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North East’a Lea February 2012 The North and East London Branch Newsletter

Campaigning for the conservation, use, maintenance, restoration and development of the Inland Waterways

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Wharf Deal Boost for Trust Funds


Partnership at Claverton Pumping Station


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IWA with London Walks


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London Region 200 Club: Rules and Application Form

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North and East London Branch Following the Branch AGM last March, your committee are as shown below. (There are a number of vacancies on the Committee at present. If you’d like to lend a hand, we’d be very pleased to hear from you) Chairman

Tim Lewis, 5 Herongate Road, Wanstead, London E12 5EJ Tel: 020 8530 0425 / 07802 518094 Email:


Roger Squires, 46 Elephant Lane, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4JD Tel: 020 7232 0987 Email:


Ian Israel, 32 Walfield Avenue, London, N20 9PR Tel: 020 8446 1823 Email:

Social Secretary

Jenny Nunes, 63, Salisbury Road, Barnet, Herts. Tel: 020 8440 8962 Email:

Membership Secretary

Alex Nunes (address as above)

Committee Member

Roger Wilkinson, 2 Lytton Close, London, N2 0RH Tel: 020 8458 9476 Email:

Committee Member

Sally Naylor, 21, Pitchford Street, Stratford, E15 4RZ Tel: 020 8519 7481 Email: 2

From the Region Chairman, Paul Strudwick We have now seen the outcome of the negotiations between the interim trustees of the Canal & River Trust and the Government on the financial settlement for running the BW waterways. The result is an improvement: IWA could not have done more to influence the result. I would like to thank all of you who wrote to your MPs about the need for an improvement in the original proposed settlement All boat owners with a 12 month licence should be asked to vote for members of the new Canal & River Trust Council as boaters’ representatives. The Council is to be the guardian of the long-term values and purposes of the C&RT and help to shape policy, raise and debate issues, and provide guidance, perspective and act as a sounding board for the Trust’s trustees. The IWA is officially supporting four candidates Ivor Caplan, Clive Henderson, Paul Roper and Vaughan Welch. If you have a vote please support our candidates because if we do not act together on this and get the maximum turnout for the IWA candidates there is a risk well organised special interest groups will take all the boaters’ seats on the Trust’s Council. Being your Region Chairman, I represent you on two of the main committees that run IWA - Navigation Committee and Promotions Committee - as well as sitting on the Board of Trustees. I thought it might be of interest to tell you a little about the work of these committees as they help steer the organisation into the future. This time I am going to look at some of the work of the Navigation Committee (Nav-com). Hopefully I can give you an idea of what the other committees do at a future date. Nav-com, as its name suggests, looks after navigation issues across the country. This does not only include BW and EA, although they are obviously the most important, but all the other navigation authorities, like the Basingstoke Canal. Several other committees report to Nav-com, such as the Inland Shipping group. They have recently produced a revised Freight policy which was agreed by the committee and will be published soon. The review had been undertaken in response to the change of BW to C&RT. In London we have the on going threat of the closure of Commercial Road Lock for most of this summer. Nav-com is supporting our efforts and is helping by writing to senior members of BW in support of your local efforts. I have personally written to BW raising the Region’s concerns about the safety issues surrounding the closure. At the time of writing I am still awaiting a formal response but understand that BW is trying to arrange a meeting with all interested parties to discuss the situation. Finally, in this fast changing situation, with the threat to the canals from the economic climate, the Association needs to be able to contact you easily and keep you informed on what is going on. If you don’t already get the Association’s Bulletin and other electronic communications please subscribe at http:// It helps us to keep the costs down and you better informed. Paul Strudwick, London Region Chairman 3

Social Meetings for February—June 2012 Social evenings and Talks are held jointly with Central London (Region) on Tuesday evenings at The Pirate Club, Oval Road, Camden, NW1 7EA. We start our evenings at 7.30 p.m. for an 8 p.m. talk. Refreshments are available throughout. Hope to see you there. The programme is as follows: 12th March

Region AGM (held at ‘New Inn’, 90 High St, Roydon, Essex, CM19 5EE)

20th March

N & E London Branch AGM Followed by “The Stort Story ” by Richard Thomas

20th April

“Round-up from the Branches”

15th May

“Waterway developments in Bohemia & Saxony” by Roger Squires

19th June

“The New Canal & River Trust” by John Edmonds

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thameswatch Quiz: Why not try out the Thameswatch quiz on This is great for children to take part in - just click on the link and download the quiz and get the family to join in.

