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North Staffordshire & South Cheshire Branch

KNOBSTICKS Summer 2017

Uttoxeter canal near Bridge 70, This section of tow-path was laid only 3 years ago, but has already settled in well. Note the early Himalayan Balsam! Photo: Steve Wood


John Lawson and Dave Sproston pose with their latest repainted Trent and Mersey Canal milepost (Photo: Sandra Lawson). This is the eighth post they have repainted, and the pair have now completed all the mileposts between Wheelock and Harecastle Tunnel. Congratulations to them both! Now, who would like to start painting some of the mileposts south of Harecastle ? Contact the editor if you are interested for more details. Questionnaire Please read Roger Savage’s article on page 13 and reply to his questionnaire about Page 2

what YOU think our branch should be doing for its members. I have numbered his questions, so that even if you don’t feel strongly about all of them, at least you can respond to some of his 12 questions. Our social programme for next season is already planned (see page 12), but it is important that we get a wide range of replies, so that we can plan for the future. If you don’t have email, then I will be happy to collect and forward your written reply to him (my postal address is on page 23). Have a good Summer — Ed KNOBSTICKS

Deputy Chairman’s Report Having welcomed the Derby & Sandiacre Canal Society to speak after our branch AGM a few months ago, it was recently my turn to do something very similar, speaking after the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust AGM. I spoke about the work of Staffordshire Waterways Group, which came together in 2011 largely due to the efforts of this branch and in particular our Vice-President Roger Savage. It is a forum for the various IWA branches, canal societies, Canal & River Trust, the City of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire County Council to get together to discuss issues of mutual interest including tourism, funding opportunities, restoration and the like. A small challenge for those of you who are so inclined. Can you name all the canals which run (or ran) in part or whole through Staffordshire? I think there are at least 15 if you include the Burslem Branch Canal aka Burslem Port (so there’s one to get you started!) [Answers at bottom of page 5—Ed] I was reflecting on this in the car on my drive home and thinking how lucky we are

in the local area to have so many waterways and so many volunteers who remain passionate about them. From the early days of restoration on the Caldon in the 1960s, our local volunteers have never downed tools and decided enough is enough. There are two active restorations in our branch area alone. Both of these are supported by this branch in terms of monthly work parties as well publicising them in this magazine and at events. IWA nationally also has a critical role to play. The Restoration Hub offers technical advice to local groups, drawing on the skills of experts and volunteers from across the country, so putting people with questions in touch with people with answers. I recently had cause to use this in relation to our local work parties on the Uttoxeter where I was unsure about how to proceed with part of a project. This year’s IWA raffle is specifically supporting the Restoration Hub and I hope that some of our members will be able to support it.

Joint IWA NSSC and CUCT Stand at Etruria — See next page Summer 2017

Steve Wood

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Etruria Canal Festival

Ann & Judith on our Sales Stand The first weekend in June marked our first outdoor event of the year. Etruria Canals Festival takes place on the weekend after the Spring Bank Holiday, at the end of half term week for local schools. For the past couple of years the festival has been run by B-Arts and it now has more of a creative focus than before, with singing and dancing from local community groups as well as the usual array of stalls of all types. As well as the music, several of us enjoyed our visits to the nearby samosa stall! The weather was kind to us this year, which is always a great relief. Even 5 years on, I don’t think anyone who was there in 2012 will forget how cold and wet Etruria can be in June! There was a moment on Sunday Page 4

morning where it looked like it might turn but fortunately the storm clouds blew away and for much of the rest of the weekend it was dry and sunny. Our stand was shared with Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust. This makes it easier to ensure that all parts of the stand are manned at all times. The public came out in good numbers on both days and our team was kept busy with both sales and a range of conversations about what we do, not to mention our children’s activity, lace plate decoration, and the “Famous Nail Game” which got its annual outing. I suspect it has been to Etruria more times than almost all of us! KNOBSTICKS

Etruria Canal Festival We spoke to numerous walkers and cyclists who were passing through and wanted to know where they would end up if they went one way or the other down the towpath. No doubt they will appreciate the new signage that is going to be installed on towpaths through the city over the next 12 months [See pages 8-9 for more about this project—Ed]

