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Volume 19, Issue 2 2013

No time to blink 8 ball referee Mike Ryan (Tauranga) uses a staple (measurement device) to check for a free ball. He is one of New Zealand’s highest-accredited referees and also a top-ranked player. •8 ball nationals: page 16 Photo: Auckland Sports Photography


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RSA salutes two young heroes


Volume 19, Issue 2 2013

No time to blink 8 ball referee Mike Ryan (Tauranga) uses a staple (measurement device) to check for a free ball. He is one of New Zealand’s highest-accredited referees and also a top-ranked player. •8 ball nationals: page 16 Photo: Auckland Sports Photography

We just did what we had to do, say 12-year-old boys


Jo Bailey Twelve-year-old cousins Will White and Sergio Schuler say they didn’t think about being frightened during their dramatic rescue of a stricken man on a deserted part of Waihi beach. “We just did what we had to do,” Sergio Schuler says matter-of-factly. Their embodiment of the Anzac spirit of comradeship, compassion, courage and commitment in looking after their mates led to them becoming the youngest recipients of the RNZRSA’s Anzac of the Year award. Governor general Lt Gen Sir Jerry Mateparae presented the boys with their award at a special ceremony at the Waihi Beach RSA. Family, friends, school representatives, members of the Waihi Surf Lifesaving Club (where Will has been training for three years), police and the Waihi Beach RSA were there to share the occasion. In presenting the award, the governor general said the boys demonstrated that the Anzac spirit, showcased at Gallipoli almost a century ago, is alive and strong in even our youngest New Zealanders. Sergio says it was “cool” to receive the award from the governor general: “It was a great honour. I was pretty proud.” Will White, who says he was “surprised and excited” to win the award, has already been invited to local primary schools to talk about his experiences. The boys families – Nicole Clare and Paul Schuler (Will’s parents), from Waihi Beach, and Vivian and Anthony Schuler (Sergio’s parents), from Te Aroha –

RSA salutes heroes - page 3

Ian walks the talk - page 14

They’re having an 8 ball - page 18

Post-earthquake relief - page 21

112 Wrights Road, Addington PO Box 37 346, Christchurch PUBLISHER: James Lynch Will White gets alongside members of the Waihi Beach Memorial RSA women’s section after the presentation of the award. Photo: Mike Hill Photography. have somewhat more to say about the recognition of the cousins’ heroics. They say both families are “incredibly proud” of them, and believe the link the award has created between the RSA and youth is “fantastic”. “We were speechless and in tears when the RSA told us the boys had won,” says Nicole Clare. “These awards are a great reflection on the RSA that really help to keep the Anzac spirit alive,” says Vivian Schuler. “Every time the boys look at their

medals, they will remember their own achievements, but also the courage and sacrifice made by the veterans. They’ll never be forgotten. “It is such an honour. We are humbled by this recognition from the RSA, which has been really quite overwhelming. We are extremely proud of them.”

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This quintet may have had reserved seats for the RNZRSA Anzac of the Year presentation at the Waihi Beach RSA, but they had no reservations about how much Will White and Sergio Schuler deserved the award. From left: Jo Schuler (cousin), Grace Clare (Will’s older sister) Morgan Schuler (cousin) Estelle Schuler (Sergio’s older sister), Loui Schuler (cousin). Photo: Mike Hill Photography.

Cousins at the centre of dramatic beach rescue It was a hot December day. Vivian Schuler took her son, three daughters, their cousin, and one of their friends for a swim in the surf near her family’s Bowentown bach, south of Waihi Beach. “Sergio (Schuler) and Will (White) were already in the water when they noticed a man in trouble further out,” she says. “They immediately started swimming towards him. It was a pretty big call to let them go as we were on a remote part of the beach, and there was nobody else around.” She knew she had to stay on the beach with the smaller children and, with adrenaline “racing”, watched as the boys swam out to assist the man. They braved 1.5 metre swells to reach Vincent Shao, a 32-year-old property developer from

Auckland. He was fully clothed, having lost his footing in waist-deep water while setting craypots; he had been dragged 100 metres from the shore by a rip. The tall man was distressed. Sergio, a strong competitive swimmer, returned to raise the alarm, then headed back out to help Will, who had stayed with Shao. Shao’s lungs were filling with water and he was trying to grab the boys to stay afloat. However Will used his lifesaving skills to assist Shao to get out of the rip, and encouraged him to remain calm. The boys tried to keep their distance to ensure they wouldn’t be dragged under by Shao, and encourage him to swim back to the beach himself.

But they had to physically help him at times, and eventually dragged him to shore as his condition deteriorated. When they reached the beach he collapsed from exhaustion and started vomiting the water he had swallowed. The boys and Vivian Schuler put him into the recovery position. The first emergency responder was Waihi St John Ambulance officer Pauline Davison. It took them about five minutes to carry Shao over big sand dunes to the ambulance and police. He was taken to Tauranga Hospital in a serious condition; St John staff told Vivian Schuler his life had been saved by mere minutes. He made a full recovery.

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Unders and overs – not a game Each year I review the systems for a lot of clubs around New Zealand. It’s a privileged position because I get to see what really goes on behind the happy faces and jovial talk over the bar. Millions of dollars has been stolen from clubs. Most of it could have been prevented had proper accounting and forensic auditing systems been in place. One of my recent audits is a case in point. It is a very big and, by all accounts, successful club doing a wonderful job for members and in its community. But it was not doing so well when it came to keeping control of the till. Here are some of the very basic things I suggest when looking at security procedures: • Always count tills daily and investigate all overs and unders over $20. • Inform staff of all discrepancies. (Let them know you know.) • Look for a pattern to the overs and unders. I had a case where unders and overs were occurring on alternative weeks. One week a staff member would under-charge, the next week overcharge. By swapping people around various shifts, we were able to pinpoint where and when the till variations were occurring and, more importantly, who was responsible. In another case the club paid staff fortnightly. On the fortnight when there were no wages, the tills were under; on the fortnight of pay, the tills were over! This was a classic case of staff borrowing from the till on their short week and repaying on their pay week. The situation stood out like a lighthouse, but

Joanne Newman

sometimes managers are too close to the people involved to see the obvious. • Have video cameras and have them focused in the right place; the till is an obvious hot spot. • Never let bar staff reconcile the till balance to the till tape. It’s OK to let staff count money, but it’s certainly not OK to let them reconcile the money. Till discrepancies may not always be as a result of fraud; they could occur simply because staff do not know how to operate the till. In my audit work, I always check to see if the bar staff are up to speed on how to operate the cash register. If clubs had half-decent accounting systems, I would not be so busy as a forensic auditor, and insurance companies would not be forever processing claims!

Three of the 7500 who enjoyed the Upper Hutt Cossie’s Easter Fiesta.

Fiesta to go annual The success of the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club’s Easter Fiesta has convinced the club the make it an annual event. More than 7500 people thronged All-day entertainment, a craft market with 60-plus stalls, food outlets, and children’s rides and activities combined for a “wonderful opportunity to promote the club to the Upper Hutt community”, says Cossie manager Dean Candy. Olympic gold medallist Danyon Loader was guest speaker at the Upper Hutt Sports Awards, which are sponsored and hosted by Upper Cossie. Sportsperson of the Year was Paralympic swimming gold medalist Mary Fisher. The Cossie hosted two events in August: • Former All Black captain Tana Umanga was guest speaker at the club’s annual sports dinner in August 23 with former Black Fern and current Sky presenter Melodie Robinson the MC. • Medium Kelvin Cruickshank, from the Sensing Murder television show. presented his Soul Food show. More than 500 people came to his book signing at the Cossie earlier in the year.

• Joanne Newman is a specialist in club accounting and forensic auditing. She is the managing director of Club Accounting & Investigations Ltd and Smart Business Centre (Tauranga) Ltd.

• Mary Fisher accepts the Upper Hutt Sportsperson of the Year trophy.

Reader writes poems for a big day 10% discount for "all new jobs booked" in September and October. • Financial systems audit to prevent theft. • You think you have a theft problem already let me do a thorough theft investigation. • Committee member training and governance - so your Committee members know what their obligations are.

Club Accounting & Investigations Ltd Phone Joanne 07 543 3351 or 021 786 273

August 16 was National Poetry Day – and Interclub reader Wendy Joy Baker, who lives in Southland, has written a couple of poems to mark the occasion. This year, New Zealand’s annual celebration of poetry ran in conjunction with the inaugural New Zealand Post Book Awards Festival (August 12-18) when special events were organised in the home towns of each of the finalists. Enjoy Wendy Joy Baker’s contributions to National Poetry Day.


In a community everyone has a place to fit in.... A community needs diversity...which is an important thing   We all have special talents that need to be appreciated..... Some are good at practical matters while others more creative   There are many people in a community who volunteer their expertise... from safety & lifesaving work to enhancing nature by planting trees   We are all part of a community We fit in where we are.... It doesn`t matter where you`re from near or afar   It doesn`t matter whether you are an old or new resident.... Everyone has a place in a community....which needs to be respected

So do what you do best let your goodness glow... heartfully support each other and a caring community will grow

One Country We are all part of One Country New our name There are the North Island and South islands... but we are one people of the same We are all part of One Country Our ancestors fought in wars for all they didn’t care where each other came from It was comradeship that made them stand tall We are all part of One Country This is where we were born and bred New Zealand is in our hearts and souls when all is done and said We are all part of One Country One Nation...One large Community This needs to be remembered with... and dignity We are all part of One Country and we welcome new people too because diversity in NZ expands our mindsets through and through We are all part of One Country New Zealand....Aoteoroa.




Port idea brewed up round campfire Peter Owens An idea conceived by old army mates on a hunting trip five years ago has led to the national distrubution of a special “services port”. It began with a half a dozen East Timor and Afghanistan veterans in Southland’s Waikaia hills in 2008. The idea of creating a port specially for exservicemen came up around the campfire – as it does. “We thought we needed a port dedicated not only to infantrymen, but to all service personnel who have served with the armed forces,” says Aaron Horrell, from Riversdale, in Northern Southland. He and Liam Oxford, of Christchurch, organise annual, high-country hunting trips for their ex-army comrades. But, unlike most ideas that get tossed around in such circumstances, this one did not go up with the smoke. Says Horrell: “We wanted to make something we could drink to pay homage to our fallen, something you can raise as a toast at military events.” The result: Grunts Grog port was officially released on the market at the start of this year. It sold well in Southland through the Invercargill and Mataura licensing trusts’ outlets. The Gore RSA was the first commercial outlet to sell it. Then, Christchurch-based Harrington’s Breweries liked what they tasted, and took the pair and port

on. Harrington’s now produces and supplies Grunts Grog around New Zealand. It is available from most RSAs. It was adopted by numerous South Island Duck Hunters’ Association branches as an official tipple this season. However, Horrell and Oxford wanted to do more. Grunts Grog now supports the New Zealand Fallen Heroes’ Trust (an organisation that assists the families of soldiers killed in service) and the RNZRSA. A quarter of the profits from Grunts Grog sales is divided between these two organisations. Horrell and Oxford – who have a combined 23 years of service in 2/1 Battalion RNZIR and operational tours that include East Timor Bn 2 and 6, Afghanistan Crib 4, 20 and East Timor Bn. 2 and 5, and Afghanistan Crib 1 – have seen the loss of comrades while on operations. Aaron Horrell has an especially close connection with the Fallen Heroes’ Trust – he has lost six comrades on active service, five in Afghanistan in the last 15 months. Both are still active members of the newly formed Territorial Force 2/4 Battalion RNZIR. Their Anzac Day commemoration with mates this year included a toast to fallen service personnel with a bottle of Grunts Grog. .Drinking port was one of the many British traditions adopted when the New Zealand Army was formed in the 19th century. It remains part of New Zealand Army culture.

Aaron Horrell with a bottle of his prized Grunt’s Grog port.

Student artists started with a blank wall Ann-Marie Emerson Wanganui Chronicle

A mural depicting New Zealand’s military history resulted from a chance meeting between the vicepresident of the Wanganui RSA and two fine arts students. Ted Morris came up with the idea of a mural to fill in a blank wall on the side of the Wanganui RSA building after seeing a similar work in Te Horo on the Kapiti Coast. Wanganui RSA president Dan McLeod backed the plan and Morris headed to the UCol Whanganui campus to find an artist. He bumped into secondyear students Cally McKenzie and James Graves who were taking down an exhibition – and the job was theirs. After much planning, researching and discussion with committee members, the pair began painting the Wanganui RSA mural in February, fitting it in between classes. They finished a few days before Anzac Day. The mural has been produced to commemorate all New Zealand servicemen and women, and contains elements from all major international conflicts in which New Zealand armed forces have been involved. The two artists were made honorary members of the RSA when the mural was officially unveiled in May. The unveiling was also used to pass on $1040

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Golf, Bowls, Darts, Snooker, Pool, Table Tennis, Motorcycle Artists James Graves (left) and Cally McKenzie (centre) join Wanganui RSA vice-president Ted Morris at the club’s new RSA mural. Photo: Bevan Conley, Wanganui Chronicle raised by RSA members for the Wanganui Cancer Society. Postcards made of the mural are being sold at the club and around Wanganui. James Graves says that producing the work was a “big commitment” for both Cally McKenzie and him.. However, it has provided great exposure for them, and he says it has led to them being asked to do a mural on the side of the Kai Iwi School, a little southeast of Wanganui

Angel Bay

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arou n d th e club s : P A P A T O E T O E C O S M O P O L I T A N

Changes double the numbers Karen Phelps Membership has doubled – largely by word of mouth – following big changes at the Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club eary this year. Since a series of renovations to the club, around 30 new members a month have joined. The need for the changes was obvious, says club manager Lynne Smith. It was close to 20 years since the last redecoration, and the club was looking dated. The $100,000 upgrade was one year in the planning. One of the biggest changes was moving and refurbishing the gaming room. This area had an old wooden pirate ship built around it, typical of the themed gaming rooms popular in the 1980s. The new facility is extremely modern, with a high-tech blue floor-light, charcoal carpet and suspended ceiling giving a lighter, brighter atmosphere. Punters now have an air-conditioned space in which to play the 16 gaming machines. The sports bar has been repainted in maroon/ cream colours, and the TAB area has been relocated and modernised with magnetic walls and four flatscreen television screens. Moving the TAB area has made room for a much needed bistro dining area complete with tables, menus, wine lists. The improved ambience has seen punters increasingly choosing to dine in this area rather than at the bar, says Lynne. They can now enjoy club classic bar snacks in comfort including hamburgers, french fries, fish and chips and fillet steaks along with a few changing options such as chicken kiev and satay skewers. About a year ago the club employed a new caterer who has revitalised the menu to focus on fresh, in-season produce. Creative menu options might include beef and ale pie and Thai chicken curry. The restaurant serves buffets and an a la carte menu, including a new “all you can eat” buffet served in the sports bar on Sundays for $15 an adult. From 5.30pm to 8.30pm members can enjoy a selection of roast meats, vegetables and desserts. Lynne Smith is now seeking to consolidate as the club looks ahead to its 50th jubilee next April.

The Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan club was created in 1964 when a group of like-minded men in Papatoetoe organised a public meeting with the intention of forming a workingmen’s club. Sixty locals came to the meeting, and the result ws the Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club. The jubilee, which is still in the planning stages, will be celebrated from April 4-6. It will most likely include a cocktail party, a dine and dance, and a luncheon. “The recent changes have made the club far more user-friendly,” says Lynnr. “We’ve had a lot of comments from other clubs and members saying we have the best gaming room they’ve ever seen. “It’s a nice ambient atmosphere and a modern place to be. We are now looking at celebrating the achievements and looking ahead as the club membership continues to grow.”

Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club members enjoy the new TAB (above), the new gaming room, (below), and the new bistro area in the Sports Bar (bottom).

It was close to 20 years since the last redecoration, and the club was looking dated. The $100,000 upgrade was one year in the planning. Gaming Inc is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company selling all brands of gaming equipment. We are proud to have assisted with the design, installation and contributed to the overall success of the new room at the Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club. Gaming machine variety , location and more player space has significantly increased the clubs gaming revenue. With the right mix of privacy and comfort the club has created one of the best gaming rooms in New Zealand for members and guests.

Gaming Inc is the preferred service provider for Ainsworth Game Technology Ainsworth A560

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Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club Dine and Dance every Saturday in our Lounge Bar Restaurant Open every Saturday night from 5.30pm




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50th Ju bilee Cele brations 4th, 5th a nd 6th April 2014

New Members Welcome

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Raetihi ‘big change’ for manager Sue Russell Since taking up the managerial reins at Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club in December, Allan Jamieson has been busy coming to grips with the change of pace in a small rural club. Before moving to Raetihi, nestled between Ohakune and the Wanganui River in the central North Island, he leased a hotel in Waihi. However, club history working goes back to his days as a bar manager in West Auckland. He enjoys hearing about Raetihi’s history from the members...such as the rumours that infamous prison escapee George Wilder may have been involved in the robbery and burning down of the old clubrooms in the late 1970s. “This club is doing as well as you might expect following a tough start of the year with the drought affecting turnover,” he says. “We had a positive AGM; members are passionate about their club, evidenced by the need to have an election for committee members.” He is keen to get stuck into marketing, and hopes to generate new reciprocal visits with other clubs. This presents challenges given Raetihi’s location, but he has his sights on the likes of Taupo, Turangi and Rotorua. He believes the $25 seasonal ski-season club pass is underused, and intends promoting it. The annual Waimarino rodeo comes to town each March, providing opportunity for the club to welcome hundreds of visitors. It’s always the last event before the national rodeo championships, so the competition is tough. “The rodeo is a great way to promote the club,” says Allan. Built in 1997, Raetihi Club is a large modern Lockwood building. It is divided into a loungecum-dining/function room, and main bar areas with

The annual Waimarino rodeo at Raetihi provides the Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club with the opportunity to welcome hundreds of visitors and promote the club,’ says new manager Allan Jamieson, dartboards, snooker and 8 ball tables. The walls are adorned with deer and wild pig trophies. Allan says Shelly, who runs the club bistro and catering operation, has transformed it and is attracting a lot of new people. It’s especially heartening to see so many families using the club’s facilities, he says. Managing a club is not about sitting behind a desk according to him: “I consider it important to pour a drink and I like to get out and involve myself in the club activity.” He has made the finals a couple of times in 8 ball and darts, and says he thinks that members enjoy trying to beat him and like to see him mixing with them. Jamieson says the club gives to the community as well, receiving applications for gaming grants for community projects such as sports uniforms at the local school.

Maniapoto Street • Otorohanga Tel 07 873 8021 • Fax 07 873 8026

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Ron Kuiti a big loss Ohakune Club manager Ron Kuiti, who died suddenly on May 20, 2013, began his career in hospitality as manager of the Mangakino Club in 1998. He moved to the slightly larger Ohakune Club in 2002. Major changes during his time as manager included a new lounge, a larger and more functional bar, and, more recently, a new kitchen and dining room – all huge improvements He was at the forefront of organising and participating in sporting events. There were many enjoyable bus trips to the Wanganui races when Ron organised for the club to sponsor an annual race. He also organised for a TAB terminal to be based at the club – and was happy to pass on hot tips that came his way. His insistence and dedication were critical in helping prevent the Easter Hunt from folding. Ron’s funeral was held in Foxton, which was his home town. He will be sorely missed by his wife Jude, daughters Serena and Jessica, stepson Zach, and his many mates.

