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overall is fun again!

back to back world records by Joel Poland and Dorien Llewellyn and beautiful fight for the world title

41OFF in the books

for the first time in worlds history, 41off has been run... multiple times!

world championships

for the first time in a while, world championships have been organized in the heart of waterski, Florida. Jack Travers Sunset Lakes just gave us what we were dreaming of








Jon Travers bodyslide at 3@10,25m (41off) in prelims - Ph. Gregoire Desfond

World Championships are something special. Obviously, all skiers are used to facing each other on a regular basis at pro events. But ask anyone, what event do they all dream of winning - - it’s this one. Being a world champion is something you keep for your entire life. It’s an achievement beyond imagination, the result of dedication put into your performance throughout your whole life. The World Championships only take place every two years. Therefore, skiers must be ready, especially when it occurs at the end of a long season. In particular, they must manage their training and health so they can peak during preliminary rounds and finals. It’s no easy task. This year’s Worlds were held an hour from Orlando, Florida, at Jack Travers Sunset Lake, in Lake County. Every skier knows this site. It is basically the heart of the waterski world. For those who watched the incredible webcast offered by the Waterski Broadcasting Company, you already know the event was great. For those who were unable to watch, please enjoy this magazine.

Cover Picture : Dane Mechler 1@9,75 (43off) in runoff for finals

Waterski Journal N°6 6 Epic battle for Overall

49 Don't fall...

Dorien and Joel redefining competition over the most complete title in waterski.

men's trick has been full of drama.

13 Fighting for victory slalom girls have never been so competitive. 4 of them are on top of the field.

52 Matt Rini the coach is bringing you and I, some wise words to get us through that next pass!

54 Teams behind teams

20 Men slalom give the best slalom skiers on earth a lake where they can express themselves, you'll witness a show like no other

teams are not only made under a flag. Skiers have their own crew to train with, learn with, challenge with. Take a look at Matt Rini's, Drew Ross' and Nate Smith

24 Lookbook

56 Portraits of the month

some badass picture of worlds championships

Slalom: Karen Truelove Jump: Pol Duplan-Fribourg Trick: Dorien Llewellyn

40 Trick is a serious game watching trick is fun. Diving into Neilly Ross and Pato Font's training session is way more serious

62 Waterski Pro Tour standings

45 Is that ski fly again ?

66 Contact

jumpers fly far! Even more when a world title is in the air!

Keep in touch.

who are the best nowadays?

Jack Travers Sunset Lakes Groveland, Lake County, Florida Host of the 2021 World championships



The overall title defines the greatest skier on the planet: the most accomplished one, the one that can fly far, trick fast, and strongly hold the handle in the slalom course on a short line. The overall competition has been exciting this whole year because of two incredible skiers: Joel Poland from the United Kingdom and Dorien Llewellyn from Canada.

Since April 2017, the world record was held by one of the greatest skiers of all time, Adam Sedlmajer. He set the record








scores were:

4@10,25 in slalom 10,640 points in tricks 65,7m in jump

Adam Sedlmajer

Adam beat his own record in 2018. His scores were:

3@10,25 in slalom 10,750 points in tricks 66,3m in jump

Earlier this year, Joel Poland competed at the Ski Fluid Classic tournament at Lake Grew, Polk City, Florida. His scores were:

4@10,75 in slalom 11,350 points in tricks 68,2m in jump

Joel Poland







Joel’s for


record while,




broke it five months later on the same lake.

2,5@10,75 in slalom 11,610 points in tricks 70m in jump

Dorien Llewellyn




Both Joel and Dorien showed up at Worlds with the hunger to be crowned overall world champion. Slalom was the first event. Both started with strong slalom scores, Dorien with 5,5@10,75m and Joel with 2@10,25m.

Advantage Joel.










personal best with 69m. Dorien broke the splash eye with










continued. It was unclear who had the overall lead after









suspense remained - - not only for the world title, but also Joel now had a shot at the overall world record again!

Trick prelims happened on Saturday morning. Dorien and Joel were on the dock together, skiing back to back. This means that Joel would not know Dorien’s score before hopping into the water. Dorien scored 10,910







scoring 11,620 points. Joel took the lead outright before the finals and again took back the world overall record in 2021!

