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Aegre is published Š 2010 by the East Midlands Region Committee of the Inland Waterways Association for members of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Branches. Northamptonshire members receive their own publication.


John Pomfret, db Drijfhuis, Braunston Boats Ltd, Bottom Lock, Dark Lane, Braunston, Daventry NN11 7HJ Tel 01788 891027


Dave Carnell, Conifer Cottage, North End, Goxhill DN19 7JX Tel: 01469 530138

Leicestershire Branch Acting Chairman

John Evans, Highfields Farm, Woodhouse Road, Quorn, Loughborough LE12 8AL Tel 1509 416647

Lincolnshire Branch Chairman

Dave Carnell (as above)

Notts. & Derbys Branch Chairman

Vacant. Contact Mike Snaith, below.

Northamptonshire Branch Chairman

Bill Joyce, 20 Shakespeare Drive, Kettering NN15 5QT Tel: 01536 724337

Region Planning Officer & Notts & Derbys Branch

Mike Snaith, Hawthorne Cottage, 70 Main St, Gunthorpe, Nottingham NG14 7EU

Secretary & WRG

John Baylis, 215 Clipstone Rd West, Forest Town, Mansfield NG19 0HJ Tel: 01623 621208


Ian MacDonald, 30 Lutterworth Rd, Leicester LE2 8PF Mobile: 07932 156539

Editor for Aegre: Peter Hill, 7 Lock Keeper’s Way, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 0GQ Tel: 01507 602713; email: Printing: This is the web version, issued after the printed version. Picture credits: See page 21. Front cover picture: New gates for Stamp End Lock, and a toast to Tom Rolt. Inland Waterways Association: Registered Office; Island House, Moor Road, Chesham HP5 1WA. Registered as a Charity No: 212342. Tel: 0845 4501146 Website: The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Inland Waterways Association or of the East Midlands Region. They are published as being of interest to our members and other readers.

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AEGRE March 2010

No. 125

Contents The Editor’s Bow Button.......................................................4 News from the Region and Branch Meetings.......................5 Leicester Branch AGM..........................................................6 Chesterfield Canal’s Thousandth Member...........................7 IWA National Awards............................................................8 British Waterways and Volunteers......................................10 Grantham Canal Progress 2009.........................................11 New Publications Received................................................13 Journals Received..............................................................13 News from Lincolnshire Branch..........................................14 Special supplement to Aegre - the Stragglethorpe Bridge. 17 Picture Credits....................................................................21 News from Northampton Branch........................................21 Moira Canal Festival, 22nd - 23rd May 2010.....................22 Aegre, Aegir, Eagre, Haygir... 2010....................................23 Parliamentarians of the Year .............................................24 Dam builders on the Slea...................................................24 News from Leicestershire Branch.......................................25 Valerie Holt MBE.................................................................26 News from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Branch.........27 Cromford Canal and the end of the Butterley Era...............28 Regional Diary Dates 2010.................................................33 Towpath Tidy 2010.............................................................34 Regional Diary Summary 2010...........................................35 Canal Societies and Trusts in the new EM Region.............36 Next issue probably to be published in July 2010. Contributions to the editor by the end of May 2010 please. The space on the right is for local contact information.

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The Editor’s Bow Button Welcome to the first edition of Aegre for 2010. After much discussion of re-organisation last year, we are now re-organised, and I am not a great deal wiser. As always, the job of the editor seems still to serve the membership with news relevant to their interests and local to the region, although I would not regard it as too much of a sin to mention something happening in a foreign country like South Yorkshire - we are still friends I hope. However just to avoid any confusion or groundless expectation, I would not expect to repeat material here that has already appeared in “Waterways”, but possibly to enlarge on local issues; add a bit of background or history; and keep you abreast of future plans - or problems. At national IWA level a number of changes are being made affecting publications, with more reliance on computers and the internet. Firstly Aegre will be available, for those with a computer, in full colour. Go to

Secondly the monthly national IWA Bulletin will now be produced every two weeks via e-mail. To receive this, contact or telephone 01494 783453 extension 600. Fear not if you have computer phobia, as many still do. You will still get a copy of Aegre through the post. One thing that I have found a computer wholly unsuitable for is casual browsing and serendipity. Because I still believe in print on paper, I was very sorry to hear from Roger Hasdell in Northampton that “Endeavour” may not continue. As editor of a small journal I am always on the look-out for good ideas, not being ashamed to steal them if necessary, and Roger’s very professional output has been a good example. It suffered perhaps from being in full A4 size and consequent “large” postage rates, but also had good advertiser support to balance the books. Anything “Aegre” can do to help of course will be done. Being naturally interested in words and their meanings, it was good to see that the postal address of John, our new Chairman, is db Drijfhuis. A quick translation suggests “floating house”, reasonably enough, but “drijven” can also be to drive, in the sense of to give power to, as well as to float - a “drijf-as” is a drive shaft. So we look forward to db Drifhuis as a source of power for the region. Good luck to all. Peter. Aegre March 2010 Page 4

News from the Region and Branch Meetings The Annual General Meeting of East Midlands Region of the IWA was held on February 11th at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Thurcaston, Leicester. There were about forty members present, and after the usual formalities the Chairman, John Pomfret, thanked the Branch Chairmen, Region Officers and other members of the Region Committee for their work during the year. He welcomed the support for the National Waterways Festival at Red Hill and the donation from that event to the restoration of Woolsthorpe Top Lock. Branches were the main focus of activity and were doing a splendid job with campaigning, restoration, local and national festivals, planning and consultation responses. The Region Chairmen were now nationally elected after the re-organisation of IWA, with EM Region losing South Yorkshire & the Dukeries Branch and gaining Northampton Branch. Thanks were due to Peter Hill for producing Aegre for the Region, however Roger Hasdell had retired from producing Endeavour in Northampton Branch, so its future was uncertain. John noted national IWA efforts through Navigation Committee on the Boat Safety Scheme, the Hire Boat Code and the national user groups with British Waterways and the Environment Agency, as well as commercial carrying, where his particular interest was. He urged Branches to contribute to developing the IWA response to the new Government policy document

Waterways for Everyone and the IWA line on a national waterways conservancy by sending in comments to him or direct to Head Office as soon as possible. John felt that IWA must look further than narrow boats on narrow canals and the EM Region with its wide variety of waterways was an excellent place to start. It had been obvious for some years that East Midlands Region funds were only used for the publication of Aegre. Head Office had proposed that it would pay directly for printing and postage and the EM Region Bank Accounts could be closed; this was agreed. The EM Region Committee agreed the residue of the account be donated to the Branches, as over the years they had contributed to Aegre in times of need. This amounted to about £1 per member. This was accepted by the meeting. Mike Snaith retired from the Committee by rotation; he had been nominated and was willing to serve for a further term. This was agreed unanimously. In the accounts of the Waterways Recovery Group – East Midlands Branch, a balance had been accumulating for several years and the Region Committee had agreed that donations be made to IWA Festivals of £520 for the Red Hill Festival and £266 for the Campaign Festival at Kiveton Park. This also was accepted by the meeting.