Otorohanga readies for 75th birthday The Otorohanga Club turns 75 this year, a milestone that will be celebrated during 2014. A number of activities are being planned to mark the occasion. Secretary manager Mark Davey says the club’s 1800-plus members are very community-spirited – which is reflected in the club’s social and specialinterest sections. These include fishing, golf, outdoor and indoor bowls, snooker, 8 ball, and Gulliver’s Club outings. The RSA is also a section with the club. As a well as a restaurant and bar, the club has a large and popular sports room with two large plasma TV screens, and set up for those barbecues, says Mark.

Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club

WAITOMO CLUB INC • bistro - Wednesday Friday and Saturday • outdoor barbeque area • private function room • gaming room - 18 machines • 2.4m Sky TV Big Screen • ample parking • regular entertainment • TAB Facilities • courtesy coach available

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Meals available Fri, Sat, Sun evenings Snooker, Pool, Euchre, Darts, Outdoor Bowls, Line Dancing, Trap Shooting Sky TV, EFTPOS, Gaming Machines Enjoy Country Hospitality All Welcome P. 06 385 4089 E.

Advertisement: A milestone reached by Aristocrat in New Zealand 2013 marks Aristocrat’s 25th year in the NZ gaming industry, and 60th Anniversary in the Australian gaming market. During this time we have seen the gaming industry evolve from modest beginnings to a complex, global business driven by technology and innovation. Over this time Aristocrat has continued to showcase an alignment to player and market trends via our strongest ever portfolio of games, which continues to expand to meet the ongoing player needs. Aristocrat are also proud to have continued to add value to the industry with a talented Nationwide Service team that has continued to offer outstanding efficiency and value to customers to ensure revenues are maximised and technology is utilised efficiently. Aristocrat has built its reputation on ground breaking standalone product and “best in class” Sales and Service support. This will continue into 2013 and beyond. The recent launch of Lucky StrikeTM – Silver & Gold and Diamond CharmTM – Silver & Gold (both with DSAP Jackpots) as well as Players Choice

Monsters & MagicTM and Players Choice SuperstarsTM, (both with NteactivTM button panel) in the Viridian Wide screen cabinet have been received by both operators and players as a great success. Initial performance data has these games in a majority of venues holding in the top 6 places for turnover, which endorses these games popularity and their playability with customers. The game portfolio will continue to expand as we look forward to revealing additions to the current Silver and Gold game family with a Multi-game being added , new Players Choice packs will be released as well as new DSAP loaded extensions on the popular Golden PyramidsTM and Where’s the GoldTM. These Classic games get modernised with Golden PyramidsTM Legends and Where’s the DiamondsTM both now approved for play in our Viridian WSTM cabinet with static DSAPs and in feature bonuses that add to the players experience. There will be Mark VI cabinet new game releases,


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Jason Faamalepe, National Sales Manager


club s port


Past champ far from past it After a couple of years out of competition, past world darts champion Jannette Jonathan produced a startling comeback to win the Clubs New Zealand women’s singles. The Taumarunui Cosmopolitan Club player narrowly beat competition newcomer Olivia Curreen (West City Darts) in the final in the tournament at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club from July 10-14. Jonathan capped her return with selection in the New Zealand team to play Australia. Curreen, who played consistently well, combined with Colleen Curreen to win the women’s pairs and was third equal in the mixed pairs. The men’s competition also provided some great entertainment with old favourites Monte Tuhua (West City Darts) and multi-title winner Warren Parry (Bluff RSA), returning after a recent shoulder operation, meeting in the final. It went down to a tight last double, Tuhua prevailing four legs to three. Parry went on to take pairs title by a large margin with long-term darts partner Stephen Padget. Tony Ngeru & Toni Toka (Taita RSA) were first-time winners in the men’s pairs, upsetting defending title holders Jonathan Silcock and Selina Baker-Clemas (Wainuiomata RSA). Aslee Regnaud (Taita RSA) won her third junior girls’ title in a row, beating little sister Nicole (Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan) in the final. Women Singles: Jannette Jonathan (Taumarunui Cosmopolitan) 1, Oilivia Curren (West City Darts 2, Charlene Tapaki (Manurewa Cosmopolitan), Polly Luke (Porirua) 3 equal. Plate: Amy Parry (Invercargill WMC) 1, Honey Patuwairua (Manurewa RSA) 2, Kit Bennett (Hamilton WMC), Rotu Peneha (Wainuiomata RSA) 3 equal. Pairs: Olivia & Colleen Curren (West Coast Darts) 1, Tina Osborne & Lorna Wynyard (Gisborne Cosmopolitan) 2, Judy Fenton & Shining Crystal (Whangamata), Kate Keefe & Toni Toka (Taita RSA) 3 equal Plate: Paea Thompson & Michaela Makiha (Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan) 1, Vikki Stewart & Doreen Whakamoe

National competition continues to grow

Jannette Jonathan...back as champion and back in New Zealand colours. (Invercargill WMC) 2, Heather Siebers & Dianne Short (Levin Cosmopolitan ), Margaret Horua & Nicole Regnaud (Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan) 3 equal. Men Singles: Monte Tuhua (West City Darts) 1, Warren Parry (Bluff RSA) 2, Cody Harris ( West City Darts), Grant McGregor (Papakura Cosmopolitan) 3 equal. Plate: Ian Hill (Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan) 1, Brendon Bone (Bluff RSA) 2, Jamie Smith (Tararua), Dean Hollis (South Wairarapa WMC) 3 equal. Pairs: Warren Parry & Stephen Padget (Bluff RSA) 1, Alex & Chas Forster (Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan ) 2, Craig Caldwell & Rob Szabo (Porirua), Darryl Curry & Bryan Jacobsen (Station United Sports Club) 3 equal. Plate: Ron Glavish & Richard Tewhero (West City Darts) 1, Adam MillsJensen and Marty Wilson (Hokitika Chartered Club) 2, Liam Mills-Jensen & Jonathan Robinson (Hokitika Chartered) 3. Mixed

Pairs: Tony Ngeru & Toni Toka (Taita RSA) 1, Jonathan Silcock & Selina Baker-Clemas (Wainuiomata RSA) 2, Neville Herbert & Moana Pierson (Invercargill WMC), Mike Day & Olivia Curreen (West City Darts) 3 equal. Youth Boys: Darren Herewini (Porirua) 1, Adam MillsJensen (Hokitika Chartered) 2, Justyn Hinga 3, Tukino Weko 4.

A total of 195 180s (166 by the men and 29 by the women) and four 170 starts were recorded in the 2013 Clubs New Zealand darts championships. The toughly contested event is increasing in popularity each year, and drew a total of 678 entries this year. Hosted by the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club from July 10-14, this was the 46th tournament. Wayne McBeath, national treasurer of the Chartered Clubs Darts Association, says more provincial and area darts associations are joining ClubsNZ as the competition grows so that they can compete with New Zealand’s best players. The New Zealand teams, formed by tournament winners, the New Zealand team to play in Sydney in late August was: Men – Mark McGrath, Monte Tuhua, Warren French, Rob Szarbo. Women – Wendy Harper, Kit Bennett, Peggy Wikaira, Jannette Jonathan. Youth: Darren Herewini, Liam Mills-Jensen :Girls: Aslee Regnaud (Taita RSA) 1, Nicole Regnaud (Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan) 2, Stacey Heavey, Maddison Parata 3 equal. Other awards Inter-area: Auckland 1, Canterbury 2. Inter-island: Men – North 33 South 21; women North 32 South 28. Aggregate Trophy (club with most wins): West City Darts (Auckland). Best Presented Team Award: Timaru South Cosmopolitan Club. WINNING HANDS: Corey Te Amo (right) with the $4000 winner’s cheque and runner-up Geoff Taylor, who collected $2000 for second, after their success in the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club’s second $10,000 guaranteed texas hold’em poker tournament. Entries, which were limited to 200, closed four days before the tournament. All proceeds went to Upper Hutt Cossie’s 2013 charity, Alzheimers Wellington. The club’s next $10,000 tournament is on September 7.

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cluB sport

Kamo crew has fish on a hook Sandra Moore

Recorder, Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club The Kamo Club was unstoppable at the 2013 Clubs New Zealand national fishing competition, hosted for the first time by the Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club. Kamo Club easily took out the national club trophy with a total of 1375 competition points as well as winning the new Northland Trophy. Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club was second with 864 points and Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club third with 524. A total of 28 boats with 82 anglers from eight clubs, largely from Auckland and Northland, competed in the competition on April 20-21. Clubs NZ provided four trophies: the first tag-and-release fish; heaviest marlin; club with most points; new trophy for the Northland club with the most points. Anglers landed a good catch on the first day, landing or tagging 24 snapper, nine kahawai, three yellowtail kingfish, two mako sharks and a striped marlin. The biggest snapper, at 5.92 kilograms, was caught by Paul Sullivan, from the Kamo Club. The biggest kahawai, at 3.02kg, was caught by Graham Forbes, also from Kamo. The heaviest kingfish was caught by Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club’s promising junior angler, Baily McIntyre, using 8kg line and live koheru bait. The fishing on day two was just as prodigious – another 20 snapper and 10 kahawai weighed in, five makos tagged and released, another kingfish

weighed, and the first trevally caught. At 6.62kg, The heaviest snapper was weighed in at 6.62kg by Richard Broughton (Kamo). The heaviest kahawai (2.5kg) was caught by Chris Needham (Kamo). The kingfish took Grant Hammond (Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club) 15 minutes to boat, using a 6kg line at the harbour entrance, and weighed in at 9.84ograms on six kilogram line. The trevally was landed by Colin Pellowe (Manurewa Cosmopolitan ). Although lots of fish were caught, there were no billfish. Some other categories were not won, but all the prizes went into lucky draws. Clubs NZ Northland representative Denis Conaghan presented the prizes. The competition received plenty of local support from sponsors – UFO Cookers, Stirling Sports (Whangarei), Lion Red Breweries, Kilwell Sports, Daiwa, Hooker Lures, Trixie’s United Travel, Burnsco Marine and Leisure, Fishing News, Kahlua II, Bryce Sims Electrical, Advance Trident Ltd, Warren Hay Marine, Mark Cromie Holden, CT Automotive and Wet & Forget. The trophy for the first fish tagged and released went to 14-year-old Grant Jones (Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club), who caught a mako shark trolling a Kilwell Lumo lure off the Cavalli Islands. Michael Youngman (Quota Club) won a prize for tagging and releasing a striped marlin estimated at 130kg. He caught it with live kahawai bait off Cape Karikari and took 40 minutes to bring it to the boat. The prize for the heaviest kingfish went to Grant Hammond. The snapper prizes were divided into sections

– those caught on monofilament line, and those on a braid line. Richard Brougthon’s 6.62kg fish was heaviest caught on mono, followed by Peter Berry (Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club) 6.36kg. Keith Page (Manurewa Cosmpolotan) caught the heaviest fish on braid (4kg). Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club president Jane Rooke says the competition was such a success it will be hosted by the club for the next two years. “A lot of competitors had never been to Whangaroa before, but they realised there is good fishing here. They all basically said they’d come back next year. We are very proud to host the competition. It showcases Whangaroa and what we have to offer.” PHOTOS Above: Junior angler Sean Mackay and his father, Brett, celebrate Sean’s first kingfish (a 16.24kg specimen). Right: Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club [president Jan Rooke with her new club record fish. She landed a 22.64kg kingfish on a 4kg line. Left: Jane Rooke receives the Lady Jess Trophy from the Lady Jess crew (from left), Peter Saul, Leo Forbes and John Holdsworth.

Upper Hutt trio happy to settle for a draw $50,000 WINNERS: Fred Karehana (left), Sam Awatere (centre) and Selwyn Tipene celebrate their $50,000 bonanza in the Clubs New Zealand TAB draw at the Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club. This was the biggest prize since the jackpot draw was introduced last year. TAB tickets bought at Clubs NZ TAB outlets (not at pubs or agencies) every Saturday up to 5.30pm enter the draw, which is determined by a TAB computergenerated ticket number. The prize for the draw starts at $5000; if is is not claimed, the prize jackpots by $5000 to the following week. The $50,000 draw arose because there were no winners over nine weeks. The trio’s win is the latest in a series of winning strikes that are seeing the Upper Hutt Cossie Club getting a reputation as the luckiest TAB outlet in New Zealand. Over the last 12 months members have won two new cars and close to $100,000 in cash draws.

club sport



Winning foursome bowls into title history Clare Stronach, Jan Low, Pam Calder and Christine Langley made history from July 1-4 in Invercargill. Their fours title at the Clubs New Zealand national women’s indoor bowls championships was the first hometown success for the Invercargill WMC, despite having hosted the event numerous times. Runners-up in the fours were Ann Scott, Ann Caldwell, Val Capil and Pam Treanor (Papanui Club). Two new gold stars – which are awarded for winning five New Zealand titles – were presented this year. The recipients were Debra Warren and Carol Lovell. “It’s a very hard fought competition, so this is a real achievement,” says tournament director Iris Robinson. Carol Lovell and her sister, Trish Lang, combined with their 90-year-old mother, Mary Tetzlaff, in

winning the triples title at Invercargill. The Otorohanga Club threesome headed off Joan Hardy, Gay Lee and Kath Muir (Ashburton Club) in the final. Debra Warren teamed with Kath Arvidson (both from the Papakura Club) to win the pairs title, beating Kathy Gibson and Yvonne Longman (Hamilton WMC) in the final The singles winner was Sue Hackett (Castlecliff Club, Wanganui), ahead of Marilyn Baskiville (Mangere Cosmopolitan) A total of 220 competitors, from clubs spread between Auckland and Southland, came to Invercargill to fight for titles. “It’s a very special competition as there is camaraderie at club competitions you don’t see in other sports events,” says Iris Robinson. “People are bowling for the honour of their club.”

Left: The winning Invercargill WMC four celebrate their success: from left, Clare Stronach (skip), Jan Low, Pam Calder and Christine Langley.

Southern father-son combo in top mix at Tauranga Father and son Graham and Gary Low just kept on popping up at the sharp ends in the Clubs New Zealand men’s indoor bowls championships. The Invercargill WMC pair collected one title, four runnerup results and a third. The event – at the Tauranga Citizens’ Club from June 16-21 – drew 250 players from 43 clubs, and produced a particularly high level of competition, says tournament convener Betty Soole. Results: Comfort Air Conditioning singles: Graham Low (Invercargill WMC) 1, Gary Low (Invercargill WMC) 2, Mike Bryant (Rotorua Citizens), Owen Baker Hamilton (WMC) 3 equal. Specsaver Pairs: Jason & Danny Moore (Palmerston North Cosmopolitan) 1, Gary Low and Warwick Gray (Invercargill WMC) 2, David Mealings & Ron Carran (Timaru Town & Country), David

Hamilton & Alan Booth (Papakura Club) 3 equal. BNZ triples: Roger Andrews, Jason Parker & Kevin McDowell (Pukekohe Cosmopolitan) 1, Ray Ayris, Kevin Colpus & Peter Anderson (Manurewa Cosmopolitan) 2, Gary Low, Graham Low & Stewart Brown (Invercargill WMC), Graeme Hopkins, Brian Wooten and Paul Walker (Waitomo Club) 3 equal. Heartland Bank fours: David Philpott, Mike King, Alan Quirke & Richard Hamilton (Hornby WMC) 1, Gary Low, Gray, Steven Langley & Stewart Brown (Invercargill WMC) 2, Jason Parker, Kevin Orsbourne, Kevin McDowell & Bryan Duffin (Pukekohe Cosmopolitan), Mike Bryant, Sam Bryant, Nathan Bryant & Lee Sanderson (Rotorua Citizens) 3 equal. Aggregate Teams Trophy: Palmerston North Cosmopolitan (David James, Danny Moore, Jason Moore & Ross Stewart) 1, Invercargill WMC 2. Next year’s event will be at Club Waimea, Nelson.

“ It’s extraordinary… if we order postmix syrups from Fountain before 10.00am we receive them the same day”! Says Stuart Reid, Manager of the Tauranga Citizens Club. The Tauranga Citizens Club is a very busy, very active club with something happening for its 4800 members nearly every day of the year. Activities include Dancing, 8 Ball, Darts, Euchre and 500 Card Clubs, Golf, Indoor and Outdoor Bowls, Travel and Walking Clubs and much more. The club has three bars and lounges, Bistro bar food and a very popular licensed restaurant upstairs which is open to the public and available for functions. “We have a very large number of people using the club facilities, both members and public alike. Two of the bars run three Fountain postmix guns each, and the other has one”, says Stuart. “ We don’t use bottles mixes and just keep a few cans of diet on hand.” Stuart says, “We changed over to Fountain Drinks about 2 years ago. I initiated the changeover primarily because our equipment was old and tired and needed upgrading. It was getting to the end of its life in terms of reliability and maintenance. We had made the decision to purchase brand new

Eyes down and looking...a study in concentration on a final end during the fours at the Clubs New Zealand national indoor bowls.


postmix equipment. We chose Fountain for postmix primarily on price, and any concern we had regarding mixer taste was quickly put to rest. Out of all our members and the many people who use our restaurant for meals or functions, we have had no complaints about drink quality.” The club president Stephen (Chook) Hawkings told us during the interview his favourite drink is bourbon and “L&P.” He told us he can’t taste the difference between “L&P” and the equivalent which comes straight from the Fountain Drinks postmix gun. “And here’s the extraordinary thing, says Stuart, “We are in Tauranga, Fountain in Auckland. If we order replacement syrups on their 0800 number before 10.00am, new supplies are received the same day. I think that takes some beating!”




s p o r t : N E W Z E A L A N D ma s t e r s game s

Left: Futsal supporters claim that more Brazilians now play the sport than play soccer. Futsal, an indoor version of soccer, will debut in the New Zealand Masters Games in Dunedin in February. Lower left: Central Otago is the powerhouse of New Zealand curling, so perhaps locals could claim an advantage.

