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暦 Koyomi




The Seven Autumn Grasses 秋の七草

Folding screens “The Seven Autumn Grasses”

ALL AN WEST Born in 1962 in the US, Allan West settled in Tokyo and eventually graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Tokyo University of the Arts. You can visit his open studio in Yanaka, Tokyo. text & artwork / Allan West, coordination / Mariko Takahashi, photo / Keiji Okazaki

Anne’s lace, bellflower, eupatorium, and sedge. There is a fragrance these plants emit, and whenever I smell this autumn musk, I imagine There is a poem I like from the Edo Period which goes like this... "The Musashino Plain, where for lack of mountains, the moon must

an infusion of dried leaves and chrysanthemum petals creating a reddish brown tea to enrich the loam below.

rise and set from behind the grasses." It evokes in me that time in the autumn when the night air is clear, and the moon seems closer

Not too many days after the photographers left, I looked once

than usual. I feel as though I'm missing something—when was it that

again at this painting and realized that I didn’t have to paint just one

cicadas turned the stage over to crickets?

of these subjects, I could enjoy them both... in the same painting! So I must apologize, the painting now has a silver moon. If you find

The motif I was thinking of painting is the seven grasses of autumn. Chrysanthemum, pampas grass, bush clover, Queen

yourself in Tokyo, and have a moment to stop by my studio, you will be able to see where this new moon is placed. WAttention Singapore |




NINJA reporter


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シンガポール初!どんぶりイベント 好奇心を刺激する新潟県~ SPECIAL FEATURE



Niigata: Exciting Adventures await you

Yasuko Suzuki WAon Pte Ltd 2A/2B Craig Road Singapore 089662 Tel: (65) 6324-2127 E-mail:

– Bask in the serene natural landscapes of the region

Ayako Miyazaki

– Take part in their colourful festivals – One-of-a-kind unique activities with the locals

Editor in Chief Advertising Sales

Ayako Miyazaki / Miyoko Takeuchi Mikako Suzuki / Kaoruko Hishida / Rio Kawai Sakura Uno / Koichi Matsufuji / Anna Yamada

Editorial Team 14


Showers of Warm Orangey Hues

Michelle Kan / Amanda Lee

– Admire the rich autumn foliage at Mt. Fuji

Japan Editorial & Design Team

Japanese Donburi: One Bowl, Infinite Possibilities – Rave over these popular donburi in town – Discover the beauty of Japanese rice


Donburi Revolution 2018 – Come dive into a bowl of infinite possibilities at Singapore’s first ever D.I.Y donburi event


In Harmony with the Seasons


WAt’S New?


JPN47 Vol. 25 – Niigata


Japan Travel & Beyond – Winter Guide


WA Seh – The Really Useful Japan Travel Guide Vol. 10


NHK World-Japan Video on Demand Review Vol. 02


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Shioritoge Unkai - Selected works from a photography contest held in Uonuma City Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

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Nagao Shinso Niigata Kenjinkai Tsutomu Yamada 本誌に関する日本国内でのお問い合わせ先 和テンション株式会社 Tel: +81 3-6418-5701 Fax: +81 3-6862-6760 E-mail:

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WAt’S Orchard

kokonoE Kitchen Stage ココノエ キッチン ステージ

Isetan Scotts B1, 350 Orchard Road Mon-Thu, Sat & Sun 10am – 9pm, Fri & Day before PH 10am – 9.30pm

Oita Prefecture Onsen Tamago ..............$2.70 per egg Special Curry Rice (with onsen tamago) ...................$15

Roast Beef Salad (with onsen tamago) .........$15 Oita Prefecture Tamago Yaki ................................................ $8

Fall in love with gooey eggs This speciality store serves up a wide spread of dishes using a premium range of eggs called Tore Tama (トレたま) from Oita Prefecture. Newly opened at Isetan Scotts, get ready to fill your bellies with wholesome meals such as Tamago Kake Gohan (卵かけご 飯 , rice mixed with pasteurised raw egg), with glistening Koshihikari rice, burgers, rice bowls and even salads― all with a luxurious topping of onsen tamago. And of course, top up for eggs is available!


Unagiya Ichinoji Dining


Suntec City Mall Eat At Seven #03-307, 3 Temasek Boulevard Daily 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm

Eat at Seven Exclusive menu items: Unagi Bara Chirashi .....$22.80 Unagi Gozen ................. $46.80

Regular menu item: Hitsumabushi (Medium) .........................................$32.80

Feast like kings at this wellestablished specialist’s second outlet


This 125-year-old unagi restaurant from Tokyo opens its newest branch at Suntec City! Look out for store-exclusive gourmet including Unagi Bara Chirashi―savour their signature grilled eel, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, scallops, takuan among other mouthwatering ingredients. Also don’t miss out on Unagi Gozen, showcasing smoky eel and A1-grade Hokkaido wagyu, braised Ibérico pork belly with assorted tempura and sashimi.


Menya Kokoro


Suntec City Mall Eat At Seven #03-313, 3 Temasek Boulevard 6235-3386 | Daily 11am – 10pm

Maze-Soba, Maze-Don & Curry Maze-Don

*Prices to be revealed when Menya Kokoro opens its doors to the public on 12 Oct’18, so keep your eyes peeled!

Tokyo’s largest Mazesoba restaurant comes to Singapore! Slurp up tantalising noodles served with a medley of premium toppings from this authentic Japanese chain! Helmed by Chef Takuma Ishikawa with his hallmark fine-spun technique, his commitment to utmost precision and consistency results in delightfully chewy noodles achieving the perfect texture. Specially created for the Singapore store includes Maze-Don and Curry Maze-Don, both fragrant and flavourful additions to capture your hearts and stomachs.

[ Promotion ] Flight Schedule Flight Number Day 3K791 3K792


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 0200/0800 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 0900/1325 *Travellers will be able to purchase fares starting from $183.

Jetstar Asia


Fares are available at

Jet off to Okinawa this year-end Looking to travel to the pristine beaches of Japan this year-end school holidays with your family? We bring you good news! Jetstar Asia has just released new direct return flights from Singapore to Okinawa starting 15 Nov’18. Acknowledging the growing love locals have for the island, they strive to continually offer low fares for them to visit this unique destination as Okinawa move towards the dream of becoming an international tourist hub. 6

| WAttention Singapore

Awashima Hachimanbana Observatory



Awashima Diving Experience


L e t ’s g o

Nagaoka Festival / Provided by Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation

Shinano River rafting \ Provided by Tokamachi Tourism Association

Located in the centre of Japan’s Honshu Island, Niigata is packed

Ways of transportation to Niigata Prefecture:

Niigata Airport

From Tokyo ─

it is best known as Japan’s premiere

The easiest way to get to Niigata is to hop on a Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo Station. This route only takes 100 minutes and is covered by the JR East Pass. Once you purchase the flexible 5-day JR East Pass (Nagano, Niigata area), you have a 14-day period to use it.

rice-cultivation area and home to

Niigata official website:

with natural, historical and cultural wonders. Blessed with rich natural resources and a favourable climate,

Murakami· Shibata area

Sado Airport

the world-famous Koshihikari rice.

Sado area

Niigata Station

Tsubame-Sanjo Station

Nagaoka · Kashiwazaki area

Nagaoka Station

Yahiko· Sanjo area

With its vibrant and fascinating landscape, Niigata is the place to be

Urasa Station

if you’re looking to enjoy abundant nature and outdoor activities!

Joetsumyoko Station EchigoYuzawa Station

Itoigawa Station Hokuriku Shinkansen Line

Myoko · Joetsu area

Niigata · Aga area

GALA Yuzawa Station

Niigata Prefecture Map

Yuzawa · Uonuma area

Joetsu Shinkansen Line

Thundering Waterfalls resembling Earthquakes \Myoko•Joetsu, Myoko City/

Naena Waterfalls Famous for its thunderous roars of waters crashing down from a 55-metre-tall basalt cliff, the Naena Waterfall has been nicknamed “Earthquake Falls”. This natural wonder is recognized as one of Japan’s 100 greatest waterfalls. On a sunny day, you may get to see an arching rainbow reaching out through sprays of cool water.

Be captivated by the scenic landscapes of Niigata

Access: 15-minute drive from Myoko Kogen Station on the Echigo-tokimeki Tetsudo Web:

A Treasure Trove of Natural Wonders in the City

Fjord-like Steep Cliffs

\Niigata•Aga, Niigata City/

Fukushimagata Lagoon

\Sado•Sado City/

Home to more than 220 species of wild birds and 350 flora, this extensive wetland is the largest in Niigata Prefecture. During spring, rapeseed flowers are in full bloom. In summer, the makhana–a species of water lily–steals the spotlight by decorating the lagoon with vivid greens. Escape the busy city with a trip down here!

Senkakuwan Bay Known for its meandering gorges and steep cliffs, Sotokaifu-kaigan in Sado is surrounded by stunning tower cliffs reminiscent of Norwegian fjords. Admire the amazing view from above or hop on a cruise to get a closer look at the magnificent structures while also appreciating the underwater beauty through a glass panel at the base of the boat.

