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School board removes mask requirement

4 WI delegation seeks big bucks in earmarks


Forever chemicals

Nobody is the tough guy version of Saul Goodman

7 The Northwoods Skitchers, Copperbox and more this weekend



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May 13-20, 2021

The chances of a married couple dying in a common accident or within a very short time of one another are probably quite slim. However, it does happen. When multiple peoples’ estates must go through probate following simultaneous or nearly simultaneous deaths, there may be additional costs and delays. If the married couple had substantial wealth, a question arises regarding the tax implications of who died first. Generally speaking, the default law is that when two individuals die within 120 hours of each other, each individual will be treated as having predeceased the other. A will or trust can lengthen the survivorship requirement and can specify which spouse should be considered to have died first. Schedule an appointment to gain a better understanding of what would happen in a simultaneous-death situation and whether you approve of the result.


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by B.C. Kowalski

The Wausau School Board removed masking requirements for students starting this summer Starting this summer, students attending Wausau schools will have the option to wear a mask, but it won’t be required. The Wausau School Board, in its first full meeting with its new makeup following what was a contentious spring election, voted to remove the requirement starting in summer, and removed it immediately for outdoor activities and events. The board also voted to change the six foot requirement to three feet for all students in school. The vote came after a motion from newly elected member Jon Creisher under the board’s regular “Project Relaunch” agenda item. Creisher and others cited low numbers of COVID cases in the county, low evidence of transmission by students and the need to start returning to normal. Creisher says the district is behind other districts that already have implemented similar policies. The move came after a public comment period with people expressing strong opinions on either side of the masking issue, including both making claims of mask bullying — referring both to people being bullied into wearing a mask and people being bullied because they wear a mask. Creisher initially wanted the mask option to be implemented immediately, but the board approved an amendment by another new board member, Karen Vandenberg, to delay it until the end of the year. Vandenberg cited Superintendent Keith Hilts in suggesting that the sudden change wouldn’t give staff, parents or students time to adjust to the new policy. The changed passed 7-3. Member Jane Rusch says the public hadn’t been given enough notice about the intention to make masks optional, and member Ka Lo pointed out that the CDC only recommended three feet of social distancing if other mitigations measures, such as wearing masks, were in place.

students presenting at the fair stayed there for two weeks out of the summer, County Administrator Lance Leonhard explained. But, that has declined too and this year the 4H program had no plans to use the dorms at all. Herda-Rapp says many students stay in apartments such as the Timberwolf Apartments near NTC, and many students commute. Students can also stay at UWSP campus dorms and commute to Wausau. “We don’t encounter many students challenged to find housing,” Herda-Rapp says. ▲ UWSP says it will no longer operated the dorms at its Wausau campus.

The board also voted to remove a requirement that children be quarantined if their sibling shows symptoms. Pupil Services Director Angie Lloyd says that policy has been removing many children from school who probably don’t need to be.

UWSP Wausau dorms will no longer be dorms

UW—Stevens Point will no longer be using its dorms at its Wausau campus by the end of the year. UWSP—Wausau Campus Executive Ann Herda-Rapp told the county’s Economic Development, Education and Extension Committee that the university doesn’t have a strong need for the dorms and won’t be operating them after the first of the year. The dorms have been in need of significant repairs and updates for some time, and UWSP no longer wants to operate them. The building still belongs to the county, but its furniture technically belongs to UWSP. Students weren’t the only group to use dorms — 4H

Commission nixes compromise on Community for All resolution

A proposed compromise to the controversial Community for All resolution has been rejected in favor of the original proposal. The county’s Diversity Affairs commission Thursday rejected a new version of the resolution developed by some members of the commission along with some members of the public, including former county board member Joane Leonhard, who had problems with some wording of the resolution. The changes in the new resolution shortened it, removed the first paragraph that called for racial and ethnic equity among other things, and substituted in another place impartial and just treatment. Bill Conway, who helped craft the compromise resolution with Leonhard and others, says after the discussion a lot of the problems weren’t with messaging, but with verbiage. Changing “equity” to “impartial and just” came from the Webster’s Dictionary definition of equity, for instance. But Commission Member LaTanya Campbell says the language of the motion was crafted that way for a reason. The original No Room for Hate resolution came in response


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May 13-20, 2021


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Alderman warning about safety hazard on city-owned site

