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BRIEFS The Stormy Daniels affair

Bullying in Waterford

Around 100 parents, students attending public schools, and residents of Waterford had been at at meeting to tell the school district about the problems with bullying going on in the elementary, middle, and high schools. The students at the meeting talk about schools having a harsh and phenom-like settings. The district is working with their policies after many complaints have been filed from the various people in Waterford.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti has filed a case to depose Donald Trump, President of the United States in federal court. Her attorney would like to know such as where the money came from, what he knew and the point of view of his affiliation, what role Chen had played and whether or not if the president had consented. Avenatti is fairly optimistic about the court ordering the depositions. A hearing date for this is scheduled for April 30th, 2018.

The March for our Lives In the most recent weeks, many March for Our Lives rallies from all of the country on Saturday that requests for new laws for gun control because of the shooting that had happened in Florida. Liberals were generally moved more by the rallies finding it inspiring while conservatives were not really amused by it and figuratively shot down because they were thought to be too young to argue. Many on the left side are really confident that it’ll lead to Democratic wave later this year. APRIL 17, 2018


Paul Ryan retires Speaker of the house Paul Ryan plans to retire from congress. Ryan made an annoucment April 11th that he will not run for reelection come the midterm elections. Many speculate it is due torising tensions in the republican party. Ryan said he wants to take this time to spend more time with his family. With the speaker of the house position empty come the end of the year the midterm election will decide the controlling party for the position. Facts courtesy of



Students demand change Our rising generation is finding its voice in the national spotlight




and students from all five public high schools in East L.A. organized a class walkout to protest unequal conditions within the school district. That same walkout inspired 15 other schools to demonstrate. In April, students at Columbia University protested the school’s racist policy which resulted in three school officials to be taken hostage for 24 hours. These nationwide movements showed the potential that students have to create a change in the growing world around them. These students, who are now older than most of our own parents, were the pioneers for student activism. Their actions stand as proof that the rising generation has a voice to be heard. The conversation has since included students in some of our most pressing social

issues, and the rising threat of gun violence is propelling the next generation of student activism. Students who grow up facing this issue will only grow of age and be able to vote for their lawmakers. “I think we should encourage students to protest,” senior Jacob Cristofori. “We should try to be more vocal with what we want to protest. Be precise in what you want.” The time has come where our voices carry weight, something that should be acknowledged as a right but used as a privilege, to show the world that we are ready to be included in the conversation.

how to vote In order to register to vote, one must be -18 years old by election day -A U.S. citizen -Resident of Michigan -Resident of the city or township where you are apply to vote at Fill out an application that can be obtained at Bring photo ID to the polls on election day -Your local Secretary of State office -Your local county, city, or township clerk’s office -Voter registrations drives -Online at It is important to note that you must be registered to vote 30 days prior to the election -When filling out the application you should include either your drivers license ID or social security number -Hand in the application to the clerk -If mailing in the application, be sure to include a copy (never mail an original) of your state issued ID or a copy of a paycheck stub, utility bill, bank document, or government document that includes both name and address -Your city or township clerk will mail you your voter registration card upon processing your application. Keep this card to know where to go to cast your ballot

identification card


tudents all across the nation are responding to our lawmakers inaction with the one tool available at their disposal: protest. Protected and armed with the First Amendment, students across the nation took it upon themselves to walk out of their classrooms for 17 minutes to remember those who lost their lives at Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th as well as to try and enact change in our nation’s gun policy to prevent these tragedies from happening again. It is necessary for students to have a voice and to take action when issues arise. It was true leaders of our community here at Kettering who rose to the challenge and organized the walkout. Having students lead the way shows how much this issue means to us and that this isn’t an agenda being pushed onto us. While the adults may have held the doors open for us, it was students who organized the walkout here at Kettering. “Our role is to simply provide an avenue for both sides of an argument like this, so that every students opinions or thoughts on this issue or issues like this are voiced,” Leadership teacher Mr. Burlingame said. “I felt like it was a mess. I didn’t even come to school that day because I was so upset with how everything was being handled. There were kids who just wanted to get out of class,” said senior Savannah Zinn, on the topic of the walkout. To our lawmakers, our voice is not recognized until we are a constituent, a legal voter. This inherently presents a problem because they make and pass laws that dictate how we live our lives and it leaves us with little room to have a say in the matter. Even the survivor of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas, Emma Gonzalez, calls the bill that passed in the Florida Senate to arm our teachers “stupid.” Students whose lives could be at stake over this bill cannot have a direct say in our lawmakers decision to arm our teachers. The history of student protests in the United States starts most notably in the year 1968, when the focus of the Civil Rights Movement was coming to an end. Three college students were shot and killed on February 8th at the Orangeburg massacre while protesting against racial segregation at a bowling alley in Orangeburg, South Carolina. In March of the same year students protested in North Carolina, a movement that spread to 15 different cities,


APRIL 17, 2018


March 14th, marks the day of the National Walkout day for high schools all over the nation to protest gun violence. This day was created after the latest mass high school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The Florida high school shooting has taken an impact on many citizens and has many controversial takes all over the United States. This National walkout day was to remember those whose lives were taken in the shooting, and to protest to pass stricter gun laws and to ban assault weapons. At exactly 10:00 am, students were able to walk out of their classes and not come back into their class until 10:17 am. The point of the 17 minutes is to represent the 17 victims who were killed during the Florida Shooting. Students at WKHS decided to join the National Walkout, and it took place on the Kettering Football field. Any student who were interested in supporting the walkout and gun reform could wear any article of clothing that is orange. Following that, students can make signs with anti gun violence phrases on them and that are appropriate as well. Many students voices are not being heard and being shut out of these topics. “It’s hard being in a society that tells young people they’re meant to stay out of things,” senior Camron Troy said. Students are getting very involved in this matter, and are definitely trying to get their voice out there. Freshman Arielle Head supported the walkout, and believes stricter laws should be enforced. “Guns need to be more well regulated, children should not be dying this often,” Head said. Students are getting very involved in this matter, and are definitely trying to get their voice out there. “Gun violence is a serious problem in our nation and gun reform legislation is the key solution to this problem,” senior Alyssa Norman said. Norman was very involved in the WKHS walkout. This whole walkout was all student run. “I think, even if it seems pointless, standing up for what you believe in is worth it. After all, if you look at history that’s how change starts,” Head said. Doing the walkout, not just at WKHS, but everywhere, can make a huge impact about this problem. “Alyssa Norman and I knew there would be a large group of supporters of the movement towards safer gun regulation, but we didn’t think this many people would participate,” Troy said. The outcome of the school walkout was way bigger than anyone expected, but it now it can get the word out about the incident, and can get people’s attention. “Kids are the future, and we will soon be the ones going to polls and making the change,” Norman said. Many schools around the school have been protesting a lot, but they have also done things in memory of the 17 victims that died. With any big movement, there are some people who were against it. However, students all around the nation continued and their voices are being heard. Political leaders need to listen. Many schools get lucky, and never get harmed. In this case, shootings are becoming more normal. Our society is doing so much to spread awareness and to stop this problem around the nation.

“It’s hard being in a society that tells young people they’re meant to stay out of things,” Senior, Camron Troy “Students have a right to be safe in our schools and we will strive for justice,” Senior, Alyssa Norman

APRIL 17, 2018









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APRIL 17, 2018



Movies to watch out for

Ready Player One Based on the best seller this story is based in year 2045. The world is on the brink of chaos. James Halliday has created a virtual reality universe for them to survive in. An Easter egg is hidden in the OASIS, sparking a contest that takes the entire world by storm. Be sure to catch this amazing Steven Spielberg film in theaters.

Demi & Dj Khaled Kendrick Lamar, SZA, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, SiR and Lance Skiiwalker will be at DTE June 13th. With all these amazing artist the show is bound to sell out quick so get your tickets ASAP, it’ll be a concert you will not want to miss.

Invasion of Privacy

Unsane Sawyer Valentini is forced to move from Boston to Pennsylvania after a stalker became out of control and she feared her life. During a therapy visit she unknowingly signs herself into a 24 hour stay at a mental hospital. She is held against her will and now believes a staff member is her stalker, will she escape?

A Quiet Place A family is forced to adapt to a life style where everyone must be silent. Imagine being full of caution at every moment. Evil creatures have over taken the earth and the only way to stay alive is keeping out of sight and completely silent. A Quiet Place will be released April 5th, with actor John Krasinski it’s sure to be a great film.

March for Life

Singer Miley Cyrus made an appearance along with many other celebrities at the March for Life in Washington DC. Cryus performed a moving performance of her famous song ‘The Climb’. “This song has never felt more special. I love to hear you sll sing it along with me.” Cyrus says. After the performance she gave an emotional thank you to the crowd and encouraged everyone out there to continue to fight for a change. Jennifer Hudson, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Common, and Andra Day also performed at the D.C. rally, so did Ben Platt and LinManuel Miranda, who performed “Found/Tonight,” their single benefitting March For our Lives.

Cardi B will be releasing her first studio album ‘Invasion of Privacy’ April 6th. This album is highly anticipated and a huge step for the hot new artist.




APRIL 17, 2018

The musical’s journey from an idea to a phenomenon Time line Lin-Manuel Miranda’s journey from being inspired to winning 11 Tony’s. July 2008 Lin-Manuel Miranda read Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton” biography, which inspired the musical May 12 2009


February 15 2016 Hamilton wins the best musical theater album Grammy April 18 2016 Hamilton wins the Pulitzer Prize for drama May 3 2016 Hamilton is nominated for 16 Tony’s June 12 2016

Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

The cast album features the 46 songs of the musical, showcasing the voices of the original cast. Both the explicit and clean versions of this album were released September 25, 2015.