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Leicester Branch AGM Two subjects that the acting Chairman felt could be usefully addressed in this way are the dissemination of our “Leicester Line” Leaflet and other visitor information in a more effective One committee member had recently way; and the whole subject of presresigned and three retired by ence at festivals and events. He ‘rotation’, two of whom were re-elect- asked anyone interested to contact a ed. The third, David Hastie, for many Branch Officer if they would like to years Branch Secretary, felt unable to be involved in such a group; it need offer himself for re-election largely only meet once or twice to achieve it’s due to absences of increasing freobjective. quency and duration. David was visitNational Chairman Clive Henderson ing family in New Zealand but the opened his remarks by noting that acting Chairman paid tribute to his today happened to be the 100th birthgreat contribution to the Branch. His day of the late Tom Rolt to whom the will not be an easy act to follow. A new Secretary is now urgently sought. Association owes so much. Clive and all present raised their glasses in a In his Chairman’s Report John Evans toast to Tom’s memory. See our inset summarised the Branch’s activities picture on the front cover. Tom would through the year and whilst feeling have been pleased, and perhaps surthat we could justly claim to be a prised, to see new gates being ‘successful branch’ said that there was installed like these in the main picture. a great deal that wasn’t being achieved and listed some of the activi- Clive invited discussion on various aspects of the Association’s business ties in which we should be involved. from the need to recruit more memJohn went on to say that following a bers to relationships with MPs, and recent IWA Seminar, we were likely from the condition of the waterways to be hearing more about the setting up of ‘Action Groups’. These would to the implications of ‘data protection’. Later Clive gave a presentation be a way of fully addressing specific matters which the branch committee on the SOS 2010 campaign. identified but did not have the time to The good news is that after the meetdiscuss in depth. Furthermore, they ing two potential new Committee would provide an opportunity for members made themselves known and members (or non-members!) to get we look forward to working with involved without the commitment of them in the near future. full committee membership. The Leicester Branch held their AGM at Thurcaston on 11th February, immediately followed by the Region meeting.

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Chesterfield Canal’s Thousandth Member ent atmosphere means that they have the chance to develop in fresh ways.

In December, Geoff Lennox donated £5000 on behalf of Smart Teachers to sponsor the Trust’s new Learning Boat Project. He was made an honorary member, thereby becoming the Trust’s one thousandth member. Robin Stonebridge, the Chair of the Chesterfield Canal Trust, thanked Geoff for his generosity and assured him that the money would be put to good use to help young people who live near the canal. Geoff is the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Teachers. They are a teacher recruitment agency operating in England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They offer daily supply as well as long contract and permanent teaching posts and also have work for newly qualified teachers and school support staff.

The Learning Boat is the ex-working boat called Python which the Trust has leased from British Waterways for five years. They plan is to use Python as an educational resource, not a trip boat. She will stop at villages and towns along the canal and serve as a flexible, multi-purpose platform with lockers containing equipment, costumes and props. The Learning Boat approach is to do things, not talk about them. Tell children that “The easy movement of goods was the triumph of the canal age” and they will yawn. Get them to try to pull a couple of bags of coal on land and they will struggle. Put the bags on the Learning Boat and they will be able to pull the load easily. A particular aim is to help youngsters for whom life is not easy. This will include the disabled or those who may be disaffected at school or who have just left school but are finding it hard to find work.

Python will also be on hand for rallies and festivals, performances and events. It is hoped that by the time the five year lease is up, the people living Geoff said that he was very pleased to on or near the Chesterfield Canal will be able to help. He has fond memories insist that she stays, having become an essential part of their lives. from his days as a teacher of the opportunities to work with young peoRob Auton ple outside the classroom. The differAegre March 2010 Page 7

IWA National Awards

Malcolm Fielding with Clive Henderson and the Chairman of the AGM, after receivng the Richard Bird Medal. Picture by Colin Crofts, SY&D As we reported in the last Aegre issue of 2009, National Awards were presented at the IWA Annual General Meeting at Milton Keynes on September 26th . Nancy and David Johnson and Malcolm Fielding were all awarded the Richard Bird Medal for their efforts for the Association over many years. Because of the time scale, it was not possible to include pictures of the presentations then, but it is a pleasure to honour the recipients now, and to add a few details illustrating the contributions they have made. Malcolm joined the South Yorkshire & Dukeries Branch committee in 1986 and soon took over as Branch Aegre March 2010 Page 8

Chairman, a post which he held until a severe illness in 2001 forced him to resign. After recovering he continued on the committee as secretary and the main IWA representative to British Waterways on the Chesterfield Canal and the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation. During the whole of the past 22 years Malcolm was an ex-officio or elected member of East Midlands Region committee. Malcolm has now moved to North East Region following the IWA re-organisation. Nancy and David joined the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Branch committee in the mid 1990’s and Nancy became Branch Chairman and

Nancy and David Johnson with Clive Henderson and the Chairman of the AGM. Picture by John Evans of Leicestershire, using the Johnsons’ camera (inter-branch co-operation!). Secretary in 1999, whilst David served on the committee in various roles. For over 12 years Nancy and David were the main volunteer organisers for boats and moorings and the illuminated boat parade at the annual Nottingham Riverside Festivals in August. Nancy and David were both members of the East Midlands Region Committee for ten years. During this time they wrote articles for and organised the distribution of the Aegre magazine.