Access: 30-minute walk or 5-minute drive from Toyosaka Station on JR Hakushinsen Web: index.html (Japanese)

Access: 60-minute drive from Ryotsu Port or 1-minute walk from Senkakuwan Ageshima Park (Kaifu Line) bus stop Web:

\Niigata•Aga, Niigata City/

Niigata Tare Katsu Don

A Local Favourite of Niigata

Unlike the typical Katsu Don which uses egg as a topping, this local delight includes fried pork cutlets dipped in a special sauce before being placed on warm fluffy rice. This dish first appeared during the early Showa period at a western restaurant. The sweet soy sauce is absolutely tantalizing! Many restaurants in the Niigata Prefecture have this dish on their menu. Web: (Japanese)


| WAttention Singapore

\Sado•Sado City/


Dubbed as the secret garden of Sado, Onogame is a 167-metre-high rock formation located on the northern coast of Sotokaifu-kaigan. Awarded two stars in the Michelin Green Guide Japan, the picturesque landscape receives many visitors. During summer, bright yellow licorice flowers carpet the area providing a beautiful contrast against the blue sky and green grass.

Access: 60-minute drive from Ryotsu Port or 1-minute walk from Onogame ( Uchi Kaifu Line) bus stop Web:

\Yuzawa•Uonuma, Uonuma City/

JR Tadami Line

Crossing a Dreamy Sanctuary

This line passes through the secluded mountainous areas in Tohoku, which connects Niigata and Fukushima. Its mystic atmosphere has attracted countless train and photography enthusiasts. As the train passes through Uonuma City, keep a look out for the Koshihikari rice fields and Abukumagawa Dam in the valleys. *Trains are no longer operating between Tadami and AizuKawaguchi stations. Visitors can take a shuttle bus instead. The stops between Koide Station and Oshirakawa Station are within Niigata Prefecture. The JR Tadami Line also stops at Aizu-Wakamatsu. Web: (Japanese)

Excite your Five Senses onboard this Sightseeing Train

Selected works from a photography contest held in Uonuma City

Selected works from a photography contest held in Uonuma City

Behold a Cascading Sea of Clouds \Yuzawa•Uonuma, Uonuma City/

Shioritoge Unkai Begin your hiking trail at Shioritoge leading to Mt. Echigo-Komagatake, one of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains. Stop by the observation deck along highway 532 in the early mornings to catch a breathtaking view. On good days, you will see a vista of cascading clouds over towering mountains when you look towards Ginzandaira and Oku-tadami. *Toge means the highest point of a mountain trail Web: (Japanese)

\Myoko•Joetsu, Myoko City/

Setsugekka This cardinal red train not only showcases a panoramic view of Niigata’s countryside, but also the prefecture’s proud craftsmanship. Boasting “all made in NIIGATA,” passengers can appreciate the artistry of this locallymade train, and taste the goodness of local produce onboard. Enjoy all of Niigata’s charms fully by booking a ride!

Recommended viewing points of Lake Okutadami

Mountain Trail Mt. EchigoKomagatake

Web: setsugekka/index.html (Japanese) *Reservation required, only via phone call.

Ginzandaira Oze

Lake Okutadami

\Yuzawa•Uonuma, Tokamachi City/

Onsen-exclusive Local Cuisine \Myoko•Joetsu, Myoko City/

Red Yakisoba Don’t be fooled by the red color of Akakura Onsen’s specialty yakisoba noodles. Though they look spicy, the noodles get their hue from fresh vegetables, not red chili. A definite musttry for hungry visitors of Myoko City! About 10 restaurants within Akakura Onsen serve this dish. Web: (Japanese)

Hoshitoge Rice Terraces Featured in Tenchijin, a famous historical drama in Japan, the photogenic Hoshitoge Rice Terrace in the mountains of Niigata rose to fame. During spring and autumn, visitors are treated to a gorgeous view of the rural landscape with glistening rice fields and misty forests. If you are lucky, you might even catch a sighting of unkai rolling over the rice fields in the early mornings.

The Ultimate Countryside Experience

*A sea of clouds or unkai is formed only under certain weather conditions during spring and autumn mornings. Access: 20-minute drive from Matsudai Station on the Hokuhoku Line Web:

Courtesy of Tokamachi City Tourism Association Matsudai Branch

WAttention Singapore |


Tsumari in Bloom by Yayoi Kusama ( Japan) Photographed byOsamu Nakamura

Culture, Art and Tradition in the Rural Landscapes of Niigata

Reverse City by Pascale Marthine Tayou (Cameroon / Belgium) Photographed by Osamu Nakamura

\Yuzawa•Uonuma Tokamachi City, Tsunanmachi/

Make it a point to catch this triennial showcase of colourful artworks inspired by nature and the local culture. Some 380 pieces will be displayed around the farmlands, turning the area into a treasure trove of art. Witness how innovative these artists can be and see how they cleverly blend their art pieces into the local scenery!

Incorporating Art into the Countryside

Event period: 29 Jul – 17 Sep Web:

\Nagaoka•Kashiwazaki, Nagaoka City/

Koshinoyuki With a history of 230 years of making traditional Japanese sweets , Koshinoyuki Honpo Yamatoya Honten’s delicious treats do not disappoint. The incredibly soft Koshinoyuki is made from locally-produced sticky rice powder and wasabon sugar from Shikoku. These sweets were once a delicacy saved only for feudal lords in the past, but now they are a common gift for special occasions.

Hachi & Seizo Tashima Museum of Picture Book Art by Seizo Tashima ( Japan) Photographed by Takenori Miyamoto & Hiromi Seno


| WAttention Singapore

Koshinoyuki Honpo Yamatoya Honten Hours: 9am-5:30pm Access: 15-minute walk from Nagaoka Station on JR Joetsu Line, Joetsu Shinkansen, Shinetsu Main Line Address: 3-3 Yanagaharamachi, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture Web: (Japanese)

Kiss & Goodbye (Doichi station) by Jimmy Liao (Taiwan) Photographed by Gentaro Ishizuka

Echigo Tsumari Art Festival 2018

The Top Three Traditional Sweets of Japan

Nagaoka Festical \ Provided by Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation

Spectacular Fireworks Lighting up the Night \Nagaoka•Kashiwazaki, Nagaoka City/

Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Festival Ranked as one of Japan’s top three fireworks displays, the Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Festival launches about 20,000 fireworks over a two-day period. The beautiful sparks light up the night sky, completely transforming the city’s atmosphere. During this time, locals also mourn for the deceased, thus making it a more meaningful event. Event period: 2-3 Aug every year (Nagaoka Peace Festival falls on 1 Aug) Access: 30-minute walk from Nagaoka Station on JR Joetsu Line, Joetsu Shinkansen, Shinetsu Main Line Web: (Japanese)

\Murakami•Shibata, Shibata City/

Goldfish Floats Parade exclusively during Summer

Castle Town Shibata Festival For over 280 years, the Goldfish Float parade has been one of the most important summer events in Shibata City. Join the festivities as children pull goldfish floats and men jovially march the daiwa (台輪 , portable shrine) around the town on the last day of the festival. Event period: 17-29 Aug Web: archives/3311 (Japanese) *content to be updated soon

\Murakami•Shibata, Sekikawa Village/

Echigosekikawa Great Serpent Festival Since 1988, it has been a customary practice for the locals to parade through the town with a locallymade, 80-metre-long bamboo straw serpent weighing over 2,000 kilograms to warn others against the dangers of flood waters. On this occasion, about 500 residents gather together to carry the snake before coiling it up at the village office.

Enormous Straw Snake Parading through the Town

Event period: 26 Aug (The fireworks display and Bon Odori festival are held on 25 Aug) Hours: [snake parade] 9:30am - 12pm [fukumaki] see the snake coil up after the parade at Sekikawa Village Office Web: (Japanese)

\Murakami•Shibata, Shibata City/


Mouth-watering Street Food

A hundred years ago, the locals created Poppoyaki by mixing brown sugar with flour on a stick. Served only during festivals, it got its name from the popping noises during the baking process. The sweet fragrance paired with the chewy texture makes it irresistible! Can only be eaten during festive period of Shibata City and other nearby cities Web: (Japanese)

Take a ride on the Longest River in Japan \Yuzawa•Uonuma, Tokamachi City/

Shinano River Rafting Sign up for an unforgettable rafting adventure full of shrills, big splashes and thrilling bumps along the longest river in Japan! The river flows through Tokamachi City before feeding into the Sea of Japan in Niigata Prefecture. While you are here, make sure to take a good dip in the river too!

Explore the different charms of Niigata

Traditional Japanese River Fishing

Shinano River rafting Provided by Tokamachi Tourism Association

\Niigata•Aga, Agamachi/

Mikawa Yanaba Try catching a meal with your bare hands using yana (やな, fish trap), a traditional Japanese fishing platform made of method which comprises bamboo reeds that are laid across a river. Observe how small fishes swim through the gaps, while bigger ones get caught in between the crevices. Grill the fish right away and taste the freshness of Niigata instantly!