Miranda introduces Hamilton and it’s opening song, Alexander Hamilton, for the first time at the White House Poetry Jam January 11 2012 Miranda debuted more songs from his project, conveniently on Alexander Hamilton’s birthday February 17 2015 First performance of Hamilton at The Public Theater in New York City July 13 2015 Previewed on Broadway at the Richard Rogers Theater August 6 2015

Hamilton wins 11 Tony’s, including Best Musical September 17 2016 Hamilton previews performances in Chicago at the Private Bank Theater October 19 2016 Hamilton Chicago’s opening night at the Private Bank Theater

The Hamilton Mixtape

Released December 2, 2016, the Hamilton mixtape features music inspired by the musical, covers, cut songs, some which are sung by artists such as Sia, Usher, and Wiz Khalifa. Like the cast album, there is both an explicit and clean version of this album.

March 10 2017

The Hamilton Instrumentals

Hamilton opens on Broadway to the public

APRIL 17, 2018

The first Hamilton US Tour begins in San Francisco, California


This album was released June 30, 1017. It has the 46 songs of the cast album featuring the rhythms and instruments that provided the beats to the musical



Hamilton Hype:

The story behind the show BY ELLA GIBBONS AND SARA AUSMUS Reporters


amilton, the musical phenomenon about the history of one of our underrated founding fathers, and a rebirth of what to expect from musicals. With a mix of modern music, a diverse cast, and recognition of our youngest founding father, Hamilton has attracted the attention of history and music lovers alike. Hamilton has a mixture of music, there are pop songs similar to the salty tunes of a break up song, edgy rap egging on a fight, both verbally and physically, and emotional ballads mourning the death of a loved one. It can seem a bit different, as many musicals are focused on one genre of music, such as 80’s, or opera. “I believe that he sort of rebirthed what we thought musicals were, because we thought of them, usually as long, classic music. Hamilton, is more hip-hop, and renovated for the new age,” senior Sadie Rhoades said. Musicals in the past were usually assigned a genre, such as drama or romance, and had a certain style to the way they were performed. Hamilton though, is filled with hiphop dancing, expressing the music in all kinds of ways, throwing all kinds of emotions into

the audience’s faces, bringing in the genres of romance, war, history, drama, and action. The costume designer, Paul Tazewell, was trying something new, deciding on an 18th century look from the neck down, but the actor’s hair and makeup were modern 21st century. The United States is a vibrantly diverse country, home to a vibrant mix of race, religion, fashion, music, and personality with a history as rich as any other. Critics said Hamilton is a beautiful reflection of how far America has come, from a racist, upper class worshipped community to a day where people are so much more accepting. “I love how he [Lin-Manuel Miranda] brings new ideas and new concepts to music and how he brought something new to the musical world cause it was a lot different from how we classically did stuff in musicals,” Rhoades said. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator, has inspired many to go on into music with the breakthrough of Hamilton. Miranda confirmed there will even be a movie. Hamilton, with its iconic costumes and songs, is a breakthrough in musicals.

Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda also helped too create the music for Moana and made In The Heights


A Pulitzer, Grammy, and 16 Tony nominations have Tonys Won Best performance by an actress in Won Best Musical a featured role in a musical / Renée Elise Won Best performance by an actor in a Goldsberry leading role in a musical / Leslie Odome Won Best book of a musical / “HamilJr. ton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda Nominated for Best performance by an Won Best original score actor in a leading role in a musical / Won Best direction of a musical Lin-Manuel Miranda Nominated Best scenic design of a musiNominated for Best performance by an cal actress in a leading role in a musical / Won Best costume design of a musical Phillipa Soo Won Best lighting design of a musical Won Best performance by an actor in Won Best choreography a featured role in a musical / Jonathan Won Best orchestrations Groff Won Best performance by an actor in +Pulitzer Prize for Drama a featured role in a musical / Daveed +2016 Grammy for Best Musical Theater Diggs Album Nominated for Best performance by an + Outstanding production of a Broadway actor in a featured role in a musical / or off-Broadway musical Christopher Jackson



$100 million per year. On Broadway, “Hamilton” is consistently selling out all 1,321 seats at the Richard Rodgers Theater and is currently grossing about $1.9 million a week in ticket sales. Simply by maintaining that pace, the show would bring in nearly $100 million a year (that’s grosses, not profits)


APRIL 17, 2018

l o

i t i

s c

The first thing By GRACELYNN BOYLAN that comes to mind Reporter when talking about big award shows is: Celebrities. This year the only talk at award shows has been about politics. Every celebrity is beyond thrilled to get their opinion out there and take their stand. It’s been all about women’s rights, black rights movements and the never ending fight for gun control. Celebrities use their platforms for controversial topics all the time. Getting the word out about huge issues is great to spark change but most often than not, they include their opinion in what they post. “It seems like nowadays when I’m watching an award show I see more about politics rather than the actual awards,” said senior, Farah Ansari. Their presence on social media and in front of the camera at these large award shows gives people the opportunity to agree or disagree with a more common figure. It’s almost a comparison to TMZ. TMZ can twist things to make them more interesting, but celebrities do that with their opinions to appeal to a wider audience. “I’ve seen a lot of people choosing different sides on politics just because of the way their favorite celebrity talks about the issues they think are important, its slightly concerning,” said Ansari. The largest movement of 2018 so far has been the “Times up/#MeToo” movement. Not only did women dress in black as a silent protest at the Golden Globes, men did too. The views of that specific show skyrocketed. “I noticed Anne Hathaway the most at the Golden Globes, she’s already a strong activist and seeing her as one of the leaders in the #MeToo movement made me respect her even more,” said senior, Katie Pettibone. Almost all of the celebrities in attendance of the Golden Globes wore black except for 3 women who used their brightly colored dresses as a way to voice their own opinions. They were disagreed with by many viewers but they didn’t back down. “They [Celebrities] can speak whatever opinion they want to, they may lose followers or have bad articles written about them but they’re still people and can say what they want to say,” said Pettibone. Another topic that sparked controversy was gun control at the Oscars. The Oscars this year was filled with so many different political topics that even though ratings were low, the impact was huge. Many celebrities wore an orange american flag pin to show their support on gun control. They made it well aware that they were here to make a change. The award shows this year are expected to take a more political stance than previous years considering change is hot right now. With upcoming award shows all throughout the spring and summer we can continue to watch how celebrities will mould our opinions on issues that need light shone on them.


Celebrities are promoting causes that they believe in, causing a large effect on award shows this year




APRIL 17, 2018

Scarcity of diversity in award shows

For awhile now minorities haven’t been getting the awards they truly deserve BY STEVEN CRUZ Reporter


ne big controversy in hollywood or just the arts in general is that diversity is something that lacks in award shows as well casting someone for a part. However over time minorities have been receiving more awards than usual, yet still not enough recognition is shown to them. In the Grammys only 27 percent of minority projects have won awards in the past twenty years. While the rest of the 97 percent of awards have gone to the majority of white people. Also, in the Oscars while they are more awarding towards minorities than the Grammys, 35 percent of minority projects had won in the last 20 years. “Not seeing a lot of minorities win or being casted makes them not want to pursue their dreams and it seems like if you’re not a majority then you don’t really have a good chance to get an award,” sophomore Ahlivia Bondar-Britten said. A lot of controversy can be drawn from the lack of recognition or the lack of casting minorities for lead roles and regular roles all together. As an area of concern in the community of many talented AfricanAmericans, Latinos, Europeans, and so on. “I think knowing that only 45 percent is a really low number and that’s it’s unfair to the minorities.

It make me disappointed towards the people who give out the awards,” junior Allison Bose said. Over time they have been noticeably rising in the past two years.This can be observed by Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” winning an Oscar for best screenplay of the year. Not on the record of awards but Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther that broke one billion dollars in box office topping The Dark Knight. Adding on to that a two time golden globe and Emmy Winner Donald Glover for his acting and his show Atlanta looked over the script to through some jokes to lighten the mood throughout the movie. “I honestly feel like all the movie stars that has dropped legendary movies, Such as Creed, Get out, Black panther, and etcetera,” senior Avory Hernandez said. “They all deserve great recognition and respect for all the hard work and all the time they spent putting their all into each movie” The Grammys have even been accused by the people nominees and winners have called them out on it. Leaving many people victims of the majority favor. “I think they’ve increased in some areas but the worst place you can see it in places like the Grammys for instance where Adele won a one but

Awards recently given to minorities

even she thought that Beyoncé should’ve received it for her album. They’re aware of the race problem and are probably furious,” sophomore, Molly Thompson said.

“I think its caused by the type of celebrity that they are, it makes people of color discouraged to have a creative outlet ,“ Senior, Avory Hernandez

Nominees for minorities

-Get Out (released 2017), won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (Directed by Jordan Peele) -Atlanta (Since 2016), won two Golden Globes for Best Television Series(Written and directed by Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, and Hiro Murai and Best Performance by an actor in a Television Series (Also two Emmys) -Master of None(Since 2015), won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series (Created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang).

-Khalid and Lil Uzi Vert were both nominated for a grammy for best new artist (2018). -Denzel Washington was nominated an Oscar for best actor in a leading role in the film “Roman J. Israel Esq.“(2018). -Tracee Ellis Ross was nominated an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series (2017). -Octavia Spencer was nominated a golden globe for best actress in a supporting role(2017).