Thames Museum - online: River Thames website are working on an online museum for the River Thames and would love to hear from those that have something worth recording digitally, with photos or images be it history ancient or modern, geography buffs, transport methods old and very old, scientific matters, items found in or by the river, etc., etc. Volunteers greeted with open arms. Contact them at The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Inland Waterways Association or of the London Region. They are, however, published as being of interest to our members and readers. The IWA accepts no liability for any matter within this magazine, including adverts. Editor: Roger Wilkinson, 2 Lytton Close, London N2 0RH. Tel: 020 8458 9476 Published by the IWA N & E London Branch at Island House, Moor Road, Chesham HP5 1WA Tel: 01494 783453


Wharf Deal Boost for Trust Funds British Waterways has sold its shares in the Wood Wharf Limited Partnership to Canary Wharf Group. The deal will provide the waterways with a capital payment of £52.4 million over the next four years together with an increased ground rent for the next 250 years. This will provide £6 million of income per annum for waterways maintenance by 2016. Canary Wharf will now take forward the 16.8 acre site which will become a new mixed-use development scheme next to the Canary Wharf business and shopping district. British Waterways chief executive Robin Evans said: “This is a great deal and wonderful news for the waterways. The enhanced ground rent plus the additional income as a consequence of reinvesting the capital payment will generate nearly £10 million in annual income for the Canal & River Trust. This is a valuable boost for the trust and is a figure that will grow as Canary Wharf Group develops the site.”

Partnership at Claverton Pumping Station The first day of January 2012 marked the beginning of a new era at Claverton Pumping Station. Mark Stephens, of British Waterways, Mike Rodd, Chairman of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust Council, and Peter Dunn, Chairman of the Claverton Branch of the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust have forged the way forward for the maintenance and the continued running of the unique and historical water wheel powered pumping station at Claverton. The site was designed and built by Rennie in 1813 and it was pumping water to the canal until 1952, after which it fell into disuse. In 1968, the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust (K&ACT) commenced restoration of the wheel, with a group of students from Bath University. The restoration was completed in 1978. Since then the site has been managed by the K&ACT. After 30 years, the water wheel now needs a complete refurbishment. British Waterways (BW) and the K&ACT have formed a partnership whereby BW will manage the building and the unique machinery, and the K&ACT will provide the expertise and volunteers to preserve and maintain this priceless piece of Britain’s engineering and canal heritage. K&ACT’s operating company, Enterprise Ltd, will continue to operate and develop further, the shop/café. Once the water wheel has been refurbished the Pumping Station will be fully operational again. The ultimate aim is to pump water to the canal in 2013 when the machinery will be 200 years old. This should reduce the cost of expensive pumping water by electricity using the green energy supplied by Rennie’s masterpiece. During this year restoration works Claverton will be open to the public .on the normal open days and the progress and processes of the restoration work will be on view

This item is reproduced by kind permission of the Kennet and Avon Trust News


Little Venice, London W2 Saturday 5 to Monday 7 May 2012 Join us at Canalway Cavalcade - a unique waterways and community festival arranged at Little Venice since 1983. Organised by Inland Waterways Association volunteers, a registered charity which campaigns for the use, maintenance and restoration of Britain’s inland waterways. There’ll be fun for all the family with a boaters’ gathering, a pageant of boats, trade shows and stalls, bands, kids’ activities, competitions, Morris Dancers, a real ale bar, a wide variety of snacks and food...

and much, much more! Saturday 10:00 - 18:00; Sunday 10:00 - 18:00, followed by music at 20:00 and a procession of illuminated boats at 21:00 (approx); Monday 10:00 - 17:00

admission is free Press/media/advertising: 07774 890750 Email: General enquiries: 07979 676461 Trade Show space enquiries to Jerry Sanders: 07788 204442 Email: Boat entries: 020 8642 8104 Catering, Entertainers & Volunteering enquiries to Jerry Sanders as above 6

BRANCH AND REGION ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGS Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meetings of the London Region of the Inland Waterways Association, and of its South London Branch, will take place as follows: London Region: At:

8.00 pm on Monday 12th March 2012 The New Inn, 90 High Street, Roydon, Essex CM19 5EE.