Event period: mid-Apr to 28 Oct Fee: 6,000 JPY (Elementary school students), 8,000JPY (Middle school students and above) Address: 4197 Miyanaka, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture Web: (Japanese)

A Peek into a Copper Artisan’s Studio

Event period: 8 Apr – 7 Nov Access: 7-minute bus ride from Mikawa Station on JR Banetsusai Line Address: 2598 Ikazawa, Higashikanbaragun Agamachi Web: (Japanese)

\Yahiko•Sanjo, Tsubame City/


Outdoor Seaside Activities in Niigata \Murakami•Shibata Awashimaura Village/

Awashima With a small population of less than 400 people, Awashima is an island touted as a natural oceanic paradise, offering not just incredibly fresh seafood, but also various fun activities like fishing, water sports, cycling and bird watching. If you are searching for the perfect summer getaway, look no further! Access: Take a boat from Iwafune Port to Awashima Port (55-minute ride on high-speed catamaran Awaline and 90-minute by boat) Web: (Japanese)

Well-known for its metal-processing industry, Tsubame City is the birthplace to Gyokusendo, a major copper craftsmanship studio with over 200 years of history. Get a glimpse of how professionals work there, as artists tirelessly hammer and shape copper into elegant cups, vases and kettles—all by hand. Hours: 8:30am-5:30pm, Closed on Sun & PH Factory tour: 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 3:10pm Access: 3-minute walk from Tsubame Station on Yahiko Line or 5-minute drive from Tsubame Sanjo Station Web: (Japanese)

\Yuzawa•Uonuma, Tokamachi City/

Soba served in a Traditional Wooden Dish When in Niigata, you cannot afford to miss the chance to savor one of their local delicacies—Hegisoba. Served on a wooden dish, the noodles are sectioned into bitesized portions. Hegisoba has a smoother and firmer texture compared to ordinary soba. Many restaurants in Tokamachi City have this dish on their menu. Web: data?page-id=15117&noicon=1 (Japanese)

Niigata Speciality Soba 12

| WAttention Singapore

新 潟 県


Writer’s profile: Nagao Shinsho – Coodinator and secretariat of the Niigata Kenjinkai (県人会) in Singapore, he hails from Joetsu City of Niigata, and actively introduces the region’s abundant attractions through Kenjinkai events.



Tarai Bune, たらい舟

Sanshakudama Fireworks Display

© Photo: Tsutomu Yamada

Snow Fireworks

© Photo: Tsutomu Yamada

Tarai Bune, たらい舟

Sennenzake Kikkawa, 千年鮭きっかわ

Takada Yozakura, 高田夜桜

Restaurant Bus

NIIGATA – THE PREFECTURE THAT NEVER SLEEPS Known for being a peaceful natural sanctuary, the Niigata Prefecture is home to vibrant cities each with breathtaking experiences. Regardless of the season, the region is alive for all to enjoy! One of the area’s most interesting activities is to ride the Tarai Bune in Sado City . The largest island in Japan, Sado Island is the habitat of the Crested Ibis which is an important national symbol. The area has preserved its natural state since Japan’s ancient times; the Tarai Bune was a washing tub during the Edo Period used for fishing at narrow coasts with many inlets present. Fan of salted fish? Head to Sennenzake Kikkawa of Murakami City famous for their salted salmon. These fish are carefully fermented and aged by experienced craftsmen, making sure their flavours are properly concentrated and dried through exposure to the northwest cold winds for three weeks. During winter especially, many shops can be spotted hanging up dried salmon .

Planning a trip in winter? Tokamachi City, with the heaviest snowfall of all Niigata, hosts the grandest winter Sanshakudama Fireworks Display . While admiring a myriad of colours lighting up the night sky, be also awed by Snow Fireworks where a sea of lights spread out in the snowy field . Lastly, your trip to Niigata is not complete without going to Joetsu City, my hometown. Recognised as one of the best three yozakura (夜桜 , cherry blossoms viewing at night) spots , the Takada Park is not to be missed during spring. Every year, more than one million visitors come to admire the 4,000 cherry trees and 3,000 paper lanterns put up as decoration.

Sado Island 佐渡島

Murakami City 村上市

Niigata Prefecture

Have your meal on the go with Restaurant Bus , a fascinating concept where the you dine on the second floor of an open-top double-decker bus while your food is cooked in the kitchen on the first floor. This special journey enables you to taste the seasonal flavours of Niigata!


Tokamachi City 十日町市

Niigata Airport 新潟空港

Joetsu City 上越市

Niigata Airport Narita International Airport Airplane (one-way) 1 hr 5 mins ¥6,540 (S$78.61~) Tokyo Station

Niigata Station

Shinkansen 2 hr 5 mins ¥10,050 (S$120.80~)

WAttention Singapore |


Short Trip from Tokyo

Evening illumination at Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival’s maple corridor A thousand yen view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Motosuko

JR Chuo Line


Lake Motosu -ko

ko R yu

Fuji-Q Highland

Kawaguchiko stn.

Kawaguchiko I.C Fugaku Fuketsu Narusawa Hyoketsu

Mt. Fuji


to Nagoya Tomei Expressway

Mt. Fuji stn.

ji k

Lake Kawaguchi -ko

a il



Chuo Expressway


Lake Shojiko

Lake Saiko

Lake Yamanaka -ko

Gotemba I.C

ne n Sk yli Fujisa Numazu Fuji I.C I.C

to Tokyo

Perfect Autumn Mt. Fuji Wrapped in

Stay FUJISAN STATION HOTEL Just two minutes away from Mt. Fuji Station on foot, Fujisan Station Hotel is located in a convenient spot. Their service is impeccable, featuring free breakfast and Wi-Fi access. Guests are invited to enjoy Japanese hospitality at its best. The elegant lobby is decorated with Japanese art work that perfectly blends into the natural scenery.

Mt. Fuji is breathtaking from every angle and through any lense. The panoramic vista from afar is as wonderful as exploring its countless natural attractions along the trails. You can visit this sacred mountain several times in three different seasons—snow-carpeted winter, flowerpacked spring and fresh, leafy summer. The vibrantly colored autumn leaves are exactly what we were missing out!

Fujisan Station Hotel:


Sasaume If you walk in the direction of the old town office from Shimoyoshida Station, you'll be greeted by a nostalgic neighborhood with a strong feel of the good old days. Shops on Gekkojidori even have neon signs that light up the night. Opened more than 60 years ago, Sasaume is a local joint serving homemade delicacies and finger food. It's loved by almost everyone who walks through the door. Address: 3-15-27 Shimoyoshida, Fujiyoshida Shi, Yamanashi 14

| WAttention Singapore

Foliage in a spectrum of red, orange and yellow speckle the area surrounding Mt. Fuji from as early as late October to early November, as it's higher in altitude and colder than other places. Although the greens of summer are being replaced by splashes of warm hues, the atmosphere becomes all the more inviting. Branches

sway in the fresh, crisp breeze, making pleasing noises to draw visitors closer. Most of the people around us couldn’t help but look up and appreciate the spectacular autumn colors against the backdrop of snow-capped Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji Sets of the Beauty of Autumn Lake Yamanakako’s “Sunset Shore Autumn Leaves Festival” is a must-visit during daytime because of the phenomenal view of foliage against the blue lake and clear sky. In the evening, we dropped by the Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival to see glowing autumn leaves light up the night sky. The illumination display is as dreamy and romantic as it gets. From what we saw, Mt. Fuji seems to take a supporting role rather than the lead when it comes to the Autumn. We highly recommend joining the Fuji Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival.

Travel Far and Wide with Mt. Fuji Pass If you're planning to visit the Mt. Fuji area, Mt. Fuji Pass is your best travel mate! Choose from one-day to three-day passes according to your schedule and enjoy unlimited rides on most buses and trains operating in the area. You also get discounts on admission fees at various attractions by presenting the pass. This is a must-have!

Activity 1

Unlimited Fun on Offer at Mt. Fuji


Gorgeous Autumn Colors As autumn slowly sets in, colorful patches of autumn foliage begin to dot the area surrounding the fresh snow-capped Mt. Fuji, t u r n i n g t h e u s u a ll y s e r e n e s c e n e r y i n t o something dazzling. Maybe it’s the unique charm of this sacred mountain that gives everything around it a magical touch of fun and fantasy!