-45 minorities nominated for an Oscar while only 16 have won over the past 20 years in the Oscars -151 minorities nominated for a Grammy while only 20 have won over the past 20 years in the Grammys -66 minorities nominated for an Emmy while only 3 have won over the past 20 years in the Emmys Sophomore, Molly Thompson facts courtesy of,, and

APRIL 17, 2018






Varsity Baseball

Varsity Softball


Varsity Soccer

Varsity Lacrosse

April.18 4:00pm

April.19 4:00pm

April.17 3:45pm

April.19 6:45pm

April.18 7:00pm


@WL Northern


Winter sports are done and spring sports have started. Baseball, softball, girls soccer, girls tennis, boys golf, and both boys and girls lacrosse are underway. The seasons for spring sports have just started. Varsity baseball has a new coaching staff this season. The boys golf team is finally making it onto the golf course with the temperatures warming up. Good luck to all spring sports players.

Short on Players “This season is going to be rough because we have such a small team and only have 1-2 subs. We just need to work together and stay positive and we will get though it” Katie Grant, 11

Home Vs. Mott

WL Northern

The baseball team is starting off the season with a new head coach. Frank Vigliarolo took in the team hoping for a successful season as first year head coach. He hopes to improve the team for the future.

Waiting at bat “I think we will be solid this season, if we continue to bond and play as a team I don’t see many teams beating us” Nick Brown, 11

Junior Anthony Fox(Right) Sprints past a Lakeland high school runner: Anthony is not new to running track. He is a returning varsity runner that has contributed to the teams success every year he has ran. He looks forward to his last season running for Kettering this year. A Bright Future “We are a good young team that has a solid foundation for the future” Anthony Fox, 12




APRIL 17, 2018


With the upcoming draft, teams are looking for prospects to strengthen their roster


Reporter arch madness is over and NBA teams are looking at the some college players from all over the country. The number one NBA prospect is small forward, Michael Porter JR. from Missouri University. Porter’s stats are not super impressive because he has been injured for most of the season but now that he came back teams that run into the Missouri Tigers will be in trouble. The number two draft prospect is shooting guard Luka Doncic. Although Doncic does play in a European league the NBA is very interested in the Slovenian player. Some mock drafts are saying that Doncic will be selected at the number two pick. In an exhibition game Doncic was sizing up NBA power foward Kristaps Porzingis. Doncic had dribbled past him with ease. “I have never seen a European kid play at such a high level,” Porzingis said. The number three prospect is center Deandre Ayton. For a freshman player, Aytons stats are very Impressive. He is averaging 20 points per game and 11 rebounds per game. Many people put him over Porter because of


the stat difference. Ayton has been named the top PAC 12 player and the top freshman. At number four is center Mohamed Bamba. The freshman from Texas is a very dominate player averaging over 11 rebounds per game. Through the season with Bamba the longhorns have gone 19 and 14. In the number five spot is small forward Miles Bridges the six foot seven forward from Michigan state is averaging 16 points per game and six rebounds per game. Bridges record with the Spartans is 30 wins and only three losses as of March 12th. At number six is power forward from Texas A&M is Robert Williams. The sophomore has been averaging 10 points per game and nine rebounds per game. Which is a relatively high rebound count for a power forward. Prospect number seven is Collin Sexton from Alabama. In Alabama sexton has put up an impressive 19 points per game and three rebounds and assists per game as well. Sexton is the only points guard in the top ten NBA prospects and is almost averaging more points than the large dominating centers. At the number eight spot is power forward

Jaren Jackson JR. from Michigan State. With the Spartan’s Jackson has been putting up 11 points per game, five rebounds per game and one assist per game. For a freshman his stats are not terrible but definitely not the best of the freshman class. In his highest scoring game this season he score 27 points on the Minnesota Golden Gophers where the Spartans won 87-57. For number nine we have shooting guard Troy Brown from Oregon. The freshman from Vegas has put up a respectable 11 points per game six rebounds per game and three assists. In Browns highest scoring game he scored 21 points on the Washington Huskies where the Ducks won 65 to 40. Last but not least at the number ten spot is small forward Kevin Knox from Kentucky. The freshman has been averaging 15 points per game five rebounds per game and one assist per game. Knox in his highest scoring game put up 34 points, which is very good for a freshman player, in a win against West Virginia. The only question is what player will end up where and what prospect will come out at the number one draft pick.


1. Michael porter Jr- Missouri Tigers

1. Michael Porter Jr 2. Luka Doncic

3. Deandre Ayton

4. Mohammed Bamba- Texas Longhorns

2. Luka DoncicReal Madrid

5. Miles BridgesMichigan State Spartans

3. Deandre Ayton- Arizona Wildcats

6. Robert William- Texas A&M

4. Mohamed Bamba

5. Miles Bridges

6. Robert Williams

facts courtesy of

APRIL 17, 2018




THE NFL DRAFT Top ten mock predictions for the 2018 draft


1 Cleveland Browns

6 Indianapolis Colts




Pick: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

Pick: Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State

Sam Darnold had an outstanding pro day performance in the rain, he The colts best option would be to draft Minkah Fitzpatrick but assuming seems like the obvious QB for the Browns to take. They can wait until the browns take him DE Bradley chubb is also a good option. They also could try to improve their offensive line. their 4th pick to draft a running back.

New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2 7 Pick: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State Pick: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame Why?


If the Giants plan on keeping Eli Manning as their QB they definitely The Buccaneers could go for a defensive end, but the best player should draft Saquon Barkley, he will help make Manning’s career longer. available would be guard Quenton Nelson. This would probably be the best pick if Fitzpatrick and chubb are taken.

3 New York Jets

8 Chicago Bears



Pick: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

Pick: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

The Jets need to draft a quality quarterback, assuming that the Browns The Bears lack in wide recievers and cornerbacks. The best pick for them would be CB Denzel Ward, he is probably the most talented CB take Darnold the best bet for the Jets would be to draft Josh Rosen. in the draft.

4 Cleveland Browns

9 San Francisco 49ers



Pick: Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama

Pick: Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

With the Browns drafting a quarterback with their first pick, they should Linebacker may be an important position to draft for the 49ers with draft DB Minkah Fitzpatrick with their 4th pick. He is one of the best Reuben Foster in trouble. Tremaine Edmunds would be a good LB for defensive players in the draft. the 49ers to draft.

5 Denver Broncos

10 Oakland Raiders



Pick: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

Pick: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

For Denver, offensive line would not be a bad pick but they have The Raiders really could really strengthen their defense by drafting probably the worst quarterback situation in the league so they should go linebacker Roquan Smith. Smith may be the best off-ball linebacker with Josh Allen. Allen had a good performance in the combine and in prospect in the draft since Luke Kuechly. the senior bowl game.




APRIL 17, 2018

BOWLING CHAMPIONS WKHS’ bowling team has had an amazing season BY BRYCE MOJICA Sports Editor


fter a very close state finals, the Kettering boys bowling team came out on top over Davidson. The final score of the state championship was 1,399-1,395. Junior Hunter Gates bowled a first-ball strike in the tenth frame to bring Kettering within six pins of Davidson. Gates then followed it up by striking a seven and winning Kettering it’s first state championship in several decades. Although the team came out victorious, the road there wasn’t all that easy. In the quarter finals the championships are decided by two ‘baker

games,’ which means each bowler on a five-man team takes two turns as part of a 10-frame game, followed by a game in which every bowler rolls a full game. After the baker games the captains trailed all of their opponents but eventually hung on to win over Hudsonville 1285-1282. In the semifinals, Kettering entered the final game trailing Saline by 29 pins, but the captains got three 200-plus games, including a 229 from Gates that allowed it to move to the finals.

Strike a pose Senior Aaron Damron winding up his shot

Not a point to spare Jacob Helzer letting loose a shot, bowling a perfect 300




Current sophomores and juniors who want to get a first hand experience on what college is like.

WHAT? The C2 Pipeline Warriors College Experience is an 11-day camp where students get the opportunity to experience college-life by living in dorms, eating in the cafeteria, and attending classes taught by WSU faculty. These classes will help students prepare for college, and can also be applied to their high school careers. The morning courses involve more time management and organization skills, while the afternoon courses get more technical. Students will choose a career track including: Engineering, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Social Work, and Dentistry. With classes during the weekdays come fun adventures during the weekends. This can include field trips to the Henry Ford, a river cruise down the Detroit River, rock climbing, and scavenger hunts.


The camp will take place July 23 – August 2, 2018. Applications are due July 1st. However, capacity is limited, so submit applications as soon as possible!

APRIL 17, 2018







APRIL 17, 2018



RCH LAS APRIL 17, 2018

ebruary 1st began as any other typical Thursday at Kettering. Students shuffled into school with the sun yet to rise, went through their normal classes, and couldn’t wait to flee at the final bell of the day. However, come the middle of the day, things would drastically change in a way that no one, not students, teachers, or administrators, could have imagined. Towards the end of 5th hour, a shaken voice came over the PA. “We’re going on an immediate lock down. Lock the front doors! Lock the front doors!” In that moment, the atmosphere of the school shifted immensely. Students of all grades awaited instruction for what to do in this new experience. Any students in the hallway were commanded into the nearest classroom, doors were locked, and silence fell over the entire school. Both students and teachers armed themselves with whatever they could, knowing very well that should someone with the intent to kill and the right weapon to do it come through their door, something horrific could happen. It was not until around 30 minutes later that the same shaken voice came over the PA and defused the situation by dismissing the lock down. While the lock down may have ended, there were still burning questions in the minds of students and teachers left unanswered, but the school day was to commence as though nothing happened. The details of what caused the lock down were to become available later that day, but the true impact of the event was the reality that the lives of everyone in Kettering could be jeopardized within a matter of moments. While Kettering was fortunate enough to not have any actual damage done in the face of such terror, other places are not so fortunate. So far in 2018, there have been 51 mass shootings within the United States and many smaller occurrences of gun violence like the one that happened right by Kettering. If having such a close call was so jarring, not even fathoming the true feeling that would transpire should something more grave happen, what does Waterford do to keep the students and staff safe? Further, what is happening both in Michigan and in the national government about gun violence? Continued on page 18...




