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25th Anniversary

11am-5pm Saturday 14 June Watch live performances and join in with free family activities in the Forbury Gardens, browse the avenue of stalls along Chestnut Walk, listen to live music, enjoy a tasty bite to eat and something refreshing at the Bel and The Dragon at Blake’s Lock and admire the flotilla of boats along the Kennet Canal. Enquiries 71 7 0118 937 2s r e t a Bo 8247 0118 959

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Editorial The season of waterways events around the Region is now getting underway. In March we had the Wey & Arun Summit Pound Rally (see below). As we go to print, there have been notable early May events at Oxford and Woking and, although beyond our Region area, we must mention the undoubted success of this year’s Canalway Cavalcade with a record-breaking attendance of some 32,000. Details of remaining events in the Region this summer can be found in each Branch area section of this edition of Cargoes and in the diary of events – do please give your support. With the round of AGMs completed we can now reveal the results which again show that much of work in running our Branches will fall on the same volunteers as in previous years – but there are still opportunities to serve through co-option to Branch Committees or in non-Committee roles. The situation in Oxfordshire Branch with a vacancy for Branch Chairman does, in particular, give cause for concern. A list of contacts for each of the Region’s Branches can be found on page 10. In Cargoes we are always pleased to include input from various Canal and Waterways Societies and Trusts around the Region and to this end we rely on our regular contributors. Where these arrangements break down our coverage is inevitably affected. A case in point is the Chichester Ship Canal Trust where changes in administration have left a gap in the activities we usually cover – we hope that this can be remedied in future but for now we can only say ‘watch this space’ or refer to their Website: Finally, we return once again to the subject of funding for the printing and distribution of Branch and Region Newsletters/Magazines. Further budget cuts are making it essential that we find ways of balancing the books for Cargoes. We are actively exploring the possibility of increasing the scope for paid advertisements and would welcome any suggestions in that respect. Another point is that worthwhile savings could be achieved if a more significant number of members were prepared to access Cargoes electronically rather than to receive a printed copy through the post – if you would willing to switch to ‘electronic’ receipt of Cargoes do please let HO know by email (quoting your membership number) to Cargoes Editorial Team

Summit Pound Rally on the Wey & Arun Canal on 23rd March: A good number of non-powered craft paddled along the summit pound. This gave the paddlers and rowers a good view of the recent restoration work on the summit pound and towpath walkers were treated to the canal being used by colourful craft. Verna Smith

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From the Region Chairman


Introduction At last we have had some fine weather to start the boating season! I had a long weekend taking my boat down from Weltonfield to Cosgrove and return. For the first time we travelled in convoy with friends who moor nearby and it made an interesting experience. Sharing the double locks was good and also sharing the cooking. The special lady in my life has introduced me to the convenience of a slow cooker so you can prepare the evening meal after breakfast and leave it simmering all day consuming only 160 watts. She has also transformed my boat with extra upholstery refinements and a thorough reorganisation. My penance was that I had to justify the contents of all lockers and cupboards and the skips at the marina began to fill up. Oh dear it must be love! EA Navigations Shortly after the last edition of Cargoes went to print Les Etheridge and myself had a meeting with the waterways minister Dan Rogerson. He reiterated that transfer of EA navigations to CRT remains government policy and he expressed some enthusiasm for it. Finding the money is an issue but he did say that he was pressing EA and CRT management to continue the dialogue so that a transfer could be implemented once the money can be found. Subsequent to this meeting we established that there has been high level contact between EA and CRT and there are indications that EA would like to shed itself of navigation which really doesn’t fit in with EA responsibilities. Dan Rogerson did attend the IWA parliamentarian of the year dinner in the House of Commons on 10th March and spoke. This was also an opportunity for Les to reiterate our disappointment at the lack of progress on this key tenet of IWA policy. Meanwhile what is happening with EA navigations? Well I only have detail for the Thames and it’s not a pretty picture. Almost everything that IWA predicted would happen if Thames remained in EA is happening. Leisure boating is not an EA priority and the latest round of spending cuts will impact hard on Thames. The cuts in government grant for navigation appear on the surface to be around 16% for the coming year but there is an inbuilt assumption of increased revenue from other sources and if these don’t materialise the cuts will be more severe. There will be cuts in full time lock keepers, no paid seasonal lock keepers this year and cuts in maintenance. It’s pretty clear that there will be little assurance of assisted passage through locks. The sooner the transfer of EA navigations to CRT can be effected the better. The catch 22 is that with cuts to the EA navigation budget and reduced maintenance the greater the sum of money government will have to find to make the transfer viable for CRT. We will continue to fight. CRT

Meanwhile the finances at CRT, whilst tight, are not affected by government cuts as they have a guaranteed 15 year deal. Next year will see the extra money kick in as part of the settlement and there will be more money for dredging and vegetation control- particularly offside tree pruning.

5 IWA is continuing with its other campaign to encourage CRT to deal with mooring abuse, particularly at visitor moorings. This is now high up the CRT agenda and I have been attending lots of meetings which the new CRT CEO, Richard Parry, attends in person. However material progress remains elusive while the problems are getting worse as many more people are viewing living on a boat without a home mooring as the only way to deal with the affordable housing shortage in the South East. IWA remains supportive of those wishing to live on a boat but there has to be fair opportunity for overnight stops at popular locations. My personal view remains that at the very least we need far more short term visitor moorings (48 hours) at popular locations at the expense of less 14 day moorings. This view is generally unpopular amongst those who wish to remain in one attractive spot for long periods but compromises will have to be made. Provision of social housing, whilst a worthy objective, is not one of the charitable aims of the CRT. Paul Roper

Diary of Meetings & Events Sun 18th May, 12.00 noon to 1.00pm, IWAKES: Meal or drink followed by 4 mile walk to Smallhythe (see page 31) Sun 18th May, 3.00pm for 3.30pm, IWAKES: NT digital presentation in the Theatre (see page 31) Sun 18th May, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, The Olympics

(see page 37)

Sun 18 May, WACT: The Annual Arun Cruise to Pallingham th

Tue 20th May, 7.45pm, K&A (Reading)/Guildford & Reading Branch: National Trust & Wey Navigations by John Gibson (see page 18) Tue 20th May, Oxfordshire Branch: Christ Church Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (see page 34) Sat 24th to Mon 26th May, IWA: Trailboat Festival, Grand Western Canal Country Park, Tiverton, Devon Sun 25th May, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal (see page 37) Tue 27th May, 10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm, WACT: Pirates & Princesses Adventure Voyages (see page 24) Thu 29th May, 9.30am for 9.45am, WACT: Guided walk Sun 1st Jun, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal

(see page 24) (see page 37)

Thu 5th Jun, 8.00pm, Oxfordshire Branch: Live performance of four competitionwinning Radio Plays? Inspired by the Canal? (see page 34)

6 Thu 5th Jun, 7.45pm, Southampton Canal Society: Ups & Downs of the South Pennine Ring by Gordon Osborn (see page 22) Fri 6th to Sun 8th Jun: Beale Park Boat Show:

(see page 14)

Fri 6 to Sun 8 Jun, IWA: National Campaign Festival, Tower Wharf, Chester th


Tue 10th Jun, Oxfordshire Branch: Christ Church Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (see page 34) Wed 11th Jun, 7.30pm for 8.00pm, South London Branch: Waterways & Navigable Rivers of Southern France by Roger Squires (see page 37) Sat 14th Jun, K&A (Reading): Reading Water Fest

(see pages 2, 14 & 18)

Sun 15th Jun, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal (see page 37) Sun 15th Jun, WACT: Dad's Bacon Butty Brunch

(see page 24)

Thu 19th Jun, 7.30pm, Salisbury Group: The Wilderness Trailboat - a 45 year Obsession by Ian Graham (see page 12) Thu 19th Jun, 9.30am for 9.45am, WACT: Guided walk

(see page 24)

Fri 20th Jun, 7.30pm-10.00pm, WACT: Midsummer Sensation

(see page 24)

Sat 21 Jun, 12 noon, WACT: Official Opening of Southland Lock

(see page 24)

Thu 3 Jul, 2.30pm-4.00pm, WACT: Cream Tea Voyage

(see page 24)



Sat 5th Jul, 9.30am, 12 noon, 2.00pm & 4.00pm, Oxfordshire Branch: Alice’s Day Walks (see page 34) Sat 5th to Sun 6th Jul: Stratford River Festival, River Avon opposite the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon Sun 6th Jul, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal

(see page 37)

Thu 10th Jul, 8.00pm: Mikron Theatre Company: London Canal Museum, New Wharf Road, Kings Cross, TTCCH (see page 35) Fri 11th Jul, 8.00pm: Mikron Theatre Company: London Canal Museum, New Wharf Road, Kings Cross, Troupers (see page 36) Thu 17th Jul, 7.00pm, Salisbury Group: Boules & BBQ

(see page 12)

Fri 18th Jul, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Bounty, Bourne End, Bucks, TTCCH (see page 35) Fri 18th Jul, 7.30-10.00pm, WACT: Pimm's & Posh Ploughman's

(see page 24)

7 Sat 19th Jul, 7.00pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Eyot Centre, Wargrave Road, Henley-on-Thames, TTCCH (see page 35) Sun 20th Jul, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Sonning Lock House, Thames Street, Sonning, Reading, Troupers (see page 36) Sun 20th Jul, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal (see page 38) Mon 21st Jul, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Bounty, Bourne End, Bucks, Troupers (see page 36) Wed 23rd Jul, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Rowbarge, Station Road, Woolhampton, Reading, TTCCH (see page 35) Thu 24th Jul, 9.30am for 9.45am, WACT: Guided walk