Mix of new and old planned for NZ Masters Top Team, Tough Master, Ultimate, rugby 10s and futsal aren’t exactly household sports in this country. But they’ll be part of the Southern Trust New Zealand Masters Games in Dunedin from February 1-9 next year. Games manager Vicki Kestila says Top Team is a team event based on the Top Town television programme from a few years back, Tough Master is a ‘mud sweat and tears’ obstacle challenge for those who like to get dirty, and Ultimate is a team disc-sport competition. Rugby tens is not as fast paced than sevens and leads to fewer injuries than 15-a-side, so has more attraction for older players, she says. Incidentally, 10s is thriving in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Futsal, an indoor version of soccer, has gathered popularity to the point where it is claimed that more Brazilians now play futsal than soccer. However, she is also quick to confirm that the



to and from all local hotels and motels conditions apply

0800 4774545

118 High Street, Dunedin | R20

old favourites will be there...track and field, half marathons, long-distance walking, cycling, cricket, hockey, netball and basketball, ice hockey, petanque and curling. And for the ‘intellectuals’, the more sedate and the less athletic, a wine-options event, poker, euchre and bridge are on the table. “We are also committed to colourful events where people have fun and are encouraged to dress up as outrageously as they wish. Twilight 400 must be one of the most popular: run over two nights, people are bussed to venues for 10-pin bowling, shooting, curling and darts. They’re all sports anyone can have a go at – no experience needed.” In a throwback to the ways of the old world, the games village will be back in its traditional home at the University of Otago. Vicki Kestila maintains games stalwarts love the atmosphere and the convenience of the campus – and yes, she says,

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s p o r t : N E W Z E A L A N D ma s t e r s game s


From page 12 they can count on a line-up of nightly entertainment. The age criteria for competitors varies with sports, but is generally 30 and over. Many participants are very competitive, but skill and experience is not so important. “The spirit of the Games is all about taking part and having a go,” says Vicki. Spectators will be able to get a supporter’s pack with an accreditation pass for all venues and village entertainment, plus a complimentary sports bag. Vicki, who is making her Masters Games management debut, was involved with local logistcis for the 2011 World Cup rugby. She says the organisers expect more than 6000 participants in Dunedin in February. The small group of games staff is boosted by around 800 sports coordinators and volunteers. “Now’s the time for people to put their hand up if they want to be involved. It’s just like being part of a big family – it’s good fun.” Sponsors include the Southern Trust, the Dunedin City Council, the Otago Community Trust, Suzuki, the New Zealand Community Trust, Pub Charity, Konica Minolta, the Otago Daily Times, and Interislander. Information: 0800 303500 (free phone);;

A small sample of what you can expect to see at the NZ Masters Games in Dunedin in February...left, netball; centre, road cycling; right, tennis

• Excellent collection of NZ Antiques • Garden of International Significance • Accommodation Options Available

• Café and Gift Shop • Last Entry 5pm

Camp Road, Otago Peninsula, PO Box 1350, Dunedin, New Zealand Ph 476 1616 Fax 476 1574 email




s p o r t : s o u t h i s l and ma s t e r s game s

Ian walks the the ‘masters spirit’ talk Neil Grant At 99, Ian Mathieson, from Picton, epitomises the spirit of masters’ games. That you are never too old to take part. “You don’t have to belong to a club or be nominated to enter, or to get a team together for many of the sports,” says Rita Merriman, manager of the South Island Masters’ Games, to be staged in Nelson from October 5-13. “A lot of sports have both competitive and social grades, so you could just go along and try something for the first time in your life.” There you are: If you’re past 30, have even a vaguely competitive nature, and like the idea of spending a bit of spring in Nelson, this might be just the ticket. “Three thousand, one hundred participants is the target,” says Rita Merriman, adding that 18 months of work has already gone organising the event. Saxton Field and Saxton Stadium, in Stoke, just south of Nelson City, will be the base for at least half of the 50 or so events. “We’ve taken on board feedback from the last

A lot of sports have both competitive and social grades, so you can try something for the first time in your life.

games and we’ll have a centralised games village at Saxton Field,” says Rita. “It will be the heartbeat of the games. There will be a large marquee for the social functions, a bar and cafe with live music, and themed party nights.” While accommodation will be spread over the broader Nelson area in backpackers, motels, hotels and friends’ houses in Stoke, Richmond,

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Above: Picton walker Ian Mathieson, who will be 99 at this year’s South Island Masters Games, out training with his grandson. Photo:

South Island

Masters Games 5 - 13 OCTOBER 2013 So, what have karting (above) and euchre (below) got in common? They’re both done sitting down, and they’re both in the South Island Masters Games. Photos: shuttersport.

s p o r t : s o u t h i s l and ma s t e r s game s


We want everyone to have a go – organiser From page 14 Tahuna and the city, participants will be well fed and hydrated at the bar, she says. “At the end of each day, competitors and supporters can come in, have drink, a meal, and discuss the day’s play.” Competitors do not have to be regularly active, although many are. There is a strong competitive streak among many of the athletes, some of whom have taken part in this and other masters’ games for

years. Disc-golf, mini-golf, a quiz night and darts are events where the emphasis is on having fun and mixing with other people. Some events – such as archery, equestrian, dodgeball (which everyone will have played way back in the olden days at primary school), mountain biking and power lifting – are great to watch, and add colour the whole show. “We want everyone to have a go,” says Rita. “There are lots of things to do before and after the games, too.”

All sports will be open to the public to watch and cheer, to celebrate successes, and groan in sympathy at the stumbles. Supporters and others who want to watch can, for a $40 fee, get a supporter’s pack which gives them an accreditation pass, sports bag, handbook and entry to all games social functions. Information on the games, sports, registration, and how to volunteer to help:; 03 9232311. PHOTOS There’s always plenty of options at the South Island Masters Games. Anti-clockwise from bottom left: yachting; rhythmic gymnastics; bowls; road running; skeet shooting; women’s rugby. And as Rita Merriman says, ‘There are lots of things to before and after the games, too.’

The “Best Island” Golf Course in New Zealand Proud to host SIMG Events. Greenacres Golf Club welcomes casual golfers with fair green fees and new members both short and long term in all grades with membership rates to suit. Golf Shop P: 03 544 6441 E: Golf Club P: 03 544 8420 Best Island, Richmond, Nelson





Players, organisers lay their skills on the table Given the requirement to have a minimum of 20 tournament tables, the annual Clubs New Zealand National 8 Ball Championships is arguably one of the most difficult events to organise and prepare for. The major issues the New Plymouth Club will face in running the week-long event, from September 30 to October 5, are logistical, and largely generated by the tournament’s historical success. As the premier event on the Clubs NZ 8 ball calendar, the National has often attracted more than 300 players – and the New Plymouth Club is hoping for record fields in both pairs and singles. Transporting the tables to the host club presents a set of unique demands, Each table is more than seven feet long and

JEFF BULLUS previews this year’s Clubs New Zealand National 8 Ball Championships, which will be decided in New Plymouth in the last week of September. He is a member of the Clubs NZ 8 Ball Association executive and will be the 2013 tournament convener. made from high-quality, imported Italian slate. Very often there is limited access to the games room and there is always a reliance on the weather for the opportunity to assemble tables without drenching the newly-installed English woollen cloth. Each table weighs 250kg-plus, and eight to 10 able-bodied helpers, along with a suitably sized forklift, are needed to help in the initial set-up. The position, lighting and equipment must all meet a set standard, and sponsors’ signs must be displayed

Peter Kingi eyes a national title at New Plymouth.

prominently. All tables are allocated a number to ensure that play can start at set times with a minimum of fuss or confusion. The tables are all built to meet Clubs NZ’s criteria, says John Stewart, sales manager of Pot Black New Zealand, which is supplying the Tournament Edition tables for this year’s event. After many years of building and supplying pool tables for licensed outlets, Pot Black entered the competitive end of the industry about six years ago. Stewart describes the experience of meeting the expectations and close scrutiny of so many players as incredibly challenging! There has been a change to the format for pairs play this year and it will be interesting to see New Zealand’s best playing the already highly popular alternate shot, national rules. In spite of much advice to the contrary, the administration team was resolute that the introduction of alternate shot pairs play would help speed up the game and make for a more exciting and viewer-friendly style of play. The use of this format has already seen a 30% reduction in the length of matches. For the first time , the average time taken to play a game of singles has surpassed the average time for doubles. As a bonus, players are now equally responsible for the performance of the team, and it is envisaged this awareness of time will eventually make everyone consciously adhere to the 30-second rule. Junior membership players are into their third year of

playing this format in the Kellaway Cup event at their own national championship. Team events including regional play-offs, will also be part of this year’s tournament. Representatives of the Northern, Central, Southern areas are selected from a cross-section of players – juniors, masters, men and women from both the championship and trophy event ranks. Each player receives a shirt in regional colours (supplied by DG Sports) as part of the prize for being selected, and the event is contested in front of a crowd of usually very vocal onlookers and supporters. The national champs is a collaborative effort by Clubs NZ and its contracted administrative team to bring players of all levels of ability together for a week of intensive competition in more than 10 divisions. • Entry forms for the Clubs NZ national 8 ball championship are available on line.

RCR Haden are proud to have been involved with the upgrade of the New Plymouth Club & for the ongoing maintenance of the HVAC systems. T 769 6831 F 769 6832 19 Hurlstone Drive , Fitzroy NP

Carrington Motel Close to all venues. Clean, comfortable, affordable accommodation. Lots of Parking. 16 units, can accommodate small group to big group up to 65 people or more. We can also provide cooked breakfast. Please contact us anytime for group booking and ofcourse we give a discount on group booking.

Ph: 0800 779 431

Check online or view live in play at Clubs NZ 8 Ball Nationals September 30 - October 5 2013 New Plymouth Club

Ph: 06 758 9261 |

N E W PLY M OUT H , S E PT E M B E R 3 0 - o CTO B E R 5



New facilities cue in national champs Jeff Bullus

Two to watch for... Molrudee Kaseem (left) and Ian Rowley (far right).

Des strengthens case for youth Local interest at the Clubs New Zealand National 8 Ball championships in New Plymouth will centre on their highly talented junior champion, Des Wilcox. In winning the North Island Open from a field including most of the country’s top players, he not only earned himself a cue from perennial Clubs NZ sponsor Power Glide Cues, but also presented a compelling case for junior membership to be an essential new direction for ClubsNZ 8 ball is very popular with younger members of clubs and the annual junior championship continues to grow in size and interest. The talent being amongst younger players is seen as a major help in securing the future of 8 ball. And many clubs have already gained benefits from introducing membership at an early age. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to convince more clubs that junior membership should hold no fears, and that if we don’t capture this market now, someone else will and the long-term effects on membership could be adverse.

Des Wilcox...a local, and young.

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Contestants at the 2013 Clubs New Zealand National 8 Ball Championship will enjoy the new fruits of a $1.6 million development at the New Plymouth Club. Stage 2 of an even bigger project, the latest facilities include a new air conditioning unit, extensions to the bistro, and an bisto menu and acoustic ceiling, says the club’s general manager, Lindsay Campbell.. The new bistro will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day during the tournament, and plenty of live music will be provided. The New Plymouth Club has a record of hosting large events successfully. To complement an idyllic setting looking out to the Tasman Sea, the club has arranged for special licensing authority, discounted breakfasts, nightly entertainment from bands, texas hold’em poker, daily prize draws (bar tabs), and an assortment of speed ball and snowball competitions. The options for spectators and players to entertain themselves will include 18 pokie machines, six snooker tables, practice pool tables, a manned TAB, and a restaurant and dining room. Internet will be available for anyone and the CBD of New Plymouth is less than 100 metres from the main entrance. A Calcutta draw will run on the pairs and singles events. This is always popular and well supported, with the opportunity for syndicates to buy their favourite players and gain the bounty when they win. Clubs running a Clubs New Zealand national 8 ball championship carry a responsibility well beyond the actual event. The importance of sporting activities within the Clubs NZ organisation is often debated and the significance of sport in attracting membership is difficult to assess. But undoubtedly, any activity that attracts new membership has value. A successful event helps reinforce the collective efforts of the hard-working club individuals who voluntarily give their time and effort to ensure adjunct activities continue to be supported and patronised. The success of a Clubs NZ sports event

is determined by three key components - the participants, the administration, and the host. Each is of equal importance to ultimate success and to the continuing welfare of the sport. They are like legs of a tripod: they must work in unison to achieve the best performance. An event will fall short if even one leg fails or has to shoulder an uneven share of the load. The administrative role for club 8 ball and darts has always been the domain of enthusiastic volunteers and avid supporters. Both have evolved to fit the needs of participants and host clubs. The administration of a Clubs NZ 8 ball tournament has undergone profound and dramatic changes over 30-plus years of evolution, resulting in a home-grown format to suit the specific needs of the event, the competitors and the clubs. As a result, many regular competitors have remained loyal supporters for more than two decades, but the sport has continued to capture newer and younger audiences as well. It is now patronised by a blend of young and old, male and female, novices and seasoned, habitual competitors representing the best talent on offer. Many of 8 ball’s most ardent supporters were originally sceptical about a version of pool in which a snooker is considered a foul; but they were converted quickly once they played at a competitive level. The systems and procedures, the rules, the overall design and the specifications of the tables are interwoven to produce a style of play that, despite numerous challenges, has maintained its popularity when other forms of the sport have faded or died.

New Plymouth Club 47-57 Gill St, Ph 06 758 0927 e-mail: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner available in Bistro throughout the Clubs NZ National 8 Ball Tournament: 30th September - 5th October 2013 Seaview Bistro open Tuesday - Sunday for Lunch & Dinner - Closed Monday • Full TAB facilities, gaming machines • Seafront outdoor balcony Enjoy the spectacular views of the Tasman Sea and New Plymouth foreshore.

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Reservations 0800 757 2925 or book online

Reservations: 0800 654 800 or BOOK ON LINE:

25 Beach St, Fitzroy, New Plymouth. Ph 06 757 2926

• Walking distance to shops, restaurants, Pukekura Park and the walkway • Wireless broadband available

Cnr Eliot & Leach Streets, New Plymouth. Ph 06 758 0922

• Located in the heart of the city • An easy stroll to the shops, restaurants, waterfront walkway & Pukekura Park • Studios to family suites • Conference facilities • Fully air-conditioned • Wireless internet Freephone: 0800 107 008 or Book online 54 Brougham Street, New Plymouth. Ph 06 757 9954



A R O U N D T H E C LU B s : S O U T H W A I K AT O - B AY O F P L E N T Y

They’re having an 8 ball in Tokoroa Sue Russell

Contestants in the Clubs New Zealand national 8 ball tournament take time out to refuel (above and lower left), then get down to business (lower right) at the Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club. Some players backed up a week later in the Masters tournament, which was also played at the Tokoroa Cossie Club.

Robyn Norman just loves her job as Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club secretary/manager, and her enthusiasm for seeing the club flourish is carried in every word. “Though I only started early March this year, my association with the club as a committee member and being responsible for entertainment has made the transition to the role easy.” . She’s the busy mother of five children, aged from 21 to four – proof enough of her ability to organise. Two events she’s proud to have been involved in have been the Clubs New Zealand national women’s and Masters 8 ball tournaments in July. “It has been brilliant to host the 8 ball tournaments here. Jeff Bullus and Wiki Tamati were the organisers, and I really enjoyed helping out behind the scenes with things like sponsorship and advertising.” The women’s event attracted 120 entries, and while most came from the North Island, there were some from Invercargill.

“The women’s 8 ball was an awesome, awesome event. They were a great bunch of women and it was especially thrilling for us to find two Tokoroa Cosmopolitan Club women in the singles finals.” Following the prize-giving on the final night, a ‘Blast from the Past’ made up of keen 8 ball players provided the entertainment and finished the event off on a high. A week later, the Masters was under way with 120 men and women, all over 50, registered. Robyn says that over those two weeks she met some amazing people, some of whom will remain lifelong friends – especially those involved in the Masters, whom she describes as “a wonderful group of people.” “Some of the ladies returned to play in the Masters and it was great to see them back. We put on two courtesy vans to ferry competitors to and fro from the club to their accommodation. The whole event gave Tokoroa a real boost during winter.” The Cossie Club has a membership of 900 “good steady numbers”, as Robyn puts it. Adjunct life is full-on, the real heart and soul of the club. Activities extend over 8 ball, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, euchre, fishing and golf. She is busy formulating an inter-adjunct competition with the aim of encouraging members to try new sports. Something else special about the club, and which she values highly, is the backbone of incredibly hard working and loyal staff members who have made it possible for her to take up the management role so well. “Barbie Shailer, our bar manager, has been with us for 18 years and we have a great team of committee members and staff.” Robyn aims to have entertainment at the club every two weeks. She says that when the big bands come in, the response from patrons and non-patrons alike is really positive. She describes the club as being in a very good, solid place. “We just have a lot of fun and enjoy one another.’s company.”

Good to be back after 12 years – manager Sue Russell • Frangipani Restaurant open Wednesday - Saturday • Big Screen Sky Digital TV • 18 Gaming Machines • Courtesy Van Wednesday - Friday • 8 Ball, Snooker, Darts, Indoor and Outdoor Bowls, • Fishing, Golf, Euchre Home of NZ’s 8 Ball champions

Balmoral Drive, Tokoroa Ph: 07 886 4066

There’s a lot happening at the Taupo Cosmopolitan Club, which approaches its 45th birthday next year. “We’ve recently developed a dedicated indoor bowls area adjacent to the main club lounge,” says manager Allan Miller. “The last stage of the current redevelopment is the new canopy over the front entrance.” As required by legislation the club is also installing a downloadable jackpot for gaming; this is due to be running by December 2015. “It will add to the players’ experience, with winnings downloaded directly to their cards,” says Allan. He knows the Taupo Cossie well. He worked at the club 12 years ago before leaving for stints with Princess Cruises and the Civil Aviation Authority. When the opportunity came up to return, he seized it as a chance to lead the club in a new era of growth and development. He says it’s good to be back at Taupo Cossie and to see the club continue to evolve. Membership stands at 5500 – a healthy number due in part to the club’s 2009 decision to reduce the subscription

to $10 a year, (akin to the price of a couple of large coffees). The process to become a member has also been streamlined, bypassing the usual formal approval path of having applicants considered and approved for membership by the executive. “We’re about making it fast and easy to be part of our club, and it has been a good thing to introduce.” In a move to create more interest and anticipation, the Friday-night membership draw now increases by $500 when not won. The Tuesday-night draw continues to grow in $200 amounts when not struck to a maximum of $2000, The upstairs function room, which is popular for weddings, 21sts and other celebrations – has full bar and catering facilities, can seat up to 175 people, and has access via a lift and stairs. Several staff and committee members are long serving. Margie Harris and Margaret Brightwell have

been looking after members’ needs for more than 18 years, bar manager Deb Wilson has been with the club for 21 years, and Greg McIntosh is into his 15th year as president. “The club remains in close contact with the Taupo community through its distribution of gaming proceeds,” says Allan Miller. “For example, every school in the Taupo area receives an annual grant from the club, and we support many other activities involving diverse groups and individuals.” The club was founded in 1969 following initial meetings the year before. The original clubrooms were in Ruapehu St. The 70 pioneering members were invited to nominate new members and numbers grew quickly to 300, who were officially considered foundation members. New premises were bought in 1982, and new clubrooms were built on the same site in the mid-’80s.

Taupo Cosmopolitan Club Membership

ONLY $10 Taupo Cosmopolitan Club • Taniwha Street • Phone 07 378 4048 Open Mon-Sat 11am, Sun 1.30pm • lunch 12-2pm • dinner from 5.30pm

  Full TAB

 18 Gaming Machines

 Membership Draws

The school’s in: Taupo Cossie euchre adjunct loyalists lay their cards on the table.

A R O U N D T H E C L U B s : s outh waikato / bay of plenty



Ohope brings on Bonnie & Clyde Karen Phelps It may be a small, local club, but the Ohope Chartered Club manages to deliver a lot more than people expect through top-class facilities that would not be out of place in big cities, says club manager Mike Williams. “A lot of people tell us we really over-deliver for such a small place,” he says. With around 1500 members and growing, the club provides a focal point for people to come together. It is renowned for its entertainment, says Mike. There are regular live shows performed by local and overseas acts, and the club’s fun themed-nights have included medieval and country and western themes. And, on September 28, it’ll be the turn of Bonnie and Clyde to regain the limelight in a ‘20s-style extravaganza complete with giveaways, prizes and music. The club will be decked out and members will dress in the style of the era.

“People really like to get dressed up, especially the younger members,” says Mike Williams. The surrounding area is a drawcard for visitors from other clubs. Ohope Beach was voted ‘New Zealand’s best beach’ in an on-line poll initiated by the Green Party; more than 18,000 votes were cast. And the Whakatane district has become New Zealand’s sunshine capital after recording the most sunshine hours for 2012. Mike says there’s plenty of local accommodation, activities such as walking, hunting and fishing, and the Ohope International Golf Club, which offers players sea and harbour views. The Ohope Chartered Club itself looks over the ocean to White Island in the distance. Its sevenday-a-week bistro is complemented by the C’Vue Restaurant, offering full table service Wednesday to Saturday nights, and a Sunday buffet (an all-youcan-eat roast with a salads and steamed vegetables, plus dessert, tea/coffee for $22 to members). There are plans to upgrade some of the 16 gaming machines by the end of the year. The club also has a self-service TAB.

PHOTOS They certainly know how to dress up at the Ohope Chartered Club – and have a good time while they’re at it. Themed nights have provided a lot of fun and entertainment among the club’s 1500 members. Themes have included Abba (above, left), country and western (above, middle) and medieval (above right). Next, on September 28, Bonnie and Clyde will have another turn in the spotlight.