... continued from page 17

What Does Kettering Do For Safety? With 9,661 students and 220 teachers across all Waterford schools, it is crucial that so many people are able to feel safe and secure as they go about their lives learning or teaching. In order to accomplish such, there are policies in place to ensure that the lives of all those in the school district are protected with the utmost seriousness. One such policy is the commonly known and used emergency response events that are evacuation, lock down, and shelter-in-place. Any of those emergency response events can be used depending upon the type of situation warranting a response. For each emergency response, there are specific guidelines that are followed that are tailored to the specific layouts and populations of each school. There are also periodical practices of the emergency responses to keep the students and staff aware of how the responses are to proceed, which ensures that should an emergency response need to occur in the event of an actual threat, that the response is enacted as swiftly and as effectively as possible. “I feel like our safety programs at Waterford Kettering do a pretty good job when it comes to preparing us for the possibility of an emergency. For example, all of the drills we do for a

variety of situations prepare us should an event of one kind or another happen. This was well shown when the incident with the shooter near Kettering occurred. When that happened, most people took the procedures very seriously and followed instructions and our practiced plans of action,” said senior Aaron Damron. One resource within all middle and high schools in the Waterford School District are full-time Waterford police liaisons to supervise and protect all individuals within the building. For Waterford Kettering, the liaison is Officer Gulda. “I work alongside with administrators at the school, so they do their part as far as school code of conduct. They conduct their investigations, they deal with the suspensions and so forth, but I deal with the criminal aspect of it. So if a criminal law has been broken or a report needs to be made, then I handle it as far as the police end of it. If there is an immediate threat with a weapon, then we obviously will make sure everybody is safe here. The priority is to react fast and secure the situation and then deal with those responsible. If there is a person who we believe may have a weapon, which we have had in the past, we would secure that person and check out the circumstances

around that person. If there is an active situation, then my job is to confront that person immediately to protect everybody,” said Gulda regarding his position within Kettering. Another emergency response that is more recently implemented is ALICE which stands for Alert, Lock down, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. It [ALICE] is a program that educates teachers and students on what to do should an armed and malicious intruder be in a school. “We taught about 1200 employees within the Waterford School District last year where we held big classes with powerpoints, then scenarios with everybody from administrators and teachers to other faculty like custodians and cafeteria workers. Everybody goes to this class where they are informed and trained in what to do in an emergency aside from a conventional lock down,” said Officer Gulda about the implementation of ALICE within the school district. Beginning only in 2015, this program is a relatively new one and was instituted due to the rise in gun violence incidents in schools across the United States, and is now the primary program used should a gun violence crisis occur in a Waterford School.

Guns and Michigan In the Michigan Constitution of 1963, article I section 6 states: “Every person has a right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state,” Although there is not a source that specifically details how many guns are present within, other statistics allude to the fact that Michigan residents certainly utilize this right. Around eight percent of Michigan residents have an active Concealed Pistol License, or CPL as of February of this year, and there were over 500 thousand background checks for firearm purchases in 2016 and 2017. Hunting is also a popular pastime in Michigan, especially “Up North” where the very unaltered forest terrain provides for optimal deer spotting locations. Despite all of this, recent gun violence incidents have raised many questions as to whether there should be such a plethora of guns among the population and if there are better ways to regulate guns within the state. According to, a non-profit organization dedicated to



tracking and recording occurrences of gun violence across the United States, in 2017 Michigan had eight mass shootings. A mass shooting is defined as an incident in which at least four individuals excluding the perpetrator were injured or killed indiscriminately in one location. Not only that, but there were an estimated 1,230 firearm deaths in Michigan, which includes both suicide and homicide. Due to the recent mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, where 17 teachers and students were killed by a former student, the state government as a whole is seriously considering multiple responses. These laws include creating a “red-flag” bill, where an individual’s firearms may be temporarily seized should they be reported as showing signs of being a threat to themselves or others, a bill to ban fire-rate enhancing alterations such as bump stocks, a bill to raise the age to purchase certain guns from 18 to 21, and even bills that would outright ban certain guns, namely those under the title of “assault weapon”.

Governor Rick Snyder himself has openly said that he wants there to be open discussion about how to ensure the safety of individuals through legislation such as redflag bills. Overall, these gun violence happenings are certainly notable, and are worth consideration when it comes to laws regarding both the ownership of and the ability to acquire a firearm. This becomes especially interesting as many government positions, such as the Governor, the entire House of Representatives for Michigan, both representatives in the United States House of Representatives, and one Senator are to be decided on this fall. This means that the issue of gun violence and possible reform are likely to be a significant factor among the many others in voting. Because of this, the many officials running to be either elected or reelected will have to address their platform regarding guns as a whole and the multiple factors that go into gun violence incidents.


APRIL 17, 2018

Guns and National Politics Throughout recent history, there have been multiple incidents of severe gun violence that have brought the use and accessibility of guns to the forefront of attention. These occurrences include but are not limited to the Columbine school shooting, the Virginia Tech shooting, the Aurora movie theater shooting, the Sandy Hook massacre, the San Bernardino shooting, the Pulse nightclub shooting, the Las Vegas

shooting, and finally the Parkland shooting. At each of these tragedies, the eyes and voices of the nation turned towards Washington D.C. in expectation of some kind of a response. While many officials spoke of wanting reform of one kind or another at every instance, very few changes were actually implemented. Because of this many people either feel

skeptical or aggravated due to the lack of reform in the past in response to similar tragedies. In order to understand these perceptions, and more importantly, to be able to create change in the future, the multiple factors that are currently being debated must be understood from the perspectives of both major parties that ultimately vote on any official reforms.

Mental Health in Relation to Gun Violence Democrats generally support an increase in support for treating mental health in the United States, and while the group believes that mental health can be a contributing factor in gun violence, it is not the greatest or standalone influence. Rather, a major concern of the Democrats are things more directly relating to guns themselves. “Improving mental health treatment will help a lot of people and it’s the right thing to do. But the U.S. has the highest rates of gun deaths – not because Americans have higher rates of mental illness than the rest of the world, but because it’s so easy for people to get their hands on deadly weapons,” said Democrat Senator of Connecticut Chris Murphy. Republicans have, throughout recent years, pointed to mental illness as the main cause of major gun violence occurrences. Their argument is that if someone is mentally unwell and therefore becomes violent, they will use whatever they can get access to that will cause as much damage as possible. Plus, from their perspective, it is not fair to the vast majority of law abiding gun owners to have to suffer an increase in gun regulations because of the comparatively few situations

where a gun was used for the worse. “So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again,” said President Donald Trump over Twitter. While each side may disagree on the inherent importance of mental health and it’s contribution to gun violence, because both parties agree that mental health is important, it has lead to the relatively agreed upon proposition of increased background checks. By increasing background checks either as making them more universal or more detailed, both sides have vocalized that such can help prevent a firearm from getting into the wrong hands and is not a serious infringement on second amendment rights. “Background checks could be both improved and used more widely when it comes to the attainment of a gun. A big part of this should also be better incorporation of mental health in that those who are deemed psychologically unfit should not be able to put themselves or others in harm,” said junior

Kylynn Nelson. “Background checks could be greatly improved in the things they look for, such as a more detailed inclusion of mental illness and previous history of misbehaviors such as expulsions. Then, after background checks are improved, they would be used much more frequently in the process of getting a gun,” said freshman Blake Shelton. Both Democrats and Republicans are in favor of banning various kinds of gun altering devices that make firearms more lethal. The main altering device that is being regarded are bump stocks. A bump stock is an attachment or device in that when added to a semi-automatic weapon, allows the firing rate to increase dramatically. Through the use of a bump stock, the fire rate of a gun can be increased by a factor of hundreds of shots per minute. Because of the bump stock being able to enhance the fire rate of a gun to such a devastating level, there is bipartisan support for banning them. However, there has yet to be official legislation to do so.

Top 10 highest death rate states Top 10 lowest death rate states

Facts courtesy of:,,,,,,,,, politifact. com,

APRIL 17, 2018

Top ten lowest gun death rate states


Top ten highest gun death rate states



Prevalence of Guns in the United States As mentioned before, the accessibility of guns and what kind of guns should be accessible is a debate that has reemerged both in the public and in Congress from previous incidents of grievous gun violence. When it comes to this, as many other issues are, the two major parties are quite distinctly divided for the most part. For some Democrats, one of the main culprits of the frequent tragedies is the ability of the public to purchase and ultimately wield certain kinds of guns. As of now, there are currently two bills yet to be reviewed in the House and the Senate that would outlaw the sale of any semi-automatic weapons with militaristic characteristics such as pistol grips, barrel shrouds, and certain kinds of adjustable stocks. The two aforementioned bills are not the first instances of bills being proposed to ban the sale of firearms by the Democrats. In 1994, California Senator Dianne Feinstein proposed a bill that barred nine types of guns and magazines that held more than 10 rounds of

ammunition. While the bill passed into law, it had an expiration date set in 2004, where it was not renewed. In both this situation and most likely with the two bills currently under review, they will all be met with a similar fate due to the Republicans holding the majority in both branches of Congress. As for most Republicans, just as they have historically, advocate that guns should not be regulated for the most part. Instead of constricting both the types and quantities of guns available, they argue, it is more effective to have more firearms present, but only in the right hands. Some Republicans, such as President Donald Trump and House Majority leader Paul Ryan, have suggested that teachers should be armed in order to protect students and schools. “Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them. Very smart people. Must be firearms adept & have annual training. Should get yearly bonus. Shootings will not happen again - a big & very inexpensive deterrent. Up to States,” Tweeted

President Trump on February 24th. “Being in possession of a weapon is a serious thing. It isn’t something you do just so you can take out an intruder. In law enforcement, in the military, you are trained to respond. You go through training with different scenarios so that adrenaline doesn’t take over… it isn’t just a matter of pulling out a gun and shooting people,’ said Assistant Principal Kenneth Milch regarding arming teachers. In situations with police officers panic even with years and years of training and may not make the best choices, so giving guns to a teacher or staff worker that doesn’t have years of experience would be a big concern. This makes arming teachers impractical.” said Officer Gulda. When it comes to the platform of Republicans defending the use and sale of guns, while it does follow the general tendency of Republicans supporting individual rights like that to bear arms, there is also another large influence in their support: the NRA.