Dorien won the world trick title after all, adding some more






championships. The jump finals was the last event of the











champion or another. Dorien was the top seed and last off the dock, knowing that he had to go get an almost impossible 74m jump. Despite giving it his all, Dorien did not jump beyond 67,8m. Joel got second in jump and is the new Overall world champion.

See you in two years; the show is only starting!

Joel Poland Overall World Champion

fighting for victory

The ladies have offered a fantastic show this season. Slalom was eagerly awaited after the level of skiing offered at the Malibu Open during the week prior to Worlds. Regina Jaquess, Whitney McClintock-Rini, Manon Costard and Jaimee Bull entered history together to be the first four women to run 39off back to back in the same tournament. Levels have never been higher. One week prior to the world championships, no doubt the fight for the slalom title would offer some exciting storylines. Let’s take a closer look at our champion’s journey.

Whitney McClintock-Rini crashed hard going from 1 to 2 at 10,25m (41off) during prelims. She was tied for 1st place going into the finals. Nobody knew until the last minute if she would be able to ski the finals. Despite all odds, she was ready and skied, showing the world her dedication to the sport and her strong determination.

Whitney McClintock-Rini

Manon Costard, the defending world champion, did what she had to in prelims to get into the finals. The cut had never been this high, so before thinking about victory, you have to concentrate on qualifying for finals. A score of 4@10,75m assured Manon a solid spot for the next round. On the dock at finals, she watched her opponent, Jaimee Bull, post an incredible score of 2@10,25m. Manon knew there was no other option than to hold the handle through the whole 10,75m (39off) to get a shot for the win. Despite a superb pass, she couldn’t hold on after the 5th buoy. Manon still earned a spot onto the podium, which is a strong accomplishment, even though it may not be the ultimate goal she sought. No doubt, Manon will have plenty of other chances in the future.

Manon Costard 3rd / bronze medalist

Regina Jaquess, coming back from ACL surgery, showed everyone that she was still here to win, having run 10,75m (39off) the previous week at the Malibu Open without any hiccups. Because she had the best score out of prelims with 1@10,25m (41off), she was last off the dock in finals. A spot she, more than anyone, is used to. Jaimee, with a score of 2@10,25m (41off), was still in the lead. Regina was now the only one who could take the title from her. She ran a beautiful 10,75m (39off) once again. She gave all her passion to give the spectators the show they hoped for and came to see. 10,25m (41off). Solid gate, turns 1, goes to 2, behind the buoy, tries to come back behind the boat but loses her balance on the back and falls. She earned the silver medal at Worlds for the second time in a row. Final score: 1,5@10,25m (41off). She achieved this with a knee brace … Queen Reg is never far from victory.

Regina Jaquess 2nd / silver medalist

Jaimee Bull. A dream came true. She had trained at Jack’s since she was a child. Worlds were literally happening in her backyard. Some say this is an advantage; I say, it’s a nightmare! Everyone is waiting for you there, adding more pressure on your shoulders. She gave a solid performance during prelims, 3@10,75m (39off). It’s the score she knew would get her into the finals and let her ski before Manon, Whitney and Regina. Was it on purpose? Who knows, but the strategy surely worked. When Jaimee put on her ski, the leading score was 3@10,75m (39off) by Samantha Dumala.

Meaning that, she would have to surpass that score if she wanted to get the lead before waiting for the other women to ski. No doubt, she had run this pass countless times on this very lake, but this 10,75m (39off) was certainly the sweetest time. The people on shore were on fire! Now 10,25m (41off). Her personal best. Whitney scored 1 and Regina 2 at @10,25 two days prior. Jaimee turns 1, turns 2 and fist-pump behind the boat! She knows it will be hard to catch her now! She watched on TV as her competitors fell one by one. Jaimee Bull is the new World Champion, and she did it the best way possible . . . at home.

Jaimee Bull Slalom World Champion

Swiss Waterski Resort Pleasure and Performance SKI LAKES - GOLF COURSE LAKEFRONT VILLAS - EXPERT COACHING

Clermont, Florida +1 407 968 3481

ski@swisswaterskiresort.com www.swisswaterskiresort.com

men slalom How hard is it to get into the finals ?