(see page 24)

Sat 26th Jul, 6.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Forbury Gardens, Reading, Troupers (see page 36) Sun 27th Jul, 7.30pm, BCS/Mikron Theatre Company: Fleet Football Club, Calthorpe Park, Fleet, Troupers (see pages 17 & 36) Sun 27th Jul, K&A (Newbury): Newbury Waterways Festival

(see pages 14 & 18)

Mon 28th Jul, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Trout Inn, St John's Bridge, Lechlade on Thames, Troupers (see page 36) Wed 30th Jul, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Rowbarge, Station Road, Woolhampton, Reading, Troupers (see page 36) Fri 1st Aug, 7.30pm-10.00pm, WACT: Pimm's & Posh Ploughman’s (see page 24) Sun 3rd Aug, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, World War I

(see page 38)

Mon 4th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Goring Lock, Goring, Mikron, Troupers (see page 36) Tue 5th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Oxford Science Park, Heatley Road, Oxford, Troupers (see page 36) Wed 6th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Waterfront Café, Benson Marina, Benson, Troupers (see page 36) Thu 7th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Plough Inn, High Street, Long Whittenham, Abingdon, Troupers (see page 36) Fri 8th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Plough Inn, Wolvercote Green, Wolvercote, Oxford, TTCCH (see page 35)

8 Sat 9th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Queens Head, 17 Queen Street, Eynsham, Witney, Troupers (see page 36) Sun 10th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Jolly Boatman, 216 Banbury Road, Kidlington, TTCCH (see page 35) Tue 12th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Boat Inn, Canal Road Thrupp, Kidlington, Nr Oxford, Troupers (see page 36) Wed 13th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Rock of Gibraltar, Enslow Bridge, Woodstock, TTCCH (see page 35) Wed 13th Aug, 10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm, WACT: Pirates & Princesses Adventure Voyages (see page 24) Thu 14th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Great Western Arms, Aynho, Banbury, Troupers (see page 36) Fri 15th Aug, 7.00pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Pig Place, NB Acres Aynho Road, Adderbury, Banbury, TTCCH (see page 35) Sat 16th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Wharf Inn, Cropredy, Banbury, Oxfordshire, TTCCH (see page 35) Sun 17th Aug, 7.30pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Wharf Inn, Cropredy, Banbury, Oxfordshire, Mikron, Troupers (see page 36) Sun 17th Aug, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, World War I (see page 38) Tue 19th Aug, 7.00pm: Mikron Theatre Company: The Barn, The Park, North Ashton, Oxfordshire, TTCCH (see page 35) Sat 23rd to Mon 25th Aug: Saul Waterways Pageant:

(see page 39)

Thu 28 Aug, 10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm, WACT: Pirates & Princesses Adventure Voyages (see page 24) th

Thu 28th Aug, 9.30am for 9.45am, WACT: Guided walk

(see page 24)

Wed 3 Sep, 2.30pm: WACT: Cream tea on a relaxing cruise

(see page 24)


Sun 7th Sep, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal

(see page 38)

Wed 10 Sep, 7.30pm for 8.00pm, South London Branch: Thames Eyots & Aits (see page 37) th

Sat 13th & Sun 14th Sep, Oxfordshire Branch: Oxford Open Doors

(see page 34)

Fri 19th Sep, 7.30pm for 8.00pm, IWAKES: “Early canals in Europe”: Nicholas Hammond (see page 31)

9 Sun 21st Sep, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, The Olympics Thu 25 Sep, 9.30am for 9.45am, WACT: Guided walk th

(see page 38) (see page 24)

Sat 27th Sep, National Trust: Wey River Festival, Dapdune Wharf, Guildford (see pages 14 & 20) Sat 27th Sep, 3.00pm: Mikron Theatre Company: Wey River Festival, Dapdune Wharf, Guildford, Troupers (see pages 20 & 36) Sun 5th Oct, Oxfordshire Branch: Banbury Canal Day Sun 5 Oct, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal

(see page 34)


(see page 38)

Wed 8 Oct, 7.30pm for 8:00pm, IWAKES: ‘The River Medway’ by Jeremy Clarke (see page 31) th

Wed 8th Oct, 7.30pm for 8.00pm, South London Branch: London’s Lost Rivers by Tom Bolton (see page 37) Thu 16th Oct, 7.30pm, Salisbury Group: Boating around Vancouver by Ron & Myra Glover (see page 12) Sun 19th Oct, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal (see page 38) Sun 2nd Nov, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Mile End to Limehouse, start Mile End (see page 38) Wed 12th Nov, 7.30pm for 8.00pm, South London Branch: Canals of Brittany by Graham Deavin (see page 37) Sun 16th Nov, 2.30pm, Towpath Walks Group: Walk, Regent’s Canal (see page 38) Thu 20th Nov, 7.00pm for 7.30pm, IWAKES: Speaker yet to be confirmed (see page 32) Thu 20th Nov, 7.30pm, Salisbury Group: Barging on North East Waterways by Nick Grundy (see page 12) Thu 4th Dec, 7.45pm, Southampton Canal Society: Waterways Quiz (see page 12) Wed 10th Dec, 7.30pm for 8.00pm, South London Branch: Bring your own Boating Adventures No. 3 with Christmas Cheer and Mince Pies (see page 37) Thu 11th Dec, 7.30pm for 8:00pm, IWAKES: TMCA/IWAKES Christmas GetTogether (see page 32) Thu 11th Dec, 7.30pm, Salisbury Group: Christmas Dinner

(see page 12)


IWA South East Region Chairman: Paul Roper ‘Cranborne’, Baughurst Road, Baughurst, Tadley, Hants RG26 5LL Tel: 01189 813381 Email:

IWA Guildford & Reading Branch Committee Chairman and Basingstoke Canal: Gareth Jones Hill House Farm, Misbrooks Green Road, Beare Green, Dorking RH5 4QQ Tel: 07850 819 071 Email: Secretary & Planning: Jenny Bartholomew Tel: 01306 882927 Email:

Cargoes, Sales & Publicity: Ray Carnell Acting Treasurer & R. Wey: Mike Lewis

K & A and Wey & Arun: Verna Smith Website & Cargoes: Tim Fry

IWA Kent & East Sussex Branch Committee Chairman and River Rother: Mike Hannan Trumpeter, Water Lane, Headcorn, Kent TN27 9JN Tel: 01622 890586 Email: Secretary, Sussex Ouse & Cargoes Contact: Roy Sutton 79, St Leonards Park, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 1EG Tel: 01342 317569 Email: Treasurer: Les Etheridge Membership Secretary: Anne Etheridge

Social Secretary: Sue Schwieso

Waterways Reps R. Medway: Michael Marsh R Stour: Roy Newing Thames & Medway: Bernard Snell

R Adur: Brendan Whelan Northfleet Harbour: Graeme Rooney Royal Military: John Rich

Dartford & Crayford: Dave Brooker

IWA Oxfordshire Branch Committee Chairman: Vacant Secretary: Brian Saunders Tintern Cottage, County View, Clifton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 0QA Tel: 01869 337227 Email:

Cargoes co-ordinator: Terry Yeatman

Treasurer: Ann Yeatman Peter Darch

Thames RUG 1 & 2: Bob Timms

Non Committee Responsibilities Planning Officer: Chris Wardley Thames RUG 3: Sue & David Cooper

Web Maintenance Officer: Robin Williams Events/Volunteers organiser: Mary Heritage


Salisbury Group Our Salisbury correspondent, Myra Glover, writes: February Meeting - Robert Dean on the ʻRings Around Londonʼ. Robert is chairman of the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust and he started by telling us that he spent some years working in London and he took the opportunity to live on his boat in the summer, rather than commuting from Winchester; this allowed him to cruise the London Ring, consisting of the Thames, the Grand Union Canal, the Paddington Arm and the Regents Canal – a circuit of 43 miles and 25 locks. Robert took us on a tour of the ring, highlighting some of the interesting and unusual sights, and describing some of the more quirky historical facts on the route. We realized that we were in for an entertaining evening when Robert started his tour at Teddington Lock with a short clip of Monty Python’s fish slapping dance! There is an inhabited floating raft at Richmond which appears to be constructed of flotsam and has been anchored in the middle of the river for many years. We were shown the regeneration of Brentford Dock into expensive moorings and waterside apartments. We learned about Three Bridges on the canal above Brentford where Brunel designed a three way crossing of railway, canal and road. In the old Victorian asylum by Hanwell Locks autopsies were regularly carried out on the criminally insane – an easy source of corpses for medical research. Robert showed us Kensal Green Cemetery where Brunel is buried. He took us into the regenerated Paddington Basin where the security guards welcome you when you arrive by boat. He recounted the story of ‘Blow-Up Bridge’ which was rebuilt with the rope-worn grooves on the wrong side of the pillars. We saw examples of stylish architecture ranging from the American ambassador’s residence in Regents Park to the cool and trendy buildings around Camden. The tideway from Limehouse up to Teddington is an exciting trip in a narrow boat which takes around 4 hours, passing through hundreds of years of British history, but if you prefer the stress free option you could always take a trip on a clipper trip boat! Robert finally concluded his talk by diverting briefly to the Arizona Desert to look at London Bridge which has been reconstructed there stone by stone. March Meeting - Paul Barnett on the ʻSevern Bridge Rail Disasterʼ The Severn and Wye Railway Bridge, which was built between 1875 & 1879, consisted of 21 spans for the transportation of coal from the Forest of Dean. It only started taking passengers at a later date. The railway bridge was never a financial success and following the disaster in 1960 the demolition began seven years later in 1967. During its history the bridge had been hit many times, for example, twenty three Severn Trows struck the bridge between 1883 & 1884. On October 25th 1960, the Arkendale H and the Wasdale H, tanker barges, collided with the bridge in thick fog. One was carrying 296 tons of black oil and the other 352 tons of petroleum spirits. The collision and subsequent explosion caused

12 irreparable damage bringing down one of the upright columns and two sections of span. Five members of the crews lost their lives. Paul’s talk included the results of thorough research covering such things as the original bridge construction, traffic movement on the river, railway timetables, the dismantling of the bridge, the history of the 2 vessels, photographic records, newspaper reports and interviews with witnesses. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the disaster two memorials have recently been erected one at Purton and one at Lydney. In his usual enthusiastic manner, Paul involved us with these events that took place on 25th October 1960 and showed us how the Friends of Purton are keeping the memories of this disaster alive.