A city council member is raising concerns about a cityowned site after a state agency urged caution at the site. According to a letter from the Department of Health Services, city leaders were warned they ought to do what they can to keep children away from the 1300 Cleveland Avenue site due to the presence of thallium in the soil. The city-owned property was the former business incubator and after some study, turned out to be contaminated. The city had hoped to market the site but held off after concerns were raised about potential contamination. DHS sent a letter advising the city to take steps to prevent children from accessing the site and also listed a series of recommendation on gardening in the neighborhood near the site. Those precautions included using raised beds with bought topsoil to garden, and thoroughly washing and peeling vegetables harvested from that garden. In follow-up emails with Parks Committee Chair Pat Peckham, a state toxicologist clarified that those concerned about the potential for thallium are advised to use those practices. City Council Member Tom Kilian, who is publicizing the letter, says he has been in talks with the mayor and public works director about putting out signs on the site.

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Last charge against former Weston administrator dismissed

Library to open June 1


Plans to address updates at the Wausau School Forest continue after a referendum that would have included improvements at the forest failed last April. Wausau School District Finance Officer Bob Tess says there have been a variety of funding sources that can be or have been used for the school forest - about $615,000 total. Much of that has already been spent on improvements including planning for the school forest upgrades, buying more land for the forest and improving the fiber and data capabilities at the forest. There’s about $219,000 left. But the main issue, Tess says, is replacing the Red Lodge, which has “seen better days, let’s just say that,” Tess says. Replacing that with an environmental learning center, which staff and school board members says was one of the better liked parts of the otherwise failed referendum, would cost about $4 million. In the meantime, Tess says, money designated toward the forest will be focused on upgrading roofs and siding on buildings other than the Red Lodge, and possibly replacing the storage sheds on the site.

After more than a year of being closed to the public, the Marathon County Public Library system is expected to open on June 1. The Marathon County Library Board voted in April to reopen the library, says Library Director Ralph Illick. Service staff are working to retrain staff, according to a memo Illick provided about the library reopening. Coinciding with the opening, a significant restoration the library has been undergoing while shut down, including repairs to its roof, should be complete by the time the library reopens. There will still be plenty of safety precautions, including a staff member to provide extra cleaning and sanitization.



The last felony charged against a former Weston administrator has been dismissed, court records show. An Oneida County judge dismissed the last felony charge against Daniel Guild, a former administrator of Weston, stemming from his time as Rhinelander’s administrator as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, court records show. Guild was arrested March 2020 following an investigation by the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office, which led to felony charges being filed against Guild for felony misconduct in public office and records tampering. Records tampering charges were previously dismissed. Guild as part of a deferred prosecution agreement needed to not commit any new crimes between Feb. 5 and May 6, WXPR reported. Guild fulfilled that part of the agreement so the charges were dismissed. Guild had served as Weston’s administrator until 2018 when he was suspended for 30 days for reasons the Village Board never explained, though later records released by the village included a poor performance review. The suspension was later rescinded and Guild resigned.

In the cover story about the court backlog two weeks ago, the OWI court should have been referred to as a treatment program, not a diversion program. Also, the offenses listed for John Lee were incorrectly referred to as “minor offenses,” according to District Attorney Theresa Wetzsteon. The point of that anecdote was to demonstrate the various pathways someone might end up in jail for longer periods than one year, which is ostensibly the point of county jails. But calling them “minor offenses” might have missed the mark, even if the point was that they were offenses that one wouldn’t typically associate with longer periods of detainment.

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Plans for school forest updates continue following referendum failure


to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin, which kicked off a series of Black Lives Matter protests. To change the resolution in the way suggested, she says, would have essentially eliminated its purpose in the first place. “The point is to tell people they’re safe here and that we welcome diversity,” Campbell says. “To remove that removes why we did this. If we can’t say that statement, why are we saying anything else?”