The 41off (10,25m) line is usually where the winning score ends. Obviously, if you’re following water skiing, you already know that Nate Smith has run 41off in tournaments more times than all other skiers combined. Freddie Winter is also no stranger to the 43off rope length, and Bryan Detrick recently joined the 41off-club earlier this summer. Although world championships are special, scores usually are not the highest of the year. Certainly, skiers feel some extra tension and rough conditions contribute. In the recent past, the Worlds were held in places not dedicated to water skiing and could not offer optimal conditions for skiers to perform their best. Sunset Lakes offered the best skiing environment, and great scores followed.

Of course, Nate Smith winning the title for the third time with a score of 1@43off (9,75m) in both rounds is amazing. But the energy delivered during the Thursday runoff for finals was one of the greatest moments of waterskiing ever witnessed. Some context: 3@10,25 (41off) would give you a ticket for the finals; 2 full buoys @10,25 put you in a 4-way runoff for only two spots.

Emotions ran high when Jon Travers, the event organizer, managed somehow to turn the 3rd buoy, bodyslide behind the boat, and get back on his ski to make the critical score! The crowd was on fire! Everyone was so happy to see Jon making his way to the final, in addition to running everywhere all day to host a fantastic event. Unfortunately, the judges called a 2-buoy score, putting him in the runoff alongside Joel Poland, Dane Mechler and Sacha Descuns, who also had his score reviewed to a 2-buoy count.

THE RUNOFF! Picture it: the sun is setting at Jack Travers Sunset Lakes with four of the best skiers in the world about to fight for two spots in finals + they have to start at 39off… you got it! Dane Mechler. First on the water, scored a solid 39off. He knows who is skiing behind him. Freddie Winter is on the microphone alongside Tony Lightfoot. Good 1. Strong 2. Turns 3!! Goes to 4! Turns it! Safety check on 5! Pulls to 6, and BOOM!!!!!!! Hundreds of people around the lake were screaming! Dane just ran 41off! (first time for him ever), in the most brilliant way that could be done! In front of the whole water ski world, in the USA, in a runoff for finals at Worlds! The emotion was unreal. Final score: 1@43off and a ticket to the Saturday finals.

Sacha Descuns. Second on the water, surely struggled to focus on his 39off pass after the energy discharged around him. He is solid though, 39off done! Final score, 3@41off. He said afterwards that he had this scenario in mind for months. “Should I turn 3 and risk it to 4 or assure 3?” He decided not to risk it and made sure to have 3 on the board. Two guys were remaining on the dock.

Jon Travers. Still had the fire in him to enter 41off with passion. He decided to turn 3 and risk everything by pulling to 4! He did it! 3,5@10,25m (41off), and a shot for the ticket to the finals.

Joel Poland. Last on the water, knew he could avoid the runoff with a score of 4 or better at 41off, or tie with Jon at 3,5 and go again. After a brilliant 39off, Joel left it all on the water with a strong 3@41off. Not enough to get to the slalom finals, but more than enough to show the world that he belongs in the elite in all 3 events.

Nate Smith Slalom World Champion

Freddie Winter / Ph. Gregoire Desfond

Freddy Krueger / Ph. Gregoire Desfond

Mati Gonzalez / Ph. Gregoire Desfond

Will Asher / Ph. Gregoire Desfond

Thomas Degasperi / Ph. Gregoire Desfond




t c a r t n co

g n i d n pe





Is that ski fly again ?

When you have the best men and women jumpers in the world, and put them on the lake where champions like Sammy Duvall were “built,” the show will be on point! The jump event did not disappoint. Here are my five favorites jumps:

Dorien Llewelly 69,9m jumps in prelims I heard that Dorien stayed in the air so long that he basically broke the splash eye software. They had to put the software in ski fly mode to properly measure the distance of his second jump. Insanely cool!


Jacinta Carroll re-ride Jacinta won the event on her first jump in the finals. She next went for another goal: the world record which she already owned. Because there were some issues with the course on the last attempt, she got her a re-ride. She went all out and flew for 59,4m. She did not break her current world record, but this jump was close!



Poochie's podium Lauren Morgan grew up on this lake and skied here her whole life. She skied second to last in the finals, knowing that she still had to kick that ramp hard to win a spot on the podium. With her opponents already posting high scores, she did not hold back. She flew 52,3m, earning her first bronze medal.

Ryan Dodd: four straight wins Ryan had been out of the water for a whole year, making sure he would heal from an injury. This week marked his big comeback. What better way than by breaking the 70m line for the first time in the competition and earning gold for the fourth time in a row.