Influence of NRA on Guns in Washington The National Rifle Association (NRA), is a nonprofit organization in which the main platform is to advocate for gun rights. Originally founded in 1871, the NRA has had direct influence on the United States government since 1975 where they began to lobby for or against legislation. Because the NRA supports the defense and expansion of gun rights, they use their money and other resources to influence politics, mainly at the national level. This makes the NRA a very divisive group of influence in that because of their agenda, and because the Republicans generally agree with and therefore follow that agenda more closely than Democrats, the NRA gives beneficial resources

to Republicans rather than to Democrats. This creates a conflict in which the NRA is often considered as a benefactor of the Republicans and an antagonist of Democrats. Now when you put all of this into perspective with the debate around gun violence, it is no surprise that the NRA comes into controversy. When recent tragedies of gun violence struck the United States, the morality of the NRA and their influence was scrutinized and even denounced by many Democrats. For many Democrats, they feel that the agenda of the NRA to expand gun rights, which subsequently makes guns more commonplace and accessible, is what makes horrendous gun violence episodes possible. In response to this

controversy, Republicans often come to the aid of the NRA through the argument that the NRA in no way advocates for the malicious use of firearms, and that they should not be blamed for tragedies they explicitly do not support. Nevertheless, as the dispute about guns and gun violence continues on, so does a dispute about the presence and ethics of the NRA. In fact, that dispute over the NRA and the cooperation of the government as a whole has lead to a new group of influence to rise within the United States. This group, unexpected by many, but now a force to be reckoned with by all, is the youth of the nation becoming vocal.

town hall where students could talk to both Florida senators and an NRA spokesperson, organized marches and walkouts held around the country. Waterford Kettering was one of the schools that participated in the nationally organized walkout. Organized by seniors Camron Troy and Alyssa Norman, hundreds of students peacefully left their classes and went out onto the football field to stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands across the nation. “The protests have been done in the right way. They have been done peacefully but in such a way as to be vocal about what they want, whether that be safety in school to

gun regulation. While they have gotten their message across, they haven’t been listened to exactly,” said Nelson Gun violence in the United States is an incredibly complex issue that in no way has a simple and easy solution. For any change to happen, let alone effective change on such an intricate problem, discourse and activism are a necessity. People of all beliefs and of all backgrounds need to become informed, come together, and cooperatively work towards finding ways to prevent as many lives from being lost as possible.

The Change by the Youth After the shooting in Parkland, Florida, some survivors of the tragedy made the decision that there was not enough action being taken by those in the government to prevent these kinds of destructive acts. Through the use of social media and the news coverage around the event, students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School became vocal about their opinions regarding national politics and the lack of legislation on guns to prevent mass casualties. The initiatives of these students quickly captivated many across the nation. The actions of the students lead to events that would further allow their voice to be heard such as a CNN




APRIL 17, 2018

udents at 35.56 percent of st at school Kettering feel safe The c o type untry’s m of fir ost p e semi auto arm, 9m opular mati c han m dgun s

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22.35 pere n t o f st u d ents at Kett think the ering g re a te st co ntributor to violence is gun untrested m ental health

The U.S. has more people killed through gun violence than the top 10 other nations combinded

st mo ther e th yo had n an s a a ia h ngs th n r ifo oti Cal s sho 23 s h ma e, wit t w o sta llo ns t nes a ’ o o ks eap tic c a to w e s tic utom r fi a p- tom as a m t u u ‘b mia fas se e as fir

day , 96 A fro m g meric uns ans die

t firs e th ad sacre h s an hig ol ma c i o h, M sch e majority of killers tend Bat rded Th o l rec to be white, male, and socia


APRIL 17, 2018




Captains of Kettering

Stories and what we create are the way we as people establish connections with one another and make our humanity felt amongst those around us BY RYAN EGRES Reporter

Isabella Alex, sophomore


n January, I shaved my head to support Miya Nick, a Kettering alumni who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Someone told me that I should do it, and I honestly did it without much hesitation. I thought to myself “Why not live life on the edge a little bit and do it for a good cause?” After I shaved my hair, as I walked in the hall and went through all of my classes, I could feel the stares of others as they silently judged me. Even some of my friends made jokes at my expense, such as calling me Eleven from the show Stranger Things and saying that I looked like when Britney Spears shaved her head because of her mental breakdown. Because of the stares and the jokes, I was beginning to feel very self-conscious about what I had done. I began to wonder if what I had done was really worth it, and if it really meant anything at all. After a week of thinking about my actions and what it all was for among the quiet yet deafening judgements of my classmates, I finally came to the realization that my hair was not the most important thing about me. Rather, who I am as a person is what is truly important, and what defines my beauty. For many women, their hair is a big part of what makes them feel beautiful and what gives them confidence, and so not having that perception anymore was very eye-opening for me. By losing my hair, I realized what was truly important about me, and that if someone wants to truly get to know you, they will do so for who you are, not what you look like.

Makenah Dolson, freshman


arlier this year, I trained throughout the summer to join the cross country. When the season was about to begin, I got pretty excited to start participating in the events. Then, I got injured right as the season began. I found out I was injured after I went for a run up a hill and felt a sharp pain in my ankle. I went to the doctor and found out I had achilles tendinitis, which is when your achilles muscle becomes irritated and swells. I was put into a constrainment boot and was not allowed to run, for if I did I could tear my achilles entirely. I was so close to being able to fulfill my training over the summer and do what I enjoyed, but instead I was forced to sit on the sideline and watch all of my other friends teammates participate in the sport. Although I originally intended to do cross country to condition myself for soccer, which was a sport I loved even more, I hated not being able to do what I trained for. While I sat on the sideline and watched my piers run and run on, I couldn’t help but feel something change within me. I eventually realized that I loved running more than I did before, despite the fact that I couldn’t do it. As I watched them run, I became more determined to come back from this injury, get back into the sport I love, and feel that amazing exhilaration at the end of a run. From this experience, I learned that sometimes your wants and dreams can change without expectation, and that is okay.

Jack Joysey, senior


hen I was around 12 I went up to Sault Ste. Marie in the Upper Peninsula for a hockey tournament. Up to this point, I had about 7 years of playing hockey, so tournaments were nothing new to me. This one, however, became much more special than any other I had played. At this time, my parents were separated, and with my father being 4 hours or more away from most of my games, he didn’t get to see me play that often. For this tournament, my dad drove the 8 plus hours to get to Sault St. Marie to watch me play. Because he was there to watch me play, I felt both driven to play better but also nervous that I wouldn’t live up to his expectations. Going in to the tournament, while my team and I had a bit of confidence about our abilities and our chances of winning, we also never really played any of the other teams, so we knew there would be some challenges. Despite us losing second of the three games, we advanced to the semi-final round, where we won to move on the final round. Throughout the final round, it was a back and forth in terms of goals. It came down to the final five minutes of the final period where when both teams were tied. It was then I received a pass from a fellow teammate, and, without really looking at the goal, I shot the puck. Although I didn’t see the goal for my shot, I will never forget the puck going in. I had scored what would be the winning goal in front of both my parents to win the tournament. After the game, I took a picture with the trophy and my dad. When I look back on it, the experience as a whole really showed me what sacrifice was through my dad’s efforts and through being a part of the whole that is the team.