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May 13-20, 2021



State earmarks


by WisPolitics.com staff

State’s four Congressional delegation members seeks $150M in earmarks Four members of Wisconsin’s House delegation are requesting nearly $150 million in earmarks since both national party caucuses agreed to bring back community project funding. Republicans banned earmarks a decade ago after retaking control of the House with some criticizing the process as wasteful and ripe for corruption. After announcing they would bring back the process, Dems also announced several rules to increase transparency. That includes a cap on how many earmarks each representative can attach to bills. Those rules also require lawmakers to make them publicly available and to attest that none of the funds would benefit themselves or their immediate families. Earmarks are also limited to local governments or non-profits. And as part of their efforts to cut down on allegations the earmarks are wasteful, Dems created a new rule which limits total earmark spending to 1 percent of discretionary spending, or about $15 billion. The House Appropriations Committee will eventually vet the hundreds of requests and come up with a final list to include in the budget for 2021-2022. Here is a summary of the amount each member requested, for a total of approximately $148.5 million: * U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan: $76 million * U.S. Rep. Ron Kind: $47.5 million * U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore: $24.1 million * U.S. Rep. Scott Fitzgerald: $930,000

Taylor, Wanggaard confident police reforms can pass

Ahead of today’s Senate vote, a bipartisan pair of senators said they’re confident a series of police reform bills will

pass both legislative chambers and get signed into law by Gov. Tony Evers. In a Milwaukee Press Club-WisPolitics.com virtual event yesterday, Sens. Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee, and Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, both touted the bills as a step in the right direction on promoting transparency and accountability in policing. “What you see is our effort to try and bring all of the different opinions together,” Taylor said of the bipartisan bills. “It’s not perfect, but I believe it’s better than where we are.” Senators vote today on four bills that would, among other things, promote community-oriented policing and require the state Department of Justice to collect data on use-of-force incidents and produce an annual report. Wanggaard, a former career police officer, said Wisconsin was already “pretty much the gold standard” in the country when it comes to police transparency and accountability. But he added the bills will “potentially make it a little better.” Police reform has become a national discussion after a wave of protests and civil unrest last year calling for action after incidents like the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Evers after Blake’s shooting called a special session of the Legislature to take up reform bills. And Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, established a Task Force on Racial Disparities to look into changes in statute. Wanggaard and Taylor yesterday said they’ve worked together on these bills — and others expected later this year — since long before Floyd’s death and the task force. Taylor noted that Milwaukee and the state years ago already had their share of stories of African Americans deaths linked to police, including Dontre Hamilton and Derek Williams.

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May 13-20, 2021

UW System Regent Edmund Manydeeds told WisPolitics. com he’s considering a run for board president this June. Manydeeds, an appointee of Dem Gov. Tony Evers, said he hasn’t yet fully decided whether to put his name in

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Dem chair confident about 2022

State Dem Party Chair Ben Wikler said “job one” in 2022 is to reelect Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. Wikler said he is “very confident” that Evers will seek re-election. “He’s been a spectacular leader for our state,” Wikler said in an interview aired Sunday on “UpFront,” produced in partnership with WisPolitics.com. A first-term governor, Evers has not revealed his plans for 2022. He has indicated he wants to focus on getting the next state budget into law first. “I am very confident that the governor is going to run for re-election, and I have tremendous faith in the people of Wisconsin to agree to a second term for a governor who has demonstrated his ability to lead in a way that’s best for our kids and best for our state,” Wikler said. Wikler is running for another term as chairman at the virtual state Democratic Party convention next month. “We’ve got to defeat (Republican Sen.) Ron Johnson, we have to grow Democratic strength down-ballot, and we have to build the party, and the progressive movement across our state and advocate for issues that make a difference in people’s lives, get dollars into the bank and get kids into schools,” Wikler said.

Two WI men charged in capitol riot

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Manydeeds considering bid to lead Board of Regents

the race but that he’s “thinking about it.” And as far as he knows, he’s the only appointee on the 18-member board other than Regent Vice President Mike Grebe, an appointee of former GOP Gov. Scott Walker, who’s looking to take over the leadership role. Evers’ appointees this year for the first time in his term hold a 9-7 majority of seats over Walker appointees. The state superintendent and Wisconsin Technical College System president also hold voting positions. Regents in a board meeting last month suggested there likely would be a contested vote for president this time around. “I’ve given the other regents a heads up that I’m thinking about it,” Manydeeds said. “But it’s not a situation where you make speeches and run around asking people to vote for you, at least that’s not the way I’m approaching it.” Instead of actively campaigning for the board presidency, he said he’s open to speaking with any of his colleagues who have questions or are considering voting for him. Evers appointed Manydeeds, an attorney, to the board in 2019. He also previously served on the board from 2010 to 2017 as an appointee of former Dem Gov. Jim Doyle.