Regular Events Wednesday Quiz night Thursday Membership Draw


Friday 8 ball night Sunday 3 Course Buffet

TAB - Gaming Machines, Sky Big Screen C’Vue Restaurant with Superb menu - Superb views & Outdoor entertainment area.

C’Vue Restaurant Bookings 07 312 5808 A Ia Carte Wed - Sun from 6pm Bistro open 7 days

Fishing, national conference on the agenda at Rotorua Sue Russell Richard Hyland describes himself as multi-skilled. When Interclub rang, the Rotorua Citizens’ Club secretary manager was busy working in the kitchen. “I’ve been with Rotorua Citz for seven years, but have had nearly 30 years in the hospitality game. Along the way I’ve acquired all sorts of skills, including cooking.” He says the club is in a very good situation, thanks in part to the decision two years ago to convert redundant upstairs space into accommodation – a first for a club. Membership has thrived in the seven years he’s been at the helm, rising from 593 to 4300. Accommodation extends over 18 rooms (each with 50-channel TV, bathroom facilities and a small fridge), and demand is strong, creating “another string to our bow”, says Richard. “We have doubled turnover and now we’re looking at making use of our thermal water supply to put in a thermal pool. My sights are set on having that project completed in 12 months.” Coming up in October the club will host a trout fishing competition – for the seventh time. There were 116 entrants last year when Steve Wright (a local) won the $2000 with a beauty 4.215kg rainbow. “I don’t know the numbers yet for entries, but if last year is anything to go by, it will be a great event,” says Richard. “We have major sponsorship, to the tune of $20,000, in retail prizes.” The club is also organising next year’s Clubs New Zealand national conference at the Rotorua Convention Centre from March 20-22. Plans include a ‘dine and show’ featuring a group of entertainers. Around 450 are expected. “Accommodation was booked out in one hour of the announcement the conference would be

Registration - Wednesday Oct 30th.

A fisherman’s moment of peace and quiet. in Rotorua. That speaks for itself in terms of how strategically sound the decision was to provide rooms at the club.” Rotorua Citizens’ is a stone’s throw from the centre of town, within cooey of restaurants and attractions. Three club courtesy vans run every day from 4pm to closing, and the 18 pokie machines provide a significant financial stream.. The restaurant operates every day as well, for lunch and dinner. The $10 lunch, including dessert, (between noon and 2pm)$10 lunch) is popular, as is Sunday brunch (8am-2pm). “We’re a club that bends over backwards to make patrons and guests feel welcome,” says Richard. “Part of my job is to look to the future and to look at the development of the club, but the service we provide every day is of paramount importance to me.”

2012 Winner Steve Wright caught a 4.215kg Rainbow Jack from Lake Rotoiti

DAY 1: Thursday 31ST OCT DAY 2: Friday 1ST NOV DAY 3: Saturday 2ND NOV + Price Giving



A R O U N D T H E c LU B s : W A I K AT O -T H A M E S

Getting behind the bar keeps manager in touch Donna Sheehan blends working behind the bar and managing a vibrant club. And the Cambridge Cosmopolitan Club secretary/manager takes the mix in her stride. “I love working on the bar because, before I became the manager, I was bar manager for nine years,” she says. “It is really important to me to keep my hand in. It means I’m interacting directly with members, and I’m not just in the office all the time.” Club numbers continue to increase – which, she says is the result of people becoming more aware of the club’s excellent bar prices, and the whole ‘family-friendly’ environment she and her staff have worked hard to promote. Associate membership entitles the holder to up to 25 visits each year; full membership is set at $50, and over-60s pay $40. The club provides plenty of ways for members to get involved, with golf, snooker, 8 ball, euchre, a friendship club for older members, and an ‘old and bold’ adjunct (its members get out and visit other clubs, and have trips and fun-days) among the options. “They’re a hard-case group of people,” says

Donna. “The old-and-bolds range in age from 18 years to some in their 70s. They make sure they have a lot of fun.” . She describes the club’s staff as ‘excellent’ and the backbone of the club. Six part-timers help with bar duties; Donna handles the administration, and has the help of an accountant when required. The president and club committee also help in all sorts of ways. Income from the 14 pokie machines has remained very steady, enabling the club to give out grants to its adjuncts as well as sponsor two netball teams. “Both the netball teams are doing really well this season and we’ve found new members have joined our club through this sponsorship,” says Donna. The netballers managed a men v women match this year as ”a bit lot fun”. “I think the reason why our club is doing so well is a whole team effort<’ she says. “Our members are a fantastic group of people who enjoy one another’s company, and the people working at the club really care about it.” Cambridge Cosmopolitan club is in Leamington. The restaurant is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and a courtesy van runs on those nights.

Some of the Ohinemuri Club’s 450 members gather for a drink in the lounge.

Ohinemuri broadens its outlook In a bid to widen entertainment options for members, the Paeroa-based Ohinemuri Club is starting to come up with some novel concepts. Apart from booking more live bands the club has also organised a comedy show and a mid-winter Christmas dinner function. According to manager Kristie Tauhiri, it is also part of a drive to encourage more younger members to join the club’s established patrons. A popular initiative has been a Friday after-work bar special from 5pm-7pm. The the aim is to help people wind down at the end of a busy week and prepare for the weekend, says Kristie. The Ohinemuri Club, which has around 450 members, has a full-service TAB and big-screen televisions tuned to the Sky sport channel. There is also a games room, equipped with pool tables, and a lounge area.

The club’s 12 gaming machines include the topof-the-line IGT Multistar Megastar 3 and Gold Fever. Kristie Taukiri says the club is proud to offer the budget conscious region good beer at a good price. And, she says, the bistro restaurant’s menu is very family oriented, offers great value, and includes staple club favourites such as lamb shanks, steak, and fish and chips. It serves meals from 5.30pm to 8.30pm Thursday to Saturday. A recent drive offering half-price membership until the end of the year was successful in attracting new members, she says. Cyclists on the Hauraki Rail Trail circuit have also begun drifting through the doors. “The club provides a nice relaxed environment where people can pop in for a quick drink or meal. It’s a family-friendly atmosphere with great prices. We really get to know all our members and it’s a place where you will always get a friendly ‘Hello’.

JUST MOVED TO THE AREA Join us at the Ohinemuri Club for fun, socialising and relaxation The Ohinemuri Chartered Club is committed to providing a venue where members, their guests and affiliated club members can relax and enjoy themselves in a friendly and safe environment. All your favourite beers on tap, good selection of wine, Full TAB facilities, Gaming area, Big screen TV’s, Restaurant. Club NZ members, affiliated clubs and guests welcome.

Princes St. Paeroa | Ph. 07 862 7987

Will White and Sergio Schuler celebrate their Anzac of the Year award with their wider family, and representatives from the Waihi & Beach Police and the Waihi Beach Surf Club, and the Manawaru School and Waihi College principals. Paul Schuler and Nicole Clare are immediately to Will’s left; Vivian and Anthony Schuler are the back immediately to Sergio’s right. Photo: Mike Hill Photography.

RSA salutes teenage heroes From page 3 The parents were told of the award a week ahead of the presentation, but had to keep it under wraps from the boys until the day before. Will and Sergio were told that Waihi Beach RSA president Maurice Rimmer was visiting homes to speak to young people about the meaning of Anzac Day and that he would be coming to see them. “Maurice arrived at our house with a Seven Sharp cameraman and reporter, and sat down to chat with the boys, who still had no idea what was coming,” says Nicole. “Then he started to talk about the Anzac of the Year award, and told the boys they had won it. They were lost for words and over the next few days came to realise what a huge honour it was.” For the next year the boys will share the stunning bronze statuette based on the famous Man with the donkey Gallipoli image. They were also presented with bronze medallions and a junior membership to the Waihi Beach RSA. Despite the happy outcome, Vivian Schuler – who taken her family, Will and a friend to the beach for a swim – remembers the situation as “every mum’s worst nightmare”, “At the time we were all in rescue mode and focused on saving Vincent (Shao). To know the boys had brought him in and that he was going to survive was fantastic.

“But later on, it hit home that the situation could have gone the other way. The boys had to go way out past the back breakers, putting their own lives at risk to save him.” She says it was lucky both Sergio and Will were strong swimmers who have been brought up to handle the surf. Will also has three years of surf lifesaving experience. “My husband, Anthony, has always taken the children out deep, as we believe they should be confident in the water and not get scared or panic out there. But for the boys to prove it in that form is pretty special.” When they got home, she called Nicole and Paul to tell them about the rescue. “My immediate reaction was ‘Are the boys all right?’,” says Nicole. “I felt quite emotional for a few days afterwards, and extremely grateful there weren’t three fatalities. But at the same time I was so proud of what they achieved. I don’t think it’s something every 12-year-old boy could do.” The rescue gained the attention of national and international media, with the boys’ effort judged the New Zealand surf lifesaving rescue of the month and, later, rescue of the year. “The boys have been on TV1, TV3, done radio interviews, received letters from MPs, congratulation cards, emails, and comments on Facebook,” says Nicole. “Someone even sent $5 to each for them to buy an ice cream.”

Waihi Beach talent quest into third year The Waihi Beach RSA will host its third Waihi’s Got Talent in September. The event is aimed at local school children, and is run in three sections. Each winner receives $200, and a further $1000 is donated to each of the winner’s schools. One of New Zealand’s newest RSAs, Waihi Beach commands a view over the sea to Mayor Island and Mt Maunganui. The club is 10 minutes’ drive from Waihi and 45 minutes north from Tauranga. Its 160-seat restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner. The speciality is the evening roast,

which comes a choice of three sizes. Lunches are popular – $9 from Monday to Saturday, with a $13 buffet on Sunday. The club caters for weddings, reunions and other functions. It hosted the New Zealand RSA golf tournament over four days last October.

Cambridge Cosmopolitan Club

All Welcome • Restaurant Thurs - Sat • Groups & functions by arrangement • Music most Fridays • Big screen • 14 Pokies • 11 sub clubs • TAB Cambridge Cosmopolitan Club Burns Street Leamington Ph: 827 7006 Where things happen

• Big Screen TVs • Gaming Machines • TAB • ATM • Live Entertainment • Courtesy bus 7 days summer, winter Thurs - Sat Gunners View Restaurant open 7 days Lunch + Dinner Ph: 07 863 5689

Visit the club with the best view in the land 99 Beach Rd, Waihi Beach. Phone: 07 863 5688 E:

club T R A V E L : P A P A N U I



PHOTOS: The locals greet the mail boat and their biscuit treat (left); group members at the Cook Monument, in Ship Cove (above); a display at the Aviation Heritage Centre, at Omaka (lower left).

A dose of post-earthquake relief Mary Holmes

Recorder, Papanui Club Travel Section After two years of coping with post-earthquake matters in Christchurch, 18 Papanui Club travel section members and bus-driver Ron (Advance Bus Coy) thoroughly enjoyed their five-day trip to Marlborough in March. We found it relaxing to get out of Christchurch and on the open road. The Marlborough salt works attracted a lot of attention.  Ron the driver always takes his Papanui charges to places they would not normally see – this time the Marfells Beach Reserve near the spot suggested as a possible terminal for the Wellington ferry. We decided lots of upgrading would be needed to build wharf facilities.  A warm welcome and very comfy accommodation greeted the group at the Aston Motel, in Blenheim. After relaxing and unpacking, it was off to dinner. The next day (Tuesday) was devoted to a good look around Blenheim. The itinerary included: * Annies, which has been at Grovetown since 1986. The owner spoke about dietary fibre for health, outlining the role of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre and dietary fibre in heart disease, bowel cancer, balances in fibre intake, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach acid, and diabetes. * Makana Chocolate Factory at Rapaura. We

arrived as chocolates were being made, and they were special – fresh cream truffles, chocolate drenched macadamias, wickedly sinful toffees. * The Saint Clair Cellar Door and Wine Club, also at Rapaura, where the first vines were planted in Marlborough in 1978. We discovered that the Vicar’s Choice merlot was named after an Anglican vicar and relative who declared it was his favourite. * Havelock, the greenshell mussel capital of the world. I’ve spent hundreds of hours caravaning at Havelock and not much has changed apart from maybe a few more eateries. There’s a wonderful marina and hardly any sailing boats (because at low tide , there’s little water in the channel.  * Forrest Winery. I always thought red/white roses in vineyards indicated the colour of the wine from those grapes. But not necessarily so. Rather, the roses show powdery mildew very early and growers use them to signal the presence of the disease so that they can take swift action. By the way, Blenheim (population around 26,500) has 43 winery “cellar doors”. * The Vines Village, a shopping centre with a fudge store, gourmet foods, Quilters’ Barn, Shelley’s Cafe, Bouldervines Wines, and Our Country Kiwi Clothing. We had dinner at the Restaurant Argosy at Safe Air Freight Express opposite the Woodbourne air force base. Interesting, enjoyable, reasonably priced. Wednesday saw us in the small (fewer than 4000) port town of Picton. We went to Waikawa

A very large pig turned out to greet the boat, along with two canine mates. Bay (packed with hundreds of yachts), lunched, saw the sights and shopped before boarding the Tiri-Cat Mail Boat. This boat service is free to New Zealand residents living in remote parts of the Marlborough Sounds. It was smooth all the way, we delivered to 16 places, and the boat and skipper were welcomed by dogs as the owners collected mail or produce. Even a very large pig (named ‘Sweet Pea’) turned out to greet the boat along with two canine mates. The skipper gave each dog a biscuit, and catered for the one dog that has always insisted on cat biscuits.

An Outstanding Family Blend Licensed Restaurant, Bar & Café State Highway 6, Woodbourne (Just past Blenheim Airport)

Your hosts: Janine, Wayne & Staff

03 572 7388






Homestyle Meals and Great Service









Relax amongst the vines just 12 minutes from town with 7 unique stores and free tastings 193 Rapaura Road, MARLBOROUGH


Mention this advert on visiting to enter our monthly prize draw!

We picked up trampers, and dropped people at residences or tourist hotels without road access. We also passed several secluded houses, farms, inlets, salmon and mussel farms That evening we had dinner at Crow Tavern... busy place with good food average of $20 a meal, Thursday morning it was off to the Aviation Heritage Centre, Omaka. It was a place for everyone to enjoy...human war stories came to life through theatrical treatment that was both innovative and visually stunning, and captivating scenes depicted the aircraft in context, some recreating incidents. Back in Blenheim for an afternoon of exploring, shopping, or just being free, then dinner at the Clubs of Marlborough: excellent food, well organised, roast meal and dessert for $18. On the way back to Christchurch, we had time to see the impressive Whale Watch boats at Kaikoura. and to watch seals on shore. Also a special place where seal families cross the road into the bush area. And, yes, we managed to fit in lunch at Kaikoura.

SAINT CLAIR Cellar Door and Café Selmes Road, Rapaura, Blenheim Open 7 days a week, 10am – 4pm Freephone 0800 317 319 Order wines online



club T R A V E L : P A P A K U R A

Clubbies queue for big snapper Karen Phelps After 15 years of annual fishing trips, Papakura Club are as keen as ever – there was a waiting list of clubbies queueing up to join this year’s trip. Neville Cobbald and his brother, the late Colin Cobbald, initiated the idea after seeing the catch of a land-based fishing club, which included 20-pound snapper and large kingfish. The pair asked around and found that the catches were made off Great Barrier Island. The Papakura Club annual fishing trip was born. It was become an insitution, always at the end of September or the first week of October.. “We’re mad boat fishermen, but this is something different as we fish only off the rocks or a beach on this trip,” says Neville Cobbald. “Rock fishing is pretty hard work, but we make it even harder because it’s a pretty social weekend as well.” This year’s trip is planned for October 4-6. The fishermen load their 4x4 vehicles, equipment and trailers with inflatable dinghies on the SeaLink ferry

for the three-and-a-half-hour trip to Great Barrier. The Papakura group always stays at the Stray Possum Lodge, at Tryphena, where they typically wind down their evenings with a beer on the deck and a chat about the one that got away. Such as the year Grant Rouse hooked a kingfish that was estimated at 80 pounds. The feisty beast took all his line leaving Grant holding the rod as it swam away. They hope there will be more such stories to tell when this year’s group returns. The competition typically kicks off with an initiation for the newbies, which has involved eating a raw onion, drinking a glass full of raw eggs or downing a dry Weet-Bix. Neville is remaining mum on what this year’s initiation might involve. Then it’s time for more serious stuff. Safety is paramount in the challenging island environment. No fishing before 5am or after 6pm. Skippers have to tell Neville where they will be fishing that day. Competitors are limited to five snapper. It’s a self-imposed target to ensure the trip has minimal impact on the natural environment, and it leaves no doubt the group is targeting the big boys. Because

PHOTOS Top, right: The Sealink ferry unloads at Great Barrier Island after the three-and-a-half hour trip from Auckland. Left: Stray Possum Lodge...island headquarters for the Papakura Club group.

nothing under 2kg is allowed to be kept, some go home with empty bags. To get a 20-pounder or bigger is the aim, but it’s no easy task. In fact, it has happened only eight times on Papakura trips. The biggest snapper caught weighed in at 27.5 pounds – still a personal best for club member Michael ‘Tooley’ Chipman. Sunday is prize day. The main individual prize, the CC Memorial Cup (named after Colin Cobbald), goes to the person who catches the highest accumulated weight of snapper. It is highly contested, and Brian Hardwick has won it four times. The present holder, Keith George, will be back to defend it. Before the trip starts, all competitors names are put into a hat and on the Sunday names are drawn to form teams of five. The combined points of all team members determine the team with highest accumulated weight. The last-placed team gets the booby prize – whih has seen these fellows spend the rest of the weekend in a pinafore. It’s a bit of fun to end the competition, says Neville. There’s also an “old fellas “versus “young fellas”

competition. Neville explains: “Four years ago one of the young fellas carved a hunk of kauri wood into the shape of the island. Because it came from a dam, it’s now called the ‘dam log of wood’ and is the old versus young prize. We total up all the points from the over-35 and under-35s. The old fellas have won it twice, and last year the young fellas won it. It hangs up at the club and gives a good atmosphere as we give each other a hard time.” Because of the unpredictable nature of the weather, club members often don’t know where they will be able to fish until they arrive on the island. And there have been a few rough trips over the years. On one occasion the group travelled eight hours in the ferry, arriving back in Auckland at 3am. Another time they got stranded on the island for an extra day when the ferry couldn’t make it over. Not that they minded being put up at the Stray Possum Lodge with a beer for the night. The competition has been going so long it has spanned generations of clubbies: “A lot of the guys have been coming for a number of years,” says Neville. “This year we are having some of their sons along as well.”

club travel ; S T O K E S V A L L E Y C O S M O P O L I T A N



PHOTOS: The Stokes Valley Cossie group stayed at the Hawera Central Motor Lodge (above) and say the Tawhiti Museum (bush train, right) defies adjectives.