Grantham Canal Guide” and writing the foreword. Nancy was also successful in arranging finance for the replacement of twenty-one of the mile posts for the Grantham Canal, several of which were sponsored by interested parties. The lockable stop post in the Denton Wharf slipway and the work on the overflow near to Cropwell Bishop were also the result of funds raised by the Branch Committee. Nancy was also involved in the replacement of the bridge on the Nottingham-Beeston Canal, raising over They were also very active on restora- £20,000 towards the cost. tion work through the Grantham Canal Restoration Society, also helping with the production of “The Aegre March 2010 Page 9

British Waterways and Volunteers Following last years re-organisation British Waterways has been holding a series of meetings for volunteers to meet the newly appointed volunteer manager and be introduced to the way BW operates. The Midlands volunteer manager, Steve Bicknell, covers BW West Midlands, Central Shires and East Midlands waterway units, and on February 3rd the East Midlands navigations meeting was held in Newark. Despite it being an awful evening with falling snow, nearly all those invited managed to get there on time. In addition to IWA branches, all of the canal societies in the area were there, along with representatives from Sustrans and the Butterley Reservoir Anglers. After introductions of BW personnel, Sean McGinley, BW EM Navigations, welcomed all to the meeting followed by Steve guiding a general discussion on the use of volunteers, with responses from the volunteers on the highs and lows of work with BW. This was followed by Edd Moss, the BW national volunteer manager, putting the national perspective and how BW plans toward 2020 vision and third sector are moving. Andy Price, BW Safety Advisor Midlands, gave the BW needs for Health & Safety and how volunteer groups might achieve self supervision status; he is the contact for Risk Assessments and Method Statements in the Midlands. At present the Erewash Canal Preservation & Development Association and the Grantham Canal Society have such status in the East Midlands. Richard Bennett, Ecology Manager Newark, talked on the need to take care of the environment, the need to beware of damaging protected species such as voles, badgers etc. There is also the problem with protected species of water plant and the need to be aware of alien species such as Floating Pennywort where volunteers have been instrumental in helping BW and the Environment Agency hand-pulling the plant on the River Soar in Leicester. Richard’s main message was the importance of completing an Environmental Code of Practice. Tom Woodcock, Heritage Advisor Newark, went through some interesting slides of good practice in built restoration and the need to be aware of Listed Building or Conservation Area status. In either case he can help with appropriate permissions but he needs to be informed before work starts rather than trying to calm down the local authority heritage manager if things go wrong. There may well be another similar meeting for others who could not make this meeting, and there will be progress meetings at a later date. The exercise has been informative for both BW and the volunteers, and with Steve covering the whole of the Midlands, best practice from other areas can hopefully be followed on in the East Midlands. John Baylis

Aegre March 2010 Page 10

Grantham Canal Progress 2009 Although at the time of writing we are all anxious about the problems at Stragglethorpe, with all 33 miles of canal to restore, it's easy to get so involved with the challenges that one overlooks the achievements. Peter Stone took his camera out last October to give some idea of progress in 2009 on the Grantham Canal. If you are not sure where some of these pictures fit, why not buy a copy of the excellent new guide to the canal. Harlaxton Wharf viewed from Bridge 66 British Waterways reed-cutter John Nuttall is moored alongside the new wharf. There are plans for landscaping the rest of the wharf area as a community space. This section of the canal currently resembles pea soup!

Denton Bridge 65 Listed Bridge 65, adjacent to Denton wharf and slipway, is currently benefitting from a BW-funded restoration. The bridge is a popular access point to the towpath and Denton slipway is our principal access point for boats. The state of the bridge has been a long-standing concern.

Woolsthorpe Landing Stage The restoration of Lock 18 has been well publicised, but less well known is the adjacent new landing stage just waiting for the arrival of a tripboat.

Aegre March 2010 Page 11

Stenwith Bridge 60 Stenwith Bridge 60 has this summer been rebuilt and strengthened by Lincolnshire County Council - to make it safer and permit heavier traffic. The road remains narrow and twisty (and one coping stone has already been dislodged!) ... but we have another bridge restored. Dove Cottage Tea Room This excellent tea room has opened this year in support of the adjacent hospice. The tea room is open 7 days a week, by Stathern Lodge Bridge 45, and is proving a popular stopping-off point. There were 14 cars and numerous bicycles on site at the time, and a book and clothing sale underway

Langar Bridge 43 Langar Bridge 43 (at Harby) is in need of rebuilding and Leicestershire County Council is working to replace its deck with one that will be adaptable to a hydraulic lifting bridge, when required for canal boat navigation.

For more information on progress contact Peter R. Stone, Honorary Secretary, Grantham Canal Partnership; tel. 0115 9232046 / 07905 449311.

Aegre March 2010 Page 12

New Publications Received The South Pennine Ring Part 1, by John Lower. A5, 44 pages, spiral bound. ISBN 978-0-9552609-7-1. Richlow Press, PO Box 3994, Sheffield S25 9AZ. £7.50 including p&p. See A new book about the canals from the Richlow Press is usually something to please the eye and provide valuable information. This latest production is no exception. As well, real thought has been given to the mechanical aspects of a booklet for use while actually boating, as distinct from the just as pleasurable armchair reconnaissance. This A5 size booklet covers that part of the South Pennine Ring from Sowerby Bridge past Rochdale into Manchester, and the Ashton Canal. Part 2 is to come later, covering Stalybridge to Huddersfield and the Calder and Hebble. With plans of each section and commentary on things to see (many), navigational hazards (a few), some history and all the useful information one expects to need on a trip by boat, bike or on foot, this is a first class publication, and we look forward to the remaining part. PH.

Journals Received We are very pleased to acknowledge copies of journals from various canal and river societies and trusts. They include “Endeavour” from Northampton Branch; “The Portal” from Friends of the Cromford Canal; “The Cuckoo”, from the Chesterfield Canal Trust; “The Bridge”, from Grantham Canal Society; the “Melton and Oakham Newsletter”; and “The Wharfinger”, from Louth Navigation Trust. Anyone interested in receiving a copy of one of these journals should contact the relevant address given in our back page directory. Aegre March 2010 Page 13

News from Lincolnshire Branch More details on Grantham’s bridge problem in Mike Snaith’s report from Nottingham, but our members have been active in support of their campaign with many letters being sent to the Secretary of State for Transport and local MP`s as the threat to the line of the canal remains and the eastern end of the canal is in Lincolnshire.

Boston Tidal Barrier. The Environment Agency have progressed plans for the tidal barrier and have held a number of “Drop In” meetings for the public to view the suggestions. The first impression of these is that they suggest moving the barrier nearer to Boston, i.e. upstream. If this is the case it will still mean a tidal passage from Grand Sluice to the Black Sluice new lock and reduce the area of flood protection. Our picture shows the new lock gates at high tide on a calm day. A stiff breeze would have meant overtopping.