It was also good to be able to assist our friends at Waterway Recovery Group by selling some of their handmade fudge as well as our own sales items, making it a more than successful weekend for all concerned. Thanks to everyone who manned our stands and to those who came to see. Article (& Photos): Steve Wood

General View of Etruria Site Answers to Steve’s Quiz on Page 3 1) Birmingham & Fazeley 2) Burslem 3) Caldon 4) Coventry 5) Hatherton 6) Lichfield 7) Newcastle-under-Lyme Summer 2017

8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)

Newport Shropshire Union Sir Nigel Gresley’s Stafford Riverway Staffs & Worcester Stourbridge Trent & Mersey Uttoxeter Page 5

A New Strategy for Burslem Port — Recent Progress

Historic view towards Burslem.

Photo Š Burslem Port Trust

The Burslem Port Trust (in March this year) appointed Peter Brett Associates (PBA) to work on a new Burslem Port Strategy.

financial) support of our branch of the Inland Waterways Association and of the Trent & Mersey Canal Society.

This work is being funded by the Stoke & Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the City Council, the Environment Agency, Canal and River Trust, and the Burslem Port Trust. It also has the enthusiastic (and

An inception meeting took place after a site walk with the consultants in March where the parameters of the Study were agreed. Since then, there has been a flurry of activity.

Page 6


A New Strategy for Burslem Port — Recent Progress Roger Savage organised a consultation surgery on behalf of PBA at the Middleport Pottery on 25th/26th April. Despite the intervening Easter holiday with several replies to the invitations saying that people were away, the two days were very rewarding. Over 20 stakeholders and community people turned up, including IWA, T&MCS and Environment Agency funders. It was very rewarding for Burslem Port as everyone was unanimous in their support for the project. Much new information emerged during the two days. We learnt that Furlong Mills whose factory is next to the terminus of the Burslem Arm are open to a land-swap deal; that the former Co-op site is in the process of being sold to developers; and that Middleport Matters (the local community association) are preparing a neighbourhood plan and will extend it to include our project within its boundary. Middleport Matters are also interested in the warehouse becoming one of their community centre buildings, and Potteries Waste would be willing to move their business from the wharf in the right circumstances. Councillor Alan Dutton, the City Councillor for the ward, is part of the ruling coalition group and assured us of his support. John Lowther, MD of Middleport Pottery, gave a succinct summary as to why our scheme fits into the overall plans for the up-lift of Burslem and Middleport (what was formerly the Princes Regeneration Trust is now UK Historic Buildings Preservation Trust). Mike Barr, the local SUSTRANS cycling volunteer, was enthusiastic about a spur cycling route off the T&M towpath and Summer 2017

alongside our canal, then up the footpath to St. Johns, a completely off-road route up to Burslem. Roger also had some lengthy discussions with Tom Biggin, the PBA civil engineer, about the way forward in choosing the right engineering solution for the current situation. It is clear that the next step will be to actually design the work so that we are "shovel ready" The only down side to the whole experience was that the City were unable to nominate an officer to work with us, and did not attend the consultation surgery, but this was rectified on May 10th when we organised a one-day event in the Civic Centre. This event gave the opportunity for City Council Officers to attend. It was a most constructive event, with an assistant director, two programme managers and a planner attending. On the same day, we invited along a representative of Potteries Heritage Society, who was able to stress the importance of keeping the community on board. Also, two of our trustees gave the consultants a thorough insight into the political and economic background of the City of Stokeon-Trent in the last two decades, highlighting the role of chief executives. It was clear that the consultants, bringing fresh eyes to the project, began to see ways ahead which we had not identified – but the big stumbling block, as always, is that there is no obvious answer to raising the funds needed. Watch this space! Roger Savage (Chairman BPT) Page 7