Programme of Events Thu 19th Jun: “The Wilderness Trailboat - a 45 year Obsession”, an illustrated talk by Ian Graham. Ian, founder of Wilderness boats, will be telling us about these glass fibre trailable canal & river craft, from “back of envelope sketches” in the 1960s to the design and development of the craft as we know them today. With a generous sprinkling of “Wind in the Willows” we will hear about the current capers and activities of the Wilderness boat owners club who trail and cruise around the UK as well as in various parts of Europe. Thu 17th Jul: Boules & BBQ at the Green Dragon. 7.00pm Thu 16th Oct: Boating around Vancouver by Ron & Myra Glover. Thu 20th Nov: Barging on North East Waterways by Nick Grundy. Thu 4th Dec: Waterways Quiz at Chilworth Village Hall organised by Southampton Canal Society. Thu 11th Dec: Christmas Dinner at The Green Dragon, Alderbury. Unless otherwise stated, meetings are at The Green Dragon, Old Road, Alderbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 3AR starting at 7.30pm when visitors will be warmly welcomed. Further information can be obtained from Ron & Myra Glover on 01722 710322 email or Jon Van de Geer on 01722 412841.


Guildford & Reading Branch Chairman’s Report While the weather has improved the deluges continue which is certainly a distraction for those who are putting our waterways into shape for the boating season. I have had two outings already this year. One a day trip in early January from Chatham to Limehouse and the other a week in the Thames Estuary including the Rivers Medway, Roach and Crouch. This was for my Day Skipper which I passed. One night was at the pub at the head of the Crouch which is the local of Mike Peyton, the yachting monthly cartoonist and now a columnist for The Oldie. He wasn’t there but we had a very jolly evening including a quiz which the combined crews of the yachts managed to win. That part of the Thames Estuary is of course the Swatchways, the magic of which was written by Maurice Griffiths among others. We have a full programme of social events and working parties. We appreciate the support for these and fundraising. The branch made a £750 donation to the Acheman appeal which is now over £16,000. Thank you for your support and thanks to Toby Gomm who is now really getting his teeth into the new fund raising role. We would also encourage members and other canal societies to enter the Southampton Quiz night in December. G & R have now won in three of the last four years so come and knock us off our perch. It is a very jolly evening and Southampton Canal Society’s hospitality is excellent. My own plans for the summer are well advanced with trips planned to the Midi, the Scottish Millennium canals and a sail in the Ionian Islands, hence the day skipper. No branch TSBT trip this year but I shall be taking two special needs groups of children on the Thames. There is every chance we will get there this time as one start is Gravesend and the other Heritage Pier opposite Limehouse Basin. A trust barge will also come to St Katherine’s for the September Festival of Sail. Details on the TSBT website. If there is interest I can organise visits either on board or as a day visit. The AGM was reasonably well attended and we had various updates and a particular good talk on the Maidenhead Waterways project which has as previously reported achieved major funding. This is a very imaginative proposal which will transform the centre of Maidenhead. Waterways do make a difference to civic centres and not at the expense of the taxpayer; councillors take note. There does seem to be a lot of bickering on our waterways. I recognise there will never be total harmony but we are all there for pleasure tranquillity relaxation and enjoyment. Approaching matters positively can be more productive than shouting which seems to produce either waterway rage or deafness. Let’s all have a nice day. Just a thought. I must say that passing the residential boats at Woodham was much more tranquil than was my trip round London last year. At least at Woodham maybe the enthusiastic Fiona Shipp is having a positive effect. Happy boating and waterway usage. Do support our various events and visit the stand at a festival. Details elsewhere. Gareth Jones


Sales and Publicity Stand Our season of outside events started with the Basingstoke Canal Boating Club’s Fox & Hounds Rally at Fleet on Saturday 10th May – this rescheduling from its usual September slot resulted in more narrowboats attending but did not help weatherwise when the Saturday’s events suffered from gusty winds and showers. A fuller report of the Rally, marking the 25th Anniversary of the BCBC, will appear in the Autumn edition of Cargoes. Next, in early June, comes the Beale Park Boat Show from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th where, as usual, our Stand will be run in conjunction with Middlesex Branch and we shall have a stock of books, maps etc. from IWA’s Sales Office supplemented by some of our own Branch items, including Painted Canalware. This will be followed by Reading Water Fest on Saturday 14th June and Newbury Waterways Festival on Sunday 27th July (The Kennet & Avon Canal Trust are involved in organising both of these events and further details can be found on page 18). As mentioned in the last Cargoes, this year’s Guildford event on the Wey will be the National Trust’s Boat Gathering at Dapdune on Saturday 27th September. This will include a Mikron performance of ‘Troupers’ (see page 20). Further details of this event will appear in the next Cargoes. From our Stand we not only promote IWA but provide information about other waterways organisations in our area. We also sell donated books, maps, guides etc. and run a “Lucky Locks” game, all to raise money to enable the Branch to support local waterways projects. We are always seeking help with running the Stand, so if you think you might be able to help, please contact me on 01483 282806 or email: Ray Carnell

Branch Canal Cruises A number of branch members have expressed an interest in cruises on the Basingstoke, with fish and chips, and on the Wey and Arun. Please contact Verna Smith (01252 517622) or if you would like your name added to the list.

Bits on the Basingstoke It seems things are progressing slowly but in the right direction. As usual there is great enthusiasm on the part of the canal manager Fiona Shipp. This enthusiasm is infectious. The canal workforce has indeed moved might and main to keep things moving. We are getting more days when the canal should be open either at Brookwood /Deepcut or Woodham and St John’s. The timetable does give

15 some flexibility but it tends to favour Odiham rather than off the Wey. However the reverse was true last year. The officers in the shape of Phil Allen, Hampshire and James Taylor, Surrey are doing their bit. One suspects that local and European elections in May and the General Election next year have the political eye at present. As I comment elsewhere excess rather than deficient water is more the issue in 2014 but it would be unwise to be too complacent this year. Work continues with the water strategy group as we heard from John How at the AGM. The slip at Dogmersfield continues to give cause for anxiety but it is planned that the canal if not the towpath will be kept open for the main boating season and remedial work completed next winter together with restoration to the towpath. The development at Woking on which I reported in the last Cargoes, will perhaps be revived after the local elections. Please watch the Branch and BCA website for developments and details of lock opening times. Gareth Jones

Canal Society Chairman’s Report The success in keeping the canal open to through navigation throughout last summer provides an excellent starting point to this year when we hope that boats will visit the canal, from other parts of the system, in greater numbers. The Canal Society has consistently stressed that the long term future of the canal is largely dependent on the use of the navigation by far more boats than we have seen in recent years. In addition to encouraging more visitors, this also means that additional mooring sites need to be identified and built. We have often made the point that, since the canal re-opened in 1991, not a single additional mooring has been provided for use by anyone not fortunate to enjoy canal frontage on the offside. This point has now been recognised by the County Councils and more moorings are being established at Mytchett. The Canal Society is also active in trying to secure new mooring sites as adjuncts to new housing developments on land adjacent to the canal and several sites are being explored. The bank slip at Dogmersfield, which initially occurred last April, became more serious in January this year when further movement on both banks resulted in a considerable narrowing of the channel. Initial fears that this would result in a closure of the navigation proved, however, to be ill-founded and, following some test runs, Hampshire County Council decided that boats could continue to pass through Dogmersfield cutting. This came as a great relief not only to the Canal Society (which needed to move John Pinkerton I to Deepcut for a survey prior to sale), but to the other operators at Colt Hill including Galleon Marine and Accessible Boating. To date no final repair scheme for the cutting has been announced but we are pressing for the work to be commenced later this year in order to prevent any further bank movement. Following the further slip at Dogmersfield it has been decided to keep John Pinkerton II at Odiham for the season and use JP I for charters in Fleet and Surrey before the boat is sold later this year. In particular, JP I will be used for some trips in connection with the Farnborough Air Show which is an important source of revenue for the Society.