Endowed with rich natural resources, the Fuji Five Lakes area offers vacationers a chance to get up close with Mother Nature. Canoeing is not to be missed, so book a session with PICA Fuji Saiko Village and instructors are available to assist you to make your experience fun and enjoyable. Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave and Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave are famous lava cave attractions located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The wind cave is much easier to explore as it's less steep. The average temperature inside is 3 degree Celsius so make sure you're properly dressed! PICA Fuji Saiko: Fugaku Fuketsu Wind Cave and Narusawa Hyoketsu Ice Cave:

Activity 2

Sunset Shore Autumn Leaves Festival at Lake Yamanakako

A tunnel of maple leaves ”Momiji (Autumn Leaves) Corridor” leads visitors to the main venue: an avenue of about 60 huge maple trees which are lit up after dark. As for the day time, Asahigaoka Lakeside Green Park is the best spot to be. The Sunset Autumn Leaves Festival is held here every year, featuring a 600-meter path lined with stunning maple trees and carpeted with fallen golden leaves—truly a sight to behold.

Thousand Yen Note View of Mt. Fuji

Aside from capturing the splendor of autumn leaves, another purpose of our trip was to look for the view of Mt. Fuji on the back of the thousand yen bank note. Therefore, we hopped on a bus operating on Road 139 (Fuji Panorama Line). After making a turn for Road 300 and passing Lake Motosuko, it stopped at a parking space right in front If you have a foreign passport, you can purchase the pass at Otsuki Station, Kawaguchiko Station, Mt . Fuji St ation , A s ahigaoka Bus Ter minal, Gotemba Station, Mishima Station, Shin-Fuji Station and Fujinomiya Station. Website:

of a tunnel. There were quite a few tourists taking pictures of Mt. Fuji and its reflection in the water when we arrived. Although it's rumored that the thousand yen view of Mt. Fuji was inspired by a photograph taken on an observatory further away from here, the sight from this angle is equally breathtaking. Why not pull out a thousand yen bank note from your wallet, and take a picture that will live in your memory forever?

Cruising Away and Relaxing on Board While here, make your trip more special by taking in a grand view of autumn colors from the clear waters of the Fuji Five Lakes. Choose from YAMANAKAKO NO KABA, an amphibious bus that takes you into the woods before diving into Lake Yamanakako; Swan Lake, a pleasure cruiser in the form of an elegant swan; and Ensoleillé, which takes you around Lake Kawaguchiko with Mt. Fuji in the background. YAMANAKAKO NO KABA: Yamanakako "Swan Lake":




Great Food and Great View Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway (Previous name: KachiKachi Ropeway) takes you all the way to the top of Mt Tenjoyama, which is 1,075 meters above sea level. From the observatory platform, you can enjoy a 360 degree spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko. Tanuki Jaya Tea House offers creative accessories and goods that can be bought here. Roasted Japanese rice dumplings glazed in soy sauce is the most popular item on the menu and really worth a try! Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway:

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Presented by



Gunma Nagano

Winter Story in North Central Japan Come this winter, treat yourself and your loved ones to luxurious hot springs, magnificent sights and never-ending exhilarating snow fun. Create your picture-perfect moments with JTB and their unique offerings!

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park

Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park 地獄谷野猿公園

Think humans are the only ones who patronise hot springs? Think again. At this park, you will encounter many wild Japanese macaques or snow monkeys submerged in steaming pools―an image that has become iconic of Japan. These primates have been around for decades since the place was first established in 1964.

Northern Culture Museum 北方博物館

Once belonging to Ito Bunkichi, one of the wealthiest landowners during the Edo Period, the mansion today has Northern Culture Museum been transformed into a public museum housing a wide collection of artefacts like calligraphy paintings, ceramics, lacquerware, documents and more. Visitors can take this chance to peer into the past lives of the Ito family here!

Minakami Onsen Snow Park 水上温泉スノー・パーク

Joetsu Kokusai Ski Park

Blessed with an ideal location, skiers and snowboarders flock to the Minakami region due to the great quality powder snow perfect for all sorts of winter sports. The nine ski areas offer plenty of other immersive activities such as dog sledding, snow rafting and snowshoeing, so there is definitely something for the whole family!

Densho Sennen No Yado Sakan’s Onsen Bath

Akiu Onsen 秋保温泉

This quaint hot spring town is lined with abundant well-established inns that will provide you with an exquisite Japanese spa experience. Relax your body and let the soothing spring waters low in salinity rejuvenate your soul as well as treat your muscle aches. You will leave feeling completely refreshed and rested!

Zenkoji Temple 善光寺 Zao Ropeway

Zao Ropeway 蔵王ロープウェイ

Hop on one of Japan’s grandest gondolas and get ready for an unobstructed panorama from their wide viewing window. The place is famous for their Zao “snow monsters”, which are gigantic frost covered trees that take on interesting forms due to heavy snowfall and freezing winds each year. These structures are also illuminated at night. 16

| WAttention Singapore

Zenkoji Temple ©Nagano Prefecture© JNTO

Founded in the 7th century, this religious institute houses the first ever Buddhist statue in Japan. Zenkoji Temple is not only popular amongst the locals, but has also been receiving pilgrims from all over the world since the Heian Period. It was finally designated as a National Treasure in 1953.

WA Seh :


T h e Re ally Use f ul Japan T ravel Guide


Rice is the heart of Japanese cuisine and plays a huge part in defining its culture. Although it has been cultivated for over 2,000 years, rice was initially reserved for the warriors and the nobility. It was only consumed by most of its population from the 17th century.

2017 4:47:30 PM

Japan, nd of the Rice-ing Sun

Fu n Fact s a bo u t Japa n e se Ric e ! Back in the days, farmers cultivated rice so as to pay warrior tax! Till today, it is still widely used in religious rites. The Japanese continue to celebrate the planting of rice every spring through traditional rituals and festivals. Dubbed as the rice capital of Japan, Niigata Prefecture is best known for producing superior quality rice due to having the best possible natural conditions all-year round. As of 2017, Niigata is ranked as the largest rice producing prefecture in all of Japan!

MP 03:74:4 710

Listed in the 2016 Guinness World Records as the “most expensive rice” in the world, the Kinmemai Premium combines rice from the prefectures of Niigata, Nagano and Gunma. Available in brown and white rice, the company is selling it at USD$109 for every kilogram! Rice is also used to produce a variety of food items including vinegar , sake, senbei crackers and mirin.

N ag a o ka Dia l e ct




方言 コー ナ: 長


(長岡弁, Nagaoka-ben)

To Singaporeans, one of the lesser known dialects of Japan is none other than the Nagaokaben. Spoken mainly by the locals of Nagaoka City in Niigata Prefecture, it is the most prominent dialect of the region. Besides containing unique words and suffixes, the accent of the Nagaoka dialect also features different stresses on the syllables of certain words.



Standard Japanese

Nagaoka Dialect


暑い (atsui)

あっちぇ (acche)


冷たい (tsumetai)

しゃっこい (shakkoi)

Shy / Embarrassed

恥ずかしい (hazukashii)

しょーしい (shōshii)

Oh really? / Is that so?

そうなんだ (sounanda)

そーいが (sōiga)


そろそろ (soro soro)

そろって (sorotto)

How about~?

はどうですか? (~wa dou desu ka?)

なじら? (~najira?)


柔らかい (yawarakai)

やっこい (yakkoi)

To throw

捨てる (suteru)

ぶっちゃる (buccharu)

A lazy person

なまけもの (namakemono)

のめしこき (nomeshikoki) Illustration credit: &

e Experience th ntic thrill of authe

Japan Game Centre enthusiasts rejoice! Hailing all the way from the land of the rising sun, Ton Amusement brings to you the trendiest prizes and gaming mechanics for players to enjoy with their best buds and little ones right in the heart of town.

Orchard Central #05-43/44, 181 Orchard Road Daily 11am – 1am |


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WAttention Singapore |


今 、シ ン ガ ポ ー ル は


Probably the most versatile dish in the entire Japanese food scene, the eminent donburi is known for its many variants and endless combinations of ingredients. In recent years, the donburi boom has picked up in Singapore, with a steady increase of concept stores opening its doors on our sunny island. Here are some of the trending donburi in Singapore! 北海道マルシェ

Hokkaido Marche Revel in heart-warming rice bowls from Japan’s northernmost island

Gyuu Don

Menu Donburi Maruya Oyako Don ....................................$10 Katsu Don ................................$13.50 Sauce Katsu Don .....................$13.50 Yakitori Tsuyoshi Shoyu Buta Don ......................$12.50

Chow down hearty Hokkaido cuisine from the concept stores of this gourmet hall! Its original brand established for 130 years in Sapporo, Maruya dishes out affordable and delicious rice bowls that are affordable and delicious. Also look out for the well-loved Yakitori Tsuyoshi from Asahikawa—the Shoyu Buta Don is topped with a secret sauce that evokes the distinctive taste of the region. ☎ 6509-9383 | Orchard Central B2 #11-29/44-48, 181 Orchard Road Daily 11am – 11pm (L.O. 10pm) | HokkaidoMarcheSG hokkaidomarche Oyako Don

春秋 居酒屋


Chirashi Don

Satisfy your lunchtime hunger pangs This unpretentious Japanese izakaya offers a variety of exciting donburi options for its lunch menu. Catered to the office crowd, be spoiled for choice with their extensive selection ranging from fresh sashimi, karaage, beef, tempura and the classic Oyako rice bowls. Sumptous and fuss-free donburi await you here!