Stoke Canal Corridor Improvements Over the past few years a number of projects have been undertaken looking at the canals thorough Stoke-on-Trent. The “Canal Opportunities Study and Canal Management Strategyâ€? undertaken by the City Council and CRT in 2014 identified a number of sites where improvements might be made. A more detailed plan has now been put together for a package of improvements which are aimed to encourage more users onto the towpath of the 15 miles of canal within the city. The project has received substantial funding from the City Council and CRT, in excess of ÂŁ1m. The final list of improvements is now being agreed and it is expected that work will start very shortly and be completed by the end of the current financial year. The following extracts from the draft plan illustrate the range of tasks likely to be undertaken. The main actions with major impact to encourage more people to use the canals are improving access, towpath resurfacing and signage improvements. Towpath improvements Generally, the ramps and steps to the canal are in good repair. However, some steps will be rebuilt with timber edging and resurfaced where they are in poor state. The tarmac of the towpath is breaking up in places and tree roots have lifted the surface on some sections. There are several lengths of metal railings along the boundary which, if repainted, would help to improve the appearance of the canal. Locations for additional seating Page 8

and picnic benches have also been identified. This would give people the opportunity to rest whilst walking along the canal. Vegetation is encroaching on the towpath in several locations, reducing usability and visibility. The need has been identified to take out unwanted trees and cut back overhanging vegetation. In places this will open up views to and from the canal. Hopefully the long term maintenance will be able to prevent this re-occurring. There are numerous motorbike barriers along the canal, with a large number in a poor state of repair. CRT have indicated that they would prefer to review each location and potentially remove the barriers. There may be some locations where they are of benefit, but generally they restrict access and look unsightly. Signage New totem styled signs will give information on local facilities. This will be backed up with additional finger posts to direct visitors to key sites. There are numerous historic buildings and sites along the canal and these will be highlighted with historic plaques. There are also a series of existing large metal gateway signs. They are imposing features and need varying degrees of refurbishment. Moorings To encourage more canal boats to stop and use the local facilities additional mooring rings have been proposed at Westport Lake, Middleport Pottery, Etruria Industrial Museum, Milton and adjacent to the Civic Centre. KNOBSTICKS

Stoke Canal Corridor Improvements To further encourage canal boats to moor up along the canal, the installation of solar panelled lighting has been proposed at several sites along the canal. The sites are at Bridgewater Pottery, Middleport Pottery, Etruria Industrial Museum, China Gardens and the Wedgwood Museum. Graffiti Another major impact on the canal is the graffiti on the bridges and buildings along it. There are over 40 sites identified along the canal corridor. Removal of the graffiti will probably only be a temporary solution, with cleaned sites rapidly being targeted with new graffiti. There are a number of sites that would benefit from planting. Shrub planting will be

used where space permits, with more restricted spaces self-clinging climbers could be used. This would hide graffiti over time and would prevent further graffiti occurring. Specific species would be chosen to ensure the structure is not damaged and the owners would need to be consulted for approval. The climbers would need trimming to prevent excessive growth and the blocking of gutters and down pipes. Bedford Street Bridge At the same time as the above works CRT are planning to replace the damaged bridge at the top of Bedford Street Staircase Locks. This will be replaced by a new bridge of very similar design. Steve Wood

BEFORE: Etruria Junction back in 1973 looking bleak and unloved. See pages 3 to 5 for Steve Woods’ pictures of this year’s busy Etruria Canal Festival. Photo Harold Bode Summer 2017

Page 9

A-Z Quiz This quiz is just for fun, no prizes. [Mind the puns! — Ed] This river needs no cosmetics Can you go through these Locks? You may be called on to cruise this canal Albert and Stanley? If mis-pronounced, this canal could sound like a "hygiene ritual"! You have to pay him to cross Not electric avenue! (3 and 6) Waterways author We're all in it together!! (6, 9 and 11) Rosie's friend You can live life on the edge here Where you'll find Albert and Stanley Useful - however you travel Literary waterways 'gem' (6 and 4) They say it's a haven for boats Ancient type of bridge I suppose this is one really Author of the afore-mentioned 'gem' Between 6 and 8 it can be dull! (6 and 4) Chester basin? (5 and 5) One of the Heyfords? Journey by water We'd be stuck without it of course No apologies for this clue. It's terrific!! One of the Stone locks A 'sore' cut?