16 The Society’s AGM, was held this year on 17th May at the Deepcut Centre, starting at 2.00pm. Our guest speaker was Roger Flitter of the Passenger Boat Association who, in a previous life, managed the Society’s steam dredger. We were disappointed by Woking Borough Council’s recent decision not to proceed with the boat basin and other canal improvements in Woking town centre. The Canal Society, ably supported by Tony Davis of IWA, had been working hard on these proposals but we will continue to press for their adoption when the financial climate is more favourable. At the end of August we will be hosting another WRG work camp on the Basingstoke and BITM will be visiting us in the middle of May. Apart from the work achieved on these work camps, they demonstrate very clearly to the local authority owners of the canal the commitment of the voluntary sector to protect the canal and improve it for future generations. Philip Riley

Byfleet Boat Club’s Basingstoke Cruise Fourteen boats assembled at the Bridge Barn pub on Saturday May 3rd. Some had descended from Mytchett, some from the Woking pound but the majority from Byfleet Boat Club, had cruised from the River Wey and the Presidents of the Basingstoke Canal Society, Tim and Liz Dodwell joined the group. The boaters commented on the weed growth below Chobham Road Bridge and they had experienced some problems with the gates on lock 6, although the Woking pound was relatively clear thanks to the BCA work parties Suitably rested and refreshed eleven boats reassembled in Woking town centre sporting various decorations on Sunday afternoon. Tim Dodwell thanked the boaters for their efforts and stressed the need for the canal to be used frequently before presenting goody bags to all participants. A number of local residents were very appreciative A number of boaters were expected to travel to Mytchett on Monday and then on to the Hampshire pound before supporting the Fox and Hounds event celebrating the Basingstoke Canal Boating Club’s twenty-fifth anniversary on May 10th. Thanks are due to the Byfleet Boat Club who were the driving force behind the cruise. Verna Smith



Sat 17th May, 2.00pm, Deepcut Village Centre, Cyprus Road, Deepcut GU16 6TB The 37th AGM of the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Ltd will be followed by presentations by the Society Chairman, Philip Riley, and by guest speaker Roger Flitter BEM, Secretary and Technical Advisor of the Passenger Boat Association, who will talk about the work of the PBA.

Mikron Theatre Company Sun 27th Jul, 7.30pm, BCS/Mikron Theatre Company: Fleet Football Club, Calthorpe Park, Fleet: “Troupers” (see page 36) 2014 will be the 43rd year of touring in their narrow boat 'Tyseley'. This year they have three new partners, the YMCA, the Canal and River Trust and Slow Food UK. The four actors are all new this year and looking forward to their new life touring on 'Tyseley'. Last year she had a newly refurbished bathroom and additional soft furnishings and this year the Foyle Foundation grant has allowed the spending of some well needed money on updated windows and additional power points plus some painting and rust elimination work. Come along by car or on foot and enjoy another Mikron masterpiece. The Canal Society always looks forward to their visit and a good attendance will be appreciated. A collection will be made on exit. Make a diary note now so you do not miss the show. Bar available. For further information contact David Millett on 01252 617364 or Verna Smith on 01252 517622 or visit

Kennet & Avon Canal News Canal Trust Meetings Both the Newbury and Reading Sections of the Trust hold a series of autumn/winter/spring monthly meetings to which non-members are always welcome. For the latest details see their Website at The Newbury meetings – there are no more meetings this season. Further information from the Trust Administrator 01380 721279 or Branch Secretary 01635 580356, Email:

18 The Reading meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month (no December meeting) at 7.45pm at The Grange Church Hall, Circuit Lane, Southcote, Reading RG30 3HD (just off the A4 Bath Road). Entry donation, including K&A members, £2.50 (to help with expenses). Tue 20th May: National Trust and the Wey Navigations - a talk by John Gibson (Navigations Manager) marking half a century of the NT’s ownership of the Navigation from Guildford to Weybridge. This is the annual joint meeting of the K&A Canal Trust (Reading) and IWA Guildford & Reading Branch.

K&A Canal Summer Events Summer 2014 sees the usual major Festival events organised by the K&A Canal Trust. Reading Water Fest, Sat 14th June, 11am – 5pm Reading Borough Council and the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust come together to bring you Reading Water Fest. This year’s event takes place on Saturday 14th June between 11am – 5pm. Water Fest is one of the town's bestloved events, paving the way for the internationally renowned Reading Festival and WOMAD, on the borough's waterways. The event winds its way through the Forbury Gardens, along Chestnut and Riverside Walks and ending up at Bel and the Dragon and the Riverside Museum. Visitors to this year's celebration of canal life will be entertained by traditional music and dance in the Forbury Gardens. Other entertainment will take place throughout the Water Fest site throughout the day. Children's activities and entertainment will also take place in the Forbury Gardens throughout the day. Chestnut Walk will be transformed into the Water Fest 'craft avenue' where you can browse among the hand-made products and take in the beautifully painted narrow boats along the towpath. A number of boat parades will work their way along the river during the day and there will be a best-dressed boat competition, canoeing demonstrations, a duck race and a boat tug of war on the water too. For more information on the event or if you are interested in taking part please contact 0118 937 2771 for further information. Lucy Daniels, Events Manager, Reading Borough Council Newbury Waterways Festival, Sun 27th July, 10am – 5pm Once again this Festival will be taking place at Newbury and will be returning to its traditional late July slot - the date being Sunday 27th July. Alongside Victoria Park, right in the centre of Newbury, you will find a flotilla of boats forming a focal point for the event. Trip boat Jubilee will be having a busy time running extra boat trips for the festival. This year’s theme will be ‘Viking Invasion’. On Sunday the park will be packed with stalls, entertainment, food outlets with fun for all the family culminating in the ever popular duck race. Public entry to the festival is free - hope you can come along! For Boat entries please email Julie ( or on 07795 116221


Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group Funding and Planning Decisions falling into place Richard Davenport, Chair of the Trustees Maidenhead Waterways Restoration Group, reports on the latest developments: Tree Works Completed in readiness for commencement of Stage 1 build Contractors have now completed clearance of the section of York Stream in the centre of Maidenhead, to enable commencement of the Stage 1 waterway build this summer, in conjunction with the Shanly Group’s Chapel Arches redevelopment – the first of a number of waterside developments envisaged in the council’s adopted Area Action Plan. A communications campaign before, during and after the clearance work in the local press, at a Library drop in session and via site and property notices gave notice of and helped explain the reasons for the tree and scrub removals. All removals were undertaken in accordance with best practice and, in the event, objections to the tree loss were muted as the overwhelming majority of respondents appeared to welcome the long awaited start of the project. The detailed technical design of the waterway, being undertaken for MW by Golder Associates, is approaching completion and specifications for the Stage 1 build will shortly be prepared to allow construction work to be tendered. A full topographical survey, drainage surveys, updated flood modelling and environmental surveys have all been completed to inform the final design. This first stage of the build is now funded and is expected to take around a year to complete. The scope will include construction of the high profile York Stream section of the waterway, to its final dimensions, between the diffluence at Town Moor (behind the Fire Station) down to the GWR. Water depths will initially vary, until the addition of the weir at the Green Lane confluence which will raise surface water levels to create a uniform 1.3m deep channel.

River Thames News Environment Agency Review The change to the new two-tier structure – National and Area commenced on 1st April. There is now no South East Region. Also from 1st April the EA website content moved to Funding The probable allocation for 2014/15 is likely to be reduced by about £1m. This will affect operational work such as dredging, some maintenance and tree clearance, though lock repairs should not be affected. Seasonal staff will have to be reduced and Summer Assistants will not be recruited. The effect on assisted lock services for this summer will be known when the Service Level is published.

20 Priority Activities and Desired Outcomes for 2014/15 TNUF workshops were held at the December meeting when members advised that priorities should be: Enforcement – High Assisted Passage – High/Medium Site Services/Maintenance – Medium/Low Customer Contact – Low Partnerships/Promotion/Marketing - Low The EA plans to achieve the required outcomes include: Recruit more volunteers and operate more flexible volunteering. Enforce registration on the entire river and in marinas. Enforce licensing of accommodations and structures Prevent unauthorised mooring at EA sites by extending civil enforcement. Flooding - Winter 2013/14 The Incident Room was in operation continuously from Christmas Eve until the end of March. 60,000 sandbags were supplied. TNUF members agreed that the EA had provided a very valuable service throughout this period. The public had not appreciated the work done mainly through the bad publicity for the Somerset Levels. The maintenance priorities for post-flooding include trees on weirs, sunken boats and missing barrier lines ahead of weirs. Members were informed that Matt Carter, Thames Waterway Operations Manager, was changing his job in May. He was warmly thanked for his tireless efforts in this role. lan Dawe for John How IWA Representative.