Two Wisconsin men have been charged with storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. According to the criminal complaint, Brandon Nelson of Dane County and Abram Markofski of La Crosse County, have been charged with, among other things: disorderly conduct; and entering and remaining in a restricted building. The statement of facts showed the FBI on Jan. 7 received an anonymous tip that Nelson had helped storm the Capitol the day before. And during questioning, Nelson admitted he entered the building with his friend Markofski. An FBI review of surveillance footage also highlighted images of the two inside the Capitol wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. Additionally, Google Maps records obtained via search warrant showed Markofski’s phone was at least partially inside the building between 2:15 p.m. and 3:41 p.m. on the day of the storming. Both men after appearances in early May were released from custody on the condition they could not leave the federal Western District of Wisconsin without prior authorization and had to stay out of Washington, D.C., other than for official court business.

Review by B.C. Kowalski

Odenkirk is a badass FILM REVIEW Saul Goodman in Nobody But it turns out, that’s all a cover. And one that probably would have continued for years, if not for a pair of married burglars who break into Hutch’s house one night. His son manages to wrestle one to the ground, and Hutch has the drop on the other, but instead lets her go. His son is disgusted with him, adding to the woes of his daily grind. When he discovers his daughter’s kitty cat bracelet is missing, thinking the burglars grabbed it, that’s when he can’t hold his cover anymore. He heads out on the bus to find the couple and recover the kitty cat bracelet. Without giving too much away, he ends up leaving a ruthless group of thugs on the bus a bloody mess to save a fellow female passenger. The bad news for Hutch: one of the thugs was the son of a ruthless Russian mob figure who is now hell-bent on killing him slowly. The bad news for the Russian mobster: he’s messing with Hutch, a former auditor for the CIA whose job it was to clean up any messes for those who couldn’t be negotiated with. (And by “clean up any messes”, to be clear, we mean he was a

4 of 5 stars | R | 92 min. On Amazon Prime, Apple TV and select theaters

brutal assassin for the CIA.) With the help of his father and former CIA operative (Christopher Lloyd!) and his former partner Harry (RZA) Hutch takes on the Russian Mafia, leaving an impressive bloody mess in his wake at every turn. It means the destruction of his former life, but once Hutch has decided on his course of action, there is no stopping him. And there’s no stopping the killer that’s once again emerging in him. Odenkirk plays this brilliantly, and where he really shines as an actor. It’s not a transformation; more that he just kind of slowly lets go of the facade that he was ever mild-mannered. He just matter-offactly does what he needs to do, which in this case seems to be raining down hellfire

on the Russian mobster and his goons. Nobody then becomes a fast-paced, shoot-em-up action film with fights that are brutal, but also realistic. The bus scene seems to nearly leave Hutch down for the count as well as the bad guys, but you’re also led to understand this one guy, exhausted and beat up as he is, took out all these ruffians. Nobody doesn’t necessarily break new ground here, and is a variation on the “I thought I was out, but they pulled me back in” motif. But unlike, say, Gina Davis’ character in The Long Kiss Goodnight, Hutch isn’t pulled back into the service. Just pulled back into the violence. Either way, it’s a blast to watch.

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This might end up being the hottest of hot takes, but I was a big fan of Bob Odenkirk in Breaking Bad — in fact, I think his character Saul Goodman was by far my favorite of the series. I go even further into the hot take zone when I say I like Better Call Saul better than Breaking Bad. Was it due to Odenkirk’s acting prowess and character creation ability? Or was it just that character, a perfect fit for its time and place and setting? In other words, was it Odenkirk, or just plain good writing? With Nobody, I think I have my answer. In Nobody, available in some theaters as well as available to rent via Amazon Prime and AppleTV, Odenkirk plays a very different character than his Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Instead of a morally ambiguous lawyer with deeprooted goodness that is often suppressed, we have something of the opposite here. Hutch Mansell seems like an everyday schmuck who can’t seem to get the garbage out on time, rides a bus to work at his boring accounting job where he’s harassed by his idiot brother-in-law and seems to be in a sexless marriage.