A___ B_____ C_____ D____ E______ F_______ G__ ______ H_______ I_____ _________ ___________ J__ K_____ L________ M___ N_____ ____ O_______ P________ Q___ R___ S_____ ____ T____ _____ U____ V_____ W_____ X_______ Y___ Z____

Quiz supplied by Anne Chetwyn. Answers on page 20. Page 10


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Less than 10 minutes from bridges 14 and 15 of the Caldon Canal

8-10 Diana Road, Birches Head, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 6RS. Tel 01782 263936 Visit our website Find us on Facebook - Londis Birches Head Summer 2017

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Social Programme

North Staffordshire & South Cheshire Branch

PROGRAMME OF TALKS 2017 – 2018 (Full details in next issue) Friday 13th October 2017 Harry Arnold, Subject to be advised Friday 10th November 2017 Patrick & Angel Marks, “Odd Sights & Sounds” Friday 8th December 2017 Dave Rushton, “Cloud to Canal” Friday 13th January 2018 NO MEETING Friday 9th February 2018 AGM followed by Alan Chetwyn, “Birmingham Canal Navigation 1994” Friday 9th March 2018 ANNUAL DINNER Congleton Golf Club (more detailed information nearer the time) Friday 13th April 2018 Peter Scott, “Sir Peter Scott” Friday 11th May 2018 John Pomfret,”Fenland Waterways” Admission to talks is FREE Donations to waterway causes welcome! Refreshments available. Non-IWA members are very welcome Venue (unless otherwise stated): Stoke on Trent Boat Club Endon Wharf, Post Lane, Endon STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST9 9DU For further information contact: Barbara Wells (01782 911004 or 07710 418908) Email or visit the branch webpages at:

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Questionnaire: Is the Branch meeting your Needs ? We have had a good social programme this year, with a series of excellent talks as well as the branch annual dinner. However, over recent months, the Branch Committee has been concerned at decreasing attendances. Obviously, the subject matter of each talk determines whether a member chooses to come to listen but we have noticed a trend of decreasing numbers. Whereas we had over 30 people coming along until December, there was a steady decline so that, by the end of the season, numbers had dropped below 20, which is not very satisfactory from the speakers’ point of view. We have noticed that some regular attenders, who are also boaters, stop coming in April because they are off boating. There has been a similar decline in the numbers attending the annual dinner over the years. Whereas we once regularly had over 40 attending five years ago, the numbers dropped to an all-time low at Leek this year. Before the move to March, numbers had already started to decline and the committee thought that this was due to the proliferation of meals offered by other societies around the Christmas period. The move to March to counteract this was only partially successful. The committee recognises that the intention to move the location of the annual dinner around the branch area has not been fulfilled recently. The booking for next year’s dinner is in Congleton and the plan will be somewhere in the south of the Branch the following year. But it is difficult to negotiate a price unless we can guarantee a certain take-up. This year we replaced the raffle by a bingo-type activity, which shortened the proceedings but continued holding the auction as it is an important contributor to branch funds. Summer 2017

As a small committee – and getting increasingly smaller as the years go by – we are unable to fulfil all the expectations. For example, branches are encouraged to arrange walks, which we would happily do if there were a volunteer to lead them. Questions we need to Answer 1 Talks Does the present range of talks satisfy you? 2 Is there too much concentration on restoration topics? 3 What suggestions do you have for future programmes? 4 Should we have a shorter season, ending in March or April? 5 Annual Dinner Will you be able to come to the dinner in March 2018 at Congleton Golf Club? 6 Is the location a factor in determining whether you come or not? 7 Is price the main consideration? 8 Would you prefer a shorter time devoted to the auction? 9 Would you prefer a less formal occasion than the formal-style dinner? 10 Perhaps from 2019 onwards, would you like a summer garden party or barbecue? 11 Walks Would you consider leading a branch walk? 12 Other Activities We already have a su ccessfu l in ter -b ran ch skittle competition. Are there any other activities that members would like to see the branch doing and/or that they would like to get involved with as participants or organisers? This is your opportunity to tell us what you would like in terms of the social programme. Please take a moment to let us know by answering the questions above. You can do this easily by email to me at [or reply by post to me if you don’t have email — Ed] Page 13