Second time round even better Geoff Mackay

Stokes Valley Cosmopolitan Club travel adjunct After an extended three-day weekend visit last year when we had stayed in “the heart of the Taranaki” and went through to New Plymouth, our focus in June this year was Hawera and its attractions. We visited the magnificent Tawhiti Museum last time, and all agreed we needed to go again as parts remained unseen. We were also very impressed with the South Taranaki Club and felt it also warranted a second visit. The nine of us set off in a minibus hired at a very attractive rate from Ace Rentals, stopping first at the River Stone Cafe in Otaki for morning tea. This place issues a challenge to anyone who can find bigger sausage rolls or cheese scones – the size meant morning tea became lunch. Next stop was to stretch the legs and relieve the stretch on the plumbing at Virginia Lake, in Wanganui. We had bookings at the Hawera Central Motor Lodge and, on arrival, were immediately impressed with the virtually brand-new facility and the welcoming, friendly owner. What’s more, he had already given us a very good room-rate and reduced this further at payment time. We all agreed that “so called” five-star city hotels

The Tawhiti Museum in Hawera was established and is run by Nigel (above) and Teresa Ogle.

could do worse than visit and pick up some tips – such as the fresh-fruit bowl in each room, highquality toiletries, and bath robes. We also appreciate the warm rooms, thanks to the heat pumps having been turned on. A couple of us went for a wander to get Lotto tickets (no luck, the adjunct cruise liner will have to wait) and then to do a bit of a reconnaissance trip (that’s our excuse anyway) to the South Taranaki Club so that we would know the way in the dark later (Yeah right). We were greeted by a member of the executive, and on introducing ourselves, were shouted a drink and had an enjoyable conversation with a group of regulars. This club seems to be managing very comfortably in difficult financial times; it has bought a new courtesy coach and is holding money in the bank. The courtesy coach picked us up in the early evening and we went to the South Taranaki Club for drinks and dinner (judging by my lamb shanks on a mountain of

mashed potato and lashings of gravy, they must breed bloody big lambs in Taranaki). Once again, we were welcome by a club executive member and treated to a round of drinks. And, to top the night off, the All Blacks produced an outstanding result over France. Sunday morning we left the motel and headed to the Tawhiti Museum. This place defies adjectives – there are so many aspects covering so much history. And it is presented in a fashion quite unlike any other museum. Anyone who has visited will know why we returned to see more, and anyone who drives blindly past doesn’t know they have missed a great part of New Zealand. Heading home, we stopped in Wanganui for a very nice lunch at Breakers Restaurant, It’s in the Grand Hotel and is a favourite for many club travel groups. Although we were a little late getting the rental van back to Ace Rentals, the staff there were very accommodating and didn’t penalise us.

Hawera Central Motor Lodge Right in the centre of town • • • •

Hawera’s Newest Motel in Quiet Central Town Location 18 well appointed units Cooked/continental breakfast served to unit Off street parking with camera surveillance 53 Princes St. Hawera Free Phone: 0800 66 83 53

0800 878 898

RiverStone Cafe SH1, Otaki

Ph: 06 364-6742 Open 7 days 7.30am till late afternoon Come and be part of the RiverStone Family We cater for all needs from All Day Breakfast, Melt in your mouth Cheese Scones, Muffins & Slices, Gourmet Pies, Smoked Salmon Frittata and more plus a full Lunch Menu served till 3pm every day. Seating up to 40 inside and 40 outside on the sun drenched deck with free Wi-Fi.

THE CLOSEST HOTEL TO THE CIRCUIT Singles........................................................................$90 Doubles/Twin share ..................................................$120 Rates include a complimentary continental breakfast Huge lockable garage to store your bikes BREAKERS CAFÉ AND BAR ON SITE Open for breakfast from 7am The Grand Irish Bar 11am till late Open Christmas night from 4.30pm – 9pm $8 special lunch menu Entertainment boxing day Ph: (06) 345 0955


club travel : L E V I N C O S M P O L I T A N


Seniors play the gold card in Neil Grant Seniors. Not a word to be sniffed at. It implies the wisdom of years of experience; the ability to make mature decisions; respect or even reverence. Because the Levin Cossie understands this, it doesn’t have an ‘over-sixties’ adjunct; it has a ‘senior members’ adjunct. Of course, with all that respect and reverence goes responsibility, and this group is responsible for seeing that the more mature members of the club have a good time, and behave themselves in a fit and proper manner as an example to all. Adjunct president Ross Tulloch and 28 others went on a cultural exchange to the other side of the island in February. Their bus left Levin, heading for the Bay of Plenty. Tauranga’s Bethlehem Motel was their base. Each day had at least one highlight. Often it was the lunchtime or the end-of-the-day meal , which was always at a local club. By and large, these all rose to the occasion, and some, like the Mt Maunganui Club and the Tauranga RSA, were outstanding, says Ross. The Tauranga Historic Village, a blend of original

The many faces of a Levin Cossie senior members’ adjunct visit to the Waikato/ Bay of Plenty: Dressed to thrill at the Te Rapa races (left); the cruisy lifestyle on Tauranga Harbour (below); Paradise Springs, Rotorua (right, upper); the last day on the way home (right, lower).

and replica buildings, houses a range of arty crafty businesses and eateries. The visit here preceded the Kewpie Cruise on the harbour. “The man who runs this boat is fantastic,” Ross

Sheena Steele organises Levin Cossie senior members’ trips: ‘She’s a cracker. She’s been doing it for quite a while, knows how to get a varierty of activities, and how to negotiate the bargains.


WWII Landing Craft, perfect outing for seniors groups

Rotorua City & Lakes Tours Kewpie Harbour Cruises Tauranga Discover Rotorua’s amazing lakes region on our 90min and 120min sightseeing adventures

Bookings Essential Ph 07 345 6522

Departing daily from Pilot Bay Wharf (base of Mt Maunganui walking track)

10am | 11am | 12pm | 1pm | 2pm | 3pm | 4pm Matakana and Omokoroa Cruise Options (see editorial)





Enjoy a great day out with a beer or wine from our Licensed Bar

0800 KEWPIE 5






club travel : L E V I N C O S M O P O L I T A N


Winston’s old haunts says. The old kauri ferry boat cruises the harbour, keeping passengers occupied with commentary and drinks, and there’s food for those who wish it. The trip included a day at the Te Rapa races in Hamilton, which provided a lot of fun. The tourists were in a corporate box, and the course secretary entered into the spirit of things by judging the best dressed person competition. No trip would be complete without seniors exercising their Winston Peters cards. Appropriately, as for many years he regularly reminded us he was ‘happy being the member for Tauranga’, the travellers spent up large at discounting establishments on their day off. This day concluded with a barbecue and fun quiz organised by Ross’s wife.

Rotorua’s Duck Tour has nothing to do with feathered friends, but everything to do with a trip in a World War 2 amphibious landing craft, known as a DUKW. The ‘conductor’ wished to be known as ‘Nutter’ – appropriate, says Ross, as he kept them well entertained as they cruised a couple of lakes. Katikati Bird Gardens was another “fantastic” place to visit. It has a huge range of native and exotic birds, some in aviaries, others roaming free in the tranquil setting. There are drive-yourself golf carts for the less active Waihi Goldfields Railway preserves part of New Zealand’s railway heritage, and was a popular choice. The 30-minute trip to Waikino has great views of the countryside and historical sites. The

station is set up as a museum. The Paradise Valley Springs wildlife park has a diverse range of animals...from New Zealand birdlife, fish and farm animals to African lions. You can pat the lion cubs, but Ross reckons they are just about big enough to pose a threat to life and limb if you get too adventurous. Any trip like this needs a good organiser, and Ross says group secretary Sheena Steele has it down to a fine art. “She’s a cracker. She’s been doing it for quite a while, knows how to get a variety of activities, and how to negotiate the bargains.” That’s seniors for you. Years of experience and wisdom.



No trip would be complete without seniors exercising their Winston Peters cards. Appropriate, as for many years he regularly reminded us he was ‘happy being the member for Tauranga’.

If you are coming to Bay of Plenty expecting to see spectacular scenery you will not want to miss a cruise with Bay Explorer aboard the historic and newly renovated M.V. KEWPIE located in Tauranga and Mt Maunganui. We have a variety of cruising options for group charters and a popular scheduled1hr tour. Typically KEWPIE travels through the Tauranga inner harbour, the Stella Passage, then west into a spectacular watery setting nestled by the islands Matakana, Rangiwhaea and Motuhoa, surrounded by the grand Kaimai range. This harbour is regarded as Bay of Plenty’S gateway to the Pacific Ocean, and the entrance to New Zealands largest Port. White sandy beaches, lush green forests, small villages and the massive highly developed port infrastructure. Food and Beverages. Onboard licensed bar. Wide range of beverages and great coffee. Professional catering available. Finger food, BBQ, Spit Roast, Seafood, Desserts, Cheeseboards. Onboard Facilities Enclosed with central heating. Separate lounge bar, dance floor, cruise deck. Sound system, Flat screen TVs and Sky. Bathroom. Cruises Options. Kewpie is available at all times for all occasions, private functions,celebrations and tours. Here are some suggestions of our most popular tours. The MAUAO (Mountain) Scheduled 1hr cruise on the hour 10:00am 11:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00pm $19pp CHILDREN FREE Departs Pilot wharf (base of the mountain). Licensed bar, coffee, snacks. Discover the inner harbour scenery and Port of Tauranga. Get close-up with visiting cruise ships, cargo and container ships. There is an abundance of wildlife including penguins, seabirds, fish and occasional marine mammals all just waiting to be explored. The MATAKANA (island) Group booking required of 22 pax. Departs 10:00am returns 1:45pm. $52pp Departs Bridge Marina Cruise by panoramic vistas to the pristine privately owned island of Matakana. Embark on a guided bus tour of the islands taking in all the KEWPIE CRUISES. Day and night cruises in Tauranga highlights and culture, finished with a catered lunch at the Matakana Resort and return trip. The OMOKOROA (Peninsula) Group booking required of 30 - 70pax. Departs 10:00am returns 1:45pm. $30pp Departs Bridge Marina Cruise up the inner reaches of the Harbour as far as the tide allows to Omokoroa Peninsula nestled under the Kaimais. Bring your lunch as we can disembark at the wharf, look around and eat at picnic tables. Complimentary Coffee and Tea is served onboard. Return trip past Motuhoa Island and Te Puna. The CRUISE SHIP MARY and ELIZABETH. Group booking required of 25 - 70pax. Departs Bridge Marina $15pp available on scheduled cruise ship dates only. A true photographer’s delight! Come for a 1 1/2hr round trip to see the cruise ICON ships Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary in Port, we get right up along side. NEW!! KEWPIE CRUISES now has a licensed concession from the Department of Conservation to view and swim with Marine Mammals including dolphins and seals. Prices and tours by booking only. Be rewarded with sights and scenery invisible from the land. Book now with BAY EXPLORER and be hosted by our friendly professional staff on MV KEWPIE. Contact us on 0800 KEWPIE (539 7439) www.kewpiecruises.









Hours and Activities


Bream Bay 5 Princes Road. Ph: 09 432 7807




Snooker, pool, darts, fishing, golf, indoor bowls, gym. Great views of the sea and estuary.

All affiliated members welcome.

Far North (Kaitaia) RSA Club 12 Matthews Avenue, Kaitaia Ph: 09 408 0423, Fax: 09 408 0433

PRESIDENT Trevor Hall SEC/MAN Theresa WIlls

1100 mixed

Wednesday-Saturday 4.30-8.30pm

Snooker, pool, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, EFTPOS facilities, off-license facilities, courtesy coach available by arrangement

A warm welcome to all affiliated members.

Kamo Club Meldrum St, Whangarei. Ph: 09 435 1765, Fax 09 435 0274

PRESIDENT John Nuttall SEC/MAN Sue Boyce

1050 mixed

Open seven days form 11am Evening meals Thurs-Sun

Club operates two courtesy coaches, gaming machines, all normal indoor & outdoor sports catered for, full TAB & Trackside in house, EFTPOS available at the bar, big screen TV’s etc.

Kamo Club welcomes all NZCC affiliated members to their club rooms. Please phone 09 435 1765 for a courtesy coach.

Northland Club Inc. 8 Porowini Ave, Whangarei Ph: 09 438 4270, Fax: 09 438 1736

Maggie Lewthwaite

690 mixed

Restaurant 6 days Mon-Sat 5.30-9pm

Sky TV, big screen, EFTPOS, 18 gaming machines, snooker, darts, pool, indoor bowls, Pro Drive and taxi vouchers available, large outside area

All visiting affiliate members welcome to ‘The Greatest Little Club in the North’

Paihia Ex-Servicemen’s Assn (Inc.) Joyces Road. Ph: 09 402 8010

Jo Hood

1000 mixed

Open seven days 6-9pm

Sky TV, 9 gaming machines, darts, snooker, pool, self service TAB Terminal

Enjoy your stay in the Bay.

Russell RSA Incorporated 1 Chapel St, Russell P.O. Box 123 Russell Ph: 09 403 7773 Fax: 09 403 7885 E-mail: Website:

PRESIDENT Graeme Munro


Digger’s Restaurant Summer: Mon - Sun Winter: Wed - Sun 12 Noon - 2pm- Lunch 6pm till late - Dinner

Open 7 days, gaming machines, TV, Outdoor dining and drinks, Library, Steeped in history

Situated in historic Russell in the beautiful Bay of Islands. You will find a friendly welcome here. All affiliated clubs welcome.

GREATER AUCKLAND Avondale RSA 7 Layard Street, Avondale, Auckland. PO Box 19 023, Avondale, Auckland Ph: 09 828 8386, Fax: 09 828 6941 E-mail:

Louise Ockey

2000 mixed

Restaurant Hours: All day specials available Mon - Fri lunch 12 - 2pm, Mon - Fri Dinner 5:30 - 8:30pm. Sat Dinner 5:30 - 8:30pm Sun Dinner 5 - 7:30pm

Snooker, Darts, 8 Ball, Indoor Bowls, Sky TV’s, 3 Large Screens, Golf Section, Fishing Section, Karaoke Thurs nights, Fri & Sat night live Bands, TAB Terminal, Games night.

A safe friendly environment for all affiliated members at the top end of Rosebank Rd

Bays Club 6 Anzac Rd, Browns Bay, Auckland. Ph: 09 478 8171, Fax 09 478 8177

Dave Hewitson


Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Sunday Smorgasbord Sunday Night

Snooker, pool, darts, golf, fishing, Wine Group, 18 gaming machines and live entertainment Fridays

Situated on the Beach at Browns Bay for some of the best views in NZ. All affiliated members most welcome.

Beachlands Chartered Club Wakelin Road Ph: 09 536 6233

PRESIDENT Danny Powell CLUB MANAGER: Tracy Russell


Open Thurs-Sun 9-3pm Lunches Open Thurs Evening - Dinner

Indoor bowls, snooker, pool, darts, Euchre, Mahjong, Fishing, Rugby, Rugby League, TAB, poker machines, Sky TV, Big Screen Live Entertainment, Housie, Garden Bar, Private Function facilities, Jukebox, POP site, off licence.

All affiliated members welcome at the only chartered Club on the Pohutukawa Coast.

Glen Eden RSA (Inc) 9 Glendale Road, Glen Eden, Auckland Ph: 09 818 4219, Fax: 09 818 2042

James Pattullo


Lunch Tues - Fri 12-2pm Dinner Thur-Sun 5:00pm-8:00pm

8 ball, snooker, darts, indoor bowls, golf, fishing, Sky TV, gaming machines. Karaoke, bands and shows.

Small friendly club which welcomes all affiliated members and guests.

Henderson RSA Ph: (09) 838 9012 66 Railside Ave, Henderson

Rachel Burriss


Lunch & dinner Tues-Sat 12-2pm 5.30-8.30pm Sunday dinner 5.30-7.30pm

Snooker, pool, darts, indoor bowls, housie Thursday, gaming room, sky, big screen TV. Live entertainment every Fri/Sat evening, Self Service TAB.

A warm welcome to affiliated members visiting Henderson.

Howick Club Inc. 107 Botany Rd, Howick Ph: 09 537 7100, Fax: 09 537 4160 Website:


3700 mixed

Restaurant Open: Wednesday - Sunday Lunch Tuesday - Sunday Dinner

Snooker, Pool, Darts, Indoor Bowls, Golf, Fishing, Wine section, Ladies section, Table Tennis, Travel section, TAB, Large Screen TV’s, Childrens Adventure Playground, Gaming Machines, Live Entertainment.

Affiliated members most welcome. Handy to Botany Shopping Centre.

Howick Sports and Social Club Inc. Corner of Elliot & Moore Streets Ph: 09 533 4600, Fax: 09 533 4601

PRESIDENT Colin Wilson

450 mixed

Restaurant Dinner Wed-Sat Bar midday - midnight 7 days

Darts, pool, 18 gaming machines, Sky TV, Big screen, EFTPOS, Fishing, Golf and League adjuncts..

All affiliated members welcome.

Mangere Cosmopolitan Club 94-100 Bader Drive Ph: 09 275 7969

PRESIDENT Judith Daniels


Bistro Lunch & Dinner Tues - Saturday

Snooker, 8 ball, darts, golf, indoor bowls, fishing, euchre, Sky TV, big screen, TAB, 18 gaming machines, entertainment most Thursdays & Saturdays.

A warm friendly welcome to affiliated members. Closest club to the airport.

Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club 6-10 Alfriston Rd, Manurewa Ph: 09 267 4341, Fax: 09 267 2017 E-mail:

Patricia Rangi

4500 mixed

Restaurant Open Wednesday to Sunday Evenings Tuesday to Friday for lunch

Cafe open every day from noon till late. Brunch available Saturday and Sundays 10am. Entertainment every Friday and Saturday night.

Members guests and affiliates most welcome

Manurewa RSA 2-8 Maich Rd, Manurewa Ph: 09 267 0515, Fax: 09 266 8673

Steve Andrew

2000 mixed

Riverplate Restaurant Lunch Wed-Sat 11-2pm Dinner Wed-Sat 6-9.30pm Sunday Carvery 5.30-8.30pm

All sports catered for, Sky TV, TAB, 18 Gaming machines, live entertainment every Fri, Sat, Sun.

Clubrooms situated in the heart of Manurewa. All affiliated guests welcome.

New Lynn Memorial RSA (Inc) 2 Veronica Street, New Lynn Ph: 09 827 3411, Fax: 09 827 2225

Terry Wood

1600 mixed

Tues-Sun Lunch 12pm-2pm Dinner Wed-Sat 5:30pm open

Snooker, pool, darts, golf, gaming machines, full TAB facilities.

Members & guests and all affiliated club members most welcome. “BEST IN THE WEST”.

North Shore Cosmopolitan Club 65 Paul Matthews Road, Albany. Ph: Office 09 415 0360, Bar 09 415 2465

Jeni Heathwaite


Restaurant - lunch Mon-Fri 12-2pm Dinner Wed-Sat 5-9pm

Occasional entertainment, golf, indoor bowls, pool/snooker, darts, 9 gaming machines, Sky TV.

Visitors and new members welcome.

Onehunga & District RSA 57 Princes Street, PO Box 13016, Onhunga Ph/Fax: (09) 636 6644 Website:

Rona McKenzie

2000 mixed

The Orpheus Restaurant Open Thursday to Saturday Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 5.30-8pm Bus Trip Lunches phone Rona

Pool, darts, snooker, indoor bowls, Warriors supporters, big screen technology, two stories, hall facilities,home to Senior Net Inc.

A warm welcome to all affiliated members.

Onehunga Workingmen’s Club 158 The Mall, Onehunga Ph: 09 636 5600

Vicki Douglas

1100 mixed

Bistro Tues-Sun Buffet Fri-Sat evenings

Snooker, 8 ball, indoor bowls, darts, table tennis, clay target, fishing, cricket, soccer, golf, TAB, Sky, big screen, EFTPOS, live entertainment.

In the heart of Onehunga Mall.

Otahuhu Workingmens & Cos. Club 101 Atkinson Ave, Otahuhu Ph: 09 276 8672

Trevor Martin PRESIDENT Grant Goodwin SEC / MAN

2100 mixed


Darts, snooker, indoor and outdoor bowls, 8 ball, golf, cricket, diving, fishing, river rafting, table tennis. TAB, Big screen, music every Friday night.

Open 7 days.