North and East London Branch: At:

7.30 pm on Tuesday 20th March 2012 The Pirate Club, Pirate Castle, Oval Road Camden Town, London NW1 7EA AGENDA (Region AGM)

1. Apologies for absence 2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2011 AGM plus Matters Arising 3. Report from the Chairman 4. Presentation of accounts 5. Business of the meeting notified under byelaw 1.3* 6. Election to fill posts on the Committee 7. Questions from the floor AGENDA (Branch AGMs) The Agenda for each meeting will be as follows: 1. Apologies for absence 2. Approval of the Minutes of the 2011 AGM and any Extraordinary General Meetings held subsequently plus Matters Arising 3. Report from the Chairman 4. Presentation of accounts 5. Business of the meeting notified under byelaw 1.3* 6. Election to fill posts on the Committee 7. Questions from the floor The formal AGM will be followed by another activity as listed in the Social Programme on page 4 *NOTE : Byelaw 1.3 provides that any member of a region or branch may propose business to appear on the agenda of an AGM of their region or branch, provided that notice of such business is delivered in writing to the Chairman of the region or branch at least six weeks before that meeting. If any such items are received, a revised Agenda for the relevant meeting will be in a Branch Newsletter which is due to be published before the AGMs. CONTACT DETAILS: London Region

North & East London


Paul Strudwick 40 Fifth Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 4HD Email:

Tim Lewis 5 Herongate Road, Wanstead, London E12 5EJ Email:


Robin Bishop 11 Lichfield Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 2RE Email:

Roger Squires 46 Elephant Lane, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4JD Email:


BRANCH AND REGION COMMITTEE ELECTIONS To facilitate elections at the AGMs, nominations for election to a Branch or Region Committee must be received by the relevant Branch/Region Secretary before or at the AGM (see page 7). All candidates and their proposers must be paid-up members of the relevant Branch or Region and the candidate must indicate his/her willingness to stand. All elected members of a Region or Branch Committee who have held office for a term of three years have to retire, as does any member co-opted during the committee meetings since the last AGM. Members in either category are eligible for re-election, provided that they are duly nominated as detailed above. The particulars for each Committee are as follows:-

Secretary Deadline for nominations

London Region

North & East London Branch

Robin Bishop

Roger Squires

12th March

20th March



Robin Bishop Libby Bradshaw Roger Squires

Ian Israel Roger Wilkinson



Current number of elected members Members completing 3 years in post Members co-opted since last AGM

Note: Please note that under the new Bye-laws all Committees may vary in size according to the numbers elected. In addition to these elected members, the Region Chairman is ex officio a member of each Branch Committee and each Branch Chairman is ex officio a member of the Region Committee. We look forward to receiving further nominations for Committee membership. Print Name



Candidate Proposer Seconder


THE 200 CLUB NEEDS YOU The 200 Club serves a dual role. It lets IWA members have a ‘little flutter’ with the chance of winning a cash lump sum. It also offers distribution of profits to IWA London Region to further the region’s work. If you are unable to do anything else, the 200 Club offers the ideal way to show that you are both committed and involved. Complete and return the form on the back cover to take part. 8

Big Waterways Clean Up 2012 (BWCU2012) is an Olympic-inspired partnership campaign to improve London’s waterways by summer 2012, led by Thames21. But it won’t end there! We want to make sure people and wildlife get the most out of their rivers and canals well into the future. Get Involved!

Go to or to sign up form

BWCU2012 is seeking young and old to get involved in this mass volunteer-led initiative to inspire community activity and produce a lasting legacy for Londoners and their local neighbourhoods long after the Games. This is an opportunity to ensure these valuable spaces, which characterise the Olympic locations, are seen as places we love, respect and enjoy, highlighting London's commitment to sustainability and social inclusion. And to make sure that your hard work is recognised into the future, individuals and community groups will be offered free training, allowing you to deliver your own waterway improvement volunteer events. Here’s an idea of some of the things you could do: Get stuck in:

Help us clean-up dirty rivers and canals

Make a splash: Learn how to kayak and litter-pick at the same time Take a lead:

Benefit from training so you can lead your own waterway improvement activities

Regenerate: allowing

Help remove weeds and invasive species from waterways and riverbanks, native species to flourish

New homes:

Help create wildlife habitats

Or tell us how you would like to be involved and what you would like to see on your local waterway email: with your ideas. We welcome people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Please get in touch if you have any access or other requirements to make your contribution possible. Contact Ben Fenton for more information, telephone: 07920 230 970 The Big Waterways Clean Up is made possible through a unique partnership between: London Waterways Commission,Thames21, Environment Agency, London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Greater London Authority, British 9

Waterways, Olympic Park Legacy Company, Port of London Authority, London Councils, City of London Corporation, and the Inland Waterways Association. Get involved! Sign up at: or for more information about Big Waterways Clean Up 2012 go to:

Big Waterways Clean Up 2012: Training Programme Want to get more involved…? Thames21 offers free training to all volunteers who might be interested in organising activities around their local waterway. The training will develop your skills and confidence; enabling you to organise clean-ups and other improvements along your stretch of river, canal, pond or puddle. With classroom sessions designed to fit around your practical volunteering, you’ll get the best

Rehearsing for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Flotilla, September 2011 Photo: S Naylor


PROFILE: Cory’s Lighterage They have been in business for more than a century; they are the largest lighterage company on the upper reaches of the River Thames; they are part of one of the country’s leading waste management companies and they have just joined the Commercial Boat Operators’ Association (CBOA).

Cory Lighterage is the barge operating arm of Cory Environmental. The parent company manages more than 3.5 million tonnes of waste and recyclables a year, operating right across the country from Merseyside to Cornwall and employing more than 1000 people. Their integrated services range from street cleaning and municipal waste collection to recycling, transfer and disposal. These services have won Cory a number of awards for sustainable transport, the management of facilities and city cleanliness. Cory Environmental started life in 1896 as William Cory and Son Ltd., transporting coal into London on the River Thames. The result of an amalgamation of eight companies in the coal trade, their assets then included: 13 wharves on the Thames 2 floating derricks Leased depots in the Victoria, Albert and Tilbury docks 4 tug bunkering stations Yards and works at Charlton, Erith, Brentford and Rochester 2500 railway wagons 42 coal depots 25 stables, which housed the company’s 350 horses In those early days William Cory & Son handled more than five million tonnes of coal, coke and patent fuel each year. The goods were transported into London and south east by barges on the Thames and the Medway and by wagons on the rail system. In addition, hay was brought into the capital from the surrounding countryside. Realising they could use the empty barges on the return journey they laid the foundations for Cory’s future business: every tug leaving London on the Thames left with a cargo of London 11

rubbish for disposal on the marshlands of Kent and Essex. Expansion followed with the acquisition of various companies. After the Second World War the rubbish trade operation became increasingly important. In the 1940s there were plans for the design and manufacture of barges tailor made to transport household waste, finally implemented in 1956, when the Charlton barge works built the first of these barges. By 1958 Cory had modernised its coal and oil distribution operations and had grown to include almost 100 wholly owned subsidiaries. Their barge works produced more than 400 barges between 1962 and 1972. Domestic central heating created a great demand for oil and by 1972 Cory was distributing annually 216 million gallons of oil. In 1972 the Ocean Group, an international shipping and distribution company, acquired Wm. Cory & Son. While the rapid growth of container shipping and the closure of the upriver docks started a Transporting coal in the early years decline in the traditional London lighterage business, Cory continued to develop its waste business, buying Thames and General Lighterage in 1979. The waste was transported to another of Cory’s acquisitions, the sand and gravel quarry that Cory now owned at Mucking, Essex. In the 1980s Ocean sold its coal and oil distribution businesses, where long term growth prospects were poor, and earmarked waste management for expansion. Cory Lighterage and the landfill activities of Cory Sand and Ballast were amalgamated in 1981 to form Cory Waste Management. Cory’s latest tugs passing under Tower Bridge