River Wey News At the April meeting of the Wey River Users Group John Gibson, Navigations Manager, spoke of the problems they had encountered during the floods, including the effects of power cuts in operating the weirs. The flood repairs were likely to cost some £300,000 in total. Work was continuing on reinstating the towpath from the town centre to the A25 crossing (old A3 Bypass bridge). The aftermath of the floods meant that some other scheduled work would be delayed. Invasive plants were starting to grow early due to mild conditions and Coxes Millpond had been sprayed to control Pennywort. He went on to mention that the Walsham Gates winding hole project was progressing slowly and that proposals for a replacement Millmead Lock bridge were in hand. He expressed disappointment that there had been delays on the part of the EA in dredging those parts of the river for which they (EA) were responsible. Sarah Crawcour, Visitor Services Manager, outlined various public events on the Navigation and drew particular attention to the Boat Gathering now moved to the end of September (27th) at Dapdune Wharf. This will include a Mikron performance of ‘Troupers’ (see page 36) for which tickets can be purchased in advance through the National Trust on 01483 561389. A new trip boat had been acquired by the Trust. It was also hoped to revive the Perseverance IV renovation project this year. Ray Carnell


Southampton Canal Society April Meeting - Peter Boyce Twenty four members enjoyed an interesting, informative and lively evening with Pete & Irene. Unfortunately the anticipated joint meeting with fellow IWA members did not materialise. Why are there Wooden Narrowboats? They are built from manageable materials. At the start of a project Pete’s motto “know your boat”, record and research, repair & restoration. Firstly; work being carried out on James Loader 1946 built for Leonard Leigh Ltd by Joe Worsey of Walsall in oak & elm, showing replacement fore end planks & top bends. Clent a 1948 FMC boat was the last boat built at Rickmansworth with an expected working life of 20years. This is a major cabin & hull restoration. Serious Money for the Owner! Lucy is a wooden butty built at Braunston by Frank Nurser at the Samuel Barlow Coal Co.’s boat dock, for the carrying fleet of John Knill. Registered at Daventry as number 548 on 24thFeb 1953. In 1962 Lucy was reregistered by Blue Line Cruisers Ltd, steered by the Whitlocks, paired with the motor Ian and later with Renfrew, she finished carrying on the long distance Jam ‘Ole run in Oct 1970, and retired to Braunston in 1971. Rose Whitlock lived on her outside the Marina until 1977. May 2009, Lucy was raised from the Mud. We watched film of the lift, a very muddy and wet affair. Lucy was towed by James Loader to Pete’s yard at Braunston and later lifted out on to a purpose built cradle in the Tess yard at Braunston. Steel frames are fitted to hold her shape as restoration work continues. Pete has painstakingly worked stripping small areas of the structure and computer generated images for remaking the parts, using hand tools as used in the 1950’s and upwards. Making up a steamer to mould 30 – 40 foot oak planks for the hull and bending them around the frame, fastening with Stainless Steel Bolts, not Iron as before, as it reacts with the oak. The oak used for the new keelson comprised of 3 pieces 25’x10”x4” scarfed together. To date Pete, has fitted 7 ash planks, bolted thru the keelson, as the hull bottom, only 60 more to go approx. 60 hours work. A new pine cabin top is fitted plus part of the door frame has been reclaimed and used as part of the new framework. Quite good progress has been made on Lucy since Peter’s last talk in 2012. Pete & Irene displayed various tools and materials as used on the boats. Irene is very artistic and for the Lucy fund she displayed her cushions, pot holders, tapestry, cards and framed pictures. A donation from SCS was also made for the Lucy fund. Angela Rose


Forthcoming Meeting Thu 5th Jun: Talk. “Ups & Downs of the South Pennine Ring” by Gordon Osborn Meetings, unless specifically stated otherwise, are held at Chilworth Parish Hall, Chilworth, Southampton SO16 7JZ. Start 7.45pm. For Monthly Newsletters visit or ring 02380 675312. Angela Rose

Wey and Arun Canal Trust A successful fundraising campaign has raised the money necessary to restore Gennets Lock, which is currently barely discernible in the landscape, but having produced the required paperwork for Natural England the project was deemed to need E.U. approval and even more paperwork will be needed to meet these unexpected requirements. So the carefully planned project, which would have used both contractors and volunteer labour has stalled through no fault on WACT’s part. Further frustration was provided by the winter rains, which made re-profiling the channel to Southland Lock a test of man and machines. Other work has been carried out to establish osier beds at Hunt Park and to remove silt that accumulated after the winter rains. The official opening of Southland Lock is due to take place on June 21st with a small boat rally taking place on the same day. For more details see the article on page 23 of the Spring 2014 Edition of Cargoes or the WACT website The AGM was held on April 26th In the Weald Community School in Billingshurst at which Dr. Nigel Crowe who is head of heritage at CRT spoke about the scope of his role. Sally Schupke/Verna Smith

Canal Centre gears up for Summer As Summer beckons there has never been a better time to explore the Wey & Arun Canal and the waterway’s Canal Centre at Loxwood is now open for longer. Tourists attracted by the history and environment of the Wey & Arun Canal can now make the most of their visit, whether their first language is English or not. The Wey & Arun Canal Trust (WACT) has produced Dutch, French and German versions of its history leaflets in order to meet the growing demand from overseas visitors. The Canal Centre has become a hub for tourists since it opened in 2012 and acts as an informal tourist office will lots of information on other local attractions and guide books for the area. WACT hopes that the new leaflets will widen the appeal of a visit to the canal. The Canal Centre is open Tue & Thu, 1.00pm - 5.00pm, Sat, Sun & Bank Holidays, 11.00am - 4.00pm. WACT is pleased to announce that Dave Verrall has expanded his role within the organisation and will now act as Canal Centre Supervisor, as well as continuing

23 with his publicity and social media work and canal restoration duties. He will work with Canal Centre Manager, Lyn Nash. Dave has said that he is already enjoying his new volunteer role with WACT, and “Since opening in 2012, the Centre has been very successful and increasingly busy. We have new sales lines that we will be introducing this year including a new updated edition of our popular ‘Restoration Guide’. It is a great place to welcome our boat trip passengers and other visitors to the canal. The majority of my working career has been involved with customer service and I enjoy talking to our visitors about the history of the canal, our restoration progress and our exciting plans for the future of the canal”.

42nd Annual “Poddle” Walkers are invited to explore some new paths through Surrey and help raise funds to restore the Wey & Arun Canal with the 42nd annual “Poddle” sponsored walk on Sunday, 8th June. One of the highlights of the walk will be the new riverside path created by the Trust along the banks of the Cranleigh Waters in Shalford. This new path, built by volunteers, winds its way from Shalford towards Bramley and takes in part of what will be the new Hunt Nature Park. The walk starts from the National Trust’s 18th century waterwheel, Shalford Mill, situated in the village of Shalford near Guildford. The circular walk will cover 12 miles and includes refreshment points and a lunch stop before finishing at Shalford church. There is also an option for a shorter afternoon walk, starting from Shalford Church, for those that feel less energetic. This is aimed at families and will be 4 miles long and start from 2pm onwards. The morning route will take walkers to the top of St Martha’s Hill before descending to the Downs Link in Blackheath and along the Cranleigh Waters back to Stonebridge in Shalford. After crossing the A281 there is a good view of Gun’s Mouth Island before the last section along the River Wey to Shalford church for lunch. The afternoon walk is relatively flat and is much shorter, taking walkers through Shalford Park to the North Downs Way, then to Polsted Manor and back through Loseley Park to the Wey Navigation. The walk crosses the River Wey at St Catherine’s Lock. Anyone wanting to join the longer walk, which will be signposted and with a map provided, should arrive between 9.00am and 10.30am. Walkers opting for the shorter route should arrive at the church between 1.00 & 2.00pm before setting out. For more details about how to join the walk and raise money towards this registered charity, which is currently restoring the canal in Surrey and Sussex, please contact Margaret Darvill on 01483 894606 or email A downloadable sponsorship form is available from the WACT website Walkers are asked to raise a minimum of £20. Other charities can also benefit from walkers joining the Poddle by entering as a team and pledging to raise more than £200. Any money raised by team entries will be split equally with a charity of the team’s choosing. Sally Schupke


Future Events A full programme of boat trips are planned with specialist trips to suit all tastes and a programme of walks will explore sections of the restored canal with knowledgeable guides. Dates of the specialist boat trips can be found in the Diary of Meetings & Events on pages 5 to 9 with full details on pages 23 and 24 of the Spring 2014 Edition of Cargoes or see the WACT Website. Canal cruises will no longer be the only way to gain an insight into the history of the Wey & Arun Canal with the launch of this year’s guided walk programme. WACT is offering guided tours each month from Loxwood Canal Centre, to give visitors a chance to find out more about the history of the canal, the restoration work on the waterway and more about the history of Loxwood village itself. Walk 1 (2.5 miles) will take place on 29th May, 24th Jul and 25th Sep. Walk 2 (4.5 miles) will take place on 19th Jun & 28th Aug. The cost of each walk is £5 per person with groups limited to 20 people, so booking in advance is recommended. The meeting time for each is 9.30am at the Canal Centre, with the walk starting at 9.45am. Places can be booked by contacting Loxwood Canal Centre, telephone 01403 753999, email Bookings can also be made by contacting our office telephone 01403 752403

IWAKES Branch News Past Events IWAKES AGM Three chairmen, Messieurs Etheridge (National), Roper (SE Region) and Hannan (Branch), were present. Michael Hannan said we had a successful year, with the Trailboat Festival at Bodiam being particularly successful, in glorious weather. Twenty boats attended and there was a good level of interest. We were well supported by the National Trust and EA. We had given £350 to Thames and Medway Canal Association (TMCA) and the same amount to Sussex Ouse Restoration Trust from the proceeds of the Rally. We sent our good wishes to Brian Macknish, former Chairman of TMCA, who had been seriously ill. All the usual officers were willing to stand again and we had gained a representative for Dartford and Crayford in Dave Brooker. After the business Angela got out some slides, and covered most people with confusion as either some were so old or she had been to a lot of places nobody else had. Angela Acott The Baltic and Dutch Canals – a talk by Mike Marsh et al At least seventy people squeezed into Medway Cruising Club at the Strand, Gillingham for a talk by member Mike Marsh and two other crew, describing their trip to the "Baltic and Dutch Canals" on a Yacht named Santy; which belongs to