*From Mon-Thu only *Flash this article to redeem *Terms & Conditions apply

Shoyu Butadon from Yakitori Tsuyoshi

Menu Chirashi Don .................................$12 Gyuu Don ......................................$18 Wakadori Karaage........................$13 *Only served during lunchtime

☎ 6887-3577 Riverside View #01-15, 30 Robertson Quay Mon-Thu 12pm – 14.30pm, 6pm – 11pm (Fri-Sat till 11.30pm, Sun 5:30pm – 10.30pm) shunjuuizakaya

We are located at level 3 of 100AM Shopping Mall next to Amara Hotel. Closest station: Tanjong Pagar

Nestled conveniently in town, the concept stores of itadakimasu by PARCO pride themselves in providing everyday Japanese comfort food for the people. This is the perfect place for the busy bees to get their donburi fix!

焼肉 平城苑

Visit for more details!

Nadai Fujisoba NI-HACHI Bite into tempting tempura Tuck into a variety of tempura toppings including shrimp, chicken, crab sticks and an assortment of vegetables together with warm fluffy rice! These fresh ingredients are packed with umami flavours and come in generous portions, so you will definitely leave feeling fulfilled.

Japanese Wagyu on Rice (Lunch) $27.90

☎ 6538-2981 | Daily 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm)



☎ 6443-8827 Mon-Fri 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm, Sat, Sun & PH 11am – 10pm fujisoba singapore

Ten Don $15

YAYOI Traditional flavours with an innovative twist!

沼津 魚がし鮨

Numazu Uogashizushi

Famed for dishing out delicious and nutritional sets, customers can look forward to a novel way of consuming donburi as they mix in fresh salmon, grated yam, lady’s finger, omelette, seasoned spinach, seafood and half-boiled egg into their rice!


☎ 6694-8809 Daily 11am – 10pm YAYOI Singapore

Indulge in an exquisite seafood experience Pamper yourself with thickcuts of premium sashimi air-flown directly from Japan, known for having some of Japan’s freshest catches! Each bowl comes with miso soup at this cost joint, and the brand has over 40 outlets in Japan so you can expect nothing but quality taste.

Omaze Don $15.50

新宿 とんかつ さぼてん


Chūtoro Aburi Don (Lunch) $18

Hearty cutlets to satisfy your cravings Here, skilful chefs whip up drool-worthy cutlets deep-fried to perfection to delight their customers. With just the right amount of crunch on the outside and juiciness maintained on the inside, enjoy aromatic katsu atop a warm bed of imported Japanese rice with chilled cabbage, miso soup, and pickled radish.


Tanjong Pagar MRT

名代 富士そば 二八

Succulent grilled wagyu atop glistening white rice


Tras Street

100AM Shopping Mall, Level 3, 100 Tras Street itadakimasubyparco Daily 11am – 10pm |

Yakiniku Heijoen This well-known yakiniku diner houses top-grade wagyu, beautifully marbled and carefully aged to produce excellent depth in flavour. Perfect for both luxurious meals and casual dine-ins, do try their Japanese Wagyu on Rice that comes with salad, seaweed soup and kimchi sides.

Wallich Street


Tuck right into these donburi options!

Gopeng Street

Tanjong Pagar Road

#03-K1 ☎ 6444-0868 | Daily 11am – 3pm, uogashizushi_sg 5.30pm – 10pm |

Tenderloin Katsu and Loin Katsudon Gozen (Lunch) $18.50

☎ 6904-4032 | Mon-Fri 11am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm, Sat, Sun & PH 11am – 10pm |




Dinner Coupon

Valid till 30 Nov’18 Valid for dine-in dinner operating hours only (5pm-10pm)

This coupon must be physically presented upon redemption • This coupon can be used at any of the 7 concept restaurants at itadakimasu by PARCO • Limited to one coupon per bill withminimum spending of $20 • Only original coupon accepted, andvalid for onetime usage • Management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of promotion period without prior notice • Cannot be combined with other promotions (eg. 1 for 1 promotion)

糀 Sushi Bar


Koji Sushi Bar

Healthy Unagi Rice Bowl

Enjoy 1-for-1 bottled beer (Sapporo or Ginga Kogen)

Generous portions of sashimi on pearly rice

*Flash this article to redeem

This casual yet stylish Japanese joint’s straightforward menu focuses on top-grade fresh sea catches, speed and value-for-money prices to cater to the hungry crowd craving for a good bowl of chirashi don. Their signature Sashimi Rice Bowl is marinated with a special tangy sauce; another must-try includes the chef’s special Salmon Avocado Tartare Rice Bowl.

う屋 四代目菊川


Salmon Avocado Don

Sashimi Rice Bowl ........................$19 (Add uni $9)

Unagi Rice Bowl

Exquisite and healthy donburi at pocketfriendly prices

Salmon Avocado Tartare Rice Bowl .......................................$19 Tuna Tartare Rice Bowl ..............$19

Chirashi Don


☎ 6225-6125 | Nankin Row #01-42, 3 Pickering Street | Mon-Sat 11.30pm – 3pm (L.O. 2.30pm), 6pm – 10pm (L.O. 9pm), Closed on Sun&PH kojisushibars Other outlet at Chevron House

Specialising in eels carefully selected to ensure the ideal quality in terms of colour, plumpness and tenderness, Uya aims to offer traditional Japanese unagi cuisine to Singapore. The health-conscious can go for the Healthy Unadon that consists of chopped up eel, assorted vegetables and sous vide egg to be mixed in upon consumption.

Menu Unagi Rice Bowl ......M$33 / S$25 Healthy Unagi Rice Bowl ....... $29 Rare Wagyu Rice Bowl ........... $27 Tempura Rice Bowl ............... $23

PROMOTION 50% off A La Carte menu with every set menu purchased

*Valid from 1 Oct – 30 Nov’18 *Terms & Conditions apply

☎ 6732-1096 | Wheelock Place #02-15/16, 501 Orchard Road | Sun-Thu 12pm – 2pm, 6pm – 9.30pm (L.O. 9pm), Fri-Sat 12pm – 2pm, uya_sg 6pm – 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm) | uyasg


SUN with MOON JAPANESE DINING & CAFÉ Classic cuisine with a contemporary twist Dishing out traditional and modern Japanese cuisine for a refreshing dining experience, the restaurant merges with the café, bringing to the table a truly unique menu. Savour droolworthy Tokusen Tendon topped with the finest seafood tempura drizzled with homemade sweet and savoury sauce; another popular must-eat is the Aburi Salmon & Hotate Don with fresh salmon seared alongside Aomori scallops.

Menu Tokusen Tendon ...$28.80 (Lunch Set) ................... $24.80 (Dinner A La Carte) Aburi Salmon & Hotate Don Set ...................................... $24.80 Unagi Don & Pork Yanagawa Nabe Set .................................... $29.80 ☎ 6733-6636 Wheelock Place #03-15/16/17, 501 Orchard Road Sun-Thu & PH 11.30am – 10pm, Fri-Sat & Eve of PH 11.30am – 10.30pm sunwithmoondining sunwithmoonsg

Miyazaki Karamen

九州麺道 一矢

Kyushu Mendo Isshi Savour a symphony of Kyushu flavours

With its parent store in Japan enjoying a rise in popularity during recent times, Mendo Isshi opens its doors in Singapore this year. Hailing from the southern part of Japan’s main island, the area is famous for mentaiko or spicy cod roe. Get a taste of Kyushu’s local delight Mentaiko Don; any true mentaiko fan will not want to miss this!

Special Tendon & Sashimi 3Kind Set

Menu Mentaiko Don ................$6.90 Miyazaki Karamen.........$9.90 ☎ 6262-3467 Wisma Atria, #04-53, 435 Orchard Road Daily 11:30am – 10pm kyushumenissi


| WAttention Singapore

Mentaiko Don

Aburi Salmon Hotate Don Set

Donburi Trend-setters in Singapore

どんぶり界のパイオニアに聞く! in シンガポール

Mention donburi to a Singaporean and most would be aware of Teppei’s Kaisen Don and Una Don or Ginza Itsuki’s Ten Don. Recognised as the pioneers of the donburi scene in Singapore, these two big players have set the trend for many stores to come.

It is the little things that make the perfect donburi.

Chef Teppei Yamashita TEPPEI Pte Ltd, owner of the popular Teppei Syokudo and Man-Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant Could you tell us more about how Teppei Syokudo came about and why the D.I.Y donburi concept? After my omakase restaurants, I branched out to Teppei Syokudo focusing on Ten Don in the day and an izakaya concept at night. We always had extra seafood ingredients and I figured I could put them to good use. Aware that my customers were big fans of salmon and hotate sashimi, this sparked my original D.I.Y Kaisen Don concept at the ION Orchard outlet.

to be something newsworthy and I am really grateful that till today, long queues can still be spotted despite the secluded location.