Sacha Danisheuskaya: tears of joy Some are more emotional than the others. I like seeing emotion in someone who just realized that they are now a world champion. Sacha jumped very well with a 52,9m jump in the finals, improving from the prelims and getting some more points in the overall competition against Hanna Straltsova. On Hanna’s last jump, she flew forever and posted a 55,5m jump. It’s a tremendous jump, earning her the silver medal in the jump event, but she missed the overall title by inches. At that same moment, Sacha burst into tears when she realised she had done it - - she just became the overall world champion.


Don't fall... Trick skiing can be frustrating sometimes. Trick skiers are like dancers, swinging on water over the boat wake, making flips, loops, stepping over the line, and so forth. It is very difficult to tell who won the competition while watching it live. We must wait for the judges to finish scoring each pass as we wait for the results on the screen.

This years’ trick finals were somehow different, especially the men’s final. The show started with the young prodigy, Jake Abelson, scoring a solid 10,410 points. Dorien Llewellyn is the fourth skier on the water, taking the lead with 11,260 points. Then, skiers started to fall… skier after skier… Martin Koleman, Adam Pickos, Pierre Ballon, Felipe Franco Belmont, Danylo Filchenko, Martin Labra, and even Joel Poland. Dorien is still in the lead with one skier left, Pato Font. Let’s put it this way, for approximately the last two years, Pato won every tournament he attended, so all eyes were on him. Toe pass: starting well until, Toe Wake Back crash! Total: 3920. Pato went through an amazing hand pass, but fell again on his last trick. He finished with 10,830 points, 430 points less than Dorien.

Dorien Llewellyn World Trick Champion

Teams behind Teams

Worlds is also a team game. And Canada proved again that they were leaders in this category, winning their second title in a row. But besides country teams, some teams are working in the background. This refers to the athletes working together on a daily basis with their coach on the same lake, sharing hours on the dock, waiting to recover from the previous set so they can get on their ski again. It’s a team sharing their tips, experience, and knowledge, and talking about their fears and goals, and walking towards them together.

Matt Rini 7:30 am. Paige Rini, Matt’s daughter, is the first on the water. Fog is still all around the lake and the training is already starting. Some people say Canadians wake up early. They’re 100% right! Paige skis her first set of slalom, then a trick set with Franck Desboyaux in the boat to give some last minute advice. Paige feels something weird. Her binding release is broken. She’s been skiing on it for years; this might be the reason. But why does it have to happen one day away from the Worlds prelims? Fortunately, her coach/dad knows how to fix this better than anyone! Matt Rini

While Paige goes back to the dock from her first set, Taryn Grant is already putting on her binding to get in the slalom course. She’s doing her last practice before prelims tomorrow. Robert Pigozzi, from the Dominican Republic, is waiting for his turn. He did not ski much this season, but finally found a ski in which he has confidence. This ski will soon lead him into the slalom finals. Whitney McClintock-Rini, is now ready for her set. I can tell you, I’ve seen many good skiers from the boat. I put down my camera at 39off just to admire Whitney’s style. Pure and solid, 39off easy peasy. She’ll show the world two days later at prelims that she’s more than capable of running it.

Paige Rini

Robert Pigozzi

Whitney McClintock-Rini

Franck Desboyaux

Next, a serious trick session with Franck Desboyaux, up and down the lake, tournament style. Clean and strong. Impressive. Taryn puts the jumpers on and brings some power behind this Nautique boat. She’ll deliver some serious jumps in prelims, earning her ticket for the finals with a 51,8m jump. The only one missing is Joel Poland. He has been skiing every day the previous week and is taking a day off before the event. That is a morning at Matt Rini’s waterski school.

Another Canadian, another early wake-up call. I texted Drew the previous night to know when to show up. 7:45am sharp on the water… yes sir!

Drew Ross

Andrew Bergman gets his slalom set before the prelims the next day. He is still recovering from a bad crash and has some issues with his ribs. I can tell from the boat that the pain is real. But he really wants to push until he cannot hold it anymore. He finally stops and prefers to keep any 39off pass until the tournament. As we return to the dock, Adam Sedlmajer has arrived and is warming up for his slalom set. This is the first time I get to see Adam from the boat. I’m stoked. I have seen him countless times from the shore. Nothing beats the boat view. He has one of my favorite styles and I enjoyed watching every buoy he turned. I won’t tell his final score, but boy it was short! Back on Drew’s lake, this time to see Neilly and Pato do some tricking. Pictures, not words, demonstrate much better how amazing it was to see them trick. Details follow in the upcoming article “Training is a Serious Game.”