Still with the Grantham, the Society has received an award from British Waterways for their volunteer working training and practices. This is a very welcome development, which we hope presages more of the same. BW have appointed a Volunteer Worker Co-ordinator for the Midlands, Stephen Bicknell who is organising a number of workshops to discuss a better understanding of co-operation between volunteers and BW. It is hoped to develop an appreciation of the work that volunteers have done, and to discuss what can be done toward 2020. A report is Historical research to satisfy the Envion page 10. ronment Agency of navigation rights on the Billinghay Skirth and Boston’s Maud Foster Drain are ongoing. Our legal advisor has sugAegre March 2010 Page 14

gested consulting a contemporary copy of “White’s Directory” for the Lincoln area. In the case of the Boston Drains, if they were not used as navigations, then why would a number of locks have been built, albeit three are now derelict and one converted to a tidal sluice. With the “Packet Boat” steps and “Packet Boat” Farm still being named that surely should also indicate their use for passenger traffic.

regarding the loop of the old river through the town. This was felt to be an eyesore with weeds and rubbish and in urgent need of dredging. A group of interested parties met with the Environment Agency who made a number of promises as to how to achieve improvements, e.g. water weeds to be cut four times a year, and dredging costing up to a budget of £200,000, subject to outside funding they have identified.

Andy Jee from the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership is working with the Witham Fourth District Internal Drainage Board to promote the use of the Navigable Drains under their jurisdiction. A site for a trailboat slipway has been identified, and a number of local people are interested in helping with information.

Finally on the upper reaches of the Ancholme, Brandy Wharf Leisure Park are to hold a water festival, utilising the new pontoon moorings installed by the Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership. This popular caravan and camping site runs a seasonal 12-seat trip boat and they plan to attract historic craft like a Humber Keel and Yawl plus rowing and th th Back on the Slea the construction of a canoeing activities on the 5 and 6 winding hole and slipway adjacent to of June, the weekend following May the town centre is due to start any day. Bank Holiday. Interested parties should contact Thanks are due to Dave Pullen who has worked with the local authorities or and the Partnership. Later in the year Godfrey and Joan Thacker on 01673 818010. Web site an official opening will be held for these and the lift bridge. Next stop, who knows? Perhaps Cogglesford On a final positive note, a lot of work Mill Lock or winding holes on the has been carried out at Stamp End South Kyme? lock, and our pictures (on the following page and the front cover) show major stages, courtesy of BW On the River Ancholme, Brigg Town Newark. Council and the local MP have taken Dave Carnelll the Environment Agency to task Aegre March 2010 Page 15

Work in progress at Stamp End Lock

Northampton Boat Gathering 2009 Aegre March 2010 Page 16

Special supplement to Aegre - the Stragglethorpe Bridge. Thank you very much to everyone who sent letters to the Secretary and Under Secretary of State for Transport on the above subject over the last few months. This supplement contains the latest information and asks for your further help. Now is not the time to be holding back. * Those who sent letters will have received the same standard letter of reply as everyone else. In a nutshell it simply confirms the Highways Agency's historical position - they deny they are causing any problem, have no intention of making any changes to their plans and deny it is their responsibility to take any further action regarding Bridge 16. * We beg to differ, we really beg to on * There has been very active support from many Local MP's - the whole issue is genuinely on the radar screen of the relevant Ministers......the message is getting through. * There has been a Supplementary Planning Inquiry, although not originally planned to be anything to do with Bridge 16, local action successfully put this topic on the agenda. * At the Supplementary Inquiry the case for building the bridge was put by representatives of the Grantham Canal Partnership (which includes IWA), British Waterways and Rushcliffe Borough Council. At a later date the Highways Agency then stated their case and presented costings of various options but without showing drawings or details of their proposals. Later on the Grantham Canal Partnership were then allowed to present their summing up which entailed a robust contention of the key points presented by the Highways Agency in their submission. * All information has now been presented to the Supplementary Inquiry and the Inspector is writing his report. * The Inspector was very fair in allowing the case to be heard and very fair in listening/receiving the information presented to him and is well aware of the extreme urgency of the situation. * The Inspector's report is due to be sent to the Minister(s) in late Feb/early March * As the Inspector's report is not yet written his recommendation regarding Bridge 16 is unclear. * However, now we come to the next steps and the reason why your help is once again being sought to write letters or emails to the Parliamentarians below. Aegre March 2010 Page 17

The Inspector can only make recommendations, he cannot instruct. The instruction to build Bridge 16 needs to come from the Secretary or Under Secretary of State for Transport. Once these Ministers receive the Inspector's Report they can either make a decision or do nothing. If they decide to make a decision that decision can go either way concerning the building of bridge 16 but it will mean that the Inspector's recommendation should be made public. If they decide to do nothing, the Inspector's recommendation will not be disclosed. There is therefore the danger that the Ministers will opt to do nothing or play for time and hold off until after the election, when it will be too late to build the bridge, as this part of the new road will be built by the time of any election.

same - there is no need to send all 4 questions - indeed there is no need to send any of those questions as the letter without the "Further questions" already stands up well on its own. Please write to both: Lord Adonis Secretary of State for Transport The House of Lords Westminster London SW1A 0AA Chris Mole MP Under Secretary of State for Transport The House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

Every single letter will help so please do use the information in the attached briefing letter and try lobby on behalf May I kindly therefore implore you to of the Grantham Canal restoration urgently write letters and e-mails to supporters. the Ministers to encourage them into immediate action and instruct the It would also be appreciated if you Highways Agency to right this wrong could let the undersigned know that and build Bridge 16 as part of the you have sent a letter so that we can current road widening scheme. keep a track of the situation. To this end I have attached a briefing letter opposite to aid you in writing to the Ministers. Please feel free to amend the letter as you see fit and use the 4 questions as a menu to choose from, so that not all letters are the Aegre March 2010 Page 18

Many Thanks, Mike Snaith (Contact details on the inside front cover)

From: Chris Mole MP Under Secretary of State for Transport The House of Commons Westminster London SW1A 0AA

Dear Mr Mole, A46 between Widmerpool and Newark, Nottinghamshire, construction of new dual carriageway. Stragglethorpe bridge and approach road from Cotgrave I refer to the many letters you will have received on the above subject. Replies have been received from Mr Geoff Bethell of the Highways Agency, but they simply re-state the information he has already told us and do not answer the questions raised in the letters to you. There has since been a Supplementary Planning Inquiry where the position adopted by the Highways Agency has been robustly contested. You will no doubt be in receipt of the Inspector’s Report in early March, if not before. May I kindly request that you urgently review the Inspector’s Report and act to instruct the Highways Agency to build Bridge 16, now, as part of the current road widening scheme, to remedy a gross injustice. Please note extremely urgent action is required as this section of the new road is to be built imminently. Furthermore the following questions remain unanswered and I kindly ask you to reply to them. PTO Aegre March 2010 Page 19

