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INLAND WATERWAYS ASSOCIATION IPSWICH BRANCH Annual General Meeting Minutes of the 37th Annual General Meeting held on Friday, 11 February 2011 at the Needham Market Community Centre at 8pm. There were 28 members in attendance. The Chairman, Chard Wadley, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the AGM and explained that the proceeding would be recorded to assist the minutes secretary. 1

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Joan and John Finch, Carole and Dale Green, Eileen and Trevor Chatting, Mitzi and Lewis Tyler, Brian Cornell, Ernie Paris, Susan and Roger Brown and Robert Kearney.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE 2010 AGM The minutes of the previous meeting had been distributed to all persons present. It was then proposed by Ron Jenkins and seconded by Colin Turner that the minutes were a true record of the proceedings, the vote taken showed 28 members approved with no-one against and the minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.


MATTERS ARISING FROM THOSE MINUTES There were no matters raised from the floor.


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Chard Wadley, Chairman, reported that he and Spencer had attended an IWA meeting in Stoke on Trent and other committee members had attended various meetings within the Region. Chard then mentioned the May trip which included the Crich Tram Museum and a boat cruise on the Trent at Nottingham and he thanked Diana and Brian for organizing the trip. Chard explained about the money bequeathed from the Will of Doug Tomlinson, an IWA and branch member, saying that following approval, a memorial bench has been placed by the River Gipping at Hawks Mill, with a plaque in memory of Doug. There will be an official opening and Doug’s friend Brian Wilkinson is to be invited to unveil the bench. Regarding restoration Chard said that work continues at Baylham Lock and there is now work to do at Pipps Ford Lock. Chard explained that The Gipping Trust now has a new Chairman, Brian Annis, and the Trust is doing very well. Chard finished by thanking the committee for all they had done over the past year and included anyone else who had helped over this period including the ladies who supply the tea at the branch meetings.


TREASURER’S REPORT AND PRESENTATION OF THE ACCOUNTS Spencer Greystrong, Treasurer, explained the accounts for which all had a copy saying this shows the balance sheet on one side with explanation notes on page 2. Regarding Doug’s estate Spencer said that £4,000 had been donated to the branch by Head Office from the estate with the reminder being held at HO and this can be called down when required. Spencer explained what equipment had been purchased, by the branch, with the aforementioned £4,000. Spencer once again mentioned Barry Scoles and his fund raising efforts with scrap metal saying it is phenomenal and it


helps us immensely and Spencer thanked Barry for all his efforts. Ron Jenkins queried the fact that the newsletter subsidy appeared to have halved compared to last year and asked if we had less members. Spencer replied saying the reason is the timing because we did not receive all 3 of the subsidies in one year and these accounts show just 2 issues worth. Spencer continued saying we receive about ÂŁ240 per subsidy but the subsidy for the last issue arrived 2 weeks ago being too late to include in these accounts as the year end is December. Regarding membership, Spencer said that in actual fact we are one of the branches that maintain their membership and Head Office do see us as one of the most active and vibrant branches in the country. Spencer said that since moving to an electronic issue of Anglian Cuttings it has proved very successful and has reduced our costs dramatically by almost halving our printing from 400 copies down to 250 copies. 6

ADOPTION OF ACCOUNTS It was proposed by Gerry Crease and seconded by Don Brazinski that the accounts before the AGM for the year under review be adopted. This was agreed by all present with no-one against.


ELECTION OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS Charles Stride reported that 4 members of the committee are due for retirement namely Lewis Tyler, Clive Saville, Diana Holt and Brian Holt but Charles reported that all four have agreed to stand again. Charles proposed all four members and David Middleton seconded them. This was agreed by all present with no-one against. Charles personally thanked all four for their hard work and for agreeing to continue that hard work. Charles then stated that there are spaces on the committee if anyone would like to put their name forward to support the committee.

Chard Wadley closed the meeting at 8.17pm.


37th AGM Minutes 11 February 2011  
37th AGM Minutes 11 February 2011  

Minutes of the 37th AGM of the Inland Waterways Assciation Ipswich Branch dated 11th February 2011