Andrew Bergman

Adam Sedlmajer

Dane & Nate

Because I could not see them prior to Worlds, I visited Dane and Nate on the following Monday. Dane is staying at Nate’s place. They are both from the midwest and have known each other for twenty years. The atmosphere is awesome. They share a true friendship. Even though they are competitors on the water, you can tell they cheer for each other every time. And if one beats the other, it’s only because he was better on that day, no hard feelings. Nate skis first and smashed the course as usual, casually running 10,25m (41off). The hype of Worlds is still in him, but he’s already training. It must be hard to recover from such a high adrenaline peak like the Worlds. That said, Dane also skied into 10,25m (41off) like it was nothing. Dane and Nate basically grew up together. They still cheer for each other, ski together, drive each other, and yet, they are the only two men who ran 10,25m (41off) during Worlds. How cool is that?!

Slalom skier of the month

Karen Trulove WJ - How old were you when you started skiing?

WJ - Worse memory? You can choose, funny or serious hah!

KT - Learned when I was 3 and started competing at age 6

KT - Rupturing my ACL twice

WJ - Where do you ski now?

WJ - Favorite training partner?

KT - Winter Garden, Florida

KT - My husband Freddy and Andrew Bergman

WJ - How many set per week? WJ - Your ultimate goal?

KT - It depends on time of year and what I have coming up, but I usually ski 3 days in row and then take off 1 day. I ski one or two times on ski days. WJ - Do you have a favorite course? KT - I don’t get up there too much anymore, but I enjoy skiing in the Carolinas. I also love skiing at the Hancock Lakes. WJ - Best waterski memory? KT - Being on the US Junior World teams WJ - Favorite tournament ? KT - US Masters

KT - Get better with age. Higher scores would be nice, but more efficiency, balance, focus. Run 39! WJ - Best set up? (lake, time of the day, boat, pilote, ski) KT - Trophy Lakes, mid morning, Mastercraft, Chris Eller, Goode XTR


Jumper of the month

Pol Duplan-Friboug WJ - How old were you when you started skiing? PDF - I started skiing when I was 3 years old

WJ - Favorite tournament? PDF - My favorite tournament is the masters the atmosphere is just incredible and the lake is mythical

WJ - Where do you ski now? WJ - Favorite training partner? PDF - Jack Travers sunset lakes and Grenoble in France WJ - How many set per week? PDF - I usually do between 10 and 13 sets a week( slalom tricks and jump)

PDF - My favorite training partner is Ines anguenot I know her since my first trainings I did all the biggest competitions with her. Otherwise I love training with the French team they are all great! WJ - Your ultimate goal?

WJ - Best waterski memory? PDF - My best memory was this summer when I won the world championships -17 and -21 in jumping two titles in less than a week!

PDF - My ultimate goal would be to make a podium at the world championship in the open category, I think it's a dream and a goal for many of us

WJ - Worse memory? You can choose, funny or serious hah!

WJ - Best set up? (lake, time of the day, boat, pilote, ski)

PDF- My worst can be this summer at the world championship -17 in slalom 😂 I think..

PDF - My favorite set up is at sunset lakes around 2pm with a ski nautique the boat Chris Travers for the pilot and goodman of course for jumping but otherwise for slalom or tricks d3!! ❤️


Tricker of the month

Dorien Llewellyn WJ - How old were you when you started skiing?

WJ - Favorite tournament?

DL - I first stood on skis when I was 3 years old, but I didn’t take skiing seriously until much later. Only at about 9 or 10, when my cousin Sebastian beat my trick PB of about 260 points did I actually decide I wanted to train.

DL - There are so many amazing tournaments, obviously Moomba and the Masters are always favorites, in addition to high energy tournaments such as Collegiate Nationals, but I would say my favorite events are skiing at home in Austria in the Austrian Open Pro Overall event we’ve had the last two years and also the PanAm Games. Being around all the other sports and special events such as the Opening Ceremonies make it a one of a kind experience. I hope one day I will be chose to carry the Canadian flag just as my dad did at the Games in Santo Domingo in 2003.