What is the heart behind Man-Man that made it so successful? I strongly believe in making a taste so good that will draw repeated customers back to the establishment. By preserving the traditional way of preparation, this produces the best texture and quality of the entire dish. It had

What makes a good bowl of donburi? It is the little things that matter like minor adjustments in flavour—different types of rice go with different toppings, so both elements must sync well. With our homemade sauces, we ensure that they complement the ingredients and suit the locals’ tastebuds.

What does donburi mean to you personally? As a Japanese, donburi is a staple, daily food. The dish itself is wholesome, complete and simple. Since Singapore also has its own version in the form of mixed economy rice, I wanted to spread this Japanese eating culture here at an affordable price while maintaining quality.

It goes without saying: the rice of donburi is key. Chef Keisuke Takeda Keisuke Group, owner of Tendon Ginza Itsuki What made you decide to venture into a Ten Don concept store? I was surprised that not many Singaporeans knew the beauty of Ten Don. I wanted to share this well-loved dish in Japan with the locals as I believed that its robust flavours would appeal greatly to them. Any hopes for donburi scene in Singapore? For local creators to also pay more attention to the importance of each ingredient. At our store, the cooking takes place at different times of the day―we don’t cook everything all at once. This crucial point ensures the quality of each ingredient is being maximized. ☎ 6221-6678 | 101 Tanjong Pagar Road

A revival of the original donburi types? With the recent expansion of Ten Don and Una Don speciality restaurants, this might be perceived as a new movement in Singapore. Interestingly however, based on the origins of donburi of Japan, what’s happening now seems to be more of a rediscovery of the traditional flavours. In the next segment, we explore the history of donburi itself.

☎ 6222-7363 | Orchid Hotel #01-18, 1 Tras Link (Main outlet) *Do visit their website for the full list of all their stores.

WAttention Singapore |


Japan & Donburi どんぶりの歴史と発展

The Dawn of Rice Cultivation in Japan Adopting wetland rice farming techniques from China, rice was first introduced to Japan between 300 and 100BC. With this agricultural technological advancement, rice was eaten with other sides as a meal, though the actual concept of donburi had not yet manifest.

The Birth Donburi The Japanese first conceived the idea vaguely in the form of adding vegetables and dashi broth over rice. This manner of eating was commonly referred to as hōhan ( 芳飯 ) during the Muromachi Period (1330s – 1570s), and was also considered to be a religious dish of sorts. With the modernisation of the economy during the Edo Period (1600s – 1860s), the concept of donburi began to take on a more distinct shape. Undergoing increasing commercialisation in their eating culture, some believe the first donburi to be Una Don (うな丼 , eel rice bowl), which was eaten at Noh theatre performances. Due to the popularisation of tempura around this time too, there are also those who believe that Ten Don (天丼 , tempura rice bowl) could be one of the donburi pioneers as well.

The Development of Donburi From there, a myriad of donburi types sprung forth, especially during 1860s – 1970s. Embracing westernisation starting from the Meiji Period and Taisho Period, the population’s eating habits changed drastically, and food preparation methods saw diversification. The famous Gyu Don or beef bowl came into being in the 1890s, followed by the Oyako Don in 1891, Katsu Don in 1920 and so on. Donburi culture grew rapidly and was quickly recognised as the staple for the people. Consumption of donburi momentarily ceased during the warring years, though following shortly, we witness the creation of Bifuteki Don ( ビフテキ , beef steak rice bowl) in the 1950s, and later the advent of Kaisen Don ( 海鮮丼 , seafood ricebowl) .

Donburi today The concept of donburi has been globalised and is now recognised all around the world. Still continually evolving, now is the time to see the awakening of new donburi creations, or even the rediscovery of authentic lost flavours from the past. Individual prefectures have even developed their own version of certain donburi, claiming it as their regional speciality. Rice is considered the soul of Japanese people. When topped with a variety of ingredients to create a greater flavour, this represents harmony―and that is the very essence of donburi. There are endless combinations of rice and the toppings as your imaginations allows it!

The Tastiness of Japanese Rice 米の旨みを知ろう

While the toppings of donburi play an important part of the dish, donburi has no meaning without rice. Recognised as the Japanese soul food and a staple in their diet, the quality and flavour of rice play a big part in their lives. Let’s get to know some delicious Japanese rice brands! 24

| WAttention Singapore

Tawaraya 俵屋玄兵衛 100% organic Japanese rice for the health conscious Providing premium Japanese rice from some of the best farms in Japan, each product is carefully selected by certified rice sommelier Yuichi Sato. In fact, many famous top-tiered restaurants import from Tawaraya. One of their star brands Kouno-Tori adopts a Natural Organic agriculture method, boasting pesticide-free cultivated rice that is also safe for the environment. These glistening pearly grains of rice beautifully complement all sorts of sides―you can taste the difference in quality almost immediately!


Michelin appointed Rice Sommelier

Natural Organic Kouno-Tori Rice $40 $33/2kg

Yuichi Satō

Menu Premium Hokkaido Rice Set .......................................... $39 (Nanatsu Boshi 2kg + Yume Pirika 2kg) *Limited to first order only Niigata Koshihikari ................ $18/2kg, $44/5kg, $85/10kg ☎ 9061-6524 Jurong Food Hub #03-03, 15 Jalan Tepong Mon-Fri 9.30am – 5pm, Closed on Sun&PH Now with delivery straight to your home! Visit their side for more details on ordering instructions.

ZEN-NOH 全農 Discover the beauty of rinse-free rice Get a taste of pure Japanese rice with no rinsing required! Each grain is thoroughly polished using advanced technology called the Neo-Tasty-White-Process (NTWP). The bran on the surface of white rice is uniformly removed by a heat adhesion material (tapioca), and helps every grain maintain its taste over a longer period of time. This also reduces the time taken for the rice to be cooked to speed up the meal preparation. As you will be saving water with rinse-free rice, tree-huggers will be pleased to know that it is an environmentally-friendly product too!

ZEN-NOH Ambassador

Ishikawa Kasumi

Come and try rinse-free rice at both Don Don Donki Singapore outlets in October and November! Either swing by their 100AM Shopping Mall or Orchard Central branch. ☎ 6202-9570 | For more information, kindly contact ZEN-NOH International Asia directly. These rinse-free rice products are available at 1all Don Don Donki SG outlets, 2~6all Meidi-ya, Isetan, Fish Mart SAKURAYA, KURIYA outlets, and selected FairPrice Finest and Cold Storage outlets.

WAttention Singapore |


Kitoku Shinryo 木徳神糧

Love at first bite Envisioning every consumer to fall in love with Japanese rice, Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd together with Kitoku Shinryo Co., Ltd rice products are originally packed and certified in Japan to ensure uncompromised quality. Their most established product Iwate Furusato Hitomebore, meaning “love at first sight” in Japanese, is perfect for donburi, onigiri and bento, and still retains its deliciousness even when cooled.

For more information, kindly contact Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd ☎ 6756-6128 | 33 Senoko South Road Their rice products are sold at supermarkets and department stores in Singapore.



Savour the sweetness in every grain of rice The elegant SUJU Japanese Restaurant serves up a wholesome and traditional menu. It uses rice harvested from the town of Iizuna, Nagano; this region of Japan is known as the Special A Class Zone for growing premium Koshihikari rice. Cooked gradually to perfection using artisan-crafted copper pots at their restaurant, enjoy fragrant rice together with its widespread of other dishes. ☎ 6737-7764 Mandarin Gallery #04-05, Orchard Road Daily 11:30am – 10.30pm (L.O. 10pm)

Menu SUJU Plate Set (Lunch only).................................$28 Tori Momo Kurozu Itame ...................................$26 Namafu with Walnut Miso ..................................$14 Homemade Black Sesame Tofu .........................$12

PROMO! $30 dinner voucher with every $100 spent ※ Only with payment by AMEX


| WAttention Singapore

Their original soy sauce and miso paste are loved by both locals and Japanese alike. Look forward to savouring quality dishes made from the heart at SUJU!

Autumn Delights from

Niigata at special rates! Look forward to the season’s freshest catch as this authentic sushi joint serves up hearty cuisine prepared by highly-skilled chefs. Established for 8 years in Singapore, its main outlet in Niigata turns 65 this year. Be won over by autumn favourites of the region including tempura squid, Tochio-age (stuffed fried beancurd), Nagashi Iwa Mozuku seaweed, and the local speciality Hegi Soba. With seafood directly air-flown from the Sea of Japan, you can trust Tomi Sushi’s quality. For a limited period, do also take the chance to try the exquisite sake Kiminoi Akiagari at a promotional price!

Niigata Autumn Promotion Savour delectable autumn fare at lower prices! Tomi Sushi uses premium ingredients such as Niigata Koshihikari rice, organic sea salt, aged rice vinegar and top-grade seaweed.

Kiminoi Akiagari aged sake Celebrate 65 years with Tomi Sushi by taking part in their on-going stamp card rally!

Limite d time only!