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By John McCracken, Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Forever chemicals

Residents of Wisconsin region struggle with aftereffects of dangerous ‘forever chemicals’ Craig Koller grew up splashing through backyard creeks and biking gravel trails, sometimes through the Johnson Control Industries Fire Technology Center. Black smoke wafted overhead as it conducted controlled burns to test firefighting foam, producing a dangerous “forever chemical” known as PFAS. As a kid growing up in the northern Wisconsin port city of Marinette, Koller didn’t think much of being around the facility or drinking the city’s water. “How would you have known? There’s no signs (at that time) saying, ‘Stay out: contamination,’ ” Koller, 32, said. But Koller’s formative years in Marinette likely altered his life forever: Right after graduating from high school in 2007, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The chemicals from the JCI facility contaminated the area’s drinking water. Polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are a group of man-made chemicals found in products such as household cleaners, paint and firefighting foam that are linked to infertility in women, stunted developmental growth and kidney and testicular cancers. While the problem has garnered legal and state attention, residents are forced to reckon with the contamination’s impact on their community — from using bottled water to cook to suffering from cancer. “We’ve got woods and waterfront and an amazing community,” said Kayla Furton, a current Peshtigo supervisor who bought her childhood home from her parents five years ago. “What we came to know is we were moving our family into the middle of a massive contamination.” People in the area — including the town of Peshtigo, the subject of a lawsuit over the contaminated drinking water — are familiar with cancer. Koller said he knows of three other men out of the about 75 in his high school’s graduating class who have had testicular cancer. Compared to the national average, he and his classmates were roughly 10 times more likely to have the disease. “I always made jokes back then about, you know, there’s something in the water in Marinette,” he said. At the end of February, JCI submitted a 2,400-page proposal to build a groundwater extraction and treatment system to remove groundwater contamination from affected wells in the area while also removing tainted soil along its outdoor testing facility. “Since identifying a municipal water line as the safest and most permanent solution, (JCI) has done everything we can to move the proposal forward,” the company said in a statement. JCI’s statement said it has submitted plans to the state, started construction design, solicited public input, committed to funding technical expertise for Peshtigo and Marinette and plans to alleviate any economic burden on the parties involved to provide affected residents with a permanent and sustainable drinking water solution as quickly as possible. A lawsuit involving about a thousand Peshtigo residents aims to provide some restitution to the area’s residents. The suit asserts class action property damage and health claims alongside individual disease claims totaling $17.5 million. But not everyone affected is eligible for payouts. To qualify, residents must have lived in a roughly three-square mile area in Peshtigo and lived in or owned a residence with a private well between Jan. 1, 1965, and Dec. 31, 2020. Despite known contamination in Marinette ditches and wells, Koller, who now lives in Milwaukee, does not qualify.



May 13-20, 2021

▲ Jeff Lamont next to a creek just where it empties into Green Bay/Lake Michigan. This creek is the most highly PFAS contaminated of all the tributaries that empty into the lake based on a recent study funded by The Sea Grant Institute (a PhD student at UW Madison). They sampled all significant tributaries from the north end of Door County (eastern shores of Green Bay) to Escanaba, MI (the northern most tributaries along the west side of Green Bay) on Friday, April 16, 2021. photo by Mike Erhart/ for The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

His father’s current Peshtigo home is roughly a hundred yards from eligibility. “They somehow managed to cut me out of that,” Koller said. ‘I’m just lucky to still be here’ Marinette is home to one of the oldest fire suppressor production companies, Ansul Co. It was founded in 1915 when the company produced cattle feed and specialty chemicals initially, and then began making fire suppressors in 1934. Ansul became a leader in the fire suppressor industry and their sprinkler systems can be found in ceilings across the world. The company merged with the publicly traded international conglomerate Johnson Control Industries in 2016. The Ansul name and brand now exists as an arm of Tyco Fire Protection. A statement from the company said it employs about 800 employees in the Marinette region, making it one of the area’s largest employers. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, foam from firefighting training courses — the kind of foam made at JCI’s Marinette facility — held at airports and military bases across the country is a major contributor to groundwater contamination. The United States military has been one of JCI’s largest customers for decades. JCI delayed for years its response to the PFAS contamination, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In 2013, the company found elevated levels of the chemicals surrounding its facility and then only acknowledged their spread beyond the Marinette facility in 2017. How long the company waited to inform the public surprised Koller, but the confirmed contamination did not. “As soon as somebody said it,” he said, “I was like, ‘Well, that makes sense.’” After his cancer diagnosis the summer after high school, Koller’s life involved rounds of chemo and the removal of his left testicle. The cancer was always in the back of his mind. During his last year of undergrad, which he spent abroad, he found another lump eight months into the program. He returned to the states to have 20% of his remaining testicle removed at Froedtert and the Medical