1. Have you instructed the Highways Agency to reinstate Joshua Mann’s Bridge (Bridge 16) over the Grantham Canal, which would require lifting the existing road by only 1.7 metres, as part of the above project? 2. If Bridge 16 is not built now as part of the road widening scheme, can such a bridge really be built in the future and still meet all the relevant planning rules, especially those concerning sight lines (the line of sight between the driver and any hazard, such as a roundabout or junction)? If so, would you please request the Highways Agency to provide the drawings, as we question how the guidelines can be met? 3. Assuming a positive answer to question 2, which we doubt - the whole cost for the above project is estimated at approximately £350M. The estimated cost of a rebuilt Bridge 16, with navigable height, in March/April 2010 is £300k – but it will be much less than this if built as part of the above project, as all resources and equipment will be on site and it is already planned to re-asphalt this section of the road as part of the project. How much more than £300k will it cost to rebuild Bridge 16, at navigable height, after the project is complete and the sight lines are all set at the “wrong” position? 4. Assuming a positive answer to question 2, which we doubt, please let me know how much more tax payers’ money will be wasted on building the bridge in the future, rather than now? Noting that all future funding from Local Authorities and Development Agencies will still come out of the overall Public purse. I very much look forward to hearing from you and thank you very much in anticipation of your kind cooperation in this matter. Yours sincerely,

Aegre March 2010 Page 20

News from Northampton Branch This will be my last report for the branch to Aegre. Last year after standing down as Region Chairman after the closure of Grand Junction Region, I agreed to take the branch chair for only 12 months. I have now reached the biblical three score years and ten; most of the branch activities take place in Northampton and to the west, and I live over to the east side of the area 20 or 30 miles away making things difficult. Since my last report we have had our Branch Dinner with the proceeds of the raffle going to Buckingham Canal Society. As I write this report it is snowing and we can only look forward to getting out on the waterways in the better weather, either on a boat or on the bank. The branch’s premier event is our annual Boat Gathering in the Northampton town centre on the River Nene (pronounced Nen in the west of the county) over the May Day weekend. Do come if you can, by boat or other means. See our picture of the event last year, opposite on page 16.

Call 01604 862988 for more information. Many of the branch members are also involved in organising other events, including Stoke Bruerne Gala weekend 11th –13th June; Blisworth Canal Partnership weekend 7th –8th August, and the Village at War weekend 1st –3rd October, also in Stoke Bruerne. Of course the Crick Boat Show is in our area over the Spring Bank Holiday and many of our branch members are involved. British Waterways are to hold two separate meetings in the area. One is to mobilise local volunteers on clean ups etc. Northampton Branch have agreed to clean the area around locks 16 &17 on the Northampton Arm. The other meeting is to form a partnership to smarten up the Iron Trunk Aqueduct at Wolverton on the Grand Union to celebrate its 200th birthday in 2011. The aqueduct is the dividing line (or better, connecting link) between our branch and Milton Keynes Branch. Bill Joyce, Branch Chairman

Picture Credits We are most grateful to all of the following, who have contributed photographs or other illustrations to enhance this or earlier editions of Aegre: Paul King; Paul Birtles; Tony Pitman; John Lower; Peter Stone; Ian McDonald; Dave Carnell; Brian Dominic; Beryl McDowall; Nancy Johnson; Norman Osborne; David Pullen; Dave Scott; Mike Snaith; John Baylis; Bill Joyce, Lynda Payton; Colin Crofts; BW Newark. Aegre March 2010 Page 21

Moira Canal Festival, 22nd - 23rd May 2010 The Moira Canal Festival was very successful in 2009. The 2010 event will again be at the Moira Furnace, on the restored isolated length of Ashby Canal, and you are invited to join in over the weekend. There will be a Civil War re-enactment group, children’s entertainment, bands, Morris dancing, a bar, forest craft demonstrations, live steam, vintage engines and more. We are currently seeing if we can organise the first ever tightrope walk over the Ashby Canal, and you will be able to get an update on the current state of the restoration at Snarestone, which is proceeding, albeit slowly! Trail-boaters are invited to bring their boats and enjoy the event with us on this currently isolated section of the Ashby Canal. For boats, please contact the harbourmaster, Paul Johnson, for an application form or if you have any questions, call 01530 274968 or e-mail For general enquiries or booking forms contact Geoff Pursglove on 01530 273956, or visit to print off trade and boat booking forms.. Volunteers will be appreciated over the weekend, two hours would help a lot! Contact Roger Grimsley on 02476 734522; Thanks, Geoff Pursglove Moira 2009

Aegre March 2010 Page 22

Aegre, Aegir, Eagre, Haygir... 2010 I’m still not sure how you ought to spell it, but it is a fascinating phenomenon on the Trent, and we are grateful to the Environment Agency for their predictions, shown up to August 14th. These times are for Gainsborough, and are adjusted for the change from GMT to BST, but it can be up to thirty minutes earlier depending on possible strong winds, for example. There are no “five star” forecasts this year, because of the way the moon phases and the equinoxes fall. Stockwith should be about 20 minutes earlier than Gainsborough, and Owston Ferry about 45 minutes earlier. For more details EA have a very useful leaflet giving some of the folklore and recommended viewing places, like Derrythorpe, Gainsborough itself, Morton, Stockwith, and Susworth. PH. Date March 1st March 1st March 2nd March 2nd March 3rd March 3rd March 4th March 29th March 30th March 31st April 1st July 13th July 14th July 15th July 16th August 11th August 11th August 12th August 12th August 13th August 14th

Time 06.44 18.47 07.25 19.28 08.03 20.08 20.50 18.44 19.25 20.06 20.47 08.04 08.47 09.30 10.15 07.45 20.25 08.28 20.07 09.10 09.53

Forecast Small Large Small Extra Large Small Large Small Small Medium Large Medium Small Small Medium Small Medium Small Large Small Extra Large Large Aegre March 2010 Page 23

Parliamentarians of the Year The Inland Waterways Association has exceptionally made its 2010 inland waterways `Parliamentarian of the Year' award jointly to both Bob Laxton MP and Michael Fabricant MP. The award was made at an exclusive dinner at the House of Commons on 2nd February, held by IWA. It was attended by Members of Parliament from all the major parties who have shown a keen interest in the waterways, and being the last annual dinner before the General Election in 2010, gave IWA the opportunity to thank MPs, some of whom are standing down, for their efforts over this Parliament. The Member for Derby North, Bob Laxton, has been chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Waterways Group since 2005; is President of the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust; is a regular contributor at Adjournment Debates on waterways issues; and has tabled more Early Day Motions on the waterways than any other MP.