APRIL 17, 2018

Soaring to new heights

Women are taking their place in the aviation world BY SAMANTHA YOST Reporter


n 1903, the world forever changed when the Wright Brothers successfully brought powered flight become a reality. The headlines were dominated by men, but women were also eager to take to the skies. Today, women are fast becoming leaders in the skies. In present day, aviation is mainstream. However, airshows are now the “Hollywood” of aviation. Men and women

to start thinking, “I want to grow up to be a no other life like it and I would encourage wing walker” or “I want to grow up to be a everyone to find a home in it.”Said Pilon. pilot”. Being an aviation role model for girls to To get your basic pilots license you need to be become whoever they wish to be, makes what at least 16 years old, read and speak english I do worth it.” wing walker, Ashley Shelton said. Many women are not aware of their love for aviation, even if that be attending air shows around them. Being involved in aviation doesn’t mean just flying an aircraft or performing in airshows. It can be an air traffic controller, aviation Search and rescue: The U.S. Coast Guard meteorologist, or even a ramp performing a mock search and rescue at Battlecreek planner. When it comes to the world of aviation, the options are endless. sufficiently, pass a medical examination “If we exclude half of the population, along with a written exam, and a “pass ride” we are limited to only half of the great pilots (equivalent to a drivers test). You also need to who might be out there! Excluding anyone have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time. 20 from anything only makes our group half as good as it could be. Women must stand up and make themselves a part of our industry just The view from above: Jacqueline Warda like any other industry. Now more than ever.” taking to the skies at the Toldedo Airshow 2016 Said Warda. perform side by side and show off the talents Of all the pilots in America, 6.17 percent alongside each other in the public view. Some are women. Women, like Warda, and Pilon, women have performed as Wingwalkers or are taking their own action to show future aerobatic precision flying. Others have joined generations that women are capable to fly a demo team which shows off military aircraft and perform. from all different generations, depending on “Women should strive to be in aviation is the type of airshow being attended. because of the self fulfilment derived from the “Having women ongoing quest in aviation for perfection. Just wingin’ it: Ashley Shelton wing walking is extremely I entered at Battlecreek 2017 important! The W i n g ratio of men Walking with to women in the infantile being with a certified instructor, and 10 being aviation related notion that I solo flight. However, the national average is professions is would make about 60-70 hours. “Burning more gas is the staggeringly it better. After quickest way to learn more about flying.” Said unbalanced. This a lifetime of Jacqueline Warda, professional aviator. is one reason that aviation, the Carol Pilon, Ashley Shelton, and Jaqueline being a woman hard truth is Warda are just some of the many lady leaders in the aviation that aviation helping young women find their love for the industry is so has made me aviation world. important to me. Lighter than air: Carol Pilon waving to the crowd right better. It has before take off I enjoy being on challenged me, a public platform emboldened to help inspire young girls at an early age me, taught me and tempered me. There is

Facts courtesy of & & Photo courtesy Shawn Yost & Kerry J. Newstead

APRIL 17, 2018




The green, white, and Captains What school spirit means to Kettering Captains BY ELIZABETH VANG Reporter

their heart’s content. Though many students the bar planning and decorating as well as are different, we all wear the same colors spreading the word about different events. representing our school, showing that all students are unified together. “I think overall when people show school spirit they start getting more involved and more invested in high school. It’s a good thing to keep pursuing stuff in and outside of economics,” sophomore Jerry Sanchez.” The best outcome is when you look back on the memories and all the laughs from the pep rallies. “Think I had such a good time with my friends,” junior Taya Wally said. Moments like these make us think back on Commited Captains: Student council, the the good times in high school. student minds behind Kettering’s events. Sharing the best laughs and Kettering Krazies: Kettering fans dressed in all experiences for the next generation. Spread the Spirit neon support their teams in away games. The Fine Point Then every idea and theme of spirit week Behind every event, there’s needs is a little encouragement to spread the Best of the Best always an importance or significance as to fun and excitement to other student bodies Before encouraging school spirit, one must why hosting it in the first place. Days and within the school, showing that it’s worth the know the excitement and the best outcomes weeks are taken out of students time just to while. of showing off for the school. It’s more than put fantastic ideas into action. “I feel like we can show how fun it is and just dressing up with the colors of the school “I think bonding with other people and start advertising school spirit week earlier,” and more than just support for everyone. putting yourself out there and becoming a junior Laura Bisscnette said. “I feel like the best outcome with school better person, because high school is about As simple as it sounds, it just takes for spirit is seeing everyone all together in the learning about yourself and I think getting one or a group to display how creative you same theme. I feel it’s a sense of unification involved about new things and new people, can be during spirit week and in general. it helps build your character,” junior Bisscnette is correct when she how she Maddlyn Ford said. states that spirit week should be announced Going to these events is a way to sooner. connect with other peers and have fun “Doing things more widespread than what spending quality time with each other we normally maybe if we change up and sharpen themselves even better. a little bit then we can do them I have a lot of “The significance is seeing everyone luau stuff, but a lot of people don’t have that. work together, especially student council. So maybe if we do simpler things we would Every year homecoming is a big success have more participants and if we hype it up and I know that the whole student council more,” junior Nakia Vickery said. works together to get it done and you It’s seen that a lot of students can’t dress see everyone with all their minds get put up because they don’t have the materials Musical Cheer: Drum line gives off a tuneful together and everyone’s skills,” junior they need to show their spirit. Suggesting beat to congratulate the bowling team. Kyle Gineman said. simpler things and themes that are not as “If you have more people in the major, could possibly bring more students to because we’re all doing the same thing even community, then we can all understand do more days of spirit week than other times people who you don’t usually talk to. You each other, going outside out usual social as well as gain more pride in showing off see them in a good mood and I feel that’s cliques,” Sanchez said. with friends and participants in the school. one of the great outcomes of spirit week,” Not only is it important to see the students Creating more spirit within the school builds junior Nya Hawkins said. mingle and have the time of their lives, but it pride and hope between peers. Spirit week organized by student council, means a lot to the student council. Know that is the time for students to be as creative to a group of student minds are being set to


chool spirit is more than just a cheer for the team, and more than just going to a school event. Student Council, the brilliant minds behind all the spectacular festivities that happen at Kettering, shares the significance and enjoyments of school spirit.




APRIL 17, 2018

Recovering from a bad GPA Starting off high school with a low GPA can be a struggle, but there are ways to improve that BY EMILY BOSE Reporter


unior Hope Hegwood didn’t do well freshman year and was struggling, like most kids when they first start highschool she wasn’t used to it and it was a lot of work. She didn’t realize what her bad grades were doing to her GPA and how that was going to affect her future. Once aware she felt that there was nothing that she could do to get out of it, but now being a junior she is aware of what to do. “You really need to focus and be on task the next year and start studying a lot,” Hegwood said. “Keep your grades up and don’t mess around”. This change didn’t happen overnight. She has been working hard to get to where she is right now. Taking an AP class was one of the things that she has done for herself. Taking an AP class is going to look great to colleges, because they will be able to see her willingness to try hard and take hard classes. There are other things that you can do other

than taking an AP class. “If you get a D in a class, and don’t want a low GPA, then take credit recovery or sign up for summer school,” Hegwood said. Many students would agree that junior year is the toughest year because of the SAT, which is something that colleges really look at along with your GPA. That can sometimes be the most important factor in deciding if they are going to accept you or not, so it’s important to do well on this. “Take the PSAT seriously, so you can be prepared and ready for the actual SAT,” Hegwood said. Since freshman year, Hegwood has improved greatly and is slowly bringing her GPA up, and she will be ready for the SAT coming up this month. Getting your grades up can be very hard, but very possible if you put enough hard work in. Academic center (AC) teacher Mrs. Steaban

also has advice for any student struggling. “There is after school tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays with NHS student there to help you,” Steaban said. “Getting your GPA up is not impossible you just have to put in a lot of work into it and stay focused”. Even people with good GPAs struggle like sophomore Samantha Bose. “Time management is key to getting things done every night”, Bose said. “If you have a lot of homework you can’t just wait until AC to do it you have to do it that night.” Bose doesn’t just do everything at home, a lot of the work she does is at school “You have to pay attention during class and make sure that your asking plenty of questions to make sure you understand your homework” Bose said. Everyone has trouble at school even people with good grades, but the amount of work your willing to do will determine how well you actually do.

WHAT GPA’S DO COLLEGES ACCEPT? The average high school GPA for college bound students is most likely higher than a 3.0. Typically a 3.5-4.0 GPA, which means an A- or A average, is expected for admission to top colleges. However, you may be able to gain acceptance to a less selective school with a GPA that’s as low as a 2.0 or C- average.


Michigan state

Average GPA





Acceptance rate




Grand Valley


Central Michigan Wayne State

Saginaw Valley










9801170 75.9%

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CREATIVE CORNER Ever since I was a child, I have always been curious. I’ve been known to ask “why?” over and over, not to be obnoxious, but so I could understand things a little more clearly. I have always wanted answers, which always led me to take interest in conspiracy theories. I want to know the truth. I want to know what the government is doing. I want to know who the FBI man in my phone is, or if there is even one at all, and what he knows. I want to know why “Kansas” and “Arkansas” aren’t pronounced the same way. I want to know what really happened to JFK. I want to know the underlying truth behind 9/11. I want to know whether the Earth is flat or round, or if the Earth doesn’t exist and is actually just a simulation or an alien’s failed science project. I want to know where the aliens are, and what lies beyond the heavily protected Area 51. I want to know who made the crop circles, and what the flying saucers in the sky actually are. I want to know who God is, or if He is even out there. I want to know what is out there, if anything at all. I want to know if celebrities really are lizard people, and what the lizard people are up to. I want to know about the Illuminati’s New World Order, and why I see the so-called “all seeing eye” almost as much as it sees me. I want to know about all the satanic messages heard in songs that are played in reverse, and the people who take the time to reverse the songs. I want to know what is real and what is not. I want to know whether or not I should believe what’s on my TV. I want to Madison know these things, but I know I never will. Junior

Highlighting works of creative writing done by students of WKHS


The Want for a Beautiful Mind I don’t want my mind. I want a mind that sees beauty in my flaws. A mind that doesn’t see my pimples, scars, or stretch marks as blemishes but instead sees them as paint on a once blank canvas. I want a mind that sees the glass half full instead of half empty. A mind that doesn’t obsess over the little things like being a few minutes late for school but looks on the bright side, I made it to school. I want a mind that isn’t afraid to talk to people. A brave, outgoing mind that doesn’t take weeks to work up the courage to talk to a teacher or get tongue tied when I finally try. I want a mind that takes my mussel off. I want a mind that wants to live. A mind that is happy to walk on this Earth and see all the little things that make it pretty. I don’t want a depressed mind that sees all the things that Aaliyah make the world ugly. Burgess, I don’t want my mind. I want a beautiful mind.