Two years later this new company submitted an innovative tender for the long term transport and disposal of a proportion of waste controlled by the Greater London Council, amounting to half a million tonnes each year. The tender was successful and saw the launch of the containerised waste transport method, which is thriving today. In 1989 Cory Environmental Municipal Services Ltd was established for refuse collection and a year later these two businesses became Cory Environmental. “Cory Environmental’s aim is to manage the whole issue of waste rather than just dispose of it”, Neil Caborn, the Cory Lighterage General Manager told CBOA News. Today Cory Lighterage operates on the Thames from Wandsworth down to Tilbury Docks in Essex, from locations at Smugglers Way (Wandsworth), Cringle Dock (Battersea), Walbrook Wharf (City of London), Riverside Energy from Waste facility (Belvedere) and Tilbury Docks for the ash recycling facility. In 2002 the Company signed an innovative £700 million 30-year contract with London’s Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) to recycle and dispose of London’s waste. The contract included development of an 84,000 tonne materials recycling facility in Wandsworth, which was opened in 2011 by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal. This contract also led to the development of the Riverside Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Belvedere with a new 270m long purpose-built jetty). The contract also gave Cory the confidence to buy four new tugs, at a cost of €3.3 million each. The hulls were built in Kozle, Poland and fitted out in Hardinxveld, Holland. The first two arrived on the Thames in May 2010 with the second two in August 2010. The technical specification of the new Damen Shoalbuster tugs enables the captains to manoeuvre and place craft in tight spaces with much more control. More fuel efficient engines have also contributed to greater fuel efficiencies and carbon emission reductions. Cory now has a fleet of 7 tugs and 47 barges. Waste for Riverside will come through Cory’s three river based transfer stations. Total tonnage carried on the Thames comprises up to 600,000 tonnes of waste and up to 170,000 tonnes of IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash) from Belvedere to Tilbury Docks. No more than 85,000 tonnes a year will arrive at Belvedere by road. The Riverside facility is well advanced with its commissioning, processing waste from across London and exporting electricity to the national grid. It will soon commence a sustained period of reliability, performance and availability trials before being ready for full operation in 2012. “We make environmental savings by avoiding around 100,000 HGV trips on London’s congested roads each year” says Neil Caborn. “The Riverside EfW facility is the start of another phase for Cory’s river operations and will see them continuing long into the future”

Cover photo: Cory tug with waste-filled container barge at Battersea This article was first published in the Autumn/Winter 2011 edition of CBOA News and all text, diagrams and photographs* are reproduced by kind permission of John Dodwell, Marketing/ Corporate and Public Affairs, CBOA (Commercial Boat Operators’ Association)

Neil Caborn, General Manager, Cory Lighterage

*The photograph “Transporting coal in the early years” is from the Lewis Herbert Collection.


IWA with London Walks 2012 Programme All dates are Sundays Start time for all walks is 2.30 p.m. Normal charge: £8 Concessionary and Student rate: £6 Date


Start (Tube Station)

19 Feb 4 Mar 11 Mar 18 Mar 1 Apr 8 Apr 15 Apr 22 Apr 6 May 20 May 27 May 3 June 17 June 24 June 1 July 15 July 5 August 19 August 2 September 16 September 7 October 21 October 4 Nov 18 Nov 2 December

Paddington Basin, Little Venice, Paddington Branch Regent’s Canal: Little Venice – Camden The Olympics, Three Mills & Bow Back Rivers Regent’s Canal: Islington – Mile End Regent’s Canal: King’s Cross – Camden The Olympics, Three Mills & Bow Back Rivers Regent’s Canal: Mile End – Limehouse Regent’s Canal: King’s Cross – Hitchcock’s Hackney Kensal Green Cemetery-Grand Union-Little Venice The Olympics, Three Mills & Bow Back Rivers Regent’s Canal: Little Venice – Camden Regent’s Canal: Mile End – Limehouse Regent’s Canal: Islington –Mile End Regent’s Canal: Little Venice –Camden. Paddington Basin, Little Venice, Paddington Branch GU Regent’s Canal: Islington – Mile End Kensal Green Cemetery- Grand Union-Little Venice Regent’s Canal: Mile End – Limehouse Paddington Branch GU—Kensal Green – Alperton Regent’s Canal: Little Venice – Camden Grand Union Canal: Uxbridge – West Drayton The Olympics, Three Mills & Bow Back Rivers Regent’s Canal: King’s Cross—Hitchcock’s Hackney Regent’s Canal: Kings Cross – Camden Regent’s Canal: Mile End – Limehouse

Edgware Road (Circle) Warwick Avenue Bromley–by-Bow Angel King’s Cross (taxi rank) Bromley–by-Bow Mile End King’s Cross (taxi rank) Kensal Green Bromley–by-Bow Warwick Avenue Mile End Angel Warwick Avenue Edgware Road (Circle) Angel Kensal Green Mile End Kensal Green Warwick Avenue Uxbridge Bromley-by-Bow Kings Cross (taxi rank) Kings Cross (taxi rank) Mile End

