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Friday, June 17, 2022

Joseph Macrino Principal



Kristen Matsas Secretary


We made it! We end the year on a high note with concerts, plays, and an in-building promotion. Our students are prepared for the next school year, but everyone deserves a restful summer after the ups and downs of this one. Thank you to the families that chose kindness and communication during the most difficult times. I will be at meetings in different buildings throughout the summer, so email me if you need to discuss anything. Class placement letters will go out in early August. Please recognize that many variables come into play when considering placement, so request for moves after the fact most likely will not be possible due to the domino effects that would result. Have a great summer and thank you for being a wonderful community. -Joe

Wendy Doyon School Nurse


December 21, 2021

我们成功了!我们以音乐会、戏剧和室内促销活动结束了这一年。我们的学生为下一学年做好了准 备,每个人都应该在这个起起落落之后度过一个宁静的夏天。 感谢在最困难时期选择善意和沟通的家庭。 整个夏天我都会在不同的大楼里开会,所以如果你需要讨论任何事情,请给我发电子邮件。班级安 置信将于 8 月初发出。请认识到在考虑放置时会影响许多变量,因此由于会产生多米诺骨牌效应, 因此很可能无法在事后请求移动。 有一个美好的夏天,感谢您成为一个美好的社区! 우리가 해냈다! 우리는 콘서트, 연극 및 건물 내 프로모션으로 한 해를 마무리합니다. 우리 학생들 은 다음 학년도를 준비하고 있으며 이번 학기의 기복이 있은 후 모두가 편안한 여름을 보낼 자격 이 있습니다. 가장 어려운시기에 친절과 소통을 선택한 가족들에게 감사합니다. 여름 내내 여러 건물에서 열리는 회의에 참석할 예정이므로 논의할 사항이 있으면 이메일을 보내 주십시오. 반 배정 통지서는 8월 초에 나옵니다. 배치를 고려할 때 많은 변수가 작용하므로 사실 이후에 이동을 요청하는 것은 결과적으로 발생할 도미노 효과로 인해 불가능할 가능성이 높다는 점을 인식하십시오. 즐거운 여름 보내시고 멋진 커뮤니티가 되어주셔서 감사합니다! ¡Lo hicimos! Terminamos el año con una nota alta con conciertos, obras de teatro y una promoción en el edificio. Nuestros estudiantes están preparados para el próximo año escolar y todos merecen un verano reparador después de los altibajos de este. Gracias a las familias que eligieron la amabilidad y la comunicación en los momentos más difíciles. Estaré en reuniones en diferentes edificios durante el verano, así que envíeme un correo electrónico si necesita hablar sobre algo. Las cartas de asignación de clases se enviarán a principios de agosto. Tenga en cuenta que muchas variables entran en juego al considerar la ubicación, por lo que es muy probable que la solicitud de movimientos después del hecho no sea posible debido a los efectos dominó que se producirían. ¡Que tengas un buen verano y gracias por ser una comunidad maravillosa! ‫اندرون خانہ پروموشن کے ساتھ شاندار انداز میں کرتے ہیں۔ ہمارے طلباء‬ ‫ اور‬،‫ ڈراموں‬،‫ہم نے کر دکھایا! ہم سال کا اختتام کنسرٹس‬ ِ ‫ اور ہر کوئی اس سال کے اتار چڑھاؤ کے بعد آرام دہ موسم گرما کا مستحق ہے۔‬،‫اگلے تعلیمی سال کے لیے تیار ہیں‬ ‫ان خاندانوں کا شکریہ جنہوں نے انتہائی مشکل وقت میں مہربانی اور رابطے کا انتخاب کیا۔‬ ‫ لہذا اگر آپ کو کسی بھی چیز پر بات کرنے کی ضرورت ہو تو مجھے‬،‫میں موسم گرما میں مختلف عمارتوں میں میٹنگز میں رہوں گا‬ ‫ای میل کریں۔ کالس پلیسمنٹ لیٹر اگست کے شروع میں نکل جائیں گے۔ براہ کرم تسلیم کریں کہ پلیسمنٹ پر غور کرتے وقت بہت‬ ‫ لہذا اس حقیقت کے بعد حرکت کرنے کی درخواست کریں جو ڈومینو اثرات کے نتیجے میں ممکن‬،‫سے متغیرات کام میں آتے ہیں‬ ‫نہیں ہوں گے۔‬ !‫موسم گرما اچھا گزرے اور ایک شاندار کمیونٹی ہونے کے لیے آپ کا شکریہ‬

Dear Oswegatchie Parents, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your patience and support during a challenging year in the Health Room. I know hearing my voice on the other end of the phone was at times the last thing you wanted! I appreciate your support for your child, as well as those of the entire school community in keeping up with the protocols and testing guidelines which at times seemed never ending. A few additional reminders for next school year: 

Please remember that I will be in the Health Room from 8 am to 2 pm on August 29th – 30th to receive your child’s medications and orders for the next school year. Please do not send any medications to school with your child at any time.

All children that require updated physicals and or immunizations MUST have this information provided directly to the Health Room prior to the first day of school.

The Health Room email will not be monitored over the summer break. I will have access to your communication when we reopen on August 29th at 8 am.

If you mail any information to the Health Room over the summer, please maintain a copy for safety on the home end as well.

Please make sure to inform the Health Room if there are any changes to your child’s health history or medical record that transpire of the break as well.

Best Wishes for a safe and healthy summer for you and your families. Wendy Doyon RN

49 Rope Ferry Road Waterford, CT 06385

June 2022 Dear Families: The Waterford Public Library is pleased to announce this year’s summer reading program theme: Read Beyond the Beaten Path! We invite all children & teens, from birth through age 18, to participate in this fun and educational free program. Beginning on Saturday, June 18, readers can easily log their progress using the READSquared app. Use the link on the library website at www.waterfordpubliclibrary.org to get started. In addition, complete a fun Bingo challenge to earn one or more free books. Stop by the library to pick–up the Bingo form, or see us at the Waterford Farmers’ Market at Town Hall on June 18 & 25, and embark on your summer reading adventure! Thanks to a generous “All Are Welcome @ the WPL” American Rescue Plan: Humanities Grant for Libraries*, all active reading program participants will earn an opportunity to select one or more free books this summer. The grant is also supporting three exciting programs celebrating diverse CT authors & artists: 1. A visit from Newbery Medal winning author Jerry Craft on Wednesday, June 22 at 6:30 p.m. at Waterford High School. Come hear Jerry talk about his life and his popular graphic novels, New Kid & Class Act. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, to meet Jerry and to get a book signed. 2. An exciting interactive performance by Movimiento Cultural CT celebrating Puerto Rico’s rich Africanbased folklore, music, and dance on Saturday, July 16 at 11 a.m. at the library. 3. A visit from popular children’s author Janae Marks, who will speak about her books, A Soft Place to Land & The Faraway Truth on Wednesday, August 3 at 6 p.m. at the library. Come meet Janae and get a book signed. The library is offering many more fun programs and activities for all ages including raffles for free copies of New Kid & A Soft Place to Land. Visit the library website and click on the “Calendar of Events” for full details on events and to register. There is also an adult reading program for parents and caregivers beginning on July 5. Research has shown that reading and participating in educational activities over the summer can help children avoid the “summer slide” and be school ready in the fall. Please call the library with any questions at 860-444-5805, ext. 3. We look forward to seeing you this summer at your Waterford Public Library! Chris Johnson, Library Director Ashlee Marshall, Youth Services Assistant Rashmi Sharma, Youth Services Assistant *American Rescue Plan: Humanities Grants for Libraries is an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

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