25 friends of many years standing. They left Chatham Docks on June 4th and returned on August 28th, sailing via Netherlands the North Sea, the Kiel Canal, then into the Baltic Sea. We saw some spectacularly long bridges, plus lots of pretty ones. The boat had to be in position in time for the bridge to lift, or it was wait till next day, plus the Dutch don’t like queuing so you have to fight your corner to go through the bridge. Once in the North Sea they saw many large cargo ships many with retractable wheelhouses so the helmsman could see over the cargo. Eventually reaching charming Amsterdam, they realised the bicycle is king; even having multi-storey bike-parks and an old ferry boat converted to a bike park. The pretty houses, bridges and tree-lined streets make a photographer’s paradise. They went out onto the River Ems and the River Elbe, coming across many confusing traffic lights and signs. They encountered reasonable weather, except around the Elbe when they suffered force seven gales, so no pictures as too busy keeping the boat safe. They shared many locks with huge liners and, even when moored in marinas, large boats disturbed the water going by. It was like riding a bike round the M25. We saw some more amazing architecture when they reached the towns on the Baltic Sea. Beautiful churches. Delightful windmills. Extensive cruising was undertaken and we saw it all through excellent photos. We suspect another cruise is being planned as you read this, and we wish all Santy crews God Speed. Angela Acott ʻNorthfleet Harbourʼ - a talk by Conrad Broadley At a February meeting of TMCA we welcomed Conrad Broadley, who has been a Northfleet resident for a number of years. Walking along the river, he climbed over a wall (as you do) and found himself in the midst of what turned out to be Northfleet Harbour; a natural harbour formed by Robin’s Creek, the River Ebsfleet’s estuary into the Thames. There is a slipway into the harbour. It was used in Roman times and, more recently, by the cement industry established in Victorian times. (Joseph Aspdin’s original cement kiln remains on the site). Apart from clearing years of neglect the members of the Northfleet Harbour Restoration Trust have been raising public awareness of the project in the media. They have a web site of their own ( Gravesend Borough Council is on board, as are the Environment Agency, Port of London Authority and Lafarge Cement (which owns the land and luckily are responsible for all the walls etc.). The Trust is clearing the site and found huge amounts of fly-tipping, mooring rings and lots of stone blocks, which they have replaced in their proper sites. They would like eventually to turn the whole site into a marina the community could use. Hundreds of jobs could come about in tourism, recreation, ship repairs, training and education. A visitor centre opened in March. Conrad will try to arrange a visit for us to the site (watch this space). In the meantime we thank Conrad for his talk, on an extremely interesting subject close to home. A Great Past and an even Greater Future. Angela Acott Voyage to Astrakhan – a talk by Roger Squires If it’s Roger Squires we know we are in for a good talk; so why only a dozen members (plus 3 or 4 from the Strood Yacht Club) present? But it was a good

26 evening for those who came. Roger told us about his "Journey to Astrakhan": Not on his own boat, obviously, but on a Russian Hotel Boat, not luxurious but adequate. His journey took him from St Petersburg down rivers and three lakes to the Caspian Sea and then to the Black Sea in Crimea. St. Petersburg is very much like Venice, with canals, bridges and many beautiful buildings. Roger’s pictures showed many spectacular churches, but also some typical Russian concrete buildings, from the 1950s. The main river he travelled on was the Volga (of the famous boatman). What struck Roger most were the amount of trees, all along the river bank, many of a glorious colour; hence sawdust and timber production. All the locks were HUGE, built for commerce, and electrically operated. The boats were built to fit the locks which were very busy at all times, day and night. Though the waterways close in winter, due to ice. As the boat progressed Roger’s excellent photography caught many charming villages, all with delightful churches, with their onion domes. Russian people are now much more free than in the past, to own their own plot of land and work for themselves, not the state. Astrakhan is very oil rich; so lots of big houses and apartments much like the Thames. Eventually the boat reached the Caspian Sea, which is drying out and they turned to the Volga/Don canal on which many of the locks are crowned with triumphal arches and monuments. One lock worked on the same principle as The Woolwich Barrier. The journey was 3.000 miles for £2,200 and took three weeks. Worth every penny, and thank you Roger for coming and telling us about it. Angela Acott

Sussex Ouse Restoration Trust Isfield Lock During the record breaking wet winter months of January and February Sussex came off so much better than many more unfortunate counties of the country. Even so it didn't stop the Ouse breaking its banks down at the Isfield lock site and flooding the chamber, the work site and surrounding fields. Therefore any intended work on the lock had to be put on hold until the waters subsided and the area dried out. Now with the spring weather well and truly upon us work has begun in earnest to get on with the restoration. Towards the end of 2013 all efforts were concentrated on completing the west top wharf wall, installing stop planks and the rebuilding and completion of the top ground paddles and the walls Restored Wharf Wall [Photo: David Evans] around the same. The rebuilding of the banks of the cut also continued throughout 2013. That being done all efforts this year will concentrate on completing the rebuild of the west chamber wall. Work was put back on this section of the lock chamber in 2013 to fall in with the plans of the Environment Agency who were intending to divert the river down the lock cut and through a culvert into the neighbouring oxbow. Those plans have now been placed on hold probably until 2015. So it’s full

27 steam ahead with the west wall. Badly damaged this section of the wall requires extensive demolition and examination to determine just how much work will be required to rebuild it and fill the gap between the two fully restored sections of the west wall. The task is expected to take all summer.

Photos: David Evans

Attempts to find a permanent home for remains of the lock gates, found in the silt during the earlier clearance of the chamber and currently stored at a nearby farm, have not been successful. S.O.R.T. are still hopeful that a place can be found for them in the near future. Terry Owen Iron Gate Lock Iron Gate Lock, Sheffield Park has not been forgotten. However no work has been carried out on this potential restoration project as talks take place with the National Trust as to the future direction of any work to be carried out. Terry Owen

River Medway News River Medway Flood Due to the excessive rain earlier this year the river has experienced: • Loss of riverbanks in Tonbridge and East Peckham • Mobilisation of ballast and silt; reducing navigation draft and blocking lock gates and sluice gate inlets • Fallen and "still at risk" trees The Environment Agency is working hard to reinstate all the locks and make the River fully navigable again. East Farleigh Lock, Teston Lock, Sluice Weir Lock, Sluice Weir Lock to Tonbridge & Town Lock have all been closed at some point due to excessive silt but should hopefully have been re-opened by now.


Lowering of River and Bewley始s Weir - Tonbridge The navigation level above Tonbridge Town Lock will be lowered completely between Tuesday 6th May and Monday 12th May 2014. This is to enable the annual navigation inspections and clearing out of Tonbridge Sluice, inspection of outfalls and culverts (Tonbridge and Malling BC) and completion of the cofferdam works at Bewley's Weir. Navigation in this area will not be possible during these times. Investigation works around Bewley's Weir in Tonbridge commenced on 31st March for an estimated 8 weeks. The works involve the installation of a steel sheet piled cofferdam within the navigation channel. As a consequence, this section of the Medway will be closed to motorised traffic during this time. Mariners wishing to move vessels must use the western route around Tonbridge Sports Ground. It will be possible for canoeists and small vessels to pass with care. Allington Lock Camping Cabins available from the Environment Agency Each of these new four-person cabins is heated, lit and has sockets to charge phones, tablets, etc. Toilets, a free shower, kitchen sink and BBQ area are less than 50 metres away. The cost of each cabin is 拢30 per night. To check for availability, please phone the lock keeper on 01622 752864 or email Please note that a reservation can only be confirmed upon payment using a card over the phone or visit in person. It is also possible to camp with your own tent on the ground adjacent. Details for this can be found on Mike Marsh


Thames & Medway Canal Association April 2014 Update Having been struck by a mystery illness just before Christmas our Chairman of ten years or more, Brian Macknish, was eventually taken into a residential care home not far from his own home. Initially totally immobile Brian is now slowly regaining movement in one hand so we look forward to greater improvement in the future. Brian is keen to have reports of the goings on in and around the Canal and is as full of ideas to continue the progress that he has overseen in the past. Any Brian Macknish under the TMCA sign in 2006 visitors from the Association come away with instructions and suggestions. However being unable to continue his activities, Brian resigned as Chairman and it has fallen to me to take on the mantle and try to ensure that the restoration continues. Over the past few years our Tuesday morning work party has always taken place at a single site per week, but now we are able to split into two groups and carry out different tasks at either end of the Canal. At Higham the heavy gang have continued to remove trees from the bed of the Canal. A necessary job, both aesthetically, as they don’t belong there and for safety, as the soil that they grow in is very thin and there is a danger that they may fall onto the adjacent roadway. At the Gravesend end of the Canal, work has proceeded, cladding the tops of the slipway gabions with soil to enable it to be grassed to give a softer, safer surface. This meant transporting a hundred or so 40litre buckets of soil from a mixture of sources ranging from ½ a mile to 5 miles distant. At time of writing shoots are beginning to show! Examination of the Swing Bridge and plans for its restoration programme are in hand. The re-hanging of the Thames and Medway Canal sign, removed during the slipway construction, will be completed soon. The ‘H’ beams supporting the sign had been repositioned by the contractors but were misaligned in all directions. We had a visit from EA at the instigation of an angling member in the hope that the Canal may be supporting fish, but despite a whole morning of searching only one stickleback was found. This was surprising as shoals of small fry have been seen at different places by several people.