College of Wisconsin. “I graduated college cum laude in a hospital bed,” he said. Koller’s bouts with cancer weren’t over as he had to have his remaining testicle removed while pursuing a master’s degree. Being outside of the class-action settlement takes a toll on Koller, who is now cancer-free. He said he has had tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, has to inject testosterone weekly, and had to pay for in vitro fertilization, necessary because of his banked sperm, when his wife and he decided to grow their family. He said it’s hard to determine fair compensation. “Who’s gonna tell me how much my (testicles) were worth,” he said. Lawsuit aside, Koller said he doesn’t know if reconciliation will actually occur as the class-action suit is not an admission of fault on JCI’s behalf. “It’s just illogical because we know where it came from,” he said, “but they’ll never admit it.” Despite his two separate strains of testicular cancer, multiple orchiectomies and weekly hormone therapy, Koller said he considers himself a lucky guy. “I’m just lucky to still be here,” he said. “I have a daughter and a wife. I could just as easily be six feet under taking a long dirt nap.” Residents tired of waiting for clean water Since 2017, Jeff and Cheryl Lamont have used bottled water to cook, drink and clean. After its announcement about the contamination, JCI continues to provide bottled water and filtration systems to residents with elevated PFAS levels. But the Lamonts, like many other residents, want a permanent solution to the contaminated wells, so they formed Save Our H2O to advocate for safe drinking water. Lamont said, in his estimation, the federal response to PFAS contamination has lagged for years, which has caused smaller municipalities and communities to take matters into their own hands. “The states got sick of waiting, so a lot of states implemented their own standards because there was no guarantee of when a federal standard would come in place,” he said.

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Wisconsin is one of about 30 states that does not regulate PFAS contamination in drinking water, according to a 2019 tabulation from the law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Pasner, so the group helped draft the Chemical Level Enforcement and Remediation (CLEAR) Act introduced in the state legislature in 2019. It would have required the state to establish standards for PFAS levels in drinking water and soil as well as require a person who possesses PFAS to provide proof of financial responsibility for remediation. The bill stalled in early 2020 but was reintroduced by Gov. Tony Evers and other legislators in late April, citing PFAS contamination in 50 Wisconsin communities, according to WKBT in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is currently developing PFAS standards and the state’s Department of Health Services released recommendations for groundwater of 20 parts per trillion for PFAS chemicals. Currently the EPA has no legal limit for PFAS in drinking water, according to Consumer Reports. A retired hydrologist who spent more than 30 years in the environmental cleanup industry, Lamont was shocked to come home to face contamination in his backyard. “I never really thought it would happen to me,” he said. Another resident surprised by the 2017 contamination announcement was Furton, the Peshtigo supervisor. Several years ago, she moved her family into the home her parents purchased in the mid-1980s. Like many residents in the area, her parents’ love of natural beauty, land and desire for outdoor recreation guided their decision to live in Peshtigo. Those are the same reasons Furton and her family came back home. Furton said her father, a former soil scientist, studied the groundwater when they purchased their home and continued this practice for years. Unfortunately, the family, like many in the region, did not know to test for PFAS contamination until JCI disclosed the contamination in 2017. “Now, sadly, he’s heartsick about it,” she said, “which is just wrong because he did nothing wrong.”