Uttoxeter Canal Work Party

Digging out old Wall (April) Thursday 9 February 2017 For the second work party of 2017 we had a really good turnout with ten volunteers attending. All the work was in the area around Carrington’s Lock, with a wide variety of tasks taking place. One group used a tirfor winch to drag trees from the canal which Waterway Recovery Group did not have time to do on their last visit to us. These trees were then cut into manageable sized pieces by our resident chain-saw operator. One volunteer, who had previously revealed a stop plank groove hidden by ivy, eagerly continued removing vegetation and soil from the top of the stonework at the head of Carrington’s Lock. Another volunteer used the brush-cutter to clear brambles over the entire area from Carrington’s Lock Page 14

to the old pumping station; this has really opened up the view of the canal, which had been hidden for many years. Further use was made of the chain-saw to remove some small saplings and to cut the tree stumps left by WRG right down to ground level. All this work produced a massive amount of brash which was efficiently dealt with by our expert ‘bonfire squad’. Thursday 9 March 2017 Again we had ten volunteers turn up for March’s work party and not all the same people as last month. The weather started off overcast and more than a little breezy but soon the sun came out and the wind dropped and we enjoyed a lovely spring day. Work took place from Carrington’s Lock along the line of the canal to its junction KNOBSTICKS

Uttoxeter Canal Work Party with the river Churnet and again the tasks were many and varied. One of the first tasks was to fell the last tagged alder tree that WRG did not have time to do on their last work camp in October. Due to its lean this tree had to be felled across the canal, it made quite a spectacular splash as it hit the water. The tree was then winched out with the tirfor so it could be cut up on the bank. Further use was made of the tirfor in removing some steelwork which had been placed across the canal, probably as a temporary bridge. This steelwork appears to be part of a crane’s jib, or something similar. Work also continued clearing vegetation from inside the head of Carrington’s Lock; this part of the lock is very heavily silted with only a trickle of water running through it, so we are able to

safely access just this area of it at present. We trimmed vegetation that was overhanging the towpath from the lock towards the river and had a good bonfire to burn the brash. Where the canal meets the river it is silted up so the canal below Carrington’s Lock is at a higher level than original, to restore the level we dug a narrow channel to meet up with the river. The final task of the day was to wheelbarrow all the cut timber scattered around the site to the trackway from where the locals do us a favour in taking it away for firewood. Article: Robert Frost [No reports received since March, but here are 2 pictures from April & June — Ed] Photos: Steve Wood

Balsam Bashing (June) Summer 2017

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Cheshire Locks Work Party

Lock 42 at the end of our March work-party Thursday March 16th Painting of lock 42 has finally been completed! After a number of months where progress has been limited by bad weather, a good team with a good day finished the painting at lock 42. In addition painting of masonry around lock 43 was done as a safety measure to mark edges; and the steps to the canal at the bridge between the locks were cleared. The previous day 2 members of the group undertook a litter pick from Rode Heath to Red Bull to generally improve the area.

and opening up there facilities for us. If you are passing do call in to demonstrate our appreciation & enjoy some friendly refreshment. Thanks also to Kidsgrove Working Men's Club for providing parking facilities.

Thursday April 20th Work started this month at lock 41 and tremendous progress was made. The balance beams were painted and most of the white metal work around the lock was prepared and painted. By the end of the day massive improvement was clear for everyone to see. Special thanks go to the Canal Tavern adjacent to lock 41 for providing tea & coffee to the work party

Thursday June 15th We completed painting all the railings (and even a lamp-post) at Lock 41. Two coats of gloss were used on the woodwork of the buildings, but another coat will be needed on our final visit in July.

Page 16

Thursday May 18th Further progress was made on Lock 41 particularly on painting the metal work on and around the lock. Weeds were also cleared to improve the general appearance of the area.

Article (and photo this page): John Brighouse Photos (opposite page): David Clegg KNOBSTICKS

Cheshire Locks Work Party

Lamp-post at Lock 41 before ......................................... and after.

Lock Buildings at Lock 41 freshly painted Summer 2017

Page 17

Burslem Port Work Party

In recent months we have been concentrating on containing the regrowth of vegetation along the line of the canal. We have been very successful in clearing areas around the warehouse (above), having cut down a lot of small trees near to the Luke Street access. We are now well into nesting season so tree work has stopped and we are concentrating on tidying up the area right next to the Trent & Mersey Canal. We eventually hope to create a surfaced footpath to link our site to the network of walking and cycling paths at Festival Park. This is already used as an informal access route by lots of people from Middleport. We have a particular problem as the track originally laid down by these walkers goes through the middle of an infestation of Japanese Knotweed so we are trying to reroute them along the side of the canal while the Knotweed is treated. UnfortuPage 18

nately this will take several seasons so we have been discussing options with the City Council who own this part of the site. Our work parties continue on the fourth Tuesday of each month. From October we will resume the Saturday work parties once a month, as we have in previous seasons. Article (& Photos): Steve Wood