David Acott & Bernard Snell laying topsoil at Mark Lane slipway

Environment Agency checking for fish in the canal

Photos: Angela Acott

We have not suffered as others have from the deluge that has been falling over the past months. The Thames and Medway was constructed on top of the North Kent Marshes and its only supply was from the rivers that it was named after. However there are several culverts passing beneath the Canal (and railway) and these have given a great deal of trouble to our neighbouring farmers as they appear to have become blocked over the years. Our first indication of problems was when our new pumps were first run and the farmers complained that the Canal was leaking and flooding their fields. This of course was not so but on investigation EA found a blocked culvert preventing the marshes from draining. As the winter continued the marshes became more flooded and eventually we have had two groups working to clear and repair the 200year old culverts. In the meantime EA installed pumps in the fields to pump the floodwater under the railway line and over the Canal to the northern marsh drain and out to the River Thames. Although the surface water has now gone any fall of rain soon leaves small lakes across the marshes so the pumps remain and the culvert work continues. David Rouse


River Adur West Sussex County Council has appointed a Project Manager for the project to create a public slipway on the Adur. He in turn has requested that Halcrow, now part of CH2M, review the existing information and investigate each of the three potential sites. Hopefully, this preliminary work will be completed within a few months. Funding will be the next issue but that cannot be explored in detail until a site is selected and the construction costs estimated. The OART (Ouse Adur River Trust) held a well-attended Water Fair in Steyning, on 1st March. There was a number of exhibitors from both the public and private sectors covering a range of water and eco issues. In the afternoon, there was an interesting series of talks including ones on the only Sussex bottled water company, green roofs and various water conservations topics. Several of the speakers emphasised the need to hold back water in the higher reaches of streams and rivers. These techniques included directing water run-off from urban roads into beds of plants, creating seasonal ponds within housing estates and providing shallow flood plains. In light of these recommendations and the heavy winter rains, Brendan Whelan has asked the EA whether they will be revising their draft plan to remove structures in the Adur and the Ouse. Brendan Whelan

Northfleet Harbour Restoration Trust A major setback to the Trusts plans to display the heritage of the Harbour is the recent theft of the original Victorian mooring rings, thought to be around a hundred years old from the site of the excavation. Also stolen were clinker balls used in the cement works to grind clinker to form cement powder. It is thought they were stolen for scrap. Graeme Rooney

Future IWAKES and Other Events Sun 18th May: 12.00 noon to 1.00pm: Ferry Inn: Appledore Road: Stone-inOxney. TN30 7JY: Meal or drink followed by 4 mile walk (dep. 1:00pm) to Smallhythe Place (see below) along the Reading Sewer (formerly the main course of the River Rother). Sun 18th May: 3.00pm for 3.30pm: Smallhythe Place, Small Hythe, Tenterden, TN30 7NG: National Trust digital presentation in the Theatre: This main ship-yard of the 13th century built the Grand Mistress, sister ship of the Mary Rose. It was also actress Ellen Terry’s home. Fri 19th Sep: 7.30pm for 8.00 pm: St Mildredʼs Church Hall, Church Road, Tenterden: ʻEarly canals in Europe’: Nicholas Hammond. Wed 8th Oct: 7.30pm for 8.00pm: Gravesend Sailing Club, East Promenade, Gravesend: ‘The River Medway’ by Jeremy Clarke: TMCA meeting to which all are welcome.

32 Thu 20th Nov: 7.00pm for 7.30pm: SORT/IWAKES Joint meeting: The Upper Room, Perrymount Methodist Church, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3DM (near the railway station and 200yds from Clair Hall): Speaker yet to be confirmed. Thu 11th Dec: 7.30pm for 8.00pm: Gravesend Sailing Club, East Promenade, Gravesend: TMCA/IWAKES Christmas Get-Together. Tea and coffee are available at all IWAKES evening meetings. Maps for these venues can be found at:

Oxfordshire Branch News Monthly Meetings Following the financial collapse of the Kidlington Sports and Social Club, the Branch was forced to find new venues for our monthly meetings which have been held for many years at the Football Club Yarnton Rd. Kidlington. Wed 12th February: Our first meeting for 2014 was held in St. Johns Church Kidlington. The speaker was Peter Payne Lock keeper at St Johns Lock on the River Thames for many years. He provided a very interesting talk on his duties as lock keeper and of course along with all the EA lock keepers he is responsible for the local weirs too. Due to weather conditions this winter it had been particularly busy for them all. Pictures showing the water levels and extreme conditions were shown. Many questions were raised on this interesting topic. Our thanks to Peter for sparing time to attend at this difficult time. Wed 12th March: Branch AGM (see separate report) This was also held at the St Johns Church venue but it was agreed that as the hall was rather too large for our needs an alternative would be sought for future meetings. Wed 9th April: We met at Oxford University Press Association Athletic Club, and on that occasion we welcomed Neil Young from the RNLI. Neil's roll as Education Officer explained that the RNLI believing it to be important to interest the young people have now introduced speakers who attend schools, clubs and youth groups in addition to clubs such as ours to bring the work of the RNLI to the public. He showed lots of pictures: - New boats now entering the system and “rescues” which took place during the recent very bad weather, frequently needed as a result of reckless behaviour by some in these extreme conditions. It was noted that the lifeboats on the Thames are the busiest of all, once again often carrying out “rescues” of people who are putting their own lives and that of others at risk by stupid behaviour. Ron Heritage


Branch AGM The Branch AGM was held on Wednesday 12th March when Chairman, Ron Heritage, welcomed everyone to the meeting. In his report he pointed out that a number of jobs which needed to be done did not require a person to be a Committee member. Robin Williams kept the website up to date, Bob Timms and the Cooper family were branch representatives on the River User Groups (RUG), and Chris Wardley dealt with planning matters. Ron expressed his thanks to them all, and the Committee, for their input during the year. He reported on meetings with CRT which had taken place during the year and close working relationship with Thrupp Cruising Club. The Branch was involved with their 30th anniversary celebrations and their members assisted at working parties and events organised by the Branch. He was pleased to say that he and Mary had received the Club’s member of the year award. It was good to report that our local MP, Sir Tony Baldry had recently received the IWA waterways Parliamentarian of the year award. Finally Ron expressed his thanks to all the Branch helpers and volunteers over the year. Following the formal business of the AGM, Paul Roper (South East Region Chairman) gave an update on various matters relating to the inland waterways, the Association and the Canal & River Trust and responded to questions from members. Ron Heritage, concluding his time as Branch Chairman, thanked Paul for coming to the meeting and for his contribution. Details of Members of the Branch Committee and those fulfilling other duties are given on page 10.

Report of Oxford Canal Heritage Trail launch Oxford City Canal Partnership, formed some 8/9 years ago have taken a leading role in bringing the waterways in Oxford to the attention of the public, many of whom were unaware of their existence. In 2013 they applied for and won a Heritage Lottery Fund Award towards the cost of creating a Canal Heritage Trail at the lower end of the Oxford Canal. Lots of the background preparation for this have now been carried out by the Project manager, and IWA member, Mark Davies a local VIPs at the launch historian, who have also worked closely with the Jericho Living Heritage Group - Schools, [Photo: Brain Saunders] colleges and other groups have participated in painting competitions which will be used for the sign posts. Further work to provide audio links telling the canal history is in progress.

34 On 3rd May the whole day was devoted to introducing this trail to the public. The deputy Lord Mayor along with Ron Heritage, past chairman of Oxfordshire Branch IWA accompanied by many other VIPs officially “opened” the day at the canal side before moving on to the Old Fire Station in George Street where various stands /stalls/ displays and entertainment took place. The official opening of this trail will take place at this year’s Open Doors event 13th/14th September. By then the trail will be in place along the section of the canal from the “Jericho” bridge to the current end of the canal at Hythe Bridge. Mary Heritage

Forthcoming Events

20th May & 10th Jun: CHRIST CHURCH MAD HATTER’S TEA PARTIES: - A carefully crafted tea which reflects the unique association of the college with Alice in Wonderland in the exclusive surroundings of its Great Hall. The tea will be served on High Table with up to 30 other guests, and includes a short talk on importance of the River Thames as the inspiration for the creation and content of the stories, and an optional Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Christ Church. Thu 5th Jun at 8pm in St Barnabas Church, Jericho. Live performance of four competition-winning Radio Plays? Inspired by the Canal?. Listen to the four plays shortlisted and mentored by Mark Haddon, Paul Rutman, John Retallack, and Katie Baxendale, including the overall winner chosen by Philip Pullman. Details Sat 5th Jul: 9.30am; 12 noon, and 2pm. ALICE'S DAY (Not Really) Underground WALKS following the course of the partially subterranean Trill Mill Stream from Folly Bridge to Oxford Castle. One hour. Tickets £3 from Sat 5th Jul: .4pm. ALICE'S DAY Pilgrimage WALK from Alice's Shop, St. Aldates to Jericho via the River Thames and Port Meadow. Two hours plus. Tickets £6 from Sat 13th & Sun 14th Sep: Oxford Open Doors Many of you will know this as the time when local preservation Trusts, and others, open the doors of buildings and other places of historic interest to the public. Our waterways fall into this category and 4 years ago we were invited to "open" the Oxford Canal. Sun 5th Oct: Banbury Canal Day Banbury Town Council or to be more precise Tricia Campbell, the Mayor's PA and organizer of this event, has already started the preparations for this year, a very special one as it is their 11th year. During the week prior to these last two events we are planning 2 working parties to spruce up the areas. Watch out for more details nearer the time. Hope to meet you at some of these. Mary Heritage (01869 277400)