WJ - Where do you ski now? DL - I spend a lot of time skiing at home in West Palm Beach and this year I’ve driven up to the Orlando area for much of the year, mostly skiing at Jacks, Fluid, and Boris Laval’s. There are many positives to skiing both at home with my parents and with all the other pros up in Orlando. WJ - How many set per week? DL - Wow, being an Overall skier means a lot of skiing every week. That being said, the number of sets I ski per week changes based on the time of year. On average though, I’d say 4 sets per day 5 days per week, so about 20 sets a week throughout the year. I try to have days where I don’t do all 3 events, but I enjoy all of them so a lot of the time I end up not being able to choose which event to leave out in a particular day. WJ - Do you have a favorite course? DL - My favorite lakes would have to be Jacks, Fischlham in Austria where I grew up skiing, the open ocean skiing at the ski school in Guadeloupe, and more and more I’ve come to really like skiing at Boris Laval’s lake.

WJ - Worse memory? You can choose, funny or serious hah! DL - My worst memory in skiing would probably be when I hurt my knee back in 2015. After surgery, I wasn’t able to ski for 10 months, but what was worse was that I couldn’t even ride a bike for 3 months. But that time away from skiing should me how much I loved the sport, because my first though of every morning was “how can I get myself back on the water”. WJ - Favorite training partner? DL - I don’t know if I can choose just one. My dad and I have skied with and against each other, which is something not every father and child get to experience, so he would have to be at the top of the list right there with my mom. Then, as I’ve mentioned multiple times already, my cousin Sebastian has been with me every step of my life. But I’ve enjoyed skiing with so many people and I’ve learned so much from all of them. To list some (and I’m sorry if I miss you): Giannina, Dane, Tanguy, Thibaut, Ryan Dodd, Rob H, Andy, Carlo, Conley, Alex King, Nati and Jon, Jaimee, Brandon Schipper and more...

WJ - Best waterski memory?

WJ - Your ultimate goal? DL - Waterskiing has given countless memories to cherish. Watching my dad win the Masters and other tournaments back in the day were some of my earliest memories. Obviously, winning the World Championships at Jacks recently is a dream come true, so that would be the easiest answer. Additionally, winning PanAm Games Gold in Overall was incredible. But there are also the simple memories, like training with my cousin Sebastian and his father Tanneguy in Guadeloupe last year, or skiing/living with Tanguy and Thibaut Dailland before King of Darkness this year, or even just recently skiing in Austria with all the friends I started my water ski career with at Fischlham. Those are the little memories I think of when I get nervous in big moments, the things I use to remind myself that skiing is, at its most basic, about enjoying what you do and being able to share it with friends and family.

DL - My main goals up until now were to be the World Record holder, World Champion, and get my Masters Degree in Engineering. Although I have accomplished two of the three and am nearing the completion of the degree, the goals haven’t exactly changed. So I guess, in the future, I want to break World Records and win the World Championships. Obviously my family has a huge legacy in Waterskiing, so I want to keep doing whatever I can to add to that legacy, while also creating my own. I’ve always felt that the better I ski, the more it highlights how good my parents and my uncle were at and for the sport, since my skiing is a reflection of the wisdom they have imparted onto me and one day I’ll hopefully impart onto the next generation.

WJ - Best set up? (lake, time of the day, boat, pilote, ski) DL - I don’t think this is exactly what you were asking, but I’ll give you a twist to answer. For the perfect set, give me the Worlds Jump Finals at Jacks this year with only one change: swing the 10mph NNE cross wind to a 7-8mph ESE headwind for everyone. Just imagine: Top Seed, Jump and Overall Gold Medals on the line, Ryan goes out and jumps 230ft (70m) all 3 jumps, the rest of the top guys go huge with around 230ft, Les Todd behind the wheel, Goodman’s on my feet, Red Bull Helmet on, Felipe Leal in the boat all pumped up to show me my distances, family and friends cheering on shore, music blaring, 2 years of training coming down to 3 jumps, and then I push off the dock to start that set just one more time. In the end, I know I didn’t come away with the gold in Jump or Overall that day and I didn’t really put together an amazing jump in the finals, but I still loved every moment of being the last skier at the 2021 Worlds and I’ll work hard to hopefully get to experience that again.


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