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Starts at 8 am. $25 for bowling with Littles and $150 for family bowl. Register at bbbsncw.org How to Make Spring Egg Rolls · Thurs. 5/13, hosted online by Sib Pab Sib Qhia and CREATE Portage County. Learn how to make spring egg rolls. Starts at 5 pm. Free. On Facebook Live Hnub Qub Ntsa-Dance & Clothing· Fri. 5/14, hosted online by Sib Pab Sib Qhia and CREATE Portage County. Watch traditional Hmong dances and look at traditional Hmong clothing. Starts at 5 pm. Free. On Facebook Live Seeing Yourself (and Others) as the Beloved · Fri. 5/14-Sat. 5/15, hosted at St. Anthony Spiritual Center, 300 E 4th St, Marathon. Go on a spiritual retreat to learn and recognize yourself as beloved of God. Starts at 6 pm. $105 includes lodging and meals. 715-443-2236 2nd Annual Our Junk is Your Treasure Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market & Vendor Event · Sat. 5/15, hosted at the Cedar Creek Mall, 10101 Market St, Rothschild. Shop around at the flea market. Starts at 9 am. No Cost. 715-298-3811 Garden Tea Party · Sat. 5/15, hosted by Willow Springs Garden, 5480 Hillcrest Dr, Wausau. Bring your own doll to this doll-themed party and enjoy tea, tea sandwiches, and other treats. Space is limited and reservations are recommended. Starts at 11 am. $14 per person, $5 children under 10. 715-675-1171 Williams & Ree Outdoors · Sat. 5/15, hosted at St. Croix Casino, Turtle Lake. Live comedy performed outside for ages 18 and older. Bring your own lawn chair. Starts at 7 pm. $10 general admission. Purchase tickets at www.tempotickets.com/stcroixcasinos Garden Chats with Marissa: Vegetable Garden Preparations · Wed. 5/19, hosted online by Monk Botanical Gardens. Learn garden tips from horticulturist Marissa Ashbeck. Starts at 12 pm. Free. On Facebook Live State Park Speedway Season Opener · Thurs. 5/20, State Park Speedway, Wausau. SLM, Midwest trucks & Support Divisions. Fan gate opens at 4:30 pm, race starts at 7 pm. $15 adults, $8 kids 6-12, free ages 5 and under. Stateparkspeedway.com DIY Stars and Stripes Welcome Sign-Adult Craft Class · Thurs. 5/20, hosted by the Chestnut Center for the Arts, 208 S Chestnut Ave, Marshfield. Create your own welcome sign with stars and stripes. Registration ends on 5/18. Event has limited seating. Starts at 6 pm. $40. Chestnutarts.org Women of Vision 2021 · Fri. 5/21, hosted online by the YWCA, Wausau. This annual event talks about women who gave back to their community. Event is via zoom and donations go towards Marathon County’s food pantry. Starts at 12 pm. Free but $20 donation suggested. Eventbrite.com

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COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL EXCAVATING & PLUMBING Septic System Install & Repair | Septic Tank Pumping Septic Evaluations | Site Prep | Roads | Basements | Food Plots CRUSHED AND SCREENED AGGREGATE Fill | Road Gravel | Screen Sand | Top Dirt | Washed Stone

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this mother’s day give your mother the gift of massage

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Celebrating our 25th year of services in the Wausau/Central Wisconsin area. 31228


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Patti Hoerter, Hoerter FIC, RICP Patti Financial Associate 2004W County Road U 2 1200 Campus Dr Ste Wausau, WI 54401 patti.hoerter@thrivent.com 715-571-2171 ®

Is your broker an you 800 need How much will number? Let’s talk. to retire? Let’s talk.


Life Explore your youroptions. options. Life Changes? Changes? Explore






NEW 4,000+ sq ft STORE IN

Ya Ya! You Betcha!


ROTHSCHILD Located near

Harbor Freight


Open Open77days days aa week 11-5 11-5 1035 East Grand Ave, 1035 East Grand Ave,Rothschild RothschildWI WI54474 54474 715-298-9339 715-298-9339

Unique Gifts! Great forus a Man She See at Cave, these Shed, Garage or Basement!

2021 shows! Overoutdoor 1,000 different

Immediate Openings 12


May 13-20, 2021


We are now hiring OTR Drivers for the Marathon Cheese Private Fleet. • 60% of Fleet miles in Wisconsin and Minnesota with the rest of Primary Lanes running into Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Idaho, and Texas. • No East Coast. • Home weekends and some week nights. • Great Pay. • Great Benefits.

Hiring 2nd and 3rd shift production positions at the Marathon City location


Wages starting at $18.67 & higher 05568446

May 29-20 - Shawano Memorialsigns. Weekend metal and lighted June 6 - Shawano Flea WeMarket also have: June 12-13 - Mukwonago Maxwell St. Days Glass Cutting Boards June 20 - Shawano Flea Market Wood Planters June 27 - Shawano Flea Market Heavy Door Mats July 3-4 - Shawano July 4th Weekend 1,000 Piece Puzzles July 8-10 - Iola Car Show UniqueElkhorn CoffeeCar Mugs July 31-Aug 1 - Summer Show Gnomes Aug 27-29 - EdgarAdorable Tractor Show and Day much more! Sept 4-5 - Antigo Labor Weekend Sept 24-26 - Fall Jefferson Car Show www.uffdahhh.com www.uffdahhh.com

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for current openings and get your application in today. Equal Opportunity Employer

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