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Date: Friday, 17 June 2011. Venue: ‘The Chequers’, Great Blakenham. Present: Chard Wadley (Chairman), Charles Stride (Secretary), Spencer Greystrong (Treasurer), Lewis Tyler (RGT) and Brian Cornell (Pickerel) and Carolyn Wadley (Minutes). 1

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. Brian Holt, Diana Holt, Susan Brown, Gerry Crease and Clive Saville.


MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD 15 APRIL 2011 The Chairman duly signed the minutes for 15 April 2011 as being a true record of the proceedings.




COMMITTEE REPORTS Chairman Chard reported on the email ‘IWA Submits Response to Government’s Consultation – A New Era for the Waterways’. It was said that the sub committee of the Ipswich Branch had approved the IWA’s responses to Defra’s consultation document. The Sanitary Survey sent out from HO was discussed. Chard said he had received an invitation to the Restoration Committee meeting to be held on 25 June on the North Walsham and Dilham Canal. Chard continued saying that although he had accepted the invite he was now unable to attend and asked if anyone else was available. Unfortunately, due to short notice there was no one available. Secretary Charles had received and circulated branch minutes for: Peterborough – April and June 2011. Other items received and circulated: The Defra Consultation Exchanges. Planning notices received: St Edmundsbury Borough Council draft supplementary planning document – ‘Development Design and Impact’ Mid Suffolk District Council’s revised ‘Stowmarket Area Action Plan April 2010, Consultation on Sustainability Appraisal Report and Appendices, May 2011 Ipswich Chord – Planning permission has taken into account the consultation on National Cycle Route 51 and the River Gipping footpath diversion routes. Treasurer Spencer distributed copies of his report explaining items regarding the cost of the Newsletter and the money received from scrap metal. The cost of printing the magazine was discussed regarding normal printer costs compared to the cost of laser printing. It was decided a laser printer would be more expensive. Spencer explained that the branch has some sweatshirts for sale which were purchased from HO; these will be on offer at our next branch meeting.


Public Relations Officer Brian sent a report regarding the price for a sign for the footbridge at Bosmere saying the price was almost £110 plus VAT. However, Spencer has now been able to get a sign printed, at a lower price, and showed it to the committee. Brian has been approached by EAWA to stand as Navigation Representative on the Broads Association but has declined the request due to the fact that he is not a navigator of the Broads. Regarding the IWA cards sent to branches for members to use for recruitment, Brian feels that HO missed an opportunity by not enclosing them, together with an explanation letter, in ‘Waterways’. Brian said this would have reached all members and not just those who attend the local meetings. Social Secretary Diana reported that Brian Cornell has agreed to talk to the branch about London Waterways for the November meeting. Dates for the winter program are as follows: 14 October 2011 – Suffolk Punch Horses 11 November 2011 – Brian Cornell, London Waterways 9 December 2011 – Chelmer Navigation 13 January 2012 – Members Evening 10 February 2012 – AGM and Frances Hart talking on Venice Past and Present 3 March 2012 – Annual Dinner The possibility of a representative of Big Sky Productions giving us a talk was discussed. Editor, Anglian Cuttings Charles said the latest edition went out this week and the deadline for reports for the next issue will be Monday, 19 September. Charles had received an email from Paul Roper, IWA Navigation Committee, asking if anyone would like to be considered for the Broads Navigation Committee but unfortunately it was too late for it to be mentioned in the latest edition of Anglian Cuttings. Membership Secretary Membership figures are as follows: April 2011 - 495 members and 323 memberships May 2011 – 500 members and 324 memberships Clive stated in his report that there had been quite a drop in memberships in April which was due in main to the free memberships, given to WRG participants, not being renewed. 5

REPORTS ON OTHER BODIES River Gipping Trust Lewis started by saying that there was a possibility of funding from Sita Waste. Spencer explained, to the committee, the 2 Marpa footpath maps that he is to produce for the Trust. These cover walks along the River Gipping from Ipswich to Needham Market and Needham Market to Stowmarket. Lewis reported that Colin Turner had made a donation of £1,000 to the RGT from his Christopher Power Award. The newsletter is due out in a few weeks and Lewis reported the membership is stable at 100. Lewis said that the AGM went well and Ben Gummer MP gave a good talk. It is hoped to get David Ruffley MP for next year’s AGM. The Suffolk Local History Council members will be walking with a representative of the RGT from Needham Market to Baylham Lock on 10 September. The RGT will be having an open day for the English Heritage Group at Baylham Lock on 11 September.


Chard had received notification from the Mid Suffolk Volunteer Centre reference updating contact details. Chard passed these to Spencer who will update them with a contact name for the RGT. River Stour Trust Spencer had attended the latest Council meeting and reported that the RST are contemplating employing a professional Fund Raiser for restoration of Stratford St Mary Lock, a new boat and repairs to the Granary. The RST are also thinking of having Stratford Lock professionally restored and Spencer has put forward suggestions to help them move forward. The Flatford boating volunteers are against the restored lighter being at Flatford. This is due to the size of such a vessel going up and down the river as it could be unsafe for the public in rowing boats and canoes. The RST has decided not to hold the National Trail Boat Rally on the River Stour. Pickerel Project Group Brian Cornell reported that work on the River Gipping is now complete between the Pickerel Bridge and Station Road Bridge. ANY OTHER BUSINESS Lewis had received a complimentary ‘Canals, River + Boats, magazine which included details of sending in diary dates. Lewis is to send off the dates for the Suffolk Local Council walk and the Heritage Open Day at Baylham Lock. Spencer voiced concerns that there will not be enough people for the Deben Trip in September. However, as Anglian Cuttings had only just been sent out detailing the trip it was agreed to wait until the end of June to see if the numbers have increased. Chard explained that the minute’s secretary wishes to relinquish this position. 6

NEXT MEETING Friday, 30 September 2011.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 2.25pm.


Committee Meeting Minutes 17 June 2011  

Inland Waterways Association Ipswich Branch 1st October 2010 committee meeting minutes.

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