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INLAND WATERWAYS ASSOCIATION IPSWICH BRANCH Committee Meeting Date: Friday, 6 August 2010. Venue: ‘The Chequers’, Great Blakenham. Present: Chard Wadley (Chairman), Charles Stride (Secretary), Spencer Greystrong (Treasurer), Lewis Tyler (RGT), Brian Cornell (Pickerel), Gerry Crease, Carolyn Wadley (Minutes). 1

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Brian and Diana Holt, Susan Brown and Clive Saville.


MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD 14 MAY 2010 The Chairman duly signed the minutes for 14 May 2010 as being a true record of the proceedings.


MATTERS ARISING NOT INCLUDED IN THE AGENDA. Item 7 regarding the Broads Forum minutes, Charles said the minutes of the meeting are on the website and he will circulate the link.


COMMITTEE REPORTS Chairman Chard explained that the request from Helen Whitehouse for 20 copies of Anglian Cuttings for the National Festival is so they can be given to new members signing up at said Festival. Regarding Somerleyton Railway Swing Bridge being out of action for sometime, Chard explained that the latest email from Chris Groves states that according to the Broads Authority website repair work was started in July. Chard reported the good news that Clive Henderson has been granted ‘observer’ status at the BW board meetings and the committee send there congratulations and best wishes to Clive. Gerry had raised the subject of British Sugar transporting raw sugar from Yarmouth to Cantley by river and had asked if we, as the local IWA, should be involved to encourage transport by water. Chard then asked if we are strong enough as a branch or should this be covered by the Inland Shipping side; Charles replied that if Inland Shipping requires local assistance we can then help. An email from Brian reference contacting members who do not renew their membership to ask them why and to try and persuade them to rejoin was raised and discussed. Chard is to find out more to see what is involved. Chard stated that the £1,000 donation from the St Ives Festival has now been transferred to the RGT project. Chard said he was pleased to see the ‘Bank Holiday, SOS Ipswich Branch’ item recorded in Waterways. Secretary Charles had received and circulated BW Volunteering policy, Pickerel Project AGM minutes and Newsletter, EAWA work party information and Peterborough and Cambridge minutes. Regarding planning, Charles had received comments on the Ipswich Barrage, notification from St Edmundsbury Local Development Framework Consultation and notification from Forest Heath saying that following Government changes of rules they are now looking at making changes themselves. Charles had received an email from Keith Noble regarding an IWA representative being required at the River Stour Trust meetings as an observer. This was discussed and Charles is to reply saying a volunteer is possible but not every month.


The role and specification for IWA branches and regions was discussed in depth and after consideration the only item requiring clarification is the system for contacting lapsed members. The talk’s diary was discussed and amended. Treasurer Spreadsheets were distributed and Spencer explained various items under Income and Expenses. Spencer said a gazebo had been purchased to use on one day events as the marquee was better suited for 2 to 3 day events. A suitable memorial bench for Doug Tomlinson, who donated money from his will to the branch, was discussed and approved by the committee. Mid Suffolk District Council have approved and requested it be placed at Hawks Mill. The plaque wording was discussed and the bench will now be ordered and installed. Spencer explained that he had found a better interest rate in a Charity Aid account with Scottish Widows for the RGT funds getting 1.75% instead of 0.5% and therefore had now asked HO if they could do the same with the Ipswich Branch money held at HO. Public Relations Officer Brian sent a report via email saying that since our last meeting he had attended the Broads Forum as representative for IWA, EAWA, Yare Users, and Oulton Broad Community Enterprise group. Brian had tried to contact the latter two without success. The major points to be raised were that the BA (Broads Authority) expects a year on year decrease in funding over the next 5 years. They have earmarked several savings they can make from not filling vacancies to reducing money spent on dredging Navigation, but this would only be a percentage saving in line with there total savings. The Navigation budget otherwise is not affected as it is totally funded by boat licence fees. Brian had raised the point that commercial boating is not mentioned in the Broads Plan. Following the general meeting there was a session behind closed doors that was most informative. At the moment the Forum seems very similar to BW user groups where the authority makes a presentation to be able to say they have consulted. A thank you card had been received from the Mayor of Needham Market who Brian had invited to visit the restoration group at Baylham Lock. Social Secretary Diana sent a report via email stating that Clive Henderson could not confirm that he would attend our AGM in February and would review it in the New Year. Three speakers are booked for this season and are all in Anglian Cuttings and on the web, but the ‘Lydia Eva’ has still not confirmed. There are two leads for speakers for next season. Brian and Diana have stated that they will not be organizing an annual outing for next year. Brian Cornell suggested the branch may like to join the River Stour Trust in a trip in 2011 which Brian Cornell is organizing. This was discussed. Editor, Anglian Cuttings Charles would like articles for AC by the end of August for distribution towards the end of September. Electronic distribution of the magazine was discussed. Membership Secretary Membership figures are as follows: April – 520 members, 332 memberships May – 518 members, 331 memberships June – 517 members, 330 memberships



REPORTS ON OTHER BODIES River Gipping Trust Lewis reported that two meetings had been held since the last committee meeting, one being a long term planning meeting for future tasks. Colin Turner had now officially handed over to Martin Bird, on 30 June, the duties of Restoration Manager. Liz Wrigley, Planning Consultant to Stowmarket Town Council, attended the July meeting and updated the Trust on the progress of the Stowmarket Development Plan. River Stour Trust Susan sent a report stating that at the AGM held in May, the Chairman, Peter Hesketh, stood down after completing his stated two year term in office, to be succeeded by Martin Lees. The tea room at Sudbury and the boats at Flatford and Sudbury are now operating on Sundays with additional trips on Wednesdays during the school holiday, plus private charters. The volunteers have worked hard with the dredger to clear blanket weed from the Granary Cut and Jeff Burroughs has bought an ex-EA weed cutter to help keep the river navigable. The work party volunteers have repaired the wing walls at Cornard Lock and mounted the steam lighter prop shaft and propeller on brick piers. They are replacing the barley straw bales in the cut to help keep it clear of weed and preparing to repaint the Visitors Education Centre (VEC) building. Although more meetings with the EA had taken place, with apparently useful promises being made, the group still await the EA’s formal permission to resume work at Stratford Lock. On 7 July the Pioneer Trust placed strops under the Stour Lighter ‘John Constable’ and lifted it with a large crane from its bed at the VEC. It was then transported to their workshops in Brightlingsea where it is being measured and drawings made. This is the first stage in its restoration as part of the ‘Managing a Masterpiece’ project which is expected to take 2 years. (See RST website for pictures and article). Pickerel Project Group Chard had attended the PPG meeting in July and reported that the group would like the help of the branch for larger clean up or project days where special equipment would be needed. Costs are to be sought on plans for a footpath along the River Rattlesden.


ANY OTHER BUSINESS There was no other business.


NEXT MEETING Friday, 1 October 2010.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 2.45pm.


Minutes August 2010  
Minutes August 2010  

IWA Ipswich Branch Committee Meeting minutes 6 August 2010