Dam builders on the Slea Huge dams have been created across the entire waterway on the River Slea using sandbags and bricks. The identity of the late-night barrier creators is not yet known, but it is believed they are being built by people concerned over wildlife surviving on low water levels. But the Environment Agency says the areas are at risk of flooding. Gary Robson from the Environment Agency's “asset inspections and enforcement” team said. "We do not know who is building these dams. Rumours suggest it is a couple who are concerned about the low water level and the effect it has on ducks and fish. While we are sure they are doing this with the best of intentions, restricting the flow of a river or stream does increase the risk of flooding and is costly to remove.” The latest dam was found under a culvert at the end of Electric Station Road and West Banks Road and was retaining almost 750 mm of water. Workers had been removing another dam which had been built from concrete-filled sandbags taken from a bank supporting a footpath. Four smaller ones have also been removed. Staff from the agency together with the police are patrolling the area. This story courtesy of Lincolnshire Echo November 2009 Aegre March 2010 Page 24

News from Leicestershire Branch Our new social meeting venue, The Wheatsheaf at Thurcaston, seems to be proving popular and the Christmas Dinner was a ‘sell-out’ and deemed a success by all who attended. Regrettably our January meeting had to be cancelled due to the arctic conditions in the area. Our speaker, Mary Matts, was snowed in but hopefully we will be able to include her talk in next year’s programme.

cause at either or both of these events. While on the subject of Festivals, we’re still looking for a replacement heavy duty ‘gazebo’ to replace the one (two including mine!) that fell victim to the winds of Redhill at The National last August. If anyone has any contacts they would be most welcome.

By the time you read this our Branch AGM will be history. It is earnestly hoped that we will have recruited some new committee members. Whether or not that is the case, please don’t think that you have to wait another 12 months before you can volunteer your services; you can be co-opted on to the committee at any time or, as I have suggested before, we’d be pleased for you to attend any committee meeting as an observer before committing yourself. Give me a call if you’d like to talk about it.

The Melton and Oakham Waterway Society (MOWS) have put out an urgent plea for donations to help them convert their work-boat to a lightweight (trailable) dredger. This will enable them to clear a channel around the Melton Mowbray ‘town loop’ so that small passenger carrying vessels can once again circumnavigate this almost forgotten waterway ‘ring’. Our branch has been pleased to give MOWS a modest £50 as a token of our support and we very much hope to follow this with larger sums as and when funds allow.

Plans are well under way for our attendance at the Loughborough Canal and Boat Festival (1st / 2nd May) and our organisational role in the Leicester Riverside Festival (June 5th / 6th). We would dearly like to gain the interest of youngsters by running the WoW programme at both events but will be unable to do so without a few volunteers to man ‘Passport Control’ etc. in addition to our normal activities. Please consider giving a few hours of your time to this very worthy

I was pleased to have the opportunity recently to have an informal chat with our new (BW, Central Shires Region) Waterway Manager, Darren Green. I was encouraged as much by what he didn’t promise as by what he did! All too often have I been excited by incoming senior BW staff members when they have made promises which subsequently came to nought. Darren was realistic as to what can be Aegre March 2010 Page 25

achieved in the current funding crisis and our discussion ranged from Pennywort to User Group Meetings and from dredging to volunteer work parties. One piece of good news is that limited dredging is currently taking place in Leicester and this will include the notoriously silted pound below Limekiln lock.

Not all of my cries for help fall on deaf ears! We are indebted to Martin Gilding for agreeing to take on the duties of Branch Secretary for David Hastie, while the latter is on an extended family visit to the Southern Hemisphere. Sadly, David has decided not to stand for re-election when he retires by rotation at the forthcoming AGM, so we’ll be urgently seeking a new secretary. I’m afraid my efforts to persuade Martin to take on the job permanently have not succeeded due to his other commitments and prolonged absences. LATE NEWS: Riverside Housing has once again promised to sponsor valuable cash prizes for the decorated boat competition at the Leicester Festival (5th/6th June). There is no particular theme this year and now is the time to get thinking and planning your entry!

John Evans.

Aegre March 2010 Page 26

Valerie Holt MBE Congratulations to Val Holt of Nottingham and Derby Branch for her award of the MBE in the New Years Honours List; the award was presented at Buckingham Palace in February. Val has been the Executive Secretary of the Institute of Fisheries Management for many years and the award is for her services to fisheries and the environment. Val worked for the Institute as a volunteer as she worked for the Environment Agency and its predecessors for thirty years until her retirement a few years ago. During her time with the National Rivers Authority, and later with the EA, Val encouraged the co-operation of all the volunteer groups involved with the River Trent; unfortunately the Agency has failed to continue that co-operation. Val first appeared on the waterway scene with the late George and Janie Champion at the 1970’s boat rallies on the Trent Embankment in Nottingham, occasionally appearing as Valerie Vole. Val and her partner, Mike, now spend much of the summer on their narrow boat. Val is the current Chairman of Nottingham Wildlife Trust and in the past has helped the IWA East Midlands and the Friends of the Cromford Canal with ecological projects. John Baylis

News from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Branch Since the last Aegre we have been through a lovely white Christmas and a cold snap in the weather. I hope it didn’t put people off taking advantage of our local waterways. I know some have been holed up in the warmth of the hearth but for the intrepid there have been some spectacular views, the crisp air, plus a blanket of white snow all around and out into the distance. A photographer’s dream and what better way to start the New Year.

retary and Under Secretary of State for Transport to right the wrong at Bridge 16. I would like to thank everyone who responded as I am aware of up to 60 letters being sent to both Ministers on this topic. Letters of protest have also been sent to many MPs in the local area and we are gaining support. However, as I write there is still a very long way to go and the matter is unresolved, but the issue has been well and truly raised with the authorities.

Active committee members are still in short supply so activities have been restricted to putting together the Social calendar and keeping a watching eye on planning matters. As I have mentioned previously, in our area at the moment there are concerns about the effect of the A46 road widening scheme and its potential impact on the restoration of the Grantham Canal where a new Bridge 16 (Joshua Mann’s Bridge) would need to be built where the Stragglethorpe Road crosses the canal (at GR665362) to allow navigation. We are supporting the Grantham Canal Partnership and Grantham Canal Society in endeavours to obtain a satisfactory resolution.

By the time you read this, I anticipate the matter may have been concluded as the new road infrastructure is due to be built by end March 2010. However, as I write, the latest success is that the Grantham Canal Partnership have been allowed to present the case for Bridge 16 restoration to the Planning Inspector of a Supplementary Inquiry in Cotgrave on January 14th.

I am also pleased to say that two people have put themselves forward to join the Branch committee. Shelagh Dunning and Mavis White, both members in the Newark area, have very kindly offered their services as Membership Secretary and Social Secretary respectively and we intend Via an email communication in late to complete any formalities at the November, members in the East (February 2010) AGM. Thank you Midlands region were invited to send so much for stepping forward; it is letters or emails of protest to the Sec- very much appreciated and I know Aegre March 2010 Page 27

you will be a great help to the Branch.