$65 Tochio-age (Natto) $18 ➡ $15 君の井 秋あがり


※ Valid till 31 Oct’18

$8 Suru Tempura $15 ➡ $12 Nagashi Iwa Mozuku $8 ➡ $6 Hegi Soba へぎそば

$12 ➡




Millenia Walk

#02-12/13, 9 Raffles Boulevard 6238-1123 11.30am - 3pm (L.O. 2.30pm), 5.30pm - 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm)

Katong V

#02-14/15/16, 30 East Coast Road 6348-7897 11.30am -3pm (L.O. 2.30pm), 5.30pm - 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm)

Novena Square (Velocity)

#02-76/77, 238 Thomson Road 6255-2355 11.30am - 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm)

Tomisushi Echigotei Cuppage Terrace

35 Cuppage Road 6333-4633 3pm - 11.30pm (L.O. 11.15pm)

Tommy’s Sake Bar

Frasers Tower #01-09, 182 Cecil Street 6203-5457 11.30pm – 3pm (L.O. 2.30pm), 5.30pm – 10pm (L.O. 9.30pm, Fri & Day before PH L.O. 10.30pm)

*Some products are subject to change and may not be available due to seasonal and stock availability. All prices are subject to service charge and government tax.


19-21 OCT 2018 (FRI-SUN), 11AM - 9PM Marina Square Central Atrium

WAttention hosts Singapore’s first D.I.Y donburi event! Here at Donburi Revolution, get ready to dive into a bowl of endless possibilities as you create your very own donburi that you can call your own. Entry is free, but do refer to the following instructions on how to register.

STEP 1 Register Simply scan the QR code on the left or head over to the events section of our WAttention Singapore Facebook page to get the registration link to sign up.


You should receive a confirmation email upon registration. Flash the email to our staff at the entrance of the event to redeem ONE free bowl of rice!

STEP 3 Let's get creative! Head over to the toppings booths to purchase your favourite ingredients to go on your warm fluffy rice.


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Niigata Koshihikari by Tawaraya

毎日楽しい!異なる品種の米が 3 日連続で登場!

Over the course of our three-day event, our rice sponsors have kindly provided us with three different types of Japanese rice to savour. Here are some of the special features of each brand!

Japa n’s b e st sell i ng k i ng of ric e f ro m Ni igat a

No stranger to any true fan, Niigata Prefecture is recognised as the motherland of Japanese rice. Here is where the famed Koshihikari comes from, certified by the World’s First Michelin Acclaimed Japanese Rice Sommelier!

Exceptional sweet rice, the pride of Iwate Prefecture

DAY 2 天日干し

Tenpi Boshi by Kitoku Shinryo x Tong Seng Produce Tenpi Boshi is dried under sunshine and by the refreshing autumn wind, an extremely rare practice today due to the increasing mechanisation available. This natural drying process not only makes it an exclusive product, but also results in a rich sweetness of the rice grain.

DAY 3 ゆめぴりか

Yumepirika by Hokuren x JMart

Fluffy rice from Hokkaido to warm your soul

Savour remarkably sweet and chewy yet soft rice raised through selective breeding in the Japan’s northernmost island. Keeping to strict conditions, Yumepirika maintains its superior taste and quality, making it a premium certified product of Japan.

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Choose from a wide selection of ingredients ranging from different types of meat like beef and chicken, eggs, unagi and more! This concept is perfect for the picky eaters as now you have control over what goes into your bowl~

Our Top Selections





Beef slices, gyusuji & minced chicken from TEPPEI Group

Unatama from TEPPEI Group

Tokyo Gyuniku with Onsen Tamago from OMOTE

These ingredients make up what is usually known as “Stamina Don” due to its robust flavours. Also halal certified to our Muslim friends’ delight!

One of the favourites from popular unagi diner Man-Man, bite into smoky, succulent milky eel doused in runny egg.

Indulge in beef so tender you can feel it melt in your mouth! The best seller in their store, Omote wants to convey the comforting taste of the classic Gyu Don.

☎ 6224-1134 | Hong Leong Building #B1-17/18, 16 Raffles Quay

☎ 6222-7363 Orchid Hotel #01-1, 1 Tras Link

☎ 9450-1020 | Thomson Plaza #01-22/30 301 Upper Thomson Road




(formerly known as Sushiro)

Free-range eggs from kokonoE Kitchen Stage

Assorted tempura from Tendon Ginza Itsuki

Roast beef from Shimada Seimen Shokudo x SNAFFLES

Treat yourself to highly nutritious freerange eggs specially raised in Oita. Rare even in Japan, they are a heavenly combination with curry and rice.

Sink your teeth into crispy tempura made with the freshest ingredients. Coated in a batter made from Japanese flour, they are deep-fried to golden perfection!

Get your protein fix here and tuck into some mouth-watering roast Kobe beef slices topped with a gleaming pasteurised egg. You can also get cheese cake here!

Isetan Scotts B1, 350 Orchard Road

☎ 6221-6678 101 Tanjong Pagar Road

☎ 6220-5680 | 428 River Valley Road #01-09 (Snaffle’s Café & Bar)

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What is a donburi event without introducing a little Japanese culture to our visitors? Besides being spoiled for choice at our wonderful topping booths, there will also be a variety of other vendors introducing different aspects of Japan from travel, tourism to food and even sake.

和テンション シンガポール


WAttention Singapore


Drop by our booth to collect your free bowl of glistening white rice upon registration for the event! Pick up our latest issue on Niigata and Japanese Donburi and find out more about what WAttention Singapore does by speaking to our friendly staff. Psst, remember to read our blog post on ZEN-NOH’s rinse-free rice to stand a chance to win a bag of 2kg rice!

Come partake in a range of exclusive products provided by this speciality store, bringing you only the best and even rare items that cannot be easily attained. Don’t miss out on Mizutoriki Kuranohana, originating from Kakuboshi Brewery, it is sweet and mellow with hints of a fruity taste. The slightly dry, full-bodied Dai Ginjo Kagaginjyo Sake is also one to look out for and goes amazingly well with the elegantly simmered Ayu.


ThinkRice x クボタ

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

ThinkRice x KUBOTA

At this booth, you get the opportunity to learn more about the website “Eatravel Japan” where it introduces the Chubu and Kyushu regions of Japan in collaboration with online travel agents. Feel free to take home brochures of your dream destinations in Japan. Games are also available for kids to enjoy and win Japanese confectioneries.

Witness the milling process of rice every hour at this booth as vendors demonstrate with their on-site milling machine. You can also purchase a variety of topnotch grains here; keep your eyes peeled especially for their healthy “4 Seasons White Rice” sold at only $10 (U.P. $18)! Order online today at for fresh Japanese rice, direct from the factory.

.....and many more!


Perfect the Art of Healthy Cooking Looking for the most up-todate equipment to help enhance your everyday cooking? During the event, Hitachi will be carrying out live demonstrations over the span of three days promoting their advanced Pressure and Steam Induction Heating (IH) Rice Cooker and their Superheated Steam Microwave Oven.

Event Hig From live cooking shows to hands-on sessions, here at Donburi Revolution, there are ample opportunities for you to bond with your little ones with our list of interactive and engaging programmes.

Their premium “Made in Japan” IH Rice Cooker combines induction heating, pressure, steam and water, producing cooked rice with superior texture, sweet flavour and an ivory sheen. The wonderful fragrance will surely win you over in no time! Increase the variety of foods prepared with their microwave oven, installed with functions that allow you to not only microwave, but bake, steam, grill and more. For more information about Hitachi Home Electronics Asia, please visit:

Mochi Tsuki supported by Kubota クボタ

Take part in a traditional mochi-making ceremony A common food in the Japanese household, mochi is especially significant as it is traditionally eaten during the Japanese New Year celebration. You might have seen this mochi-making ceremony before somewhere, whereby a kine (杵 ,

ABC Cooking Studio ABC クッキング スタジオ

Try your hand at making your own rice meal The popular Japanese culinary school will be hosting cooking workshops on all three days of the event. Come join in the fun with your little ones and create delicious meals together!

Onigiri Workshop Learn how to shape onigiri the traditional way! Capacity: 15-20 pax per session Price: $2/pax Take home: 2 onigiri/pax Participants can choose between two fillings: Umeboshi OR Tuna Mayo Walk-in only


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Photo by Ivva

Temari Sushi Workshop Make adorable Temari Sushi! Capacity: 15 pax per session Price: $4/pax Take home: 3 sushi/pax Ingredients include: Rice, smoked salmon, cucumber Online booking required Visit their website to reserve a spot!

R e gist e r H

hlights: Want to have a taste of different kinds of Japanese rice? Visitors can participate in our numerous campaigns and stand a chance to bring home bags of rice, courtesy of our kind rice sponsors from Japan!

Take part in our various campaigns! Redeem



bowl of rice for the event All you have to do is to simply register with us online! Fill in a simple google form that should take about 5 minutes and save your confirmation email properly. Each day will be serving a different type of rice so you can decide which one you want to try!