Nigel Lacey strimming at the junction KNOBSTICKS

New Trip Boat and Hetty’s Cafe at Froghall Basin

Sarah Hirst (left) and Peter Moore (right) from the Canal & River Trust with Hetty’s Cafe owner Emma Atkinson (centre) at Froghall Basin, Caldon Canal. A former canal wharf at Froghall Basin on the Caldon Canal in Staffordshire is being brought back to life, thanks to a partnership between the Canal & River Trust charity and a local entrepreneur. Sarah Hirst and Peter Moore from the Trust, have worked hard to upgrade the area and find a new tenant for the beautiful former corn store warehouse. Café owner Emma Atkinson saw the potential of converting the attractive heritage building into a café and gift shop, with holiday accommodation for rent upstairs. She has also arranged for a new trip boat to operate from the wharf, making the whole area into an attractive visitor destination. It’s a real family affair - Emma has named the café after her 92-year-old Summer 2017

grandmother Hetty and her mother will be running the gift shop. Emma, of Moneystone, near Oakamoor, explained: "When the tea room was open previously, I called in regularly with my family for an ice cream. Once I knew it was available, I jumped at the chance to take it on. My nan Hetty is my recipe for success so I have named the tea shop after her.. Hetty’s Tea Shop is due to be open six days a week, Tuesday – Sunday, and the trip boat will operate on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Press Release [According to a report in “The Sentinel”, Hetty’s opened on 12th April. — Ed] Page 19

Skittles Evening The Trent and Mersey Canal Society have invited our IWA branch to join them in a Skittles evening at Stafford Boat Club on Friday 8th September 2017. The rough timings are : 7:30 p.m. Arrival and kick off.  8:30 p.m. Fish & chip Supper. This will be ordered from a local chippy, as the Boat Club no longer do catering for outside events. (Note: We don’t have access to the Boat Club kitchen, so please bring your own crockery & cutlery and take them home to wash.)  9:15 p.m. Competition resumes. So far we have about 20 people interested in attending, but can cope with plenty more. As many of us belong to both organisations, we can shuffle ourselves around to ensure roughly even numbers for each team. If you are interested in attending, please let our branch secretary, Judith Turner, know.

See her contact details on the inside back cover (otherwise known as page 23). Background: IWA have had inter-branch challenges for some time and they have been good fun. Cost has been around the £7-8 mark (including the food, which is supplied by a local fish and chip shop, so we can’t quote an exact price in advance). Moorings: Stafford Boat Club are very friendly and accommodating, allowing us to bring our boats along and stay the night (or longer by arrangement). If you are attending the IWA Festival of Water at Ilkeston by boat, you could even consider stopping off here on the way back to your home mooring! Gillian Watson For the most up-to-date details, you may prefer to contact Gillian Watson directly on 01606 835606, or (preferably) by Email to .

Answers to Anne Chetwyn’s Quiz on Page 10 A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I) J) K) L) M)

Avon Buckby Caldon Docks Erewash Ferryman Gas Street Hadfield Inland Waterways Association Jim Kinver Liverpool (Docks) Maps

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N) O) P) Q) R) S) T) U) V) W) X) Y) Z)

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Join Us on a Canal Work Party

Our Branch runs 3 work parties each month, helping to maintain and restore our local canals : Cheshire Locks (Trent & Mersey Canal, Kidsgrove to Wheelock) (Jointly organised with the Trent and Mersey Canal Society) 3rd Thursday of each month (except December), 10am to 3pm. Contact: John Brighouse Phone: 07808-878317 Email:  Uttoxeter Canal (Bridge 70, near Denstone) 2nd Thursday of each month, 10am to 3pm. Contact: Steve Wood Phone: 07976-805858 Email:  Burslem Port, Stoke-on-Trent 4th Tuesday of each month, 10am to 3pm. Contact: Steve Wood Phone: 07976-805858 Email: ——————————–————-—————————-————— See the IWA website under “Events” for dates. Volunteers are advised to wear stout shoes and old clothes, and to bring waterproofs (and a packed lunch and drink if staying all day) Page 24


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Knobsticks Summer 2017  

Knobsticks Summer 2017