Papakura Club Croskery Rd, Papakura Ph: 09 299 8017, Fax: 09 2998283

Betty Ormsby

1100 mixed

Thai & European Subsidized Restaurant Menu Dining 5 nights per week 5pm-9pm

Dial-a-Driver service, $4 off taxi fares to & from the club, 18 gaming machines, trivia quiz nights, full TAB, fishing, 8 ball, darts, golf, snooker, cricket, table tennis, euchre, pigeon racing, indoor & outdoor bowls, Sky Digital TV, kids TV area with ps2

We promise you a safe & entertaining experience with live bands, karaoke & dj’s as well as special overseas acts.

Stephen L. Walker

1200 mixed

Lunch Tues-Fri 12pm-1.30pm Dinner Tues 6.00pm-7.30pm Thurs, Fri & Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm Hours may vary without prior notice

Housie, indoor bowls, snooker, 8-ball, darts, golf, KEV, cards - 500, big screen, Sky TV, 13 gaming machines, library, live music Thurs & Sat, children & families more than welcome (children’s club membership), karaoke & family night once a month.

Members, guests & affiliated members welcome. Closest club to the Auckland Airport.

Lynne Smith


Restaurant open Saturday Bistro open Wed-Sun lunch & dinner

14 Sporting sections, pokies, raffles, SKY digital, big screen, live bands.

New and affiliated members welcome.

Papatoetoe & District RSA Inc. 22 Wallace Road, Papatoetoe Ph/Fax: 09 278 6372 Email: Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club 53 Rangitotto Rd, Papatoetoe Ph: 09 278 8109 Email:



Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club 78 Nelson St, Pukekohe Ph: 09 238 8404, Fax: 09 238 9909 Email:

Michael Moore

1600 mixed

The Club Restaurant A-la-carte Thur-Sat 6-9.30pm Thur Carvery 6-8.30pm Sunday Smorgasbord 5.30-8.30pm

2 outdoor bowling greens, 1 indoor bowling green, 10 Ten Pin Lanes, Snooker, Indoor Bowls, Darts, 8 Ball, Euchre, Fishing, Golf, Shooting, Netball, Petanque, TAB, Gaming machines, Courtesy Coaches, Housie every Thursday 11am-2pm

The Sports Mega of the North. 7 min from the Bombay turn off in the heart of the Onion and Potato country.

Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club 4 Victoria Ave, Waiuku Ph: 09 235 9131 Fax: 09 235 9019

Katrina Barnett

1100 mixed

Thursday-Sunday 6pm-9pm

Snooker, pool, darts, golf, fishing, netball, axemen, joggers, rugby, indoor & outdoor bowls, Mahjong, euchre, scrabble, housie, line dancing, latin dancing, gaming machines, TAB.

Warm welcome to all affiliate members.

Weymouth Cosmopolitan and Sports Club 151 Sykes Road, Manurewa Ph: 09 267 0461 Email:

Mike Cassidy


Restaurant Mon-Sun A-la-Carte Bistro 6 days 4pm-late

Outdoor and indoor bowls, snooker, 8 ball, squash, golf, fishing, darts, cards, clay target, 2 big screen TV’s, 18 gaming machines, TAB, bands every Fri night.

3 mins from motorway, take Takanini exit from motorway.


WAIKATO / THAMES Cambridge Cosmopolitan Club Burns St, Leamington Ph: 07 827 7006, Fax: 07 827 7368

PRESIDENT Sid Murfitt Donna Sheehan Sec/Man


Restaurant Thurs, Fri & Sat evenings Lunches & other nights by arrangements

Indoor and outdoor bowls, 8 ball, snooker, friendship, netball, rock n roll, golf, old & bold, woodtuners, sport of kings, Texas Hold em Poker, TAB. Courtesy van.

All visitors welcome “Where things happen”

Glenview Club 211 Peacockes Rd, Hamilton Ph: 07 843 7129 Email:

PRESIDENT Ross Boyd Sec/Man Grant Freeman

500 mixed

Restaurant Thurs-Sat 6-8.30pm Or by prior arrangement

POP PARKING, outdoor and indoor bowls, 8 Ball, snooker, poker Saturday nights, SKY TV, EFTPOS, courtesy coach, 9 gaming machines, TAB pod, motorhome parking, function room available.

Our club is set on the edge of the Waikato River overlooking the beautiful Hamilton gardens.

Hamilton Combined Returned Services Club Rostrevor St, Hamilton P.O.Box 9028 Ph: 07 838 0131 Fax: 07 834 0170 Email: Web:



Open Lunch Tues - Fri 12pm-2pm Dinner Tues - Thurs 5.30-8pm Fri - Sat 5.30-8.30pm Sunday Carvery 5.30-8.30pm.

Snooker, pool, darts, cards, indoor bowls, big screen Sky TV, regular entertainment, 18 gaming machines, full TAB facilities, 5 mins from CBD, subsidised taxi service.

Visitors and new members welcome.

Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club Claudelands Road, Hamilton Ph: 07 855 2001, Fax: 07 854 7775 Email:

Richard Sheppard


Bistro open 7 days for lunch and dinner. Brunch Sat & Sun 10am-12. Hamilton Function centre open for groups 7 days

Indoor and outdoor bowls, 8 full-size snooker tables, 8 ball tables, darts, golf, cricket, euchre, fishing, gun, travel, veterans, 4 wheeldrive, sport of kings, dance, TAB, Satellite coverage, big screen, T.V., Riverboat gaming room, live entertainment every Wed, Fri and Sat evening. Courtesy coaches available Wednesday to Sunday.

A very cordial welcome to all affiliate Club members and guests. Enjoy the Cossie Club atmosphere.

Huntly & District Workingmen’s Club Cnr Williams & Glasgow Street, Huntly Ph: 07 828 7542 Email:



Off The Rails Restaurant Open 5.30pm-8.30pm Tues,Wed,Fri & Sat Lunches Fri & Sat 11.00am-2.00pm

Huge outside garden bar, gaming machines, conference facilities, SKY, EFTPOS, Housie, indoor & outdoor bowls, darts, 2 fishing sections, courtesy van.

Huntly WMC welcomes affiliated guests from other clubs, come and have a drink and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Mercury Bay Club (Inc) Cnr Campbell St and Cook Drive, Whitianga Ph: 07 866 5576, Fax: 07 866 2444

PRESIDENT Ann Madden R.S.A. PRESIDENT Bruce Collier

1410 mixed and open

Bistro - Tue-Sun Lunches Tues-Sat 12pm-1.30pm Dinner Mon-Sun 5.30pm-8.30pm

Darts, 8 ball, bowls, snooker, fishing, golf, housie every Wednesday night. Raffles and member lucky number Tuesday and Friday nights. Door sweepstake on Friday nights, gaming machines and EFTPOS Door sweepstake on Friday nights, gaming machines and EFTPOS available. Entertainment on Friday nights.

Short walk from town centre. Affiliates most welcome.

Ohinemuri Club Princes Street, Paeroa 3640. Phone 07 862 7987



Restaurant open Thurs/Fri/ Sat. Also available for private functions.

Full TAB service, 12 pokies, just had some of the newest installed. Snooker, pool, darts. We have a strong racing focus in the club. Large spacious areas to relax in.

All visitors to Paeroa are very welcome. Paeroa is the “Events Capital” of the Thames Valley. We host the “Battle of the Streets: motorcycle racing, Highland Games Tattoo, both of these in February, Jazz Festival in September, Wild Food Festival in March just to name a few.

Raglan Club Bow St, Raglan Ph: 07 825 8288, Fax: 07 825 7488 e:

Norman Curtis

1100 mixed

Wed-Sun dinner 5.30 onwards Thur-Sat lunch 12-1pm

Snooker, darts, indoor and Astroturf outdoor bowls, 8 ball, fishing, golf, Sky TV, TAB Self Service Machine, MaGarden Bar, Mastermind Fun Quiz Wed 6.30pm, BBQ area, 18 gaming machines, regular entertainment.

All affiliated guests most welcome.

Te Awamutu District Memorial RSA 381 Alexandra St, Te Awamutu Ph: 07 871 7773, Fax: 07 871 3706

Bill Lyford

1250 mixed

RSA family restaurant Thurs-Mon Ph 07 871 3564

Snooker, pool, darts, indoor bowls, Sky TV, 18 pokies, monthly live entertainment, EFTPOS, courtesy coach Fri-Mon.

Come visit our friendly club “The Rose of the Waikato”.

Thames Workingmen’s Club Inc 407 Cochrane Street, Thames PO Box 273 Thames 3540 Ph/Fax: 07 868 6416 e:



Bistro Restaurant Open Tues,Thurs,Fri,Sat evenings and by arrangement

Active adjuncts include Fishing, 8 Ball, Bowls, Golf and Punters, 14 Gaming Machines

Welcome all affiliated members.

Waihi Beach Memorial RSA 99 Beach Road, PO Box 44, Waihi Beach, 3642 Ph: 07 863 5688, Fax: 07 863 5781 e:

SEC / MAN Bill Garth PRESIDENT Simon Everson

2400 mixed

Gunners View Restaurant Open 7 days Lunch and Dinner Functions / Weddings by arrangement

Snooker, 8 ball, darts, golf, pentanque, indoor and outdoor bowls, TAB, Motor Homes welcome, ATM, Courtesy Van

Club opened 1999 Great Views

Waikato Commerce Club (Inc) 197 Collingwood St, Hamilton Ph: 07 839 0501, Fax: 07 839 3353

Helen Burke


Dining room seating 60 Open 7 days a week

Very active sports section, golf, snooker, 8 ball, fishing, outdoor bowls, Sky TV, big screen, 14 Gaming Machines, EFTPOS available in bar and dining room, Touch Screen TAB.

Smallest club in town with the warmest welcome

Waipa Workingmen’s Club 139 Albert Park Rd, Te Awamutu Ph: 07 871 3923, Fax: 07 871 4810

Wayvne Gulliver

1000 mixed

Restaurant Thurs-Sat Dinner 5.30pm onwards

12 sports and leisure groups, courtesy van, Tues-Sun, Sky TV 6 big screens, TAB,18 gaming machines,great outdoor area, EFTPOS

A friendly welcome to all visiting affiliated members.

Whangamata Club 404 Port Rd, Whangamata Ph: 07 865 8705, Fax: 07 865 6290 e: web:

Gavin Antony

3789 mixed

Restaurant and bistro Open six days a week (Closed Wednesday)

Mem. draw and sweep, fishing, motorcycles, snooker, rock ‘n roll, table tennis indoor bowls, darts, line dancing, 8 ball, Golf, Tai Chi, Mah Jong, 18 gaming machines, dances, outdoor bowls, exercise classes, self service TAB terminal. Huge screen & plasma TVs.

All affiliated guests welcome for a cheerful friendly club.

SOUTH WAIKATO / BAY OF PLENTY Club Mt Maunganui 45 Kawaka St, Mt Maunganui Ph: 07 575 4886, Fax: 07 574 4990 Email

PRESIDENT Straw Lye CLUB MANAGER Christine Young


Restaurant open 7 days

8 ball, darts, snooker, indoor and outdoor bowls, fishing, seniors, golf, hockey, punters club, TAB, big screen Sky TV, free live music Friday nights, off sales, EFTPOS, courtesy coach, 18 of the very best gaming machines.

‘The Friendly Club’ in the Fabulously newly Furnished & extended Facilities

Matamata Club Inc 9 Waharoa Rd East, Matamata Ph: 07 888 7060, Fax: 07 888 9154

John Bonenkamp PRESIDENT Daniel Scelly MANAGER

1100 mixed

Full Restaurant available Tues-Sat, Sunday Roast Bistro/Bar snacks Tues-Sat.

Outdoor bowls, pool, snooker, darts, fishing, Sky TV, big TV, live live bands every 2nd Fri, subsidised taxi service, EFTPOS, TAB, poker machines, off license, conference facilities.

A warm welcome to all affiliated members and guests from the heart of the horse racing industry.

Mt Maunganui RSA 541 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui Ph: 07 575 4477 email:

Peter Moss (CEO)


Lunch Mon-Fri Dinner - 7 nights

3 Eight Ball & 8 Snooker tables, darts, indoor bowls, chess, cards, line dancing, low impact aerobics, entertainment every Fri, Sat nights, Sundays from 4pm. Regular shows, 18 gaming machines, big screens & data projector, Sky Tv. EFTPOS. Courtesy bus.

Affiliated members and guests warmly welcomed.




SOUTH WAIKATO / BAY OF PLENTY Murupara Services and Citizens Club Pine Drive, Murupara Ph/Fax: 07 366 5819

Nina Paul

400 mixed

Restaurant Wed-Fri 12-8pm

Indoor bowls, darts, snooker, 8 ball, Sky TV, big screen TV, euchre, gaming machines, EFTPOS, off sales, entertainment once a month.

A friendly welcome to all affiliates.

Ohope Chartered Club Ohope Beach Ph: 07 312 5008

Mike Williams


A-la-Carte Wed-Sat 7 days in summer

TAB, gaming machine room, Sky big screen TV, EFTPOS, courtesy van, snooker, pool, darts, golf, cricket, indoor and outdoor bowls.

We welcome all affiliated members

Opotiki County RSA Inc 103 -105 St. Johns Street, Opotiki Ph 07 315 6174, Fax 07 315 5203 e:



Restaurant open Friday-Saturday Evenings

Outdoor bowls, snooker, pool, darts, fishing, golf, SKY, big screen juke box, gaming machines, EFTPOS, Raffles Wed, Fri & Sat. Courtesy van, motorvan parking.

All affiliated members and guests of RNZ RSA & Clubs NZ welcome.

Putaruru District Services Memorial Club 35 Buckland St, Putaruru Ph: 07 883 7409, Fax: 07 883 3219 Email:

Joanne Scheres


Lunch Friday Dinner Wed-Saturday from 6pm

Snooker, darts, 8 ball, bowls, EFTPOS, 2 big screen TV’s, Sky TV, duke box, gaming machines, regular socials, courtesy bus Wed & Fri, off license, listed as Motorhome site.

Affiliated guests welcome to relax in warm and friendly atmosphere.

Rotorua Citizens Club Cnr Arawa & Rangiuru Streets, PO Box 1579, Rotorua Ph: 07 348 3066, Fax: 07 343 6032 Email:

PRESIDENT Pango Putaranui SEC/MAN Dick Hyland


Breakfast, lunch & Dinner 7 days a week

Sky Digital TV, Self Service TAB, EFTPOS, live band every Fri & Sat night, Gaming area, 3 courtesy vans, darts, snooker, 8 ball, indoor & outdoor bowls, fishing, golf, sport of kings, Muzoes Club and a very active Golden Oldies Club. Membership draw and great raffles Wed, Fri & Sat nights.

A warm and friendly welcome to all affiliated members. Accommodation on site - 16 motel type rooms with ensuite, tea & coffee facilities. 2 dorm rooms perfect for sports teams. Wifi internet available in both areas.

Rotorua Commercial Travellers Association Inc. Moncur Drive, Rotorua (Adj. Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park) Ph: 07 347 8301, Fax: 07 347 7648

MANAGER Brian Baker PRESIDENT John McMillan

720 mixed

Dinner Thursday-Sunday Group enquiries outside hours welcome

Swimming pool, BBQ area, snooker, 8 ball, big tv, gaming machines, eftpos, darts, full TAB facilities, function rooms, courtesy coach.

Affiliated members welcome - relax in a park like setting

Taupo Cosmopolitan Club 5 Taniwha St, Taupo Ph: 07 378 4048, Fax: 07 378 0126

MANAGER Allan Miller PRESIDENT Greg McIntosh

5400 mixed

Restaurant open 7 days Dinner 7 days 5pm to late Lunch Monday-Saturday 12-2pm

Club nights Tuesday and Friday. Wide range of adjuncts. Entertainment Friday nights. Courtesy coach Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm. TAB, 18 gaming machines and ATM. On-site function facilities and catering.

A warm welcome to all visiting affiliates.

Taupo RSA 67 Horomatangi Street, Taupo Ph/Fax: 07 378 7476

Karen Katene


Rendezvous Restaurant Dinner Wed - Sat 5 - 8pm Closed Sunday

Snooker, pool, indoor bowls, line dancing, 18 gaming machines, Sky TV, big screen, live music Tuesdays, Saturdays & Fridays.

A warm welcome to affiliated members visiting Taupo.

Te Puke Citizens Club 179-185 Jellicoe St, Te Puke Ph: 07 573 8555, Fax: 07 573 9766



Wed-Sunday evening dining Sunday Roast 5.30-9pm

Snooker, pool, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, cricket, fishing, golf, netball, Sky TV, gaming machines, TAB, courtesy coach, air conditioned atmosphere. Motorhome parking. Resident DJ every Friday night.

Welcome to affiliates and guests to our facilities and friendly atmosphere.

The Tauranga Citizens’ Club Cnr 13th Ave and Cameron Rd, Tauranga Ph/Fax: 07 578 7023

PRESIDENT Stephen Hawkings SEC/MAN: Stuart Reid


Restaurant Wed-Sat Evenings Bistro Mon-Sat, Lunch / Dinner Sunday Dinner only

All indoor and outdoor sports, big screen TV, Sky TV, gaming machines, TAB and EFTPOS.

Friendly welcome. Visitors make yourself known.

Whakatane Returned Services Association Inc Richardson Street, Whakatane Ph: 07 308 5646

Joanna Young

1800 mixed

Lunch and Dinner 7 days

8 ball, darts, snooker, indoor bowls, fishing, big screen, Sky TV, live bands Friday nights, 18 gaming machines, EFTPOS.

All affiliated members welcome.

KING COUNTRY Ohakune Club 71 Goldfinch Street Ph: (06) 06 385 8221, Fax: (06) 385 9290


300 mixed

Meals available Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. Bar snacks

Snooker, pool, Darts, Sky, Gaming Machines, EFTPOS, internet access. TAB terminal on site.

All affiliated members welcome. Right under Turoa.

Otorohanga Club Inc Maniapoto St, Otorohanga Ph: 07 873 8021, Fax: 07 873 8026

Mark Davey

1300 mixed

Restaurant and bar meals

All indoor sports plus golf, fishing, outdoor bowls. ‘Al Fresco’ area

A Kiwi town welcome awaits you.

Pio Pio Cosmopolitan Club 42 Moa Street Ph: 07 877 8204

PRESIDENT Clive Fredericks

420 mixed

Bistro Formal Dining Wed, Fri & Sat from 6pm

Snooker, 8 ball, darts, euchre, outdoor bowls, golf, fishing and hunting, SKY, EFTPOS, gaming machines, outdoor area and outdoor dining area.

All affiliated members welcome.

Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club 32 Seddon St, Raetihi Ph: 06 385 4089, Fax: 06 385 4695

Allan Jamieson


Meals available Thursday-Sunday evenings

Snooker, pool, euchre, darts, outdoor bowls, courtesy van, trap shooting, Sky TV, EFTPOS, gaming machines.

Enjoy country hospitality at the Raetihi Cosmopolitan Club.

Taumarunui and District RSA Memorial Club Marae St, Taumarunui Ph: 07 895 7517, Fax: 07 895 8343 Email:

John Callinan


Open 7 nights

Snooker, bowls, darts, pool, golf, EFTPOS, Sky TV, big screen, 18 gaming machines, off sales, courtesy coach.

A friendly welcome to all affiliated faces!