SCAN TO WIN $1,000 Travel Voucher! While you are enjoying your original donburi, don’t forget to check out the sides of the rice bowl: you will find a JNTO QR code printed on it of the rice bowl. It’s time to try your luck! Scan it and complete a short survey to stand a chance to win a $1,000 travel voucher. If you’re intending to visit Japan soon, this will be perfect for you.

Photo by Ignat Gorazd

Photo by Miyuki Meinaka

wooden mallet) is raised and then brought down with force into the usu (臼 , mortar) where the mass of rice is placed. In between the strikes, an assistant reaches in to turn the mochi over and add water in to the mixture. This pounding process is repeated in a rhythmical manner until a finely grained sticky rice dough is produced. Join us on Saturday and Sunday for a walk-in session and come experience Mochi Tsuki with your family! *Photos are for illustration purposes only.

Win a 300g packet of Japanese rice

“Name Your Donburi” Campaign

with our

Snap a picture of your D.I.Y donburi at the event, NAME IT, and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #DonburiRevolution2018. Tag our account (@wattentionsg) and show it to us at our booth to walk home with a 300g packet of Hitomebore rice by Iwate prefecture! We will be giving away 500 packets for each day of the event, so that’s a total of 1,500 winners~ *First-come, first-served basis, while stocks last

BROWN rice

2kg bag of for ABC Cooking Studio members ABC Cooking Studio members can now cook delicious Japanese rice to their hearts content in the comforts of their home. Simply visit WAttention’s booth and show us your membership card to redeem a 2kg bag of KUBOTA rice. This is limited to the first 60 members (20 pax per day) who drop by so hurry!

Supported by

Stand a chance to win a

2KG BAG of no-rinse

Japanese rice from ZEN-NOH First, read our WAttention Singapore blogpost titled “Delicious Rinse-free Japanese Rice” and answer a simple question:

What is rinse-free or norinse rice called in Japanese? Iwate Junjoumai Hitomebore

Supported by

Email your answers to and we will contact you if you win. *Only winners will be replied via email so remember to check your spam folder too! *While stocks last

Supported by

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Ticketing & Rice Station

Counter Tables

1230 – 1330 Temari Sushi Workshop by ABC Cooking Studio

Topping Booths

1400 – 1500 Onigiri Workshop by ABC Cooking Studio 1700 – 2000 Live cooking demonstration (IH Rice Cooker & Superheated Steam Microwave Oven) by HITACHI 2000 – 2100 HITACHI Q&A Session

Live Demonstration & Workshop Space 1230 – 1330 Onigiri Workshop by ABC Cooking Studio 1400 – 1500 Mochi Tsuki Ceremony supported by KUBOTA

Retail Booths

1500 – 1600 Temari Sushi Workshop by ABC Cooking Studio 1700 – 2000 Live cooking demonstration (IH Rice Cooker & Superheated Steam Microwave Oven) by HITACHI

Sitting Space

2000 – 2100 HITACHI Q&A Session

Participating Stores:

.....and many more!

Donburi Revolution 2018 would not have been possible without the following: Supporting Partners

Product Sponsors

Supported by

Organised By

WAttention Co., Ltd

Event Partners


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All images used are for illustrative purposes.

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19-21 OCT 2018 (FRI-SUN), 11AM - 9PM Marina Square Central Atrium

Register here to get a FREE bowl of rice


YW Lam

NHK WORLD-JAPAN offers free-to-view programs that introduce lesser known sights in Japan as well as informative educational shows. Aside from English, a total of eight other languages are available, making the programs accessible to people from all around the world.


2020 On The Way: Enoshima Duration: 28 mins

Currently based in the Golden State of California, YW holds a double degree in Journalism and Public Relations and has been active as an editor/copywriter for three years. Her favourite destinations in Japan include Hakodate (Hokkaido), Kobe (Hyogo) and Kamikochi (Nagano).

An exhilarating exploration of exciting Enoshima!

TOKYO EYE 2020 showcases the many faces of the world’s most exciting metropolis. Set to host the 2020 Olympics, the program introduces the freshest trends, events and hidden attractions of Tokyo. This time however, the program focuses on Enoshima being the host of sailing in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, so the audience is presented with an eye-opening look at some of the more distinct sailing-related places that tourists would not normally visit, as well as find out how the area was preparing to face the challenges of hosting this large-scale event. The unique, offshore island can be found near Kamakura, and is a splendid destination with a mild, comfortable climate, ideal for spending a weekend enjoying marine activities. Having gone to Enoshima twice while studying in Tokyo, it brought back many good memories to watch the host explore the attractions which made me really want to go back.

Spend a fulfilling day soaking in the sights and sounds of this special island.

Hop on board the retro-styled Enoden to kickstart your island day-trip.

Savour the taste of the freshest ocean catch over steaming rice.

Watch this episode now!

Available till Aug 22, 2019

Besides seeking out local delicacies such as shirasu (whitebait) over rice, which I personally love, the program also delves into deeper waters and introduces spots such as the sacred Enoshima Shrine as well as the famous Enoshima Aquarium. As a huge fan of aquariums, I was delighted to get a sneak peek at what sea creatures were showcased within the building. One of my absolute favourite zones in any aquarium is the jellyfish enclosure and judging from the clips shown, the Enoshima Aquarium does not disappoint with its variety of jellyfish species and glorious lighting that is perfect for Instagramming! What struck me as the most fascinating point of interest in the video is the Enoshima Island Spa. Having tried many types of baths across Japan and loving the feeling of relaxing in mineral-rich waters, I would kill for the chance to try up to ten different natural hot spring baths in one convenient location. Now all that’s left to do is hit the gym, get fit and watch more episodes of TOKYO EYE 2020 in preparation for the Olympics!

Japan’s Top Inventions Electronic Bidet Toilets Duration: 15 mins

The revolutionary tale of Japan’s top-notch toilets If you’ve ever wondered about the ingenuity of certain Japanese products and appliances, this program will take you behind the scenes of their creation and satisfy your curiosity once and for all! This time, we take a look at an invention that is synonymous with Japan — the electronic bidet toilet. When I first visited Japan with my family 12 years ago, I was amazed with the number of buttons that were found around the bidet at the first bathroom I entered. Since then, no trip to Japan would go by without me using the extensive functions of the bidet before returning to Singapore. My favourite segment of the short program was the actual creation and testing of the water spray temperature and strength, which was peppered with comical comments from the inventors. Watch to find out how the group of intelligent engineers solved pressing problems such as short-circuiting and even perfected the aim of the spray nozzle! 36

| WAttention Singapore

Just push a button and you’ll be walking away with a spanking clean bottom!

Watch this episode now!

Available till Aug 30, 2019 For more information, go to




SG: 30 Nov–2 Dec C3 Anime Festival Asia

Get ready to immerse yourself in the largest Japan-pop culture event in Southeast Asia offering a wide range of activities and exciting programmes. Ranging from anime, game, music, comics and more, this event is not-to-be missed by any J-pop fan! Suntec Convention Centre & Exhibition Centre 3-Day Exhibition+Stage+Concert VIP from $398 (1-Day $158), 3-Day Exhibition+Stage+Concert GA from $248 (1-Day $88), Exhibition+Stage and Exhibition Only ticketing details to be released soon

29–30 Dec EOY J-Culture Festival Soak in the atmosphere at one of Singapore’s largest Japanese sub-culture festivals as cosplayers and fans of the Japanese culture come together. Enjoy J-pop performances by local vocalists, dancers, musicians as they share their talents at the event. Suntec Convention Hall 403

JAPAN 2–4 Nov Dream Yosakoi Festival Touted as one of the largest matsuri in Tokyo, the Yosakoi Festival will showcase an array of energetic and vibrant performances this November. The yosakoi dance adapts with time, incorporating fashion and movements of each era. Sing and move alongside with 6,000 performers to traditional folk dances! Across Tokyo (Japanese only)


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2–3 Dec Chichibu Night Festival Look forward to a parade of lavishly decorated floats adorned with tapestries and lanterns. Don't miss the spectacular fireworks display and remember to check out the food stalls selling tempting Japanese snacks and amazake (甘酒 , non-alcoholic sweet rice drink), the perfect drink to battle the cold during winter! Chichibu Shrinex (Japanese only)

15-18 Dec Kasuga Wakamiya On-Matsuri Enjoy a myriad of traditional performing arts at this annual festival in Nara with roots from the 12th century. One of the highlights include Jidai Gyōretsu (時代行列, Period Procession) where you witness the march of 500 volunteers donned in historical costumes from the Heian Period to the late Edo Period. Wakamiya-jinja Shrine (Japanese only)

WAttention Singapore Vol. 47  

❶Niigata: Exciting Adventures await you – Bask in the serene natural landscapes of the region – Take part in their colourful festivals – One...

WAttention Singapore Vol. 47  

❶Niigata: Exciting Adventures await you – Bask in the serene natural landscapes of the region – Take part in their colourful festivals – One...