It is wonderful to now have four people on the committee; it means we can at least start to think about doing more for local waterways. All we need is a few more people to come forward and we can start to do some real campaigning – some local implementation of the SOS campaign could be done and we could get much more active with support for the Derby and Sandiacre, Cromford and Grantham canal restorers. Please, don’t be shy, please do volunteer to help – especially those members in Sawley, Derby, Long Eaton area where the representation seems to be weakest Come On Down Sawley, Derby and Long Eaton folk. On the social front, there is more detail about the social calendar in the Region Diary at the back of this magazine, so please put those dates in your diary and do come along to some lively and entertaining evenings of fun and learning. Since I wrote the last article for Aegre we have had some absolute crackers. Presenters: - Harry Arnold, Jim Shead, Chris Coburn, John Wilkinson and Roger Clay, please take a bow, the evenings of entertainment were a joy. Mike Snaith Aegre March 2010 Page 28

Cromford Canal and the end of the Butterley Era In the late 1780’s, Benjamin Outram & Company was already established mining coal and ironstone. As well as Outram, William Jessop was the other engineer with the company and, in the promotion of the Cromford Canal Bill, Jessop said “I know no better Situation for establishing considerable Iron Works, as there appears to be plenty of Iron stone; which with the Coal and Lime stone for fluxing, may be brought together by the Canal, to the banks of the Derwent; where powerful Falls of Water may be procured, and Machinery conveniently constructed.” Also in his evidence he claimed there to be 20,000 acres of coal and iron ore veins at the eastern end of the canal with lead, marble and an inexhaustible supply of limestone at the west end. Then the Butterley Estate, rich in minerals, came up for sale and Francis Beresford, a banker with a private income and solicitor John Wright, who was a sleeping partner, loaned Outram and Jessop the money to buy the estate and form the Butterley Company. Benjamin Outram moved into Butterley Hall, which is now the Derbyshire Police Headquarters just off the A 610 Ripley bypass Like many of the eighteenth century entrepreneurs Outram lived within walking distance of the main works.

In 1793 the Cromford Canal Company achieved its Act of Parliament for a canal from the Erewash Canal at Langley Mill to Cromford. The canal climbed through fourteen wide locks to the summit at Golden Valley with a branch to Pinxton going northward from the top lock and through Ironville. The canal then went westwards through Butterley Tunnel into the Amber valley and finally northwards up the Derwent valley. However, it was during driving the nearly two miles of the Butterley Tunnel through The rails at High Peak the watershed between the Erewash and Amber valleys that more detailed evidence of coal measures was found. where the boats could be loaded at an underground wharf. Although the Following the construction of the canal was wide to the tunnel entrance, canal Outram and Jessop formed the the tunnel was only built to take one new Butterley Company iron works narrow boat. In addition to the cast between 50 and 100 feet above the rail line, two of the earliest Butterley western half of the tunnel. The Butter- foot bridges are still across the Maud ley Company soon took full advanFoster Drain in Boston Lincolnshire; tage of the local coal and ironstone these proudly declare “Cast at Butterand was producing cast and wrought ley 1811” As this predates the coniron artefacts for the booming local struction of the Erewash Valley industry and transport infrastructure in railway by over thirty years we can the early part of the Industrial Revolu- probably safely assume that the beams tion. Probably the earliest railway were delivered by canal. Butterley products in the world were the short also made many of the castings for fish-bellied cast iron rails made for Thomas Telford for use on the Calethe Cromford and High Peak Railway, donian Canal. some of which are still to be seen in the workshop at the foot of the Sheep Then in the 1830’s the predecessors of Pasture incline at High Peak Junction. what became the Midland Railway started building the line from Derby to With the main works being situated Nottingham and Leicester. The three above the canal tunnel, but some dis- arch bridge over the River Trent, at tance from the end, the Butterley Thrumpton Weir just north of Red Company constructed vertical shafts Hill Tunnel, was built at Butterley in down to the tunnel and a wide section Aegre March 2010 Page 29

following the extension and re-design of the platforms to become St Pancras International.

1839. With the massive effort of railway building throughout the country, the Butterley Company had a number of “off the shelf� bridges to suit many of the infant railway schemes. Unfortunately the great majority of these bridges have been removed over the past 100 years to cope with accidental damage and the increasing weight of railway locomotives. The company also made engines of various types and one of their scoop-wheel pumps built in 1833 is at the Pinchbeck Drainage Engine Museum near Spalding.

After the deaths of Outram and Jessop the Beresford family took over the running of the company, as the loan to Benjamin Outram was never repaid and his widow ended life as a pauper. The Beresford ownership continued until they finally sold out to the Hanson Company in 1968. To reflect the Hanson Group interests the Butterley Company was split into Butterley Engineering and Butterley Engineering Materials; the latter becoming Butterley Brick in 1985; this is still thriving.

During the early part of the 19th Century the Butterley Company extended its interests in the local area with another iron foundry at Ironville by Lock 5 on the Cromford Canal alongside the Erewash Valley main railway line; this was closed in 1965. Over the course of the years a number of well known structures were Although there is now no sign of the made in the works but most may have route there was a connection from been moved by the railway rather than Ironville to Butterley running to the south of the canal and over the tunnel by canal. Amongst the best known to Butterley Works. This predated the products of the Butterley Company line at present in use by the Midland are the roof arches of the main platRailway Centre. forms of the original Barlow Train Shed at St. Pancras Station from In addition to railways and ironworks 1867; this has now been cleaned up the Company had interests in a Aegre March 2010 Page 30

number of iron and coal mines and in 1853 commissioned C.J. Neale the Mansfield Surveyor to produce a “District Map comprising the principal Collieries and Ironworks belonging to the Butterley Company in the Counties of Nottingham and Derby� The map is drawn to a scale of about eight inches to the mile and is about 20 feet long and eight feet wide. I saw a copy at the National Coal Board when the archives were stored at Bretby, near to Burtonon-Trent. Unfortunately this had been cut into two long lengths, presumably to make it more easily handled and may now be at Berry Hill in Mansfield.

The latest, and possibly most famous, of the Butterley Company canal-based designs is the Falkirk Wheel on the Union Canal just above its junction with the Forth & Clyde Canal. This was built at Butterley and the 1,200 tonnes was moved in sections to Scotland for re-assembly in 2001. The wheel raises boats 35 metres on the restored canal and replaces most of eleven locks that were destroyed when this part of the canal was filled in during 1936.