I have lived thirteen years of my life without a father, my memories are so blurred the only thing that has survived the years is the haunting love I have for him. My father only lived 34 years, and the idea that I’ll most likely outlive him follows me like a shadow; a cold dark thing that seems to follow me wherever I go. I was left no letters, no strong memories; all I have are the I wishes and I wants. I want a father to cast away the shadows; to hold my hand and walk me away from the damage that’s been done. He would wipe away the tears I have cried from mourning and turn me towards the sun to dry. He would fill the void and make me feel whole. I would never say I hate you because I know what it feels like in a world without him. I know what it’s like to have to explain that I was not abandoned, but that I got the fuzzy end of the lollipop. I know more about life than a girl my age should know because I was forced to learn at a young age. I want a father to know that a father’s love feels like. To know what it’s like to cry in your father’s arms when your heart is broken; it must be nice feeling to feel that warm comfort. It must be wonderful to have a father protect you. I want a father to protect me from those no good boys who only want one thing from a girl. I want a father to tell boys to be a gentleman, and make them think twice about hurting me. I want a father to know someone will always love and protect me. I want a father to share memories with. I’m sick of feeling envy for little girls who get to have time with their dad. I’m disgusted with myself for feeling so jealous of them. I will never walk down a wedding aisle with my father, I will never have experienced father daughter dances, and I will never truly have my father; but that doesn’t mean I can’t want a father.




Right now in my life, I am very shy, and even though to some people it may not seem like it, but it feels like a constant battle on the inside. I want confidence so I able to make my life easier. I want confidence so I am able to express anything about myself any time anywhere. I want confidence to be able to end a constant battle that sometimes can feel like a war inside between me and my shyness. If I had confidence, then i would be able to face my fears and stop worrying so much about the most insignificant things that I shouldn't make a big deal out of, but for some reason I do. I want confidence to be able to pursue things that could change my life forever. I can only hope that somehow, s o m e d a y , somewhere, that I find the confidence thats somewhere inside me.

Trevor Hood, Junior



APRIL 13, 2018



e are in control of our attitudes. We make choices every day as to what we think about and focus on, and these decisions shape the pattern of how we view life, which we call our mindset. In today’s society, it’s easy to let ourselves sink into negativity. Social media provides an easy and addictive platform for us to compare ourselves to others, and advertisements and media thrive off of negativity by making us feel like we need to buy the latest products and “things” to be “happy.” Our society makes it easy to compare, contrast, and complain about what we have and don’t have. Constantly looking on the downside can be a slippery slope, and it can become a habit to always see things in a negative light. Negativity causes us to feel down about ourselves and our lives. Instead of looking at what we have, we focus on what we don’t have. We begin to only see the flaws in ourselves and the world around us, rather than the great things we should celebrate. Negativity can affect personal relationships and productivity, too. Not only that, but it can have physical effects as well. Negativity drains energy. On the contrary, positive thinking has a host of benefits. The Mayo Clinic reports that some health benefits include increased life span, better heart health, and even greater resistance to the common cold. Scientists have theorized that people with positive mindsets tend to

APRIL 17, 2018

live healthier lifestyles-: taking care of themselves, getting more physical activity, following a healthier diet, and avoiding harmful behaviors like smoking and excessive drinking. Being positive is a quality that can also make you more attractive to other people. “People approach you more, and it’s easier to make friends,” said junior Ah’maun Berry. So how can you work towards having a positive attitude? Mindsets are habits. It’s not easy to change them once we’ve established them, but there are small ways to train our brains to form new, positive habits. It can start right when you wake up in the morning. “If you start every day on a positive note, like, ‘today is going to be a good day,’ and you always try and find something positive, even in something that doesn’t seem all that great... it helps your well-being,” said psychology teacher Amy Werner. Positivity isn’t just in the moment. Having an optimistic view of the future is important. Thinking ahead with a positive attitude means that you’re ready for the future and have hope of it being even better than today. This can inspire you to have goals to chase after. “Everything seems more doable when you’re excited about life,” Berry said. For example, if you’re serious and optimistic about your grades improving, you may be more willing to take the steps to help you reach those higher grades, like doing your homework or asking for help, because you’re looking ahead to the future rewards of having better grades. It’s important to consider that having a positive attitude doesn’t necessarily mean being happy all of the time. Life doesn’t always work out in our favor, and everyone experiences challenges and failures in their lives. Bad days will come, and bad things will happen, but being able to have hope even through the worst of times is what makes a person strong. You can be sad or even devastated by something, and still have a positive outlook on life as a whole. “It’s important to be able to say, ‘It’s a bad day, but it won’t last forever,’” said Laura Kubzansky, a health and society professor


Ways to train your mindset:

•Take time for self-care •Stop comparing yourself to others

•Journal your positive thoughts •Make goals for yourself

•Work with a counselor or therapist •Be kind at Harvard to yourself School of Public and others

Health, who did a study about the health benefits of positivity. This skill is called resilience--and it’s a great quality to have and foster within yourself. Sometimes, a negative mindset is not something that can be fixed with simple changes in thinking. If you are affected by clinical depression, or going through a prolonged tough period in life, it can be difficult and seemingly impossible to hold a positive attitude. It’s okay. If you think you’re suffering from depression, severe stress, or anxiety, talk to your doctor or a counselor about it. “Feeling sad is totally normal… but when someone realizes that they feel a sadness, if it lasts for more than a day or two, you really need to talk to someone,” said Werner. The next time you catch yourself stuck in an unnecessarily negative thought pattern, try turning it around. It gets easier with practice. By making slight changes in your mindset, you might end up changing your life.




Senioritis is the crippling disease that affects hundreds every year BY RILEY GREGART Publicist


enioritis is the crippling disease that strikes hundreds of senior students every single year. Symptoms may be, lack of motivation to do homework, over-excessive wearing of sweatpants, lots of absence and a general dismissivew attitude. The only cure is the phenomenon known as ‘graduation’. Senioritis is crippling and affects students everywhere, even i have been a victim of this disease. It’s caused me to miss school, be late due to Starbucks runs and do this story the same day as our story deadline. So the question has to be asked, how do we get through this? What can we possibly do to relieve some of these symptoms? You’re not alone in this. Here are some tips and tricks. Be involved We only have so much time left in high school, so mine as well live it up. Believe it or not you’ll probably miss it at some point so you mine as well live it up and make some good high school memories. Being busy typically makes the time go by faster too. We only have so much time left, enjoy every second. Work hard This is your last chance to colleges that you seriously belong on their

“I have my mom call me out a lot or I just don’t show up. I fall asleep a lot, I am all around just ready to be out so at this point I’m just counting down the days,” senior Jeremy Carver

Stay healthy Maintaining your mental and physical health this year is super important. You will be living on your own soon, so be sure you are capable of balancing a good diet on your own. Plus don’t let absences build up. If you don’t wanna go to school healthy you for sure won’t go while sick. Start a countdown Honestly sometimes it’s easier to take it day by day. Being able to literally cross off the days as they go is a great way to keep your eyes on the prize and also you’ll see just how fast it’s all going by cause you can actually cross them off It’ll be here before you know it. Make it as creative or basic as you like. Take notes Even if it’s stuff you feel like you know and things that are unimportant taking notes is a good way to insure that you ACTUALLY pay attention and stay engaged. We all know how easy it is to zone out

“I don’t have a lot of motivation to do homework.” Senior Victoria Vandervelde

or waste time scrolling through twitter or snapping back your friends. Talk to alumni Seniors go through this every single year. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to some friends from years past and ask for some tips and tricks, cause trust me they are lying if they never felt it. And they got through it and graduated and so will you. Doesn’t hurt to reach out, plus they can give good collage tips. Set achievable goals Having small goal will keep you in check. Having stuff that can make you feel accomplished fast is a great way to keep yourself involved and thriving. Plus a lot of little goals means you should reach goals often, when you reach a goal reward yourself. Reaching goals is a good thing treat it like one. Dress down Some days it’s really hard to put on jeans and do your makeup perfect, I get it and i can relate. So what’s the big deal? If you wanna show up in Adidas pants and a hoodie then that’s fine, it’s better than skipping class.

“Everyday it gets harder to make it a full day and I’m always tired,” Senior Samantha Sanzobrin

“Senioritis Has not effected my grades as much but my motivation to get up at 5 has dropped drastically so I sleep later and miss more.” Senior Jenna Belian

“I literally don’t care this year and it’s so hard to wake up to come to school or even stay here when I do. I would literally do anything else but be here.” Senior Haley Farquhar APRIL 17, 2018

campus. If your GPA falls or even worse you fail a class don’t think a college won’t hesitate to take scholarships. Work hard now so you don’t have to pay even more in student loans in your adult life.