For more information please contact: Roger Wilkinson: Tel 0208 458 9476 or Peter Finch: Tel 0208 969 9941



Illtyd Harrington, JP, DL


Dr. Michael Essex-Lopresti


Paul Strudwick 01245 358342 Email:


Robin Bishop 020 8452 2632 11, Lichfield Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 2RE Email:


Carole Beeton 01992 468435 Email:


Committee Members: Libby Bradshaw 020 8874 2787 (position vacant) (Chairman of Plan/Nav Committee) John Shacklock

01992 465643

Stuart Thurston

01702 529553

Alan Eggby 020 8764 8294 (South London Branch Chairman) Craig Haslam 07956 848025 (Lee and Stort Branch Chairman) Martin Jiggens 020 7289 9288 (Middlesex Branch Chairman) Tim Lewis 020 8530 0425 (N & E London Branch Chairman) Jan Thurston 01702 529553 (Chelmsford Branch Chairman) Peter Winter 01494 819065 (Chiltern Branch Vice-Chairman) Official not on the Region Committee Lewis Phillips 01227 712669 (London Ring Plaques Distribution) IWA Central Socials - The Pirate Club, Pirate Castle, Oval Road, Camden, London, NW1 7EA Libby Bradshaw - 020 8874 2787 E-mail


LONDON REGION 200 CLUB Rules of the 200 Club 1 2 3 4

5 6


Name: The name of the club is "The Inland Waterways Association London Region 200 Club" ("the Club"). Object: The object of the Club is to raise funds for "the Inland Waterways Association London Region" ("IWA London"). Membership: Membership of the Club shall be limited to 200 persons; each person must be over 18 years of age and a paid up member of the Inland Waterways Association. Officers: The Club shall be administered by three officers appointed annually by the committee of IWA London. The officers shall select one from amongst their number to be responsible for keeping the accounts of the Club and arranging for the payment of prizes and the transfer of surplus income to IWA London. The decision of the officers in any matter relating to the operation of the Club shall be final Subscriptions: The annual subscription to the Club shall be £12 payable either on admission to the club or by monthly payments of £1 paid by standing order. The annual subscription may be paid by cheque or standing order for £12 annually. A member may hold more than one membership of the Club. Prizes: 6.1 A draw shall take place on six occasions in each year. There shall be four prizes in each draw in the amounts of £100, £50, £25 and £25. 6.2 In the event that the membership of the Club is fewer than 200 members in any year the officers shall be entitled to reduce the amounts of the prizes or the number of draws (or both) provided however that the ratio of prize money to subscriptions shall not be affected. 6.3 Each draw will be made by or under the direction of the officers. The results of each draw will be announced in the issue of the journal of IWA London next following the date of the draw. 6.4 Prize winners will be notified in writing of their entitlement to receive a prize and payment will be made by cheque posted to the address shown on the membership form or to such other address as the member may subsequently have notified to the officers. Accounts: The accounts of the Club shall be kept by the Officers and shall be examined annually by a suitably qualified person. The Officers shall keep a roll of membership and each membership shall be allocated a roll number Registered Office: Island House, Moor Road, Chesham. HP5 1WA Tel: 01494 783453 Web:

The Inland waterways Association is a non-profit distributing company limited by guarantee Registered in England no. 612245. Registered as a charity no. 212342 ================================================================================================================================

APPLICATION FORM To the Officers, I wish to become a member of The Inland Waterways Association London Region 200 Club. I have completed and enclose the standing order / enclose a cheque as payment for ............. membership(s) at £12 per year (annual option) or £1 per month (monthly option) Full Name.......................................................................Address.................................................................. .............................................................................................................Postcode........……........... Telephone (day).................................................Telephone (eve)................................................. Email address …………………………………………………………………………………… I am a member of the Inland Waterways Association and I agree to be bound by the rules of the London Region 200 Club. Signed............................................................... Date.................................................. Cheques should be made payable to:-

IWA London Region 200 Club

Please send completed forms, cheques and standing order mandates to: Vernon Draper, IWA London Region 200 Club 12 Chipperfield Close, New Bradwell, MILTON KEYNES MK13 0EP 01908 312 239. Email:


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The newsletter of the North East London branch of the Inland Waterways