Aegre March 2010 Page 31

But the recession and decline of orders caused the Butterley Company to go into receivership, and ultimately be closed. The works on the road north of Ripley have been taken over by developers and the two corrugated steel buildings have been demolished. These were perhaps best seen from the new viaduct taking the A 610 towards Nottingham from the A 38. The old buildings have currently been saved but as they have been considerably modified over the years the listing may be doubtful and a future use for them even more problematical. Although British Waterways sold most of the Cromford Canal route to Derbyshire County Council and others, it still owns Butterley Tunnel to which it has access through the old buildings. It also retains Butterley Reservoir and Codnor Park Reservoir and some of the Ironville Locks which suffered severe damage to become a new flood discharge channel in about 1980. The large steel buildings have now gone and we await proposals for retention of the few remaining old buildings and development of the rest of the site. John Baylis

An essential part of St Pancras International Aegre March 2010 Page 32

Regional Diary Dates 2010 All members of any branch, visitors, and non-members are all welcome to attend

For more information on events: For Nottinghamshire events contact Mavis White on 01636 671726 For Leicester meetings contact the Social Secretary, Beryl McDowall, on 07710 029247 or email For Lincolnshire events contact Dave Carnell (see inside front cover) or Steve Hayes on 01522 689460 or email For Northampton events contact Graham Treagus on 01604 870515

The Notts. and Derby branch is organising a series of public meetings, hoping to attract lots of new faces to the meetings with a very interesting and varied group of speakers. Non IWA members will be very welcome to attend. You will find the branch a friendly bunch! They meet on the third Friday of the month throughout most of the year, and meetings are usually held at 7.30 pm at Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham - about 20 minutes from M1 J 24 up the A453. Friday, 19th March 2010 Illustrated talk by David Amos “Tracks, Towpaths and Trains”. Learn all about the history of canals, tramways and railways on the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire border. Friday, 16th April 2010 Illustrated talk by author and canal restorer John Lower. “A walkers and boaters guide to the Rochdale Canal”. Find out about the recently restored Rochdale canal – 33 miles and 92 locks set against the spectacular scenery of the Pennines as well as the industrial heartlands of Manchester and Rochdale. Aegre March 2010 Page 33

Friday, 21st May 2010 May Walk: Organised circular walk around parts of the Grantham Canal with Colin Bryant of the Grantham Canal Society. Start time 7pm. Friends and well-behaved dogs very welcome. (More details later) Friday, 18th June 2010 June Walk: Attenborough Nature Reserve walk and talk. Accompanied walk around the nature reserve in the company of head ranger Tim Sexton. Start time 7pm. Friends and well-behaved dogs very welcome. (More details later but there will be a nominal fee on the day to be paid to the ranger)

Leicestershire Branch will have a meeting on Thursday, 11th March at Thringstone Community Centre, The Green, Thringstone, LE67 8NR, beginning at 7.30 p.m., when David Stevenson will give a talk on " The South Pennine Ring."

Towpath Tidy 2010 Volunteers are needed for BW's Towpath Tidy 2010 which is planned for March 1 -14; for details contact Steve Bicknell on 01827 252000. On the Erewash Canal Towpath Tidies are planned for Friday March 5th, from Shipley to Gallows Inn, and Friday March 12th from Gallows Inn to Long Eaton. This year it is planned to clear up from the towpath rather than using boats and on each day to start at several places; for details contact Mick Golds on 0115 932 8042 Aegre March 2010 Page 34

Regional Diary Summary 2010 Date


March 11

Talk by David Stevenson at Thringstone Call 07710 029247

March 19

Talk by David Amos at W Bridgford. Call 01636 671 726

April 13

Our page 34 33

Northampton Branch meeting at Blisworth. Call 01604 858023. April 16 Talk by John Lower at W Bridgford. Call 01636 671 726 Apr 30 - May 3 Northampton Boat Gathering Call 01604 862988


May 1- 2

Loughborough Water Festival. Call 01509 635827.


May 11

Northampton Branch meeting at Blisworth. Call 01604 858023.


May 21

Grantham Canal walk. Call 01636 671726


May 22 - 23

Moira trail-boat rally Call 01530 273956


May 29 - 31 June 5

Crick Boat Show Louth Navigation Towpath walk Call 01507 610539

June 5 - 6

Leicester Riverside Festival Call 0116 2385082 or 01509 416647


June 5 - 6

Brandy Wharf Water Festival Call 01673 818010


June 11 - 13

Stoke Bruerne Gala

June 18

Attenborough Walk. Call 01636 671726.

21 34

June 26 - 27

Braunston Festival. Call 01788 891373.

July 17 - 18

Chesterfield Canal Festival at Worksop. Call 01246 434762

33 21



Aegre March 2010 Page 35

Canal Societies and Trusts in the new EM Region Buckingham Canal Society

Helen Preston, 16 Mallard Drive, Buckingham MK18 1GJ Tel: 01280 821232

Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust

C/o Jeffery Jones Partnership, 43 St Peter’s Churchyard, Derby DE1 1NN Tel: 01332 576037

Derby & Sandiacre Canal Society

Lesley Reaney, 318 Osmaston Park Road, Allenton, Derby DE24 8FB Tel: 01332 601699

Erewash Canal P & D

Howard Smith, 1 Millfield, Kimberley, Nottingham NG16 2LJ Tel: 0115 9384129

Association Foxton Inclined Plane Trust

Foxton Canal Museum, Middle Lock, Gumley Road, Market Harborough LE16 7RA Tel: 0116 2792657

Friends of the Canal Museum

C/o The Canal Museum, Stoke Bruerne, Towcester NN12 7SE

Friends of the Cromford Canal

Patrick Morriss, The Shieling, Dukes Road, Lower Hartshay, Ripley, Derby DE5 3RP Tel: 01773 742895

Friends of Raymond

c/o Braunston Marina, Braunston, Daventry, NN11 7JH

Grantham Canal Society

Mike Stone, 7, Crow Park Drive, Burton Joyce, Nottingham NG14 5AS; Tel: 0115 931 3375

Louth Navigation Trust

John MacDonald, Navigation Warehouse, Riverhead, Louth LN11 0DA Tel: 01507 610539

Melton & Oakham Waterways Society

Richard Booth, Sysonby Knoll, Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray LE13 0HP Tel: 01664 503330

Old Union Canals Society

36 The Ridings, Desborough, Kettering NN14 2LP Tel: 07010 705103.

Sleaford Navigation Trust

Steve Hayes, 10 Chelmer Close, N Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 8TH Tel: 01522 689460

Trent and Mersey Canal Society

1 Pinfold Cottages, Back Lane, Little Haywood, Stafford ST 18 0UL. Tel: 01889 882770

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Aegre March 2010  

Journal issue 125 from the East Midlands Region