“I have very little motivation to wake up in the morning. I’m just ready to be out of high school.” Senior Jake Reppuhn


“It’s amde me really lazy towards my school work and procrastinate everything to the last minute.” Senior Tanner Steward “I have 40+ absences and i really dont care.” Senior Cole Missentzis OPINION


“Crazy” is NOT correct The mental health stigma is effecting people with mental health issues BY BAILA LAKATOS Copy Editor


ow many times a day have you heard the words “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “psycho,” or “bipolar” used to refer to another human? In class talking about a teacher, with your friend referring to an annoying parent, or in the hallways talking about a peer? Whenever mental health is brought up into everyday conversation, it almost always brings a negative connotation along with it. Labels are used as insults, avoided, or used incorrectly. Just because you like your pencils sat in a certain way on your desk, does not mean you have OCD. Just because you may have been frightened for a second, does not mean you had a panic attack. Just because your mom is being cranky that day, does not mean you can call her bipolar. First of all, let’s get things straight. Using words to bring negative light onto mental illness is not in any way, shape or form, okay. Mental health disorders are real things that people struggle with, not words you can throw around in everyday life. There is absolutely no issue with having a mental illness so to shame someone for something they cannot control, is completely wrong. Second of all, you don’t need to be unable to properly function every single day to be mentally ill. Even the smallest things can be an issue, and they can affect anyone around you. The stigma of mental illness has lead everyone to believe that things have to be extreme and you have to be at the lowest point you’ve ever been, to be treated. About one in five people ages 13-18 experience/struggle with a severe mental disorder at some point in their lives. Think about all of the children in this school. Imagine all of these people sitting around you, passing you everyday, struggling inside, without you even knowing. As a result of the stigma and shame that has been brought onto individuals with mental illness, it has become extremely hard for

people who feel they may have an issue to reach out for help. Someone who doesn’t feel stable every single day doesn’t want to see themselves as people see humans with mental health issues. They don’t want to be called all the rude names they hear from their peers. All

they want is to feel normal and be normal. However; because of the stigma brought by labels and negative connotations used every single day, we are now under the impression that you HAVE to be psychotic or you HAVE to be on the verge of taking your whole life just to pursue help. This is not the case. Truly, therapy is good for everyone. Whether you’re depressed every day, anxious in certain situations, struggling to get out of bed every morning, or just having regular struggles that every individual experiences, it is a great idea to find someone to talk to about it. Even just meeting with someone once a month to sit down and disclose anything you need to get off your chest, can make a phenomenal difference. I’ll be honest, I’ll say it out loud, I go to therapy. And let me tell you

my friends, it is one of my favorite things I have committed myself to. There are so many days that go by that I think, “I’m feeling fine today, things are good, I don’t need to go to therapy. It’s just going to be a hassle to my day.” I resent it, falling into the stigma thoughts and ignoring help, because I feel okay and think I don’t need it. Nevertheless I go, and sit and talk about any thought that comes to my mind. The refreshing feeling I experience after I leave that room, is one of the most comforting, empowering feelings I experience. All because I sat down for 45 minutes and just said whatever I wanted to, to someone who wanted to listen. Another misconception people tend to have with therapy, is that it is “one and done.” They say they’ll go try it, they meet one therapist, don’t enjoy their personality, and think that no one is going to work and never go back. Finding the right therapist for you is a journey, people. You are not going to find a comfortable bond with someone the very first time you meet them. Sometimes it takes days, months, weeks, or even years to find the right therapist for you. On the other hand, your life can change once you find the right person who you can feel comfortable with, and speak to without having to worry about what words come out of your mouth. The best part of therapy, is the freedom you have with your words and your thoughts. Your therapist is someone who no one else knows. They are not your friend who knows your friends, or someone who goes to school with you who knows everyone you know, or your mom who will criticize you for something you say. It’s just you, and someone who is there to listen, help, and keep their mouths shut. I mean come on, how amazing does that sound? Stigmas are creating a barrier for people to accept others with mental health issues, and for others with mental health issues to reach out, find help, and feel comfortable with being who they are. It is up to us to become educated, and realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to judge and/ or ignore.

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THE CSI EFFECT CSI shows effect how real cases are handled and the amount of work required crime



any people like to watch CSI shows in their free time, as they are entertaining and informative on the subject of crime scene investigation. What most people don’t know is that these same shows can hurt how real life cases are judged and the expectations judges have for the CSI teams, as well as make their jobs more difficult through jury and media. This is because Hollywood changes the way that scenes are dealt with for the TV show outlet of crime scene investigation. When you watch the show, they solve the case in 30 minutes or less to meet the shows required cut off time, This is not how real cases go. Real cases in the real world with real people involved take months or even years to solve due to technicalities and variables, unlike its Hollywood counterpart. The reason behind this is that not every crime is a cookie cutter

who did it crime, there are many motives, different types of evidence, and many other contributing factors that prevent it from being solved in a matter of minutes. Timing isn’t the only thing Hollywood gets wrong, as there are many. Hollywood hardly gets the actual CSI aspect right, because it is hard to achieve something so precise and clean cut. In most CSI shows, there is a main lead investigator who does most of the work and makes the others look not so efficient, while solving the crime as the first responder to the scene, whereas real CSI teams work as a TEAM, each member having their own specific role with certain things to get done in a limited amount of time. Everyone is putting in equal amounts of work to achieve the objective of investigating and getting accurate descriptions, notes, and measurements of the scene, collecting evidence to be brought

What is it?

scene investigators

back to the lab to be sampled and tested for various things such as DNA, soil composition, and many other things. Hollywood, on the other hand, portrays a sense that all these things can be obtained easily and in copious amounts and present clearly who did the crime. This is wrong because evidence is hard to come by, criminals who are committed to not getting caught will take precautions. Fingerprints are hard to find, if any are found at all, DNA samples are extremely rare and can only be used if the person who’s DNA in question is in the system already. These along with other reasons make it difficult for CSI teams to collect evidence that will solely solve the crime, as shown in CSI television shows. Hollywood gets many things wrong, and few things right, and TV’s interpretation of reality is often misguiding to its viewers, hence the CSI effect

How does it effect me?

The CSI effect is a belief held primarily among law enforcement personnel and prosecutors that forensic science television dramas, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, influence American jurors to expect more forensic evidence to convict defendants of crimes

The CSI effect impacts us only in the court of law as this is the origination the effect. The CSI effect does not effect those who are not accused of a crime, only those who have been accused and put to trial, or are a victim of a crime. ES





62% of defence lawyers and 69% of judges agreed that jurors had unrealistic expectations of forensic evidence.


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Pharmaceutical companies are taking over the country and there will be fatal consequences if no action is taken

A m e ri c e h an t

P ois



b li





“Big Pharma” is a mass of pharmaceutical companies that develop, manufacture, market, and distribute medication to other facilities and the shelves of American citizens. Consisting of Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, and Roche, to name a few. Since the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, the U.S. Department of Health has taken life-saving measures to produce effective, safe, and well labeled pharmaceuticals. Lately, their intentions have been called to attention by consumers. Hiking prices, banning alternative medicines, unnecessary prescribing, and monopolizing treatments are their favorite way to manipulate consumers and empty pockets. Martin Shkreli, a convicted businessman, hiked up the price of the commonly used AIDS treatment, Daraprim, to nearly $750 a tablet instead of the original $13.50, which has shortened the lives of many infected and set a precedent for others to execute the same scheme. In 2018, he was found guilty on three out of the eight counts of victim death and sentenced to seven years in prison. Prices of prescribed medication have rose an estimated 5,000 to 6,000 percent overall and up to 100,000 percent through some companies. A lot of questions come to mind and they wonder how a single or small groups of businessmen are allowed to have such a large vote in the distribution of potentially life saving drugs or how it’s legal in the first place. A major group that permits and even encourages the For decades, scientists have been practices of “Big Pharma”, The Food and Drug experimenting with alternative methods to harsh Administration (FDA), is a branch of the U.S. or unnatural treatment like pain relievers upward to Department of Health responsible for legal action chemotherapy. Marijuana, essential oils, acupuncture, for regulating public health, tobacco products, exercise, and prayer are all commonly used health sources that food, drugs, biologics, medical devices, are constantly rejected by the FDA, supposedly because they do electronic radiation products, cosmetics, not meet requirements. While unapproved methods can cause harm, veterinary products, and advertising. they are also banned and discouraged in order to refrain medical Considering the FDA is supposed to take companies from losing profit on more expensive treatments. “Big Pharma” care of the American people, why are they and it’s culprits continuously use their power and privilege to withhold life not held responsible for allowing the public saving information from those who suffer and misinform consumers of to be poisoned? The reason is because the likely detrimental substances in their products. Big business has been U.S. Department of Health and large destroying innovation, safety, and the economy ever since the corporations, such as Pfizer, and Turing Gilded Age of Roosevelt. Without these improved medicines, Pharmaceuticals regulate together to keep cash foods, and practices, American society will continue to be flowing to the richest class. In 2017, nearly 83 crushed by the wrath of unfocused policy makers. percent of all the money circulating in the You won’t be able to afford your health. economy went to the top one percent of the American population. The rich and powerful members “It’s a powerful federation that is supposedly in of society continue to get richer off of these cruel place to ‘protect us’ from products, which they do methods while the less wealthy lose their savings, their but I feel their motives are financially driven. It’s health care, and sometimes their lives. all about money in the end for everyone.” Omar Nobani, senior


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Most eye injuries occur while playing sports and 90% of sports- related injuries can be avoided with the use of protective eyewear. • The highest risk sports include Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Paintball, Racketball, Softball and Squash. Moderate risk sports include Football, Soccer, Tennis and Golf. • Ordinary prescription glasses and sunglasses do not provide adequate protection in eye hazardous situations. The frames themselves can break and damage the wearer’s eye. • It is strongly recommended that all athletes wear protective eyewear whether or not they wear glasses or contact lenses. Most eyewear can be made to match your prescription. • Pearle Vision of Waterford has the complete product line of Liberty Sport Rec Specs. Eye Health Information from Dr. Bradley Goldberg, Optometrist

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*Information provided by the National Eye Institute (NEI) a part of the Federal Government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH)




April 2018 Murmur, Waterford Kettering High School  
April 2018 Murmur, Waterford Kettering High School