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Watoto is excited to launch a brand new initiative by Living Hope. Marilyn Skinner, co-founder of Watoto, will be traveling across the world in the Return To Dignity Tour, to mobilize women, so they can make a tangible difference in the lives of their sisters in Africa. continued on pg. 2


continued from pg. 1 If you have read Marilyn’s book Return To Dignity, you will know these women represent the powerful miracles that are possible if women are given a hand up in life, and shown the love of Jesus. Living Hope founder, Marilyn Skinner declares, “God is doing something incredible in Africa. He is mobilizing a generation of wounded women and raising them up to transform their communities. Where you and I might see oppression, God sees an opportunity to make evident His love for those who are in pain.” More than 2,100 women in Uganda have already experienced this love. And this past January, Living Hope enrolled an additional 540 precious women into the program. The group has already gone through Discipleship Training, and some of the ladies have given their lives to Christ. The next step is personal trauma counseling to empower each of the ladies to confront and overcome past hurt and affliction. “I have learnt about forgiveness and have come to appreciate its value. The HIV/AIDS counseling has helped me a great deal, and I’m now able to help counsel my friends too,” says Beatrice Namu-

wemba. Living Hope also provides business training, character classes and an adult literacy program for those who have challenges with the English language. After the business training, the ladies will be required to come up with basic business ideas and plans. Start up capital is provided for approved plans. “The business training has been extremely beneficial and I’ve also learnt how to save,” says Gertrude Kamuli. “We know not everyone can visit Africa, so I would like to bring the experience of the ladies at Living Hope to you. If you have a ministry for women or you think your church or organization could benefit from the ministry of Living Hope, I invite you to host a Living Hope party,” says Marilyn. During the tour, Marilyn will be sharing the incredible victories of the women, the exciting Living Hope projects, and ways in which you can be part of this movement. For more information on bookings, visit www.watoto. com/returntodignity or email

Watoto Students Transforming Watoto is passionate about raising transformational leaders. We purpose to set our kids up to pursue excellence in all they do and disciple them on integrity and other moral values. Our goal is for each child to become a responsible Christian and a productive member of society. We believe each child will contribute to the transformation of their nation. We are thrilled that many of them are already making a difference in the community. A couple of years ago, some of our High School students joined hands to sponsor a child. They’re still sponsoring today and inspired many others to do the same. Still others participate in various community projects

EVA’S AFRICAN SISTER When we saw the Watoto choir perform at our church in May of 2012, I had no idea that Watoto was going to make such an impact on my four year old daughter. We drove home that night, and my daughter had our family adopting a Watoto child and flying to Africa for our family vacations. From that day forward, Africa was the topic of her conversation. It is incredible to see

such as the refurbishing of schools, hospitals, and homes for the disadvantaged around them. A particular group of Watoto students participated in the 2012 International Day of the African Child (DAC) celebrations – a day that is set aside globally to raise

the passion God places in a child’s heart. As requested over and over, my husband and I threw an African birthday party for our daughter that November, and we decided to sponsor Sunday Ayoo as a very special birthday gift for Eva. Sunday is part of our family now, Eva’s “African sister,” and we had the very unique privilege of meeting her when she came on tour as part of the Watoto Children’s Choir this year! Eva, myself and her two brothers experienced the blessing of spending an hour with Sunday, and that experience has changed my daughter forever. I know that one day Eva will fulfill her childhood dream of seeing Sunday in Uganda, and I’m pretty sure missions work is in her future. Praise God for an awesome avenue to teach my daughter the fundamental principles about our faith in God! Thanks to all the people serving with Watoto who made this happen! Sign up to be a sponsor today by visiting sponsorship.

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awareness for the continuing need to improve the standard of education provided to African children. As part of Kampala nternational University (KIU), our Watoto students started a community outreach program, directing their efforts to Bushenyi Primary School – a

school for disabled children about 173 miles. from Kampala. They raised support from fellow students, university staff and the community in Kampala in the form of cash contributions, scholastic material, clothes and shoes among others. They also established a children’s church in the school, which has been operational since July 2012. During this year’s DAC celebrations, these young leaders set up a small computer laboratory for the school and also equipped the children’s church. “We were once rescued from a life of desperation and given a chance to do something with our lives. All we want to do is help others get a similar chance,” says Francis Mubiru, a Watoto Student.

THE CONNECTING LINES TO THE RESTORATION OF AFRICA What a privilege for myself and a group of 12 other women from Relate Church in Surrey, BC to serve at Watoto this past April. Watoto gives me hope not just for Uganda but all nations that are suffering under the hand of poverty. At Living Hope the women are taught the importance of education and are taught skills that give them independence which helps create a sustainable society. Then in turn they are passing these priceless values on to their children.

God’s hand is truly upon Watoto. You can see it through every beautiful child, every smiling woman filled with the joy of the Lord. Immediately you recognize the importance of helping these children & women to become educated and strong members of their own society Watoto is built to do just that. They are the connective lines to the restoration of Africa and ultimately the world. I cannot wait to go back. Lindsay Jangalee

CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS The first time Jordan Hammond, H&C Air Conditioning heard about Watoto was through his church and this led him to start sponsoring a child. H&C Air Conditioning is one of Watoto’s corporate partners choosing to use its business to fuel hope in Africa by donating 1% of the company’s annual revenue to Watoto on behalf of his clients. Our work together makes us “business partners,” but our common goal is to help rescue more abandoned children and vulnerable women in Africa. Jordan and his team at H&C represent the spirit of an entrepreneur with the compassion of a humanitarian. The mission: To tell a different story about business — where every air conditioner ordered through H&C Air Conditioning is a contribution towards the rescue of an orphaned child in Africa. It makes you want to join their team in their pursuit to change people’s purchasing choices. “On Tuesday, April 2, 2013 the Watoto Children’s Choir visited our small team here in Winnipeg. It was amazing to feel the joy and love from all of the precious children and leaders who honored us with their presence. It was a

testament to the lasting work that Watoto does in peoples lives.” “This partnership has had a great impact with our clients, our team and our business. We’ve got a great response from clients who see what we are doing and are then excited to partner with a business who is in turn funding an organization that helps transform lives. This partnership is a daily reminder of the mandate of our company which is to “Fund organizations and individuals that are advancing the Kingdom of God in our world”. We feel truly blessed to be in a position to partner with a great organization that is showing Jesus’ love in a practical and impactful way.” Watoto welcomes the opportunity to work with companies to understand their corporate culture and needs. Contributions and levels of involvement may vary, but every effort helps when transforming the lives of the children and women in Africa. Explore and feel free to contact ambassador@ with any questions or ideas you have about making a connection through your business.


Marilyn Skinner shares

STORIES OF HOPE, FAITH, COURAGE, AND TRANSFORMATION “I thought that I was a nobody. I had no identity. But through Living Hope, I discovered that I do have value and God loves me.” FLORENCE NANFUKA


Watoto Newsletter | 2013 CA Issue NO.2  
Watoto Newsletter | 2013 CA Issue NO.2  

Watoto is excited to launch a brand new initiative by Living Hope.