nknecht . L ynn : 308 Eas t Ke nt Stree t. Strea tor. Illin ois 6 1364 W ag ner . C ha rles: 5 15 Eas t L inco ln Street. W a u pun . Wi sco nsi n 53963 W ag ner. J ose ph: 60 6 Eas t Linco ln Street. W a u pun. Wi scons in 53963 W ag ner . Tim o th y: 60 6 East Linco ln Street. Waupun. WJ sco ns1n 53963 W a lter . Fr a nk : 5 109 Mirror La kes Dri ve. Minn eapo li s. Minneso ta 554 36 W as hburn . Ri c hard : 1223 H o m estead Road . Be ave r Da m. Wi sco nsin 539 16 W a tso n. Ba rb a ra : 61 5 O a kr idge Dri ve . N o rth Ca nto n. Ohi o 44 720

W ay. Pa me la : 1224 La ke Sh o re Dri ve. Beaver Da m . Wi sco nsin 53 9 i 6 W ay . Ri cha rd: 1224 La ke Sh ore Dri ve. Beave r Da m . Wi sco nsi n 539 16 W ebbe r. H a ro ld: 41 Wood side Dri ve. G ree nwich. Co nn ec ticut 06830 W ebe r. Ca ro lvn: 2 16 La ke S tree t. Beaver Da m. Wi sco nsin 539 16 W eisse. Da n: 930 Reed S tree t. Pl ym o uth. Wi sco nsin 530 73 W ell s. J a n: 170 1 Eas t Broad way. M o nm o uth . Illin o is 6 1462 White. T obey: 1307 Tur vey Road . Dow ne rs G rove. llli no is 605 15 Wi esm a n. Tho m as: 502 So uth Finch S tree t. H o ri co n. Wi sco nsin 53032 Wi esm a n. Lou Ann: 502 S o uth Finc h Street. H or ico n. Wi sco nsin 53032 Wild. Pa ul: 137 G oul d Stree t. Bea ve r Da m. Wi sco nsin 539 16 Wilde r. Lu cy: 886 S outh La ke S hore Dri ve . Lak e Ge neva . Wi sco nsin 53 14 7 Wiley. J oyce: 78 Ke nda l A ve nu e. M ap lewood. New J e rsey 0 7040 Wil son. W e nd y: 280 2 Ledgeb roo k Dri ve . Fo nd d u Lac. Wi sco nsin 54935 Wingq ui st. J ane : 19 Eas t Pearso n. C hi cago. Illin ois 606 11 W o ll er. Pa tri cia : W est 156 No rth 8498 Kare n La ne . M e no m o nee Fa ll s. Wi sco nsin 53 0 5 1 Yeo man s. Ro be rt: 11 23 C ha tfi e ld Road. Winnetk a . Illin o is 60093 Y ou ker . W a rre n: I 0 II Gary Co urt. Whea to n. Illin ois 601 87 Yu a n. Pa ul : 226 P rince Ed wa rd R oad . lOth F loo r. Kowl oo n. H o ng Ko ng Yu a n. S a nd y: 226 Prince Ed ward Roa d. lOth Fl oo r. Kow loo n. H o ng Ko ng

Z asec k. T odd : 900 T o m a hwak. Niles. Mi chi ga n 49 120 Zi eg ler. J a ne: 635 Summit Dri ve. W est Be nd. W isco nsin 53095


1967 - 1968 Wayland Academy Yearbook  
1967 - 1968 Wayland Academy Yearbook