Wilts & Berks Canal I must start by mentioning a couple of events being held this year. Although not in the eastern end of the W & B territory they are major Trust events. Firstly on Saturday 21st June there will be an open day at Pewsham Locks, Chippenham. The previous day will be an open day for local schools, funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Kath Hatton, our fundraising director, was quoted as saying ".....We hope the Open Days will include storytellers in period costumes, traditional music, craft demonstrations and workshops. The aim is to encourage people to learn more about their heritage and understand the significance of the site, and perhaps inspire them to join the ongoing restoration campaign." Later in the year the Trust marks 100 years since abandonment with a River festival at Melksham on the 6th/7th September. Further details will be on website in due course. In the eastern section work as elsewhere has been curtailed by the weather. The stalwart Monday Mob maintenance team sessions have been cancelled several times unfortunately. That however is not the case with the Wantage Wharf Sackhouse building which was opened officially on the 26th April. Again opening details thereafter will be available on the canal trust website. The electrics were finished off a few weeks ago. We await final printing of the posters and postcards and look forward to opening a new but small museum and Wilts & Berks information centre in Wantage. The ever popular Summer Festival in Wantage comes round in June/July and once again there will be a series of guided walks led by myself. Details are on the Trust website Finally another plug for the Dragonfly Boat trips at Swindon......only just off the M4. Again details on the Trust website. Brian Stovold, East Vale Chairman

The Mikron Theatre Company This year sees Mikron making their 43rd national waterways tour with two new productions as detailed below. Till the Cows Come Home (TTCCH) Harvey Granelli is fed up working for Thistledale Council. He followed his miserable mother into local government, but he has more in common with his Italian father – part-time playboy and one-time ice-cream maker, Romeo. Inspired by a dream of his long dead dad, Harvey finally finds the courage to follow his heart. But when he whips up a gelato from Papa Granelli’s recipe book it just doesn’t taste the same. Times have changed; the way our food is produced has changed. Harvey now has a choice. He can make an inferior product, or he can source the very best ingredients and make the finest ice-cream in the world. His quest will

36 take him to the corners of the earth – from Thistledale to Tuscany: from Bridlington to Brazil. But can Harvey really recreate a taste from the past? Will he return in time to prevent his faithful girlfriend Maud surrendering to the charms of another man? And why is he being followed? Join Mikron this season for a farm-fresh, full-fat, fair-trade fable about the nation’s favourite food! Troupers It’s 1914. British entertainment is down on its uppers. Actor-manager Lena Ashwell (OBE) has a theatre but no audience. So she assembles a motley bunch of ‘turns’ and books a tour with a difference. For her TROUPERS won’t tread the boards of Old Blighty but the muddy, bloody fields of France. Twice nightly, weʼre here all week, if weʼre here at all! In a little-told story of the Great War, TROUPERS brings to life the amazingly audacious Concerts At The Front – a hitherto unsung war effort that’s full of guts, gusto and greasepaint. Who better to present this story than modern-day troubadours, Mikron? For further details see the Mikron Website at

Southern Canals Association – April Meeting Robin Higgs, Chairman of the Southern Canals Association, reports on their April meeting on the Grand Western Canal in Devon: We were well looked after by the Friends of the Canal at the village hall in Halberton, where we had interesting and thought provoking presentations by our speakers in the morning. Certainly building new relationships with CRT is going to be an important part of our future. After a good lunch we visited the embankment breach repairs carried out by the Devon County Council, the scale of these works on the very high embankment being very impressive. Mark Baker and his team of just three maintain the canal to a high standard, and the canal, as some of us saw later in Tiverton, is highly valued by the local community. From east to west, the SCA area extends to well over 200 miles, so to have had representatives from Societies from Kent and Sussex, to Cornwall, south Wales and the Midlands was very pleasing. There’s no doubt in my mind, that meeting face to face, to exchange views with other likeminded people, whom you often only contact by email, can be very positive. As things stand at the moment, we are intending to have just one meeting in the Spring of each year, and we shall in due course, be interested in members’ thoughts about a venue for next year. Thanks are due to all who came to the meeting, with a particular thank you to the Grand Western Canal Friends who hosted it.


South London Branch Forthcoming Events South London Branch Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 for 8:00 pm in The Primary Room, The United Reformed Church Hall, Addiscombe Grove, Croydon CR0 5LP. Admission to the talks and presentations is free to all, members or non-members, although we do request a contribution towards room hire and refreshments. The programme for meetings is as follows: Wed 11th Jun: Waterways & Navigable Rivers of Southern France by Roger Squires Wed 10th Sep: ʻThames Eyots & Aitsʼ by Miranda Vickers Wed 8th Oct: ʻLondonʼs Lost Riversʼ by Tom Bolton Wed 12th Nov: ʻCanals of Brittanyʼ by Graham Deavin Wed 10th Dec: ʻBring your own Boating Adventures No. 3ʼ with Christmas Cheer and Mince Pies There are no social meetings at Croydon during July and August For more information about South London’s Social Calendar, please contact Alan Smith, telephone 020 8255 1581, mobile 07774 890 750 or email

Walks Towpath Walks Group is looking for volunteers to guide small parties of walkers on short walks along the towpath of the Regent’s Canal (and elsewhere). This introduces newcomers to the pleasant world of waterways – which most outsiders don’t realise is here! It is also a good way of recruiting new members to the IWA. No experience? No problem, we’ll brief you so, if you’d like to give this a try, please contact Roger Wilkinson Sun 18th May, 2.30pm: Walk, The Olympics, Three Mills & Bow Back Rivers, start Bromley–by-Bow Sun 25th May, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Regent’s Park & R. Tyburn to Camden, start Baker St (Baker St north/Lords exit) Sun 1st Jun, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Mile End to Islington, start Mile End Sun 15th Jun, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Little Venice to Camden, start Warwick Avenue Sun 6th Jul, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: King’s Cross to Granary Building (Camden), start King’s Cross (taxi rank)

38 Sun 20th Jul, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Little Venice to Camden, start Warwick Avenue Sun 3rd Aug, 2.30pm: Walk, World War I, Three Mills, Bow Back Rivers, The Olympics Bromley-by-Bow Sun 17th Aug, 2.30pm: Walk, World War I, Enfield Lock, R. Lee, Ponder’s End, start Enfield Lock Railway Station Sun 7th Sep, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: King’s Cross to Granary Building (Camden), start King’s Cross (taxi rank) Sun 21st Sep, 2.30pm: Walk, The Olympics, Three Mills & Bow Back Rivers, start Bromley–by-Bow Sun 5th Oct, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Kings Cross to Granary Building (Camden) - Hitchcock’s Hackney, start Kings Cross (taxi rank) Sun 19th Oct, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Little Venice to Camden, start Warwick Avenue Sun 2nd Nov, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Mile End to Limehouse, start Mile End Sun 16th Nov, 2.30pm: Walk, Regent’s Canal: Islington to Hoxton, start Angel For more information about Walks (Normal charge: £9.00, Concessions & Student rate: £7.00) please contact Roger Wilkinson, telephone: 020 8458 9476 or email:

Stop Press Guildford & Reading Branch Work Party Garston Lock on the Kennet & Avon Canal A last minute opportunity arose for Guildford & Reading Branch to support the Guides at Garston lock on the Kennet & Avon Canal on Sunday, 11th May from 11.00am – 3.00pm. Full report will appear in the Autumn edition of Cargoes. Ed.

Saul Waterways Pageant Saul Waterways Pageant will be held over the August Bank Holiday weekend, Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th August 2014 at the junction of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and Stroudwater Navigation. The event will focus on waterway activities with a programme of competitions including boat handling, canoeing, tug of war, Best Boat in Bloom, illuminated boat display, best kept engine room. The event will showcase the diversity of interests on and around the waterways. Activities will also include walking, fishing, cycling and Geocaching. Free Admission For more details see IWA Website at

The Inland Waterways Association

South East Region: Chairman Paul Roper Cranborne, Baughurst Road, Baughurst, Tadley, Hants RG26 5LL Phone: 01189 813381 Email: Guildford & Reading Branch: Chairman Gareth Jones Hill House Farm, Misbrooks Green Road, Beare Green, Dorking, RH5 4QQ Phone: 07850 819071 Email: Kent & East Sussex Branch: Chairman Mike Hannan Trumpeter, Water Lane, Headcorn, Kent TN27 9JN Phone: 01622 890586 Email: Oxfordshire Branch: Email: Opinions expressed in Cargoes are not necessarily those of IWA. Editorial Team: Ray Carnell and Tim Fry Next issue Autumn 2014 Copy date 15th July 2014

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GOLDEN FILM CANAL BOAT RANGE A selection of lubricants and ancillary products to assist with the maintenance and servicing of canal boats. Castle Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY1 2EL Tel:+44 (0) 1743 232200 Fax:+44 (0) 1743 353584

Cargoes - Summer 2014  

Cargoes - The Newsletter for IWA South Eastern Region

Cargoes - Summer 2014  

Cargoes - The Newsletter for IWA South Eastern Region