Taumarunui Cossie Club Katarina St, Taumaranui Ph: 07 895 7151, Fax: 07 896 8014 e: Courtesy Van direct: 027 728 4654 TAB Ph: 07 895 8164

Bruce Broderson

625 mixed

Bistro/Bar Snacks/Meals Available 6pm Wed, Fri, Sat Lunches available Thurs 12 noon Group bookings/special functions welcome

Snooker, pool, darts, golf, hunting, shooting, fishing, Texas hold-em poker, bowls, all other Chartered Club Sports, Sky TV, big screen, Trackside, EFTPOS, full TAB facilities, weekly trivia quiz, Housie, free digital jukebox & karaoke. Courtesy van and transport available at all times.

A warm welcome to all visitors. The Cossie Club - where there’s always something happening!

Tongariro Chartered Club Kiatapu St, Turangi Ph: 07 386 7600, Fax: 07 386 8559

Andrew Thurlow


Sun 5-9.30pm

Pool, snooker, indoor bowls, darts, golden oldies, gaming machines, garden bar, BBQ area, courtesy coach, Sky big screen TV, off license, EFTPOS.

Always glad to welcome visiting affiliate members.

Waitomo Club (Inc) Cnr Taupiri and King St, Te Kuiti Ph: 07 878 8263

Jim Riddell

1100 mixe

Dinner Wednesday to Sunday

Indoor and outdoor bowls, darts, snooker, 8 ball, trap shooting, fishing, golf, senior members, 2.4 meter large screen, Sky, courtesy van.

All affiliated members most welcome.

HAWKES BAY / POVERTY BAY 2nd N.Z.E.F. Association (Inc) 333 Palmerston Rd, PO Box 1156, Gisborne Ph: 06 867 2871, Fax: 06 867 2851 Email:

Bill Allan

400 mixed

Bar and counter food

Darts, pool, indoor bowls, golf, table tennis, big projector screen, Sky TV, 14 pokies, EFTPOS, Sunday Live Entertainment, free friendly atmosphere.

No strangers here, only friends you haven’t met.

Dannevirke Services and Citizens’ Club 1 Princess St Ph: 06 374 8885, Fax: 06 374 8481 Email:

PRESIDENT Peter Shaw SEC/MAN Joanne Jones

1250 mixed

Lunches Thur & Friday, 12-2pm Dinner Thurs-Sun from 5.30pm

Fishing, dancing, karaoke, cards, friendship club, darts, bowls, snooker, pool, golf, 18 pokies, EFTPOS, Sky TV, big screen, live band monthly and regular shows. Self service TAB.

All affiliate members welcome.



HAWKES BAY / POVERTY BAY Gisborne Cosmopolitan Club Inc 190 Derby St and 161 Grey St Ph: (06) 867 9719, Fax: 06 867 6615 Email: Website:

PRESIDENT James Taplin Sec MANAGER Debbie Light

4123 mixed

Bistro open for Dinner Tuesday to Saturday Lunch Tuesday to Friday

Snooker, golf, darts, 8 and 9 ball, indoor and outdoor bowls, 18 pokies, EFTPOS, Sky TV, full service and self service TAB, raffles, cricket, function and seminar rooms, gymnasium plus lots more...

Affiliates and guests most welcome.

Hastings RSA Avenue Rd, Hastings Ph: 06 878 8808, Fax: 06 878 7642

Neil Murphy

2500 mixed

7 days for lunch and dinner Snacks available

Snooker, pool, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, golf, TAB, off sales, Sky big screen, EFTPOS, 18 pokies, air conditioned conference room, Gloucester House Motel Ph 06 876 3741, live entertainment Fri and Sat.

Affiliated visitors welcome in in our refurbished club.

Havelock North Club 4 Campbell St, Havelock North Ph: 06 877 8722, Fax: 06 877 2049 Email:

PRESIDENT Ian Ferguson MANAGER Raquel Renall

650 mixed

Restaurant Thurs-Sat

Indoor bowls, darts, snooker, pool, golf, fishing, big screen Sky TV and Trackside, bottlestore, gaming machines, TAB, eftpos, courtesy coach available.

Affiliated members and guests are most welcome.

Heretaunga Club Inc 308 Victoria St, Hastings Ph: 06 878 8653, Fax: 06 878 8083

PRESIDENT Craig Murphy

750 mixed

Lunch Thursday & Friday Dinner Thursday-Saturday

Golf, indoor and outdoor bowls, snooker, darts, pool, TAB, raffles, 18 gaming machines, courtesy coach, Sky TV, big screen TV.

We welcome all affiliated members.

Hibernian Catholic Club (Inc) Hastings Cnr Nelson St and Eastbourne St West Ph: 06 878 7866

Gary Williams

1300 mixed

Lunch Tue-Sun Dinner Tues - Sat

Adjuncts - 8 Ball, Snooker, Indoor Bowls, Golf, Darts Conference facilities 50 to 300. Gaming machines, TAB, Courtesy Van.

Affiliated members and their guests welcome. Please feel free to use the courtesy van.

National Service Club Cnr Market St North & Avenue Rd West, Hastings Ph: 06 878 9582, Fax: 06 878 9403

PRESIDENT Lance Mackie MANAGER Shelley McGhie

700 mixed

Lunch & Dinner Thursday - Sunday

Snooker, indoor and outdoor bowls, darts, golf, 8 ball, Sky TV, TAB, EFTPOS, entertainment most Friday’s or Saturday’s

A warm welcome to all visiting visiting affiliate members.

Taradale and Districts RSA 158 Gloucester St, Taradale. Ph: 06 844 4808

Ricky Allen


Full dining facilities

Snooker, pool, darts, golf, indoor and outdoor bowls, cards, crib, housie, Sky TV, gaming machine area.

We welcome all affiliated members.

Taradale Club 55 Wharerangi Rd, Napier Ph: 06 844 2088, Fax: 06 844 2031 Email:

PRESIDENT Bernard Hickey MANAGER Tony Leathers

1900 mixed

Restaurant evening meals 6 days Bistro menu available 6 days courtesy coach available.

Darts, indoor and outdoor bowls (all weather green), snooker, pool, golf, fishing, cricket, over 60’s, gaming machines, Sky TV, TAB, outdoor sports, line dancing, bridge.

A warm welcome to all affiliated members from “the wine and fruit bowl” of NZ

Wairoa Club (Inc) Marine Parade, Wairoa Ph: 06 838 7414, Fax: 06 838 6419 Email:

PRESIDENT Richard Scott MANAGER Quintin Baty

780 mixed

Evening Meals Wed-Sun 5.30pm-8.30pm

Pool, snooker, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, golf, fishing, darts, over 60’s, courtesy coach, Sky TV, big screen 100” TV, EFTPOS, off sales, gaming machines, raffles and entertainment, TAB

All affiliated members most welcome.

MANAWATU / WANGANUI / TARANAKI Castlecliff Club Tennyson St, Wanganui Ph: 06 344 4449, Fax: 06 344 5014 Email:

Anita Hodgetts

1000 mixed

Cliff Bistro Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday

Darts, snooker, pool, indoor bowls, golf, seniors, travel, euchre, texas holdem poker, Sky TV, huge screen, self service TAB, Saturday bands,courtesy coach.

All affiliated members & guests welcome to our friendly club.

New Plymouth Club 47-57 Gill Street, New Plymouth Ph: (06) 758 0927, Fax: (06) 758 2518 Email:

Lindsay Campbell GENERAL MANAGER Sharon Parker SECRETARY

5300 mixed

Seaview Bistro Tues 11am-2.30pm Wed-Sat 11am-2.30pm Dinner 5.30-8.30pm Sun 11am-2.30pm

TAB, Sky Digital, EFTPOS, live bands Friday nights, 18 gaming machines, sea front, outdoor balcony, spacious sports facilities, over 60’s, and recently completed refurbishments.

Make sure you visit - we’re CBD and Seafront!

Palmerston North Cosmopolitan Club In the Club Palmerston Complex 20-24 Linton Street, Palmerston North Ph: 06 357 6022, Fax: 06 357 4219 Email:

PRESIDENT Dick Green MANAGER Desiree Garrigan

2000 mixed

Lun Thur-Sat 11.30-1.30pm Din Tues-Sat 5.30-7.30pm Seniors Buffet lunch Tues Fri night Carv 6pm-8.30pm Sat Buffet 6-8.30pm Blackboard menu aval.

TAB, Sky TV with trackside, 18 gaming machines, eftpos facilities, darts, pool, indoor/outdoor bowls, fishing, golf, snooker,seniors,singles, 8 Glass Back Squash, Courts, fitness Gym with the latest gear, 3 outdoor Bowling Rinks, Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Boardroom & Function Rooms.

The ultimate leisure and sporting destination in Palmy to wine dine & unwind. 100m from city centre. All affiliated members welcome.

Rangitikei Club Inc. 10-12 Bowen Street PO Box 177, Fielding 4740 Web:

MANAGER Vicki Perry

1774 approx.

Bowen Restaurant Lunch Wed-Sat 12pm-1.30pm Dinner Tues-Sat 6pm-8.30pm

Pool, snooker, fishing, outdoor bowls, indoor bowls, cards, darts, seniors, ladies, golf, TAB and ATM available for your convenience, 18 gaming machines, SKY TV on the big screens. Convention centre - seats 350 people, available for functions, weddings, anniversaries, reunions etc. We will cater all your needs.

Visit “Friendly Feilding,” and call in to experience our hospitality. We look forward to meeting you.

South Taranaki Club 47 Caledonia St, Hawera Ph: 06 278 4015, Fax: 06 278 4638 Email:

Raewyn Mitchell

1300 mixed

Wed-Sun dinners Wed-Sat lunches

Golf, bowls, darts, snooker, pool, table tennis, motorcycle tourers Over 60’s, Trackside, TAB facilities, EFTPOS.

All affiliated members welcome.

St Johns Club (Inc) 158 Glasgow St, Wanganui Ph: 06 348 0082, Fax: 06 345 0026 Email: Web:

PRESIDENT Royce Turnbridge MANAGER Dennis Dorgan

1700 mixed

Elms Restaurant Wed-Sun from 5.30pm

Sky and 2 big screen TV’s, outdoor and indoor bowls, snooker, 8 ball, darts, golf, fishing, euchre, gardening, cricket, over 60’s, 18 gaming machines, bottlestore, Gold TAB.

Always a warm welcome to affiliated members. Courtesy van operating.

Waitara District Service and Citizens’ Club (Inc) Queen St, Waitara Ph: 06 754 6217, Fax: 06 754 7651

Murray Allen


$10.50 lunches Tues-Sun 11.30am-2.00pm Tues-Sat dinner 6-9.30pm

Golf, outdoor and indoor bowls, darts, snooker, pool, fishing, table tennis. Lounge and function room with comfortable seating and leaner bars, Sky big screen TV, TAB facilities.

Be sure to visit our club when you are in Taranaki.

Waitara Town & Country Club West Quay, Waitara. Ph: (06) 754 7139 Email: web:

PRESIDENT Andrew Kitney MANAGER John Murphy


Theatre Royal Restaurant 150 Bistro Lunches Fri / Sat / Sun 11am to 2pm

Golf, fishing, Indoor/outdoor bowls, snooker, pool, Over 60’s Club, TAB darts, table tennis, petanque, Big Screen TV, Juke box, Courtesy Van

A big Taranaki welcome to all clubs N.Z. members and families.

Wanganui RSA 170 St Hill St, Wanganui, Ph: 06 345 5750, Fax: 06 345 7198 ext. 0 office, ext. 1 bar, ext. 4 manager.

David Large

2000+ mixed

Lunch Tues-Sat from 11.30am Dinner Wed-Saturday from 5.30pm.

Darts, euchre, 8 ball, snooker, indoor bowls, 18 gaming machines, big screen TVs, EFTPOS, off license, courtesy coach, entertainment every weekend, junior membership. Club hours 10am-10pm Mon-Thurs, 10am-11pm Fri-Sat, 1pm-6pm Sunday

A friendly warm welcome to all affiliated members and guests in our air conditioned club. Open seven days a week.

WELLINGTON / WAIRARAPA / HOROWHENUA Johnsonville Club 1 Norman Lane, Johnsonville Ph: 04 939 8233, Fax: 04 939 1352 Email:

MANAGER Richard de Groot

950 mixed

The Balcony Restaurant Wednesday - Sunday Evenings

Snooker, pool, table tennis, indoor bowls, large golf section, gaming machines, TAB, EFTPOS, large screen TV, Sky TV, regular entertainment, twice weekly membership draws, quiz night last Wednesday in month.

We look forward to seeing all affiliated guests.

Johnsonville RSA Club 139-141 Johnsonville Rd, Johnsonville Ph 04 478 5895


850 mixed

Friday Lunch 12-2pm Dinner Wed-Sat 5.30-8pm Sunday Roast 5.30-8.00pm

Monthly entertainment, snooker and cribbage leagues, euchre and housie, pool, darts, choir, indoor bowls, big screen, gaming lounge & jackpot. Open 7 Days.

Affiliates and guests are always welcome.





WELLINGTON / WAIRARAPA / HOROWHENUA Kapiti Club Inc 32a Marine Parade, Paraparaumu Beach Ph: 04 298 4031, Fax: (04) 298 9756 Email:

Ian Simpson


Restaurant open Tues, Thur, Fri Sat evenings.

3 snooker tables, pool table, darts, bowls, golf, fishing. Sky digital, large and many screens, 12 gaming machines, weekly membership draw, twice weekly bartab draw, quiz night Wednesday EFTPOS, Lift from stunning new foyer to brand new lounge, bar and outside deck with spectacular views over Kapiti Island.

Affiliated members & guests, come & enjoy our magnificent brand new developed club with great surroundings, fabulous sunsets and views of Kapiti Island and Cooks Strait.

Levin Cosmopolitan Club (Inc) 47-51 Oxford St South, Levin Ph: 06 368 2571, Fax: 06 368 1471 Email:

PRESIDENT Darryl Small MANAGER Graham Dalziel


Bistro open 6 days Tuesday Evening - Saturday Evening

8 ball, bowls, snooker, darts, housie, TAB, line and dance classes, pokies, bottle store, Sky TV, EFTPOS, BBQ area, Subsidised taxi service

A warm welcome to affiliate members.

Levin RSA (Inc) 5 Devon St, Levin Ph: 06 368 3475

Bronwyn Coombes


Lunches Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun 11.30-1.30 dinner 5.30-8.30 Fri A-la-Carte, Sat Smorgasbord

Darts, snooker, pool, indoor/outdoor, housie, socials Fri nights, bands, gaming machine room, 18 pokies, Sky TV, bottle store, EFTPOS, courtesy van.

A special welcome to all affiliated club members.

Masterton Cosmopolitan Club (Inc) 195-197 Chapel St, Masterton Ph: 06 377 0150, Fax: 06 378 2579 E-mail:

PRESIDENT Tony Teale SEC/MAN Steve O’Hara


Thurs - Sunday 6pm-8.30pm Cafe Lunch Fri-Sat 11.30am-1.30pm

Snooker, pool, 8 ball, womens marching team, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, golf, running, cricket, courtesy coach available. TAB Self Service. 2 big screen SKY TV’s, Karaoke Screen, 18 gaming machines.

We welcome all affiliated members when experiencing the Wairarapa.

Paraparaumu RSA 110 Amohia St, Paraparaumu (just 50 metres off SH1) Ph: 04 902 7927, Fax: 04 902 7928 Email:

PRESIDENT Billy Powell MANAGER Don Trevethick


Achilles Restaurant Wed-Sat lunches Mon,Wed-Sat dinners from 5.30pm 3 course dinners Fri & Sat Booking required for dinner.

Full bar facilities, snooker tables, pool table, sky tv, gaming room, indoor bowls, housie etc. Regular entertainment, karaoke Friday nights. Dine in our newly decorated Restaurant. Special menus for groups / bus tours. An easy stop just off the main Wellington highway. Plenty of Parking.

We welcome all visitors to the Nature Coast.

Petone Working Men’s Club and Literary Institute and Lower Hutt Memorial RSA 47 Udy St, Petone Ph: 04 568 5404, Fax: 04 568 8588 Email:

Eddie Wairau

13000 mixed

Downstairs Bistro 7 days Lunches 11-2pm, Dinner 5.00-9pm Great Menu - Great Prices Restaurant Wed-Sun from 5.30pm Smorgasbord specialists

Sporting adjuncts include 8 ball, billiards, snooker, darts, diving, fishing, golf, indoor & out door bowls, pigeons, senior members, country & western, library, internet cafe, TAB, 18 latest gaming machines, jackpots. Wellington’s premier outdoor garden bar.

Affiliate members most welcome to NZ’s Most Progressive Club.

Porirua Club (Inc) 1 Lodge Place, Porirua Ph: 04 237 6143, Fax: 04 237 6423

Lisa Beighton

1300 mixed

Restaurant Lunch Wed-Sat Dinners Wed - Sun Snacks Available

Snooker, pool, indoor and outdoor bowls, darts, golf, softball, netball, Soccer, midweekers, cricket, cards, poker machines, TAB, Sky TV, EFTPOS, Library, full seminar and conference facilities available.

All affiliates most welcome.

Otaki & District Memorial RSA 9 Raukawa Street, Otaki Ph: 06 364 6221 Email:


1200 mixed

Dining room Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun roast lunch.

Open Tuesday - Sunday TAB, Sky, Snooker, Darts Fridays entertainment.

Affiliated members and guests most welcome.

South Wairarapa Workingmen’s Club 120 Main St, Greytown Ph: 06 304 9448, Fax: 06 304 9447 Email:

David Linton


Restaurant Sat-Sun 6pm

Pool, snooker, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, cards, TAB, senior members, fishing, gaming machines, EFTPOS, courtesy coach, SKY Digital.

Your comfort and enjoyment is the goal of our team.

Stokes Valley Cosmopolitan Club 35-37 George St, Stokes Valley Ph: 04 563 5513, Fax: 04 563 8182 Email:

Kathy Wairau

760 mixed

All day menu Lunches 12-2pm Wed-Fri, Sun 12-2pm Dinner 5:30pm-9pm Wed-Sun

Snooker, pool, darts, indoor bowls, golf, fishing, cricket, travel, racing,euchre, seniors, satellite and Sky TV, big screen, 18 gaming machines, TAB, off licence, courtesy coach, regular entertainment, jukebox, kidsroom.

A warm welcome to all the family from “The Entertainment Centre of the Valley”

Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club 11 Logan Street, Upper Hutt Ph: 04 529 0009 Email: Website:

Dean Candy


Restaurant open Tuesday - Friday for dinner, cafe open at all times

Magnificent club with cutting-edge technology, air-conditioned throughout, thirty poker machines plus new Quickfire downloadable jackpot, entertainment ThursdaySunday, Courtesy Coaches operate seven days, five large screens plus over 40 plasmas, LCD screens and TV’s, large garden bar, stand-alone TAB room with 25 televisions and four terminals, all indoor sports plus many other organised activities.

Experience our outstanding customer service and friendly environment.

Waikanae Chartered Club Inc 8 Elizabeth st, Waikanae Ph 04 293 5915, Fax 04 293 1571 Email: Website:

Shar Atkin


Restaurant; Tues 6-9pm, Fri + Sat 6-9pm

Snooker, pool, darts, bowls, golf, fishing, goldies, EFTPOS, Sky TV, 9 Pokies, Off license TAB, friendly staff.

All affiliated members welcome

Wairarapa Services and Citizens Club (Inc) 20 Essex St, Masterton Ph: 06 370 0012, Fax 06 377 7294


775 mixed

Meals available Wed - Sat 11am-2pm 5pm-8pm

Snooker, darts, pool, indoor bowls, golf, cards and travel club available, Sky TV, entertainment Friday nights 7:30pm onwards, EFTPOS, off license,TAB, courtesy coach available

All affiliated guests welcome.

MARLBOROUGH / NELSON Club Waimea 345 Queen St, Richmond Ph: 03 543 9179, Fax: 03 543 9177

PRESIDENT John Allan MANAGER John Hewison JP


Lunch and Dinners Wednesday - Sunday Functions by arrangement

Live entertainment Saturdays. Regular sporting activities, modern gaming lounge, squash courts, all weather outdoors bowls green, TAB, raffles, conference & seminar facilities and a 350 plus hall plus an extensive parking area.

We welcome all affiliates. We have a caravan park and tent sites

Clubs of Marlborough 42 Alfred St, Blenheim Ph: 03 578 1059 Email: Website:

Lee Davis

9500 mixed

Open 7 days A la carte, Café and Buffet operations

Cards, pool, snooker, golf, indoor and outdoor bowls, fishing, darts, golden oldies, rugby, dance, leisure marches, fitness centre, state-of-the-art bars& quiet areas, childrens area, escalator and lifts, extensive TAB, Dive club room with air tank compressor facility, weekly entertainment, quiz nights, housie, function facilities, out catering, latest 30 gaming machines, 20 x 42” LCD’s with all sky channels, rifle range,Extensive terrace areas with river views. Weekly member bonus draws.

All affiliate members welcome to visit our magnificent new club

Nelson Suburban Club 168 Tahunanui Drive, Nelson 7040 Ph/Fax: 03 548 6815 Join us on facebook



Open 7 days Tosswill’s Buffet & A La Carte Restaurant Dinner Tues-Sun from 5:30pm Club Café open daily from 10:00am

Bar, Off-License, Cards, pool, snooker, indoor bowls, darts, Fishing, Golf Rock n Roll, Country Music, weekly entertainment, quiz nights, housie Carnival Gaming Lounge with 18 machines, TAB, Sky TV, Courtesy Coaches Raffles. Conference and Seminar facilities with extensive parking available

All affiliate members are welcome to visit our friendly Club and experience our great customer service and modern facilities.

Bernie Frasen


Lunch Fri & Sat Dinner Tues-Sun Quality dining at affordable prices

A friendly bar with 9 different beers on tap, gaming machines, pool, snooker, darts, housie, indoor bowls,raffles, SKY Big Screen, regular entertainment nights,members of Motor Caravan Association welcome for overnight stays.

New members always welcome we look forward to seeing you.

The Motueka Memorial RSA (Inc) 49 High St, Motueka Ph/Fax: 03 528 9777 Email:

BULLER / WEST COAST Club Buller Queen St, Westport Ph: 03 789 8770

Kerry Duncan

730 mixed

Restaurant Fri-Sun 5.30-8.30pm

Darts, pool & snooker, golf, indoor & outdoor bowls, cards (euchre, bridge, 45’s), fishing, gaming machines, Sky TV, library, live entertainment as advertised.

Affiliates and guests welcomed to the friendliest club on the Coast.

Greymouth WMC & MSA 41 Guinness St, Greymouth Ph 03 768 4000

Stan Gladstone PRESIDENT


Snacks Available

Rock n Roll, boxing, Indoor/bowls, darts, pool, modern gaming machines SKY big screen, EFTPOS, Off-License, Twice weekly members draw, great raffles, entertainment weekly, courtesy coach.

Affiliates and guests welcome to the Best of West Coast Hospitality

Hokitika Chartered Club 42 Hamilton Street, Hokitika Ph: 03 755 8342

Leonie Rasmussen HOSPITALITY MANAGER Donna Douglas (SEC)


Meals,Wed, Fri, & Sat.

Pool, darts, cards (500, euchre, crib), golf, fishing, gaming machines, EFTPOS, off sales, SKY TV

A warm West Coast welcome to all affiliated members.



CANTERBURY Ashburton RSA Memorial Club 12-14 Cox Street, Ashburton Ph: 03308 7175, Fax: 03 308 7103

Brenda Costello


Bistro Thurs, Sat evening from 5:30pm Wed lunches 12pm

18 gaming machines, Sky TV, EFTPOS, golf, pool, darts, indoor/outdoor bowls, cards, womens, travel, raffles Thur night, housie Fri night, live entertainment Sat nights, courtesy coach Thur & Sat.

We are 30mins away from Mt Hutt Ski fields and Rakaia River. Members and affiliates welcome.

Hornby Working Men’s Club & MSA Inc. 17 Carmen Rd, Hornby, CHCH, 8042 PO Box 16014, Hornby, CHCH, 8441 Ph: 03 349 9026, Fax: 03 344 4725 Email:


650+ members

Club Cafe Open 7 days (all day Sat) Daily Specials Lunch 12 noon-2pm Dinner from 5pm Chalmers Restaurant Fri/Sat - Carvery from 5:30pm Sun - All you can eat buffet from 5pm

Weekly life entertainment, gymnasium, 18 Gaming Machines, Full Service TAB incl. latest screens & PODs, 350cm Full HD LCD Big Screen, a range of sporting sections including Billiards/Snooker, Cards, Cribbage, Cricket, Darts, Golf, Fishing, Indoor Bowls, Outdoor Bowls, Table Tennis and Travel.

Affiliate members and their guests welcome. A fabulously warm and friendly environment awaits you. Plenty of car parking and courtesy vans available.

Papanui Club Inc. 302 Sawyers Arms Rd, Christchurch Ph: 03 359 9586, Fax: 03 359 5301 Email:

GENERAL MANAGER Keith Ballantyne

4000 mixed

Restaurant open 7 days for dinner 5.30pm-9.00pm Sunday - Friday lunch from 12pm

Gym, TAB, Gaming Machines, Sky TV on big screen, live entertainment, function space available, loyalty points & promotions for members, 20 sections including Petanque, walking, indoor & outdoor bowls, darts, pool, billiards and snooker, fishing, cards, table tennis, golf, pigeon, travel, leisure, garden, netball & marching.

Affiliate members welcome.

Richmond Workingmens Club & M.S.A. 75 London Street, Christchurch Ph 03 389 5778

Ricky Gilmore

3800 mixed

Earl of Richmond Restaurant Open Thurs-Sun Bistro Tues-Sun

Onsite TAB, 18 gaming machine, billiards, snooker, boxing, cards, cricket, darts, fishing, golf, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, library, pool, quoits, soccer, table tennis, travel, free entertainment Thurs, Fri & Sat, functions space available for private hire

Affiliated members, visitors and guests welcome.

St Albans Shirley Club 269 Hills Road, Shirley, Christchurch 8013 Ph: 03 385 1632, Fax: 03 385 1631 Email:

PRESIDENT Roger Porterfield VICE PRESIDENT Rosie Halligan (JP)

500 mixed (includes junior & life members)

Open 7 days from 1pm (11am Sat) Bistro bar food available 7 days Kiwi Cuisine (award winning caterers on site) available for your functions

Two large function rooms, extra large dance floor, two BBQ areas free to members & affiliates, big screen TV, self serve TAB, EFTPOS, 13 gaming machines, courtesy coach (Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat from 4pm), free pool tables, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, snooker, pool, table tennis, golf, leisure marching, old timers social, cards, Wednesday social (daytime bowls & good company), Cavaliers War gaming, darts, Taekwon Do club.

All affiliated members welcome. Large carpark suitable for motorhomes (not serviced).

Woolston Club Inc. 43 Hargood St, Woolston Ph: 03 389 7039, Fax: 03 389 7036 Email:

Luke Piper


Hatrix Restaurant open 7 days from 5.30pm. Bistro open 7 days from lunch time.

Onsite TAB, 18 gaming machines, billiards, snooker, boxing, cards, cricket, darts, fishing, golf, indoor bowls, outdoor bowls, pool, quoits, soccer, petanque, fun activities area, tennis, travel section war gaming, gardening, free entertainment, Fri and Sat evenings, functions space available for private hire.

A warm welcome awaits you.

NORTH OTAGO / MID & SOUTH CANTERBURY Combined Services Club Twizel (Inc) Ohau Rd, PO Box 31, Twizel Ph: 03 435 0494, Fax: 03 435 0464

John Mackay

400 mixed (includes junior)

Fri-Sat bistro 5pm-9:30pm

Fri night - pool, darts and raffles, Sat afternoons members lucky draw, raffles, gaming machines, TV lounge, entertainment.

View Mt. Cook, warm welcoming atmosphere to all who visit.

The Geraldine Town and Country Club (Inc) 190 Talbort St Ph: 03 693 8713



Restaurant Fri-Sat evenings Sunday lunch

9 gaming machines, pool, darts, cards, indoor & outdoor bowls, fishing section, travel section, wine club, raffles (Fri & Sat), big screen TV, sky sport, courtesy van, bottle store, function & conference facilities, meeting rooms.

Affiliated members and guests are welcome to visit our friendly club.

Oamaru Club (Inc) 32 Seven St, Oamaru Ph: 03 434 6163, Fax : 03 434 7106

Prem Nath


Bandanna Restaurant Thursday-Sunday

Sky TV, covering all rugby games, indoor/outdoor bowls, table tennis, 6 pool & 5 snooker tables (free), cards, darts, golf, entertainment regularly, full TAB facilities, 2 courtesy vans.

All affiliate members & their guests welcome.

South Canterbury RSA 21 Waiiti Rd, Timaru Ph: 03 6884123, Fax: 03 688 4122

Don McCully


Lunch Tues-Fri & Sun 12.00 -1.30pm Dinner Fri & Sat from 6pm

Pool, Snooker, Darts, Indoor Bowls, Petanque, Cards, Housie, Majong, Large Screen TVs, live music every Sat, Courtesy Coach.

Handy to Bay + Motels Warm Welcome to visitors.

Timaru South Cosmopolitan Club 44 Browne St, Timaru. Ph: 03 684 8697, Fax: 03 684 8065 e:



Wednights $9 Roast of the day Thur lunch Fri & Sat from 5.30pm. Bistro Meals Sunday roast, 3rd Sun of month

Gaming machines, big screen SKY TV, 2 pool tables (free), darts, ladies section, travel section, overs 60’s pool, quiz nights, regular live entertainment, courtesy coach Wed-Sat nights, Raffles Wed-Fri, Sat.

All affiliated members welcome at “The Happening Club”.

Timaru Town and Country Club Inc & Highfield Golf Course 97-99 Douglas Street, Timaru Ph: 03 688 0020, Fax: 03 684 7939


2000 mixed

Open 4 Days Lunch and Dinner Thur-Sun or by arrangement Functions Catered with ease.

Open 7 days, 18 Gaming Machines, Sky TV on Big Screen, TAB Facility, Live Entertainment, Shows and Promotions, Eftpos, ATM Machine, Caravan NZ Parking, 18 Hole Golf Course, 6 Pot Black Pool Tables (Free) Courtesy Coach (2) and Home to the Cheapest Pensioners Roast in Town. Adjuncts: Pool, Darts, Indoor (2) / Outdoor Bowls, (Men’s & Women’s), Petanque, Karate, Soccer, Hockey, Rod & Gun, 4Wd, Motorsport, Motorcycle, Pigeon, Golf, Travel, Ladies, Social And Table Tennis.

A very warm welcome awaits all affiliated members and guests at..

“The Club Of Choice”

Waimate Town and Country Club 14 John St, Waimate Ph: 03 689 8501, Fax: 03 689 6116

Trevor Marshall


Friday and Saturday night 6.00pm - 9.30pm

Pool, darts, indoor and outdoor bowls, cards, housie, snooker. TAB.

A friendly welcome awaits you.

OTAGO / SOUTHLAND Alexandra District Club 35 Centennial Ave, Alexandra Ph:03 448 8090, Fax:03 448 8023 Email:

Josie Padget

1200 mixed

Bistro open Thur-Sun

Pool, golf, fishing, indoor and outdoor bowls, poker machines, Sky TV, 2 large screens, great for sport, EFTPOS.

A high Central Otago welcome to all affiliated members and invited guests

Club Southland Incorporated 115 Leet St, Invercargill Phone/Fax: 03 218 4868 E-mail:

PRESIDENT Lindsay Morton MANAGER Carolyn Mann


Restaurant Friday and Saturday dining

Snooker, pool, darts, cards, indoor bowls, fishing, wine club, Sky big screen, bottlestore, EFTPOS, gaming machines, subsidised taxi. TAB Facility, Petanque.

A warm and friendly Southland welcome to all affiliate members.

Cromwell Town & Country Club 32 Melmore Tce, Cromwell Phone/Fax: 03 445 1169 Email:



Printers Bay Bistro Thurs, Fri, Sat from 5.30pm

Courtesy van Thur, Fri, Sat, Gaming machines, TAB, EFTPOS, SKY big screen, Juke Box, darts, 8 ball, great out door area.

We welcome all affiliated members. Our facilities is located on the shores of the Kawerau arm of Lake Dunstan. Come and enjoy our hospitality and stunning views of the lake.

Gore District Memorial RSA 12 Civic Ave, Gore Ph: 03 208 6218, Fax: 03 208 6220

Steve Brinsdon


Bistro Thur, Fri 12-2pm Tues-Sun 5.30pm - 9pm

Darts, snooker, gaming machines, Sky TV on big screen, Live entertainment each month, EFTPOS available, TAB, subsidised taxi. Private functions by arrangement

We welcome all affiliated members to our club.

Gore Town & Country Club 2 Bury Street, Gore Ph /fax: 03 4451169



Bistro Open Thurs - Sunday from 5:30pm

Indoor & Outdoor bowls, pool, snooker, table tennis, golf, fishing, car trials, racing, squash courts, cricket, sky tv big screen, 18 gaming machines, TAB facilities, housie weekly, entertainment monthly, subsidised transport, motor van parking.

All affiliated members and guests welcome.

Invercargill Workingmen’s Club 154 Esk St, Invercargill Ph: 03 218 8693, Fax: 03 218 3011 Email:

Lindsay McKenzie PRESIDENT Kevin Gray CLUB MANAGER

3600 mixed

Best in town lunches Monday-Friday dinner Thur-Sun

Bowls, darts, snooker, pool, table tennis, 24 Gaming machines angling, golf, TAB, EFTPOS, entertainment every Saturday. Youth members, subsidise transport Fri and Sat, conference facilities.

We make welcome all affiliate members to our club.

Milton Country Club 54 Union St, Milton Ph: 03 417 8456, Fax: 03 417 4698 E-mail:

Kylie Bell


Westside Cafe & Restaurant Operating 7 days a week.

Snooker, bowls, darts, pool, golf, Sky TV on big screen, EFTPOS, gaming machines,courtesy coach, junior members section, regular entertainment.

A big warm welcome awaits you.

South Otago Town & Country Club 1 Yarmouth Street, Balclutha Ph 03 418 1522 Fax 03 418 1523

Joanna Lowrey


Thur-Fri & Sat nights Fri lunch $9 special or by arrangement

Golf, Indoor + outdoor bowls, snooker tables, pool tables, darts, SKY, big screen TV, regular entertainment, EFTPOS, gaming machines, courtesy coach available.

A big Balclutha welcome to all affiliates and guests. We are only 45mins from the Catlins

2nd NZEF Association 177 Don St, Invercargill Ph: 03 218 6653, Fax: 03 218 4039 E-mail:

Catherine Geary

430 mixed

Friday, Saturday 6.00 - 8.30pm

Snooker, bowls, darts, pool, golf, fishing, EFTPOS, Sky TV on the big screen.

A typical friendly Southland welcome awaits you. Family friendly.

Te Anau Club (Inc) Cnr Pop Andrews Drive and Jackson St, Te Anau Ph: 03 249 7113, Fax: 03 249 8288

PRESIDENT Debra Petersen MANAGER Neil McDowall


Bistro open Fri, Sat, Sun 6-9pm

Gaming machines, darts, pool, snooker, Sky TV, childrens room, 2X61” big screens, off license, function rooms, duke box, courtesy coach Friday & Saturday, wheelchair access, beer garden.

Come and enjoy some Fiordland hospitality with magnificent picturesque views.

To promote your club, phone 03 983 5500 and ask for Dave McKee, or email






Boundary Court Motor Inn HAMILTON

WELCOME TO BOUNDARY COURT MOTOR INN Conveniently located on Boundary Road between the City Centre and the Claudelands Events and Conference Centre. CLOSE TO HAMILTON COSMOPOLITAN CLUB. Our comfortable, fresh, well designed suites will make your stay with us enjoyable and relaxing. A mere stroll over the Mighty Waikato River connects you to the heart of Hamilton City.

Reservations 0800 378 7965 Txt 027 5001 333

20 self -contained units, serviced daily. All with cooking facilities. Wonderful solar heated swimming pool, private spa, BBQ & Guest Laundry. Cooked, Continental and light breakfasts available.

• 24 self-contained studio units • Serviced daily Cooking facilities

Every unit is equipped with LCD TV's, including WIFI, all of which make Boundary Court a leader in the market. NOW AIR CONDITION UNITS AVAILABLE.

• Real coffee, cut lunches, meals by arrangement / cooked or continental breakfast • Laundry • WiFi

36 Boundary Road, Hamilton.

Reservations 0800 106 905 Phone 07 855 9082 Fax 07 855 0077 Email Website

• 32’’ LCD TV


Accommodation Gateway Motel

& Conference Centre



Gateway Motel

6 0 0





■ Conference Room ■ 22 Ground Floor Units ■ LCD Screens Available ■ Transfers Arranged ■ Dining Room Breakfasts ■ Charge Backs ■ Meals by Arrangement ■ Quiet Location ■ Large Spacious Units

Quiet, Relaxed & Friendly


Ph: 06 356 1526 Fax: 06 356 8629

■ P A L M E R S T O N

• New Zealand owner / operator • Close to restaurants/food outlets • 1min off Southern Motorway 5min to Karaka Sales 20min to Airport & Manukau City 30min to Auckland CBD Tariff: $105-$190 (quotes available for group bookings)



209 Great South Rd Auckland P: 09 294 7690 F: 09 294 9127 E:


Special Package Deal* Offer includes: Accommodation plus Breakfast & Dinner Buffet

Budget accommodation in the heart of the thermal area, opposite Rotorua Golf Course and close to Whakarewarewa. Studio and family accommodation at very reasonable rates. Free wi-fi, use of hot pools, spacious and comfortable accommodation. Free phone 0800 945172 for bookings. Groups accommodated by negotiation and at special rates, call and ask for Tim.

FANTASTIC NEW PLYMOUTH LOCATION 155 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth P: 06 769 5465 F: 06 759 1681 E:

• Whisper quiet/double glazed • Spacious studios with air-conditioning • Family units & connecting Studios • Wireless internet • Short walk to CBD • Central location


Single: $130 Double $165 Ph: 07 578 9654

Scan for more info >>

1237 Cameron Rd,Greerton, Tauranga • Email: •

Midtown Motor Inn

All motels are 4 or 5 star. Ring on the numbers below or visit our web page Whangarei.........................0800 200 355


Auckland Airport...............0800 222 052

• Clean, comfortable accommodation, with friendly service and competitive prices. • 33 Units and a large off road parking area • Central location close to cafes, restaurants, St Johns Club and supermarkets. • Popular with sports and social groups • Bar on the premises, bar menu, large screen TV, pool, gaming machines. • Budget Units available

Pukekohe...........................0800 880 600

321 Victoria Avenue, Wanganui Email: Phone: 06 345 8408

Hamilton............................0800 222 990 Rotorua.............................0800 256 683 Gisborne............................0800 672 000 New Plymouth...................0800 115 033 Napier................................0508 411 000 Wanganui..........................0800 166 835 Palmerston North.............0800 222 830 Masterton..........................0800 222 880 Wellington.........................0800 257 386

Interclub volume 19 issue 2  
Interclub volume 19 issue 2  

Interclub explores issues that impact on clubs, reports on club life and activity, offers advice and examples on management and foodservice,...